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How do you feel about skimpy armor as game abstractions?

Since most systems have no rules or even suggestions for how covering a piece of armor must be to bestow its full bonus, a "chain mail" can be just a chainmail bikini and still give the same protection.

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If the game is relatively serious then it's annoying.

If the group is just fucking around then it's whatever. I mean, the barbarian is already starting a cult centered around the worship of beef (not cows, just beef). A mail-kini isn't that far out of the realm of possibility.

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>a cult centered around the worship of beef

Pretty sure that just describes America.

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No problem with it whatsoever in the right context. I just like settings to be consistent.

What bugs me is when you have chicks in bikini armour alongside dudes in full heavy plate and such. I want more dudes with bare chests and bulging codpieces.

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>I want more dudes with bare chests and bulging codpieces.
This. So much this.

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No. Male sexuality is rape and male bodies are disgusting and should be covered at all times.

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Literally the only time I think sexy armor should be allowed is in mock battles or, and this is the primary reason, the Player liked the rest of her and chose to ignore the chain mail bikini.

That's it, that's the thing. The armor in the artwork =/= armor in the game, and it's pretty dumbo to insist that because your character art depicts a lacy silken thing than your character has to wear that too.

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But I'm a girl and want hot guys in fantasy. ;-;

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No. You are disgusted with men and their gross bodies. Stop raping yourself!

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I kind of like it when it can serve to differentiate classes. It really depends on the tone of the game though.

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I want more girls with bulging codpieces.

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I don't care if it's male or female, it's fucking retarded. Armor stats should also take into account bodily coverage, so a mithril bikini should be worse than a leather jacket.

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Unless there's artist in the group, indifferent.

Everyone is free to imagine whatever they want.

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Don't most D&D editions describe each armor in turn, and sometimes even illustrate some or all of them?
I think that's pretty clear as far as coverage goes.

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In my setting most protection is magical in nature anyway, and only requires a small quantity of high quality metal or leather to act as an anchor. Adding more metal just makes the armour pointlessly cumbersome, while smiths and enchanters who can make do with the absolute least material make the highest quality armour.

Deal with it.

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But I can still see her luscious thighs on the left version, Anon.

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Your setting is shit. If that little armor is able to make an enchantment that strong, then added mass should increase the area upon which to add enchantments. Bikini armor never makes any sense, and attempting to make it work involves pure retardation. If a bikini of maille does that, then I should just enchant each individual rings on an entire hauberk of thousands upon thousands of rings.

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Creates an unstable magical feedback loop which renders the armour less effective as well as heavier and more bulky.

See, in a fantasy world? You don't have to obey the normal laws of reality. And always insisting people do makes you a fucking moron.

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>I should just enchant each individual rings on an entire hauberk of thousands upon thousands of rings
Enchantments interfere with themselves and you end up with nothing. It's not that hard, dumbass.

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What about cost? If you can only afford to enchant a few rings, it hardly makes sense to wait until you can afford to enchant an entire hauberk.

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We have this thread all the time. This topic has been talked about in all manners thinkable. Every question has been answered. Every thought has been articulated.

But this thread will reach bump limit, won't it?

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Like every single thread on /tg/. Everything was already said about everything. It's time to pack our shit and go home.

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The only woman that should be exposing her breasts on the battlefield are the casters, barbarian and monk.

Everyone else should be well clothed and armored. If the Paladin wants to show off the girls than she should wear a plunging neckline dress at the next noble ball.

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well, if you use harnmaster, you can specify in detail which locations are protected

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I dislike it

Let's see how dis shit settles in a poll

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Don't be so negative, there is still a lot of things for me to learn.

But this is a very weekly thread that could get derailed to shitpost about various things, which is probably why it was created.

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Why do you hate Sword and Sorcery games so much, anon?

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But anon, in sword and sorcery EVERYONE is barbarian or wizard.

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Hey, Dejah Thoris is a Princess, not a barbarian.

Also. thieves and bandits.

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I have literally never had "skimpy armor" come up in a game, and I suspect nor have you.

RPGs are not, naturally, a visual medium. I have never once had a player go out of their way to describe "oh yeah, and her tits are TOTALLY huge and hanging out of a tiny chainmail bikini" or whateverthefuck. Maybe occasionally that's all someone can find for character art, but nobody ever acts like that's totally what they're wearing in the game.

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You know, considering how recognizable and consistent certain bait topics tend to be, even though the wording usually is varied enough that a wordfilter won't catch them, you could probably train a neural net to recognize shitposting/bait threads and auto-hide them if you could get a large labeled database of good and bad threads.

The difficulty would be the labeling - you need too many training examples for it to be practical for me to label them myself, but any attempt to crowdsource it would inevitably be derailed for shits and giggles.

Any ideas?

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OP is why 4e D&D, with it's Unarmored Agility feat making so that you can run around in a loin clothe/chainmail bikini and still whup ass, shits on his "game" (that doesn't actually exist).

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Your problem is calling it armour, which it never was.
Red Sonja, postergirl for the look since the 70's, wears the costume, which is a harem-girl costume (at least in the Ace Books continuity), as an act of spite and defiance as a woman in a warrior's world.

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For what purpose?

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Well, it'd be more flexible and ideally more powerful than a regex-based wordfilter, and would also be able to use the image to judge thread quality as well.

Many of the recurring threads here use *similar* wording each time they pop up, but not actually copypasta. Recognizing patterns and higher-level features of data is precisely what neural nets are good for.

I'm thinking basically a browser extension, like 4chanx, that rates threads for "probability of shitpost" and auto-hides them.

Maybe you could even do "thread embedding" with an autoencoder or something and filter any threads *similar* to a particular thread (embedding vector close to that of a particular thread).

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i need to watch the shitty 80s movie now

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Also, it'd be a fun project, which is the main reason I'm interested.

The need to process lots and lots of words that aren't in any standard vocabulary might even give me an excuse to code up something like the heirarchical multiscale RNN I saw on ArXiv recently.

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Gladiators might have a reason to wear skimpier/rather inappropriate armor. They were meant to be showy in the ring. But outside of the ring, dealing with all sorts of hazards they wouldn't face in the ring, I can't say too many characters would stick to it unless they're really dedicated to their career and are willing to take penalties for it.

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That's what I'm saying, sexy armor should be kept in mock battles or gladiatorial gigs, not the field.

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as far as Dark Elf lore implicates, the less armour Witch Elves wear, the more damage they do.
And spikes, the more spikes the little armour they have, the more deadlier they are to their enemies.

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I was thinking about some kind of gladiator class. Characters would wear stupid/skimpy outfits to show off their muscles and would put on a show to intimidate the enemy.

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>No flower

Shit-tier Intoner 3/10

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But the big limitation of neural networks is that they need absolute fucktons of data to train (remember, AlphaGo was trained on every single recorded Go game, and then played itself several million times for even more data, and still lost one game to Lee Sedol.)

