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Pathfinder General /pfg/

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Bloodline Edition. What are the latest useful bloodlines?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Kineticists of Porphyra IV: End of an Era playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XTgiUdDSrTCvATEDeDJ4MnbDgS6KEBLu2e9mjj5fwaw/edit
Broken Shackles Playtest: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59701/broken-shackles-test-play

Old thread: >>50011849

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How do I Wu-Tang Style in Pathfinder?

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Actually, what's your character's Wu-Tang Clan name? Mine's X-pert Mastermind.

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>Be like million times more righteous and Good than the paladin
>He still has Aura of Good
>Be more corageous, brave and bold than him
>He's still has Aura of Courage

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Go whine to the gods

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aura of courage is just a cushion for the cowardly. if you're righteous and good as you say, and have enough hit dice, you'll still have your own aura on detect good spells.

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You have a good aura, it's just weaker than the Paladin's.

Do you inspire your allies to overcome their fear?

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>spear and sword
What the fuck is this guy doing?

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Amazing Dreamer

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Calistran clothing is fucking hot.

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I want to impregnate a cute Calistrian!

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Threatening people 5 and 10 feet away from him.

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He's using that spear as an improvised weapon to threaten 5 feet away, sorry.

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What isn't he doing?

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First, be a drow.
Second, be a bard.
Third, ???
Fourth, profit

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I do, but only through RP

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He had to choke up on the spear so it would fit in the picture.

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Too lewd anon!

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Tips on running a solo game?

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Anon, I'll choke up on your spear

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What even is this shit

Anyways, on solo- let your player Gestalt. That's the best advice.

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Allow your character to manage as many characters as they see fit. If they choose one, allow them the comfort of selecting how many companions you give them. Pay attention to their capabilities. If they're a single-class barbarian with no ranks in Disable Device, Linguistics etc., chances are they're not looking to be disable traps and solve riddles.

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Good, good. Voice your doubts. Embrace your rage. Gorge your hatred.

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Auras are an obvious sign of a Power's touch. Such gifts are often granted to the righteous, courageous, OR devote. The auras themselves are not a measure of righteous or courageous by themselves. They just show they are hold's hands with a Deity.

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well I mean, that would be right if only outsiders and faith-based classes had them, but guess what shows up for a high-level barbarian who has no special reverence for the divine? alignment auras

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You always radiate an aura of your own alignment - it just gets much more powerful as you do, the power of the personal bleeding through to the outside.

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>Aura Power
>An evil aura's power depends on the type of evil creature or object that you're detecting and its HD, caster level, or (in the case of a cleric) class level; see the table below. If an aura falls into more than one strength category, the spell indicates the stronger of the two.

Creature/Object Faint Moderate Strong Overwhelming
Aligned creature1 (HD) 4 or lower 5-10 11-25 26-50 51 or higher

Look at the description of "Detect Evil" again.

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This is why I specified "high-level". Look at my post again.

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There are probably Calistrians who get off to being knocked up.

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Reposting this >>50024812

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They're actually Lamashtans in disguise.

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Pathfinder has a card game?

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You're thinking of Drow.

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Who the fuck plays a card game based on an RPG?
I play both Magic and Pathfinder, and I still think you'd need to be way too much of a nerd to play that.

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Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, there was also a werewolf game. Let's not forget card games based on shows for children.

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If the herald of Calistria occasionally knocks herself up for the thrill, than the layman worshiper might be into that too.

Especially Elves.

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You know what, I'm bored and curious, someone give me a total rundown on Calistria for the hell of it. I may be able to use it to justify why the elven half of all my half-elves comes from the same goddamn family.

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How is the Strange Aeons Pathfinder campaign?

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Calistria is the Elven goddess of lust, hedonism and petty revenge. She is obsessed with wasps and will use them to punish whoever slights her, which can be a very mild slight considering she goes from "shove" to "gunfight" faster than any other deity.

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Honestly, I hate her. Calistria is second only to the Hag Queen when it comes to being a bitch. As the CN goddess of lust, trickery, and revenge, she expects you to not only screw people sexually, but also to screw them metaphorically if you don't get your way. She is the goddess of "I roll to seduce", bards that fuck all of the bitches, and whipping people that don't like you (and making them enjoy it).
Following Calistria is all about being the biggest cunt possible (without being straight-up evil) but getting away with it because you give good head.
You can by CG or CE when worshipping her, but she is not nice or loving; if you want purest love, you go with Shelyn, and if you want forbidden love, you go with that what'shername goddess that nobody cares about. Worst of all, anything associated with her is COVERED IN BEES!
Long story short, she's a horrible combination of that slutty high-school cheerleader in every sitcom ever and The Pain.

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Paizo never for a *second* tries to act like Calistria is anything more than a conniving bitch.

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I will give them credit for at least being honest about it. Paizo tends to be pretty heavy-handed when it comes (ha!) to sex and gender though. At least there's a couple of minor deities that exist if you want good-touch ERP.

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Feels weird how the only majordeity directly associated with sex is a huge bitch, and the only major deity associated with pregnancy is pure evil.

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Shelyn is love, and she supports by sex and babies. Also Erastil totes supports babies.

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Shelyn loving babies is one of the cutest pieces of lore in the pantheon; I mean it's obvious enough considering her status as a love deity, but the focus on how parent-child love is her FAVORITE and she's a slightly chubby cute girl makes it adorable.

>> No.50027176

Not quite. There's >>50027007, Pharasma has birth as one of her aspects (not that anyone cares), and there's an angelic empyreal lord of prostitution, rites of passage, and virginity.
Love and sex in Pathfinder have a really obnoxious good touch/bad touch divide though, which is why I normally don't touch the subject with a 10-foot pole. I'm in it for the guns and alchemy.

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how do we homebrew Keijo rules into Pathfinder

>> No.50027263


>God of monster sex
>God of cherry popping and prostitutes
>God of wild mindless rough sex
>God of cutesy loving sex
>God of casual sex
>God of forbidden sex

It feels like we're missing a type of sex.

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Anyone happen have :
-Strange Aeons Campaign
-Horror Realms
-Horror Adventure

Halloween game!

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Fool's Errand is the Keijo discipline.

It has unarmed strikes with any part of the body, locks, throws, knocking prone, and anime.
It's pretty much all you need.

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I want to impregnate Shelyn!

