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Why are so few girls into trading card games?
Is it the community, or is it the games themselves?

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I came across the same problem when I was getting my degree in astronomy. It's the tedium and math that tags along with the game.

That or the neckbeards.

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protip: it's the girls.

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Plenty of girls are into MtG and the like. They just don't leave the house, because it means getting off Tumblr, and raises the possibility of encountering an untagged trigger.

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Still saging this shit thread because it's about 10 posts from becoming an episode of "rabid /pol/tards and smug liberals shitpost at each other for 2 hours on a Friday night"

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For Magic? the community. I've seen seriously probably the worst in TCG players in MTG. On the other hand I've also seen the best.

I've seen girls play Yu-Gi-Oh. Mostly their boyfriends getting them into games.

LCS has a pokemon TCG scene and these twin girls tend to smash face at tournaments. The scene is also kind of cute seeing it's a lot of kids and parents also participating in the events. I've seen dudes at the same shop who show up for MTG draft just throw shade at the Pokemon players just because it's kids though even though everyone playing pokemon looks like they are having a good time.

Magic players fucking suck, yo.

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I have seen the exact opposite at my local store, and I'm there almost every day because I know the owner and work under the table sometimes.
Friday Night Magic has some girls and nobody makes a big deal of it.
Thursday Night Yu-gi-oh is 90% black and literally 100% male. I've never even seen a woman try to get into it.
The random surges of pokemon is mostly kids with the occasional parent showing an interest in their child's hobby, but there are a couple girls here and there who aren't the mother of another player.

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yeah i dont get why but black dudes seem to love yu-gi-oh for some reason, might be because pretty much every black nerd is super into anime but apart from that no idea.

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well in magic its because 97% of players are giga autists who sperg out when a vagina is near them

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For whatever reason, anime and yugioh are acceptable, while other, similar media is seen as "too white" to a lot of black people.
The one black kid who played D&D with us in High School had to hide it from his family because they would literally have beaten him for it.

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we have this girl who comes to the EDH night at the LGS who is ugly as sin and nothing special as a player and every male who goes there absolutely worships her. its surprising that more women dont play magic when i see that kinda shit

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Most women I know who play MTG just do it between friends and don't give a shit about the events largely because the community is so shit.

>the maths
Your field is 50/50 gender wise in most countries.

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>implyign women want to be slobbered on by unwashed lgs crowds

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>implying women dont like attention from anywhere

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He's right, they really don't. If she's really that ugly then she's probably settling for this instead of zero attention. But women who are actually attractive do not want anything to do with that sort of shit.

source: A lot of attractive women work at my firm, and often complain about ugly short poorfags hitting on them, whereas they only want 100% certified Chad dick.

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Sorry, incorrect. The answer we were looking for was: >>50107558

Maybe next time don't be sexist fucking assholes, and think with your brains and not your shriveled micropenises.

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It's an extraordinarily toxic culture. It's just gross as fuck. It's A) for children and B) for manchildren. Why would anyone, male or female, want to be associated with it when there are A) better gaming hobbies and B) better gaming cultures?

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>Why are so few girls into trading card games?

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>Still saging this shit thread because it's about 10 posts from becoming an episode of "rabid /pol/tards and smug liberals shitpost at each other for 2 hours on a Friday night"

But Anon

That's my favorite show.

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Why would you pretend to be a girl?

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>inb4 hurr durr grill here
I am actually female.

As most of you are saying, you are correct, a lot of girls don't get into it because: A. Nerd shit. B. Neckbeards. C. Math. D. Strategy is haaarrrd

I just got into Magic and I'll admit, I can coast on some of my friend's talents sometimes to help me deck build but it's mainly because I'm such a fucking noob. The one thing I take extremely seriously is Pokemon, I love that shit. Been in tourneys, placed, everything. But damn, you attract a whole bunch of autists, especially if you know what you are doing.

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The same reason so few girls go into natural sciences and engineering; they're interested in different things.

inb4 "but it's individual, anon, some girls do go into engineering". Yes, of course it is, but we can still empirically prove that those aren't the majority, or even half, of the women in the world. The fact that we can make a general statement based on statistics does not mean that outliers don't exist.

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Maybe it's girls

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>I'm a girl

>girls automatically don't like math and nerdy stuff and strategy

Take off the wig, Bill, and drop the lotion too.

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I'm a girl who had a mom who really wanted me to stay away from "boy stuff", so I didn't really get into Magic until I was like 18. I'm not saying that's what happens to every girl but it's a thing at the very least.

Also I've had dudes be dicks to me at FNM because they assume I'm just there for attention or have no idea how to play. I'd say thats pretty rare though and barely anybody actually cares.

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I'm not super /r9k/ personally but this is a pretty /r9k/ opinion.

Most people play these things as escapism or a surrogate for a life.

Average-hot women live life on the tutorial mode and have no reason whatsoever to want to escape it.

That's why you only get the insane/fat/ugly/mentally ill women in the tabletop hobby.

Honestly, I feel like it works pretty similarly for men too desu. I mean, if I had awesome shit going on all the time I wouldn't look forward to gaming so much.

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because women are often much more pragmatic than men, thus less interest in hobbies in general.

Also, kill yourself.

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Found the beta-cuck

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I'm not sure you know what the word pragmatic means. Most women can't peel their faces away from their cell phones long enough to speak to someone. Much less do a hobby.

It's got nothing to do with pragmatism.

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I don't want to play mtg cause its fucking expensive and I'm poor. Yes I am grill.

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walk into a card store sometime.

now ask yourself, as you see the unwashed masses with their Loli pedophile deck mats, would you want to go into there on your own free will?

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No, I know what pragmatic means.

Do you know a lot of women that spend time thinking about things that don't directly involve them?

Women don't have much of a flair for the philosophical either if that's any indication.

(it is).

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I knew a group of six girls back in highschool that played among themselves and only among themselves. They never took the cards to school or even talk about it in school, they sent one of their boyfriends or their little brothers to the store to buy their boxes, they gathered to play usually wednesdays, they would gossip while deckbuilding, they would make up dumb nicknames for certain cards, they would talk mad shit after winning.

They weren't even ugly or fat, they ranged from average to pretty cute. The girl that played W was pretty fucking hot even.

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I'm not sure I'd consider a woman's vapid self-centered ramblings to be pragmatic. It's more like their brains never progress past the age of 3, it's all mine mine mine and now now now.

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Mostly the community. Half of my playgroup are girls. We play kitchen table magic because no one wants to spend hundreds on a deck and they are really invested and competent as anyone. However, it is impossible to get any of them to go a draft at our LCS because everyone smells, is rowdy, spouts may-mays and has one of the following attitudes:

>"You're just here because of your boyfriend? You will be drafting mono green, right? I suggest you do, it will be simple enough for you"

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Nogs are really into asian culture. I do MMA and there are so many delusional black guys, who love "the arts" (non practical shit like Kung Fu).

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This post is why females don't play MTG.

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If you cut the bait off of this hook, its actually a good post. Most female and gay nerds tend to congregate in different nerdy communities than straight dudes. I bet you could find tons of fanart of sexy Tsabo Tavoc on tumblr, entire communities built around groups of blogs that just don't intersect much with /tg/ or the main MtG forum communities.

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Hey go eat a dick, when you grow up poor and surrounded by garbage both literal and human wuxia and anime are godsends.

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>If I can just cultivate my chi, I can defeat the corrupt magistrates and the Triads that plague my beloved village with opium!

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Didn't mean to ruffle your neon blue gi.

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It's because women are generally in it for the attention. When you get seriously into card games, it's very competitive. A guy is not going to give you slack just for being a girl, he's going to gutterstomp you and cheer about it afterwards.

Women can't bear it when they can't leverage their status. And there's nothing more sexless and hell-bent-on-winning than your typical MtG player.

