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Previously on Imperium Asunder
This is a 40k alt-lore thread with new legions to replace the old ones, new xenos races in addition to the old ones, and a bunch of other wild shit , new posters are always welcome.
Want to find out what the setting's deal is? Check out our wiki.
The wiki is still not as up to date as we'd like, feel free to post questions/clarifications/ideas

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For, for Sarco:

>High Councilor Barachiel
A participant in hundreds of wars and thousands of battles, Barachiel is hailed as one of the finest logistical minds since the days of the primarchs. The High Councilor earned his fame as a member of the uninterred during the ninth crusade, when he successfully managed his company's campaign across the strait of Jiorge to destroy a major necron bastion.

>Venerable Chaplain Kilgrave
A member of the High Council, Kilgrave is an incredibly charismatic individual. Armed with a seismic hammer and an inferno cannon, Kilgrave is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and a rallying beacon to the battle brothers under his command.

>Chief Librarian Idrias Stern
Perhaps the oldest living Space Marine in the galaxy, Stern is a veteran of a thousand psychic wars. One of the original Terran legionnaires, Stern advised his primarch in matters of the warp on many occasions.

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Alright team. Where were we at.

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I think people were suggesting warbands and successor chapters?

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So working off ideas from last thread doing up some 40k dudes for the Behemoth Guard. At the moment we've got:

>Kalvas Elsophar
Elsophar was chief librarian during the crusade and was really the first one to get in to the Abomination Engines. Instead of a Hellforge, he had a massive Ark Mechanicum, in which he sails from forge to forge ensuring loyalty to Gengrat and sharing new technologies.
The interior forges of the ship are open to the touch of the warp, allowing Elsophar and his artisans to craft the aether directly. The ship is a non-euclidean nightmare and the central forge is curled around itself through higher dimensions.

Not sure of the ship's name.

He's also the chosen of Tzneetch.

>Mengthes Kraal
He's another old as balls traitor legionary. In his case, he's a high lord of cybernetica. He coordinates hunting packs of Vorax from the copula of his pimped out Malcador, Meliora. He is invested with the Holy See of Xana II following the Heresy and produces all sorts of nasty robots with his buddies Markus Krom and the Scorpion Prophet.
The location of his See is fortuitous, or perhaps it was intentional on Gengrat's part. Either way, Kraal serves ably as embassador to the Bloodhounds. Many of the great Lords of that legion have artificer Vorax hunting packs and when the Hunting Grounds go to war, Kraal often joins them, eager to unleash his own prized hounds.

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>Orban Rehovezzar
Orban Rehovezzar is a siege master of the Behemoth Guard. I'm thinking he's one of the more recent figures in the legion, being selected as a Forge Attendant when his predecessor fell in battle. He's lord of Azazel, a fiefdom which guards the Dark Imperium border with Temepestus. During the 10th crusade, he expands his holdings to include Stygies and Zhao-Arkkad. His Bombardment Arks are massive, slab sided affairs, crowned with command and sighting ziggurats. He produces Ordinatus Engines and recently has become fascinated with Eldar Distortion Rift technologies. Rumor abounds that after numerous campaigns against the Eldar Empire, he has finally obtained what he needs and is currently on Azazel, crafting a monstrous bombard to crack the walls of New Constantine.

His creations typically feature decorative bull motifs, the Sigil of the Aleph-Tzor, a massive bull with curling ram's horns.

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He and his dudes are probably the closest thing to the Iron Warriors outside of the Judgement Bringers.
He makes extensive use of servitors and slaves as bullet sponges, a time honored tactic in the Behemoth Guard. These same unfortunates also construct the massive fortifications of Azazel.

>Kjell Maximus
He's really more heresy Era, one of the original Behemoth Guard, drawn from the rad Warriors of Stralayzia on Terra, but the mobile armored warfare side of the legion never really goes away. It just gets weirder.
A couple of threads back I wrote something about the gun tribes of Furiosa, which served as a recruiting ground and Auxiliae for the Behemoth Guard. I'm thinking that Kjell gets dead during the heresy and that one of his successors exists during the present day, carrying on the Behemoth Guard tradition of making crazy tanks.
Possibly has a See of his own.
I'll dig around and see if I can find some of what I'd written and clean it up.

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Thanks a lot. This and VANTH's successor chapters are going on the wiki soon.

The Vigil has warred with the resurgent Eldar Empire nearly since its inception. How does each crusader state see this situation? If they support a side, which one and how?

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>If they support a side, which one and how?
What kind of filthy heretic would side with xenos scum against their noble brothers?

Daily reminder Anders Kor is a filthy heretic.

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Those Sky Serpents always have an ulterior motive and they stole their name from Duke Sliscus too.

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>The Pantheon of 6 and the major Successor Chapters of the Angels of Light

>The Red Angel, Entheates Magikos
Brace for heresy
Chapter Master Entheates Magikos is considered a rebel among the Angels of Light. Despite proscription against sorcery in the Codex Astartes, Entheates is a powerful psyker who mantains a strong chapter Librariam. Outcast from the very beginning, Entheates and his Scarlet Sorcerors live in a penitent fleet, permanently crusading in the Tempestus Gap. As such, the Scarlet Sorcerors have stronger bonds to the Crimson Warhawks and Broken Blades than to their own legionary Crusader State. However, 'stronger' does not mean 'strong,' for many distrust the sorceries of Entheates and his men.

Formerly an Abbot of the Ordo Malcador, Chapter Master Magikos and his librarians are skilled in the art of seraphbinding. Drawing spirits of the God Emperor from the Empyrean into mortal hosts, Seraphbound Sorcerors are capable destruction on a scale of no other psykers. Seraphs are beings of pure law and order, when faced with vile chaos, their fury knows no bounds. Such beings are skilled pyromancers, diviners, and biomancers, and while the Seraphbound are primarily psykers, their bodies are far stronger than a normal marine's as well.

>> No.49909821

>The Orange Angel, Basil Logrok
Recruited from the Varangiran heartlands as boy, Logrok rose quickly among the Comitatenses of the Illuminators chapter. From the Illuminators he learned the destructive power of flame, and from the Comitatenses he learned the importance of discipline. After proving himself as 3rd Captain in the 8th Great Crusade against the Warp Raider's vile piracy, Basil Logrok was granted a successor chapter. Chapter Master Logrok named his chapter the Solar Angels, and in the wake of the dying and disappearing primarchs, he became one of the most well known tactical theorists in history. Logrok is strict, disciplined, and believes

The Solar Angels' are codex compliant, and in the selection of their weapons they prefer prometheum and plasma weaponry. Their zealous uncompromising nature is well known across the East, and their strict devotion established doctrine is their greatest strength. It is said that officers among the Solar Angels are hardly even necessary, for the line soldiers know their orders before they are given. They earned their greatest honors in the 10th crusade fighting alongside the Fists of Mars to reclaim ancient mechanicus relics, and when the tech-heresy of that crusade was revealed, they sided with the Broken Blades against the hereteks. The Solar Angels control territory far out in the southeastern fringe of Imperium Minorum, and hold the loyalties of only a few lesser chapters.

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>The Yellow Angel, Isokeles Megalonumos
Isokeles Megalonumos is a haughty, proud, and vain man. His Seraphim Guard chapter has the honor of defending the throneworld Constantine itself, and in that duty they have become complacent. Constantine is deep in the interior of Imperium Minorum, and enemies do not even penetrate far enough to threaten the planet or its surrounding core worlds. Chapter Master Megalonumos spends far more time politicking than fighting, and in the many years of his command he has managed to consolidate a great deal of power. Many lesser chapters swear loyalty to the Seraphim Guard, and a vast portion of tithes are funneled into the chapter's greedy coffers.

The Seraphim Guard are codex non-compliant by official grant, their duty requiring different doctrines. They field no Cataphract companies, and what few jetbikes they field are used primarily as patrol forces. Instead, the Seraphim Guard field vast garrison forces, often armed with power pikes and storm shields. Line Soldiers of the Seraphim Guard are known to be a bit portly, having grown fat off their riches and centuries of peace.

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>The Green Angel, Herodotus Vulturus
Herodotus Vulturus is a man of action, and has little regard for tradition, doctrine, or political influence. In the 9th great crusade against Necron uprisings in the Unyielding Vigil, Vuturus learned of the importance of quick, imaginative thinking. Angel of Light battle doctrines proved less than useless to him in the underground war to purge the necrom Tomb Vaults, and Vulturus adapted his chapter for that battlefield. Vulturus has many personal ties to his soldiers, especially his offers, and he commands a fierce unwavering loyalty. Many marines of the 9th crusade, both inside his chapter and without, know that they would not have survived save for Herodotus Vulturus' cunning.

The Crypt vultures are codex non-compliant. They forged their own battledoctrines in the 9th crusade against the Necrons, where improvisation and survival were one and the same. Instead of the Codex standard of bikes, the Crypt Vultures primarily use jump packs, and prefer stealth and guile to rapid assault. For weapons, Crypt Vultures are particularly fond of graviton weapons, as they proved useful against the hard necrodermis armor of their xenos foes.

>> No.49909874

>The Blue Angel, Ionnas Komnene
Ionnas Komnene is an honorable man who values glory above all else. On the frontier world of Kythera, Ionnas was the first Angel to discover the heretical Blackshield Paladins' support of the Tau. In the Great Crusade which followed, Ionnas lead his Gryphonwing chapter to many battlefield honors by being very particular about the campaigns he chose to commit to. Planets which would prove long, inglorious slogs were passed over in favor of quick, decisive victories, knowing that lesser chapters would take on the lesser tasks.

The Gryphonwing Chapter are codex compliant, and their Landspeeder cohorts are, by far, the best in the galaxy. Speed and maneuverability are the core of Gryphonwing battledoctrine, never giving the enemy sufficient time to react, and striking swiftly wherever they are weakest. The honors they earned in the 12th Crusade earned them a great deal of clout in Imperium Minorum, and a great many lesser chapters are loyal to Ionnas Komnene and his glorious Gryffons.

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Original terran marine surviving withiut a chasis to m40?

Is he like that emperors champion dude

>> No.49909908

>The Purple Angel, Eulodius Rex

Eulodius Rex, chosen champion of Alexios, Strategos of the East, was the most decorated and venerable chapter master in the early years of the Crusader States. As Alexios' right hand, he commanded the Angels of Light as Master of the Legion during the heresy, and took command of the first-founding chapter after the Codex split it into many pieces. As the White Angel grew more and more reclusive, Eulodius became the De Facto ruler of Imperium Minorum. On the battlefields of the 3rd Great Crusade, Eulodius became one of the first Chosen Of the Emperor. Bathed in the light of the God Emperor, Eulodius' angelic form was able to slay a vile daemon prince of Tzeentch. Afterward it is said that his eyes forever glowed with a golden presence. In the Age of Apostacy after Alexios published his Theologia Euangelia, Eulodius Rex lead the faction which supported the Temple of the Savior Emperor. His Martyrdom at the hands of the old Imperial Truth faction cemented his place in Imperium Minorum's history for all time.

The Angels of Light hold the Chapter Name of their parent legion, and in doing so bear the many battle honors the legion earned in the Emperor's Great Crusade. Deeply religious and extremely proud, the Angels' battle doctrine is exactly compliant to the Codex Astartes.

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No, Idrias has been in a sarcophagus since Malphas.

>> No.49909958

>heretical blackshield

a comment from the pov of a religious astartes and thus just someone who they think doesnt follow the G-Emps or is it a comment to demonstrate them as actually chaos worshipping.

>> No.49910012


>>heretical blackshield
'Blackshield' is the term for Paladins of Kor who worship chaos or are otherwise heretical as fuck. From the POV of Angels, they're a legitimate part of the protectorate, bad apples spoiling the bunch. From the POV of the Paladins, they're insane rogues who have been censured and outcast.

>> No.49910031

Stern is in a box.

Ooh, want to set up some sort of personal animus with Orban? >>49908608
I'd think he'd also have come into conflict with Enthanes the Heretic.

"Eldar, as a species, are too unstable and too powerful to trust. Thus far, their history is one of folly and madness. Only their Craftworlds and some Exodites have ever acquired the virtues and discipline needed for survival. Their Empire may be one more phase in their legacy of folly, but dear brothers, the Eldar hate chaos. Why do you insist on antagonizing them?"

>> No.49910084

I thought that was black guard. Relating to the old fallen paladin d&d stuff.

With blackshield being the mysterious history people for the broken blades.

Either way is cool. Just will need to revise thd terminology ive been using.

Gonna come uo with a few of these myself.

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"Because dad said they're smelly."

>> No.49910182

>I thought that was black guard
I've been using them interchangably. If there's an in-universe, different thing called Black Shields then i'll desist and stick to Blackguard.

also, before anyone whines
Seraphbound are *rare* as fuck and mostly kept under wraps. Rumors, speculation, and a handful of eyewitness accounts keep their reputation poor, but if the truth got out they would probably be labeled Excommunicate Traitoris faster than they can blink.

>> No.49910203

is this just shit were making up ourselves? any rules for submissions?

>> No.49910283

1. Try to be consistent
2. Be metal as fuck
3. Rule of cool almost always wins


Serphbound OP plz nerf

>> No.49910304

>is this just shit were making up ourselves?
Yes. Welcome, anon, we like new posters around here. Things tend to get stale without them.

Basic rules:
>Everything is the same as Original Universe 40k canon except things we explicitly state as different.
>Do not contradict things that are already Imperium Asunder canon and don't overlap too much with another faction's niche
>Ideas are accepted communally. Expect other posters to modify and critique your ideas before they're accepted, and if too many people don't like a thing it can get unofficially veto'd
>A rejected idea is not a personal attack, people can have good and bad ideas. If something doesn't work or fit, *try something else,* don't just give up.
>Try to maintain a semi-serious tone. No Angry Marines.

rule 2 is hard to follow even for namefag posters so don't worry about it too much.

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fucking sweet. we're not limited to imperium stuff i hope

>> No.49910410

Not at all. We have a resurgent Eldar empire, lots of chaos shitters, some sort of grey goo technocracy and piratical tau.

>> No.49910468

To clarify the most significant difference of the setting, Chaos *won* the !Horus Heresy, and our Warmaster sits on the throne of Terra itself. The Emperor is fuckin dead. The loyalists hide in the east and launch failed crusade after failed crusade just like Abaddon does in the OU.

>> No.49910517

The imperium isnt much like the normal 40k.

