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Pathfinder General /pfg/

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

What's the spoopiest setting you've used?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Kineticists of Porphyra IV: End of an Era playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XTgiUdDSrTCvATEDeDJ4MnbDgS6KEBLu2e9mjj5fwaw/edit
Broken Shackles Playtest: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59701/broken-shackles-test-play

Old thread: >>50040263

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guys, I'm sending a level ten wizard into a dungeon alone with the goal of sneaking past traps and setting up my own for a final confrontation against an evil party that will be coming in after me. I have an amulet of detect traps, but what spells will help me get through without using too many spell slots?

I'm svaing my level 4 spells for enervation, and one cast of greater invisibility. Knocking the entire party down 2 levels on average will make the fight much easier.

Everything PF is allowed. Everything. I have been asked not to go overboard on wands and scrolls, though.

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Soooooo whats the spoopiest character you've played?

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Yo, you see EZG mentioned N. Jolly in his review for Occult Adventures?

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R-r-reposting for people interested in the lewd gestalt game, this is the waiting room.


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Asking for more after you've clearly got a large load? My my, you are *insatiable.*

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Cimbar, Chessenta. The Plane of Shadow was leaking out into it during the Pathfinder game I ran in the Forgotten Realms.

Combine ancient Athens, the Plane of Shadow from MotP, and the "spooky effects" table from Heroes of Horror.

The elven Evoker's light would expand to it's normal size, then cut in half.
The blind Lore Oracle kept hearing screams
The elven rogue lost her shadow, but it eventually came back
The gnome fighter with the converted Goliath hammer was fine

The enemies were either undead, fey, or used the shadow template, ogres were eating elven children, and the red dots that replaced the stars kept staring at them.

After everything was fixed on the Material plane, they had to go to the Plane of Shadow and fix things there.

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I want to fuck Urgathoa on the first date!

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Hey, if people are interested then it's not fair to leave them out~

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Pumpkinhead Witch.

She steals souls.

and sadly often has to do the healing, since 'in combat healing is useless' is a fucking meme.

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Did she have a pumpkinhead familiar?

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Naw. Gravewalker.

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>ywn play a leaf leshy investigator that lived in a bakery

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Is it over text or voice?

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So, was there ever a consensus on how lewd the campaign was going to be?

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God damn it why do i have to work tomorrow. I'd join this shit so fast fml.

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The campaign isn't accepting people until next year, anon-kun.

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Not as of yet, that's for the party to decide when it happens.

Like >>50047327 said it's not open for a few months, this is just a waiting room/mailing list

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Apologies, I'm on my phone so could not look on roll20 to get details.

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What are some good and lewd character gestalts you'd want to see done in that RotRL campaign?

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Is pure!

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the lustful paladin going against their vows is some high quality lewd

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>Immunity to fear, both magical and non
>No-cost healing
I see little reason for paladins to not be into BDSM.

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Anyone ever played a game that took place on one of the other planets?
I really like Triaxus.

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... Especially if the paladin starts small, and writes their actions off as "cheat days" or "small indulgences."

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Triaxus is a planet of degenerate dragonfuckers who are also kind of elves and furry.

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>Anyone ever played a game that took place on one of the other planets?

Reign of Winter has an entire book on Triaxus, and the setting book "Distant Worlds" details every planet and possible hooks.

There's even a flesh-world filled with violent rape monsters that would make Geiger blush.

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Winter Triaxians are furry, Summer Triaxians are probably very hairless.

And there's nothing wrong with fucking dragons, you bigot!

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>1 player out of 6 says that they can't come, no big deal
>make a spooky DMing witch costume
>buy food and set up snack bowls on the gridmat
>decorate the place a bit with halloween shit
>spent the evening nervously watching the clock tick waiting
>nobody shows up, even the people who said they'd come before the one apparently mandatory friend canceled
>rip costume to pieces while eating ice cream
How are your games going /pfg/?

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Actually no, Summer Triaxans are actually just brown-furred instead of white.

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>mfw the lustful Paladin starts taking Harlot Sweets
>mfw as their intelligence drops they start getting put in lewder and lewder situations
>mfw they remain (mentally) pure

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It's better than Mars and the two gas-giants filled with monstrous jelly-fish.

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>"Honey, what are you doing? You've been pulling rocks though the river all morning. The water is ice cold. Are building a dam?"
"Penance. Two hour of harsh labor for every moment of weakness. For each indulgence."
>"Is that because we... because yesterday?"
>"But that was just once, and you're here half a day already."
"Got other plans for tonight?"

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Who says she's going against her vows?

Think diablo 3 crusaders - they're allowed casual sex; they just gotta keep crusading and they gotta have an apprentice.

my personal headcanon is that the female crusaders prefer anal because getting knocked up forces one to stop crusading for a while


>Fem Crusader and female apprentice go to desert; innkeepers son hits on apprentice - offers to bathe with her. Apprentice gets flustered. Crusader finds it amusing; later lectures her apprentice with "you could have taken him up on the offer, young love is beautiful - and our oaths don't foreswear such things and it would probably be good to get it out of the way before you take my name and armor when my crusade ends". Apprentice refuses anyways "Oaths don't prevent it, good taste does".

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>gm canceled Saturday for Halloween party
>second week in a row we couldn't play
>won't respond to us asking if we're playing this weekend
>Just fuck my shit up
I just want to necromancer and rpg with good friends, I have so many silly ideas for skeletons, thorium, cobalt 60, uranium, but alas I spooky the nights away writing term papers.

Reeeeee normies

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Yo all, Legendary Villains: Vigilantes comes out this Friday, and I continue to love the cover forever.

Everyone having a good spoopoween?

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There's nothing in the Paladin's code (besides the Vow of Chastity) that says casual sex is forbidden, in fact some Paladins might see it as a good way to spread love, confidence, sexual experience or even an expression of faith (Shelyn, Arshea and Lymneris.)

>That spoiler

I want that to be my head-canon for Paladins now.

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They're all at a party talking about how much of a loser they think you are.
Just kidding, they never think of you.

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Okay, I don't know why the cover was that small.

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It was for the ant posters

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[mariachi version of hello darkness plays softly]

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There's also paladins / clerics who worship gods of love / fertility who may be willing to step in as marriage councillors or sexual surrogates. Safe, Sane, Consensual.

Also seen some stuff about ones that work as sort of sacred prostitutes in their off time. Immunity to disease and a boatload of compassion allows for a whole lot of "loving the unloved".

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Don't forget about Paladins of Ara-ara~stil

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What the fuck man

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I remember reading a big long relatively official article about it but I cant remember where. I think it was in the archives of nethys.

Not uncommon to many paladins / clerics. They make sure that no feelings will be hurt etc in doing it though.

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Did you actually notify your players, or did you just do a thing and expect people to magically be aware?

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It's okay anon. I think of of you, I have room in my heart for all the poor fa/tg/uys here.

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Do you mean Daikitsu? Because the Tien version of Erastil is the Kitsune Goddess Daikitsu.


The sacred prostitutes are Lymnieris (the goddess of prostitutes, virgins and coming of age) and Arshea (the goddess of liking to fuck.) You could argue Shelyn has a thing for free love, but not really; she's more interested in genuine affection between two people, which is often why you'd find Paladins of Shelyn declaring a pretty man or woman the "object of their affection" and doing great works in their name.

As for the fertility bits, that's both Erastil and Shelyn's domain; Shelyn loves babies, and she would undoubtedly look kindly upon a Paladin that offers herself as a surrogate should a wife be barren, or a man proves infertile - hell, odds are the kid will be blessed and come out an Aasimar.

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>I remember reading a big long relatively official article about it but I cant remember where. I think it was in the archives of nethys.

Here's the article you might be thinking about; https://ckoriks-rise-of-the-runelords.obsidianportal.com/wikis/shelyn

The gist of this entire conversation is,

>Shelyn's #1 for a cute, romantic and kind of lewd Paladin/Cleric
>Erastil is #1 if you want a Paladin/Cleric in a duo app with their fiance or even spouse
>Arshea is #1 if you just want a Paladin/Cleric that loves to fuck

Lymnieris is if you want to play a hooker with a heart of gold that rescues children and believes themselves to be too sullied by their past to find love, only to get swept off their feet by a handsome man/woman that loves them for who they are, not what they were~

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If other people were saying they would come it's pretty clear that there was some kind of notification they were responding to.

