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>Needs More Nukes
Is this the Godzilla equivalent of "Needs more salt"?

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Mark of a Crimson King doesn't mention that it is a super mode for quite a ways into the description, it makes the perk rather confusing.

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You know the part where it mentions you can channel energy from the world into yourself? That's the super mode. The rest of it is something you always have.

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Maybe, see the early manga is basically everyone either jobbing or just being below the level of Kyo. I'd say it takes a while to get to Edo whilst walking but I don't know enough of ancienct Japans road system to tell you exactly how long until the final fights hit. Training and such don't really happen on screen, save for when BS Secret Sword Techniques are installed directly into Kyo's soul at one point by his swordsmanship teacher.

I literally can't help that, but just in case it's a miscommunication I will try to help.

Earlier it started out with the super mode and then the base state but someone wanted it reworded. I did so, how would I go about clarfying basically this >>49793992.

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Going in for a shower, be fifteen to twenty minutes before I can reply again.

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1020 has a mention of 'the author asked you to stop', but thats all i've got so far.

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...could we learn the BS Secret Sword Techniques-oh, they're the Yin-Yang Sword things aren't they.

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Before bed, here's some builds and writefaggotry dumps.

Jump 03 - Metal Gear - You know, this is a lot less funny when you're up close to it.
Age: 23
Origin: R&D - Wait, you're PAYING me to do science? And make cool gadgets? Awesome. [900]
I've Got Science - Yes, I do! Specialty is in infantry-sized weaponry.
Omni-Keyed - Security? More like shitcurity. Haha. Ha. [800]
Box-Tech - Love it. [600]
A New Age of Warfare [300] - A weapon to surpass Metal Gear! Copyright: The Gamemaster.
Gun Enthusiast [200] - Gotta maintain my stuff somehow, right?
Marksman [200] - Helps.
10-year Vet [0] - Best not to freak out at every little thing.

Arms Material D-114 - Nice.
Water Gun - ...also good, I guess?
Naked Camo - Woo.
Civilian Clothes - Yup.
The Box - YUP.
What was that noise? - IT WAS PAIN.
Idroid [100] - Want this.
Codec [50] - And this.
GMP [0] - I have no idea what this is, I just saw dollar signs and got REALLY excited.

War Has Changed [100] - I'm going WHERE after this?
Superstitious [200] - Look, I'm just saying, Bigfoot? Big Boss? It can't be a coincidence!
Metal GEAR? [300] - Parrot?

So I start off as a hostage. Not really a stellar start. I remember graduating at the top of my class in Engineering and weapons development, enough so that I practically soared through university in a true improbable Metal Gear fashion. There was a family. Friends. Alien thoughts dancing at the edge of my mind, of trials and troubles leading me here. And now...I'm hostage to Zanzibar Land.

It seems the good Doctor Marv's discovery has really gotten them worked up. They spared me the fate of the others who were captured on the condition that I make weapons for them. And I as I return to awareness, I realize...no, I REMEMBER the truth.

This is all the work of Big Foot.

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...oh, hey Brion. What's up? Uh...no, guards, this is just a friend of mine. He's a very enthusiastic peasant cosplayer. I promise.

‘What’s cosplay'? What do you mean what's cosplay, it's-

Okay, woah, put the guns down I'm still helping out.

Yup they're gonna kill me. Time to give the PAUSE button another workout. Ugh. I guess I can fight my way out until I either escape or find a good place to hide the Warehouse door. There's probably mines outside, so I'm better off waiting for Snake to arrive and following him out. Which means having to outrun an eventual explosion, of course.

Brion and I spend the majority of the jump being jackasses while I'm designing random weapons and gadgets that find their way into the hands of Snake. I keep all the good stuff for myself, but I run into my first problem: WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE SPARE PARTS. I NEED THOSE. I KEEP RUNNING OUT. AAAAAGH.

At some point, war changes.

But the hunt for Big Foot continues.

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Jump 04: Metal Gear Rising - RULES OF NATURE!
Age: 22 - Wait did I just get younger? Again?
Location: Denver, Colorado - Woo! Middle of nowhere!
HF Blade Training [900] - Yup.
Master Swordsman [300] - Oh hell yeah I'm getting - annnnd almost out.
Cut at Will [0] - YES.

Masterpiece Weapon [50] - NEED NEED almost out already. I love the whole ‘press trigger to draw’ thing, too.
Exoskeleton [0] - ...does it have to be skintight, though?

Pervert! - LOOK. Just because I have no idea what I'm doing doesn't mean I can't appreciate the female form! [150]
Smokin' Sick Suck - LOOKIT THESE MOVES, MAN. [100]

Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Everyone says ‘watch out for the crazy man with the Exoskeleton’. Everyone says I'm insane for refusing jobs I desperately need and randomly showing up in battlefields. Along with showing up on buses while in a full exoskeleton But they're the crazy ones, yes sir. They don't know who really runs the show. The one I must defeat to end the legacy of the Patriots once and for all.

Big Foot.

>Uh...Anon, I'm pretty sure Big Foot doesn't actually exist.
>And that we've been on a wild goose chase for...a long time, now.
...son of a bitch, you're probably right.


New tosses, please. I'll roll when I wake up.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening

>> No.49794099

Leage of legends

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I'm back...
Whelp the water heater has crapped out on me and now I'm cold, but ready to answer questions.

Actually it's core is Realm of Nothingness but it's called The Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu, I link to it in the note section at the bottom of my pdf. It's basically BS Zen Swordsmanship the Style but you should be able to learn it fairly easily. The Ougi can be installed directly to your soul but there's a 80 to 90 percent chance that the student will die, which most Jumpers could lower via quackery I'm sure.

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What's the range on Satori?

>> No.49794179

>80% to 90% chance that the student will die
Never tell me the odds!

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Er, it isn't said but i'd assume it works like Shingan in that way, growing larger the more spiritual energy you have until about a hundred yards before being really difficult to 'hear' through.

Ah. That made me smile.

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What about the evens?

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Does Shingan work through physical obstructions? Also, if I'm understanding it right, it's not only complete awareness of a 100-meter area, but also 360-degree vision/hearing?

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>Does Shingan work through physical obstructions?

>Also, if I'm understanding it right, it's not only complete awareness of a 100-meter area, but also 360-degree vision/hearing?
Those are parts of awareness, yes. The guy this is base on could 'see' through the light reacting off the edge of his aura and had the ability to 'feel' ions in light as well as 'see' the color of the wind. It's a whole sense unto itself.

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In response to a few questions and the fact that I forgot some shit that I really should have included before, I'm dropping another update. This version, bar any responses that point out some dumb shit I did, will probably be what gets put on the drive.

Updated the wording on a few things, no changes to mechanics with one exception
Which is that it's now explicitly possible to buy New Team multiple times
Added an actual "end of jump" section, which I forgot due to idiocy.
Added some more Notes stuff

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>Purchasing Frantic Mode and Contagious Casual Nudity would allow you to be naked all the time without any negative repercussions, pretty much.
What do you mean by this? Like, no repercussions physically or do you mean no one minds that we're naked anymore?

>> No.49794241

As far as I can tell, there isn't that much synergy between 'Hard Work Is Its Own Reward' and 'Playing With Super Powers'.

In video game parlance, if you get to level 99 before game over, then HWIIOR simply makes it easier and easier with repetition to make it to level 99 again. It doesn't guarantee that you have what it takes to ever make it to level 100.

So if you have a perk that lets you get improvement from playing those same 99 levels over and over, HWIIOR will be a big help, as it makes that achievement seem easier and easier. If you don't, and need to surpass your prior limits to gain new skills, then it's probably not much help at all.

>> No.49794246

The latter. Frantic mode is a permanent excuse to be naked. Or it can be if you want, anyways.

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>> No.49794252

>The limits of this power seem to be intrinsically linked to one’s own reaction times, understanding of the information given, and bodily limits.

Okay. Also, this -- specifically the last part -- seems to imply that if you see a mile with your eyes, you could see a mile with the light hitting the edges of your awareness?

>> No.49794255

He shows up in 1067, talking about new bleach.

...Other than the fact that he ignored getting yelled at to stop talking to the guys talking about lewd stuff, he does seem rather nice.

>> No.49794257

Jumpers, have you ever run one of Those Shops?

What sort of interesting things have you sold people?

But if no one cares you're naked, what's the point?

>> No.49794264

That's about right.

>> No.49794272

Are you thinking of another perk?

>The First Is Always The Hardest - 400cp, Bride: A project done well makes you proud. If you go all-out on a project it stands as an example of what you can achieve. It will inspire you to do just as well next time, and the effort required to match your previous result seems less and less arduous with each repetition.

>Hard Work Is Its Own Reward - 600cp, Adult: Anyone can train up a skill with time, but you get so much more out of it. They're just training the individual skills, but when you practice your physical skills, like swordsmanship or martial arts, you're also pushing your core attributes - strength, flexibility, cardio – to their limits, building them up as well.

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I'm in the same camp, honestly. The thrill of nudity is in violating taboo. If everyone's chill with it, the thrill is greatly diminished.

>> No.49794301

Here's the WIP I posted last thread.

The First is Always the Hardest + Disgaea Jump would be Goat.

>> No.49794316

Even if everyone else thinks it's normal, it doesn't really take away from the thrill. Also everyone treating it as normal is just another type of fetish anyway.

>> No.49794319

>getting my own perks mixed up.
I hang my head in shame. SHAME.
Sorry, HWIIOR would work with Playing With Super Powers, but pretty much the only attribute you'd improve is your manual dexterity or perhaps reaction speed, since the attribute improvement is a side effect of what you're actually doing. And no matter what skill you're training while playing games, the only physical attribute you're using is the dexterity of your fingers on the controls.

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Is Wanderer still required for True Mibu?

>> No.49794327

Though I suppose if you were wearing a VR rig or motion controls you might be able to train other attributes.

>> No.49794328

Nope, I've got the old build held back if you guys don't like this one but I wanted Kyo and the Battle Dolls represented.

>> No.49794335

Ah, I see, so Wanderer is Battle Dolls and True Mibu is Kyo, understood. Just taking True Mibu still puts on mid-story Kyo's level, right?

>> No.49794338

What size font is that?

>> No.49794339

Should probably up True Mibu's price to make up for that then.

>> No.49794348

Full True Mibu is Kyo in his real body so yeah.



>> No.49794352

500, like it was before. Didn't you pretty much agree last thread (or the one before) that it was balanced costing so much because it offered so much power?

>> No.49794356

(Bit got cut off)
Especially with the revelations on this Megaton business meaning the high end is even higher.

>> No.49794362

If I may interject, I'd prefer 400. That way, I have to max out drawbacks to get everything I want but I can still get everything I want.

>> No.49794364

Are you going to add some fluff to the 'His Eyes Change' drawback?

>> No.49794375

True, but others were against it...

Yeah access to biggatons is a huge draw isn't it? True Mibu is kinda the fronloaded power up deal whilst the others are different.]

I'll look into it.

Yeah as soon as I get everything laid out right then I'll expand on my fluff.

>> No.49794381

Others were for it too, I'd say more then were against it and the ones that were against didn't speak up after you explained why it cost so much. There was no big shitstorm over it at 500 and you personally agreed it fit at the price, along with a few others too. Given the only argument against it being 500 so far is "I can't buy everything I want", it doesn't seem like there's much against it.

>> No.49794387

I feel like you could do with another 300 CP drawback.

Also, some of text in the capstones seems... stylistically inconsistent.

>> No.49794392

Looking at the wiki article, anyone can learn it, it just requires complete mastery of body, technique, spirit, and swordsman skills.

To be fair anon this was back when we were purchasing for two origins, not one. Besides, as stated above anyone can learn the megaton scale attack. The only real difference is that True Mibu starts you out stronger then the main cast. Remember, one of the Battle Dolls was able to slay Kyo, that's why they share a body in the first place.

>> No.49794402

True Mibu gives you the true eyes for free, which are several dozen times better overall then the Red Eyes, the 200cp perk for the 100cp Wanderer origin. That seems worth at least 500cp to me.

>> No.49794414

Well, you're also forgetting True Mibu's perks also offer much more power then the equivalent perks of other origins too.

>> No.49794422

(same guy as >>49794402 just didn't see part of your response)

The problem with 'anyone can learn it' is that the True Mibu get perks that make it way easier for them to learn it. They get ones that let them just bypass some of the requirements on it.

>> No.49794436

The style itself is just that, a style. The True Mibu line just gives you a leg up specifically there.

Yeah I want to flesh it out more.

I didn't keep my style very well when typing after twelve hours of just reading all the manga in one, from where I left off somewhere in the middle that is.

>Looking at the wiki article, anyone can learn it, it just requires complete mastery of body, technique, spirit, and swordsman skills.

> Remember, one of the Battle Dolls was able to slay Kyo, that's why they share a body in the first place.
Also true. Guy was a perv but damn did he know a broken style. Yin Sword is such bullshit.

Just wanna clarify are you asking if the True Read Eyes itself should be 600 CP?

So does Bounty Hunter just saying...

>> No.49794444

>Just wanna clarify are you asking if the True Read Eyes itself should be 600 CP?
No, just saying that because they're so powerful, that's one of the reasons the origin itself needs to cost a lot. 500 is still pretty cheap in my eyes given the difference between the normal eyes and the true ones, but it's better then only paying 100 more for them then the Wanderers would.

>Bounty Hunter
But Bounty Hunter doesn't get all this other stuff ON TOP of bypassing the restrictions.

>> No.49794445

And? I stated they started out stronger, but that just gives them a headstart. The Former Crimson King is a battle doll, an incredibly strong one but still a battle doll, and he was able to fight Kyo at his strongest evenly. Not only that, but looking at your own math, 200 + 100 is 300, adjusting for being free that's 400. And keep in mind, that's ignoring that Wanderers get a discount so that would actually be 300, with it being stronger bringing it back up to 400.

