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In this thread we give helpful advice and tips for other DMs.

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Chili powder goes quiet nicely on fruit.

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Quit. In all honesty your players would be happier playing out their power fantasies in video games or jerking off to porn. If you are truly in this for the joy of world building and unfolding plots look into writing or anti-depressants.

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If we're constantly in and out of villages and hamlets who gives a fuck about rations.

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Stat up several encounters in advance as a backup, if your players end up going somewhere you did not expect then use one of your backup encounters at them

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DMNPCS are a big pitfall, they can rob the party of a sense of purpose if the DMNPC outshines them. However helpfull NPC's can make for memorable events. Name your shopkeeps, black smith's and magic item vendors, in larger settlments have multiple competing shops, make them stand out. Sidequests from shop keepers with the promise of discounts or free gear can be a simple way to grab the party's attention

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This. Just get a small folder of papers or files with the bare bones of some encounters just in case.

Also, TALK TO YOUR PLAYERS. If you have a problem player, if you think they aren't having fun, if you are stuck, if they are ignoring your plot. Be willing to talk with them instead of just at them.

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Wow. Someone's been DMing for the wrong crowd.

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Do not run a game with women, couples, or the mentally disabled.

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Dear Dungeon Demigod,

One of my player's backstory's had them made into Dragon-Hulk on a mysterious writer's camp where everyone else ended up dead due to an equally mysterious dragon attack.

Now the other campers are showing up as mutant dragon beasts.

As game master I have foolishly not yet selected a reason why someone made mutant dragon beasts. Any ideas?

Yours Sincerely,
Dragon Guy on The Fly

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Just when my ADHD autistic lesbian support group wanted to get into rpgs

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Both to have elementally advantaged mooks to throw at the dragons, and to piss one or more dragons the hell off by stealing their blood/essence/etc. and sticking it in a bunch of random yobs to get dragonhulks.
The dragon is presumably none too pleased either.

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I'd already read >>49797173 and it's great but >>49797158 is even better.

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0__0 That works really well, thank you.

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Played in a game with bad DMNPC issues. Every major event affected the NPC first. Every quest giver contacted the NPC with the mission, and they passed it on to us. Every other major NPC greeted and spoke with the DMNPC first. It was basically that character's story, and we were just tagging along to provide enough muscle to make her seem more awesome.

Luckily she was an elf, so that problem corrected itself when we made it to the orc camp in session 6...

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As a DM, you should never have an NPC talk directly to another NPC. Even if it would make sense for the story, just have the NPCs speak to the players about the situation.

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players started out thinking I had DMPC's until it turned out they were NPC's that the players could control or make to do things. They have weaksauce stats compared to them, and I pointed out that the PC's themselves are exceptional beings because otherwise their stats would be as low as these NPC's.

In short, one war vet has a guy who used to serve under him in his platoon, another has an egg that's going to end up hatching an Aarakocra, and the wizard noble has a Halfling Acolyte who takes care of her bills.

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>Game with bad DMNPC issues.
On this note:
I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about a stealth DM character, that I feel needs to be more carefully handled in every game than it appears in.

The Intelligent item.
Commonly known as Ego items in D&D, A.I.s in Sci-games, or various of other names in different settings.

Let me explain, I recall a D&D game where the players, DM, and game itself were fine they had their ups and down, but was an over all enjoyable experience. However whenever that damnable talking weapon came out. In combat, our of combat, simply referring to it. It completely took over the game, the story and peoples attention. Characters welding the weapon also became "When Talky-Weapon did X..." instead of when the player did it with Talky. In this particular scenario is was not even very plot relevant, it was introduced as part of a sub plot then lingered.

The campaign fizzled out so there was no conclusion to this story but it was not a favorable aspect of that game. I have no real advise on this topic other then
>"Don't do it"
>"Make sure it is integral to the story, and doesn't over shadow the characters."
But such an Integral McGuffin probably by passes the normal Intelligent object rules for you system, so in the end it's still "Don't use them, refer to McGuffin rules instead"

Do feel free to comment on this however fellow DMs.

>Beholder pumpkin.

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>Correction. 28s wait...
Motherbrain. Couldn't see from the mini icon. But beholder enough.

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