>> No.50048196

Hmm, not sure that's the article I'm thinking of, but it is an interesting read.

>> No.50048244

Thanks anon

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Why do people say the Kineticist is Tier 5? It's at least tier 4.

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Ara-arastil is a doe, silly. A deer!

>> No.50048341

A female deer?

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Is this bait?

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Alrighty. It's October 31st, at 10:30ish pm, and my Patreon promises at least one thing per month. The last couple weeks have been a bit of a nightmare on my end, and I'm sorry for the long delay. Here's a Halloween treat, though:

I'm happy to announce that I've gotten the Avowed ready for public playtesting. This is not 100% completed (there's still several pacts to add and a decent chunk of clauses to fill out the Greater and Final grades, more feats to write, and one archetype that will be included in this book, and finally an expansion on the fluff section. Also a new cover in the works, but that's not content).

You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg

In this PDF is the Avowed base class, playable from 1-20, and the Dragon, Fiend, Old One, Shadow, Otyugh, and Nation pacts. The other pacts for this book (Celestial, Court Fey, Elemental, and Self) haven't been finished yet, but will be up soon, as they're written.

I'll be putting up the vote for November's project in the morning. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I've got posted up now, and I look forward to any feedback you've got.

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And then there's SarenRAE, a drop of golden sun!

>> No.50048391

How the devil am I supposed to play a mesmerist?

>> No.50048412

Pile on the debuffs

>> No.50048434


What is this, a toy-breed Momiji?

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>tfw entire character concept was transcendent warlord
>antipaladin/zealot or gunsmoke mystic using tempest gale for guns and mirthal current for katana melee
>literally entire character concept is "My Right Is That To Rule"

>> No.50048453


Nigga if you don't use that tempest gale to get some Wanted-grade bullet bending or Equilibrium Gun kata going on than I don't even wanna talk to you.

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>tfw put together a ravenloft dungeoncrawl for my 12th level group of NEETs
>themed snacks
>sweet props
>chilling soundtrack
>awesome costume
>puzzles and combat and social encounters alike
>custom magic items for each of their characters
>possibly the greatest session i've ever made
>turn down other halloween parties because i want these guys to have a good time
>confirmed with them two weeks ahead of time
>confirmed again last week
>confirmed again this morning
>everyone's coming for sure
>we were supposed to start three hours ago
>mfw but nobody came

Well fuck you too, then. You'd better all be dead.

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>River Kingdom built entirely around advancing in political office through dueling your superior
>The Heir Apparent is a level 9 fighter
>Current ruler is a level 10 fighter

Well gee whizz.

What culture is Mivon supposed to be inspired by, anyway? Gaspar Tellick and Raston Selline give off French vibes, but it's in the Not!Balkans.

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Hey, we had the same night! >>50047832

Don't kill your friends anon. They are just depressed and don't want to leave their houses or something. Also don't destroy your costume it isn't as cathartic as you may think.

>> No.50048656

>find an awesome game here on 4chan
>Cool setting and we're going to be working on a joint mining venture creating a settlement and shit in the jungle
>Interesting intrigue is introduced God animals that are flipping the shit out and aberrations coming from the underground river
>Big encounter we manage to kill a Mythic Hydra in one turn that killed 6 of our guys.
>We all get a rank of mythic tier
>Things were actually starting to get fun when exploring the underground river we find psionic shrimp we were going to sell and ancient forges with Platinum still inside (meteor extinction event occured nearby)
>About to head to town to sell all our shit and get mad dosh and get some gear and more workers to setup the camp
>that fucking feel when GM just disappears never said sorry i have to cancel the game due to personal reasons he just never talked again
>still in my friends list on Skype

I feel like I should ask why... but what's the point it all ended way back in june.

I had invested so much time into that game. I and one of the other players did the record keeping and calculated what workers we were going to hire for a mix of profit and efficiency the other guy even made a balance spreadsheet for our company.

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It's a hodge-podge of French, Italian and Spanish. Basically any culture that had a culture that valued duelists in some form.

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>Lymnieris worshipper is swept off her feet by a strong, earnest young Erastilean
>Why care about the past when they can build a future together?

10/10 would read a trashy short story about it

>> No.50048715


>Short story
>not duo app for that campaign everyone's excited for

The Swallowtail Festival at the start of the campaign attracts the Erastilian, and the town already has a very pleasant brothel called the Pixie's Kitten, for the Lymnieris.

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>realization that the campaign is going to attract a fuckton of duo-apps
>no real room in most of my potential characters to set up anything like that
>was probably going to just roll with "shut-in who finally decides to go out and live, starting with the festival"

Fuck now I'm trying to figure out how to multiclass to squeeze in a 2 level magus dip yet have a full CL on one side, yet I hate multiclassing.

>> No.50049057


You're fine dude, duo apps are a meme and probably won't even be a major thing for the campaign.

>> No.50049107

I'm not gonna kill 'em but I am fucking done DMing for them. Last straw. They don't respect and appreciate the work that goes into it, they don't get it anymore.

Sorry your night turned to shit, mate.

>> No.50049122

I don't really care about it, but the duo-app meme is in full swing, so it's likely to cause enough of a ruckus to drown everything else out.

Still salty that the magus arcane pool doesn't get translated to the enhancement sphere. Also still not sure how to set up one side of the gestalt. Magus 2/[something with initiating], with straight Incanter down the other side of the gestalt, looked kind of fun, but I just don't know.

>> No.50049201


>tfw I just want to play an accomplished swordsman who wants to live a quiet life, retiring to Sandpoint from the hustle and bustle of Magnimar to paint

Happy little trees, that's all he wants.

>> No.50049225

So /pfg/ I'm making a homebrew class mashing the Aegis and Soulknife for ultimate Green Lantern-iness. Also because base Soulknife is weak and Aegis is just for dips.

Here are my first thoughts/first mock up, and I'm looking for any and all critique.

>First level gain both a Soulblade and an Astral Suit
>>Possibly change Soulblade from a straight progression to customization points like the Astral Suit? Change some Blade Skills into customizations?
>>>Increase customization points
>Second and every even level get a talent (Blade Skills + talents made for the Agis and the new powers)
>Fifth level get an ability to make walls and platforms
>>Customizations and talents for this. Name: Ectoplasmic Edifice(?)
>Ninth Level get energy tentacle. Grab things, grapple foes, etc
>>Customizations and talents for this. More tentacles, Grab and Constrict attacks...
>Level 13 Astral Construct as a Psi-Like ability
>Level 17 and Level 20 capstone... still thinking about it.
>Other odd levels get some smaller abilities like Reconfigure and Augment.
>Archetypes for specializing on the Soulblade, specializing on the Astral Suit, trading the Green Lantern stuff for psionic powers, veils or maneuvers.

Any thoughts, comments, name calling?

>> No.50049253

How do I optimize for sodomy with 1pp only?

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>> No.50049273


Barbarian, probably.

Activate Rage when you want to ruin that ass.

>> No.50049443

Pretty sure there's a blade skill that gives you a suit and some customizations

>> No.50049495

If I'm a Packmaster Hunter level 7 and have a level 3 and 4 creature, and get Boon Companion x2 are they considered to be level 7 and 8, respectively? Or does it not work that way?

>> No.50049564

Fantasy worlds are dangerous places. Apprenticeships are hardcore due to the following journeyman phase, so every starting journeyman is a level 1 gestalt of their trade and an adventuring class. The hardcore training continues to give a second and final gestalt level. Kids are L0 gestalts. Ordinary levels after that.

>> No.50049644

Nope. There is an archetype that gives a shitty armor but no customization and it reduces you enhancements on the armor and the blade by 2. Don't remember if it was made into a Blade Skill on the newwer books.

