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Just a reminder that TTS is actaully canon and Alfabusa is actaully head of GW

Ordo Draigo codex when?

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Third for pony

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Generic Chaos Marines best Chaos Marines. God blessings are for bitches

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Since there's no Kill Team general up:

Bought a pack of Skitarii to try my AdMech colors on before painting my Dominus and my Cult Mechanicus stuff, though not planning to actually expand on Skitarii themselves.

Are they good for Kill Team as a pure 10-man team? Are Vanguards or Rangers better and what upgrades are decent in Kill Team (seeing as I have never played Kill Team before)?

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Now if only they'd release unarmored Custodes as well.

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>Even the those.

Does nobody proof read this shit?

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So, I am thinking about getting into 40K, most probably just for the painting. Since Mechanicus was always my favourite option, I plan to get their start collecting box.

But I have no idea what other gear do I need. I heard that stuff from GW is overpriced for its quality, so I plan to get in in some other miniature hobbyshop, but what should I get.

Also paints? Do you guys use Citadel or is there something better?

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$80 termis
Fucking really?

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Can't wait for Thousand sons

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Citadel, Reaper and Vallejo paints are the most commonly used ones.

The Skitarii Start Collecting box is a great fucking deal if you want to start out with them, saves you a ton of money.

As for supplies, getting a few fine brushes of decent quality is a good idea (don't save on those and make sure you're not getting garbage). Blue tac can help fixate minis on a grip to easily reach everything without touching the mini itself.

Most importantly, and this'll take a lot of practice to get right: THIN. YOUR. PAINTS. Unthinned paint often ends up looking like play dough on your mini and nobody wants that.

If you need more advanced help, there's always /wipg/ over here >>50325810

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There's nothing wrong with the Citadel stuff and by buying it in store you get access to people with experience. It's handy to have people there to help you in person and teach you more about painting, that and it's nice to sit with other people who waste their income on plastic men

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<wolfyiff tells me to take the knot

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I google searched this image and it suggested "International management group"

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So how do you folks think they'll handle Codex: Imperial Agents?

I guess we can do some wishlisting till we get more info.

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Is there a digital version of Planetary Onslaught out there?

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Discord confirmed for Tzeentch

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So how are the imperial assassins eversor/callidus whatever? What's the best way to try to use them and is it viable to use them all.

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units that count as x-choice for any army of the imperium with some possible exceptions. or units that don't take up any slots
a supplement for all imperial armies basically
it's not gonna happen i know but it's my wish

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Still no epub of Planetary Onslaught? Kinda interested now since they changed the rules of some forts and added buyable terrain (fucking 10pts woods! Imma go hippie!)

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trying to finalise the colours for my sisters, does this look alright?

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I dunno, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what's going to happen. Maybe with some formations for some factions that let them operate as a full arm, but I see it as a way of them testing the waters for a variety of different factions and seeing which ones people enjoy the most. Then those can be grown into a new faction, like how Deathwatch and GSC were.

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So we're getting.. 2 supplements? One for traitor legions.. and one for TS specifically? Will I be able to use the "chapter tactics" with the decurion from traitors hate, or was that book just 45 bucks in the lake? Except for the spells, I guess.

This is so weird.
Blox blox

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There's already half a dozen codex for Marines that aren't steeped in codex. We don't need that contrarian retardation clogging up Codex: CHAOS Space Marines.

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The Redeemer, it can be found in the MEGA.

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Nobody knows. It might make use of the formations from Traitor's Hate and just add more rules, or this might be the fourth CSM supplement this year that wastes half the book reprinting the same bevy of formations.

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I'd go for a slightly deeper purple, but otherwise it's looking good.

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What are the rules for rotor cannons?

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one real supplement and one Thousand sons vs Space wolves campaign

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>rules for rotor cannons
30K 30" S3 AP6 Salvo 3/4.

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What faction do I roll to fuck with people?

I don't care about winning. I just want to bathe in the frustration-tears of my enemies.

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thats... dissapointing
1k sons are getting those?

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Bad. 30" s3 ap6 salvo 3/4

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No, we dont know what they are getting, beyond it looks like a half way house between and assault cannon and a rotor cannon.

so its anybodies game

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Tau. You don't even have to play, just post about them is enough to lure out at least few frothing berserks. But if you actually end up playing them you can ignore like half of your opponent special rules and benefits, JSJ to never get retaliated. Use fuck huge machines that are MC's etc.
Tears will flow and you will never be thirsty anymore.

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No. Even a glance at the model can tell you they arent rotor cannons.

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Just remeber Thousand sons Bolters are ap3 and soul blaze, so you can probably put that on top of the rotor cannons profile

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30k alpha legion

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Hopefully they're S4 AP3 Soulblaze. That's what I want

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Gsenestealer Cults, as you can bathe in everyone's tears, even the preexisting cheesemongers.

or you can roll poorly and get fcked

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It says in my new white dwarf "or the soul reaper cannon (2) the rotor cannon"

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I think this is likely what it's gonna be, a sampler to test the waters for some more faction expansion while providing some slot in things for all Imperium factions. I expect this will also be the teaser for the new plastic sisters stuff, with a possibility of there being a full sisters release down the road.

I'd like to see Inquisition made more generic rather than needing the Ordos, just have a generic inquisitor choice with tons of options to specialize them for an Ordo

I'd also like to see some weird reverse ally things possibly since this is shaping up to be an odd codex. Namely a few options to take things from other Codices as choices, like have say DW vets and Battle sisters as troops choices in the book and just list off something like "Infantry Platoon from Codex Astra Militarum may be taken as a troops choice" something vaguely like that so it can ramshackle itself into a proper army with just its own codex.

I dunno, such an odd compilation would be nice if it had some fun weirdness going on for it.

I know you could just do standard ally stuff but it would be nice to do things like that to just have an inquisitor and their own little shit tier guard dudes under his direct command for fluff reasons.

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GW hunting them whales

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So a soul reaper, not a rotor cannon.

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If you need a name, try "The Saints of Row"

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Soulreaper Cannon

Rapid Fire: Range 30" S3 AP3 Salvo 2/3 Soulblaze
Concentrated Fire: Range 30" S4 AP- Heavy 1 Rending, Force

HELLFYRE Missile Rack
Hellfyre Myssyle: Range 24" S4 AP4 Heavy D3 Blast, Soulblaze
Wyrdfyre Myssyle: Range 24" S8 AP- Heavy 1, Twin-linked, Force


S5 AP3 Heavy 1 Template, Warpflame (that rule that gives things it hits FNP)

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Don't know much about GSC. What do they do that's tear-worthy?

Will take Tau into consideration, thanks anon.

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Hopefully god willing its AP3 soulblaze. That would annoy people

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it literally says 'the rotor cannon'

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>AP 3 flamer

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>Ap - missile
sure, yeah , i believe you

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Last thread established that they are "Soul Reaper Canons" and are likely to have soul blaze or be AP3 inferno rounds.

See the White Dwarf leak.

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What did he mean by this

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>I google searched this image and it suggested "International management group"
I suppose it does take talent to be a good Redemptionist.

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The origins
The assault cannons' origins is the autocannon The storm bolters' origins is the combi-bolter

It's not their current form however.

>ap- force

Doubt it, also it should be called a HELLFYRE Myssyle rack then.

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>what is a a deathwind missile launcher

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Hah perfect. Their nickname at the moment is "the sisters of booby"

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> HELLFYRE Myssyle

a drop pod missile launcher at str 5, with a large blast, you ninny

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Whales are people with fat bank accounts and no self control, so they can be baited into dumping huge amounts of cash on things that really shouldn't be such huge amounts of cash. It's a term used in the f2p marketplace for the people that drop $1000 on boosters to show off to friends or just feel superior.

Meanwhile, at GW
Tzaangors $45
Scarab Occult Terminators: $60
Wrath of Magnus: $75
Rubric Marines: $50
Exalted Sorcerers: $60
Magnus: $130
Ahriman: $40

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I should have fucking read it properly. Thanks man that puts relief in me

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whale (plural whales)

Any of several species of large sea mammals of the order Cetacea.

(figuratively) Something, or someone, that is very large.

(figuratively) Something, or someone, that is excellent.

(gambling) In a casino, a person who routinely bets at the maximum limit allowable.

(by extension) A video game player who spends large amounts of money on premium content.

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Is this some sort of knock on the TS release? How does it differ from GW's usual releases?

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Yeah I did notice a lot of fat chicks in the community team on the new community website

Man I fucking love fat chicks when have attractive faces wish more were in the hobby

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>Is this some sort of knock on the TS release?

