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Pathfinder General /pfg/

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

What is one of your character's minor flaws?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Broken Shackles Playtest: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59701/broken-shackles-test-play
Creation Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kitAB8sHgmuD3fvOMuI_KyV_dxpO2wrxQmbnCoRgglA/edit#
Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing

Old thread: >>50275899

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>Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Not a faggot edition

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>What is one of your character's minor flaws?

Being too cute.

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He's a complete autist when it comes to empathy. He's really smart but goddamn can he not talk to people well.

>tfw you're that autistic, but nobody else talks so you have to bumble to interact with any of the characters in the plot.

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>What is one of your character's minor flaws?
Completely terrified by darkness.

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>What is one of your character's minor flaws?
Inability to survive in a social setting. Wait, that's a player flaw.

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I have been reexamining my Unchained Fighter.

I have come to a realization I do not offer many new things.

The main "new" feature of the class is the Advanced Equipment Training. Which provides out of combat utility for the class. I believe this is an overall good thing and good for the Unchained class.

Now, besides that, I have merely made AWT and AAT more defined (defense goes into AAT, offense into AWT), made a bunch of new ones, and made it so you get them IN ADDITION to the normal.

Now in order to differentiate the Unchained Fighter more than the fighter I have thought of doing the following:
>remove Bravery, make it into a Advanced Armor Training
>replace it with "Military Training"
>Military Training will have a number of chosen "lesser" bonuses, basically not on the same level as a Rage Power, but fiddly things (on the same level as a trait)
>Some ideas are the following:
>Shamelessly stealing giving Exotic Weapon Proficiency in the weapons of a particular fighter weapon group
>Make two skills into Fighter Class Skills (synergies with the Versatile Training AET)
>Small gold advance (scales badly by level)
>A "contact" (is specified between three types of contacts)
>Gives a single trait (under normal trait rules)

Please shit all over my idea or give other ideas for "military trainings".

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My character doesnt have minor flaws!

More specifically i dont have characters TO have flaws.

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Story time on that? That seems a bit unusual of a flaw to give in a game that often has dark places.

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my character has an addiction to horrible puns. especially if Inyourendo is involved.

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What was worse he was a dwarf. The phobia was caused by being trapped in a cave in for four weeks in complete darkness. At the time he was level 3, and ended up not being in there alone. This was a back story event where he and "Something" fought in the caverns. He is also extremely claustrophobic. To survive he actually was forced to eat the bodies of other dwarves caught in the cave in and crushed.

He ended having a battle on the banks of an underwater pond, and drowned the creature in the water. All he knows is that it was suspiciously shaped like a humanoid, and even worse like a dwarf. The creature sank into the pond and he never went back to investigate further.

The entire month long even haunts him. He can't deal with darkness any longer because he's terrified the creature is going to come back.

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Is he the darkness?

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He could be for all we know.

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So if I, for instance, came up with an item that allowed a young dragon to temporarily age up to a much older form with all the benefits that come with that, not just size, what level of magical item would that be?

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>one of your character's minor flaws

Table manners. On account of previous living conditions, if there is an opportunity, he will eat as much as he can, as quickly as possible, because who knows when something could jump you. Or try to steal your food. Drinking etiquette is a different story, since that's something he was introduced to in a comfortable, nonhostile environment. Still has a tendency to go overboard though.
Wild animals, man, can't trust them with anything.

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How does one build a Psychic Armory Warsoul Soulknife? What Bladeskills are worth taking and what do I do with the initiating stuff? Any examples of good maneuvers/stances or other combos to look into?

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Major, definitely. Might even be an artifact.

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>What is one of your character's minor flaws?

He chews with his mouth open.

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>What is one of your character's minor flaws?

She lived a sheltered life so she's a bit socially inept (at least among commoners). I guess that'd be more of a major flaw than minor though.

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Lesser Artifact tier.

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What if I added in the caveat that after using the artifact for a period of time (my initial estimate was something around the realm of half an hour) they become incredibly exhausted, to the point of requiring a day's rest?

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Half an hour is a long time. And to my knowledge, there aren't even any spells that can achieve a similar effect.

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My rationale behind this is that the device is essentially utilizing the life force of the user as opposed to drawing its own power from wherever most spells draw their energy. The positive plane? I'm not sure.

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>wherever most spells draw their energy.
The user.

And anyway, dragons get hell of a lot of powers with age categories, up to and including high-level sorcerer casting.

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Still Lesser Artifact tier. Aging to a dragon is incredibly valuable.

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Too many Cooks.

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So, I’ve been thinking of a way to incorporate the Demonic Corruption into my current campaign.

In a few levels, my players will be exploring an ancient temple. They should be around level 6 or 7 at this point. I plan on having them come across a haunted fount filled with unholy water. When they get within 30 feet of it, they’ll have to make both a Will and Fortitude save. Failing the Will save will cause their characters to be overcome with a desire to drink from the fount. Resisting the temptation will leave them Sickened if they’re in range of the haunt. Failing the Fort save (made harder by resolving the Will save first) will affect them with the spell Feast of Ashes, except it will cause them to be thirsty and dehydrated rather than hungry and starving.

Drinking the unholy water from the fount will “cure” either of the affects, but also end up afflicting them with the Demonic Corruption, via the Useful Corruption rule variant, with a twist.

>Despite it being a useful corruption, they players are forced to take Abyssal Deformity as their first Manifestation
>Upon taking Abyssal Deformity, the player must make a d% roll. They then determine how their character mutates using the Tiefling Alternate Physical Features table.
>Gaining more Manifestations requires drinking unholy water from the fount again in addition to normal level requirements

The only two things I’m not sure about are, first, what the DCs for the haunt should be. I’m thinking 15 for both. Secondly, I also want drinking the unholy water to be dangerous. Like, it causes several d6 in lethal damage or substantial constitution damage. Just enough to make them think twice about taking another dose of the stuff. I’d really appreciate the feedback.

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Forcing your TF fetish on players is magical realm.

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Can Unchained Monks still use weapons effectively? I noticed the Style Strikes are all unarmed-specific, and want to make sure trying something like a siangham/nine ring broadsword would not end badly

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Is cute [email protected] a magical realm?

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REMOVE [email protected]

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They're very Kamen Rider-like which the party hates/loves.

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delet this immediately.

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You guys do not need two active threads.

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thats what we've said too. guy who created this one is kind of a cunt.

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I'm making an Oradin but don't know how I'd want to roleplay him. I don't have much experience with paladins to begin with, and all the curses either seem really boring or really painful to deal with. Any advice?

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please dont bump this thread. the other one is active and we don't need two threads.

sage in the option field.

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this is the real pathfinder general, fuck those waifu fags, wish they'd get banned, this is /tg/ not /a/

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It's supposed to be body horror.

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I see Oradin's as the anime trope of "I have to heal and save everyone!".

The two other options I see are the party leader. Strategist or just moral booster. Someone encouraging and uplifting.

Second option is the "good guy". Not an oaf, but just believing the best in people. He will never roll sense motive against you, or anyone. Lovable guy.

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>this is the real pathfinder general
Then do that in a single thread. shitting up the board with multiple threads is just as bad.

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I understand it's not really a favorable situation for anyone on this board but technically this one was posted first.

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>technically this one was posted first.
No, it wasn't.
>Pathfinder General /pfg/ Anonymous 11/17/16(Thu)12:49:55 No.50279585

>Pathfinder General /pfg/ Anonymous 11/17/16(Thu)12:58:26 No.50279690

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This one was posted in RESPONSE to the other one having ERP. There is no way in hell it could be first.

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Ooooh! It's like that lovecraft story where the character encounters a monster in a dark cave but in the end the monster was just a human who had been in the cave for too long.

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Anyone got screencaps of Horror Realms yet?