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This. I ain't even black but I can relate to this. When you're 12, and find out there's a whole new culture that isn't centered around being poor, it's like a revelation.

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>And there's nothing more sexless and hell-bent-on-winning than your typical MtG player.
There's viruses. Or virii.

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Anecdote here, but you can have it anyway. Do with it what you will.

Most of my female /tg/-related friends either think MTG is the tits but find most of the community to be horrible dens of autism and poor hygiene or don't like MTG for these reasons. While most like the painting and customizing elements of my wargame hobby, only one of them has actually gotten into the gameplay aspect of wargaming. Most of them are pretty much just RPG nerds, and like those games more for the characters and storybuilding than for beating combat challenges and dungeons.

Many of my male friends share one or two of these traits, sure, but "most MTG players are fucking gross", "I like the models but I don't really want to play the game", and "I play RPGs for the story" are almost universal among the feminine part of my circle.

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>spouts may-mays
We need to crack down on this, the rest I don't mind but we as a community desperately need better bantz

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The playerbase.

You need proof? Magic is becoming more popular with the ladies according to the numbers, but the go to fnm in groups with each other.

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OP, go b8 elsewhere

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>"most MTG players are fucking gross", "I like the models but I don't really want to play the game", and "I play RPGs for the story" are almost universal among the feminine part of my circle.
These are all commonly held understandings among my circles regardless of gender. A lot of gamers are absolutely toxic people and when you put a lot of toxic people in one place you end up with a community that would make Nurgle proud.

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Nope. Virus reproduce.

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>as a girl
>C and D
As another girl, fuck you, you dumbass cunt. Go back to college and do some damn calculus. As for me, I'm going back to my well-paying job as a software engineer, followed by a few games on Starcraft.

Have fun with your shitty tumblr-pandering trading card game, spergs.

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Autism diagnosis accuracy is tremendously gender biased. Medical professionals fail to identify symptoms in girls due to social attitudes.

Like the normalizing of spergqueen fandom of bands among girls.

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Anon, the number of women in science and engineering has been steadily increasing for 20 years and is estimated to even out in 30 to 50 years.

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Male nerds are the original SJWs - assholes with a victim complex.

They don't want to get socially accepted, because if the "Chad/normie/gurl gamers" boogeyman disappear they no longer feel like martyrs.

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Do you play zergs?

>> No.50113559

>I am actually female.
>I don't know that most science degrees are 50/50 or majority female
Literally the only math fields that are majority male are pure maths, comp sci and engineering.

>> No.50113560

Part of this is fewer men going to college. They don't fell welcome.

>> No.50113568

Outside the US it's already a slight majority in the pure sciences (chem/bio/physics) and I don't consider the rest of stem to be science.

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>men are such whiny crybabies that they start thinking the girls have more speaking time in class even when they have a third of it
>meanwhile women bear it because that's how it always ends up
Maybe if young men didn't have such easily bruised egos they would do better!

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What was that quote..
>hard times create strong men
>strong men create good times
>good times create weak men
>weak men create hard times

This is what happens when the average white male is a skinny-fat shit obsessed with video games and jerking off.

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Girls don't play in the LGS but at someone's house, partially because of autistic neckbeards.
I don't even like playing at my LGS because of the autistic neckbeards and over 90% of players there are perfectly normal guys

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Nope, those are outlaw bikers, who are also the original spergs.

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The generation that fought the Great War weren't bred to be the ultimate warriors. They grew up in an age of comparative decadence and wealth. And then? The apocalypse.

>> No.50113787

>Outside the US it's already a slight majority in the pure sciences (chem/bio/physics)
Is there? I definitely notice it in biology but chemistry and especially physics are still mostly male around here

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>less interest in hobbies in general.
But this is wrong you fucking idiot

>> No.50113821

>It's because women are generally in it for the attention.
We got mind readers over here

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>This is what happens when the average white male is a skinny-fat shit obsessed with social justice and being progressive.
Let's not mince words here all modern men, and I include myself in there, are soft-handed self-important pansies.

Men need to be men again, how we do that I don't know.

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>waaaa! I don't like feeling rejected!
>waaaa! The world is hard and full of hard choices!
Go back to college, sperg

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>people who play traditional games aren't awkward only toward women, they are awkward toward everyone
this is blatantly not true or at least they are even more awkward toward women

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I mean, why WOULDN'T I play zerg master race?

And because my two best friends play Terran and Protoss respectively. We balance each other out.

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Kill each other while shouting about honor and other patriotic things? Apparently that's the way if I believe my books.

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shit, even as a dude I avoid LCS as much as possible. The community is legitimately embarrassing to be around, I do as much as I can outside of it and only come into it to buy stuff I need or participate in the occasional event.

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It's a meme about women liking Zergs and/or Tyranids. Probably because it reminds guys childbirth or shit.

Zergs are just plain fun because you can go from 50 to 200 in the blink of an eye. Fuck yes ultra 3/3 zerglings you're so cute and deadly.

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They are probably awkward to women in a different way, and they're probably used to dealing with other males for /tg/ purposes and therefore slightly less awkward while doing so.
Anyone who is that off-putting to women because of awkwardness is gonna be awkward towards men.
You get borderline sexual harassment with non-awkward jocks too, but most sports are segregated and it's less awkward harassment.

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Well that and because Kerrigan is:
>a massive female power fantasy
>a great villain
>hot as fuck
>a great character overall

>> No.50114057

As a neckbeard in recoovery I can tell you we're awkward with:
>authority figures
>"superior" males

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In my experience, girls don't have fun when they lose. For me, half the hobby is the game, and the other half is hanging out with my pals. My gf doesn't have a group of friends who /tg/, and doesn't like hanging out with my friends. Whenever she plays with us, if she's not winning or otherwise invested in the game, she loses interest immediately.

>> No.50114072

Females play games for the social aspect. Males play games for the competitive aspect. It's all biology, and since TCGs are typically hilariously competitive at most LGSs, it attracts a male crowd eager to pit their wits against their peers.

>> No.50114190

it's the community. Bunch of dudes who smash the panic button when a woman is in their vicinity.
Went to board game shop with grill because she thought we'd find cards against humanity. There was some kind of /tg/ related tourney going on at the time. Fuckin gross how we could feel them leering at her. 2 autists at cashout counter talking to the cashier turn around and check her out. Don't even bother to be discrete or anything. We left there and she admitted it was fucking horrible in there

>> No.50114237


Why are so few men into trading card games?

>> No.50114281

There was 10 grills and 15 guys last night in Friday mtg

>> No.50114552

This. Ignore most of SC2 past HotS, and Kerrigan is great.

>> No.50114603

Storming your opponent with a steady stream if lings at about 1:30 feels fucking great. I fucking love it. Like I said: Zerg master race. Also,
>>50114029 this. Absolutely this. Aside from the bullshit in the epilogue and some nonsensical crap from HotS, she's pretty great.

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Most girls aren't nerds.


Smug liberals can barely string a sentence together, so it won't be much of a contest.

>> No.50114677

1) many girls are discouraged from partaking in "boy" hobbies (a lot of which happen to be synonymous with "nerd" hobbies) at a young age which is also why tabletop & DnD are more popular with guys and 2) like everyone else said, the playerbase.

>> No.50114698

games, men don't really play games. children though...

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>astronomy degree
What Starbucks do you work at?

>> No.50114754


Care to elaborate?

>> No.50114767

here this man gets it, fuck the sissified present, I wanna die in my 20's as a warrior or my 40's as a hearth attack victim. I've been working for a decade and I have no black lung no sliped disks and I'm generally comfortable, do you know what our grandparents would have said about that? fucking pusies the lot of us. it doesn't help that we are all complaining about shit online, you know when my father complained? when he got shot and when he broke a bone, then he went back to work. pansies

>> No.50114887

Ain't nobody stopping you faggot. Go get a labour job in isolation, legal surveying or slashing for seismic or rigging.

