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G/W Tron Wins edition



>Will Tron ever become Tier 1 again?

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>12 copies of Infect in top 32
>None ever reached top 8
>Tron wins

How tho

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Turns out being Tom Ross and packing white SB cards is pretty good

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just play solitaire or something

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I'm looking at his list right now. Pretty spicy sideboard. Blessed Alliance. Ravenous Trap.

I can't handle that heat.

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There were only 3 copies of infect in top 32 i believe.

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>Karn Liberated


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Thoughts on TKS in RG Tron mainboard? Would you swap out World Breaker for them?

>> No.50227624

I can't imagine what matchups youd want to see it in. And yoy cant really cast it until you have Tron online anyway.

Maybe in the side? But again, which matchups?

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>Skred Red
>A monored deck that just preboards all of its hate cards.
lmao everyone modern is solved
just main all the amazing hate and pray you draw it

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Does looking at this top 8 make anyone else want to vomit?

>> No.50227691

Tom Ross is a fucking cheater, that's how

>> No.50227693

Yeah, man. MTGO makes me want to vomit, too.

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Almost every match of it would have been Lantern Control vs. something.

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>6 decks that are uninteractive goldfish decks
>1 of the interactive decks is durdly UW control
Dead format, pack it in boys

>> No.50227724

Holy fuck that Jund list is bad, what was this guy thinking?

>> No.50227801

this got joked about in the last thread, but i decided to make it anyway. feel free to tell me how awful it is, or suggest things.

>> No.50227832

basically Snow Jund without the black

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No Relic/ 10

>> No.50227949

Brewing for the Frontier format. Anyone else gonna interested in it?

4 Ensoul Artifact
4 Chief of the Foundry
4 Hangarback Walker
4 Ghostfire Blade
4 Ornithopter
2 Thopter Spy Network
4 Artificer's Epiphany
2 Inventors' Fair
4 Anticipate
4 Whirler Rogue
2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
14 Island
4 Darksteel Citadel
4 Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

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Go post your shit brew in the shit thread for your shit format

>> No.50227978

Save yourself the trouble, you're gonna get a lot of shit. Delete your post and start a new thread.

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There is no shit thread and I don´t start threads either.

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Well guess you're shit out of luck

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budget aggro decks that actually build into good decks?

>> No.50228184

>budget aggro decks
Mono green stom-
>that actually build into good decks
Oh... Idk, burn?

>> No.50228250

Burn ain't budget anymore. $700+ depending on which fetches you're running.

>tfw you still need two red fetches

>> No.50228259

You can play mono red burn without guides which is "budget" and then work your way up

>> No.50228281

>tfw I have everything for Naya burn but only have 3 goblin guides

>> No.50228289

How's UW Gifts Tron in current year?

>> No.50228304

can't play relic in the same deck as goyf

>> No.50228314

Gets hosed incidentally by dredge hate. Can never beat a turn 3 Liliana of the Veil

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it's this.

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Anyone else thinking about using Eternal Scourge to bring back the classic Strangler deck builds? It seems like two packages that nobody's put together yet that might actually work.

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You're right every game of Magic consists of drawing all lands and nothing else.

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some formats/situations are more luck-dependent than others

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>muh oh no its lantern control meme

It's just an alright deck that does ok. Like to win most of its matchups it has to draw an ensnaring bridge before turn 3 or it dies horribly. Just bring in ancient grudge or play burn and its easy.

>> No.50229283

I prefer Blue Skred (Blue Moon with Skreds and snow lands). Actually works better than you'd think.

>> No.50229420

>it's ANOTHER dredge player

>> No.50229434

No it doesn't. Islands don't help the koth plan

>> No.50229516

you don't play koth as a wincon, you play UMoon wincons, skred helps with things like resolved goyfs, which moon can often have trouble removing and keeping removed

>> No.50230275

What does a fairly speedy, but not magical christmas land, Dredge goldfish look like?

Do they kill by 3 at all? I know they could kill by 4 for sure.

>> No.50230313

3-4 depending on luck and how often they fetch-shock

>> No.50230442

If you play a scourge devil or rally the peasants the number of turn 3 kills increases dramatically.

>> No.50230543

>Tooth and Nail

>> No.50230638

>trying not to die to storm turns into grindfest of trying to top deck a relic or a kolaghan's command

>> No.50230670

I hope not. the prices keep falling and then I can buy into tron for less. I'm currently running with eldrazi, but Karn, Ugin, and Wurmcoil are so good.

>> No.50230875

How does eldrazi-tron run? Seem like a 2-2 deck to me, like if you don't get the right lands in the right order youre just DOA

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>6 decks that are uninteractive goldfish decks
You should probably end yourself.

>> No.50231330

why don't you just play on xmage

>> No.50231354


I can't even remember losing to a Lantern deck. Every time I play against it it's either too slow or their board gets wiped or the ensnaring bridge they're hiding behind gets decayed
and that's BEFORE sideboard
why do people play it?

>> No.50231366


Why does your Xmage look like it's a pre-schooler version
did u download your card images from autism.de

>> No.50231371

Probably because most decks don't run Decay and competent pilots can keep you from drawing your outs.

>> No.50231475

What are you playing on?

>> No.50231497

>bought a playset blackcleave cliffs for 40 eu-dollars a year ago
>check price today

is the demand for those really that high? they're only being played in jund right?

>> No.50231644

my friends just happen to use cockatrice, is xmage better?

>> No.50231688

Abzan or Naya for an Evolution deck?

>> No.50231700

Jund doesn't play it because it needs to get to CMC 4. It's Dredge - and yes, the demand is high. Dredge caps out at 3.

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Reminder that Tom Ross is the hero Modern needs. Consistently making top 8 with unconventional lists (Dredge the first weekend, 8whack, GW Tron) is the best way to bring down the price of the format, as it means people aren't all after the same cards. If GW picks up speed, Burnwillows will drop in price. Then Wizards just has to address key irreplacable cards like Lilly, Snapcaster, and Cavern.

>> No.50232473

How are any of those decks unconventional? People 5-0'd leagues and won local events long before Ross played any of the lists.

>> No.50232477

None of those people did it on camera though.

>> No.50232500

So what? The definition of unconventional is not "not on camera".

>> No.50232515

But Modern is a very expensive format to get into, so no one wants to buy a deck that isn't known to be powerful. This is why Modern has been stagnant for the longest time. Dredge appeared because Wizards just keeps power creeping creatures, but besides that the format is largely the same as it ever was, minus Twin and Pod. But if unconventional decks can make it on camera, that might give people the confidence they need to buy into weirder decks.

>> No.50232518

I agree that unconventional lists are the way to go. Modern players get so hyper- focused that they never innovate. Especially in local metas, everyone is so stuck inside their own little deck that they never think outside the box. You come up with one outlier strategy, and everyone looses their shit.

Experiment with flex slots, try a different color combination, use unique sideboard options. Goddamn, fucking DO something other than pull your list straight from mtgtop8.

Fuck, I mad.

