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Would a centaur make a good steed, do you think?
Provided they could be convinced to let you ride them, of course.

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Would a centaur make a good daughter, do you think?
Provided they could be convinced to let you adopt them, of course.

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Why not, its magic.

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No, they would be really stinky and they will crap over everything.

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Pro: Intelligent.
Pro: Can hold shit and use tools.
Pro: Can speak.
Con: Intelligent.
Con: Can speak.
Con: Human bits might get in the way of doing things yourself.

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Pro: Can be your girlfriend/boyfriend AND mount all in one
Pro: Provides their own mount
Pro: Can haul much more baggage than most other team members
Pro: Can pull a cart with relative ease
Con: Can't fit into most houses
Con: Will not be happy with sleeping in the stables
Con: Everyone can look at your centaur girlfriends genitals at any time
Con: Probably eats more than a human considering their size

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What if the Mongols had had centaurs as well as regular humans in some sort of alliance? So you have Mongol archers shooting from the back of centaurs which are also shooting at you.

It might have shorn up a lot of the weak points of defense with cavalry. Archer-riders ride up to the area they want to capture, humans dismount and defend while the centaurs continue flanking, unlike normal cavalry which can have trouble when stationary.

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Yes, they are, read tales of Hercules for more example.
>is smart and can communicate
>they are the definition of beauty and war

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I dunno, if I were a centaur, I wouldn't let anyone on my back

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All that doesn't automatically translate to a dude who'll gladly carry you on his back everywhere.

You could probably carry a kobold too, but why the hell would you? I think the assumption that they should/would let you ride them just because they are similar to horses would be pretty offensive and tactless.

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Not even a hot chick, anon?

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>Implying you wouldn't gladly give a kobold Piggyback rides
>Implying you wouldn't keep the Kobold in a Basket on your back and "Banjo-Kazooie" it up in battle

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The only chance they do it for you is when they find you worthy. That why the loyal part is there. And also, op say provided you convinced them.

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Well, no. Not really. I have been in an abusive relationship before, amd this sounds just like it.

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It's very difficult to run and shoot at the same time, and Mongol cavalry archers were mainly effective due to their weapons and mobility. A smarter horse would improve things, but not all that much.

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Probably really good for an archer. Less so for other combatants.

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Anatomically a centaur shouldn't charge because all the force goes directly into their human spine and the vaguely defined connection point. A passenger would only exacerbate the issue. However, this is fantasy so I'm just going to disregard that bullshit.

The main advantage Centaurs have over horses is intelligence. Horses are dumb, panicky animals and, while they can be battle trained, they remain animals. A Centaur can follow orders or act independently of its rider in addition to being a possibly fierce combatant in its own right. So yes, a Centaur/Rider team is going to be a superior fighting force to a horse and rider.

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>It's very difficult to run and shoot at the same time
Hell, it's difficult to drive and shoot at the same time, and cars have shock absorbers.

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>implying a centaur would be unable to learn to run and shoot

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Keep in mind that a well trained horse does what it's rider wants. There's no guarantee a centaur would follow orders or do as it's told.

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It will if it's a trained soldier. Humans have the same potential issue, as do any intelligent species.

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But you're typically not sitting on a guys back when he decides to break formation.

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If your soldiers are being routed to the point they break and run, then shit is already fucked. I don't think this is an issue exclusive to Centaurs.

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> Not training your centaurs to perfect obedience.

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Sounds good but unless you're in some sort of crazy fanatical or callous military then you'd worry too much about the centaur getting hurt/dying.

Imagine an ordinary horse, at the end of the day its just an animal (quite a stupid one at that) and yet people get attached as fuck to them and go to lengths to ensure their well being (me included).

Now imagine them being applied for military purposes, when used at their safest capacity (mounted archery) the rider will likely still use the animal for cover like pic related which ends up with arrows sticking out of the animals side and if you run into enemies from the front, then your instinct will likely be to hide behind the horses' head with obvious results. That alone is a dick move. Horses don't give a shit about wars and you've dragged it into a position where it will likely get killed, what did the horse ever do to you?

Then we have lancers and mounted swordsmen. When you charge a pike formation even from the flanks. Chances are, even when things go well and mr horsie tramples some peasant fucks that he'll get horribly injured/still get piked in the process. Sure it will last long enough to live through the fight, but in most cases, if you've seen a significant amount of combat then your horse will probably have sustained some serious injuries at best, or is bound to get euthanized at worse. Again, dick move.

Now lets go with your scenario of sapient horse men. Sure, the'll likely have their own personal conflicts that drive them to go to war. But hey, its their problem and they're taking a personal risk with only their own safety as their concern. But if you factor in some mounted dude slowing them down, using them as cover and possibly freaking out and holding their human halves as a shield to avoid a blow then you'd have a problem. And thats before we factor in the rider actually trying to direct the centaur. Make horse-cock Bob dive face first into a pike formation? Good luck with that.

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I know what special snowflake I'm going to play today.

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>not fucking a horse

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Silly anon, anything can be a daughter if it's cute enough!

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>Would a centaur make a good daughter
That would come down to the individual centaur, also the adopter's parenting. They'd certainly would be more difficult to handle than a human child in several regards.

