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Gee. Thanks /pol/lacks.

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WH40k has always been a meme thing, ever since WH40K Friday and "HERESY!!!!" spam on /b/.

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OP you fuckboy cunt, stop giving them clicks.


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"it annoys me when people I dislike like something I like"

For starters disliking people just because of their choice of president is fucking retarded.

Then disliking something just because someone you dislike likes it is even more retarded.

This is going by that screenshot cause fuck clicking that link, if someone wants to mirror it somewhere I might read it but really the screenshot is enough.

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/pol/ ruins everything it forces itself in, but just as SJWs have been unable to penetrate and spoil 40k /pol/beards have been unable to penetrate and spoil 40k

The Trump memes aren't taken seriously by the fandom. I've never seen a serious post here of someone claiming Trump is a God-Emperor.

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>people are confused about internet memes

This is why the term "normie" exists.

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>Implying people who make stupid decisions for president and feel the need to show it off to everyone shouldn't be disliked

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This, /pol/ is cut from the same cloth as sjw's but likes to pretend it's not

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Stop making this thread every few hours. Saged, reported, called the police

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It's almost like we already have four of these threads up RIGHT NOW.

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Congratulations, OP. You did exactly what they wanted you to do.

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But half the people who use that image don't even play Warhammer...

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Nobody cares what that rape apologist/pedo-defender site says.

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>"Oh no, people disagree with me! How could they?! I'll just call them fascist, that'll show 'em!"

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>Supporting someone who leans towards facism doesn't make you a facist

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>leans towards fascism
Saying mean things doesn't equal fascism, boyo, grow a thicker skin.

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Stop talking about politic theory, amerilard

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>vote Slaanesh
>get butthurt when people call you a heretic

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Threatening to prosecute people who speak against them and alluding to disappearing people does.

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I predict that some 40k fans will choose to think that this is referring to them, choose to be offended by its "stupid" assumptions, and choose to "jokingly" harass the people behind it as punishment for insulting them.

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>he really does think that saying mean things equals fascim

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It looks like a facist and sounds like a facist, is it a facist?

possibly not, some people like the ideas of facism and Trump is a populist ready to say anything to please his audience

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>Entire campaign by a populist leader who's strength is their charisma is on the platform of being a strong leader, who can achieve nationalist goals, and strengthen the nation's armies and calls back to a time when the nation's culture was "purer and better" (MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN)
>Advocates protectionism, use of force against those declared to be enemies of the nation regardless of previous designations, states openly that he thinks liberal democracy has failed the people, and various other hallmarks of the fascist ideology
>But he's totally not leaning towards fascism and if you think so you are a crybaby


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>it looks like a fascist
>sounds like a fascist
>is it a facist?
Nah, you're just getting fear mongered like a bitch

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I wish Trump was Slaanesh. We'd actually have freedom for once. Every cancerous killjoy on both the conservative and liberal sides will be killed off. Every recreational drug would be legal. Media censorship that might "hurt feelings" is going to disappear. It's going to be fucking great.

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See >>50316700

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>40k fans are fascist
I can believe a lot of them are. I say this as someone who has been a 40k fan for most of my life. On the surface level 40k glorifies a lot of fascist themes. The irony here is that the Imperium has become exactly what the Emperor did NOT want for the future of mankind and a general shithole to boot. So it's not exactly the full throated endorsement it seems at a glance. I think it's pretty typical of a lot of British scifi in that way. 2000 AD for example.

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You haven't been paying attention to his actual policy proposals then.

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Wow, that's such a great argument, you sure convinced me with those witty insults.

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>the president who puts the interests of his country and his people above all else
>"He must be a bad guy and a fscist, because the media said so!"

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adjective: mean; comparative adjective: meaner; superlative adjective: meanest

unkind, spiteful, or unfair.

noun: threat; plural noun: threats

a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.

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Most 40k fans aren't fascist. Few have a real comprehension of what real fascism is and how shit their lives would be under it. /pol/ posters certainly have no idea

Most 40k fans are man-children though and they'll say edgy shit to feel badass. That the crux of the Trump/right wing stuff in the fandom

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we paid a great deal of attention to them, we just don't agree what every hammer & sickle SJW spouts about them to be true

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Sound correct, what's the problem?

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Oh so Hitler, Franco, Mussolini they all weren't fascists because they where serving their country's interests? Wow anon thanks for fixing the horrible mistake historians and political scientists have been making for years anon, you truly are a genius.

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Your argument fails to address the arguments put forth by the poster you replied to. Please try to keep up.

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provide a quote in context or crawl back under the rock you came from, faggot. anyway, if you dislike meanness, what are you doing here on 4chan?

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The Emperor is the shittiest leader in mankinds history, who's also a such a shitty father that his parenting caused the worst civil war in the history of mankind.

I find nothing wrong with putting thrumps face on that body.

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>or crawl back under the rock you came from, faggot

this is mean

it is different from saying you want to force all muslims to wear a little crescent moon patch or sign up to a national registry

the first is a thing that any random asshole on 4chan does, the second is a thing that Hitler did

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As an extremely edgy manchild I take offense to the implication that I would support trump.

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Fascism shares Nationalism’s belief that only ‘nations’ matter (and individual/actual people don’t) but completely rejects Liberalism and so hates individuality and all other non-national senses of identity. Fascism opposes equality between nations as it wants its own to either be the only one in existence or merely (the most) powerful, but has no set opinion on equality within its nation (let alone other nations). Fascism has no opinion on capitalism or economics and loves war because Fascism is about passion and national honor, not numbers and planning. Fascism may overlap with ‘race’ and ‘racial theory’ insofar as it defines who belongs to the nation, but not necessarily.

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Maybe, but the emperor also loves you and all of humanity with the whole of his magnificent over sized heart. Can you, or trump or almost any other human on this earth say the same?