>> No.50232545

GBx is the big problem if you ask me. No matter what your brew is, if you're using nonland permanents that are <=3cmc, GBx can either disrupt you or Decay you, then pay 2 mana for a 4 turn clock. Then play multiple either high value cards or 2 for 1s like Lilly and Bob. Either your deck is fast enough that Jund can't Jund you out, you play a combo that can win through a theoretical Decay, or you play Tron. Ban Abrupt Decay and Lilly.

>> No.50232652

Conduit of Ruin into whatever Titan you need is pretty sweet since Eye of Ugin was banned. I don't think it's as good as normal Tron, but I haven't gotten to test it in local tournaments yet. I've only played against friends and it's pretty consistent.

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>He said something true
>Better tell him to kill himself
Good one

>> No.50232775

>Jund doesn't play it
You're retarded, every jund list should play it because it allows you to cast bolt or discard on turn 1

>> No.50232783

Reminder that Tom Ross is the cancer that is killing modern by innovating more uninteractive goldfish decks to turn 3 kill or lock out your opponent instead of playing an actual game of magic.

>> No.50232797

It's not really his fault that there are no good answers for <=2 mana that aren't in colours that just make you play Jund.

>> No.50232856

>He said something true
Try again.

>> No.50232870

>waah muh no true scotsman

>> No.50232875

>waah muh no true scotsman

>> No.50232893

>2 Lantern control decks
>Titan Breach
>Ad Nauseam
>A deck that is basically UWR burn
How are those not uninteractive goldfish decks?

>> No.50232896

Well, I do agree that certain combos make the games far too quick/one sided.

That's why my playing group has its own banned list of cards'n combos. If you don't like some aspects of the game, don't use them!

However, if you're talking about official tournaments, you're out of luck :(

>> No.50232934

Lantern has no win conditions beyond preventing your opponent access to his, you literally cannot goldfish the deck.
Titan Breach is 50/50, plays bolts and sweepers. Throwing blue in to play RUG Scapeshift wouldn't be that much mmoer interactive, just another type of removal on the stack instead of on the field and everyone considers the latter control with a combo finish.
Granted AN.
Suicide Zoo somewhat granted, plays Thoughtseize and spot removal.
UWR has to play somewhat reactively due to the low power level of the creatures compared to regular burn, Suicide Zoo and Infect, you can't just throw everything to face since the real goldfish decks outrace you every time.

Not everything that isn't 20 lands 20 counterspells and 19 kill spells 1 finisher is uninteractive.

>> No.50232980


>Making arguments for suicide zoo and scapeshift being interactive

While you don't need 16 counters 6 hand hate and 10 point and click removal to be interactive, inversely you need more than a playset of bolts.

>> No.50233145

Brew doesn't mean "play cheap shit cards that get blown out by Jund". U/R Prowess was a brew for a long time, just one mtgo grinder playing it, but it took off because it actually had advantages over other decks in the format and attacks at a different angle. Modern is a good format for brewing but you can't just play old GW standard cards and expect to win.

>> No.50233377


A lot of people seem to think "brew" means "play cards that cost no money, are too weak to out value jund, aren't fast enough to beat aggro, and rely too much on traditional angles to beat control"

>> No.50233461


>> No.50233485

That's not modern, friendo :^)

>> No.50233937

Ikr, people who don't play modern say shit like "dead format, no interaction, no brewing allowed, my 4 color aetherling control deck can't win a game etc." But look at recent results.

>Skred wins a GP
>Jeskai Mantis rider aggro got played at SCG Col by Jim Davis' team with a bunch of good finishes
>U/R prowess is now a deck that pros consider
>Lantern has picked up speed with new printings like glint-nest crane and blooming marsh
>Martyr proc got top 32 of SCG when no one thought that deck existed anymore, let alone in a dredge metagame.
>decks like Mardu nahiri, B/R Eldrazi, 4 Color Knightfall, UB Copter Faeries, UW Draw go, and Sun and Moon have all picked up solid finishes even though most of them have close to zero representation.

Why can't we ever have a Modern, fuck yeah thread?

>> No.50233956

Because Dredge is unkillable, Infect always wins on turn 2, and Tron is an Aggro-Combo deck

>> No.50235827

Christ Everytime somebody tries to classify tron they get it wrong and it starts a shitstorm. Dredge is an aggro-combo deck, tron is a ramp deck. It doesn't really fit in the control-combo-aggro triangle

>> No.50235853

That was the joke

>> No.50235908

I've been trying mono black eldrazi but it feels weak
I think naya Eldrazi has real potential though, I think red gives it more power and reach than blue. I want to try obligator as a two of because it's a fun card but I think it's a weak card in general

>> No.50236041

Well, shit

>> No.50236059

Tron isn't a ramp deck.

>> No.50236196

>A deck that spends the first couple of turns ramping into a huge threat in turn 3/4
>Is an aggro deck
OK pal

>> No.50236197


Dredge appeared because wizards unbanned GGT and printed Prized Amalgam at basically the same time and never fell out of flavor and is staying solidly at the top of tier 1 despite everyone and their hugs and kisses mother running hate thanks to Cathartic Reunion.

>> No.50236260


>if (deck != ramp)
>{deck == aggro}

what are you fucking on? also "ramp" decks don't exist, there's midrange combo control and aggro. if you dump your entire hand, it's aggro. if you combine a few cards for a win con, it's combo. if you're consistently dropping mid-high cost threats, it's midrange. if you're controlling and answering the board state until you can play a wincon, it's control.

Tron is somewhere between combo and midrange.

>> No.50236392

Playing three lands one at a time is not ramp.

>> No.50236441

Ramping implies it's generating resources faster than other decks, ie RG Valakut decks, since they run Sakura Tribe and Search
Tron is a combo deck because it's "ramp" pieces are used to find the pieces needed to assemble the tron combo. Tron doesn't actually have any ways to get out lands faster than other decks

>> No.50236585

It is if those the lands then generate a dick loadof mana

>> No.50236611

Tron is closer to control than midrange since it runs more ways to answer the enemy's threats than it runs actual threats. Karn and Ugin aren't really threats, neither is pyroclasm/return and neither is O-stone. It usually runs 6 threats as finishers but that's not usually it's main gameplan.

4 Towers doesn't generate a lot of mana
Neither does 4 Mines and 4 Power plants
You need a specific combination of lands to get that mana :^)

>> No.50236722

It's almost like you're completely ignoring that the spells let you search for specific pieces just to be a contrarian faggot

>> No.50236771

So fucking what, it's still not ramp since you're not dropping extra lands ahead of the curve and the lands don't really do shit unless you have a specific combination of them.

>> No.50236778

I'm not, it's just that those spells don't somehow make it a ramp deck.