>> No.50027474

...Goddamn it now I'm having ideas for a Keijo oneshot.

>All characters must be initiators who main Fool's Errand and one other discipline
>Unarmed strikes only with breasts and butt, Weapon Group Adaptation is free
>Level 6

The only question is what kind of plot this can have.

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What's wrong with being a nerd?

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We need to port Ardarvia to PF, so we can get kinky romantic bondage sex.

>> No.50027661


You could probably do that if you manage to purify her glaive.

>> No.50027685

That sounds like an innuendo

>> No.50027686

Oh I'd like to purify her glaive alright.

>> No.50027723

Only after I made my post did I remember seeing she was CN, one of the least likeable alignments, especially when it comes to gods. Guess I'm just gonna ignore her when I try to work on character backgrounds.

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I love how Lamashtu's code is perfect for making some insane Bloodborne-esque villian

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I'm wondering, what deities would fit a non-martial, communative cleric?

I'm asking because I'm working on my Pastor's class, and I'm deciding what domains to start with.

TL;DR: What is your favorite deities that would have pastors.

>> No.50028205

A glorious quest to earn the love of the most wonderful woman?

>> No.50028247


Erastil and Abadar. Probably Asmodeus

>> No.50028261

Don't awoo!
$500 fine

>> No.50028266

Let's see, basically any deity with the community domain. That includes Erastil in core, whose domains are Animal, Community, Good, Law and Plant. There are sites that give you lesser deities with that domain, too.

>> No.50028291


Releasing a single soul from the glaive earns you a favor from the Goddess of Love.

>> No.50028312

I want the courage to be myself!

>> No.50028325

How do you fix the Answering weapon enchantment?

>> No.50028565

If I have multiple attacks with the grab quality, should I roll them one by one and do I have to stop attacking if I decide to grapple on a successful hit? Or can I roll them all and decide to grapple if one them hits?

Seems like it should be the former.

>> No.50028616

Grapple modifies your attack rolls and also your target's AC.

With that in mind, you could always modify the results of later rolls on the fly, but it's just a matter of what suits you and what you and your GM can agree on in the end.

>> No.50028621

What is the CR of a burning skeleton (or a similarly CR 1/2 creature) when you apply a +1 template to it? Does it become CR 1 or CR 2?

>> No.50028635

>Why isn't Piercing Thunder called Spears of Power?
>Why aren't sacred bonuses called Moral Bonuses?
>Why aren't thematic class abilities called Flavored Class Bonuses?

These are the big questions.

>> No.50028653


But anon, that was inside you the entire time!

>> No.50028670

>that was inside you the entire time!
B-but that means...

>> No.50028674

>Grapple modifies your attack rolls and also your target's AC.

Oh, i was misunderstaning the grab rules, I thoguht you got an automatic grapple on hitting but you still need to roll for the grapple attempt? I guess my question then becomes can I just attempt to start a grapple for each attack I hit after making all of them?

i feel like im still misunderstanding something here

>> No.50028766

I would go with CR 1, but I can't find a rule that agrees with me. Compare it to some other CR 1 or CR 2 creature to be sure.

What creature do you have in mind?

>> No.50028792

Does anyone know what book the Crystal warrior Aegis was in?

>> No.50028802

I'm looking at slapping the Advanced template on some burning skeletons to make them a bit more dangerous for a level 3 party.

>> No.50028818


Mhm, you're getting the idea!

>> No.50028886

Ultimate Psionics latest printing. Advanced Options chapter, page 262.

>> No.50029096

I went back to look over the templates again and I noticed that "Bloody" is a template applied to a skeleton that raises the skeleton's CR by 1.

Regular skeletons are CR 1/3, and bloody ones are CR 1/2 rather than, say, 1; that implies that the intent is for the CR to raise 1 step rather than 1 integer.

I.e. 1/8 -> 1/6 -> 1/4 -> 1/2 -> 1 -> 2, etc.

>> No.50029402

basically what im asking is if you can make multiple grapple attempts in the same turn

>> No.50029612

If you hit with an attack with grab, you get a free grapple attempt. It doesn't automatically SUCCEED, but you get the attempt.

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Gestalt all the way
I haven't ran a Solo campaign but I did run a campaign for 2 players one was a Fighter/Cleric aka the super Paladin and the other was a Duskblade/Scout it worked out pretty well since they covered most of the classic party roles by themselves though I don't know if the game would have worked at higher levels as the group fell apart when the characters were around Level 5

>> No.50030017

>Ask applicants to make characters with Path of War and Spheres of power as their primary books.
>Half the applicants are straight casters.
>The two applicants using PoW have shitty backstories.

Being a GM is suffering.

>> No.50030059


Maybe the campaign's premise isn't compelling?

>> No.50030125

You don't.

>> No.50030305

Are you the WoTR GM?
Do you not like spellburst savants ;_;

>> No.50030350


Link your game. I will make a ZS warder

>> No.50030372

How would one go about creating a Belmont as a 7th-level character? Any 3rd-party on the table. Would they be a Paladin, a Ranger, a Slayer? For that matter, how would you make Shanoa?

>> No.50030441


>> No.50030477

Oh come now. the wilder and warder have a decent paired backstory.

>> No.50030495

oh holy shit guys its like the 1000th person that wants to make ZS warder holy shit.

that character's never been seen before.

>> No.50030508


Actually it's probably not the WoTR person, way more than two PoW applications have been made.

>> No.50030520


There's a lot of PoW applications there

>> No.50030527

for 1pp, either a Warpriest or Kensei MAgus
3pp, probably a Warpath Follower, Zealot, or very odd Ordained Defender.
As for non-published/homebrew content, some anon here on /pfg/ made something called the Lord of the Lash with is a PoW version of the Swashbuckler that specializes in whips, chains, and flails

>> No.50030606


>complains when people dont follow the rules
>complains when people do follow the rules

Thanks for your contributions anon. Meager as they may be.

>> No.50030612

Depends on the belmont really.

Some like Juste are a lot more magically focused. Others like Simon are murderous goddamn barbarians.

The "typical" Richter type belmont comes across as a cleric or warpriest. (war & sun domains), Blade barrier is an excellent representation of a cross crush.

Shanoa is a soulknife.

>> No.50030618

What's the best example of a Paladin, Cleric or exemplary devotee to a Golarion based god you've seen in a game, /pfg/?