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first sign that you're a moron. "populism" is a term used by the establishment to brand anything that is
a) popular enough to warrant attention
b) not part of establishment
in short, it's a bunch of assholes clinging to power you're championing.

define nationalist, faggot. in particular try to distinguish patriotism from nationalism. america first was always the creed of US politics, when push came to shove.

your invention

>other hallmarks of the fascist ideology
you have no clue about what fascism is. fyi, clinton's cozying with big banks and big business is far close to nationalsocialism than anything you have listed there. the road from crony capitalism to nationalsocialism is a short one.

tl;dr = you are dumb

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Classically fascism is all about putting the interests of the state above those of the people. Usually a particular idealized state. That, in fact, is generally one of its most defining features.

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again, you have been unable to delineate patriotism from nationalism. i could quote johannes rau to you but it would probably fly over your head.

let's face it: you're just a dumb little piece of chickenshit.

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It seems all the Allies of the 1940s were "fascist" before we were enlightened by emotionally driven leftism.

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Philosophically, it arises from a Continental Counter-Enlightenment philosophical context, influenced by such thinkers as J.G. Fichte, Martin Heidegger, and Georg Hegel. Its origins have some overlap with that of socialism, with Benito Mussolini (the proverbial father of fascism politically) being a former Marxist. Historically, its roots can be searched for in the ethos of stormtrooper formations of late World War I; many ex-soldiers carried on this spirit of aggression and elitism as they went on to dabble in extreme politics, among them Mussolini himself. Whereas Marx replaced Hegel’s “Zeitgeist” (or “spirit of the age”) with the prevailing economic system, fascists replace the zeitgeist with the spirit of the nation. Fascism argues for an organic conception of a nation with the State seen as the embodiment of the national spirit: as such, fascist regimes feature strong central governments which are authoritarian in nature. Individuals are seen, fundamentally, as products of the nation (similar to how Marxian “methodological collectivism” views individuals as products of their economic class) — hence, fascism requires a strong identification with nationality and national identity on the part of the people, rejecting all individualism or identification with economic class. Fascism often claims to represent the entire nation, subservient to the State and unified behind the Leader, undivided e.g. by class struggles; in the eyes of a fascist, a popular autocrat is a better representation of the people’s interests and desires than an elected parliament, which is viewed contemptuously as a den of immorality and ineffectual bickering. Given this stance, fascism is inherently undemocratic and autocratic.

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I don't mind it, i'm just making a distinctions, as for source, I cannot be assed to dig around for half an hour and then get "unreliable source, leftist bias, shillary"

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it's a school night, you know

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Wow, they can't help but see EVERYTHING as racist, sexist and fascist, can they?

Also, SJWs can't take a joke. At all.

Will they be crying for ALL FOUR YEARS? That's not physically possible, is it? No one could be that whiny...right?

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Yes, I love every human, even you, and that's why I want people to stop hate each other.

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>this is mean
well, you earned it by opening your mouth and spouting publically BS without taking time for proper reflection prior to that.

>little crescent moon patch or sign up to a national registry
these are two different things though. the former opens you up for public abuse by anyone you meet on the street, the second only informs government agencies of your status.

and then let us talk about what muslims have done since 2001 to bring this down upon themselves. do we need to go through the list of terror attacks?

>inb4 not all muslims
yeah, not all muslims are terrorists. but the muslim mainstream thinking is so full of muslim supremacist ideology that the actual terror attacks are just the tip of the iceberg, you goddamn faggot.

did you never wonder why you (almost) never see muslim girls dating non-muslim guys?
>that's right, discrimination BY muslims

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A lot of em were, they just got to write the history books. Churchill in particular had been a big admirer of many of the key members of the movement before war broke out and a good deal of the people who were in key positions in the military were strong nationalists bordering on the same beliefs
>B-but one side in the war is totally always good and totally opposed to the other side, that's why the Allies had no war crimes and never did anything bad

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Strong national identification involves a veneration of not just the nation in abstract, but of practices seen as fundamental to national identity: this results in a reverence for tradition. Traditions are seen as important rituals that connect people to the national spirit. Furthermore, fascism tends to support social policy positions which are regarded as conservative or right-wing. However, these policy positions are conservative in the Oakeshottean sense of the term: they are considered the right policies because they are consistent with national traditions, rather than because of any pre-existing moral commitments. Indeed, to a fascist, a moral commitment that ‘pre-exists’ inside an individual’s mind independently of said individual's nationality is a ridiculous notion, as they believe individuals are ‘socially constructed’ by their nationality as was stated before. Many argue that ethical relativism (i.e. what is good for Nation X may not be good for Nation Y) is thus an integral part of fascism and a logical consequence of fascism’s belief in ‘national spirits.’ It should also be kept in mind, however, that while fascists do use reverence for tradition and national identity, those in themselves are not fascist.

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It is also anti-liberal and anti-coseravtive, both of thos things that Trump opposes

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I don't believe you.

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That does not mean that fascism doesn’t have a system of ethics and values, however — instead, that system of ethics is rooted in concepts of struggle, power, and obedience. Typically this is expressed in the form of an extreme cultural militarism, with the military being an expression of the power and might of the State, and the mentality of eagerness and action for action’s sake.

The most infamous element of fascism is its support for Social Darwinism of various sorts. In Mussolini’s and Hitler’s regimes, a level of internal “creative tension” within the components of the nation was seen as beneficial in directing competitive desires towards the service of the State. Furthermore, Hitler's version of fascism (National Socialism, a.k.a. Nazism) combined this Social-Darwinist ethos with an institutional belief in white supremacy to posit an evolutionary struggle between various races. We all know where this led, so further elaboration is not necessary.

Things get more complicated when outlining fascist economics. Since fascism is used as an epithet and it is popularly believed that if Fascists did it, then it is bad, a long intellectual battle has been waged over how to characterize the economics of Fascism.

Typically, the term “corporatism” is used to describe fascist economics. It describes a situation wherein all the large privately-owned economic institutions (corporations, industry cartels and the like) are brought into collusion with the government and become part of the apparatus of the State’s economic planning. Additionally, private ownership and ability to do business become contingent on service to the State. Thus, while ownership of the means of production (the stuff used to produce other stuff) remains in private hands and continues to be operated with a for-profit objective, ultimate control is exercised by the State. Fascist governments also exercise further control over the economy via methods such as price-fixing.