Like, I'd need at least 10K labeled examples of shit and non-shit threads to train a decent net. The archives mean there's plenty of unlabeled examples, but labeling that many myself would be an enormous task, and if I tried to ask other people here to help you just know someone would start mislabeling threads for shits and giggles.

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Jesus christ. I like long hair on female characters but that's way too fucking long. Do they have no idea what it would be like living with hair that long?

It gets caught and snagged on everything. It's constantly blowing across your face and into your eyes. Fuck you if it rains, that shit is heavy as hell.
You can only go a few days without washing it or combing it and at that length you'd need someone else to help.

If you DID still have hair that long you'd braid it back. Jesus.

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>women in skimpy armor
>Barbarian in fur boxers and horned helmet with nothing else

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You're either a woman or homosex. Which is it?

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Reminds me of a webcomic I read years ago, can't recall the name. It had a skilled female warrior training up a group of female guards in a port city. The veteran had long hair in a ponytail, but that was just a sign of how damn good she was, all her recruits had to cut their hair short as they weren't good enough to cope with it yet.

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Well, tastes are going to differ anyway.

What if you stored each rater's scores separately, and somehow generated a "user embedding" to go with their scores? People who rated threads in different patterns would go in different categories of user. Then, you could train the net on scores, conditioned on both the OP text/image and the user embedding. To use the net, you'd rate a bunch of threads yourself to get matched with a particular user category, get a matching user embedding, and then that would also be input into the net.

You wouldn't even need to generate the embedding neurally - say everybody's voting on some subset of the same 10K threads; I'm sure there's some clustering algorithm you could use. You'd need to make sure you had lots of people voting, though.

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The scars where the skimpy armor failed to protect her are a nice touch.

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Hm, well I could see a character doing it if they were That Fucking Good and they liked making a show out of the combat they were involved in. But that takes a certain kind of character, most wouldn't have the background to act that way.

Considering in game, when your HP starts to drop its usually not fatal wounds until the end, so you/DM could just keep fluffing the damage so the character due to their skills manages to avoid the worst of the attack/dodges it/parries it while still taking damage.

They should be covered in blood and still subject to the elements at the end of it all, though. Townspeople should be rather shocked to see them. Maybe some would be intimidated by this gladiator's appearance, but other's would think its a joke and not take the party seriously.

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Utterly pointless with boobs that small.

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All religious festivals in the cult of Beefology are conducted around a sacred Barbecue, and all parishioners must sit on lawn chairs.

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They do, but they also have notable exceptions.
AD&D magazines every so often would describe magical armors that didn't cover much at all but gave significant AC.
D&D3e had the Gloryborn armor or whatever which said it could look like some leather straps and still give protection of heavy armor.
D&D4e no one cares about
D&D5e doesn't have a lot of fluff yet

Then there's the whole bracers of armor/defense

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I see what you did there

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Is this more appropriate?

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Careful, she might do painful things to your balls.

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Apathy wins, lechery is second. Damn you slaaneshi wankers

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If there's a reason (like it's magic armor), then I don't give it a second thought. if it's just skimpy armor, then it would offer minimal protection, at best, but, other than that, I don't care.

The player I played with whose character wore the least was a girl. Her barbarian was nearly always topless... until she became a nation's queen.

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Sometimes I wonder why people like ridiculously oversized tiddies.

I mean sure, tiddies are great and all, but past a certain point you aren't really gaining anything from having more tiddy, and that point is generally reached well before the size of the person's head.

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What is this, genderbent Conan?

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Dejah wears less than that in the books.

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Consume enough animu and your perceptions will change

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Shit taste is an acquired taste.

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>past a certain point you aren't really gaining anything from having more tiddy
Anything larger than a good C-cup is honestly starting to get a bit much, for me. You want enough that you can get a good handful, but not so much that it's ridiculous.

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Buddy, they said deal with it. You're not allowed to argue the point after that.

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Bikini armour thread?

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My condolences that you're not man enough to appreciate a good tiddy

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>not man enough to be an animeme babby

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Maybe a little in the inspiration dept. I can see the parallels... but, in play, not really.

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Visual design and eye-candy is usually irrelevant to the medium, so it just fullfills a purpose within artwork as sex sells.
When trying to work it into the narrative like i usually do, it shatters any kind of believability if it is done without offering any kind of magical protection. in some cases, the design would be justified depending on who wears it and how it actually works, but i never really tried to incorperate it in some way.

in our system, "regular" bikini armor would be, mechanicly speaking, this:
DMG-Reduction: Diceroll -x
counts as partial armor, so it is completely ignored when the attacker hits armor gaps

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Name one person who has ever said this

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>a good tiddy
As other anons have pointed out, everybody loves some nice big tits, but there is just a point at which they become a mockery of the real thing instead of an idealized depiction.

You are probably thinking about calling me a fag or some smug replay that implies how much better your taste is, but you said yourself that this has nothing to do with taste, but constantly being exposed to it, like some form of sickness.

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>tiddies large enough to cause center of gravity issues with basically any movement more energetic than a casual walking pace unless they're strapped the fuck down (which they never appear to be), to say nothing of the lower back issues
anime was a mistake

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Bring it on my nig

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Who am I to refuse?

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Any shapely tiddy is good tiddy, but at times one wants enough tiddy to use as a pillow

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What for? You're not going to be sleeping on them.

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Because it looks nice and soft

>> No.50025633

And there is the Glamered enchantment that nobody uses that allows the armor to appear as "normal" clothing, which of course varies from culture to culture.

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It looks dumb.

I don't care about "practicality" or "objectification" or any of that bullshit. The fact is that skimpy armor looks fucking retarded.

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Fighter is best girl.

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That's a demon.

>> No.50026043

I don't really have much problem with it. Magic solves most of the realism issues with the armor, and especially for light armies like leather it's easy to ignore.

Someone trying to wear a mundane fullplate bikini would raise some eyebrows from me, though if I were trying to be 'realistic' I would probably just tell them to use it as a lighter set like a breastplate, or a chain mail bikini as hide. The better materials should help cover the difference between the area covered, similarly to how an adamantite breastplate can be almost as good but still worse than fullplate.

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A semen demon

>> No.50026056

It all about the stats, good sir! If you equipped in the slot it give you more protection there.

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That's the issue for me as well. Women wearing it look ridiculous and men wearing it look gay. Real armor looks cool as shit. Unless you're Frank Frazetta you cannot make the skimpy look work. It would be best to stop trying.

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>> No.50026205

I'm completely fine with it. I suppose if the game were 100% realistic sans the Red Sonja in a chain bikini she would stand out, but given the games I run and play, such a sight wouldn't be the most unusual players and NPC's would come across.

>> No.50026263

Eh, the "magic solves most of the realism issues"-thing kinda feels like a cop out to me.

