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Playable Races Thread

With all of the new races leaked today, what race are you most excited about?

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What's that you say? New races?


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Wtf is that thing in the picture?

It says Hobgoblin, but wtf.

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What part is the mask and what part is her face? That said, she had a banging looking body for a hobgob

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What's that you say? New races?


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It's a hobgoblin wearing a devil mask.

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Kenku, lizardfolk, and kobold are appreciated.
They still fucked up their one job though.

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It's wearing a mask to look like a demon and conceal its identity, you can actually see what appears to be a seam just above the mouth.


Kobold paladins? Snek man ninjas? Bugbear wizards? I'm fucking in.

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Lizard folk and Kenku, fuck yeah

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We already have it, bu its good to be an "official race" now, I hope they didnt nerf it

Literally my mom's teddy bear

We already have the stats, they changed a lot from the original


Literally no reason to be in this book

I like it

Literally edgy Aarakokra and we already have Aarakokra

I think everyone was hoping for this

A better dragonborn

Murderhobo race

Literally who, besides its the worst catgirl race possible

No information yet, but how will it be playable outside sea campaigns?

>Yuan-ti pureblood

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That's the Tabaxi.

>> No.50060565

Tabaxi are cat people.

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>furry shit
Those are abominations.

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>We already have the stats, they changed a lot from the original
What are they? Are firebolgs really medium?

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Kenku are nothing like Arakokra.

For one they are crows. Two they can't fly. Three they can't speak they can only mimic sounds they have heard.

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Deal with it kitty-boi.

>> No.50060602

They're medium, but have a large build in the sense that they can lift and drag and carry as if they were a Large creature.

Also I like how they're not just another +2 Strength +1 Constitution race, as we had a lot of those already.

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Kobolds and Yuan-ti Purebloods first and foremost, with Orcs & Goblinoids close behind, followed by Aasimar, Tritons and Lizardfolk in third place.

Couldn't care less about Kenku or Goliaths. Firbolgs, seriously, what the fuck...

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Don't Arakokra think Kenku are like crow demons or something?

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I will.

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Tabaxi were Forgotten Realms' original catfolk race back in 1e, jaguar/leopard-people. They're one of the oldest cat-people races in D&D, next to the Rakasta of Mystara.

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Unfitting for the Realms
They're now weird hippies instead of honorable warriors so I'm a bit peeved.
I don't like it, but okay.
They also seem unfitting for the Realms, but I guess people would be annoyed if there was an entry for a human sub-race to represent the Reghedmen.
See: Goblin
I guess people liked them from 3e?
See: Goblin
See: Goblin
Fuck yeah, always loved how FR Orcs were actually people.
So Maztica is getting a reference I guess, though I imagine these tabaxi will all be the ones who came to Amn and escaped slavery.
Pretty solid, wonder if they'll get something special to represent the special classes they had access to in SoFS

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So did you.

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you're high and gay
mostly gay tho

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Seems really cool. Thus Firebolgs are the first race to get +2 wisdom, right?

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What's the objectively best character sheet and why?

>> No.50060663

I have a feeling although it's written in the context of the Realms, a major monster book like this can't be constrained by that detail.

>> No.50060664


I think it's kind of funny that for such a largely peaceful sounding group of folks... they're gonna make fantastic war clerics.

>> No.50060666

The two races have nothing to do with each other really.

Kenku are mainly beggers and thieves.

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Sounds like a fun race.

>> No.50060676

Yep! It always frustrated me that no race was built towards clerics or rangers.

>> No.50060687

Only for you, anon~!

>> No.50060695

We are talking the same Forgotten Realms where there's a kingdom that's been ruled by Aasimar since at least 2nd edition, aren't we? And where we had a freaking elfin version of Aasimar in Dragon magazine?

Don't forget there were originally Tabaxi in some other jungle region - Chult, I think? - before the Maztica setting was a thing. That's why there's the whole ta-BAX-ee/tah-BAHSH-ee thing in the lore.

Yuan-ti have been around for many editions, Purebloods have always been the "they walk amongst humanoids as secret agents" branch of the family, and they had PC writeups back in 3.5's Serpent Kingdoms.

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Why are Aasimar unfitting for the realms. They are not different then Teiflings.

>> No.50060707

Still tons better then the other catfolk pdf
both are unbalanced and shit though.

>> No.50060713

It was while preparing this image that I realized that I've become a grognard. I actually care about the fact they're different from how I wanted them, and am angry about it.

I'm kind of saddened by that realization.

>> No.50060716

they're both balanced
one is just gay

>> No.50060730

as author of the felau, thanks.
and if you want to let me know what's unbalanced about them, go ahead

Yours, since they're unisex?

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that's a decent race if that's real

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5/10, the birdrace for people with lesser taste

4/10, bugbears have always been dumb


7/10, fun things are fun

2/10, "tall people are their own race" edition


10/10, caw caw

8/10, fun things are fun

7/10, edgy 10 year old edition

6/10, generic but classic

-3/10, kys

5/10 if it's not just "they swim good bro"

>Yuan-ti pureblood
8/10 in theory, 4/10 in practice. Hail snake Jesus.

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I must have missed the Aasimar ruler.
That said, you are right about the Tabaxi, and I forgot about that bit.
On the Yuan-Ti, my What? was more on the fact that of all the races in Faerun, yuan-ti have been the most consistently represented as just straight up bad guys, while the other monstrous races usually have examples or writings about how they're people too.

Angelic/Celestial influences are incredibly rare in FR lore, whereas Demons/Devils popping up in certain places is far more regular.

>> No.50060753


Yeah don't see why Aasimar are problematic. They are canon to The Realms. If you feel they don't fit thematically then you don't have to use them though (though I'm not sure what role the FR has thematically, though, always seemed pretty kitchen-sink to me).

>> No.50060755

>if that's real
It was revealed one month ago

>> No.50060759

Aasimar are not birdpeople. They are the celestial version of Teiflings. They have celestial ancestry.

>> No.50060762

Don't really take that to heart, I haven't been able to play 5th since release, just pop in this thread to update what resources I had. So I can't say if they are really balanced with all the new stuff.

>> No.50060763

That's a really strong race

>> No.50060767

My apologies I was mixing Pathfinder/3.5 up with 5e I should have checked 5e first. They cut a shit ton of the monk stuff down in 5e though so I'm not surprised. Regardless though depending on the situation a monk may in fact chose to simply walk instead of ride a horse. If he is pressed for time, such as delivering a message from his temple to the local lord then he would probably ride. If he is on a quest to find a hidden master to learn a new style then he might run/walk to strength his body further as well as performing his other training on the road.

A monk may use an artifact weapon if he needs to rid the lands of a great evil that is bringing about terror and carnage on his people.

But if he is simply risking his own life fighting the guardian of a dungeon he may take the increased risk to better himself further.