In this !horus wins. Kills the emperor. The loyalists flee and he sets up his own dark twisted version of the imperium. The loyalists live in fractured states sustained through tenuous treaties and the constant threat of the Dark Imperium.

Tau got crushed before they had a chance to join the party.

Orks are well orks.

Eldar had to come up witha different plan and a chaos primarch now resides in commogorah

>> No.49910655

You mean Oceyolotl?

But seriously though, I suspect he's close to the groups in the Jade Empire.

Ah, found it.
So the Behemoth Guard equivalent of Bodt is Furiosa Proxima, an old mining world that's primary export is soldiers.
The Behemoth Guard recruit from the gun-clanners and also draw combat serfs from that same pool. They also draw a specialized artillery regiment from Terrodyne.

Anyways, the idea with the clans of Furiosa Proxima is that they have a massive armor battle with the Skitarii on Mars.

The guys from Terrodyne are a bit more buttoned down, owing to the fact that Terrodyne is a lot like Caliban, if the Great Beasts were Kaiju and the world was WWI style technology.
The Artillery Savants of Terrodyne originally used a system of telegraphs to coordinate artillery barrages, but now they've been upgraded to a Skitarii Maniple type-system. During the Heresy and afterwards, the Terrodyne pattern regiments became the standard forgeguards.

Dead Emperor? You mean Ascendant. Apotheosis-ized.

>> No.49910750

I mean dead you delusional fanatic!


>> No.49910861

Then explain the Oceyolotl that you know nothing about because we keep them secret and the Legions of the Damned that you pretend you don't exist.

>> No.49910913

>plz explain my heresy
Well if i must.

You have deluded yourself into thinking you can understand or control the denizens of the warp.

You have deluded yourself into thinking that you can 'tame' 'good' demons.

You go against everything the Emperor stood for.

You are almost as bad as the vile traitors who slew him.
>legion of damned
Pics or it didnt happen

>> No.49911617

>implying this even matters

>> No.49911880

>is Aodhan
>has true bros in Raydon and Marcus
>betrays them for ???
>spends eternity without bro primarchs around having to settle for edgelord eldar and the likes of Enoch
Laugh at that, mate.

>> No.49912113

>hanging out with Enoch

>> No.49913061

>sounds of Enoch violently yet discreetly murdering multiple ensigns in the background
*cough* yeah well its not like I ever liked you assholes either

So I've been out of the loop for a while obviously, mostly because I'm uncreative and had nothing to contribute ha, so I'm just shooting shit into the aether that might have even been discussed already, but I had two thoughts.

Firstly, on the topic on successor chapters, at first I thought that with the strength of primarch leadership around the original legions would stick around fairly intact, although maybe smaller of course. Given some thought though, after the heresy REDACTED would certainly push for the legions still loyal to him to be broken into chapters for the same reason as in mainline 40k; Which is to say, an entire legion turned rogue or traitor would be a force to be reckoned with.

Second, I have grown to love the image of poor, tortured Enoch sullenly stalking the wings of the corrupted imperial palace, or alone on his flagship, etc, but I have come to see how GW authors might have felt about 40k. The primarchs sort of don't gel with setting come the year 40,000, which is sort of why they are all killed off, and I'm seeing how Enoch maybe doesn't "slot in" to the setting in the same way. So I've been thinking about how he might die before the year 40,000, but this whole point I'm less sure about. Maybe instead he lives til the hypothetical "end times" where he possibly has a vader-esque redemption, but that is both awesome and silly.

>> No.49913306

>Behemoth Guard Mortal Forces

>Abhuman Helots and Penal Regiments
A practice dating back to Terrodyne, mutants are gathered up from the underhives and rad wastes wherever the Behemoth Guard campaigns. I feel like there's a weird Leela reference to be made here...

>Corpse Corps
These are those cool corpse-servitors, pumped full of synth-stims and reanimated with electric controllers. They work by running through combat memories and survival instincts to produce undead hordes. I think they're up on the regiments page where Sauron put them.

>Gun Clanners of Furiosa Proxima
Need a catchy name and some stuff.

>Artillery Brotherhoods
Also need cool names. These are an artifact of Terrodyne, which have evolved with the legion.

Terrodyne is a world shrouded in foul vapors and touched by the fell light of the Eye of Terror. Out in the wastes and swamps, there are monsters, some the size of Hab-Blocks. Each is different, but all hunger for human blood.
Since time immemorial, then, the people of Terrodyne have looked to strong walls and defensive trench works to shield them and massive gun emplacements to slay the beasts.
The role of artillery captain and gun crew became a sacred trust, with teams working seamlessly together to make the music of the guns.
The conductors of this ballistic orchestra initially coordinated their efforts via telegraph transmissions, every movement performed with an artist's care.
The gun-chants survive to this day in both the legion and in their artillery regiments, but their role has been replaced by the divine communion of the Artillery Manifold.

Similarly, the practice of herding mutants and prisoners out to distract the beasts was borrowed by the legion.

Makes some sense. I've been kind of trying to decentralize the Behemoth Guard, though counterpoint: given the nature of chaos, it's way easier to keep control centralized, otherwise each individual chapter is going to go nuts.

>> No.49913370

Im all for killing off primarchs.

Its harder to do with traitors though since they typically become daemony.

In saying that. I think enoch, aodhan, amd kashaln work really well as characters that actually do live the whole time.

Mostly because they got more or less exactly what they wished for and it turned to ashes in their mouths.

>> No.49913510

>Artillery Brotherhoods cont.

The most skilled gun crews and conductors are recruited from Terrodyne to serve alongside their legion and receive cybernetic augmentation to allow them to interface using the same systems as Skitarii regiments.
Sometimes they operate under direct legion command, with a Behemoth Guard siege-master directing their efforts, but as often as not, the Artillery Brotherhoods are allowed to conduct war on their own terms, writing their own scores and performing them for audiences across the galaxy. Unfortunately, those outside the Brotherhoods seldom appreciate their artistry.

Bleg. That was ungainly.

Helots, penal and abhuman are often deployed to shield these regiments, their explosive collars maintaining their obedience.

The gun-clanners,then, represent the other part of the legion soul, so to speak. They're in the image of the original Terran recruits, the rad-warriors of Stralayzia.
The warriors of Furiosa Proxima are one of many such cultures, prized by the Behemoth Guard for their ingenuity and knack for mechanized warfare.
In fact, Behemoth Guard training processes mirror those of the gun-clanners, starting Neophytes off in fast-moving scout vehicles as they learn the basics of warfare and gear maintainance.
The squad vehicle is a point of pride. In the case of the gun-clanners, this results in many purely aesthetic modifications, but even the Behemoth Guard takes care that their own vehicles look good.

The Furiosa Pattern regiments are utilized differently in the different Sees. For example, in the Holy See of Azazel, these regiments are used for probing and scouting efforts apart from the primary Astartes siege force, while in the See of Xana, they are employed in direct conjunction with the Behemoth Guard and their Cybernetica hunting packs.

>> No.49914461

>I think enoch, aodhan, amd kashaln work really well as characters that actually do live the whole time.
Agreed for the same reasons. Further, those three are the least likely to go out and do shit: Enoch's too busy running imperial business, Kashaln has all he'll ever want in that bizarre warp realm, and Aodhan has the galaxy's biggest case of ennui.

>> No.49914697

Can someone please tell me what program was used to make these?

>> No.49914750

Chapter Generator, made by russians.
4chan detects the link as spam, find it yourself.

>> No.49915296

Before I start writefagging, which loyalist primarchs were alive in M34? Would they all join a meeting (Sarco excluded) if Alexios summoned them?

>> No.49915660

Raydon, Xun, Engerand, Kor.

Marcus probably cant move around his jar.
Kor might not... It would depend on the reason he is given I think.

Raydon probably would, but again it would depend on the reason.

Xun & Engerand I think would, unless they specifically had a reason not to.

>> No.49916067

"Brothers, we have a major problem on our hands. Traitor forces have burned several agri-worlds and our people are threatened by famine. We must repair the damage and ensure future safety of basic needs of workers by colonizing new agri-worlds", Alexios stated.
Anders Kor thought for a moment before replying: "Humanitarian aid is possible from the protectorate's resources, but you must find the workforce required elsewhere. We have our hands full establishing large-scale colonization of three worlds ourselves."
"The war takes all of our efforts. If we let the traitors be, they will come for us. I will target their agri-worlds for relief, but that is it", Raydon replied, much to Kor's disdain.
"They are civilian targets! At least let them evacuate-" Kor began, only to be stopped by Raydon.
"I am not bombing the worlds. These raids will be swift and decisive, although it is true that death of some civilians cannot be avoided. On the other hand, they fuel the Traitor's war efforts, so it is acceptable", Raydon said.
Enengrad spoke after a moment of silence: "I cannot share much, but you have the little I am able to, Alexios. Don't waste it."
Xun frowned, for he knew this would not be enough. There would have to be compromises to stop the crisis before it spiralled out of control, but at least two of his brothers would be against every solution he could think of.

>> No.49916139

I am a real big fan of character pieces. Keep up the good work.

>> No.49916728

There were a few minutes of quiet pondering before Xun spoke:
"Something has to be done. You may not like it, but we have to choose one of the following: cease the war efforts and care for our people, risking an offensive from the Dark Imperium. Abandon them to starvation and damage our long term strength and manufacture. Or choose a compromise that will not please everyone in the room, but may save us from an even larger crisis in the long run."
Alexios stood up, anger visible in his eyes even as his manners were calm.
"I hope you are not suggesting sorcery, Xun", He said, even as his brothers shifted in their seats uncomfortably, preparing for the worst.
"No, brother. I am suggesting controversial possibilities, but not the energies of the warp you so detest", Xun answered, standing up as well.
"I suggest using prisoners and civilian populace saved from enemy territory to be put to work-"
"You want to use them as slaves?!" Enengrad exclaimed, and the room seemed to darken with the growing tension and anger between the attendants. Xun knew he was walking on thin ice, but a solution had to be found.
"Calm down Enengrad. I wish it would not come down to that, but the situation is dire. Another option is to push the offensive and risk everything on claiming theresources we need", he said.
Kor stood up and was visibly enraged.
"We must find a solution that does not cause unnecessary suffering! You suggest the path of mutual destruction!", he claimed.
"We could use the military forces as additional workers until the crisis is over?", Xun asked.
"No, that would endanger supply lines, and our worlds", Raydon said, clearly annoyed more than angered by the notions.

>> No.49916760

Thanks. Sadly, good stuff is over and it is time to shamelessly insert muh warband. >>49916728
"The Black Suns have proposed a trade: a billion souls for a gene seed, one from each of our legions", Xun told.
"They are madmen even the Traitors would not have. They are not a threat large enough to be hunted down, nor are they harmless enough to be worked with. They will be destroyed in due time, but we do not make deals with them", Alexios answered. The negotiations went on for full twenty hours, during which each primarch nearly came to blows wit one of their present brothers. In the end, a solution was found, in the form of combined efforts of each legion's available workers and resources, including serfs. The famine of a dozen hives was avoided, yet much time and resources were expended... More than theycould afford without struggling for years to regain.

>> No.49917699

Good work man. I agree with Raydon, primarch character stuff is always interesting.

>> No.49918832


>> No.49920198

One more

>> No.49920622

Good work, I like it. I wish I could do more stuff about Sarco but I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time these days.

>> No.49921141

>we must find a solution that does not cause unnessicary suffering
Hahahaha, rookie Anders.

>> No.49921449

... Did I screw it up or is that what Anders would say and you were having a laugh about his naivety?

>> No.49921546

Yeah the naivety.
I dont know if he is THAT naive But at the same time its certainly within his scope.

>> No.49922799

Daily reminder that Anders Kor is a filthy traitor

>> No.49922881

Don't we have more important shit to worry about, like, say, the Dark Imperium?

>> No.49923163

>that time i slotted him into the traitor section of the wiki
>the 3 days of "discussion" as to where he should go
>had to create a 'renegade' section to accomodate
>we still have a 'renegade section'
Good times.

>> No.49923945

>this project is old enough to have nostalgia for the early threads
Holy shit.

>> No.49924103

With regard to Enoch pulling a Vader, what could trigger it?

I'd suggested that the moment he becomes Redacted's bitch is during the Siege of Luna. Basically, they're doing their siege thing and start getting these weird orders from command to launch nonsensical offensives. Turns out that the orders are coming from Asuran sorcerors.
Von Somme is in command and keeps everyone in line by leading the charges in person and some "ours is not to reason why, ours is to do and die" speeches.
Catch is, he gets killed in action and the Asura take direct command. Then the Judgement Bringers get this insane order and mutiny. It's a suicide mission with no strategic aim.
So they're up in arms.
And then Enoch shows up, back from Cadia. And he's pissed. His men tell him what has been happening and he goes to talk to the Warmaster.
He's all "my men are to be sacrifices?!"
Redacted "Yep"
"Then why not have the Asura take some of the butcher's bill?"
"They're more valuable."

So Enoch goes back and decimates his legion before sending them to die.

It's this that causes Kursk to finally snap and try to assassinate Enoch before fleeing.


>> No.49924318

Pretty cool.

I could only really imagine Enoch going Vader if there was an actual Heresy 2.0: Chaos on Chaos Edition sparked by someone else to spur him on. In fact, a big civil war is basically the only way I could see the loyalists ever getting to Terra and killing the Warmaster.

>> No.49924577

Im kinda confused.

So why is there a suicide mission without an aim?
And if this happens so early why is he loyal until the 40k timeline?
I do like a chaos v chaos
But i dont like the idea of the loyalists ever killing the Warmaster. Or retaking terra.

>> No.49924703

The idea is that it's to shed blood to summon daemons. Same reason that Word Bearers battle plans are so crazy. I'm thinking it takes the Judgment Bringers a whIle to really get into chaos.

And Enoch is basically forced to choose between his legion and the Warmaster. He chooses the Warmaster and is all broody hyper loyal. It's the same thing as in Star Wars with Vader. This is Enoch killing Padme.

>> No.49924763

On the chaos v chaos front, we could theoretically have some sort of schism happening as the 13th crusade gets going. Maybe Saul and Nurgle are pissed and the cult legions are revolting or something.
Either way, if the Warmaster was to die, it would be Enoch that kills him, with the Warmaster taking his subservience for granted and pushing him just a little too far.
But that sort of thing is beyond the scope of the setting unless we eventually end up writing multiple endings J-RPG style.