I mean, sure, something like that is perfectly workable in a magic-heavy setting. But if you can use a spell to make a bikini as protective as full plate armour, then why not use that spell on something like a belt instead?

That way, you don't actually have to sacrifice any of the advantages of wearing regular clothes (protection against cold or direct sunlight, pockets to hide stuff in, etc.) in order to wear armour.

>> No.50026265

>Not wanting to see their well tone body in action.
>not wanting to see the body that strive to be the perfect one.

>> No.50026294

I'm glad images as janky and thrown together as those two ended up giving us this awesome serial killer one.

Skimpy armor being okay depends largely on the tone of the setting.

Like, people wearing leather straps and fetish outfits works in places like Dark Sun.

>> No.50026316

>this awesome serial killer one
I'd describe it as "ow the edge"

>> No.50026331

same 2bh

>> No.50026353

A bit of edge every now and then is fine, so long as the craft's good.

Armored lady looks like a slasher villain, it's neato.

>> No.50026467

Well, I meant more in the sense that you could just get glamored versions of the armor to look like whatever you want.

Mainly though, it is magic, so how exactly it works is up to the GM. Just because you can have a metal bikini function as full plate doesn't necessarily mean the same can be done with a belt.

The real answer though is probably just to play something or take abilities that let you run around unarmored.

If I were playing a swords & sorcery barbarian game and wanted everyone wearing skimpy loinclothes, I'd give everyone with light armor or better Unarmored agility or some similar bonus so they could run around half-naked.

Otherwise if I want to do it myself, I play a caster or a rogue so nobody cares that they aren't wearing real armor.

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Not a fan of snuff

>> No.50026560

>Most regular women nowadays dress in ways that would make a 1950s prostitute blush
>At the beach even otherwise "decent" women parade around in what is effectively two sets of strategically placed cloth
>But bikini chainmail in a fantasy world is pandering

Unless you're worried about realism, there's literally no reason for bikini chainmail to exist, if we assume fantasy women are at all similar to real women.

You forgot that it looks really fucking awesome if it billows in the dramatically convenient wind. This is why even male villains are often longhaired prettyboys.

>> No.50026585

>Is clearly Red Sonja
>Implying Sonja doesn't get stabbed or shot every couple of pages.
Literally retarded.

>> No.50026604

well if you're working with a magic material that provides full protection in just about any amount you use as little as possible per "suit" to stretch your supply as far as it'll go.

>> No.50026614

>How do you feel about skimpy armor as game abstractions?

It's just retarded pandering. Why even pretend that there's some logical depth to it?

>> No.50026616


I'm one of those "verisimilitude" fags, so I want there to be a formal excuse in place for why wearing three pieces of duct tape to battle is a valid and reasonable choice. However, I don't need the excuse to be particularly realistic. "It's magic, I don't need to explain shit" works.

One of my favorites in D&D derived games is the houserule that skimpy armor gives a distraction bonus to AC that depends on your charisma modifier, and it never comes up in "normal" D&D simply because with normal armor the highest permitted bonus is a zero.

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This image collection was really cute, doesn't she have a husbando?

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>> No.50026658

I have no idea; I'm ethically opposed to paywalls.

>> No.50026663

Something Something "If it's not a feminine man then it's just male power fantasy" something something

>> No.50026691

>Unless you're worried about realism

I'm pretty sure females in a medieval setting wouldn't parade around in bikini armor, if only for the fact that being raped by a gang of bandits is a very real possibility while drifting through one lawless wilderness after another.

The modern world, however, has rather pervasive laws and law enforcers that make such a scenario much less likely.

>But bikini chainmail in a fantasy world is pandering

That's precisely what it is. Don't try to convince yourself otherwise.

>> No.50026703


I like the "semi-armored" look the most. It's clearly feminine, but still mostly looks like she means business.

>> No.50026711

>This is why even male villains are often longhaired prettyboys.
right, but they don't have hair larger than their entire body

Look at the image he's complaining about.

>> No.50026732


I never understood where the sweet spot was for those people.

Marcus Fenix is a male power fantasy, Nathan Drake is a male power fantasy, are we to believe the only "good" character is a "sensitive" bespectacled twenty something who looks like he has a whore girlfriend and shops at Urban Outfitters?

>> No.50026734

>if only for the fact that being raped by a gang of bandits is a very real possibility while drifting through one lawless wilderness after another
I don't think a girls choice of attire averts this fate.

>> No.50026737


>> No.50026775

>I don't think a girls choice of attire averts this fate.

But openly announcing yourself as a slut probably doesn't help either. At the very least, one might consider masquerading as a man.

>> No.50026781

I never do it with my own character unless they have a cultural reason not to wear armor, or else it's a setting without much armor.

>> No.50026789

The whole thing is a lie, and you need only look at male celebs most popular with women or the covers of cheap romance novels to see a theme.

>> No.50026790


Many of the nowadays sexist laws and assumptions about women were created precisely because a woman alone was very likely to get raped or murdered or both.

Hell, it's why women feature so prominently in "beware of lovely women on the side of the road" stories, both ones that say "treat them nice" or "don't touch them."

>> No.50026791

Alright but hear me out on this: what if, instead of telling these medieval setting women to take care of themselves and dress decently and remain within densely populated areas and run to the city guard as soon as they suspect something's off.... we simply tell the lawless bandits who have no regard for the law not to rape?

It actually does. I know it may be a surprise to our progressive minds, but the way a woman presents her body does change whether or not a man sees her as an object.
A woman who dresses without modesty is indeed seen as... well, a woman without modesty!

>> No.50026798

My main problem with fanservice armor in RPGs is not how to excuse it (I don't think it needs excuses) but simply the difficulty of conveying it in a table with a 100%-male, 100%-neckbeard population without making it awkward.

I guess the ideal place for it is in some kind of a chat-based or otherwise online RPG, where you can link to an image of the PC/NPC and everybody just sees the tiddy armor. No verbalization necessary, optimum impact. But in a more traditional setting, injecting service into the game is actually kind of hard.

>> No.50026805


Most women in the olden days had male guardians when they traveled, the only ones who didn't were old enough that most opportunists ignored them.

>> No.50026825

I had an evil cult that anointed themselves with special herbs and spices in order to ascend to a higher demonic plane by entering a coffin.

The coffin was a fairly intelligent and telepathic mimic. The herbs and spices were seasoning.

>> No.50026835

Or they disguised themselves as men.

>> No.50026848

>Brain scans revealed that when men are shown pictures of scantily clad women, the region of the brain associated with tool use lights up.

Holy kek

>> No.50026854

Because, as we all know, in the lawless wild men simply do not get mugged, robbed, killed or raped. Especially when they're traveling alone and unarmed.