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Where to get the latest pdfs? The trobe doesn't upgrade anymore.

>> No.50282610

If you go back a couple generals, Leakanon put a bunch of them up. Blood of Beats, Horror Realms and the crunchy bits of Villian Codex.

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It's still the principle. We should be allowed to have a cancer free thread.

>> No.50282997

Make a general just for the RotJR so that the fags have a containment thread

>> No.50283099

You can't have a cancer free thread if it's going to be about pathfinder.

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Anyone willing to re-link if they find these?

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Do you think a game where everyone is one-half aegis gestalt would be good? Maybe allow swapping the aegis's mental stat for another?

>> No.50283735

Anon, they're scattered across the last five threads. Just use the links in each OP to get to older threads and go collect them.

>> No.50283748

It would be like Centurions.

The villain should be an Armorist.

>> No.50283809

It'd be cool, but you are basically giving them a free Belt of Str/Dex/Con until they have enough money to make the triple stat belt, a full BAB, and tons of utility.

Plus a huge money upgrade for not having to pay for their +5 armor.

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I still believe they should just make a Discord or IRC channel so all of this could be contained in private.

Heck, they could ERP all they want in there.

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>even the GM is telling them to cool it now

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Out of curiosity, what are the specializations and archetypes available to the Legendary Vigilante?

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Just let them have their own general. Warhammer 40K roleplays have like 3 generals DnD has 3 generals. We should be allowed to have two.

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There were erp generals, once upon a time. They got the boot from angry janitors.

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Apparently I can get work done! I have finished three new archetypes for the Broken Shackles martials. They are from the backlog of archetypes I am clearing out.

First off is the Wyvern Rider, an archetype for the Unchained Cavalier. The Wyvern Rider gains a Wyvern Mount, a fearsome creature filled with greed. This mount provides not only with a powerful steed, but spellcasting. The Wyvern Rider is a 4 level spell caster using charisma, drawing mainly from the Wizard Spell List.

Next is the Hound Master, another archetype for the Unchained Cavalier. The Hound Master gains the service of several hounds, losing Banner to instead gain whistles. These whistles allow your hound to impart debuffs to enemies they threaten, stacking with other hounds threatening the same target. This allows for tactical combat, position hounds giving different debuffs and moving them to creates that require debuffing.

The final is the Bootleg Alchemist, an archetype for the Unchained Gunslinger. It exists on the far side of "Gadgeteer", giving up Deed to instead gain four level extract casting, drawing from the Alchemist Spell list. In addition they gain a bathtub mutagen, an unstable substance that enhances the Bootleg Alchemist's abilities the same as the Alchemist Mutagen.

See them and the rest of Broken Shackles below:

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>What is one of your character's minor flaws?
Crippling Assburgers

Well we're dungeoncrawling so it's comparatively minor.

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That's like going metaforge at 3/3 and never switching back.


Except worse.

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The smart ones will get real armor. The aegis armor forms are a huge waste of customization points if trying to keep them up to date.

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Hey /pfg/

I'm going to be in a Strange Aeons game soon and have gotten clearance to use the Voice of the Void Medium archetype. For character story and fluff fun I want to link each of the spirits/emissaries to a type of aberration, preferably an iconic one.
Problem is I don't know Golarions lore concerning aberrations all that well aside from no Beholders/Illithids and when in doubt blame the Aboleth.

Here is what I've tentatively got so far:
>archmage - Seugathi?
>hierophant - Aboleth?
>trickster - Intellect Devourer?

What would your suggestions be?

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>mfw the DM actually likes my ideas for customizing my armor with mechanically useless stuff, like sapphire cabochons and white wolf fur mantle

>> No.50284702

I do descriptive fluff all the time! It really lends something to an otherwise boring conversation with an NPC when they can tell things about you from your garb other than "murderhobo"

Taking a moment to get new boots every now and then is a good way to add a bit of flavor to your character. "My old pair got an axe through them when I took a bad hit from an orc. do you have any new pairs in my size? And then actually take some time to shop.

Lots of GMs love that shit.

>> No.50284793


>It really lends something to an otherwise boring conversation with an NPC when they can tell things about you from your garb other than "murderhobo"

Hell yeah dude, that's part of why I'm doing this scavenger's hunt for fancy trinkets and animal pelts to craft this suit of armor, I *love* giving my characters a distinct look and feel that makes them more a personality than a statblock. Bit of downtime in a high-tension situation? Time for my character to break out a lacquered snuff box and take out a pinch to calm the nerves, or at the end of a major adventure whip out a bottle of rare Galtian wine to toast their victory. When we're in town, I enjoy shopping for new tunics to replace the old, sweaty ones from our adventures, or go see a puppet show rather than the usual "go to tavern, drink and sleep."

It's the little things like these that make the game feel like a story, and in the end, isn't that what we're having sessions for?

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Trying to decide what to play in an upcoming game, I was looking for something pretty goofy since it's the games this DM runs are always pretty light and goofy.

We don't normally play PF so I'm not super familiar with the rules but I was looking at Goliath Druid and can't work out if a very goofy combo is allowed.

Can you stack powerful Shape, Wild shape and then enlarge person? There is some text saying "Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack." but does becoming a large creature count as increasing your size or are you simply taking on the base size large.

Powerful shape doesn't make you larger, just give you the buffs of being larger so it should stack, but I want to know if I can get HUGE

Goliath wildshape:
At 6th level, the goliath druid can use wild shape to become a Large humanoid of the giant subtype. This functions as the alter self spell.

Powerful Shape:
When in wild shape, treat your size as one category larger for the purpose of calculating CMB, CMD, carrying capacity, and any size-based special attacks you use or that are used against you (such as grab, swallow whole, and trample).

Enlarge person:
This spell causes instant growth of a humanoid creature, doubling its height and multiplying its weight by 8. This increase changes the creature's size category to the next larger one.

>> No.50284830

My character's a crafter and does that all the time, but the party's all just "PASTE THE STATLINE COME ON WE'RE WASTING TIME HERE"

And then....

>Character explains where he got the idea
>Gives tips and tricks on using the new gear while fitting it
>Includes free little extras like one-shot rust-monster/effect immunity and basically-a-biomonitor
>Talks a bit about his family
>Is completely ignored while doing all of this

>Anon, this is getting to be a problem here, you gotta start actually roleplaying and talking to the other partymembers in character

>> No.50284850

>Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack.
>Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack.
>Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack.

Powerful shape should stack, but

>Multiple magical effects that increase size do not stack.

>> No.50284898


You're a man after my own heart, anon. It's the little things like that which makes these campaigns so worth it - what's a campaign without immersion? Heck, as you pointed out it's free (FREE) character development and backstory dumps too, since who doesn't talk a bit about themselves while doing that sorta stuff?

>> No.50284937

It was being told I don't roleplay that made me realize I was literally being ignored for everything except the dice rolls that pop up in roll20.

powerful build(shape) stacks with either of the other two and the other two never can stack.

>> No.50284955

you were probably a bit too focused on your shit.

>> No.50284993


Yeah, I just wondered how the wildshape stuff is handled because it's weird, if you were already large and used that wildshape, then you would still be able to be enlarged because you're not getting bigger but because you can't if you start as a medium?

It makes sense I guess just a bit counter intuitive to me since wildshape doesn't make you grow larger, just turns you into a creature of size large which I would read as being your base size in that form.

Oh well, I'll settle for being large with the Powerful stuff making me almost Huge.

>> No.50285087


Something is foul in the state of your campaign when players can't be bothered, or simply can't, hold conversations between each other over nothing.

>> No.50285251

What do you think of this class?


>> No.50285376

Throwing out comments as I see them:

Full BAB and 6th level casting is a little high if I recall correctly, especially with good saves across the board and a d12 hit die. They've got to have some not perfect points somewhere.