>> No.49925208

Actually, Enoch is always looking for a higher power, right? He's a really needy person.
Well, if he's always being used as the Vader, it may eventually occur to him that the Warmaster really doesn't care about him and he's just going to get screwed when he ceases to be useful. And maybe for a while, he's ok with this, because he knows he will always be useful to the Warmaster. Even during the Beast, he was there to save the Warmaster in the end.
But as the years go by and the chaos gods get figity, he realizes that the Warmaster may he backed into a corner and 8t will be Enoch on the chopping block. So Enoch wavers and a seed of doubt begins to grow. And he remembers what Anshul said about the chaos gods and Enoch gets this idea that the chaos gods are angry at the Warmaster for having his own ideas. He's not loyal enough. So Enoch decides to trade up for a master who will never abandon him, the gods themselves. Enoch begins to plan and in the warp, there is laughter.

>> No.49925211

In that case. I think it works better having him execute a valued and trusted equerry rather than slaughter his legion.

Numbers are meaningless compared to character pieces i think. It would be even more jaunting to have him know that the equerry is innocent or in the right.

Situation being like.
>warmaster says execute bob
>enoch is like but bob is my best performer. Most loyal. Top bloke etc.
>just do it trust me
>but bob is seriously top notch. I guarentee he didnt do the stuff you think he did
>oh i know he is innocent. But the plebs think he is guilty. Thats what matters. Peoples perception. With his death they will think that we care for them. They will rise up beneath us and conquer countless worlds. If bob is truly your loyal servent then he knows that with his death he will have.achieved more than he could of with 1000 lives.
>b-b-but bob :(
>trust me. Its best
>ohkay... *blams bob*
>kinda works kinda doesnt.
Enoch spends next thousand years silently crying over bob.
Never again goes to the sector that was meant to join the warmaster because of the memories.

>> No.49925282

Potential issue with this.

His turmoil comes from regret. He traded up, or thought he did ajd spends the next 10k realising he got played but having nowhere else to turn.

I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er

So trading up again would make him canon-primarch tier retarded. Because invariably its going to be magnitudes worse.

In saying that. Could be cool.

>> No.49925323

>Kill Bill
Yeah, that makes sense. Was thinking the decimation echoed Perturabo and signaled a character shift, but yeah, I'd be down to build up a Bill to kill.

Side note:
I'm thinking this scenario pleases some of the gods in that the 13th Crusade seems set to suceed. This pleases Tzneetch because of all the change. For this same reason, it pisses off Nurgle. So the stage is set for a schism. This pleases Khorne.

>> No.49925372

So whats the point with enoch rebelling against the warmaster? Whats the outcome. Why is it happening. Why do the chaos gods want to divide their power. They already have a top dog in the power seat.

This seems way forced

>> No.49925454

...So there's no Judgement Bringers at all after the Heresy? I'm not a huge fan of that.

>> No.49925479

Because the 13th Crusade is set to suceed. Which is going to wreck the status quo. I'm also playing with the idea that Chaos can't be satisfied. Malal and all that.

Anyways, I was more experimenting with a scenario in which Enoch pulled a Vader and what that would require and what that would do to the setting.
If it's a direction we are interested in going, we can flesh it out and make it make more sense.

>> No.49925521

What? No. Sorry. I briefly considered that as I wrote it. I meant a number of them on the moon are sent to their deaths. It's an acceptable loss, they're replaceable, right Enoch?
They still exist in number after the heresy and after that battle, it's just there's heavy casualties.

>> No.49925555

Ah. In that case, seems cool man.

>> No.49925684

13th as in the loyalists? Lolrite.
I thought the point of this was that the loyalists were boned. What suddenly changes enough to scare chaos.
And if such a thing existed why would their solution be infighting?

>> No.49925707

>pulling a vader

The issue I have with this is that in order to have his "redemption" he needs to instagib the warmaster.

Instagibbing any primarch is damn near impossible, i cant even imagine how hard it would be to do it to one empowered by chaos. And even if successful. What then?

>> No.49925854

he meant succeed from the traitor point of view

>> No.49925878

>Instagibbing any primarch is damn near impossible, i cant even imagine how hard it would be to do it to one empowered by chaos. And even if successful. What then?

Fulgrim did it, chopped the motherfucker's head off with a sword. He was sort of 'empowered by chaos' but that's because he couldn't bring himself to kill Ferrus, not because he physically couldn't have killed him.

Primarchs are just really really strong people.

>> No.49926037

Not saying its impossible but for every 1 feat like that there is 5 others where they survive a bombardment frim space

>> No.49926412

I don't think any of this should be stuff that has or is actually happening. It's stuff that COULD happen.

Yes, Enoch could reach boiling point. Yes, Aodhan is supposedly plotting something with Oramar that could be Heresy 2.0. Yes, the 13th Crusade could make an impact. Yes, some of the loyalist Primarchs could come back and wreck shit. Yes, Rubinek could regenerate from his heart and be a dickhead.

But these are maybe situations that should only exist as implications and maybe prophecies. We shouldn't be having a big Chaos Heresy ongoing during the 13th Crusade, or a canon Vader move by Enoch. That sort of thing undermines the spirit of the setting.

>> No.49926480

Can daemon primarchs even be killed? Permanently, I mean?

>> No.49926579

In stranger eon death may die?

I suppose they could be destroyed in the same way that the Eldar gods are dead?
And Horus was blessed by chaos when the Emperor smooshed him, so perhaps something analogous could happen to a daemon primarch?

Agreed. I think these are potentials that we should seed the setting with.

And on an unrelated topic: >>49913306
>>49913510 >>49908446

Thoughts/ideas on all this?

I've got an idea for Gengrat on the back burner.

>> No.49926699

Here here.

Im hoping not. Baring a power equal to the Big Es. But only because i really like how Raydon is sent off, though i guess it might be more tragic if it is actually possibleand he gives up before finding it.

>> No.49926782

Daemon primarchs are *already* dead

>> No.49928269

So any ideas for Bob?
We could have Von Somme be the one who starts the mutiny who flips out over his legion being used as daemon chow, but I like the idea of the guy in charge of the Judgement Bringers on Luna being the sort to do his job and win the loyalty of the troops by taking any risk himself.

Maybe Von Somme has enough, refuses any order until it comes from Enoch himself? And then it does. And included in it is his execution order?

>> No.49928946

For achieving those stranger eons, the Black Suns are one option, probably a bad one but option nonetheless.
Stars darken one by one, sanity buckles as the footsteps of the Herald approach. The dead do not rest where he treads, time ebbs and flows as he wills it, and Daemons tremble as he approaches. The End approaches, and the players of the Great Game watch as a dark star vomits darkness to the offering bowl.

>> No.49929094

Honestly the idea that they send a bunch of aatartes on a suicide run to fuel demon summoning doesnt fit well with me.

2 key reasons.
Astartes are costly to make and replace not to mention reliable. And this Warmaster doesnt seem to have bought into the chaos-demon party line. So even if he were to trade 1 astartes for 5 demons at the end of the day, hed be trading his army for one loyal to not him.

>> No.49929332

But that's exactly the kind of thing Chaos does in the OU. The idea here is that in order to crack the Lunar defenses and raise the ruinstorm, they need some sort of blood sacrifice and the sheer insanity of the whole production is what makes it work. It's dumb, but that's how chaos works.
For example, that's why Lorgar leaves a mass of his legion to die/fight on Calth.
The Asuran sorcerors say that blood must be spilled to break the veil and unleash the Warp against Faustus and the Emperor. The Judgement Bringers are chosen since they're the corpse-grinder legion. They'll be easy enough to replace, quick implantation, and Enoch is a bitch. He won't fuss.
Chaos insanity.

>> No.49930645

>kind of thing Chaos does in the OU
This reasoning holds no sway over me.

>It's dumb, but that's how chaos works.
As far as im aware, the major gripe people have with 40k is that at times its dumb as shit. This gets handwaved away with rule of cool or grimdark - and at the end of the day 40k is 40k it is what it always will be. But its something I want no part in. I think we can come up with something that fits, but doesn't rely on the explanation "its dumb, but thats how it works".

If blood sacrifices are required, wouldnt it make more sense to use humans who are both more available (= more sacrifices) and less important.

And if the reasoning is similiar to berserk eclipse sacrificing then the numbers don't matter its more the importance of the sacrifice, which again invalidates using a "corpse-grinder" legion. It would make more sense to use a few very select individuals or just something irreplaceable.

>> No.49932177

I can't post on my PC, cuz something is seriously wrong with the CAPTCHA.

>> No.49932507

>Baring a power equal to the Big Es.

This is the only thing in canon that has killed a daemon prince forever.

That said, if the Chaos Gods were so disappointed in someone that they didn't bother rezzing them after banishment, that would be a kill. God weapons like the fulgurite and such can probably do it too.

>> No.49932846

Forgetting someone?

>> No.49933372

Liking all dem characters. Chuck them into the wiki.

>> No.49933783

Necrons have killed a prince?

>> No.49933807


>> No.49934324

Am I the only one who would prefer it if people who post here regularly were to actually choose a name?
Not because I want some sense of community or anything, but because it's way easier to discuss things if you actually have some idea of who you're talking to and what that person might already know.

>> No.49934342

I kind of agree.

>> No.49935914

Glad someone does. Wonder what others think.

>> No.49936040

Trying to fluff out a cast of major players for M42. Yay or nay these guys so I know whether to put them up on the wiki.

>Lord Marshal Akarius Drommel
Akarius Drommel is the current Lord Marshal of the largest Storm Kingdom territory, holding Lostregia and its surrounding sectors, and is considered by many the 'true' High Marshal of the Legion, with eleven Legion Chapters and over thirty successor Chapters under his ultimate command. A staunch believer in the dream of a truly unified Storm Kingdom, Akarius has proven a canny ruler, blunt but capable of compromise, and has worked tirelessly to build bridges and restore star lanes between the Kingdoms. His actions are motivated by the campaigns of his youth, primarily fought against beastman pirate fleets and roving warbands seeking to take advantage of the Storm Kingdoms' disunity and fractured logistics, and Akarius' wide travels in this endeavor have not only strengthened his reputation among other Astartes, but also endeared him to the many billions of mortals - be they peasant or noble - living throughout the domains of Engerand.

Akarius is a believer in strength through unity, and his dealings with other Crusader States reflect this - in many instances, political opponents have accused him of showing weakness through concession, but his compromises are rarely one-sided, and more often than not bear fruit for the realms of the Storm Kingdoms.

Viewing the 13th Crusade as a chance to bring the Storm Kingdoms under a single banner, Akarius is presently campaigning with much of his forces on the Antonine Gulf front. His natural charisma, coupled with the sheer zealotry inspired by news of the Agathynian Miracle, has seen many dukes and barons pledge their armies to his cause, and Akarius has declared that when he Gulf is cleansed and the Crusade pushes into Dark Imperium territory, he will have proven his worthiness to wield Engerand's Storm Hammer.

>> No.49936586

>Lord Protector Anson Kursk
The mantle of Lord Protector, though but a shadow of its former greatness during Anders Kor's tenure in the position, still remains the utmost military authority of the Kor Protectorate, wielding exceptional executive power over the superhuman Legions of the domain's Space Marine guardians. Despite this, the position is envied by few - standing in the armoured boots of Anders Kor is a difficult position, made all the more trying by the political diversity and current state of dissent within the Protectorate.

Long-suffering Anson Kursk is the current Lord Protector, his popularity and unmatched experience in the defense of the realm making him an obvious choice for the position, and though he accepted the post with grace, few would make the mistake of thinking it has brought him anything but undue stress. Devoted to his fallen Primarch's ideals, Anson has grown increasingly irate with his own people and the tedious bureaucracy of their bloated senate. A man of action, Anson has made many attempts to push the Protectorate toward a more active role in the battle against the western Imperium, citing it as the greatest and most insidious offense to Anders' ideals, but the gears of the political machine move slowly, and are set against him, much of the Protectorate still wary of its loyalist neighbours, many elements unwilling to work in any capacity with the Imperium Minorum.

Grudgingly compliant with the wishes of the senate (and, by extension, of Anders), Anson spends as much of his time as possible at the edges of Protectorate space, where his efforts have saved countless worlds from the constant predations of an uncaring galaxy. His gaze is ever turned west, however, and with the 13th Crusade in full swing and pressures from extragalactic threats (be they Tyranid or Archeotect) lessening, his voice booms ever louder in the senate, determined that the Protectorate must act in some capacity.

>> No.49936643

I like it, but you may want to change the name. We already have someone med Romulus Kursk.

>> No.49937138

Ah, shit, you're right.

Anson Korsk? Anson Rourke? Anson Kurze?

>> No.49937214

Just a thought, Saul returns to life as a Daemon Prince of Nurgle and does what he does in Nurgle's name but it's partly to deliver a message from the Warmaster from all four gods. Chaos is not happy that it's been denied it's victory for so long and is telling him that it's going to continue stirring the pot until he either finishes the stew or they find another cook.

>> No.49937574

But chaos knows that if all life is ended then they die too.

Thats meant to have been alphariuses whole plan to encourage the heresy to succeed.

So the Warmasters current set up is exactly what they would want. A perpetual warzone with all the negative emotions they could ask for.

>> No.49938173

>High Captain Asheton Kästner
The forty-fourth High Captain of the Brotherhood of the Knights Tempestus (and, as such, wielder of Klaus Staffel's Dolorous Blade), Asheton Kästner is a man of modest temperament and unquestionable zeal, his tenure as head of the Brotherhood marked as one of the aggressive and daring periods of its history since the major offensives of the 10th Great Crusade. Recruited young from the world of Brynholm, Asheton's was weaned upon tales of the Emperor's glory, and of his loyal sons. Even as a child, the future Astartes made it his purpose to emulate the deeds of these immortal figures - now, at the head of the greatest Broken Blades brotherhood, Asheton conducts himself with a mind for each of the Primarch's greatest strengths, treating them as a pantheon of examples from which to draw knowledge and understanding of battle, morality, and philosophy.

Heavily involved in the Tempestus Front battles of the 13th Great Crusade, Asheton is the elected Errant Commander for the combined Broken Blades efforts of the war, and leads their forces in a dogged campaign of harassment and ambush warfare against the traitor forces, serving to support the better equipped and more numerous armies of the Crusader States wherever possible.

>> No.49938232

To weigh in on this subject:
You got to what I was going to say, in that the sacrifice of a marine is worth more than the sacrifice of a normal human. This event could perhaps also be some sort of test. Chaos is confident in the Warmaster but wants to see if the other primarchs are, I don't know, fucking metal enough or whatever, and whether or not the Warmaster has them under his heel enough to make them do something they despise.