>> No.50060773

Wait, why aren't the rest of the races from Elemental Evil Player's Companion presented? Where are the Genasi and the Aaracokra

>> No.50060775

girls can't be gay


>> No.50060783

Alright, cool, I'm hopeful that the lore on them in the Realms is tasty and fits in enough.
Fuck yeah.
I'm slightly disappointed that they aren't the old version, but Goliath can still fill that niche (And might even if their lore is expanded any, they DO speak giant now after all) and I actually quite like the new direction on its own merits. Nice to have a fey thing that isn't a dainty shit.
Of course.
Fuck yeah.
Cool shit.
Oh hell yeah.
I mean, why not, I run Eberron so I need a stat base, even though it may need tweaking.
At the rate they're reworking things, they're going to be anime dog girls
Neat, good new statistic angle.
Surprising. I wish that malisons were included because pic related, but this could be a treat nonetheless.

>No pixie/sprite/tiny race
>No gnolls
Oh well, I'll just have to make some DM's Guild Dosh.

>> No.50060787

Genasi are in Princes of the Apocalyse itself.

>> No.50060793

nah it's middle of the line, more near the top of middle-tier around where dwarves are

>> No.50060800

_________ ____

>> No.50060811

>I run Eberron
Good taste.

>> No.50060812

What are lesbians?
>tfw yuanti will not be anime lamia, at best they will be people with snake features, at worst they will be people with snake heads
>tfw no tiny race

>> No.50060830

>tfw no large race.

>> No.50060842

>tfw yuanti will not be anime lamia, at best they will be people with snake features, at worst they will be people with snake heads

Yuan-ti Malisons come in Snake headed, Snake armed, and Snake lower-bodied varieties. So some are anime lamia.

>> No.50060855

whose genesis?

>> No.50060856

Playable intellect devourers when?

>> No.50060859

IS there any connection between the Serpent-Gods and Dragons?

>> No.50060866


If a group of crows is called a murder, would a team of kenku be called a.... TPK?

>> No.50060872

lesbians aren't gay
gay = faggot
faggot = cocksucking queer
I'm glad I get to remind you

>> No.50060877

Mulhuroand's "God-King" rulers have been, as far as I'm aware, established as being aasimars pretty much since the race came out. 5e retconned them as being "aasimars and tieflings", though.

If it's of any interest, I've got a 5e Lamia race I'm fairly confident is balanced, although it could probably use some "fluffier" racial features.

>> No.50060886


(of a person, especially a man) homosexual.
"that friend of yours, is he gay?"
synonyms: homosexual, lesbian; informal queer
"gay men and women"

>> No.50060887

Oh, neat. I'm getting the feeling I might want to go back and buy the hardcover adventures for the Player Content as well if they're peppering it out like that.

>> No.50060893

None what so ever.

Mershaulk is a evil sleeping god, Ssethe maybe Mershaulk (or Set) and Dendar is a Primordial being of Nightmares not a god.

>> No.50060909

Ray of Frost vs Firebolt
Is the 10ft of removed movement enough to outweigh the reduced range and damage?

>> No.50060911

Well you can also just grab the EE Players companion.

>> No.50060937

progressive leftists hijacked the term
this is a philosophical distinction - we're defining terms
for the purposes of my argument, >>50060872
are the terms in employ
wew lad

>> No.50060941

Yuan Ti are generally pretty evil. But there was an FR novel with a Pureblood protagonist.

Gnolls are generally seen as worse.

>> No.50060945

Well, I have that PDF, but I like physical copies of things.

>> No.50060946

That alone isn't, but fire being commonly resisted tips it off.

>> No.50060961

> Complaining about size
> Want to burden DM and other player with unnecessary mental note

3e made that mistake. They learned not to make it again.

>> No.50060970

And I just realized there was a softcover release. Excuse me.

>> No.50060978


The Gnoll previews are basically like "Gnolls are marauding bands of savages who worship the demon god of destruction and murder" so yea... not too surprised they didn't make the PC cut.

>> No.50060990

>so some are anime lamia
hope will never die

you get pseudo-large races at least.


Simple Definition of gay
: sexually attracted to someone who is the same sex
: of, relating to, or used by homosexuals

>> No.50060997

Lesbians are just as faggy as gay men.

They're even worse because they're women.

>> No.50061004

3e was too complicated, but that doesn't mean all it's complications are bad.

5e is like dnd for toddlers.

>> No.50061008

I like the snake-body and snake-head Malisons, but the snake-arms are fucking retarded.

>> No.50061009


Bear-like mountain hobgoblins, meh

Nice to have a big-boy race that is more rooted in mythology and folklore than the goliaths.

Goblins can be fun. I'm bored of even hearing about goblins since I've had more than enough exposure to them in my D&D-playing years, but I don't have anything against them as an option for people.

Live on mountains, named after a Phillistine warrior. Kind of a bland combination of orcs, trolls, humans and dwarves to me, never found anything really interesting about them.

Biggo goblins. Same thing as goblins I suppose, hope their culture is elaborated on beyond "they are taller types of goblins that boss small goblins around".

Small crow people are cool and interesting enough to me. Different enough from the aaracokra too to simply be "another bird race".

It was unavoidable, but blech. Always found them kind of annoying. I know that's kind of the point.

I think they are more interesting than Dragonborn in appearance and lore. I know most people would rather play Dragonborn though.

You gotta have orcs. I'm wondering if this book will suggest players choose races that typically work well together, and which don't. Orcs and elves working together isn't an impossibility, but seems stupidly rare in most 1st-party settings.

Don't know what they are, this thread seems to indicate they are catgirls or some variation of catgirls. I have no love for catgirls, since they simply seem to serve the role of satisfying a fetish.

This is kind of cool. I would never feature them as a PC race outside of very water-oriented campaigns. Islands, coasts, and under-da-sea - good. Anywhere else, choose another race.

>>Yuan-ti pureblood
Snek people seem to work best as villians. I don't know, I haven't had a lot of experience with them. Just don't know how you'd make this work outside of a total edgelord campaign.

>> No.50061013

no dicks no gay

I get to define my terms in my own arguments
gay = fag
fag = cockmongling dickmunching homofag

>> No.50061023

>I <3 Fuck
>The generic cartoon heart is actually modeled after a woman ass
>Hence her shirt says "I Ass Fuck"
>This means she either likes anal or has a dick to ravage your virginial bum

>> No.50061043



adjective, gayer, gayest.
of, relating to, or exhibiting sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex; homosexual:
a gay couple.
Antonyms: straight.
of, indicating, or supporting homosexual interests or issues:
a gay organization.

>> No.50061050

>virginial bum
please, this is 4chan

we're all faggots

>> No.50061072

>appealing to authority
that's a fallacy fag

>> No.50061073

Can people discuss this on /lgbt/ or /pol/? This is the D&D 5e Thread

>> No.50061098

In fact in FR there have been a grand total of 2 Good Aligned Gnolls in pretty much all of it's sources.

