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My comfort is that I would have heard rumors of that given my work if it was actually a real thing.

My suffering is that I have heard rumors that are about that level of soul crushing.

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I heard tales about this many times, but reading the actual thing somehow makes it much less believable. Like, this guy writes like a 13 year old trying to pass as an edgy doctor rather than an actual doctor and some parts dont even make sense.

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>I have heard rumors that are about that level of soul crushing.
okay, I suspect that this is bait, and I'm certain I'll regret asking, but... what rumours?

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Well...I heard from 3 different friends that there were places on the deep web where people could actually buy 'Dollified' girls as slaves. And they mentioned the details of the quadruplet amputation and other stuff.

Since they were friends from different circles and they weren't likely to have learned from each other since they didn't even knew the same people I just assume there was indeed such horrible thing somewhere on earth. But then I read this and I see that's exactly where it came from and I wonder how they fell for it...Or why this would be somewhere in the deep web.

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It makes me sick that some fucked up sack of shit wrote this. It makes me even more sick that anyone would ever spread it around. Fuck you man, fuck you.

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The bad writing is some comfort though. Like you can see the guy viciously masturbating in his black sabbath t-shirt while giggling to himself about how much his dad would hate him if he saw it.

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>What do you think of FATAL anon?

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How can one judge the quality of creepypasta? Is it the idea? The buildup? The amount of times it gets reposted or spread as fact? The prose? Whether or not it has spelling errors?

Perhaps it can only be judged on the intensity of the reaction it creates.

The one posted is far too blunt and over-the-top for me to be even slightly irked by it, regardless of content. It's shit because it's trying too damn hard. In fact, the line about "you wouldn't believe the evil that some people get up to, anon! It's sickening! Anyway, onto my process for making living dolls..." actually made me smirk a bit. I seriously doubt the writer knew well enough to try comic relief to break up the spoops, especially because this one comes right at the beginning before all of the meat.

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>How can one judge the quality of [entertainment product]?

>please rate the quality of this entertainment product on a scale below.

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Hot off the presses

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>Creepypastas always get unanimously 1/10 or 1000000/10 due to focus groups either pretending to be jaded or virtue signalling.

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Pastas are always shit, it's just that some people have extremely low standards.

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eh, 1/1000 pastas are decent.

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>I am above such pedestrian distractions as cheesy amateur attempts at horror flash fiction which are uniquely characteristic of the anonymous Laosian Shadowpuppets board I choose to waste my time on.

I hate the internet, sometimes, but I don't think I'll ever be able to hate it as much as it hates itself.

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>I hate the internet, sometimes, but I don't think I'll ever be able to hate it as much as it hates itself.


That crap is quotable

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I never said I didn't have low standards myself. You can enjoy killer klowns from outer space and still acknowledge it was a bad movie.

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Considering what the "deep web" supposedly is, human trafficking isn't exactly big potatoes in my mind. Guess I'm just a wee bit numbed.

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That came from a snuff/torture porn onion called Scream Bitch Scream, I remember seeing the original post.

But don't feel too bad. Even the regs on that shit laughed at home comically bad that piece of one handed typing was.

You guys are just taking internet urban legends way to serious. Stop referring to your fellow neckbeards you only know from Skype as 'work contacts'. Actual agents are well aware there is not some slave market on tor and if there was it's not some weird fucking mind control out of bad porn stories.

Real sex slaves are found in third world whore houses, ISIS strong holds, or in very small word of mouth circles who don't have a fucking website on tor or otherwise. Tor isn't even close to a secret, and if you try to sell something illegal online you're just going to have a government employee buy it and then send a SWAT team back to where ever you sent it from. The only reason the drug sites last as long as they do is because the CIA and NSA give no fucks about drugs.

Slaves and guns and assassins are a different matter though.

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>disdain for pinks.png

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Absolutely disgusting.

I must know more.

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Hah! Tell me, /tg/, is InCase our guy?

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I'm really upset at incase over all these short bitches, as opposed to traps getting gangbanged, which is what got me into his/her art to begin with.

