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What do Sisters of Battle wear outside of combat?

I'm trying to design some character but lacking some material for reference. I went ahead and design something based on the power armor, but made with softer materials.

I would love to get more information regarding this.

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Oh sweet I didn't know he had drawn more stuff recently

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Serving as baby carriers. Or fiddling around with (molesting) young boys.

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Nice misdirection, knife-eared scum

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probably habits

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I assumed that underneath the power corset, they wear a regular corset. How else are they going to fit into that one-size-fits-all Power Armour?

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Side-tie bikinis

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monastic flak robes.
Hell if I remember where I've read that, though.
Blood of Martyrs for the Dark Heresy rpg has something similar called shield robes, that is worn by all Sororitas, including the non-militant orders, when not in power or carapace armor.

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Ora et labora.

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They were cute polka-dotted pajamas and drink hot cocoa

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Frilly dresses

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Scratchy burlap.

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Looks good. I like the fact that it keeps the armor's robes.
I'd add a chaplet ecclesiasticus around the neck or waist, they're supposed to wear it all the time.
Also, most christian monastic orders wear some kind of hat: cowls with hoods, guimpes, cornettes, mantilles... any kind of veil will do. IIRC it symbolizes the mystic union with god. The brides of the Emperor would probably have something similar (A canoness in the 2nd edition codex had a guimpe)

Add some purity seals and order iconography if you want something fancy, too.
But it depends on how you see the sisters; some RL mendicant orders wore tattered rage that were worn by a long line of previous monks, while some others had more elaborate robes.

Pic related.

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Don't make me post the story associated with that image. I'm tempted to.

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OK jokes aside. Maybe Sororitas actually do the same thing priests would do when conducting masses?

I firmly believe Sisters of Battle, despite their name sake. Also conduct masses in churches, do sermons and or even recite and sing in choirs along with the choir boys.

And sadly I think so too; tubby priests don't fiddle with young clergy boys, its the the SoBs that do the pedo fiddling.

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You. I like you.

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do it faggot I'm recording

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Scrolling down I wasn't expecting this. You actually made orange juice come out of my nose a little. Kudos.

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>I firmly believe Sisters of Battle, despite their name sake. Also conduct masses in churches, do sermons and or even recite and sing in choirs along with the choir boys.

You would be right, they do do that.

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I don't know what you mean by "recording it".

But fine, here's the heretical story involved with that borderline /ss/ pic of eldar babes with a human boy.

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I thought you were going to post Chris Orkzon, the ork paladin

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Added them waist danglies.

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me too and now i'm dissapointed

fuck you >>50065818
we want Chris Orkzon

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Man that story sucked.

I'm not going back. Nobody can make me go back. I'll bite into a cyanide molar before I go back.

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Posting what I got

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JFC, OK all you people just had to do was say please and thank you.

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fuck you steve

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Well somewhat like >>50064622 said.

Would it not be too far fetched that sororitas would also serve as "baby carriers?" As in they'd have sex with a "worthy" man, or any guy they so happen to fall in love or fancy with so that they can get knocked up and give birth to another human being to serve as a new body for the imperium. Right?

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Thank you and fuck you steve

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It is, because they are the brides of the emperor you fucking degenerate.

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Why does she look so sad

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Yes, it would be far fetched fetishy bullshit.

If any Sororitas would do such shit, she would be flayed alive and her skin used for books. They are the Daughters of the Emperor, not his traitorous Slaaneshi whores.

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No, it wouldnt, because they are specifically the milltary branch of the Echlessiarchy. They are first, and foremost, soldiers. And Soldiers cant preform their duty of genociding heretical populations if they are pregnant.

Let me make it clear; The SoB are by and far the most indoctrinated army in the imperium. If they get told to literaly create auschwitz style murder camps, they'd do it without a second thought. And, most likely, SoB get their tubes tied during training, so as to ensure they have no loyalty but to the Emperor and the Echlessiarchy.

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Not if scenarios, stories, fanfics and convoluted plots come in and help.

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She isn't fighting for the Emperor.

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yeah, fetishy fat fetched bullshit

kill yourself.

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Well I guess its time to post space nun pics too.

>inb4 'that same face artist'

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Go purge yourself, you fucker

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Who the hell is Steve? What's this new meme?

Also I did not hear a THANK YOU.

Here's what I got so far.

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Strange choice of affixture, but noice.
Thank you for Bolter to Kokoro, btw, I enjoy it.

Not after the reign of blood, where they indeed served as concubines. Nowadays it's sisters, not daughters or brides.

Anyways, if a sister gets pregnant, she's out of combat duty for something like 2 months (assuming the imperium doesn't need half a dozen forms in triplicate in order to take prenatal leave) and the schola progenium gets a new recruit. I don't see the problem.
The rare 40k fluff about sisters and relationships points to the existence of fornication, afaik.
Not all religions impose celibate, and even catholic nuns getting knocked off isn't unheard of.

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I imagine habits, drill/exercise uniforms, etc.

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you are fucking retarded.

Brides of the emperor is literally what they were called, they were never concubines. And nowdays it is daughters.

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>Not after the reign of blood, where they indeed served as concubines.
Pretty sure Goge Vandire was too busy for any of that, considering his final words

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Not all chapters practice celebacy though.

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Orders, not chapters

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Who cares?

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kill yourself.