Garl Gnarlclaw a Gnoll Harper Agent who joins gangs of Gnolls and bandits to spy on them for other harpers and groups that want to wipe them out. He is from the Neverwinter MMO

The other is Kurr from the 5e out of the Abyss Adventure. Kurr is a Fang of Yeenoghu who was infected by Demonic Madness. Unlike with pretty much everyone else it has affected, it's changes to Kurr were positive and made caused him to gain empathy lose his disire to hurt others and made him feel a great deal of guilty for all the horrible shit he has done.

>> No.50061105

This. /b/ works too. You're both shitposting, no one else gives a fuck.

>> No.50061119

They're a race of Stone Age cultural level humanoid jaguars or leopards (depending on the region) native to the tropics. They were major players on Maztica, the Faerun South America, but I think they're also in... Chult? I don't know, the main continent's tropical jungle reason. They're peaceful hunter-gatherers, extremely fast - I think the math works out at being able to move roughly 160 feet in a turn at the cost of having no movement in the next turn.

Tritons, though, are the "merfolk with legs" native outsiders, so they actually ARE good for campaigns not set under the water.

>> No.50061129

Have the Kobold stats been leaked yet?

>> No.50061135



1(of a person, especially a man) homosexual.

1.1Relating to or used by homosexuals.
‘a gay bar’

>> No.50061138 [DELETED] 

wanna talk about how there are literally cock-loving revenants in Curse of Strahd?
that's both about fags *AND* 5e
why aren't you progressive like our Lord and Savior Mearls?

>> No.50061140

So wait, were these leaks confirmed? I might not have seen the thread were they were confirmed if they were in the first place.

>> No.50061153

Hobgoblins culture wise have been compared to the Spartans. They are pretty interesting.

>> No.50061160

They're pretty much confirmed, as they're from the official Fantasy Grounds release of the game. The leak only happened about 30 minutes ago and I felt like I needed to tell the internet.

>> No.50061168

Yeah, via the Fantasy Grounds page for VGtM. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/product.xcp?id=WOTC5EVGM

Third image at the bottom.

>> No.50061172

>why aren't you progressive like our Lord and Savior Mearls?
I am, but I know this discussion will lead to nowhere

>> No.50061174


>> No.50061183

>I am

>> No.50061198

Hah, I knew I would get something out of this!

Anyway, I'm done. See ya round, catgirl waifufag.

>> No.50061205

baibai guy who can't argue

>> No.50061212

>cock-loving revenants

This is relevant to my interests, where in CoS are they?

>> No.50061228

Also there's going to be two more types of Yuan-Ti Malisons as monsters. So that's cool :)

>> No.50061230

It's pretty weird, I don't know since when being progressive toward LGBT ppl is supposed to be shameful or something.
I guess we have this quality USA's election cycle to thank for that.

Chapter 7: Argynvostholt

>> No.50061236

Because what people mean with progressive most of the time is to treat homosexuality as being special, worthy of erecting a cock shaped rainbow statue that radiates love and tolerance, instead of treating it as a mundane thing that just is a thing that exists along with people who don't want to rub their dicks together with 7 feet tall hairy men.

>> No.50061237

>No Bullywug
Fucking kill me

>> No.50061251

Take it to /pol/

>> No.50061262

Huh, I read through CoS on the weekend but started skimming here and there, must have missed it.

tfw reading it made me really want to play CoS but it wouldn't feel fair playing it having now read it

>> No.50061275


>> No.50061317

It's a pair of revenants that used to be lovers before their order was decimated and their souls trapped and somewhat driven mad. While the case could be made that they are no longer in their original bodies and just happen to inhabit 2 dude corpses, it's pretty plain that they're two gay shieldbrothers. Which is cool, I guess. One of the main ways to "solve" the encounter is to help them realize the other is still alive and there and hook them up

>> No.50061382


>> No.50061406

Hey guys, making a legendary warrior NPC for the PC's to encounter and talk to and possibly fight in a test/challenge.

I was think that pretty much all the 20th level things aren't amazing, and for one person to go up against several, even if the players up against them were only level 11, they'd be cut down in short order. To that end, what do we think about giving 20th+ level characters legendary actions and resistances, ala Dragons?

>> No.50061420

Is it wearing artificial breasts to look more fiendish too?

>> No.50061427

>> No.50061445

Give them epic boons from chapter 7 of the DMG. Alternatively give them legendary actions and whatnot like you originally said.

>> No.50061469

>they can't speak
Is this supposed to be playable?

>> No.50061478

>brothers in arms and brothers in heart

Pure as fuck.

>> No.50061484

>Murderhobo race
>implying it's not Warcraft and other noble savages

>the worst catgirl race possible
I don't know much about them. What makes them worst?

>> No.50061501

>tumblr nose

>> No.50061506

ask >>50061251
he'll know

>> No.50061531

you roleplay with a soundboard
it's really really fun

>> No.50061533

Tumblr infiltrated wotc long ago

>> No.50061540

Literally just tieflings but backwards. At least players won't have edgelord Asses like they have edgelord Teeths. Where's our Genasi, WotC (if they release Genasi I will mock them for it)?
The strongest of goblinoids, don't really care though.
Well, they're hippies now, +2 wis is their saving grace.
The weakest of the goblinoids, don't really care though.
It's too bad hulking hurler isn't in this edition, though being a grappler is good this edition so you know it balances out.
The mediumest of the goblinoids, literally why.
Caw-CAW motherfucker, too bad it's not a Dire Corby, though. Still, patrician tier.
Patrician tier, if you are here and disagree then here's the door >>>/out/
Finally, some Jewish representation!
Ready for non-stop "we dindu nuffin" characters? I'm not.
If you play a girl you're a furfag, if you play a guy you're a gay furfag. No winning, here.
>Underwater campaigns
Finally, some Je- no, wait, used that one. Although I mean these are the guys who literally infiltrate humanoid society to subvert it so maybe they fit better than the lizardfolk...
>No flumphs
Wake me up next splatbook

>> No.50061560

Short answer? They're not catgirls, they're catfolk - D&D furries, basically. Pic related is essentially what they classically look like, in contrast to Pathfinder's catfolk at least having that semi-catgirl bestiary.

Odd thing is, as most game developers see it, furry-like races are okay, but beastgirl-like races are "too adult rated!"

>> No.50061571

>Where's our Genasi, WotC

>> No.50061586

Did you somehow miss the Elemental Evil Player's Guide and Princes of the Apocalypse, or are you just trolling?

No, wait, you're clearly fucking trolling.

>> No.50061592

Get ready to mock WotC, unnecessarily hostile friendo


>> No.50061606

>Implying an aasimar gone bad "fallen angle XD" is better than a good tiefling, or even an edgy tiefling
>Genasi came out in the first expansion to the game years ago
>Calling tabaxi furry but not kenku or kobolds
>Flumph PCs

>> No.50061634

I did miss it, actually. Anyway, here's my mocking for it
>Wow, an outsider had sex with a human and made x. What's next, Slaadborne? Someone used Mechanus as a dildo and we get a law race? Actually that sounds cool, get to work, WotC.