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And they say that Chameleon would never work in a Spider-Man movie.

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Besides Alfie he's running two or three other stories in parallel - one is about alien with cute horns and one about some demon summoning gone lewd. Just do your research before judging.

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True. It's all Alfie updates. When are we gonna see the aftermath of that massive futa Orgy at the club already?

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>When are we gonna see the aftermath of that massive futa Orgy at the club already?
The one where the tattooed chick got turned into a demon? That ended.

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>cross knuckles

This needs to be a thing in modern fantasy.

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This is the funniest thing I've ever seen in one of these threads. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

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So it did. Thanks anon.

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It used to be a bird eat bird world, man.

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>Wife's face
Every time.

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killer klowns is a B movie masterpiece though
it's pretty self-aware too

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Dare I ask for sauce?

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I wouldn't really call it a bad movie.

It was just the right balance of tongue in cheek without getting into the winking at the camera shit, and it still manages to have some pretty tense moments.

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Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! It's a generic harem comedy anime, except every other line and a lot of the visuals are Lovecraft puns, sometimes impressively obscure ones.

>Hastur has cat ears in the top image too

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>cat ears
Holy shit I've seen this 1000 times and didn't notice.

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Bonus points: Two PCs, now a couple, in one of my games actually met when one pickpocketed the other

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I did not love this movie. And I don't have a single good fucking reason why I felt that way. It was still entertaining, but it was missing something like it need more comedic timing or something. It was played too straight.

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I did love it, but I understand why you feel that way.

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Didn't they do this scene in Stargate Atlantis?

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>Magician vs. Street Sam

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The Strain, I think.

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I JUST saw this movie like 6 hours ago. It was fun. Very fun.

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>alien with cute horns


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Oh wait, are we talking about Xenobiology?

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The Strain TV Series.

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What actually ignited this? The spinning blades? Sudden contact with oxygen?

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>kidnapped a finnish homeless man

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Does this count as rape?

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only in the evil dead

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best girl needs more love

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Tbh the co-driver thing was my experience playing DiRT3 for the first time.

I don't know what the fuck a 5-left is. I just turned the co-driver notes to simplified and even then I barley listen to them.

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>How to fix /tg/.jpg

This is for all you who were in the Meta Thread that just got deleted. I'm probably just a Sperg posting something crazy in the middle of the night. I Don't really care at this point. I had an idea and I want to see it through to some form of conclusion.

Maybe that's what /tg/ is missing. Determination. Perseverance. We've labeled anyone who's dedicated enough to see a project through to the end as autistic or a sperg, and made it a dirty word in our mouths.

Well, if that's the case, then by all means, call me a Sperg, an Autist. I'll wear that label with honor.

I'm probably delirious from lack of sleep, and this whole thing is a mistake. Well, fuck it.

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I really HAVE got to track down that ABC Comics Terra Obscura trade somehow.
Or reread Tom Strong again. Whichever.

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>Would you like a game of chess, Dr. Falkner

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At first I thought "lift" stands for "exercising and getting swole".

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>substituting Knowledge (Technology) with Intimidate

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I so want to believe this is true.

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Fuck off with this shit. Always the same. Fat. Sameface Futa bullshit

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Honestly, I've already hope for anything getting better. I'm just waiting for the fire now.

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Probably an errant spark from when the paint can struck the blades, which only took when the paint had diffused enough to be flammable.

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Depends on where you draw the line between having sex with another being of some description and using something for masturbatory purposes. If you consider a tree to fall closer to the former, it is rape as trees cannot give consent. If you consider a tree to fall closer to the later, it's the girl masturbating and not having sex.
The evil dead was only rape as the woman getting the roots was unwilling.

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>When are we gonna see the aftermath of that massive futa Orgy at the club already?

Uh, I haven't seen this one anywhere

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It's Sam (and her new dick), a CYOA he ran on his Patreon.

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Turn out, I had seen it, I just didn't read it for some reasons.

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Uh, weird, I should've come up with a better name for this pic

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"When the world rots, we set it afire. For the sake of the next world. It's the one thing we do right, unlike those fools on the outside."