>How does it differ from GW's usual releases?
His birthday is 10 months away.

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CONFIRMED reliable source on dakka

Scarab Occult cost 2 Rhinos and a bolt pistol each, weapons are + a Plasma Gun on top

Statline is as Terminators but S+P, I1 and ML1. Have their own power that adds 1S to guns but if they roll a 1 to hit they take Perils

Magnus costs 60 Multimeltas and is:

WS6 BS6 S6 T6 I6 W6 A4 Ld10 Sv -/4++

Armed with Staff of Magnus (S+2, AP4, Cumbersome, Force and can shoot an AP3 template with a S equal to the number of Warp Charges spent that Psychic phase)

ML6, knows all Lore of Change powers and the Rubric of Ahriman which is super cool, it's a witchfire that makes people test Ld or take a wound for each point they fail by, and if it kills them you roll on a table

1: Chaos Spawn controlled by opponent
2-4: 1kSon
5: Scarab Occult
6: Lord of Change but Magnus takes Perils

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None of the fat chicks on the community website have attractive faces

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So lowly MC for a model that size, disappointing.

>> No.50333635

Lychguard / decurion necrons. Enemies will cry when save everything. Add wraiths for even more tears

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>2 Rhinos and a bolt pistol each

That's pricey.

>Magnus costs 60 Multimeltas
No, can't give a serious reply to that.

>> No.50333645


>Magnus has a power that turns enemies into power armoured marines/terminators

Better buy even more of those new kits...

>> No.50333653


Thank GOODNESS at the CHEAP prices we get for such an AMAZING kit.

Really balanced too!

>> No.50333655

if these are legit the only good thing on magnus is the auto S10 AP3 flamer and the ML6

I hope he has eternal warrior because ID is going to fuck him right up, or a culexus

>> No.50333670

Maybe if you're a blind fuck.

Yeah, and Reaper Autocannon is not an Autocannon.

I'm sure they're gonna have some different rules, but expecting some S4 AP3 Heavy 6 Rending Soul Blaze is just wishlisting. If they weren't going to use the rotor cannon as a base, they wouldn't have made it a rotor cannon.

>> No.50333671

Lore of Change is why you take him

Primaris: WC1, model gets +2 to invulns and inflicts a S3 AP3 hit with Blind to anything it saves a wound against

>> No.50333674

Gotta say, i just dont believe that. a model mangus looks too shit, and his weapon is so so.

71 points for a terminator at ML1, seems....silly

>> No.50333676

Question, are Raiders good for ramming and tank shocking? Want to put a shock prow on mine

>> No.50333680

Enjoy your $50 troops. It's not that big of a jump, but price creep showing its head.

As if I even want to buy edgemarines

>> No.50333681


I don't even know how to square it away with the lore

>There are Rubric and Scarab Occult Elite walking around who in their past lives use to be guardsmen

>> No.50333695

>The assault cannons' origins is the autocannon

"The forebear of the later assault cannon, the Rotor Cannon was a multi barrelled stubber that could sustain an extraordinary rate of fire."

>> No.50333700


Hey there are some dusty worlds out there in the imperium, who knows?

>> No.50333701 [SPOILER] 

>yfw DAEMON PRIMARCH is as tough and strong as some space commie walker
If tau had existed in 30k the whole heresy would have never happened because humanity would have been BTFO'd so hard.

>> No.50333706


Smells like teen bullshit fampai.

>> No.50333708

>2-4: 1kSon
>5: Scarab Occult
>6: Lord of Change but Magnus takes Perils
This is hilarious.

>> No.50333712

It was the autocannon in the SM codex.

>> No.50333724

>If tau had existed in 30k the whole heresy would have never happened because humanity would have been BTFO'd so hard.
if tau existed in 30k, they'd be steamrolled by the mass legions and titans.

>> No.50333725

Nice bait.

>> No.50333726

his primaris turns him into 2++, tzeentch makes him reroll 1's on that

honestly just tie him up with a culexus for 5 turns and be done with it

>> No.50333736

It's bait, Anon.

>> No.50333740


Source your lies.

>> No.50333741

>implying he is coming down from the sky
'You'll never catch me now!BAHAHAHA''

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>> No.50333751

He would kill Culexus in 2 rounds of combat.

He has. Hes not Monstrous Creature.

>> No.50333769

>Have their own power that adds 1S to guns but if they roll a 1 to hit they take Perils

Fucking no. Please link your source.

>> No.50333771

>He would kill Culexus in 2 rounds of combat.

WS1 vs WS7, hitting on 5+
6 attacks, 5+ to hit, 2+ to kill, 4++ invuln

actually yeah you are right, but still 2 rounds of him only casting on 6+ and losing 6 warp dice is worth 140 points

>> No.50333776

Just reposting my raider from yesterday, feel like we don't have enough miniature pictures in this thread.

>> No.50333787


Why is the highlighting so thick

>> No.50333789

Bumping my post in hopes of help.

>> No.50333799


Still working on my brush strokes, planning on doing another pass at it today.

>> No.50333800

How is the assassin getting into combat with him?

>> No.50333811

>surviving template

If he can use it in overwatch ofq

>> No.50333826

looks sick man, any other pics of your army?

>> No.50333830


Rubric Terminators will cost 5 land raiders and a Ressurection Orb each! They'll have AP7 twin linked boltpistols, and be mastery level 8, but only know a power that makes them perils!

Magnus will cost 4 points, have a statline of all 7's and owns a Cadillac!

>> No.50333837


Heres my warriors

>> No.50333838

So, you want vanguard, the assault 3 is fucking nuts in KT. pick up a plasma culvrive on a PE guy, and you can fuck up people all day erry day

>> No.50333839

>It's not that big of a jump
I think it might actually be cheaper than the old hybrid kit.

>> No.50333845

fuck off Hastings

>> No.50333848


Slowly getting better at painting since this is the first army I've painted in 6 years since I started buying warhammer as a kid.

>> No.50333849


obviously this is assuming i can make him take a grounding check, which on a 2++ is gonna be fucking hard

assault him with something else, they die to the flamer and then culexus assaults, or they get in combat and the culexus assaults

the latter is worse, because then the culexus would lose combat by however many things magnus kills

its a long shot for sure, but if you manage it you are taking a massive chunk of power off the board for a few turns

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>> No.50333854

>10 Space Marines have are usually 40-70. (Tacticals on low end, Deathwatch Vets on high end)
>10 Rubrics are 50
>Before Rubrics were 39+21 for 6 with 4 leftover not Rubric'd


>> No.50333866

>if i manage all these 1-in-a-millon things then i can do a thing!
dosent seem likely, though you might be right

>> No.50333874


>1280 point each terminators with bolt pistols

For chaos, this would not surprise me.

>> No.50333877

I love your scheme, I'm a sucker for purple.

>> No.50333918

>mangus stat line not all 9's, including LD and sv

>> No.50333924


>9+ Armour save, rolled on 9 dice

>> No.50333933


Wait WHAT you can buy terrain? Thats fucking amazing for Dark Eldar, hell I would paint up some army specific terrain if that was real

>> No.50333935

Thank you, anon.

Will try this.

>> No.50333939

Up close it'll look weird, but actually layering up your highlights an extra layer gives it a really bright look that pops out at tabletop distance.

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>> No.50333969

>TFW almighty Magnus the Red, primarch, giant fucking daemon prince will die to conscripts

>> No.50333973

Forgot to add that this particular deldar player should probably use a darker purple and have that bright purple as his thin edge highlight. Needs washes too. Nuln is king.

>> No.50333983


Thanks man! really liked the dark elf colour scheme and tried to replicate it and add the orange and ice blue for some contrast. I think I might try red for my next squad of guardians and see how that compares thought.

>> No.50333999

>1 wound every 72 shots
>432 shots required

>> No.50334001


Thanks Anon, I haven't washed the raider yet so i probably will go do that right now, il pick up some darker purple next time im at the store though when I pick up my scourges so thanks!

>> No.50334003

Sure can!

>> No.50334009


rules for placing it?

>> No.50334019

>area terrain is coming back
Fuck yeah!

>> No.50334026

No idea. Probably like fortifications, would make a lot of sense.

>> No.50334071


>Tell us who slew the mighty and terrible Daemon Primarch, Magnus the Red, grandpa. Was it the earth shaking Titans of the Mechanicus? The Emperor's own Angels of Death?
>No, just men.