>> No.50236823

>The only type of ramp is playing extra lands
Wew fucking lads

>> No.50236896

Was eldrazi ramp when it had ugin? Same principle

>> No.50236929

>Mana dorks aren't ramp
>Signets aren't ramp
>Utopia sprawl isn't ramp
How can one person be so stupid

>> No.50236990

Except in each of those scenarios you're netting mana. Trons pieces don't actually net mana.
Dorks, signers and sprawl are ramp, I'm not saying they aren't. I'm saying that tutoring for a land and not actually gaining mana in the process is. You can argue that you can play the land next turn and that's the mana generation but that seems like a weak argument because you can just play lands anyways

>> No.50237030

>Turn 2, 2 mana, tutor for tron piece
>Turn 3, 7 mana
How is that not ramp? That one spell net you 5 fucking mana

>> No.50237068

>All these stupid kikes thinking there is stopping to the lean mean nazi machine


>> No.50237070

...when the other tron pieces are in play. By itself, it's not doing anything. It's only when you have the combination of all three that it starts generating excess mana.

>> No.50237095

Baghdad, x3 dredger, 1 ichorid 1 bloodghast 1 returning land.

>> No.50237154

Ramp decks play spells to get ahead on mana, it doesn't matter when they start generating mana advantage

>> No.50237198

I'd argue that if the cards never generate any advantage unless they are in a specific combination, it quits being ramp and becomes combo, especially when you aren't powering them out any faster than normal.

>> No.50237230

>playing shitty unoptimal decks


>> No.50237329

Boswell has got to be the worst fucking caster in existence. He made the tournament nigh unwatchable

>> No.50237477

CVM is pretty bad

>> No.50237510

I stand corrected, Obligator shits on midrange decks

>> No.50237659

Boswell has a good voice, but doesn't say the right things.

CVM says okay things, but his voice doesn't work well for casting.

But most of all: they have no chemistry together.

>> No.50237713

Thoughts on Suicide Bloo? Seems kinda like Infect but a little more "fair"

>> No.50237877

can someone explain what lantern control does?

I've literally never seen the deck played before and don't want to lose 0-2 to it the first time I do.

What is the most important thing to stop? Should I try to race?

>> No.50237894

Lantern control tries to set up a board state where it has bridge in play and an empty hand with the ability to see your top card and mill it if it so chooses. It basically tries to lock you out of combat and slowly mill you to death. Apply lots of pressure early and pack artifact hate to beat it.

>> No.50237903

>should I try to race
Yes, go all out as quickly as possible. They're going to try to wreck your hand and I don't think any lists run dismember

It's looking to empty it's hand, get ensnaring bridge out, and manipulate the cards you get to draw with Lantern of Insight and Codex Shredder/Ghoulcaller's bell and just slowly mill you out

>> No.50237977

I play dredge and grixis control. With dredge, just attack as fast as possible. With grixis should I just slam snaps and tasigurs as early as possible to attack?

If I can counter/K-command their artifacts, what do I hit?

>> No.50238052

Which cards make you trample over your opponents in your local meta?

Mine is this one. Either in a mill strat or supporting a control core , mainboarding Haunting Echoes and Extirpate usually lets me tear entire decks worth of value, and the psychological effect is inmense

>> No.50238058

Snapcaster might be better to hold onto because you can still get value out of the cards they mill. Tasigur can also provide much needed pressure earlier than usual with all the mill

>> No.50238085

The thing that made it mostly unwatchable was Boswell's completely lack of knowledge on what was even legal in the format and the constant Tom Ross dickriding
Nigga needed some fucking kneepads with how he was going at it.

>> No.50238154

hello legacy friend

>> No.50238193

pic related wrecks all the control decks at my locals
Everyone is playing Thing in the Ice Turns or various other blue control decks.

Can you even get to 5 mana against dredge when you're on the draw?

>> No.50238506

Any general tips on modern? New to the format and honestly just dont know what a good hand is compared to other formats. The dynamic with fetches, hand information, and power cards is very different for me.

playing grixis delver as my first modern deck, although i have read primers, still hard for me to understand my position sometimes.

>> No.50238535

Honestly there are some things you can only learn through experience. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you always want to fetch first before casting Serum Visions so you don't mess up your scry. Everything else would have to be situation or play style critiques

>> No.50238536


With enough hosing and answers like my deck does you can get to turn 5-7 without problem. It's brewed to face easily dredge matchups, they are very common at my LGS

>> No.50238563


The best SB to stop Grim Lavamancers, I love it

>> No.50238646

Just jam as many games as possible and learn your deck inside and out.

Practice against as many different decks as possible and always be prepared to face infect, jund/k, tron, affinity, merfolk, death's shadow and burn

keep track of new sideboard tech on modernnexus.com and SCG's opens/classics

>> No.50238676

>Modern Nexus
not even once

>> No.50238700

Fevered visions is awesome

>> No.50238725

God why did that site have to go completely to shit? Ever since Sheridan left they can't even put out 2 articles a week, plus the metagame update is always like 3 weeks late if it even comes at all. Like the site was bought out by QS, don't they want to turn a profit?

>> No.50238731

>Thing Turns
Whats this even look like? Some number of Things in place of Mines and whatnot?

>> No.50239026


>> No.50239108

Newfag here, are these any good?

>> No.50239169

wrong thread, bro. If you want to play commander, there's almost always an edh thread. Check catalog.

If you want to play modern, no. Commander pre-cons are pretty much always good if you just want to start playing and this year's are like, extra good. Get a green one and add some mana ramp and life from the loam.

>> No.50239368


tron players and decks with greedy manabases tremble when they see my hate on mainboard deck. Easy to splash sowing salt is always nice to have

>> No.50239402

Suicide Bloo any good? I have almost all the pieces so I was thinking of giving it a go.

>> No.50239462

Swans of Bryn Argoll are awesome:
-Easy to play
-Efficiently costed
-Hard to remove
-Damage clock
-If you block with them you can mill your opponent

A total 5 star card on my book

>> No.50239482


List? Never heard of suicide blue before

>> No.50239496

It popped up on mtggoldfish. I'm on my phone so I can't be arsed to link it

>> No.50239507

>turns lightning bolt into a red ancestral recall

>> No.50239569

That's why you quickly learn a lesson

And then the fuckers peck your eyes out

>> No.50239652


in my deck, perplexing chimera acts as a very costly standstill,a deterrent for players. The good thing is that you actually choose when to switch controls, so you can let small spells pass and grab what you find the most convenient.

If only the stats were higher or it had a lower cost...

>> No.50239748

I'm building a deck like that but with more burst and delvers so yeah, it probably works. You better pray that you don't face early aggresion though because you have fuckall to protect you with and your biggest wincon aka the thing in ice is overrated as fuck imo. I absolutely love bedlam though, and I'm a newby so what do I know after all.

>> No.50239770


T2 Liliana's caress and bam

>> No.50240516

shut up, Blake. don't you have a store to run?

>> No.50240583

Sultai or bust

>> No.50240707

What are some ways you guys deal with/refute retards who complain about netdecking?

>> No.50240879

Why not? I can't think of anyone that hates netdecking and plays modern.