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Finally someone who understands at the the fundamentals of political ideologies. Yes, totalitarian fascism puts the (abstract idea of the) nation above individual rights, whereas totalitarian communism puts the well-being of the people above individual rights. Both are cases of 'the well-being of the many outweighs the well-being of the few'. In contrast to that, out western democracies aim at weighing both against each other, realizing that everyone suffers on the whole if individual rights are always subjugated.

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The fascist economic system is in keeping with the ideology’s totalitarian nature, where no other institution can be allowed to rival the State in power and influence. This quality also leads to a hostility toward labor unions and other organised worker groups, with such institutions typically being repressed and dissolved. Mussolini’s Italy did in fact see the creation of new trade unions following the dissolution of the old ones: these new unions were owned and operated by the State, with very little advocacy on workers' behalf.

This system invites comparisons with many forms of state socialism, as both ideologies involve a centrally-planned economy with the State in control of the means of production. Although ownership remains private in the fascist system, many classical-liberal critiques of fascism have argued that “ownership without control” is a senseless, inherently illogical notion, and that fascism is economically indistinguishable from state socialism and therefore is a variant of state socialism. Still, even a cursory look at the two ideologies will demonstrate the radical differences in ethos, even if comparisons in actual outcome are legitimate.

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Why shouldn't we register Muslims? Aren't all Islamic fundamentalists Muslims? I mean, given what's happened in Paris, in Orlando, and the vast tide swamping Europe, something needs to be done about the horde.

>> No.50316956


Marxist critiques of fascism, conversely, argue that fascism is a form of capitalism, in the sense of Marx’s initial definition of the term (see the “Marxism” subsection above). Despite being highly regimented and controlled by the State, fascist economies still have private ownership of industries by an upper class who make profit from the labor of workers; as profit still exists, the economy is still exploitative and thus a form of capitalism. Fascism is on the whole strongly anti-Marxist and anti-socialist, and the two ideologies are usually rivals in attempts to take power during crises like economic depressions — Marxism thus considers fascism to be at best a power play coming out of the petit bourgeois, and at worst little more than a group of violent thugs controlled by the capitalist class brought in as enforcers to defend the old order (and whether or not it acknowledges this status is regarded as irrelevant, since in practice they still end up defending capitalism).
However, ultimately economics in fascism is usually a secondary concern; they claim the “Third Position” on the issue between capitalist and communist.

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It's boredom, like with fat people eating.

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"The Establishment" is the new "Pathriarchy".

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However, ultimately economics in fascism is usually a secondary concern; they claim the “Third Position” on the issue between capitalist and communist.

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And all domestic terrists bought guns.

>> No.50316976

You do realize the Imperium of Man is intentionally portrayed as fascist, right?

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And what is the difference buttmuch?

>> No.50316985

And all rapists men.

>> No.50316990


Sure, but the majority of domestic terrorists are Muslims. It's been true for the past ten years. School shootings and killing sprees are just a fact of life in America, but terrorist attacks are more-or-less committed solely by Muslims in the name of jihad.

Just think about it. What do we lose if we deport all of them? What does Europe lose if it turns the boats back?

Hell, Trump's been talking about just letting nature take it's course in Aleppo. Why not let the fucking Russians have it? Why fight against Assad to support ISIS? That's fucking stupid.

>> No.50316991

>so is communism
>everyone disagrees with the establishment must be a dangerous radical!
great argument fagtron, you surely convinced me with those hot opinions

>> No.50316999


On the surface, yes. The deeper you go, the more you realise that it is less about fascism and more about feudal mismanagement.

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>force all muslims to wear a little crescent moon patch or sign up to a national registry
WTF, I love Trump now

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Fair enough.

>> No.50317005

he said: a patriot merely loves his own motherland, while a nationalist despises that of others.

based on that, accusing trump of nationalism doesnt hold much water.

>> No.50317008

>What does Europe lose if it turns the boats back

The illusion of control

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Wow that's terribly sexist. We need to start teaching women how to rape to get the gender ratio balanced. It's totally unfair that even in current year a female child can still go up to her mother and say " when I grow up I wanna be a rapist" only to be told that only men can rape. Why, why can't a woman who is equal in all ways to a man rape in two thousand an fucking six teen? Why!?

>> No.50317014


I like the fact that "Geez, it's CURRENT YEAR!" now means "Geez, you faggots, Trump is our president now! Stop being such a *liberal*."

>> No.50317027

again: muslim terrorism doesn't come from out of nowhere. it also doesnt come from the alleged bad treatment of the muslim world. muslim girls arent allowed to date non-muslims. this gets enforced by their fathers and brothers. and it is both RACIST and SEXIST in nature. the violence of jihadism is just the natural outflow of this everyday racism of the muslim mainstream.

> t. german, i know what i am talking about

>> No.50317039


So the only answer is to ban Islam completely, so it can't infect the new generation?

Jesus, Le Penn is right. So's the burka ban.

>> No.50317048

>Why not let the fucking Russians have it? Why fight against Assad to support ISIS? That's fucking stupid.
Now you realize that the whole point to the US' allies propping up ISIS was to weaken Assad and to drive out Russia from Syria. The USA has trying to get control over Russia ever since Putin took over. The US olligarchs want to expand into Russia and get control over Russian olligarchs.

And that's why being a member of the US military in 2016 equates to being a useful idiot. This may or may not change udner Trump.

>> No.50317052

>Why shouldn't we register Muslims?
What is the point of it? The only reason to do that would be to give some discriminatory treatment on the basis of religion, so the "it's just a registry, it doesn't directly affect them" argument wouldn't fly. If it were just to register them, it's a wast of valuable time, money, and effort. And if it's not, it's a violation of the American citizen's First Amendment rights.

>> No.50317058

Perhaps that may serve as a distinction in the mindset and motivation between the two, but that doesn't mean the two are functional different. What is the functional difference between a nationalist who wishes to see other nations destroyed, and a patriot who loves his country to the point where to see it succeed he doesn't care about tearing down other nations?

>> No.50317059

Love you anyway.

>> No.50317073


I would normally agree. But considering how shit the choices were I can't really fault anyone too badly.