>> No.50285437

I was thinking about that. I'm probably going to demote one of those pieces, but I haven't decide which yet. I've been trying to think of some way to "fake" the good-at-everything feel in an elegant way without just having all big numbers, but I haven't figured out what yet.

>> No.50285441

Retard strong.

>good saves
>6 level casting
>full BaB
>those class features
I would not let someone play it.

>> No.50285453

Also, on a side note: Magus chassis is 6th level casting, full BAB, *and* gets class abilities specifically to make full BAB and 6th-level casting work together well, which this doesn't.

So I don't feel that that by itself is problematic, but a combination of that and all-good saves are probably too much.

>> No.50285454

Reduce it to a bad reflex save, reduce to 3/4 BaB.

>> No.50285461

Magus chassis is not full BAB. Its 3/4 BAB you mong.

>> No.50285470

It gets stronger than the most powerful shapechanging ability all the time. No seriously is dumb strong. It's WAY too much. It blows other 6 level casters out of the water easily.

>> No.50285492

...derp. I'm stupid.

Pic related is apparently me at the moment.

>> No.50285677

yeah turns out most of them are just blabbing away on an ooc skype call, and not paying attention outside of combat.

this, by the way, is what's meant by roleplaying, apparently, too.

>> No.50285728

Dracomorphosis gives a bigger Str bonus but a bigger Dex penalty than the Beast Shape line, and in a bigger package (e.g. Huge/Gargantuan dragon vs. Large magical beast with Beast Shape IV), which is an objectively bad thing almost all the time.

>> No.50285754


This doesn't sound like a lot of fun, anon. Have you left the group?

>> No.50285757

Other old thread:

>> No.50285766

Bigger strength and con, fantastic nat attack suite. Being large means bigger damage dice on all your nat attacks. I'd choose it because of AC's inability to keep up at higher levels.

>> No.50285796

well okay then
The comment was disingenuous I'll admit. Its kinda like politics in media to me though; theres nothing inherently wrong with it I've just seen it done in a way that ruins everything five times as often as I've seen them done well.

>> No.50285820

Sooo I have kind of an open-minded group and long story short I'm gonna play a thrush that doubles as our witch's familiar.

Question a: How do I stat it ?
Question b: Where can I look for more bonuses to disguise at level 1, save for Skill focus and class features? I really need to make that check to pretend to be a dragon on a regular basis. It's important to me.

>> No.50285898

I have been reexamining my Unchained Fighter.

I have come to a realization I do not offer many new things.

The main "new" feature of the class is the Advanced Equipment Training. Which provides out of combat utility for the class. I believe this is an overall good thing and good for the Unchained class.

Now, besides that, I have merely made AWT and AAT more defined (defense goes into AAT, offense into AWT), made a bunch of new ones, and made it so you get them IN ADDITION to the normal.

Now in order to differentiate the Unchained Fighter more than the fighter I have thought of doing the following:
>remove Bravery, make it into a Advanced Armor Training
>replace it with "Military Training"
>Military Training will have a number of chosen "lesser" bonuses, basically not on the same level as a Rage Power, but fiddly things (on the same level as a trait)
>Some ideas are the following:
>Shamelessly stealing giving Exotic Weapon Proficiency in the weapons of a particular fighter weapon group
>Make two skills into Fighter Class Skills (synergies with the Versatile Training AET)
>Small gold advance (scales badly by level)
>A "contact" (is specified between three types of contacts), these contacts are NPCs who have the friendly disposition towards the PC
>A trait
>A "social trick" (some of the examples are a large bonus at a particular game like chess, poker, dice, etc., doubling your ability to imbibe alcohol before becoming intoxicated, being able to gauge the social relations of a group after a minute observation, and specific knowledge in a narrow subject like a particular sect of a religion, inns in an area, etc.)

Please shit all over my idea or give other ideas for "military trainings".

I would really love for the help for this last revision and whether it is a good idea as I will soon be seeking publication for the Broken Shackles martials.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pUevSnzc65Xw2cx3ah7iL7s1BBx0bVeF8xKlL0uFIcQ/edit?usp=sharing

>> No.50285902

So i've kinda been looking into gathering up all of my homebrew in a neat little document.

And instead I made an entire Google Site out of it. It's currently under construction, and probably will be for a long time, but as it stands it's a more permanent directory of homebrew. If anybody has suggestions I'd be glad to hear it.


>> No.50285954

Hold up, is this a site where /pfg/ can just drop their homebrews?

>> No.50285973

Hey guys, what's a good anime or manga to dive into, or a movie to watch, if I've got nothing to do tonight? I'd ask /tv/ but they're dorks, and you guys seem chill.

>> No.50285977


You have to email the docs to me and lemme get a look at it, and then I'll add it in. But yeah, if you want to add something, send an email and I'll look into it.

>> No.50285981

Okay, neat. Let me compile a list right here then.

>> No.50285991

I'm watching Brave Witches right now, But its little girls with no pants doing plane things.

Record of Lodoss war is pretty 10/10.

>> No.50285999

So I know far to much about and watch far too much anime and manga. I have what /a/ would consider pretentious tastes, but I can recommend you some stuff. What genres/themes are you looking for? Tell me some titles you have enjoyed in the past.

>> No.50286000

3/4 BAB classes use a d8 HD, not d10. That still needs to be fixed.

>> No.50286009


>> No.50286015

Now I have a problem. Do I focus on my tsundere ronin (Paladin|Rubato) or a motherly Urgathoan (Cleric|Stalker) for RotJR?

My permanent movie recommendation is Whiplash. If you're looking for an anime style movie, anything by Satoshi Kon. Perfect Blue or Paprika for something creepy, Millennium Actress or Tokyo Godfathers for less so.

>> No.50286029

I recommend Drifters or Jin-Roh


Alright, there's an email on the site that you can use. Make sure you send it there so I can get to it easier.

>> No.50286040


What, like the bird?

I'm about 99% sure you're not going to be able to make an independent character that's small enough for it at level 1, unless I've missed a race that can turn into a bird like kitsunes can turn into foxes.

Keep in mind the size penalty to attack, though. It'll be hitting up to a -4 or -8 to attack rolls when a greater polymorphing gish will only take -1 or -2.

>> No.50286042

>Record of Lodoss war is pretty 10/10.

I might have to see that, same with Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

>Tell me some titles you have enjoyed in the past

I'm a turbo-pleb when it comes to anime and manga; the only stuff I've read or seen include Vinland Saga, Monster Musume and One Punch Man (both the manga and anime.) I've also been reading Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen because Lanka best girl.

As for movies, it's also fairly eclectic; I'm not looking for some slow-moving flick, but rather something fast-paced and full of action, like John Wick.

>> No.50286059

>but rather something fast-paced and full of action
I'm going to reiterate my Whiplash recommendation. It's about music, sure, but it's as intense as they get.

>> No.50286075

>I'm a turbo-pleb when it comes to anime and manga

The only anime I have ever enjoyed are Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo and Hellsing.

>> No.50286081

RoLw is based of an actual DnD campaign, so its pretty neat watch. Just a warning the Elf in the DnD campaign was a dude, changed into a female for anime reasons.

>> No.50286098

The Slayers anime is pretty great. It's pretty much "D&D with a group of slackers, the anime series". Each season starts with dumb hijinks (blowing up bandits to steal from them, blackmailing city elders to pay off the adventurers to leave early, etc) and gradually turns into serious plots, usually with demons or other extraplanar threats involved.

>> No.50286101

Lina the bandit slayer - Aka, the queen of all murderhobos

>> No.50286119


Thanks guys, you're the greatest! I'll be sure to do Records of Lodoss War tonight, and if nothing comes up for tomorrow I'll do Whiplash and Slayers.

What would you recommend for a "junk food" watch or read? I'm talking stuff like Murenase or Musume or the myriad of easily-digestible, "tasty" shows or manga.