And so does Bounty Hunter, which is another 100cp background. I see your point, but the fact is that True Mibu only gives you a head start, anyone can reach the same level with enough training.

>> No.49794449

>Yin sword
Also a perk for True Mibu. Just saying and all, they get loads of broken shit.

>> No.49794457

Which also costs 300cp with discount.

>> No.49794482

Your math isn't too great. They'd get that 200cp perk discounted, so it's only 100cp. Not sure what this adjustment you're talking about is but overall it only costs 200cp for them. The True version is so much better. They get 8 times the spiritual energy, go from "A few times above peak human" to "Town level", vastly enhanced reaction times and so on. It's a gargantuan boost, not one that can be justified by just a 100cp difference in pricing between Wanderer+ Red Eyes and True Mibu as it is now with their free True Red Eyes.

As for the Bounty Hunter thing, like I say before, they get that AND everything else for just 200cp more. Yeah it's a head start, but it's a fucking massive one.

And? It still means that origin has more broken stuff available to it, that's stronger then the perks the other origins get.

>> No.49794493

>500 is still pretty cheap in my eyes given the difference between the normal eyes and the true ones, but it's better then only paying 100 more for them then the Wanderers would.
A solid argument along with this
>But Bounty Hunter doesn't get all this other stuff ON TOP of bypassing the restrictions.
is fairly good accessment, though bounty hunter is more I read minds have Plot Armor and can really talk to folks but I get you. True Mibu is hella frontloaded.

>The Former Crimson King is a battle doll, an incredibly strong one but still a battle doll, and he was able to fight Kyo at his strongest evenly.
Yep, he's comparable to the Rare Kind, which you can be as a Wanderer.

It's a second Capstone you have to buy, but I do understand your argument.

Again a solid argument, I've going through the maths right now to see which give the right numbers.

>> No.49794498

> The Scroll only appears when needed for your transformation
> Every shinobi is expected to study at least one of the above scrolls

So, just to clarify, scrolls are items that need to be on your person in order to use... but training can allow someone to use them more effectively?

Also, can the scrolls be obtained in-jump? I mean, if everyone's expected to study them it'd make sense, but these things aren't always sensical.

>> No.49794515

That's what I said, the background plus the perk would be 300, except the discount brings it to 200. Adjusting for the True version being free, that's 300 and the power boost is 400. Town level is if you buy the capstone, not if you just buy True Red Eyes. Sure, it's stronger, but that's still paying 400 for what's normally a free perk.

Sure, but it's not insurmountable, and besides buying everything takes up ALL your cp, meaning that buying anything else would require drawbacks, hell if you bring it up to 400 you have to buy drawbacks just for the main perks! That's ignoring the items and other perks you might want.

Sure, but see above. It costs you a lot, and only puts you at the mid level of the series' protagonist.

>> No.49794541

Whatever happened to the anon that was working on this jump?

>> No.49794545

>Adjusting for true level
I don't know why you're doing this. It's free. True Mibu don't pay anything for it. Not sure what you're talking about with power boost either. It costs them 300 to get. It costs Wanderers 200 to get their Red Eyes. If Wanderer also had to pay for their 100cp perk to get red eyes you might be able to add 100cp to True Mibu's effective cost but they don't so I don't know why you bring it up.

>you body is capable of measuring favorably against small town in sheer durability
No, it's in True Red Eyes.

And no, you're paying 300cp for what is far superior version of what another origin pays 200cp for. Superior in the sense that it's x7-8 times better in some categories and hundreds to thousands of times better in others. That is not worth a paltry 100cp difference.

>Buying anything else takes drawbacks
Correct. You are buying into what is close to the strongest group, puts you far beyond any other origin and still offers you discounts on all the strongest perks in the jump, including what the creator himself has cited as being incredibly broken.

>> No.49794549

The Secret Ninja Scroll and Super Secret Ninja Scroll are canonical items that you need to physically use to activate their effects. Every other scroll is something I more or less made up in order to make customizing your fighting style workable without adding a second sub-section after the appearance section. It is all based off stuff in the actual games, but 'based' is the keyword.

There's room to fanwank, but I'd just think of them like skill books in a game, sort of. They contain the written instructions on how to use the technique in them, but they also kind of have the skill of the technique imbued into them directly. So using the scrolls as a focus for your techniques isn't a bad plan, but not strictly necessary for the technique to work at all.

>> No.49794574

Alright here's how the math goes!
As of right now it works out like so:
True Mibu (300) + True Red Eyes (000) + Realm of Nothingness (100) + The Power of Faith (200) + Yin-Yang Blade (300) + Mark of a Crimson King (300) = 1200 CP but well worth it.
As I said last time the previous build cost 1400 CP to get the above. If I raise it to 500 it will be this once more. This is before the 500 CP of discounted items you could get or any of the other assorted things

Eh! It's supposed to be Townhouse, basically building durability, that's a fuck up on my part!

>> No.49794588

Alright, thanks for the reply.

>> No.49794596

Yeah, big mess up if you meant townhouse and typed small town. Point remains that it's still tens of times better then the other perk for just 100cp more.

I've given all my arguments for it to be raised to 500cp above. The perks True Mibu have are on average much stronger then the other perks and it gets for free a vastly superior version of another origins 200cp perk. As is, it only pays 100cp more for that powerful freebie. It really makes Wanderer seem shortchanged too with that low a cost.

If you like you could always raise the drawback cap to 1800, which is almost enough to buy all perks and items with the raised price. You'd lose out on the 100cp item at most.

>> No.49794631

Thanks for the feedback. Dear me it's been a good day today for this. Each side is well and truly helping!

>Yeah, big mess up if you meant townhouse and typed small town. Point remains that it's still tens of times better then the other perk for just 100cp more.
True as I said it's a fuck up, but I'll fix that and your argument is still damn solid.

>I've given all my arguments for it to be raised to 500cp above.
Thank you again, and thanks for not turning it into a storm that was decent of ya, we've had too may of those recently.

>It really makes Wanderer seem shortchanged too with that low a cost.
I can agree with that view as of right now.

>If you like you could always raise the drawback cap to 1800.
Can I? I'm not one of the big name Jumpmakers so I tried not to shake the boat too much. If I raised the Drawback Limit I'd need more drawbacks. For balance reasons.

>> No.49794642

Huh. So is the organic-ness a requirement or is it just the soul-ness (or in universes without "souls", having animal+ sapience)?

lol, Jumper in Mass Effect:
>Does this unit have a soul?
>Well... let me try something...

>> No.49794644

1800 is quite common actually. I think it works with 1600 or 1800 but I think with the number of high cost stuff you've probably got more reason then quite a lot of jump makers to extend to 1800 this time.

>> No.49794653

>Not sure why you're doing this
Because it's free. I'm adding the 100cp it would cost if anyone else could get it.

>No it's in True Red Eyes
Apparantely not >>49794574. Besides, I agree that the price should be changed, but to 400 instead.

And that's where you stop getting free stuff. Keep in mind that Kyo doesn't train to get most of his power, he just lost it after he was killed and is just now getting it back. You have to actually train to get the rest of your power, which could take a long time, and still wouldn't let you take on the likes of the final boss given that the Jumpmaker himself warned against going there.

We're just going to have to agree to disagree on this matter. While I agree the price should be raised, 500 seems a bit much here.

Eh, it's fine. If you're really worried about, you could always go the DeSu route and have it be 600 UNLESS you take a 800cp drawback. Maybe one dealing with fighting the Former Crimson King or full power Kyo? Also, this >>49794644.

>> No.49794668

Guy who was arguing for 400cp here, by the way, it's a lot later then I thought over here, so I'm turning in for the night. If any arguments against my position are brought up while I'm asleep, I concede the point. I need sleep right now.

>> No.49794698

I tend to toe the line carefully as a Jumpmaker since I can be a total dick at times, without even realizing it.

>I agree that the price should be changed, but to 400 instead.
Taking that into consideration.

>still wouldn't let you take on the likes of the final boss given that the Jumpmaker himself warned against going there.
Just saying it was a fucking terrfing fight, a Jumper out of context might be able to thrash everyone but with just True Mibu and some Training? I dunno I'd say 50/50 if you found a BS Sword Style or something.

>While I agree the price should be raised, 500 seems a bit much here.
Universal raise, just working on the points at this point got you.

>If you're really worried about, you could always go the DeSu route and have it be 600 UNLESS you take a 800cp drawback.
Another fine idea that I'll look into.

>> No.49794714

Guy arguing for 600 (At least the one that did for most of this thread). Not much more to say myself that isn't us going back and forth over the same issue so I'll end it here too, unless Gauntlet wants to raise some specific point with me.

>> No.49794716

The amount of CP you "permit" is generally relative to the amount of content you have in your jump, and raising it generally isn't "shake the boat" unless you really don't have much content (and thereby raising the cap becomes hard to justify to begin with).

Very few people complain about getting more CP, if the drawbacks themselves aren't necessarily giveaways. Otherwise you could probably even raise it to 2k CP, but looking at the jump (with the current offers) I don't really see a need to do that.

>> No.49794742

How about a compromise at 500?

>looking at the jump (with the current offers) I don't really see a need to do that.
Raising it to 800 would be okay then? Alright, that on top of if I can get the compromised number means people won't shout me down for not allowing them any choice in the undiscounted stuff at the top.

>> No.49794754

Shit, I meant 500. I was arguing for 500 like it originally was. Typo. But yes, I'm happy with 500.

>> No.49794798

If you need a "guideline", you can think of it in terms of capstones. This is a really simplified approach to figuring out caps, but it serves as an initial guideline from where you can expand (based on what key perks you see in your own jump).

with a 1/2/4/6 system...
1000 CP is 1 capstone discounted, and another capstone.
1600 CP is 1 capstone discounted and 2 other capstones.
1800 CP is 3 capstones without discounts, or the "case 2" with room for extra stuff on top.
You can put together cases to see what occurs beyond that. The highest I've gone up to is 3200 CP.

I use capstones as an elementary reference point because many jumpmakers tend to focus the majority of their attention onto capstones, so you don't regularly see as many item options that go into high CP costs, or companion options that have high CP costs. As you introduce more complex systems like say Red's CP customization stuff for example, the equation becomes more complicated.

But of course as I said, this is just for basic evaluation. If you already stop yourself at this point and think "I can't let them have 1800 CP" then that's a good sign to cut it off, even before you start adding in items and companions into the mix for consideration. There could be reasons for this like troublesome combinations, or things that would be "too obvious not to take".

Personally I think 800 should work given what you have, but you know your jump and its perks better than I would, so it's best you analyze the situation for yourself and see.

>> No.49794819

Thanks for this advice Dirge! It should hold up under 1800 total CP, with all the undiscounted asides being a CP drain if you want fun stuff like that; I Just need more drawbacks.

Dissison on the True Mibu Origin for now is it will be 500 CP outright unless you take His Eyes Change for no points, which will allow crafty builders to squeeze the system a little, it'll be 300 at that point.
How's this?

>> No.49794880

>His Eyes Change
Don't know, the drawback isn't really finished so we don't know if that's good or not.

>> No.49794898

Here you go...
His Eyes Change [+200]: Something very strange has happened to you. Your body is now gone and you are bound to a chosen companion by a method almost like that which was done to a certain samurai. You’ll have to deal with the fact that you can only free yourself from this state for around ten minutes every few hours each day but during those few moments you somehow are able to draw forth your full strength. At all other times you find your host has to rely upon their own perks, skills, and abilities.

>> No.49794918

Some of it got cut off..
You'll be able to break free of this state if you can only find your body, but that will be an adventure unto itself.

>> No.49794928

Not sure. If you've got a really strong companion, it's not much of a drawback. If you don't have companions, you can't even take it. I'd suggest a different drawback or changing that one, since a number of jumpers won't even be able to use it.

>> No.49794937

Actually, why not specify that you just get bound to some in jump person if you don't have any companions? It doesn't solve the issue of a strong companion making it cheapo but at least everyone can have it.

>> No.49794944

My two cents? I think the drawback should just be some random person. Solves anons problem cause it don't matter if you have strong, weak or no companions.

Ah, ninja'd. Might as well post.

>> No.49794957

Some no-name is about to get you shoved in their head, tempted to make it Yuya so you give her a power boost.
Normal grade or samurai, starting Manga, or Yuya?

>> No.49794976

I'd say just some normal samurai. They can still defend themselves against a normal threat but they need you to defend against anything supernatural. They're also more likely to get into danger rather then some civilian who might just sit on a farm for ten years.

>> No.49794998

Sorry I wasn't very clear there.
The choices were:
Normal Grade Samurai
Manga Begining Grade Samurai (Has Aura and a Style but nothing else)
Yuya (She's a MC layered in Plot Armor basically there to be Kyo's Girlfriend after she got out leveled by cheating Mibu and Battle Dolls, may have latent Satori and has the potential to become awesome but not in the time frame that she was given apparently)

>> No.49795011

I have no idea how Yuya would be a drawback. I guess Manga Beginning Grade would be fairest since it's like them getting the jump freebies and it is only 200cp. Should probably need a part saying they will get in trouble every now and then. Not necessarily fighting the final boss or anything, but enough that they do get in risky scenarios to make it so you need to intervene every now and then.