>> No.50240945

Haha lol wtf. Whether you're playing modern, standard, block constructed, or commander, it's never okay to netdeck. Get of ⤵your high horse, you little pathetic 2 year old SJW swine. DesolatorMagic cares about his fans, you only care about the money, cheating, and speculating on cards. As Des pointed out, you baby netdeckers should all go cheat at some other LGS, and leave us who actually respect this game alone. Did I mention how expensive it is for you losers to netdeck? I made a mono white lifegain modern deck using the card Peace of Mind and Lich's Mirror, it costs 20 dollars and wins every game agaist so called tier 1 netdecks and can only lose to itself. Have fun with your boring decks, mine are the true ways to play Magic.

>> No.50241015


>> No.50241048

MTGLion is also devolving into a retard himself (as if his autism wasn't bad enough)


>> No.50241090


Without netdecking, how are you supposed to ever know the best the format has to offer, to what level your brews have to compete? How are you supposed to know if your decks are good without a standard, and what good is that standard if nobody plays it?

>> No.50241159

I wouldn't call them idiots, just salty and juvenile. That being said:

>You don't have to netdeck. No one is forcing you.
>Even if you don't run netdecks, seeing decks posted online can be useful. If nothing else, it shows you what the net-deckers will be running next FNM.
>Creating a deck that you enjoy playing is part of the fun of MTG. Pity the netdecker, for they will never know this joy.
>Try playing limited.
>Due to laws of supply and demand, netdeckers will (almost) all-ways pay more for their decks then homebrews.
>"I just copied a list from mtggoldfish and pasted it into tcgplayer" - said no GP winner ever

>> No.50241339


But I love the list I copied, it's all I enjoy playing. I also liked slowly acquiring all the cards to complete the deck. Why do you assume that netdeckers don't enjoy the decks they made?

>> No.50241382

If you enjoy it, then keep doing it. Those were all just arguments intended to calm down the "netdeckers are literally Hitler" people.

>> No.50241425


Netdeckers are literally Hitler because they drive up paper prices as soon as they catch wind of a spicy new card to drive the price up on.

That's the only thing that pisses me off. Most recent case: Platinum Emperion, but only after that storm player ran the Madcap package in sideboard in a major tourney. Fucking netdeckers.

>> No.50241448

Yeah that's a real sweet turn 4 play after they've already cast Karn and exiled one of your permanents

>> No.50241493

Your oponnents must be retarded then.
>Oh you just stopped my lavamancer
>Ok I'll just leave him untapped for this turn
>on your upkeep I tap lavamancer and deal 2 to you

I either still get damage in or by some miracle you have another up your sleeve, then you cant hurt me with creatures on your turn hosing your own combat phase

>> No.50241538

What day was the tournament?

>> No.50241621

>tfw no merfolk

>> No.50241628

If a card is good and fits into a new strategy why wouldn't more people want it and be willing to pay more for it? The only time speculating has ever had a profoundly negative impact on MTG has been when people buyout the reserve list, thats an artificial demand.

>> No.50241676

>people want to play the game

You are a retard

So are you he can cast while the lavamancer ability is on the stack

>> No.50241724

Pretty new to magic, how do I mulligan better? I'm playing RG Tron and I feel like a lot of my losses at my LGS are because I mulligan hands away and I end up with an okay hand of 4-5 that usually turns out not being good enough

>> No.50241757

whats a """"""""""""fun""""""""""""" modern deck

>> No.50241776

What is your definition of fun?

>> No.50241794

imo, tooth and nail

>> No.50241835

tom ross is the sexiest magic player of all time

>> No.50241840

competitive, but not brainless play my lands into colourless shit like tron or eldrazi

>> No.50241870

Griselhoard or ad nauseam then?

Maybe some less used aggro decks like merfolk that may or may not want to pack counterspells like swan song, spell pierce or negate depending on the meta.

>> No.50241904

I think merfolk is boring as shit, but ad naus is a great suggestion. Theres a lot of play to that deck and you get to run 0 mana counterspells

>> No.50241936

Dud3, every deck is boring and brainless.
Why don't you try getting really fucking good with a simple deck and go from there?

>> No.50241997

Its hard to choose a deck, thats the only problem. I agree with your sentiment tho, i think the secret to modern is just picking a deck and sticking to it. Its just really fucking hard to pick my dude

>> No.50242045

try them all out on xmage and see what you like the most, you can even just test them again the AI for the sake of understanding how they play out and if you like what they do.

>> No.50242056

I suggest something tried and true. Jund, Affinity and Burn will always be here in some form or another.

U/R Prowess is picking up steam, that looks interesting, at least.

Dredge is pretty decent too, and you have to play around hate.

Personally, I play Burn. Because I'm a huge faggot fight and love gargling cocks. But at least I'm pretty good with it.

>> No.50242128

For tron you need to have a hand that assembles tron and plays a threat by turn 4. Its pretty easy. A hand like
>Mine, Mine, Map, Grove, Star, Karn, Scrying
is fine even if its a little slow, but a hand like
>Mine, Mine, Grove, Karn, Wurmcoil, Star, O-Stone
is really bad because you only see one extra card and only have one tron piece. Obviously two tron pieces plus a tutor/stirrings plus threat is the nuts. If your hand is obviously slower than turn 4 you have to ship it, but its ok because tron has pretty good mulligans with all the tutors and redraws.

Keep in mind I don't play tron so this could all be bullshit.

>> No.50242143

I do actually playtest with my friend a lot, which ended up being a problem because I find a silver lining in almost all the decks ive tried (that aren't a tron or affinity variant)

Ive been seriously considering BGx due to the fact thats its been t1 forever and great. The price is pretty fucking unreal though. I do have most of infect which ive considered a lot but I'm bothered by the fact that it hardly feels like magic, its a very different playstyle from most other shit. Good on u for embracing burn man, someone has to be the heel or everyone is just gonna jack each other off forever

>> No.50242268

Tom Ross is a faggot and a cheater

>> No.50242317

>would probably love playing BGx
>It's stupidly expensive

>> No.50242386

>ad naus over merfolk
I sunk way too much time into the deck and I wish I had done something else, like literally anything else
Once you've played the deck ad nauseam haha got you it starts to become a matter of luck, which feels really shitty when it fucks you over

>> No.50242451

how strong is bant spirits in the foreseeable future?

>> No.50242484

>People labelling Tron as an aggro-combo deck

This meme needs to end. Aggro-combo is not a deck archetype.

There is nothing "aggro" about Tron, it's a combo deck looking to find its key pieces(Tron lands) and assemble them quickly. Hence why a good chunk of its deck is dedicated to searching for them. Tron decks are much more of a Big Spell or Control-Combo archetype.

>> No.50242493

I doubt it's going to get much more support now that both innistrad blocks are done, so there's that
As it is now, it's probably in the top 30 decks in the format

>> No.50242690

Your wheel theory doesn't account for decks like Knightfall and Kiki Chord which are more value-combo than anything else. What is dredge under this classification system? Combo-Swarm? Bant Eldrazi doesn't really fit either as its not really a pure midrange deck, an aggro deck, or a combo-ramp style deck but can play elements of all three.