>> No.50317081


You know the ones you claim made a "stupid" decision have all the guns and would inevitably win any faggot revolution you urban fuccbois tried, right?

>> No.50317088

There is literally nothing objectively wrong about being racist or sexist inside a culture where it is acceptable.

Don't ban Islam, corrupt it, use social engineering to create a new strain of Islam that is in tune with western culture. One that supports assimilation and teaches a softer interpretation of the kuran that is conducive to western liberalism. Make sure those who know the old ways cannot cluster and form insular communities, force them to assimilate or forever be socially isolated. You know typical steps to enforce acculturation.

>> No.50317092

>t. SJW

>> No.50317099

>blame /pol/acks

>for feminist idiocy

>> No.50317113

Western radicals come from third generation immigrants who DO feel out of place being influence by preachers who were too radical for their homeland and so flee north and then get even MORE radical as now they also want to raze the moderate moslem governments that forced them out.

There are some people who are just toxic and short of death should be put on a island for ten years with farm implements and food enough for half of them.

Led the radicals, the supremacists and the incorrigible sociopaths work it out among one another.

Hell lets make a ultra leftists island too under the same premises.

I have a feeling they'd starve/murder the most in the end.

>> No.50317118


Assertion without substance.

>> No.50317119

First of all, just because you have weapons doesn't mean your decision wasn't stupid.

Second of all the people who have "all the guns" are the military (AKA not you) and rich collector fags (Again, not you). The people who would put down a revolution, would be the former (Once again, not you).

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Jesus wept, does no-one on this planet understand satire and black comedy anymore?

>> No.50317133

God damn the salt this year has been strong.

>> No.50317137

But people have been complaining about The Establishment for longer than they have Patriarchy.

>> No.50317138

That's what the article is about.

>> No.50317141

How is that black comedy? I really don't get it.

>> No.50317147


That was the prelude. It has only began.

>> No.50317148

Most do.

But there's always the loud and bored minority.

>> No.50317160

>There is literally nothing objectively wrong about being racist or sexist inside a culture where it is acceptable.
There is literally nothing objectively wrong about anything.

>> No.50317163

>getting upset at being called a faggot on 4chan

The salt is so real.

>> No.50317169


The military is (mostly) Republican.

That, and the second the army fires on civilians, America is over.

>> No.50317182

>during WWII women needed to work to replace the men who went to war
>this lead to feminism because now they wanted to be financially independent
Hitler is responsible for feminism and SJW.

>> No.50317185

>use social engineering to create a new strain of Islam that is in tune with western culture.

That's what Al Jazeera's been trying to do for years.

Totaly agree that islam needs hipster levels of modernization.

>yeah, I'm a muslim, like, ironically.

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>they fell for the fucking meme /pol/ has been espousing for the last year

>> No.50317197

That is true

>> No.50317199


Only because women lobbied to have the legal definition of rape changed, and were successful.

>> No.50317201

>domestic terrorists are Muslims.

That's false. TYT cites that FBI database saying that most domestic terrorism is committed by white nationalists. Muslims just have the most damaging attack on their record. Other than that, islamic terror in the US is rare.

>> No.50317204

SJWs are more of a product of social media and people who don't know shit chanting into echo chambers of other people who don't know shit.

2nd wave feminists aren't nearly as crazy for the most part.

>> No.50317206

What's wrong with being a nationalist? I always thought it was a vaguely defined, morally neutral term.

>> No.50317221


Those bent on liberalism like to think that the promise of wealth is enough to assimilate them. They are wrong. Islam needs to be nationalised. Take it away from the exiled priests, bury their schools of thought and form a new theology under our control.

>> No.50317224

>it becomes very easy to embrace Warhammer 40k’s fascist architecture. Of course fascism is good: the humans in 40k are fascists, and they’re the good guys because they’re humans—ergo, their fascism must be good

Is this James fellow also a fascist?

>> No.50317227


Because the powers that be want globalism in order to control trade. They want a market monopoly, and inserting vast hordes of third-worlders to displace countrymen and devalue currency is step one.

>> No.50317229

Am I the only one who thinks that the article makes valid.

40K stopped being a parody and started taking itself seriously. From what I read from the modern fluff, there is no mockery of the Imperium, just justification and praise. The Emperor and Space Marines weren't suppose to be portrayed as heroic and just but now they are. For anyone who didn't know 40K's comedyic old days, it would seem that 40K is a fascists wet dream.

brb getting Rick Priestly's quote.

>> No.50317236

So you want the entire middle east to be Iran?

>> No.50317237


This is what all the tranny lesbian muslim feminists on tumblr have been doing. It doesn't work. Influence in their communities is closed to them. What a stupid, naive post.

>> No.50317240

No, but unbable to see media audiences as anything other sponges blindly soaking up any message they are delivered without thinking.

>> No.50317247

>“To me the background to 40K was always intended to be ironic."

>“The fact that the Space Marines were lauded as heroes within Games Workshop always amused me, because they’re brutal, but they’re also completely self-deceiving. The whole idea of the Emperor is that you don’t know whether he’s alive or dead. The whole Imperium might be running on superstition. There’s no guarantee that the Emperor is anything other than a corpse with a residual mental ability to direct spacecraft.

>“It’s got some parallels with religious beliefs and principles, and I think a lot of that got missed and overwritten.”

- Rick Priestly the creator of 40k

>> No.50317248

>The military is (mostly) republican
Perhaps, but the candidate fielded by the party this time was decidedly not in step with the republican party's official policy.

>the second the army fires on civilians, America is over.
So America was over sometime during the civil war? So we have been living in post America this whole time?

>> No.50317254

I'd say it reflects on the reader.

If they can read it and think it reasonable, that's on them, if they read it and see it as promoting oppression, that*s on them too.

>> No.50317257

Post colonial Britain.

>> No.50317259


Yeah he makes a good point regarding the setting taking itself too seriously - But that's nothing that isn't beaten to death here on /tg/ daily. The fact he's had to tie it all in together with his own boogeymen in Trump, /pol/ & GG (Is this phrase still bannable here?) makes it just one long bait-post though.

He's going to farm this for hatemail like his previous article, then use that hatemail to further fuel another attack on 40k in the future for it's toxic fanbase.