>> No.50030635

No problem senpai i'm not even that guy that wanted people to apply

>> No.50030784


The Paladin of Shelyn that was adventuring to rescue his daughter.

He would regularly write home to the wife and called her, "his world."

>> No.50030809


I want to hear more about the Paladin guy that was married to the party cleric!

>> No.50030845

But that guy is right. ZS are very popular. Tough WotR game isn't as abundant in them, there's like one orc.

>> No.50030853

I think the warder for the wilder girl is also a ZS

>> No.50030911

Oh, right, he is. That's quite telling when everytime someone makes a Warder it's ZS. Shields are shit and why bother with them if you can get two handed bonuses AND a shield bonus?

>> No.50030914

ZS just loses almost nothing and gets twohanding.

It's a bit too powerful of an archetype.

>> No.50030938


So your complaint is that in your PoW/SoP game too many people are using PoW?

Im confused.

>> No.50030946

That seems to be more of a problem with the Pathfinder Combat system in general, since it practically incentivizes always going 2handed.
But yeah, perhaps ZS should've lost more out of the trade in archetypes

>> No.50030955

the general complaint about ZS is that its boring and overused, and its boring and overused because its WAY TOO GOOD.

>> No.50030990

Ahh so too many people are having too much badwrongfun


>> No.50030994


We're designing for the dang game, we need to take the game into account.

What it loses isn't worth what it gets.

>> No.50031026

Its more along my general annoyance with humans.

In short, I've seen that character before and I am not amused or interested in it. I've seen literally dozens of that exact character before

>> No.50031060


Why not just design the characters you want to see and people can sign up for the ones they think are interesting?

>> No.50031071

because you see my friend, there are many many people out there that won't make the exact same ZS warder i've seen before

But i'm not the DM anyways

>> No.50031095


Then why are you complaining about something you are not even running?

>> No.50031105

because this is 4chan

>> No.50031141


Soooo autism?

>> No.50031150


There was a Chosen One of Erastil a while back. Some young, dumb lummox who'd never been further from home than the next village over, who'd been told by a talking cat that the Stag God wanted him to fight the good fight. Privately, the whole thing scared him silly, but people needed help, and if he didn't step up, who would?

>> No.50031159

I just want to play a Paladin, is that too much to ask?

>> No.50031178


Yes. If you are having fun, want to have fun, or are expecting to have fun this is not the place for you.

>> No.50031203

But anon, lawful good is a dumb alignment for people who hate fun!

Fuck JJ for unironically saying this

>> No.50031205


Yeah, and I want to play a composer who pours his broken heart into the music.

We can't always get what we want.

>> No.50031226




>> No.50031248

like i said

because this is 4chan

>> No.50031273


You better have your chores and all your homework done, missy.

>> No.50031356

Depends on your GM and party comp.

>> No.50031366

How did everyone's weekend go?

>> No.50031441

*Slips in*
*Places Pastor on table*
I plan on making an archetype that swaps out domains for the options to pick and choose bardic performances.
*Slips out*

>> No.50031538

Both of my sessions were cancelled. One due to family emergency, one due to not being ready for the next part of the story. Sadness fills me...

At this rate I will never get to play my Elf Zweihander Sentinel Warder who uses her intellect, learning about social interaction to make up for her inability to express herself through her abysmal charisma stat.

>> No.50031551


What if she just hires a dumb yet charismatic pretty boy to do the talking for her?

>> No.50031573

Hey, I am not even the GM. It's just general concer with how it's balanced (not very well)

>> No.50031587

Well it's my birthday, so today's pretty solid on my end. Gonna get something to eat soon, and working on part of an AP for some cool jazz.

There was an anon a while back asking why I didn't do anything for Wayward Rogue, so I'm doing something for them now.

>> No.50031596

That might work because a dumb yet charismatic pretty girl would be distracting for her.

>> No.50031600

Question /pfg/, are there any waifus in Age of Worms?

>> No.50031623

Happy birthday!

>> No.50031633


Is that why I'm pretty distracted right now?

>> No.50031643

Happy Birthday dude! Why the Black Knight picture?

>> No.50031650

We reached level 2!
I dipped warlord on my night terror and now I have 7 readied maneuvers, each from an entirely different discipline. And two stances from an 8th and 9th.

Considering I'm planning to main fool's errand though, it's oddly appropriate.

>> No.50031719

Thanks, this birthday's way better than my last.

Because anon...he's cool.

Also I hope soon to continue working on the dragon book; the draconic avenger's almost certainly going to be absorbed into the new drake option section, but dragon champion is still aces.

I'll also probably be polling here to figure out what people want from a dragon race that hasn't already been done a lot or has been done poorly.

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>> No.50031748


>Implying you're not even cuter when you're embarrassed

>> No.50031789


Well, we figured out that the Bolt Ace's soul may or may not have been promised to a devil by his mother. Also, Deep One Hybrids/Deep Ones happened, and thanks to some remarkably bad luck, the Cleric of Abadar is now dead, and the Skald may or may not join him, depending on how quickly we can recover her unconscious body. So it's the Ace, the Beast-bonded Witch, and myself against a village's worth of mutant fishpeople. Going to be quite the rumpus.

And I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, which, due to some sort of building repair, I have off. Always liked Halloween.

>> No.50031810


>PoW martials are too good at combat!

Someone post the bingo sheet

>> No.50031891

Anon please.

>> No.50031997

I didn't say that. All I said was that ZS trades out too little for too much. It's not even exclusive to PoW or martials, there are other too-strong archetypes. But I guess you are just trying to bring it all down to the level of whining and worn-out discussions (badwrongfun, overpowered PoW etc.) so i will stop here.

>> No.50031999

Doesn't mean it ain't true man. If a 3pp product necessitates changing how powerful the enemies need to be, then it's not balanced against existing material.

This is simple stuff.

I'm not saying it's bad, nor that it can't BE balanced, but it is, out of the box, not balanced against existing material.

>> No.50032047

it's not the PoW or even warder is too good at combat that's being complained about here, it's that zweihander sentinel is stronger than base warder and kills the class's identity

>> No.50032050

>existing materials

>> No.50032060

What is a good class to play in a living campaign?

>> No.50032080


I would argue that the shield mechanic for PF is what is wrong here, not the archtype.

>> No.50032095

PF's entire combat paradigm is fucked up.