I initially didn't like the whole idea of Enoch slaughtering his own sons, because my initial skeleton for the character was that he has needy daddy issues with needing to be acknowledged and all, which would make it natural that he is HYPER loyal to his own sons. But with the following minor tweak I like the event. Romulus Kursk learns of the Warmaster's plan, and how this insane battle plan is a ruse for the massive blood sacrifices to chaos, and that revelation is what finally pushes him over the edge. That is when he makes an attempt on Enoch's life, lead's his men in rebellion and gives everyone the middle finger as he flies off. Enoch loses. it. "IF THAT'S THE WAY IT IS YOU SWINE, I GUESS YOU WEREN'T WORTH CARING ABOUT AFTER ALL" Enoch personally decimates the Astartes under his command, in the literal sense, this act marking Enoch's fall to chaos.

My two cents.

>> No.49938256

>tfw drawfag abandoned us

>> No.49938360

That's what you get for rapid fire barraging him with requests the second he shows up again.

>> No.49938582

>Lady Kravita Aulus Merovech, Konteradmiral of Battlegroup Serpentis
Scion to a long line of ranking officers among the Grand Navy of the Jade Empire, Lady Kravita hails from the oceanic world Jatayu, known for its seafaring barons and long tradition of naval warfare extending out into the arena of the void. Once adherent to the Asuran teachings of the Primarch Anshul, the people of Jatayu are immersed from the moment of birth into a disciplined culture of militaristic service and filial duty, taught to love and obey the Emperor and his son Xun as they do their own parents, and in doing so make up for the poor choices of their distant ancestors.

Central to this planet-wide sense of purpose is the function of Battlegroup Serpentis, a small fleet manned and built almost entirely by Jatayan hands, putting their particular talents to use. Tied to these fleet assets are the regiments of the Jatayan Void Chasseurs - disciplined, fearless soldiers selected from the elite of the planet's soldiery, trained to excel in brutal, fast-paced boarding actions and equipped with compact lascarbines and slender shortswords of Jatayan make.

At a mere 57 years old, Lady Kravita is one of the youngest mortals to serve among the admiralty of the Grand Navy, having grown up with the 13th Crusade already in full swing and ever looming in her future, but the results of her unforgiving training and familial history are self-evident. Battlegroup Serpentis remains at the fore of the Antonine Gulf front, Lady Kravita's uncanny knack for covert flanking maneuvers having spelled doom for many a traitor vessel.

>> No.49938942

Following this.

If Enoch decimates those that have betrayed him, its less a 'sacrifice' and more an act of war. And while it does play into an important character change its less chaosy.

As for the massacre of 'innocent' astartes under him. It does check the box of sacrifice, but just weakens the legion and the Warmaster. Compared to the sacrifice of close personal friends/subordinates which whilst also weakening the legion, its not on the same scale and "means" more to the gods and the warmaster as an act of loyalty and sacrifice.

Its essentially an inverted scenario of would you save 5 strangers or 1 relative. Most people (i think) would go for the relative. So him sacrificing the 1 means more than sacrificing the 5.

If im the only one that thinks that, its cool im happy to gonwith whatever. It does work either way.

>> No.49940115


>> No.49940899

Seems like a good seed. Might change up the name. Seems more like a Valten than a Rommel. Well, really, a canny 17th century diplomat. Unfortunately my familiarity with figures from that time is weak.

Definitely liking the direction. So this is based on the assumption that they turn back the Nids. Perhaps whatever happens with defeating them/that hive fleet (if we want the shadow of the Nids to remain a threat) plays a major role in the development of his character.
Something to the effect of:
>tolerance has allowed the Protectorate to endure
>Damocles Gulf War really weakens the legion
>then the Nids come, a former unlike any other
>oh shit, they seeded our worlds with cults!
>shit. Do we purge them all?
>how do you fight an enemy that follows no rules?
>a few exterminatuses later a disillusioned Kor goes missing defending the capital
>Exodites say fuck this, we have our own Empire across the galaxy to hide in.
>Worlds xenos and human get cold feet
>this guy has to fix it.
>breaks every rule doing it, resents Kor for taking the easy way out
>call for help from the other states
>they're busy fighting chaos
>send practical advice and sarcastic barbs
>Ender of Kor begins the Tyranid Xenocide.

>> No.49940947

I didn't do that. Did people do that? Seems like something that people would do.

>> No.49940979

They have that one weapon that can kill souls, so probably.

>> No.49941070

Do they? I thought a big factor with Chaos was that they were driven by their natures to the point where they're self destructive.
If chaos is in ascendancy, then the gods are less likely to cooperate and will be more inclined to scheme and plot against each other.
Regardless, just because some of the gods are happy doesn't mean all 4 are. Tzneetch is likely pissy because everything is stagnant. Malal is not happy because chaos is winning.
Khorne is easy to placate.
Nurgle is pissed because he wants more plagues and the Dark Imperium isn't decaying.
Slaneesh is bored by the 10,000 year stalemate.
The souls of the Dark Imperium aren't as tasty these days. They've become used to the warp. But beyond the firewall, there are fresh souls to toy with.

>> No.49941095

As much as I like to say I know about the necrons, I can't say I know about that one. Sauce?

>> No.49941116

Also, the Warmaster is probably getting a little too comfortable actually running an empire rather than trying to cause Chaos. Maybe even too comfortable letting the Crusader states be.

Also, I see no reason why Chaos wouldn't have the same end game as in Fantasy. Hell on Earth so to speak.

>> No.49941158

Voidreaper, a unique piece of wargear in the 7e codex. It's apparently tied to the Nightbringer.

>> No.49941250

>Legend has it that on the day Aza'gorod the Nightbringer was sundered into shards, this warscythe appeared in the armoury of the Nekthyst Dynasty's crownworld. Its blade is a sliver of the void; when swung, it cuts through more than just mere physical forms. Its victims drop to the ground as husks, their souls torn from their bodies like tattered shrouds before dissipating with final screams of horror.


>> No.49941388

I'm still pretty ambivalent about the Newcrons, but they added a lot of neat little tidbits of lore with them. I especially like how much the ridiculous hyper-science was played up. The machine that deletes suns and the gaze of flame are notable examples.

>> No.49941420

oldcrons were boring AF

>> No.49941442

I agree, but I don't like how much they hamstrung them in terms of long term danger. They used to be up with the Tyranids and Chaos for scary impending dooms, and now they've been demoted to Ork-tier.

>> No.49941503

Be careful, you'll summon Him. Also, I thought they had an endgame in that barely a fraction of all necrons have awoken at this point.

>> No.49941522

>and now they've been demoted to Ork-tier.
daily reminder that of all the 'endgames,' the Orks achieved theirs before humans even climbed out of the primordial goop.

>> No.49941672

Seems like a good start. I'm imagining Sigismund the way Dorn wanted him to be, all about the oaths and virtues, with no need for gods.

I'd imagine he gets along particularly well with the Scions.

Yes. Much yes.

I really like that.
I think the mass punishment works precisely because it is against type. He goes from harsh but fair to Tyrant in a single action.
This said, it's mostly been the two of us discussing this one, so I'm going to stop here and let some other anons weigh in.

>> No.49941770

Nice, that could be rather cool. Have the Protectorate military run by a guy who both idolises and resents Anders.

Oh and Drommel wasn't a Rommel reference, just a dumb space name. We could go with something else though. Thorrel? Solland? Volsun?

Oh, also, is >>49938582
plausible within the Jade Empire?

>> No.49941791

Bah, forgot muh name.

>> No.49942005

>slannesh isnt happy
Despite rampant cults to excess. Every noble in the dark imperium is active in hedoism.
>nurgle isnt happy
Implying their arent entire worlds being gased and plagued within the imperium. Let alone the virus weapons and rad weapons used by the everyone inc loyalists
>no change
The dark imperial guard / navy would almost certainly be institutionalized plotting and backstabbing. The crusader states in constant flux.

>souls arent tasty
Wut? They would be the same as canon imperial souls x10 literally bred to be juicy.

Because it would be super easy to control an empire that actively worships chaos gods. Has rampant corruption, plotting, amd a noble caste that just want to drink and get high. All whilst maintaining a half a dozen legions of bred supersoldiers from turning on each other or your working caste.

>hell on earth
Funny you should say that. Because that is there end game. And they did it. Now its a matter of maintaining the forest so they can keep the logs coming to feed the fire.

>> No.49942129

I agree with anon, our chaos gods would probably be fat and happy, or as happy as they can be.

Malal, however, would be fucking PISSED beyond reason. There's very little canon Malal content to base stuff on, but the Warp Raiders and their cultists would probably be extremely upset with the status quo. Hell, they might even be the secret backers of Olannius and his resistance.

>> No.49942147

Malal is as canon in 40k as Hashut.

>> No.49942155

Funny you should say that...

>> No.49942164

No, I mean literally the Warp becomes real space. They no longer need human emotion to sustain them, because they are now real. They control reality as they controlled the Warp.

Is that not what happens in fantasy?

>> No.49942192

my headcanon is that Malal is the primordial annihilator, Chaos, and the 4 are just his greater daemons.

>> No.49942221

>No, I mean literally the Warp becomes real space
Based on the novels I've read this is more or less their goal in 40k as well.

>> No.49942225

Yeah i concur.

In saying that Malal has never been very interesting to me and as far as im aware isnt canon anymore. Could be wrong though.

Is that legit? I didnt realize that happened in fantasy. Then again they went full AoS so i dont think we should be attemptjng to emulate that.

>> No.49942244

He's pretty canon in IA. As is Hashut possibly.

Shit, is Oramar not a daemon prince of Malal?

>> No.49942260

>Shit, is Oramar not a daemon prince of Malal?
he is indeed

>> No.49942344

>Lady Kravita and Jatayu
Most definitely. And that's totally how they'd want to use their fleet. I wonder if she'd be equipped with those new short range gravitic drives...

>> No.49942519

I wouldnt expect an Admiral to be using anything new. Thats what young commanders are for.

After all you wouldn't want to lose an important battle and have your reputation tarnished because of a faulty experiential devices.

>> No.49942588

True. I was more wondering whether the Tau drives would be being rolled out yet. The naval rail guns are probably in use unless macro-cannon are superior.
Then again, since technology in the AU is less pants on head than in the OU, Tau-tech may be a lot less shiny.

If the reverse engineered tech isn't being put into use yet, then she probably has a flagship recovered from the Damocles Gulf.

>> No.49942996

>recovered from the Damocles Gulf.
Aww yiss.

A shiny (old) new battle cruiser or some such. Taken as a prize for their efforts in the clean up. Awesome idea.

>> No.49943120

Alright, I've added VANTH's myriad of successor chapters to the wiki, as well as some important figures among the Undying Scions as of M41. I have to ask, VANTH, did you have any specific ideas for the Dragon's Teeth?

>> No.49943276

I may need some help with formatting.

>> No.49943377

AFAIK 3 ='s is the deepest headers can go.

>> No.49943413

Which pages? Or just in general.

>> No.49943591

Just in general. Is it possible to have a header without it appearing in the table of contents?

>> No.49943682

>Is it possible to have a header without it appearing in the table of contents?
Just add a bold line instead of a header

>> No.49944219

Got it, thanks.

>> No.49944272

For reference, here's how I chose to format successor chapters.


>> No.49944444

What's the deal with Hashut anyways?

I'm also imagining some Indonesian flair to Jatayu.

>> No.49944456

Squat chaos god of forges and fires and dwarfy things. He's basically Armok.

>> No.49945338

Out of curiosity, does Xun have any parables about Sarco or the Scions?

>> No.49945358

Alright i've done some reading up on how to properly format these pages and am going to do an overhaul of the Crimson Warhawk page.

I'm thinking something along the lines of:

+ Intro quote from some character +
1. Brief Word Picture Summary of Legion.
a. Relationship Matrix
2. History
a. Great Crusade
b. Heresy
c. Notable Quotes
3. Culture
a. Recruitment and Training
b. Notable Members
4. Organisation and Doctrine
a. Tactics
b. Formations / Specialist Equipment
c. Codex Adherence
d. Fleet
5. Homeworld
6. Geneseed
7. Rules
8. Write Faggotry

Once complete, Ill let you guys know, ifs its liked, Ill copy paste the formating code and go through the other legions to make them all consistent.

From there, Im thinking an overhaul of the main page, and timeline pages are next most important. Primarch pages last.


>> No.49945826

Who was the first legion?

>> No.49945875

Ah, ok. The Behemoth Guard are a bit too happy to make that their main jam-- they make horrific creations and scheme all day long, but I can definitely see them digging the whole forge and fire thing. Perhaps Mezoa ends up developing as a major cultic center to Hashut? The Behemoth Guard on Mezoa proper would look like an evil version of the Salamanders, using the forge as a place to purge impurity and attain enlightenment, but I imagine the ritual around the forge as temple would definitely resonate with the rest of the legion. Gengrat probably picks up some of the ideas of Mezoa during the Crusade and the Sees of Mezoa and Xana are probably constantly bickering. Perhaps Mezoa ends up specializing in daemon engines, while Xana is automata. The difference between the two is subtle to outsiders, but on Mezoa, they bind daemons to machines, while Xana programs and makes artificial life, which are then freely empowered by the spirits.
Result is that Mezoa has this mind set of chaining and binding daemons with the person purified in the forge earning the right to master reality and reshape it, while the dudes on Xana have a bit more of a holistic view.
It's not a big deal--neither one is going to call the other heretics over it, both are things that are practiced across the Behemoth Guard, but they are on opposite ends of a spectrum and the Houses and Grand Companies are meant to compete. There is sometimes conflict, but more typically, they're inclined to meet up on the same battlefield and see who kills the most enemies, etc.
That sound Hashut-ish?
I'll work on some more fluff for the Behemoth Guard and Mezoa.

Hmmm. Lemme come up with one. The big points are probably about the change he undergoes after he's interred.
In the Jade Empire, Sarco is probably best known for that personal metamorphosis, which is taken as a lesson on how to use setbacks in life to make you a better person. 'That which does not kill you, can make you stronger'.

>> No.49945922

Definitely not the Second Sons. That's for sure.

>> No.49946021

I Legion is the Bloodhounds.

>> No.49946060

Really? They are the template all other legions are based off?

>> No.49946096

I did not know that.
I always figured it was the Eyes, but I forget that the sequence of primarch finding has nothing to do with legion numbers.

>> No.49946127

Are you guys telling me that Legion numbers actually mean something? I thought they were just arbitrary numbers given to them before they had names.