>> No.50317262

I see, some nutter on tumblr tried to reform Islam with blog posts and failed. Whelp I guess we can't do any better than that with the resources of a nation. Nope. Pack it up and go home people, we've done everything that can be done.

>> No.50317270


1. The RNC were the ones not in step with the current conservative movement, clearly.

2. Arguably, yes. A civil war now would involve the interference of other countries, not just the US.

>> No.50317272


Read this article and learn why calling Trump a fascist is A: stupid and B: dangerous and may lead to an actual fascist getting into power.

>> No.50317273

I know you are joking, but I know an old British guy who still refers to the US as "the colonies".

>> No.50317287


>It's just satire, bro!

That option select doesn't work anymore.

>> No.50317292

>When you completely disengage your critical thinking, it becomes very easy to embrace Warhammer 40k’s fascist architecture. Of course fascism is good: the humans in 40k are fascists, and they’re the good guys because they’re humans—ergo, their fascism must be good. It never crosses their minds that the humans aren’t necessarily the good guys. (I’ve actually argued in the past that the Craftworld Eldar are the clearest examples of heroes in the 40k universe, and that the Tau Empire represents the best hope for saving the place.) And when you already believe the ideas present in the text, it becomes that much easier to disengage your critical thinking, which is why critical tools are so important.

Of-Fucking-Course an Eldar and or taufag..

>> No.50317293

The two party system is ridiculous anyways, the republicans should have been able to run their own campaign on their traditional (and more sensible) policies rather than having to go with an outsider just because he was their only chance of winning and sort of resembled some of their stances.

>A civil war now would involve the interference of other countries, not just the US
Care to explain how you think that would happen?

>> No.50317298

It wan't really America then, it take time and loads of civil wars to knead and bake a nation.

>> No.50317305

>implying there are more military than civilian gun owners in the United States

Oh what sheltered liberal community do you hail from, child?

Keep on burning down your own cities with mercenary protestors hired by George Soros, you ever try to deny Trump being president over that dying criminal dyke hag you fagbois tried to push on us out in REAL America, and you'll find out what happens to traitors.

>the military

Mostly Republican, mostly rural, and unwilling to attack American patriots for the same of a lame-duck Kenyan.

>rich collector fags

You mean grown-ups with jobs and guns? They probably post on /k/, they're our people too. What exactly should we be worried about? You gonna go on a hunger strike or something?

>> No.50317306

The tau were a mistake. At least the Eldar basically have the "original sin" of fucking everything up to give them some legitimacy of grim darknes, the tau are just there for faggots like this guy to jerk over their goodness.

>> No.50317314

>Of-Fucking-Course an Eldar and or taufag..
If you don't have a hardon for evil and/or anarchy there are only three faction to root for, and if you anti-imperial...

>> No.50317323


Trump is incredibly popular with the military. All your bitching about fascism and that's the one thing you miss? Step up, senpai.

>> No.50317325

I would fight for and die for the emperor if it was real

That's the whole shtick tho isn't it? He's light is the only hope in a increasingly darkening universe?

>> No.50317333

>resources of a nation

You mean my tax dollars? Nah, fuck off. I'd rather spend it on something like power armor for our troops or NASA funding or some shit.

>> No.50317334

So you mean Hillary Clinton then?

>> No.50317337


Same way it always happens. Other super powers supply weapons to whatever side they support.

>> No.50317352

When did the average American become synonymous with lowest common denominator?

>> No.50317354

I'm sorry you are dumb enough to read the sentence "the military has the guns" as "people who have or are serving in the military make up the majority of private ownership of firearms".

>some long string of insults
Ignoring this bit.

>Something about everyone in the military believing in trump, but also saying they wouldn't do anything against an uprising if it were against trump as was the original scenario
That's a larf.

>Insinuating that anyone who owns a gun is a trump supporter
Horse shit, I live in the middle of one of the most "liberal" places in the country and know a guy who's collection even has tanks and missiles in it. Liking guns does not dictate your political ideology.

>> No.50317361
File: 46 KB, 600x620, 99810101019_CanisWolfbornNEW01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you seriously telling me that pic related isn't satire

>> No.50317367
File: 97 KB, 520x600, 1475209618815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>defending Bushite neoconservative globalist outsourcers over antiestablishment moderate anti-war populism.

>> No.50317371

Power armor is stupid, and space is better served by turning to private industry. You do believe in private industry don't you anon?

Anyways if you want bang for your buck autonomous swarms of killbots is where it's at.

>> No.50317376

With all the talk of dealing with traitors, I hope that'll count for Trump too when he get caught with his hand in the cookie jar, having accomplished nothing but stir shit up and spreading it evenly on the people that thought he gave a fuck about them.

>> No.50317377


Not an argument.

>> No.50317379

That's not even the most on the nose example. You could have easily posted the wolf hover chariot or Grey Knight baby carrier.

>> No.50317384

>That's not physically possible, is it?
They get paid for it, at times even by the taxpayer so yes, it is possible

>> No.50317388

>hand in the cookie jar

Oh, irony.

>> No.50317397

Yeah, opposite side of the same coin. Minted in impotent rage.

>> No.50317399

i agree that it is preposterous but... satire of what exactly? vikings?

>> No.50317411

Time will tell, maybe he'll get another bankruptcy for his collection.

>> No.50317418

But in this situation the world's largest supplier of weapons is one side of the conflict. Which I guess would mean whichever side was against the government would buy weapons, but anyways that's not really what I meant. Selling weapons isn't exactly what I thought you meant by "getting involved", I was thinking you were saying there would actually be boots on the ground. So never mind.

First off, there is literally nothing wrong with the free market, or globalism.
Secondly, fiscally conservative choices in government is not a bad thing.
Third, there is nothing wrong with small precision skirmishes that serve American interests provided they are well thought out and actually do benefit the nation as a whole.

>> No.50317419

>durr the people with guns will side with the people who try to ban guns
>clearly this will work just as well as calling the Rust Belt a bunch of racist hicks did

When will you realize you didn't just lose, you suffered a complete loss of every branch of government? We have the guns, we have the military, we have both houses of congress, the majority of state legislatures, the majority of governorships, the SCOTUS soon enough, AND the POTUS, all on our side. Cultural Marxism was the wrong hill and you dumb bastards died on it regardless.