>> No.50286123

So here is a recommendation for something I very much enjoyed, and while it is not action based it is high tension and drama. Go watch Kaiji. It is about high stakes gambling in a variety of games and situations.

Thinking of fast paced and full of action there are many choices, but often the more action packed anime tend towards being aimed at younger audiences. Samurai Champloo is a thought, I saw it years ago but remember enjoying it quite a bit. Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop as well.

I'm choosing titles easily digestible by someone who hasn't gone through a lot of Japanese media.

For movies go watch Sword of the Stronger for very high action with excellent choreography. It is styled after old Samurai films. Ghost in the Shell is a cyber punk movie with quite a bit of action, standalone complex, the series that is its sequel, is very different but highly enjoyable.

There is also a seven movie series called Kara no Kyoukai that is Urban Fantasy. I personally like it a lot, but it may be difficult for someone without much experience with the Nasuverse. It is set in modern day japan (actually it might be 90s japan).

The Mardock Scrambles films are also excellent cyberpunk with plenty of action.

If you like racing (even if you don't you should still watch it) Redline is one of the most fantastically animated and most hype films I have ever seen.

>> No.50286124


>> No.50286141


KonoSuba. Guy gets reincarnated in a fantasy world...

...and instead of going out and becoming the destined hero, fucks around doing odd jobs and making friends with weirdos. And drags the goddess who reincarnated him into it to punish her for making fun of how he died.

>> No.50286148


That show had no right to be as good as it was.

Megumin's VA was *ace.*

>> No.50286194

To summarize I will just make a list (plus add some more):

>Easy for non japanese media watchers
Black Lagoon
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Psychopass (Season 1 and Movie only)
Standalone Complex

>Bit Harder
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
House of Five Leaves

Sword of the Stranger
Ghost in the Shell
Mardock Screamble

>Little Harder
Kara no Kyoukai

>> No.50286209


House of Flying Daggers and Thirteen Assassins are also two good non-anime movies to watch (the first one's Chinese but hey, it's still good.)

>> No.50286214


Be warned, this one of those series that annoys a lot of people because it's well-executed but some of the basic premises are really dumb.

>> No.50286233

If you want a version of this kind of show that takes itself seriously as opposed to being a comedy series I'd suggest "Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?".

Essentially it's a series wherein the protag is the standard shonen kid with a loser goddess with a boob ribbon, and tries to make his way in the world by going into a huuuuuge dungeon with monsters very similar to Pathfinder levelling systems.

>> No.50286238

I completely agree. It is a very hit or miss series for a lot of people.

>> No.50286246


>Halfway in first episode
>Thief is a money-grubbing amoral shifty type
>Got like, two typical SELFLESS WARRIOR types
>Cleric tanking the gargoyles and owning the characterization
>Dwarf doing Dwarf things
>Fuckin' Deedlit

Oh my god why have I never seen this before.

>> No.50286297

>Kara no Kyoukai
It's fun and pretty well-executed but has some of Nasu's annoying quirks. It's not for everyone, I would say, and that doesn't even have anything to do with like Japanese media.

>> No.50286304

No I meant like making the race up from scratch. Specifically, I couldn't find how to make an animal-type race nor a diminutive-sized one in the race builder.

>> No.50286342

Not yet, but I've been considering it. Game on sunday so... yeah I've been thinking about it.

I'm not fucking twelve anymore, I don't need to hear people talk about how good they are at getting drunk for two hours in between bits about pokemon go and how trans they've gotten.

>> No.50286356

That's why I said it's issue was familiarity with the nasuverse.

>> No.50286376

>animal-type race

Not going to happen, because animals definitionally have Int less than 3. Even familiars are of the magical beast type.

>nor a diminutive-sized one

Diminutive-sized from level 1 doesn't happen because even Tiny is pushing it in terms of the advantage it gives to spellcasters and sneak attack archers.

>> No.50286696

go watch the disc world tv movies. Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic

>> No.50286729

My thoughts:
>Archmage - Neothelid
>Champion - Gug
>Guardian - Otyugh
>Hierophant - Naga
>Marshal - Aboleth
>Trickster - Intellect Devourer

I love what you're doing here, by the way, and hope it works out for you.

>> No.50286834

Oh I hadn't even thought about Naga or Otyugh, thanks! I thought about Neothelid and while they are at the top of the totem pole they also don't have any particular magical aptitude built in, whereas the Seugathi has the item use thing going on, even though they're part of the life-cycle in some horrible fashion.
Gug is a great one to have there, gonna be fun to play with.

It looks like it's going to be a fun character to play, and I've already got plans to eventually set up a mindscape for him that contains representations of all his spirits/emissaries. Vaguely debating if I should try to get the DM to allow the legendary archmage spirit outside of its usual archetype just for the personal spire bit to make it even more real/summon emissaries of his emissaries to party with.

>> No.50286909

Would D&D be about Dungeon Crawls if it werent for The Hobbit?

>> No.50286949


We wouldn't *have* DnD without The Hobbit.

>> No.50286952

Pretty unlikely, all told.

chances are, it'd be a lot more regarding fantasy political fiction if Tolkien hadn't written his stories.

>> No.50286963

It wouldn't be D&D, but dungeon crawling is a cheap and easy narrative structure. It'd definitely still be involved in whatever was there instead.

>> No.50286977


It also wouldn't have Elves or Dwarves or Orcs, just different types of Humans and *maybe* demons.

>> No.50287049

About Malefex, are you sure their base duration should be Minute per class level + Wisdom mod? I feel like if they were Rounds per class level + Wisdom mod, they'd be just as effective. Otherwise they're pretty fire and forget no matter what.

>> No.50287061

their malefactions, even

>> No.50287288

Malefex? What's this?

>> No.50287310

>Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing

Read your OP senpai

>> No.50287329

God dammit. Thanks man.

>> No.50287350

>On Episode 5 of Record of Lodoss War, the part where they're at a noble event
>Everyone's dressed up
>Except Etoh
>NPC asks Etoh why he's dressed up all in priest robes
>Etoh says he's a Cleric, he has to wear Cleric robes
>Everyone laughs at him because that's fucking stupid

Holy shit, this almost feels word-for-word what happened at their table.

>> No.50287438

>mfw I buy Glammered Armor for this precise reason.

Nobody said you can't adventure in style.

>> No.50287480


>4716 AR
>Adventuring in your (admittedly fake) finery
>He doesn't have a chest full of noble outfits, jewelry and rare colognes

>> No.50287492


The only set you ever need


>> No.50287497

Some of us prefer to keep our +28 AC in the event of an ambush.

>> No.50287583


Depending on your class, it's completely possible to push 24-26 AC with nothing but stances and level-appropriate magical items.

Heck, if you've got Landsknecht *you* are likely the one going first in an ambush.

>> No.50287642

This is why you wear a full set of mithral chain lingerie under your clothes.

>> No.50287649

>>wherever most spells draw their energy.
>The user.
I thought that was just Arcanists

>> No.50287689


Wait wait, hold up.

>Assuming level 11
>Ring of Protection (+2), Amulet of Natural Armor (+2), Dexterity 14 (+2), Scarlet Duelist's Stance (+5), Aegis (+3) = 24 AC

And if I take the Crafter's Art (Cloth), I get a +5 deflection bonus while wearing no armor, which pushes me to 29 AC.

>> No.50287692

Near as I can tell, Arcane magic is drawing magic from the world, divine is an entity, and psychic magic and psionics are personal power.

Sorcerers and arcanists are just natural conduits for worldly energy,

>> No.50287712

How can i make the most sadistic character in terms of gameplay mechanics.

Some verity of unchained rogue focusing on pain, crippling, and bleed effects sounds about right

>> No.50287724

>Crafter's Art (Cloth)

>> No.50287737

Check out the Harbinger class from PoW:E. You can make it super edgy.