>> No.50032098

the class is meant to make the shield mechanic workable

>> No.50032108


It doesn't because it never incentivizes wielding a shield.

>> No.50032120

>waiting to see if the rest of the group is okay with changes to my character
>still need to figure out what to do with all this money I have, but I'm tired and don't want to go full autism and figure everything out tonight
>being amused by the fact that our dhampir's lack of reflections means she seems to have caught the vampirism corruption likely modified by the GM to not fuck her over with NPC-ification
>nothing for me to do during most of the session, since most of it is just tying up loose ends
>firefox crashing constantly when I try to transfer stuff to a new character sheet

>> No.50032145

I'm not comparing it to other classes, it's about how fast it goes through enemies that are supposed to be of a certain level of challenge for them.

>> No.50032186

Well then it does a shit job of it because the only thing it could come up with was 'BUT ALSO TWOHANDING'

>> No.50032206

Barbarians, Paladins, Inquisitors, and properly optimized Fighters can do the same

>> No.50032240

Not to the degree of similarly optimized initiators.

>> No.50032249

How do we fix the base Warder to make shields viable?

>> No.50032282

>allow spheres and PoW
>party makes spheres builds that'd be better as Initiators

>> No.50032302

There's a difference in mechanics though, and they could quite easily prefer Spheres.

>> No.50032328

First session was pretty successful. The party stopped a kidnapping I planned for, so they're in a good spot with some nobles

>> No.50032383

I think if I walked them through a similar option with PoW, they'd take it. I'm planning on throwing an evil power ranger squad at them later, because I've always wanted to do that, so maybe that'll pique their interest

>> No.50032402

You can't. The issue isn't that Zweisent is too good or Warder is too bad, it's just that shields are so fucking shitty they're seldom worth it unless you go whole hog into them.

Like if Zweisent didn't exist most warders would still two hand anyway.

>> No.50032405

Don't be so quick to assume everyone will like initiating. As a system, Spheres is much simpler.

>> No.50032417

What? Spheres is pretty complicated, at least compared to Path of War.

The only PoW gets complicated is Mystic recovery.

>> No.50032453

How is it complicated? Spend point, do thing.

Initiating takes a better grasp of action economy, which it pushes to the damn hilt.

>> No.50032457

So are insinuator anti-Paladins the only real characters with a versatile smite? It seems that otherwise you're doomed to be stuck unable to smite a good majority of creatures. As an insinuator it ends up only being 1 alignment of of 9 you can't smite rather than 6.

>> No.50032483


What if Warder gets an ability equivalent to Scarlet Throne Style at level 3 while maybe the Aegis bonus applying to themselves.

>> No.50032500

Did not mean to quote that guy. Also I have a question. If I am a NE insinuator and invoke a TN outsider, who can I smite? Anyone of an alignment extreme? Everyone who isn't also TN (because TN is the absense of alignment)? I'm really not sure how being TN interacts.

>> No.50032502

What's so hard about action economy? It's not like you can't just strike at your turn and counter otherwise, you will still do good.

>> No.50032527

Depends if you count a Cavalier's Challenge as a 'smite'

It's not as good defensively, but the damage is all there and you can do it on anyone.

Yes but then what about boosts? The swift/immediate action usage is something that can trip people up.

Also, fact remains that people may not LIKE how initiating works.

>> No.50032530

>Quick fix to make Warders use shields
Make some of its class abilities require you have a shield equipped, particularly Aegis. Also, maybe grant a class feature that allows Shields to add their AC bonus to Saves

>Quick fix to make Zweisent not as good
Remove Zweihander Training, have Armament Shield replace Aegis, and have Defensive Training increase range at every 10 initiator levels instead of 5.

Is it a perfect fix? No, not at all, but until someone decides to fix Shields and such in PF and rework them from the ground up, its not bad for a bandaid.


>> No.50032543


>> No.50032561

Because I'm tired of people bitching.

>> No.50032577

about what?

>> No.50032606

An old teammate-turned-Demon Spawn made an appearance and is currently attempting to nightmare-possess our Warlord; the rest of the party has traveled to the Plane of Dreams to give him support and fight the nightmares!

>> No.50032640

Think I missed it before, but are there any scans of the Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover that was released recently?

>> No.50032642

Vigilante Zealot iirc has a versatile smite

>> No.50032646

Have you not been paying attention to the last few threads, including this one?

>> No.50032654


>> No.50032656

Well, besides getting some life advice from a very strange place, our characters have still not managed to figure out that the party Android is an Android.

We have also failed (thus far) at interrogating a goblin, and one guy was almost caught in a compromising position with a shopkeeper's daughter.

Spoiler tags in case the GM and/or other players are reading this, despite the fact that some of us were deliberately recruited from here. I may or may not just really like spoiler tags.

>> No.50032678

Is it RotR?

>> No.50032679

The life advice was also a personal thing on my end unrelated to the game, just to clarify.

>> No.50032727


Of course I don't actually know if anyone else knows in-character about the Android, I'm going only by what I've seen and remembered.

>> No.50032738

So basically >>50030990 ?

Let people have their fun with ZS or whatever. Shields aren't even popular

>> No.50032756

I will have you know that shields are fun.

>> No.50032759


You need to protect the shopkeeper's daughter's smile.

>> No.50032862


She's a slut, anon.

Slut smiles aren't worth protecting.

>> No.50032884

It's not about badwrongfun. ZS is just in a weird place from a pretty objective point of view. People can have fun with it but it makes shield users sad just because Warder apparently is the most defense-focused PoW class and it doesn't even support shields (the iconic defender tool) in any way instead going for straight-out better two-handed alternative. It's stupid. Putting Iron Tortoise in your known Disciplines doesn't suddenly make shields good because, guess what, other Disciplines are better at what it does!

>> No.50032887

>Not making an honest woman out of a slut
What would your god say?

>> No.50032900

My methodto buff shields is STR to ref and miss chance equal to your attention score.

>> No.50032909

>str to ref
>miss chance equal to your attention score

>> No.50032924


Only way you're getting that girl to go honest is a bun in the oven and shotgun wedding.

>> No.50032936

It's almost like archetypes are supposed to be transformative.

>> No.50032962

No, archetypes are "supposed" to be side-grades that allows you to fulfill a similar, but just different enough character style/archetype.