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I thought it said "popular tree".

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Free Cities is pretty fun.

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>[Mizone] Noroi no Shika Senbei | The Cursed Deer Cracker (Onigashima No Iinazuke)

>http://g e-hentai org/g/845116/d1eda1f3be/

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I know there is a good filename to give this pic but can't get it out

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>average party when splatbooks are allowed

>You came to the wrong countryside, motherfucker

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Cattle : the Stampede?

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I mean. He has a point, but think about how much better of a driver he would be if he worked on understanding the rally notes.

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That's actually what I enjoyed about it. It was nice to have Vampires that were serious monsters but still, we'll not exactly relatable but understandable.

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Shoop the shape into more of an Owlbear a little bit and fill out the rest with backshadow.

Honestly first thought I had was that it does already kind of look like an Owlbear with that mask and the claws.

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this seems alright

>> No.50304405

Furry campaign?

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>Yet I still wonder if the PS3 will ever have any games.

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>Not Iron Claw party

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more like max ranks in sameface

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The guy behind the wall with a lighter.

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>hairy girls
>same face

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kek, nice one. Saved.

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Medieval first post best posts.

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Futas is a pleb tier fetish desu.

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More like Cattle: the Slaughtering

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Katanas overpowered in d20. Please nerf.

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What does it mean?

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Look at the fourth bullet point. See how it mentions 'petty thieves'?


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I don't like the logic of judging quality by the reactions it create...I mean, not if you don't have criteria for reactions.

Like, if an artist throws poop at a canvas and calls it art, and then a lot of people go like "That's stupid ass shit, fuck off mate." And then the artist claims his art was sucessful because it inspired people to react. Well, one thing is to feel sadness or anger by a piece of entertainment as part of the emotional right, another thing is to feel angry AT it for being bad, or just disliking it for not meeting some standards. Sure it's a reaction, but it's a meta reaction to the work, not to it's contents. This makes a different, IMO.

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> Ironclaw

>> No.50305207

Heck tumblr, why do you have multiple blogs about shoplifting?

(Although now it makes sence that this obviously sound minded lady warned the other bloggers about showing their faces. I was confused on why you would need to have your identity remain a secret while doing bench presses.)

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>hairy girls

>> No.50305225

whats the movie

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> I was confused on why you would need to have your identity remain a secret while doing bench presses

Bro, swole acceptance is nothing to laugh about

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Tumblr has blogs about everything, and some of everything is worse than the rest

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>Giantess thread

I prefer my Giantesses to be a size that allows actual inter-personal interaction.

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>> No.50305348

You're missing Dante

>> No.50305349

Alternate titles include
>Forgotten Realms
>GM's original setting

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>> No.50305370

Well thats more of an amazon at that scale isn't it?

>> No.50305385

>> No.50305398


Well, depends.

You can go pretty big and still being able of inter-personal interaction.

Though amazons are great, too.

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>> No.50305409

> I was confused on why you would need to have your identity remain a secret while doing bench presses

Given my pathetic BP in comparison to my DL and Squats, I do keep my identity secret.


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The guys belt looks like a huge flapping dick

>> No.50305434

>> No.50305446

> Europe
> 90 mph
> mph

Anon plz dopp

>> No.50305452

The Poms use mph.

>> No.50305454

You're embarrassing yourself anon

>> No.50305458

I'm gonna need the sauce.

>> No.50305464

The shoplifting community on tumblr is fucking horrifying.

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>> No.50305492

When they forget to be anonymous I track down their employers and email them.

>> No.50305526

That is probably the most pathetic excuse of human being that I've ever seen in my life.

>> No.50305532


You're lucky, then.

I've seen worse

>> No.50305544

>implying that they work

>> No.50305566


Dude, the only place I am willing to admit that I Skwat 415, diddle 375, and bench only 155 is 4chan.