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>Your daughter trampled my son!

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>its her culture, stop being so racist its AD 20XX

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>That would come down to the individual centaur

All non-human species should have one personality only.

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Imagine your son being the only human in an all-monstergirl school.
>Your daughter trampled my son!
>Your daughter constricted my son!
>Your daughter poisoned my son!
>Your daughter rolled over for my son!
>Your daughter suffocated my son!
>Your daughter tried getting my son to milk her!
>Yout daughter tried milking my son!
And thus start the adventures of Darling Jr.

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Jesus, that kid's in danger of suffocating. Who's bright idea was to breed those centaurs to such bountiful proportions?

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I think you're going about this in the wrong fashion. The rider isn't using the Centaur as a mount, the Centaur is using the rider as a secondary assistant and indirect support.

Armor yourself up as a centaur, prep for melee, charging, mobile tank it up. You're going to be a bit slow but you're strong, have a solid base speed above that of the humanoid foot soldiers and you've got a solid carrying capacity.

Meanwhile, you have a much lighter-armored bipedal humanoid, maybe even a halfling or gnome whose got a ranged weapon to prevent enemies from getting to close on the flank or sneaking up behind you and your buddy. If you're injured in a fantasy setting you can have your pocket healer right there on the spot, or if you're in a more mundane setting you can still have meds and stims on hand to get you through a non-impeding injury or repair minor armor breaks that you can't fit.

You don't have a Centaur mount, the Centaur has a personal aid or gunner.

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I mean with the way warfare actually works that's not an issue. The cavalry wil either break the foe on the charge or retreat. There isn't going to be protracted combat like hollywood.

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i would say not many would agree to be amount but a lot of them would allow to be used as a mount if they are a full member of the party

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Why treat her as a daughter when it's obvious you just want to fuck her, you creep.

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>poor guy grows to hate subhumans because of constant abuse
And thus start the adventures of Hitler v1.1.

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Partner it is. And for a mounted archer the Centaur would be great.

Give the Centaur plate armor while the archer sits on his back with lighter gear.

Now you have a useful cavalry unit that is quite devastating when it charges, and which can move and shoot. Especially well shooty since the archer doesn't need to go full Mongol.

But an actual Mongol would be even better.

But shouldn't the human parts of a Centaur supposed to be much, much sturdier and tougher that those of regular humans in order to function properly?

As much as awesome this sounds, it would be difficult for a Centaur to gallop and shoot at the same time.

There would be some with skills, but they wouldn't be numerous.

Mongols, apart of having their famous Horse Archers, they also had regular cavalry units.

Thus a cavalry unit that has a Centaur in Mongol armor and with a shield and spear/sword combo while having a Mongol Archer on his back would be pretty neato combo.

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It could work like in that shitty Aliens movie with the wheelchair guy and the big black guy.

You carry the Kobold in a harness on your back and he shoots at anyone trying to come at you from behind

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>I never heard of Love Hina.
It's like you don't even masochist.

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This happens in a war hammer 40k comic, but with an ork and the grot on his back is in a mini turret

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Side-question related to Centaurs, would they make good knights?

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Love Hina is shit though, and I don't understand why so many people consider it the golden standard of harem anime.

>Paternal instincts don't exist
>Every man is a pedophile waiting for an opportunity
Truly we live in enlightened times.

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You can't see in front of you while riding a centaur. This seems like an important disadvantage.

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We've already had that thread, and we decided that a centaur would render themselves paraplegic if they did a couched lance charge.

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Probably less effective as a mount than a normal horse.

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I take it translation has still stopped on pic related?

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I am pretty certain that if centaurs had existed, they would have been evolved in a way that lets their spine survive the common stress of an impact to the upper body. Nature rarely does something that makes no sense, so if centaurs were considered to be natural, they would probably be efficient at, you know, existing in first place.

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What if...

you had a human archer / centaur swordswoman combo

it's the perfect combo of defense and attack

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>Only tiny strip of cloth covering her horsegina.
If centaurs were a thing would they take more effort to cover up their cooch?

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Yeah, Centaurs generally work better as their own unit, possibly workiing alongside more conventional mounted units.

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>Love Hina is shit though, and I don't understand why so many people consider it the golden standard of harem anime.
Because all harem anime are shit

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But you also need to remember about defense and what kind of cavalry unit it should be.

For hit and run tactics the ideal defense would be a mix of leather and leather/scale-mail for human and centaur respectively.

For heavy hitting, full-plate centaur and a crossbowman with a medium-sized, easy and quick to reload crossbow that can be reloaded on the run.

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But what about when the centaurs and horses start fucking each other in the middle of battle?

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Is it just me or does anyone prefer deer centaur to the horse ones? The more slender, lithe deer body just seems to fit better with the little fleshy human part on top.

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Yeah it would. 4 arms wielding weapons > 2. Imagine you would use a bow, they would use word and shield.

sentient and cognate so could dodge shit, make its own decisions as you had only to worry about pewpewing shit with your death sticks.

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What if the Centaur had four arms, and so did the guy riding on its back?

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There's no reason why one can't have both horse -and deer centaurs.