But it's not just about getting armor, it's about being a full astral artisan, a soul sculptor. Also because having a class that makes armor and one that makes weapons separately has always grated my autism. They're basically two sides of the same power.

>> No.50049723

>ywn be in the best duo app of all time

>> No.50049744

Anyone want to duo app for me for the Lewd Gestalt game?

I'm a NE Insinuator Antipaladin/Gunsmoke Mystic whose entire theme is "Mine is the Right to rule.".

I need a strategist to compliment my charismatic leader. Anyone want to join me to conquer?

>> No.50049764

I need to come up with a sort of rogue that makes little gadgets that she can use for general rogue business.

Any ideas?

>> No.50049768

I'm already in a game, else I'd turn it into a trio-app and roll up some dumb muscle for those guys.

>> No.50049787

Every conquest needs the following:
>Charismatic Warlord
>Conniving Strategist
>Big Muscle
>Laughing Trickster

The conqueror and his generals essentially.

>> No.50049788

What are the three best APs? I'm thinking of running a Pathfinder game for my group but I can't decide which one. One has played Pathfinder, one has played 3.5, two have never played tabletop before but have played lots of RPG games and one has played 2e, fyi.

>> No.50049806

Iron Gods
Jade Regent
Rise of the Runelords

>> No.50049807

Your excellency.

>> No.50049820

Let me explain these a little.

Iron Gods is a crazy adventure fighting robots on spaceships using ancient technology and going up an AI trying to achieve divinity.

Jade Regent is ASIAN ADVENTURES bringing a country from the brink of anarchy, and has a romance system.

Rise of the Runelords is the most classic adventure of the three.

>> No.50049843

i really hate the halloween theme.

>> No.50049848

It's only a couple more hours 'till November 1st in Pacific Time. Your suffering is nearly at an end.

>> No.50049851

Skulls and Shackles
You are a pirate.
Drown in booze, coin, power and wenches.

And water. Don't be that guy with a negative to your swim check.

I wish kingmaker was good.

>> No.50049853

Best Class and spec for a Necromancer mechanics wise?

Best Class and spec for a Necromancer flavor wise?

Because I think about this way too much.

>> No.50049861

Thank god.

I don't know why dark blue and orange is hard for me to read. I like the default 4chan theme a lot

>> No.50049883

>tfw you're the only lawfag in your group
Why must I suffer through this?

>> No.50049892

There's only one way to deal with criminals anon.

>> No.50049896

And your other two choices, anon?

>> No.50049918

Must I murder my allies to establish peace and justice?

>> No.50049930

yes, definitely

>> No.50049972

To stand upon the bedrock of the Law is our great duty. To presume to stand above it is our worst heresy.

>> No.50050002

I'll do what I must

>> No.50050015

just remember
Threatening a Judge is an offence

>> No.50050063

Good choice.

>> No.50050076

No Common

>> No.50050082

Negotiation's over. Sentence is death.

>> No.50050092

Damn you Bastion, get away from my payload!

>> No.50050713


>> No.50050722

So how do I get my party to understand that just because I've described something does not mean it can currently be tackled. I've tried explaining exactly what I said in the previous sentence but then they proceed to do bash their head against something til it works.

From last night:
>Party arrives at a gargantuan tree with a swirling portal
>They come to the conclusion that all the monsters are seeping to this plane through this portal
>The monk tries to force himself through the portal and is sent flying back and takes 5d6 damage. He loses over 40% of his health.
>Despite the monk rolling spectacularly and still failing and after a few knowledge checks of explaining that somehow weak monsters are making their way through the portal. There must be someone letting them through (hinting that there is a macguffin to enter the portal) and how it would be very difficult to forcefully breach the portal without the owner's consent.
>Everyone proceeds to take turns trying to breach the portal.
>One of my players literally dropped his health to -8 HP before they decided to go back into town and nurse the dying player to health

I think I'm partially to blame because when the monk rolled an 18 (total after mods 25) and I described that he was able to force himself halfway through and poke his head to see a glimpse on the other side (DC 26). However I feel like everyone would've realized that maybe constantly dealing 5d6 damage to themselves is not the brightest idea, especially when the person with the highest FORT failed with an 18.

>> No.50050954

So what if the enhancement bonus gain is delayed by a level at each of 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th level?

>> No.50051031

GMing a campaign Wednesday, I've gotten the world setting,creatures etc set up, a friend of mine told me I should make a list of spells,races, classes,feats, etc that aren't available for players to use in order to challenge the party. is that a good idea? Cause if so heroic defiance is gone

>> No.50051041

>> No.50051090

People like to blanket ban stuff before hand so players cannot easily break campaigns, or it doesn't match the fluff of your settings, or it would easily trump any individual encounters you have.

Like if your setting is low magic you may completely ban players from creating most of the spellcasting classes.

I personally ban summoners/eidolons because one of my players just goes out of his way to make the OP summoner he can. This very same player also takes a really long time to do his turn and takes 8x longer when he has 8 units.

Also bumped some of the lower level spells higher up on the level because they do not deserve to be where they are. For both players and enemies.

Alternatively, just ask your players to make their characters and look through his sheet and individually not allow them to do certain stuff. Most players are cool with replacing a feat or something if you tell them you don't want them to have it as long as you do this before.

>> No.50051144

I'm considering it since certain people are going to be playing, one person in particular likes to break his&girlfriends characters, last time I GM'd he forced my hand and I busted out a custom npc that used vorpal weapons and a 3rd party dragon that used parasitic spiders as a breath weapon thinking that would do the job of killing his paladin, long story short the vorpal user got a crit on a called shot and the lardass started shit claiming that it didn't decapitate him because he used heroic defiance.

>> No.50051150

2 options anon

A) Don't present players with situations with only one solution. Otherwise there is no point in having players, you're just telling a story.

B) If it is absolutely necessary, ABSOLUTELY, for I too am guilty of presenting the rare, as-yet-impassable obstacle, then allow wisdom checks. If anyone rolls better than a 5, tell them that this is clearly impossible. This is obnoxious, but no more so than the premise of the situation

>> No.50051176

There are multiple solutions but none at the portal. Realistically as I read this back they probably shouldn't have seen the portal in the first place until they already had a good idea on what to do.

In my head it was like you said, I was telling a story. I wanted a huge mysterious portal that would make them curious on how they could enter the portal.

>> No.50051336

>Trying to sleep

>finally am struck with inspiration


>> No.50051352

What are you inspired about?

>> No.50051360

Mug homebrew Garbo

>> No.50051367

Knowledge, Linguistics, or Spellcraft skill checks.

>> No.50051591

I'm going to create a level 10 Brown-fur transmuter arcanist. Are these feat alright?

L1) Nature Soul
L3) Persistent Spell
L5) Animal Ally (Wolf)
L7) Boon Companion
L9) Extend Spell

Mainly going to buff my Wolf and then control the battlefield. Other metamagic (like Empower or Dazing) will be chosen on the fly via Paragon Surge.

>> No.50051730

fuckit. Can't sleep. Time to write.

>> No.50051804

What would be a good class to gestalt to make a nomad type character?Its a WW1 era setting and my character is a *big guy* with big guns.My first class is Pack Mule fighter

>> No.50051811

It's not murder if it's within the law

>> No.50051813

Sorry it's not actually an answer to your question, but I'm curious; how are you going to be doing tanks, automatic weaponry, and similar stuff?

>> No.50051928

>tfw I really like how the mechanics of the avowed look but despise the fluff.

>> No.50051932

>running Pathfinder for people who have never played tabletop games before

>> No.50051937

There is a stat for animated tabk in one of the AP.

>> No.50051962

Any advice on running Carrion Crown?

>> No.50052113

Alright I typed a bunch of gay ass shit for my homebrew and i feel like its garbage but i'm not objective so i will rely on you to tell me how edgy and garbage this is.

>> No.50052263

Ok... if I'm a Sylvan Bloodline Sorcerer, what happen when I use Beast shape 3 to turn my Big Cat into Behemoth Hippopotamus?

Would multiattack's feature allow my new Hippo to bite twice? With vital strike?

>> No.50052340

Multiattack only reduces the penalty for secondary natural attacks. Under no circumstances does it grant any extra attacks.

