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Why did you let that player play a princess?

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Because they were an experienced roleplayer with a compelling character concept, and were more than happy to work with me, the GM, to establish limitations and drawbacks on their royal status to help balance out the advantages it brought.

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Why not?

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Not that player.... Maybe this player tho.

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Because it was a great way to start their warband to reclaim the throne for her birthright.

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Mainly for the sexual tension.

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Pretty much the same.

She was also my then-gf .

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Stop being jealous, we both know why you're not allowed in my games.

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>Playing IRL with friends
>All known each other for years
>Playing for fun
>Homebrew setting, no monarchies
>Princess here meaning daughter of the head of an aristocratic family

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Because we needed convenient excuse for her to be treated as equal with the adults.

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Because everyone else was also playing nobility or royalty. It was a political game.

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Because two other players were already doing it, so the group consisting of three princesses and their maid became a central theme of the campaign.

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I wish I had a player who wanted to play a princess, anything but another murderhobo.

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She's a girl in real life, so I figured she'd be good at it.

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Because the kingdom was actively being burnt to the ground by the invading hordes of Vanir, and the entire campaign concept was to get the fuck out and come back with the tools and armies needed to reclaim their kingdom.
Yes, the player knew about this.
Yes, the player bitched about it.

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Because we're playing a Fire Emblem style game in D&D 4e and we needed/wanted the token female royalty character.

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>D&D 4e
Why would you shame Fire Emblem with 4e?

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Because I know it bugs you.

because it was either that, 3.P or Warhammer Fantasy (the only systems my group knows). And, honestly, 4e at least admits it's a turn based strategy game and fits the feel and is better balanced than 3.P

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Because 4e being bad is a dumb meme people need to get over.

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It works perfectly for Lazy Warlord archetype.
Your weapon is merely for show or status symbol. You never strike. All you do is boss people around, because those poor peasants would be lost without you guidance and would not get past the first band of brigands. Attitude can range anywhere between genuinely wanting to lead them and daddy's little tyrant.

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Drinking is the only way I can handle my "friends" and I make poor choices hammered.

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Consider the possibility that you might need new friends. Or rehab. Probably both.

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Because I'm okay with Marlae Roesone being more than a mere baronness.

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Cause he lets me fuck him in the ass after

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Bland as paste setting, broken ass domain mechanics, irrelevant noble/royal titles.

1/10, would not play.

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Dude, "ex". Is English even your first language?

If it's not I apologize.

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Because we were playing Princess: the Hopeful.

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He was using past tense. "Then-" as a prefix is acceptable in this case, because it is used to refer to a specific instance in a particular time period. He may now have many ex-girlfriends, but at she was his girlfriend at the time, so she was his then-girlfriend.

Sincerely, a man regretting his Linguistics degree.

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This anon is correct. >>50154446 I have a few exes who all played D&D with me. It;s also weird to think of her as my ex because we only split a couple of months ago, and we'd been together for a very, very long time.

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Agreed. It's less common than ex- but still part of the living language. >>50154404 is a giant pleb who is making a fool of himself while trying to look cleverer than others.

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because why the fuck not? as long as you don't let them be the princes of an IMPORTANT kingdom i don't see the problem

now of course its pretty obvious that if the player plays any important royalty then there going to try to Mary sue the way through, but if its the daughter of

>a minor kingdom
>a faraway kingdom
>a kingdom with no land to its title

i don't see the problem (as long as there, y'know level 3 at least) and in fact it can be quite a fun option, there was one time when one of my players decided to play a princes, i had no problems with it because he picked a really minor kingdom that i hadent put any lore into yet since it was on the other side of the map,a few sessions later i pick that area for the next quest, everyone was expecting some super fancy palace of a fort at least, there was just a watchtower, a slightly fortified barracks, and a house you'd see a moderately wealthy merchant live in, its fun playing with expectations, weather its "elf is actually a nice guy and not aloof at all" to this ones "the princes title wasint important at all" it all hangs on slight realism, basic logic, and good characters

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>my three best friends irl
>one is playing a naive princess run away from home to roam the countryside and help the little people as a paladin, for justice!
>one is her fussy old tutor and court wizard who caught her sneaking out of the castle, he dotes on her and is caught between a rock and a hard place trying to protect her
>one is the two-or-three-or-four-faced dickass rogue and court jester who helped her sneak out and intends to see how many people he can sell her to and then rescue her from before her dumb ass catches on
you can't convince me this isn't gonna be hilarious

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This sounds absolutely fantastic.