You live in an age of unparalleled self determination and you're botching about your personal failings.

This shot is why the closest to a community I'll join is an anonymous image board. You aren't allowed to smack puking and puling little bitches like yourself that don't actually ever DO anything.

God I fucking hate your coasting mediocrity.

Although getting black lung and broken bones is just fucking stupid. I mean, use your PPE for fucks sake.

Mmmm. I still crave frozen fire sandwiches. Ham cheese and mustard, still cold in the centre and crispy on the outside.

>> No.50115104

this is my experience bringing girls to lgs, every fucking time. the 3 asshole who are taking rapey shit amongst themselves. the socially awkward guys spilling their spaghetti all over, the 2 or 3 gentleman who get over excited because they are within 20 feet of a vagina, and the /pol/tards who think is ok to talk to women or at all the way they talk on the Internet. oh and the toxic avenger looking and smelling doods. they are mostly interested in the games but horrified by the spectacle. so we buy games and go play elsewhere, we're we get weird looks... life sucks.

>> No.50115122

Astronomy, not Astrology, you sperg.

>> No.50115172

It's largely just that females tend to not be into competitive games as much.

I'm largely analayzing based off of this article https://medium.com/@increment/the-first-female-gamers-c784fbe3ff37#.xr6926hkd but historically wargaming was very, very nearly 100% male when it started decades ago and continues to be a male dominated hobby. Card games are similar with their heavy crunch and strategizing so I can only assume that they have the same reasons for a gender gap as with wargaming.

It just is not as appealing which is why you see a lot more girls in TRPGs because those games are by design cooperative and social. World of Darkness has a huge female base because the game has a large focus on social situations and "storytelling." As is seen in the linked article once women were working together with the people they play with, had a character to identify with, and a human element added to their games a lot more joined the hobby, but card games totally lack that element so I think that's why there is still fairly small proportion of females in card games.

>> No.50115194

>Why are so few girls into trading card games?

They don't wanna get fat, duh.

>> No.50115198

eh, i live in Portland, its true the male population heavily outweighs the female, but if you go to Guardian Games youll find plenty of women who play card games. both owners and many of the employees too

>> No.50115237

You gotta admit that the thought of astronomy major working at Starbucks is pretty funny though.

>> No.50115295

i have known plenty of girls that play /tg/

>girlfriend of the guy that works at my old lgs
>very chill and would just come in to play commander or draft events

>nerdy girl that was kinda dumpy but built like a brick shithouse
> had a huge collection but only realy played vintage and commander

>cute blond girl
>very nice and always just came to have fun and play d&d
>got driven away after a fight with the goth girl

>goth girl
>always brought her boyfriend with, she was nice and loved warhammer but was very confrontational and would start arguments over insignificant shit
>had to toss her boyfriend out after he was caught trying to to steal from other people

>my girlfriend
>nice and very quiet
>met her when she came to join the d&d group and i was the one who showed her the ropes
>got her into mtg and we started going out
>been going strong for about a year now

>> No.50115300

Our grandparents would have been jealous and by and large fought for a future without this shit. I have a grandfather who deserted from a cushy career military job because he realized all he was doing was colonial adventures.

My great grandfather was a kitchen table socialist who worked to organize unions clandestinely ffs. Even mild social democracy was a dream come true compared to how he grew up.

>> No.50115329

I've seen a much higher percentage of girls at my kitchen table groups than at the local LGS. Given some of the fuckwads there I can't really blame them. Whatever tolerance I have for said fuckwads I can't imagine a girl would have more.

Meanwhile, the casual adult leagues I play in (ultimate frisbee and volleyball) are full of women, so I doubt it's the competitive thing, at least insofar as MtG and casual league sports are competitive.

>> No.50115357

>Why are so few girls into trading card games?
Not sure where you got this idea. It seems like approximately half of the MtG playerbase is female. That might not be the case in your area, but I see a lot of them locally as well as tournaments.

>Is it the community, or is it the games themselves?
Is this some kind of bait?

>> No.50115371

Yeah, my HS started out with just a flag football team for girls and cheerleading, one of the girls (she was like taller than all but a handful of the guys) started working with other sports nuts to get more girl teams organized, and they got volleyball, proper football and canadian football, and girls were definitely lining up for that and the mixed fencing club.

>> No.50115569

There aren't a lot of women in most hobbies, /tg/ or not.
Look at women's magazines, they're about sex, makeup and shopping. Men's magazines are about fitness, cars, sports, wood working, hiking etc.
A lot of women consider Netflix to be a legitimate hobby.

I think there was a sort of societal misstep as women transitioned from housewife to roles in the work place but a majority maintained feminine(domestic) interests without branching out into other fields.

>> No.50115758

Would be cool if girls as a whole got into guns

>> No.50116035

>I have no black lung no sliped disks and I'm generally comfortable, do you know what our grandparents would have said about that?
Thank god my grandchild has it good?
I know you've never actually seen manual labor or talked to someone who does physically hard work in your life but most people want their children to have college educations and comfortable lives

>> No.50116076

W confirmed for having best girls

>> No.50116434

Pretty sure that was sarcasm. That and the post they replied to.

>> No.50116488

Why don't girls like this go to my LGS

>> No.50116816

True. true, true, true.
All true except for the high heels made out of bone, it would freak me out to have those things growing out of me.
Shame Blizzard thought she had to be "redeemed".

>> No.50116890

Man I wish I drafted mono green this week at draft. Green is nuts in Kaladesh. Fuck you can draft five color mono green in this set the fixing is so good.

>> No.50117005

I work at the palace vertes observatory

>> No.50117040


Let me explain something to you - male brains and female brains are different, since men are usually better at maths and systemizing and shit, but women are more social. On top of this, more men are found with both extremely high and extremely low IQs (but extremely low is more common). There are exceptions and some people have a male/female brain despite being the opposite gender.

Autism is a more extreme form of the male brain with higher systemizing ability than you would expect for the IQ, but very little social skill and (true even for 97% of 'high-functioning' autists) below average IQ, which makes the increased systemizing ability thing less apparent. This is why a decreased ability to function in society is one of the main symptoms.

Girls have autism less because it's a disorder tied to the male brain. A diagnosis would still be able to detect autism in girls, since the vast majority of autists cannot function properly in society, especially as children.

>> No.50117045

marry me

>> No.50117065


Maybe if they stopped betraying their own gender and buying into liberal lies they wouldn't be discriminated against.

Also, kudos for making up statistics. It helped me realise that you were a mindless libcuck.

>> No.50117089


If someone insults you or hurts you, don't be afraid to hurt them back.

When you get hurt even more, deal with it, then hurt them so much that they surrender, or kill them.

That's how to be a man.

>> No.50117162

>/tg/ on "how to be a man"
You can't make this shit up. This is fucking gold.

>> No.50117174


It's not about math or strategy being hard, it's about lack interest. This phenomenon has been observed in infants, before societal factors can be taken into account. Men prefer 'things' and women prefer 'people'. That's why more men gravitate towards STEM fields and technical jobs in general. We're wired differently, with exceptions of course.

>> No.50117240

Prophetic Prism at common tends to do that.

>> No.50117250

Girls with any actual hobbies my my dick diamonds. it's like a +1 easy +2 if it's something I'm into.

>> No.50117261

>Let me explain something to you [broscience shit]
Uh uh.

>> No.50117305

>five color mono green

>> No.50117399

What a liberal beta cuck.

>> No.50117433


How so ? I'm genuinely curious how you arrived at that conclusion.

>> No.50117467

>he just keeps going
A-anon, stop. I can't keep laughing this hard.

>> No.50117550


I'm pretty far from the left on the political spectrum, so I just wondered why that anon interpreted my statement as something originating from a liberal. Maybe it was because of the lack of expletives, in which case I'll rectify my mistake, go fuck yourself cunt.