>> No.50052384


What don't you like about the fluff? It's basically the Warlock only cooler.

If you give us an idea for the character you have in mind we can suggest a way to spin the Avowed as something else.

>> No.50052400

>It's basically the Warlock only cooler.
The thing is I don't really like the Warlock fluff. At all. Being someone else bitch to access your power never really appealed to me.

>> No.50052423

> An animal companion gains Multiattack as a bonus feat if it has three or more natural attacks and does not already have that feat. If it does not have the requisite three or more natural attacks, the animal companion instead gains a second attack with its primary natural weapon, albeit at a –5 penalty.

> If it does not have the requisite three or more natural attacks, the animal companion instead gains a second attack with its primary natural weapon, albeit at a –5 penalty.

> , the animal companion instead gains a second attack with its primary natural weapon, albeit at a –5 penalty.

>> No.50052602

>core rulebook
>advanced players guide
>ultimate magic
>ultimate combat
>ultimate equipment
>advanced race guide

Whats the best way to get a decent resistance to damage and cc of all types as a fighter? I want to make a fighter, monk, or some other non-arcane and non-divine martial class that specializes in straight up fighting and not dying.

>> No.50052613

>I want to make a fighter, monk, or some other non-arcane and non-divine martial class that specializes in straight up fighting and not dying.
>not even advanced class guide
Abandon hope.
You're just a beef wall for casters boy, save the real men their summon spells.

>> No.50052663

(Invulnerable Rager) Barbarian is pretty decent. d12 HD, DR and you can use rage powers like superstition to bolster your other defences.

>> No.50052673

Fighter with Wizard cohort, so you get Stoneskin.

>> No.50052703

What is everyone favorite's gestalt Psionics mix? Double Psionics for maximum powers and power points or mixed with a core/base/path of war/etc?

>> No.50052732

>Being someone else bitch to access your power never really appealed to me.

A pact for power is hardly worse than being an Oracle (where the pact was forced on you) or the Witch, which is a pact of a different sort. Oftentimes the pact offers all sorts of potential plot hooks, and in other cases your technical subservience to an otherworldly being never comes up beyond the fluff.

Are you the Avowed/Empath from yesterday?

>> No.50052754

How can I mechanically reinforce the concept that my character's strength isn't entirely his own? Some kind of infernal pact or dormant bloodline power type of thing. I thought about Eldritch Heritage, but the feat tax is disgusting.
Any 3pp.
This is for a Warlord, if it matters.

>> No.50052760

>A pact for power is hardly worse than being an Oracle (where the pact was forced on you) or the Witch, which is a pact of a different sort.
Yes and I dislike those classes too.
>cases your technical subservience to an otherworldly being never comes up beyond the fluff.
And I still don't like it.
>Are you the Avowed/Empath from yesterday?

>> No.50052770


Just to clarify, this is a single-class character, a Warlord, that you want feats and traits for to reinforce their physical and mental strength is a product of some pact?

>> No.50052787


Then I guess there isn't really any footing to convince you otherwise, I suppose.

>> No.50052830

> Any 3PP
just create a feat for yourself? Actually let us do it for you.

Anonymous Contract
Prerequisites: Warlord level 1
Your power isn't your own. Select one sorcerer bloodline upon taking this feat. You gains that bloodline's 1st-level bloodline power as though you were a 1st-level sorcerer. You must select an ordinary bloodline with this ability, not one altered by an archetype.

>> No.50052880

Hi, does anyone have the pdf of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Combat?

Also why fey foundling from The Inner Sea World Guide is different from d20pfsrd?

>> No.50053004

Yep. I just want some spicy flavour to slap on my build. I've already got that infernal pact drawback I forgot the name of.

No homebrew, it has to be published content.
Yes, I know, I know. Them's the rules.

>> No.50053046


Something to note is that while there /is/ a pact involved in the avowed, the majority of the power they have comes from the link they created with psychic magic. In addition, esoteric pacts are outright just formed by yourself, with no patron at all. Once I get it fully written, Self-pact might be up your alley.

>> No.50053079

>Legacy of dragons had nothing in it for draconic disciple support
But why tho?

>> No.50053080


>> No.50053105

>still no /pfg/ 3pp section on d20pfsrd so everyone could bullshit their own homebrews to DMs like this

>> No.50053118

Because fuck you for daring to want to use a prestige class and have FUN, that's why.

>> No.50053135

That's actually really fucking smart.
One could also assemble a solid looking PDF of loose homebrew and pass it off as a real product. The reason it doesn't show on Google is because it JUST released.

>> No.50053137


Because Legacy of Dragons was the biggest disappointing pile of nothing since Second Darkness.

It wasn't bad, it wasn't good, it just wasn't anything. They had so much potential to expand dragon lore or provide us with amazing tools, traits or mounts and they just gave us nothing that wasn't worthless or prohibitively level-intensive.

I'd go so far as to argue Legacy of Dragons is the point where Paizo went from "obnoxious" to "dull."

>> No.50053145

>psychic magic
>not Psionics

>> No.50053158

go bloodrager 12 DD 8

wow look DD doesn't need any more support because you've just made it a god

>> No.50053183


I want to be a god!

>> No.50053188



What can I say? I enjoy psychic magic's fluff immensely, and it fits perfectly here. Psionics is internal power, which is not on-theme for the Warlock (and thus, the Avowed). I wish they had called it 'Occult Magic,' and am still frustrated by its mechanics, but I've written a great deal of options incorporating psychic magic, including a two-page "here's why there' different, and here's why both have a place in a campaign" intro for the PsiAug Occult project.

For an Avowed though, their power comes from the magic of connections. Their pact is the ultimate connection, and allows them greater power than even their patron possesses, sometimes.

>> No.50053242

Which of the DSP boys is responsible for Warder? It's become my favorite class ever.

>> No.50053251

>prestige class originally designed to let a sorcerer become a midcasting gish is shit at its original goal
>but this other unintended thing that got grandfathered in after the fact works, so it must be okay and totally functional

If I just wanted to play a bloodrager with some of its rage buff shifted to being an all-day passive effect, I would do that.

>> No.50053262


welcome to 3.pf?

>> No.50053286

Warder is probably the only really fun "tank" class that's been designed for Pathfinder. It feels good all around.

>> No.50053287

No tanks, nobody has realized engines could work for cars and tanks and stuff.They have planes however.

Automatic weapons grant a modified Rapid Shot that lets you make an amount of attacks dependent on the weapon.For example, the Not!Italian SMG (with the name changed) allows you to make 3 attacks, at -2, -4, -6.(Most SMGs will be around this ROF, as will most LMGs).

>> No.50053339

You have 10 seconds to justify the existence of (ex)/(su) division of non-(sp) abilities.

>> No.50053365

you may actually want to look at this:

>> No.50053384

Ex isn't affected by AMFs. A terrible justification but a relevant one in this system. Remove antimagic.

>> No.50053394

Holy fuck that's some top-notch character art right there.
Yo, post more Warders.

>> No.50053399

I'm... going to have to disagree with you here. Psychic magic does have its place. At the same time, when it comes to things such as the warlock's or avowed's pact, explaining it actually takes away some of the flavour. "You gain your magic after forming a pact through a mechanism no-one quite understands" just feels BETTER than "You gain your magic because when you form a pact with a dragon, a connection of psychic magic emerges".

And then there's the contents of the pact itself. The origin of the warlock's pact is left up to the player: You can have your powers because you pledged your soul to a devil, you can have them because of some other kind of contract, or because your grandfather made a pact; you can also have them for totally unexplained reasons. Meanwhile, avowed's fiend pact shies just short of stating outright that if you have fiend pact, it's because you're in indentured servitude to a fiend, full stop.

>> No.50053411

do you know some book with rogue/thief tactics? Pathfinder or 3.5 as well, i found just just rogue talents suggestion

>> No.50053430

It's the dumbest shit I swear to god. At least I'm in a group that wouldn't object to homebrewing fixes, even if it would just be some bandaid feat chain that eats up the DD bonus feats.