>> No.50317426

Canis Wolfborn of the mighty Space Wolves, riding his massive Thunderwolf.

>Seeing a pattern yet?

>> No.50317427

Nobody thinks Space Wolves when they think of the Imperium or 40K as a whole.

>> No.50317436

Right, because people always vote on a single issue like guns. They don't vote on deeper seated world views, no they vote instead on single issues like if they can shoot their guns or not.

>> No.50317438


Man, it's excusable to be ignorant of politics because this is /tg/, not /pol/ or /int/, but you're taking it straight into meme territory.

>> No.50317443

>clickbait articles claim crazy things to get clicks

>> No.50317446


I'd like to refer you to the election results.

And not a single person has tanks and missiles


There is definitely a problem with globalism. It destroys nations and leads to fascism. Actual fascism. Do you really think your one-world leadership will allow you the same freedoms and rights that you get now?

>> No.50317455


It's more than shooting guns, it's a question of realism versus naivete. Rights versus feels. It's an ideological divide and ironically for all that "right side of history" stuff lefties picked the wrong side. Guns are part of American culture, so there's a rural traditionalist aspect to it too resisting the more cosmopolitan nature of urban globalist culture.


That he sounds like a cool fucking guy who's awesome to chill with?

>> No.50317465

>Hitler is responsible for feminism and SJW.
Hitler is responsible for many things that plague the Europe to this very day. It's because of him that the current Germans are colossal cucks and that their country is turning into a police state where wrongthink is punishable offence. Not to mention that people will start comparing you to him if you want to put your country/people before other nations

>> No.50317472

>Right, because people always vote on a single issue like gay marriage. They don't vote on deeper seated world views, no they vote instead on single issues like if they can shoot their sperm into a man's butthole or not.

>> No.50317476
File: 21 KB, 272x299, tau sympathizer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me guess

the author is a Tau fag
>xenophobia is bad ok? accept muh greater good you fascist!

>> No.50317484

Islam's ills are not our problem to solve. Did Japan send social workers to Europe to start the protestant reformation? Let them struggle on.

>> No.50317489

I don't see you refuting any of that.

Why is the free market and globalism bad?
Why is not overspending at the government level and not having over regulation of the market's bad?
Why is conflict bad if it serves the nation and it's peoples?

>It destroys nations and leads to fascism.
And how is that?

Globalism and linking most nation's economic success to each others' own well being has created a world with less conflict than nearly ever before. When we do well, they do well, when they do well we do well. We produce more and do it more efficiently due to distributing labor with forethought to the comparative advantages of entire nations. Throwing off the shackles of blind statism is clearly a moral good. How can it possibly be bad?

>> No.50317490

I like you.

>> No.50317495
File: 1.28 MB, 320x180, merkel flag.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50317502
File: 168 KB, 542x520, 1461813100054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there is literally nothing wrong with outsourcing jobs and trading your sovereignty for rulership by unelected global elites so incompetent they get Shreked by fucking /pol/ of all things.

>> No.50317504

>And not a single person has tanks and missiles
Ok, well the missiles and tanks were "demilitarized" meaning the missiles were just the housing, and the tank's loading mechanisms had been tampered with. But he had them nontheless.

>> No.50317505


nope, they mention their Imperial Knight at the bottom.

Of course they called it Lady Kendra though

>> No.50317508

it doesn't, actually.

>> No.50317510

You know the problem is theres people (namely /pol/) who took it seriously, who thought 40k was a great system to live under. And y'know, idiots who made trump memes.

So yeah, this is the natural SJW response, if THEY like it, it's bad by default.

>> No.50317511
File: 48 KB, 701x320, Tau.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're pretty sharp.

>> No.50317517

satire of... wolves?! seriously?

>> No.50317527

By the way, the /pol/ threads are even better. "the last bastion of un-cucked sci-fi under attack" They actually think the 40k universe is something to aspire to.

>> No.50317534


I hope this pink conservative trend continues, it's hilarious to watch

>> No.50317535

>Muh elite boogieman
I'm sorry you are jealous of the success of self made men anon.

>Salty tears his easy job could be done by any third world monkey and that he wasn't smart enough to get a real education
Aren't you just so precious.

>> No.50317537


GREECE-oh, right, you're painting a picture of a perfect world where everyone is exactly the same and all countries function exactly the same.

But it's funny that if you DONT do well economically your country is fucked.

The EU is crumbling as we speak. The richer nations do not wish to support those poor nations, and why should they? Why should they be beholden to the lowest common denominator?

>> No.50317541

I agree. Hell it sometimes feels like I'm not reading about a dystopia where there's only war and suffering. When I write my RPG campaigns, I need take inspiration from books like "Gulag Archipelago" and "1984" and throw a 40k spin on them

>> No.50317554

The one reason I will never get into WH40k is because the armor I find to be so stupid.

>> No.50317557

>Guns are part of American culture
So why has all gun control measures originated with trying to prevent minorities from acquiring firearms?
I mean, you do know that is where every instance of gun control legislation has stemmed from, from the 1850s forward, right? And why every state with strong gun control laws happen to be filled with wealthy white Americans?

>> No.50317560

Your open borders globalist dream is over. Outsourcing and rampant trade deficits has wreaked havoc over the social structure of the formerly industrialized western nations, it's a failure.

>> No.50317562

>t. /pol/

>> No.50317571

>Media censorship that might "hurt feelings" is going to disappear. It's going to be fucking great.

Unless they're your feelings, apparently.

>> No.50317573


What a flaming faggot.

>> No.50317576


Clearly those laws don't work, so why have them?

>> No.50317577

>Classic "fuck you I've got mine".

This is the reason we'll always win.

>> No.50317580
File: 114 KB, 518x680, 205% heresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Craftworld eldar are heroes
>Tau are the best hope

but the Craftworlders are just as Xenophobic as the Imperials

and the Tau castrate humans and make them second class citizens

does anyone actually believe there are any true good guys in the 40k setting?