>> No.50061662

Kobolds and kenku don't have fur.

>> No.50061672

I really liked the "they're incas" thing, I wish a lot more had been done with it.

>> No.50061682

Avvies and scalies are breeds of furry.

>> No.50061685

Pretty sure it's modeled after the seed of a silphium plant.

>> No.50061692

>tfw hyped for Volos but also really really hate WotC's 5e release schedule

Getting one supplement per year is horrid, they should be aiming at a major release every 5-6 months. There's plenty of room for quality releases without the risk of watering down in that time frame.

>> No.50061698

reddit, please.

>> No.50061709

Looks like my next character is gonna be a tabaxi fighter with a kickass themesong and shit everything else.

>> No.50061720

you underestimate the types of things i will kiss, friend

>> No.50061722

It's pronounced "Awesomer". Isn't it?

>> No.50061724

They are not nearly as common as regular furries, though. Although /tg/ is one to talk considering its love of thri-kreen.

>> No.50061733

>that art

fucks sake did wizards merge with paizo or something?

>> No.50061742

Get your mind out of the gutter or go back to /pfg/. /5eg/ is PURE! PURE!

>> No.50061767

>furry-like races are okay, but beastgirl-like races are "too adult rated!"

More like, "beastgirl-like races are too weeaboo".

There's a time and a place for every fantasy creature, so people (read: this board's infest/a/tion) need to realize that animu monstergirl stuff does not fit in with every setting out there.

The way I see it, WotC has gotten so homogenized with their big-name properties leading to D&D and MtG bleeding so close together (to the point where the former even has unofficial setting guides for the latter), if we get Tabaxi they're probably just going to be Leonin or Nacatl. Which I'm perfectly fine with.

>> No.50061774

Where did this come from that has people saying it's a legit leak? Or it i just hopeful thinking?

>> No.50061783


>> No.50061795

yeah alright.
DM will never let me play that because a That Guy ripped someones arm off in uninvited PVP as one so uh. Great. Still cool.
You could have played a half orc druid and it would have been the same.
we already had it but alright.
Unnecessary but not unappreciated.
Good stuff
good shit.
already had dragonborn, but at least they're really cool in this.
Alright, don't see much of a point because H.Orc exists.
DM's wife will love it, I'll ignore it because catgirls are and always have been shit.
Literally who ever gave a fuck. We have water genasi already, that should have been good enough.
Straight out of left field and awesome.

TL;DR: No fucking thri-kreen.
There goes one of my favorite character concepts. And several months of hype.

>> No.50061796


Sorry senpai, I guess I should have told everyone where I found the leak.

>> No.50061821


Now that's a face I haven't seen in a long time.

>> No.50061822

>no Ghaunadaur
Who picks these things?

>> No.50061861

Ghaunadaur is in Demihuman Deities book, the pages he collected are from Faiths & Avatars

>> No.50061878

Aren't the majority of those races "lynch on sight" in any village or town in just about every setting? You can't tell me that a goblin/hobgoblin/lizardfolk/orc/kobold/bugbear strolling through town isn't going to be executed on the spot.

>> No.50061886

So what I'm gathering is that we only got like 2 good races and what /tg/ really wanted was the following races
>Something tiny
>Something large
>Mind Flayers
Is this about right?

>> No.50061894

Pretty sure that's mostly just the human deities and major "core" race ones, whereas Ghaunadaur is normally associated with the drow one, and is a relatively minor one besides.

>> No.50061895

This is also has some cool stuff like Gnoll Bands.

>> No.50061905

Nah, all the races there are solid. I'm iffy on yuan-ti purebloods though, though that might be because I've never had an in-game interaction with yuan-ti that wasn't just combat against evil snake cultists.

>> No.50061908

But no gnoll race. I'd rather have that than hobgoblins and bugbears.

>> No.50061920

thats the only race I want

>> No.50061924

Anons? Honest question here:

With how many "human X whatevers" there've been in every D&D edition...

Like, I can only remember these, but I'm sure there were more - half-elves, half-orcs, half-dwarves (Dragonlance, DarkSun), half-gnomes (Dragonlance), half-kender (Dragonlance), tieflings, genasi, aasimar, planetouched, half-dragons, spellscales, etcetera...

Anyway, with all of these canon races, is a setting where humans were created by the Sex God and so they literally have the divine blessing of "can breed with any other race" magical realm or not?

>> No.50061927 [SPOILER] 

all tabaxi campaign, pic highly related

>> No.50061933

Lizardman HYPE

>> No.50061935

maybe, i'd also like a crustacean race but that seems very farfetched.

>> No.50061950

Alright guys, I'll be honest and say that I wish Thri-Kreen were in this book. But I have two main problems with it. Firstly, Kreen aren't found on Faerun. Secondly (and far, far more importantly), I would prefer that psionics were finalized before releasing playable Kreen.

>> No.50061964

They would probably be mistrusted and avoided. But if it's just a single one walking into town like it's suppose to be there. I am thinking it would not have problems. If it's part of an adventuring group even more likely they would not be harassed.

Lizardfolk are also generally not hostile so they would probably be about the same as a dragonborn on the weirdness scale. (A bit spooky and odd. But I am not going to complain to big lizard man.)

>> No.50061976

>Kreen aren't found on Faerun
I hate that they only focus on this setting

> I would prefer that psionics were finalized before releasing playable Kreen.
Released in the same book would be ideal

>> No.50061979

Fair enough, then.

Ghaunadaur is a greater deity and one of the best for aberration stuff.

>> No.50061989

Welcome to more than half a decade ago on /tg/.

>> No.50061996

Actully Thi Kreen are on Faerun. They just are not as notable as they are in Darksun.

>> No.50062012


>> No.50062018

>politicizing a scat fetish
>not shameful

>> No.50062041


But why tho

>> No.50062072

Oh man now I remembered how much I want to play kuotoa. Silly fish men who worship a lobster woman

>> No.50062075

Because people had DMs who wouldn't accept the EEPG version because "its not a printed book! That means it's not official!" That's what I figure is the reason for it.

>> No.50062100

Firbolgs: Sneaking in since D&D began.

>> No.50062104

What class should my Hobgoblin worshiper of Red Knight be; Battlemaster Fighter, War Domain Cleric, or Crown Paladin?

>> No.50062117

there are probably DMs who won't accept it even after Volos is released. Because allowing things in / out of the game is the DM's prerogative.

Fighter or Paladin.

>> No.50062125

any of those three are all good choices

>> No.50062126

It gets better (or worse) if you remember that in AD&D Minotaurs were a male only species that had to breed with human women to survive.

AD&D also is where the whole thing about Orc/Ogre sperm overwhelming the DNA of whatever humanoid they breed with came from.

>> No.50062134

Nobody really does that do they?

