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Show me your party dudes, this is mine at the moment.

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What's tijo's class OP? What's Fitz's Oath or whats the reason for so much health?

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Whoops Tijo is a fighter, sorry, the one with all the command skills.
Fitz is Vengeance and has just stacked every point he can into Con, his mission is to try and get Half Orcs accepted back into society and out of the slums so he tries to fit in with them.

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>the one with all the command skills
Purple Dragon Knight? How is it? I was thinking of leveling my fighter to it but never see much talk about it

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I think it's just called Battle Master from memory, not certain, I know it gives lots of buffs and the party loves her for it.

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Shame i cant draw... Yes even like this

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Fear not, friend anon!

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For I have templates!

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This is a party i'v started DMing for. Everyone seems to be having fun so far.

Still need to figure that damn wizard though, the guy is a writer so it bothers me that every character he plays just wants to sit in the corner by himself.

There has got to be some way to get him more involved, I'm gonna ask him some more about his character's backstory, and maybe the paladin as well
because I'm sure they can be as interesting as the bard and the knight.

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My nigga

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O hey! Thank you

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You might find this thread useful. It's a system of campaign creation based on characters.


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why is facebeater a cleric?

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>allowing girls in your party

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The two players are best mates, the back story is that they were friends when they were a lot younger, along with Facebeater's twin brother.
The brother was killed after being blamed for something he didn't do by the townsfolk.
They serve the same order, I dunno why the player choose to be a Cleric but he plays it super well and is a lot of fun to DM for.

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ok, but couldn't he just become a paladin instead?

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I like that a lot, I think I'll at least get the players to answer the OP's questions. Might not use everything they give me, but it gives me something to think about.

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Not sure, it's just the character the player wanted to make.

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We already have a draw your party thread, man.


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I was designing a war mage character, potentially a dwarf.
Never got further than this though.

In the end I decided against the pauldron.
But it was still missing something, somehow.

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with updates

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Whoops bennis update should actually say "with Volound" sorry

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This is our party for a super hero pathfinder campaign where we all play vigilantes.

Useful Info:

Foe Hammer:
Secret Identity: Barmaid (later cobbler)
Costume: Black suit of armor
Motive: Avenge family's murder
Powers: Not knowing her own strength
She killed quite a few people by accident. Including a cop. Never really apologized.

Black Lotus:
Secret Identity: Best Cobbler in town, incredibly racist accent
Costume: Black Leotard
Motive: Avenge Wife's murder
Powers: Can hide better than someone who is literally invisible. His knives are never lethal.
Neither of those are really super powers so much as skills I guess.

Professor Entropy:
Secret Identity: College engineering professor
Costume: Full suit of armor enchanted to look like and be as comfortable as a cloak
Motive: Inspire hope in his students
Powers: Elemental bolts of ice and fire.

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>Sigfried Hiel
>Sig Hiel

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I'm the DM in this one.

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I would love to know more about this party.

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I've never DMed a super hero game before, how does balancing issues work?

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You took Pinoccio from Fables to make the Warlock, Sandman's Loki to make the Cleric and that rogue whit dagger image to make the bard. Still, great work.

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>Montgomery Pythoniade
>Monty Python

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same, explain plz

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Expecting another two replacement characters to join next week, as if this party can't get any worse

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Rook can't read what does this say elf man

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>turned dwarven concert stage pyrotechnics into dwarven final solution

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I mean, it's not a real super hero system, it's just pathfinder and were all playing a class with a secret identity.

The balancing so far is pretty fine because again, were all the same class, but the customization has allowed them to essentially fit the roles of fighter,rogue and wizard, so in that sense the usual pathfinder balancing issues apply, except Prof Entropy is way better at fighting and worse at magic than a standard wizard.

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lol, played a ratfolk alchemist n/g
also suicide bombed a boss
it this a THING for good alchemist?

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Let me guess, you're playing Klark?

I guess the dead didn't really strike your fancy, huh?

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It kinda amazes that both our druid and our psion go out of their way to not munchkin

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Is the Warforged Warblade based on the Broken Lords from Endless Legend? I've always loved the flavour of those guys

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I, myself, play him
And yes he is based around that
I love the design of those guys, their Persian-Ottoman aesthetic combined with Gothic architecture and medieval chivalry is good
And the dillema of being chivalrous and having to sacrifice the weak to survive makes it all the more interesting
Also to play as, because it's hard to combine soul leeching and staying friendly with a good party

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Who is the politician the dwarf is based around, I'm curious

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This was made by one of my players. It's more about my gaming group over a party, but it's good nonetheless.