>> No.50287738

Definitely invest in Bludgeoner and Enforcer, probably take the Skirmisher rogue archetype to reward charges and take Cudgeling Style too for maximum terrifying abilities.

>> No.50287752


you need Hamatulatsu and Wild Flanking

>> No.50287753


It's an Artisan class feature representing your focus and expertise in enchanting.

>> No.50287766

The arcs had names?!?!?

Also reminder that we need to add dimensional detours to our delivery pricing from now on.

>> No.50287778


Oh right, and impaling critical

>> No.50287894

You're likely correct. It's not the first time I've gotten this feedback.

>> No.50287900

Oh. Huh. Yeah okay I can see that

>> No.50287905


What if i wanted to use weapons instead of unarmed strike?

>> No.50287930

pls advise

>> No.50288294

The best Neothelids have an amount of casting baked in. CL 20th Psychic casting, in fact.

>> No.50288309

Oops, forgot my link to explain that statement.

>> No.50288310

Consider me corrected then.

>> No.50288447

What's the news on PoW:E?

Is it dead in the water?

>> No.50288458


Anon, it's out. It's been out. It's been out for, like, nearly a year now. It's been out for so long I up and wrote a novel with the iconic harbingers.

>> No.50288465

So dead.

>> No.50288511

What is that?

Why do I imagine Quinn with Morgan Freeman voice and why is it right?

>> No.50288537

>Re-checking DSP site.
>Bought the PoWE Subscription early on
>didn't notice anything new had come out.
>Re-Download the subscription zip.
>Holy shit it's there how did I miss this.
Well, don't I feel like a buffoon.

>> No.50288580

No worries, my friend. Pic related is the cover of aforementioned novel.

If you happen to read it, please, /please/ feel free to leave your honest reviews wherever it's sold. Exposuuuuuure.

>> No.50288600

I tend to try to review things I buy if I have feelings other than "meh"

So uh, where can I get PoW:E in hard copy up in Canuckistan?

Did you guys ever get canadian distribution figured out, or am I still going to have to get it imported like I did with PoW1 and Ultimate Psionics?

>> No.50288619

Dungeon Meshi
Spice and Wolf, if you can get past the first two episodes

>> No.50288678

What city? If you're thinking LGS it's probably a major city?
C A L A G A R Y?

>> No.50288761


>Jade Ripley

Gareth pls

>> No.50288764

Nah. I was hoping for somewhere I could order online.

Was living in St. Catharines ON, am now living in Prince George BC.

We have an LGS though. Do you have canadian distributors that I can get my LGS to get it from now?

>> No.50288770

Believe it or not.

>> No.50288775

You should really just legally change your name to Gareth.

>> No.50288818

>We have an LGS though. Do you have canadian distributors that I can get my LGS to get it from now?
I'm a nobody in terms of RPGs, production and business. If you were in calgary I woulda been able to talk LGS's because I've made an effort to befriend all the local owners. If you want I could ask about their distributors for you but I don't know how much that would help when you're so far away. DSP probably does shipping for physical on their webzone but considering we're in canada that won't be cheap.

>> No.50288828

Hey Gareth, I've got some feedback on the Malefex for you.

The biggest thing to me is that a fair number of the Malefactions don't feel particularly useful while I'm looking them over. I'd recommend taking a second look at the following:

>Sandman's Deception
The problem with this one is there's no way to silence or hide the casting of Malefactions, meaning casting this on a target is going to alert them anyways. Against an ooze, it effectively blinds them, sure, but that's a pretty rare instance when most enemies you'll send the campaign fighting have eyes, ears, and decent perception checks.

>Censure: Succor
This feels like another one of those extremely niche abilities that only comes up on the rare occasion when you're fighting, for example, a troll. I feel like it may need a bit of help to make it less situational.

>Confiscate: Blood
This feels like kind of a crappy ability because you can accomplish this with a feat and a longbow. Said feat is even located on the same document.

this seems like the sort of ability that only comes up when you know your target is going to be buffed by said enemy's ally, which you're usually better served by preventing by going after the caster in the first place. I don't know, it feels odd and just as situational as the last two.

>Oath of Spurned Arcana
See Suspicion. This ability is largely in the same boat.

Overall, I like the class, though I could do with it having some more ability damage effects readily available before level 20. It feels like it's the kind of ability that would be good for the class and fits thematically, but there's next to no ways to do it; one ability at level 15, and one at level 20.

Knocks are all good, though. I've have trouble picking between them, and I'd never give them up for Rust Picker's Brilliant Planner stuff, even if I really like Rustpicker.

>> No.50288857

>Not Shipped & Sold by Amazon, but some at reasonable prices.
>Already Own It.

>Shipped & Sold By Amazon.
>Already Own It.

>Shipped & Sold by Amazon.
>Just Ordered It.

>> No.50288900

If only I had friends locally so I could support my LGS but in the end I'm just playing with PDF copies. Someday canuckistan will have enough people playing pathfinder that the only in person option isn't 3 furries, a landwhale, 2 30-40 y/o neckbeards and a 14 y/o at the same table in my LGS.

>> No.50288906



I'm leery of installing additional ability damage, though that might be my memories of the terror that was ability damage back in 3.5

I'll revisit Sandman's Deception later. Succor...Succor I have to express a soft disagreement on. I'm a little worried about it myself but at the same time for much of my audience it's already going to look and, potentially, /be/ strong.

Confiscate: Blood I'm revisiting with Jolly here soon.

Suspicion I'm not sure what to say on because when it's relevant it's fairly damn relevant. I'll see what further feedback comes in, same with Spurned Arcana.

Can I get you to expand on why you feel Rustpicker's not worth what it trades, considering the sheer versatility on offer from being able to produce items on demand?

>> No.50288907

>Planes of Power
>Divine Anthology
Any Good?
Quick summary of contents?

>> No.50288934

Closest I've got is that Bossman: Viking Edition believes it's available through Amazon.ca

>> No.50288943

I don't know how closely it relates because I haven't looked over what you have but after playing a psion in 4e that could do exactly that (Spontaneously produce items) it pretty quickly gets forgotten at any level where you have the resources to purchase things and just stuff them in a bag of holding. Does what it trades out equal about the same in terms of value/gp vs +1-5 enchantment items?

>> No.50288968

>Ability Damage
Much, much less character-destroying in Pathfinder than it was in 3.5, believe me. Even ability drain isn't nearly as bad as it was before.

I like it. I really do. the trick is, though, just what >>50288943 said. Mundane versatility falls very rapidly in the face of a character with high WBL, and it's just not really worth as much as actual class abilities since it's very rare for mundane items to scale to any reasonable degree.

>> No.50288982

Oh. Ouch.

I game in person, with like 8 buddies from university. Or at least I did. Haven't gamed since I moved out here. Not motivated to gather a group here, as I expect I will be moving back within the year because the job I moved here for did not pan out (boss didn't like me, found an excuse to find me unsuitable for the job before probation ended).

I rarely (basically never) do anything at an LGS these days. I will go there if I am looking for something and I expect there is a chance they might carry it. I certainly never game there. And they rarely have what I'm looking for in stock, or the prices are absurd.

I would pay to join a gaming club. Like a golf club; with facilities, and annual membership fees, and whatnot; if it was any good. But I'm not going to game at an LGS, and again, they very rarely have what I'm looking for if what I'm looking for is an RPG product.

So I now generally buy my RPG Books online.

>> No.50288992

I assumed you weren't a big fan of your given name. Not a huge fan of mine; have been planning on changing it to my online alias for a few years now.

>> No.50288993

> mundane items

You're the second person to make this particular error. Rustpickers - actually, /anyone/ with Brilliant Planner - can pick up any item they can afford, including magical ones. That's the power they trade half their knocks for: magic on demand, including scrolls, potions, and anything else they can pay for our of their brilliant plan fund.

