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Let's have a nice cute monster thread, goblins and the like welcome also

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Aaand that's all my cute. Show me some more /tg/.

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Posting gobs.

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No lewd gob girls, please.

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How would one go about making a cute campaign?

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By playing it adorably

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Excessive use of CHA and moon logic.

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so fluffy and cute i desire to perish.

does anyone have cute octopi?

maybe something รก la toothless?
a golem looking like baymax?

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One of these golems might do.

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This too, maybe.

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That's all my gobs for now.

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These are adorable, but are there no pillow golems or something?
I would not like to be hugged by one of those, as much as i would like to hug them.

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Wait, isn't that wolf boy WEARING a girl?

Jesus, fuck!

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Choose a system that supports adorable stuff, like Golden Sky Stories.

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"food baby"? ack

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Have the setting be like Moomin valley with a lot of cute critters as playable races and have the adventure be light and fun. A storybook style campaign would be incredible.

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I'm pretty sure too many Chinese Cartoons have warped your sense of what qualifies as "cute".

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>A dragon pug


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I'd play a game with players as baby gobs needing to be creative in order to beat a campaign. All level 0.1 to 0.7

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>Pillow golems

You're a fucking madman

This is a great thread

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Nah. It's cute. It's a little too simple but it checks out. More of a parable then anything cute.

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I don't have anything cute in my mobile but when I get home I'm definitely bumping this thread with everything I have

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What's the artist's name?

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What? Never heard of a food baby before?

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I mean honestly what else would you describe baymax as?
There is no apparent reason why he can even move, and he's essentially a huge fluffy pillow.

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He's got a rigid skeleton inside his body, his outer covering is like a big inflated balloon.

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That is not something that exists in my culture that I am aware of.

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Yeah but to the normal observer it looks just like a golem.

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This is my fetish.
And has been since forever.

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Source on cute furry dragon?

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When skinny person eats as much as a regular person would consider a decent amount of food or a regular person eats way too much food, their stomach because a little distended. It's more noticeable with girls, or they comment on it more at least.

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Ah, same person, sorry.

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Aaaand the moment OP stops dumping is the moment the furfaggotry kicks in.

At least we got until >>50164412 before the thread turned lollewd.

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It's still a fucking ugly sounding phrase. Borderline fetishy too.

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He's also the same person who does that t-rex girl manga, if you couldn't tell.

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Can confirm, food baby is a common term.

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Maybe get your head out of the gutter.

Though, I think I can guess your fetishes.

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Being a skellington who has experienced this before, I can confirm that it's not that pleasant. Not horrible, but not the same as the regular comfy feeling of a full belly.

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>[Goblin Slayer revving noises]

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Theres a few more to this set where the artist has imagined different cat breeds as different classes
>Artist is Kyoung Hwan Kim for those interested

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last one
should be a Turkish Angora

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>Russian Blue
Can confirm, a neighbor had one of these, and he hated everything about to the point of being a dick-ass thief.

Well, in my case at least, that stopped being as much of a thing when he walked up under my carport with an abscess on his jaw that I lanced for him. He was a fuzzball to me after that, despite still attacking his shitty owners' brats. Oh, you don't like him because he grabbed your face and kicked off to run across your yard from you? That's what you get when you crawl across the grass to sneak up on a cat to grab him by the tail, Gavin, Savannah, you spoiled little shits.

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Say hello to the Al-Mi'raj. It's cute. It's deadly. It invokes moments of Monty Python. You cannot kill the Mi'raj. You can only accept its stomach as your new home for the rest of your life. All two seconds of it.

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Can I use this as a mace or something?

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iunno, probably.

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>Despite its docile appearance, Al-Mir'aj is actually a ferociously territorial predator known to be able to kill animals and people many times their own size with a few stabs of its horn. It also has an immense appetite and can devour other living things several times its size without effort. Al-Mir'aj frightens other animals and they will always flee from its presence due to this.
So, there's that. But, then again:

>The people of the island were so terrified of Al-Mi'raj eating them and their livestock that they would turn to witches to ward them away as soon as the rumor of a Miraj met their ears. It was reported that only a true witch would charm the Miraj, rendering it harmless so the people could remove the Miraj from the area.
So, kinda, yeah? You'd need a witch, and you could probably use it as a weapon for as long as you could keep ahold of it. The second you put it down, though, you're dinner.

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wasn't there like a manga or at least a couple panels by the same artist about some guy who got raised by a dragon mother and had a thing exclusively for dragons? this seems in the same vein

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I mean barbarians often have decorative skulls for intimidation, so.

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post more sanzo pls

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cuteness comes from the heart, not from looks alone.

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That's not a fetish, its an awkwardness to conversation.

"Oh, when are you due?"
"I'm not pregnant..."

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I'm sorry, I was trying to be funny. I know it wasn't very funny though.

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Hey guys, I'm making an incredibly low int race for my 3.5/p game, here's the rough sketch.

Think catmonkey. They have paws + opposeable thumbs, hunt with roughly made nets and pointy sticks. Carnivorous. Think tribal intelligence. Sits in treetops and nets things on the ground to kill and eat.

Any fun fluff you can help me come up with?

Sorry for sideways image, on mobile

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Fuck I didn't study for this.

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Go away Goblin Slayer, you had your chance to be more than a flavor of the week and you fucked it up.

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