>> No.50117694

>more men gravitate towards science
>science where in most countries women are between half and two thirds of the graduates

>> No.50117701

mfw I was trying to be funny but my sarcasm atracted boats.
mfw I'm actually a welder/ iron worker /pipe maker/ burn shop worker/crane operator/ all around workhorse and my life span has been reduced by these activities.
mfw I'm on my way to becoming a HSR to make people aware of the dangers of work.

>> No.50117725

Something something jewish something something muttering conspiracy

>> No.50117834


You're obviously lacking in reading comprehension. I talked specifically about STEM fields and technical jobs which are where men are more prevalent in every developed country. Science is a really broad category, which depending on definiton encapsulates everything from the social sciences to physics. Women tend to prefer the soft sciences and men the hard.

>> No.50117867

I mean Hard Science, bio, physics, chem, and their offshoots, dumbass it nerd. T isn't a field, E is male dominated, M is on the edge, but S is definitely majority female even if you remove things like Psych, Linguistics (which bio owes most of its methods to) and Sociology

>> No.50117988

>but S is definitely majority female even if you remove things like Psych, Linguistics (which bio owes most of its methods to) and Sociology
Not the same Anon, but I'm gonna need some proofs

>> No.50118022

I think if you researched proof for your own claims, you'd be able to prove or disprove other contradictory claims quite easily, no?

Or are you saying that >>50117834 was all 'muh opinions' and 'common sense' with not a lick of hard facts backing you up?

>> No.50118030


I concede that biology is fairly even when it comes to gender representation. But men definitely prefers and are represented in the the physical sciences along with engineering and computer science to a far greater degree. Some of this preference is due to biological differences in male and female brains, with plenty of exceptions. Which was my point from the start. Neither gender is better or worse when it comes to technical subjects, but our tastes clearly differ.

>> No.50118072

>I think if you researched proof for your own claims, you'd be able to prove or disprove other contradictory claims quite easily, no?
How about you research the Burden of Proof, nigger.

>> No.50118086

There were claims made here >>50117834 as well.

>> No.50118139


This documentary touches on the subject


Furthermore, here are some hard statistics. While women receive over half of bachelor’s degrees awarded in the biological sciences, they receive far fewer in the computer sciences (17.9%), engineering (19.3%), physical sciences (39%) and mathematics (43.1%).

When it comes to the workforce in the US:

35.2% of chemists are women;
11.1% of physicists and astronomers are women;
33.8% of environmental engineers are women;
22.7% of chemical engineers are women;
17.5% of civil, architectural, and sanitary engineers are women;
17.1% of industrial engineers are women;
10.7% of electrical or computer hardware engineers are women; and
7.9% of mechanical engineers are women.


>> No.50118164

I find that they like the lore, characters more than the tcgs. I knew a girl who collected magic cards, didn't play the game but kept up to date with the lore.

>> No.50118205


>single women going to lgs

What sort of crazy bizzarro world are you living in? All the girls at my lgs come with their BFs. Don't get me wrong, it's not that they're getting dragged along; they want to be there. However, I don't think I've ever seen a single female (re not dating) at an lgs ever.

>> No.50118210


I believe this answers alot of the questions when it comes to female representation in traditionally male hobbies. I think most of it comes down to the simple fact that women aren't as interested in these types of games as men are. Sure, some may have had bad experiences with 'nerds' but most of the time the games that guys like don't hold the same appeal to women and that is entirely fine.

>> No.50118261

well y'know how it is with women, our inferior brains just can't grasp the complexity of MtG...

Definitely nothing to do with how we can't walk into a gaming store without some neckbeard drooling over our tits or sniffing the seat we were sitting on.

>> No.50118328

It wasn't even me posting that, fag. I'm asking YOU to prove YOUR claims.

>> No.50118459


>well y'know how it is with women, our inferior brains just can't grasp the complexity of MtG...

No one made that claim.

>Definitely nothing to do with how we can't walk into a gaming store without some neckbeard drooling over our tits or sniffing the seat we were sitting on.

Yes, all males at gaming stores are socially inept misanthropes that can't wait to harass female players.
If you don't enjoy generalizations, maybe you should stop using them yourself ?

>> No.50118498

Because trading card games are fucking terrible.

>> No.50118501

And you knew these girls how?

>> No.50118508

I think the general social view of trading cards/board games/miniatures is the key determinant of how many females will be interested in it.

Women are more socially aware and capable and pick up on trends easily. I guess the reason to my answer here is because ever since moving to Poland in a study abroad program, I've seen that board games are huge among people here. They're seen as legit ways to spend time and because of this the social views that only a recluse or autist would want to play them are not present.

Of course I'm dealing with some extremes here and other assumptions can be made, but as a whole, women will be drawn to the positive socially perceived hobbies.

It just happens to be that in the States and many other countries, TCGs and board game RPGs are seen as something awkward people do only. I don't know where it stems from but it sure is hard to scratch the image.

>> No.50118634

Shit, I'm a guy and I hate our FNM scene, in fact I hate socialising with general nerddom under any pretence, it's why I'm so picky about who I roleplay or play Magic with. I simply don't have time for nerds on the whole, prerelease down my way is a great way to meet horrible spergs and breathe air that tastes of ham and cheese.

>> No.50118654

>tfw no nerdy black best friend comically obsessed with asian culture to mask the pain and horrors of his childhood
My only black friend is a white-washed asshole that plays blue decks on MtG and talks with a british accent for some mysterious reason

>> No.50118697

Women being less likely to get jobs in their field of study answers nothing that satisfies your dumbass broscience

>> No.50118710

>Help I'm oppressed by the nerdphobes
Get the fuck over yourself

>> No.50118773

I hate to admit it man but, having seen my girlfriend doing her makeup, it's as much a hobby as painting miniatures.

>> No.50118832

>have a weeb nego bro
>once heard him debate with other weeb friend for over an hour about whether or not Goku could beat Superman

>> No.50118842

>tfw at least 40% of the people shooting at the range today were women

Had a nice chat with one about how she was terrified of guns before she actually shot one. Obviously I didn't see her first shot, but I did see her shoot a .44mag for the first time. It was a beautiful thing.

>tfw no Gf like that

>> No.50118852

It is because women who are literal pussies who xant deal with being groped by ham planets.
I have to deal with that shit every time i want to do games. They just dont want games hard enough

>> No.50118964


Watch the documentary, you sound like a retard.


>> No.50118982

Off-tangent, I brought this up with a dew dozen co-workers, and universally we agreed that women tended to be much bigger sore losers than men.

What social factors lead to this behavior? I didn't get a satisfying answer, buy a common one was the lack of competition via sports.

>> No.50118995

Girls (and dudebros) prefer playing STD trading games instead.

>> No.50119036

>a common one was the lack of competition via sports.
Oh, yeah, forgot that women don't do sports at all.

>> No.50119069

It's not a hobby if it's isn't recognized as such by The Official Gentlemen Club, you know. As such, arts and crafts (that aren't about building tables and houses and such) or makeup don't qualify. Women don't have hobbies (or brains, or any value whatsoever beyond being a good wet hole and making sandwiches).

>> No.50119090

Sandwiches are overrated, but if she can make god-tier pasta she's marriage material

>> No.50119105

It's easier to make pasta than making good sandwiches. Even homemade pasta.

>> No.50119109

There's some overlap even.

>> No.50119158

>This entire thread

>> No.50119172

No, Anon, women are not particularly fond of fishing either.

>> No.50119339

That was a pretty fucking weak strawman. Can't you at least try to shitpost better?

>> No.50119352

Dunno, why don't you?

>> No.50119393

Oh, it's inability.

Could have just said so.

>> No.50119501


You should be thanking me then.

>> No.50120328

Were they cute?

>> No.50120377

Girls and boys are just different anon.