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Something something /k/ tying down a doe and using an egg vibrator to make it deergasm repeatedly until it couldn't stand up to save on doe urine.

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If they would be real, there surely would be clothing for them.

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Don't try to force your own bigoted viewpoint on their noble culture, fascist

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>/tg/ asks centaurs to wear cover up their naughty bits
>"You won't see my horsegina if you don't intentionally look past my tail..."
How would /tg/ respond?

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>Not wanting to see a centaurs naughty bits
Does Not Compute

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I might remember this one wrong but doesn't she flash him like... literally on the next page?

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Goodness gracious, have some decency, you harlot.

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She flashes him on accident. I think some schoolkid pulls her skirt away or something like that.

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>implying a pure centaur waifu wouldn't use centaur pantsu.

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Then stop waving your tail you whore

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Nice barding, m'lady.

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>tips pot helm

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Literally the plot of Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen.

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Looks interesting. Is it worth reading?

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Yeah, it's funny. MC is one of exactly two humans in the entire school and considers everybody else a lower life form. Forms a cooking club to hang out with the other human (animals don't cook, after all), it gets crashed by a bunch of animals. Wolf best girl, the teachers are dinosaurs.

>> No.50220424

>males look like animals
>Females look like human girls wearing novelty ears
Japan I'm getting sick of your uncreative shit

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Thanks. Gonna give it a read later.

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Leave it to Japan to turn My Gym Partners a Monkey into harem shit.

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>dat kangaroo flexing

>> No.50220527

They use it for a joke now and then, at least.

It's about the furthest thing from a harem, since the MC considers pretty much everybody a filthy animal.

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Kangaroo's are the dudebros of the animal kingdom.

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Would you want your car to talk and have an opinion? Fuck no you wouldnt.

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Imagine having a QT3.14 centaur girlfriend that lets you ride her. You sitting on her back with your legs lazily rocking in the stirrups, looking over her long golden hair as she trots down a small country road where the sunset looms in the distance. You lean forward, placing a folded arm on her shoulder to steady yourself while parting her hair with your free hand to give her neck a kiss. You can feel the shudder through her whole body as she giggles, her tail swiftly swaying with an audible *swish swish* in unintentional response. She smells nice today. There is a hint of flowers to her hair because of the wreath she wore earlier at the market, though there is also the more musky scent of her animal half which always permeates and lingers, as one might expect. She glances over her shoulder with a grin and asks what you think you're doing back there.

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Yes I would?

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Then why do rich people pay for drivers?

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It's time again.

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>She glances over her shoulder with a grin and asks what you think you're doing back there.

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>no helmet
>horsebits aka most the body is completely bare
>leg armor is limited to lower legs

Would complain to R&D, if the medieval cunts could armor most of the horse then there is no reason why a modern military shouldn't be able to do the same to a centaur.

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>the more musky scent of her animal half which always permeates and lingers
So she literally smells like a barn. No thank you, there are less filthy and more hygienic monster girls to choose from.

>> No.50220642

>No Helmet
Not always worn in combat.

>Horsebits are bare

It's the horsebits that don't need protection.

>Horse armour

They're knee guards/puttees.

>> No.50220652

What armoring would you give to modern centaur soldiers that is both feasible and bullet resistant?

>> No.50220658

And all that is wasted on an animal that is both stupid as shit and can be scarred by its own shadow.

>So she literally smells like a barn.

Everything that spends any amount of time around her smells like that too.

>> No.50220677

That smells grows on you.
I had a gf who did competitive riding. Always came home smelling like her mare. Eventually got used to it.

Besides, any man who rides a horse himself can't be so hypersensitive.

>> No.50220681

Donkeys and mules are much cooler than horses

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Honestly, centaurs would be fairly worthless in modern (or really WWI onwords) direct combat, they are just too big and easy to shoot. They would have far more utility as heavy weapons crews, since they are able to carry a hell of a lot more weight than a human can, and their far larger size would not be a serious hindered since most of the time a mortar crew or whatever isn't going to be getting shot at.

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Imagine if all of WW2 had been fought with centaurs.
Centaurs storming Normandy beach.
Centaurs parachuting over the French countryside.
Centaurs screaming NIPPON BANZAAAI while charging out of the bushes with their katanas and bayonets.

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Snek pls go.

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Eh, alright.

>> No.50220784

If I were to choose between my ribs getting crushed every fucking time and having to deal with the smell of barn, I'd rather deal with the smell.

>> No.50220794

Where can I get a loli snake such as this one?

>> No.50220802


Anon do you know just how tiresome hours-long sex is?

I mean yeah I want it to last but anything over 15 minutes of active sex is too much.

>> No.50220810

Miia is just kind of stressed out due to having to share her house with a bunch of whores, including one with a smelly, floppy horse pussy.

She was only one or two months removed from living the dream.

>> No.50220812

Clearly the answer is that one should leave horses and snakes behind and only date spiders.

>> No.50220814

>And all that is wasted on an animal that is both stupid as shit and can be scarred by its own shadow.

Hey now, horses are big adorable goofballs, it's not their fault they're retarded.

>> No.50220825

Turning the series into haremshit and stuffing more and more girls into his house is what caused the series to get worse

>> No.50220834

>implying it wasn't shit to begin with
Come on.

