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No filename thread. I'll start

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It makes sense in context.

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>Player doesn't show up, DM plays his character

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>Your first solo adventure

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I've only seen this panel, and yet there is some much wrong with it that I'm already being filled with rage at this comic.

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Not /tg/, but I felt I had to share

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It makes sense in context, mate

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Why is Captain America a black Woman with blonde hair.

Isn't Captain America supposed to be a black man?

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Is that the actual, unedited page?

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Maybe Zeus turned him into a woman, and unlike that other dudebro he didn't think sex was better as a woman so (s)he started punching people?

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Hercules hates Zeus in the comic. She's pointing out he's being just like his dad here and that Zeus really would be proud of him.
She's shaming him for being a dick by comparing him to what he hates.

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It's the Spider-Gwen universe version of Captain America I believe.

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Strikes me as an artist wanting to get some girl power points into their work, personally.

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>Captain America is a ganguro
Nothing makes sense.

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I keked.

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Is Zeus having red hair a thing?
I mean, he#s usually depicted with Grey/white hair, so I guess it couldhave been red prio to that...

Comics change.
Chances are, they'll be back to Steve by the time the next Avengers movie rolls around.
Same for Thor.

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Always get me

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These universes don't make any sense to me.

In some of them Peter Parker is a gay Mexican, in another Steve Rogers is still Captain America, in another Gwen Stacy gave birth to the Green Goblin's kids and raised them to believe Spider Man's their father.

It don't make no sense.

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Still shitty writing since he apparently "boasts" about Zeus all the time.

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>She's shaming him for being a dick by comparing him to what he hates.
no, miss america doesn't know greek mythology and is just trying to shame him conventionally

it works, but only because herc isn't ignorant of greek mythology and realizes zeus would be totally okay with him drunkenly raping people

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Yeah it's almost like they're different universes

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>tfw if the woman forced herself on him while drunk it wouldn't have been rape

Anyone have that college poster about consent?

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It's almost like they're sleazy copouts to have your cake and eat it too.

People don't like mansplaining female Thor? Ta-da, surfer hunk is back!

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it would still have been rape, because she wasn't in control of her actions and thus the man is responsible for everything

or something

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It's got the same awful shading so probably

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...No that's still rape, senpai

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>Drunk men
>Unable to provide consent

Lol, we both know men can drink more than women.

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but if a guy does it, it's still rape?

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that penguin vengeance is classy and devious as fuck.
Loving it

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Actually that's the 2099 universe.

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What gets me is...why bother to have female Spiderman or black lady Thor? What exactly is it FOR?

Develop your own IP, fuck's sake. You can explore interesting themes and have fun fights and stuff without either attaching yourself to something already successful or inserting your OC into canon.

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I think Anon was refrencing a guide to consent poster that was circulating a while ago.
Basically it was very heavily tilted towards a "feminist" point of vew.

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anon, you don't seem to get it. If it's consensual heterosexual relationship it's still rape on the man's part. Apparently.

Some wacko feminists have somehow convinced themselves that if it's not yuri, it's rape.

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>mfw reading this while actually diagnosed with assburgers

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Any sexual activity that isn't explicitly consented to by all parties who are sound of mind and body is rape.

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that is flat out sexual assault. WTF.

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Comic sales have been in the shitter ever since the Speculator Boom.
The big publishers are pretty much thrrowing stuff at the wall to see what sticks/sells.
Hence stuff like >>49799950

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Well it's Thor. They're already butchering things enough, why not go the whole hog?

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They're desperately trying to find a new market since comic sales are so poor anymore.
It's honestly a wasted effort if you ask me.

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Sadly not.

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I'd play the shit out of a campaign based off those two anime.

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So, instead of trying to make their core products amazing at what they do, as well as bringing out trial run new IPs to encourage new readers with at least one of them.. they're just doing a bastard child of the two by fucking up their core products in random ways until hopefully it becomes successful?

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it's a parody

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>It's honestly a wasted effort if you ask me.
I think they're going about it wrong.
Stuff like Femthor or Cap being set up for one stupid as hell fakeout is hust going to irritate your existing customers.
Stuff like Karmala Khan taking up the vacant post of Miss Marvel is actually a good thing, promoting diversity and whatnot without shitting over an existing character.

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For the former, consider the humble Ryuutama. Even though my own game went into wildly different direction (They built a house. On a giant tortoise.), going S&W in Ryuutama is rather easy.

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Its 2099. She's a secretary who turns into an amazon with a separate personality of captain America. Also Iron man is a midget in a mech.

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For context: Apparently it's a thing that Hercules knows his dad was a drunk rapist and wants to be better. Femcap did not know this, and is just a retard.

