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"My Alter is better that yours" Edition

Old thread: >>49832901


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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Bought my Cephalid constable. Am ready

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Hey /tg/ do you any idea where I can get a good quality alter of Marath will of the wild. I live in Ireland so preferably somewhere that ships here

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Oh and if possible I'd like to get it altered to look like Princess Mononoke's Forest Spirit.

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Order from Klug.

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I'm gonna ask again,since it was at the end of last thread

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The tokens for it

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Blasting station is good with her, letting you sac stolen creatures instead of giving them back. Since the worst piece of the combo is already decent in your deck, running a Saffi combo finish is also strong since the other cards for the saffi combo are powerful bant value cards

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Besides my kid Chandra, which I don't have access to a photo of, this is easily my favorite alter.

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Can I get a high-res of this? Also, saw one anon's Zada deck a thread or two ago, wanted to make my own, based it off his, got rid of cards I thought were shit, stuck in cards I thought where great and am now 24 cards over. I want/need to start some cuts but I don't know where to start. Would like to keep the cards that give trample, and that one drop Goblin if possible, playgroup uses a metric fuck-ton of tokens. Please help.


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not the anon this post was referring to, but what exactly is being talked about here with the usual shit you find in a prossh deck?

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>better that yours

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>can I see your deck list?

Sure. I've posted it here before so you've probably seen it already.


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Shit, fucking auto-correct.

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So what do you guys think ?

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Have you thought about switching to Newzilek? And Null Brooch, it's Hilarious! Everyone thinks the person with no hand can't counter....

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Here's my alter.

I think its gooreat.

>> No.49844561

So far it seems kinda slow.

as commander?

>> No.49844580

I've lost many games to a Null Brooch with a Clock of Omens in play. Good luck ever resolving a noncreature spell ever again.

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>Not a metal king slime
Do you even Dragon Quest?

>> No.49844640

It looks like its just a slime cutout grlued to the sleeve or something.

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It is a cut-out but its not glued. It fits snug in a perfect-sleeve

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Yes. He is the best of all the Titans, has Evasion, draws more cards than Oldzilek consistently, can counter spells using the cards you don't care about. He's value town all around.

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post your deck list

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To the fella who was asking to see my Slobad list: here you go


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I disassembled it, was too good for playgroup. Sorry.

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This is my meren.

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I actually took out null brooch but here's my Kozi deck.


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I'm sorry, I'm camera illiterate and the best I got is my iphone, (which I used for that photo). What do you mean by "high-res"

Very nice, people make a killing off altering commanders, I have no idea why people try hocking shit like counterpsell when they could have altered a precon commander that will never have flair/foil.

Jesus, I've seen basic new Selvala alters going for upwards of $60 and new maelstroms upwards of $80.

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Scan it, if possible and post it? Or at least in better lighting

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>Posted on /tg/ a while ago about alters.
>Post a bunch of alters that I think are god tier
>99% of responses are whiny bitches
>"No text box? no way"
>"That wing clips the name box? obscene"
>"no border anymore? Not in my deck"

So now we're just cool with them all of a sudden?

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Should have had it altered to have working legs and not be a cripple.

>> No.49845331

Fuck are the wheelchair claws for. What are you doing you goblin

>> No.49845345

They're obviously for maneuvering and moving.

>> No.49845349

Alters on non-edh formats tend to get a lot of shit

>> No.49845353

Oh right, duh. I can definitely do that, but it'll be awhile.

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Finally got to take out my first 7-man pod with my Tajic Deck.

Pod was myself, Korridor, Prosh, Derveti, MonoG Omnath, and Queen Marchesa

The big moment came from people having many taxing effects across the board and an uncounterable Master Warcraft allowing me to take control of the Prosh player's attack after he Panharmonicon'd a Tooth/Nail Craterhoof and Avenger of Zendikar.

Allowing me to take out everything but myself and the Prosh player, and then I was able to deal 100+ on the crackback thanks to Gisela, Akroma, Batterskull, Sun Titan, Odric Lunarch, and Angel of Invention thanks to having a Cathars Crusade giving everything a minimum of 3 +1/+1 tokens.


Im still wondering if I should add a Loyal Retainer and/or a Recruiter of the Guard. Is it worth with it? What about a Ghostly Prison?

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>7-man pod
Jesus. How long did that take?

>> No.49845691

Only 2-3 Hours. It was actually fairly short.

I forgot the last deck, Kikki-Jikki.

The game started with Myself, Derveti, and Marchesa making meat walls and pillow forts. Prosh/Korridor had a slow start.

Kikki and Omnath decided to go ham on each other.

Then Prosh was able to come back, Pathbreaker Ibex'd with Prosh and abunch of tokens....One shotting Kikki, Omnath, and Korridor all at once (he could not attack Myself, Deretti or Marchesa because we had Prison effects and Prosh was tapped out).

Then like i said, Prosh cooked off again...I had him murder the others and I went in for the kill.

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I love these.

>> No.49845869

The text looks so messy though. Don't get me wrong, I like the stronghold, but it seems like they could have done something different with the typeline and name.

>> No.49845879

That's fine, I got nothing but time. In the meantime, would you help me find some cards to cut in this deck?


>> No.49845911

I don't actually mind the name but the type line doesn't look great. I think that's her style but it wasn't easy communicating with her because she's Spanish.

>> No.49845945

Post favourite flavour texts

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Any some cards in my Deck that Im looking for replacements of are the following

>Emeria Shepherd
>Knight of the White Orchid
>Angelic Arbiter

Im also looking to somehow make my Manabase and Ramp Artifact lineup better. Asking for any suggestions.

>> No.49846016


c'mon bros I need ideas for wincons in this deck, having a hard time seeing how I'm going to win with it at the moment and I don't particularly want to jam Exquisite+Bond 'just cuz' or anything else dull like that.

Considered adding a few swords and late game just swinging with marchesa slowly but I'm still not sure on that.

Any feedback at all would be nice.

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All these different art alters would look so good if they just kept the normal card border, which looks better than these ugly extended borders.

Some the art is so great, like that volrath's stronghold, but the card itself is ugly because extended borders are ugly.

And the worst are these alters that are just the normal art but with no borders.

>> No.49846106

Is there anything better than Sterling Grove? Fountain watch was the other thing I was looking at that seemed to be the next best.

