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Hey, /tg/, I forgot the name to the really awesome Guide to DMing I saw being posted around here. It talked about improvising and never planning too much detail. It gave the players running off to the sea after the DM had planned for tons of inland stuff as an example. Could you post DMing tips and guides while I dump my character art folder?

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Robin's good guide to game mastery?
Should be in the GURPS general op download

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Nope. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

I think the one I was looking for was mostly focused on planning a campaign, but I'm not sure.

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try searching 4plebs archives next time

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also dis stuff, one of the examples of /tg/ gitting shit done

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I thought I had found it when you posted the Lazy Dungeon Master, but that's not it. Thanks for the reads, though!

I think the guide was a post on a website.

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That's it! Thank you!

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