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Pathfinder General /pfg/

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

How villainous are your villains?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Broken Shackles Playtest: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59701/broken-shackles-test-play
Creation Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kitAB8sHgmuD3fvOMuI_KyV_dxpO2wrxQmbnCoRgglA/edit#
Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg

Old but dying thread: >>50255111

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Friendly reminder that Iomedae did nothing wrong; you're not actually supposed to trigger the trumpets, the only one wrong is the PLAYER.

Iomedae is a woman of many talents - expert Paladin, avatar of justice, the slayer of the Whispering Tyrant and right-hand of Aroden... But being a goddess is a bit of a difficult thing to work out, you see? So if she seems a little heavy-handed, don't INSULT HER OKAY, she's just working out the kinks of her new heavenly figure.


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They are somehow less creepy than the party's allies.

I mean, a young girl who's carried on her father's work caring for treants and other creepy walking plants, an Alraune who may or may not exercise a subtle control over one of the two Alchemists, an amnesiac Wax Golem, a Grippli meme Druid, a monotone-speaking Elf Treesinger Druid, and a Wolf Shaman Druid who is just not smart.

And these are the ones HELPING them against the Fungus Queen who wants the artifact under the town, not knowing that the last hero to visit the place found it and switched it out, but no one remembers because everyone's memories are being stolen.

There was also the hungry Dragon Turtle, but he died in three rounds.

Really, it's a ten-car pile-up of evil plans, and somehow my players are more creeped out by the other good guys.

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What are some ways to get out of combat utility that aren't spells or skills?

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>post ooze-kin here asking for feedback. No bites.
>post ooze-kin on reddit asking for feedback. "lel y not play squoles".

Because squoles are a fucking garbage race and no one should ever play with the crippling limitation of only being able to see 40 feet (or +5ft per +1wis mod you have). I don't care about their exhaustive list of immunities, they're shit. Beyond that they're completely fucking unrelatable in terms of mindset. A martial is *soooooo* good if he cant figure out where he needs to fucking be. A caster is *fucking fantastic* if they cant find the enemies.


Also stop fucking snowing stupid weather.

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Iomedae is a shit.

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>Also stop fucking snowing stupid weather.

You gonna get comfy, son.

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>Using the previous thread topic sentence
shiggy diggy

What are you character's keepsakes or mementos they keep?

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I have seasonal effective disorder. Snow makes me want to kill myself. not joking.

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Alchemical items are probably your best bet.

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This is an open call to arms! Rise of the Jade Regent needs Additional DMs for simultaneous games.

Two or three DMs willing to run a game following the original (Or slightly altered) perimeters can make a lot of people very happy.

Please be an awesome person and volunteer!

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Not very, unless the PCs escalate the situation.

He's a CR 6 LE Brutal Slayer Bushi with Elemental Flux and Broken Blade, and he's wants to test his techniques on the PCs.

As long as the PCs don't do something foolish, like trying to smite him because he pings as evil, he's kind of agreeable.

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my paladin keeps her deceased husband's ring, the party mage thought it would be a good idea to "upgrade" it, needless to say the paladin fell and is working to redeem themselves.

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Why doesn't Iomedae go looking for the Bloodstones of Arazni?

If she can't use them and her old patron's power to bring her predecessor back to her senses, maybe she could use them to give her the peace of death.

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It's an RP challenge. It's like how sometimes you get to play a mute character that can only communicate through occasional gurgling.

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A piece of deep crystal that matches her eyecolor.

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>Playing a bastard born of inbreeding or a special snowflake.

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It wasn't a joke?

Is the fact that they're inherently flawed all that makes you mad? Show me where the slime touched you anon.

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why not both?

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>Implying it's somehow wrong to have 'special snowflake' characters.

Oh no, best not play tieflings, aasimar, half-whatevers, or any fucking variety of other things. Human farmkid only! No sorcerers, wizards, paladins or clerics.

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A necklace of twisted vines, made by his daughter, completely unrelated to the ring of twisted vines made by his hamadryad lover so she can keep an eye on him, you know?

I've got a character currently in possession of a noblewoman's maiden braid, took it the day before her wedding night to remember her by.

Another guy has his sword from the academy and the ring of his late wife.

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>implying normies don't play all the halflings

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40ft of vision isn't a flaw. It's a fucking death sentence.

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time slot?

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It was a half-slime girl, if I recall.

The one that was traveling with a Varisian caravan and was afraid of romance because she didn't know if she might be sterile.

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Not afraid of being sterile, afraid of breeding true, oh and people thinking she was some sort of fucked up abberation when they realized her 'contortion' was literally childsplay and she didn't have a bone in her body.

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sounds good to me

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If someone knows it can be devastating, but how many people know what a squicky ooze person can do? Play to your strengths and try to only fight in close quarters. Always know your cover. Keep some 'tools' for closing distance and for keeping archers away. Rely on a familiar or allies for help. If a cloudy eyed oracle is possible in the system a ooze with 40ft vision isn't an impossibility. If a dm want's to kill you sure you'll die but that's true of any character.

Anytime. People will make time for you.

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How large of a family is too large for a character?

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If you're volunteering to DM its up to you and your players to decide.

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If you're that 500 babies faglord, you're about 497 babies over the line for an adventurer.

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The character has no children, nor a spouse.

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Whoops. Second quote for >>50260062

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What are you talking about?

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Half-orcs have the highest possible number of siblings with 1d6+1, so eight siblings is too many.

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I think for a standard age adventurer the max is probably six.

For middle age that bumps up to about a dozen and a half.

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Humans can get 2d4 siblings though

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No limit. As an adventurer it's your job to spread your vital genes for the next generation of adventurers.

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In what order would you play the Adventure Paths?

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It's they Yotsuba one, right?

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>Human Siblings
>71—90 2d4 siblings. You gain access to the Kin Guardian combat trait.

I missed it. Nine siblings is too many.

>> No.50260263

>book of nine siblings

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What are some cool monsters a level 20 party (pair of adventurers) can fight?

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> "Hey Kid, wanna /ss/?"

My fellow possessing a high concentration of melanin.