>> No.50334089

Blind he says. Yeah the origins are rotor cannons but so are fucking assault cannons. Would you see an assault cannon and call it a rotor cannon? No because they arent the same fucking weapon with visually distict models. Jesus christ.

>> No.50334106

>Chaos Spawn controlled by opponent
As a SW player I know what conversion I need to represent this

>> No.50334128


the old mini from RT will do perfectly

>> No.50334133

>Space Wolf Wolf-Spawn

>> No.50334141

I want it to have a full SoB codex.

>> No.50334142


I'd require from my opponent to have spare chaos spawns for me to cuck him with his own minis.

Also it will be hillarous - not only conscripts can kill him, but also can be changed to chaos spawns.

>> No.50334152

That's what, 2-3 rounds of FRFSRF from a max Platoon? Not counting any armour or specialists also in the list

>> No.50334181

>visually distinct models

See, this is why I say you're blind. Take away the bling and it's a fucking rotor cannon.

>> No.50334193

Your're a fucking rotor cannon

>> No.50334195

50 unit max for 150 shots with FRFSRF
Add in an inquisitor with psyocculum for the unit to be bs10 against psykers

>> No.50334216

BS 10 is irrelevant vs FMC

>> No.50334227

You're fucking a rotor cannon.

>> No.50334237

so knock him out of the sky with your aegis defense turrets first

>> No.50334241

You're a fucking rotor cannon

>> No.50334247

Fucking hell, 145 saves if my maths correct

>> No.50334259


Not platoon, just conscripts as you probably snap shoting anyway. Add some prefered enemy stuff and here you go. If he lands/fall, you can eat him in melee with them too.

Also, i can't wait for my moment of glory when my commander just finish him with pic related.

>> No.50334265

>I was born with 6 dicks
>I was born for this day

>> No.50334269

You're a fucking rotor cannon

>> No.50334283

This whole thread is fucking Rotor Cannons

>> No.50334289

God I want to play guard

>> No.50334290

Quick question: Do militarum tempestus count as imperial guard for lord of war choices?

>> No.50334295

>But I have no idea what other gear do I need. I heard that stuff from GW is overpriced for its quality, so I plan to get in in some other miniature hobbyshop, but what should I get.

Citadel paints are okay
you need primer, most people use spray, i use brush-on primer, citadel brushon primer is shit, use valejo

brushes are something noone agrees on, which are better. natural, synthetic etc. It is important to have a good tip ->read up on basic brush care, things are sensitive

furthermore you need something to cut minis from the sprues, a good clipper and sharp knife/file (<-this is were people usually say citadel is overpriced compared to DIY store stuff for hobby electricians) I strech this as i have bought many a model from ebay, where the intrepid assembler did not properly clean the connection to the sprue, leaving a small bumb, which resulted in things not fitting properly

for glue plastic can be glued using plastic glue, non plastic (resin, metal) needs superglue. plastic can also be glued using superglue. USE glue sparingly.

To fill some gaps, you can use green stuff, which is a very finely grained modelling putty. Again GW stuff is rather expensive. For some things liquid green stuff (green stuff but in paint form) is also good.

Lastly while GW starters offer inch-rulers in stick form (for free), everyone shells out some $$$ for a rectractable ruler with an inch selection. The normal GW is again pricier then cheap DIY models, if you can find one with an inch scale.

>> No.50334296

Even if you take it at a strictly model level, the difference in ammunition being used is enough to suggest that the rubric variant will have at least inferno bolts if not other special rules

>> No.50334303

Sup white boy

>> No.50334310

wishlisting is strange
Inquisition: Needs models not rules.
SoB: needs models not rules
Assassins: a new type of assasin would be lulz but otherwise they are okay

what are the other factions?

>> No.50334323

Grey knights and astropaths were mentioned in the text.
Probably arbites, no idea who else.

>> No.50334335

Oh Custodes and Sisters of silence

So that's like... 7

>> No.50334348

what we get, noone knows. My assumption is dogshit as its a supplement for codex dogs-shit-on-us.

I think traitors hate is not worth the paper its printed on, regardless of the quality of the traitor legion dex. GW uses good nice paper for their codices.

>> No.50334352


>> No.50334369


>> No.50334370

Nice bait you liar.

>> No.50334371

Apparently according to the new white dwarf it's a "soul reaper cannon", so definitely not a rotor cannon

>> No.50334378


>> No.50334384

SoB for sure need rules

This is pretty much right, we have talk of Deathwatch, Grey Knights, SoB, Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Inquisition, and Assassins, most people think Custodes and SoS are gonna get in too, the last one is a toss up but probably like Storm Troopers or something.

>> No.50334408

yeah, just like the thousand sons use "soulwytchfyre boltguns" which are definitely not bolters

>> No.50334424

Oh yeah Scions.

Not sure about Deathwatch though.

It'd cost a lot if they were to include that.

>> No.50334426

>Tear Worthy
You roll a 6 on the WL table with a Patriarch, or a 6 on the Ambush table with 20 purestrain and a Patriarch. Enjoy eating a Riptide wing, or a Wraithknight T1

>> No.50334434

They use Bolt guns with Inferno Rounds, which do alter the profile in a significant way.

>> No.50334436

They're armed with fucking Hooters that fire fucking inferno bolts, you cunt.

>> No.50334440

Except TS use boltguns with inferno rounds

false equivocacy brah

>> No.50334465

actually, they've been renamed into Inferno Boltguns™ and also carry Warpfyre Flamers™

>> No.50334466

Well in this case the terminators are also listed as using the soul reaper cannon so it's more likely it is a heavy weapon profile

which is pretty natural for the snp rubrics

>> No.50334478

I mean it says right there, talking about DW kill teams and Assassins.

It seems likely these won't be full codices here, more like the actual DW codex where it's kinda sets of formations to take them with other armies.

>> No.50334481

are TS still slow and purposeful if that has been announce yet

>> No.50334505

gonna venture a guess at yes but they are confirmed being able to give every rubric a "sigil marked warpflamer" and one can take the soul reaper cannon which is a heavy weapon.

>> No.50334509

We know nothing about the actual rules, other than that there are ten formations, nine data sheets, and multiple psychic disciplines.

>> No.50334515

most terminator weapons are assault weapons

The only exceptions are (I believe) the autocannon and the missile launcher.

Given it's straight up called a warp-fucked rotor cannon, I'd wager it's a salvo weapon of some description. Like the rotor cannon.

>> No.50334527

Odds are pretty good that they'll still be AP3 or at least do something different from ordinary bolters.

>> No.50334535

IA:13 renegades and heretics.

Renegade Command Squad
4x Disciple w/ Lasgun, Flak Armour
Arch Demagogue
Flak Armour, Laspistol, Master of the Horde, No Chaos Covenant, Warlord

Renegade Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad
10x Renegade w/ Lasgun
Renegade Infantry Squad
10x Renegade w/ Lasgun
Renegade Infantry Squad
10x Renegade w/ Lasgun
Renegade Infantry Squad
10x Renegade w/ Lasgun
Renegade Infantry Squad
10x Renegade w/ Lasgun

Heavy Support
Renegade Support Squad
4x Autocannon Team
Militia Training

Renegade Tank Squadron
2x Multi-meltas, Heavy Stubber, Lascannon, Militia Training
2x Multi-meltas, Heavy Stubber, Lascannon, Militia Training

1750 points
4 leman russ vanquiser for anti-armor duty

4 autocannon teams coz why not

240 renegade guardsman in 24 handy 10 man squads. Remember to give each squad its own color.

And a nice HQ.squad coz you need one

>> No.50334553

Well he would still get his re-rolling 2++ because the Pea-shooter of Cadia only comes in to effect on armour saves.

>> No.50334560

correct, but it's not really a stretch to imagine the soulreaper cannon being a rotor cannon with ap3

What actually has me curious are the flamers. I can't see them doing ap3 flamers on a full squad, but if not that, then what?

>> No.50334567

sorry 30 10 man squads, i forgot the platoon command squads, giving you an somewhat carryable 300 dudes (the new GW boxes can carry many infantry dudes...)

>> No.50334568

Thanks for insight. One more question: Is there possibility of GW restocking the Mechanicus paint bundle? Or does thet never happen?

>> No.50334575

Potentially just jacking the flames of tzeentch? S4 AP4 Soulblaze, warpflame flamers?

>> No.50334617

>I can't see them doing ap3 flamers on a full squad

They aren't S:D AP:2

>> No.50334622

The paint bundles are just One-Click things. You dont get them cheaper, just buy them separately

>> No.50334646

those don't exist shut up

>> No.50334656

So I'm torn how to paint my Skitarii

On the one hand, Mars is sexy. Mars also has painting guides out the ass and seems like a pretty easy one to do.