>> No.50305592

Browse /r9k/ sometime. Or don't, and save your sanity.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

>> No.50305682

I know this exact feel

>> No.50305689

A better name is "Long term investment"

>> No.50305712

I can guarantee if /pol/ was involved Austalia and Canada would not be forgotten. And Africa would get a lot less polite names

>> No.50305720

>R O L L T O L E W D

>> No.50305744

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>> No.50305774

After a while, Anime just becomes a more elaborate form of mashing two naked barbies together.

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>> No.50305875

If only they actually checked the first three before opening fire.

>Well, gangs wear clothes and he was wearing clothes so he was wearing gang colors for some gang somewhere in some way

>We had reason to believe that small red mass-produced candy bag marked skittles with a picture of skittles on it was in fact eight pounds of crack-cocaine, and one of the six tests with a 21% false-positive rate that we ran afterwards on the dead perp's candybag confirmed that this was in fact crack-cocaine.

>His hand was dark, we had reason to believe it may transform into a gun, or that he may in fact have secretly been megatron. As such we had reason to believe we may be fearing for our lives and opened fire before anyone could determine whether or not the dead perp was in fact the leader of the Decepticons.

>> No.50305915

I'm going to base a thieves guild on those blogs in my next campaign. Instead of a mafia, a beggar network or a robin hood - style band, they're going to have a thieves emotional support group.

>> No.50305942

Are magical girl games supposed to go this way?
Because all my magical girl games go this way.

>> No.50305969

Also at guantanamo and in the basements of various senators.

>> No.50305998

It would give me me some satisfaction in hacking through them, so it's a good idea.

>> No.50306058

Seems too tall for poplar, I agree

>> No.50306077

Magical girls are nearly always gay in anime, so yeah, I'd say that magical girl games can go that way.

>> No.50306102

I absolutely love InCase and none of these other whiners is going to sway me.

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>> No.50306111

There is nothing gay in little girls making love to other little girls. Kuro is just bit lewder than usual when it comes to such things.

>> No.50306121

Holy shit, some absolute madman actually did the drawing.

Now add "featuring Dante from Devil May Cry".

>> No.50306129

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

>> No.50306141

This thread went to shit quickly

>> No.50306182

You've gotta stop looking at the threads through suffocating lens of quality.
I want to post into this thread. You want to post into this thread.
What other factors need we consider?

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>> No.50306248


>> No.50306249

That's really more Disney's fault than this random cosplayer's.

>> No.50306341

>equilibrium, fuck yeah....

>...and shower logic
why all the smoke? modern weapons have smokeless powder....

>> No.50306390

I'm pretty sure that's bits of armor turning into dust.

>> No.50306498

It's a visual cue to indicate that the baddies have been actually struck by bullets. Otherwise a viewer could safely assume that most of the shots missed, by virtue of the protagonist flailing his guns about like he's a five-year-old with nerf pistols.

>> No.50306556

nice, ok.

here, have a reaction...

>> No.50306580

When will this stop being reacted to like this is possible? Ya'll motherfuckers watch too much hentai if you think this scenario could happen. A lot of this shit is mostly fatal, and certainly the combination of it would be impossible to survive. Just staving off infection and death by shock in these situations alone would be nearly impossible.

It's just some sick fuck typing out his sick fuckery. Not that bad things don't happen to kids all over the world, like being sold into sex slavery and being forced to become addicted to drugs, being maimed so that they can look more sympathetic when begging for money on the streets, literally wasting away and becoming mentally ill from growing up in hellish orphanages. All of these things are real and kids suffer through today. But not that.

>> No.50306590

as someone from milwaukee, we dont call it Murder Mil for nothing

>> No.50306606

Don't forget getting used as a convenient source of transplantable organs.

>> No.50306706

Don't let anyone ever tell you thieves' cant.
Thieves can, honey.

>> No.50306734

People dont usually take organs from people before they are at least 16, for some they prefer 21. That's because they aren't fully developed. I know that because my younger brother had to use a machine that was basically a external lung until he was 20 before he manage to get a lung transplant.

>> No.50306844

What movie is this from?

>> No.50306897

What we do in the shadows according to the google's reverse imagesearch.