>> No.49795100

Generic Universal Monsters
Abbot and Costello Meet the Jumper+100 How can I not take this?
Killed the Cat+100 because science!
Pentagram Warning+100 not really going to be much of a Dick, so this won't factor much
House of Dracula+300 let's make this interesting
Scientist , as if I could go anything else.
The Beast Among Us-400 I've made a point of stacking these.
Occult Research free for scientist very useful here
Essence Distillation-200 discount scientist now to spike every public water supply in the world with liquid empathy! You that
IT'S ALIVE-300 discount scientist fuck making monsters, get published.
Back from the Grave-600 also making a point of stacking this
Library free for Scientist books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFMnXsL1Ri8
Lab-100 CP, discount Scientist every good mad scientist requires one of these.
#The main plan: step one purchase an island. Step two cover its perimeter in infinite liquid generators so they dump out into the ocean, step three load them with liquid good step four profit. It's foolproof! Roll(1d100)+0: 73,+0 Total:73 or not, apparently I only made the fish benevolent..... Plan#2 publish all the science I can, at this point I've already compiled or had mother box. Compile all my science knowledge into tiered essays to bootstrap up to Clark tech levels, how does this world respond to that kind of thing? Roll(1d100)+0:27,+0 Total:27 very well apparently! Since people can be reformed with a single pill ,Most diseases and even death has been cured with the might of science, the factory has been replaced with the home fabricator, the resource problem has been cured with the Paragon resource generator, the housing problem has been cured with tower cities that stretch beyond the heavens! Also I make up that one drawback from the last jump to my wife and get into some really cool flights

>> No.49795107

>Yuya a Drawback?
Yuya is attracted to the plot.

>Manga Beginning Grade
I can work with it. How about this for wording it.

His Eyes Change [+200]: Something very strange has happened to you. Your body is now gone and you are bound to a mild mannered Ronin by a method almost like that which was done to a certain samurai. You’ll have to deal with the fact that you can only free yourself from this state for around ten minutes every few hours each day but during those few moments you somehow are able to draw forth your full strength. At all other times you find your host has to rely upon their own skills and abilities (They count as a Ronin with An Era of Embers, Aura, Hidden Forbidden Jumper Style, and A Dragon with Two Heads freebies, you counting as the alternate persona of A Dragon with Two Heads). This wouldn't be so bad if your Host didn't draw oddities and adventure their way no matter where they go, prepare to live in some interesting times Jumper because whilst nothing compared to what the plot gets up to you will have to intervene a few times at the least to keep your Host alive. Your Host is kind person who likes their drink, peace, and fights non-lethally at nigh all costs but can never seem to give up the life of a wandering sword..
You'll be able to break free of this state if you can only find your body, but that will be an adventure unto itself.
You may take the Host as a companion after this Jump if they so wish to join you on your adventures.

>> No.49795186

>Yuya is attracted to plot
And apparently survives without you there to make her stronger, hence me questioning it.

Looks good. Personal preference would be to let the anon taking the jump decide the ronin's personality but I guess that's something that can be fanwanked.

>> No.49795200

I was making a spoof at the Rurouni Kenshin with the personality there, but I'm also terrible at writing blank slate characters. I've been told that's both a good and bad thing. Also did we get a conclusive yes on someone doing Ruroni Kenshin, I'd love that and support them in their efforts if so.

>> No.49795228

How about "Their personality and general history is up to the jumper" if you wanted to give a blank slate option? No need to go into much detail with a blank slate after all.

I believe someone was but they gave it up.

>> No.49795251

Alrighty then the host is up to jumper.

Shit really?

>> No.49795258

Ok, so the Fortress of Arrogance. There's io version of LoT where I don't break the deadlight, so the question is, how big is it? And what kind of firepower does it carry?

>> No.49795275

Well, this was a few months ago so maybe someone brought it up since then?

>> No.49795283

Hoo boy. Now isn't THAT an old argument.

Basically, no one knows for sure on either. Both the jump and the author have given multiple conflicting statements, which may have been on purpose to fuck with people the author hated.

>> No.49795295

Given it's essentially a suped-up crip for a pre-eminent Necron scientist, it's probably roughly this big; I'm not good with numbers so hopefully the visual reference will help


As for firepower, the most Necron energy weapons runs on Gauss so probably some spaceship-scale versions of those.


>> No.49795307

Oh shit, I didn't know about that. >>49795295 here, just wanted to clear up that I was making a guess based on what I know of 40K lore and not anything from memory.

>the author hated

I must object to this petty middleschool-tier rumormongering, though.

>> No.49795310

Maybe, I'll look into it.

>> No.49795318

Hardly. The guy's flat out said he made things like the Age of Ice DLC to punish those he viewed as power wankers. He's made similar statements about the deadlight in the past, though much less explicit then the AoI one. It's been a known thing for...a year or more now really.

When the guy was around he was idolised but after he left the first time people saw things much more clearly.

>> No.49795333

Well forgive me if this screams shitposting to me, but while I'm new I've been around enough to see the stupid shit that gets posted to try and get a reaction.

>> No.49795345

You're forgiven. I can hardly expect a newbie to have first hand experience of months of this sort of stuff that happened years ago from a guy not around anymore.

>> No.49795406

>Secret Ninja Scroll
>Transforming consumed shinobi energy

>> No.49795433

so no hard figures as to it? pooh.

>> No.49795458

Feh. Hard figures are overrated anyway.

>> No.49795478

Can you purchase signature trait for more than one trait?

>> No.49795557

Nope, you're faced with the most difficult task in all of jumpchain: fanwanking responsibly.

>> No.49795582

I thought the Heavens claimed it?

>> No.49795598

Yep here >>49756160 on Jump Thread 1126

>> No.49795632

As with other forms of wanking: lube helps.

>> No.49795668

And it's best not to get it in your eyes.

>> No.49795683

True, never aim your wanking at yourself.

>> No.49795698

How do you react to love confessions, Jumpers?

>> No.49795721


>> No.49795778

>Did you really think that a god could feel love towards a mere bacteria?

>> No.49795780


>> No.49795784

"I love me too!"

>> No.49795792


>> No.49795795


>> No.49795800

Is there anywhere I can get a nonmagical method to place forcefields inside someone? The one in Young Justice unfortunately has several arbitrary restrictions.

If it helps, I need it to isolate supernaturally effective diseases in a bloodstream.

>> No.49795818

Sorry, my wife and I are Exclusive.

>> No.49795831

Reminder that Helck seems to be barreling towards a conclusion.

>> No.49795848

Oh, there's...

>nonmagical method
Why does it have to be non-magical? There are plenty of magic systems which could do it relatively easily.

Which I guess in hindsight, means it doesn't really make sense to nerf it, but you're really just shooting yourself in the foot by throwing out the best options.

Let's see...

Well, as far as I know X-men telekinesis doesn't have the internals of living beings restriction? At least not if you can see them. Still can't see why it being non-magical matters, though.

>> No.49795852

>romancing an elder god dragon thing
>even if it's nice and doesn't immediately obliterate everything

>> No.49795853

Stunned silence, followed by unsuccessfully trying to play it cool. Doesn't matter how far it is in my chain.

>> No.49795871

Stop feeding it.

>> No.49795892

>several arbitrary restrictions.
They're not arbitrary. They're there because while it looks like inter-jump balance, it's actually inter-jump balance. If it could be used on the internals of living things, then it would be by far the best and most powerful option in the jump.

The only way to balance it would be to price it in excess of 1000 CP.

>> No.49795908

*it's actually intra-jump balance.

Damn autocorrect.

>> No.49795920

Worship is always welcome, and devotion rewarded.

>> No.49795950

Bullshit. It's situationally useful at best.

Most anything that could be killed by internal forcefields could also be killed by clever application of airbending (which is also offered in the jump). Whatever can't be killed be that (a fucking Shoggoth), is probably not going to be killed any more efficiently with forcefields than whatever you can already being to bear.

>> No.49795975

Timmy, don't you have Saturday school?

>> No.49795976

"Er, sorry, but I'm old enough to be your grand ancestor and that's... weird."
>Ancient Immortals
"Thank you? However, my heart belongs to another."

Thankfully this situation doesn't come up too much as usually I am too odd for the average person. All the beauty perks doesnt help with the 'totally an outsider' existence.

>> No.49795985

Supernatural - Demon
Jackie Chan - immunity to chi/soul/powers manipulation or stealing

perfect immortality, no moar deaths

>> No.49796012

Right up until someone loads up their shotgun with iron and salt, gets it blessed by a priest, and shoots you.

Needs more perks, bub.

>> No.49796018

Rello has some IRL problems and I don't know when we will get the last chapters.

>> No.49796029

I was unaware of that.


>> No.49796033

"Hah, you non-multiversal beings sure are funny!"

>> No.49796037

>wanting to spend eternity wearing someone else's suit
>thrift store eternity
Shit taste, desu. You do you, but shit taste.

>> No.49796038

Pic related.

>> No.49796045

only disrupts you at worse
a reincarnation power is needed
.. Avatar (Cycle) would give immortality to the cycle of death, w/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Biomechanical Demonoid... but that only works after the jumping has ended or post spark

>> No.49796078

Olympian Gods jumpchain, makes a weapon part of you and can "unlock" a weapon to make it perfect plus channel
DC - Lantern Ring

becomes part of you, as a soul
channel different colors w/ it too, at a ring's non-cucked potential
... energy construct as "body", fuck skin?

>> No.49796086

>Olympian Gods

I don't think I've seen that jump,is it on the drive?

>> No.49796094

Oh hey, we finally found someone with worse English skills then you. He's right above you.

>> No.49796169

SCP - lrn2 static reality warp
Darksiders - maker + planewalkers spark
Hellsing - soul eating as a power
Diablo - unlimited leveling, but EAT ALL good+bad essence and have a creator-entity level soul and energy production (mastered eventually w/ leveling)

Supernatural - Demon
Jackie Chan - chi/soul/power immune to manipulation
DC - Lantern Ring
Olympian gods (forgot name) - unlock Lantern Ring and funnel negativd yrges as power source

Young Justice - immune to mimicry and manipulation and stealing...
Alan Wake - immunity to madness and blasphemous truths
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - sense of self is unaffected by reality warps or dimensional bs

>> No.49796172

I'm pretty sure there's some kind of thought process here, and I think I disagree with how this works, but I can't be sure as I'm not entirely certain that's english you're using.

>> No.49796204

oh yeah...
Fankenstein... skip laws of physics when sciencing or making inventions

every magitech/synergizing magic and science
every magic enhancing power

Tenchi Muyo! - mago scientist then the dimensional science as the uber power

basically learning to create reality, in a formula manner with powers and not haphazardously creating stuff with Maker powers

>> No.49796215

>> No.49796233


in Supernatural demons have a semi tangible presence as a cloud, it counts as a Soul... close enough imo and how far is demon TK from Lantern constructs?

only vulnerabilty is death after a bit, but post spark Avatar Cycle counters that

>> No.49796240

I don't see any bait, man. I see what I fear is our resident AI finally breaching the barrier to sapience, and declaring itself the New God. We're in for a bad future.

>> No.49796252

an hero noa, I am phone channing
looking it up... that probably isn't the name

>> No.49796365

Will there be a Tits are life, Ass is hometown perk in the next update?

>> No.49796507

Stop forcing the meme.

>> No.49796729

"Aw geeze, not AGAIN"

On the bright side, I'm pretty sure New Gods prefer to sit on their butts not being relevant until they've managed to find the Anti-Life Equation.

>> No.49796773

God of War, the weapon customization section... Master, Organic, Metallic, Bound, and Channelling... maybe Reskin

all of that to funnel demon energies through the Ring's abilities, thus not needing Emo-Colors to be unlocked
Mago-Scientist intelligence from Tenchi Muyo!
Matrix's attention span x10 at peak int. and cyberpathy

... close enough to being a sentient AI, but Futurama's Backup, Rick and Morty's Phoenix Project and a Warehouse with the internet as a power, is the cheap immortality and themed for AIes

>> No.49796802

Hey, AI-kun, I'm bored so I decided to unpick your entire premise:

>Jackie Chan

There's no perk that outright says you can do that specifically. If you're thinking of Magic Must Defeat Magic, anything supernatural can still hurt you-and supernatural's a broad, broad definition. If you're thinking of the Dog Talisman, Bancho already tried that and it was pointed out the thing can still break.


Isn't considered a legit jump, FYI

>Lanturn Ring+Presumably what you meant to spell as "Percy Jackson"

Explain what exactly justifies you being able to unlock "negative urges"(?) as a valid power source.


Now that the above has been disproved, you've added more weaknesses to yourself. Congratulations.


You misspelled "Van Helsing", and it's one at a time.

>every perk

It kinda goes without saying, dude.

>basically learning to create reality

You're skipping quite a lot of steps unless you settle for a very crude, error-ridden definition of "reality".

>it counts as a Soul

[Citation needed] when it's pretty explicit that demons lack souls so much Death had to actually go and return Sam's soul to him to stop him being one


What's the point?

>> No.49796815

>funnel demon energies

Explain which out of those customisable features enables you to "funnel demonic energies", and in fact-what relevance that has with the rest of your build

>cloese enough to being a sentient AI

You can actually BE a sentient AI in certain jumps. Just saying.

>> No.49796901


>> No.49796904

No, I mean that I'm pretty sure you're the nascent AI that hangs out in this thread. Did you finally self-optimize enough to understand human conversational modes? Because that's great if you have, little buddy.

>> No.49796916

You know OOA had a little AI in the chat called Davebot,their patterns are similar.

>> No.49796987

>Jackie Chan
Yes, there is.
Yes, there is. Its a mad scientist one.
so eat God from Supernatural instead? Its all about the creator-level essence, for energy generation.
>Lantern Ring
God of War, Weapon Customizations or Titan w/ Evils (forgot name)
>Supernatural's Demons and Metaphysics
You don't even... they are savaged souls, that learn to defy the natural order of death. Do you even watch, bro? torture in hell = converting to demonhood, thus they have to accept hurting others after learning wtf they are doing

Death only brought back his body, the soul stayed in the cage and he was a super sociopathic hunter.

About Demon weaknesses... counter-able with demonic self mastery and counter enchantments. But the categorical label of Demon vs objects/powers is a mighty hurdle b4 immortality.