>> No.50062172

Could mix them around. Might be neat to be a War Cleric mixed with a bit of Battlemaster for some maneuvers. I'm not sure if Paladin is as fitting of an option.

>> No.50062193

Banneret fighter

>> No.50062196

Those are just shittier versions of broo anyway.

>> No.50062210

Maybe there will be some bit about how these Yuan-Ti who were supposed to infiltrate societies went native. Could make for interesting scenarios when attempts to be good involves instantly slaying near-do-wells instead of even attempting to talk them down.

On a related note I'm kinda sad how people don't do a good job at portraying good drow. Being raised in a culture brutal as the drow's would cause defectors who go good to have interesting interpretations of just what constitutes "good".

>> No.50062233


>> No.50062239

Where are you getting these monster manual-like pages for homebrew like the pic in OP?

>> No.50062240

>no playable bullywug
What is this heresy? They've been there since the beginning and were the pet creation of Gary Gygax and his son. Fuck this gay edition

>> No.50062255

I loved how Seven Sisters mentioned the Drow sister and the temple of Eilistaree.
How a fun night out for them is roaming and looking for evil people to slay in a particularly brutal fashion, as well as generally stuff about them being a bit too harsh for what you'd expect from a good temple.

>> No.50062265

Gygax is dead.

>> No.50062267

>tfw no flumph race.

>> No.50062269

But it's not homebrew, it's spoilers for the new book. That's why I've been posting them as the OP images

>> No.50062301

They haven't managed to hunt down his phylactery yet and you damn well know it.

>> No.50062305

Oh. I haven't been following any tg news lately, my mistake.

>> No.50062319

It just happened at the tail end of last thread, its pretty new news. Good time to come in anon.

>> No.50062325

>evil monsters races presented as playable in a setting book where they are almost universally evil monster races

We ain't getting an Eberron book this edition are we?

>> No.50062337

For the idiots wanting a Large PC race

To be anything close to balanced (but still wouldn't be) they would have to have no other racial traits or ASIs. Because double weapon damage dice you fucks and ability to be Huge with a simple enlarge spell

>> No.50062338

The innate flying means that it will never happen. They got too much shit for the aarakokra. Know that I weep with you brother

>> No.50062341

So, when does this book come out? I'm hearing Friday but Amazon jews tell me they wont ship till the 15th

>> No.50062362

All the revenants are faggots. Note how all the statues are of muscular nude men

>> No.50062371

WPN (or was it VPN?) stores apparently are getting it on the 4th, but everybody else is getting it on either the 11th or the 15, I don't recall.

>> No.50062387

We already got an eberron book, anon.



>> No.50062394

I think it's more how limited a large PC would be. For instance playing CoS would consist mostly of waiting outside small dreary buildings for your friends to come back from doing important things

>> No.50062396

WPN stores, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds are all releasing on the 4th, everyone else including Amazon and regular stores get it on the 15th.

>> No.50062401

>Yuan-ti Pureblood
>mfw I'm running a campaign in Thule

>> No.50062407

Psionics and thri kreen and the rest will be in a Darksun Players Companion/Guide to accompany Darksun adventure

>> No.50062416

>We ain't getting an Eberron book this edition are we?
We'll probably get a book for all the more popular ones (Planescape, Eberron, and Dark Sun) but it'll take a while. Going off their current release schedule there might not *be* another edition of D&D after this, none have released this slowly before and it's been very successful for them.

>> No.50062427

Well that's fine then. I'm now perfectly happy paying $30 for this. Fucking CAW CAW time.

>> No.50062430

Someone is planning to buy Volos on the 4th and then scan it that evening yes

>> No.50062475

For whoever gets it on r20/FG, can we get the race stats + monster list (+highlights)?

>> No.50062506


On the 3rd.

>> No.50062530

>Going off their current release schedule there might not *be* another edition of D&D after this
There will be, but it will take a long time

>> No.50062568

According to the internet, in the Shaar, from the sourcebook Shining South.

>> No.50062589

Orcs and Kobolds have both been pretty people-esque in forgotten realms for a while.

>> No.50062595

It would seem they've discovered rewriting the same game and reselling the same core books every couple of years is frustrating for consumers. The real key is a steady release of well made content for a solid system.

>> No.50062627

90% of the non-adventure content released isn't actually for the system, though.

>> No.50062650

The only non adventure content is SCAG and Volo's

>> No.50062677

>The warden's magic is drawn from conviction and belief in justice for the night elves. (Warcraft RPG)
>Charisma is your spellcasting ability for your paladin
spells, since their power derives from the strength of
your convictions. (5E Paladin)

>Maiev Shadowsong is vengeance Paladin with a ranger dip

Was she the ultimate noob or is this a dope multiclass?

>> No.50062678

of which, even in Volo's, the majority of page count will be fluff that could apply to any system and, truthfully, any setting with [insert WOTC-owned trademark monster here]

>> No.50062687

So what are you guys hoping to see next November? I'm hoping for either a DMG2 with a lot of the scrapped playtest material/more optional rules or a full size compendium of some new magic items.

>> No.50062706

a revised Ranger

>> No.50062728

They will probably make a revised edtion

>> No.50062731

No? I've never actually seen any of these races treated as "kill on sight" when you just spot one by itself in a town. Fiends, Illithids, and Undead are the only things I'd really say would be slaughtered on sight the moment they're seen with no other reasons and no exceptions.
If common people are willing to tolerate half-orcs and gnomes, they probably won't bust out the pitchfork and torches when an orc and a goblin pass through town with backpacks and hiking sticks asking to buy some rations.

>> No.50062770

Is it a UA ranger dip?

>> No.50062771

I don't know if i agree, the "evil" races might be acceptable in big cities, or near the border of their own homelands, but anyplace that relies on a handful of guards or a militia is probably going to bar them entry unless they have good reason to be there.

It may not be death on sight, but i would fully expect armed guards and closed gates/doors.

>> No.50062775

Prestige Classes

>> No.50062778

There was a time when goblinoids and orcs were canonically universally evil creatures.

>> No.50062801

Prestige classes are dead after the feedback they got on the rune scribe UA.

I'm hoping for the "mechanical expansion" book they talked about. Full Mystic, archetypes for every class, and tons of variant rules, magic items, and spells.

>> No.50062813

Planescape is coming next, the game needs some more high level content and it's setting neutral. Just like Ravenloft, it's mentioned throughout the core books, should have been a big hint.

Get ready to see the Universal Survival Guide that codifies hex crawling in all terrains, tons of new mundane items, adds feats and a bunch of skill crunch. Also, Spelljammers for planar travel.[/spoilers]

>> No.50062829

Of course.

>> No.50062833

>nfected by Demonic Madness. Unlike with pretty much everyone else it has affected, it's changes to Kurr were positive and made caused him to gain empathy lose his disire to hurt others and made him feel a great deal of guilty for all the horrible shit he has done.
Like that one color of Lantern

>> No.50062837

Now I want Aasimar with birdlike celestial heritage, what celestial beings could give me a beak.