>> No.50306920

Humans can survive a lot but it requires some of the most complex body management technology that exists, such as cooling the body, managing heart rate with special solutions, all kinds of anesthetics, a heart-lung machine, etc. (costing several millions of dollars)
Only real, advanced hospitals can manage it.
Not some black market bullshit.

>> No.50307213

If you weren't previously aware that you are on the spectrum, consider yourself enlightened.

>> No.50307221

boop the snoot

>> No.50307340

I was expecting some sort of tumblr insult, but okay. Somehow talking about treefucking and how consent plays into it is autistic.

>> No.50307343

snek is not for boop

>> No.50307417

Snek is for boop, not for step

>> No.50307532

I found the opening to be very weak and had little hope for it. But in the end I found I enjoyed it a great deal.

>> No.50307550

pwease no steppy

>> No.50307556

>it's not the kicks on the outside that counts. It's the kicks on the inside.

>> No.50307561

When was this scene ? I don't remember

>> No.50307591


>> No.50307606

Oh fuck this

>> No.50307663

>the falklands

Holy shit my sides

>> No.50307664

>protagonist-centric morality

>> No.50307766

It's fake, like the other one. The new anime didn't make Shirou retarded enough so the internet stepped in.

>> No.50307793

just because your correct doesn't mean you'r right!

>> No.50307797

Snek is not for boop.

>> No.50307803

The pics have to be real of course the dialogue is fake

>> No.50307832

i boop whoever I want, you're not the boss of me

>> No.50307875

Pretty sure the pics are from ep1, where it has this sequence of all his friends telling him to be less selfless.

>> No.50307877

I was less trying to express an actual belief than I was snarking about how many anons felt the need to post about how sickened they are by a mere badly-written attempt at creepypasta. If you really object to the content, you'd make it a point to say so calmly rather than going on about how you're JUST SO DISGUSTED by this SICKFUCKS PATHETIC FAPFUEL and how you're just SO OPPOSED TO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE because you're NOT A PERVERT LIKE THE AUTHOR GUYS like you're trying to convince strangers on the internet of your purity and moral fiber. This rings especially hollow on the same board where you're likely to find threads about orc rape and vore. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the writer was drawing from a picture he saw somewhere on a red board, but tried (poorly) to make it scary instead of eroticized.

It's shit because it's colossally shit writing. The content isn't even a factor for me because it's expressed so poorly, even by creepypasta standards.

>> No.50307880

but which is which

>> No.50307889

Where's the magicalrealm.jpg from this series?

>> No.50307917


>it is a good pain

>> No.50307922

>> No.50307923

dunno, all I have is this

>> No.50307929

I know these people aren't common but the fact that they even exist is fucking terrifying.

>> No.50307931

>> No.50308001

Why does voldemort not just use magic?

>> No.50308057

>> No.50308077


>> No.50308170

>> No.50308212

Needs a name

>Roll for San

>> No.50308319

Got the better version .

>> No.50308327

Bard vs eldritch horrors

>> No.50308344

I hate to be that guy, but source? Didn't come up on any reverse image searches.

>> No.50308377

Assuming he's not way better at keeping secrets than the sort of people who start rumors.

>> No.50308408

I don't know about tor, but there's definitely slaves available for purchase in the US. Or at least, there was a few years back.

>> No.50308448


>> No.50308523

>Scrolling down, looking good
>Third down, Snow White
>Something's off
>Why does Snow White have such huge clavicles
>Why can I not see her neck or tits in any of these shots, Tumblr chicks usually love showing off their tits
>Suspicion is rising
>Zoom to bottom; surprise, it's a dude
>Zoom back up to top, fap anyway
>Praise Slaanesh

>> No.50308524

You must be fun at parties.

>> No.50308621

>> No.50308628


I'm actually kinda offended that I'm lumped in with Pakistan. At least use Curry Nigger.

>> No.50308635


>> No.50308645

Reminder to never fuck Nyarlathotep, no matter how cute of a form it takes.

>> No.50308663

That's a perfectly logical statement, even in English you retard.