>> No.50220843


All I wanted was a slice-of-life that focused on different girls in different households, is that too much to ask?

Heck, you could weave the stories together as a sort of "weekly Monster-girl homestay study" thing, where all the girls get together and talk about their experiences.

>> No.50220845

...No, no bondage for me. Nuh-uh.

>> No.50220858

>is that too much to ask?
As a matter of fact, yes.

>> No.50220905

>adorable goofballs
Clearly you've never faced a direhorse.

>> No.50220907

>Miia's homestay is Darling because first come first serve
>Papi's homestay is bike cop
>Centorea's homestay is the young heir of some fancy corporation
>Mero's homestay is some poor Freeter because she wants to experience peasant life
>Rachnee's homestay is some beta manlet she loves teasing

>> No.50220918

A Clydesdale?

>> No.50220952

Pic related wasn't in combat. Photo was taken after the Argentine surrender.

>> No.50220960


>Implying bike cop's homestay isn't an overqualified rookie wolf-girl fresh from the academy

>> No.50220988

It got licensed.
Also I believe the translator lost interest after it became about aliens.

>> No.50220991

That is pretty fucking gay, m8.

>> No.50221026

>class gets a lecture on human boys and how fragile they are.

>> No.50221043

My problem with centaurs is what the fuck do they eat? They have two torsos with completely different nutritional and energetic needs. Do they also have two hearts and two lungs? Because they obviously need the organic baggage to manage the huge amount of nergy involved in this composite body.
Plus horse anuses are made to properly excrete herbivore shit. If they eat anything that doesn't follow that diet it's going to have a different consistency and will stick in their ass, which they can't even reach.

>> No.50221080

>female orang is literally just a redhead
fucking japan

>> No.50221177

I want to pet one of those doggirls.

>> No.50221184

Headpats are lewd, Anon.

>> No.50221212


No they aren't, scratching the base of her tail is lewd.

>> No.50221226


When is Wolf never not the best girl?

>> No.50221340

Maybe iwhen you're wrong.

That combination of fierce mysterious awoo and cutely loyal wanwan is wonderful.

>> No.50221352

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>> No.50221381


Don't Awoo!


The best part is when she slowly falls for the MC and she starts picking up dog qualities, like thumping her tail against the floor in excitement or barking.

Last time she did those things was as a pup, how embarrassing.

>> No.50221434

Traditional centaurs ate meat, fucktonnes of meat.
Also wine, lots of wine.

And it's a good thing a centaur doesn't have a horses anus but a centaur's anus.

Why do you assume a centaur is just a human torso stuck to a horse torso like a Dr Frankenstine creation?
Why would it not be a completely original speices that just superfically resembled a human torso stuck to a horse torso?

>> No.50221442

wan time

>> No.50221461


Where is that image even from? It feels like a doujin.

>> No.50221490

That's my probalem with most "-taur" creatures in general. I know fantasy doesn't have to make sense, but I prefer it when I can look at a creature and not go "wait, how the fuck is that supposed to work?" (unless it's some eldritch monster, when that's prcisely the point). Centaurs have a human torso on top of a horse's body. So do they have two sets of organs, ones in the horse part and ones in the human part? I can see that working for some organs (like their digestive system passing food first to the human stomach, then to the horse stomach), but for things like lungs that'd just get confusing as hell. Having the lungs on the human part would probably make more anatomic sense than extending the piping all the way from the human half's throat to the horse half, but human-sized lungs would be too small for a horse-sized centaur.

At least with mermaids and lamia you can assume the animal half is just a tail (although actual snakes have very short tails) and the organs are housed in the human half, and even if that's not the case the connection of the two halves makes a bit more sense than having a human body awkwardly propped on the horse part, with a 90-degree angle between them.

>> No.50221509

I don't even think they would need a couched lance charge, though. Just give them a fuck-off huge zweihander and have them use the momentum to cleave like three motherfuckers in half instead.

>> No.50221533

I think they would make for better archers.

>> No.50221550

That suddenly gave me the idea of Centaur Knight Chariots.
>Two centaurs in full armour with swords or war hammers and shields pull a scythed chariot
>Inside the chariot is a driver another combatant, both carry poleaxes or bec de corbins or similar staff weapons
Would probably be too heavy for a couched lance charge but once they impact an enemy formation each chariot will pretty much be a moving ball of spinning blades and armour. Three or four melee weapons combined with the chariot's blades. Would be a pretty terrifying thing to face on the battlefield.

>> No.50221566

Chariots are what you make when you haven't invented stirrups yet, though. Inferior to horse archery

>> No.50221594

>Don't Awoo!

>> No.50221612

Why is this not real woman trying to sex me

>> No.50221616

True but having a chariot allows for a greater density of weapons especially while being fully armoured. A fully armoured centaur is just a knight that can't dismount, a fully armoured centaur carrying a fully armoured person is effectively a horse carrying two people which makes a high speed charge difficult if not impossible. Since maximum pulling weight is always higher than maximum lifting weight if you want to maximize the number of weapons while remaining protected the chariot is the better choice.