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>> No.49846133

Neat, adding this to 5-Color Theros Bestow deck

>> No.49846139


I would say privileged position is a little better than fountain watch, it's also an awesome combo with sterling grove

>> No.49846224

I have a few I like

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>everyone uses some one-shot unblockable infect combat trick on xmage

i guess i need to put like 15 instant speed removals in every deck to not die

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>> No.49846361

Did you make these yourself or commission them? They're really nice.
I'd like to have a fairly extensive alter done myself of a card but I'm not sure where I ought to go for it.

>> No.49846363

Yeah thats the shit I was looking for, and yeah sterling grove being targeted into the privlieged position, I like it.

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>> No.49846418


I got more, but I can feel myself triggering someone

>> No.49846476

>Dal Jeat, Aether Engineer


>> No.49846485

I really hope this is just an in progress shot, because that is a bad alter otherwise. Tsabo Tavoc deserves better than that.

>> No.49846526

yare yare...

>> No.49846534

Eh, it was her third alter.
I'm happy with it, but I understand where you are coming from

>> No.49846535

[Citation Needed]

>> No.49846649


Well yeah you can tutor privileged position with sterling grove but both in play means all your permanents are hexproof except priv pos which has shroud, so no way to target any of your stuff

>> No.49846669


Here you go, my friend.

>> No.49846732

No but I'm ready for the 4-Color spoilers God dammit.

>> No.49846748

Should be next week.

>> No.49846804

Is there a website I can put my collection into and it can suggest/build a EDH deck for me? Seems that for whatever reason I've become known at my FLGS for being the guy with shitty decks.

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>> No.49846855


Not that I know of, but you can macguyver your own by using edhrec, typing in cards you like in your collection of a color combo and seeing what commanders are most popular and putting whatever top cards are together a lot that you own

>> No.49846912

What do you think guys? And what cards should I cut to get it to 100 http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/athreos-god-of-scum/

>> No.49846953

I respectfully disagree.

>> No.49847069


This is bad though, strictly worse than the non altered version, same art, worse format, at least OP's has unique art.

>> No.49847130

Commission from a friend of mine.

>> No.49847169

>tfw the arms race has begun
Feels bad man. Guess it's time for the jank to go bye-bye.

>> No.49847181


UG is the best shapeshifter color and has insane shit like eEquilibrium plus Auren to abuse them.

>> No.49847193

Oh yeah that too. Ha thats great.

>> No.49847202

>Guru alters

Bottom of the barrel.

>> No.49847206

what do you plan to do with all that lifegain? i feel like you'd do better with ayli, karlov, or even kambal at the helm. then figure out a use for all that life, like paying life to draw cards or something like that.

also, cut (these are my opinions):

1x Vampire Hexmage
1x Vampire Nighthawk (replace with removal)
1x Dark Tutelage (replace with phyrexian arena)
1x Ghostly Prison (replace with removal)
1x Magus of the Coffers (easily the worst of the black mana doublers, requires tapping, requires mana to tap)
1x Bygone Bishop (shitty draw, black has the best draw in edh, use those cards instead)
1x Disentomb (this card is ass, get phyrexian reclamation or victimize instead)
1x Gift of Immortality (would be good if you had more of a sac theme)

there's a bunch of other cards too but i'm too lazy to point them all out.

what you want to do is write down what you want your deck to do in terms of categories. for example:

>i want my deck to gain life (suture priest, soul warden)
>i want my deck to draw cards (greed, night's whisper)
>i want my deck to reanimate stuff (victimize, demon of dark schemes)
>i want my deck to deal a lot of damage to everyone (debt to the deathless, gray merchant of asphodel)

then make sure you have 8-16 cards in each category. maybe more. but there's no reason to really include stuff like Gift of Immortality if you have no way to make use of it in your gameplan. do you just plan to use it on a random creature you put on the field so that it doesn't get destroyed? because that's not a good use of that card. make sure your cards compliment each other and provide consistency for your deck.

>> No.49847232

>1x Vampire Hexmage
>1x Vampire Nighthawk (replace with removal)
meant that you should replace the hexmage with removal. i feel like the only thing the hexmage is good for is removing planeswalkers, and you might as well get Hero's Downfall instead in that case.

>> No.49847256

>yfw it's a l a n d .

>> No.49847294

>landticular design

>> No.49847340

Eh, more likely to have room for a UR legendary land in my EDH decks than a random UR legendary creature.

>> No.49847417

>yfw Wizards kowtows immediately to the bitching and fasttracks a UR artificer for Amonkhet
>yfw it's inevitably fucking busted because when wizards rushes a blue card they break them

>> No.49847542

Has there been anything since Shadow Over Innistrad that is worth a spot in a competitive teysa deck?

>> No.49847624

>thinking of spending $30 on 45 Unlimited basic lands for Islands, Mountains, and Plains for 2 commander decks to have new old school old bordered lands.

Should I?

>> No.49847658

Just kill me now senpai.

>> No.49847686


I like ENERGY it's really Melvin I hope there's an actual playable deck for it after AEther Revolt.

>> No.49847722

How to improve my deck and keep it under $50?

>> No.49847735


They are pretty bland.

>> No.49847743


I don't think so, I'd have to see your deck list to be sure though

>> No.49847931

You cropped
>We’re now aware of the desire and will one day make it.

How are they just now aware? How does that make sense?

>> No.49847939


Diregraf collosus
Diregraf captain
Relentless dead
Rooftop storm

>> No.49847967


My bad relentless dead is $8, the other ones are cheap though

You could also get that one duel deck that comes with a bunch of cool zombies

>> No.49847977

That depends on how your decklist looks.

The only definite add I can think of is Anguished Unmaking, should be in all WB lists.

Westvale Abbey makes White Black tokens, awesome synergy in a Teysa deck.

Demon of Dark Schemes is ridiculously easy to break with altars and token generating creatures, but it requires you to have a deck built for reanimation.

Recruiter of the Guard if you count non standard recent sets turns into an awesome tutor.

Inventor's Fair if you have a decent amount of artifacts.

That new WB fastland.

>> No.49847983

>Always wanna play a game
>Friends are never available or willing to play
>Spend time mulling on deck and card ideas
>Not sure about playing with randoms on cockatrice.

Life is suffering.

>> No.49848005

I've had the same problems the last week.

Only had one friend up for playing mtg, but nobody else. 1v1 commander isn't fun enough that I want to spend 5 hours doing it.

>> No.49848033

I hate 1v1, so I usually need at least 4 people before I'm down to play. Just makes finding games harder.