>> No.50308668

>> No.50308673


>> No.50308721

No. Stop shitting up my Magical Burst games.

>> No.50308726


>> No.50308735


>> No.50308753

>> No.50308777

>> No.50308825

Nothing in that is a shoop aside from filters. It's an owlman costume that was used in a prank to scare the piss out of some urban explorers.

>> No.50308835

>> No.50308853

>> No.50308875

>> No.50308903

>> No.50308915

>> No.50308918

>obscure fetishes

>> No.50308922

You don't have to be broke to get an endorphin rush from doing something illegal. It's the same high that gets people addicted to gambling and, for that matter, lifting weights. Just look up Arnold cummin in the gym.
The ones getting self-righteous about it are usually upper-middle class suburban kids growing up in white neighborhoods, sheltered from any hardness in life.
They'll have good educations, good opportunities, good jobs even. But they still want just that little kick out of being naughty and they find it by committing petty crimes.
Not saying they are in any way above being the most contemptible piles of shit around. Just saiyan.

>> No.50308930

>not wanting to be used as a human dildo

>> No.50308945

>not "no_regrets.jpg"

>> No.50308966

God fucking damnnit, you've crossed the streams! Now it'll FIND A WAY into our reality!

>> No.50308970

>> No.50308975

Never cross the fucking streams.

>> No.50308981


About three-quarters of stuff that's stolen from shops gets stolen by people who work there.

>> No.50309002

>> No.50309014


>> No.50309017

>pictured: a depraved murderer consoles and adopts the pathologically homicidal child of a serial killer who ripped the faces off his victims
Gofast is best girl

>> No.50309026

Oracle made me chuckle.

>> No.50309027


>> No.50309049

>> No.50309056

Why not?

>> No.50309060

>> No.50309061


Thank you for fucking up the rest of my evening, anon

>> No.50309068

>> No.50309078

>> No.50309079

Does it work ?

>> No.50309081

>> No.50309083

/v/ used to storytime these comics, good times

>> No.50309084

I'm really more asking how does Kei-Ai always find a way?

>> No.50309090

>> No.50309097

>> No.50309103

>> No.50309111

Apparently it did. I didn't save the translation of the Finnish, but it worked shooting .22 cal bullets at 420 rounds per minute.

>> No.50309120

I feel like this needs a better filename

>> No.50309126

Rolled 2 (1d16)


>> No.50309131

>> No.50309132

>> No.50309159

>> No.50309179


>> No.50309196

Speaking of vampires

>> No.50309200

>protection from shaped charges

>> No.50309201

>> No.50309209

Maybe kidnap a tailor and force him to make judgment calls. Centuries of experience, otherwise.

Maybe if they're exhibitionists.

Take a goddamn bath

>> No.50309235


>> No.50309236

>> No.50309265

>> No.50309303

>Take a goddamn bath
This. You won't smell if you bathe thoroughly. You know, with soap and shampoo.

And then you realize that starting inventories almost never mention soap, or even a rag for PCs to wipe themselves off with.

>> No.50309310

>> No.50309315

I'm the guy who made the post you're replying to, shorty after making it I fell asleep. I was a wannabe war correspondent before I ended up getting a job I liked better because I wasn't running the risk of dying, and occasionally I heard rumors that when followed led to some unpleasant conclusions.

The biggest one was about a child trafficking ring in the former Yugoslav republics. I heard rumors that a group of real military-types were going around and picking up kids from parents and promising to protect them, to flat out kidnapping them. And there were enough people who had stories of military types taking kids that I'm sure it was happening, but following it was impossible because of the situation. I was about to write it off, when I met a member of a Serbian paramilitary unit that told me about how they came across a truck filled with dead kids after investigating an empty town. At first they thought it was just the usual ethnic cleansing, but it really didn't look like that. Eventually he came to the conclusion that because the truck broke down the kids were killed so whoever was driving it could make a clean getaway. They searched around and it looked like a group of people had been there recently, the house where the truck was in front of had some trash and things had been moved around. But they didn't really find anything beyond that, and this guy's crew wasn't incompetent. The clincher is how he said at the end, (paraphrasing here) 'You hear about these things, but you don't want to believe them.'