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Making new IPs is a gamble at best, and companies don't like to waste money

And business companies trying to hop on the bandwagon is nothing really new. I feel sympathy for the writers who actually have to try work around all their mandates and make something good

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This one could use a better name

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Illusory beasts?

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It's to get it out to the largest audience possible, this is pretty obvious

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It's scripted skit, you autist

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But you run the risk of possing off that very large audience.
Instead, why not have a crossover as their character introduction or something? They're established to be in the same universe, they can interact a little, established readers are exposed to it.

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I can't wait for a gif of the Shimazu cutting the goons short sword in half with His katana to start poping up

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Nope. Genders would have to be reversed for that.

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I don't think the focus would really be on the new character though
What do I know, I don't read comics or write them, I'm just here for the filenames

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Thank you anon, I now have a new game to inflict on my players. I swear I shall break my group of they D&D fugue, even if I have to drown them in cutsie Japanese games.

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>It makes sense in context.
then you're really gonna have to explain the context considering that Zeus was a rape machine

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what animu is that from?

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teh full image has already been posted.
The irony about Zeus being a rape machine is entirely deliberate, captain america has no idea what she's talking about, hercules does.

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Then it makes just as much sense without the context!

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But anon, anyone can be Hulk or Spider Man because it's a title, not a character.

Except for stuff like Black Panther and Black Widow, those are tied to the character.

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But Black Panther is a title literally passed down to whoever becomes the new leader of Wakanda

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>Sexual assault is funny

This is as hypocritical as the "man wakes up black out drunk with a woman he really regrets no consensually sleeping with, cue laugh track."

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>Also Iron man is a midget in a mech.
so copying the movies then

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I kind of want the next one to be white just to fuck with everyone.
Both in and out of universe.

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And Black Widow is another term for women who commit murder, especially those who specifically target men.

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When's the last time we had a white black panther?

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But of course, Thor is just a title for an Asgardian warrior and not the name of the aesir son of Odin of Norse mythology.

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Ice-T is gods greatest gift mankind

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And there were the times when a frog and an alien space horse became Thor, so really whoever gets to wield Mjolnir gets to be Thor

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>sandworm plus laser pen

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>I'd play the shit out of a campaign based off those two anime.
>I'd play a campaign based off anime
die pls

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no u

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That's an edit. Here's the real page.

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That makes no sense, Zeus was his patron and would approve of that behavior.

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Hey, is that the polar bear exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo?

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Herc doesn't want daddy's approval, he hates the old man.

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>wouldn't want to play a game based one economics and adventure.
>wouldn't have 'Capitalism Ho!' as your catchphrase.
Why even /tg/?

That's the problem, Herc in that comic isn't exactly keen on his family drama at that moment.

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It actually works tho
Herc fucking hates his father, and immediately after she says this he agrees that he's being a bitch

>> No.49801184


That's exactly the point. Hecules in Marvel has a VERY bad relationship with his Dad.

It's basically 'Your approval fills me with shame'

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Yes that's the point. Herc doesn't like Zeus and Cap's question made him realize he was acting exactly like him.

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Oh. Sorry not a big western comics fan.

>> No.49801225

Then why does he refer to himself as "Son of Zeus"?
You'd think he'd want to downplay that.

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Are you new? Why do you care?

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Watch 40 Days and 40 Nights.

Dude gets chained to a bed and raped. Then has to beg forgiveness from his girlfriend/love interest. Cue laugh track.

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He's also lazy and it opens doors when he says that.

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You gotta keep up appearances

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>welcome tho the system where biting attack to the crotch is more effective than a sword attack to any other part

Can't have this, it's cultural exprapriation

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>I mean, he#s usually depicted with Grey/white hair, so I guess it couldhave been red prio to that...
Back in ye olde comic days you couldn't rely on the printing process to get a lot of details clearly (especially since small panels). Odin already has grey hair, for clarity sake you want to avoid doing that.

So Zeus gets to be a redhead.

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Maybe he doesn't want to deal with the whole Hercules/Heracles debate?

>> No.49801302

>biting the crotch

>> No.49801315

Because most "rational" people would refuse to mess with a guy that was the literal son of a god.

You know, the guy that turned into a goose and fucked the wife of a mortal man that pissed him off, turned another due into a chick, threw thunderbolts at people for shits and giggles, killed Asclepius because Hades threw a fit then revived him after apollo rekted his shit and numerous other shit.

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I'm taking SQL right now, and though I may have not learned that command yet, I had a hearty laugh.

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Who even uses sql

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>Forgery is opposed by Forgery.

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Then make the Silver Fox or Ladykiller, the male version of Black Widow.