On the other hand, Stygies is also sexy. But it seems a little more difficult and it doesn't look quite as good on straight Admech from what I can tell.

Anybody have good pictures of painted non-Mars Admech armies?

>> No.50334670

Does anyone have that picture of Farsight and his gang all lined up?

>> No.50334682

S4 Ap3 flamers on a full squad?
I wonder if that is possible....

>> No.50334694


>> No.50334704

Why are the Skitarii Dragoon models have such a disappointingly boring pose.

Are there any converted dragoon poses out there for inspiration?

>> No.50334745

Can only Genestealers use the goliath?

It's an imperial vehicle no?

>> No.50334799


>2x Tzaangors $90
>2x Rubrics $100
>1x Termis $60
>Sorcerers $60
>$310 for what I assume has to be close to 1000 points

That's not so bad. But I assume those are USD prices and I'm comparing with CAD prices so maybe it is bad.

>> No.50334804

>Assassins: a new type of assasin would be lulz

Rather they tweak existing assassins to make them all viable.

I'm sad that my Eversor never gets to RIP AND TEAR

>> No.50334806

yes, but not a military vehicle.

So only GSC get it

>> No.50334847

Still waiting to see a BatRep of this formation in action.

>> No.50334852

Ryza's sexy

>> No.50334862

if you really want it badly, i guess a count as taurox would be okay, as both have TL-autocannon and are cheap transports

>> No.50334878


Xana is pretty good.

>> No.50334905

aren't they a formation or at least a group that costs like a thousand points? no one is crazy enough to field a unit that dies to a vindicator shot at once

>> No.50334921

>2 boxes of Rubrics
>2 sets of Dice
Think that's all i need desu until we know how good/bad the rest are

>> No.50334941

Have them face that Eldar formation with an avatar and all the phoenix lords.

>> No.50334967

Yeah, but he would have to convert everything to be more Chaosy at this point, Xana II became a Hellforge. They still look normalish in 30k, but at this point they are seriously fucked up.

>> No.50334971

>thousand points

1494 points to be exact, yes.

BUT they can be split up between your entire army, give each unit containing one of the Stubborn and can give supporting fire to every unit containing another member of the group. You could probably reasonably run them in a 4+k Apocalypse game.

>> No.50334973

Will the new Chaos supplement make the Crimson Slaughter box units great again?

>> No.50335017

I'd build it but Shadowsun is my favourite thing about the Tau and she's not exactly whatsapping Torchstar between battles.

It looks like a fun formation though.

>> No.50335021

Nothing could make those Chosen good. The Dark Vengeance box set was never good. A melee foot Lord, random melee Chosen, auto gun cultists, Helbrutes. All of those are shit and have been shit since the codex released.

>> No.50335091

autogun cultists are sorta okay, a bit expensive but okay
helbrute is fun with that cultist ablative wound formation, and not that bad if you deep strike a couple. (The latter would be good if there would be a reliable deepstrike aid)
I agree with the rest, except for mr Chosen with 2 lightningclaws. This model deserves a special place. You pay 15pts PER LC. so the first gives you shred and AP3 and the second only +1 A making it a incredibly bad choice to pick two.

>> No.50335118

If i ever balls up and get my shit together, and back into the hobby i would so run this, effective or not.

>> No.50335172

>auto gun cultists are okay
>59 points for an IG Infantry Squad with no orders, no grenades, no armor

>> No.50335214

Is this a thing? Do people actually think of points as weapons and shit?

>> No.50335223

I've got my Genestealer Cults primed in black and I want to use Valhallan Blizzard for the bases. What's a good colour scheme for the dudemen?

>> No.50335274

>use ml6 to get invisibility
>you now have a 2++ rerolling 1's model that can only be snap fired at
boy playing against him is gonna grow old real fast
at least it will probably mean psychic powers will be fixed in 8th as magnus will showcase how broken some of them are

>> No.50335285

It's because dakka is not allowed to mention point values or stats in numbers or GW crawls up their ass.

>> No.50335306

>implying you'll play against him
Yeah, technically he's got rules and points and can be taken in a regular army. But just like with Nagash I can smell a shitty game a mile off, and would rather not waste my time with one.

>> No.50335322

compared to chaos marine squads they're not so bad

i run seeker chariots so it's possible it's not so bad

>> No.50335337

Where are you finding all these painting programs, please?

>> No.50335345

Bolter and chainsword

>> No.50335408

Even if it was bad i'd do it. I grew up watching shittons of mecha shit and have been a fan ever since, once i get more disposable income im so starting a tau suit/farsight list.

>> No.50335421

Hey folks

How do Bangles work? Their specifics is Furious Charge, Death Company, and their psychic abilities. (Not mentioning their HQ's and vehicles)

What is good to field here? An Army that tries to close in, a lot of drops and transports? In what way is the Death Company good?

>> No.50335431

I'd use an off-white like this.

>> No.50335432

>space hulk going on sale again
oh shit

>> No.50335434

>tfw can't have a properly synergistic AdMech/Skitarii force below 1500 points

Fuck you, Games Workshop.

>> No.50335442

>How do Bangles work?

>> No.50335453

Sup /tg/, what is the best army to play against and to have a fun time in general ?
Winning isnt important, fun is.
Is it orks ? Everyone i know loves to play with or against orks and even try hards arent as mad as usual when they loose to orks......

>> No.50335479

what is that picture supposed to be?

>> No.50335486

Punching bags are always fun. So orks are a good bet.

>> No.50335528

Posted 21/11/2016

Space Hulk Returns for the Holidays


>> No.50335536

A Girl, you probably Never saw One

>> No.50335575

I know that this is a girl, but what has this to do in this thread.
Is it maybe just attention seeking?

>> No.50335587

rubric marines before were 60$+ thanks to the sprues and shit

>> No.50335605

Dominus Maniple + Cohort Cybernetica for 1000 pts

Am I barking up the wrong tree? It seems like a good way to get a Dominus + Kastelans that will smash the fuck out of almost anything while having some Skitarii to cap points/support and the Onager for fire support.

Or is this just too few models? It's really tight I know.

>> No.50335611

i love it
i want trees now

>> No.50335623

More. Since you had to get multiple upgrade sprues to get a full 10 man, and then you'd have leftover upgrades.

>> No.50335659

Just get an Aegis Defense Line.

>> No.50335679

i already have one, but it doesnt provide oxygen for my troops

>> No.50335748

But wouldn't having the rules out ahead of time, including point value, be a net positive for GW? You'd have a passionate community that can playtest and provide feedback about their games with far more variables than you would find in-house. You could amend costs, edit values before you go to final print. It'd make the game better, generate hype for new models, and lead to better balance.

>> No.50335757

keep in mind you can only bring 1 per cad

>> No.50335764

For tau the Tidewall is superior to the aegis line in pretty much every way.

>> No.50335775

hahahaha acting like GW cares about the game and doesnt see how as a vehicle to sell more models.

>> No.50335797

So what are your rules for building a good list?

I haven't played since mid 4th ed and I have no idea what I'm doing

>> No.50335845

Owner of my LGS is butthurt I'm planning to order my 1kS stuff from an internet stockist who offers a 22% discount after the LGS dropped their discount from 20% to 10%.

C'est la vie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.50335862

why would you tell your flg owner that

>> No.50335880

I'd hit that.
I'd that HARD.

>> No.50335895


He asked if I wanted to reserve it, and I politely declined and then he kept asking why not. (knowing full well I was planning to buy it prior to the discount cut)

>> No.50335896

Just don't come whining to us if he cuts down on 40k nights for more MtG on the basis that's where his money comes from.

>> No.50335921

RnHs has some Hilarious army builds, I personally enjoy fielding 10 wyverns and a bunch of ordinance gun emplacements against people I hate as they watch every squad of infantry get blown out of their transport and then evaporate under wyvern pieplates

>> No.50335922

>know literally nothing about Magus's rules
>people already whining and saying they won't play against him

>> No.50335926

Alright, so I have decided against my better judgement to start playing this game. After reading tons of fluff for the world, I've decided to play Tyranids. Even if they have been needed into the ground, they look awesome, and their horde strategies really fit my play style in game such as Starcraft. So, how should I start? I've bought 10 Termagants, just so I have something for the army shelf, but what else should I get? And, more importantly, how do I get models without paying my life savings?