Granted, Paizo never does this much either, but that's generally what archetypes are supposed to do, provided a focused alternative without having to make a whole bunch of redundant base classes or pointless PrCs

>> No.50032964

She's a whore. Fuck her smile.

>> No.50032977

Used goods is used anon. Enjoy being a cuck.

>> No.50032988


Does she have any kids? No? Then the goods aren't "used."

>> No.50033001

>No, archetypes are "supposed" to be side-grades that allows you to fulfill a similar, but just different enough character style/archetype.
And that's what Zweisent does.

You lose out on some defense and gain some offense.

>> No.50033106

Does it actually lose that much in defense though compared to what it gets in offense?

>> No.50033216

We had a Tiefling Empiricist and Orardadin infiltrate a corrupt merchant's palace as maids, which got botched to hell.
We had our Half-Elf 3.5!Artificer/Psion find and subsequently capture his newfound Android Waifu who was hired by the merchant with the help of the party's BFF Dragon, and all my angry Dorf Evangelist/OD got out of it was being beaten to near-death by a bunch of westaboo samurai.

>> No.50033378

Its still going - we're right at the end of In Search of Sanity. Not exactly one of Paizo's best paths.

>> No.50033512

Still waiting on it.

>> No.50033704


Every smile is worth protecting!

>> No.50033734


Even yours?

>> No.50033760

Especially mine!

>> No.50033798


You know, every time you post I can't help but crack a smile!

>> No.50034001

Said character was about to get his face pummeled in by her dad

>> No.50034199

He was Demon Spawn all along, we just didn't know it.

>> No.50035327

Anyone know what the deal is with Creature Components? The guys that do those kids adventures came out with it but I'm not sure if I should get it and I don't wanna just download it. Plus I can't find a scrubbed copy to begin with.

>> No.50035514

>wotr guy delays final decisions on people


>> No.50035967

>pc wants to get with npc
>evil female npc is a mesmerist
>he doesn't know this
>he called her a virgin and generally some other shitty things

What's the best way to destroy his mind?

>> No.50036004


>> No.50036037

The mind is a plaything of the body. Should one of her minions have the means to render his body powerless, his confidence will shatter.

>> No.50036301

How do I make sure my enemies are NOT PREPARED, /pfg/?

Wings optional but would be neat, 1pp and PoW available.

>> No.50036313

DMing Halloween 1-shot horror session tomorrow. I've got it mostly locked down but give me a couple extra ideas to fully mindbreak my players.

>> No.50036317

Be invisible. Denies targets their dex.

>> No.50036351

Mimics everywhere and chests full of rust monsters.

>> No.50036397

Was technically trying to ask how to run Illidan's combat style on a PC, but I was pretty unclear in retrospect, and your answer is technically correct.

>> No.50036411

>Illidan's combat style on a PC
Not everyone plays Warcraft, anon. Not everyone knows what that would be.

>> No.50036453

Well I know (Vaguely), I was just being a bitch.

>> No.50036475


As I understand it, he dual-wields double weapons. Don't really know much else that'd be helpful; he's one of the guys with pretty nutty lore, even by Warcraft standards.

>> No.50036507

so why exactly are guns bad, are they just so mediocre that theyre not worth it?

>> No.50036579

Guns are bad because of the number of feats it takes to make them actually function, and the fact that you have to be a gunslinger or have some other way of getting dex to damage to make them you know


They can be completely retarded if you do all this, but only in niche situations.

in short, they're poorly designed.

>> No.50036588

they're either trash (expensive, reloading has significant action costs, they're very prone to blowing up on you) or they're amazing (x4 weapons that attack touch AC with a stat to damage). There is no in between.

>> No.50036598

I still can't see a stat to damage + ranged power attack being that great. It seems like moderate damage with little extra damage., and it requires what.. a five level dip?

>> No.50036612

He does dual-wield his warglaives, yes, but apparently they also work as thrown weapons, and he's always been able to jump pretty far to slice and dice with 'em, the wings just help.

Beyond that I'm unclear.

>> No.50036613

that is because you don't realize how insanely good hitting touch AC can be for a martial

>> No.50036623

So it's what, an average of 30 per hit 4 times a round?

>> No.50036630

lordy lordy anon

4 times a round

you're thinking small.

think bigger.

>> No.50036635


>> No.50036639

Okay, even up to 7 that's only around what, up to 250 a round? At what level?

>> No.50036642




>> No.50036652

Well I was assuming one two-handed weapon that way you didn't have to dip juggler bard, build a tiefling or some such. Do you have another recommendation to compare it to?

>> No.50036682

For Summoner, is there any archetype/feature that boost Eidolon's power by costing Summoner's spell or SA power?

>> No.50036695

Nigga haste is easily available and rapid shot is a feat that you will take

And you do this shit every round. Forever. Against touch AC. Which means that using deadly aim doesn't bother you at all. Ever.

In short, this is the scenario in which guns get retarded, a gunslinger in this scenario outshines the normal martials so hard in combat its almost disgusting.

Oh, and don't forget, literally every attack is benefiting from this

"Up Close and Deadly (Ex) At 1st level, when the pistolero hits a target with a one-handed firearm that is not making a scatter shot, she can spend 1 grit point to deal 1d6 points of extra damage on a hit. If she misses with the attack, she grazes the target, dealing half the extra damage anyway. This is precision damage and is not multiplied if the attack is a critical hit. This precision damage increases to 2d6 at 5th level, to 3d6 at 10th level, to 4d6 at 15th level, and to 5d6 at 20th level."

and at upper levels also this

"Twin Shot Knockdown (Ex) At 11th level, when the pistolero hits a single target with two or more one-handed firearm attacks during her turn, she can spend 1 grit point to knock the target prone. She can choose to spend the grit point after the attacks are made."

bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang its enough damage to drop even incredibly high level enemies in a single turn

This is the specific scenario in which guns are broken good

the rest of the time they're awful and make you want to die.

>> No.50036700

At max level with minmaxing a pure gunslinger can hit ~650 dpr.

>> No.50036701

>didn't have to dip juggler bard, build a tiefling
Best way is probably to go Gun Twirling. It's feat intensive, but if you go Gunslinger 1/Trench Fighter 3 you can get dex-to-damage a level early and get two extra feats.

>> No.50036706

Pistolero got nerfed bro. Can't reduce the grit cost of Up Close And Deadly anymore.