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You right
Should be epikrato

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>those fucking copy-pasted panels at the bottom

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Stop being reasonable! You're supposed to get angry at straw feminists!

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I didn't say it's funny, I said it's scripted, you cocksmith

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Fafner in the Azure

It's got Two 26 episode long series, 1 OVA and a movie.

It's a show about mind reading human eating silicon based lifeforms coming to earth and the struggle of a small community to survive both against the aliens and other humans.

It's first series is a bit hard on the eyes and has a character designer that upsets a lot of people, but it's made of delicious slow build up, consistent characterization, and lots of pay off.

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fuck man i was enjoying this thread and now im sad

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Are Russians just orcs?

>> No.49801435

Yes. I am one and can confirm.

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>Another Genius fan
So this is what it's like, when doves cry.

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they're more like hobgoblins

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I'd like to think there's an alternate ending where the love interest throws down with crazy ex and crazy ex goes to prison, but that it got cut cuz it was the 90s.

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Honestly, seems more like creative use of Katastrophi.

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why do u need have to hurt me like this

>> No.49801474

why must you hurt me these ways

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Love how even he's disgusted at how little sense it makes.

>> No.49801484

"Son of Zeus" is a title, like Duke or Lord. Herc hates his father but is proud of his status as a demigod and hero, so he'll take every opportunity to brag about his legend and accomplishments. He's also pretty arrogant and prideful, he is a Greek hero after all, so it's completely in character for him to refer to himself as the son of a god while still hating his old man.

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Technically legal is the best kind of legal.

>> No.49801511

That would explain The Last Ringbearer.

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poor thing ;_;

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What is that? Its shell is poisoned?

>> No.49801591

That's one Ebert review most people agree with.

>> No.49801602

Damn oil companies, their constant drilling have awoken the shai-hulud.

>> No.49801603

Bombardier beetle

If you' mean the mantis, don't feel sorry for it.
They're assholes.

>> No.49801605

>Love how even he's disgusted at how little sense it makes.

>> No.49801613

Something sprays out its ass. Odds are it ain't ambrosia.

>> No.49801617

Not too familiar with this version of Hercules, but aren't there dozens of personal archivements he could use?

Slayer of Monsters?
Strongest there is?
Greatest of Heroes?
Choker of felines?

>> No.49801618

A noxious spray. It's a Bombardier beetle.

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>> No.49801645

I am in literal tears laughing

Poor David

>> No.49801657

It's a superhero comic book universe.

Those are feats that literally half, if not more, of the roster can claim.

>> No.49801672

Alternative title:
> Allah Ackbar vs HP bloat

>> No.49801677

>Those are feats that literally half, if not more, of the roster can claim.
So is a supernatural origin.
It just seems like lazy writing to justify a rather meh payoff.

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>> No.49801690

Like Beta Ray Bill isn’t best Thor.

>> No.49801696

But none of them are the son of ZEUS in particular

Just stop being a wet blanket about it. Comics are for fun.

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Look, it's all marketing by people who seem to understand that the market is more diverse but also don't like taking risks at all.

Basically it's that Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Thor, Superman... Pretty much any superhero with a recognizable IP and character has reached market saturation. The target audience of whatever age to whatever age who happen to be mostly white dudes but not exclusively is pretty much at saturation. You're not going to be pulling large margins out of something already saturated. If you want to expand, you need to reach out to black people, hispanic people, women.. You know, people in a possibly different target audience.

However they also don't like the risk of introducing a new IP, so they just take recognizable ones and try to market them at new audiences by giving the character a gimmick. Eventually it fails and it's back to business as usual until they try again.

If you're just going to tell Spiderman stories with someone who's just a different race or gender than Spiderman, what's the point? Might as well just have Peter Parker. But it's not like white people can't also have interesting racial or gendered stories. Steven Rodgers or Tony Stark wouldn't make sense as characters if they themselves were different races or genders.

Steve is your quintessential New Yorker, and the diversity quota is actually filled very well by the Howling Commandos: a diverse cast of badasses who represent the multi-ethnic origins and histories of the people that make up America. This is significant because of Captain America's inextricable connection to... well; America. Tony Stark is a similar story, but I'm running out of characters to get into it.

Basically, a main character's race or gender isn't just incidental when it's a factor in something. It can flesh out the character and actually lend itself to the story, rather than just being incidental while you tell the exact same stories as the regular character.

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>> No.49801745

Oh, that's just fuckin gruesome

Are you about to blow my mind about how you actually can freeze lasers and walk through them?

>> No.49801756

>Comics are for fun

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>> No.49801771

The gun he has freezes things to ABSOLUTE ZERO. You know, to the point where the atoms stop spinning. So yes, he froze the lasers.