>> No.50053447


I recognize that character!

>> No.50053454

Who is she?

>> No.50053455

Is Stupendous Strength (DSP Savage Races feat) actually worth it?
Tower Shields seem pretty shit, and you lose a good chunk of damage for not two-handing your big melee weapon.
I mean, fuck, minus TEN armor check penalty for 4 AC and the piddly cover mechanic?
Am I missing something, here?

>> No.50053458

Barb/Oracle works better than Rage Prophet
Sohei/Enlightened Paladin works better than Champion of Irori

>> No.50053460

I'm sorry to hear you're not a fan of the setup. However, I do want to point out that while the pacts do list what common payments for pacts, are, the pacts themselves are left up to the player and the GM.

>A character should always be allowed to access a "no strings attached" pact when taking their first avowed level. The player should work with their GM to determine the source of their pact in such a case (such as inheriting an ancestor's pact, being offered power by a patron with no obligations, or making an esoteric pact). Likewise, if a player wishes to make a more involved pact, the GM should work together with them to build a story for their pact and patron that fits well with the existing the characters and the campaign.

Likewise, the fiend pacts' common payments are listed as... Pretty much just one act. Not indentured servitude, but a foot in the door. If the fiend considers you an investment worth pursuing, then presumably you'll have them giving you more calls and offering stuff in exchange for work, but otherwise, someone patroning an avowed is basically a long-term investment, and they're encouraged to have relatively minimal costs unless the individual patron thinks they can get more out of it.

>> No.50053465

Did I overreact? This is how things went down in the game I run:

>Party is constantly split because they live separately in a city.
>Address one player. "In the late morning, you hear a knock at your front door." *Pause*
>Player: "Ok."
>Me: "You go to the front door and open-"
>Player: "Wait. Not necessarily."
>Me, mildly frustrated: "Fine then. What do you do?"
>Player (sarcastically): "I jump out the window."
>Me: "Ok then, you leap through the window taking" *roll 1d6* "2 damage from cutting the glass. You see standing at your front door is a somewhat shocked-"
>Player: "No, I didn't jump out the window, it was a joke."

Player, pretty fairly, contested my ruling. I said that I need to keep the game running, and if they're going to fuck around with what they say, I'm going to have that happen to keep the game moving at some speed.

The player then announces that they're going to play Hearthstone rather than do that.

Somewhat awkwardly, I move onto the next player, but the Hearthstoner keeps chipping in from the next room with lines like "But do you really do that?"

In response to this, I say I can't run this game if I don't get a certain level of respect from the players, and am no longer going to be running it.

Reason I didn't kick the player: It's only a 3 player game, and I wouldn't run it for just the other 2.

>> No.50053486


It was character art for a c-u-t-e Warder from one of the earlier recruiting campaigns, either the Kingmaker or this current WotR.

>> No.50053502


>Make a pact with a dragon, gain power

Are you telling me I can become Caim?

>> No.50053523

Tell that fucker to jump off a bridge and find literally anyone else to replace him.

>> No.50053526


That player sounds like he had zero respect for you and the campaign, don't feel bad about canceling the campaign.

Besides, it's shit like that which makes this game so exciting; who wants to do the "right thing" all the time anyway? If you're going to spazz out jumping from a window, roll with it.

>> No.50053562

Instead of saying "You go to the front door and open it" you should have asked the player "What do you do?" When you tell people what their character do it rustles their jimmies. You should apologize for how you handled the situation, but in return you're going to take his character decisions at face value. If he says he jumps out a window, he does - no backies, no "I was only joking." I was in a game with someone like that, every scene he'd describe doing something stupid like punching an NPC in the face of stabbing himself with his sword, and then immediately after would say "Just joking!" It ruined the atmosphere of the adventure, so now I enforce every described action fully. If he says he punches an NPC, he does so and there's no turning back the clock. Since I started enforcing his actions he has stopped his antics and everyone seems to be enjoying the game more.

>> No.50053590

Tower Shields are trash and no amount of feats will fix them. They need to be remade.
I propose the following:
Remove the attack penalty.
Reduce the ACP to 4.
You can place it down as a swift or immediate rather than a standard.
All Tower Shields now require 16 STR to wield.
You can't move or attack while the shield is down.
AoE effects stop at the shield as if it was a solid wall (they affect you still)

>> No.50053593

I was deliberating on making a warder and using this very picture for the WotR game but ultimately went with fit small-sized aasimar monk.

>> No.50053616

I know about those, I just don't want someone dealing 10+d8 of damage.
Kick him, give the other 2 some slightly shinier loot. People who want a lulul so randum! Xd game need to find one of those instead of changing another persons game.

>> No.50053618

Honestly, I find Tower Shields to be really solid, so long as you have this feat or the mobile bulwark style line.

>> No.50053619

Wait, hold up--
Tower shields have -10 fucking armor check penalty? What the fuck?

>> No.50053632


Thanks for your support anons. I am going to sleep on it before I do anything else, but I'm going to explain to the guy, an irl friend, what about what he did was unacceptable.

The part that sucks is that I do really love the game, and all three of them enjoy it a heap. But if I ever want to be able to get the cooperation and compliance to run a really great game, then I need to show that I'm not willing to stand for that level of rudeness.


I agree with you. The tough part is with the style of the game there is a lot of day to day minutia that I need to press through for the players to get to their actual choices. As I said, I will take back any action I force on a character if there is an objection to it (as happened).

>> No.50053644


>no takesies backsies
>tfw the DM threw a "joke" enemy at the party that one-shotted my character, the "invulnerable tank" the DM openly declared a challenge to defeat
>tfw the character fuckin' died, not high enough level to resurrect
>tfw the DM tried to say he was "actually alive", hanging by a thread
>tfw I insisted, quite firmly, that he was dead fair and square

This was the same party with a randumb gnome alchemist that continually threw bombs at my character in melee because he "knew I had the HP to handle it." Poor guy didn't realize my character eventually got some (admittedly fluff) hideous facial scars from the bombs and came to openly despise the character, no matter how much he tried to reconcile.

>> No.50053649

You can't ride a horse with a tower shield silly!

>> No.50053650

For swimming it makes sense (It's a fucking massive shield).

>> No.50053656


Anon, you have a gift of making cute and kind of lewd characters!

>> No.50053659

Yes you can.

They're made of wood, just use it as a flotation device.

>> No.50053669


The Romans were not known for their cavalry.

>> No.50053681


It's a shield reinforced with metal, that shield is going to sink.

>> No.50053687

Thing is it's strapped to your arm. So the angles you could get it at would be pretty awkward. It would be an endeavour to turn. But yeah, floating would be fine.

>> No.50053702

Make it out of Darkwood with Mithril reinforcements and it'll weigh less than a normal shield.
But still have a giant ACP for some reason.

>> No.50053733

It's simply because it is massive and cumbersome. For full body motor tasks it's worse than missing an arm.

>> No.50053737

Because it's a slab of wood and metal almost as big as you strapped to your arm. Try to tie doors to your hand and see how unwieldy it is.

Granted, I still think there should be a way to mitigate this. A single feat or something.

>> No.50053746

wood float until it's soaked, then you are fucked

>> No.50053752

According to PF, if the average person has a tower shield and they take 10 on their acrobatics check, they literally can not jump.

>> No.50053760

I don't understand how tower shield has more armor check penalty than fullplate.
I've worn shitty, not made for me fullplate and it wasn't as bad as the tower shield supposedly is.
It's like having the top of a coffee table strapped to your arm, but somehow this makes you produce intense noise, become unable to jump, etc. Whereas full goddamn plate doesn't even come close to that level, apparently.

>> No.50053769

Mobile Bulwark is surprisingly handy for a character using a Tower Shield, since you can actually use it to guard your allies and effectively gain a counter at the third level.

>> No.50053792

If you wear full plate and use a tower shield you need a nat20 autosuccess to climb up a waist high ledge.

>> No.50053793

That's probably because I like cute things. The lewdness comes with pent up sexual frustration.