>> No.50335927


>> No.50335934

Give every unit a role, include 1 AT per 500 points, Fast Attack win fights but troops win games

>> No.50335938


>> No.50335949


>> No.50335961

Ebay is your friend for hordes.

>> No.50335963

Does anyone know an interesting colour scheme for genestealer cults that incorporates bright red?

Im trying to think of one but drawing a blank.

>> No.50335964

I feel you anon, my finely painted metal eversor just sits on a shelf in a state of constant rage

>> No.50335977

Bright red together with black and orange sounds cool in my mind

>> No.50335983


>what else should I get?

More Gants. Seriously. More of them. You can never have too many.

>how do I get models without paying my life savings?

Oh my sweet summer child.

>> No.50335986

if you play there, you should spend a good part of your money there. THink of the difference between cheap on web and instore as a fee for tables, room, heating etc.

>> No.50335995

Ebay tends to help a lot for not sacrificing an arm and leg for this game. I personally recommend picking up the tyranid swarm as it gives a lot of things for a decent price.

>> No.50336004



>> No.50336016

Lion is the returning Primarch btw.

>> No.50336029


You mean Monstrous creatures?

>> No.50336031

Guys with all these primarchs coming back does that mean sanguinus will come back at some point?

>> No.50336033



>> No.50336040

That actually sounds like a pretty good idea anon. Thanks!

>> No.50336042

>Will Space Jesus return from the dead, guys?


>> No.50336051

Gants. Horma/Termagants.

Shut up, dumb frog poster. Nobody actually gives a fuck.

>> No.50336055

Hawk boy is gone
Unless there's some fuckery with the Sanguinor and Dante

>> No.50336062

>nobody gives a fuck

objectively wrong, but nice ad hom and non-arguments, I guess?

>> No.50336063


>> No.50336067

next year's 2 books narrative campaign will have the dark angels and their successors preparing the greatest hunt ever as the dark prophet has escaped the rock (I'm assuming this will be the last trick the already infiltrated changeling will pull off in wrath of magnus); the second book instead will have the rules for the fallen who have gathered to the call of a madman on a daemonic planet full of jungles and monsters

incidentally this last book will have the rules for the lion

>> No.50336068

>Nobody actually gives a fuck.

I do. What now?

>> No.50336070

They do the saiyan fusion dance at some point and become sanguinus's living form.

>> No.50336079

>posting a girl so that your post gets attention on /tg/

Not even mentioning how pathetic that is don't you realize you have a lot more eyes on your post if it's something sexy in plastic?

Most people here have given up on girls long ago in exchange for plastic power

>> No.50336081

>he doesn't know about UltraRee anon

protip, he does this as hyperbolic reaction to stupid things, lurk moar newfag.

>> No.50336085

>Most people here have given up on girls long ago in exchange for plastic power

You underestimate my power.

>> No.50336094


I consider the fee I pay for the tables as the fee for tables.

Besides I still buy all my paints, brushes, drinks and everything

>> No.50336097

and how do you know that ?

>> No.50336098

Just a reminder that Yesterday we were all assured that nobody gave a shit about this book.

>> No.50336100

So the source is your ass? Got it

>> No.50336109

Eddie lad you're going to get in trouble again

>> No.50336148

It's a new shitposting meme. To make up loads of shit and claim it's happening.

Did you know that Slaanesh is getting killed off by Ynead and some Shadow God replaces him in the pantheon?

What? That's the same meme rumour of AoS but with 40k names?


>> No.50336176

I stopped playing at the end of 5th.

So 1k is a level people actually build for now? That's rad. That's cool enough to potentially get me to come back.

>> No.50336201

>Did you know that Slaanesh is getting killed off by Ynead and some Shadow God replaces him in the pantheon?

You mean the Horned Rat, and the introduction of Skaven in Space.

>> No.50336206

oh jesus

>> No.50336207

Hey guys, I'm from Nottingham HQ.

Just a heads up for you.

Death Guard, Khorne Berserkers and 1k Sons (we've seen this) are getting new books and models.

However, Slaanesh is getting removed in a Eldar 'story'. Eldar God will fight Slaanesh and keep him occupied, at which point the other 3 Gods will turn on him and kill Slaanesh. The Death Guard, KB and 1k Sons will turn on the Emperor's Children and kill them off. All the other Slaaneshi groups will also die.

The 'essence' of Slaanesh forms with another as of yet unknown Warp Power to create a 'shadow god' which is essentially Malal. It pretends to work with Chaos with the ultimate goal of turning on them and destroying them.

This links in with The Fallen of the Dark Angels. The Lion will 'side' with Chaos, when in fact, he isn't.

>> No.50336218


thanks /pol/tards.

>> No.50336228

Horned Rat is actually competing with Nuffle.

>> No.50336238

No. I don't mean the Horned Rat. The meme is AoS has a 5th Chaos God in a Shadow God. Great Horned Rat is not being added.

However, you might actually be right with Skaven in Space. Since the Hrud ARE the Skaven in Space. They also use Shadow Powers.

>> No.50336245

>what haven't i played with lately?
>what new trick haven't i tried yet?
>what obscure relic haven't i tried yet?
>formation/decurion or CAD?

i also try to cover my bases like troops, fast units, psychics, anti tank, ranged support.

my last game was 1k daemons against harlequins, ended 15-13. i'm building my eldar for 1k since it gives a good range and enough models to have a dcent game

>> No.50336252

hey colleague, dont you remember what happend to the last guy who leaked stuff ?

>> No.50336257

Hrud are swamp things. Skaven in Space is called Adeptus Mechanicus and it's a dumb human faction, now.

>> No.50336259

I can't find the source for this. I found it on a YouTube video somebody linked me.

>> No.50336264

Both of you in my office, now.

>> No.50336267


>> No.50336278

The Hrud first appeared as a simple illustration of a 'Nocturnal Warrior of Hrud' in the diagram "other dangerous aliens", along with early versions of a Kroot warrior, Necron, Tarellian dog soldier and other minor species, in the 3rd Edition Rulebook.[4]

The Skaven are humanoid rat creatures from Games Workshop's fantasy counterpart game to 40k, Warhammer. Both races have a similar unkempt, crouched appearance, scavenger culture, and both are depicted as having rat-like tails; both utilize warp-plasma based technology, which appears archaic but is technologically superior to other, contemporary engineering - the Hrud rifle is a "fusil" while the Skaven rifle is a jezail (a musket) - and finally both seem to have similar social habits being described as living in warrens or similar underground tunnel systems.

It could be presumed that the Hrud were originally meant to be Warhammer 40,000 counterparts to the Skaven.

>> No.50336283

Gonna laugh my ass off if the Lion wakes up and saves fenris. Would be the perfect thing to hang over Russ's head.

>> No.50336294

I never read the 5 short stories about War on Fenris. I need to download them desu.

>> No.50336310


>> No.50336322

Hahahah. No. SoB are getting an update in March.

>> No.50336332

I know all of this.
Shit changes, though, and this is the Hrud right now.

That ain't no skaven.

>> No.50336357

So, are Nids and Orks ever getting a new dex or is GW gonna spend the next ten years pumping out new bullshit IP's?

>> No.50336369

Yeah but that's the LATEST picture of them and it's concept art.

Outside of that, the only information we have is that they're similar to Skaven (they have human slaves for example, underground shit like that).

So we're stuck with what we know until they change this shit.

>> No.50336371

Frateris Militia

>> No.50336384

>new bullshit IP's?

>> No.50336397

Just making up new shit so they can copyright it.

>> No.50336405

I'm going to start assuming people moaning about Nids or Orks are falseflaggers who want to make people hate Nids and Ork players.

There is NOWAY these people can be so fucking whiny. Especially since they're given lots of stuff.

Go look up Dark Eldar, SoB, GK and BA for example on Forge World and compare it to Orks and Nids.

>new bullshit IP's

What the flying fuck you on about? Do you know what IP means?

>> No.50336410

Such as? What is fucking new?

>> No.50336422

Nids and Orks need new codexes.

>> No.50336442


So do many other factions.

Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, for example, need updates far more.

>> No.50336455


Dark Eldar need more vehicles and some more elite infantry.

>> No.50336456

Forge World shinies don't matter to most players when your entire codex is shit.

>Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, for example, need updates far more.
Dark Eldar will fucking paste both orks and nids every day of the week.

>> No.50336461

Dark Eldar win enough as it is with all they're poison shit. They can wait.

>> No.50336471

Is Fire Warrior novel good, mediocre or bad. Can someone give me an opinion about it?