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>> No.49801781

>Please don't eat my face

>> No.49801784

>American Kajiu was just an one off character
This is why i hate comics.

>> No.49801794

On the contrary, I think the sort of flip-flopping they're trying to do works much better for a character like Iron Man. Someone whose backstory is loosely defined, but not really dependant on anything, and furthermore gets his powers from tech rather than another source, which makes it easy to have it be a legacy character of sorts.

Stuff like just randomly making Thor or Captain America women makes less sense, since their circumstances and backstories heavily put them as one gender. Having Tony Stark die and Pepper take the Iron Man suit in his place is the type of thing that could be what they're going for without needing to jump through hoops to justify it.

>> No.49801795

Isn't that also the fight against the giant monster which uses it's dick as a weapon?

>> No.49801800

>Just stop being a wet blanket about it
I shall not.
There is potential for a good chracter moment here and it's let down by the writer being lazy.

>> No.49801801

But wouldn't it freeze the air too?
More importantly, the alarms work by going off if the laser beam is ever broken. How is freezing the beam and then shattering it not going to set them off?

>> No.49801804

The worst part is when it tries to sever it's own optic nerve in an attempt to get away

>> No.49801816


Actually, THEIR comic sales are doing poorly. Selling 30k or even 10k (individual copies) is now considered a success. Before that, anything selling under 100k was considered a failure. They regularly sold in the millions in their heyday, stuff like 30's Superman and 40's Captain America. A lot of indie comics do better.

Some of the most prolifically selling comics are actually marketed at young girls, and are sold in regular bookstores rather than comic shots. Seriously, she takes up three slots on the top ten for yearly top comic sales. Nobody's ever heard of the author before and quite frankly DC and Marvel don't know how to compete. One of the big reasons for their desperate push into their cinematic universes is their need to abandon comics altogether because they can't manage it.

Initiatives like "New 52" drown their own market in terrible product. Shock tactic releases like the Captain America hydra thing try and borrow off of the success of The Death of Superman, but learn none of its lessons. They've been doing this for years, and basically made their IP inaccessible to the general market, stagnating their properties and titles.

>> No.49801841

Vas ist this?

>> No.49801844

>> No.49801873

New ip are hard sells for comics. It's a vicious chicken or the egg where there's no good way to make money on comics

>> No.49801881

>> No.49801893

>> No.49801918

Actually it isn't, that's the fight against the vore monster of the venusian.
You're thinking of Anomaly from Mercury, pic related.

>> No.49801919

I think Marvel and DC are just suffocating under their own history at this point. The MCU and the Arrowverse (and the DCCU if it weren't awful) show us that the characters and concepts are still totally marketable to wide audiences, but no one wants to read comics that are bogged down by like 80 years of continuity. With the movies and TV series they got to wipe the slate clean, and it worked wonders.

>> No.49801941

Light is not comprised of atoms, anon.
Further, blocking the beam by freezing the light in place somehow is functionally the same as blocking it by waving your dick around in front of the emitter. Alarm trips anyway.

>> No.49801949

Wiping the slate clean doesn't work for comics. They tried it time and time again.

>> No.49801950

So why didn't he freeze to death instantly?

>> No.49801953


Tony Stark is kind of poorly defined because, before Robert Downey Jr. took the role in Iron Man, nobody really cared about Iron Man. People knew he was a jerk, and that he got drunk and did stupid things, but he was a B-List hero rather than a mainliner.

Anyway, what little backstory he had or has is pretty solidly criticism of the straight white male societal construct. His daddy issues stem not just from his father's murder, but from his father's own abusive treatment of him. If he ever showed any kind of weakness or effeminate tendencies, his father would strike him and tell him to man up. Also his father had him very late in his own life, almost as an afterthought, like he was too focused on himself that he forgot to leave a legacy, and just knocked up some woman who popped out a child for an heir. Tony drinks because his father beat him, basically, and his suits become an extension of this; a physical manifestation of giving himself emotional armor to hide inside of. It's why he acts so aloof, evasive, and detached all the time, and hides behind his humor and biting sarcasm: it was beaten out of him, a criticism of masculinity that encourages hiding deeper feelings and not opening up to vulnerability.

Anyway, it's not so established in movie canon, so it's easier to do with what people know of Tony. But we also can't have him die because RDJ is a funny actor and people go to movies to see him. He doesn't mind being Iron Man, I don't think. He was a burnout who was a risky choice for a risky movie and blew that shit open, making him an A-lister.

>> No.49801965

Look, I don't fucking know, it's the show's explanation.

>> No.49801969

Because they rarely actually commit to it. Cosmic retcons are never a true reset to zero.

Early Ultimate Marvel was pretty well-received, wasn't it?