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None of what you said is true.
What is true is that the scene is poorly written and should not have had the trumpets inflict actual damage, plus the writers should trust the PCs not to be total cunts and attack their patron in a game mostly about being Lawful Good, so the punishment included as a contingency makes her look totally out of character.
Anyone with a brain stem wouldn't even include that section of the module. Just have her hork up some exposition and scoot 'em on their way.

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This is the family in question:

>Andes Harparr, Father
>Brione Harparr, Mother
>Gyles Harparr, Older Brother
>Thurey Harparr, Older Brother
>Elell Harparr, Older Sister
>Rarder Harparr, Younger Brother
>Sane Harparr, Younger Sister
>Abet Harparr, Grandmother
>Joycie Payne, Grandmother
>Rasmundus Payne, Great Great Uncle
>Nieles Payne Sr, Great Grandfather
>Nieles Payne Jr, Grandfather
>Nieles Payne II, Uncle
>Alel Payne, Cousin
>Annel Payne, Aunt
>Joane Payne, Cousin
>Mera Payne, Cousin
>Rewilh Harparr, Uncle
>Hony Harparr, Uncle
>Yellis Harparr, Aunt
>Mickel Harparr, Cousin
>Alice Belmont, Great Aunt
>Rickard Belmont, Great Uncle
>Hepmon Belmont, First Cousin Once Removed
>Ullis Belmont, First Cousin Once Removed
>Ivar Belmont, Second Cousin
>Eilen Belmont, Second Cousin
>Mickey Belmont, Second Cousin Once Removed
>Tyran Belmont, Second Cousin
>Fillman Belmont, Second Cousin
>Helga Milleen, First Cousin Once Removed
>Omar Milleen, First Cousin Once Removed
>Copor Mileen, Second Cousin Once Removed
>Capre Mileen, Second Cousin Once Removed
This is just those I have listed out. I add to the list occasionally. Everyone has a short blurb about them in my notes (one sentence generally).

I played Nieles Payne in a previous campaign. He's a wizard. Of this list there are 4 individuals with PC class levels.

Nieles Payne, and eldery level 9 wizard who still makes money through selling spell casting services in a major city + a shop that sells wands, potion, and scroll.

Uncles Rewilh Harparr and Hony Harparr are a Bounty Hunter Slayer and Sleuth Investigator. Both of them work as members of a mercenary company named The Ash Eaters. Both are level 7.

Gyles Harparr, the character's eldest brother is a Cloistered Cleric who joined the church when the character was very young. He now serves as a frontier priest, essentially sent by the church to deal with issues to the faithful on the edges of civilization. He is level 4.

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The issue I had with it was my LE Asmodean cleric has every reason to be there, but that scene fucks him over something fierce.

>> No.50260558

Shit scene in part 5 of Wrath of the Righteous. Exposition dump turns into a quiz show where the losing horns deal obscene damage, and if you protest you get bitchslapped by your patron goddess. Who is Lawful Good, and if she's angry at you that must mean you're evil according to moon-logic.

The writers were dumb assholes and didn't realize that this should have been cut or trimmed down, so they instead doubled down on making it the PCs' fault if anything bad happened.

/tg/ in turn got triggered and now the goddess of being LG in Golarion is forever tainted as being that bitch who'll break your eardrums if you look at her funny. Or at all.

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>Soo many belmonts

*Bloody tears intensifies*

>> No.50260560

Looks like a blast. Tons for the Gm to work with.

>> No.50260573

Smart GM woulda just given you some divine sunglasses and earplugs or allowed your dude to wait in the divine lobby doing the equivalent of rocking out to his infernal ipod.

Hell, a smart GM wouldn't have included that scene as written at all.

>> No.50260585

Plus Iomedae is written to respect Asmodeus and take his council on occasion, if under extreme caution.

Hell, Asmodeus, Abadar, and Torag fought together during The Brother's War, and are on the Godclaw team with Iomedae.

>> No.50260588


Actions that get you horn blasted:

>Correct answers
>Incorrect answers
>Questioning the rules
>Questioning Iomedae

If you attack Iomedae for being such a dick to your party, your alignment is IMMEDIATELY SHIFTED TO EVIL

And this is all because Iomedae summoned the party TO ASK THEM A FAVOR

>> No.50260610

To be honest, pretty sure that's Sarenrae you might be thinking of. Iomedae's new enough (only been a goddess for centuries as opposed to as long as there's been light), so she refuses to compromise with evil gods. Sarenrae was in the shit with Asmodeus when Rovagug needed his ass kicked, so they have a grudging respect for one another.

>> No.50260636

Incorrect. Iomedae is explicitly stated that the only evil being she is willing to hear the council of is Asmodeus.

>> No.50260653

off topic, sort of but do you think Sarenrae dislikes vigilantes?

>> No.50260664

Huh. Probably a more recent publication saying that then, like how they retconned Erastil into being well-meaning dad god rather than asshole god.

>> No.50260674

>Sarenrae hates competent martials
>Iomeade still a huge bitch

>> No.50260742


Sarenrae loves vigilantes who behead infidels in the name of peace

>> No.50260743

Small question
As an Oracle is any spell I cast considered Divine because I'm a divine spellcaster? If I have Burning Hands from my Blackened curse is it considered arcane or divine?

>> No.50260750

Speaking of retcons, am I the only one who liked bitch-queen of Cheliax?

>> No.50260756

It is still divine even if it is not normally on your spell list. Same with mystery spells.

>> No.50260803

Sarenrae hates competent martials?

>> No.50260811

Sarenrae being an extension of paizo so yes.

>> No.50260837

So the party has tracked down a psycho Wizard golemancer lady to what amounts to her panic room/ central control center.

She's hiding behind three magic barriers, hoping that her defenses will kill the party, as she knows she cant take them on head on.

Two phase fight, First phase is her hurling out fireballs while her mass produced combat constructs drop from the ceiling. The party has to figure out that her psychic link to her constructs is located in one of the pillars in the room.

After severing that connection, she is forced to take a more direct aproach. and attacks the party in a sort of astral projection with a physical form. Much more simple, just shoot it till it dies.

Then the barriers fail and she's vulnerable to the party.

What think?

>> No.50260840

The top row is too close to the second row!

>> No.50260848


Yeah that got jostled while i was moving the particle effects around.