Short hair doesn't make you immune to bandits, anon. I don't know where the fuck you got this retarded idea from, but you should stop attending whatever meetings put this shit in your head.

>> No.50026866

I know that studies like this exists, but what I meant that if you run into a group of rape-orcs the things you were won't change their intend of doing rape stuff.

Of course some proper armor will hinder them getting there.

>> No.50026871

Women dressed as men all the timd to avoid rape back then you dongleberry

>> No.50026898

>Short hair doesn't make you immune to bandits, anon.

No, but it sure as fuck protects. You make yourself look like a less easy victim. Women are weak and can't fight back as well as men, this is just a thing that every criminal knows to be true and will exploit. And even if you do get mugged, they're much less likely to rape you if they think you're a boy.

It's the same principle that if you're taking a taxi ride in a foreign country and you're drunk, you should try to look more sober than you are so that the driver doesn't see an opportunity to rob you. It's all about making yourself look less vulnerable.

>I don't know where the fuck you got this retarded idea from, but you should stop attending whatever meetings put this shit in your head.
You seem to be taking this awfully personally.

>> No.50026912

And get killed instead of raped? That seems like a really bad choice.

>> No.50026924

If you asked a man if he wanted muscles like Conan or masses of wealth, he would pick the wealth. Every single time.

>> No.50026925

f-fag! i bet u r a woman or a h-homo

haha i will have u know i actually um get a lot of pussy! i call her a slut xD and she suckle my weenie haha yeah hi5 >.< y u no like skimpy armor????

>> No.50026939


But anon, saying "don't look like a victim" is disgusting victim blaming garbage!

>> No.50026948

>That post is basically "let's not turn this rape into a murder"
>See the picture
>I now imagine a nymphomaniac superheroine with a "bad boy" complex
>Her catchphrase is "Let's not turn this rape into an arrest"

>> No.50026963

>the difficulty of conveying it in a table with a 100%-male, 100%-neckbeard population

You're assuming they're all straight. Statistically, abut 10% of them won't be.

>> No.50026979

>But anon, saying "don't look like a victim" is disgusting victim blaming garbage!

It is. It's also really good advice.

>> No.50026980

Elena of street fighter doesn't have to be protected against sharp blades and spikes

>> No.50026984

That's not what I said, but as a general rule, a male traveler was going to attract less attention than a woman, making it marginally safer for her to be about. I believe even Jeanne d'Arc was recorded as having done this (for which her prosecutors tried to get her on laws forbidding a woman to pretend to be a man, misusing the law to do so).

>> No.50026989

>table with a 100%-male, 100%-neckbeard population
Would it be less awkward if there was women or if not everyone playing was a neckbeard?

>> No.50026995

>abut 10% of them won't be

>> No.50027021

Its frightening how many people in this thread go
>Ewww big boobs are offensive to me :(
>Nooo stooop women showing off skin creeps me out :(

>> No.50027023

>Women are weak and can't fight back as well as men

Scrawny defenseless manlets are born into this world as a result of perfectly natural processes, as well as she-gorillas and Amazonian giantesses. Nature isn't a bunch of unyielding constants, it's a few generalities with the occasional exception mixed in. Fantasy characters are more so exceptions, since you can define whatever parameters you want.

>> No.50027038

Quite frankly, no woman wants to hang out with a bunch of neckbeards that are quite literally objectifying their entire gender by showing pencil sketches of mostly naked barbarians coupled with comments about rape or deserving it or whatever. But you guys do you

>> No.50027045

Your average peasant girl is not an exceptional player character, nor a she-gorilla or an amazonian giantesses.

>> No.50027060

I very much appropriate the "Don't give a fuck" vote. And I'm glad too see it's winning, well near winning.

>> No.50027076

And if you asked for an if he wanted muscle that can do anything or a masses of wealth that will be effected by the action of other, he would pick those muscle every single time.

>> No.50027130

>Its frightening

It's not offensive, fanservice is just an overdone trope that detracts too much from a meaningful gaming experience. And female anatomy is gross to some of us.

>> No.50027134

>quite literally objectifying their entire gender by showing pencil sketches of mostly naked barbarians

I can't tell if your joking, legitimately retarded or legitimately feminist. It's hard to catch nuance online.

>> No.50027144


What's your point? You said rather conclusively that women are weak and can't fight back. I contradicted your statement. You never mentioned anything about averages. Are you moving the goalposts?

>> No.50027145

it's easy to tell you are autistic and don't interact with women, though

>> No.50027147

>Normies getting BTFO

>> No.50027160

>meaningful gaming experience

"Meaningful?" What the fuck meaning you think games have other than entertainment?

>> No.50027166

The average fantasy/midevil peasant girl will still be tougher and likely stronger than the average modern male of the same age due to her life being one of hard work, farming and harvesting rather than video games and Mountain Dew.

>> No.50027173


You will die alone and unloved.

>> No.50027174

Literally no-one in this thread is saying this. Some people several dozen posts ago were saying that oversized animé boobs are literal backpains and are not even all that attractive. And the rest of the thread is basically "lol, showing skin defeats the whole purpose of armour".

>> No.50027179

>>Ewww big boobs are offensive to me :(
did anyone actually say that, or are you just trying to make your fetish for uselessly large hanging fleshbags sound less degenerate?

>> No.50027183 [DELETED] 

>no woman wants to hang out with a bunch of neckbeards
Nobody's stopping them from starting their own groups.

>> No.50027186

No, even the average chubster will probably be stronger. We have a far, far better diet than they did back in the day even considering your /v/ memes.

>> No.50027189

>throwing around feminist as an insult

>having ever spoken to a girl

>> No.50027192

>female anatomy is gross to some of us
What's wrong with you?

>> No.50027195

As long as the setting isn't trying to take itself too seriously, I'm all for it.

>> No.50027201

He's a faggot?

>> No.50027203

as that op protip:

> i am a girl that games with girls and guys that have some semblance of respect

>> No.50027216

>> No.50027223

Alright, so a girl with a chainmail bikini and a girl with full plate are off in the woods when attacked by unga bunga orcs. Let's say they're both defeated - not killed, but thoroughly beaten.

Is the full plate gonna make the unga bungas not decide to make the girl a half orc factory?

Assume that somehow both girls have the same AC from armor and whatever benefits they get.

>> No.50027225

I was not that anon. And you must learn how language works. When I say "black people are black" then everybody will understand that, even though some albinos exist. Alaways trying to include 100% of every possible case would make conversation impossible.

>and likely stronger than the average modern male
Fuck no, the differences between male and female strength are so big, it's kinda unfair. Better diet and greater high make it even worse.

>> No.50027238

No one can be that much of a faggot.

>> No.50027239 [DELETED] 

Good for you. Such a shame I can't be bothered to care.
Nobody cares about your little group of pussy beggars. What we care about are bitches who demand any group adjusts to them, rather than deciding that the group doesn't fit them and starting their own. It's called taking initiative, something that strongly correlates with having a Y-chromosome.