>> No.50221649

You are thinking too small. Give each centaur massive (two handed) shield. They can interlock the shields together to form a prow. They don't need weapons to attack, they just run through.

>> No.50221676

Years ago, my centaur charater in D&D had something like that.
The half-ork fighter rode on his back with dual lances as he 'choo-choo'd his way through combats.

>> No.50221683

Chariots are pretty shit, unless maybe you are mounting some sort of rapidfire bolt thrower on it and pulling drivebys.

Hey instead of Centaur knights what about Centuar pistoleers from a slightly more advanced time period?

>> No.50221727

Because real women don't want to be anywhere near your junk

>> No.50221744

Chariots feel in disuse because they are very impractical compared to a horse. They are slow to turn, vulnerable when surrounded, need a lot of space to gain speed and somewhat fragile.They are also very hard to coordinate with other units.

>> No.50221771

Hey fuck you anon! The girls down at the sex parlor are always excited to see me and my fat stacks of cash

>> No.50221774

True enough.

>> No.50221845

Supposedly, according to the setting lore, centaurs have such huge tits to provide the massive amounts of milk needed to feed their offspring. There's also a strain of centaur called the "Dairy Centaur" which basically makes Centorea look flat.

>> No.50221872


>> No.50222041

It's a freaking ecchi series. I know that. The author did it because they decided centaurs as the huge-tittied species made the most sense/was the most attractive.

>> No.50222310

I knew I saved this for a reason.

>> No.50222416

Chimp girls are bitches.

>> No.50222431

She needs the smugness raped out of her.

>> No.50222456

Horses are omnivores, they're perfectly capable of eating and properly digesting meat.

>> No.50222465

>The author did it because they decided centaurs as the huge-tittied species made the most sense/was the most attractive.

Everyone has huge tits in that series, anon.

>> No.50222477


Is the little kid the wolf?

>> No.50222482

A difficult proposition.

>> No.50222492

You learn something new every day.

>> No.50222498

Her sister is very large.

>> No.50222510


>> No.50222516


Guess I've got some reading to do tonight.

>> No.50222664

Isn't a monster girl just a furry?

>> No.50222698

Kemonomimi != Furry
But after a certain point they become pretty much indistinguishable, yeah.

>> No.50222715

So what bullshit reason do they give for all the monstergirls looking just like human girls? Apart from Japan being conventional plebs

>> No.50222719


Not really, what does or does not constitute a furry falls within the purview of legal precedent established by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart,

>I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description ["furry"], and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the cat-girl involved in this case is not that

>> No.50222748

Centaur fascists when?

>> No.50222755

Don't get your hopes up, she's only in a few chapters. Still breddy gud read though.

>> No.50222763

That's a shame. The snake people/aliens plot was pretty interesting IMO.

>> No.50222775

>Don't get your hopes up, she's only in a few chapters

I'm already halfway through Chapter 2, and Lanka is adorable.

>> No.50222884

Pretty much all non-Antarctican, non-Thrird World countries are fascist defenders of "diversity".

>> No.50222936

I do to, but the scanlation scene is filled with pussies who can't deal with a minimum of drama.

>> No.50223009

I always wonder the point about sleeping.
How the fuck do centaurs sleep? They can't stand because the human half will slump and end up sore, but can they really lay down? Does the human half bend backwards and lay on the horse half?
For that matter how do they do shit like furniture and doors?

>> No.50223033

The horse half settles down like horses do, and the human part leans over forwards.

>> No.50223043

>Rachnee's homestay is some beta manlet she loves teasing
>Not Yakuza top dog secretly harboring a heart of gold that Rachnee teases him for having

>> No.50223047

I assume the snake people are another species of aliens to the ones that started appearing in the Midwest. I think the last chapter I read was the snake delegation at the airport. Could you imagine how fun an X-Com mod of this would be?

>> No.50223076

>charging raw
It is still more effective than a human trying to charge through.

Also, centaur warriors would probably carry two-handed weapons, as a shield is not as effective for them, or have someone on their back to protect its horse body. Alternatively they could be take advantage of their height to use long bows.

>> No.50223126

So instead of beds do they have weird leaning boards or something?

>> No.50223190

am i the only one to think that centaurs would make a lousy army ?

yes they have the horse charge. but the thing about cavalry is that when you wound a part of the horses legs. the rider can still fight at full capacity. if you get one slash at a centaurs leg its useless.

also they can never fight in formation after the first clash

>> No.50223209

>Dear Christ, watch the fucking backblast you centaur fuck!

>> No.50223213

Theres a reason why fantasy usually has them as hippies or tribal savages. Least from what I see.

>> No.50223230

I think they'd be effective guerrillas or auxiliaries but have limitations as a full fighting force, yeah. I don't think they're an outright superior replacement to horses.

If you assume generic medieval armies you definitely would like to have some centaurs on your side, but you would probably still have your knights on horses.

>> No.50223239

The deer ones have an elf half.
Goat ones have gnomes
Sheep have dwarves
Cows have Orcs
Donkeys have halflings

>> No.50223268

Goblins have Bears.

>> No.50223280

Dwarves should really be sturdier than that.
I know the size doesn't fit but they should be attached to buffalo or oxen or something.