>> No.50289001

It is indeed on amazon.ca. I just ordered it.

See >>50288857

Last time I checked they didn't have anything from you guys.

>> No.50289019

Looks great. I'd suggest looking at some of the archetypes for more AWT ideas, since some of those are good

>> No.50289021

Huh, well shit. In that case, that's quite a bit more powerful than I originally thought. Given that magical items are one of the single most powerful commodities in the entire game, I withdraw my previous complaint about it.

Though, I will admit, the monetary limit does feel a tad low, but that's just a personal thing. 100 gold per level is a pittance.

>> No.50289031

>Planes of Power
Elemental Planes finally get some love. Lore stuff is kinda neat. Not sure about archetypes.

>> No.50289032

Fuck I always mix them up.
Which one was the ones hated by everyone, Demons or Daemons?

>> No.50289038

Whichever it is they're both pronounced the same. I bet demons are the most hated ones, though, nobody likes CE characters.

>> No.50289049

>100 gold per level
Maybe what, 10% of character level value or whatever it was called?

>> No.50289059

Wealth by level.

>> No.50289076

Close enough

>> No.50289083

I sat across from a table of people playing 5e at my uni once and paid attention to it while feigning work on my laptop.
A rules lawyer monk, a furry druid, an alright fighter and a "I'm not fapping under the table" rouge played by men who could walk in a row of 3 and block any hallway in the university.
I'm interested in local PFS but the only people to run it that I know of are people more autistic and stereotypically "That guy" material than most "That guy" threads deal with.
Someday I'll find an IRL game, that isn't the one of the one offs I run for my friends when they all come back at christmas.

>> No.50289092


How well does your character clean up after a hard day's fighting?

>> No.50289096

Alright, so we've established that it's sound in principle. Now we just need to figure out what percentage of wealth is appropriate for on-demand flex spending.

>> No.50289108

Go full ham, just let them use their entire WBL as flex spending.
>Character magically pulls a +1 silver sword out of their ass just to beat damage reduction.

>> No.50289116

Incorrect. Daemons are even more hated. The only thing demons and devils agree on is daemons can go fuck themselves.

>> No.50289120

I have to agree with this guy >>50289049 . Basic Brilliant Planner, at level 5, gives you all of the equivalent of 2% of your WBL able to be used on it, and 100 gold isn't much better at 5%.

To have it be a worthwhile investment, about 8%-10% is almost necessary, otherwise it's just not enough. It's the reason why Brilliant Planner gets no attention in the first place.

to hit that level, you need about 200 per level up to about level 10, at which point you need to start jacking it up to around 400-500 per level.

This is schrodinger's items, of course, but it requires you to already be investing cash in it. That makes higher numbers actually viable to work with, since it requires investment from the character's own coffers.

>> No.50289166

Ah. How nice.

Me and 3 others started a Uni wide RPG club. Mini-Conventions twice a semester. Raffled prizes including gaming products donated by publishers. Averages about 150 people a year, maybe 25ish people a year in turnover. People from outside the university can join, and we canvassed and advertised our mini- convention-events at the local LGS's.

Over the 3 years we had it before I graduated I met a LOT of gamers. My regular group is 8 of the like, 16 best gamers from that club over those three years.

Club is still going strong from what I hear (I don't live in that city anymore sadly), and the gaming community in that town skyrocketed after we started it.

In addition to the mini-conventions, there is a meet and greet at the beginning of the year, followed by a coordination event once a semester. That coordination event is basically a matchmaking service for people looking for games and GMs looking for players. As a university club, we had access to book empty classrooms for club events (like game sessions).

It was fucking fantastic.

For 2 years I averaged like, 50 hours a week of in-game play (like, 4 ongoing campaigns, some twice a week, others with very long sessions). Sure it was hell on my grades, but I haven't used my degree professionally since 2013 anyways because I hated the work conditions, and nobody ONCE asked me what my marks were like when I applied for work.

>> No.50289170

>tfw an entry about daemons flat-out said if they started acting in force, Hell and the Abyss would both go beg the Celestials for help to stop them

>> No.50289180

He's never really had to "clean up". He was raised in a monastery and has spent his last couple years on a pilgrimage. He performs at night in bars singing songs of heroes, wizards, kings and damsels that could make a serf fall in love with a wink but you hardly need to clean up to be a bard. He's cute but the scars on his body aren't all that appealing and his limp isn't very regal

>> No.50289213

>Davy Jones: [intrigued.] Price? [makes popping noise.]
>Jack: Just how many souls do you think my soul is worth?
>Davy Jones: One hundred souls. Three days.
>Gareth, how COULD you not post the picture!

What are the suggested limits in WBL for a single item when you're building a higher level character again?

I'd use that as my starting point.

>> No.50289231

He's so used to being around spirits that it doesn't strike him as odd when one shows up. This has already caused some dangerous situations for him.

>> No.50289251

Damn, Chaos and Lawful join up against Neutral.
A pity though, since Daemons have the soul trade thing going

>> No.50289254

IS that trove of meticulously organized character art ripped from all of the Paizo PDFs still being updated, and does anybody have a link?

>> No.50289289

Devils also have the Soul Trade going. They just don't destroy the souls they collect, which means while it's evil to do so, you can trade with them without destabilizing planes at all.

>> No.50289329

Well, while I appreciate your position I'm rather happy with my given name. I don't have to share it with a lot of folks where I live and in any event it's served me well. There's worse names, and few better.


That sounds closer to right. I'm gonna link this conversation thread to Psybomb and see what we can do about the cash math there.

I'm drunk and fucked up from root canal, bear with me.

>> No.50289350


>> No.50289355

You seem to get drunk a lot Gareth.

regarding the quality of your name, I do concur. I would much rather be named Jade than uh.. Raymond.

>> No.50289383


gareth you are cute! cute!

>> No.50289398

What about the consideration of matching the WBL numbers


>For a balanced approach, PCs that are built after 1st level should spend no more than 25% of their wealth on weapons, 25% on armor and protective devices, 25% on other magic items, 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands, and 10% on ordinary gear and coins.
>25% WBL
>250, 750, 1500, 2625, 4000, 5875, 8250, 11500, 15500, 20500,27000, 35000, 46250, 60000, 78750, 102500, 132500, 171250, 220000

>> No.50289408

And for L1 I'd give them 85gp worth, just to fit the pattern.

>> No.50289446

They do?
Shit, alright senpai thanks

>> No.50289450

>Tfw enjoy spending hours on hours looking up stuff and putting together cool character ideas for the future
>I have a notepad full of ideas and links to feats and classes and shit
>When it comes to the time I actually find a game to play in I end up spending days to completely new character idea instead of trying to use one of the concepts I was so excited to put into action
What kind of autism do I have?

>> No.50289455


you're suffering from decision paralysis Tbh

>> No.50289460

I'd disagree with Malefactions being reduced to rounds/level, that would severely kill the use of a lot of choices like Face Stealer, Steal Talent, Sandman's Deception (which the earlier anon was right about, I don't ever see myself choosing this as a PC), and others.

They're the classes only real unique utility beyond just being good at skill checks, and I think they should keep it.

>> No.50289494

Are you sure? I feel more like I'm just having too many ideas. I also don't know how I can spend 6+ hours of just looking up stuff in the psfrd and writing stuff about characters I usually don't end up using.

>> No.50289504

Write stories with them or something?

>> No.50289566

Tbh I haven't written any stories in about a year or so. I haven't really had the motivation to write, mostly because I end up treating it like work and it stresses me out. Also because writefagging always looks cringy if you show it to someone else unlike drawfagging which doesn't help me want to do it.
Maybe I do have that decision paralysis after all.