>> No.50336482

>Blood Angels

They just got an update.

>> No.50336494

it was mediocre when it came out

in comparison to pretty much every piece of tau fluff afterwards? It's pretty good.

>> No.50336499


EVERY blood angle player seems to forget that, its actually pretty hilarious this is the third person I've caught asking for a blood angels update this month

>> No.50336502

>Did you know that Slaanesh is getting killed off by Ynead and some Shadow God replaces him in the pantheon?
Remember guys, it's not happening until the sky has already hit you.

>> No.50336529

my edge 15 year old self liked it but i didn't know a lick about 40k then and only like the conan tribute on the cover

it's a bit dated and from that weird time when tau were just getting developed in 4th. it was alright

>> No.50336546

We got dead hrud in the nebulously canon Xenology.

AdMech is Space Skaven. They got jezzails, man. They got the fucking jezzails. They got half-cyborg genetic monstrosities, they got skitarii with the same fucking poses as the skaven assassins.

>> No.50336547

Are there any Soviet-themed Space Marine chapters, or will I have to create my own?

>> No.50336573

good luck kevin, i am behind 7 proxis, not even your Alpha Kevin powers can get behind them.
please dont kill me

>> No.50336582

Looking to build up a full masque for my harlies and would like some advice from anyone who's played it;
are haywire skyweavers worth it in a mono-harlequin list?

Is it worth going for Cegorach's jest or a different combo of elites?

Are starweavers needed for every troupe? Was thinking of having one larger troupe to utilize
Inriam's spectre's shrouded a bit better and to just have a bit more bulk on the board

Can post my idea for a 1750pt list of it if anyone would like

>> No.50336601


You were doing so well until that point.

>> No.50336638

Reread what I said. I said ESSENTIALLY Malal. Not Malal.

>> No.50336663

Ebay my friend

Got 200 guardsmen for less $1 a piece. They were prebuilt, but buy a bits lot and start to have some fun after you simply green them.

>> No.50336681

Malice, then?

Plz, the Sons of Malice being relevant would be amazing.

Also new Knight soon.

>> No.50336702

People forget Malice's name so I used Malal as the easily recognisable anti-chaos chaos god.

And that Knight was known about months ago. It's also incredibly good.

>> No.50336708

I like being sneaky. Would a force built around Shadowsun, Ghost-Keels and Stealth-suits do well?

>> No.50336729

>make a titan
>call it a knight

>> No.50336750


>> No.50336769


>> No.50336773

So I'm painting a Dangles list r/n, some allies but that's not important.

Main question, would it be frowned upon if I made about half the Dangles portion to be Disciples of Caliban? They look fucking gangster and unlike generic Space Marines, they don't have the issue of chapter tactics.

>> No.50336800


>> No.50336806


Deldar have elder allies

>> No.50336809

doubt it.
normally its, your models, your money your paintscheme.
some people take issues if you switch codices, so obvious BAngels models as vanilla SM or similar.

>> No.50336821

No. New name. It's unnamed at the moment. It'll be said to have been 'lurking on the edges' of the 4 Chaos God realms.

>> No.50336823

Harlequin have a too-few-models problem, and so it's safe to assume everything's going to be getting shot at, including your skyweavers. You will want to jink. They have that 4+ invuln they can take once a game instead of jinking which is nice, but that realistically means they'll only get to shoot the haywire cannons once or twice a game.

They CAN disable tanks, but it's kinda a crapshoot. Troupes are much more adept at killing vehicles (all harlequin weapons can murder a vehicle considering they're hitting the back armour, and a troupe with carresses can make short work of knights and land raiders and the like). But using troupes to kill is also much more dangerous because they'll be getting shot at the next turn.

Long story short: idk if haywire is worth it. you may find yourself only being able to shoot them once or twice a game, and the shuriken cannons are MUCH better against infantry.

Cegorach's Revenge is really good. Jest is alright but you want those elites.

Starweavers are kind of a requirement for every troupe for the sake of splitting up dangerous fire on 2HP 10/10/10 Open Topped vehicles. Which really sucks due to the restrictions on formations and shit. But if you want to run a big footslogging troupe Jest or Cast of Players is alright.

#1 rule: take a lot of shadowseers. They're a requirement for footslogging units for Veil of Tears, and Dance of Shadows will ensure a starweaver will get to its target with a 2+ jink. Fog, Laugh, and Mirror of Minds are all also really fun.

>> No.50336833

Why not, unforgiven are all basically a legion anyways.

>> No.50336843

>new Knight soon

More like an alternative model for Warhound.

>> No.50336848





>> No.50336863

I can live with that

>> No.50336867

Malice is oldschool 40k. They don't want to bring it up. It's the best we can get is the 'nod' to Malice.

>> No.50336958

wrath of magnus will have 9 new unit datasheets.
1. magnus
2. ahriman
3. rubics
4. scarab occult
5. tzaangors
6. possibly exalted sorcerors
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???

any suggestions?

>> No.50336968

They're going to rename the Sons of Malice/Retcon/Change their lore, aren't they?


>> No.50336970

We all know what people want nerfed, (wulfin, tau, scatbikes) but What unit would /tg/ be heartbroken to see her hit with the nerf bat?

For me it's coteaz, that bald motherfucker puts in so much work for 100 points and I know this new codex has a chance to mess withh his awesome abilities

>> No.50336981

Keep in mind there's also a tzentch daemon rules booklet in the special edition.
we MAY see updated daemon units as well

>> No.50336995

Death Company. Terminators.

>> No.50337007

None of the units I like are evne remotely good, so.. IDGAF

>> No.50337015

daemon prince

>> No.50337025

Striking Scorps. Love my Exarch with Claw, he almost always punches above his weight. Even managed to stick a wound on a Necron Overlord with that bs 4+ RP and rerolls on saves From Orikan. Need to come up with a name for that guy really...

>> No.50337039


>GW brings back the old daemonette models for fans to enjoy
>kill Slaanesh off a couple months later

Absolutely Based GW working the Chaos players non-stop

>> No.50337052

Nobz in a 'Naught, man. I'd be crushed if they harmed it.

>> No.50337053

>he thinks they can't get worse


>> No.50337072

They are already so bad i don't use them so no change.

>> No.50337081

Well those Daemons and usable in AoS, so it makes sense.

>> No.50337087


This is all terrible btw. But it should be expected from the people who brought us Age of Shitmar.

>> No.50337114

did think starweavers were needed, so guess it's still best to have a 5 man troupe with a death jester?
Was also thinking then no haywire on the skyweavers and sneaking in an extra troupe? Maybe in cegorach's jest, but the second voidweaver is an annoying tax

>> No.50337125

since the daemon booklet has 24 pages i doubt it to be daemons.
given the options tzeentch daemons have like heralds, lords of change, horrors, flamers, screamers, exhalted flamers and exhalted chariots.
pinning it down to 3 of those seems way too odd.

>> No.50337143

Nerfing any of the daemons psychic bullshit. The invulnerable save fuckery, the summoning and all the great pwoers they can get.

I love how powerful their psychic phase so I can play like a retard and still come out with a fighting chance.

>> No.50337155

so, if the legion rules rumors are true, and the death guard are inmune to poison, how fucked are the Dark Eldar¿

>> No.50337178

Any other pictures you can share?
Any ones clear enough to read fully?

>> No.50337186

>Not wanting the first (and best) Daemon Prince to ascend to his rightful place at the pantheon where he can progress to become the strongest of the gods

>> No.50337190

>uses term Age of Shitmar
>doesn't understand jokes

ROFL. Typical. I'm going to mentally keep this in the back of my mind. Anybody who uses that term is a fucking retard.

>> No.50337204


Am I doing this right?

>> No.50337205

>GW leaks that 'nauts get the Assault Vehicle special rule...

Do you remember where you were when Gork and Mork abandoned us?

>> No.50337229

We just learn to like the abuse.

>> No.50337250

Power From Pain (Your Own Pain)

>> No.50337252

Wyvern. I could understand a little price bump but its the only nice thing we get

>> No.50337257

Now I need to disagree with you and you to go on an autistic rant bringing up completely irrelevant and unrelated 'canon' from BL books, which, when taken out of context and applied with your own headcanon, confirms this totally going to happen then. Then when you're called out on still being wrong, admit that you just throw loads of shit at the wall and hope it sticks.

Got it? Okay.



>> No.50337300

is this the seamen daimon I think she is?

>> No.50337309

Man, i once fielded Nobz in a 'Naut and got crushed!