>> No.50260932


For some backstory, Mega bitch and the Party's Bladebound Magus were roommates while attending the Twilight Academy.

They basically got into a prank war that went to far. And without going into too many details, Megabitch now has rampant Rakshasa essence warping her body. And its been warping her body for the last 40 years.

So she has a MAJOR hate boner on the Magus, to the point of breeding clones of her so she could torture (And shunt off some of the infernal corruption onto; Teifling bodies are better at metabolizing that shit. )

Now their graduating class was having a reunion and she decided to crash it with all the warped clones she amassed over the years (She was running out of space to store them anyhow.)

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/pfg/ help me come up with a good looking world map to DM a game in

>> No.50261292

Is the Trove not being updated anymore?

>> No.50261295

What makes a session/campaign fun, in your opinion /pfg/? What can a DM do to make the game fun?

>> No.50261350

Has anyone got

- Villian Codex. (Someone said it is super inspiring book)

- Strange Aeons books, especially it's 3rd one. (Redditors state that this is probably the best Paizo adventure)


>> No.50261374

Stat me

>> No.50261380

Alchemist // Mage

>> No.50261404

What would an Alchemist / Wizard hybrid class look like?

We tried to talk about stuff like this in the previous thread. I remember the Master Alchemist PrC from Magic of Faerun. It could brew 9th level potions.

The Brewmaster could get 9th level extracts, but lose Mutagen and Bomb.

>> No.50261471

Arcane bomber?

I just want to play as a mildly magic rogue that makes use of stimulants but I can't seem to find a class that fits quite right.

>> No.50261508

I was thinking more about getting Infusions and better potions. Wizards have enough destructive ability.

Try Vivisectionist or Trapbreaker Alchemist, or an Investigator.

>> No.50261509

That is literally the alchemist and investigator.

Like nearly to a t.

>> No.50261565

Anyone have Blood of the Beast? All I found is this one PDF I'll be posting later.

>> No.50261611

I'm new and looking at the Pathfinder d20 wiki.

Alchemists and whatnot have the skill "spellcraft" like wizards. If magical ability is determined by levels in this skill, wouldn't an alchemist be better due to their higher skill ranks per level?

What limits an alchemist's power in this regard? Can he not choose from the same list of spells or something?

>> No.50261620

hope there's something good in there that isn't just for those 3 races.

>> No.50261626

Spellcraft isn't raw magical potential. It's more like practical knowledge of magical theory.

>> No.50261639

Okay, but how does it affect gameplay?

>> No.50261814

Why the hell does /pfg/ circlejerk so hard to that Runelords gestalt game?

/pfg/'s other games never had THIS much circlejerking. Even that lewd Eastern fluffy tails game was just two kitsuneposters whining about not getting in.

>> No.50261823

Can you jump during a charge? can you charge at a flying creature?

>> No.50261872

If you want actual critique for a homebrew, ask in the IRC. /pfg/ is about as useful as a dead weasel.

>> No.50261909

Iomedae is cute! Cute!

>> No.50261917

Probably because
>the game hasn't started people don't know who's in
>the nature of the game and AP itself
>people posting character concepts which is all fine and dandy, but given that many character concepts stated rely heavily on eroticism on some level, it leads to people literal circle jerking

>> No.50261932

Little wooden statuettes of himself as a child and his adoptive parents.
A strange necklace found when his adoptive father discovered him along a woodland path as an infant.

>> No.50261972

New Iomedae material said that she doesn't trust or talk to Asmodeus because she didn't live through Rovagate

>> No.50261988

He keeps a holy symbol of Desna around his neck , he doesn't worship her, it's just something to remember his mother by.

He keeps logs and extensive battle reports of foes he has bested and slain, occasionally taking fingers, eyes, feathers, claws, etc from interesting specimens/challenging foes. I'm not sure if that counts.

>> No.50261998


>> No.50262193

Just use someone else's, or go to /wbg/ and get someone's help there. Don't fall into the rabbit hole of map making. I've been there for about a day and made surprisingly little progress.

>> No.50262199


Spellcraft will let you identify spells being cast, craft and identify magic items, and learn new spells.

With most classes, you get new spells known or added to your spellbook at every level. With enough ranks in Spellcraft, you can learn new spells from scrolls and spellbooks, or develop your own.

>> No.50262218

I just realized that cat was supposed to have a beard like the wizard.

I always thought it was buck teeth.

>> No.50262225

Did you see the beard on the cat?

>> No.50262327

I thought the same thing until you pointed it out.

I really should play up the fact that familiars look more like their masters over time.

I'm not sure about mounts, animal companions, and cohorts.

>> No.50262357

So could an alchemist learn wish? Is there a list of general spells that have no restrictions on who can learn them, or would there be a specific list for alchemist?

>> No.50262394

No, since Wish is a 9th level spell, and not on their formulae list.

Most classes have their own spell lists.


>> No.50262396

Alchemist can't learn spells in the first place. What alchemist CAN do is learn formulae from the alchemist's extract list.

>> No.50262429

Oh so formulae are basically alchemist magic. That makes more sense.

So putting points into spellcraft would improve the effectiveness of the formulae?

>> No.50262463

Hey /pfg/, why not try your luck bringing your lewd RotRL characters into a non-shit system, over here?



>> No.50262482


Because the chargen is wrong and I wanted to play Jade Regent after Book 1 of RotRL.

>> No.50262506

>So putting points into spellcraft would improve the effectiveness of the formulae?
No. See >>50262199 and actually read the page linked to see what spellcraft does.

>> No.50262542

What background music sees use in your games, /pfg/? Our GM sent us through a spider-infested cave and played this in the background.


>> No.50262552

>open legend system
>play by post
>no lewds

Nice memes senpai

>> No.50262563


>> No.50262586

You can make an acrobatics check to jump as a part of any movement, yes. Whether you can actually attack a flying enemy that way is up to the GM - I don't think the rules actually address that.

>> No.50262634

Is going fighter the only option to get weapon training class feature to pick stuff like Cut from the Air?

>> No.50262651


>> No.50262689

There's the martial focus feat.

>> No.50262695

There are some classes that can snipe it at certain levels.
Myrmidarch Magus is the only one that comes to mind though

>> No.50262755


I feel like 80% of the shitposting that goes on in here could be avoided if the people applying for that game had a thread on Roll20 or Discord to faff about in.