The Eyes are the first legion to reach full strength and their organisational structure is the template other legions are based off.

>> No.49946201

So my understanding of OU canon is that the Dark Angels were the 1st legion, they were a prototype of different formations. Sort of like vanilla+.

Thats why they had the different wings, Dreadwing, Ironwing, Deathwing, Ravenwing etc etc. So they were the 'base' template, with formations that specialised in various arts of war.

From there, other legions adopted specialisations and used what was shown to work.

So Ravenwing was sort of like a alpha-test for the White Scars doctrine.

Dreadwing for Night Lords.

And so on and so on.

If the eyes are the template legion, then shouldnt the other legions be more espionage-y?

>> No.49946269


>If the eyes are the template legion, then shouldnt the other legions be more espionage-y?
Their spies are specialists who exist parallel to the command structure. The actual legion itself is startlingly, deliberately, strangely vanilla. They're 100% by the book to the point of absurdity.

>> No.49946282

To continue that thought on Sarco, the big culmination is when Sarco covers the loyalist retreat. I think it would be about learning to be men of iron from a man of iron.

I think there would be focus on holding the line, even when it all seems pointless.

The other one would probably be about transformation. Something like:

The Iron Brother dreamt that he was free in the forests of his youth. Whatever he wanted to do, he did, be it swing from vines or wrestle with panthers. In the evenings he ate fresh fruit and clear water. But at night, his sleep was troubled by dreams of war. And in his dream, every day was much the same as the one before it and in the end he learned all the moves of Kultulki the Panther and Bargumba the ape. And each battle was much the same as the day's before.
And he forgot about metal and boxes and empires. When he awoke, he felt them as chains.
The next day, he came to Younger Brother and told him about his dream, his voice echoing and metal, but as he narrated the dream, he paused, and looked at the orchids on the shelf.
"Look, see the orchids? And how the insects crawl skitter skitter on the stems? When I was fast like Oromchi the hawk, I never noticed, but now that I am slower than Belteg the tortoise, and my eyes are not my own, such things I now see! Formerly I could not love the industrious ants, but now how dear they are to me. I do not think I could have loved them with my own eyes."
That night, the Iron Brother dreamt of gardening. He raked the stones and arranged the orchids and made roads and rivers for the ants. He set out the seeing stones and contemplated his day's work and said:
"Insects are good companions because they do not speak.
The osprey's song is sweet because it has no words.
My garden's paths lead in circles.
Back to the round stones in the creek."
He named the garden River-Stone.
(Stromstein 'River-Stone' is the name of one of the biggest fortresses in the Vigil.)

>> No.49946491

HH: Extermination

>legion itself is startlingly, deliberately, strangely vanilla. They're 100% by the book to the point of absurdity.
Source? Im yet to find any information on them. I figured that you guys intentionally didnt fill in their tactics and formations because of the whole "redacted" thing.

>I think it would be about learning to be men of iron from a man of iron.
Ive read this like six times and still dont understand.

>> No.49946576

>I figured that you guys intentionally didnt fill in their tactics and formations because of the whole "redacted" thing.
No, it's just that nobody is in charge of them and nobody feels comfortable being in charge of them because it seems presumptive, so they get very little attention. The REDACTED thing is literally just about his name.

>> No.49946583

Oh, that one isn't about learning to be a man of iron from an iron man. The story is meant to deal with the question of where Sarco's heart lies.
Or do you mean that one line?
I mean Sarco is a dreadnought, right? Literally an iron man. He holds the line like a motherfucker. If you imitate him, you do the whole Iron within thing. So you get an iron will from imitating a literal man of iron.

Yeah, we'd been slow to update them because we had been figuring out what we wanted them to be like. The current model is that they're pretty general, with specialized groups for different purposes and only the upper echelons are super spy sneaky guys.

Oh, side question, for Hashut, do we want generic Semitic feel? Akkadian? Sumerian?

>> No.49946624

>Oh, side question, for Hashut, do we want generic Semitic feel? Akkadian? Sumerian?
I do not want Hashut unless we have squats

>> No.49946633

I agree, I also don't want squats.

They were squatted for a reason dang-nabbit!

>> No.49946657

Dwarfs are literally the coolest Tolkein race. Why would you not want them? I don't understand the hate they get.

>> No.49946773

>coolest Tolkein race
I don't see the connection to tolkien, I mean I get that squats = dwarves but whats that got to do with tolkien?

> the hate they get
I don't know why others don't like them, but for me I just dont think they fit the setting. I mean as abhumans? Sure, as their own space faring race, not so much.

I just don't think they are necessary, I am a firm believer in adding something only when it is both organic and adds something unique to a setting.

They are neither to me.

>> No.49946780

That's fair. Going to keep the Mezoa thing regardless.

What do people think of using cognate names of Astarte, ie Ishtar, Ashtaroth in the names of things. Calling ships stuff like Blade of Ashtaroth etc.

>> No.49946804

>I don't see the connection to tolkien, I mean I get that squats = dwarves but whats that got to do with tolkien?
You realize warhammer 40k is literally warhammer in space, and warhammer is literally just tolkein, right?

>Space Marines are knights in shining armor
>Eldar are elves/dark elves
>Orks are fucking orks

you can't possibly be this dense

>> No.49946854

>you can't possibly be this dense
well that escalated quickly.

>> No.49946877

for real though warhammer 40k is literally tolkein in space

>> No.49946899

>someone dares not have encyclopedic knowledge of all things Tolkien
>how dare they, fucking plebs
>better shut them down and call them dense, those fucking barbarians

wow way to be a dick

>> No.49946932

don't get buttmad about innocuous bantz, i didn't mean anything by it

>> No.49946941


>> No.49946952

>He was all like
>“Oh no what the fuck?”

>> No.49946978

I mean if you're right thats cool, but I don't see any more likeness than 40k shares with any fantasy world. Arguably most fantasy works are at least partially inspired by his works I guess. But using your examples.

Are a declining race which tore itself apart though hedonism.
>Lotr elves
Elegant and perfect at everything, although their time has come to an end, so I guess they are declining too.

Crazy gitz, british, big and hulking, and waaagh! Create things of only beauty.
small, weak, and warmongering, cannot create anything beautiful.

>Dark Eldar
Is there evil elves in lotr or anything? Idk. I didn't think so but eh.

The biggest thing for me, is while you might be right that 40k is based off tolkein it is its own beast now. Unless a new edition of the hobbit gets released with necrons and tau.

Whilst im not that anon, If you don't want people getting buttmad, try to avoid in the future going from 0-100 in a single post if possible.

>> No.49947026

So to keep things on track, instead of arguing Tolkein, what are you envisioning for these squats?

>> No.49947028

I don't think you quite get it, and you're reinforcing the opinion i've voiced before that you don't quite understand the themes of 40k.

40k is, *literally* taking fantasy tropes and transplanting them into a sci-fi setting. That's the whole point. That's the core thematic building block upon which everything else rests. If you don't or can't see that then you objectively don't or can't understand 40k. That's what the setting *is*.

While being as respectful as possible, I honestly think you have to be really, really stupid to not see that right away.

>> No.49947096

>* taking fantasy tropes and transplanting them into a sci-fi setting
Yeah I get that? I don't follow your reasoning though.

Dwarves are cool in lotr because they aren't meant to be there. They didn't fit the creators plan. They also have badass mountain fortresses.

Those are the things I think are cool about them, but neither of those things are noteworthy in 40k. Obviously there is more too them than that, but its an easy way to demonstrate that I don't see them adding anything interesting to the setting. Especially since we haven't fleshed out half the stuff we do have.

>you don't quite understand the themes of 40k
Maybe I dont, or maybe its a big setting with decades of lore and various themes and we have different takes on what is cool about it.

But all of this is second fiddle to the idea that we are writing an alternate universe, where it doesn't matter what OU 40k says or does, we keep what we want and have the themes that we want.

>> No.49947134

>warhammer is literally just tolkein
No, it's really not.

>> No.49947136

>trying to stop two autistic dogs fighting over a tolkien sized bone

>> No.49947155

Bro it totally is. In the Hurin books they cover Necrons and Chaos.

Oh wait. No they dont. Its almost like fantasy elements exist outside the hobbit.

>> No.49947361

I could have sworn there was something in the Hobbit about the Tau? When Bilbo goes to that moon and then the dwarves make battle suits or something?

So what are the Iron Hearts up to these days? I'd assume that they are decently united in being buthurt and sour. Do we have any characters?

>> No.49947563

Tolkein = Fantasy, fuck off with your nitpicking

>> No.49947612 [DELETED] 

Calm down and have canon(ish) dwarves: Lathemasters. They are the main manufacturers of the more complex devices and weapons of the Black Suns, due to low amount of Mechanicus presence in Calixis space. In OU, Mechanicus had large impact on the politics and inner workings of the sector, but in IA, they left as Black Suns took over, and left most Lathemasters behind.

Lathemasters are abhumans with several similar features to the Squats: Their small, robust bodies are ideal for the Lathe system's changing conditions: They adapt rapidly to the changing conditions of their home worlds: Irregular orbits make their worlds freezing cold at times and unbearably hot at others. The system's star is as unpredictable as the worlds. Once in a while it exhibits a strange phenomenon, and erupts with radiation. This energy, however, is similar to that of grav-weaponry, multiplying the gravitational pull of the planets and asteroids of the Lathe system. The Lathemasters are natural artisans, and while more prone to forcing a machine to work with strength, they are expert handlers of machinery.
The conditions of their home system allow for the Lathemasters to produce alloy called Lathe steel: hyper dense metal that is nigh impossible to destroy once shaped. It is slow process to create small quantities of the alloy, making mass production nigh impossible.
Unsuitable to be used as armor due to its immense weight, the metal is used to ceate monomolecular blades. Despite the blades created this way being thinner than paper, it weighs about as much as a normal weapon of similar construction.
These blades are nearly immune to the effects of a power field, the molecular bonds stronger than a power weapon's disruptive field.
Despite these impressive qualities, Lathe blades are not nearly as potent weapons as chain- or power weapons. As result, they are tools of subtetly and a sign of power in Calixian society.

>> No.49947624

>>49947028 #
>>49947563 #
Calm down and have canon(ish) dwarves: Lathemasters. They are the main manufacturers of the more complex devices and weapons of the Black Suns, due to low amount of Mechanicus presence in Calixis space. In OU, Mechanicus had large impact on the politics and inner workings of the sector, but in IA, they left as Black Suns took over, and left most Lathemasters behind.

Lathemasters are abhumans with several similar features to the Squats: Their small, robust bodies are ideal for the Lathe system's changing conditions: They adapt rapidly to the changing conditions of their home worlds: Irregular orbits make their worlds freezing cold at times and unbearably hot at others. The system's star is as unpredictable as the worlds. Once in a while it exhibits a strange phenomenon, and erupts with radiation. This energy, however, is similar to that of grav-weaponry, multiplying the gravitational pull of the planets and asteroids of the Lathe system. The Lathemasters are natural artisans, and while more prone to forcing a machine to work with strength, they are expert handlers of machinery.
The conditions of their home system allow for the Lathemasters to produce alloy called Lathe steel: hyper dense metal that is nigh impossible to destroy once shaped. It is slow process to create small quantities of the alloy, making mass production nigh impossible.
Unsuitable to be used as armor due to its immense weight, the metal is used to ceate monomolecular blades. Despite the blades created this way being thinner than paper, it weighs about as much as a normal weapon of similar construction.
These blades are nearly immune to the effects of a power field, the molecular bonds stronger than a power weapon's disruptive field.
Despite these impressive qualities, Lathe blades are not nearly as potent weapons as chain- or power weapons. As result, they are tools of subtetly and a sign of power in Calixian society.

>> No.49947638

I am calm. Am I the only one who remembers we're on 4chan?

Don't be butthurt faggots, you butthurt faggots

>> No.49947670

That's pretty cool. We could definitely expand them a bit. I like the idea of strange artificers lurking in the shadows of the primary Dark Mechanicum forgeworlds.
Though now that I say that it occurs to me that that's kind of inherent.

But the names. The sense of directed community or something!

Anyways, make your squat case.

>> No.49947707

>make your squat case.
Dwarves are stubbrn little master smiths with awesome beards who don't take no shit from nobody and have a cool geometric aesthetic. I don't really give a shit about muh deeper themes like

>Dwarves are cool in lotr because they aren't meant to be there. They didn't fit the creators plan. They also have badass mountain fortresses.

To me that's a very very strange reason to like dwarves. I was honestly kinda shocked.

I couldn't give less of a shit about the 'not meant to be there' shit from the silmarillion. The Silmarillion fucking sucks. Dwarves live underground. They're tough. They like rocks and metal. They have big bushy beards and drink ale and have whatever their setting's equivalent of high tech is. I mean look at this goddamn picture, that motherfucker is wearing plate armor made out of literal stone, how fucking cool is that? Plus Dwarf Fortress is one of my favorite games of all time.

They're just...cool. I seem to remember there being some sort of rule about that.

>> No.49948010

>being unnecessarily aggressive
>complains when people are butthurt
>gets butthurt himself
>hurr durr its 4chan whatever whatever
>literally this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.49948126

I like it.

>very very strange reason to like dwarves. I was honestly kinda shocked.
Mwhaha. Perhaps i am just a very very strange person. I is, what I is.

> plate armor made out of literal stone, how fucking cool is that?
My favourite armour in DS pic related.

>> No.49948151

That is not the armor I would expect for that response

I'm sleepy, i'll read this in the morning.

In general though I don't like the idea of squats as abhumans, I prefer them as xenos akin to the Eldar.

>> No.49948553

Eldar and LotR elves share quite a few traits.

Aside from being the old folks that are fading away, they're also exceptionally proud and prone to acts of hubris or grim fatalism that results in them often facing overwhelming odds despite it being a really bad idea. They have powerful emotions and passions and these spur them on, resulting on reckless action that overrules their wisdom - a trait pretty much lifted straight from the Noldor. Speaking of Noldor, they're obsessed with a particular type of precious stone and will spark wars just to claim a single one, which is pretty familiar. They have the power of foresight, but their fate to diminish and fade away seems set in stone no matter what they do.

This even comes across in the faction's art. Pic related is basically Glorfindel vs a Balrog.

As for orks/orcs, both are a warrior race created by the same species as elves who have a natural groupthink, an inclination toward thoughtless cruelty, and an innate ability for mechanical expertise.

Chaos are absolutely not Tolkien at all though. They're more the Moorcock/Howard. And to be fair, 40K has moved pretty far from its roots. Space Marines are NOTHING like they were in the old RT days.