>> No.49801982


The "the zeus you keep boasting about" line really throws that off, though. It really seems like she thinks she's intending the "failed knowledge check" interpretation.

>> No.49801999

Huh, good to know.
Thanks, anon.

>> No.49802005

Wouldn't that be Metaptropi, not Skafoi?

>> No.49802006


Could be:
>failed knowledge check
>successful charisma check

But whether or not it's intended is lost because this comic frame is out of context. With context, this might become more clear, be it one interpretation or another.

>> No.49802017

Hence the look of disgust.

>> No.49802019

>I hate chimichangas
deadpool doesn't even LIKE chimichangas, he just likes saying chimichangas.

>> No.49802029

>Early Ultimate Marvel was pretty well-received, wasn't it?
Was it?
I only remember everyone being edgier and more of an asshle.
That and Magneto's kids banging.

>> No.49802034

Forgot to rename it "The magical realm caught you up" or something.
The weird thing is when they manage to make it works. Pic related was genuinely sad.

>> No.49802042

I might just be thinking of Ultimate Spidey. Ultimate Spidey definitely wasn't an asshole, ever.

>> No.49802073

>Pic related was genuinely sad.
...okay, as someone who has no idea what this is at all... how?

>> No.49802081

I only ever read Ultimates and some of Ultimate Fantastic Four before quitting wwhen everyone started dying.
Made me stop reading western comics for a while.

>> No.49802089


>Profession: Artificer
>Patron Deity: Torgue

>> No.49802094

>> No.49802097


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>> No.49802105

He's a Lemurian, he probably froze the aether the light moves through. Since he froze the light at the end, the light stay in place making the device think the laser is still firing.

>> No.49802106

>> No.49802126

that's so bad it's good

>> No.49802132

>> No.49802139


>> No.49802146

I'm crying, not in a laughing way, but in a ad way because I've fallen for this shit constantly.

trick question, Everyone, but they are either using a different flavour like pgAdmin3

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>> No.49802151


Damn, I actually really like this breakdown of Iron Man as a character and how his white male upbringing played a major role in that.

>> No.49802233

>Emperor marries Madoka
What happens to both universes?

>> No.49802287

The 40k universe gets even worse once he gets NTRed by an evil lesbian.

Alternatively, MGNQ happens.

>> No.49802300

Your loss.

>> No.49802305


>> No.49802331

Drunk is a legal term in many places, much like "intoxicated." It means you have consumed enough of a drug for it to significantly alter your consciousness and decision-making skills. That can be one beer, or it can (theoretically) be ten - all that is important is whether you're intoxicated.

>> No.49802366

Lawyer trainee here to confirm.

>> No.49802368

and they are voice acted by the same person.

>> No.49802383


>> No.49802393

That character is introduced as a psychotic rapist assassin, he has an handful appearances where he's either a joke or an willing asshole.
Then during the final fight he's supposed to just be filler but got a really cool fight with martian /k/ girl and we got his backstory in the middle of it, like it happens in manga.
He was a cyborg showman specialised in stopping bullets with his bare hands, his very young son got tricked into shooting him by surprise to prove it wasn't a trick, but instead his dad got his brain fucked up.
Previous pic is how he wake up. He then fuck of like pic related.
But his inner monologue in the last fight reveal that the only vaguely coherent thought remaining in his totally broken mind was: a father wish to validate his son "my dad is the strongest!" childish belief long after he grew out of it.
It's actually something that come back regularly in the serie: finding out there is one final little spark of humanity even in the most fucked up thing. It doesn't excuse anything or solve anything, but it's there and it could have been more.

>> No.49802440

Cortana a qt

>> No.49802447

ur a qt

>> No.49802562

Oh god, this pic reminds me of what I saw last week.

>next door neighbor is an older, semi-retired Albanian man who has a 3-year-old Blue-Ticked Coon Hound
>Dog barks all the time, but is otherwise very sweet and friendly to everybody
>Is apparently sired from the dog his wife got him for their 25-year anniversary, and she died roughly ten years previous in a DD accident, and the dog had died two years ago
>They pretty much do everything together, and go on daily walks around the neighborhood, talking to everybody and just being a generally good person
>In the front arch over his front porch he even has one of those "Pets Present: Please Save Them In Case Of Emergency" sticker-signs for firefighters
>TL;DR he loves this fucking dog
>One day notice that the dog is moving slower than normal while they're out walking
>Mention it when I see him as I go to get the mail
>"Oh yes, he just ate something weird, I bet. He chews on everything," old man says
>Makes sense, my dogs do that all the time
>As weeks go by, though, it doesn't go away
>Dog is moving slower and slower
>After five weeks, I see him bring the dog out and get him in the car to go out while I'm mowing the yard
>Dog can no longer jump up, and has to be half-lifted into the car
>I wave, and he half-waves back
>Drives off
>As I'm carrying around the trash bags filled with grass from the backyard to the trash can, I see him pull back in
>Gets out of car, leash in hand
>Walks slowly to the front door
>Stands at his door for a minute before he unlocks the door
>Before he walks in, though, he peels the "Pets Present" sign off the brick next to the door.