>> No.50262768

I've been meaning to ask someone, I've been living under a rock you see, what exactly is this Discord I keep hearing people talk about, and what does it do?

>> No.50262773

Is she a slut?

>> No.50262786

He cremates all of his foes and carries around the ashes
he's a genocidal maniac, the Muleback Chords really help out though

>> No.50262791

Doesn't sohei monk have weapon training?

>> No.50262796

Arsenal Chaplain Warpriest

>> No.50262820

>I've been living under a rock you see, what exactly is this Discord I keep hearing people talk about, and what does it do?

It's basically Skype only better, because the gosh darn thing doesn't actually ask for anything in the way of personal information.

>> No.50262825

How good is performance, because my home internet is 50 kinds of slow and laggy, and I already have problems with lag on Skype

>> No.50262830

infinitely better

>> No.50262841

I might have to try it out then, so I can play PF and M&M with my group without the horrible 5 second lag from living in the middle of nowhere

>> No.50262848


Oh, and almost forgot to add it's web-based, so you don't have to install an application.


Performance is excellent, I remember it being kind of buggy 4-5 months ago but it's all stamped out.

Discord's the type of thing you can run an entire campaign in, since "channels" can be subdivided into separate rooms for stuff like IC or OOC or private stuff. Heck, the thing's even got bots for dice rolling.

>> No.50262865

>Oh, and almost forgot to add it's web-based, so you don't have to install an application.
I noticed that it can be downloaded. Are there any pros and cons verses browser and download?

>> No.50262896

i don't see any reason to download

>> No.50262907

>Are there any pros and cons verses browser and download?

If you don't want to open up your web browser, I guess.

>> No.50262933

Is there any way to make a Druid Charisma based instead of Wisdom?

>> No.50262944

#pfg on rizon

>> No.50263197

Good morning lads, it's Wednesday! What are your plans for the rest of the week, got any ~sessions~ coming up that will be exciting? Working on any characters?

>> No.50263205

I'm having fun toying with the idea of an Ectoplasmatist even if i'll never get to play it

>> No.50263206

Would you let a cross-dressing shota trap GiftedBlade/PsyArm/WarSoul || Meditant/Pathwalker zenko kitsune into a lewd gestalt game?

>> No.50263220

>a cross-dressing shota trap
I'd put the player on my ignore list.

>> No.50263223

no stop posting this.

>> No.50263228


>> No.50263238

No I would give the FBI their location though because clearly they're a delusional pedophile.

>> No.50263258

Howdy, PFG!

So I am fairly new to DMing and I was wondering if you guys could help me.

Does anyone know of a great introductory campaign? I have a few players that are interested in a tabletop RPG, but they have never played one before.

I am working on a homebrew campaign for my advanced players, but I want something simple, fun, and pre-constructed for the newbies.

Anyone have a recommendation?

>> No.50263277

rise of the runelords.

>> No.50263283

Before we get into that, are you absolutely sure Pathfinder is the system you want to use for introducing them to tabletop gaming? Because honestly, PF is fairly terrible for that and 3.x fags have this annoying tendency to refuse to play anything else, because they expect other systems to be hard to learn as well.

>> No.50263286


Our group plays every Sunday evening so I always look forward to that.

We call ourselves "Four Men and a Baby" as one of our players is a young little goblin.

My character has aged 35 years from coming into contact with various magical oddities. Our party has been together for maybe a month in-game, but for me, it has been decades. I am much more attached to them than they are to my old ass.

>> No.50263291


I'm burned out on Kitsune, and the recent influx of THICC has reignited my interest in attractive yet "mundane" characters.

So no, I would not. Boipussi is a cheap imitation of the real deal.

>> No.50263298


Rise of the Runelords, run Book 1 and ONLY Book 1. Afterwards, see how your players felt about it.

>> No.50263307

Running the e8 mercenary game soon and trying to get a ballpark figure for powerlevels.

Made an 'average party' to run up against the first combat encounter as a test battle.
In four hours, I put together a Hexbreather Zweihander Bushi Warder, a Tiefling Hidden Blade Rogue, and a human Mind's Eye Marksman.
Gonna wait for either the Avowed or Malefex updates to come out to build the 4th member, whichever comes first.

>> No.50263472

>Tryig to work on more acceptable version(s) of homebrew so I'm not gimped down to "faggot woth shitty crossbow" status
>Statting out a cohort for an off-and-on game, waiting on BotB leaks so I can use the transformation sequence talent for it
>Really, really, REALLY hoping that getting grappled and choked out isn't becoming a constant thing for the one female PC I've ever played, praise be Escape Artist

>> No.50263481

Does anybody here know of where I could find, or have personally, any decent 1-20 character builds.

I'm looking to collect a bunch of them.

>> No.50263519


Celebrating the fuck out of passing a test, working on a sphere witch build, and trying to bang my way through this fucking homebrew of mine.

>> No.50263588

We had our weekly game last night, and I finally got to shoot the bard! Other than that, I'm starting to outline the next campaign once this one wraps up.

>> No.50263637

Anthropomorphic animal races have been a staple of fantasy gaming for decades, and Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Beast presents all the tools you need to play members of some the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's most iconic bestial races. Packed full of character options for members of all classes, as well as some that members of other races can adopt, Blood of the Beast is sure to spice up any campaign!

Inside this book, you'll find:

New class archetypes including the tengu jinx witch, the catfolk serendipity shaman, the grippli war painter, and the vanaran fortune-finder.
Exciting new feats to accentuate beast-blooded races' inherent abilities, such as ratfolk's swarming ability and kitsune's shapechanging trickery.
Dozens of new spells, alternate racial traits, and favored class bonuses to customize characters of all stripes.

>> No.50263644

>catfolk serendipity shaman

>> No.50263654

i wonder if there's a picture in the book of Augunas's fursona with a real artist behind it

>> No.50263766

Fey Speaker archetype. Cha based, prepped casting and some fey related powers.

>> No.50263803

Session tonight. Party will deal with consequences of selling heretical artifacts in Church territory. Was just a ballpoint pen, but stuff from the tech era of the setting is quashed pretty hard and if the investigation turns up the bigger items they have, things will get complicated.