>> No.50223288

With a proper weapon design you can direct backblast sideways away from the rider (such unit would not be able to fight in tight ranks, but that should be no issue for skirmishers).

>> No.50223290

Warhammer has Chaos Dwarf bull-centaurs.

>> No.50223298

pretty accurate senpai

>> No.50223302

That does fit better, good idea.

>> No.50223335

Serious question, what is wrong with your typing habits?

>> No.50223342

explain ?

>> No.50223372

The lack of capital letters and constant period use, also leaving a space between words and question marks.

>> No.50223373

Your typing is shit, anon. Do you not know how to use punctuation?

>> No.50223375

If you didn't have a question mark in there (and for whatever reason there's a space before it) I'd assume your shift key was broken for a start.
You also use periods when you haven't finished a sentence and before conjunctions, and it doesn't seem to be a style thing so much as a "what the fuck is a comma I have these dots here that work fine" thing.

>> No.50223415

He's typing with hooves.

>> No.50223522

i cant say i ever care much about typing well unless i am writing to someone i know.

>> No.50223544

I think Mass Effect explored this problem in the fluff with the elcor. The conclusion was that since they stand the way they do, the best thing would be to armor the centaur and equip it with guns you would otherwise put on vehicles, since it's still a smaller target than a vehicle, but can use the same caliber of weaponry.

>> No.50223545

Then prepare to be ignored, because clarity of communication is everything.
I'm just going to start hiding your posts from now on, instead of actually reading them.

>> No.50223576

It is complete and utter bullshit that we never saw any Elcor in combat, like power armored heavy weapon platforms.

How fucking sweet would it be to get an Elcor party member?

>> No.50223616

They'd be slowly stomping around, engaging targets with a turret attached to their back.

>> No.50223699

Goats would fit dwarves. Both are stubborn as hell, hardy, and live in the mountains. Rock goats can climb nearly sheer cliff faces, which would be pretty useful trait for dorf-taurs-

>> No.50223762

Stomping around not giving a shit, hosing down the enemy with more firepower than half of your team combined, all the while giving off dialogue like-


and imagine the romance scene...

>> No.50223934

>mocking a human for not having hair all over their body
>has hair exclusively in the head area, exactly like him

>> No.50223944

The manga seems like generic otaku-pandering garbage, you expect even basic competence in the writing?

>> No.50223973

Haha you can haev SEX with the centaur!!!

>> No.50224091

>if you get one slash at a centaurs leg its useless.
If you get one slash at a human's leg its useless.

>> No.50224098

I do when the setup could obviously be used to have the male mock her for not having any hair he could see, which would then lead to the monkey girl undressing for him, just to prove she has hair in [Spoiler]certain areas[/Spoiler].

Such a squandered setting.

>> No.50224105

>centaur in full halfhorse plate, wielding massive 2hander
>cleric in full plate on back casting buffs and heals as necessary
>centaur doesn't get tired or seriously injured through the entire battle
>you now have a fantasy tank

Truly, a weapon to surpass metal gear!

>> No.50224121


>failed spoilers

>> No.50224175

Well, yeah.

>> No.50224189

Why would I want a mount? my char's speed is 135 ft

>> No.50224193


>> No.50224227


>> No.50224323

i am not even namefagging.

how are you gonna find my posts. you autist.

>> No.50224369

There's a reason why ape is referred to as "bush meat."

>> No.50224376

Your shitty goddamn typing, that's how, you cunt.

>> No.50224438


>> No.50224477

Your posting style is about as obvious as a trip really.

>> No.50224628

Name of it?

>> No.50224638

The better question is why wouldn't you carry a Kobold?

>> No.50224765

>Who's bright idea was to breed those centaurs to such bountiful proportions?
Real talk: if you were designing a centaur, why wouldn't you make them extra bountiful? They've got the musculature and metabolism to support it.

>> No.50224798

Why not just give them both a horse vagina at the back and a human vagina at the front while you're at it?

>> No.50224836

Could be Deff Skwadron.

>> No.50224852

Because that doesn't make any sense and would likely be really messy.

>> No.50224889

Well think about how unpleasant gigantic gonzo tits would be for a species that gallops and didn't have bras for a long time.

Poor bitches would be getting smacked in the face by their own immense chest beefers.

>> No.50224965

This would make the females unaccustomed to moving quickly, and would thus make them a prime target for predators.

Thus, huge tits on a centaur would not develop naturally.

>> No.50224982

What if they had breasts at the bottom, udder-like?

>> No.50225009

Around the human-crotch area? Maybe, if the foals are born standing.

Between the horse legs? If they're not so large as to inhibit movement, definitely.

>> No.50225012

Argh, now you're reminding me of those mlp lewds I came across where the pastel horses had tits like testicles hanging between their back legs

>> No.50225365

Cows are not exactly fast, and they have huge udders. Also, centaurs are usually herbivores, so they rely on size and number to not be easy target for predators.
Considering that they won't need to move fast regularly, having huge tits for better nutrition to the offspring is kind of an advantage.

There is also multiple types of centaurs, I can easily see small centaurs based on smaller horses that lives in prairies and feeds mostly on bushes and roots, and they would have smaller human breasts because they would need to move more compared to centaurs that lives in more arboreal environment.