I felt physical pain for him as I watched that.

>> No.49802600

Need a name for this.

>DM refuses to keep NPCs consistant

>> No.49802604

Invite him over to talk dogs. Have your dogs nearby.
Don't let him sit in an empty house.

>> No.49802617

But I actually like Bill, he actually gets to be cool.

>> No.49802622


The idea is not that white, straight men don't have a story to tell, or a unique narrative that can give them color and character and life. The idea is that everyone has these stories, and they're not only interesting, but they're stories people would like to hear and explore. And they can be explored not only on their own, but in the contexts of other characters.

We like seeing the validation of our own stories written large in media, and we like watching stories about other people because we like to learn new things. The point of stories is to create an emotional connection, and we connect emotionally with things and contexts and relationships that we identify with on many levels, racial, sexual, and gendered experiences being among them, as well as societal circumstance, situational context, economic status, and even just basic humanity.

I am probably wrong about some of it, but we really don't have much of a context for a conversation on race or gender. We've got fanatics on both sides draining the air out of the room and reasonable people become unwilling to engage in meaningful exploration of these topics because it's so charged. We talk over each other and past each other and make assumptions because there's no interactive dialogue, and we all suffer because of it. We become unwilling to discern what the truth even is, each side declaring itself right and their opponents wrong.

But fiction can help us with that, and can encourage meaningful discussion by seriously exploring these contexts in a way that forges an emotional connection and makes us want to explore more, even if it's in the context of an action movie or superhero comic that's just a fun ride without that deeper interpretation.

>> No.49802624

Didn't know this was a feel thread, but we can work with this.

>> No.49802633

Anime is a Medium not a Genre, retard.

>> No.49802642

>> No.49802768

I'd be more interested in seeing what happens if these two met head on.

>> No.49802785


Never watched Haruhi Suzumiya but isn't she omnipotent?

>> No.49802796

>> No.49802802

The Emperor wins, duh!, since Haruhi isn't aware of her reality manipulation powers.

>> No.49802804

Alternatively: Magos confidently presents his new invention.

>> No.49802818

>> No.49802839

Holy shit did they have John Cena show up AGAIN in the new series? I know they apparently had KISS make an appearance but holy shit.

I need to watch Mystery Incorporated.

>> No.49802891

She is, but she doesn't know it.

>> No.49802892

Why cap lady man?

>> No.49802901


>> No.49802952

You should, but this crazy shit with wrestlers and KISS are all OVAs.

Mystery Incorporated does have Harlan Ellison and Jeffrey Combs playing a transparent Lovecraft pastiche. It's really good.

>> No.49802996

Mystery Inc was something else. Something else quite incredible.

>> No.49803010

Alternatively: "Passing wisdom check with low int."

>> No.49803028


>> No.49803057


>> No.49803058

The question is "can both parties give consent?" If the answer is no in one (but not both) parties, it's rape.

For example: I can't have sex with a retard even if she wants me to because she can't give consent. I'd need her mom/dad to say yes before I could. Same with a drunk/passed out/etc. person.

Likewise, if I'm wasted and agree to have sex with a girl who's completely sober, or if she has sex with me while I'm passed out, that's (technically) rape.

However, if we're both wasted/retards, it's not really rape because neither of us can give consent.

>> No.49803082


Actually, in that attack, the ant managed to sting the spider, releasing a nasty dose of venom. The spider will have difficulty moving, and all the other ants in the swarm will detect the venom pheromones, and zone in on it.

One ant to mark a spider for death. Lose three, four, but man, to an ant, that's a lot of meat.

>> No.49803087

wut lol? this just looks like him being like "yea yea fuck off lady, peace"

>> No.49803094

>Everyone, but they are either using a different flavour like pgAdmin3

>not using Mongo or Elastic

>> No.49803106

Toxic mages

>> No.49803116


He was asking for it.

>> No.49803139

>> No.49803176

>> No.49803181

He still died

therefore MEDIOCRE

>> No.49803239



>> No.49803249

Aigis best girl

>> No.49803259

It's a girl ant.

Besides ant's are eusocial. Most ants are little more than an extension of the queen (or their queens). That's why they are considered super-organisms.