>> No.50317583

That's fucking disgusting.

>> No.50317585


You're wrong, there are far too many black people in the 41st Millenium for /pol/ to aspire to it, they just like it because it's a fun setting.

>> No.50317588

>does anyone actually believe there are any true good guys in the 40k setting?

Yes, the Imperium

>> No.50317593

>and the Tau castrate humans and make them second class citizens

Daily reminder that they weren't always this way. They were made this way because Imperialfags bitched about it.

>> No.50317594

not to mention that freedom will have people go nuts, like i am going to steal your tv because i can nuts.
I mean sure, if you are strong enough, no problem, but there'll be always some stronger fucker

>> No.50317597

>t. a proud employee of Subway

>> No.50317601

>Craftworld Eldar
>Willing to commit genocide to save just one of their own.
>Think all non Eldar are sub-'humans'
>The heroes of the setting.

Why do so few understand 40k doesnt have a pure good guy faction?

>> No.50317602

Greece was fucked from the get go, they have no real economy to speak of and lied through their teeth about it.

>you're painting a picture of a perfect world where everyone is exactly the same and all countries function exactly the same.
No, I'm painting a picture of a world that is better, a world that embraces freedom from unjust restrictions of the human potential.

>But it's funny that if you DONT do well economically your country is fucked.
The weak and those who fail to adapt get weeded out, it has always been this way. What else should we do, subsidize the Greeks even though they failed because of their own bad actions?

>The EU is crumbling as we speak
The EU was an early experiment which has run it's course, we know better now and won't repeat their mistakes.

>> No.50317608

>Not coasting off the laurels of one of the people most qualified to be a real-life anime villain for generations upon generations

>> No.50317612

This is what Taufags want to believe

>> No.50317626

When one nation fails they all fail. this was evident in the great depression which crippled the economy of the west, but now if we had another great depression the west countries are so closely financially linked it will be total economic collapse in all of them to a much larger degree.

>> No.50317628

No anon, you lack vision.

The failure was your own social structures that couldn't adapt to the new ways. The world is changing, machines that yesterday could do an imbeciles job can now do the jobs of a apprentice, and soon perhaps more. There will soon come a time of great changes and only the strong will survive. Just like the mechanized looms put the weavers out of work and disrupted society so too will these new technologies. The social fabric that had been woven on the looms of the industrial revolution will be unraveled and from the surviving strands a new tapestry will arise.

>> No.50317631

>First post is a neo-liberal proud cuck complaning about /pol/

Like a fucking charm.

>> No.50317636


Serious question...is that you, Jeb?

>> No.50317657

>pure good guy



And the Eldar don't hate humanity. They either pity them or show them indifference. They call everyone "mon'kiegh" because it's simple fact that they didn't descend from a glorious empire that lasted 60 million years.

>> No.50317663

your better world isn't realistically achievable while also maintaining first world luxuriates like clean water, abundant food, electricity and unalienable human rights.

>> No.50317667

I really hate this gif. I can totally understand if someone isn't the type to just wave flags and beat their chest to the national anthem, but the flag is a symbol of your country, society and most importantly, the people. If you don't like representing them as a politician then who do you stand for?

>> No.50317671

Yeah, I'm sure any day now everyone is going to be a commie and make everyone just as equal as everyone else right? Hah, nah.

Actually I'm unemployed, since I'm a full time student getting his masters and double majoring in two of the fields projected to be most in demand in the next decade and already have internships lined up at two fortune 500 companies.

>> No.50317674
File: 11 KB, 326x326, 1009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As I watched the electoral results with mounting horror on Tuesday night, I found myself wandering into some of the more aggressively awful spaces I’ve explored for research, to see how they were taking the news. They were naturally jubilant, and at one point I once again came across that picture of Trump, his face photoshopped onto the God-Emperor’s radiant body.

>I snapped my laptop closed in disgust (as I did several times that evening) and my eyes were drawn to the Imperial Knight I had been painting that morning to take my mind off the election, sitting on my desk. I was briefly seized with the urge to hurl it across the room. Luckily the urge passed, partially because it’s an 140 dollar miniature (and none of this is Lady Kendra’s fault), but also because I resolved long ago to never let the more awful members of a fanbase drive me away from it. So regardless of how awful some of these fans are, don’t let them convince you to dislike the game.

>> No.50317676

I'm fairly sure 90% of the people in this thread didn't read the article. Almost all of the author's points were solid, and relies more on appealing to people to actually think for themselves rather than to just go with memes.

>> No.50317679
File: 68 KB, 557x404, _murica_cant_hear_you_over_their_freedom__by_destinysreward-d8flm4d[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is the rebuttal to any and all globalist arguments. If seeing that, Merkel's expression of disgust and all, and imagining it happening to your flag doesn't make your blood boil, you've got no balls.

>> No.50317680
File: 35 KB, 470x215, tkZq8OF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>One side calls you a cuck
>The other side tries to get you fired and plasters your email and phonenumber and those of your relatives all over the internet for Wrongthink
>The same

This is what SJWs actually believe.

>> No.50317688
File: 77 KB, 625x980, b7d120726969684d6703d6ae4923c348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying the /pol/acks wouldn't do the same, given the resources.

You all disgust me. Humanity really has gone through the bottom of the barrel.

>> No.50317695

And why is that?

>> No.50317699
File: 53 KB, 560x298, col-miles-quaritch[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sure you are little college student buddy, sure you are.

>> No.50317702

You mean like 2008

>> No.50317708

>not recognizing a direct stab at his side's hypocrisy

>> No.50317709

(You) There ya go! 2c deposited into your account from CTR :)

>> No.50317719
File: 385 KB, 1940x1294, George Soros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good, my little goym...

>> No.50317723

Could you start a civil war, please?

>> No.50317727

When a SJW says "think for yourself" he really means "parrot our shit instead".

>> No.50317729
File: 2.52 MB, 800x513, 146602728144869.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are naive to blame an image board for something that was a 100% eventuality.

Nothing can exist that stands in opposition to progressive beliefs.

No hobby or entertainment can be played or seen, without proper review.