>> No.50053818

>Tower Shield Specialist (Shield Mastery)
>You wield tower shields with ease.
>Prerequisites: Shield Focus, Tower Shield Proficiency,
base attack bonus +11 or fighter level 8th.
>Benefit: You reduce the armor check penalty for tower shields by 3, and if you have the armor training class feature, you modify the armor check penalty and maximum Dexterity bonus of tower shields as if they were armor.

>> No.50053845

Yikes, don't even get access to the smaller sourcebooks like Weapon Master's Handbook or Magic Tactics Toolbox? Not even the Advanced Class guide? Sorry man, but the best I can offer you is an Invulnerable Rager Barbarian.

>> No.50053854

It takes level 11 to make it useable.
Just barely. And you gotta take Shield Focus, too. What a deal!

>> No.50053873

To be fair, the 'alternate entries' for DD are almost always better than the intended Sorcerer entry. Bard, Bloodrager, and even Magical Child Vigilante are better-suited for the class than the Sorcerer.

>> No.50053876

For a Warder, is ZweiSent strictly better than a shield-using build? Feels that way.

>> No.50053877

Or level 8 as a Fighter. And if you're a Fighter, dropping 2 feats for Shield Focus and Greater Shield Focus isn't much effort.

>> No.50053890

Pathfinder says 2handed > sword and board.
When you get to wield 2handed and still get the benefits of board, you sorta win.

>> No.50053910

Because Heracles still can throttle the shit out of people even in the Underworld (which in Greek myth is explicitly stated to "sap away the power of mystics and the divinely-inspired"); his ridiculous strength comes from him being the son of a god and thus is innate to him, rather than being an outside influence.

>> No.50053915

yeah. It's really solid for a fighter, since fighters can get away with burning three feats on defensive abilities.

>> No.50053917

This conversation made me want to use a tower shield.
But, even with stupendous strength, they're just not worth becoming unable to succeed physical skill checks.
Man. How come armour and shields blow so much?

>> No.50053938

Good thing the Str skills don't matter a whole lot.

>> No.50053944

Are you playing a Fighter? That might be your problem. Alternatively, use a Folding shield and change it between a Buckler and Tower Shield as a move action depending on what you need.

>> No.50053967

Let's assume you take this at level 8, with a masterwork mithral/darkwood tower shield. This still gives you an ACP of -1, which is far more reasonable, but still makes you absolutey mediocre at anything physical, including jumping, climbing a tree, slipping out of ropes, riding your mount (whether its an intelligent gryphon or a common horse), sneaking past the guards or hiding a fucking dagger in your clothes. This means you have to be a level 8 fighter or level 11 of another martial class to be able to be able to do things badly that everyone else has been doing well since level fucking 1. And you need fucking Shield Focus. Meanwhile the barbarian with a Huge bastard sword is jumping 8 feet straight up with no problem, all for just a feat.
Pic related, its anyone deciding to use a tower shield

>> No.50053980

Except that's not true unless you explicitly take the drawback that specifies "oh yeah this thing owns your soul". Otherwise, to continue your example, the Fiend pact can be any of:
>Your grandparent made a deal with a devil, causing you to be born as a tiefling but also immediately gain no-strings-attached devil powers
>A demon needed their life saved for some reason and offered you power in-return for doing so, and now they can't take back the power without getting themselves killed
>You found an ancient text that allows you to free a fiend, and in-thanks for letting them wreck havoc they imbue with eeeeeevil-juice

>> No.50053998

Stupendous Strength is worthwhile if you're a concept that wants a reach weapon and a shield, such as a phalanx soldier or something. It's also a better bargain than Exotic Weapon Proficiency if you want to use a specific two-handed weapon in one hand (because it makes no specifications about such weapons like a katana or bastard sword).

>> No.50054011


Pent up sexual frustration is the best kind of lewd, anon.

That chesty Aasimar is going to be the cutest lil firecracker ever.

>> No.50054025

You still aren't proficient though, so you still take the -4 to attack.If you were proficient and had Stupendous Strength you could wield a Large katana in one hand though.

>> No.50054035


Don't forget the Kaine approach; the demon offers you a no strings attached deal to his power in return for hitching a ride on your soul so they can feel the thrill of adventure.

>> No.50054042

Can anyone give advice on pimping out melee druid, intrested more in itemization (AC in shapeshift is frustrating on lvl 4) and is it good to dip him into barb (or other class) and when to dip? %% paizo books mainly%%

>> No.50054074

Fucks over your DEX skills too tho

>> No.50054079

>is it good to dip him into barb (or other class) and when to dip?
If you have to ask, then no, dipping is not a good idea. Multiclassing in PF is almost always a terrible idea unless you know exactly what you're doing, doubly so when your most important abilities(spellcasting and wildshape, in this case) are completely dependent on your class level.

>> No.50054090

hey hey hey

sometimes a dip is ok

but usually its garbage

>> No.50054121

How much HP should a "beefy" PC have at level 5?
Building a low-AC big guy barb. Dunno if 74 health is good or not. Rolled kinda badly.

>> No.50054131

You can retrain, to get max hp.

>> No.50054136


74 is great for most campaigns.

>> No.50054147

If you got 20 CON and D12 HD, somewhere around 70, you're good man

>> No.50054241

Your maximum is 60 + Con*5.

I'm assuming you have at least 18 Con, giving you a maximum of 80 HP. You aren't that far behind.

>> No.50054334

Do any GMs actually allow this?

>> No.50054351

It is core rulebook. You can retrain class abilities, feats, and HP. It takes like a week or something per HP, and you can only get up to your technical maximum, but it is something possible.

>> No.50054373

If the campaign timeline permits and you have the money, they really can't veto it without being total dicks. I retrain class levels and feats all the time as well.

>> No.50054387

>It is core rulebook.
No it's not.

>> No.50054396

3 days per hp.

A Barbarian who does this on average will train 18 days per level up to get to his max.

But a maxed out barbarian is nothing to sneeze at. 40 con is about what you're looking at with only self buffing.

12*20+15*20(con)+20(tougness)+20(fcb)+6(tribal scars)+3(toad familiar)=589*1.5(protector familiar)=883hp

Yeah I think that's enough. His saves are actually fantastic in this thought experiment as well, because he would take nemesis for both human barbarian fcb and the hp, and have super superstition.

>> No.50054448

I actually have more a problem with class level retraining. A level 20 barbarian becoming a level 20 alchemist is less than a year just seems silly to me. It's the same reason the in world timeline of my campaigns take place over years.

>> No.50054503

I think I figured out how to make Promethean Alchemist work: You take the alchemist, and have him be a normal alchemist that dual apps with another player. The other player is plays a refluffed Wyrwood.


>> No.50054511

What the hell is a promethan alchemist?

>> No.50054515


Depends on the Alchemist.

Depends on the Wyrwood.

Depends on their relationship.

>> No.50054624

The fuck is a duo app?

>> No.50054641

Is it worth buying potions?
Shit's expensive as hell, but I really like the cliche/trope of adventurers guzzling potions.
Feels like I'm almost throwing away WBL though.

>> No.50054648

German abbreviation for a male who enjoys sexual relations with animals, but those animals are male.

>> No.50054649


Two players work together to create a pair of characters whose backstories and reasons for adventure are often intertwined.

Examples include the noblewoman with wanderlust and her overprotective guardian, or the husband and wife paladin/cleric power couple.

>> No.50054658

Two people who will conspire to fuck up your game

>> No.50054659

Nnnno, actually. It says that your grandfather could have made a pact explicitly. And Warlock's base fluff is EXPLICITLY that they traded their souls with a devil for outright power in the 'adventures' section. Sure, it says "The exact nature of a warlock's origin is up to the player to decide", but that's the case here, too. You - or an ancestor, or a friend, or Kevin Bacon - did SOMETHING for a fiend/fey/whatever, and now you've got the benefits. Nothing's changed.

>> No.50054685

>tfw no game to quad app the conquerer and his genrerals in

>> No.50054698

Wealth by level states that you should be able to make up the lost gold spent on potions.

Buff potions are pretty rockin, mechanically speaking, but if it's something you want a lot, I'd suggest a wand or even a 3/day item of that buff.