>> No.50062851

It depends a lot on the area and how big of a deal they make of it. If it's a small farming village that sometimes gets goblin attacks, a random goblin whistling his way down the street isn't going to be viewed very kindly.

An Orc wearing a heavy cloak in a big city, doing his best to remain unnoticed? Much less likely to get into trouble.

Basically, it depends on what the popular opinion on any given race in a location is.

>> No.50062877

Where are the Good snake gods of wisdom and healing and shit, or enlightenment or some weird buddhist shit.

>> No.50062886


Adventurers are always given a lot of leeway though. If it's an orc travelling with a bunch of human, dwarf, etc adventurers they'd probably let them in. They'd be leery probably but they'd chalk it up to kooky adventurers as long as the orc or whatever didn't cause serious problems.

>> No.50062898

Hopefully with less pozz'd art this time. The resolution on the cover, the fuck man?

>> No.50062899

Considering different sheets appeal to different people, you're asking a question akin to "what's the best colour, objectively?"

>> No.50062912

Avorials or phoenixes, maybe?

>> No.50062914

Blue. Science proves it that it makes you popular and loved.

>> No.50062920

If were looking at entirely canon examples, Drizzt and company are not welcomed pretty much anywhere until they become more well known, so unless you have a reputation, probably level 5+ for the second tier in the PHB, i'd still expect sleeping outside town walls.

>> No.50062928

Who in their right mind is going to Fawkes a phoenix?

>> No.50062933

>some weird buddhist shit
>Not Indo-Chinese Hinduism

My dad knew an Indonesian guy who got some magic water from some Naga once.
He was riding his bike through a forest on Java when he spotted a tree with a hollow full of water. He then announced to the local Naga that he was taking the water home to his village and filled a flask with it. He ended up giving the water to the village elder who used it in local medicines instead of well water.

>> No.50062936

Real life blue, or projected blue?
An object that appears blue is entirely opposite of a light sorce shining blue.

>> No.50062980

Yeah Im pretty ignorant, It was that I was thinking of, Like, Non-Evil Serpent stuff.

>> No.50062997

Does anyone else prefer Dragonborn as something you become rather than something you are born as? I kinda liked the earlier lore behind them and the lore of the Mojh from arcana unearthed.

>> No.50063005

There is a new password for the http://dndadventurersleague.org/adventures site: volothampgeddarm

It contains a low-level adventure ("In Volo's Wake") and guidelines for VGtM races in AL. They're both in the Mega under Adventurers League -> Season 5.

Thanks to a kind anon for sharing this.

And as usual, if anyone wants to contribute the latest AL adventures from the DMs Guild (DDAL05-04 and 05), you can do so via the Discord or the email in the OP.

>> No.50063029

Protection from fire spells? Love conquers all?

>> No.50063038

>Not born

>> No.50063049

Born again after you accept Raptor Jesus as your one true lord and savior.

Shit, anon, how new are you?

>> No.50063061

Someone with a snuff fetish

>> No.50063069

Maiev Shadowsong is a vengeance paladin with a UA revised hunter/deepstalker ranger dip.
Mordred the Phantom Assassin is a vengeance Paladin with a rogue assassin dip.

>> No.50063087

I was just shitposting

>> No.50063100

Transhumanist Dragonborn best dragonborn

>> No.50063149

Im gonna be playing an Eladrin Knight on a mission to the pmp to find some artifacts and shit

How should I best structre my gishyness? We start at level 7 for some reason.

5 EKnight 2 Bladesinger?

Pure EKnight, Dex based? STR based?

Pure Bladesinger?

Not doing valor bard or bladelock.

>> No.50063176

This sounds fucking amazing

>> No.50063193


Pure EK to start with so you get the level 7 ability, then take Bladesinger for your next two levels.

>> No.50063202 [SPOILER] 

Let's face it, we all know the race that Volo's Guide really needed to include.

>> No.50063220

That's not a bullywug or a flumph

>> No.50063225

>Even bothering with Bladesinger
It's suck a lacklustre class option.
Pure Eldritch Knight or Pure Wizard of any tradition and make use of that Elf Weapon Training race feature.

>> No.50063233

has anyone run out of the abyss? what did you think about it? anything you would change or do differently if you played it again?

>> No.50063234

Bullywug needs to happen just as much as the insane fish-people. I can only dream.
>next book is literally called "Volo's Guide to the Dumbest Races in the Realm"

>> No.50063238 [DELETED] 

from the content in >>50063005 this is what WotC intends

>“Well met.” (sound of children laughing) “I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones.” (sound of wine glasses clinking) “I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” (sound of an old man chuckling) “Giddyup!” (sound of a bullwhip cracking and wagon wheels rolling) “Life is a journey, not a destination.” (sound of a happy baby gurgle) “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (sound of a stair creaking
Not for resale. Permission granted to print or photocopy this document for personal use only.
underfoot) “Not all those who wander are lost.” "We'll be friends forever won't we?" (sound of buzzing)

>> No.50063252

>[such] a lacklustre class option
Shit, my innermost thoughts on SCAG applied to any other D&D setting coming out.

>> No.50063255

It's nice to know there's like...4 fans of bullywugs in the thread. Though one or more of you might be the same poster.

>> No.50063262

from the content in >>50063005 this is what WotC intends

>“Well met.” (sound of children laughing) “I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones.” (sound of wine glasses clinking) “I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” (sound of an old man chuckling) “Giddyup!” (sound of a bullwhip cracking and wagon wheels rolling) “Life is a journey, not a destination.” (sound of a happy baby gurgle) “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (sound of a stair creaking underfoot) “Not all those who wander are lost.” "We'll be friends forever won't we?" (sound of buzzing)

>> No.50063263

>that pic and filename
It's not a cursed item if that happens to be his fetish, though.

>> No.50063276

So would proper Kenku roleplay be to have your laptop open to a video filled with stock sound effects?

>> No.50063282


>> No.50063293

>Kenku battlemaster shoots soldier off cliff
>Wilhelm scream
I can dig it

>> No.50063295

Sounds terrible.

>> No.50063330

This has always been how they're supposed to sound.

>> No.50063333

Nah, its fine. couldn't possibly get more annoying over time

>> No.50063356

I would have also preferred to see Bullywugs to a Triton. I don't even know what a Triton is.
I hope it's not just an aquatic human, we already have water genasi.

>> No.50063392

>no gnolls

but why though

>> No.50063395

A triton is basically a two legged mer-person. You know, so you don't end up flopping around on the ground with your useless tail when on land, and I guess turning human on land is too much. You still have ridiculous flippers so probably waddle around like a scuba diver or floppy shoed clown.

>> No.50063403

I hope they've done a little more than just blue humans with waterbreathing

>> No.50063404

>Up to +5 AC
>Up to +5 on concentration checks
>Increased movement

Those are pretty nice for just a 2 lvl dip, anon (although admittedly an EK will never have 20 int).