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>implying he wasn't initiating the new recruits midway through astropathic meetings
>implying the sobs and yelps of pre-teen girls submitting faithfully to his merciless thrusts were not a common background noise among his generals
>implying he wasn't too focused spit-roasting an urchin to notice the bolter squared on his temple

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I may have expressed myself badly:
They were concubines during the reign of blood (as well as a ton of schola recruits), for Vandire's use and to reward his lieutenants.
After his death, they ceased to be concubines.

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Not an argument

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Nothing says they served other than Vandire, and everything we know about the guy says he was mostly into his paperwork. "Companions" doesn't mean what you think it does, unless you're also saying the Emperor fucked the Custodians

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wasn't meant to be

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>other, more exotic skills

I'm sure that's just referring to filing papers.

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The custodians weren't described as dancing girls with exotic skills either. Read between the lines.

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They're nuns. Literally. They would wear habits.

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Why would they ever not be in battle?

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>unless you're also saying the Emperor fucked the Custodians
>implying he didn't

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Armor maintenance perhaps. Or recovering from some injury away from the frontlines?

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This isn't about celibacy, this is about being whores. Also, not very productive whores. Either they are full-time baby makers, or full-time bolter bitches. Any other way would be a waste of time and resources. Also, there are enough recruits for the schola progenium as it is, all things considered.

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When theyre being transported from one theatre to another.

They also pretty much walk around in robes when theyre in their monasteries for whatever reason.

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All sororitas aren't combattant personel.

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I would also remind op of this but to his credit he did say battle sisters instead of adepta sororitas.

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Fair enought.

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>fucking a man you're in love with
Calm down

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No, we were talking about
>As in they'd have sex with a "worthy" man,

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>having sex with heroes of the Imperium
Heretic be gone

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Go back to your hole.

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But I don't want to back! Please!

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Then act like a Citizen, not a robot.

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Alright, alright! Stop slapping me already.

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>tfw want to play sword&board daemon smiting sister
>every dh group only plays during the week

Is it time for gamefinder?

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>the Emperor fucked the Custodians

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SoB make me think of Warhammer Online Warrior Priests, who in the game could also be females.
the armour the Warrior Priests had in the game could maybe almost pass for WH40K setup.

(male gender being more canonical, game allowing both)

Used to play WAR, but haven't touched Return of Reckoning in ages.

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I'm pretty sure Space Marines are more indoctrinated. Do SoB even have that hypno-doctrination thing going?

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No, that guy is full of shit

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I think they'd just wear robes, though you could have fun theming the clothing based off of their homeworld or where-ever they find themselves stationed, perhaps a dress uniform.

Part of me thinks they'd want to wear something not so loose and airy though - that way they can do physical exercise or penance without ruining their clothing, or quickly ready themselves for battle in an emergency. It might be yoga pants, or something as simple and widespread as some sort of military uniform, perhaps with a surcoat tossed over it.

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>Fo Porter as a SoB


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>What do Sisters of Battle wear outside of combat?

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What's a hair-shirt?

>> No.50068153

A shirt made of really coarse animal hair or cloth, meant to be uncomfortable to wear. Easy enough to learn on a google search.

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Here's a quick pic with all the sisters without powered armor, or with unconventional headgear that I've found. (rpg not included).

Praying, training and attending religious ceremonies. Also bathing. And self-flagellation in power armor tends t be ineffective.
Every imperial sacred place, from cathedrals to small shrines, is supposed to have at least one SoB attendant. Of course it's because GW cannot into numbers again, but there must be some places with sisters maintaining the place. It's gnot gonna be easy if they're constantly in armor.

>Sororitas doing sexy paperwork filling
I'm sure there is a ton of adepts with that exact fetish in 40k.

IIRC SM hypno-conditioning is mainly here to make the additional organs work and insert additional technical knowledge (Minotaurs aside).
I'd say the most indoctrinated sub-faction is the one where the people are so self-righteous that they will miracles into existence, and where the leftovers from the not!hitlerjugend training school can become commissars or assassins.
At least Astartes had a childhood outside of the chapter.

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well i mean they're fans of the whole loincloth/boob armour thing so

either this or booty shorts and crop tops

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>"exotic skills"

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>What do Sisters of Battle wear outside of combat?

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hmm, I have an issue with the sleeves and robes.
They're supposed to be unbuttoned when the sister is in armor for ease of movement.
Instead you gave her short large sleeves and another robe under the opened one. It would be more logical to button up everything.

Nice pic nonetheless.

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Dude, do you want a promotion?

It's a good pic, sure, but it's too lewd for a blue board. Take this one instead.

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I always lose it when I look at this servoskull.

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Could be like the robes of the Penitent Engine?

>> No.50070548

That's pretty much what I went with whoever I thought about it.

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iirc WHFB also had sisters of sigmar.

I don't see a reason why.
It's an inquisitorial sigil, not a symbol of the ecclesiarchy. She's probably sent as a gift by some Inquisitor.

Thinking of penitent engines, I realize that we haven't got new units since the Witch Hunter codex during 3rd edition. It hurts.

>> No.50071871

No no, look more closely at that symbol. The Inquisition I is an I with three lines intersecting through the center. The Ecclesiarchy I has a skull near the top with rays surrounding it, like the Sisters wear as decorations. The Pentitent Sister seems to be wearing a simplified version of the latter symbol, without the skull.

The I symbol is actually fairly common throughout the various Adeptus branches - the Adeptus Astra Telepathica has an I with an eye inside of it, the Adeptus Arbities has an I with a fist holding a scale in it, the Adeptus Custodes has an I with an eagle and thunderbolts.