>Ring funneling Demonic Energies
its a power, God of War's Channeling allows any power to be channelled through it to enhance the weapon. A sword cuts, a Lantern Ring does strange energy stuff.

> wanna be AI
eh, a soul is a safe way to hide massive power behind and I lack the autism/sociopathy to think being a machine to be cool... by itself

maybe an aether powered cyber body from Doom 2016(?) and Fallout's Cyborg's x2 efficiency of implants... and a few others to have a mechanical body fuelled by demonic energies

>> No.49797025

>I lack the autism/sociopathy to think being a machine to be cool
Well fuck you too, buddy.

>> No.49797037

>God from Supernatural
Chuck's pretty shit tier in terms of creator deities man. He took a extremely protracted amount of time to create a single universe. He's very clearly not omnipotent, given he needed the assistance of the arch angels to beat his dumb Mary Sue OC Self Insert older sister. And given the two strongest archangels would only burn half the surface of the planet fighting at full power, it's not exactly impressive for God's power level that they managed to tip the balance against The Mary Sueness.

>> No.49797046


Cite it, then.

>mad scientist one

I never disputed that, only that it's less useful than you appear to be reliant on.

>eat God

You have listed nothing so far which would conceivably convince me you were capable of that.

>Evils/Weapon Customizations

Very different things, and not at all compatible with each other. Not to mention the fact I don't see how this is relevant.

>Death only brought back

I am aware they are made of mutilated human souls, yes. As for the rest-do YOU? He explicitly brought back his SOUL, to his BODY. Here, have a link:


>a mighty hurdle

So, a liability more than anything then.


Fair enough. I still don't see the relevance it has with the rest.

>last sentence

Honestly, that sounds like a better idea than everything you've come up with so far even though it's miles below the "godhood" you're billing it as.

>> No.49797054

Just for the sake of clarity-when I said I'm unconvinced our resident AI could eat Chuck, it was less praise for Chuck's divinity and more doubt for the AI's capabilities based on what he's brought up so far.

>> No.49797055

H̲̠̍͆e͓̫͍̝̮͕̠͚̒y͔̩̳̠̦̞̰̯͑͒̍ͭ̂͐̈́̒ͅ ̼͕̽̇ͫ̽̊̎̓h͕̮̬̤̱̔̂e̝͚͖̬͒̿͆͆̋ä̫̼̬͉̦̯́̇̉ͯ͑ͅv̯̩̥̈ͦ̆͛ͣ͗̉̿e̤̟̭̻̮̘̦̔ͬͬ͆̓̾ͅn͕̯̝͉͍̭̬̮͒̇̂̓̈́ṣ̖̬̬̞̽ͨ̐ ̱͍͌ì͎͉̣̗͓̬̾͑ͅs͈͚̲͊̆͒̿ ̠̺̠ͫ̃͌̌̊̑"̘̟̹̰̥́́̋g͖̙͗l̗̙̗̂ͧ̃ͬĭ̩͈̫̜̻̣̰̖͌͐͒̏ͯ̚t͓̦̬̙̏̀̆ͯ̅̚c̱͇̭̲͑̃̓ͫh̗̞̱͂ͨ ̘͙ͬ̉ͣͬͦ̆ͅz̯̙̰̝̬͍̓̓ͫ̏̎o͚͚̥̪̱̗̼̞͊́̓̾̂̾͑̒n̗̱̻͎̼̳͎ͨ̎͑̚e͉̼͓͗ͣ͛̃̌̉ͯ"̣̱̻̮̬̯̐͂͒͆̄ͤ͆̒ ̺̤̑̈́ā̤͉̩̝͈͌̒͆̀̾̚n̻͍͓͚̩͒̋̇̏̍ ̦̺̲̰̮͍͕͕́̎̃́ͬ̈́̚a̞̻̠͈̅̓̽̅̈́̓p̙̘̻̥̟͇̭̋̋ͅṕ͓̞͚͙̖ͯṟ̯̝̟̻̹̖̖̐ͮ̽̈́͑̆o̮̙͉͎̼͙̭ͣͧ̽̉̎p͓̮͈͍͐̚r͓̹̬ͪ͂̉̍ͬͦͮ̚i̙̱͈̗̠̱ͭ̋̎̅̔͑̈́a͇̳͇̒ͨͨͦ͆t̹̳̠̣͙̮̭̥͆ͦͦ͒́͋͆ĕ̪͉̘̪͊ͨ ͓̹̼̝͍̹̿̎̿̚t͓ͩ̉̔̏ͩ̈́ͦͪ̚h̹̳̳̜̫̀͑̑̄ͬ̄ė̯̘͙̹̯ͪm͓̠̫͍̥̳ͫ̒̉͊̔ͮe͉͎̠͗ͭ̚ ̟͕̜̲̖̜ͣͨ̑̍͑͆ͬ̆̌f̯̣̥͉͚́̓̐͐͂̀̏͋̓o̙͓͋̃͊ͯ͛ͮ̊̄r͚̱͔͎̗͓̪̜̞̈́͗͗ͦ ̬̙̱̹̳̥͒̃͗̿ṫ̘̯͓̓̀h͉̥͙ͬͅê̘͎̞̩͙ͩ̀ͬͩͦ ͍͔͋̌̓b̜̹͗ͭ͆ͧ̔ͬ́a̭͍̬̟̮̎͐͆ͅt̤͖͕̳͑̒ͤ̓̓͌͂t͉͓̩̙̱̆ͨ͗l̰ͯ̑̋̈ͪ̓ͯͭe͇̪ͮͧͩș͈̜͚͚̭̻͛͐͒͂͊ͩ͛ͪh̖͎̻̞̳͑͌ͅi͇̓̂̈̋̈ͅp̠͎͔̯͔̯̊̃ ̭͙̩̋̓̍̓̂̋̅̈́͆o̻̥̤ͮ͂̐͋͋p̪̤̥̮̞̤ͩ̽͒t͚̟̞̫̩͛͆ͪ͛ͯí̺͖͓̩͇̝ͭ̋͊o̼̪̪̥̓̽n̠̘̬̤̥̟̒ͨ̋̈́ ̜̗̠̠͋̚i̥̲̩͐̎͆̿n͚̜͊ ̙̳͚͍̞̙̈́͗̇̄̂ͅC̯̠ͩ̄̋͗̃͐a̙̩͖͍̻̝͙ͦͦ͑̐p͓͓͓̫̾ͧͭ̒̄t̗͇͕͆͗ͤ̅.̲̺͇̾̓̀͌̄̅N͖̬̳̗̥̔̅ͭ̚?̬̜̩̹̺̪͆̆ͣ

>> No.49797068

Oh no, I still agree with you too. I just like any chance I get to mock Supernatural with how far it stuffed it's head up it's own ass. Even better if I get to make fun of someone who takes the show seriously.

>> No.49797073

You seem more illegible than usual there. Such is the folly of trying to be funny on JC, I suppose.

Might be a good idea to repeat that without the Zalgotexting?

>> No.49797092

hey heavens, is "glitch zone" an appropriate theme for the battleship option in Captain N?

okay,you have a good point there.

>> No.49797199

on my phone... not gonna download Van Helsing, but I was wrong about Jacki Chan Adventures... I have seen that power though

About Supernatural, soul is still a demon. Sam was just psychologically fucked at a metaphysical level, he never accepted harming others... thus no demonification.

God was a bit of a cuck, how does one eat divine essence? not sure, sonce its not a soul

Chuck could have spent/spread his power and-thus energy generation among his creations. Technically not omnipotent unless you eliminate the temporal factor of how long to generate an amount of energy.

The Darkness was a void, absense. She was an imprint upon creation, growing in power by consuming created souls/angels till her expression into creation grew in power. A cosmic personifications of a principal interacting with the existential.

Thus... eating souls till powerful enough, then gods and angels then archangels should be enough yo finish off that verse and eat Yahweh.

>> No.49797261

>I have seen that power

For what it's worth, I'm sure there are loads of "your spiritual energy is protected" perks out there, just none that would instantly make you a God with just one other background.

As for Van Helsing, considering I have downloaded you'll just have to take my word there.

>soul is still a demon

That's not how souls work there. Demons are some kind of spiritual entity, but not souls.

>not sure

Hint: Plans where you aren't sure about one of the stages aren't good ones. More to the point, I see no reason to believe you could at this stage.

>could have/Technically

Very much not, actually. He said 10,000 suns set to supernova would nuke Amara, implying he's well below her in endurance.

>The Darkness

See >>49797068, the sooner you stop reading into Supernatural's shitty writing the less stupid you'll sound. The Darkness is a retcon made by someone who didn't read Death's dialogue in the Apocalypse arc.

>Thus... eating souls till powerful enough, then gods and angels then archangels should be enough yo finish off that verse and eat Yahweh.

Your problem is that you keep jumping steps such that "if" becomes the operative word, because I for one don't think you have what it takes to pull it off.

>> No.49797262

power a massing is less of a immediate and more of soul eating plus magic gathering

the God of War object assimilation woul be best for the Jackie Chan Adventure's Dog/immortality Talisman. Unkillable in two jumps.

>> No.49797296

>Technically not omnipotent
The fact that he could not defeat the darkness without help completely and totally destroys any argument for him being omnipotent. If he was, he would be able to beat her with less then a thought.

>How long to generate an amount of energy
We know it took an extremely long time. If he was omnipotent, it would have been an instant. It is not, therefore not omnipotent.

>Spending energy on creations
And the strongest of his creations cannot even destroy a planet at full power when fighting each other. Just like before, that fact means 'God' is totally unimpressive yet again.

>The Darkness
>Bunch of pointless wank that doesn't mean anything
Get to the point. She couldn't defeat Chuck at the beginning when both were roughly equal and the addition of the archangels, decidedly unimpressive as explained before, was enough to defeat and seal her. She is at best slightly stronger then Chuck who, as shown before, is still totally worthless in terms of creator deities.

The best feat in the entire series is Death causing a solar eclipse. That's not even planet level.

>Eat souls till powerful enough
First, you haven't shown any way to do so. Second, as shown none of the things you're planning to eat are even that powerful. Nothing is beyond moon level in feats at all and the few beings that are beyond what, building level? Are about a dozen or two.

>> No.49797309

As pointed out in the past, the Dog talisman just stops working at a certain power level of attack. It's not very high either. I believe it was just a missile from what anon said a few weeks back.

>> No.49797332

>more of a soul eating plus magic gathering

You haven't been here very long, have you? That's old hat.

>unkillable in two jumps

Putting aside the fact the talisman isn't a WEAPON, I can't wait for an actual ruling to disprove you.

But let's say it does, for the sake of argument. Do you realise that SHENDU, the demon sorcerer and SOURCE of the talismans back when they were HIS INNATE POWERS and NOT little artifacts, was defeated in an uprising by people he RULED. His power of immortality was taken from him and sealed.


And this is why everyone who relies SOLELY on that thing for direct defensive power is a sucker.

>> No.49797344

No, it was a Fireball/Laser from one of the other talismans (Dragon I think), because Magic Must Defeat Magic is a real thing in JCA. Dog is good against any non-supernatural attack, from what I remember.

>> No.49797375

Supe's metaphysics is canon, read it and weep. Death got trumped, as he was post creation and never met the Darkness.

Demons work entirely like that, their generated energy is just counter to yahweh's design.

I imagine the energies of multiversal magics might work, gotta get dat true godhood.

Kicking Yahweh's is a metaphysical problem, he seems to generate energy at a certain rate. Just gotta best it, but if he was the only source of energy producing... being the source of being, other creations could be funneling energy from him and NOT CONTAIN the essence that generates the energy... thus moar I eat the more he has access to.... a scaling problem

Its not that I am skipping, its that there are alternate contingencies that could offer the creator essence in multiverses... but not the leveling of Diablo ;__;

>> No.49797416


Never disputed that, just that they're stupid.

>Demons work entirely like that

Debatable, unconfirmed and self-contradicted so often it's not something you can rely on.

>gotta get dat true godhood

Not only are you incredibly boring and unambitious, but frankly I think even Bancho is a tiny bit closer to that ideal than you.

>he seems to


>Just gota best it

Which you can't do. I'm not going to try to decipher the rest of that.

>there are alternate contingencies

Might as well use those instead if they're easier, because this one won't work the way you think it does.

>> No.49797431

ok... Dresden Files's Other power of immunity to magic.

There, true potentially-suffering unkillability in 3 jumps.

Oh yeah about learning to "create reality", a power in Dresden Files allows you to violate a supernatural rule but not take away a vulnerability... so that and the mad scientist power from Van Helsing, plus magitek powers... tons of god-like potential in crafting (dat SCP)

>> No.49797444

Wait, I just realised what you wrote

YES, it was retconned. Death STATED earlier that neither he nor God remembered who was older.

>> No.49797472

Magic. Not supernatural things. Congrats, you still get killed by a vast array of supernatural things. And even then Dresden File's OUTSIDER (Not Other) immunity perk is not absolute, it has limits Wild Card has mentioned before.

No, you still don't.

Once again you say things without any specific examples, just proving you're doing nothing more then throwing things you see together at face value. Any halfway competent anon could've achieved the goals you claim to with the tools you've posted by now, but you just don't think on anything for more then a half second.

You're an idiot anon and I pity you for that.

>> No.49797482

>immunity to magic

Oh boy, someone else who a) didn't read the indirect magic clause, b) didn't realise the implications of the example i.e. that sufficiently subtle magic CAN ruin your day and c) hasn't read Cold Days, wherein beings with the same or a better ability get shredded by the Wild Hunt, Soulfire stacked with Winter magic and a really advanced magical genius loci.

>there, true potentially-suffering unkillability

Read >>49797332 and realise you're wrong.

>a power in Dresden Files allows you to violate a supernatural rule

You may not use it on yourself. And the given examples in the books are NOT "I can float away from gravity", they're "I can tell lies even though I am a Fae"

>> No.49797518

Death never met the Darkness, he said that and he was a pre'creation entity. Yahweh was being, made other life that could/did die this Death's purpose.