>> No.49803265

>David Hahn.jpg

>> No.49803283


Pretty fitting actually..

>> No.49803297


Oh fuck sauce

>> No.49803301

correction: the whole colony is the super-organism. The ant is just an organism.

>> No.49803303

>we are only recovering money
that scene is a direct ripoff from Heat with some words switched around, the payday crew has always been chaotic evil

>> No.49803326


>> No.49803335

Phantasmal force

>> No.49803354

I giggled

>> No.49803369

>> No.49803375

its always amazing how mobile and generally light on their feet guys in this heavy armor look

and then i remember how it protects you from basically nothing you'd ever actually encounter on the battlefield

>> No.49803390

>a game about literal criminals who will stop at nothing to get money
>implying they started anywhere above the lowest point of Evil

>> No.49803407

[Sayman] Ikimono Goroshi

>> No.49803450


>However, if we're both wasted/retards, it's not really rape because neither of us can give consent.

You're my favorite kind of rules lawyer.

>> No.49803470

>> No.49803504

>> No.49803506

>threaten to do something
>actually do it
>everyone acts shocked and asks why do that

A thing I hate both in games and real life.

>> No.49803520

Source on that character?

>> No.49803527


Climate/Terrain: Any
Frequency: Very rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Omnivore
Intelligence: Animal (1)
Treasure: Varies
Alignment: Neutral
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: -2/-10
Movement: 9, SR 9
Hit Dice: 100
THAC0: 5
No. of Attacks: 3
Damage/Attack: 10d6/10d6/60d4
Special Attacks: See below
Special Defenses: Hide limbs, flame sheath
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: G (2500’ diameter)
Morale: Fearless (19-20)
XP Value: 125,000

>> No.49803536


Can't she install a flashlight?

>> No.49803543

Read it again. The catapult broke and dropped the payload on the sieging force's own army.
It's more...
>threaten to do something
>accidentally do it to myself
>everyone acts shocked and asks are you okay

>> No.49803558

>For example: I can't have sex with a retard even if she wants me to because she can't give consent. I'd need her mom/dad to say yes before I could.
Ironically I've seen that happen before. Apparently being single mother with a tard of a daughter makes it hard to get by so the woman whored her kid for some extra cash. I'm kinda surprised someone actually wanted to hit that, but apparently some people would.

Also not sure if that's a thing everywhere but in my country elderly people can lose the ability to make legal decisions (usually on medical decision due to alzheimers or elderly dementia) in which case their nearest relative becomes legal guardian. The mental image of gramps asking me for permission because he has one of his brighter days and remembers what that thing down there is for me chuckle.

>However, if we're both wasted/retards, it's not really rape because neither of us can give consent.
Makes sense. I mean back at the elementary school when we were... I mean hypothetically speaking, when both participants are under age of consent, it's not rape either.

>> No.49803563

>[Sayman] Ikimono Goroshi

I feel bad because I was really hoping for sexy times but instead I got sads...

>> No.49803565

>actually do it
You need to re-read the comic, friend.

>> No.49803573


>> No.49803644


>> No.49803668 [SPOILER] 

I guess, if you are into that kind of stuff

>> No.49803723

>and then i remember how it protects you from basically nothing you'd ever actually encounter on the battlefield
What? Knives and martial arts are still very commonly used in modern day combat.
If a dude can't bend your wrist because your iron fucking gauntlet doesn't bend that way, then he's not going to fuck up your aim.
The reason we don't use full plate nowadays is because it's really confining and while mobility is less impacted than media would have you believe, modern soldiers are already running around with dozens of pounds of gear and trapping them in a hot metal box would basically mean heatstroke and death.

>> No.49803762



>> No.49803763

Because it's marvel 2099, and hispanics with blonde hair are common.

She's some regular woman that's brainwashed, and when she gets the right trigger word she gets swole and tall and turns into Cap.

>> No.49803801

There, there... don't make me feel bad about making you feel bad.
[Sayman] Rabbit's Foot

>> No.49803814


>> No.49803832



>> No.49803930

This is a movie. Watch it with friends.

>> No.49804033

>> No.49804164

a glorious death on the fury road is the goal of every warboy

>> No.49804206

>> No.49804307


Just read Dark Cybertron. I swear EVERY time they jump back to the Lost Light crew it's nothing but wall to wall comedy as this band of bickering idiots who are sometimes cars struggle to scrounge enough competence together to actually survive and maybe save the day.

I really can't wait to see what happened to them after they dealth with the DJD.

>> No.49804310

>women and non-white people aren't interested in a character
>character happens to be a white male
>change race and sex of character
>white men upset with the change are called racist/sexist

The problem with the "progression" all these lefties celebrate is that it essentially portrays women and non-white people as weak and in need of a hand-out. White men can take whatever shit gets thrown at them, because white men are awesome. Progressive.