>> No.50337316


So they're just going to dispense with Lucius the Eternal, Noise Marines, Daemonettes, Steeds, Sonic Dreadnoughts and a ton of other Slaanesh units that have models?

>> No.50337333

Yes, I'm afraid. I dunno if they're keeping them around as 'rebels' that survived, but to the best of my knowledge, they all get cleared out. Lucius doesn't get killed, he gets imprisoned.

>> No.50337354

BE'LAKOR takes them under his wing as he ascends to the Pantheon.
>They won't get any new models, but will get legacy rules like Tomb Kings / Bretonnia for AOS, get some rules and that's it.

>> No.50337388

Piss off, you wish you'd work in GW, Carnac.

>> No.50337401

This made me chuckle. I understood it.

>> No.50337402

I'm sorry anon, but I've heard that as part of the event that kills Slaanesh they're also retconning Be'lakor, it'll turn out he was a lord of change in disguise all along. They'll have a similar reveal in AOS as well, in each case it'll be Abaddon/Archaon that finally sees through the ruse.

>> No.50337427

>Lucius the Eternal
Literally who the Eternal
>Noise marines
Shit old metal/resin hybrid kit
Age of sigmar unit, as with all the other daemons
Don't exist
>Sonic Dreadnoughts
Have not existed for like 10 years. Can you even still buy the FW model?

I don't believe it but i also wouldn't be surprised. No one would miss them, if you did you'd play them, which no one does.

>> No.50337434

>Can you even still buy the FW model?


>> No.50337464

>GWs is playing the ultimate troll as they brought back the old Seekers and Daemonettes only to discontinue them in a couple months

>> No.50337478

Yes? They released lots of new models for High Elves in WHFB and then when AoS came around, pulled them from sale.

So, this isn't beyond GW. Especially since Daemons and multi-purpose.

>> No.50337486

My three wyverns sometimes have killed 1000 points worth of stuff in a game, they are insane

I don't want to admit it but they need to be nerfed, but I hope it doesn't happen

>> No.50337494

even the dead can die again anon

i doubt they'll snuff slaanesh, but i could see some conservative daemons come out. daemonettes in big poofy royalty dresses to suggest the underlying corruption

>> No.50337497

>Be'lakor, it'll turn out he was a lord of change in disguise all along.

>The Changeling has altered so many times that even he has forgotten his original appearance. Only the God Tzeentch remembers it

>Both Lord of Change and the Changeling are Daemons of Tzeentch.

Checks out.

>> No.50337555

I'd imagine, i also play BT's and the only edge they have is minmaxing Crusader squads.
High test girls to get your attention, i've posted this question many times without any replies :(

>> No.50337556

If Psycannons are supposed to be bolt weapons, then why do they function like Assault Cannons with +1 strength rather than Heavy Bolters with +1 strength?

>> No.50337583

Because they shoot mega psy-bolts

>> No.50337589

Anything AdMech. Kastelans and Kataphrons caused a fair share of salt already but really aren't OP if you have a balanced list and are prepared for high toughness models.

Other than those, I guess the entirety of Orks, Tyranids and the Black Templars Chapter Tactics/unique models. Though none of those could become any worse, right? Right? ;_;

>> No.50337609

If my penis isn't deceiving me then yes, yes she is.

>> No.50337634

heavy bolters are terrible and assault cannons are not

>> No.50337657

Purifiers or dreadknights, they're all that's keeping the GK codex together at this point

>> No.50337658


>> No.50337706


Idk man, they're too slow / squishy for me. It's all about the Terminators and Librarians that keep me afloat.

And I'd let the NDK get nerfed IF that would allow the rest of the codex to get good.

>> No.50337725

>Libs keep you afloat

>> No.50337726

Then do what everyone else does and actually work for a good response

>show up to a thread right when it starts

>ask specific questions so that players who aren't interested in helping a newbie something to talk about

Stop using cheap tactics then playing the victim when you get called out, be proactive

>> No.50337780

This IS being proactive. I'm not sure if i'm a victim, either, people just don't notice my posts.
And your post implies quality conversation only happens at the start of the thread, which is incorrect. Just look at us now.

I've been looking up BA batreps and lists and i'm getting a decent grasp for it, so eat this anime girl!

>> No.50337787

Purifiers zipping around in rhinos fire bombing shit while my dreadknights rape shit and a libby and some termies drop in and drop mind bullets are the crux of my GK play, but I will admit the emperors purist are a pretty monobuild army, nerf DKs but only if dreadnoughts/paladins/PAGKs get a larger niche to be worth using

>> No.50337793

Just give them a formation where their rhinos can gain "Assault vehicle" and you will see more diversity on the GK lists

>> No.50337813

>the most powerful psyker marines since the thousand sons
>no named librarian characters
>forge world and ultramarine Mary Sues are better
>no librarian based formation like vanilla

Sometimes life just isn't fair

>> No.50337835

I'm a (mostly) straight girl, post hot elf dudes or something if your gonna shitpost lewd stuff

>> No.50337855

if GKs got a 100 point 5 man assault vehicle transport with a mounted psycannon they would be so much better, come on GW it would just be a rhino conversion sprue

>> No.50337897

>Hot elf dudes
Then you're asking for pictures of myself, baby ;) please love me

>> No.50337898

People will post lewd female elves (male) and you will like it

>> No.50337940

How do you think BA feel? The most psychically active race, so unique they can even have Lib Dreads, but don't get Conclaves?

GK's do need a ML4 Librarian though named character.

>> No.50337951

>straight girl

Being mentally ill and thinking you're a girl doesn't count, Nigel.

>> No.50337970

And the Cringiest Post Award goes to...

>> No.50337983

5 man squad of purifiers, 2 incinerators+ rhino. in 1 turn, your ork/tyranid/IG blob is gone

they just need a cheaper assault vehicle than the land raider, is that much to ask for?

>> No.50337996

>implying there's enough of a physical difference between elf sexes for it to matter to me

To bring it back around to 40k which eldar would be most likely to have human friends? I would say harliquens because they work with everyone, or corsairs since that's who they work with simiregularly

>> No.50338001

are assault cannons not bolt weapons?

>> No.50338007

She looks like my oneitis

Why did you do this to me anon

>> No.50338030

I feel legitimately bad when I play non mech orks or nids, their army just disappears, hard counter imo

>> No.50338044

I try to be funny, i'm not trying to give you a cyber-dick.
Because this suffering will eventually drive you through the threshhold of what you fear and make you into a man. It's what happened to me. Incidentally, that means working out, eating healthy, and getting better at your hobbies. Eventually, you're good enough of a person to get anyone.

>> No.50338048

>implying there's enough of a physical difference between elf sexes for it to matter to me
then why the fuck did you whine about it in the first place?

the answer is exodite because they are used to having dumb animals around

>> No.50338078

See that's why I like 4chan over plebbit, I can't use femanon status to get a leg up, unlike on Reddit where they worship you for being female, same reason why I like my lgs, everyone's just a player, no special privlages or treatment for having tits

>> No.50338097

There is an old 40k Tits or GTFO picture but LOL BLUEBOARD.

>> No.50338103

Also, "oneitis" is a word that reflects that you hide inside the comfortable excuse of nihilism. You might want to remove this nartheticum from your mind.

>> No.50338108

I mean like actually treat with some respect, actually view them as a person and not a moronic monkey

>> No.50338136

Just realised the Deathwatch lack Techmarines, Apothecaries, and those Centurion suits!

>> No.50338137

you know we're talking about eldar, right?

>> No.50338174

Come on there has to be an eldar Jane goodall out there, like an exodite that hasn't had it beat into their head they're better and just considered humans slow learners instead of sub-uh... eldar

>> No.50338182

Gee, almost as if Deathwatch will get new models added to them at a later date!

Almost like Custodes are getting 2 new models in the coming weeks!

>> No.50338220


the closer thing you're going to get is a controversial philosopher claiming orkz have a better society

>> No.50338230

nigga just add a deathwatch shoulderpad, and bam, there you go. its literally what they did for terminators, the captain/termi captain, and dread.

>> No.50338239

I live under a rock, what new custodes kits? Jetbikes and rhinos or?

>> No.50338269

a custodes grav-tank and a dread. and much more in the future.

>> No.50338298

grav tank and this dread.

>> No.50338307

Two grav tank variants.

>> No.50338314

that dread looks so fucking happy to come out to play

>> No.50338319


Sounds and looks pretty ace.

On an irrelated note, is there any use at all for the Coldstar battlesuit? I really like the Tau Commander kit but it seems like the damn thing is just a paperweight ruleswise compared to a double markerlight drone backed buffmander.