>> No.50063426

I'd assume they've had to find ways to make each playable monster racially diverse and unique, potentially useful and they've chosen what they did to avoid overlapping as much as possible.

But that may be optimistic.

>> No.50063439

I've been functioning under the assumption non of these races have sub-races. Unless The Goblinoids have been grouped together.

>> No.50063457

Human origin dragonborn also explain lizardtits

>> No.50063526

>Unless The Goblinoids have been grouped together.
That seems possible. One reason I suspect bullywugs or some of the other suggestions wouldn't have made the cut is too many monstrous monster races. They needed more with the potential to be ridiculously attractive to entice a certain crowd. You know, similar to why they lumped the Blood Elves into the Horde in WoW.

>> No.50063535

From what I have seen so far, it looks pretty good.

>> No.50063591

>all these new races

I'm so glad we already started our long campaign so I don't have to deal with a weird as fuck party.

>> No.50063594

>I'd probably allow them if not for the wording on
Silver-tonged. And hunters mark.

>> No.50063645


Thanks for the pass anon. Really bummed out that they're restricting any Volo's races to specific factions and requiring membership in one of those. Kind of a weird moment of iron fisting people's RP choices.

>> No.50063665 [DELETED] 

I wonder if my DM will allow me to fluff Lizardman as automaton race.

>> No.50063676

You can always.. just not allowing them? It's not like people allow DMG race.

>> No.50063695

Too soon anon.

>> No.50063736

Clearly it's Purple as the BEST with Red coming second.

Colors of Royalty coming in nigga. Dirty plebs best move out of the way.

>> No.50063742

Then it's good.
A one level or 3 level dip?
Because Paladin/Hunter has that nasty combat ability where they can charge into a crowd and just wreck shit.

>> No.50063752

It's sounds like you're speaking in "alignment language".

My best bet is its Neutral good.

>> No.50063755

It's been years.

>> No.50063793

>Not Rakasta

This angers me.

>> No.50063821

Dex based EK wearing a breastplate.

Use a rapier and the dueling fighting style.

Shield is your bread and butter.

Use booming blade for locking down targets.

Use blade burst when surrounded.

Use firebolt for ranged.

Use mage hand for utility.

Maybe swap out firebolt for mould earth to get more terrain control.

Don't go bladesinger.
Go abjuration wizard if you really wanna dip.

>> No.50063831

You're mad that a Forgotten Realms book has a Forgotten Realms race and not a Mystara race?

>> No.50063858

>Don't go bladesinger.

Why not? I mean it's exclusive to wearing breastplate obviously but a high elf dex EK can easily hit 22AC by level 8 while singing. It's a good dip if you're looking for AC shenanigans, and the bonus to concentration doesn't hurt either.

>> No.50063870


Scratch that, by level 10.

>> No.50063893

No. Just not a fan of the name, plus My DM has been using the Rakasta forever in our campaigns so I'm a little bias is all. I personally just want to see the details and design on them. When does the book drop?

>> No.50063900

What's wrong with the wording, specifically?

>> No.50063914

>When does the book drop?
Thursday for WPN stores, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds, the 15th for everywhere else.

>> No.50063932

Hey guys. Looking to do a premade for a mixed group of people new and familiar to D&D. Out of the five premade options starting at level one (Lost Mine of Phandelver, Horde of the Dragon Queen, Out of the Abyss, Princes of the Apocalypse, and Curse of Strahd), which one do you recommend? Or, alternatively, how shall I get them to choose without giving up key story elements?

>> No.50063938


LMoP is for very new players, so I'd say skip that. Of the options you mentioned, I'd recommend Curse of Strahd if your party is okay with gothic horror and lots of undead. Otherwise Storm King's Thunder has been a fun (if lethal) ride so far.

>> No.50063939

Bladesong works only while not wearing armour.
Yes you use mage armour rituals to replace the breastplate, blowing a short rest resource and a spell slot to get that AC.

Fucks sake there's a Valour bard/Dragon Sorcerer multiclass that allows you to get just as much AC.

Also as an EK your magic is either utility, a ranged cantrip or ABJURATION spells.

Read what a two level dip into abjuration wizard does.
>more known spells
>more cantrips
>Fucking Arcane Ward

>> No.50063942

>equipping a shield
>as an arcane caster and melee

That hand economy is FUBAR, unless you really don't want to use M spells, wands or scrolls . I really hope you meant shield spell, plebbitspacer.

>> No.50063953

God. I'd take Psionics in either an Eberron or Dark Sun book. Just give me something more that Faerun please.

>> No.50063966

Just me, but Dragonborn in my setting were basically organic golems made to serve Dragonkind until Tiamat gave them genders and free will to further vex Bahamut after he tried to get her to stop injecting her fetishes into all of the Gods' plans.

>> No.50063975


>> No.50063976


You can wear light armor while bladesinging, anon.

And abjuration ward is nice, but for most of a Eldritch Knight's life it's not going to be giving you much HP since your spell slots are generally going to be low level. I'm not saying it's awful, I just don't think it's so good as to make blade singing's AC + speed + concentration advantages null and void.

>> No.50064034

I'd recommend Curse of Strahd if you're up to reading it thoroughly and think you can put on a good BBEG act. I've always found that new players and older players love RP heavy adventures, the best middle ground when players don't know how to combat or hex-crawl yet.

Hex-crawling and rogue'n triggers newbies though, for some reason they feel like the DM is giving one person the spotlight, be it the ranger or rogue, even though he's describing the stuff for everybody at the table.

>> No.50064039

Pretty much, that was pretty much from"What if Tiamat was a Fujoshi"
Also Bahamut killed her by ripping off each of her heads right after that.

>> No.50064072

I kek'd

>> No.50064092

OotA is kinda a drag. It's very dark and edgy survival atmosphere that is just abrasive to most tables that turns players off. The first half is survival, not many tables like hex crawling that much to do it for half a dozen sessions. Second half is pretty silly and feels very forced if the DM didn't hit home the whole demon lord thing in the first part, the players might just not even want to go back into the Underdark.

>> No.50064103

Gnolls don't make for very good adventurers. They're bloodthirsty, incredibly stupid, cannibalistic, and see anything alive that isn't a gnoll as a more immediate source of loot and food. They are chaotic-stupid demon-bred shit-for-brains mongrels.

>> No.50064110

>Does anyone else prefer Dragonborn as something you become rather than something you are born as?

Everyone except 4rries I imagine

>> No.50064175


>No sea elves

Man we are gonna get those only in a campaign book it seems.

It's not even that hard to write that shit up.

Sea elves

ASI Con +1

Aquatic trait :

-swim speed = 30


Extra language: Aquan

Mariner : Advantage on Athletics checks and +1 AC while wearing no armour.

Sea elf culture:
Seafaring merchants and pirates who live on isolated or hidden islands.
They place large value on metallic goods and self sufficiency.
Militaristic culture where everyone is expected to pull their weight.