>> No.50072068

I think this artwork is based upon the official paintjob for the model, which seems to use an inquisitorial symbol. And the missionary has an ecclesiarchy shoulderpad that looks really different from the one on the hood imo.

I guess they could give the naked heretic a spare robe before plugging her to the death machine, but what's the point?

>> No.50072270

I actually picture them wearing something akin to a kimono, but with tighter sleeves and hoods.
That's just me though.

>> No.50072272

I wanna say it's somehow symbolic - maybe taking away the skull shows that she's removed from the Emperor's grace - but that'd just be guessing.

I still can't see why she'd have an Inquisitorial symbol though. It might be a carryover from when Sisters were still the military arm of the Ordo Hereticus, and part of an Inquisitorial army?

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Penitent Engine pilots are not exclusively sororitas.

Given the requirements for becoming a penitent engine pilot, I doubt very many of them at all are sororitas.

>> No.50072514

It's a big galaxy, there's probably sisters of every style possible in isolated sectors.

It's indeed a model from the witch hunters codex.
IIRC during the elaboration of the codex, penitent engines were supposed to be very dangerous/irredeemable people, like witches and rogue psykers, so they fell under the Ordos jurisdiction.

Arco-flagellants have inquisitorial symbols on their hoods too. Maybe it's just the symbol of the autority that condemned them, and other criminals are branded with the Arbites sigil?

>> No.50072536

Wouldn't a SoB filling the requirements become a Repentia or an Oblatia instead?

>> No.50072574


That's why I never understood why penitent engines were always depicted as having female pilots. Going by lore they're meant to be super bad heretics, which isn't gender specific.

>> No.50072787

Could be, but it still seems odd - the Arco-flagellents are specifically created at the best of the Ecclesiarchy, though the Mechanicus does the real work. They only do it for heretics whose crimes they consider not bad enough to warrant execution.

Lexicanum has this to say, cited from White Dwarf 379:

>Those condemned to pilot a Penitent engines are often individuals who were once seen as pious by the Ecclesiarchy, such as Priests or Battle Sisters. As a result, the Sisters of Battle consider it a sacred duty to witness these great machines in combat, observing the actions of their fallen brethren as they atone for their sins.

So it's still not exactly gender-specific, but Sisters would likely end up piloting a lot of them. Penitent engines are pretty much strictly for torturing the heretic with guilt for their sins and driving them to despair-fueled fury in battle, whereas the Reptentia - for all their suicidal disdain for life - consider themselves redeemable in death and are more revered than hated.

>> No.50072938

But how the fuck do sisters of battle commit such terrible sins of heresy to be condemned to such a thing?

Hell a good chunk of the repentia are either delusional or just failed to achieve an objective in battle.

For what is supposedly the most pious organisation in the imperium, from which only one has ever willingly fallen to chaos, it seems stupid that they can be sentenced for the most foul kinds of heresy possible in such numbers.

>> No.50072979

>from which only one has ever willingly fallen to chaos
This meme again.

>> No.50072988

They probably have extremly anal measurements of sin, technically the bible thinks that wearing clothes woven of wool and linen together is a sin. The imperial dogma followed by the sisters probably also has some equal harsh/dumb rules witch makes "sinners" not lacking in supply.

>> No.50073083

>Praying, training and attending religious ceremonies. Also bathing.


>> No.50073159

There are other kinds of heresy aside from Chaos - the Repentia are mostly made up of those who are delusional or didn't get achieve an objective, sure, but the Repentia's overall purpose is for sisters who fell short of the Sororitas' religious codes. So they didn't pray enough, or do what a proper sister should do, not necessarily heresy.

It might be for having refused an order, for attacking a religious figure they deemed corrupt, allowing a heretic or pysker to alien to live or escape, stuff like that.

>> No.50073333

btw, is there a rule somewhere in the fluff saying that only men can be priests in the ecclesiarchy? I've never seen such a thing.

Funnily, the Imperial Creed is pretty lax, since a galaxy-wide cult means that there are a ton of local variations. Even the rigorous scholas must have different tenants depending on the segmentum they're in.

>> No.50073844

Not specifically, but it could be assumed be part of the Catholic theme. I've never seen a female priest model, or heard of one in the lore - they've all been male. But like you mentioned, there are lots of local variations.

Main reason I brought up the sisters is that it would guarantee some women, a good reason for female pilots, especially if they were fighting alongside Sisters.

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I got a sororitas without power armor by Blanche, if it helps.

Considering how prevalent purity seals and scrolls are in imperial clothing, I'm wondering if they produce versions with a fur lining, for winter.

>> No.50074356

>There are other kinds of heresy aside from Chaos - the Repentia are mostly made up of those who are delusional or didn't get achieve an objective, sure, but the Repentia's overall purpose is for sisters who fell short of the Sororitas' religious codes. So they didn't pray enough, or do what a proper sister should do, not necessarily heresy.