>> No.50036724

So as a thought experiment I decided to make a level 20 pistolero to see how much damage he would do.

This is about what we're looking at:
>44 dex (as a goblin using elemental body 4 to become a Large Fire Elemental)
>two seeking cyclonic pistols of the infinite sky (expensive but manageable)
>VMC fighter like a complete moron, grabbing Warrior Spirit to give himself bane in a pinch and using those fucking gloves
>end with the following
>+17(dex)+3(pistolero)+4(weapon training)+12(deadly aim)+5(weapon bonus)+2(bane)+1(point blank shot)=44
>1d6(gun)+5d6(pistolero)+2d6(bane) = 72d6
>average damage = 648

All attacks are against touch ac, and the target is essentially guaranteed to be knocked prone.

>> No.50036732

>paizo literally nerfed gunslingers

>they actually did it


>> No.50036740

Okay, and? There are a lot of builds that, with min-maxing, can hit those numbers or higher.

>> No.50036746

fun fact, that damage when compared with an empowered maximized Disintegrate (w/ spell perfection or something), is almost twice as much, since a disintegrate like that deals 360 damage.

Also you get improved crit nerdness on the pistols because 19-20/x4 is highly likely to happen with 9 shots, and thats BOOM HEADSHOT, BOOM HEADSHOT

>> No.50036751

Show me another martial [NOT PATH OF WAR] that can hit those levels

we're not saying Gunslinger is broken, quite the opposite, its garbage outside of this literally one scenario.

>> No.50036778

This isn't a moba, bad errata gets ignored

>> No.50036795

unfortunately because of the d20pfsrd, even the shit errata makes its way in eventually, ruining good games for the rest of us cause its a pain in the ass to find shit otherwise.

I love it. I can't believe Paizo actually continues to drop nerfs on garbage classes like Monks and Gunsligers.

>> No.50036799

I'm not saying it's that impressive. i'm just saying those are the numbers I reach. Hell my minmaxed for defense level 20 fighter hits that.

autism fighter (I don't have the link)

>> No.50036809

no it doesn't BUILDPOSTER

go to bed.

>> No.50036822

Nigga no seriously, are you dumb?


>> No.50036843


nigga the difference between you and me is that i'm not a stupid nigga

>> No.50036855

You asking for another martial that hit that level of DPR, the fact that he is Fighter VMC Barbarian doesn't change the fact he hits those levels.

>> No.50036866

Furthermore, a Fighter without VMC barbarian who focuses on damage will blow 650 out of the water. VMC with barbarian and neglecting defense it becomes even more pronounced.

>> No.50036867

except that the VMC is a completely optional rule that you will not actually get in reality

Where as i can literally do it with pistolero 20 and no fuckery

and while you might have attacks that miss, i won't

because i hit touch ac

>> No.50036879

Ok, buddy.

I don't VMC. I play with ONLY levels in fighter and I will still be over your DPR.

Do you really want to crunch the numbers? Against the expected numbers the DPR of a fighter will be higher without expensive consumables (like what the pistolero uses to get extra dex with shape change).

Hell, that fucking 650 number USES VMC

Really, show me your "pistolero 20" DPR and I'll just beat it with pure fighter. Go on buddy.

>> No.50036916

>44 dex (as a goblin using elemental body 4 to become a Large Fire Elemental)
>two seeking cyclonic pistols of the infinite sky (expensive but manageable)
>end with the following
>+17(dex)+4(gun training herp derp)+12(deadly aim)+5(weapon bonus)+2(bane)+1(point blank shot)=44
>1d6(gun)+5d6(pistolero)+2d6(bane) = 72d6
>average damage = 648

the VMC was literally irrelevant to the build, you can fucking buy bane

And that hits touch AC and knocks them prone, every time.

>> No.50036944

First of all you're using expensive consumables.

Second your addition is wrong (adds up to 41)

Third Gun Training bonus only goes to +3.

Fourth without VMC you're unable to give yourself bane against everything using warrior's spirit, thus losing out on 18d6 of damage and +2 damage

>you can fucking buy bane
Holy shit nigga you dumb, bane only works against one creature type.

Come back when you've made your own build. I know you're wrong BECAUSE I MADE THE BUILD YOU FUCKING POSTED.

>> No.50036955

Again I'm actually you're trying to pass this shit off when I made that fucking post.

>> No.50036963

Bumping this request.

>> No.50036976

i literally don't actually care because i'm still right

please, show me your fighter. I just want to see it Buildposter. Show it to me.

>> No.50036996

>I don't care the shit I posted is wrong, I'm totally right hurrrrr
Your numbers are fucking wrong. That build's DPR is below 600 when you take away VMC. Besides you're ignoring the fucking fact that you can't reduce up close and deadly any longer (something I didn't know when I made that post). Fucking hell you have to be a troll.

>> No.50037006



>> No.50037040

Two-Handed Fighter 20

Str: 44 (as an orc)
17+4(orc)+6(strength of breasts)+6(power of giants)+6(belt)+5(levels) = 44 (+17)

Damage: +34(strength is doubled on every attack after first)+24(power attack is increased a notch)+6(weapon training w/ gloves)+5(weapon bonus)+2(bane w/ warrior spirit) = +71

15-20 x3 crit muliplier w/ automagic confirm viscious falchion


85*5*.7+85*5*.3*3+35 - 9 = 706 DPR

His to hit means every attack will hit a Great Wyrm Red Dragon on everything but a 1 (no creature in the bestiary has the AC to compete)

Now go fuck yourself.

>> No.50037052

>His to hit means every attack will hit a Great Wyrm Red Dragon on everything but a 1 (no creature in the bestiary has the AC to compete)
By the way, this is on every attack.

No seriously though fuck off.

PLUS, he doesn't use consumables for this build, even fucking better.

And this is just off the top of my FUCKING HEAD.

You're trash, your stealing of builds is trash, everything you're doing is grade A garbage. Kill yourself.

>> No.50037061

Gunslinger fags BTFO

>> No.50037078

I'm very curious about your sick ass fighter build that somehow has -17- charisma. Yeah this seems like a build that would happen under realistic circumstances.

Very interesting point buy.


>strength is doubled on every attack after the first

from what?

>power attack increased by a notch

By what?