>> No.49948605

>So what are the Iron Hearts up to these days? I'd assume that they are decently united in being buthurt and sour. Do we have any characters?

I was wondering about this. Any ideas for their current Legion Praetor?

Anyhow, I imagine them being stubbornly isolationist compared to the rest of the Dark Imperium. They don't even really consider themselves part of it, and the Warmaster doesn't care - they want to be left to their own devices, and he wants a self-sufficient wall of Iron Hearts plugging the Tempestus Gap, so for now everyone is happy.

I reckon they've had a few relatively minor civil war type conflicts against the Bloodhounds.

>> No.49948683

>thoughtless cruelty
40k orks arent cruel any more than a dog chasing a cat is cruel whereas orcs are born and bred of hatred

>> No.49948692

The Lathemasters are resilient to almost all environmental hazards, from gravitational fluctuations to heat or lack thereof, to atmospheres that are very different from their own or even toxic. Some experiments even found them capable of surviving for several minutes in airless conditions. Many adepts theorise that they are a result of bioengineering of cult Mechanicus, but no confirmation has been given to the origins of the subspecies.
They have spread from their origin system of Lathes, but are still quite a rare sight outside Calixis sector.

>> No.49948834

How do the Iron Hearts relate to the Chaos Gods? Do they worship them? Or do they reject them alá Night Lords?

>> No.49948882

I think they reject them.
Or if they dont they pay homage to undivided.

But reject works best. These guys are the ultimate mavericks. They go it alone and dont give 2 fucks about anyone who says otherwise.

>> No.49949070

Eh, orks aren't quite that innocent.

People tend to forget that they enslave entire worlds and work them to death either building bigger tuffer war machines or fighting each other for entertainment purposes. There's fluff with orks keeping prisoners around solely to beat the shit out of them when they're bored.

>> No.49949097

>orks keeping prisoners around solely to beat the shit out of them when they're bored.
>keeping pets around solely to pet the shit out of them when theyre bored.

They are certifiably evil from our perspective, but its orange-blue morality for them.

>> No.49949113

If I'm not mistaken they reject them.

The Monolith of Rust is the closest thing they have to a patron deity.

>> No.49949129

Orks definitely understand that other creatures don't like getting pulped. They just don't care, it's their fault for not being bigga an orkier.

>> No.49949214

Im not saying they are nice or anything, but it seems silly to apply conventions onto things that minds work fundamentally differently.

>People understand other people dont like being beaten in sports, they just don't care, its their fault for not being better at the game and part of the nature of competition.

The point I was raising was in comparison to tolkien orcs who actively hate. They hate everything, even themselves and the Dark Lord. They are fully aware of what is good and bad, and actively seek out the bad and revel in it.

>> No.49949221

Almost total rejection.

I see them as part of the outsider bloc of traitor factions.

You've got the solid, hardcore servants of Chaos and the Warmaster - the Eyes, the Judgement Bringers, the Second Sons, the Behemoth Guard, the Silver Spears, and the Bloodhounds. These guys tow the line for the most part, even if you have blips on the radar like the Nurglite Schism or Behemoth Guard shenanigans.

Then you have the Negators, who serve nobody, the Iron Hearts, who still have a fucking huge grudge against half the other traitor legions, the Arms of Asura, who are the religious heart of the Dark Imperium but are focused on the immaterial and don't really care about [redacted]'s empire games, and the Warp Raiders, who are essentially Malal renegades on nobody's side. These guys are on the traitor side but not really all that loyal to the Warmaster, their interests are just often aligned with his.

>> No.49949682

This is true.

They represent similar things though. Both are pretty much emblematic of an uncaring industrial machine devoted solely to war and the kind of people that support such a machine. Orcs are a bit more spiteful about it, whereas aspects of orks are played up for laughs because they exist to some extent to poke fun at people who supported Margaret Thatcher while also getting fucked over by her.

Their attitude toward other beings is the biggest difference. Orks just want to krump because it's fun and if people didn't want to be krumped they should have krumped back harder. Orcs have a similar might makes right thing, but they also despise other beings.

>> No.49949903

>Monolith of Rust
I think I missed that. What is it?

>> No.49949918


>> No.49950042

It's the archeotech AI that runs the STC complexes on Rust. It gave Rubinek his heart and is the basis for all the upgrades Iron Hearts fill themselves with.

>> No.49950199

Some Archeotect stuff:

>The Grand Executors
Though loyalist understanding of the Archeotect domain is woefully lacking, current intelligence suggests that three individuals identified as Grand Executors hold the highest military ranks known to exist in the Archeotect command structure. Each one a representative of their Apotheotect Lineage, it seems most likely that each Archeotect house assigns one of their number to the rank of Grand Executor, and to this individual falls the responsibility of governing their overall war effort.

Three such individuals are presently known to loyalist intelligence - Orelia aur Vanth, thought to command the five known Reclaimer Fleets of House Vanth, Nykos Voldare, thought to command three fleets of his house, and Yorek Gagarin, whose house has thusfar shown the capacity to deploy only two Reclaimer Fleets. It is assumed that the other known Archeotect Houses each boast a Grand Executor, but as of early M42 no records of these individuals exist.

Heavily augmented and well acquainted with the art of war, the exact ages of these figures is unknown, though, considering that the Archeotect Dominion appears capable of far more effective rejuvenat treatments than those available in loyalist space, it stands to reason that each Grand Executor could have lived for many centuries, if not longer. If this is the case, it rather begs the question of where and how these capable tacticians have honed their obviously extensive experience in the pursuits of battle, as the Archeotects as a whole have not made themselves known to most galactic powers until very recently.

Personal dossiers to follow.

>> No.49950435

>Grand Executor Orelia aur Vanth
Orelia was not the first Grand Executor to be encountered in person by loyalist authorities, but she was the first witnessed in an active battlefield role. In direct command over the 1st Vanthian Reclaimer Fleet and its accompanying ground forces, her tactics have become standard study material for commanders on the northern fronts of the Storm Kingdom, exemplifying what is thought to be standard Archeotect operating procedure. Combining fast, stealth-shielded air transports with exceptionally durable ground armour, she has thusfar shown an infuriating knack for achieving a secure, superior position, and annihilating her foes with precise barrages of overwhelming firepower.

In the rare instances of close action against her accompanying forces, Orelia has demonstrated the destructive capabilities of the armour worn seeming as standard issue to those of her rank. A sleek suit of powered armour covered in flowing, disturbingly organic protrusions reminiscent of both skeletal structures and arterial passages, the suit was initially assumed to be ornamental in nature. In truth, the ridged shapes that flow across its form appear to be capacitors for some kind of ionic induction technology, capable of generating a sturdy power field around the wearer and generating destructive blasts of electromagnetic distortion. Battlefield reports indicate that, though mercifully short ranged, this effect is able to rend adamantium bulkheads apart like wet tissue and reduce power armoured targets to heaps of gristle and gore.

Though she is merciless once battle is joined, commanders on the border territories of the Storm Kingdoms have come to respect the Grand Executor's professionalism and willingness to accept parlay when it is offered. Presently, Orelia, as well as at least three of her accompanying fleets, appears to have withdrawn from loyalist space, and is persecuting a number of offensives against the worlds of the Hunting Grounds.

>> No.49950666

>Grand Executor Nykos Voldare
House Voldare's methods have, since the first appearance of their forces, been far less straightforward than those of its fellows. Nykos Voldare was the first Grand Executor to reveal himself to loyalist intelligence, though not in any manner of battlefield capacity - rather, as a result of his dealings with several fringe-state Navigator Houses. House Voldare, it seems, values trade and, had established surreptitious relationships with many border worlds of the fractured Storm Kingdoms before the Archeotect Dominion had even made itself known.

Lord Navigator Bradigus Lorgen, one of the first authorities of loyalist space to meet the Grand Executor, described him as "mildly spoken, yet boisterous in a subtle manner, and ever scrutinizing with those glistening black eyes of his. It is my impression that he is a wolf of men, a predator in nature, wholly without scruple." Later dealings with the Grand Executor seem to confirm the Lorgen's first impressions.

Incursions by the Reclaimer Fleets of House Voldare are almost invariably pre-empted by dissent among the local populace, and many fringe worlds have been seduced into supplying warm bodies for the Archeotects' crusade by the Grand Executor's honeyed words and magnificent gifts.

Nykos has been witnessed only once in the thick of combat, utilizing a heavier-set, but far faster and vicious suit of powered armour, its frame resembling some manner of chitinous beast. He prefers stealth and precision over fire superiority, and his major offenses are often tiresome affairs marked by months on end of brutal guerilla warfare.

>> No.49950872

>Grand Executor Yorek Gagarin
Unknown to loyalist space at large until recently, the activities of House Gagarin seem less cohesive and all the more mysterious in comparison to those of the greater Archeotect Dominion. Unlike its fellows, House Gagarin appears to employ a larger number of much smaller fleets. These vessels have been encountered across the breadth of the galaxy, rarely in any hostile capacity, and generally prowl the very furthest edges of the galactic spin.

Yorek's efforts against loyalist forces have been focused upon the Kor Protectorate. Of all the Grand Executors encountered so far, has been the most forgiving and least antagonistic in manner. Rather than engaging in secretive trading pacts and clandestine deceptions, as House Voldare has, Yorek approaches his foes with an immediate offer of conditional surrender, and has demonstrated a definite willingness to negotiate terms, especially with lesser worlds on the outskirts of the Protectorate.

This policy, it seems, extends to the Grand Executor's battlefield exploits, and his personal attache often delve deep into enemy lines in order to demolish his foes' command structure and bring a swift, decisive end to the fighting.

Yorek's efforts have recently been drawn away from his offensives against the Protectorate by the encroaching Tyranid threat.

>> No.49951343

Going back to a couple of threads ago, when promted people to post musical themes for the Primarchs, I have a couple of them here:

>Rubinek or Marcus




Ok, maybe I've been playing KI

>> No.49951450

>archeotect commanders seem oddly experienced for virtual unknowns
>one of their head honchos immediately diverts to fight tyranids when they show up

Is this implying what I think it's implying?

>> No.49951735

This is an extremely suspect setup.

It's like the perfect situation for Oramar or Aodhan to go all
>heresies behind you
>ten thousand cuts
>pssht, nothin personnel warmaster

>> No.49952836

Where should I put information about Battlefleet Vigilance? Also, I think I'm going to write some stuff about Battlefleet Vigilance, so ask me anything you want to know.

>> No.49952935

Undying Scions page, since they run the Vigil.

How many ships in the fleet? Is it primarily composed of newer or older ship patterns? Who is its admiral?

>> No.49953051

Actually, that's a good question. What do the navies look like?
What are the naval bases? What are the fleets like? To what extent has there been innovation, particularly in regard to FTL?
Are auto-loaders a thing or do they use the grimderp chain gangs? (I think they should use those in the Dark Imperium, but by shackling souls.)

>> No.49953335

I'm guessing it's a mixture of pre-Heresy and newer designs. I can certainly see the Jade Empire and the Vigil still using stuff like the Carnage or Slaughter class cruisers for their turreted weapons.

I see the Imperium Minorum having the navy that most uniformly resembles the Imperial Navy of the OU and the Protectorate probably has a whole bunch of new classes based on modifications made to the pre-Heresy ship designs.

Eldar are Eldar, Necrons are Necrons, Orks are Orks.

No idea on Chaos or Archeotects.

>> No.49953475


Basic Grim Reaper mythology, whose blade was so ghostly thin as to be able to separate the soul from the body.

>> No.49953477

>How many ships in the fleet?
Battlefleet Vigilance is comprised of hundreds of capital ships and thousands of escort craft. Vigilant shipyards are known as some of the most prolific in the east, and are even known to supply other crusader states if a trade is good enough.

>Is it primarily composed of newer or older ship patterns?
Free from the strictest doctrines of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Vigilant shipwrights are allowed a measure of innovation. One of the most commonly seen designs is the Lunar class cruiser, named in honor of the primarch Faustus

Who is its admiral?
Councilor-Admiral Carlos Vinthrop is the highest ranking official in the Vigilant Navy as of M41. His decades of experience battling Eldar and Chaos forces in Warzone Tempestus made him a shoe-in for the role when his predecessor was killed in action while fending off Hive Fleet Megalith.

>> No.49953983

How does your legions handle knowing they will never be as loyal or steadfast in defense of the Emperor as Faustus and the Oathsworn, who were never tricked by the Warmaster unlike the other 'loyalists

>> No.49954708

Unfortunately I'm not as up on my BFG as I should be, but that makes sense. I imagine they have a thing for lances with a major difference between Astartes and mortal ships. The Astartes are going to tend to be short ranged brawlers. Ideally they would be able to tank the damage while they for in close. Partially this is speed, but they're not fast and fragile like the Warhawks, nor are they likely as fast as the Angels of Light. They aren't as durable as the Scions ships, though. I think they'd also tend towards more cruisers to really swarm and disoriented the enemy.

Mortal ships, on the other hand, are going to be fast and long ranged. They pump fire into the enemy and redeploy.
Something like that. I'm also picturing WWI naval feel.

>> No.49954762

I want to say that Sarco was mistrustful of the warmaster too, but I feel like that'd be wanking too hard. Thoughts?

>> No.49954767

Archeotect ships, like pre-Heresy Imperium vessels, are probably based on extrapolations of Dark Age schematics - the difference being that Archeotects have a far more complete and comprehensive source of knowledge to base their efforts on. As such, their naval doctrine probably pretty similar to the Old Imperium, using ships with broadside and turreted cannon capacity, but the weapons and systems of these ships are much more sophisticated, with minimalist crews.

Ship for ship, an Archeotect vessel is essential an Old Imperium ship but faster, more perceptive, tougher, and better armed. The tradeoff, of course, is that there's simply less of them.

Appearance wise, Archeotect ships are like everything they make, contrasting disturbingly organic, carapace-like surfaces against veins of more standard-looking technology. Pic related is the closest reference I can find for the sort of thing I'm thinking of.

>> No.49954797

>starcraft ships with 40k people

I'm triggered

>> No.49954801

>How does your legions handle knowing they will never be as loyal or steadfast in defense of the Emperor as Faustus and the Oathsworn

Pretty well, generally.

>> No.49954859

>What are the naval bases?
The hawks have 2 of the 3 remaining Uber Star Forts that act as their mobile HQs and major ports.