>> No.49848045

Which one? Never bought a Duel Deck before.

>> No.49848148

Blessed vs cursed, IIRC

>> No.49848155

Mine is better

>> No.49848201

>we'll never get Enemy color Battelands or Shadowlands

>> No.49848220

Shhh. Just wait 2 or 3 years.

>> No.49848264

Retainer and Guard is not worth it in your deck, but get them for other reasons.

>> No.49848323

Quick /tg/ post your most interesting commanders/decks I'm looking to make one but I want something really interesting.

>> No.49848330

I'm a fool and posted in the wrong thread before, but here we go. I wanna make a mono red Akroma deck. Any tips? Also, i plan on using snow covered mountains with the lens thing so only i get double mana. What should my land base be for that?

>> No.49848434

Brewing a new deck around Emrakul. Anyone have any secret tech?

Currently going through every colorless card in the game, its kind of fun.

>> No.49848488

+1 for new Kozi as commander. The counter ability is insane, and not having Annihilator 4 on demand makes the table a lot less unfriendly.

>> No.49848553


Make sure you're running not of this world and warping wail and all is dust type stuff to get maximum card types in the yard

As much looting, wheels, and self mill as possible like memory jar and junktroller

>> No.49848694

I've got a list for Kozilek, Butcher of Truth with lots of goodies on it, maybe it'll give you a couple ideas. Colorless decks are hella fun.


>> No.49848808


Why bother getting that altered?

>> No.49848894


My favorite alter, a self portrait

>> No.49848942

I run Kozilek, Great Distortion as my go to deck. it is a blast. Promised End is cool because she can be super political since you can team up with someone to give them double turns or force a player to attack another player while you sit back and laugh.

The problem with Promised End as your commander over the Kozileks is that she lacks a card advantage trigger, so make sure you have enough draw power that you dont run out of gas. also, dont forget that strionic resonator.

>> No.49848961

So few eldrazi creatures.

>> No.49848991


Probably my "most interesting" deck, perhaps also one of my weakest. Haven't built it on paper yet. "curse" enchantress deck.


>> No.49849172

Habitat, contact factory. Four blue green red, 7. Whenever and wherever they are in blue, the utility of bolt is a double. Then removal of ith. 6/7

>> No.49849285

That's pretty bonkers. Dross Scorpion seems real nice with all those token makers. Genesis Chamber seems iffy though

>> No.49849375

Howdy folks. I have a question for deciding on a general for a brand new deck.
I want to make a "damage matters" deck. Do I pilot the deck with Gisela or Keranos? Gisela seems obvious, but has the Red/White problem of being Red/White, as well as being instantly targeted and being very obvious, whereas Keranos will be less obvious, but wont be as effective even if I get him hitting for 24 damage a bolt (Figuring christmas land being Furnace of Rath + Gratuitous Violence + Dictate of the Twin God's)

>> No.49849386

You know that things that tap for "any color" don't tap for colorless, right? It's not a color.

>> No.49849387

Yeah, I've been considering a couple more, I definitely need old Ulamog, and Conduit of Ruin seems pretty solid. The deck is more based around throwing down cheap mana rocks and throwing Kozilek at someone as fast as my hand lets me.

>> No.49849433

Yeah, I know that, I'm mostly including those more for the sake of having more mana rocks.

>> No.49849585

Mana rocks that you can't tap for mana? Are they just placeholders until you find suitable replacements?

>> No.49849620

You can use the any color stuff in generic mana costs though

>> No.49849621

Thanks anon.

>> No.49849675

Blinkmoth Urn can be absolutely broken with her if you focus on rust ramping into her.

Dont play Eldrazi tribal, its the first mistake. Build the deck around her and her abilities.

She should be dropping with haste, doublestrike and Ugin's Nexus so you can fuck up one player before shutting down another player.

She is way too undervalued for the sheer control she can bring to the table. Delerium makes her insanely affordable for what your looking at.

>> No.49849679

What >>49849620 said, outside Warping Wail and new Kozilek, I don't have to worry about what mana I'm using, and other than those two cards, it's all generic mana costs

>> No.49849702

I'm a fan of feels

>> No.49850033

pretty much mutilate

>> No.49850208

I thought there was a rulw that you couldn't have mana sources in your deck that didn't produce a color in your identity or colorless, but I looked it up and was mistaken.

>> No.49850261

As long as there isn't a colored mana symbol that doesn't jive with your color identity

>> No.49850342

My group's not a big fan of my Meren deck, and to be honest neither am I.
Should I rebuild it as a Jarad deck?
Probably won't draw as much hate constantly.

>> No.49850408


Alright here is my prototype. You ramp and set up the board for Emmy to drop and bull rush someone for 26 commander damage or work on establishing a lock down with Ugin's Nexus.


Let me know what you think

>> No.49850409

Jarad is fun

>> No.49850506

Add blue and make sidisi.

>> No.49850528

Scars block was Feel Central

>> No.49850540

>Leovold player tries to wheel while I have Abundance on the battlefield

>> No.49850578

>Leovold player tries to wheel when I have a Parallel Thoughts full of my prime wincon

>> No.49850602

I am building Edric. He will only be used when people break out the top-tier decks.

Send me your best tech

>> No.49850610

flying men

>> No.49850620

Beastmaster Ascension
Triumph of the Hordes

>> No.49850636

Got a lot of decks but these are the main ones I'm playing right now.

>> No.49850812


Used to love abundance vs Nekusar

Now it's even more useful vs leovold

>> No.49850906

>xmage is broken
>cockatrice is fuckawful
>don't want to start buying into MODO
>no stores near me
>friends all live at least 40 minutes away
Guess I'll goldfish ;__;

>> No.49850939

Fuck Meren, being the go-to graveyard commander.

Why do people love her and Golgari so much? Do other graveyard commander are really that far behind or is she just easy to build/play?

Are all these chumps?

>Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
>Gisa and Geralf

>> No.49850945


You don't have to goldfish, you can do what I do, open tappedout play test with multiple decks of mine (and sometimes random ones people post on edh general) and play then against each other

It's not exactly the same cuz you have to pretend you don't know what's in your opponents hands but it's still pretty fun

I recommend only 3 decks at a time or it gets too confusing trying to keep track of all the instant speed responses

>> No.49850968

It's because she was in a recent precon designed specifically for commander.