>> No.50064218

Go pure bladesinger. Fear + Booming Blade is fun. Haste is fun. Spell are fun in general.

>> No.50064223

What else than the shield spell could I have meant there.
Also dueling requires free off hand and so does spell casting.

As opposed to just taking your first level as Dragon Sorcerer for Con saves , free AC, better Hp and the Shield spell and then going full valour bard?

>> No.50064275

Do your characters have pets /5eg/?

Here's a familiar for one of my dudes, I named him Meowl.

>> No.50064279

>3ft wingspan

Maybe if you're a fucking giant or some hit

>> No.50064312

I didn't make it up, it's part of storm kings thunder.

He is pretty sweet though. Complements my gnome pretty well.

>> No.50064368

Assuming 16 DEX.
Sorc + Bard:
16 AC
Bladesong + Mage Armor

How is that just as much?? Unless you blow a feat on Warcaster for 2 AC from shield. But then Bladesinger can invest on ASI too.

>> No.50064399

That's the best origin for them. Weird body horror magical techniques that have been lost to time/may still exist somewhere hidden deep in the world.

Imagine an Alien Hive, except transmutational egg-pods embedded into the walls and ground, pulsating with an eery amber light.

>> No.50064452

Mage armor ritual???

>> No.50064514

>Do you prefer your lizard tits to be natural, or the result of some otherkin transformation fetish

>> No.50064564

>Be a fan of the Critical Role stuff
>Matt Mercer is actually pretty damn good
>Want to try out some of his more signuture stuff like 'How do you want to do this?'
>Feel incredibly shallow/unoriginal at the thought

Anybody else have this problem? It's like if I can't convince myself that it's at least vaguely original it feels empty, even though I'm playing extremely derivative fantasy.

>> No.50064565

5e Dragonborn don't have tits.

>> No.50064582

Doesn't matter, Lizard Tits meme is here to stay.

>> No.50064584

Except for the lore in editions past when they weren't all like that, from 3.5's "gnolls in Droaam have abandoned Yeenoghu to forge a civilization" to 4e's "many tribes abandon Yeenoghu's taint and embrace their ancestry as hyenas to live as hunters", sure.

I may have been living under a rock all these years, but I thought that the Dragonborn transformation was absolutely hated both in terms of lore and in terms of how bad the racial profile was.

>> No.50064599

It was, but 4e hate is stronger than the accuracy of the average 3aboos memory.

>> No.50064623

What's the point of a dice tower? Isn't it more fun to chuck your dice across the table?

>> No.50064655

No you're just a faggot. Nothing is truly original anymore, it's all been done and there's no way around it. So instead of wracking your brain and getting upset that you're not original enough, accept the way things are, stop being a dumbass, and just borrow the things that you think are worth using and just dump the rest.

Stop being a fucking child about it.

>> No.50064662

The point of Dice Towers is either to show off your mad disposable income to your nerd friends, or to tell the faggots that drop dice, pick them up, and declare a nat 20 that you're done with their bullshit.

>> No.50064693

I thought that's what those retarded hero forge minis are for?

>mfw there's a neckbeard at my local store with a metal hero forge mini
>he commissioned someone to paint it for him too
>and he ordered a commission drawing from some tumblr hentai artist

I've liked some of my characters before, but I don't think I've loved anything more than this man loves his waifu.

>> No.50064700

What's a dice tower?

>> No.50064711

Just gonna go from zero to sixty on anger, are we?

>> No.50064782

$20 or more piece of cardboard/plastic/wood that you roll your dice into if you're autistic and think your dice go flying across the room when you toss them.

>> No.50064786

Nah dawg, check it. Wyrmwood Gaming dice towers if you want to bring your epeen to the IRL table.

>> No.50064790

Normies reeee etc

>> No.50064823


>This full size dice tower is held together entirely with powerful rare earth magnets, and can be assembled or disassembled in seconds. Portability and rolling capacity combine to make this the dice tower you’ve been waiting for.
>$165~325 USD

wtf why? Just throw your plastic shit across the table. Who buys this crap?

I now want to explore the world of retarded tabletop peripherals. This shit makes >>50064693 look practical.

>> No.50064835

Literally it's about having a raging nerd-on for hardwood. You don't buy from them because you give a shit about where your dice go, you buy from them to own expensive gaming accessories made out of fancy wood.

>> No.50064861

Should Warforged be immune to sleep effects?

I'm planning to have the villain try and drug the party to kidnap them, but one of the party is a Warforged. Should he be immune to the drug?

The Unearthed Arcana says that warforged don't have to eat or drink but can if they want to, and doesn't mention anything about immunity to poison or sleep effects, but it DOES mention that Warforged technically don't sleep at all, they just go inactive.
What should I do?

>> No.50064862

I don't understand, what's the point? I've never heard of this before

>> No.50064904

I think that, since Warforged can feel pain, it's reasonable for them to be able to be sedated by medication. It's kind of a needed thing if you need to repair a body, even a Warforged one.

So I wouldn't make them immune to drugs. I would also try to subtly make it clear to my players (especially the Warforged one), maybe by introducing some kind of drinking game at 1 point and showing that the Warforged isn't immune to intoxication.

>> No.50064913

It's luxury bullshit. You don't need it. Looks really fucking cool though, if you like the look of exotic hardwoods.

>> No.50064941

If you mean dice towers in general, it's so the roll is "legitimate"
You can't cup or slide a roll in one of the towers, and makes it more of a spectacle so you can't hide a roll and say, "Oh I got a 20!"

If you mean the extremely fancy Wyrmwood ones, well, uh, if you're really into fancy wood there's that. I mean, they are super nice, just not several hundred dollars nice.

>> No.50064984

I've only been playing for about 3 months, are cheaters really that common?

90% of the people I've played with have been really cool and chill, and the other 10% get weeded out pretty quickly

>> No.50065005

I've never encountered one myself, but I guess when you do get one they're pretty bad, considering they're cheating in a fucking roleplaying game.

>> No.50065154

Does the following seem balanced for a sleeping poison?
Too strong?
Should I allow anyone asleep to be shaken awake as an action?

The drinks are drugged with a sleeping poison. After a few minutes, anyone who drinks must make a DC15 Constitution saving throw.
On a success, the character remains conscious, but is still groggy and considered Poisoned (disadvantage on attack rolls + ability checks) for 1d6 hours.
If the save is failed, the character is considered Poisoned and rendered unconscious for 1d6+4 hours.

>> No.50065231

What's the cutest monster?

>> No.50065232

Inb4 Elf

>> No.50065258

Elves are immune to sleep caused by MAGIC.

Poisons aren't magic.

>> No.50065261


>> No.50065279

> Magical realm date rape drug
> not magic

>> No.50065287

Just because there's magic in the world doesn't mean non-magical things don't exist.
Just like a bear or a wolf isn't magical, neither is a poison brewed from plant leaves or animal venom.

>> No.50065371

> He still doesn't realize that no one want his fetish in the game.

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