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i let you play a hyper evil demilich whos always wanting to do shit on the side, stop bitching ho.

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this sounds absolutely amazing.

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Shit-posting wins again, pleb.

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But you're all awesome, and /tg/ is awesome

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Everything is awesome when you're part of a team, anon.

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Ho boy, fire emblem, good shit.

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Because we already had players for the Retired General, Naive Farm Kid, and Wisecracking Smuggler, *and* I was already using two DMPCs for the party face, and tech geek.

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Kill yourselves.

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>Implying the princess is actually a princess
>Implying I didn't set up the revelation about her true parentage ahead of time and talk about it with the player
>Implying even if she was a princess I didn't talk it out with the player and discuss limitations and motivations in a civil manner to balance them with other characters
Never change, /tg/.

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i don't even have the energy to do that.

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Queens > princesses desu.

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A coward dies many deaths, anon. Heroes die but one.

Be An Hero, anon.

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Princess player here

Because i was disowned and banished from my homeland due to my intense dabbling in magic.

Have no power now, and is just known as 'pissy princess' because i get mad at commoners.

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That actually sounds fun.

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Whore of Babylon please.

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>Tribal bitch leader
Non-Romans go home. Oh wait, you don't have one any more.

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We used to have a pre-op, pre-hormone mtf in our group that the GM let play an elven princess. The player also happened to be one of three housemates of the GM, so dumping them wasn't so much an option. Visibly, always wore pink pajamas around the house, with long'ish wavy hair in kind of a Jew-fro. Altogether looked like a human trying to be a Muppet in both looks and mannerisms. She was loud-mouthed, spoke over and interrupted everybody, and complained the GM didn't like her whenever the limelight left her character for more than five minutes at a time. Used to drag their feet about playing games but we're taking over the living room and keeping her from playing Mass Effect so oh well, but by the end of the gaming session was always singing the praises of the game talking about what a great time she had. Next week, lather rinse repeat.

Irritating as shit as a player, and what was worse was that another useless monk player (who was either zoned out, alienating benefactors or trying to befriend random mook enemies, or leaving the game table to make out with his girlfriend - the GM's other housemate) enabled her every step of the way.

Luckily, when the useless monk stopped playing because his girlfriend moved out of the GM's place and no longer cared about coming, the trans self-styled "Bitch princess" quickly started picking up on the fact that we didn't appreciate her bullshit, but when she did something right we complemented her on it. She was on the right track to starting to becoming a semi-tolerable player, but it was around that time the GM got burnt out and stopped GM'ing.

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Why the fuck not? Give me ONE reason why I should have a blanket ban on princesses joining the party? Especially when "noble" is already an optional background in 5e.

She's a qt, as is her party.

>This pleb doesn't want to marry a brighthaired, savage, warrior queen from the far North and effectively create an alliance between her confederation of tribes and your house in case there's another crazy emperor who decides to invade the fucking desert because his horse ordered it or something
I bet you're not even republican too.

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If she's a queen, why can't she afford clothes that fit?

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shit emperor detected

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Says someone who drove her empire into bankruptcy and then committed suicide when shit got hard.

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Because he still RP as princess after session, when everyone else already left. If you know what I mean.

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Maybe it is her way to tell people that she wants the D?

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The republic died with the ascension of the Divine Julius, and even he could not be bothered with the barbarians of Britannia.

What care I for the leader of a rebellion long since quelled? The empire is at peace. Leave it be, and may the bitch rot.

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except thats wrong you silly bitch

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Ritual reasons.

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I didn't?
I did let a girl crossplay a prince though.
Fortunately that was for a pre-campaign introduction only and they ended up with a more regular character.

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>The empire is at peace
But for how long? How can we expect anything but a steady decline with a few high points if we simply entrust all power to whoever happens to have fallen out of the right womb, rather than promotion by merit? You may be content with your bread and games, but I am not. Pleb.

Based Kashima

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None of my players have asked to play a Princess yet. It's kinda disappointing 'cause I love to take whatever crazy character concepts my players throw at me and make them work within the context of my settings.

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It was Rogue Trader, I thought it'd be fun

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because only (pseudo-)princesses were the only Grayson girls with the political clout to get into Saganami at the start point of the game

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Because he already looks feminine and he would be an amazing trap if he put some work into it, so that was my way of saying "you should be a trap, it would be glorious".

Hope he understood.