>> No.49850987


Karador and mimeoplasm are both more powerful decks than meren, mimeoplasm is a more powerful card than meren, but they are harder to find at your lgs and tricolor manabases are expensive

Sedris and Tasigur and grimgrin are all capable of being just as good as meren, and Gisa and Geralf is still solid just not really a generic gy deck, it's a zombie tribal deck

>> No.49850988


My store has 4 Meren players. I understand it is easy to get her started with the precon, but, sweet Jesus, I've had a 4-man table with 3 Meren decks.

>> No.49851040

Not to be that guy, but Meren is my waifu. Before she came out I had both Jarad and Thelon decks. When she dropped I literally just smashed the two together. She's fun, and she's good, and she's a fucking terrifying toolbox.

I love her because her power level is so variable in a game. If the power level is low I can dick around and do stupid mycoloth/life and limb/spawning pit things. If some faggot drops a $1000 proxied Elesh Norn that I can ream him up his asshole. It's perfect.

>> No.49851052

I bought the Meren deck because reddit said I could take it to the LGS and not get BTFO while being cheap enough to not be pissed if i found out that EDH was not my thing. When I went to play I got dirty looks from everyone.

>> No.49851083

you can buy the precon and do well and if you want spend some extra cash and do even more well while spending less than 100 bones total against autists who spend like a grand on their decks

for someone new to EDH which is 90% of the meren players from what i can tell that is very appealing

>> No.49851247

You do know they have been done with Amonkhet for a while? They work years ahead of current sets, Mark has said as recently as PAX that his schedule is up to the 2019 sets

>> No.49851277

38 Snow Covered Mountains :^)
There are a few good colorless utility lands, but its all about what you care about

>> No.49851383

I have a borborygmous EDH deck. Besides LD cards like strip mine, what are some essential/useful utility lands I could/should be running?

>> No.49851398


Not really seeing how strip mine synergizes with borborygmos enraged

Strip mine goes in every deck tho

>> No.49851423

Anyone have any advice for a Norin the Wary deck? I'm trying to make something at least mid-tier but I'm not sure whether I should make it more token oriented. I'd rather not turn it into a goblin deck. I'm just trying to make something that can sometimes win casual games.

So far I have http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/16-10-16-norin-chaos/

I'm slowly leaning more towards a strategy of creating chaos and trying to manipulate it so that I win the game. It was more token oriented at first, but I'm leaning more towards burn now. I'd be open to radically overhauling the deck, so any advice would be great, this commander is hard for me to brew.

>> No.49851434

cheap to obtain and easy to build around.

I got back into magic last year near the release of Commander 2015 and she was the second deck I decided to grab and build because my collection was really limited and the only other deck I had going on was Nahiri who I bought like 2 weeks prior.

Mimeoplasm and Karador hard to find these days being only released in older commander products, most booster pack legendaries require either a grip of money to invest into building a deck or a large collection. Meren prebuilt and you can just edit it along the way.

Commander product legendaries also tend to be really fucking good commander

>> No.49851435

Eh, so the thing is that the cards don't look good unless you have a lot of other older cards in your deck. Also just get the beta ones, black border 4 lyfe

>> No.49851460

why the fuck is every deck i look up like 300+ dollars?

>> No.49851464

yeah I should probably get one now that my playgroup isn't full of unique snowflakes anymore.

>> No.49851468

thats cheap

>> No.49851473

>guy cast pact of negation in ezuri deck
>next turn comes around
>he draws but forgets to pay pact trigger
>everyone freaks out HURR YOU LOSE
>I'm like, it's okay just put it on the stack and pay it
>everyone freaks out NO HE MISSED IT HE LOSES
>Guys it just casual at COLLEGE no less just let him pay it he barely drew his card
>they don't do it
>he dejectedly loses and silently scoops up his stuff
>damn man sorry about that
>meren player doing stuff
>plays a land taps and announces and cast massacre wurm
>someone has a response, someone about to counter it
>WAIT, Meren player removes massacre wurm from the stack puts it back into and picks up the lands he played, plays another land and passes turn
>not a word was said

Don't just pick on some guy cause he made a mistake and then go through all of the motions and when someone has something you take back entire turns.

>> No.49851475

Borb plays a lot of cards that can get lands from your deck or put lands back in your hand, so it pays to have good lands.

>> No.49851477

Reliquary Tower
Homeward Path
Arcane Lighthouse
Maze of Ith
Ghost Town
Glacial Chasm
Deserted Temple
Hanweir Battlements
Terrain Generator
Thespian's Stage
Drownyard Temple
Tranquil Thicket
Forgotten Cave
Kessig Wolf Run
Temple of the False God
Slippery Karst
Smoldering Crater
Blighted Woodland
Rogue's Passage
All possible fetches, including tapped fetches like Terramorphic Expanse

>> No.49851501

Never heard of Ghost Town before. Thats great as a landfall enabler when you are out of gas.

>> No.49851509

Every time I see a high res image of Meren I can't help but think she looks like Maria Bamford.

>> No.49851515

Is thawing glaciers good for tri color commanders?

>> No.49851542

Man, those guys sound like fucking pricks.

Also all the meren hate in these threads lately sucks. I've been working on my Meren deck for a while and seeing all the horror stories about Meren players seems like it's gonna paint a target on me

>> No.49851589

I actually don't play it anymore because Gruul Turf is so much better as a landfall enabler. Always make it bounce itself. But you can play both.

Also I almost forgot
Dark Depths
Dust Bowl
Ghost Quarter
Myriad Landscape
Petrified Field
Fertile Thicket
Khalni Garden (Fun with Storm Cauldron)
Mosswort Bridge
Raging Ravine
Spinerock Knoll
Lotus Vale / Scorched Ruins if you have a LOT of untap or graveyard recursion

For a really slow pillowfort deck or a control meta, yes.

>> No.49851590


Oh I see yeah, they both go great with life from the loam

>> No.49851621

>not Adore from RuPaul

>> No.49851703

>it's gonna paint a target on me
It should, because she's fucking busted. If you're going to play dumbshit commanders expect to get hated out, and off the table, m8. And if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

>> No.49851753


Is she really busted? I don't think so. Definitely solid but doesn't seem that crazy to me

>> No.49851757

Ive already talked myself out of it.

That $30 could buy me a Archangel of Thune and Baneslayer Angel instead, which seem like better deck options.

>> No.49851772

Recurring Wurmcoil Engines and Massacre Wurms is pretty busted.