Classifications of decks based on hard categories are never gonna work.

>> No.50242858

>merfolk more boring than solitaire combo deck
>lot of play to AN
am i missing something here?

>> No.50242895

Dredge has always been a combo deck. And Bant Eldrazi is midrange. Are you fucking retarded? Next you'll say Lantern control deck isnt real control deck

>> No.50242988

nigga u gotta not die, its more play than slam down fish

>> No.50243067


Knightfall and Kiki-Chord are Midrange decks as most "Value(combo)" decks are midrange. Knightfall can win with the combo but most often than not it's not even the primary gameplan but just a backup out while playing very good on curve threats and spells. The entire Knightfall deck is not dedicated to jsut finding the combo only and resolving it, it has other ways to play as well. Bant Eldrazi is the epitome of a midrange deck as it's just looking to abuse value and on-curve threats and "goodstuffs". All of these decks have cheap removal and great on-curve spells which many midrange decks usually have.

Dredge is a Linear Aggro deck, despite for all the crazy things that Dredge usually does it generally just aims to win by beating down with a bunch of dudes on the board. Many linear aggro decks are usually always all-in on a particular strategy or theme and are very synergy based. Think in Modern for Elves, Dredge, Affinity and Infect as examples of these all-in synergistic elements surrounding their decks. And before you mention it yes all of these decks have various combo elements that play off each other but it's the culimination of many cards in the deck that work together in a synergistic element.

>> No.50243068


Clearly you're all fairly new to magic if you think any of those people are worse casters than:

>Randy "Blink the pod and he wins!" Buehler
>Rashad "Buh-burri... Bor- Uhh, Burton Tender-Forger?" Miller

>> No.50243143

it's not that they're worse, it's that I expect more from scg. wotc coverage has always been shit. having these two clowns in the booth sucks after Cedric was there last week.

>> No.50243178


Just to further append as well on Dredge, you can also argue that it's actually a Swarm based deck and I wouldn't disagree. The deck has very strong overlap between those two decktypes

>> No.50243184

literally no one said they we're worst casters than those three. I do have to agree that Rashad Miller is probably the worst caster of all time.

Atleast Randy Buehler could be funny sometimes despite grating my ears with

>> No.50243240

i'm not really seeing this "play" you're talking about. i guess you have to sequence properly with your scries? or maybe you mean that it's thrilling to play full combo with no defenses?

on the other hand merfolk is the only aggro deck that runs both countermagic and land disruption, not to mention it's kind of flexible with what interaction you want as you can play mono blue, splash white or red, etc. and there's a couple tricks with vial and reejerey and harbinger. that stuff sounds way more interesting to me

having said that, i'm going with anon>>50241870 and reccing a griselbrand deck (is "griselhoard" the variant with fury of the horde?) because i've been playing the shoal one and it's been pretty fun cheesing turn 2/3 kill half the time and playing around counters/sideboard hate and trying not to lose to yourself the other half

>> No.50243341


Can always play the Glittering Wish variant. Where you get to do fun things like Wish for Bring to Light, Dragonlord Dromoka and Sigarda Host of Herons and various other Hybrid mana answer spells. It's almost like playing TES in Legacy!

>> No.50243732


Just to prove my point two people pointing out I'm wrong have dredge in a completely different category from each other.

Knightfall and Kiki Chord would be unplayable if you took their namesake combos out. Just because the decks don't often win by comboing out on turn 4 doesn't mean that they aren't playing a combo game plan at heart, its more the metagame of your opponent knowing you can chord in a kiki at end step that keeps games from getting to that point. Hard classifications in modern consistently don't work.

>> No.50244012

>have all the pieces
>only play rug variants

>> No.50244125


>> No.50244217

So then stop trying to use them. You are part of the problem. Not everything fits in the triangle

>> No.50244219


That doesn't prove your point since people were making bad categorizations of what a deck archetype is e.g "Aggro-combo Tron" Furthermore the guy saying Dredge being a combo deck doesn't even explain his reasoning or logic for it yet I do and you decide to dismiss this notion.

You have a misunderstanding of what an actual combo deck is in MTG deck terms. Every deck in MTG has "combos" or cards that just work well together in synergy. Kird Ape+Stomping Ground is technically a "combo". Knightfall decks are not entirely 100% dedicated to finding its combo piece and neither is Kiki-Chord. Those decks have combos in them but those decks are not 100% dedicated to finding their finishing pieces and can often win without them by playing value cards and answer pieces. Furthermore Kiki-Chord is more of toolbox deck looking to answer with the right threat or card at the right time and is capable of just beating down with say Pia and Kiran Nalaar being flashed by resto angels or copied with Kiki Jiki and just winning with valuetown dudes. Knightfall can win without the combo as well because it has such good value dudes that it just beats you in the face with good on curve cards and threats.

Now compare these decks with actual combo decks in Modern like Ad Nauseam, Scapeshift(RUG version because RG Titanshift plays differently) and Tron. These decks are very dedicated and focused on assembling their combo pieces and trying to win off nothing other than said pieces and unless the decks can assemble their combo pieces and resolve them then they just lose. If Ad Nauseam doesn't find and resolve its namesake card alongside Angel's Grace/Phyrexian Unlife then the deck loses, if RUG Scapeshift doesn't have enough lands and can't find a Scapeshift then it loses, if Tron doesn't find and assemble its key pieces to cast big threats and control the board then it loses. Combo decks in MTG live or die on whether they find the combo or not.

>> No.50244715

This is a pretty good chart, but the midrange side could use some work.

"Aggro-control" and "Non-blue control" are too broad to be categories on their own.

The traditional aggro-control decks (Delver, Faeries, Caw-Blade) vary a lot in the degree to which they are aggressive. Delver leans much more towards aggro, while Caw-Blade plays more like a control deck.

Non-blue control is just generally a meaningless designation. Many non-blue control decks would fit under the "tap-out" or "lock" categories.

Rock decks play a lot more removal and disruption than anything I would label as "pure midrange" and so they should be closer to the reactive side.

>> No.50244775


The point about the other guy is, even though he didn't provide any evidence, his first reaction to dredge was "Combo" while yours was "Linear Aggro". What's the point of classifying decks like this if most people are just going put them in different categories? It doesn't do anything and it lowers discussion about modern, which makes people say stupid shit like its an aggro only format.

I like to look at the metagame, especially the one we have now which is particularly healthy, in terms of levels instead of categories. At level 1 you have the fast decks that win through creature combat. Here's where you infect, burn, affinity, dredge, zoo, and things like U/R Prowess. The speed limit of the format. Then you have level 2, the decks that are trying to beat the creature based fast decks using cheap interaction along with proactive threats to turn the corner quickly. Jund, Abzan, Jeskai, Grixis, and Mardu all fit in here. Then level 3 are the synergy decks that try to create an insurmountable resource or board advantage and beat up on the level 2 decks while not sacrificing too much of their level 1 matchup. Tron, Valakut, Bant Eldrazi, Merfolk, and yes Kiki Chord and Knightfall are all in this level. This isn't all of the decks in the format of course, but now we can talk about decks in terms of what level they are trying to hit to try and determine why they are good or bad right now. Like I think Skred won because it hit level 1 primarily while still stealing games away from level 2 and 3 decks with blood moon in an unprepared field. Likewise I don't think a deck like BW taxes is doing very well because it goes all in on breaking up very specific synergies in level 3 decks, which don't represent too much of the meta, while leaning on its sideboard too much to beat level 1 and 2.