>> No.50289634

Guys, I'm a complete fag got and am looking for build advice. My GM's limiting my bullshit, so it's got to be strictly paizo stuff, and even then some might get veto'd.
I'm going Hunter mostly, I think. Really wanting to focus on my animal companion. I was flat told no on any dinosaur, but he let me refluff a raptor as a giant chicken. I am determined to make this chicken the best thing ever. So far, I'm thinking halfling so I can burn a feat on undersized mount and ride him- not to mention haflings have a racial trait to add +2 to one of an animal companion's stats.
Is there anything else i can do for him that I've overlooked? I'm looking for any help at all. Level's unimportant, we're starting a bit low (2-3) but I think we'll be advancing fairly quickly.

>> No.50289694

They cast prestidigitation

>> No.50289711

Try a Journal style

>> No.50289715

He's a rat, so well enough I guess.

>> No.50289795

>You will never play a pathfinder game with your best bro where your characters are twins

>> No.50289826

>You will never tag team a dick with a twin character

>> No.50289838

>You will never dick a tag team with your twin dick character

>> No.50290110

So it was 3.5 APs, Shattered Star, then Jade Regent?

>> No.50290146

When will we have the Path of War errata playtest? Not even the full errata, just the playtest.

It was "coming soon" half a year ago.

>> No.50290272


>> No.50290302

Would /pfg/ duo app in a kingdom-building game as an awooooooo prince and princess who treat the kingdom as all their pack?

>> No.50290310

How updated are those troves?

>> No.50290330

>Be monk
>GM is mad I don't use the magic weapons that he leaves for us (some of them aren't even monk weapons) because they're subpar compared to my current unarmed damage
I don't understand this

>> No.50290378

>DM getting mad at monk
What fucking world do we live in right now?
Sorry that your DM is a sperg.

>> No.50290417

>every single weapon is a magic sword and sometimes an axe instead
>all of them
>ALL of them
>he's changing even randomized loot here, because "it's too random" and he wants to give us equipment we'll actually use
>ALL. of them.
>We sold off a sword with Distance on it before he put his foot down on selling items off
>the crossbowman, the polearm user, the morningstar wielder and the fucking wizard are all standing there staring at a cutlass
>equipment we'll actually use

I feel your pain. Fucking assburgers

>> No.50290480

I know there've been a lot of Robbie Rotten shitposts recently which is why I didn't want to start a new thread but how would you play him?
I'm thinking CN/TN Sorceror, lots of illusion spells and 'roguish' skill investments, and have his main goals basically be to remove things that are 'bothersome', put some emphasis on his hedonism for off hours.

>> No.50290814

I have no idea what that is.
Now I know why that guy complained about assuming everyone watches Doctor Who

>> No.50290942

Hey /pfg/, the armor master's handbook has been out for a while, right? I didn't see the PDF in the Troves, does anyone have it?

>> No.50291196

Is the Sandler dude part of DSP?

>> No.50291205

>When you start to realize your DM is babysitting you hard
>Fight monk
>Oh shit is tetori monk
>Absurd bonus to grapple
>Plus turtle style
>He never even tries to pin me even though he can perform like 3 grapple checks per turn
>My char is Dex focused
He could have finished the combat in like his first turn

>> No.50291238

No, Sandler dude is a 2hu apologist.

>> No.50291277

>only my char uses armors
>and only light armors
>no light armor or even medium mithral ever appears
>DM gets mad because we don't use his super duper magic items

>> No.50291284


>> No.50291300


2hu apologist.

>> No.50291411

2hu isn't harming anyone, dude.

>> No.50291554

Ruining games and trying to shit up the kingdom building Roll20 game.

>> No.50291634

holy fuck shut up

>> No.50291709

Stop being a goddamn whiny piece of shit.

>> No.50291717

end your witch-hunting

>> No.50291780

If I am a Monk/Stalker with weapon group adaptation (natural) can I use a beast form potion to be an Eel and tail slap someone with a maneuver or Ki ability? Like I can easily tell I can't Flurry of Misses, or stunning fist. But I could keep my AC, high jump, and Ki pool if I was say, A rabbit?

What can/Can't a A Ki & Maneuver user do while polymorphed.

>> No.50291802

I'm pretty sure you can use unarmed attacks regardless of your form.

>> No.50291998


I would, actually. What did you have in mind, senpai? Who's wearing the pretty dresses in this arrangement?

>> No.50292016

the same kind i have

>> No.50292067


>Come up with a character you love and a concept that feels fun
>First session goes alright, you feel like it was a good start to your character
>Second session is delayed
>And then the third
>Fourth session rolls around and the magic's gone
>You try and you try but it just feels like you're crunching numbers and wasting time
>Fifth session is a little better, maybe this is a return?
>Sixth session crushes those hopes and dreams
>Seventh session is canceled
>DM tells you guys he can't run the game anymore
>Character is thrown into the dustbin - not just unrealized, but gently used

>> No.50292076

Low wis, decently high int. Probably terrible cha.
I'd play him as a rogue, mostly due to his penchant for disguises and trickery.
If you want to go with a caster, I think a wizard is more appropriate. He's got a vast array of tricks, but he tends to fail because the magic of friendship hits him with something he's not ready for.
You're right about deception and illusion. I'd also add control and generally being bothersome. Be irritating and deny your opponent their natural advantages rather than attacking directly, but carry a dagger, a net, and a sling or bolas.

He never leaves home without Grease prepared.

Of course, I only have limited familiarity with the source material, so there's probably too much Wile E Coyote in there. You'll have to figure that part out.


>> No.50292304

>Have really cool, fun to roleplay character with extensive backstory that the GM is getting really into, integrating it wherever he can
>They're shit mechanically and I can't figure out how to fix them without gutting what made them fun to rokeplay
>Have braindead nigh-autopilot character with fewnuances, just follows their whims to whatever pays the most and lets them stab things, like a true murderhobo
>They're absolutely the most fun thing I've played in the system, are competent at most things, and excel at a whole bunch of things

>> No.50292400

I have no idea why people thinking a character with mercenary interests is suddenly a murderhobo.

>> No.50292412

all i know about the character i'm building right now is that they will be very big on ORDER and DISCIPLINE

>> No.50292429

>What is one of your character's minor flaws?

He's not so autistic he can't tell what people feel and want, but autistic enough that he has trouble getting his own wants and needs across.

>> No.50292457

>What is one of your character's minor flaws?
He's creepy as hell, incredibly disorganized,and has generally poor hygiene.

>> No.50292462

It's less the mercenary interests, more the "follows whims... lets them stab things" part that's murderhobo-y. Consider it an exaggerated comparison on this fine Hessian tapestry-weaving forum.

>> No.50292540

Character not player.

>> No.50292556


It's also because the whole mercenary "fuck it, I'm in for the gold" attitude very old hat by this point. Sure, the money should be a motivation, but at least give us a reason they're trying to make that filthy lucre.

Heck, if you're going to be a mercenary than at least be hired on in a mercenarial position; "I'm in it for the gold" makes sense if you're fighting under a lord's banner, it doesn't make sense when you're exploring a tomb for some goblins.

>> No.50292572


Hey man, goblin coin spends as well as any other, and the local lords all quit hiring me after the incident with gloryhammer's daughter, drakeson's mother, and tenderfoot's wife.

>> No.50292599

>and the local lords all quit hiring me after the incident with gloryhammer's daughter, drakeson's mother, and tenderfoot's wife.

Pfft, now you're just convincing me all the work-trouble is your fault, you don't go doing those kinds of things with a lord's woman without expecting consequences.

>> No.50292615


I have tried to explain to my players that they're going to make money adventuring whether that's the character's stated goal or not, so having other reasons their character ever leaves the fucking tavern would expedite having adventures as opposed to haggling with yet another fucking NPC about the precise figure the obvious plot hook is worth before deciding it's not enough and ignoring the hook.