>> No.50027251

That's pretty gay friendo.

>> No.50027264

I'm not even sure why it bugs people. Offending their sense of anti-reality in a game with fricking magic? Do they even know their sword and sorcery heritage? Did Conan give a shit about plate armor? Characters like Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, or older but still evocative of high adventure series represented by the Three Musketeers. Pulpy scifi like John Carter of Mars. The dude ran around mostly naked, as everyone else on Mars did, against swords and radium rifles/pistols. Tolkien's grand masterpiece? They mostly used chainmail under regular clothing. Practical? Sure, but even the dwarves weren't running around fielding full plate mail to max their AC all the time. Not until later in The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings when they went from adventure/quest to war.

All of this stuff to greater or lesser degrees became written into the DNA of early tabletop games. Barbarians who actually have better AC the less armor they wear, mages who cannot wear any armors and you could only learn so many armor spells per day. Is this a defense for skimpy or boob plate in every game? Hell no, but they shouldn't be surprised. This is something that has existed not only since the first days of tabletop gaming but far earlier.

Nowadays people even complain about it in scifi games when super science alloys (technology being practically indistinguishable from magic in most settings) can excuse boob plate. The "latex spacesuit" is a proud scifi tradition, dammit.

>> No.50027269

>m-muh b-big alpha male logic! bitche r loving 2 me! yeah get my dick sucked women r Weak aha chomromsumes

>anime response image

>> No.50027277

If you're bothered by bikini armor then you're incredibly autistic.

>> No.50027279

Nope. They both get turned into baby factories.

What kind of stupid fucking question is that?

>> No.50027283


Maybe feminist wasn't a pejorative term if feminists were less unreasonable perpetually angry shitcunts who spend their days complaining about shit that doesn't concern them.

>> No.50027286 [DELETED] 

>Implying I ever said any of that
Keep crying bitchnigga.

>> No.50027290

>shitty pop evo-psych argument

>i-i didn't say that!!

>> No.50027302

I'm not too sure about that... I mean, yes, Medieval peasant women would do more physical labour on average than most male /tg/ posters. OTOH the harsh physical labour was usually left to the men, with the women usually expected to do stuff like spinning wool and churning milk.

And malnutrition was a real risk in a lot of Medieval societies, don't forget that. And poor nutrition also means that kids won't grow quite as big or strong as that they potentially could.

>> No.50027307


They've always been insufferable cunts, the bad ones just tend to get forgotten by history.

Sorta like the first wave who casually mocked the men from the Titanic who "deserved" to die because they're men and that's their job.

>> No.50027308

What about when she's fighting Vega?

>> No.50027326

Always amuses me how it looks like that knight stumbled into the middle of a glam berserker who just murdered her friends. No doubt she just spilled the glitter.

Even if you try to take the picture as a straight representation of the problems of realistic armor versus harem armor the knight still has a hilariously unarmored face. If you have to get close enough to stab them in the boob window they're close enough to stab you in the smug grin.

>> No.50027338

No she just has to be protected against Electricity/magic/fire/sonic booms/etc.

>> No.50027361

do you guys hate women

>> No.50027362

I don't really like it. It primarily exists to masturbate to and that's the last thing I want anyone at my table doing or thinking about doing, especially since I actually have had a player masturbate under the table before.

>> No.50027372

>If you have to get close enough to stab them in the boob window they're close enough to stab you in the smug grin.

Indeed. And just look at this piece of unrealistic, shitty armor.
Have fun being stabbed in the neck, faggot. And notice that complete lack of arm protection. If there's one thing you want to protect it's your sword arm. You don't want your wrist to be cut off and be left without a weapon to fend for yourself. Also notice that he has no armor below the waist. He's just asking to be kicked in the balls!

No wonder the Romans never achieved anything of note, they were too retarded to figure out basic armor. It's obvious that it's best to be an immobile husk of metal that can neither see nor hear.

>> No.50027373


>> No.50027395

I'm surprised you can even read this thread all the way up there on your high horse, anon.

>> No.50027398

No, I love women.

>> No.50027402

Only on the internet.

>> No.50027408

Why do you ask?

>> No.50027413

>do you guys hate women

Only the ones that make a nuisance of themselves.

>> No.50027414

I can't speak for all of /tg/ but I unironically and unapologetically hate (3D) women. What're you gonna do 'bout it faggot?

>> No.50027420

Women are kinda shit at rp anyways, who cares?

>> No.50027422

Conan actually cared. But Conan's combat was more realistic, less D&D. Amor is rather different from avoiding being hit. And considering where he adventured and the frequency where steel wouldn't protect him from his enemies attacks, getting the hell out of dodge was the better choice. He actually wears armor latter in the timeline, when he's king.

But then again, Conan is a bad example for RPG thinking. AC wouldn't make sense in his story.

>> No.50027423

it kind of seems that everyone here is trying to somehow assert their superiority to women or dictate exactly what they should or shouldn't do

>> No.50027439

die happily knowing you will be removed from the gene pool

>> No.50027440

>zero ass

>> No.50027441

It was a game of Deadlands: Reloaded I joined in college. The guy was autistic and a weeaboo in the strictest definition of the word, wanted to play a half-Japanese samurai girl until the GM veto'd that and he settled on a mad scientist instead. Apparently thought he could rub one out under the table on the DL. Not much more to the story than that, we called campus police and he was kicked out of school over it.

>> No.50027442

ugh just misogyny privilege unrealistic neckbeards

>> No.50027444

Nope, super terrible nutrition combined with poor health practices would make them notably weaker than the average chubby dude, and weaker than most modern women honestly.

>> No.50027453

you tried to string together a bunch of buzzwords to seem like le epic troll xD to all your buddies, but you fell short as the syntax doesn't really work

>> No.50027459

If by everyone, you mean like two posters sure.

Unless you mean just the idea of discussing whether bikini armor is okay or not. But I don't really think that involves any sort of misogyny.

>> No.50027466

People often go way too far in the other direction when complaining about unrealistic armor. In their eyes, anything less than 16th century full plate with a shield will get you killed faster than you can blink.

Realistically, covering your torso and having a helmet is enough in most cases. And considering how often PCs go without helmets, it's usually just a matter of if they have their stomach covered. Even that's easy to work into bikini armor though, as you just need a leather armor corset or sort of a chain mail drape and you fix half the problems of realism.

>> No.50027471

Unf, those boots.

That fucking triggers me.
The top half implies she needs to be armoured, but the other coverage is... A thong. What the fuck. Does she need armour or not? PICK ONE.

Humans are built around doing hard work all day, and eating foods that aren't filled with sugar.

>> No.50027472 [DELETED] 


If you can't swim, don't step in the pool. Stupid SJW cunt.Protip: not a guy.SuperProtip:I make rape jokes at the table.