There will be no safe place left for white men. White men that presume they are born with the right to enjoy a hobby.

Especially a hobby such as tabletop gaming, and definitely one that echoes fascist Nazi ideologies like the 40k universe.

It's fine to blame /pol/, I detest such places, because they represent the very things I outline above.

The amusing thing? You deflect your own bigotry onto others, while pleading ignorance.

You are all one in the same.

I won't be happy until you have been persecuted from every aspect of your life that you feel secure in.

Then you can feel the shame your kind have placed on the backs of all others over the centuries.

>> No.50317735

Glad you can see some sense. Don't worry anon, I'm sure you could go and get an education and become a productive member of modern society too.

Also as an aside
Avatar was a terrible movie, if you liked it it might explain why you have such terrible opinions all around.

>> No.50317739
File: 106 KB, 1280x720, kotoura_san-05-haruka-laughing-happy-rolling-excited-energy-cute[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fucking Christ.

>> No.50317745

What hypocrisy is that little one?

>> No.50317751

Congratulations. You've proven that you're no better than the SJWs. No argument, no reasoning, just spouting a meme.

I thought /tg/ was better, and I guess it was before you fucking /pol/acks got here.

It read more as "Hey, /pol/'s making memes, don't let them turn you off from the game".

>> No.50317753


Smug neutrality is the last refuge of the mental midget, please don't deny these people their intellectual safe space. That's very ableist of you.

>> No.50317755

Actually I am one of the chosen people *tips prayer hat*

I mean obviously how could I be anything else seeing as I am succeeding in life while you aren't? It must be a Jewish conspiracy to keep you down. Nothing in life is your fault, it's all the jooos, right?

>> No.50317761

Oh look it's everyone in this thread defending this nu male author.

>> No.50317763

Why so edgy friend? Did a 40k autist step on your cat's tail or something?

>> No.50317768

> nu male
>Abusing the English language with your cancerous made up meme phrases
Fight me you stupid vapid cunt. I will fucking break you.

>> No.50317775

>Because there's no middle ground between racism and racial safespaces

You know, not being able to recognize moderate attitudes towards something is a trait of autism.

>> No.50317778

>I can't argue so here's a meme

I sincerely hope you try and do something like this in real life, so you realize just how fucking stupid you are.

>> No.50317782

>mfw a college student with no life experiences is telling a STEM major decades older than him 'how to be a productive member of modern society'.

Ain't nobody taking you seriously after you defended outsourcing and Romney-brand Republicans. Get fucked, those boys are done in the GOP. They'll kiss Trump's ass and pray for favors or leave politics to shill for money as consultants.

>> No.50317786

>seeing as I am succeeding in life while you aren't?
You too? It's nice, isn't it?

>> No.50317795



>> No.50317797


So this is a cuck, huh.

>> No.50317804

evidence suggests it could happen again as soon as 2018


red pill yourself boyoes and prepare for 2018

>> No.50317812

Sure you are, hotshot established STEM dude, sure you are.

>> No.50317819

>sheltered liberal college student doesn't know what a champagne socialist is

And nobody is surprised.

>> No.50317830

>Defended romney brand republicans
Actually I defended that the republican party had some good policy. They are still fuckbois, I vote third party, mostly libritarian though on a local level I change my vote on a policy and not party basis.

>Outsourcing is bad
Why is that again? Because some people don't get a free ride doing something that the business owner has an obligation as a rational economic actor to find a cheaper and more efficient way of doing? Sucks if you are doing some job a fucking coolie can do, but if you are it's your responsibility to prove your worth, not your employer's job to give you wellfare.

>I'm a stem major btw tee hee [smug anime girl.jpg]
Right, and which field did you major in that got outsourced? You can't have been very good at your job for it to get outsourced.

>> No.50317832

>Craftworld Eldar are the only real good guys

>> No.50317833

>Actually I am one of the oppressors *tips tricorn hat*
>I mean obviously how could I be anything else seeing as I am succeeding in life while you aren't? It must be systemic racism and sexism to keep you down. Nothing in life is your fault, it's all the straight, white, Christian, cis males, right?

>> No.50317837

because a society where we are all literally equal is a socialist run society and there are an abundance of examples of how previously capitalistic democratic countries changed to a socialist stand point and in the end had a crippling economic collapse while making tighter and tighter regulations on personal freedom and private owned businesses in order to prevent said economic collapse that was brought about by their own socialist policies. most recent example: Venezuela

>> No.50317839

The elite of the United States – and all countries have and need elites – has become profoundly self-enclosed. They are out-of-touch with reality and delusional.

>> No.50317845


Seems like a nerve was struck. Are you perchance a numale yourself, my good cuck?

>> No.50317849

>> No.50317850

Hi /pol/ock, couldn't even make a single coherent post without your tourrettes acting up? Yep cuck cuck cuck, everything a cuck to you right? Maybe you should try meds or something since you can't even say 5 words without uttering it. It can't be easy to live life a stuttering retard, my condolences.

>> No.50317854

>(and none of this is Lady Kendra’s fault)
I honestly don't understand the appeal of making space knights women. Isn't anachronism kind of the point.

Though I guess it does make nuking someone's showcase model a little more satisfying if you know it's also probably the player's waifu.

>> No.50317859

>> No.50317861

>Why is that again? Because some people don't get a free ride doing something that the business owner has an obligation as a rational economic actor to find a cheaper and more efficient way of doing? Sucks if you are doing some job a fucking coolie can do, but if you are it's your responsibility to prove your worth, not your employer's job to give you wellfare.

And as a rational economic actor it's the country's job to punish you with a tariff and make it inviable for you to build Chinese while claiming American status. Hearing you squeal as Trump rapes your buttholes for eight years and ends the libertarians as a faction of the GOP is going to be tremendous.

>> No.50317862

I would enjoy breaking your teeth out. So, you wanna fight or are you just going to shitpost on the internet like the memechild you are.

>> No.50317864

>trump was a stupid decision
Yeah I'd rather have a man who says mean things for president than an astoundingly corrupt career politician.

>> No.50317866

Sounds fun, I'll grab a SKS or something and hide inna woods.

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