What are some reasons a sister might be made repentia?:

Unwholesome relationship with a psyker
Singing hymns off key
Failure to disclose change in sexuality
Attempting to “Jimi Hendrix” a harp
Declaring the existence of a “Grey Knights” chapter of Space Marines
Spreading ill rumors about the activities of the nonexistent “Grey Knights”
Dancing poorly during the Sisters/IG ball
Twerking during the Sisters/IG ball
Impromptu knife fights
Attempting to start an intramural knife fighting league
Attempting to start an extramural knife fighting league
Unreasonably intricate battle plans
Using live ammo during training exercises
Sleeping during sermons
Executing a commissar to raise allied IG morale
Fishing with a Bolter
Goading a SM chaplain into a “Faith-off”
Winning a “faith-off” against an SM chaplain
Making up psalms to avoid latrine duty
Extortion of a Rogue Trader
Failure to signal a turn while operating a Land Raider
(Hospitaller) requesting proof of insurance before every operation
(Hospitaller) cauterizing wounds with a Flamer
loudly declaring that your order does not take vows of chastity.
convincing a comisar that his men are heretics, when they are not.
convincing a comisar that he is a heretic.
hitting a superior in the head with a paint round while yelling "wear a helmet!"

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Hey guys. I just got promoted!

>> No.50074393

>Not specifically, but it could be assumed be part of the Catholic theme. I've never seen a female priest model, or heard of one in the lore
Eh, I don't think we've ever had a female IG model. We only got female IG lore because that's a popular faction, while the SoB/Ecclesiarchy aren't popular so no one makes up new lore for them

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>> No.50074591

>Failure to signal a turn while operating a Land Raider
[distant chuckling]

holy shit even though it was TTS's predecessor in the whole "le ebin 40k meymeys: the series", I miss that comic

>> No.50074684

>I miss that comic
as do I

>> No.50074708

>even catholic nuns getting knocked off isn't unheard of.
Only in Argentina, or Honduras.
I think the phrase you were looking for was "Knocked up". "Knocked Off" means to be murdered.

>> No.50074766

It could be both...

>> No.50074800

There are always the last chancers.

>> No.50074803

Sometimes it was...

>> No.50075266

>I'm sure there is a ton of adepts with that exact fetish in 40k.
I just had funny thought: Think about the sheer variety of porn available to us in 2016, with less than 10 billion people on the planet. Now imagine what would be out there if our species numbered in the quadrillions. Granted, that's spread out over thousands of worlds and a lot of them don't have a huge amount of communication with one another, but think of what average hiveworlder has access to. We joke nowadays about "if it exists, there's porn of it," but they probably, literally, have porn for any niche imaginable

>> No.50075565

Yeah but most of it's probably heretical. You joke about tentacle hentai, that's a lobotomy for Tzeench/Slaanesh heresty IF YOUR LUCKY, and getting your planet nuked if you're not (on account of someone going about and actually summoning daemons to make the hentai)

>> No.50075661

>teej memes are canon

>> No.50075783

>discussing "canon" while talking about what porn exists in Games Workshop's PG13 universe of Warhammer 40k

>> No.50075894

Nevertheless, the ideas that anything kinky is Slaaneshi and planets constantly get exterminatused left and right for literally no reason are /tg/ memes. There's plenty of evidence the Imperium isn't any less sexually permissive than the modern developed world.

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>> No.50075954

I'd like to bump that rump

>> No.50076059

I'd like to anally measure their sins

>> No.50076108

Wait tits are too lewl? Or I'm missing something?

Last time I check everyone and their mother have seem tits if not sucked them for milk.

You just want some pic related? Personally I like my Famulous sisters looking like a high class escort.

The turbo slut over there? I was trying to hit on her till the Ork invaded. The bitch destroy an ork Nob while wearing high heels and a pencil skirt.
She did with her scarf.

>> No.50076720

Board has rules man, don't go posting nsfw here.

>> No.50076949

They are tits, everyone has them, usually half of the crazy people that go to a beach show them off.

I understand the genital ands porn, but tits? What next shoulders are too arousing?

>> No.50076983


>dem hips
>and the tits ain't bad neither

Fuq man why do you do this to me?

>> No.50077048

Doesn't matter.

Tits = NSFW. Do not post. End of line.

>> No.50077081

We have to draw a line somewhere, since otherwise it'll be nonstop arguing about what is and isn't porn. It's stupid, but there's not really a smart way to do it.

>> No.50077125

I think the Imperium is way too big to say anything definite like that. There are worlds that are sexually permissive, and there are probably worlds where you get drawn and quartered for being gay.

>> No.50077199


The Imperial government galaxywide gives zero fucks.

Any such concerns would be up to local culture, local administrators, local beliefs, and a local willingness or ability to enforce it.

Dudes one system over might not give a singular fuck.

>> No.50077216

On a world-by-world basis, sure, but the culture of the Imperial bureaucracy is much more homogenized. Heresy is particularly well defined. My point was that I can't think of anything I've read that would give you the impression having any sex other than hetero missionary with the lights off is a blow-your-planet-up offense in the eyes of the Inquisition. That is absolutely a /tg/ meme.

>> No.50077293

I don't think heresy is all that well-defined; at least according to FFG, it's not that uncommon for different Ecclesiarchy officials to have minor wars with each other over which one is a heretic. The Imperium simply doesn't have the ability to enforce one code for everyone over its vast, poorly-connected territory (seriously, something that I think a lot of people forget about is that 40K has worse communications logistics than nearly any other space-based setting).

Now, in the Inquisition's case, sure, there'll never be a mandate from on high to squish non-vanilla sex, but keep in mind that individual Inquisitors have very little oversight and tend to be eccentric at best; it's hardly beyond the bounds of possibility for a given Puritan Inquisitor to start burning people into odd porn.

>> No.50077351

I don't understand - where are you from that tits aren't considered something arousing or lewd?

And yes, shoulders are too arousing, thank you very much. They're so expressive.