>> No.49851783

Let's say I'm building a generic WB deck and I want to include Desolation Angel because there might be times where I'm ahead in board state and want to keep it that way.

Should I be worried other players will cast Living Death on me while it's in my GY, or find another way to bounce it where I can't pay the kicker? Should I just not include it?

>> No.49851793

She's good, but not busted, assuming you have some graveyard hate. Which you should in basically any deck, recursion is ridiculously good and common in this format.

>> No.49851809

You may not think it's busted, but everyone else at the table will. Having to deal with a looping Fleshbag, Massacre Worm, or Runescarred Demon every turn is not something people will put up with for long.

>> No.49851818

You stop thinking that when Sidisi, Bane of Progress, Rune-Scarred Demon or Avenger (With Altar and blood artist etc) comes back from the graveyard every fucking turn forever.

>Exile the graveyard

When you do that they just move on to the next card and keep on abusing that indefinitely. They don't need a big graveyard, they just need one or two good cards in it. You need Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void, but leyline doesn't touch what's already in the graveyard so he just reanimates a rec sage or his bane one more time and it's gone, or plays the one enchantment removal from his hand that he never had to play because he already had one available in his graveyard and starts the abuse all over again.

>> No.49851830

And you can't devote your entire deck to gravehate anyways.

>> No.49851847

What's up doods.

This is what I've got going on. I'd appreciate any recommendations for my works in progress

>> No.49851894

Experience counters were a mistake.

>> No.49851933

Stonecloaker & Agent of Erebos are nifty, reusable grave-hate

>> No.49851960

You're telling me

>> No.49851965


>At the beginning of your end step, choose target creature card in your graveyard.
>If that card's converted mana cost is less than or equal to the number of experience counters you have, return it to the battlefield.
>Otherwise, put it into your hand.


>> No.49851972

>It's actually a giant black chick

I should really look into getting glasses

>> No.49851982

That's why you build a deck designed to hate fuck creatures to death and BEYOND. Fuck Meren and all reanimator scum like her.

>> No.49851983


That's not busted that's just winning, is every commander capable of winning busted now?

Every good deck should have some sort of "getting there" state thats just as nasty sounding. What makes a deck broken or not is how difficult/possible it is to stop them from "getting there". And meren seems pretty vulnerable to removal and gy hate.

Derevi and Prossh are broken because removal doesn't work well against them and in the case of Prossh, there are too many extreme synergies to answer everything, you destroy Earthcraft and Ashnod's altar and then purphoros hits the board and you lose anyway

For meren it seems like she's strong but it's still a fair fight, if you can answer her or land a well timed gy exile, then you should be able to capitalize with your own game plan

>> No.49851987

Can I assume you want that over Armageddon because you have stuff like Phyrexian Reclamation and Cadaver Imp? If that's not your reason, you should probably just run Armageddon.

If you're insistent on Desolation Angel and Living Death is a serious concern in your meta, up your tutor count so you can get Desolation Angel out of your graveyard in a pinch with stuff like Relic of Progenitus and Phyrexian Reclamation.

>> No.49852012

It's less about her being busted and more about people seeming to hate the players that play her and immediately seen as dislikable.

I understand she can be busted but I feel she's also pretty fair compared to many other busted commanders.

I dunno, I haven't played edh in like two months and haven't really ever found a consistent playgroup due to work schedules so I'm just showing my insecurities.

>> No.49852013

She's a lot less imposing in the 99. I want to put her in my Savra deck, which rightfully draws plenty of hate herself.

>> No.49852023


>> No.49852034

This, pretty much. Busted are commanders who when they come out, you just win with basically zero interaction. Meren is good, but she's only recurring one guy per turn, and both she and her graveyard have to stick around to get value.

>> No.49852041

If you have the cash to spare then go for it. That'd be pretty cool

>> No.49852043

There is a very common misconception about derevi. The ability to have a 4-mana 2/3 for the rest of the game is not even close to strong, let alone broken.

The broken part is that he is a way too efficient ramp/stacks enabler. Derevi voltron or untapped shenanigans, his intended archetypes, aren't broken at all.

>> No.49852056

So today i played a game with zurgo, aurelia, prosh, and gin-jitaxias (me)

Believe it or not, I was underestimated and won by a clutch platinum angel while Jin was on the field, and barfing eldrazi each turn afterwards.

The deck has one blue spell in it, and one nonpermanent.

>> No.49852062

She's not better, she's just more straight forward. All of those other commanders require some kind of clever deckbuilding to make full use of(with the exception of maybe karador) while meren works with literally anything

>> No.49852075

She's pretty strong, I'd consider her a tier 1 commander but not the best.

>> No.49852083

Rules question

Ashling the Pilgrim and Heartstone: Do I pay R to add a +1/+1 counter, or do I pay 1R since heatstone has the "cant be less than one" text?

>> No.49852084

I'd be taking shots in the dark offering deck advice without lists to look at.

>> No.49852091

Costs R

>> No.49852105

>> No.49852110


>> No.49852127

It depends. How often do you foresee living death actually being something you'll encounter regularly? In terms of including I would think armageddon and catastrophe would be better to include first if your goal is to wipe out lands to stay ahead since they cost less. You should also consider what other cards you're including that can handle the potential drawback (things that can exile your graveyard) without warping the construction of your deck too much to accommodate one possibly uncommon situation. Kudos on trying to include desolation angel though. The art on it is pretty sweet.

>> No.49852133

Only costs a R, it won't make it LESS than one, one is OK

>> No.49852141

So I keep running into this question with my playgroup, and I haven't been able to find a satisfactory explanation from googling, so I'm going to try it here for now.

So I've got the Adarkar Valkyrie ability activated on a creature, and the creature dies. Which effect takes precedence: Adarkar Valkyrie's return-to-the-battlefield ability, or Mimic Vat's imprint-exile?

>> No.49852147

Ah ok, thank you!

>> No.49852172

what deck should i make if the only way i am capable of having fun is to make other people not have fun?

>> No.49852201

You should really go back with a damp toothpick and clean up the edges of the text boxes.

>> No.49852213

They go on the stack at the same time, so you choose.

>> No.49852227

Do you own both cards? If so, you can stack them as you wish.

If an opponent controls one and you control the other, they use the stack and the player with priority is ordered first.

>> No.49852236

My understanding is that both triggers occur when the creature dies and are placed on the stack in turn order. So in a 4 player game, if it's player 1's turn and a creature targeted by the Valkyrie dies, if player 4 has the Mimic Vat and player 3 has the Valkyrie, player 4 would get the creature since their trigger would resolve first.