That's my alternative, now lay into me.

>> No.50244860

Your love for tron just showed

Because turns 1-3 I will let him goldfish, right?

>> No.50244888

How's Abzan CoCo in current year? Should I be playing an eldritch evolution version?

>> No.50244946


So basically Aggro-Control is a deck that switches roles depending on the matchup. If you're up against a control deck, you're the aggro deck and if you're up against an aggro deck you're the control deck. As you mentioned some decks will lean much more into one side of this and another leans more to the other or in a nutshell they're actually just "Tempo" decks.

Non-blue control decks are basically the decks that don't play permission spells like counterspells for the most part. Like take Jund for instance which overlaps into this category alongside the Pure Midrange category, it's not going to stop you from playing your creatures or casting spells but it's going to remove them once they're in play or strip cards from your hand. And speaking of Rock decks, I would say Jund actually covers into this category well and at the same time overlaps into the other two previous categories too as they're very close to the spectrum of what the deck is trying to do and you can see on the wheel that they're all very close neighbours.

The reason why Rock decks are kind of further from the reactive side is most of the time it's just like for the most part they simply do not care what you try and do or answer what they play, more often than not it just grinds you down. The old Junk Reanimator from INN/RTR Standard is a great example of this, oh you played Rest in Peace? Big deal I just cast Farseek and ramp up and cast my shit, here's a Thragtusk and I don't even care if it dies. G/B Delirium in Standard is more or less this deck as well and it's no surprise that Rock decks are usually always G/B/x colours for the most part.

>> No.50244957

Almost nobody plays it anymore

>> No.50244981

I've put a few games in with it the past few weeks
It seems slightly lackluster but I was running it without evolution, maybe that improve its power.
The biggest problem I found is it was just losing every game 1 against the 3 best decks in the format. It's impossible to stabilize against dredge and you have no real outs to Infect or affinity game 1, and post-board you still feel like you're walking on eggshells against those decks, even with your hate cards and tutors.
It's still a playable deck depending on the meta but against the current top decks it's lacking.

>> No.50245134


>The point about the other guy is, even though he didn't provide any evidence, his first reaction to dredge was "Combo" while yours was "Linear Aggro".

The answer to this is a simple one. That other guy is an idiot.

Your explanation of looking at the metagame is kind of a different tangent than as to what archetype spectrum a deck falls under. The categories as listed above are more to the point of getting people to recognise how and why a deck works and why it plays more like A then B and as a result of understanding on how a deck is built in a particular way you can further tune or improve for playing your area and not so much about what deck is dominating the format. Sites like MTGtop8 while great for aggregating tournament decklists and stats is completely garbage as to deck categories and frequency of updates.

With that being said your explanation of analysing the metagame isn't actually wrong, it's pretty similar to Sirlin's "Yomi" theory from his Playing to Win books so I don't think you're wrong on this analysis. Translating it into MTG terms it's basically you have all these tier 1 or "level 1" decks that people are banking on, while a bunch of people are trying to "counter" these tier 1 decks with solid or strong tier 2 aka the "level 2" decks that can fight these decks well and also have good plan against other tier 2's. Then the tier 3 decks are the outliers that look to steal games by using elements of surprise to beat the level 1 and 2 decks that were not prepared for these level 3 decks. I would theorise that Skred won because people forgot that Blood Moon was a card in the format and just weren't prepared for it and it stole those games away since the Blue Moon decks went away and just felt bad in the current metagame so some people forgot about the card existing and then surprise, here it is!

>> No.50245272

Again the reason why I don't like categories like that for modern, which is a very different format from something like standard where its pretty easy to classify decks as aggro, combo or control, is that it leads to people generalizing modern as the aggro format or the unfair format or something equally retarded. It's why we have whole threads on here about why MTGtop8 is retarded or how Jund is an aggro deck or something like that. I just think that modern is a really good format right now and we can do better than cookie-cutter classifications and concepts like the tier list. Like personally I think that modern has finally moved beyond easy tier lists based on usage in the same way legacy has. My idea with the levels is that its supposed to be separated from usage and more cyclical, like in the future we might have the best decks in the format be from the "level 3" category of synergy decks. Something like Tron suddenly gaining a bunch of momentum and surging to the top, like it has before.

>> No.50245400

evolution sucks my dickhole imo, coco is a high variance magic card but its rly good in that deck. Abzan coco is in a rough spot as a lot of better decks exist that can beat you up quick. It doesnt help that some of the most popular dredge hate (grafniggers cage) hurts you pretty badly.

>> No.50245429

What's the best deck that runs Restoration Angel?

>> No.50245466


>Again the reason why I don't like categories like that for modern, which is a very different format from something like standard where its pretty easy to classify decks as aggro, combo or control, is that it leads to people generalizing modern as the aggro format or the unfair format or something equally retarded.

Yeah which is why I disagree on some people making up certain archetypes for certain decks. These people are just flat out misinformed and do not understand MTG deck strategy or deckbuilding principle design. I don't think /tg/ is as bad at MTG these days as it used to be but there's still some flat out misinformed people. The image I posted is not that "decks can only fit in one category and it must be this one only" but more often than not the deck that mostly fits into one of those spectrums can often overlap into another that's close by.

Mind you however Modern does tend to have a prevalence of more dominant % share of aggro decks but all have different angles of attack. Infect, Dredge and Affinity are probably still the most played aggro decks in Modern. In fact Infect has more % of the metagame than Affinity does right now but before that from even 2 months ago it was actually all Bant Eldrazi which isn't an aggro deck at all! Even Jund lost its top position of most played deck and Lantern Control is on the rise so I digress that I do not think that aggro is the only viable option in Modern. Like you explained before, the aggro decks in Modern are the "level 1" decks to beat in Modern more or less acting effectively as the gatekeepers for the format. If your brew or current deck build can't deal with or have a plan for these decks then you need to go back to the drawing board and reexamine your deck. Even the Tron decks have transitioned to playing GW lists now as opposed to the traditional RG lists because its current version just wasn't able to handle the most played decks right now.

>> No.50245501

I suppose its between some sort of Jeskai Flash deck and KikiChord, but both of those decks are extreme piles im not gonna lie

>> No.50245596

Too add to what >>50245501 said, there's also Death and Taxes, and UW Control. Of the Resto Angel decks, Kiki Chord is probably the most competitive, but UWR Flash gained a powerful tool in the form of Torrential Gearhulk, so it might be worth testing that out.