>> No.50077446

Yeah, but it'd be a retarded thing for them to do it entirely on the basis of the porn in question.

They'd do it on the basis that the people who happen to be into the porn are also doing other shit that's not kosher, like worshiping Chaos.

>> No.50077640

Retardation isn't all that uncommon either, otherwise the Monodominants wouldn't be a thing.

>> No.50077774

Fair cop.

Of course if they got too disruptive, other Inquisitors would probably bump them off eventually.

It'd be the most retarded 'he's gotta go' political assassination ever. Some noble can't hide his power level from a nosy Inquisitor, so the Inquisitor pops him, only that guy was kind of important, and now the other Inquisitors realize he's unlikely to stop because the Puritan found the filesharing site the noble was getting all his porn from.

Most retarded political assassination in Imperial history.

>> No.50077999

Don't know maybe from a part of the world where nudity does not instantly mean triple x hard core porn sex.

I can understand his point, from a non American point of view what is nsfw it is rather schizophrenic. You have singers wearing bondage gear while singing to children, nothing wrong. Someone is breastfeeding some how that is the next hitler.

General rule of thumb is do they look like girl tits? Then it is nsfw.

Back to thread, SoB out of power armour, that walk among the general populations, would be a mix of their Order's traditional clothing and local population.

>> No.50078275

>chain khopesh
Fucking amazing.

>> No.50079365

>> No.50079496

>Either they are full-time baby makers, or full-time bolter bitches. Any other way would be a waste of time and resources
Even teaching schola progenium girls how to serve the Emperor in zealot fashion?

>> No.50079820

There are different kinds of Sororitas. A Sister of Battle might not have the time to have a kid, but a Hospitaller?

>but she wouldn't be a strong and beautiful waifu

Hospitallers are partially made up of wounded sisters who are still recuperating enough to return to active service as a Sister of Battle, or can no longer serve as one due to injuries. Assuming they haven't lost anything vital to baby making, and they don't work under too stressful conditions, it could theoretically happen.

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>> No.50080138

Well I thought we were talking about Sisters of Battle.

>> No.50080186

Found a pic. Older, but what the hell, I'll contribute.

>> No.50080222

That same face artist!

>> No.50080241

I think there are better things to do for an extensively trained (in combat or in the sciences) and indoctrinated individual than carrying babies.

The Imperium does have a metric boatload of women that can do that before having to get to the ones that can but have other more important duties.

>> No.50080350

Those proportions are absolutely fucked.

>> No.50080998

The exact text is about causing the death of fellow sisters.

>Hospitallers are partially made up of wounded sisters who are still recuperating enough to return to active service as a Sister of Battle
Where did you read that? It's pretty interesting, because it means a sister can change orders during her career.

Got two female IG trooper minis in rogue trader, and two female last chancers (rocket launcher and miniskirt lasgun). Problem is, unless a model has big tits and long flowing hair, nobody will realise that they're supposed to be female. The rocket operator is a good example of that, as well as the old Minuteman from Infinity.

Tentacles belong to xenos, mutants or chaotic stuff. Either way is an insult to the superiority of the human form, and an open door to corruption.

>isn't any less sexually permissive than the modern developed world.
Show your stach of tentacle porn to your boss or a police officer and you'll see how sexually permissive they are, even if you were discussing sexy massages, cheating and orgies a minute earlier.
/d/ is set apart from regular porn for a reason.

sex between humans = yes, everything else is an open door to corruption.

>> No.50081140

Jesus Christ.

This guy actually thinks the Emperor didn't have a stack of tentacle porn while he was still alive.

>> No.50081281

Recently found a decent fancomic involving sisters, by the guy that made Eisenhorn looking at his older self in a mirror.


Yes, and?

>> No.50081375

>He will never update his SOB/gaurdsmen comic
Why even live

>> No.50081504

Did you miss the update on the 15th of October? The one with the Catachan Combat Drugs?

>> No.50081649

Can't picture any bolter bitch wearing high heels.

Truth is, there's far too little to go on with Sisters of Battle. Hell, they have so few named characters.
I took a look on Lexicanum yesterday and nearly all the listed characters there were KIA.

Plastic sisters can't come soon enough.

>> No.50081679


>Can't picture any bolter bitch wearing high heels.

>He doesn't know about the power-flamethrower heels

>> No.50081683

I'm talking about Famulous, part of their job is to look pretty. But like any sister they are pretty much combat ready.

>> No.50081706

Hue, forgot about that pic.

My curiosity is roused, continue...

>> No.50081810

I think the sororitas training at the schola covers every kind of order during the first years (not to mention the early training that is common to every branch of the Imperium; even a regular Adeptus clerck knows how to shoot a lasgun). So a SoB has basic hospitaller, dialogous and famulous training, and the non-militant orders have basic military training.

As long as it isn't stilleto heels...
I've seen musketeers and pikemen with heeled shoes on old frescoes a few weeks ago, I was quite surprised.

On a sidenote, I long for a ministorum-centered event that isn't "launch crusade, kill a bunch of heretic, then die".
Give me internal conflict within the Imperium, faith and forbidden knowledge clashing, uneasy truces with the SM or Mechanicus creed, religion being used to unite human populations that aren't part of the Imperium, daring missionaries expeditions, a goddamn Richelieu expy ruling from the shadows, anything.
And if sisters could avoid getting corrupted in every story they appear in, it would be absolutely great. It's beginning to feel like the Worf effect.