>What are the fleets like?
An assortment of various ship designs from the Crusade onward. They often have new ships donated to them to test and attempt to seize ships from the less "lets put demons in everything" chaos factions.

Otherwise they prefer smaller, faster, more maneuverable ship designs. With an emphasis on detection evasion and cloaking.

>to what extent has there been innovation, particularly in regard to FTL?
Hopefully none. But i guess its inevitable.

>Are auto-loaders a thing or do they use the grimderp chain gangs?
Both. They pressgang populations to do menial tasks but prefer smoother automated systems and servitors.

>> No.49954860

I was wondering what they were.

>> No.49954930

Reminds me of the time the oathsworn lost their precious little luna and daddy and spent the next 10k years mopping around the galaxy, whoring themselves out rather than actually taking revenge. Or anything actually productive.

Yeah super loyal.

>Steadfast in defense of the Emperor
Fought 1 battle and think youre a top dog. 1 battle is ez mode. Blades have been holding the gap for 10k years without so much as a single complaint.

Tell us more about that 1 time you did something useful.

>> No.49955122

Hmm, now that I think about it, I should put together some ship classes for these guys at some point.

>> No.49956001

My name is Enoch and I support this message

>> No.49956373

What do you think its implying

>> No.49957108

>Renaissance Class Battleship
Length: 6900m
Armaments: 4 Mass Driver broadside batteries, 4 spinal Neutron Lance turrets, prow Vortex Cannon.
Countermeasures: Void Shields, Ionstorm Field Capacitors
Crew Compliment: 1100 crewmen

>Ascension Class Battleship
Length: 6900
Armaments: 6 Mass Driver broadside batteries, 4 spinal Plasma Torpedo launchers, prow Phase Missile bay.
Countermeasures: Void Shields, Ionstorm Field Capacitors
Crew Compliment: 1100 crewmen

>Innovation Class Battlecruiser
Length: 4900m
Armaments: 6 Neutron Lance batteries, 4 spinal Neutron Lance turrets
Countermeasures: Void Shields, Ionstorm Field Capacitors
Crew Compliment: 900 crewmen

>Inspiration Class Cruiser
Length: 4800m
Armaments: 2 Mass Driver broadside batteries, 2 Neutron Lance broadside batteries, 3 spinal Neutron Lance turrets
Countermeasures: Void Shields, Ionstorm Field Capacitors
Crew Compliment: 890 crewmen

>Triumph Class Cruiser
Length: 4800m
Armaments: 4 Mass Driver broadside batteries, 3 spinal Plasma Torpedo turrets
Countermeasures: Void Shields, Ionstorm Field Capacitors
Crew Compliment: 890 crewmen

>Victory Class Cruiser
Length: 4700m
Armaments: 4 ranked Mass Driver broadside batteries, prow Heavy Neutron Cannon.
Countermeasures: Void Shields, Ionstorm Field Capacitors
Crew Compliment: 880 crewmen

Generally speaking, Archeotect ships are - in a dueling engagement - more than a match for their equivalent Imperial vessel, whether loyalist or traitor, employing a number of exotic weapons and systems unknown to the foundries of Mars. It is speculated that the lighter materials used by Archeotects to construct their vessels and the prominence of complex computerized parts makes their ships physically less durable than Imperial ships, but their far superior void shields and self-repairing construction technologies give them an edge in a pure slugfest, as do the longer ranges and higher yields of their macrocannons (referred to by Archeotects as mass drivers).

>> No.49957126

If you think it's implying that they've been fighting Tyranids off the edge of the map, then yes, it is implying that.

>> No.49957291

>Nurglite Schism

I'd hardly call that a blip in the radar.

>> No.49957394

The most commonly encountered weaponry aboard Archeotect vessels are mass drivers. Generally employed in broadside formation, these weapons are of a familiar nature to most Imperial commanders, being identical in many ways to the macrocannons used by the vast majority of mamkind's naval assets. Utilizing arcane magnetic propulsion systems, these immense firearms are capable of propelling massive solid shells across lightseconds within the blink of an eye. The technologies used by Archeotect vessels are fare more refined, allowing a faster loading rate and longer effective ranges - generally speaking, Imperial macrocannons are effective at 299,790km (a hairsbreadth below one light-second). Archeotect mass drivers, on the other hand, are approximated to have an effective range of 322, 100km. This difference in functional capability has proven exceptionally frustrating for naval commanders stationed on the Obscurus-facing edges of the Storm Kingdoms.

>Neutron Lances
The standard lance weapon available to ships of the Archeotect fleet, these armaments are often turreted so as to make use of their exceptional accuracy. Boasting a vast effective range of 400,000km, they appear to function in a manner similar to the Neutron Lasers of Mechanicus design, using a controlled explosive reaction to project a stream of highly charged particles along a carrier wave. Capable of searing effortlessly through armoured bulkheads, these deadly weapons are rightly feared by those to have encountered Archeotect forces previously.

>> No.49957457

>That image
I feel like I know who I want to play Baron Harkonnen

>> No.49957458


>stealing your work to fuel my unrelated sci-fi oc donutsteel setting

>> No.49957600

Baron "The Ill Intent" Harkonnen?

>> No.49957880

das cool

>Vortex Cannons.
The Vortex Cannon, designated as such by Imperial commanders for the distinctive distortion bubble effect generated when its beam collides with physical matter, has thus far been encountered only on the prow of the massive Renaissance class battleship, and it is speculated that the systems required to maintain and operate such a fierce weapon run through much of the ship's length.

Magos of the Cult Mechanicus theorize that, despite the distinctive distortion trail left in the wake of the weapon's discharge, the actual means by which the Vortex Cannon achieves its destructive results are projectile-based. Current evidence indicates that the weapon fires an immense projectile and speeds comparable to those of a Nova Cannon's discharge. Some exotic physical effect causes the effective mass of the projectile to spike massively as it progresses on its path, reaching the Chandrasekhar limit as and causing a massive gravitational collapse as it approaches its intended target. By the time it achieves impact, the projectile has achieved the level of density required to generate a full-scale gravitational implosion, culminating in a short-lived micro black hole that annihilates whatever happens to occupy the space within roughly a quarter of light-second of its initial detonation (technically, implosion) point.

While obviously a weapon of terrible destructive potential, able to instantly collapse capital ships in upon themselves in burst of tidal forces, the Vortex Cannons appears mercifully slow to fire and requires significant time either to recharge or cool between each shot.

>> No.49958442

For anyone interested im halfway done with my concept for the legion pages on the wiki.

The code side of it is pretty ugly but i think it looks nice and avoids clutter.

Feedback as always is appreciated


(Please disregard everything below the contents box, its yet to be moved)

>> No.49958690

I think that this is a good way to structure the article, but I'm not sure if it's really nessecary to compress everything quite like this. There isn't really a problem with spreading the information out across the page. It doesn't all have ot be in the same table.

>> No.49958787

The single table was an easy way for me to stop the articles overflowing onto the side bar summary.

Im not educated on html except for the 20 minutes i spent reading a quick tutorial.

If anyone with skill in such matters takes a look at the code ive essentially built a tower by going 1floor+1floor+1floor rather than saying floors=3 but im not proficient enough yet.

>> No.49958844

I just realized that the Scions don't really have a real-world culture counterpart or a naming scheme. Should it have one or is it a good representation of the fractiousness of the pre-interment legion?

>> No.49959128

Having a real world counterpart isn't nessecary. It helps to have some naming scheme though, if only for characters.

>> No.49960455

If we're going with the idea that Faustus found Xun as part of the Emperor trying to get Faustus to socialize, and Xun's early campaigns are with Faustus, I think the results will be interesting.

I'd think the Emperor would send along a high ranking Custodian like Constantine Valdor tasked with ensuring any primarch Faustus finds is on the level and Faustus doesn't alienate them prematurely. He'd definitely have the sort of 'I'd rather be on Luna attitude', more likely to just drop into low orbit, have a quick talk with Xun planetside tell him to pack his bags and take him up to the ship.

Probably wins some points by choosing his governor carefully.
Xun then proceeds to
>What's this?
>Lumen globe.
>How does it work?
>What's that? Do stars use electricity?
About everything, which Faustus probably finds endearing if annoying.
Faustus had been expecting some feral world barbarian who thought medicine was best done with beads and rattles and so is pleased. Campaign goes pretty well, even if Faustus is awkward as all hell and is still grumpy about being away from the lab.

Xun comes away with it all thinking Faustus is a pretty cool dude, even if he's not the friendliest guy out there. Of course, Xun becomes buddies with Alexios, too, so he may have weird friend criteria.
Then he meets the Big E and Redacted. That probably clues him in to the similarities between the Emperor and Faustus. Odds are he meets Malcador before he meets Redacted, so he comes with Malcador's vote of confidence. Redacted let's Xun talk because the guy has good ideas and if Redacted had friends, he'd probably be fond of Xun. End result is that Xun can't figure out why everyone is so hard on Faustus. He trusts the Warmaster enough to believe there's something odd going on, but believes he can just go to Luna and talk it out. Then he gets summoned to an event on Cadia...

>> No.49961116

This gets me wondering who found Sarco. Was it just Emps? Was there a primarch tagging along? Was it only a primarch and he met the Emperor later?

>> No.49961699

Might be neat if Faustus finds Sarco, the Emperor's first attempt to get him out of his lab and meet people. It goes poorly because Sarco is still Tarzan. I get the sense Sarco really grows up after being interred and perhaps his position on the whole Oathsworn thing is tempered by his memories of what Faustus had tried to tell him. Result is that he's got a romanticized idea of Faustus, believing that Faustus had a lot to teach that Sarco was too hyper to hear as opposed to the truth, which is that yeah, Sarco had a short attention span and was happier swinging from vines, but Faustus is also cold and socially inept.

This would then set things up for Faustus to expect his meeting with Xun to go equally poorly.

Speaking of, did you see >>49946282

>> No.49961776

>I get the sense Sarco really grows up after being interred
100% correct.
I saw your earlier post, yeah. That's good stuff. I meant to reply but I guess I never got around to it.

>> No.49961828

Is primarchs discovering other primarchs a thing? Does that happen in OU? I always imagined the Emperor discovering his sons as sort of fated events where he gets psychic gut feelings to go here or there.

>> No.49961845

> Faustus found Xun
Since when? Did I miss something? I thought the big E was just pushing Faustus towards Xun being like "get a friend you loser"

>Was it only a primarch
Is there any OU instances of this happening? I thought the Big E traditionally found all the Primarchs. Usually having a story about how he won them over or they immediately recognised their Father.

not saying we shouldn't do it for Xun/Sarco, just that its weird to me.

>> No.49961862

Alright guys pack up, these two agree on something. The end is nigh.

>> No.49962329

So far as I know, the Emperor finds all the primarchs in the OU.
Last thread or so someone suggested that the Emperor deputize Faustus to find some primarchs, specifically suggesting that Xun and Faustus joint campaign be during that time--Faustus find Xun and go do their thing and all that.

>> No.49962435

Well I certainly wouldn't object to Faustus doing more things. I like him as the hiki autist but he should get out once or twice to at least show he's no pushover and give him some more spotlight.

>> No.49962437

I must have missed it. or i have a worse memory than i thought

>> No.49962599

Cool. I'll do up a campaign outline. Any ideas for cool foes to fight?

>> No.49962717


>> No.49962931

I'll get on that tomorrow or when I figure out how you fight Hrud.

Ooh. Their Entropic field is warp based, yeah?

>> No.49962972

Throw IG at them until they reach their preset kill limit, obviously.

>> No.49962992

>how you fight Hrud
The same way you fight every xenos: flame and lead and bodies.

Their entropic tech isn't warp based afaik, it accelerates time. It just lets natural entropy do the work.

>> No.49963171

I think they do use the warp, but aren't hrud just !Skaven?

Wouldnt they die the same as anything

>> No.49963208

Read up on them on 1d4chan and Lexicanum. Looks like GW is keeping it ambiguous, but it does seem to have some sort of warp gestalt component, hence why it gets stronger when a bunch of Hrud congregate.
Some sort of weird temporal flux field which is mediated by stepping into warp space, which is also how Hrud do their weird flow thing and part of how they cloak. It's also got something to do with their Fusils.
Anyways, I've got an idea and what I'm thinking is that in DnD terms they'd be on the Astral/Prime Material border, existing partially in both all the time. This let's them shunt space-time into one or the other, allowing them to pass through impossibly narrow spaces and exist slightly out of synch with time. Means their guns also inflict metaphysical damage.
Anyways, what's important about this is that it means that if you want to mitigate the effects of the entropic fields, you can use nulls, librarians, and agents that disrupt the Hrud neurology.
In other words, you send Faustus and Xun.
This means that Xun's introduction to Imperial War is Faustus, accompanied by Custodes (who are there to make sure Faustus plays nice with Xun and to make sure Xun isn't a kronenberg), Silent Sisters, and Faustus' own Silent Knights.
Faustus actively innovates biological agents to kill Hrud, captures specimens for study.
Xun is encouraged to use the Warp and reverse engineer what he can.

Xun is brand new to all this. He doesn't realize that it's unusual for Custodes to accompany Primarchs, for them to use Silent Sisters and make their own super weapons. He assumes it's normal to innovate and understand one's tools and one's enemies.
So from this first contact, he's going to be at odds with elements in the imperium. His first contact with the Imperial way is with what amount to the radical factions.

I'm also thinking Xun is getting used to the idea of Xenos, after all, they're not human, but neither are Astartes or the Mechanicum dudes...

>> No.49963304

I'd been under the impression that getting too close makes your shit rust.

So he's figuring out what counts as ok in the Imperium. The Eldar warned the Imperium about the Hrud in the OU, probably do it here too.
And in studying the Hrud biology, Xun is going to want to understand Hrud psychology. He comes from a Art of War mindset, victory comes from understanding the enemy and in removing their will to fight. Which means understanding why they fight in the first place.
I think this puts him at odds with Faustus to some extent, since Faustus couldn't care less, he just wants them dead, in part because Faustus has way more context. It's not too hard to see Orkz need to be killed.
But the OU fluff on Hrud seems to suggest that Hrud don't really like to fight. If they're left alone, they'll leave you alone. Except they have those crazy destructive migrations.
And I imagine Xun is trying to figure out if they can come to terms. And because 40k Grimdark, they can't. Xun finds out that he can understand the Hrud, empathize with them, and still wipe them out. That is going to be the big sticking point with him and Kor, but also with guys like Alexios and Sarco.