>> No.50246387

Someone have a good playable B/G infect list?

>> No.50246480

Watered down cancer is still cancer.

>> No.50246485

>thinks tron can't just hardcast ostone wurmcoil and karn
Stop posting please.

>> No.50247134

I also mainboard this,
did you see how they get to fuck up theirr deck for the nest round by searching for playsets,they cant shuffle it good,if you do it in game 1, next game they have issues with nonrandom card distribution I LOVE IT

>> No.50247184

>watching steam
>opp makes player and streamer has no possible responses
>11/10 times a condescending "..Sure"

can this meme stop

>> No.50247189

>watching stream
>opp makes play
>streamer has no possible responses
>11/10 times condescending "..Sure"

can this meme stop

>> No.50247446


>> No.50247677

dredge and infect
I'm serious. They're not brainless but they're very good and you get free wins sometimes.

If you don't like free wins, I suggest Jund/k or Grixis/Jeskai Control, with or without Nahiri. You have to work super hard for every single win. It feels nice but you're playing 45+ rounds every round and decision fatigue is a real thing. Winning in 15 minutes with dredge and then chilling until my next round feels great. Someone has to play a fast deck so they can get their friends who insist on playing control some food.

>> No.50247694

it's 'fine'
The deck isn't doing anything unfair. CoCo is really the only way to do unfair things. Spell Queller is almost a liability. It plays very similarly to Merfolk but with CoCo and Hierarch over Aether Vial.

If Geist of Saint Traft is good, spirits are better. If Spreading Seas is good, merfolk is better.

>> No.50247706

No. The BB1 infect guy is basically just worse than Blighted Agent 99% of the time. You also can't hard cast Git Probe and you lose access to Distortion Strike and actually paying for Spellskite. Also, Hierarch doesn't produce black.

>> No.50247718


And how do you hardcast those cards if you don't find and assemble your Tron pieces? Learn to MTG please.

>> No.50247733

3 Towers, 2 Mines and a forest is pretty good at casting Wurmcoil

>> No.50247807

By dropping any combination of 6 and 7 lands, retard. The deck plays 3-4 bolt/pyroclasm/path to stay alive until Oblivion Stone, 8 tutors for lands and 12 cantrips.

>> No.50247834

Lots of inexperienced players fall into the trap of attempting to keep tron off tron but not putting any pressure on them so they just cast their big stuff with lots of lands instead.

>> No.50247863

I've hard casted wurmcoil and o-stone then off the tron. If I have the tron going then I almost always have a Karn or Ugin to cast instead. People always target the tower with LD so it's pretty easy to get get 3 mines and 3 powerplants

>> No.50247865


Against most decks dropping a Wurmcoil on turn 6 is not going to stabilize the board, you want to be dropping it faster than that against most of the decks in this format and Wurmcoil is still vulnerable to Path which is played in about 35% of the decks in the format right now. And again if you didn't find your pieces you will lose that's why the deck has cantrips and Ancient Stirrings to find the right pieces. You cast turn 6 O-stoneYou also have bad reading comprehension when I said that "if Tron doesn't find and assemble its key pieces to cast big threats and control the board then it loses." and decided to complete overlook the statement.

>> No.50247868

it's not as good in general as the ug version, but it's fun and it is better if your meta is all bolt/path decks.

>> No.50247877

>if Tron doesn't find and assemble its key pieces to cast big threats and control the board then it loses
But this isn't universally true you mouth-breathing mong, case in point spot removal/pyro into Oblivion Stone into hardcast Wurmcoil/Karn.

>> No.50247891


The deck does not play both Pyroclasm and Path together. You're misrepresenting that both RG and GW tron play the exact same removal suite when it does not. It either brings extra Pyroclasm's from the side if R based(unless metacall preboards all 4 into maindeck)and has maindeck Path if GW based.

>> No.50247901

I've played against the card that makes the infect insects before but I can't see it in your deck list, am I blind?

>> No.50247906

carrion call is in the sideboard

>> No.50247910


Nothing wrong about trying to keep Tron off their lands but at the same time pressure must be applied because they're still the best inevitability deck in the format.

>> No.50247913

That's why I typed slashes between holy fucking shit are you actually this stupid?

>> No.50247917

it's in the top left, and you're not blind, my iPhone camera is just shitty

>> No.50247931


It is true though, Tron is Control-combo/Big Spell combo and if it's not able to get to its key pieces and tap out for it or assemble the lands it will just lose. There's a reason why RG Tron has just fallen off right now.

>> No.50247935

Thanks, I thought that was a second viridian corrupter

>> No.50247937

You're just begging the question, at least put some effort into it.

>> No.50247949


Typing slashes in your sentence does not infer that you're highlighting two different subjects of two different decks. There is nothing your statement to confer that you're talking about different Tron lists. That's not comprehension anon.

>> No.50247959

The differences between GR and GW are negligible, it all comes to down to choice of spot removal and sideboard bullets, the gameplan with both is the exact same.

>> No.50247998


The main gameplan for the deck is the same but the differences are that they handle matchups tremendously different so no it's not negligible. RG Tron is terrible against Dredge and Bant Eldrazi for instance as opposed to GW.

>> No.50248001

>WB Elves
I see you, /infect/ guy

>> No.50248018

My WR vs Bant is somewhere around 80% since they never beat a single O-stone and neither variant beats g1 vs Dredge with a reasonable opener. You have no way to tutor for rip in GW whereas with GR you can Stirrings for cage and tutor for Bojuka Bog, both decks' sideboarded games come down to slamming hate.

You have no fucking clue what you're talking about and should stop posting.

>> No.50248064


>You have no way to tutor for rip in GW

You overlooked the fact that you have the ability to Stirrings for Relic of Progenitus maindeck in GW anon. I don't think you know what you're talking about at all.

>> No.50248068

How is maindeck Relic exclusive to white? It's been a staple in GR when the meta calls for it for years.

>> No.50248085

>with GR you can Stirrings for cage and tutor for Bojuka Bog
Why can't GW do either of these things?

>> No.50248096


And which deck version sees more play right now anon and which one has been pushed out of the format?

>> No.50248109


Because GW version can't tutor up for Bojuka Bog either with Expedition Map or Ancient Stirrings right? Fuck you're retarded.

>> No.50248119

If I ever have to hear Rashad Miller cast a game again it will be too soon. He's even irredeemable at reading fucking interview questions of flash cards. I hope he's never brought back as a speaker.

>> No.50248137

I'm not cheating on best general, I swear. I just like posting my meme decks.

>> No.50248145

Go x/1 or better at a Modern FNM with Manaless Dredge then!

>> No.50248232

>pretty sure the steam vents i ordered are fake

what the fuck

out of all the cards to fake, why steam vents. Its not even a value card.

it passes the tests, but i dont own a loup, it just looks more faded then most cards

are return to ravnica cards usually a bit more faded?

>> No.50248269

It's not uncommon for cards to have minor printing differences like appearing a little more faded, particularly if heavily played. However, if they're like super obviously more faded that cards normally appear then my first bet is fake.