>> No.50263951

...This sounds more entertaining than playing the game. I might look into this

>> No.50264015

I'm not sure if there's a point, most games I've been a part of die at level 12 highest if you start at level 1, and if you start higher, you can take shitty feat combinations that culminate into something great at higher level to evade the suck of low levels.

>> No.50264037

So I recently came across the idea of running a cavalier (daring champion) into shadowdancer. I really like the flavor of this idea, but I have no idea where to build. I know it's not going to be super high power, but I'm hoping not to fall too far behind. Looking for ideas as to what race I should be looking at, which order might fit this concept well and even open to suggestions for particular fighting styles that would synergize well with this class combo. All Paizo is open, 20 point buy, no 3PP.

>> No.50264044


The ramifications of people knowing I can cast now will be fun.

>Working on any characters?

Also, building Guff, Kufr, and Thrain. Very slowly.

>> No.50264157

i mean the main problem you're going to run into is that mounts and shadowdancer don't go great together

Go 2h weapon and just murder things.

>> No.50264172

Can't imagine why, Cavaliers and Shadowdancer offer nothing to eachother. Just an awful build.

Like why a cavalier? For what reason? For what purpose?

>> No.50264186

I guess you can slightly mitigate how shit you'll be with the Daring Champion archetype, but idk

>> No.50264226

Is there any homebrew mixing path of war stuff with mythic material?

>> No.50264229

Daring champion replaces the cavalier's mount

The daring champion archetype and shadowdancer both offer advantages for high charisma scores. The full BAB progression of the cavalier also makes the shadow companion granted by shadowdancer a pretty capable fighter which is compounded by the cavalier's ability to share teamwork feats with it.

>> No.50264232

My group typically start at 6 or 8 and run into the mid or late teens.

But with Retraining there's no reason you can't grab some low level options and retrain them at higher levels.

>> No.50264244

Yeah i'm just not seeing it.

>> No.50264326

/pfg/, is there a feat that lets you use Int instead of Dex for feat prereq's? I could have sworn I saw this once, but can't remember the name or which book it's in.

>> No.50264345

Possible Gestalt question/exploit

I'm considering the combination of Elementalist and Brawler. Both get Combat Feats on every even Level. Would it be considered broken that one could get two different feats from each side of this mess?

>> No.50264346

int instead of dex? For what feats

>> No.50264382


>> No.50264394

Alright, let's get this shit started. Any requests for races?

>> No.50264409


>> No.50264411



>> No.50264417

Give us the Piss!

>> No.50264422

Show me the Tengu.

>> No.50264425

nagaji, please.

>> No.50264440

I'd like to know about them cats, lad.

>> No.50264442

Awesome, thanks anon!

>> No.50264452


Did the rats get anything cool?

>> No.50264455



>> No.50264464

R-r-ratfolk first it is, after this page of traits.

>> No.50264475

Alright, so got some archetypes right out of the gate, the Fighter one actually looks kind of neat since it gets odd Alchemical and dirty trick stuff.

>> No.50264488

Bunch of combat feats too, most of them based on Swarming which might make for interesting encounters.

>> No.50264502

Grippli next!

>> No.50264505

oh wow i love that investigator archetype

>> No.50264506


Alright, bird assholes are up. Starting off with a Swashbuckler, which I'm honestly surprised there already wasn't an archetype for.

>> No.50264528

>feat to have people go "oh you!" instead of getting angry
Fucking Tengu thieves, man.

>> No.50264534

>transform into a swarm of vermin
>transform familiar into a swarm


>> No.50264535

>part rogue/part alchemist fighter archetype
>gets 4 ranks/level but loses bravery
Honestly I like it. It's not the best, but it is certainly interesting.

>> No.50264552

Alright, snek next. This is kind of a weak opening, since it's just bloodlines and two Mesmerist feats.

>> No.50264554

>Fighter Archetype
>somewhat useful
>keeps Armor Training and most of Weapon Training
>Compatable with Myrmidon

>> No.50264574

I... don't know what's going on that picture.

Cavalier archetype though, which lets you ride the black anaconda.

>> No.50264588

Alright, I got some pussy here for you. Bloodrager archetype with a cool name and pretty underwhelming powers.

>> No.50264601

naga bloodrager line seems pretty decent, but the sorc bloodline seems slat inferior to serpentine.

>> No.50264616

This is kind of odd, but might be a good precedent: a Wildsoul Vigilante natural course option.

Actually, here's a brief break for just a second: WHY DIDN'T THEY FUCKING ADD ONE FOR LEGACY OF DRAGONS.

>> No.50264626

Metabolic molting looks pretty badass if you've got the time for it.

>> No.50264634

Alright, frogs are up now. Got a Medium archetype of all things, which appears to be a non-evil archetype that has to channel an evil spirit. Might be interesting to RP.

>> No.50264642

>A Swashbuckler that replaces its few good abilities with just being a Cha based Monk
My feathers are ruffled

>> No.50264665

I have a Beastmorph-Vivisectionist in my campaign, as the only powergamer. Starting second level he will gain three Sneak-attacks per turn using his natural weapons and gigantic strength.
He doesn't know yet that my BBEG is the Oozemancer. I feel like I'm cheating him here somewhat.

>> No.50264666

I like Cunning Killer a lot actually. Works well with something like Lore Warden.

>> No.50264670


>Few races boast the breadth of physical diversity as the Catfolk
>There are no variant racial heritages for Catfolk
>Every Catfolk is +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis


>> No.50264672

I gotta see them monkeys!

>> No.50264686

>that 1st-level Sorc Bloodline Power

Mmmmmm yes.

>> No.50264697


>Kitsune in the Land of the Linnorm Kings

>> No.50264703

Monkeys you say? Can do! Got a bunch of stuff for monkey monks, including HOLY SHIT NEW MEDITATION FEATS. Also, better TWF for Fighters.

>> No.50264711

>Jinx Witch
We Anti-Mage Mage now
Lovable Scoundrel is hilarious, though I can easily see That Guys abusing it to make Kender 2.0

>> No.50264719

And some more stuff for Vanara, including a bit more for Monks and a new Eidolon.

This actually makes me want to play one, Vanara look pretty cool.