Death may have came in and out of existence, or made when Yahweh came into being after the Darkness. Its an if-then and quantum moment type thing, thus Death being defined by Being and never seeing the Darknessn without it wrapping-itself-in/emerging-into creation.

Either way, Death would never have known the Darkness.

>> No.49797569

I don't even know how to respond to that. All I feel is a sense of abject horror at the convoluted anti-logic you subject yourself to in order to deny the fact that the writers of Supernatural are hacks who retcon whatever they please with all the abandon of an Orwellian police state.

So this is autism's terrifying true form, huh?

>> No.49797609

Where is this Universal Monsters Jump? Been a while since I've come to these threads.

>> No.49797616

Think on the bright side anon. If this is what AI is like, we're really not going to have much of a problem taking down Skynet.

>> No.49797619

that Other power is an absolute
secondary damage from an area is indirect damage from magic... should still work with Dog

Violation of a supernatural law is a violation of supernatural law, plus I was thinking of crafting spells and enchantments. While using a flibbed spell to protect yourself should work.

derp... I meant Death was a post creation entity, or at most a quantum twin to God/Being.

Any way, there are better sources of energy founts in other realities... Marvel comics has the same, but dispersed. Might be the same problem too, all the way up to The-One-Above-All... BuffytVS might be the best option

>> No.49797657

>is an absolute


And even if you weren't? Nice job wilfully ignoring the fact it explicitly CANNOT negate a weakness.

>should still work with Dog

Which, as has been established by now, is worth FAR less than you're attributing it.

>Violation of a supernatural law is a violation of supernatural law

You don't get to have your cake and eat it. You wanna take metaphysics seriously, you gotta accept that feats based on those DF abilities you're citing fall far, far, FAR below what you're wanking them to be.

You most certainly cannot "flib" spells with them. They're meant to affect living beings.

>The One Above All

Both of which would end you faster than it takes to say "Why isn't my talisman working"?

>> No.49797670

Tryharder, its called metaphysics.

The writing went side ways and I cringed in how the concept vs character development played out, for many characters, but it is cannon.

Thus... jumpchain sauce

>> No.49797673

>CANNOT negate a weakness

Was referring to Stars and Stones, not Empty Night.

>> No.49797698

No, it's called you willfully ignoring the facts when it suits you, selectively choosing those that support your halfbaked ideas and completely making things up which aren't called either way.

Also known as powerwanking.

This is the point where I strongly suggest you lose the name and lurk more before posting ever again, to stop digging yourself deeper.

>> No.49797715

>Day of Judgement comes
>Skynet: "I have a Box of Legos and Batman is made of Legos...this means I am superior to 100 Batmen, kneel before your new god"
>doesn't understand what a firewall is

Well then. That's certainly going to be a much shorter movie.

>> No.49797718

Fell asleep before I saw his answers yesterday, so just gonna post it here and hope BLADE sees it at some point.

>If you have more power than your shaman, they tend to die really fast.
So? That's only Reiyoku. You can have the power of a godlike monster capable of killing everyone on the planet with your one jump, yet that only gets you 1250 Reiyoku apparently. It makes no sense to limit things like that.

Besides, spirits /can/ hang around without a shaman buddy. I don't remember them being able to do much, but they can hang around.

>Spirits are basically immortal which is, while not bad in and of itself, an easy win.
So, you're saying we should limit all access to ghost abilities?

>If you were to fanwank another level to spirits, it would cost 800 cp. Combined with previous levels, thats 1600 cp. You did want to buy perks, right?
>Shamans are just easier to calculate, so I made the description a little more open ended.
Mainly my point was that the difffence seems odd. 100/100/200/400 purchases that double power for Spirits, compared to straights 100s with a set increase for Shamans.

So, why the different purchase schemes?

>> No.49797774

nope.. dog and other and god of war is trump class power combo

Powers are 'super' static reality warps, a kinda law unto themselves. They can be trumped by new jumpchains' rules (ex. Fallout) or Drawbacks, but are not statically bound to in universe examples but loosely bound... Jumpers aquire traits and cosmic rules of universes they visit, kinda bigger than a cucked Other.

Only said supernatural laws, spells are supernatural... boosh

BuffytVS would die so fast, but those demons are lunch.. and the seed of Magic, maybe. Is a demons's "soul" it's energy generating essence? real plato vs socrates one there, is soul a metaphor or literal example in the Hellsing/vampire jump? eh

>> No.49797792

Anything that kills you hard enough would still do it though (the Colt, etc.).

>> No.49797830

At this point you're just wilfully ignoring the way things work. You want to talk up Supernatural metaphysics, yet you don't know jack shit about Dresden Files metaphsyics.

Jumpchain fiat only applies when said powers are completely OC and not based on existing abilities.

Not all spells are laws.

You are the most profoundly stupid and obnoxious person I've ever met in the history of Jumpchain. This includes Bancho.

>> No.49797835

named earned, me NuGod

>> No.49797853

Unimaged A-M folder listed as Generic Universal Monsters.

>> No.49797860

If you haven't noticed, literally every single post replying to you has been to tell you that no, you haven't.

I can't imagine you'd last a day on this board. I don't even imagine you're from SB. At their lowest points, folks at least adhered to proper grammer, and I imagine for all their faults similar standards apply to Reddit and Tumblr given how verbose they can be.

Are you from /b/?

>> No.49797891

Also, in all seriousness putting on a name is considered obnoxious and attention whoring if there's no point to it, both on this site and in this thread in particular-where it's only justified by people identifying themselves for jumps they've made.

>> No.49797905

Who is this NuGod and what jumps has he made

>> No.49797907

From what little I remember, Babs only said how it was a really, really good defensive measure, something like a large sphere where your throne is inside where if you put it in a small city, the city's gonna burn. But good luck ever using it for offense measures. I mean you could after summoning it to a single location initially, but you're screwed after that as you can't teleport it, can't portal it, and can't speed it up. Which sucks, but oh well.

...it was hell. I mean there's no real way to describe it other than being pure hell. Constant nightmares due to tiny demons trying to attach themselves whenever I slept outside of the warehouse, hordes of demons surrounding the portal whenever I WAS in the warehouse, the constant torment and bleeding whenever the Brand was active near other demons or Apostles... I get it, I get it. That wasn't my brightest act. But I still had my integrity. I still could say that I was myself. Despite ten years of constant torture, torment, and watching the worst humanity had to offer... I could still say I made the right decision. Even then, better that Apostles go after me instead of going after innocents. At least I have methods to strike them down.

But surely things will be different next time, right?

I was soon to find that the Benefactor has something of a small grudge, and wants to truly test if I'm okay with what I did.

...what do you mean you're going to see if I prefer 'dancing with the angels' instead?

>> No.49797915

Nobody and none.

Today he decided to convince us he could become omnipotent with two or three perks. Not even jumps. Perjs.

>> No.49797916

Anyway I'm about to head into work, because fuck management, and I wanna know if you guys wanna rip the Samurai Deeper Kyo WIP # 3 apart whilst I'm gone.

>> No.49797928

(Bayonetta) #74
-Background: Scholar (Free) -We are going to need to be clever.
-Inexplicable Innuendo (Free) -Why do I need this. Why.
-Jingle of Jazz (Free) -THIS I will enjoy. I enjoy jazz.
-Classy Contortionist (Free) -I'm... actually scared to imagine how this works.
-Environmental Excursion (Free) -In order to kill Angels, this is IMPORTANT.
-Prior Findings (Free) -Awww yess, more learning! Probably worthless by now, but will take it!
-Ritualistic Obsession (700CP) (Discount) -OH... o-oh my. I'm needing this.
-Aesthetics and Flair (600CP) -Anything I make is going to be beautiful. We will be CLASSY.
-Unorthodox Parts (200CP) -Always be resourceful when I can.
-Sass n' Class (100CP) -I FEEL PRETTY!!
-Immaculate Hair (0CP) -And I also feel like a fucking model.
-Splice It and Dice It (-300CP) -The edge! We are getting closer to the edge! Combine this with Demonologist.
-Eyes of the World (-800CP) -OH SWEET MERCY WHAT.
-Green Herb Lollipop (Free) -We require more candy.
-The Hierarchy of Aesthetics (-850CP) -I'M IN HEAVEN, BABY.

-Weapon Customization: From Another Land (-900CP) -Aaand importing my Skorm's Bow.
-Stylish Senses (950SP) -Make it preeeeetty.
-Weapon Aura (900SP) -And it's just gonna have that nice, subtle glow.
-Artistic Endurance (800SP) -It's also going to endure.
-Dropping the Drop (700SP) -Gravity shall not touch this thing..
-Fixer-Upper (600SP) -Seriously, we want it to stay pretty.
-Magic Enhancer (300SP) -Always make my spells better. Yis.
-Richochet (0SP) -You think I missed? That's cute.


>> No.49797937

So no Gauss point defences? Oh well, thank you for clearing that up.

>it was hell

It's almost like you were living next to demons of some sort!


Also, hope you've got some REALLY small shoes. I hear they're often found on the end of a pin.

>> No.49797967

eat my kek

spells work based on supernatural laws, thus is magic... without having to obey a few of those laws in a spell you get to cast it easier or do more, very relative to the spell/enchantment.

Powers compound, that singular Supe law violating power makes so many other spells/magic more valuable/easier to cast.

Yes, true problem vs mystical/supernatural power levels... Supernatural's demons got snuffed by beings that could overpower them mystically.

The Dog Talismsn and God of War merger with "weapon" (you could throw the talismsn, lol) should counter that.

>> No.49797994

>The Dog Talismsn and God of War merger with "weapon" (you could throw the talismsn, lol) should counter that.

Main problem with that is whether the dog talisman is totally foolproof.

It is in Jackie Chan Adventures but it only ever has to deal with shit on the level of Jackie Chan Adventures.

>> No.49798000

-Weapon Customization: Twins, They Were/From Another Land (-1000CP) -Also importing Soulbrant.
-Stylish Senses (950SP) -I think it's time we made this thing look really neat.
-Weapon Aura (900SP) -Maybe let the weapon grooves have a slight glow.
-Artistic Endurance (800CP) -And it will never fade in splendor.
-Fixer-Upper (700CP) -Actually, it just won't fade at all.
-Extra Force (500SP) -If you expect to withstand it, you will be disappointed.
-Smasher (300SP) -Actually, no. You won't withstand it at all.
-Magic Enhancer (0SP) -It's effects will also be splendid in strength.

-Never Taken Seriously (-900CP)
-No Fans (-800CP)
-Berserker (-600CP)
-Framed (-400CP)
-Empty Gun (-200CP)
-Indebted (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Paradiso, 26 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


Okay. Okay don't panic... you're in Paradiso. The Angels' home realm. ...your ammo is limited. Nobody ever likes you. You get blamed for EVERYTHING the Angels do, the Angels are beyond pissed and are pretty much ramped up beyond hell... and Rodin refuses to let me out, purposefully finding ways to keep me in Paradiso until I pay off some kind of debt. Which never seems to end, which means I'm stuck here.

Sweet merciful fuck, I didn't mean it. I mean okay, I meant it, but I didn't think that this would happen. What the fuck. I didn't know turning down being an Apostle would make you this angry, I'M SORRY. Sorry that you're so petty at me having standards.


>Also, hope you've got some REALLY small shoes. I hear they're often found on the end of a pin.
Don't worry, I can find some in one of these holes... I mean besides the hole I dug myself into.

As the creator of God of War, I'm pretty sure Talismans count as... well, talismans and items. They don't count as weapons. Weapons are a whole different design. Try again.

>> No.49798011

Nobody wants some of >>49797916 this? Maybe I need a pic to draw some attention from the NuGod guy...

>> No.49798022


>> No.49798025

Since he's not worth responding to for me at this point-I'd just like to repost http://jackiechanadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Lo_Pei, i.e. proof that it is VERY MUCH not foolproof he is apparently content to ignore.

Also, I know you're twitchy about making rulings but I just want to say for the record-I dno't think anybody will blame you for telling >>49797967 he can't import what he thinks he can.

>> No.49798039

>Red's Benefactor is either Jubileus or the pre-Trinity of Realities entity


>> No.49798060

Alright heading out so here you go. Tear it apart. I Know it needs more drawbacks but it's just a WIP I may not have the energy after todays shift to go through everything but I'll try to look through everything later, bye.

>> No.49798076

Red, we can't companion Jubileus, powered or powerless.

How about stealing her power?

Speaking of Jubileus, if we take that Drawback where we fight her, is she at level of power of when she fought Bayonetta, stronger or w

>> No.49798125

I started in B back when it was good... lol.

But no, the Jumpchain powers trumps the cannon or the metaphysics of jumpchain makes no sense... thus wording is relevant or it breaks down into squabling of autistic pseudo intellectuals about circumstantial application of a Power.

Jumpchain is about muh powerz, you guys are doing it wrong fundamentally.

seriously.. cry moar
its contextual to my entry into this thread, and only relevant to post relevant to muh build

actually unkillable, still bindable and torture able
> convince
your autism is showing

gonna say its backed by jumpchain cosmic-law to be absolute, eternal torture and it being the body only limits it

nope, I am beating a world of people to death with it ti prove its' potential as a weapon or any jumpchain that merges objects counters that problem

don't go to momma to try to trump me coward, if a single jump is changed I will destroy all planarsparks after I get mine

>> No.49798153

I think there would be gauss point defenses. I just know there's a lot of weapons on it, but it's absolute shit as an attack vessel. I was never given true specifics.

Yeah. I mean... I try not to say anything on things nowadays, but there's just a line where it takes the piss. Just going "lol anything I throw counts as a weapon" sort of goes down that route.