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I'm wondering if anyone sees around whom I based the Fire elf

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No offense, but that party looks horrible. Hope you guys have fun anyway.

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>Pali-Dan the Paladin

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I'm one of the players because I'm taking a break from DMing and I'm lucky enough to have a player who tolerates the other side of the table from time to time.

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>edgelord wants to be a wolf, episode 209834
I'm guessing you're the cleric?

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Nah. I'm the edgelord faggot furry. I try to keep things fun and interesting without bogging the game down. The barbarian is actually far more randomly violent to NPCs. I mostly just get into ethics short-lived and good natured arguments with the necromancer, team up with the fighter on practical solutions to current problems, and spend a lot being humorously befuddled by the ways of civilized people. It's a good gimmick, even if it's cliche, and people at the table seem to enjoy it.

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My current campaign is a World of Warcraft game. Getting these guys and gal together is a fucking nightmare. These are the guys, girl plays a Night Elf I have yet to draw.

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>They've all lost something dear to them because of the Scourge
Well, that's a good start for getting them to agree to something.

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>Prince Pharis
>Prince Paris
>Trojan Horse

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Behold my crude effort
1000 hours in MS paint.

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As a somewhat reclusive and somewhat autistic idiot I feel incredibly happy to have a party after 13 years of wanting to play and never finding other players.

PS I suck at paint.

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>implying I can draw for shit

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Our stupid fucking Demon: The Descent party.

So far we've only managed to hurt each other instead of the enemy.

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>Montgomery Pythonidae
>Crossdressing lumberjack


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the only demon games i ever get are a bunch of completly serious wannabe edgy drama.

last time my party had 3 'I'M EVIL BUT I DON'T WANT TO', you are lucky anon

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Don't get me wrong, it's super fun but we haven't managed jack shit so far.

Angels don't even have to try, Enigma almost killed Batman, burned his weed and slaughtered his henchmen because he wanted to use a piece of God-machine infrastructure instead of destroying it.

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previous thread.

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>Fear not, friend anon!
>For I have templates!
yay verily

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maybe mr. writer thinks people will expect too much of him because he is a writer and so avoids stepping into the spotlight so that he can't disappoint these imagined expectations?

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A collection of folks that put on characters in an attempt to fit in with varying degrees of success.

so tg/ is Demon. Nice

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are you Klark or the GM?

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>For I have templates!
that s a big scan

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maybe a canteen/wineskin or a backpack?

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>both our druid and our psion go out of their way to not munchkin

how so?

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what is the "meme familiar" a lolcat?

an edgier pope Clement VII (well antipope) who was also known as "the butcher of Cesena"?


Boris Yeltsin?

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>It kinda amazes that both our druid and our psion go out of their way to not munchkin
It kinda saddens me that people actually munchkin when playing t1 classes. What is even the point? You're already the best at everything anyway.
In my group, high power characters are always the most flavorful, because they can afford to play a theme without fucking themselves over.

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please explain.
Do they shapeshift into the animals or are those their "codenames"?

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Uhhh what? Can you repeat that in English?

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>hits on everything
>stab stab stab

I see what you did there.

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how did this happen?

like how did this groups of players and GM assemble, and how did the story kick off in early sessions?

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i never finished this one, we got a TPK the day i started

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Gotrock, Taxi, and Furgas. Little shits who love making gold, no matter the source. Gotrock's a Golem Cleric who worships an odd god and has a super thick Jewish accent. Taxi's the Halfling Rogue who likes stabbing and sitting on Gotrock's shoulder. Furgas is just a grumpy Dwarf Warrior and mercenary they hired, and accidentally signed in blood, so he's with them forever.

They do a lot of swindlingand crime RP and mostly roam Dwarf and Halfling cities or Gnomish ruins that are swelling with untold treasures and technologies.

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We're friends in real life. Tard Wrangler's player is Batman's girlfriend and the other 2 are regular players.

Thankfully Demon: The Descent is fairly generous when it comes to connecting colorful characters. Nothing like some mutual hate for angels to bring people together.

Circumstances and falling at similar times created this dumb party and we've grown to love it.
Each session is a player-induced clusterfuck, which is an amazing feat since everybody is in-character and not just being randumb.

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They're good roleplayers, even if they suck at coming up with names.

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Those character names.