I hate mercenary PCs.

>> No.50292625

>, it doesn't make sense when you're exploring a tomb for some goblins.
Tombs have gold
Goblins also carry gold

>> No.50292631

Look friend, they were drunk, I was drunk, the lords were all drunk, I was a guest of honor at some high society thing after I accidentally stopped that orcish horde with my skills at wooing drunken women while also drunk.

What I'm getting at is I'm drunk and probably a bard.

>> No.50292639

Have you considered maybe your just not making compelling plothooks, both in and out of character?

>> No.50292672

>What I'm getting at is I'm drunk and probably a bard.

Neither of those are excuses, what you meant to say was, "I'm impulsive and an idiot." If you had to bury your dick into some warm hole, you should've wooed a busty serving girl, not a noblewoman.


Goblins carry shit gold and tombs are best left undisturbed, being a filthy grave robber that tears the tapestries off walls to make an extra gold piece are not just unbecoming of a proper individual, but open to all sorts of consequences.

You should be making your gold off contracts and rewards, not off the pillage you make along the way.

>> No.50292692

How do I quickly make create NPCs with classes for my players to fight?

>> No.50292713

>Goblins carry shit gold and tombs are best left undisturbed
>ears the tapestries off walls to make an extra gold piece are not just unbecoming of a proper individual
See, now you're assuming I'm a rational actor AND a proper individual.
>sorts of consequences.
What are you gonna do? Curse me?

>> No.50292730


I have, but I've also needed to have a word with the guy who seemed slow to grasp that the plotlines two of the party members suggested to me not being about him does not mean they aren't unimportant sidequests he can ignore to try and find more gold.

Particularly since his friend in the group tends to follow his lead when there's not a fight going on so I get the paladin's player coming to me with an idea for finding their missing partner and needing to work, reluctantly, with their extremely corrupt sister's agents, the ranger just wanting to jump on any adventure that sounds like it'll make him more famous, and the wizard deciding neither of those are compelling reasons for him to not sit in the bar all day with the barbarian unless someone offers a big enough bag of coins for him to move his lazy ass.

It wasn't a good campaign and it went nowhere fast. Really drove home that it was important to do session 0s, which my group hadn't really done before, but since then I've also made a point that all players should have a goal beyond "get paid" and that I'm not going to run if only one player coming to me with ideas for their character also means half the party will bail on them whenever I advance that plotline.

>> No.50292734

>hope to spark discussion about trying to balance RP enjoyment with mechanical enjoyment
>End up with whatever this is

I can never predict the shit this thread will latch on to. Except kitsuneposting. That's very preeictable.

>> No.50292771

Copy one them and change the archetype and race.

>> No.50292796

>hope to spark discussion about trying to balance RP enjoyment with mechanical enjoyment

But anon...

... I'm already enjoying that balance with my character.

>> No.50292934

did someone say duo applications for games?

>> No.50292979


They did! They did! Are you looking to duo app with someone, and did you have a campaign in mind?

>> No.50292990

Are catfolk allergic to cloth, but only on their thighs?

>> No.50293011 [SPOILER] 

Have you ever tried to put pants on a cat?

>> No.50293029


It's called zettai ryouiki, the idea is the less bare thigh you show before the skirt, the hotter it is.

>> No.50293085


>> No.50293110

But there's no skirt there.
Every cat I've ever met has tried to bite me.

>> No.50293120

>But there's no skirt there.

Skirt, hips, wherever the thigh connects to the fun parts.

>> No.50293124

you can do zettai ryouki with boyshorts, or whatever

whats important is that a very thin slice of thigh shown

>> No.50293126

Hi, /tg/, it's "What feat should I take" question.

No 3pp. 20 PB. Starting level - 3. I'm planning up to 10. Goal is - simple "down to earth" two-handed fighter.

My class of choice was Ranger - full BAB, good skills, eventually - spellcasting.
I really do not like animal companions, so it's Freebooter for some bonuses for me and party.
Favored Enemy and Terrain isn't for me too, so I selected second archetype - Shapeshifter.
I don't want to use Intimidate out of combat, so I take Intimidating Prowess only before taking Cornugon Smash.
Plan so far:

Human Ranger 10 (Freebooter, Shapeshifter)
Str: . . 18
Dex: . . 14
Con: . . 12
Int: . . 10
Wis: . . 14
Cha: . . 6

1: Power Attack, Furious Focus
2: Weapon Focus: Falchion [combat style feat]
3: ??
5: Intimidating Prowess
6: Vital Strike [combat style feat]
7: Cornugon Smash
9: Imp.Critical: Falchion
10: Imp.Vital Strike [combat style feat]

I'll max Perception, Survival, Spellcraft, Intimidate and Acrobatics (almost)
And put 1-2 points in various class skills like Climb, Knowl.Nature, etc.

So my question is - what should I take as my 3rd level feat?
Or 5th level, if I'll take "Intimidating Prowess" earlier.

"Toughness" is boring, while, probably, useful. "Learn Ranger Trap" is so-so. "Cleave" branch I do not want that much.
But I hope there are feats that will contribute more or are more interesting \ provides some new options.

>> No.50293135


>> No.50293153

It's Bab +6, can't take it that early

>> No.50293164

You could retrain to it later.

>> No.50293166

who is depressed homebrewer? Is he with a 3pp?

>> No.50293180


He is a homebrewer with crippling depression that writes 3pp.

Also dying of the heart murmurs.

>> No.50293182

No, he's a homebrewer. Probably a microbrewer.

>> No.50293207

take it instead of vital strike which is garbage.

i mean you're already getting rid of animal comp

why are you even playing a ranger.

Just play a fighter, your spellcasting is garbage anyways.

>> No.50293253

Microbrewer? Never heard that term before.

>> No.50293265

Named bullet tho

>> No.50293277


It's a term (in the United States, at least) for single-building brewers who produce "custom" flavors, of ten seasonal.

The guy that bought a beer making kit and has a couple jugs in the basement is technically a microbrewer.

>> No.50293281

Shapeshifter is locking me into "natural combat style", where Vital Strike is better then other options. Also, I'll use VS anyway from time to time after using Freebooter's Bane as a Move.

> i mean you're already getting rid of animal comp
> why are you even playing a ranger.
> Just play a fighter, your spellcasting is garbage anyways.
If I'd want animal companion, I'd take Hunter. Also, Fighter is just worse. I'd lose my garbage spellcasting, ability to use wands, 4 skillpoints per level, good reflexes, Freebooter's Bane etc etc for what? Slightly higher bonuses to hit and damage? I don't even need that many feats

>> No.50293309

>for what? Slightly higher bonuses to hit and damage?
Advanced weapon training, advanced armor training and weapon mastery feats.

>> No.50293310

I do not want to be rude. It's just - I don't think Fighter should be here at all.
But I thank you for your answers

>> No.50293321

Play a fucking druid and take a domain

>> No.50293356

Let's take starting (3rd level) Druid is more for spellcasting and versatility. Ranger is just about smashing faces. I'm not arguing, Druid is stronger. But it's also different, he can't just do the same thing. Esp. at lover level.

>> No.50293387

actually he will do the same thing, and better, because he will have better wildshape, which is what he wants.

>> No.50293394

>tfw I wildshape into a bear and maul your ranger to death

>> No.50293444

Ok, so let's take 3rd level (starting, according to initial post).
Mentioned Ranger have this combat statistic (all day long):

Attack: +10
Damage: 2d4+10

(+2 attack, +3 damage for one battle)

Attack: 3 bab + 4 str + 1 mwk weapon + 1 freebooter's bane + 1 focus - 0 PA
Damage: 6 str + 3 PA + 1 Fr.Bane

Can you show me your Druid's numbers? To compare.

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