>> No.50081898

Aren't the Orders Famulous basically the 40k equivalent of the Bene Gesserit from Dune, observing and manipulating the bloodlines of the Imperium's noble families?


>> No.50081976

Yep, pretty much.

>> No.50081990

>> No.50081999


>> No.50082000


>he doesn't want power stilettos to impale the enemies of the emperor with

what are you a heretic

>> No.50082013


>> No.50082022

They are basically the comissar for the ruling body.

They make sure the rulers (mostly nobles) do not fuck up. If that requires to sleep with half the court, then so be it.

Telling who to marry, tracking living saint bloodlines.

Their entire job in the fran scale is to be sure the rulers don't fuck up along with living Saint research

>> No.50082025


>> No.50082044


>> No.50083196

Is there any other fictional female-only faction in fiction, or did GW took every reference with boobs to put into the SoBs?

>> No.50083219

I remember someone telling me there's one in Dune

>> No.50083250

>the comissar for the ruling body
No, that's the job of the arbites.

Anon's got the right of it. They're not-bene gesserit, without the weird powers.

>> No.50083363

> Your cannoness will never sternly tell you to set the table and wash your hands while she cooks you breakfast.

>> No.50083518

Arbiters are basically FBI, KGB, SS and basically any secret policies with a side dish of normal police force?

They are there to ensure the imperial law is kept. Not worried about the ruling clases not fucking up.
Arbiters judge the rulers that fuck up. Not prevent them from fucking up

>> No.50083556

>Arbiters judge the rulers that fuck up. Not prevent them from fucking up
You think arbites aren't actively watching over and investigating the lords of the planets they're stationed on?

Famulous provides diplomats and advisers. The service they provide is the complete opposite of the jackboot intimidation of the commissariat or the arbitrator.

>> No.50083578

I know it's not really pertinent, but I read somewhere that Eldar kill all humans, including unarmed even if they're children or a non-threat.

>> No.50083587

I was thinking of a more Caphias Cain comissar as in not trigger happy.

But yes I admit it was a bad comparison.

>> No.50083723

Famulous also keep an eye on nobles, by virtue of their closeness. If they start deviating, you bet your sweet ass they'll report them to the Arbites, Ecclesiarchy, or the Inquisition.

>> No.50083726

I think in the 17th century it was popular for men to wear heels. I'm not quite sure.

>> No.50083745

The Bene Gesserit in Dune are basically what inspired Ordo Famulous, and the Sisters of Battle were partially inspired by God-Emperor Leto Atreides II's Fishspeakers.

>> No.50083865

Jesus Christ, that fleur-de-lis, always makes me think of Sororitas talking in French...and wearing French maid outfits.

>> No.50083877

Luth, if that happens to be you, I love your work.

>> No.50084188

It says Luth right below the book, and some edits were done to the picture in the same style. Unless for some reason Luth is working through a middleman, pretty sure it's him.

And I know his work is the best right so adorable and good

>> No.50084773

I have a confession to make /tg/, between their origins as an order of warrior monks and the fact that seraphims fights with dual pistols, I always pictured their invulnerable save as the result of gun kata rather The omnipresent doves don't help, all I can think about are John Woo movies.

Arbites mainly draw inspiration from Judge Dredd.
They're supposed to protect imperial interests and assets, like how the FBI only looks at federal matters.
Noble houses killing each other? Commercial and industrial bribery on a planetary scale? It doesn't matter as long as the tithe is paid.

The french roots wouldn't be too far fetched, they got a nice Joan of Arc theme overall.

>> No.50085210


curiously enough, the fleur-de-lis has an origin in Merovingian bee symbolism
Bees being probably associated with earlier Germanic cults of fertility, etc

so, the holy Sisters of Battle during the 40th millenium still use an ancient Germanic fertility symbol. nice?

>> No.50085284

On the battlefield when humans are the specified enemy, yeah, probably.

But there is one case of an Eldar craftworld helping a human colony founded on a Maiden World relocate, and another of Biel-Tann allying with some Tallarn against Orks and leaving peacefully.

>> No.50085286

Napoleon used it too though (robes and carpet)

>> No.50085517

I've seen heraldry specialists tear each other apart over the fleur de lys origins (chunks of elderly men flying everywhere, that wasn' pretty).
Some pretend it's based on irises, others on frankish javelins, or some landmark near the Lys river,...

There's a variant called Jessant de Lys where the fleur comes out of another figure (usually a leopard's head). SoB would look pretty metal with fleurs de lys emerging from skulls on their heraldry.

>> No.50085568



Bees... might be HERESY?

pretty sure it has Merovingian origin, then again, it may have an even earlier origin as a double-headed axe?

SoB confirmed to be follower of an ancient Bee Cult of Life/Birth/Labour/Heresy?

>> No.50085906

>descended from Sea Gods
>converted to Christianity whe surrounded by Pagans and Muslims
>cucked by Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel

They had a good run, but their demise certainly was not glorious or noteworthy

>> No.50086001

well, handing over all political power to your Domesticus/Prime Minister and not getting anything done might implicate that your royal advisers might already be more gifted at ruling, plus thanks to being lazy fucks who stay indoors, all the power already lies in the hands of the Martels...
Martels played their cards right, the Merovingians got lazy and lost it all.

>> No.50086012

Did you know? The sisters of battle fleur-de-lis originates from the first picture depicting them, where it was a ram skull. It's likely that the skull on their helmet got mistaken for a fleur-de-lys when second edition came into being.