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I've been planning to update this one for ages. It's been outdated for nearly two years now. From left to right there's:

>Dwarf Fighter
Party straightman and the dubious moral compass since the paladin died. Currently missing.

>Kenku Ranger
Does whatever pays. Only original party memeber that has survived/stuck with the group to now.

>Dwarf Sorceror
Obsessed with riches, power and legacy. Ascended to godhood to save a plane from falling apart. Player currently plays a champion of his former Sorceror.

>Human Psion
The idea guy who has too many irons in the fire for his own good.

>Human Bard
Vladimir Putin as a medieval Hip-Hop artist.

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what class build does rich girl have?

Is she a cop or guard something by background profession?

>> No.50240530

>Vladimir Putin as a medieval Hip-Hop artist.

please explain.

>> No.50240747

I dunno who I'll even start explaining that character. He was the only son of a notRussian baron and pretty much only cared about a few things in life
>His "poetry"
>The bears his family raised
>His reputation
>Fine dining
>His "poetry"

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Currently working on drawing the group I'm DM'ing for. Done 2/6 so far, but using these templates is really satisfying. If these threads persist, I'll keep updating the picture. We're only 3 sessions in, so there's plenty of room for developement.

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My old party.

>tiefling eldritch knight

The edgelord. Always talked about killing NPCs.

>human monk

The second edgelord and shameless Vegeta parody. Always starting shit.

>high elf cleric

Co-leader/face of the party. Most likely to secure alliances via diplomacy.

>dwarf barbarian

Co-leader/face of the party. Also comic relief. Most likely to get the group into trouble.

>mulatto half-elf tri-classer

Joke character. Would usually make everyone groan with bad puns and just his mere existence.

>half-elf cleric

Female player. Didn't do anything but heal, really.

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Almost a requirement to kill yourself

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>genuinely interested guy who got a new job and had to drop
>the only guy with a stressful job but he still posts on time
>the only guy who posts within 2 days

play by post is cancer, I appear to have bamboozled myself

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Look on the bright side. Even a single attempt is likely to be so bad you won't need a second.

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Last session

>> No.50242904


The trick with Play-By-Post is to set a hard deadline.

For me, I tell my players, "I will post once per day, and only once per day. You guys can post as much as you like, but you must also post at least once per day too with a post that I can build off of. I am a real stickler about getting that post in. If you miss a post, I will remind you that you missed it, and inquire about why that happened. Since I am posting every day, I expect that same out of you unless you give me a heads up about delays or absences beforehand."

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No one is too busy with a job to make a single post per day on a message board anon. Your players blew you off.

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haha epiKKK /r9KKK/ /b/rother xD

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What's da story behind this groups. Creation? (Both in and out of universe)

>> No.50245660


This sounds like the premise of a cartoon on Adult Swim.

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>love it.
>Each session is a player-induced clusterfuck, which is an amazing feat since everybody is in-character and not just being randumb.

I very much want to read a story time of this because I've never been in a game that remained stable where the plot was mainly in-character created cluster fucks and I both want to read the resulting story and learn how such things are possible.

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How many sessions in are you?

>> No.50245712


Where does the "ex-kgb agent and martial arts guy turned politician" come into this equation? Or does he only look like Putin?

>> No.50245740


Is the hammer Mr. Reluctant is holding in that drawings something he owns in character?

If so where did he get it?

>> No.50245801


Like any other online game format you have to spend a Lot of time and effort collecting a list of reliable players to draw upon in the future.

However in my experience the pool of good play by post players tends to be smaller then your traditional PNP RPG reliable online player pool.

Did one of your players draw that?

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A real bunch of jokers, these lot.

Compulsive dissenter who blames the Imperial government for all his problems and the countless slights and injustices he thinks are happening to him. Reminds me a lot of myself, really.
Will probably end up playing into the hands of the Caliphate by destroying his own nation.



A complete prankster riding on an endless wave of lucky rolls. Has already captured multiple old Roman colonies in Abkhazia, and assimilated a tribe of locals into his army. Hasn't lost a major battle yet.
I'd say his luck has to run out some time, but I'll probably be proven wrong on that account.

A zealous and fanatical Chalcedonian qt who just wants to Make Armenia Great Again™
Claims to hate the Turks et al, but is secretly weapons-grade tsundere for Gavril. She's also thought about giving herself to the Khagan of Western Turkey on at least one occasion.
Has still managed to stay physically pure, despite her impure thoughts.