>> No.50037089

Things went well

In kingmaker my Dex 5 sorcerer qualified for the Archery event in the treachery Olympics.

In the All-Vigilante game, I informed one of the characters was informed that he is infertile, which he took pretty well. Also, the group was amused that they need to track down 5 rings of power to rectify this. They'll be disappointed when they find out their all just in a box in a forgotten basement together.

>> No.50037095

Twohanded Fighter archetype.

Not sure where he's getting that 17 charisma from though.

>> No.50037098

>from what?
>By what?
Fucking seriously nigger are you stupid? It's been an archetype for Literally Years. The name is IN THE FUCKING POST.

>I'm very curious about your sick ass fighter build that somehow has -17- charisma. Yeah this seems like a build that would happen under realistic circumstances.
You have YET TO SHOW A BUILD, and have violated your own proposed rules TWICE, did incorrect match, and fucking presented a shit show.

>> No.50037103

Ah, missed that.

Please explain how you are getting to 17 charisma

>> No.50037106

In this thought exercise he literally just wears a charisma headband because a level 20 character easily afford one. He starts the game point buying to either 11 or 12, which is easily manageable.

>> No.50037110

He actually has to get it higher than that, because orcs have a racial -2 to cha

>> No.50037111

I point buy to 11 charisma and wear a fucking headband. God damn. Is it that fucking hard.

Next you're gonna ask "show me the point buy" when your own fucking build has not and is a build THAT I MADE.


>> No.50037115

I meant after racials. He only has to buy to 17 str.

Unless suddenly the rules include "we're on 15 PB" it's fine.

>> No.50037122

>It's another 'getting into a dickwaving contest with buildposter' episode.

Some days it's hard to hold onto your tranquility in this place.

>> No.50037128

Y'know it's not that complex of a build right?

>> No.50037136

It isn't build poster. The idiot with the gunslinger is literally waving around a build the guy made at him saying "this wins" when he took off half the numbers, did the math wrong, and keeps trying to add caveats.

>> No.50037145


God damn.

>> No.50037163

I'm not him bro.

I'm saying 'I made this build it's MINE' isn't really viable when what little has presented is simplistic in design.

>> No.50037188

Just got testy that it was his arguing point when I know for a fact a minmaxed gunslinger can't hit that DPR without VMC because of strength support through eldritch heritage that dex does not have.

>> No.50037197

Shit I've almost got BINGO

>> No.50037263

true true

Honestly i just like to see Buildposter sperg the fuck out with his autistic as fuck rants

Ok cool I've had fun lets do a 25pb funtime.

Lets go with something simple.

Human starting with like what, 20 dex? Sure.

Pistolero, can easily get that dex up to 36 via leveling, a tome, and a belt

give the fucker a pair of +5 pistols, and for spice, lets give them all 4 elemental enhancements.

And now he shoots someone, deadly aim, get you some haste because its literally easy as fuck

so what, its like, fuck, 13+3+12+5 every attack

and there's like 9 of em


bang bang bang bang.

shit thats 621, i'm not even tryin yet.

Lets add in hammer the gap, it adds a sweet 36 damage on. point blank for another 9

i'm at 666, now thats a pretty meme

thats about the best i can do at 3am. Sure it could be cranked higher.

>> No.50037279

Can we stop this entirely meaningless pissing contest and go back to being cute? Is this what we traded kitsuneposting out for?

>> No.50037280

Adding all four elemental enchantments can be done on both ends. But you can't really with ranged because you need seeking and cyclonic to not get fucked over by fickle winds and the like.

>> No.50037285

Fun fact, if we put that fighter and gunslinger against Cthulhu, the fighter might actually miss a few attacks

i don't think its actually possible for the gunslinger to miss but >gunslingers

i mean yeah and in reality fighters don't get 17 cha and take 3 feats of eldrich heritage but we're in retard optimizey land.

>> No.50037320

In that case they both lose because big C's mythic wish can force you to fail the save against dying of insanity.

>> No.50037326

i mean yeah i was just trying to find a monster with really high AC

i think the gunsligner can possible miss Hastur tho

>> No.50037407

I honestly prefer masturbating to numbers over pixelated tits

>> No.50037412

If that isn't autism then I don't know what is.

>> No.50037438

where do you think you are

>> No.50037479

Autism > lechery

>> No.50037600

But it's entirely pointless.

It's clearly not about "numbers" because that one guy clearly just wants to one-up and troll the other. He even admitted that >>50037263
here, in the first sentence. The other isn't much better because he responds like an angry teenager, unable to pass his points without added insults. And even if it was about numbers, then it's pointless either way because it concerns levels of play and optimization that 90% of player population will never see, and for good reason because the grame breaks down and transforms into something different.

It's like two guys sicking their pets against each other and claiming it's about sport and not seeing the other guy loose. The kitsuneposters at least where honest and positive.

>> No.50037639

Harbinger (or soul hunter stalker - this is less good though); pick up piercing thunder school for twin thunder stance (or pick it up via some other means), find some way to add piercing quality onto double-sword/double-scimitar.

>> No.50037663

It depends on the game. In warcraft 3 he was very anti-magic and kind of tanky through evasion. He could also immolate the area around him and his capstone was turning into a giant demon.

In WoW there's a lot more demonic abilities - cleaving the soul out of his enemy and feasting on bits of it, searing the life out of things with eye beams, and in general being fast and elusive.

In heroes of the storm, he doesn't actually hit very hard (though he does attack pretty quick) he's super fucking flighty though; He can jump to you and flip over to the other side slashing at you, he can do a slide-y dash thing, he can evade attacks for a few seconds. his two capstones are either turning into a giant demon or dashing from across the fucking map at you. In addition his talents allow you to do some form of 'claiming' where repeated attacks on targets have some bonus effect (like repeated flip-ydo dives do bonus damage, or repeated auto attacks do fuckoff% hp damage).

>> No.50037698

nobody cares steve.

>> No.50037738

Does anyone know of a cheap magic item that lets you magically create clothes, or create items equal to some cheap cost?
I know there's Rod of Splendor but that's way too expensive.

I have a character that has a supernatural shapechange ability, so my items don't magically meld into my body, as they are both physical forms. And I want a way to marginalize the amount of shit I have to do after shapechanging.

>> No.50037771

Sleeves of many garments (275 gp) used to, up until errata made it create an illusion of clothes, not clothes themselves.