>> No.50338327

>Deathwatch will get new models added to them at a later date!

How much later? Are there solid rumours? Where will the rules come from?

I just imagined they'd throw in a stopgap converted Techmarine for the codex photo and then release the thing later, if it wasn't done by then.

The Apothecary wouldn't be included because FNP in an independent Armies of the Imperium character would create cheese complications (just make it for marines and Independent Characters only, dammit!)

And then there's the Centurions, which might not fit the "quick and clean" stereotype of the Deathwatch, but it would suit them to have some kind of gear like that, because not all aliens are the same.
Being able to spearhead a unit of power-armoured guys could be useful too, I imagine.

There is the possibility that the Centurions don't sell well and are an "embarrassment" for GW they want to minimise, though honestly I like the aesthetic, it looks functional, compared to the lunacy of the Dreadknight.

I mean the rules?

>> No.50338330

plastic techmarine when, GW

give it to me

>> No.50338344

I'm pretty sure GW took the idea of that BT Converted Dread when they designed it. I'm pretty sure they did the same for the Kyratan after /tg/ put legs on the Lord of Skulls.

Oh and GW also developed the Rail Rifle based on the gun the devs of Fire Warrior designed.

Deathwing has 2 new weapons not on tabletop and they're DA unique.

And what chapter do we keep seeing being mentioned recently?

Almost as if DA will get an update with these two weapons....

>> No.50338369

Nobody knows for sure. There are no solid rumours, other than potential 'upgrade' kits.

Also, please remember, Forge World says lots of it's Space Marine range can be legally run with Deathwatch armies.

It'll likely be a new Techmarine that auto comes with a Deathwatch shoulderpad.

>> No.50338372

I thought the next dark angel release would focus on the other wings of the chapter

the dreadwing sounds the one with the best potential

>> No.50338390

Coldstar is pretty shit.
Also, why aren't you attaching your buffmander to a squad of drones, unless your fast attack slot is full, in which case run a hunter contingent and take drones as an auxiliary instead.

>> No.50338419

Oh it might do. But GW has history with working with game developers to produce new gear then putting it on tabletop.

Oh also, another fun fact. GW is updating Bretonnians to coincide with the DLC released of Warhammer: Total War. This means new models, new units. Everything.

Cool, huh? Those meme pictures of the Sister + Bretonnia dying will be scraped.

>> No.50338424

This is what a fucking dreadknight should have looked like!

>> No.50338442

Im a retard and should have clarified/worded my initial post better is your answer.

I have no experience playing WH40k in it's current form i am just flipping through the current tau-dex + farsight and through reading here a fair bit have picked up some of the terminology.

>> No.50338468

Good Black Templars when?

>> No.50338477

New thread when?

>> No.50338531

Never. GW gets shitted on for having 5 different Marine dexes, so you're not getting a 6th, sorry lad.

>> No.50338532

Make one yourself.

>> No.50338539

Slowly is the word

>> No.50338555

Not-shit chapter tactics and a formation they can use effectively that fits them would already be great.

>> No.50338593

Blood Angels should be in the main CSM dex, real talk.

>> No.50338601

You could say this to every faction bar Space Wolves. +1S is outright useless for BA unless you're exclusively running against GEQ's and love Lightning Claws. Dark Angel's is so shit I've forgotten what it is. GK's is neat but with Culuxes are easily destroyed.

Space Wolves is outright the best because it's essentially Universal +1A.

>> No.50338603

Your're a fucking rotor cannon

>> No.50338611

Worst meme.

>> No.50338642

>Also, please remember, Forge World says lots of it's Space Marine range can be legally run with Deathwatch armies.

Really? Any limits as to what's allowed?
I think the dreadnoughts are a no-brainer, but Deathwatch isn't supposed to be a chapter capable of waging a full-sized war, so having too much "siege" equipment is pushing it.

Now if only GW included the models they sell in their rulebooks when it makes sense to do so and people might actually want to!

>no Scouts
>no Techmarines
>no Apothecaries
>no Centurions
>not enough of the unique weapons of the "special" Chapters
>no Devastators
>no landspeeders
>no attack bikes

If I'm missing something feel free to say so.

>> No.50338643

They should, though. What's the difference between them and regular SM? Death Company?

>> No.50338645

to be fair, they could just have some chapter tactics in the main dex.

>> No.50338708

muh fast vindicators

>> No.50338712

Too late to undo now. BA's are too popular AND there is way to many models to fit into Vanilla.

Not much.

Librarian Dread. Death Company. Furious Dread. Death Company Dread. Lucifer Engine Vehicles. Sanguinary Guard (though Honour Guard equiv, they're differently stated and are arguably a lot worse). Sanguinary Priests. Death Company Chaplains.

Then you've got to fit all their special characters in. Dante, Sanguinour, Tycho (two versions, but he should be squatted anyway), Brother Corbulo, Mephiston, Seth (Yes he's FT, but he's in BA book) I think that's it.

BT need a lot of shit. They need relics, just like every other faction got in AoD. The only others who didn't were Crimson Fists.

>> No.50338720

Oh and Astaroth.

>> No.50338730

And Lemartes.

A lot more than just that, friend.

>> No.50338763

Starting Black Templars guys. Any tips for them? And are Centurion Devastators any good?

>> No.50338789

I was referring to BTs in the core codex. All other tactics provide a bonus to the army that directly supports both the chapter's fluff as well as their intended playstyle, with WS, IF, UM and IH being pretty damn good and both Salamanders and RG at least filling their army's preferred course of combat, without any drawbacks on any of them.

Meanwhile BTs can't use their unique Troop choice in even a single Formation, aren't allowed to use Psykers by themselves, only get a situational protection ability in Adamantium Will and Crusader is not only available to a variety of armies, often available just as easily, but isn't a big bonus either since they'll run, get closer, get gunned down, not get their bonus attacks trigger since nobody would charge them after killing people in Shooting and then in their turn, by the time they actually arrive in melee combat, MAYBE have their bonus attacks on a few units but will be so thinned out that they aren't a threat anymore. Even allowing them to charge out of Drop Pods ("Paint the skies black" is one of their tactics after all) and/or after running would help a ton. Alternatively, make them at least beefy enough when footslogging or standing in the open to not just always die before even making enemy contact.

Even driving them up to your enemy in a 460+ points 10-man LRC squad isn't guaranteed to kill anything and most of the time if something dies due to that squad, it's because of the LRC and not the Crusaders.

>> No.50338814

Crusader squad min-maxing is great. As in, you can field a Crusader Squad of 5 for 70 and then pick a Lascannon and a Plasma Gun, and have a specialist group for 135 with a rhino and run around long-dicking xenos. This gives much-needed support to the dudes you might slog. Also, a LRC with 7 Assault Terminators and an Emperor's Champion is pretty intense, even though it costs about 650~ points.

Also, i don't know.

>> No.50338818



>> No.50338824

Good stuff.

Those things suit the DW well.
The Achilles in 30k is great for moving Destroyers up the field, it only makes sense to use it in the DW. Same for the Caestus.

I suppose as well the Breacher troops can be used for "Storm Shields", from a certain point of view.

Centurion Devs can be good situationally.

>> No.50338831

>AND there is way to many models to fit into Vanilla
death company, sanguinary guard, special characters

Rest of the options could totally just be slotted into vanilla marines like the LRC was.

>> No.50338864

My wishlist (assuming it will be heavily based on the current Inq Codex):
Refractor fields for inquisitors
Some way to get objective secured henchman squads
Crusaders given "a power weapon" not "a power sword"

>> No.50338945

Newishfag. Thinking of getting into 40k. I like tyranids. I think I’d enjoy painting/collecting even if I couldn’t play much (I’m assuming teh gameshops near me are shitty and if they arn’t then win win).

>> No.50338958

How do you make Crusader squads? And where are their rules?

>> No.50338970

The same for DA and SW as well, then. After all it's JUST TWC and special characters!

>> No.50339056

Doesn't look like anything to me.

>> No.50339066

I still can't decide if I want to make my own codex chapter or use an existing one.

Are there any Egyptian-themed loyalists?

>> No.50339159

EA had an extended beta for Battlefield 1 and it was still fucked on release. Giving too much away before release is bad for GW because everyone will realize it's another unbalanced abortion and not buy anything. GW are barely capable of the dark majicks of GET HYPE, and don't have institutionalized pre-ordering and "gameplay footage :^)" trailers to fall back on.

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