Has absolutely no regard for human life.
Fought an army of apostate rebels in a valley, where his only tactic was to order his forces to recklessly bumrush the enemy lines head-on, despite being flanked on both sides by archers, and at least marginally outnumbered.
Likely to get himself killed in a very hilarious way.

The O.G. African colonist.
"Saving" Christanity in Nubia by starting wars that will result in the deaths of countless Christian Nubians.
Won't stop until he reaches the end of Africa, or dies trying.
Also a big-league linguistic bigot who insists on using Latin when the rest of the Empire has switched to Greek.

Token Jew.

Delusional nutcase who forgot that the Byzantine-Persian War ended five years ago.
Probably will end up recruiting Armian and jointly kicking down the doors of Ctesiphon, paving the way for the Caliphate's armies whether they want to or not.

And I wouldn't have picked anyone else.

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>> No.50246450

LG Paladin of Iomedae. Female Player who is very good at Roleplaying. Despite playing a follower of the goddess of battle, her character is very polite and far from douchy.

>Gesh, Lizardfolk Fighter
CN. Fantasy Nazi if there ever was one. Good Roleplayer, believes all other races are lesser and inferior. Carries big fuckin' weapons, rolls big fuckin' numbers. Really good friends with the Cleric.

>Akutare, Cleric
LG Cleric of Bahamut, Life Domain, absolutely devoted to helping the party and the sword coast in any way possible. Party mediator, phenomenal roleplayer. Sacrificed his left arm to save Gesh from Tiamat's wrath. Holds no grudge. Values other's lives over his, but doesn't devalue himself.

>Akin, Sorcerer
CN Sorcerer. New player. Not bad at Roleplaying. Went Blaster. Keeps Akutare on his toes because he doesn't believe friendly fire is a bad thing in combat.

>Finnegan, Halfling Bard
CG, Plays the Lute, player is female who actually knows how to fucking play a lute, plays it well, Roleplays well.

>Thatcher, N Warlock
Great guy, works really late. Always shows up in time to do a boss fight. Uses everything in two or three turns, leaves and goes to sleep. Somehow got the best loot.

Yeah, that's about it. Our Cleric recently met his end against a Champion of Tiamat, though not to bad rolls. He took the champion with him and they both died in the process. Gesh insisted on fighting and the boss was way too strong for the already injured party to deal with. Akutare was resurrected by the GM for his loyalty and devotion to others, and adhering to Bahamut's wishes, as well as slaying a champion of Tiamat. Came back as a Platinum Dragon.

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No joke, he got it from his grandmother. His wife was stabbed and killed, so granny have him an Earthbreaker from a former Shoanti lover, and said to go kill the fucker who did it.

>> No.50247289


I'm rather impressed with the effort that seems to have gone into these characters, and the effort you put into drawing each of them.

One question though. How do you manage to run a game with 7 active players?

>> No.50247294

post your drawing plz

>> No.50248073

Sorry about that. Uploading in a moment. I'm fucking retarded when it comes to making images like this.

>> No.50248082

Here we go.

>> No.50248094

I added our ranger whom I had forgotten to mention.

>> No.50248160


Thank you.

>> No.50248168

did thatcher and akutare spend a lot of time invisible?

>> No.50248175

Welcome. Forgot to Mention Gesh was a Champion Fighter
Thatcher did. Akutare never used invisibility. Anything that couldn't be used for healing or buffing was not prepared.

>> No.50248178

whatever happened to this game?

>> No.50248199

I'd say my party, but all the PCs get completely overshadowed by the DMPCs party.
At this point its just a gathering of people to watch one dude jack off.

>> No.50248256

We had a long moment of silence when Akutare died. Our paladin, Topaz, cradled him in her arms and wept, repeating over and over "You were too kind for this cruel world, noble soul." It was a really touching moment.

>> No.50248258

>Thatcher did. Akutare never used invisibility. Anything that couldn't be used for healing or buffing was not prepared.

when you want to show someone as wearing white instead of being invisible with templates like these its best to fill their clothes in with an off white color.

Here is an example with Akutare and Ragnar.

The difference is slight but the brain really picks up on it.

>> No.50248266

Hey, that actually looks really good. Thank you.

>> No.50248302

>Hey, that actually looks really good. Thank you.

you are welcome.
just remember what I said about the power of off-white type colors to help set things off.

>> No.50248310

I will. It's helpful advice.

>> No.50248342


The same holds true with dark colors when they are surrounded by other dark colors. you would be amazed how dark greys (and other colors just very dark) can make a character "who wears black" look a lot better in simplified drawings of on a dark background.