>> No.50037777

>muh 17 charisma
Variant Multiclassing you fucknuggets. Orc Bloodline Sorcerer.

Though I wonder. If you take the Dayrunner Trait as an Orc do you still keep the Light Sensitivity from Orc Bloodline?

>> No.50037802

Unfortunately it doesn't quite fit my needs, since I'm playing 3.pf and the Sleeves of many garments changes clothes, not create clothes, illusion or otherwise.

One form is human and the other is beast, as well as a size difference, so if there was someway to even just create the illusion of clothes, that would be satisfactory.

Thanks for the heads up though, I'll keep it in mind for disguises.

>> No.50037820

Actually I might just talk to my DM to see if this can work for my purposes.

Thanks, have a funny.

>> No.50038615

I just woke up and apparently it's halloween. We're starting a single session side campaign to celebrate Halloween. We even have a new person joining us.

I honestly don't feel like using my brain space to create a brand new side setting. Any recommendation of a cool spooky campaign that is 8 uninterrupted hours or less(we're gonna start around 5pm and end around 3-5am).

Or at the least something that can be modified to fit into a single campaign. Otherwise I'm going to do a generic spoopy mansion.

Thought about running Call of Cthulhu but I don't know if everyone is down for that and the prospect of teaching not only the new person but everyone how to play, including myself that has never played.

Been a while since I posted here too, don't remember if spoilers are a thing here. I actually think /tg/ doesn't have a spoiler tag and I'm about to embarrass myself.

>> No.50038972

The thing that always gets me is that the target of the Stare doesn't know they're under its affects unless they're told. So just have her around all the time, and suddenly he's missing all his DCs. And he's getting dominated hard, because that's what Mesmerists do. And then he's getting deflowered.

>> No.50039279

Black seraph and thrashing dragon are both quite good at augmenting the "illidan" playstyle.

Thrashing dragon has some manuevers for throwing shit.

There's also some stuff in the regular harbinger schools that's illidan appropriate.

>> No.50039457

>all I want to play is a gestalt Spheres//PoW character above level 1 for maximum versatility

>> No.50039585

So /pfg/, just gauging interest for a game. This doesn't exist yet, nor is it even close to existing yet. Starting level 4, gestalt, PoW/SoP allowed, lewd, RotRL (or at least book 1).

>> No.50039595


>Lewd RotRL
>The book with Shayliss and Nualia

Yes, very yes.

>> No.50039640

I am >>50039457 and I am interested in your product and/or service.

>> No.50039662

You'll get hits.
Hell, you could drop gestalt and get hits
Hell, you could drop gestalt and be level 1 and get hits.

>> No.50039683


Are you planning to run the entirety of RotRL, or will you skip to Jade Regent?

Because lewd romp to the orient sounds muy bueno.

>> No.50039713

Probably skip to Jade Regent

>> No.50039742

Not this shit again.

Jesus fuck you guys never learn.

I can't wait for a rerun of bitching when some butthurt queer gets rejected.

Then two weeks later we're going to get some more bitching when it dies after one session.

>> No.50039754

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, anon.

>> No.50039763

Depends on how you plan on running it senpai, if you're rolling a text game and I had the time I would be all over that shit. Especially if you did what this anon suggested >>50039683 afterwards.

How lewd, tho.

>> No.50039767

>tfw joined three PoW lewd games so far, the first was gestalt
>First ran fine for a year of good play
>Second still running fine with lots of lewds
>Third replaced the first and is well on track to being good

I don't see any problems.

>> No.50039780

Obv text. The lewd level needs to be decided on by the party

>> No.50039819

I got u senpai

>> No.50039839


How are you going to account for the leveling in comparison to what is recommended for two Book 1s in a row?

Personally, it "makes sense" to be overleveled for Jade Regent, since Book 1 never assumes you're random weakling schmucks.

>> No.50039856

Spheres of Power Wild Magic playtest is up:


>> No.50039879

Well fug. I've been itching to try spheres, PoW, AND gestalt on their own. All at once makes me very disappointed that I probably wouldn't have time to spare for it, but I might as well keep tabs. Roll20 or IRC?

IMO, would rather it all be low-key and kept mostly to PMs.

>> No.50039884

Probably just slow down the leveling severely until it matches about what the book should be. 4-5 in RotRL, 5-6 for book 1 of JR, then book 2 catches up and it continues normally from there. Obviously leveling up the encounters to match.

>> No.50039887


I just got here dude. What happened?

>> No.50039900

Roll20 for maps, either IRC or Roll20 for text.

>> No.50039957


>That spoiler

Certainly makes duo applications that much more adorable.

>tfw no one to play the spunky Qadiran noblewoman to my awkward Ulfen bodyguard/slave.

>> No.50039984

Are you the guy from WotR duo-app? Do you have some kind of fetish for big burly awkward guardians?

>> No.50039991

I know there has to be a catch somewhere anon. You can't just present me an opportunity like this and expect me to trust it. If it doesn't come in the form of bad rulings, it would come in the form of the game dying after the first month or something. I got my eyes on you.

>This is literally the perfect place to try gunning for the Spheres Magus||Hidden Blade URogue "I want to be a holy knight!" character I've wanted to try for ages.

>> No.50040003


>Do you have some kind of fetish for big burly awkward guardians?


>> No.50040004

The catch is that this is still all pre-planning stage, so any such game is a ways off. Don't hold your breath. Or do, whatever works for you.

>> No.50040017


I'm pretty sure more than one person on here has that fetish, among others.

>> No.50040035


>> No.50040089

>Cantrip table
>Suddenly, fart jokes

Dangerous game there, crude humor like that can be polarizing.
Wild magic tables in general depend a lot on the maker's sense of humor and stuff that's odd without trying to be funny will have a better all around reception.

>> No.50040134

That's less of a catch and more just a part of setting up a game, anon. As long as you don't take a year to get everything set up, you're doing alright.

>> No.50040143


>mfw Artisan/Landsknecht

I can do it, lads.

>> No.50040247


What the heck is a Landsknecht?

>> No.50040257

The best prestige class

>> No.50040260

The opposite of an Airsknekt

>> No.50040265

New thread:

>> No.50041113

If the lewd isn't mandatory for everyone to actively participate in all the time, then yes.

>> No.50042058

Seriously no Crimson Throne yet?!!

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