>> No.50309319

She'll get plenty of love alright

>> No.50309331

>You know more about goats that you give yourself credit for

>> No.50309335

Would it hurt more to barely be able to recall those you've lost or to be able to recall everything you've ever lost in great detail?

>> No.50309337

>> No.50309341

that's like a 2/10 story, you'll have to try harder

>> No.50309374

>Not Royale avec Fromage

Shame on you.

>> No.50309390

>> No.50309493

I don't get it

>> No.50309519

1: seems like a stretch

2: What?

3: Heh

4: Heh

5: Heh

6: Definitely a Stretch

7: Too Easy

8: Seems unlikely, but a Mime bird is weird

9: Too common a trope

10: Wut

11: Pfft

12: I can see it. Barely.

13: Same as 12

Never seen the movie, but this is amusing.

>> No.50309551

Don't worry, he'll be there shortly and then you won't need to understand.

>> No.50309565

Look at the size of the shadow.

>> No.50309573

Is this that "see it's face and it'll kill you" thing

>> No.50309583

It's long? Could just be from low sun

>> No.50309614

The movie was already nearly finished when that stuff started happening, but hey, dead of the author is a thing, so go wild, nigga.

>> No.50309636

They could've easily "south parked" it.

>> No.50309654

sauce ?

>> No.50309676

With 3D modeled animation? They couldn't have.

>> No.50309709


>> No.50309733

thank you

>> No.50309774

>They could've easily "south parked" it.
Do you really think a fucking Angry Birds movie ie a movie with a corporate committe arm shoved shoulder deep in its ass would suddenly remade itself from the ground up just to shove a bunch of sociopolitic commentary for a bunch of kids?

>> No.50310026

I know a guy who thinks like these pol-tards. They feel like they have to make everything about their hare-brained conspiracies because intellectually that's all they have.

If they don't have some kind of imaginary anti-white conspiracy to cling to, then they'll start feeling like the racist holdovers that they are.

>> No.50310042

>> No.50310091

From what I've heard there's an argument to be made that the Angry Birds movie (unintentionally, probably) promotes racism, what with the major moral being that you shouldn't trust foreigners and should stick together in your own group.

Although then the whole thing gets a bit muddled by the pigs being the colonialists in the scenario, so, well.

It's not that good a movie, anyway, so it's probably not worth putting too much thought into it.

>> No.50310105

>what with the major moral being that you shouldn't trust foreigners and should stick together in your own group.
I mean, fuck, you know what child-appropriate morale does this exact thing? "Stranger Danger". It's just that once you extrapolate it into a whole society mistrusting another society the context changes a little.

>> No.50310148

>it's "/tg/ spergs out over a funny image" episode
why am i not surprised

>> No.50310168

>tfw the truth behind Saitama's power surge

>> No.50310225

>> No.50310236

the union era.jpg x2

>> No.50310260

>> No.50310267

>Fucking old ladies are stronger than the guy on the bottom.

>> No.50310268

>> No.50310293

Probably a disease of some sort.

>> No.50310295

it's not.

>> No.50310323


>> No.50310493

>The L5r group failed their Tea Ceremony and Etiquette tests.

>> No.50310538

Doesn't that graph mean that those are two different people? As in there's one guy who's 34 (?) and can barely turn a doorknob, while there's a different 35 year old who could pop your skull like a grape.

Each circle should be a different person if I'm getting the graph right.

>> No.50310545

Hey, I'm not saying it's fact. I would just find it funny if some people at (whatever animation studio made the angry birds movie) were just looking at the newspaper every morning and saying stuff like "we should add this in."

>> No.50310636

You don't account for the possibility that the census on grip strength lastd for more than a year.

>> No.50310687

It's easier to cast something from Obfuscate.

>> No.50311104

KyoChina worst ship.

>> No.50311557

Lol triggered much?

>> No.50312847

Oh, god, it's breached containment.

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