>> No.50248277

Where'd you order from?

Also pics

>> No.50248339

Shut the fuck up, people stopped playing Pyroclasm and Ancient Grudge, and started playing white cards. That's all. It's still Tron you fucking keckold.

>> No.50248417


tcgplayer. if the end up being fake I'm pretty sure they have my back. just more disappointed then anything.

>> No.50248474


get faded lmao

>> No.50248552


If it passes all the tests then it's probably just a printing error with incorrect colour saturation for that run. It's also possible that someone left that Steam Vent in the sun for a bit and it faded off.

>> No.50248587

I mean if the only issue is the fading then it's already better every fake out there, so I really doubt it's fake
And like you said, it's a steam vents, not a volcanic island

>> No.50248757


>> No.50248759

I got a fake Koth yesterday. It was the best fake I ever saw, and it's a lolKoth.

If it feels wrong, it is wrong.

>> No.50249799

Skred + breach combo, Y/N?

>> No.50249858

You mean Skred as a removal spell in Titanshift? Seems fine.

>> No.50249883

I can dig it

>> No.50250202

>play rg or lose it's easy

>> No.50250205

I meant something more like RW Nahiri with Skreds to get some extra reach

>> No.50250244


Skreds aren't reach you fucking dumb dumb it only hits dudes

>> No.50250265

You know what I mean dingus

>> No.50250287

for sure. I played knightfall with worship in the side at a big event on saturday, some rounds took fucking forever and by the time i got home i just passed out

>> No.50250457

what is actually the penalty in the very very unlikely event you get caught playing a fake card in your list at a sanctioned tournament?

If you're a retard with playsets of fakes you'll probably get banned but if it's only one or two fakes? Even if you did knowingly played fakes they couldn't prove it

>> No.50250479

Could a Mardu midrange brew with kiki jiki and resto angel have potential?

>> No.50250483

only the retards with the worst fakes get caught desu. you could get away with a playset as long as the quality is good

>> No.50250492

>play Jeskai Control
>6 round tournament
>every round takes 30+ minutes
>friends on zoo and green stompy playing in the same tournament come watch my game 2/3 every round
>average of five minutes between each round and the next

thank God those guys come by to bring me something to drink between games or I would just die before the end of the day

>> No.50250496

Why run that over a Nahiri or Madcap package?

>> No.50250500

Sure it could work but you'd be handicapping yourself by not playing green instead of black.

>> No.50250518

With these new fakes the only chance you're gonna get caught is if you get chosen for random deck inspection and they take your deck out of the sleeves which I'm not sure they do at all

>> No.50250631

If you're in rw you just play Journey to nowhere you trog.

>> No.50250913

Props to you guys for playing 'slow' decks. I love playing Grixis Control but can't stand how long my rounds take and it's not because I'm slow playing. The games just actually take a long time to end. Even a turn two unblocked Tasigur takes four or five turns to kill them.

For anyone who hasn't decided on a deck, my best advice is to pick a faster deck that you like unless you really love one of the slower decks.

>> No.50251102

That's not instant speed you fruitbat

>> No.50251864

Any tournament horror stories?

I went to a pptq with a friend me playing infect and him on affinity

Middle of the tournament he gets random deck checked and all his ravagers and mox opals were fake

luckily I own most of the tier 1 decks so I just loaned him mine

>> No.50251941

>all this talk of counterfeit cards
If my cards passed the light test and all feel good consistency and art wise I'm good right?

the thought of my cards being fake scares me

>> No.50252055

That's far beyond horror story, that's a living nightmare mate

>> No.50252539

what makes you think your koth is fake? koth's highest price ever is $10 its not really worth it to fake them

>> No.50252557

they do remove from sleeves occasionally, especially if you have foils mixed in with non foils. but its very unlikely they'll spot a fake unless its really obvious

>> No.50252869

I went to a PPTQ in a building that exceeded its fire clad by about 50 people.
It was in Florida, the middle of July, and the AC went out.

>> No.50253140

I can't even imagine the horrid stench

Please fellow fa/tg/uys, PLEASE shower before coming to a big event

>> No.50253287

>being a hellhole
News at 11

>> No.50253289

wasn't he DQed for it? How obvious were the fakes?

>> No.50253366

You wont necessarily get DQ'd for having fakes. Only if you were knowingly and willingly using them. So if you can convince the head judge or whomever is doing the deck check that, for example, you got them from a shady vendor on TCG and unknowingly received fakes, they'll give you time to replace them with real cards or basic lands.

It's not really hard to convince them you didn't know they were fake, mostly because if you dont replace the cards, you'll get DQ'q either way.

>> No.50253813


>> No.50253998


>Replacing your opals and ravagers with basic lands

tfw you draw a forest and know you could have won

>> No.50254298

what deck should someone who's just started playing magic buy into

>> No.50254336


>> No.50254379

Grenn stompy. Cheap, simple but it still has cool stuff.

>> No.50254694

seconding stompy, has a great learning curve too

>> No.50254702


>> No.50254780

Check the font and spacing too.
This is old, but these cards are out there.

The only thing wrong with fakes is when you're trying to buy the genuine article off TCG and end up paying top dollar for fakes instead.

>> No.50255211

Leyline of Sanctity hasn't never been much more than $12, but fakes have been made.
The more undetected fakes there are on the market, the harder it is to detect other fakes.
>buy a [high value card] online
>comes in with strange printing issues
>but some $2 commons also have those printing issues, and who would fake those?

>> No.50255268


Leyline of Sanctity was actually $20-$30 at one point.

>> No.50255742

is Emerge viable enough for modern?

>> No.50255794

Not even remotely close.

>> No.50255810

what deck would that be? I'm assuming some sort of UW based control, maybe splashing B or R?

>> No.50256862

What's the deal with this UR Prowess deck?
I don't believe it took someone this long to toss the best two Prowess creatures and cheap, relevant non-creature spells into a deck, with some effective Delve creatures on top of that.

I'm aware it was piloted by an autist on MTGO, but that can't be the explanation for this. A pet deck shouldn't win tournaments.

>> No.50257083


Distended Mindbender would probably be the only card that's likely to see Modern play.

>> No.50257175

Game loss and had to get replacements

>> No.50257190

And very obviously miscut, was hard to tell in dark sleeves.

He purchased them from a mutual friend whose usually pretty dependable

>> No.50257333



bullshit, it requires you to sac a creature to get value and against most decks you'll only ever get one discard. Its not good enough for modern in any mans language. it's not *bad* but I wouldn't call it likely.

Wretched gryff *maybe* could make it, and only if you're sacrificing something like Eternal Witness.

>> No.50258947

grant, please leave

>> No.50258991

Infect is such a weird deck, it either shows up a bunch in top 8's or it's absent until like top 32/48

>> No.50260024

it's one of the fastest decks but it's fragile compared to other fast decks. Put it against other fast decks it wins, put it against interactive decks it loses.

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