>> No.50120475


Most, actually. There was even a girl working there wearing running spandex

The one I was talking to was extremely cute, and was actually so close to my ideal physical picture that it hurts a little knowing that she was taken and I may never see her again. Her personality was great, too. Her BF is a lucky man.

>> No.50120528

It's hilarious. We're entering a dark age of technology where we forget that the differences between the sexes and expect all women to act like men.
Most marriages end in divorce, millenials are having less sex than ever, depression is up, more NEETS every day. Clearly this "equality" isn't working.

>> No.50120606

I was one of the little brothers

>> No.50120637

....so what we're they wearing while playing and deck building together?

>> No.50120745

It's the neckbeards. If you're a girl in a hobby with a lot of neckbeards, you'll get a lot of attention. Most of this attention is negative. Even seemingly positive stuff like the free shit they throw at you comes with the overwhelming connotation that they are trying to give you stuff until you fuck them.

If you ignore the neckbeards, you're a bitch. If you treat them like normal people, you're a whore that leads them on because you want free stuff even though they give the shit to you even if you don't want it.

The best case scenario a lot of the time is they'll be friendly while basically graphing their idea of the perfect woman onto you in their mind then after about 6 months of acting relatively normal, they'll confess they loved you since the moment they met you and get really butthurt if you don't return their feelings.

Fuck neckbeards

>> No.50120806

>millenials are having less sex than ever
>depression is up
>Clearly this "equality" isn't working

>"Correlation DOES imply causation"

No, it doesn't. Please stop.

>> No.50120815


Sexy robot outfits.

>> No.50120832

The single-most disgusting, antisocial, godless, vindictive, sociopathic fandom in any fandom is probably why.

>> No.50120876

Nothing out of the ordinary, they just took off their shoes.
Now that I think about it Bgirl and Rgirl were also pretty high up there; Ugirl, Ggirl and undecided girl were the most average.

>> No.50121067

So why don't you try getting your own girlfriend into guns?

>> No.50121207

Traditionally women were discouraged from the field.

Then when they tried to get into it you had boys freaking out. Be it the white knight extreme or the boys club only crowd.

Now combined with fact they aren't exactly popular and it can be a bit hard encouraging women to play who aren't just attention whores. Hell you still the extremes above just in video games.

>> No.50121228

>Brit accent

He is prepping himself for the long con game of ruseing his way into panties son.

>> No.50121229

What's poland like?

>> No.50121255

This is really cute and I want this a lot in my life.

I've never met a girl that just had anything more than this passing interest on anything /tg/ related. One of my friends was into magic for a while before deciding "wasting money in cardboard is dumb" and stopping. Others were into d&d because their boyfriends were into that. There was this one girl in college that was into a lot of videogames, and was hot as all fuck and hung out with a lot of guys, but she was a little weird. Guess it's the one exception.

My girlfriend for example is a very nice person, but really dumb when it comes to learn anything complicated. She literally froze when I got her to learn how to play magic. Guess she gets nervous.

My assessment is that girls really can't keep their interests consistent for very long if it takes too much pragmatic thinking before they drop it because it's "too complicated". Sounds mysoginistic but the worst part is that I WANT to be proven wrong but haven't being able to so far.

>> No.50121337

I haven't read the thread but I'm sure 79% of the replies are "THE COMMUNITY IS SHIT FEDORELORDS M'LADY HURR NOBODY SHOWER"

Either that's an american thing along with the whole "only white people are /tg/" or nobody has ever ACTUALLY visited a LGS. I've moved around a lot and visited over 20 big stores and I can say 80% of them were filled with normal ass people with normal ass jobs ranging from college professors to eletrical engineers, as well as the teenagers and kids sprinkled about. I can remenber FIVE instances of people being assholes in over 8 years of playing MTG weekly, and like always, nobody ever liked then so they ended up friendless and quit going. Women don't get into the hobby for a variety of reasons, pehaps a big one might be actually thinking everyone is a stereotypical movies nerd, but that says more about them then it does about other people.

>> No.50121373

As I girl I can say that the main reason there's so little of us interested in these kind of hobbies is the way we are raised. Boys are usually told to risk it, have fun, the world is your oyster; while girls have to be careful, look preetty, stay calm.

This obviously makes you not want to try many new things, cause you might fail and look silly, which is a big no no for girls, you have to be pristine if you ever wish a man take interest in you. You can see this behaviour whenever you do anything with your girlfriend, just think about the way she eats or dresses.

Tabletop and TCG are specially hard to get into cause they kinda have to teach you this thing, and then you get quized about it, live, right there, no chance to study. You can imagine how that's a bit scary.

>> No.50121414

>you might fail and look silly
Isn't that also reinforced by other girls? That tendency to fall in line, look/behave similar, avoid standing out and all that?

>> No.50121522

>but she was a little weird
Meaning what?

>> No.50121529

>Tabletop and TCG are specially hard to get into cause they kinda have to teach you this thing, and then you get quized about it, live, right there, no chance to study. You can imagine how that's a bit scary.

You're right, I noticed it might have been that. Pehaps it was too overwhelming at the time.

>This obviously makes you not want to try many new things, cause you might fail and look silly, which is a big no no for girls, you have to be pristine if you ever wish a man take interest in you.

Either this is so rooted in every girl's thinking, which I find a little hard to believe or it's not the reason at all. Why would a girl go to a lgs and feel this way if pretty much all of them either 1) Already have boyfriends 2) Find people there unnatractive, as evidence by this thread? Of course, I haven't being raised like that, and honestly the culture here in my country is not the same at all, but this sounds like a very simplistic viewpoint to me.

>> No.50121567

She was this kind of girl: Very hot, everyone thought so. On every party, she would hook up with MINIMUN of ten guys, many of which she herself would go after.

That said, she had barelly any girl-friends, liked playing cardgames a lot, as well as some PC games, and would hold a conversation for hours about some nerdy stuff. also very happy and social individual.

She wasn't weird in the "eww, gross" sense. She was weird as in she wasn't the norm.

>> No.50121619

Don't know about the guy you are replying to, but every girl I have ever met who was into nerdy stuff was either:

1) Ostracized from other girls for whatever reason. Often bullying.
2) Had mental health issues. Sometimes related to point 1, sometimes not.
3) I tried to think of a third grouping but nope, that's it.

>> No.50121654


She sounds almost too good to be true, what I wouldn't give to meet a girl like that and have my feelings reciprocated. She seems like genuinely nice and fun-loving person. I hope she's happy wherever she is.

>> No.50121667

Mind you, I mean independently into it.

I have seen plenty of girls who are "into it" insofar as they do it because their boyfriends do.

But girls who get into it on their own are as a rule... troubled.

Honestly, the same could be said for most of the guys too, but it's much more pronounced with the girls.

>> No.50121686

>1) Ostracized from other girls for whatever reason. Often bullying.

I've literally never seen something like that. Not saying it doesn't happens, but it feels exagerated. Like, I don't like football, and whenever people talk about football, I get left out of the conversation, but I wouldn't say I'm "ostracized", it's not like they fucking hate me, I just can't add anything to the conversation.

Also the only thing I saw was they'd stop talking to said girl as much, but this comes with the fact they don't really share interests at all. Most girls that are into /tg/ stuff aren't really into the other more girly subjects.

>> No.50121689

Hooking up with ten guys at every party?

Dude, you would catch something. And any girl (or guy, for that matter) who is that promiscuous has some baggage.

>> No.50121714

My GF basically thinks that MTG community is mostly obnoxious, and hence doesn't really want to go to events or anything.

We do have nice un/common highlander games in cons and other get-togethers such as boardgame nights though.

>> No.50121761

Yep, girl-or-girl bullying has far reaching consequences

>> No.50121814

>Dude, you would catch something. And any girl (or guy, for that matter) who is that promiscuous has some baggage.