You have a strange fixation on bees, anon.
A large amount of bees oughts to put an end to that

>> No.50086106

The fact that the fleur-de-lis on her hood incorporates a ram skull element to echo her shoulder emblem doesn't stop it from being a fleur-de-lis. You make it sound like the artist just accidentally made a symbol with the exact shape of a fleur-de-lis.

>> No.50086114

I'm just trying to unearth the truth about SoB being heretics who follow an ancient Bee Cult.
They must have some kind of secret rites where they bee around, playing "bees & flowers" and then go producing honey/bodily juices and do their little bee heresy.

The Inquisition will thank me eventually.

>> No.50086142

When I was going through old manuscripts, I came across an image of Charlemagne. Look at that God-tier beard, robust brow, strong eyes, and clear fashion sense. Charles Martel's strong genes lasted a long time

>> No.50086174

Sisters didn't get corrupted in the Third Armageddon War. Although some Argent Shroud did become a Flesh Tearer chew toy.

>> No.50086178

>hat with bee symbols

the plot thickens

>> No.50086273

There's a Catachan guardsman with a grenade launcher Circa 3rd ed. Guard. It was a standard ass model you could buy in blisters.

>> No.50086307

There are also all female guard regiments referenced in old IG codecs. And going into BL, Caiaphas Cain novels also have them.

>> No.50086342

>surely this rulebreaking post will be OK since I'm the one posting it!

>> No.50086391

>Sisters didn't get corrupted in the Third Armageddon War
Getting corrupted by fucking ORKS would be rather ridiculous at this point.

They also didn't get corrupted in Sanctuary 101 or the rematch. One Sister did get some Necron grafts and go insane but she managed to fight both influences off until she died fighting a Deathmark

>> No.50086468

They wear something oily, obviously.


>> No.50086570

That face says she must belong to the Sisters of Salt

>> No.50086583

I think I saw some escher guardswomen in old WDs, too.

It's really telling that people have to fish for bits of fluff where the sisters DIDN'T got corrupted.

>> No.50086626

GW writers have big problems with women. Matt ward in particular has many, many issues.

>> No.50086751

Caska is that you?

>> No.50086810

Like many militaries, exercise clothing. They're either training and praying, or killing in the name of the Emperor while also praying.

>> No.50086840

The model even comes with a male pilot too; femitent is just more popular/widely known because.

Must be why the same codex that got him branded a chronic Sister-slaughtering misogynist also introduced a new female special character.

>> No.50086891

Well high heels were originally made for butchers, so they could keep their feet out of any blood on the floor.

>> No.50086916

GW had a model to sell.

The sad truth is that sororitas are underdeveloped as a faction. They don't have much identity beyond "they are battle nuns that use space marine equipment"

>> No.50086973

>GW had a model to sell.
If this was directed at the second part of that post, no, they actually didn't (and still don't).

>> No.50087078

>Caiaphas Cain novels also have them.


>> No.50087089

This is not at all true

>> No.50087132

Well no shit. That's why I listed "canon" references right above that.

>> No.50087197

I disagree. As far as the game is concerned the Sisters ARE the ecclesiarchy, which is a huge part of the fiction. Ultra-Catholics in space has plenty of potential for inspiring cool stuff.

>> No.50087218

I wonder if SoBs go through the same bullshit regular grunts do.

>Waiting in line at the armory
>Getting knife-handed by NCOs for hands in pockets
>Sitting through hours of SHARP lectures
>Drawing dicks on the walls of every porta-shitter they enter

>> No.50087279

>They don't have much identity beyond "they are battle nuns that use space marine equipment"
Fluffing out the various orders a bit more would be a nice start. When your armies got less differentiation than tyranid hive fleets, there's probably a problem somewhere.
And the fact that the witch hunter codex was the last significant addition to their fluff doesn't help, too.

>mustache grooming standards
I don't thank you for the image, anon.

>> No.50087307

Maybe they have grooming standarts for "other" hairy parts.

Also, they obviously use this cut on their clothing

>> No.50087357

>What do Sisters of Battle wear outside of combat?

>In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

>wear outside of combat?

>there is only war.

>outside of combat?

>only war.

There is no such thing as "outside of combat", ya dummy.

>> No.50087384

Who says they can't have grooming standards?

>> No.50087404


>> No.50087423

implying SoB dont sometimes get Buck Angel looking monstrocities when performance enhancement drugs go wrong

>> No.50087575


>> No.50087580

Filthy abhumans

>In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

A setting where you have to fight for your life all the time would be hilarious.
>kill 4 people during breakfast
>go to work by crawling through a battlefield
>Make a powerpoint presentation on first trimester sales, while your boss is trying to strangle you.
>the coffee machine was booby trapped, John never stood a chance.
>once you've returned home, enjoy a nice movie while firing mortar shells across the block.
>stab the bed to death before sleeping

>> No.50087918

>>kill 4 people during breakfast
Rush hour traffic
>>go to work by crawling through a battlefield
Endless password verification
>>Make a powerpoint presentation on first trimester sales, while your boss is trying to strangle you.
So yeah basic morning meetings
>>the coffee machine was booby trapped, John never stood a chance.
Large amounts of scalding water everywhere
>>once you've returned home, enjoy a nice movie while firing mortar shells across the block.
Video games
>>stab the bed to death before sleeping

Sounds about right Anon

>> No.50088944

It looks like she's looking contentedly at her huge erect dick.

>> No.50088976

Why live?