>> No.50027477

I really hope that armorfags would accept that women are free to wear what ever they want, but until that happens, we will just have to deal with them telling women how they should dress.

>> No.50027480

She's just ireland approved

>> No.50027482

That might have something to do with their massive shields, though.

I think there can also be a point here about how training certainly makes the difference. Professional soldiers with superior tactics, often backed up by superior technology. In gaming it's the difference between being a PC adventurer and a common peasant or city guard. Heroes can get away with crazy sexy shit because most of their gear is enchanted, obtained from the treasure hoard of the great dragons of the north or the undead kings beneath the earth.

If you see an army coming at you with soldiers dressed in chain mail bikinis you probably chuckle. If you see an adventurer coming at you with the same you know you're in for a proper shitfest.

>> No.50027492

> Does my ass look fat in this armour?

Maid: Divinely so.

>> No.50027494

That's not bikini armor.

>> No.50027499

i feel so sorry for you for having that world view

do you get out a lot? it strikes me as no

>> No.50027505

>The top half implies she needs to be armoured, but the other coverage is... A thong. What the fuck. Does she need armour or not? PICK ONE.

She needs armor from the waist up. Perfectly logical. She's terribly worried about getting hit in the torso, face or arms. Hips and legs though? All good. They can take it.

>> No.50027524

Do you actually care? No? Then don't ask.

>> No.50027529

>And female anatomy is gross to some of us.
Not sure if faggot or womyn

>> No.50027534

>I really hope that armorfags would accept that women are free to wear what ever they want

>says a neckbeard who hasn't seen a woman other than his mother all his life, let alone talked to one

>> No.50027546

Likely to be a fag, women generally don't find female bits to be gross.

>> No.50027554

I am stealing this.

>> No.50027557

i kind of do as I don't really want any to spew vitriol, especially if it's counter-productive to themselves

i don't care how uneducated, racist, or sexist the most dihard consveratives in deep Alabama are, I still feel sorry as fuck seeing them vote against welfare, education, and anything that would help them elevate their position or quality of life rather than fund some rich politician fuck

>> No.50027563

>But then again, Conan is a bad example for RPG thinking. AC wouldn't make sense in his story.
That's the point, though. There are different rules for designated heroes. Yes, games have AC as part of their design but still make far greater allowances for PCs. Most games don't care about how "sexy" your hero is, it's the same armor rating regardless of how much material is used.

That leaves the matter up to setting, GM, and amount of "fun" allowed. It's a personal thing best left to people, hardly something we'll ever have fully reasoned out here on 4chan and made an effective universal rule. No headlines tomorrow with "/tg/ declares boob plate illegal forever. Hentai exceptions still under debate."

>> No.50027564

Him liking bikini armor really makes you mad huh?

>> No.50027578

No, I'm just saying his argument makes no fucking sense.
He's putting bikini armor on women because he likes bikini armor on women.
Not because they want to wear it.
Making bullshit excuses is just petty.
P.S. I have nothing against bikini armor myself, just wanted to call out his bullshit.

>> No.50027581

You seem to be able to tell a lot about someone from an awful short post.

>> No.50027589

>Not because they want to wear it.
Fictional characters wear what the author wants them to wear you twat.

>> No.50027597

>I don't want you to be angry
>I'm just going to be stupid at you
>why are you angry at me?

>> No.50027598

Exactly my fucking point, you retard. You'd know it if you were capable of reading.

>> No.50027599

Thats uh, not really what you said at all, but I get you then.

Also, the ones he's putting it on aren't real, so they have no wants. You don't need to consult with women before you build a fictional one in a certain way.

>> No.50027603

Don't mind me, just helping killing this thread with pics I like.

>> No.50027606

>>says a neckbeard who hasn't seen a woman other than his mother all his life, let alone talked to one

Do you ever wonder how your life would be if you didn't assume that everyone who disagrees with you in the smallest matter is a horrible person?

>> No.50027608

I'm just gonna start posting women in arguable amounts of armor until I get bored.

>> No.50027614

I'll quote him again for you:
>women are free to wear what ever they want
This is the specific argument that riled me up.

>> No.50027619

Depends on the women

>> No.50027621

>> No.50027623

>> No.50027625

>> No.50027632

>> No.50027637

>> No.50027640

>> No.50027642

Don't backpedal. Your point was "stop liking what I don't like" and you fucking know it.

And you didn't say anything to prove that wrong. You just said "ur a beardneck".

>> No.50027649

>> No.50027651

if you were a women, why would you willingly listen to people jerk themselves off in an echo chamber about their status as second-class citizens? It's cognitive dissonance, don't you think?

>> No.50027656

>> No.50027658

Do no one in this thread knows shit about armor and how it was used historically?

>> No.50027664

No one cares

>> No.50027665

Do you not understand the concept of fantasy?

>> No.50027670

>> No.50027671

>> No.50027681

>> No.50027688

>> No.50027699

>> No.50027705

>> No.50027713

>> No.50027717


I'd wager literally every poster in this thread has a better than average grasp on that subject.

The point of an RPG is not to replicate history, replicating history is boring.

>> No.50027720

>> No.50027730

>> No.50027731

>> No.50027742

>> No.50027746

I look at it this way: like many alternate lifestyles, adventuring mostly revolves around sex

If an adventurer is expecting to get into combat, they will wear real armor.

But if they are looking to pick up other adventurers in the tavern or participate in the adventurer pride parade they will wear their most revealing "armor"

>> No.50027752

>> No.50027762

>> No.50027769

>> No.50027771

>> No.50027775

>> No.50027782

>> No.50027788

>> No.50027794

>> No.50027798

>> No.50027801

>> No.50027802

>> No.50027804

Because I, unlike you, know the difference between games and reality.

>> No.50027808

Regardless of rules (or in-game rationalizations, like "it's magic!"), I just don't really like skimpy armor in general. It doesn't need to be super realistic (I'm perfectly fine with stylized stuff like boob plate, battle dress with some ZR, etc.), but if it looks more like a stripper costume than something even remotely trying to look like something an actual adventurer would wear, I'm just not interested.

In particular, if it's using metal plates or chainmail, it better be designed in a way that actually looks like it's made for protection, not just as accents to a stripper costume. I'm ok with a bit more leeway for stuff like leathers and furs on characters who, fluff-wise, are supposed to not really be relying much on armor anyway, but even there the degree of skimpiness needs to be within certain limits according to in-setting standards of propriety. (And no, I don't approve of arbitrarily making stripperiffic outfits considered normal in-setting just for the sake of having them; save that shit for fanservice anime like Strike Witches.)