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you should have suggested all your players come as their characters for the halloween sesh

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Technically not a "princess," but it was the closest equivalent in the government. The character didn't start out as one. Shorting before taking on the big, bad, world-devouring monster, the friendly neighborhood paladin of the party killed a character (elven male rogue) that was "possessed by evil." To go back even further, it was all the paladin's fault. After having some trouble with getting corrupted in the lower planes, the party bought some magical electroshock collars of alignment stasis. Basically, if you act way outside of your alignment while wearing one or if something tries to magically change your alignment, you take damage but are morally unharmed. Attempting to remove one without the key would make it expolde. Now then, the party, being cheapskates, bought the one defective collar at a discount. The lock was broken, so there was no taking it off once you put it on. Naturally, the moment the party learns that their rogue got corrupted to evil in the Nine Hells, the paladin slammed that collar on the rogue... locking them into this new evil alignment (which would have otherwise been temporary). The collar doesn't enforce good; it just prevents change. So time went on and the party just tolerated their newly evil rogue. Right after beating what they thought was the BBEG, the paladin decided that they had enough and tried to rip off the collar. The explosion naturally insta-killed the rogue. Oddly enough, the damage rolls were close. Had the paladin casted some temporary health on the rogue, he would have lived. The body was in far, far too many chunks to salvage. Feeling bad (and needing help to stop a world-devouring monster), the party bought the rogue a ressurrection... which rolled out to be drow (female). If you're going to be a drow, the best you can hope for is to be a human at least. Fortunately, with the collar gone, the rogue was good again... well, fortunately for now.

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>Warhammer Fantasy
>Not playing the princess of a podunk Border Princes kingdom and her circle of advisers (read: criminals, thugs and murderers) trying to ensure the future of their homeland from the other shitheap kingdoms next door, chaos cults, and greenskin incursions.

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Because they wanted to play a princess.

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So the party goes on to beat the horrible, deadly, world-devouring monster. They're all famed and rewarded in various ways by the king. People are a bit surprised about the mysterious drow woman that appeared out of nowhere to save the world. Pretty close by, there was a major drow metropolis. A smaller House then had an idea on how to rise in prestige. Claim that the drow heroine that saved the world was one of them! Naturally, a greedy rogue isn't going to deny a life of luxury and fortune for her retirement. It works like a charm. That House is now the talk of the town. The rogue doesn't become the House's supermom (not being a cleric & quite possibly having reservations after the sex change), but she is given the highest of titles and prestige otherwise available. In fact, they do go so far as to fake the rogue having clerical magic to bestow a higher rank, basically becoming the "princess" of the evil drow metropolis... too bad the rogue got returned to being good. She was doomed to live about her days living in luxury atop the backs of the slaves and the weak. Later on, we added another arc to the campaign. A lot of players made new (appropriately levelled) characters, but the rogue opted to keep going, to escape the city of evil morals which perpetually tore at her conscience. And so, for this last arc, there was a player playing more-or-less as a princess by sheer fate bestowed by the dice.

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because her surgery date got pushed back and she was feeling really dysphoric

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don't mouse over this if you don't want that image ruined for you
the towers in the background are copy pasted and they look like something out of star wars

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I didn't. She's a count's sister now. After a raid went very wrong, players by accident agitated his soldiers to turn against him. Now he's waiting for a trail from the king.
I don't really know what to do. She's technically next in line, but the king is kinda fed up with her whole family and the title is technically up to revoke at any moment.

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maybe, it's a girl what I want to f***
and why not?

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Absolutely. Both in legit and lewd campaigns.

This sounds hilarious. The dynamic between Lady Lel and her retainers in FE8 was great.

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why not?
sometimes the background of they histories are good... in my case:
She was the daugther of a militar lord... but the lord hasnĀ“t any son (men), only a daugther...
she gone to adventure to find her dad... and make a kingdoom at the same time

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"Then" clarifies that she is his ex now, but was not his ex at the time. It's actually better English, in this case, because it's less ambiguous.

He could also have said "my now-ex-gf", but then that would only have implied that the time they were dating was when this game was taking place (whereas it could still be true if, say, they got together after the game for unrelated reasons, and then broke up before the present time).

If you're going to correct someone, make sure they're actually wrong first.

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There's nothing inappropriate about that. Romans hated kings (and thus, ostensibly, also queens), so using that term for the leader of their enemy is entirely appropriate.

Even imperial Rome still hated kings. The emperor was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the old Kings of Rome, you see.

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