>> No.50264720

>you can actual dual wield longswords and not suck horribly now

Holy shit.

>> No.50264728

The Lucky feat looks really good, especially since it adds two additional uses and the feats it applies to are pretty useful.

>> No.50264732

There are a number of Tian exiles in the Linnorm kingdoms, including ones with fluffy tails

>> No.50264738

Kitsune time? Looks like it's Kitsune time (also the end of the book).

Advanced Versatile Performance is an interesting idea though.

>> No.50264741

>though I can easily see That Guys abusing it to make Kender 2.0

Kender were awful because their explanation for why people loved them made no sense; people loved Kender because they're Kender.

At least with Tengu they're shown as obnoxious scamps that are more often than not seen as nuisances.

>> No.50264748 [SPOILER] 

And because it's an Augunas book, furbait.

>> No.50264749


I know, I'm just mentally squealing at the prospect of adorable white-haired Kitsune that wrap their tails around themselves or a close friend for warmth.

>> No.50264754

>Keen Kitsune bonus to Int rather than Cha.


>> No.50264763

>Magical Girl archetype is now completely worthless

Godbless, now we can all have magical girl transformation sequences.

>> No.50264764


>Most Kitsune have human forms that are ethnically Tian, but on the rare instances when Kitsune and humans couple, any offspring is always Kitsune.


>> No.50264790

Iomedae is THE most boring god I have ever seen. When people say they are using the generic Pathfinder gods I legit get upset. One reason is because it means they are too lazy and uninspired to make their own, but also because I know that means I have to deal with people worshiping FUCKING IOMEDAE. Or rather, I have to deal with her fucking stupid name, because she has no other personality traits.

>> No.50264827

Son you are cruising for a trumpeting.

>> No.50264883




Aren't you being a pretty little princess, prancing about with your hot opinions and petty slights. Iomedae is by far the most fascinating of the deities in the original Pantheon; she's got depth, she's got breadth, every time you turn over an aspect of her character you find something new! Freshly minted lords could worship her, Paladins *should* worship her, and every undead from Taldor to Irrisen should fear her name.

What do the other gods have? "Muh family?" "Muh crops?" "Muh fee fees?" Please, Iomedae transcends those by focusing on LAW and JUSTICE. She is not just a goddess, she is a PLATONIC IDEAL, the very EMBODIMENT of all that makes civilization possible. Iomedae is the newest and greatest and, dare I say it, last hope of Avistan in the Age of Lost Omens.

>> No.50264889

>+1/3 to damage rolls the fighter makes with weapon attacks against an opponent that he is flanking or that is denied it's Dexterity bonus to AC
Racial Heritage human/half-elf/half-orc now optimal choice due to most superior FCB.

>> No.50264894

Combat feat chains are long and annoying to complete anyway, so it's not all that busted.

>> No.50264904

I think that Drowanon's Linnorm Kings game had one of those!

>> No.50264905

Nice, thanks Anon!

>> No.50264914

>That OP picture

>> No.50264926


>> No.50264936

But I actually like Iomedae, excepting the bad trumpets writing.

>> No.50264948

If I were to run a Pathfinder adventure that used their gods, I would replace Iomedae with Bahamut.

Everyone would be better off for it, if they even noticed she was gone.

>> No.50264950



>> No.50264964


And should I even explain the deep, raw symbolism of the Trumpets to you guys? I mean, the wisdom and acumen of the people at Paizo truly cement them as virtuosos in their field; the Trumpet has been, since the early days, an invention of clarity, symbolizing purity and irresistible power. Was it not Trumpets that brought down the walls of Jericho? Will it not be Trumpets that herald the Apocalypse? Trumpets are divine power, and Iomedae chooses only to bring out such divine power in the face of immovable ignorance.

Truly a deity that will last the ages.

>> No.50264978

>Liking Iomedae
>Not going for superior Damerrich

>> No.50264988

Iomedae is perfect, sure, but not those that make up stories about her exploits. They're just heretics.

>> No.50264991

She uses trumpets because she's an attention whore who wouldn't even be noticed if descended into a crowded city square without them. On market day.

They literally make everyone's ears bleed.

>> No.50265041

>who wouldn't even be noticed if descended into a crowded city square without them. On market day.

Is that not an example of her divine humility and humanity? She is not just a goddess, she's one of us. She is the culmination of much spilled ink over theology that started with the Council of Nicaea.

>> No.50265061

It's almost as if someone incredibly mundane and uncreative created her!

>> No.50265065

>She is not just a goddess, she's one of us.
Exactly. Barely worth being a demigod, let alone a full-blown goddess.

>> No.50265069

You mean like almost every other deity ever?

>> No.50265084


Iomedae has accomplished more in her life as a Human than an entire party would from 1-20, of all people in Humanity she was and is the most deserving of her position.

>> No.50265121


Ohoho, are you not forgetting that Miaphysitism, one of the core beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox Church (the purest brand of Christianity barring the Pre-Constantine strains), holds that a figure can contain Divinity *and* Humanity united in one?

Pure poetry, Paizo proves themselves paragons of writing once again.

>> No.50265132


>> No.50265133

Anyone care to share the Villains book?

>> No.50265144

Doesn't matter, Paulian taint ruins all surviving brands of Christianity.

>> No.50265260

>War Painter

Actually that is really neat. Thanks, Satan!

>> No.50265268

Reach TWF, here I come.

>> No.50265460

>Iomedae as embodiment of LAW and JUSTICE

Do you have ten minutes to talk about our Lord and Savior, Apsu the Waybringer?

>> No.50265524

Welp, that just takes my kitsune wandering heart beguiler to the next level.

>> No.50265527

It's going to take a few days to clean.

>> No.50265559


As long as I can lick a silver dragons abs I am game.

>> No.50265607


Close! you get a Cloud Dragon male.

>> No.50265615


>> No.50265624


Anon stop, you are playing an incredibly dangerous game posting stuff like that.

Silver dragons are best in humanoid *and* half-dragon forms.

>> No.50265635


This is what i get when i give the artist the instruction "Don't be afraid to make it a little gay."

>> No.50265682


So who was your character's mentor? Someone had to teach your character at least a little bit. This wandering priest of Irori was mine.