I'll write this all out more clearly tomorrow, but I'm thinking Faustus and Xun's campaign against the Hrud really sets Xun's expectations of what primarchs should do and what the Imperium is supposed to look like. The fact that the Emperor is very similar to Faustus makes Xun very stubborn about these things and ideally this will lead to character conflicts later one. (Certainly it leads to disagreements with Alexios, but I think the Imperial attitude also is majorly off-putting to those who don't really go in for the pomp of the Imperial court. Which will later cause rifts with Raydon. Also means that he's going to tend to place emphasis on recovering alien tech to figure out how to defeat it, which is borderline heresy.)

>> No.49963319

does that thing look like a rat-man to you?

>> No.49963379

(I figure it bites him in the ass a few times because there is a damn good reason you don't touch Xenotech or Warp-tech. Ends up installing all kinds of safeguards, but even so, testing facilities go silent from time to time.)

So yeah, short version:
Due to the nature of the Hrud, a lot of irregular practices are a big part of the campaign which Xun mistakes for normal operating procedure in the Imperium. When he realizes that it's not, he looks to the Big E and decides that it's what he wants, it's just the conservative mechanicum and all that are just pussies.
Fortunately for Xun, Gengrat, Kor and Oramar are waaaaay more adventurous than he is and end up keeping Xun from doing anything too stupid.
Some other universe, Xun would be the one on trial at Nikea, but he's positively conservative compared to Oramar.
(And he's smart enough to take a hint.)

Alexios, please behave. RT Hrud were space skaven.

>> No.49963435

Hey I don't judge, he didn't choose the Hrud life, the Hrud life chose him.

>> No.49963490

So are you still running with the idea that this is how Xun is introduced to the Imperium and that the Emperor doesn't find him?

>you send Faustus and Xun.
only works if Xun and his abilities and tendencies are well known. Otherwise it doesnt make much sense.

>Xun is encouraged to use the Warp and reverse engineer what he can
As in someone (the Emperor?) encourages him to interact with the Warp, and goes so far as to "use the weapons of the enemy against them"

>> No.49964013

Horus found Alpharius. I'm also fairly sure Big E had Primarchs tagging along when he found Mortarion and Kurze.

>> No.49964395

Makes sense I guess for the last one or two found, kinda at the point where there is so many more looking than there is left to find.

>Primarchs tagging along
This I'd have expected to be fairly common.

>> No.49964915

Old Hrud were Skaven.

Apparently new GW has decided that's too goofy or something? I'm totally fine with ratlike Chaos mutants being a thing personally. Skaven are one of the best WHFB factions.

Kurze definitely. Lion and Dorn were there at least.

>> No.49965380

It's likely that if the Oathsworn were by far the biggest legion they might just run into Primarchs by mistake and then report back. That might be how the Emperor finds many of these dudes.

Oathsworn land on a world, tell everyone they have to bow down to the Emperor, then a huge glorious motherfucker shows up and they're like "oh shit this seems familiar."

>> No.49966726


>> No.49967502

It could be pretty cool if this is how Aodhan is found.

He's just chilling one day on his skull throne and some Nusku tribesmen turn up all like "holy shit king giantslayer these giants in armour came down from the sky and are telling us we serve them now" an he's like "Yeah we'll see about that shit." So he meets the Mehreens and they're like "aren't you a little tall to be a human" and he's all "aren't you a little short to be a giant? Well whatever, get the fuck off my yard before I beat ya'll to death with my balls."

And that's how the Emperor finds his son.

>> No.49968216

RT to 3rd Ed Hrud were implied to be Skaven. Then they changed them to weird lump men.

I seriously would not mind Space Skaven being in this setting though.

>> No.49969169

Precognitive stuff and some luck?

And I'd more meant that Faustus said 'you have a bunch of psykers. Figure something out.'

>> No.49969371

Since Nikaea ended differently in this continuity, can we give each legion their own psychic discipline?

>> No.49969525

I could support this 100%. What niche would they have in the setting though?

That could be pretty cool.

>> No.49970543

I'm feeling like writefagging again. Any requests? Theme and participants of a short story?
Also, Black Suns lore:
After the 12th crusade, the Black Suns warband suddenly grew: from the few hundred Marines who still lived to several thousand Marines over the course of a few years. Stranger still, all the new members were already the same stuff of nightmares as the oldest veterans of the warband had been. A host of shadows poured from Scintilla, consuming the entire Calixis sector and placing it under the rule of Cyrus Dumah again. This time, however, a new voice the Dark Imperium as the Black Suns stated the area of space theirs again: Next to Cyrus, a woman stood, her face hidden behind a mask.
"Greetings, slaves of the carrion gods. Once again, the worlds of He who shall return belong to us. For the final time, we rule in his absence. Make peace with your gods, for the thirteenth hour approaches. In dread of the Traveller's return we serve."

>> No.49970560

Black Suns trying to steal some archeotech from the Iron Hearts?

>> No.49970695

I could see the Warp Raiders having something around nullifying other psykers, maybe some powers that work better on daemons.

>> No.49970759

So here's what I'm thinking.

>First Contacts
Some 90 years into the crusade, Imperial fleets enter the area beyond the Maelstrom. Ignoring warnings from the Eldar, an explorator fleet enters Hrud space and is destroyed by the Hrud.
Meanwhile, a detachment of Oathsworn make planetfall on a minor preindustrial world. They are surprised to find the leader is a Primarch. They depart, telling the Primarch to prepare.
Faustus is sent to rendezvous with XIIIth legion forces.
Faustus is in a hurry to begin the war against the Hrud and so eschews a more circumspect approach. Instead, his flagship hangs low in the sky over Tepectitlan and Stormbirds descend on plumes of fire to the surface of a world that only recently discovered Iron. Flanked by gold clad custodians and his own silver clad honor Guard, Faustus introduces himself to Xun and informs him of his duties among the stars. Xun sees that Tepectitlan is cared for in his absence and joins Faustus.

Imperial personnel find a well run civil bureaucracy that adapts well to the Imperial technology.

Alright, I'll try to Skaven up the Hrud a bit.

Ooh, yes.

I like this idea, yes.


>> No.49970787


>Undying Scions
>Fists of Mars
>Angels of Light
reeee psykers unclean
>Sky Serpents
>Void Lords
reee, no thanks
>Warp Raiders
Filthy Malal sorcery
>Paladins of Kor
>Second Sons
>Silver Spears
magic is gay bro, psykers would suppress their psykerness and focus it into being as Doomguy as possible
>Storm Hammers
>Judgement Bringers
??? I don't see them liking psykers
>Eyes of the Warmaster
>Crimson Warhawks
??? I don't see them liking psykers
>Arms of Asura
Entropomancy, secret daemon sorcery
>Behemoth Guard
I dunno, beep boop magic?
>Iron Hearts
Left pre-Nikaea, hate psykers anyway.
>Knights Exemplar
pic related

>> No.49971091

I could see Undying librarians giving units around them something akin to reanimation protocols.

>> No.49971285

>Behemoth Guard
Unbound Machine Spirit Magic! Probably evil technomancy.
Possibly also some divination that comes from being able to hear the voices.
I have been imagining them speaking in Machine Tounges when the spirit takes them like a pentecostal church, but even creepier. And with more robots.
So probably doing things like calling up spirits and overheating enemy guns or giving additional vigor to their own machines. Be really cool if they could straight up mutate machines, like being on a battlefield, Land Raider rolling towards them, the coven does their thing and all the sudden the Landraider sprouts legs and goes on a rampage.

So basically, I imagine their big warp manifestation, besides aethercrafting, is being able to talk to Machine Spirits and then being able to learn things or convince them to do things.

>> No.49971395

>Year 409 M41
The Black Suns were known as lunatics and madmen who saw things where others could not. They had secluded themselves within the sector they loved, and were surrounded by enemies real and imagined. They would never step out of their self-announced borders. Among the vaults deep under the surface of Rust, these beliefs were proved to be partially wrong.
It was a small thing. Retrieved from the stairs of Tricorn Palace when the Black Suns fell, a Halo Device. Innocuous in form, the device promised eternal life- for a price. Those who held such a device for too long fell victim to it, their bodies and minds changing to some utterly alien form. The device, shaped like a necklace, was left to the Iron Hearts for safeguarding and study. However, when the Black Suns arrived, it was placed upon a pedestal of steel, alone in a forgotten vault among much greater artefacts.
They had infiltrated the world by traversing the warp among paths even daemons would not take, for in the depths lurk things only gods would dare to challenge. Within coffins of steel they were fired out of a rift in the warp, only their unnatural madness and blackened souls keeping the destructive powers of the warp at bay for the instant they were exposed. Their arrival was heralded only by a flash of sickly white glow, and the coffins dug deep into the earth to reach the vaults. Battered and trapped within the coffins, the Marines had to dig for the better part of a local day to reach the vault complex undetected.

>> No.49971679

>Halo Device

Eyyyy, I like those things.

Yeah. I imagine they'd have psyker powers that deal with the dead and ancestry. Stuff like channeling the skills and strengths of dead Mehreens, that sort of thing.

>evil technomancy

The new Chaos Space Marine book has a discipline that is literally that. As in, it's a copypaste of Technomancy with a spooky naming scheme applied over the top.

Maybe pre-Heresy Behemoth Guard are the ones that proliferate Technomancy, the the Fists of Mars simply do not into psykers at all. Modern loyalist Technomancy is based on old Behemoth Guard learning built upon by the Mechanicus.

>> No.49971751

As the Black Suns infiltrated the vaults, only a token garrison had been placed near their target. It was a simple task for them to sneak past, slitting the throat of an archivist who happened to cross them. They had barely reached their target when the alarm rang, but that mattered not to the Marines. As the guards charged in, they had already taken the Halo Device and placed it into a ritual circle. All preparation had been done for the device to be taken by the sorcerer within their ship, but they intended to do more.
The battle only took minutes, and the Black Suns laid dead on the floor, thirteen corpses bleeding into the circle, where the device now smouldered.
In a tornado of flesh and blood, the device rose from the ground, and was placed upon the neck of the young woman that formed from thin air. She raised a finger over her mouth filled with razor-sharp fangs and hushed, and those present on the scene could hear a distant sound like footsteps, in the calculated pattern of a heartbeat.
"He comes", she said, before the hand of the Black Suns Sorcerer reached from within the stone floor and dragged the monster disguised as a beautiful woman through the warp rift into the ship.

>> No.49971790

>channeling spirits
Amaranth is now not!fenris

>> No.49971804

>Behemoth Guard originating Technomancy
I can get behind that. I like the idea that the Behemoth Guard could well have been tolerated if they'd not decided to go off the deep end.

>> No.49972178

The Black Suns paid a steep price for the Halo Device and the creature it was bound to. Whether the operation was part of a larger plan, a bout of madness or safeguarding a secret, only time will tell. But this case proved to the Dark Imperium that despite their apparent weakness, the Black Suns were capable of the seemingly impossible. This event also heralded a new enmity between the Iron Hearts and the Black Suns, for while the operation caused minimal harm to the legion, their pride had received a heavy blow.

Well, that's the story. Hopefully it isn't too bad.

>> No.49972375

Sarco: "Why serpents, Xun?"

Xun: "The philosophical implications of the serpent have their roots in ancient Terran mythology, where the snake is both a bringer of knowledge and death, a chthonic beast associated with the merits of intelligence, but also the dangers of learning without understanding. I feel it an apt reminder of our purpose, and of the dangers we must face in our duties, both from within and without. Why did you choose a wild cat for your emblem, brother?"

Sarco: "Panthers are cool."

>> No.49972534


>> No.49973175

>>Angels of Light
>reeee psykers unclean

>reee, no thanks
IDK about that. Pre-heresyBloodhounds might have a small handful of librarians, World Eaters did, after all. Much like with the World Eaters, psykers would be looked down on as weak, but the Bloodhounds have very little superstition in them, and they don't balk at sorcery.

>>Warp Raiders
>Filthy Malal sorcery
Before Nikaea it would mostly be teleportation. It's kinda their thing, hence the name Warp Raiders. Oramar himself is focused heavily on divination.

what are these

>> No.49973282

Oops I forgot to be a namefag

fucking lol

>> No.49973550


>> No.49973593


>> No.49973710

Speaking of space battles, what do people think of >>49953477 ?

>> No.49974136

I lol'd.

And what about >>49963208

>> No.49974266

Oh shit, ehhh.

> What role would your primarch have fulfilled in the Imperius post-Great Crusade?
> If your loyalist Primarch had been a traitor, what would have made him turn?
> If your traitor Primarch had been a loyalist, what would he have done after losing the Heresy?
> What would the name of your primarch's autobiography be?
> Primarch's favorite ice cream?

>> No.49974345

I dig it. What's the flagship's name tho?

> What role would your primarch have fulfilled in the Imperium post-Great Crusade?
Administration. Alexios is a ruler, like girlyman's 500 worlds.
> If your loyalist Primarch had been a traitor, what would have made him turn?
How dare you, heretic!
> What would the name of your primarch's autobiography be?
Codex Astartes
> Primarch's favorite ice cream?

>> No.49974411

Based on how they sound, mortitheurgy would be about death, phobomancy would have something to do with fear, and entropomancy would be about accelerating the natural endings of things.

>> No.49974784

Closest thing in canon would be Interromancy.
But yeah the Hawks used psykers, they didnt like needing navigators so they would most be relegated to ship duties but they were still very common.

>What role
Maybe as police man or inquisitor?
I honestly dont know.

>What if traitor
his friends were traitors, the Warmaster destroyed his home and framed the traitors, and he often chaffed under the orders of the Emperor. Its a miracle he didn't turn.

>Bio name
Born Fearless,
From Piracy to Soldier,
"my life as a Shadow Warrior"

>> No.49974826

Man, little question I only just thought of.

How tall are our Space Marines? Canon numbers put them at 6'10" on average but art fluctuates from slightly shorter than that all the way up to 8ft.

>> No.49974838

They're just regular Space Marines. And the marines themselves might be 6"10, but the armor adds to their height.

>> No.49975071

You didn't even answer the most important question. What's Raydon's favorite ice cream?

>> No.49975261


>> No.49975393

Can we talk about the battle that breaks out when Anders kills Alexios? The Angels go frothing mad and break the peace of Terra nova, Paladins fight back and break the peace as well. Custodes have to bust heads to restore order. Giant 3-way astartes battle with one of them Custodes, lots of dead motherfuckers and pacts of vengeance, big wild shit. Very few survivors aside from Custodes. A handful of ships and astropathic messages reach the crusader states telling different stories about the clusterfuck of Terra Nova.

Any thoughts?

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