You may want to double check me on that though.

>> No.49852238


>> No.49852241

Play Legacy.

>> No.49852243

Blue has a tendency to not be badass.
This guy is really really badass.

>> No.49852245


>> No.49852250

i am not autistic or at least i am pretty sure i am not autistic

>> No.49852268

Fuck, I should have been more explicit. I'm not the controller of Mimic Vat.
>If an opponent controls one and you control the other, they use the stack and the player with priority is ordered first.
This is how we've been playing it. It goes in Active Player / Nonactive Player order, right? My only problem with that is that I'm not quite sure how that ought to work in a multiplayer game...
Wait, do they go on the stack in turn order, or resolve in turn order? Because (new scenario) if it's player 1's turn when the creature dies, and player 2 has the Valkyrie, and player 3 has the Vat, wouldn't that mean that player 3's Mimic Vat ability would enter the stack and resolve last?

>> No.49852270

Alrighty! Thanks for the advice

>> No.49852275


i prefer his other flavor text

>> No.49852285

Placed on the stack in turn order, resolve in reverse.

>> No.49852303

Hmmm. No, it's just a cheapo BW deck I built on the side and I had a Desolation Angel in my collection. I thought it looked good but I guess it's simply outclassed by the cards you mentioned.

I don't really know the makeup of my meta since I'm playing at a new LGS, but I know most of them are pretty casual. The art is sweet.

I guess the reason I asked is because I always ran Living Death in my mono black deck and thought it was a common card. It's won me a few games, anyway.

>> No.49852306

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

>> No.49852314

If your only way to have fun is to make sure no one else does, then YOU have autism.

I never understood that in these threads. How and why do you faggot sitting have so much fun killing fun for others? Whenever I do so, it makes me feel like I'm not having fun myself. There's a difference between crushing your opponents and going out of your way to make games a chore, or even worse, tedious. Why play when the point is having fun and there is one cock bag at the table dedicated to making sure that isn't going to happen?

>> No.49852315


different person here, related question

"turn order" is something that comes up in various rules, priority, simultaneous triggers, etc

my playgroup has been confused, does turn order mean "the order that turns went to start the game", so that the first person to get priority after the active player is always the person who was on the play, and then clockwise from there?

or does "turn order" mean the person whose turn it would be after the active player passes?

everybody in my playgroup seems to be leaning towards the former but that makes no sense to me, the latter seems way more intuitive but i cant seem to convince them

>> No.49852346

Turn order is the next active player or the next player to get a turn.

>> No.49852360

Ok, so turn order in a 4-player game goes: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4, usually following a clockwise fashion.

For example, if it's the 3rd player's turn, the next highest priority is the 4th player, then 1st, then 2nd.

>> No.49852364

Ditto, it's much, much better.

>> No.49852386


ok cool thats what i thought

they seemd to think that the person who won the dice roll always gets priority first after the active player passes priority

>> No.49852434

Ugh, I derped it. So, in my scenario, it would go like:
>creature dies
>Valkyrie ability goes on stack
>Vat ability goes on stack
>Vat ability comes off the stack, resolves
>Valkyrie ability goes off the stack, can't resolve because creature is exiled
Is that right?

>> No.49852449

Basically yes.

>> No.49852538


I'm honestly surprised that they didn't realize how big the demand was until JUST NOW, considering people have been talking about this for at least a year. I'll always be disappointed that C15 didn't have an artifact sub theme in it's UR deck, since that would have been a perfect sub theme for the deck.

>> No.49852540

So Caged Sun in Mono Red, is it worth it or not?
I find myself wondering about cutting it because I am playing a Feldon deck, and half of the time in my meta I find that its a waste of 6 mana because I dont often get to untap with it, and my feldon deck is not all that artifact focused. What is everyone else's feelings on it?

>> No.49852590

I think it's worth

>> No.49852599


Here, have fun in letting others not have fun.

I brought this to my LGS one day and never got to play it again.

>> No.49852646

my group had a temporary rule that if you missed a pact trigger the cost for putting it on the stack and continuing to play was a kick in the balls by the opponent of your choice.

conveniently, people stopped forgetting their pact triggers.

>> No.49852706


>another edh General
>another story of anon playing with a literal retard that blatantly contradicts his or her self

>> No.49852712

post bullshit

>> No.49852744

>sedris reanimator player has T1 faithless looting pitching jin-gitaxias and a random sorcery
>next turn he casts reanimate targeting jin
>cast twincast, lmao @ his life
>literally win the game when everyone scoops turn 4 to the they-have-no-hand-and-i-have-so-many-fucking-counterspells-lock

monoU best deck forever and ever

>> No.49852754

>put all your cards in one pile
>2/3rds chance of coming out fine

>> No.49852917

>2/3 nothing happens
>1/3 I lose everything
How could I possibly lose?

>> No.49852945


>> No.49852984

According to a friend of mine, just about everything I play.
Including, but not limited to:
>Vish Kal
>Mystic Snake
>Jor Kadeen
>the Metalcraft mechanic as a whole
>Toxic Deluge
>Merciless Eviction
>Massacre Wurm
>Bonfire of the Damned
>Thrull Parasite
Granted, I stuck that first turn against his Yisan deck, so I can understand his frustration on that one.
>Darksteel Forge
>Platinum Angel
>a few dozen other things I've forgotten over the years
>the concept of milling someone

>> No.49853006

Assuming you put everything in 1 pile, you can boil it down to 2 outcomes:
>other players play it safe and put 1/3rd of their permanents in equal piles
You have a 66% chance of staying in the game and a 100% guarantee that they lose 1/3rd of their shit
>or everyone plays it risky and puts their permanents in 1 pile
You have a 66% chance of staying in the game and a >33% chance that someone else loses everything

Anon asked for bullshit, not good bullshit

>> No.49853024


most of those others are probably better than meren.

>> No.49853242

It's that time again.

Guess the commander

>> No.49853267

Literally any green deck

>> No.49853278

Too easy, you hardly ever see any of those cards in any green deck except Lady Zhurong.

>> No.49853349


>> No.49853432

There's not one remotely unique/uncommon card in that entire pool, how are people supposed to guess?

That could be a "top 20 most played green commander cards" list and I'd believe it.

>> No.49853479

The only card that comes close to narrowing it down, and even then not really, is Wave of Vitriol which suggests a pure creature focus, but that could still be anything from Omnath to Yeva to Freyalise.