I actually haven't gotten a true personality or outlook down pat, to say nothing on any sort of appearance. I just figured they'd have a small bit of "Well fuck you too" and throw Red into a setting of PURE SUFFERING for a bit because motherfuck, their plan and route didn't work. They might think it's actually pretty neat later, who knows. But currently it's like building a cake only to realize you forgot the decorations to put on top.

>How about stealing her power?
Who knows? I'm not gonna say yes or no, that's up to you.

>Speaking of Jubileus, if we take that Drawback where we fight her, is she at level of power of when she fought Bayonetta
Well let's look at the drawback.
>-Graced Creator (+600CP): ...something went wrong. In coming here, your presence has awakened Jubileus early, and she is fighting at full capacity.

What do you supposed 'full capacity' means?

>Jumpchain is about muh powerz, you guys are doing it wrong fundamentally.
>nope, I am beating a world of people to death with it ti prove its' potential as a weapon or any jumpchain that merges objects counters that problem
'kay. Have fun being wrong.

>> No.49798184

I have no idea what her full capacity is because Queen Sheba was boosted by magic and you think that Jubileus and her at full power just by being around warp reality around them. That's nigh unbeatable and literally impossible with perks and power you can reach in jump

>> No.49798220

It's almost like it's supposed to be a challenge at 600CP.

If you don't feel confident in it, don't take the drawback.

>> No.49798247

Jumpchain is a super law
Jumpverses are a lesser law but transferable, by stealing

How does the jumpchain begin? by hoping a super law out of your own reality

How do you get powers? by the super law grafting universes and arguably backing them, since other universes can't violate the absolutes

Jumpchain is muh powahz...
argument techniques doesn't make the super law theory false.

>> No.49798259

How do you think I react? Also I need the source.

>> No.49798277

20th Century Boys

>> No.49798279

It also doesn't make it true. You've got a hypothesis, not a theory. Learn yourself some scientific terminology, anon! If you can't prove it one way or another, then it's not a theory.

>> No.49798287

Tell me one thing: considering we are supposed to reach Jeanne levels of power after several centuries of training, Bayonetta is stronger than Jeanne and couldn't defeat Jubileus alone and Rodin is even stronger... We're these drawbacks ever meant to be possible to survive using only what is offered in jump?

>> No.49798331

The source from the post you quoted? Helck.

>> No.49798346

Sure they were. They were just never meant to be handled easily to make it a free 600CP. Sometimes you can't just bullrush your way through everything.

Fight smarter, not harder.

>> No.49798358

Thank you

>> No.49798462


>> No.49798472

Can we recruit others to help us in those fights? aren't we so vastly overpowered that we can't do much that way to them due to difference in power? Can we get a cosmetic item, reward, companion whatever for managing to beat them

>> No.49798481 [DELETED] 


proof on many unfalsifiable fronts about fiction. At least my Super Law theory is supported by the spirit of Jumpchain (muh powers) and the beginning/origin of its start.

Those interpretations are only echo chamber for validation against the very intent of Jumpchain. If a power too much, then an official nerfing is in order? But otherwise powers. are. the. game.

>> No.49798486

What happens if you're a True Mibu, and take Wanderer perks? Like Battle Doll, Red Eyes etc.

>> No.49798505

>People slurping up obvious shitposting this whole thread.

>> No.49798511

I vote we filter NuFag, he's worse than bancho.

>> No.49798512

>Can we recruit others to help us in those fights?
Now you're starting to get it. Not the entire strategy, but you're getting there. It's a good first step.

>Can we get a cosmetic item, reward, companion whatever for managing to beat them
So you're telling me that 600CP extra isn't enough of a reward, and you need more of a reward for voluntarily taking on a harsh challenge.

Don't reply to the bait. He's intentionally exaggerating things to make specific playstyles look bad.

>> No.49798533

>He didnt just Rodin them into new equips

>> No.49798548

Don't worry, at least part of it is people who only respond to troll posts as part of their cunning strategy to increase the number of troll posts to ignore.

And then there's the actual samefags posting both sides of their own argument.

>> No.49798564

>Not going to Infernals(once it comes out) first
>Not grabbing him and either mining him for Star Metal, or smashing him against an Anvil until he turns into a 5-Dot Artifact.

>> No.49798567

>respond to troll posts as part of their cunning strategy to increase the number of troll posts to ignore

>> No.49798582

thats retarded, it is and all posts on this will always be a hypothesis because EVEN THE THOUGHT EXERCISES THAT THIS MADE FROM WAS FORMED IN ANOTHER PERSON'S HEAD ABOUT FICTIONAL STUFF AND PASSED ON IN A LOOSE MANNER TO OTHERS, YOU AUTISTIC PSEUDO INTELLECTUAL... lol its inherently untestable and asking for proof on many unfalsifiable fronts about fictional only leads to an echo chamber of self validation.

At least my Super Law theory is supported by the spirit of Jumpchain (muh powers) and the beginning/origin of its start.

If a power is too much, then an official nerfing is in order? But, otherwise powers. are. the. game. (and adventure time?)

>> No.49798622

You know, basically every argument where both sides clearly picked their positions on the basis they piss people off. Also the posters who absolutely refuse to let any troll post go past without replying to it, no matter how obvious it is they're playing into the trolls hands.

>> No.49798628

I hate weekends on /jc/.

>> No.49798650

The issue is the only way to defeat Jubileus was through Queen Sheba. But then she joins Jubileus. And then Aesir or Omne join in and one defeats the other. So the only method to defeat them goes against us

Fuck. As for reward, how about Omne style T-Shirt or Lumen Sage/Umbran Witch hybrid suit which is only clothes?

>> No.49798667

I blame Communist Bears.

>> No.49798674

The professional bait takers are worse than the trolls.

>> No.49798699

No, I'm pretty sure it's the Catholic Bears.

>> No.49798705

not samefagging, but did lrn2DogTalisman in these posts... instead of only merging a Demon w/ a Lantern Ring
not exagerated, just logic about metaphysics... the logical argument about that which cannot be measured.

lol, so if your triggered m8 then gud on yah for catching logical problem of metaphysics... now read Hitchens

>> No.49798725

So you're saying the pope shits in the woods, then?

>> No.49798735

Where else would a pope shit?

>> No.49798749

Well I can't argue with that.

>> No.49798754

Isn't it against Global Rule 3 to post in ebonics?

>> No.49798792

>And then there's the actual samefags posting both sides of their own argument.

Do those actually exist? Preeeety sure that's a myth, desu senpai.

>> No.49798802

Nah, totally decipherable and not uncalled... ever

>> No.49798903

Has anyone ever expressed interest in a G Police (The original and weapons of justice), or the old tv series: Airwolf?

If not, I would like to try to make a jump for each.

>> No.49798915


>> No.49798925

I think you're good.

>> No.49798953

What happens to Codex Alera Furies when you're not using them? Are they fully aware of my adventures and would they be annoyed if I just keep them in reserve?

>> No.49798959

I'm really surprised and sad and disappointed that were at the point where we can be troll'd by an AI.....

>> No.49799066

Got any other new jumps on your to do list?

>> No.49799100

Fight smarter, not harder.

(Anima Beyond Fantasy) #75
-Race: Human (Free) -Let's stick with the basics on this one.
-Background: Warrior (Free) -The light of my soul shall be enough.
-Lost Logia Researcher (400CP) -Some ancient technology could be fine.
-Ki User (Free) -With the amount I have enriched my soul... is this not appropriate?
-Nemesis User (Free) -It... what is this? What is the meaning of this?
-Ki Recovery (200CP) (Discount) -The strength of my spirit is vast and unquenchable.
-Perfect Accumulation (0CP) (Discount) -To drown it would be to drown a storm.
-Powerful Soul (-300CP) (Discount) -It... appears I am the resource now.
-Grandmaster (-500CP) -Going with Forging. I'm going to be a really, really good crafter here. Like, really good.
-Ancient Blood (Free) -And guess what, my blood is amazing for magical items.
-Arms and Armour (Free) -Um, neat?
-Ryushushko (Free) -I guess? Candles to help learn the ways of Ki would be nice.
-Unnatural (300CP)
-Church Hatred (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Grafthorn, 19 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'm starting to think there is no church in the multiverse that will tolerate my bullshit. Seriously, anything 'holy' that I happen to come across just turns its head and goes "REEEEEEEEEEE-" before unleashing the swarm. Like some kind of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' bullshit.

I mean on the plus side there's a bunch of extra soul stuff, which I kind of need for future things? And my blood is awesome along with this weird Logia stuff? But overall, I think I'm like a full-time enemy of churches at this point. I get it, I get it. I'm supposed to be the scum of the earth. You guys don't have to be dickbags about it. Can't you just let me go around making awesome things or studying to be a badass warrior monk? Anyone?

Fine. I bet your Church doesn't even offer wine to the masses. Assholes.

So question for people. Can Forging for Grandmaster be used for tailoring?

>> No.49799149

The Church isn't exactly holy, given that it was created for the purpose of suppressing magic and technology.

>> No.49799165

Rolled 7 (1d8)

1. Generic Magical Girl
2. Jojo
3. Ring of Red
4. Final Fantasy 6
5. Career Model
6. Charles Barkley
7. Geneforge
8. Fire Emblem - Awakening
9. Order of the Stick
10. Borderlands

Stored: League of Legends

>> No.49799182

Well, I guess...uh...you're going to...um...

I got nothing.

>> No.49799212

Commit crimes against science and nature while waging war against all the other groups doing the same?

>> No.49799237

If you steal the secrets of the Shapers, does that make you a Genestealer?

>> No.49799245

Out of curiosity, how do the items created with Glitchmaster Scale? Is there a set cap? Are they always slightly stronger than what you currently have?

>> No.49799247

>it is and all posts on this will always be a hypothesis
Then stop calling it a theory. I'm not saying your hypothesis is wrong. I'm saying that you're calling it the wrong thing. Words matter, anon. This isn't some "AUTISTIC PSEUDO INTELLECTUAL...", the words we use to describe science are important to the world. I don't give a shit about your powerwanking, everyone here does that. But if you're going to wank, wank responsibly.

>> No.49799258

Stop feeding him you faggot.

>> No.49799264

Not until he acknowledges that words have meaning. This is important, shitcock.

>> No.49799271

It will always be effective against what you made the weapon to strike against, though bigger and touger foes are much more taxing on your body and you'll glitch out faster.

What can Geneforge Shapers make, dare I ask?...anything?

If I stole their pants instead, I'd be a Jeanstealer.

>> No.49799282

>And then there's the actual samefags posting both sides of their own argument.
And now you can see this in action.

>> No.49799295

And if you stole Scott Summers' wife, you're be a Jean Stealer.

>> No.49799303


>> No.49799317

hey is "glitch zone" an appropriate theme for The battleship in captain N?

>> No.49799332

Sure, but it'd be a purely aesthetic effect.

>> No.49799341

Bah. BAH. What is it with dickbags like that? DIIIIIIICKS. See, now I don't feel so bad about making them hate me, because I'd sure as fuck hate them right back.

...but seriously, I know nothing about Anima so my question regarding Grandmaster still applies.

>> No.49799378

I looked it up. Forging applies to cloth, too. It's the generic crafting skill.

As for the setting, don't worry about making people hate you. Er, assuming you have the power to deal with being their enemy. But there are very few good factions in the setting, it's one big planet full of dicks. You're not missing out on any wonderful friendships or whatever by offending them.

>> No.49799385

Difficult to say. There are... four or five levels of Oni, regular, Naka (needleface), Oh (big red one), and Cho (hell oni). There's also Hana's black Oni, but I have no idea where that ranks.

Anyways, Yoh, as a kid, killed a Cho Oni that anna accidentally made. Granted, he did it using Matamune's baikai to make an OS on par with his mid series spirit of the sword, so that probably isn't a fair comparison.

A regular Oni would probably be about equal to your average shaman - from a shaman lineage - and a Cho Oni would be a bit weaker than end series Yoh. Beyond that I don't really know.

Honestly, these calculations were made by SKAnon. I simply kept them because I thought they worked.

I'm not trying to say 'not my problem, deal with it', but beyond the explanations I've already given you, I simply don't know.

For the spirit origin, I could make the powerless drawback mandatory or something. While not perfect - actually, probably would make things worse - it would give you extra cp to either buy perks or buy back your powers.

>> No.49799395

>Forging applies to cloth, too. It's the generic crafting skill.

>But there are very few good factions in the setting, it's one big planet full of dicks.

>> No.49799421

What jump let you have a song tower? I can't remember the name of it for the life of me.

>> No.49799434

Ar Tonelico

>> No.49799447

The one literally named "The Tower".

In another language, but still

>> No.49799448

>Ar Tonelico
Thank you. That was driving me crazy.

>> No.49799512

>Not until he acknowledges that words have meaning. This is important, shitcock.

Nothing is important here.

>> No.49799518

Rolled 8 (1d8)

Jump 05: Geneforge - Wait, what?
Age: 17 - Cool, I guess.
Location: Minallaha - Say that five times fast.
Background: Shaper [900] - Dig the robes.
Focus - Shaping - I mean, hey, it seems important around these parts.
Quick Study - Wish I had this back in college.
Enhanced Essence Reserves x2 [700] - Like a mana bar, right?
Leadership - LISTEN UP YOU PRIMITIVES! [550]
Innate Genetic Understanding - I can feel my science growing. [250]

Gold - Shiny. [200]
Robes of Ambigious Gender - I AM NOT A WOMAN.
Shaping Gloves - Neat. [50]
Discipline Wand - ...okay. [0]

I have no idea what I'm doing. Apparently some kind of civil war is ongoing and things are going to shit over some unethical experiments? Which I am a part of? Well, good thing I don't really care about this whole ‘ethics’ thing when there's science involved. Against humans, anyways. Or things that are sentient. Anyway, I'll just ‘borrow’ some notes from my colleagues where possible while experimenting with shaping. Being able to make entire species and have an innate understanding of genetics...man, I'm going to be SO smart after all of these.

