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I'm GMing a game of rogue trader tomorrow. I've only ever ran one other game and it was a year ago. Any tips for a noob GM?

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>Any tips for a noob GM?
Don't be a dick.
Plan, but remain flexible.
Be willing to make something up if the alternative is grinding the game to a halt by digging through the rulebook.
Don't be a dick.
Reward players for ingenuity.
Don't reward players for metagaming.
Don't be a dick.
Remember that the game is collaborative, not a novel, so player decisions should matter.
Don't be a dick.
Don't be a dick.

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Haha well noted. I'll keep being a dick to a minimum. Also I do have a tm screen. If I make one, what should I put on it?

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Anything else?

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Expect the players to try and solve everything through orbital bombardment.

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Find out what their fetishes are and use them to your advantage

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This might be a bit helpful.

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What kind of an RT campaign are you thinking of running? Like, will it be more politics and intrigue focused, star-trek exploration, pirates and combat?

It's possible to do it a number of different ways depending on how many players you have, what classes/backstories they have, and (most importantly) what you and your players want to get out of the game.

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