>> No.50225802

Give the centaur a lance or a sabre, and you don't need a rider. Anything the rider uses is an added bonus.

>> No.50225912

>centaur in stockings
This makes me uncomfortable.

>> No.50225962

How could you ever hope to sate her MASSIVE equine pussy with your puny human dick?

>> No.50226026


I've got a fist, don't I?

>> No.50226033

>horseback flamethrower
Now there's a terrifying thought.

>> No.50226127

What would you rather have

A centaur girl with massive breasts or massive teats?


>> No.50226292

>and then, from the the frozen northen wastes of Ca'Nadah they came. Moose-Orcs

>> No.50226553

>tfw you will never be kidnapped by a centauress raider to be her herd's husband

>not carborks
At least it's not orkibou. They keep fighting with the orkaboos for no apparent reason.

"Yeah, you failed your Forbidden Lore check. Good RPing, keep it up."

>> No.50226648

I remember one of the people involved in the scanlations pulled out very early on calling the manga nothing but 'lolicon hentai' because you see the young Centaur girl get changed at the pool.

>> No.50226680

>You could probably carry a kobold too, but why the hell would you?
You wouldn't?

>> No.50226725

What's wrong with Rachnee's original homestay?
A family scared shitless of her and a daughter who is trying desperately to show she isn't a bigot by overreacting in trying to make her feel welcome?
Maybe she's also so clumsy as she tries to hide the love in her heart?

>> No.50226827

Horse puss ain't even that big.
Or so I've heard.

>> No.50226838

It's big but tight. Basically anybody could have mutually enjoyable sex with a centaur that had a horsepussy.

I mean, aside from horses shitting themselves when they orgasm. Not so many people enjoy that.

>> No.50226884

The best centaurs are the ones with human legs in the front like the greeks had.

>> No.50226946

Sex is as much psychological as it's physical. If merely holding her hand makes her quiver with pleasure, what do you think your dick can do to her? The very thought alone might make her cream all over you.

>> No.50227026

This image makes no sense

>> No.50227040


>> No.50227069

Unless she has a human pussy on the front.

>> No.50227090

Hygiene must be a nightmare

>> No.50227121

I like that the protagonist is a huge fucking asshole.

>> No.50227150

What of it?

>> No.50227157


>> No.50227184

Haremshit writers are stupid

>> No.50227210

>> No.50227286

>MASSIVE equine pussy
>it's just a tall cat-taur man

>> No.50227464

>he doesn't know about hoers puss vaginal control
>laughing waifu herd

>> No.50227477

>> No.50227565

Reminder that this is actually porn and the centaur has a gigantic cock.

>> No.50227722


He's not an asshole! He's just a racist.

So is the human girl, come to think of it.

Lanka is so cute oh my gosh.

>> No.50227758

Anon, we know damn well there's porn of pretty much anyone somewhere out there on the internet, we just don't talk about it in decent company.

>> No.50228273

I'm not gonna lie that sounds really nice. Please continue to write lovely dovey fantasy fiction anon.

>> No.50228422

>Cows are not exactly fast, and they have huge udders.

Because of selective breeding, baka.

>> No.50228556

Cows are a human-made species which has completely supplanted its progenitor, the aurox, now extinct. Nothing about them is natural and they are, in fact, incapable of long-term survival in the wild.

>> No.50229276

I'd read more too.

>> No.50229776

>Your daughter tried milking my son!
The only thing this implies is a loli succubus.

>> No.50230346

>If merely holding her hand makes her quiver with pleasure, what do you think your dick can do to her?
Nothing. You obviously gotta stick your hand up there

>> No.50230723

Centoria doesn't know how her own anatomy works.

Alternately, the mangaka didn't think that the audience would recognize what a pregnant horse would look like.

>> No.50230737

Tell that to generations of wild Australian cows.

>> No.50230772

>the mangaka didn't think that the audience would recognize what a pregnant horse would look like.
Probably this. It's easier to visually convey a human pregnancy.

>> No.50230903

Goddammit Shindol

>> No.50230919

ShindoL is pretty tame when it comes to stuff desu, but I must admit that turning the life of a dairy cow into smut was pretty goat.


>> No.50230997

Maybe centaurs have two wombs. They probably have a lot of other duplicate organs in the human and horse half. The fetus starts growing in the human womb, and moves to the horse womb once it's large enough.
The advantage of that would be that she could get pregnant again before the first baby is born.

>> No.50231023

>conveyor belt pregnancy

>> No.50231254

He has no tackt at all all. He is is an asshole.

>> No.50231403

Equine pussy is a gift from the gods

And on a qt centaur lady how can human women even compete?

>> No.50231729

Off the top of my head, the lungs fill the human torso and part of the horse. The heart is either enlarged or possibly there is a small secondary heart in the human part to ensurre the brain is kept amply suppplied with blood.

The only extra organ is a small hindbrain in the horses body to help control and co-ordinate the extra limbs and other 'horsey' processes while leaving the human brain to cope with higher brain functions and fine motor control. Everything else is where it would be on a horse.