>> No.50248357

Hmm, that's good to know. I think that got me enough Exp to become "MS Paint level 2." I was thinking of multiclassing into photoshop but nah, ill stick with paint for a while longer.

>> No.50248401

I might do some of these later for parties I have had in the past.

>> No.50248502

>I might do some of these later for parties I have had in the past.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with and I'm pretty sure some of the other people who visit these threads similarly look forward to it?

This was drawn after the first session of a game that began and ended in 2014. It was set in the far future.

>> No.50248543

That is cool as hell. Nice party layout.

>> No.50248553

good on you for using a legible font size. using ones that are too small just tortures viewers with eyestrain.

nice. I am happy that your group was able to achieve such investment int heir characters to act out such a scene and feel their character's attachment to this other character.

>> No.50248588

Yeah. My vision is not the greatest, so I usually use a font size I am able to read. If I can read it, it's usually enough.

The group, it was amazing fun. Varied alignments and yet despite verbal debacles that happened constantly in game (At one point Gesh and Akin were going at each other's throats) we always helped one another out. Only ten minutes later we did a boss fight and Akin was about to get smacked down. Gesh ran up and with a stern 'Guten Tag.' turned the BBEG into paste before verbally berating said boss about how this is his party, and only he can bully us around. It was still a lot of fun.

>> No.50248657

Lilith Lilithian (I asked him to come up with a last name): A "sexy" tiefling druid, player didn't know what a cloved hoof meant, has constantly bithed about getting a pet even after reading about beastmaster ranger, got mad that i said that enemies wouldn't walk straight through his terrian manipulating spells

Bruno: A huge as fuck dragonborn barbarian, mostly acts like you'd expect his kind of barbarian to act, good guy, player sometimes forgets what to roll for a skill check.

Viridian: A old wood elf ranger, his player says he's got a cool backstory but won't tell me, is bosessed with getting more damage, picked hunter the second he saw "deal an extra d8" other than that an okay guy

Jim Jimes: Half orc monk, prays to !not yahweh, occsionally prays in the middle of combat for no reason and refuses to do anything else, swore off his character after he got a minor disease, asked me to kill his character off so he could play a cowboy.

>> No.50248797

Mostly playing this campaign for hilarity.

>> No.50248877

It's a play-by-post with weekly updates. The progress is slow, but I never have any problems getting everyone to post their turn actions.

>> No.50248992

So how do you do encounter with a fucking WWE group of 'murder' hobos
Shit's gold though

>> No.50249060


there costumes are far to old school to be WWE

>> No.50249455

so far we have gotten away with submission holds and shit on leaders of enemy groups and intimidation threw our size and displays of physical prowess but the dragon that killed bobcat we actually killed completely by accident, chest climbed a tree in an attempt to get a sick elbow drop, the branch he was stood on snapped under his great weight and full rube goldberg machined a boulder into the side of the ruined castle, a statue on the roof dislodged and landed on its head. gg no re...

>> No.50249470

fuck my tired brain.

>> No.50249486

Dungeons the Dragoning 40k 7th Edition games can get... Crazy.

Guess who I am.

>> No.50250876

bamp because it is a fun thread.

>> No.50251958

Magnificent Seven party here. Had a four man party going a few years ago in Kingmaker. posting party shortly.

>> No.50251985


>> No.50252039

Heh, my paint skills need a tad bit of work. Rooks was 5'5" (He was my character.) the GM's wife was Rose and she was 6' even in game. Dorf and Kobold were the smallest of course.

>> No.50253712

Fucking hell, that sounds like a proper party right there. All the characters are great

>> No.50253851

Finished drawing the Monk.

She's basically the party big sister.

>> No.50255354

You asked for it.

>> No.50255592

How does one "Accidentally" suplex a dragon?

>> No.50257069

I had climbed atop it, grabbed it by its horns and readied to roll a pin right as it took off.
Welp, it started flying, and with Bull's strength and some other buffs I rolled a 29 Strength check. It kicked off the cliff, turned upside down and crashed head first into the ground a few hundred feet below.

>> No.50259029

One art please.

>> No.50261158

This is the party I DM for my group of 10+ years.

TL;DR the players happened upon an item that can trace the whereabouts of the "Ultimate Weapon" and trouble follows them wherever they go.