Well you don't have SEX with ten people every party. You hook up like making out, you don't really catch anything too serious. Also yeah, I wouldn't stay with anybody like that too long. This girl for instance, I never asked about her past boyfriends and shit, but It's bound to be some "live fast die young" kind of relationship that's short lived, but intense. Not my kind of deal.

>> No.50121896

Past middle school hooking up means nsa fucking. Also, I'm not seeing how a girl who makes out with ten dudes at every party is somehow more desirable than one who fucks them.

>> No.50121918

>Isn't that also reinforced by other girls?
Ofcourse, just like homophobia is reinforced by gays, or working is reinforced by office bees

>> No.50121934

Ofcourse it's rooted in most girls thinking, just like fucking wearing makeup or boys not wearing dresses.

>> No.50122019

Girls bully each other for liking nerdy shit? Fuck off, I don't buy it

>> No.50122232

>my own girlfriend

Good one h-heh

>> No.50122270

You can't be serious?

>> No.50122350

I am, I really find it hard to believe

>> No.50122380

Girls bully each other for whatever convenient reason.

>> No.50122565

Easy way to get an answer: go ask your girlfriend if she had gotten hardore into nerdy things like vidya or MTG what the girls in her highschool circle would have thought at the time.

>> No.50122692

What? You can't be that undesirable

>> No.50122866


Apparently, I am.

27 kv and totally dateless

The weird thing is that I get along fine with people, women included.

>> No.50122988

I know for me it's mainly the community for why I no longer play. Not even a girl. The community is just bad.

>> No.50123040

Community. Friends and acquaintances with something like a half dozen women I've known since we were in Elementary School together and they've avidly played TCGs & PnP games since then. Friends and acquaintances with several times that number who I've met through the former. They all avoid hobby stores like the plague because of shit like >>50113089

Particularly funny / sad since a couple of them go so far as to run Podcasts on their Hobbying (with one of them also having a D&D Podcast for something like two years now of their GMing), but five minutes in an active hobby store and they can feel the eyes of patrons boring into them / get at least one snide question like in the above.

>> No.50123108

>Bring girl-friend to table (girl that is also a friend)
>Autistic faggots start spazzing out
>They start acting totally out of character
>Known beta starts acting unusually brazen around her
>People crack more jokes than usual
>Always try to bring up the topic of boyfriends and sex
>That Guy keeps talking about how all his ex's were "crazy lmao", in some strange attempt to impress her
>She tells me she had a lot of fun
>I could see the pain in her eyes
>She wanted to kill herself, and I could completely empathize with her, 100%

Fucking grognard, neckbeard faggots. I swear to fucking Christ. One girl turns an entire table of once-cool people into a bizarre, alien freak show. Sometimes, I seriously hate the /tg/ community.

>> No.50123167

American here. I've been a regular to ~6 different LGS' over the last three years, plus a GW that has since closed down. The number of assholes I've found - overall and towards female players - can best be summed up as "Way the fuck too many". People I know who got into the TCG hobby less than a year ago talking to women I've known to participate in it for over a decade as if THEY are the newbie and have no clue how to build their decks. People commenting at the PnP table that they wouldn't trust a female GM because if it's "That time of month" they'd probably TPK everyone if someone made a flat joke. Straight up talking about anime chicks they'd want to fuck while women, kids, or - in one instance - both are in earshot. Questioning a female patron who THEY JUST MET if they're single (either directly or in roundabout ways).

And this is just general "Holy shit what the fuck are you doing man" stuff either aimed towards female players or that tends to splash them as collateral. I haven't even touched on shit cannons aimed towards other demographics (or equal-opportunity "What the hell"-ness that you can't reasonably kick someone out of a store for but you'd really, REALLY like to, such as bringing with them a miasma of Nurgle's Rot).

American LGS' can be quite nice and chill, but there's a great deal of them that I can't fault people (Female, male, white, minority, whatever) for not wanting to deal with.

>> No.50123195

That doesn't make it the girl's fault. It's the fault of the players for never learning how to /gent or /manners. Ultimately, it's the fault of who raised them, but parents never take blame for anything, not even gassing Jews.

>> No.50123792


Is this some new Tumblrina buzzword for dismissing arguments they can't refute e.g. "mansplaining"?

>> No.50123900

What kind of coffee do they serve there? :D

>> No.50124250

Card games are distilled tryhard competition.
The problem isn't that there aren't women who like that, the problem is WotC keeps trying to court tumblr fojoshits with "flavor" when they'd bring many more girls by pandering to team-sports athletes and dorito gremlins.

Soul Calibur is the fighting vidya with the largest female attendance by far because women worth courting don't care about the character they're playing being bare naked with huge tits, they care about kicking your ass and looking fab while at it.

>> No.50124334

Whatever you say. The mtg community has a toxic reputation that was earned by years of awful begavior. You are just too involved to see if

>> No.50125013

>Soul Calibur is the fighting vidya with the largest female attendance
It is? I would have guess it was Tekken or something

>> No.50125050

>Football player
>Not NFL tier, just really good at college level
>No more college, barely any football
>Get harder into vidya and /tg/, harder because a lot of football players are already into games.
>Get to continue having competitive fun with people despite not getting to play football that much anymore

It is a hobby after all. Maybe women just have more accessible hobbies that don't require having to deal with grognards while you develop a nice playgroup.

>> No.50125131

There was a girl at our local Legacy league who would top8 every event with Reanimator but stopped playing it in favor of Stoneblade because her boyfriend would pamper her when she lost.

>> No.50125196

Now I want to make a biker LGS but Hasbro doesn't let you host WPN events if you sell alcoholic beverages.

>> No.50125225

Lets go do back breaking manual labor, drink heavily to dull the pain, and then savagely beat our wives because of our feelings of inadequacy and crushing alcoholism.

>> No.50125352

It's clearly not your intellect that's inferior, it's your emotional spectrum.
One of the LGS at my city is run by a very hot woman. How does she survive the horror of being considered attractive by ugly spergs? She fucking ignores the innofensive meek guys who just happen to like her, and actually tells the real rude assholes to fuck off.

If you didn't act like you're somehow being robbed by being found attractive your lives would be infinitely easier.

>> No.50125404

I've had this exact same behavior from women. It's not a gender thing, it's a fucking thirsty losers thing.

>> No.50125463

Girls bully each other for breathing.

>> No.50125532

Soul Calibur, Tekken and formerly Bloody Roar/Virtual Fighter have the best female attendance of any FGT other than casual-level Smash. Apparently girls like 8-way run more than pixel perfect placement and footsies.

>> No.50126550

You're new here, I see.

>> No.50126596

It honestly seems to be an American thing (from what I've seen in these threads). Even the one LGS I sometimes go to in my city that, at a glance, fits the unfit & unwashed teen and late teen stereotype has been full of nothing but polite people, even if I go there tits out (aka, I wear normal clothes).

I mean, they're competitive as hell and I never won an event but the advice is equal opportunity from the GP and PTR going crowd, and it never went into the "hurr durr, you're a grill, it's normal if you're bad".

>> No.50126611

this is true but gets exponentially less true the farther you move from downtown. Like 30 minutes away in beaverton I have seen a single woman at a game store, and don't even get me started on mcminnville

>> No.50126754


This relates quite well with the hobbies part of the discussion. An example:

I have a PhD in Particle Physics and I'm massively into RPGs and TCGs;
My girlfriend works as an interpreter and has only ever showed some interest in my hobbies just because she lives with me;

My sister has a PhD in Chemistry and is the tipical party/social girl;
My sister's boyfriend is a pretty handsome /fit/guy working as a manager and plays D&D with me every Sunday.

So yeah, generally speaking women aren't as interested in these types of games as men are.

>> No.50127037

Not even him, but it's /fit/-speak, you DYEL faggot

>> No.50127508

Your brother-in-law sounds cool

>> No.50127744

Terrible office coffee I assume.

>> No.50127913

byob? I would attend.

