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Do people even read fantasy erotica anymore, or is it all about werevolves and billionaires now?

What kind of kinks do you like reading about when you're up for something more /tg/-themed?

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The internet has killed every other form of pornography

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Gor is still going strong

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What are you talking about? Fantasy erotica is plenty alive and well, it just isn't in trashy romance novels anymore.

Protip: Vampires, Werewolves, Elves and Demons, in that order of popularity.

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There's some on literotica, though I don't find alot that does it for me.

Is it so much to ask for beautiful busty queens unleashing their passion with young lads?

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>Is it so much to ask for beautiful busty queens unleashing their passion with young lads?

Just sign up to Elliquiy like the rest of us dorks and find a partner who's into that sort of thing.

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I'm new to the market. I just started putting smutty short stories up on the Amazon marketplace. I'm just asking for my favorite board's opinion while I'm doing market research.

I'll add "beautiful busty queens unleashing their passion with young lads" to the list, though. Just for you, anon.

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>Is it so much to ask for beautiful busty queens unleashing their passion with young lads?
Evidently so. Me and a friend tried something with a young farmboy becoming the consort of a fertility goddess a while ago, but our skill was in its infancy and it wasn't all that good. Might re-visit it one of these days.

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Frankie art is the meantime.

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Savage busty Queens are A*.

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Webcomic rules absolutely apply then - frequent and regular updates are the most important thing, quality and specific content come second. It's also not a bad idea to target nieche fetishes if you're looking for return customers.

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I take it you haven't dared enter the magical realm of Amazon self published works?

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Fertile looking priestesses are great too. Better than elves.

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Not long ago there was a weekend smut thread on /tg/. It later moved to /d/ for a bit, but I haven't seen it in a while so the threads probably started getting banned.

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Noted. My tentative system is releasing a weekly 3,000 to 5,000 word story on Amazon, as well as a free 1,000 word short on my blog. I want to focus on the writing and have a large stable before I do any of the dreaded MARKETING.

I'm one of them, Anon. I'm one of them.

Is it the whole corruption thing that people like about this? About the pure giving in to lust?

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>this long and no one mentions the /tg/ smut index

It died because they were deeply infected by people showing off their f-lists and stuff. Discussions just became about posting their ideas and plots. After a while I assume people simply gave up when the attention dwindled.

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I don't think that's particularly necessary. They're kind, disciplined titty monsters.

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Most normies do the fantasy bit completely wrong.

Most people who get the fantasy bit right are awful at porn.

And from the few that meet both, my fetishes are nearly invisible in there.

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Check again, boyo.


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How about you piss off with this trash? This is not a porn board.

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Allosaurus be like, sure, try and hit me with that apple peeler

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I'm sorry that i don't see a difference between one type of pictures of naked, grotesque-shaped women in fuck-me poses and the other. Just take this to /h/.

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Anon, you have to link to your amazon page now.

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I'm pretty tame when it comes to my monster erotica.
I'm really fond of mpreg with a monster getting knocked up .

Unfortunately, there's not as much written erotica/fanfiction with it as there is lewd art.

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If it pleases the both of you, I could also post naked, grotesque-shaped men.

I don't have enough titles to warrant a look yet! If you run into shitty covers that look like old D&D module rip-offs, then congrats.

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No it fucking doesn't. If i wasn't on mobile i could just report your ass but noww i need for someone to wise up as well. Roleplaying is already stigmatised enough in the mainstream without this toxic bullshit.

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Could you link to one product? If you don't want to share that's fine, but combing through the first 30 pages or so of fantasy erotica gives me at least 5 things that could fit that.

I'm just really curious, so it's not a big deal if you don't want to push it on 4chan.

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I think you might need to talk to your doctor about your ever increasing sodium levels.

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Do you have a throwaway e-mail?

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As soon as you talk to them about that testosteronee poisoning you have.

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You've got plenty of savage busty queens, but where's the /fit/ booty queen?

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>fertile-looking priestesses
>Is it the whole corruption thing that people like about this? About the pure giving in to lust?
Also there are the priestesses whose religion requires sex for their rituals, in which they give their all, because the deity requires nothing less. Chosen from puberty for their ideal bodyshape and temperment, and trained in esoteric stimulation and sensuality far beyond the most cultivated concubine, their indoctrination drives them to be the hottest fucks ever known. Allows you to invoke the disciplined, clinical, matter-of-fact style of a seasoned prostitute, or the enervated style of a redhot psycho, or the highly-appointed style of a sexual experience tailored to an impossible exquisiteness, or a fantastical outlet for repressed catholic seminarians. Write on, good anon.

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The wonderful thing about Frank Frazetta is that his pictures are wonderful enough just to look at for the gorgeous Paleolithic scenery porn.

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You're awfully concerned about the kind of content other people look at on the Internet. Are you sure you're not a regressive sjw cunt?

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Who /nakedblades/ here?
The Orc Bait saga had me coming gallons for years now.

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No, I'm concerned about content people post on a board i frequent. There are other places you can post your favorite porn, you don't need to come here.