>> No.49853487

Except he still has song of the dryads there

>> No.49853843

I play Meren and it's hard chaos. Every target gets a dice roll. I had one game where if I decided to target the last opponent with a Warstorm Surge/Kolaghan's Forerunners I would have won. But I believe in the creed, and literally zapped myself in the face on a roll.

Never betray yourself, anon.

>> No.49853894

*Norin, not Meren.

All this Meren bitching rotted my brain.

>> No.49854390

Should I take out the Planeswalkers out of my Shu Yun deck and replace them with other cantrips and the like that will help my storm count instead? I feel like I have too many and that they're just too expensive, even though they technically trigger Shu Yun.

>> No.49854431


list them.

>> No.49854494

Elspeth, Sun's Champion (Mostly for her -3, I wanna switch to Knight Errant but nobody is willing to trade)
Chandra, Pyromaster (The deck actually can use all modes)
Nahiri, the Harbinger (Mostly for the -2)
Dovin Baan (Trying him out)
Jace, Architect of Thought (Mostly for the -)
Dack Fayden (For the +2)

>> No.49854800


I'd cut them all but that's just me

>> No.49854880

R8 me

>> No.49854893

I'd probably cut Elspeth, Nahiri, Dovin, and Jace because they seem to be less focused on what I assume is your main plan and strengths in this deck. If you have some token producers like monastery mentor, young pyromancer, and talrand, I think it would be more worth it to include a few planeswalkers. If you're going more for a spellslinging voltron build then I might consider cutting all planeswalkers.

>> No.49854908


I feel like you don't have enough creatures for see the unwritten, has it been good for you so far?

Red pill me on wild pair, I don't wanna do math right now, what are some wild pairs in your deck?

>> No.49854943

It seems amazing with the Gearhulk. The more I think about it, the more I want to put both in a deck.

>> No.49854983

>>Play Rest in Peace
>> Cast Whims of the Fates
>> Hopefully not lose
>> Proceed to lul

>> No.49854993


Avenger-Craterhoof-Regal Force
Dromoka-Nylea-Vigor-Woodfall Primus
Xenagod-Siege Behemoth
Gearhulk-Mina and Denn-Kalonian Hydra-Yeva

>> No.49855026

I could be wrong, but I think Gearhulk gets any combined, even 8-16, as long as you stack wild pair, then the counters ETB. Assuming you also have other targets for the counters.

>> No.49855034

True, I never thought about that
Also, Lifeblood Hydra and Genesis Hydra exist to tutor for Wild Pair

>> No.49855044

I remember back in the days I played a slew of 6/6 creatures with Wild Pair to get my Primeval Titan out, good times.

Some fun stuff:
10 = Avenger of Zendikar, Regal Force, Craterhoof Behemoth, Consecrated Sphinx, Sidisi, Dead-eye Navigator + Great Whale for infinite mana

12 = Titans, Wurmcoil, Maelstrom Wanderer, Sheoldred, Soul of the Harvest, Harvest Demon, Rune-Scarred Demon,

9 = Greenwarden, Jin-Gitaxias, Deadwood Treefolk, Primordial Sage, Palinchron,

11 = Blazing Archon, Elesh Norn, Sphinx of Uthuun, Purphoros, Woodland Bellower, Massacre Wurm

8 = Emeria Shepherd, Urabrask the Hidden, Deepfathom Skulker, Garruk's Packleader, Indrik Stomphowler, Titania

Once you get to lower numbers like 2,3,4,6 the amount of good synergies is just too high to list.

In increments of two yes. 8-10-12-14-16.

>> No.49855696

Yo, ever get around to scanning that Skithiryx yet? Also, re-requesting help for my Zada deck, need to cut 19 cards now


>> No.49856388

Wild Pair looks like it might be decent in Yisan, no?

>> No.49856637


>> No.49856724

I didn't forget to say "AYYYYYY YO HOL UP" , don't worry

>> No.49856793

Ok I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I want to double check. Does devoid overrule the color indentity of a card?

>> No.49856807

I'd get rid of Ashnod's Altar. You're not running Krenko to get lots of tokens so why bother? I have Krenko in mine (also cutting) and I don't plan on running Ashnod's.


>> No.49856810

It doesn't

>> No.49856833

You probably also want to remove Impact Tremors as well.

>> No.49857338

cut Scour from Existence. it fucking sucks dick and your job isn't to kill nasty enchantments as a monored player

i disagree. ashnod's altar is a crazy good card if you play around with tokens at all. and i'd run krenko too. both of those cards enable those turns of "everyone else is tapped out, i make 100 mana and 100 goblins and win the game with a massive alpha strike"

i'd run brightstone ritual as well.

i'd cut feldon.

i'd also run both pyroblasts if there are any nasty blue players in your meta.

>> No.49857410

oh and consider adding more of those targeted cantrips. if you put at least 8 of them in your deck, you'll basically guarantee drawing into one during the course of the game. even if they don't do anything specific you want besides draw the card, it's still probably worth it since you get to draw like 10 cards from one, which lets you draw into another cantrip, which lets you draw into a huge mana spell, which lets you cast more shit in general, etc. etc.

if you aren't sure what to cut to make room for those cantrips, just cut every bad card in every "category" until you have room. then your deck will be made of nothing but really good cards and cheap cantrips. your deck might become a bit slower to get to full speed, but a lot more explosive.

>> No.49858213

post list for sigarda?

>> No.49858977

You need Renegade tactics, chaotic strike, aleatory, panic. You need to be able to consistently chain your cantrips.

Cut Rapacious one, Goblin Slide, Firecat Blitz, Goblin King, Goblin War chief.

Avoid Buff spells that give haste or first trike. You have cantrips for haste and you want trample and double strike.

Add Goblin Dark Dwellers too much value not to have.

Add more mana rocks like mind stone and Hedron Archive

Add Ghitu Encampment, Thopter Foundry, Spawning Bed, Kher Keep. as a back up plan.

>> No.49859089

>Thopter Foundry

>> No.49859167

Foundry of Consuls*

>> No.49859653

So I recall some people (not necessarily here) crying that Leovold would be too stronk and should be banned etc. So now that it has been a while what is the general consensus about leovold as a general?

>> No.49859664


More broken than I had ever imagined in my worst nightmares

>> No.49859701

Incredibly obnoxious and I wish it didn't exist.