>> No.50088999

Ecclesiarchy codex when?
Between the rambo missionaries, the ruthless inquisitors, the scholastic abbots, the scheming cardinals, and the occasional mad confessor, there would be a fantastic gallery of characters.

>> No.50089165


Well, futa sisters are pretty objectively the best sisters, so I'm OK with that.

>> No.50090092

>> No.50090104

>> No.50090114

>> No.50090136

>> No.50090140

>> No.50090155

>> No.50090183

>> No.50090203

>> No.50090223

>> No.50090245

>> No.50090250


>> No.50090266

>> No.50090280

>> No.50090300

>> No.50090321

>> No.50090341

>> No.50090355

I spent like four hours tracking down that video, the other month, and only ever found a couple of shitty tiny videos and a photo set. All in moon runes. Fuck this world.

>> No.50090367

They exclusively wear thongs for underwear

>> No.50090436

>> No.50090459

Yeah, I have no idea where it came from, either. And every time it's posted, it gets smaller and blurrier.

>> No.50090462

Didn't she get sucked into a necron hyperdimensional cube or something?

>> No.50090481

>> No.50090503

>> No.50090524

>> No.50090536

>> No.50090549

>> No.50090555

you realize if the Emp's comes back in full-bodied form he suddenly has the best harem in human history?

>> No.50090562

>> No.50090577

>> No.50090591

>> No.50090612

>> No.50090628

>> No.50090640

>> No.50090655

>> No.50090672

>> No.50090686

>> No.50090707

Love this one.

>> No.50090740

>> No.50090761

>> No.50090783

Relevant to thread.

Well, aside from the power armor not looking at all like power armor.

>> No.50090795

>> No.50090810

>> No.50090838

>> No.50090864

>> No.50090877

>> No.50090886

>traitorous Slaaneshi whores.
>Creating human life is somehow perverse or wrong
you are the worst kind of person anon

>> No.50090887

>> No.50090904

>> No.50090925

>> No.50090935


Sex and sexuality are part of what it means to be human. Just because they are not part of your life doesn't mean those things are wrong.

>> No.50090945

>> No.50090958

>> No.50090964

Plain white robes with a simple rope for a belt.

>> No.50090974

>> No.50090987

>> No.50090997

>> No.50091012

>> No.50091030 [SPOILER] 

Search for "young Vietnamese girl Jenny". She wearing an Ao Dai missing the pants and being Vietnamese kind of made the search a lot more easy.

That image in particular is behind a paywall.

Power sling bikinis

>> No.50091031

>> No.50091041

>> No.50091051

That's the image set I found. Nowhere did I find a video with her actually in the Ao Dai.

>> No.50091055

>> No.50091099

>> No.50091117

>> No.50091127

It definitely is, at least in the amount of porno, because excessive fapping actually summons demons in 40k.

>> No.50091150

Indeed at least the in universe explanation of the power corset, boob armour and rather pretty faces. Is to enchance the female human figure.

Pretty much a self phalating of the perfection of the human form. They could simply go with Marine like power armour. But they didn't not only to prevent anyone bitching about the men at arms, but go the extra mile.

We are humanity admire our image and tremble.

Picture kid of related, regardless of the hair, you tan tell that warrior is human female.

>> No.50091192

Behind a paywall, it is inside another of her videos, the lame bikini one in the cover if I recall.

Personally I don't like paying for porn. When I can basically degrade college girls for their education for almost the same cost.
Yes I'm a sad, lonely and wealthy man.

>> No.50091234

Got a link? Not one to pay for porn, either, but it'll give me more search terms and leads.

>> No.50091388

I'm pretty sure it's not that the corset itself is powered, but that they have a corset over a layer of under-armor. Sort of like putting chainmail under brigandine, if that makes any sense.

I don't get why GW doesn't make more models of them - sure, they might not have as much variety as Space Marines with all their bits, but I think they could have a lot of variety in weapons and kinds of relics and stuff like that. Really get into the rich, baroque, religious aspect that 40k so often leaves in the dust.

>> No.50092792

Sisters clearly molest the preteen initiate girls.

>> No.50092898


Why do you <think> they're the best faction?

>> No.50093907

>I remember someone telling me there's one in Dune

Yeah, the fish speakers.

It was Leto II's personal army of female bodyguards..... they were all descendant from the conquered sardukar forces of the old Galactic Empire.

They were.... zealous, to say the least.

>> No.50094053

There is a specific type of sister for that I forget what they are called they also serve as a check against heresy in a family of nobles

>> No.50094460

Depends on the situation, and the Eldar, in question. It's why they're known for being capricious and untrustworthy.

The Craftworld Eldar, the the Exodites to an extent, are the faction that humanity could actually get along with if both people got a few-centuries of breathing room to get their shit together. However, the "There is only war" bit keeps both parties locked, loaded and ready to spring at anything and everything, Makes getting cooler heads together to speak a mite difficult.

It's been noted many, many times that the Eldar and Humans allying would make for an unstoppable force. It's certainly something the Ruinous Powers want to keep from happening.

Does make me wonder, though. 40K humanity is evolving into a psychic species /alarmingly/ fast (comparatively.) As a thought exercise, I wonder what the Eldar would do once that evolution starts hitting the tipping point. Humanity is too numerous, dug in and powerful to wipe out, but the point will come where the Eldar won't be able to dance around the issue as they have been.

>> No.50095597

Are you a bad enough dudette to PRAISE THE EMPEROR?

>> No.50095899


The Order Famulous.

>> No.50096417

The expressions on this one always crack me up.

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