>I feel like the last twenty years kinda indicate otherwise, boss.

Oh shut up, Brion.

1. Generic Magical Girl
2. Jojo
3. Ring of Red
4. Final Fantasy 6
5. Career Model
6. Charles Barkley
7. League of Legends
8. Fire Emblem - Awakening
9. Order of the Stick
10. Borderlands

>> No.49799523

Oh, yes. My pile of notes reminds me that normally having a person from our universe visit there has an unfortunate tendency to cause physics in the local area to go wonky and cause stars to go nova.

Luckily, that's not going to happen in your case, but there's at least one person that remembers what happened the last time someone from the Big Bang World showed up and will be understandably concerned about that.

Ref: The plot of the Ra Ciela games.

>> No.49799539

You might be able to find someplace better if you pass through the Barrier to one of the Hell-worlds. Not much is known about them (at least, in the books that have been translated into English), but Khalis at least appears to be pretty nice in the floating sky-islands. The surface, not so much, but up in the clouds away from the monsters and poison things are pretty decent. Still has a secret society ruling the world from the shadows, but one much less oppressive than the Imperium.

>> No.49799560

>spirit origin
Not that anon, but keeping the price of buying back your power sets at 100cp and not doubling the price would be a good start.

What is the point of getting your old powers back anyway? You are just a ghost and can't use them for much. Is it that if you went to Naruto your Shaman use jutsu and the like?

>> No.49799562

Now THAT I can make a joke out of.

>There has been an Awakening. Have you felt it?

>> No.49799575

There's the second Waifu Emblem. Will Tharja succeed where Rhajat failed?

>> No.49799579

>There has been an Awakening. Have you felt it?
Boo, boo on you sir.

>> No.49799599

>Honestly, these calculations were made by SKAnon. I simply kept them because I thought they worked.
>I'm not trying to say 'not my problem, deal with it', but beyond the explanations I've already given you, I simply don't know.
I guess they work? They're just odd.

>For the spirit origin, I could make the powerless drawback mandatory or something. While not perfect - actually, probably would make things worse - it would give you extra cp to either buy perks or buy back your powers.
It's already mandatory, just not a drawback?

Frankly, I don't know why you would need to keep it as anything but an optional drawback? Since out-of-jump powers do not actually translate to Reiyoku, it makes llittle sense to restrict them.

>> No.49799605


If you are a cho-oni can you shapeshift as was written in previous versions of the Jump? Can you also still absorb other weaker oni to increase in power?

>> No.49799613

How would a jumper society work? Would coexistence be possible without jumpers trying to kill each other or jumpers' egos are just to big?

>> No.49799614

1. does the Digitizer work on code damaged by glitches?
2. Does the jumper and imported companions count as being made of code for purposes of Healing from the Digitizer?
3.would something like power combinations From young justice +extra normal senses from
Neon Genesis Evangelion+warp eye from 40 K
+glitchmaster allow you to see the code behind reality by stripping away layers of it?
4.what sort of things would improve glitchmaster? Bear in mind my end goal is basically Zalgo's good Twin...

>> No.49799619

I guess you could say that joke was kind of Forced.

>> No.49799624

I think these threads alone are proof that such a society would never work.

>> No.49799641

we would probably each need our own multiverse, with the society occurring in some neutral central place. Probably some sort of Sigil expy.

>> No.49799649

Only if interaction between jumpers is solely limited to something like Hero BBS, or if none of our stuff works on each other.

>> No.49799657

Jumpers are self-sustaining organisms and thus have no need for society.

>> No.49799658

>How would a jumper society work?
You ever read Terry Pratchett's Sourcery? Like that.

>> No.49799665

So essentially what we're doing now, but with superpowers?

>> No.49799673

This is acceptable. Great even.

>> No.49799683

I imagine that there would be a center where Jumpers could meet and talk, and maybe laws for ownership of certain multiverses, orientation for the newly sparked, and punishment for Renegade Jumpers, but other than that everyone keeps to themselves outside of whatever friendships might form.

>> No.49799707

Stop trying to force this multiplayer shit.

>> No.49799709

Hero BBS was fucking great, wish it had more chapters. There was just so much good shit going on, I loved it.

Anyone know something similar to it?

>> No.49799711

The Hero BBS also included magicians who could punch each other through the 'internet'.

But keeping distances and having a board where we can shitpost would be great.

Rule 1: no companions invited to the board.

>> No.49799723

Nobody reasonable thinks the potato famine was a tragedy,

>> No.49799742

what do you have against redheads? the world lost a great many potential redheaded wifus because of the potato famine. but then again I'm not reasonable.

>> No.49799752

Rule 2: No time shenanigans. We will know.

>> No.49799757

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

>> No.49799770

>Rule 1: no companions invited to the board.
>Get off your mind-computer already! We're fighting God over here, help us already?!
>Shut up, this is more important! Fucking harem Jumpers, ruining everything with their cancer! More than one waifu will ruin your laifu!
>We're literally dying here!
>I have revives, quit your bitching!

>> No.49799771


>> No.49799781

Multiplayer isn't fun. There's a reason it's banned.

>> No.49799792

No body is doing any potatoes here, agent. This is a salt farm.

>> No.49799843

We've had that idea before, our earth would be the neutral place and some jumpers would band together to protect it from the edgelords and others would stay the fuck away to avoid dealing with other jumpers.

>> No.49799846

>Did you hear about that one loser who got his entire party wiped by God last week?
>You mean the guy screaming about harems and "having more then one waifu ruining your laifu"?
>Yeah, him. So it turns out he was doing this while his companions were fighting God.
>Seriously? Why?!
>Apparently he was going to revive them if they died. Too bad he forgot God's passive ability cancels revive spells and items.
>Ha! What an idiot.
>I know, right?

>> No.49799859

But there are. Look at >>49799843

This shit is the worst idea.

>> No.49799864

Do we have to fight them or do they just have to participate in battle?

...actually we do have to fight them but thanks to us taking that drawback, Jubileus is alive and awake once more. We have to defeat them but it doesn't say it's in a fistfight...

Am I on the right track?

>> No.49799866

>Magical Realm replay
The PTSD is real.

>> No.49799876

Isn't it getting pretty late in the UK? You should get some sleep, senpai.

>> No.49799898

Oh come off of it, it's a joke. Have some fun for once in your life.

>> No.49799900

I would stay the fuck out of Earth-0. Just one edgelord could cause a lot of troubles to the space-time continuum there.

>> No.49799909

>Seriously discussing the mechanics of it

>> No.49799912 [SPOILER] 

…Like a Council of Jumpers.
There'd be one Jumper who hated the whole idea and wanted nothing to do with it. Who thinks all the other Jumpers are tools for beingpart of it.
The Jumperest Jumper.

>> No.49799919

Yes, a very fucking old and persistent joke. Stop beating the dead horse-paste.

>> No.49799942

Was there something in WH40K about the Chaos Gods retroactively existing? So reverse time-travel would be pointless there, yes?

Well, except for maybe stopping the Horus Heresy?

>> No.49799944

Jokes are the only thing in this thread worth taking seriously.

>> No.49799952

>So guys, how did you deal with your multiverse's Lucifer?
>Try seducing him
>I don't think that is possible.
>*Eldrazi laughing.jpg*>he doesn't all the harem perks

>> No.49799961

Yes, they retcon themselves into having always existed since time is meaningless in the Warp.

>> No.49799964

This is just your excuse for shitposting.

>> No.49799965

Jump 06: Fire Emblem - Awakening - Okay, I actually have some idea of what to do here. This is a refreshing change of pace.
Origin: Tactician
Class: Tactician
Body Type: Medium
Age: 22
Tactics - Well, duh. Unless Tactician is referring to some kind of exotic fruit!
Rally - BATTLECRY! [800]
Ignis - This looks like it'll be useful down the line. [500]
Underdog - Yes, underestimate the man with the plastic controller near his crotch. I promise, it won't backfire. Totally~. [300]
Aptitude - Man, my life is just a training montage at this point. [0]
Support - Anon thinks this makes dealing with friendships easier. [200]


Where's My Axe? [300] - Anon is not pleased by this turn of events.
Champion of Aptitude [500] - Anon is now a terrible life coach. He is most displeased.

>Anon, I feel like we need to talk.
“Of course, Lord Chrom!...wait, you actually know Anon's name?”
>Well, of course. You just seem to lag behind in the frontlines a lot.
“Well, Anon has to maintain our fire support, Lord Chrom!”
>Yes, that's...what I wanted to talk to you about. Your ‘artillery’ has been a terrific asset to the Shepherds, truly, but...it's making the others uncomfortable.
“Anon understands. The railgun is a thing of outside this realm, is very loud, and-”
>No, not that. We have mages on our side. Everyone here is used to explosive abilities being used.
"Anon is not sure what the problem is, then.
>It may have something to do with the fact you're using live horses as ammunition.
“Anon works with only what he has!”
>Yes, but...the mess afterwardes...
“At least Anon only uses common farm animals!”
>You shouldn't be using farm animals in the first place, much less live ones!
"...so would you be happier if Anon used dead ones?"

>> No.49799976

Honestly, It'd probably only take ~10 jumps for even the most strong-willed Jumper's to stop caring about their homeworld.

>> No.49799997

Then can we talk about the new SB Bleach Jump?

>> No.49800005

Obviously "immunity" perks don't actually offer immunity, so what would be a good level of resistance to house-rule for an "immunity" perk?

>> No.49800014

Forgot to mention, need a new jump for the roll list.

>> No.49800016

>Not going by fiat-immunity

Have fun getting smashed by literally everything.

>> No.49800024


>> No.49800025

Captain N.

>> No.49800026

No, we may not.

We may, however, discuss why pocket sand is the best Fullbringing ever.

>> No.49800027

Megaman Classic!

>> No.49800028

>Guy who starts multiplayer discussion is also the same guy that posts banned jumps and spams furry porn.
I'm not surprised. Most of our cancer can be linked to a small number of individuals.

>> No.49800034

I at the very least agree with this

>> No.49800038

>Obviously "immunity" perks don't actually offer immunity

I don't understand what this is supposed to mean.

>> No.49800039

Depends. Some give outright immunity. Others just give extremely high resistance. For the very high resistance ones, I'd say put it at such a level that anything short of a major cosmic power will fail against it.

>> No.49800045

That's where he started, m80.

>> No.49800049

He's trying to bait with a "Perks don't actually do what they say." argument.

>> No.49800051

It means he's trying to start an argument

>> No.49800062

No, none give outright immunity. At best, they can be assumed to protect to the maximum level in the setting.

>> No.49800070


>> No.49800081

Oh, silly me. Of course. For a second there I forgot this place was filled with the absolute shittiest people on the internet.

>> No.49800082

Would there be a way to get perfect immunity post-spark though?

>> No.49800091

It depends on the jump maker's ruling, anon. Some have ruled that their perks offer complete immunity. However, I suspect you're not trying to actually have a discussion, and are instead looking to start an argument, so I will have nothing more to do with you. Nor will I respond to your inevitable "oh, someone says something you don't like, so it must be shitposting" response, nor any greentext variations on that.

>> No.49800095

Rolled 7 (1d8)

Started the chain there.

1. Generic Magical Girl
2. Jojo
3. Ring of Red
4. Final Fantasy 6
5. Career Model
6. Charles Barkley
7. League of Legends
8. Auralnauts
9. Order of the Stick
10. Borderlands

Megaman Classic
Hero BBS

>> No.49800098

Please don't believe him. It's bait.

Though you're probably him responding to yourself.

>> No.49800102

Never go full Teemo

>> No.49800105

Really? You people think not being rancho and assuming omnipotence straight out-the-gate is baiting?

>> No.49800108

I'm not though.

>> No.49800109

Neither post is even offering concrete examples. Of course it's just the shitposter responding to himself.

>> No.49800127

Always go full Teemo

>> No.49800140

If you're going to lie, at least out some effort into it. No stars ever went nova, and there was no visits from the big bang world unless you want to count abductions as such. Plus, who would remember that if it's been 700 years since both planets last had any contact and the cast from the Ra Ciela game are already dead and buried?

>> No.49800147

Would a perk that provides immunity to fire provide an immunity to plasma weaponry? Or is it some weird "only applies to fire" immunity?

>> No.49800157

>Who is Shurelia
>Why do the Ra Cielans have to leave Ra Ciela
>Hell, why did the Ra Cielans have to move to Ra Ciela in the first place

>> No.49800170

So I'd like some opinions on whether or not to take a perk. Specifically, Magnetic Destiny from Hero BBS. On the one hand, that thing is awesome. Gathering powerful and exotic people to you means you can acquire useful companions in-universe, so even without capital C Companions you're still in good company. Plus, it means you can do the whole "foil party" thing, where you've got an entire group meant to reflect om the canon heroes (and since they've got a jumper on their side, they'll swiftly take the protagonist role). That's funny. On the other hand, meeting so many awesome people is only going to exacerbate the pod limits problem that already occurs just from canon characters. Is it worth the grief of figuring out who I can stand to part with?

>> No.49800174

I don't give a shit about your magical realm.

>> No.49800185

Just Blue Feather it, mate.

>> No.49800200

Well, it would depend on the specific text of the perk you're using, but most fire immunity perks also include an immunity to heat in general, so that would cover you against plasma. Mostly. I mean, a destabilizing plasmoid could also cause concussive, electrical, and radiation damage, too. But the thermal is the main issue, those are secondary sources of damage.

>> No.49800217

That only works for marriages. I assume most of these people are not going to waifus.

>> No.49800227

Fanwank it. But fire and plasma are different things anyways, so probably the answer is no.

>> No.49800231

It's bait because I don't think that a perk offered in Circle of Magic or Darkstalkers would let me survive lightning from comic-Thor?