>> No.50128030

You're wrong on so many levels it isn't even funny

>> No.50128086

Pretty much this.

>> No.50128163

Surely a change in gender relations couldn't be having an effect on the way that men and women interact with eachother?

>> No.50128227

It's the community.

Girls love collecting expensive shiny things of little value to anyone but collectors.

>> No.50128248

That doesn't answer the question.

Do you think the games appeal significantly more to the autistic or the autistic community scare off girls?

>> No.50128442

>tfw you will never get free things from disgusting subhumans just for gracing them with your presence

why live

>> No.50128639

what a fucking feminazi. Christ, go die in a fire you sjw tumblrina.

>> No.50128664

I mean, half of my D&D group is black and they both play magic, but holy crap, this is interesting

why would they have beaten him?

>> No.50128911

You foul dicks don't even fucking shower daily.

>> No.50129968

You tried

>> No.50130185

Filthfucking SJWs are screeching at the slightest amount of skin or violence in a card, because they have to desperately protect the bleeding cunts that look at them. They white-knight so hard they have protection from black and first strike.

Ha, if only they could grant their game stores protection from black, then maybe they could make a profit.

>> No.50130749

For acting "too white".
The idea that minorities can't be racist is laughable, especially when you consider that the concept lumps all non-white ethnicities together into one big, tolerant mass of "can't be racist".

>> No.50130833


>> No.50130888

Cry harder, faggot.

>> No.50131314

I love that image

>> No.50131552

Probably cause of satanic panic.

>> No.50131745

>Thinking about anything that's not related to sex
Pick one.

>> No.50131748

Do you really need to ask? Card gamers keep stores alive, but no one actually likes to be around them.

>> No.50131813

Another femanon here. Think I'm in the minority for my gender, but I like playing because I really enjoy the competitive side of things. I love going head to head with an opponent and trying to win in a game of skill. This is why I love wargaming tournaments; plus, it's great fun meeting and battling new players. I think girls in general prefer more co-operative forms of game (as opposed to me, who just likes kicking the shit out of my opponent, all in good fun of course).

With TCGs though I'm a filthy casual, because I hate having to spend a shitton of money every year rebuilding a deck so it fits into whatever the latest legal is. I'm not dropping 200 on a deck for it to be banned in a few months. That's the big problem I have with TCGs, in serious play the winner is usually determined by whoever has the most expensive deck.

>> No.50131883

When was in college a ton of girls played MtG casually, but they stayed far away from FNM and organized play because of the community

>> No.50131969

>foul dicks

>> No.50132516

>N-no, don't pander to the girls who actually like games, Tumblr is the way! Muh poclgbtwajsdkashdkhsad representation!

>> No.50132574

The one girl who plays X-Wing at my LGS is actually asexual and super oblivious to romanceshit, she responds to grognard "flirting" like it's some kind of banter which I find endlessly amusing.

I love that girl.

>> No.50132744

At the largest LGS in my city:
>3 girls play Legacy, 2 are turbospikes, one plays because her boyfriend loves Legacy and coddles her whe she loses.
>4 girls play Modern, used to be 6 but 2 of them played Twin and have no intention to play the ban lottery again. The remaining are spikes and a jenny.
>0 girls play Ctandard.
>Hordes of girls play Limited, mostly sealed, have never seen a girl draft but almost a third of every pre-release is girls.
>3 girls play Commander, 1 is a moeblob who plays to lose, the others are Narset and Karador.
>16 girls play competitive 1v1 commander. All are spikes.
>The same numbers are multiplied by 5 at local GPs.

It seems, from personal and local experience, that outside of the kitchen table girls like you are the norm rather than the outlier and WotC would do best by targeting dorito gremlins and socially competitive girls into eternal formats or the limited competitive scene instead of courting tumblr fujoshits into standard since nobody but the spergest fuckers like standard and those will a) never change, b) never be welcoming to anyone.

>> No.50132803

Pretty dope. Everything is super cheap comparable to back home US. People here aren't as cucked as in Western Europe.

>> No.50133065

>The weird thing is that I get along fine with people, women included.

Say that in /pol/ and watch how quickly the thread explodes.

>> No.50133239

>Every month or so host a gaming night at my place.
>Three weeks ago one of the guys invites a girl to join, it's MtG night
>8 lads and 1 girl
>Play a variety of match types. Everything from OP legacy's to a hilarious round table game with pre-constructed pauper decks designed to cause the most annoyances to everyone and everything..
>Order pizza around 8:30 and pause for 45 minutes whilst we eat and chat and laugh about stuff. >Afterward get back to playing MtG with things like 3 way triple-headed-giant or people pairing off into 1v1's / 2v2's.
>Running drinks and tea and snacks back and fourth from a kitty pool everyone has brought
>A couple of us play Faux-Ante where you have to give the winner free use of your best FnM deck at the game club the following week.
>Play various games and formats until about 3am, occasionally stopping to switch tracks on the youtube playlist. Have a good night overall playing cards, talking about random stuff, life, jobs, New films and making plans.
>Eventually get tired and most go home and others crash out in different rooms in the house.
>Next morning we all go for a cheap breakfast at a local cafe.
>Everyone has fun because we're normal people who aren't socially retarded and not everything is about fucking.

I'm stumped too OP. I wish more girls would play magic, it's a highlight for me every month or so.

>> No.50133754

Yeah life is easier when you're a 30 year old than when you're a horny teenager.
Even getting girls is easier, ironically, so you act less like a thirsty beta because you don't perceive some lack of opportunity.

>> No.50134435

>People here aren't as cucked as in Western Europe.
Meaning what?

>> No.50134659


Why is that? I don't go near /pol/

>> No.50134882

>Is it the community or the games themselves?
>FemAnons: It's the community
>Anons w/ Playing Girlfriends: It's the community
>Anons w/ playing friends of an XX Chromosome pair: It's the community
>Those Guys: It's because of biotruths and the fact that they aren't as smart or able to focus as guys and girls just don't like card games

It's rarely such an instance I get to see someone's argument proven for them so succinctly by their opposition.

>> No.50134995

>With TCGs though I'm a filthy casual, because I hate having to spend a shitton of money every year rebuilding a deck so it fits into whatever the latest legal is. I'm not dropping 200 on a deck for it to be banned in a few months. That's the big problem I have with TCGs, in serious play the winner is usually determined by whoever has the most expensive deck.

If this is what you're worried about, it's a completely ignorant point of view, I assure you. Aside from yu-gi-oh, which has fuck up meta, most cardgames have different modes to accomodate all kinds of players, and at least in Magic, only the one format rotates, while the rest is "eternal".

>> No.50135595

>Magic players fucking suck, yo.
But if you really like the game, you don't give a fuck... you play anyway. It's a shitty excuse, really.

>> No.50137626

>I am a certain way, therefore my status as an outlier entirely destroys a statistical trend
Guess you're not as good at math as you thought.

>> No.50139514

maybe the girls in the cards make them feel insecure?

>> No.50139647


I dunno, there's some right pigs in MTG's pantheon of waifus.

>> No.50139905

The problem, however, if that if you ruin or change the "community" you stand to bankrupt the company.
The only way Magic can stand afloat is for there to be idiots who need 4x copies of the latest mythic bombs ASAP so that big stores buy a shitload of product to insure their presales, and a lot more idiots buy cases at Wal Mart or Target playing the money mythic lottery.
If you remove the hardcore competitive aspect of the game, which is the source of the toxicity, you remove the profitability of the product.

>> No.50140002

Don't start a game company. Physical and digital game franchises that succeed the most are doing so by expanding into the big, hazy middle area and appealing to absolutely everyone. Smash Bros in particular shows that no matter how "casual" something actually is, there's no way to kill the small core community that wants to make it competitive.

>> No.50140145

greater fear of social rejection

>> No.50140166

Smash bros has Mario, Pikachu, Megaman, and Sonic.