>> No.49804428

Is this really a Western comic? Why isn't every other word bolded?

>> No.49804475

why are western comics have 1 out of 5 words bolded out? It makes reading dialogues pretty damn awkward

>> No.49804487

Marvel's editors are shit

>> No.49804501

>> No.49804507


Ok, he froze the lasers, sure. But he didn't freeze the things emitting them. Like breaking them would just clear the area for the laser to shine again, wouldn't it?

>> No.49804575

Don't worry anon, I fell for that image once too.

>> No.49804580

>The problem with the "progression" all these lefties celebrate is that it essentially portrays women and non-white people as weak and in need of a hand-out
I don't quite follow that logic.

That said, though, I'd rather see minority characters in comics either take over D-list identities most people don't care about (like what they did for Blue Beetle), or as new heroes.

>> No.49804648

I gotta have source on this.

>> No.49804653

>> No.49804662

Ted Kord was and still is beloved for his relationship with Green Lantern Micheal Jon Carter.

Spic Beetle Worst Beetle.

>> No.49804759

This is literally the opposite of what Marvel was supposed to be all about. Legacy characters are the worst sort of garbage, and they we're primarily DC's bag.

>> No.49804823

To put it simply, by considering the needs and wants of others, you're acknowledging that they HAVE needs and wants. This is insulting because an "good" person would be an invincible emotional juggernaut whose sheer fortitude would render all your actions irrelevant. Therefore, being considerate of others is inherently offensive.

Usually, this logic isn't used by the alleged victims, but by a third party who hates progressiveness for their own reasons and is searching for a moral high ground from which to look down on it.

>> No.49804864

Human Torch doesn't count?

>> No.49804943

don't pretend the modern comics reader remembers the Invaders era Android with fire powers.

>> No.49804950

Cape comics simple cannot do because of how gimmick depedent and reliant on brand recognition they are. In the end, what they are now was the future they choose, and they cannot escape it.

>> No.49804996

Maybe not nowadays but maybe back in the 60s when the Fantastic Four started.

>> No.49805019

The cultist passed out again? That's the fourth time this week.

>> No.49805031

>> No.49805099

I actually like the idea of putting stress on words the way people actually do in conversation. The only problem is that a lot of the boldfacing seems to be completely random and nonsensical.

>> No.49805149

So two drunk people are raping each other?

>> No.49805183

Is it rape when two squirrels have sex?

>> No.49805190


>where do you live

>> No.49805200

It's from drifters, which is by the creator of hellsing. The second episode aired recently.

>> No.49805203

>making new IPs is a gamble at best
It works for the Japanese. It helps when your shitty comic that you want to axe isn't entangled with your other ones.

>> No.49805220

Isn't the Japanese model built more around making the content creators do all the work themselves, and only really picking up a product once it's become successful?

>> No.49805227

ok but who's that character

>> No.49805263

He's called aram and he is a gigantic douche.

>> No.49805280

No. They pick up a product when you have a few chapters to show, some plans for future development, and it's not shit. Then they run it. Then they look at the survey for each issue to see how popular it is. If it's popular enough, it stays. Otherwise, it gets axed in the near future. They throw in one-shots as well, and some of those go on to be made into a series.

>> No.49805281

Ayup, that's how it works with all the WN>LN>manga>anime>all of the fucking merchandise stuff that's getting pulled nowadays.

>> No.49805302

That sounds like exactly what I just described.

In your example, they do nothing but shoulder the publication costs, and whatever they pay the creators, which I assume isn't much until they make it big.

>> No.49805394

They get payed per page, extra for color pages, and get royalties for sold volumes and merchandise. More or less, yes, they only shoulder the publication costs. They pay pretty well, but you have to pay for your assistants, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses using that money. Yes, you don't get payed that well until you're popular and can draw people into reading the comics, but what the fuck do you expect? Why should you get payed well regardless of how shit your product is?

>> No.49805433

Americans want good pay without any responsibilities. They may as well just let comics die out.

>> No.49805594

>Bugs finally took that left toin at Albequoique

>> No.49805643

I haven't really followed Transformers as a comic since the original in the 80's, but seeing these Megatron as an Autobot panels and characters acting with blown minds is always amusing.

>> No.49805675

>bitching about anime
>posts on 4chan
End yourself.

>> No.49806002



>> No.49806082


>it's pronounced Zan-geef

>> No.49806305

>an "good" person would be an invincible emotional juggernaut whose sheer fortitude would render all your actions irrelevant. Therefore, being considerate of others is inherently offensive
So Frank Miller writing Batman?

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