>> No.50265730

>So who was your character's mentor?

Cyprian Kaminski, a teacher at the Aldori Academy of Restov.

>> No.50265749

Hey Forrest, does this let me play a Dex/Int zenko?

>> No.50265754

That face...

>> No.50265793


Also her dad's old gang. They've been all dead for like, 50 years by now, though. Such is life as a tiefling.

>> No.50265804

Tieflings live normal human lifespans senpai

>> No.50265807

He looks a lot better outside his human form.

>> No.50265817

>Paladin falls due to mage upgrading ring


>> No.50265821

Still a butterface.

>> No.50265836


Presumably she beat his pasty arcane ass raw, if not outright killed him.

>> No.50265839


I'm guessing the mage nicked the ring and began doing weird arcane experiments on it, and the paladin responded by doing something extremely un-paladin-like to the mage.

>> No.50265856


His parents, obviously.

They're dead now, which tends to happen when your parents have you late and you start the campaign in your 30s.

>> No.50265867

The half orc inquisitor of gorum in the party keeps the skulls of outsiders he kills or finds

my bard stills wears the wedding ring she received during her one night stand wedding, she also still has a guitar that her adoptive father bought for her when she was young before he was killed by strix

the witch collects pretty rocks and whatever kinds of plants she can get her hands on

the gunslinger has his gun I guess

the paladin has some kind of religious balthazar icon or something

>> No.50265871

>Weird Arcane experiment

"At last, My Magnum Opus! A +1 ring of protection!"

>> No.50265872

Except that's boring and wrong.

>> No.50265921


You don't need to live 200 years to have an interesting life.

In fact, you could have a very interesting one in under 20.

>> No.50265955

But having a longer lifespan does allow different types of character backgrounds that don't work for the short spanned races.

>> No.50265957


A grizzled old inquisitor who taught him that even witches can die, as well as several highly effective ways to make that happen.

>> No.50265969

I didn't say you couldn't do something interesting within a small span of time. I said "they have normal human lifespans" is boring and wrong. Especially since I didn't specify parent race(s).

>> No.50265996

Don't have to specify, all tieflings get human lifespans


>> No.50266013


>> No.50266030

That's a really stupid view point.

>> No.50266044

not the other anon but

>> No.50266059

>Someone had to teach your character at least a little bit.
Nope! My character was a little genius and picked up the basics of his craft by dicking around and reading pretty much everything he came in contact with. Everything he knows has pretty much been the result of self study, meditation, and experimentation on the field.

He picked up some very minor initiation from a Harbinger during his stint as an *actual* mercenary along with super basic CQC.

>> No.50266062


>> No.50266070



Tiefling 150 years 200 years 250 years 250 + 6d% years

>> No.50266074

>it's the chart that applies a very lame errata
>that same chart has OTHER "human but with x" races as having the same obnoxious ages as the pre-errata aasimar and tieflings

First of all, that still doesn't stop it from being boring, restricting, and stupid. Second of all, what the fuck paizo, have some consistency.

Also, see >>50266044
SRD still has old age charts. How many people actually even know that the tiefling age charts even got that errata. How many people ACTUALLY CARE that they got that errata?

>> No.50266078

Oh, those were before the tiefling and aasimar ages were changed to be in line with humans. They're wrong because they haven't been updated.

>> No.50266090

That was a typo, it's been changed. Sorry, one of the view things that could have made tieflings interesting is out.

>> No.50266105


Aasimar and Tieflings aging slow never sat well with me anyhow, if anything they should age up to adulthood as per normal for their race and just *stop* for a century or two.

>> No.50266130

That's how I just kind of assumed people ran it, to be perfectly honest. It leaves a huge amount of slack for a character's age, and would let you do some neat stuff.

>> No.50266169

Does anyone remember that Sphere Drawback that barred you from using UMD?

>> No.50266175

>wulkin reach adulthood in FOUR years
Explain this.

>> No.50266199


>That's how I just kind of assumed people ran it, to be perfectly honest.

I've seen more of the other way, personally; well over half of the Aasimar or Tieflings I've seen have been in their 60s or 70s with no discernible reason *why* in their backstory.


What's there to explain? Wolves age quick, Wulfkin are wolf-like. The implications of this are many, but the skinny is a Wulfkin will start life reasonably stunted as far as social graces are concerned, and tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

>> No.50266200

Paizo knows the sort of people who play Wulfkin are into that sort of thing, or at least open to it?

>> No.50266205

Ey /pfg/, check this out:

>> No.50266208

So what do you guys do when the characters hit max level but you don't want to retire them? Like do you just move on but have them stay at the same levels or what?

>> No.50266225

>hit max level
When does that ever happen?

>> No.50266272

>people don't try to have fun with their backstory to explain bizarre choices

this kills the anon

>> No.50266285

Starting a new campaign on Sunday. Going sweet treasure hunters in the desert. Players are all very new, for three of them this is only their second game, and one is playing her first ever. My planning is not going as well as I'd hoped though, so I just need to get my first push and wing the the three hour session with whatever prompt I have. We meet every other week though, so I'll always have plenty of time to catch up and plan more shit.

Should be good times.

>> No.50266291

The city's college of magic. Now she joined a group of adventure to put her knowledge to the test and perfect her Art.

>> No.50266320

too many races have super long lifespans desu.

>> No.50266344

We played through the whole wrath of the righteous deal. It was fun.

>> No.50266371

What are they?

>> No.50266388

New one isn't.
It was ages ago though.

>> No.50266402

It's a $15 bundle with a bunch of Frog God books.

>> No.50266414

Ah, third party shit.

>> No.50266426

Rise of the Rune Lords if you're sure you want to introduce with Pathfinder.
Numenera if you're open to suggestions.

>> No.50266460

between core, featured and uncommon races - there are 37 races, only 11 of them have a lifespan longer than humans and several of them are shitty mechanically

>> No.50266475

>Frog God and Kobold Press

>> No.50266508

i'm just saying we need some races with very short lifespans.

>> No.50266529


but at least she's a character, unlike certain other pilots

>> No.50266531


>> No.50266537

Are Thri-Kreens WotC product identity?

Can I fuck a bug?