IMO, barbarians can get away with next to nothing, since that accords with the "uncivilized" trope. Rogues and mages, who aren't really relying on armor for much, can dress pretty skimpily, but within reasonably socially acceptable limits. If they look like a stripper, they're ought to be treated like one. If it's a fighter wearing what's supposed to be actual, honest-to-Heironeous armor? It better not be exposing skin on the torso. Arms and legs, there's some leeway for artistic license, helmets of course are basically optional for major characters in heroic fiction, but if you're clearly leaving vitals in the torso exposed it just defeats the purpose.

The only place for an outfit like OP's image is in a gladitorial arena, where the point is more for the entertainment of an audience rather than serious combat. In other words, the character is basically a stripper whose act involves fighting, and maybe even dying.

>> No.50027811

>> No.50027816

>> No.50027817

>> No.50027827

>> No.50027834

Okay, that's not armor at all. That's a sorceress playign with magic.

>> No.50027854

>battle dress
I love these.

>> No.50027861

You do realize the Romans are Italian, right? You expect an obnoxious degree of bravado.

"You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me, you Etruscan piece of shit? There's nobody else here but us and my Mama's homemade pasta pasole, so you gotta be lookin' at me."

Lack of arm armor makes it easier so they don't have to pull up their sleeves before throwing down.

>> No.50027869

>> No.50027871

>If they look like a stripper, they're ought to be treated like one
That's hot.

>> No.50027878

the way people act is directly reflective of how they feel in reality; i don't think it's coincidental that most women, and society as a whole feel that many tabletop gamers hold some unscrupulous and conservative views about people that are not like them - you can find in this exact thread arguments being made with flimsy appeals to biology or psychology. Quite frankly, we all know we're pasty nerds who are discussing chainmail bikinis, so putting 1+1 together isn't really that difficult, making base level assumptions.

Empathy and tolerance are signs of intelligence, by the way.

>> No.50027879

>> No.50027882

Battle dresses are tippy top tier.

It's metal, definitely armor.

>> No.50027892

>> No.50027895

>> No.50027901

>> No.50027909

>> No.50027912

>> No.50027914

>> No.50027917

>Empathy and tolerance are correlated with intelligence in WEIRD people due to cultural values.


>> No.50027925

>> No.50027931

>> No.50027933

>> No.50027944

You know, you're right, those are signs of intelligence.

So is the ability to recognize false sympathy and ingenuous behavior from bored nerds with no real interest in what they are saying.

>> No.50027946

>> No.50027951

Don't have the spartan swager

>> No.50027957

>> No.50027958

>> No.50027959


In case you haven't gotten it yet, OP is a coded request for cheesecake art.

>> No.50027961

>Do you not understand the concept of fantasy?
Fantasy doesn't mean that you can simple ignore logic, rather it means the setting or work operates with different but internally consistent rules, which despite being a pretty straightforward concept many writers struggle with it.
>I'd wager literally every poster in this thread has a better than average grasp on that subject.
Does they understand the general nature of warfare in pre-industrial times, such as the logistics, battle tactics, organization of the armies and the materials used? Because I have /tg/ coming with some pretty absurd bullshit when came down to this kind of stuff.
>The point of an RPG is not to replicate history, replicating history is boring.
Indeed. However, it doesn't mean that history itself is boring, and it can be looked for to create interesting settings and situations, especially if you actually try to understand why X happened and its short and long term impacts, rather then just try to brute force stuff inspired by X event that miss why that happened in the first place.

>> No.50027963

Oh. And you believe the "While Male Terrorists In Gaming" schitc too, I bet.

>> No.50027967

>> No.50027971

>> No.50027972

>> No.50027979

>> No.50027980

Says the guy who can't tolerate random people on the internet not being triggered by bikini armor.

>> No.50027984

Underrated post

>> No.50027986

>> No.50027989

>Fantasy doesn't mean that you can simple ignore logic
That's exactly what fantasy is.

>> No.50027992

>I just don't really like skimpy armor in general.

To each his own I guess.

Me, I've thought since I was a child (probably due to exposure to the works of good ol' Boris Vallejo and his many imitators) that the attire that screams "ADVENTURE!" the loudest is a loincloth for men and bikini for women. It actually kind of annoys me that there are very few systems and settings where that is the default, the norm, the standard.

I don't want to tote around a pile of heavy scrap iron or a backpack or boring frumpy brown clothes like a scrub, I want my underwear, my blade, and a little belt pouch to hold all my ill-gotten gains that inexplicably take up no space.

I mean, fanservice is a plus, but I actually want men to go naked too because that's just how adventures happen.

>> No.50028000

One was the best intoner though

>> No.50028008

>> No.50028013

It offends people because they are neo-puritans.
Regardless of their actual religious stance, they were brainwashed by puritan values.

>> No.50028014

>> No.50028021

>> No.50028027

if a someone had a vr experience that explicitly was to have sex with a 3d model of your kid, don't you think you'd think that'd be a little reflective of what that person thought or wanted to do, especially if they openly and excitedly would describe its existence to you? Now imagine if there was a whole hobby devoted to vr fucking your kid

I'm using hyperbole, I'm not claiming the severity of these issues are in any way related. I'm just trying to show you the other side of the perspective

>> No.50028030

>> No.50028040

>> No.50028044

>I'm using hyperbole
No, you're using a false equivalence.

>> No.50028045

>> No.50028050

>> No.50028056

>> No.50028062

I love appearance shifting items. Being able to wear full armor and have it appear to be clothing is great, and if you can change the clothing to other clothingfor disguises it's even better.

>> No.50028063

>> No.50028064

>you can find in this exact thread arguments being made with flimsy appeals to science

>> No.50028072

How does this relate to you being triggered by skimpy armor?

>> No.50028076

>> No.50028087

>> No.50028098

Now, ya see, what point is to worry whether the armor is of the slut kind or not?
When describing what the players see, you don't usually focus on the nature of the armor. "That's a leather armor, alright" you say and carry on. Then everyone else sees It however they like It to be. Is there any point to the exposed parts? I don't think so. I've yet to see a system where skin exposure plays any significant role.
It's cool, I like the slut armors a lot. It's just that thing, you know? To appreciate It, you have to describe It. And describing every piece of clothing you see is fucking boring, that's how It is, and even If you're stubborn enough to do It, you look like a creep. "I get It, It's skimpy, can we carry on?".
What's that, you gonna show them pictures to speed up the process? Probably not great idea, for variety of reasons.

Then again, one of my groups loves that shit. With a lot of camp, oversized weapons, a bit of wuxia and a lot of rule of cool. And in this game, everyone just knows It's a slut armor and It is there to make a point. That this world is fucking crazy

>> No.50028104

>> No.50028112

>> No.50028115

>> No.50028124

>> No.50028128

I can understand people who think it is stupid, and the thread was just asking for opinions.

Personally I don't really care, though despite being a Forever DM it hasn't really come up often. But I tend to run humorous campaigns with plenty of parody.