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Not to mention the strange sci-fi and fantasy blend that was so big back then.

Whoever it is can just hide the thread.

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Hooooo boy! Damn!

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Nah, but don't worry about it. I'll keep an eye out I guess.

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>regressive sjw
Do you even understand words you use or you are just shouting random memes you saw on /pol/?

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Shit anon, I'd like a link too, I'm curious

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>mfw erotic fantasy writers have been ripping off /tg/ for years

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I've got a few /fit/ girls for ya.

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Send that throwaway e-mail on through, Anon.

A Boris is fine, too. Here's a Julie Bell to try on for size.

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>My Horny Taboo Elf Stepmom Book 8

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Those two are some of my favorite artists. And not even for all that naked muscle. They're just good at what they do. They're up there with Brom in my book.

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Those women look stronger than me. I think I'm aroused.

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So many keywords.

Pic related.

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Well, guess I'm back in the shit now.

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Welcome back, whoever you are.

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Even Satan knows whats up with the booty

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I see a lot of them get titled 'Mate' too, presumably for the same reason. Honestly I thought for a while about doing what OP is doing, but the thought of writing under a pseudonym and potentially an other-gender pseudonym didn't really appeal to me. And AFAIK from others who do this, the returns are more likely to be a hobby income that anything full-time.

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Remember back in the day when fantasy paintings with gorgeous near-naked men and women weren't considered sexist, but were considered to be celebrations of the human form?

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Greek mythology

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Those people often suggest regressive policies like banning porn or segregating people.

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[email protected]

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>segregating people
You don't know what you are talking about. Is you having your own home a "segregation"? Same way safe spaces for women or People of Color aren't.

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I've always wanted to read a story where the male protagonist is just a regular human man and he falls in love with a monstrous girl.

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Actual monster or just a human with non-human bits stitched on?

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Care to share some of that research? I´ve always been curious what stuff sells in erotica beyond the typical stuff.

Would love to try myself, but not being a native English speaker really makes me too shy about putting in the effort.

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>Male Human and Female Werewolf is my biggest fetish.
>Always feel like I am lumped in with Furries

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>I want smut involving anthropomorphized animals
>why do people think I'm a person interested in anthropomorphized animals?

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Preferably a girl that can turn into a big dangerous monster, like Maleficent

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>TFW I like that too
>[Spoiler/]TFW like anthros and furry porn but get lumped in with fusuiters, cringy OCs and people who can't hide their power level[Spoiler]

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Either segregation is always bad, or segregation can be justified. Safe spaces, in the sense of straight banning types of people from an area, do segregate people.

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>Enjoy the idea behind transformation from human to ravenous image of humanity
>Must mean I want to fuck dogs.

It's the nature behind the Werewolf, not purely the Wolf part.

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Having places men are not allowed but banning or heavily criticising places women are not allowed is not only segregation, its hypocritical bigotry. Anybody who actually gives a shit about equality would recognise that.

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>Let me tell you all a story 'bout the Joker and the Thief in the night

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Actual monster that can do a shoddy impression of a human that is passable with concealing clothing is cute.

Like how pic related can do a shoddy impression of a dog, or like Wilbur Whatley

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I wish we got more good weird sci-fi with erotica.

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You know what I would like, the sexual escapades of a bar maid in a fantasy setting with the passing adventurers that frequent the tavern she works at.
Could get alot of variety out of that, and use the unusual fantasy side of the setting for alot of crazy stuff.

Bonus points if she's got a thick and curvy body and wears one of those olde serving wench tops that displays mounds of cleavage

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That one's going into my smut plot ideas folder, thanks anon.

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OP here. That's a whole series right there. Gold.

I e-mailed you, Anon.

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like this?

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Yeah along those lines.

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This thread reminds me of the smut threads and all the stories I had in mind.

>> No.49799120

Do you mean the /d/ version? Because the /tg/ version died when board police shitposted it to hell and then false-flagged it I the middle of the week until they could get a mod to step in and ban the whole thing. What got shunted off to /d/ was already a corpse.

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I'm tired of Japan's constant overriding NEED for degradation and forced sex.

Why not just some happy passionate sex where the chick isn't acting like she's being forced into it and saying "No!" and "don't touch me there, Kiyaah!"

>> No.49799163

It sells, man. Not everything is like that but a large part of the market for doujins wants it.

The hentai people that I like a lot, like Yukimi, Yamatogawa, Yonekura Kengo, tend not to be so bad with this. Or even have the opposite, in the latter's case.

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Only degenerates buy porn in quantities worth mentioning

>> No.49799178

Well, anon, I know a wonderful place for you.

>>49797386 Tell them the Mouse sent you.

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>tfw no story about an earth golem who mistakes a plump, thick-thighed peasant girl for an ancient fertility idol and fucks her into a sopping mess

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After reading the Alifie comic I'd be up for anything involving slutty fat-bottomed halfling girls banging the taller races, THICC dorf women work too in a pinch and after downing more booze

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