Virrasztas has had several run-ins with a friendly rival from the war, who has the same goal as him. He also nearly fused with an interdimensional monster, AKIRA-style.
Poe murdered a Steinalderan Corporal in cold blood to keep their secrets, and is humouring deals with Aboleth to achieve his ends.
Devil dropped the alias after altercations with the Lucky Shadow, choosing to go by his true identity, 'Jiro'. He is slowly embracing the power of the Oberon Alliance (taking Warlock levels for Archfey abilities) as a countermeasure to the Last Dragon's followers.
Ulf has taken up arms in a crusade against his own country, choosing instead to support the underground movements to fight for the spirit of Steinalder. He has grown jaded and listless in his search for answers on the truth of the Ultimate Weapon and its location.
Savrah has kept a wide berth from the party, routing potential threats on their journey--and only recently reuniting with them. She recently survived a seemingly-fatal altercation with an interdimensional monster, somehow thanks to her Druidic charm. What this means remains a mystery.

>> No.50261383

Not gonna be able to draw them up but

>>LE Tiefling FiendTomelock with the Nobleman background
My character. Ive got the most experience at the table and im running a magnificent bastard as the party leader.Im a hero with good press and shaky morals but damn I get results.

>>Stabbey McTheifperson NE Assassin Rogue
An inexperienced player never plays anything but greedy thieves but this time he managed to accidentally optimize a Thief properly and stumbled across a little RPing ability. Is playing some race converted from his 4E game that the DM allowed

>>TN Half-Elf Moon Druid with delusions of Godhood
Borderline SJW from Theifys 4E game.Built a high physical stat Moon druid who may or may not be a former good trapped in human form.Is a bit of a weirdo makes terrible decisions constantly and uses the womens bathroom cuz "Mah genderr". Deep down is actually a nice guy if you can get past the BS but people rarely try

>>CG Goofy Dwarven Paladin of the Plaid God
Probably Chris Farley reborn. A big goofball who managed to put together a solid Paladin.Was in and out before settling into the game and used to be very disruptive while playing annoying joke characters. Hes much less disruptive than a year ago and much more fun nowadays

>>NG BM Fighter chick duel wielding pans
A new girl that always wanted to play D&D hen saw us playing and wanted in. Shes real new but is having fun picking things up

>>DM Asianbro
A few years back he was a player in a 4E campaign that never got much traction The old DM wanted mindless arena battles and tons and tons of characters to toy with system stuff.A switch to PF yielded the same shit but we all met through it. A year later he invites me to a 5E game with some of the old guys. I kinda help him along with rules sometimes but hes vastly improved as a DM.Hes a tendency drop multiple monsters in the middle of battles to keep us on our toes. Doesnt metagame but always gives a solid challenge with interesting battles

>> No.50261483


>> No.50261546


>> No.50261550

I've excluded thatguy because he died three times by now and he dont fuking cares about his characters. Also, The DMPC is the average half-orc barbarian,

>> No.50261619

sir bearclaw.

>> No.50261663

Miss again.

>> No.50262407


We're only a couple of sessions in.

3 of us (Bard, Rogue, Paladin) were chasing a werewolf, ended up in fucking Barovia. Wizard came later after hitching a ride with the gypsies.

Other things that have happened in brief:
>Rogue tripped balls off a magic pastry
>Saved some holy relics
>Consulted the Tarok deck and we now know our future
>Mad bantz.
>Wizard and Rogue do it in a church, Bard is oblivious and the paladin suspects.
>Hags schooled us after leering at the Bard and the Paladin
>Wizard was a sneaky pants.

In the latest session:
>Bard has the brilliant idea to disguise himself as a pedlar with only one trinket and sow discord amongst the hags, guilt-trips the wizard to giving him a valuable pearl
>Wizard and Paladin finalize the plan, Rogue will sneak in while invisible while they wait for the inevitable screw-up.
>Initial disguise is a 1, waste half an hour to get it right.
>Rogue rolls a 1 for the luck roll, the child is baked into pastries
>Meanwhile the Bard is rolling like mad to try and keep the hags occupied.
>Eventually the jig is up and most of the party gets fried by lightning.
>Undeterred, we ambush the hag on the road after healing.
>Bard uses Hold Person, Paladin gets a 20 on Smite and takes out most of the Hag's health
>Wizard deals the finishing blow and the hag is dead
>Next session we escort a noble to his adopted sister.
Should be fun.

>> No.50262694

Not that anon but good analysis.

That or he's just not in a good mind at the moment and maybe his character sitting in the corner and he's got some confidence/anxiety issues at the moment.

>> No.50263150

bull's strength

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