>> No.50266553

look man not everyone can be tits lesbian and flat lesbian

>> No.50266555

>Sylph, Undine, and Ifrit are all "humans with a bit of x elemental creature" in them
>they all have fuckhuge lifespans for no real reason
>there are two classic "humans but with x celestial/evil creature in them"

There are plenty of "short" lifespan races. These are not those races.

>> No.50266572

I think that's because nobody cares about undine and ifrit, and nobody but QANON cares about sylphs.

>> No.50266596

and nobody gives a shit enough about Oreads to even remember they exist

also nice digits

>> No.50266616

I knew there was one left out, I just didn't even care enough to bother to look up their name. That's how little they matter.

>> No.50266627

>meant to put Oreads in
>browser fucked up and lost my post
>forgot to put them in when I redid the post

Thanks m8

>> No.50266633



>> No.50266634

>Freedom of Movement for Monk

>> No.50266637 [SPOILER] 


No, we don't.

>> No.50266650

I'm a DM that hasn't really looked into the Magus at all during my time as a player and since nobody in the games I've run has ever played one, I'm not quite sure on how they work.

A player in an upcoming game is playing one, and I'd like to have a good understanding of it before we begin. Are there any well-written guides on the class and its mechanics?

>> No.50266654


Bookmark this and thank me later

>> No.50266655


Rappan Athuk. Perfect for beginners.

Its also on sale on Humble Bundle right now

coincidence? I think not.

>> No.50266678

>Advanced Versatile Performance
Maestro's Handbook Confirmed?

>> No.50266686

yes we do

>> No.50266688

Well that was quicker than I expected, thanks!

>> No.50266700

nice full house, also thread in sage mode, quick someone make a new.

>> No.50266701

I'm depressed, cheer me up /pfg/, please?

>> No.50266707

What's the best weapons setup for TWF? 2 falcatas with effortless lace?

>> No.50266731

On page 3? Are you a madman?

>> No.50266738

No, we're not even at page 5 yet.

>> No.50266747

let me enjoy my paranoia :(

>> No.50266759


>> No.50266761

Kamen rider is always with you!
Things will get better.

>> No.50266772

okay, fair enough. I'm gonna go make some moose steak, also anything good in the new player companion book?

>> No.50266774

No matter who or where you are, some random Japanese clam harvester believes in you.

>> No.50266776

>It doesn't make the Inquisitor a Cha-based class


>> No.50266790

I see that you're a gentleman of exquisite taste.

>> No.50266797

Well, this was a surprisingly okay book, with almost no fetish stuff in it.

Color me impressed, Pazio actually managed to reign Augunas in

>> No.50266817

You flatter me, I am just an average guy with average tastes

>> No.50266845


>> No.50266855

Is there anything redeemable about the Hellknights? I just can't get myself to appreciate them.

>> No.50266864

Nonsense! I can tell you are a warrior of JUSTICE!

>> No.50266871

>Does anyone remember that Sphere Drawback that barred you from using UMD?

Does this even exist? Sounds like free spell points.

>> No.50266881

I found it. I had it reversed. You can't use spell items without a UMD check nor benefit from Staves.

>> No.50266886

Fashion sense

>> No.50266902

Tiers are about dps or skills?

>> No.50266903


>> No.50266910

That's a little more reasonable. Not being able to use a staff is a serious drawback.

>> No.50266916

Gotta admit, they have some swanky armor.

Pic related isn't from the hellknights, but would fit right in.

>> No.50266917


Too many people don't appreciate just how long 50 years of adulthood is, they say shit like "oh they spent it exploring or studying or training or whatever."

Barring tired adages like "training is lifelong", you should be over that stuff by your mid 20s and in a job. You should have a family and kids by your 30s. Like, these are things that happen for most everyone, and since Aasimar aren't physically stunted there is literally zero reason one should be 80 years old with no kids, no husband or wife, or no significant training unless they're explicitly mentioned as absent in their backstory.

Consider how long a month is, and then consider a year - heck, consider three years. How much have you, personally, changed in 3 years? Imagine how you will look in 50, without the ravages of time holding you back. These people have no right to be 80 year old level 2 adventurers who spent all that time "studying and working."

>> No.50266921


>> No.50266928

>but it's a cat

>> No.50266935


>> No.50266941


The Imperiatrix is weird, she went from a petulant hedonistic little asshole teenager that only loved to get fucked (in all senses of the word) while the new one's some sort of hyper-competent chessmistress.

>> No.50266945

I-it's true...I made a lizardfolk warrior of justice, whenever he was in costume he would go help people with small issues and protect the town no matter the odds he would defend them even though he thought that if they saw his true form he would be scorned because..
Even when the DM warned me of the danger, I could not turn a blind eye and my party decided to stand by me, it was hard fought but we pulled through in the end.- but not without loss, the hero died but his spirit burned in the entire village's hearts even after they saw his face when he died.

>> No.50266965

>Inquisitor is a Wisdom based caster
>Catfolk have no way of changing their -2 Wisdom

What the flying fuck.

>> No.50266968

That's from a human perspective of time. It could be that you just spend about 25% of your lifespan being young and whatnot. So for someone who lives way longer than that, they would likely spend more time goofing around and being adventurers and shit.

For another example, look at the inverse. If a species only lived until they were thirty, do you still thing they'd be goofing around into their mid 20s?

>> No.50267049

Fill in the following:

>Halflings are to humans as goblins are to hobgoblins

>Ogres are to humans as _____ are to elves

>> No.50267070



>> No.50267081


>> No.50267098


>> No.50267105


>> No.50267111


See, I would be fine with that if the characters were described as goofing off, I would love it if an Aasimar was adventuring in his 20s because he "wanted to try it." It's true that as lifespan increases, the concept of youth and youthful pursuits becomes a more prolonged thing.

But you have to consider it from the limitations of their current level and the nature of the setting; okay, I'm a level 1 Aasimar Paladin, I've been a squire for a local paladin for three years, and got anointed at 21.

Now what? For a Human this would be where the campaign starts, but now you've got 59 years of activity to explain on the character sheet that didn't give experience.

Why don't people ever touch on this? Wouldn't emphasizing the somber "I will outlive all my friends at least two times over" nature of their reality be a good thing?

>> No.50267139



>> No.50267140


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