>> No.50054701


>Two people who will conspire to fuck in your game

Fixed that for you, most duo apps I've seen tend to be just like regular ones, only with a pregenerated relationship and implied ERP in private.

>> No.50054726

>tfw I want to do a multi app of a bunch of bros ready to take on the world, no ERP

>> No.50054738

>Wealth by level states that you should be able to make up the lost gold spent on potions.
Where, exactly?
Not arguing with you, just want an exact rules quote.

>> No.50054760

>I'd suggest a wand
What if your UMD is too shit to reliably use it?

>> No.50054768

Just a heads up, the pdf cleaning crew is looking for people to donate Curse of the Crimson Throne for cleaning, so if anyone has it, and is willing to donate, email to Mageguru, The Liberator, or MoneyBro for it to be cleaned. Thanks!

>> No.50054803

So I as a GM have changed magic item creation. Creating consumables, wands, scrolls, potions, and rods (which I made limited use and adjusted the prices) are available to players. Permanent magic items, arms & armor, wondrous items, staves, rings, and constructs are made more difficult for players. Every player must first off use craft rather than spell craft, and must take a feat similar to master craftsman. Then they must take another to create permanent magic items with that one craft skill. Meaning one must take four feats for both magic arms and armor. For wondrous one must take over a dozen feats for everything.

There are no caster level requirements in any of these feats now though consumables require "spell documentation" which amounts to a copied page of a spell book and this acts like having the spells whole crafting. Reading spell documentation is a spell craft check.

Am I a bastard for this?

In my mine it makes magic items a lot more special, but still allows players to craft them with significant investment.

>> No.50054813


What if one of your bros is a battle maid?

>> No.50054834

Then they better pull their weight on the road to empire. There is no room for free spots. Though honestly I'd fucking hate having a battle maid as it doesn't fit the theme.

>> No.50054871


Well what *is* the theme, senpai? You're taking Ameiko-chan to Japanland and having magical adventures in other castles along the way. The only time you're going to become big-dick conquerors is at the very, very end of the campaign, and that ain't even conquering!

>> No.50054879

That sounds like an overly complicated way of banning magic item crafting.

>In my mine it makes magic items a lot more special
If you want magic items to be special, you need to throw your Pathfinder books into a trashcan and start playing 5e or something. Pathfinder is built on the idea that by the time a PC hits level 10, he'll light up like a christmas tree if someone uses detect magic on him. If you don't like that, you need to houserule a lot more than just magic item crafting or play another game.

>> No.50054888

Girls in maid outfits generally don't fit the aesthetic of a band of conquerors. Gonna be honest.

>> No.50054907

See I don't want magic items themselves more special, but every PC just making for themselves items and throwing everything they pick up at the closest merchant is boring. This forces them to either seek out artisans, do a heavy investment, it actually keep items.

>> No.50054920


Automatic Bonus Progression sounds like the thing you need, it eliminates the need for "typical" magical items while making the ones you do get something unique and special.

>> No.50054939

Naw man. Penance. Penance.
Getting slowed down by the future zealot and weakened by her slowly advancing preganancy is like self-flagellation AND pious loyalty all rolled into one.

>> No.50054941

I actually think inherent bonuses make them even less special after I used them for a camapign. It actually pushes farther the "not making due" mentality. I want my players to look like what they generally are, looters and war profiteers who are willing to strip corpses.

>> No.50054964

>This forces them to either seek out artisans, do a heavy investment, it actually keep items.

>mfw my Artisan/Warder (Wardisan? Artiser?) could forge the equipment of the party and do something totally cool without fucking over the WBL

And then he paints an action shot of the caravan going up the Crown of the World and I'm so excited for this concept oh my gosh!

>> No.50054985

Take a look at magic items. All of them.
Now how many of them do you think people want to spend their limited wealth by level on?

If I'm a scythe fighter, I want a +1 scythe, not a +1 longsword. But how many people use scythes? Not many.

Maybe I want Boots of the Cat. But we're in paladin land. Paladins don't do sneaky pretend with me here, so I'm not going to get those items to "drop".

Or what about a belt of strength and you have two people who want it? What then?

But crafting makes something yours, not some shit that you plundered off a mook. Even if it didn't drop the cost to buy it, being able to select what you're getting rather than it being a roll of the dice is worth it.

>> No.50054998

Yes, this is what I enjoy. I want characters to be forced to make due with things they do not necessarily want, and if they want a tailored set of items they either need to seek out artisans to make them or invest heavily to make them themselves.

>> No.50055002

>I want my players to look like what they generally are, looters and war profiteers who are willing to strip corpses.
...are you really, REALLY sure that Pathfinder is the system you want to run?

>> No.50055007

What if I don't want to look like a pillager and looter?
What if I want to look presentable like a knight or arcane like a wizard, and not some bandit highway man?

Your idea is dumb. Don't act dumb and try to force that on your players.

>> No.50055019

Note, I do a few other things as well to lesser the burden of martials for feats such as Weapon Focus.

Feats that specify specific weapons can be changed with an hour of training with the new weapon.

I have a few other changes as well, but generally they do not make it easy enough to change to make the entire thing redundant. The campaign length and amount of downtime is increased to force retraining to tailor oneself to what one can scrounge, and wait for magic items to be made for them (while making use of other parts of downtime I have rebalanced slightly).

>> No.50055024

>This is what I enjoy
Do you even give a shit about what your players enjoy?

>> No.50055035

>What if I want to look presentable like a knight or arcane like a wizard, and not some bandit highway man?
Then sell the items and find an artisan who will make what you want, as I said.

No, I honestly hate pathfinder for the most part, but it's one of the few things people are willing to play.

>> No.50055039

>I want characters to be forced to make due with things they do not necessarily want

Yeah see, you're allowed to think like this and allowed to play like this, but you shouldn't be surprised when people don't like the idea.

>> No.50055054

>Do you even give a shit about what your players enjoy?
No, not really. I'm there for my enjoyment, and I'll just switch out players till I find ones who enjoy what I do. Players are an abundant resource and I don't have the time or energy to run what I don't enjoy to appease people I barely know.

My core group, the ones I actually have known for years, play a variety of games mostly not pathfinder, but as my living circumstances have changed I now am too far away to meet up with them regularly, and half the players hate online games. We still come together once every month or two for oneshots.

>> No.50055067

Then don't GM for it?
Shit, does someone have a gun to your head? Do anything else. Don't force players to play a game that you don't want to gm. Don't force yourself to GM a game that you don't want to GM.

>> No.50055074

>Then sell the items and find an artisan who will make what you want, as I said.

I'm not going to call this bad thinking, I'm just going to call it wasteful thinking.

If your player is foaming at the mouth for a decked out suit of full plate, you shouldn't fuck with his expectations by saying "Nah, you get a Necklace of Fireballs, sell that shit and find an armorer."

Fuck that noise, if he wants a suit of full plate than you should figure out a cool sidequest where the player happens to run into a legendary Dwarven blacksmith who is held prisoner by a dragon, and after rescuing him promises to forge you a suit that is "the stuff of legends" inlaid with gold filigree from the dragon's hoard itself.

If a player wants a Belt of Giant's Strength +6, make that the champion belt you can win at the end of an illegal underground gladiatorial competition.

>> No.50055077

>No, I honestly hate pathfinder for the most part, but it's one of the few things people are willing to play.
>No, not really. I'm there for my enjoyment, and I'll just switch out players till I find ones who enjoy what I do. Players are an abundant resource and I don't have the time or energy to run what I don't enjoy to appease people I barely know.
Have you considered seeing a shrink? Because it sounds like there's some serious cognitive dissonance going on here.

>> No.50055081


>> No.50055136

No that's the idea. If you want a decked out suit of full plate you need to seek out someone with the skill to make one which are few and far between. It does result in a quest and story in and of itself.

For instance a player recently wants an expensive ring. He had to trek out into the woods to make contact with a fey forge master living in the shadow of an oak tree, and in order to convince him to make him the ring he had to "Bring me three that are separate but one.". He then had to research what that meant, met a scholar on the fey, and found out it was three conjoined rings, none of which attached to the other but all held together (which is a neat thing).