>> No.50140200

Smash bros only needs to sell one copy per "fan" every 3-5 years. Magic needs to sell a billion boxes every three months, only autists spend that kinda money.

>> No.50140250

I'm saying the changes clearly haven't scared off said autists, same with the inclusiveness of other majorly profitable franchises. Said changes have been happening for a while now and MtG is growing rapidly. As a corrollary, matters of balance and other things the competitors look for don't scare off the masses. It's not difficult to make a game that appeals to both competitors and the hoi polloi.

>> No.50140300

Autists don't play smash, they play SFV and soon KoF.
Also, WotC lost money on Q1 and Q2 2016 and Marvel is selling less than DC for the first time since 1968. Pandering to fake nerds is not making the nerd industries any money.

>> No.50140575

Both Marvel and MtG saw huge rises in popularity all throughout the period (2000s and earlier 2010s) of increased inclusiveness. Where's your evidence that any recent dips (assuming you're even correct) are directly to do with pandering to a wider audience?

>> No.50140987

>the period (2000s and earlier 2010s) of increased inclusiveness.
Bullshit, the diversity quotas shit started three years ago with Ms. Marvel and Theros respectively, and they ruined the traction it had in less than three years by oversaturating and making the enfranchised fans feel unwelcome.
The previous push was Iron Man and the Nintendo Wii breaking the nerdom glass ceiling and popularizing nerd hobbies among non nerdy people. It had nothing to do with "inclusiveness" unless you're thinking of inclusiveness as chards thinking "lol the retards playing pretend with funny dice aren't so bad because Hollywood says so".

Go back to tumblr.

>> No.50141574

Kamala Khan is okay tho, pretty cute as well

>> No.50141577

No it's not.

>> No.50142893

its mostly tumblr landwhales convincing female players that the lcs is an unwelcome place to woman

they play but they have been brainwashed into not going to fnm

>> No.50142914

It's just the kind of hobby that appeals to the typical male more than it does to the typical female.

>> No.50143131

There could be many other things influencing this. Did you know that the massive crime decline has been correlated with the interdiction of leaded gasoline?

It could be something like that. Like, I don't know, computer screen light emissions or something.

>> No.50143172

Until they fight the brainwashing and then go to a "F"LGS never to be seen again.

>> No.50143227

>never to be seen by there shitty lady planeswalker societys again

>> No.50143250

Women are fundamentally different to men and the things that men love about collecting and trading cards do not appeal to most women.

>> No.50143449

A workspace filled with women can be the worst shit ever dude, the bullying and poison between them is unbelievable and that is talking about adult women

>> No.50143710

>A workspace filled with women

Where I live people universally call that a "snake's nest".

>> No.50143743

Women will get at each other's throats for the pettiest of reasons and will rest only when one of them dies.

Bollocks, they're capable to keep going at it even after both of them die.

>> No.50143761

Perhaps girls have better taste.

>> No.50143781

>tfw you were the only male at the deli you used to work at
>every once in a while another showed up and quit within the month
>probably the nicest group of coworkers you ever had, though they were borderline vicious to one another

>> No.50143801

They were nice in the fashion guys are accustomed to, which means they didn't shittalk you to your face, only behind your back.

>> No.50143819

Anything someone's not willing to say to my face can't be important enough to consider true, I don't give a shit if people want to vent frustration by using me as an outlet.

>> No.50143822


Why would you care if someone's talking about you behind your back? That's some insecurity.

>women gossip about other women not in the room because they're horrifically insecure in the workplace

Hmm, maybe I've got something here...

>> No.50143863

>want to play magic at my flgs
>complete sperg, but I'm a reasonable looking well dressed sperg
>go to threads like this, have immense anxiety to play magic
>go to my flgs for a draft
>75% dudes, 25% ladies
>quietly play Magic come in 3rd, start becoming a regular
>start hanging out with a few cute girls because I'm literally only interested in Magic, and they don't want to play with half the store due to innuendo and awkward conversations
>eventually get invited to a 90% female edh group with a strong meta
>break up with my gf at so.e point for unrelated reasons
>these girls introduce me to their friends and talk up a good game for me
>now I'm literally chad magic cock, and to pick up girls I just invite the to play edh with my mostly female group and my friends usually do all the work for me while also keeping crazy bitches away

>> No.50143956

Yeah no shit, that's kind of his entire post he didn't blame the girl anywhere i can see.

I know exactly how he feels, and it does make me lean towards the 'no girls allowed' angle, if nothing else just because i want my other-wise cool community.

I don't want my lgs to be a boy's club because i hate women or whatever. But if it's "No women, everyone is cool" versus "One or two women, everyone becomes an insufferable thirsty doormat neckbeard" I'll take the former anyday

>> No.50144043

Because guys are stupid enough to judge someone's opinion only by what they hear, not the sum total of their actions.
Women will rarely, if ever, speak poorly or critically of you to your face. That doesn't make them "nice people", only if you are a damn fool.

>> No.50144061

>at lgs before it closed
>small place, small turnout, events weren't sanctioned and it was all casual play or commander
>have a big crowd show up one night because of an event nearby
>first time ever playing against a grill
>I'm playing the Graveborn deck completely stock with no changes
>Animate Dead a terastodon, destroy her lands, then use sickening dreams to kill the tokens she got
>she scoops it up, acts offended that I didn't take it easy on her
>tells one of her friends I'm mean
>her friend sits down to play
>she's playing elves
>crystal vein to turn 2 last rites discarding my whole hand except for reanimate
>make her discard her whole hand
>reanimate the sphinx of steel wind I discarded
>they both say I'm unfair/try hard, don't play with me the rest of the night

Am I supposed to take it easy on them or not? Wtf

>> No.50144250

People who use terms like toxic outside of chemistry and health, or gross over the age of 7 are idiots, and should stay on tumblr.

>> No.50144445

And people who make baseless generalizations about vernacular on the internet should be metaphysically slapped in the nuts by their own hubris. You're mad that certain groups of people use certain colloquialisms to describe their existence, and that's wrong. What you should and can appropriately be upset about is their usage of purple words to piss people off. Just like if I said Force of Will is an underrated magic card, certain phrasing is more incendiary than it needs to be based on ambiguity. You can be mad as you want about that bullshit.

>> No.50145392

stories? tell me more please.

>> No.50145561

>sexy Tsabo Tavoc
Believe me, I've looked everywhere. It doesn't exist beyond a few card alters. Mtg is pretty weak on r34

>> No.50146006

>60% not interested in the hobby
>30% cultural perception of hobbyists
>10% interacting with said hobbyists

>> No.50146118

>I'm a perfectly normal, healthy person, unlike all of you wierdos.
>So is this girl
>We both wanna kill ourselves because of social discomfort, after only a few hours.
>We aren't confident enough to simply leave an event which we have no obligation to attend, even though we obviously dislike it.

Long story short, at the end of the day, you could use some personal improvement just like all of us.

>> No.50146141


That girl has gotten laid at your house at least once. Not by you.

>> No.50146493

I don't give 2 fucks what your gender is, if you played Maze's End or Sphinx's Tutelage you are subhuman.

>> No.50146513



>> No.50147226

what do you mean 'confirmed', citizen? the shadow of doubt terminates in a hangman's rope for all such heresy spoken against the one true waifu.

>> No.50147240


Depends who you ask. Were they newbies who needed kiddy steps or were they veteran players? I ask because I've been there. I don't break out the Cataclysm/World Queller deck anymore around newbies unless I'm in an especially foul mood anymore.

>> No.50147669

She is, I was just calling that fag out on claiming the original Iron Man push being a "victory" of his SJW cult that didn't even exist at the time.

>> No.50147715

That's how you lose a handfull of romantic opportunities because everyone thought you were gay and didn't have the balls to actually ask about it because "it's rude".

Women are assholes.

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