>> No.50231836

They don't, but they easily could, it's hardly a huge leap in faith regarding biology

Not like hexapodal mammals are

>> No.50232396

You don't get it, do you. The very idea of your genitals touching is enough to make a pure maiden like Centorea weak in the knees. Combine that with the incredibly tightness of a horse pussy and there's no problem (other than the... you know, horse pussy. She's the only one of the main girls without a human vagina).

>And on a qt centaur lady how can human women even compete?
Human pussy. If it weren't for her lower body, Centorea would painfully obviously be best girl. Sadly that's a penalty too big to overlook, knocking her to second place with Miia and Rachnera sharing first place. Yukio is "do what you must, I've already won" tier

>> No.50232399

Welp. That's a thing.

>> No.50232410

It is both educational and fappable.

>> No.50232414

>Page 1
>Musclemom breastfeeding
I never knew I wanted this. In fact, I'm not sure if I ever wanted to know that I wanted this.

>> No.50232436

>not best girl
I respect your right to choose, even as you make the wrong choices. Moreover, I claim Centorea as mah waifu.

>> No.50232447


Centorea is the best girl in terms of relationship material, but Rachnera is easily the hottest.

It all depends on what you're looking for.

>> No.50232461

It's mostly the fact that Rachnera has a human vagina, doesn't stink and is easier to keep around in an average household. The only real downside is arachnophobia

>> No.50232478

That's a huge negative. Also, her forehead eyes kinda skeeve me out.

>> No.50232480

>being afraid of spiders

You really have no excuse for this unless you live in some 3rd world shithole like Australia.

>> No.50232489

>t. someone who has never been to the hospital for a spider bite

>> No.50232501

You don't have brown recluses and black widows where you're from, I take it?

>> No.50232521

You know that spiders look like downright nightmare fuel, right? The only exception are jumping spiders, and even then they only look cute up close.

Nothing is creepier than being home alone at night, and slowly seeing a gigantic spider descent from the ceiling. Though Rachnera is sapient and capable of speech, which mitigiates the scare factor a lot. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be afraid of spiders if they politely apologized for intruding and asked me to show them the exit.

>> No.50232594

>the only mission Reaper was ever a good skill

Fuck that diminishing returns damage bullshit.

>> No.50232629

Papi and Draco disagree.

>> No.50232715

>There's also a strain of centaur called the "Dairy Centaur" which basically makes Centorea look flat.
Read their description, and notice that they appear to be bred specifically for /ss/
I think it'd make more sense if the dairy centaurs had Centorea-esque proportions, with the other centaur breeds being more average in terms of chest size

>> No.50232735

>All centaurs are meek, timid, or dumb
It's like a race designed to be mind-broken into sex slaves.

>> No.50232745

Shut your whoremouth, they're loyal and stoic guardians of a proud and noble race.

>> No.50232746

Goddammit Plague

>> No.50232752

Nowhere, because they are all loyal to their snek daddy

>> No.50232756

Shame Cerea is simply more entertaining.

>> No.50232764

Shame the wolf girl is flat as a board.

>> No.50232772

Isn't it kind of racist applying such specific behaviors and mental abilities as a whole to specific racial groups of a species?

>> No.50232787

>Talking about racism in regards to a fictional race
Tumblr, go home. You're drunk.
A few differences appear to be mostly cultural though.

>> No.50232796

>(other than the... you know, horse pussy. She's the only one of the main girls without a human vagina).
We don't know about Mero, and Suu is slime.

>> No.50232816

>Mentally Weak
>Sleep deprived

Are all these monster girls designed to be mind-broken? It sounds like they are.

>> No.50232820

Japanese fetishes are shittier.

>> No.50232878

>We don't know about Mero
Judging by the relative similarity between mermaids and lamiae, I think it's safe to say she has a human pussy.

>Suu is a slime
One that assumed human form. Technically she's a gigantic pussy, but I'm pretty sure she could emulate a human vagina if she ever saw one. And given how many girls she has raped so far, it's safe to say she's intimately familiar with female anatomy.

Sounds like you just have a fetish for mind breaking. Is mind breaking actually a thing that can happen, or just some hentai cliché?

>> No.50232913

Depends on what you mean by mindbreak. The dick goes in independent thought goes out-variety is fantasy but a human mind can be conditioned and washed pretty easily.

>> No.50233077

>Miia and Rachnera sharing first place

>> No.50233249

Since this thread's reminded me that I like the idea of playing a tauric PC, I'ma put a build together for one at least, maybe two.

>What element fits best for a Centaur; earth for their strength, air for their swiftness, fire for their fervor or water for their respect of the rains and storms?
>Party is full of melee; if not going forward to join the fray, how best to aid them? Ranged cover, or buff/support?

Don't have any new tauric char art so here's some merfolk.

>> No.50233386

>What element fits best for a Centaur; earth for their strength, air for their swiftness, fire for their fervor or water for their respect of the rains and storms?
Shit for their stats.
>Party is full of melee; if not going forward to join the fray, how best to aid them? Ranged cover, or buff/support?
Be healslut.

>> No.50233619

That sounds horrifying.

>> No.50233631

Two vaganiás. Maybe more.

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