>> No.49859727

So I built the bear puncher itself and I would appreciate some feedback.
I tried making something interesting and interactive.


>> No.49859812

Pretty much exactly the same, he's not fun to play against in any way and is so easy to lock entire tables out of the game with that it's just dumb

>> No.49860039


I like it for the most part

Don't really like momir vig much in your deck because you don't have very many blue creatures, and the green creature trigger isn't really that great for you normally (although it's pretty amazing with rashmi I must admit)

The RG dragon that pings doesn't seem that good either

>> No.49860096

I guess I saw Vig more as I can ensure my next card could be an impactful creature that can't be countered since Surrak will generally be out. Him with Rashmi was actually the main idea.

Harbinger kind of has a special spot for me, it has won me games against Elf and Narset decks alike.

I was considering a Consecrated Sphinx and maybe some other big blue creature, but aside from the sphinx I have nothing.

>> No.49860147

>Wanna make a RW equipment voltro deck
>There's literally no card draw whatsoever, a bunch of awkward cantrips at best

Okay how do I not choke
Help me out here, I know y'll have a boner for this color pair

>> No.49860158

I run a howling mine. Works for me.

>> No.49860173

People complain about how shit it is every thread

The best you can do is probably just red exile stuff like Chandra ToD and Outpost Siege

>> No.49860174

Puresteel paladin?

>> No.49860214

Puresteel paladin
Infiltration lens
Rogues gloves
Mask of memory
Skull clamp
Sword of fire and ice

>> No.49860253

scroll rack + land tax

>> No.49860278

He's dumb as fuck. If he were a bit more to cast or had a weaker body it might've made up for his bullshit abilities, but there's very little you can do against this shitlord; especially if he comes out early.

I'm kinda mad because I've kinda wanted a UBG elf commander for a while, but I was thinking more dredge and less ass cancer.

>> No.49860480

Meren has the same problem as most gruul and golgari commanders. She's better as a 99 in Prossh.

>6 experience counters at instant speed. Prossh allows you to reanimate eldrazi titans on a consistant basis for an alternate wincon or strong card draw to win longer games
>easily comes back from reanimator such as dread return and victimize
>almost impossible to exile without grave hate because she'll get sacrificed to valuetown sac outlets

Mazirek and Xenagos have the same problem because they turn Prossh into a one hit kill.

>> No.49860563

>>6 experience counters at instant speed. Prossh allows you to reanimate eldrazi titans on a consistant basis
>reanimate eldrazi titans
Prossh doesn't reanimate anything, and I'm pretty sure Meren only does it at the end step. How exactly would you accomplish this?

>> No.49860909

>cast meren
>cast prossh next turn
>sac the kobalds and and swing for 11. If he gets through, then good for you. If he dies that's another experience counter
>bring back something nice at your end step like Purphoros, Xenagos, Mazirek, Ogre Battledriver, etc
>easily repeat because you're playing jund and prossh always comes back
>reanimate Newlamog or Newzilek(you can easily have the hand size to abuse Newzilek in jund)
>Newlamog gets through mazes and Kozilek helps your win cons resolve while both being big guys for you

No experience? Send them to your hand for late game, cast for triggers, then sac them over and over.

There's far better stuff to reanimate than new titans, but my point is that you can build experience with prossh at the helm far quicker than meren as a commander

>> No.49860946


Makes sense because Prossh is both a sac outlet and expendable creature maker, so he's good at getting exp counters for meren

>> No.49860997

Ah, I see that.
Sorry, when people say "Titans" I typically assume they're referring to the OLD Eldrazi Titans, which of course this would be impossible for.

>> No.49861026

That's some good counsel. Thanks anon, chaos it is!

>> No.49861247

So Brago is starting to really just bore me. I'm gonna take it apart. What should I turn it into? I'm gonna be taking the blink aspects out of it to make Gonti eventually. Mostly just the Coffin and Closet.

Should I make BW or RW?

Also posts your decks.

>> No.49861417

I really love my decks

>> No.49862008

>Turn 2 Leovold with Signet and Sol Ring
>Turn 3 Days Undoing / Wheel / Windfall / whatever

GG game is fucking shit for everyone but the Leovold player, its extremely obnoxious and annoying that the entire game stops being fun when its so easy to make a wheel effects with him out and its game over.

Its even more annoying that any attempt to kill Leovold just makes him draw cards and will most likely draw him into a protection spell or a counter.

The issue is that his playstyle doesnt attempt to do fun or crazy things, its just plain locking people out of having fun and making the game slow as shit.

Should be banned just for the sake of enjoyable games.

>> No.49862032

He is misery incarnate. Get him out, play Anvil of Bogardan and any wheel and the game is pretty much over.

>> No.49862088

his design is inherently bad. there's nothing about him that inspires fun, interesting games. it's just like nekusar but even more cancerous: a linear, predictable gameplan that makes the game suck for everyone else if even remotely successful

>> No.49862185

Theres only one way to build him, and its a play style that provides no fun or interaction to the table.
Get him out with counter spell back up, and if he survives, make a wheel effect and its game over, honestly have no idea what was wizards thinking when they came up with that card, its obviously aimed at EDH but its not even fun to play against.

Sasuga Wizards.

>> No.49862303

At least neku can be built in a janky way with forced fruition, arcane lab, forbid, and other stuff. Leo's only two settings are "off" and "ruin the game"

>> No.49862537


Kinda want to build him now

>> No.49862538


Also 70% finished with my Kozilek EDH deck.

Been working on it for months, so far I have only been adding cards in foil without buying a single one.
Going to be an atypical deck as a result, as I'm using a lot of sketchy stuff to make the numbers work.

>> No.49862563

If you have fun by making it so no one else can have fun, then he is the perfect commander.

>> No.49862619

Mind posting the Ezuri list?

>> No.49862628

Whats your Karlov list, im building him but need some tips to stop sucking so much.

>> No.49862679

Well, my Karlov list was built to purposefully suck, but here it is anyways.


>> No.49862731


I'm one of the people who said he's broken but as long as he's edh legal I think people should build him

If your meta has Narset and Prossh and Derevi etc then building leovold is a way to compete

>> No.49862745

You should also build a giant grease fire and jump on it

>> No.49862826

Typical elf. Honestly, that deck is about to go bye bye because it's very boring to play.

>Step 1: Play Elfs
>Step 2: Play Lords
>Step 3: Overrun

>> No.49863271

New thread

>> No.49863663


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