The only thing that bugs me is this is a classic case of "stop liking what I don't like" and from both sides. People who like silly/sexy armor/people who prefer super realistic armor.

>> No.50028130

My perspective is that armor is cool-looking and useful, and there's plenty of time for dressing skimpily off the battlefield anyway. So I tend not to go for it.

>> No.50028143


But you'll also shed constantly, like a dog blowing their damn coat.

>> No.50028145

Don't fuck with Guidoicus Maximus.

>> No.50028169

>false equivalence
explain the exact false equivalence. I'm saying that the views expressed in this thread explictly state that woman are inferior, and that any woman agreeing with those views would be working against themselves. We're literally in a thread with such choice quotes as:

>Women are weak
>openly announcing yourself as a slut probably doesn't help
>Women wearing it look ridiculous and men wearing it look gay
>You're either a woman or homosex. Which is it?

The amazing thing is
>none of these quotes are even talking about bikini armor but actual, realworld viewpoints
so tell me again what's not logically dissonant?

>> No.50028182

>Empathy and tolerance are signs of intelligence, by the way

Must be why feminists have no empathy or tolerance for anybody who's male and likes things that normal males like.

>> No.50028186

It's wrong to look down on a specific ethnic group or gender just because of a few bad apples.

So, I personally make an effort to hate as many people as possible; black and white, man or woman, Christian or atheist, gay or straight, and everything in between.

Hatred is too beautiful to blow on so few people.

>> No.50028203

>> No.50028209


I actually had a character walk into the surplus store and ask for a shitty knock off helmet.
>Next combat aimed head shot.
>But Anon Helmet
>Reduced damage
>Survived the surprise round
>Helmet becomes party's goodluck charm

>> No.50028214

>> No.50028221


Are you implying that "women are weaker than men and can't fight as well as them" is some kind of a matter of opinion? Instead of a hard fact of our observable reality?

Dude, you're reading people acknowledging that 2+2=4 as some kind of a moral failing. Reconsider your whole perception of reality.

>> No.50028225


Alright now we're over the bump and image limit so this thread no longer serves any purpose

>> No.50028236

Not now I've mined all the best images from it. Thanks, anons!

>> No.50028246


A ponytail is fine though. It keeps it back enough.

>> No.50028297

Found the faggot

>> No.50028306

>Fighter in a portcullis
>funnels dumb rouges into one space
>doing it right

>> No.50028371

that is a star of david.

>> No.50028497


The most satanic of all symbols.

>> No.50028507

Different anon here.
You didn't say that at all, and equating "opinion about roughly 50% of our race" to "opinion about your child" is entirely fucking false.

>> No.50028608

I once saw this picture of a female adventurer wearing full armour, practical shield and warhammer walking up to this small building. In the following frame she stumbles out with a gigantic impractical warhammer, skimpy armour and a face like a painted whore.

I wish I still had it, it would be good for the thread.

>> No.50028817

Pretty sure I know the picture you're talking about, IIRC the building is labeled 'marketing' or some such. Don't have it saved though.

>> No.50028864


Ha ha I'm pretty sure you are right. I've looked for it before, but always come up empty handed.

>> No.50028866

>Ancient Greek wrestlers wear nothing and no one bats an eye.
>Judo fighters wear gis and get grabbed an thrown by them daily and everyone loses their minds

>> No.50028993

I understand skimpy clothing and skimpy ceremonial/ ornamental armor, but if you expect that shit to provide any actual protection, then you're just fucking retarded.

also, the only people who seem to make those characters are kissless virgin neckbeards

>massive tits bigger than her head
>vagina in front (artist has never seen a real one)
>buster-sword tier ultra-greatsword wielded in one hand and nothing in off-hand
>obligatory "girl on girl action" at some point in game
>player loves moe trash anime
>lesbian fetish probably stems from suppressed transsexuality

>> No.50029072

From Barbarians of Lemuria:

Battle Harness: This boon allows your character to wear a chainmail bikini or a loincloth and battle harness (light armour at best) and treat it as if
it were medium armour for damage protection purposes, with no armour penalties at all.

>> No.50029309

Or any started berserker tactics. You only carry a shield as a courtesy, so the enemy has something to bite down on as you go in dry.

>> No.50029571

No, while fantasy is allowed to do some things, it cannot break suspension of disbelief, and still must have logical consistency or else it becomes a shitty gag setting. Nevermind that 'unstable magical feedback loop' doesn't even make fucking logical sense since you could always get around it by just enchanting multiple different pieces and wearing them all as full covering armor.

>> No.50029646

Because even with magic, the only damn thing that should happen to some retard running around butt naked or near butt naked is that they fucking die, because this thing called warfare demands serious protection, especially when melee is involved. Without armor, no matter how strong you are, you're basically made of fucking glass and will go down to one serious strike that severs a tendon or slices a major artery. It doesn't matter how badass you are, that shit is unavoidable unless you go out of your way to prevent it from happening.

Bikini armor settings are, in the end, nothing more than people's shitty Magical Realm fetish bullshit escapism. And escapism is disgusting.

>> No.50029672

You enchant a piece of metal to put out a force field on your skin. If you try to put up a second force field it A. is redundant and B. can't occupy the same space.
I am continuously amazed by the lack of imagination people on the make-believe board show.

>> No.50029681

How it is even possible for one image to be so wrong.

>> No.50029705

It wouldn't be redundant however, because if you add an enchantment it should stack it to either create multiple ablative layers of durability, or fuse to generate one greater stat. It also isn't occupying the same space, because the enchanted armor isn't literally on top of it, but located elsewhere on the body.

>> No.50029731

Yeah, I'm not lying face up on that stump

>> No.50029844

Well first off, plate armor was still used widely across Europe in the 17th Century, because the 17th Century was the fucking 1600's. The history-ignorant tard that made that image must be talking about the 18th-19th centuries with an image that looks like it's from the Napoleonic Era, and is ignoring that armor stopped being used because of the sheer expense. You didn't mass produce armor and give it to troops- you made them paid for it. And bulletproofing armor against the increasingly more powerful firearms of the times got fucking expensive to the point where it just got irrelevant from the absurdity of cost. It's better to spend all of that money that would normally be used to give everybody a breastplate on getting more cannons, the up-and-coming rifle, or on a better navy.

Logistics is a bitch, and plate armor is a luxury. Of course, by WWI it had come back in the form of some guys running around in breastplates and even chainmail, and now in the modern day most nations now use plate armor in the form of solid inserts into their ballistic vests that weight 20 pounds but can stop 7.62x39mm cold.

>> No.50029966

In the real world. Not in ADVENTURE LAND with elves and pixies and spoopy skeleton armies.

The entire point of reading fantasy or playing fantasy is escapism, though, so you just sound like you're trolling. If 100% serious, though, I apologize. Then you're just That Guy/That DM.

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