>> No.50055148

How likely are generic enemies to make a DC18 Reflex save at level 5?
Is 18 horrendously low or can I make do?

>> No.50055152

I don't force players. If they don't enjoy the game I want to run I kindly ask them to leave. I am upfront about the games I run and sometimes people don't realize till playing it isn't for them.

>> No.50055190


Well then, that actually sounds pretty cool.

Carry on, my dude.

>> No.50055216

>tfw can not tell if terrible for great GM
He isn't a push over who bends over backwards for players, has neat side quests, but is a "my way or the highway" type. I don't know man.

>> No.50055241

I'd say great for something like OSR, 5e or Runequest, terrible for Pathfinder.

>> No.50055257

Have the AoE effect deal damage to the tower shield. In addition, normal tower shields should not be able to be planted in all terrain. Somewhat stupid for a shield to be jammed in solid stone, only to be removed by a meager STR roll, but a blast spell does not.

>> No.50055261


I'd apply for a campaign and actually put effort into the application if he was recruiting, but at the same time I wouldn't feel too bad about dropping out or if the campaign fell apart.

>> No.50055267

Can you choose to allow an enemy to hit you - even if they roll, like, a 3?

>> No.50055276

>terrible for Pathfinder.
No it's not /pfg/ is just full of babies that will throw a fucking tantrum if they can't have the toys they want exactly when they want it. The encourage deviation from the standard game rules but the MOMENT you use a deviation they don't like they'll whine and minge about how you should play a different game.

>> No.50055278

>my way or the highway
Literally worst types. These are the GMs who want to write a book, not run a game.

>> No.50055287

It's implied the shield is still held by you and not lodged into the ground - you're just holding it down.

>> No.50055303

>Literally worst types. These are the GMs who want to write a book, not run a game.
I would disagree. That's when it comes to story, not mechanics. A GM who is not willing to change mechanics and bend over backwards for players is generally a positive influence on the game. Though most players will begin whining about it.

Railroading is bad, wanting to foster a particular type of game through rules is not.

The crafting rules he has, I would say they're fine as long as it doesn't completely lock players out of certain things (and it seems not to because you can find artisans for what you want). It DOES make the items feel more special.

>> No.50055308

Alchemist with a alchemy child thing of evil.

>> No.50055326

/pfg/, does the katana have a place in any kind of build that isn't some kind of weeb trash?

>> No.50055327

>Alchemist with a alchemy child thing of evil.
>child thing of evil
>implying homunculi are evil

that's racist

>> No.50055337

You can always choose to fail a saving throw, however you can not choose to allow yourself to be hit. You can choose to allow yourself to be flat footed (essentially saying "I'm just not gonna move"), but your touch while flat footed AC is how much it takes to hit you and do damage. If they can't hit above your touch AC while flat footed (which should be 10-15) then they just fucking miss.

>> No.50055339

That depends entirely on what you consider weeb trash.

>> No.50055344

Yeah, I agree here. what sounds more awesome - Finding a troll to carve the heart out of to anoint your new amulet with its lifeblood, or just slapping a walrus's weight in gold on a table to pay a mage for it and coming back in a couple weeks when it's done?

>> No.50055356

Pathfinder is a bad system, and ONLY works for a specific kinds of games. Don't like it? Either play a different game or at least stop shitposting and fuck off.

>> No.50055379

And perhaps the new amulet isn't exactly what you want, but it does help.

Or you want something precise, so you go on a journey between cities to seek out a mage's college to find someone who actually knows how to do the Defiant armor enhancement, and have to agree to a deal with them before they give you the time of day.

Or the ring thing the guy said.

>> No.50055381

>Pathfinder is a bad system, and ONLY works for a specific kinds of games. Don't like it? Either play a different game or at least stop shitposting and fuck off
So I guess this entire general should just clear the fuck out because it wasn't meant to be played with Path of War, Spheres, Psionics, gestlat etc.

Seriously the moment someone suggests something people might not like, people suddenly give a shit about what the creators intended.

>> No.50055385

>/pfg/, does the katana have a place in any kind of build that isn't some kind of weeb trash?

I like to refluff it as the Aldori Dueling Sword.

>> No.50055394

You're the shitposter here laddy.

>> No.50055421

>So I guess this entire general should just clear the fuck out because it wasn't meant to be played with Path of War, Spheres, Psionics, gestlat etc.
Except that's not even remotely what I said, retard.

>> No.50055426

Yes, and THE ONLY way to play is exactly what you want to play, isn't it shitposter-kun. Every other way is badwrongfun and a bastardization of the system. Pathfinder ONLY works with PoW, Spheres, Inherent Bonuses, Lewd, and No Tier 1/2, right?

>> No.50055432

Yes it is, fuck face. It was meant for certain types of games and none of them include many of the things this general lauds.

>> No.50055446

I did not say a single thing about what Paizo MEANT about anything, illiterate imbecile.

>> No.50055453


Well, not everyone uses the scientific powers of creation solely to make cute daughterus.

>> No.50055467

So you are the end all of what kind of games SHOULD be run? If anyone deviates from it they're clearly not using the system as is intended, as you intended no less. Christ that is the height of arrogance. You have to be trolling.

>> No.50055477

>Pathfinder is a bad system, and ONLY works for a specific kinds of games.
Which implies that it's only meant to work a certain way as written. I.E the way Paizo doesn't.

Unless you're suddenly a fucking psychic son of a bitch who can divine the true and proper way to play pathfinder.

>> No.50055519

Plural, anon. Specific kinds of games, not specific kind of game. You can certainly try to use Pathfinder for a game about dirt farmers, but if you pick a random system, chances are pretty good that it'll do that better than Pathfinder does.

>> No.50055547

So the only types of games "pathfinder should run" are ones that meet your approval?

I think the system works fine for the kind of game he is running.

>> No.50055549

/pfg/ acts like there's no in between dirt farmers and wizards pissing magic every hour of every day while players exchange gold for the ability to extract whatever they desire from the aether.

>> No.50055559

Well, what else is it good for then? You can't mean to tell me there are people out there who make mindlessly loyal, evil death machines. That's a waste of a perfectly good homunculus.

>> No.50055601


What if I just want to make a smaller version of me? Like, a mini-me.

>> No.50055664


What can I say? Some people prefer death machines-or they'd just rather make daughterus the old-fashioned way.

>> No.50055675


>> No.50055709


No, sticking their penis in a girl or getting a penis stuck in them.

>> No.50055713


Got it in one. Of course, some people go so far as to have sex in the missionary position for purposes of procreation, but that's a fairly extreme measure that I just don't see a lot of people taking.

>> No.50055729


>> No.50055753


>Having heterosexual sex

>> No.50055755

>not the mating press

>> No.50055888

My nigga

>> No.50055944

>Those digits
Nice gets
I see you're a man of taste as well.

>> No.50056000


Oh man.

>> No.50056024

But do the death machines have to be evil?

You can have both if you try, but sometimes you need someone to keep you company until you find someone to start again with.

>> No.50056067

>tfw lewd RotRL is 25 PB, not 32 PB

I'm a spoiled baby and I can't stand this! I need those +7 points! I need them!

>> No.50056115

Fuck off shitposter.

>> No.50056121


I won't lie, it kinda helps. But hey, you do you, anon. I'm not one to judge coping mechanisms.

>> No.50056128

We're all shitposters this blessed day!

>> No.50056146

It's a gestalt game, isn't it? Fuck, just play something that doesn't need high base stats and can buff itself instead, like an Alchemist or a Barbarian.

>> No.50056158

>lewd RotRL
what game is this? I'm willing to join any game even if it is lewd

>> No.50056178


I can't believe it

>> No.50056206


Mating press confirmed Best Position.

>> No.50056923

One that isn't happening until at least january and already has a waiting room with 20 people.

>> No.50056944


More than enough time to work out duo apps with other like-minded fellows!

>> No.50056990

Someone make a new thread, we're on page 9 and I don't wanna.

>> No.50057054

New Thread:


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