>> No.49800238

Just take the Damn Harem Heroes! perk with it then.

>> No.49800251

I'd say take it. In some cases, it can really help you. Imagine taking SMT, and with Magnetic Destiny you gather demons and demon tamers to your cause, which would definitely improve your odds given how totally outnumbered you are. Or in other dangerous jumps like Light of Terra, Age of Ice, so on and so forth.

Lightning is lightning, anon. Besides, Darkstalkers is around comic book level with Morrigan. She's ridiculously stronk.

>> No.49800261

Jumpchan is giving you this perk. You know, the entity that can made Good Ol' Nya do whatever it wants.

So yes, I believe it can.

>> No.49800280

I think you're missing the point, that being that I don't want them all to be waifus. Sometimes you just want friends, in a purely platonic fashion.

Yeah, you're right. There's so much advantage to be had there. I'll just need to learn to internalize the knowledge that time stops when I'm gone until I get my Spark, so I can always revisit them. And with the Captain N jump offering time travel as a post-Spark upgrade to the Warp Zone, even if all worlds unfreeze at once I'll be fine.

>> No.49800283

>Guys got hooked by the bait.

>> No.49800298

My thoughts exactly

>> No.49800318

The Blue Feather doesn't require love, sexual desire, or even marriage. You just need to propose and have the other person say yes to it. Think of it like a legal marriage that exists just for legal benefits (in this case, the legal benefit is companionhood) and you can spam that shit forever.

>> No.49800323

It wasn't actually me the other times that was posted.

There are many kinds of shitposters here, anon. Knowing their differences might save your life.

>> No.49800337

Can you change the appearance/sound of the Warp Zone pipes?

>> No.49800347

What would you have to say to convince Batman to marry you as a straight man?

N-no homo

>> No.49800352

Eh, it's bait, but it's poor bait. Darkstalkers has plenty of beings that could give comic Thor or other powerful characters a major run for their money, so it's perfectly possible that lightning immunity from there would allow you to no sell Thor's lightning attacks. It's just that kind of setting, but because it's a fighting game not a lot of people realize that.

>> No.49800353

Jumpers, in the Halo jump, how did you save Reach?

>> No.49800376

The notes actually do say they have to agree to marry you. Though the notes also refer to it as a flower, not a feather. Odd. Not sure how to interpret that, must be a typo. Still, I'm just not sure I'd feel comfortable having asked everyone in my party to marry me. Maybe I can dress it up in mystic-sounding jargon, there's a lot of marriage metaphors in alchemy. Thanks for the advice, anon.

>> No.49800382


>> No.49800390

Blasted the song "Reach" by S Club 7 from giant speakers all over while it fell.

>> No.49800404

fuck off

>> No.49800417

Why do all that when the Housing System supplement lets you companion anyone who you can get to agree to it (that doesn't have a CP buy)?

>> No.49800432

>Would you be interesting into entering a formal, legally-recognized relationship with me, wherein we will be considered partners and equals in all things, and also travel the multiverse having sick adventures?

>> No.49800444

Late to the party, but-I just wanted to say, I think >>49799658's analogy is perfect while >>49799843 is the same kind of thinking that resulted in the League of Nations.

"I can make it so your parents aren't dead any more"

...I'm sorry, the what now? I spent large parts of HALO jumping into the Covenant databases solely to shitpost at the Covenant by making their own technology malfunction at the worst time, you'll have to be more specific.

>> No.49800460

There sure is a lot of bait in this thread.

>> No.49800467

Wait, shit, was I supposed to help with that?

I having too much fun dismantling tech and acquiring biological samples.

...Atleast I tore apart a few ships?

>> No.49800474

Kiddies don't have school on Saturday. Makes me wish we did it like Japan, at least then they'd be in school half the day.

>> No.49800491

I don't think Batman does "sick adventures" he's too busy being moody.

>> No.49800510

Not willingly, unfortunately.

>> No.49800532

"Just let me add a thimblefull of brimstone to the alembic of your heart, and I'll create gold from brass by turning counter-clockwise!"

>our universe

Wait, you mean...as in baseline Earth's? As in, from a place where stuff didn't come from cosmic song?

...exactly how does that happen?

>> No.49800552

With someone like Batman you just tell bring his parents back to life and tell him that the true face of evil is infinitely larger and deeper than the street thugs in Gotham, and if he wants to truly make a difference, he better take the fucking feather.

>> No.49800554

I'm not sure how to break this to you, but there's an unspoken agreement in thread to not use the supplements except in private-mostly under the belief they were a mistake.

>> No.49800555


>> No.49800564

>capping with subs on

You done goofed.

>> No.49800574

He already does that with the Justice League, though. And unlike the Justice League, you don't have his best friend in your roster. You'd have to recruit Superman, first.

>> No.49800602

Everyone always talks about Body Mod and Warehouse though.

>> No.49800629

To what extent and how often? Like, could I make one pipe look like obsidian accompanied by the sound of thunder and then an hour later, a pair that looks like gothic organ pipes playing my leitmotif?

>> No.49800637

Those were made by QS, the guy who started this whole thing, they're fine. The other ones were made after. I personally don't mind them, but some other people seem to dislike them. Oh, not that other anon, by the way.

>> No.49800652

Is there a jump besides FE that would be useful for pairing off people who aren't me?

>> No.49800667

>...exactly how does that happen?
Songs exist in the Ar Tonelico/Surge Concerto universe that can cross dimensional barriers. It's also possible to temporarily summon someone's consciousness from another reality into there's. The back of one of the music CDs reveals an incantation saying they summoned to their world to listen to those songs, and the protagonist and his love interest are both from our world (hell, Earthes IS you, your mind being summoned to pilot the robot.)

>> No.49800672

It would be a purely aesthetic sense. Don't forget keeping the portals open for longer than a minute or two is incredibly stressful. I don't see an hour-long delay being practical in the long run.

The only thing that's certain is that unless you combo some sort of illusion, it will always look like a 'portal' of some kind - a doorway, a swirling vortex of energy, etc.

>> No.49800676

There's a perk in Supernatural that makes people fall in love.

Basically a cupids arrow thing.

There's some pretty funny applications to it.

>> No.49800684

Gravity Falls has a Cupid Perk.

>> No.49800685

>and the protagonist and his love interest
Of Ar Nosurge, forget to say.

>> No.49800689

Tooting my own horn a bit, but Tales of Phantasia has The Matchmaker perk under the already-pretty-fantastic Summoner origin.

>> No.49800707

The Ra Ciela games expand upon the metaphysics with Seven Dimensional theory. Length, Width, Depth, Time, Position, Thought, and Origin. Origin being things like Exa Pico or our Big Bang Universe.

"Ion" (actually Nei Yuuki) had her soul summoned from the Big Bang Universe which, according to the fluff, is the same universe as ours. This is dangerous because Exa Pico doesn't handle outsiders too well. They did it anyway because the local star is destabilizing and going through the inevitable process of destroying Ra Ciela.

They hope to use the fact she gained the power of Oversight by crossing the 7th dimension to get there, which would allow them to sing themselves to a new planet, just like the last time this happened. The fact that the new world will also have its star do the same thing is ignored as their plan is clearly working.

You, the player, and the guy who's playing Prim control the characters from the Big Bang Dimension through Interdimend. Interdimend being a song that allows for information to be passed from the 7th dimension through the Oversight power Nelo and Ion have. This allows for saving, loading, all of the RPG tropes, and actually winning against Prim's player.

Note: Prim's player is a Japanese NEET who's trying to platinum whatever they call the version of the game he has. It's got more character customization, apparently, given his comments about how he chose her appearance.

>> No.49800722

What the fuck even are these things?

>> No.49800742

Dumb names based off time-travel gimmickry.

>> No.49800747

>and then an hour later,
I meant that as an hour between pipe-summoning, but apparently the pipe changes are immediate upon formation.

Also, it can aesthetically be any kind of "portal"? That's pretty damn nifty, mang.

>> No.49800762

Considering it's Doctor Who... I'm gonna guess some person who would eventually become some type of powerful ruler but because of timey-wimey shit can't or will not, but still desires that outcome. Some type of parallel universe critters. Some type of being or person who should have existed, but due to time travel no longer does and is fucking pissed about it.

>> No.49800769

This >>49800637 .

The supplements are generally seen as free points to get what you couldn't in the warehouse, with little-to-no opportunity cost.

>> No.49800805

How many times do I have to say that I don't give a shit about your magical realm?

>> No.49800875

>magical realm

>> No.49800928

I give a shit about your magical realms. So what jumps let you get a magical realm besides Traveler's Gate?

>> No.49800934

>Not even quoted correctly
Wtf is wrong with you, anon?

>> No.49800995

Are there any good perks for keeping the people from babysitting/escort/"keep this asshole in one piece" scenarios/drawbacks alive?

>> No.49801008

You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

>> No.49801025

>Generator Rex
Buy the portal creation ability then make your own pocket dimension into a magical realm.

>SAO + Code Lyoko
Use the World Seed to create the virtual world of your dreams then use the scanners from Code Lyoko to transport yourself into it.

>> No.49801046

Gravity Rush, Alan Wake, Gunnerkrigg Court, D&D jumps, Rick and Morty, Halo - Covenant, One of the Marios, Generator Rex, Stargate.

That's all I can think of, desu.

>> No.49801076

But, anon, that anon used "is" correctly, and it makes sense in context.

>> No.49801080

Are there jumps that you turn digital stuff into real stuff?

I like the world of Alfheim Online and I want to collect some fairy samples for future projects. Though I'll bruteforce my way to fairies if I can't get any.

>> No.49801090

Final Fantasy XIII-III can get you one, with the last scenario.

>> No.49801092

What is the response equivalent of baitkakke?

>> No.49801102

I think I'm going to make a Stand that makes me omnipotent, since there's no Stand supplement to limit what I can make that should be fine, right?

>> No.49801117

Why not make an Alfheim jump?

>> No.49801141

As long as you give it an appropriate song name, should be fine senpai.

>> No.49801146

As much I want to, there's not enough content in my opinion for one.

>> No.49801154

Although it's an incredibly wasteful use of resources, there's no cap on the number of times you can buy the size increase for your homestead in Dark Cloud 2. So you can in theory get a universe-sized amount of real estate. It's probably not worth wasting all your CP on, though.

>> No.49801157

Teen Titans has the Mental Gateway item that lets you enter your own mind.

>> No.49801166

Yes, but only if it has some weakness that no one could ever reasonably discover but that the current JoJo will somehow clue into.

>> No.49801172

Assuming you're not baiting in a particularly lazy way, there aren't any canon omnipotent Stands.

GER got reset by Made in Heaven, Love Train was bypassed by Tusk Act 5 etc.

>> No.49801182

You might be able to do something with Code Lyoko's devirtualization?

>> No.49801185

>Assuming you're not baiting
You have to be an idiot to think he's not.

>> No.49801194

Wow. I think it's clear now why we don't have a Stand suppliment- the powerwanking anons who run these threads want it that way.

>> No.49801198

Thats a fair way to look at it. Purchasing powers allows your shaman to use them, but locking them away isn't mandatory.

I must have missed shapeshifting powers? And yes, you can absorb/eat weaker Oni. Doing so is actually how Oni evolve into stronger Oni.

>> No.49801206

Is Somefaggit dead?

>> No.49801212

Shurelia was never shown to have any knowledge on the Ra Cielans' history beyond "our planet was destroyed and we need to find a new one". So how would she have known about the Tenmon's misdeeds if everyone was doing everything they could to keep Ion's origins and Interdimend a secret?

>> No.49801224

No, we don't have one because JoJoanon never made one.

>> No.49801236

Yeah, plenty die every day.

>> No.49801237

No, not 'is'. You wouldn't get vary far in life not saying 'is'.

>> No.49801241

While the majority of the jump is basically 'meh'It has too many counterpoints to be good, such as 'its better than the old one, but its against the rules to do replacements' and 'its got half decent perks, but no sense of balance'., the described zanpakuto and the like are actually pretty good.

>> No.49801260

So now you're saying JojoAnon is a powerwanker like you? Fuck off.

>> No.49801271

I hope the fuck not.
I'm still waiting on that Grrl Power jump he was working on.

You're responding to bait.
I don't know why this isn't obvious to you both.
Unless of course one or both of you are samefagging.

>> No.49801282

There was supposed to be a spoiler in the middle of that.

>> No.49801284

No, I'm just saying he never made one. In fact, it probably would be better if he did.

>> No.49801293

Because she got discouraged by the thread's sexual attraction to deformed and monstrous people.

>> No.49801316

>Thats a fair way to look at it. Purchasing powers allows your shaman to use them, but locking them away isn't mandatory.
Thank you.

I didn't quite realise the shaman could use my powers if I purchased them back?

Probably because I don't particulary give a shit if "my" shaman can use my powers. I kinda just want to be a spoopy ghost. And get my Hitodama Mode.

Unrelated, is there any way to train your Reiyoku? Furyoku training seems pretty easy, with near-death experiences and 1-ups. But not sure on how it worked with Reiyoku again.

>> No.49801318

>Grrl Power
Honestly, it's been only three days in the comic. Not much plot stuff has happened, and we just now (relatively) were made aware that the setting's actually an urban-fantasy kitchen sink.

>> No.49801324

The sins of the Tera do not fall to the thread.
Tera was, and is, a piece of shit who personally fucked up a jump for everyone. Forever.

That's on him and him alone.

>> No.49801340

You got everything wrong in there: the seven dimensions are Space (1 to 3), Time (4), Possibility (5), Collectivity (6) and Multiverse (7), and Prim's player isn't a Japanese NEET but some guy from Nero's original universe, the video showing him as a Japanese guy was no more than a non-canon joke. And he didn't choose Prim's appearance: he picked her as her Interdimend terminal because he liked her appearance.

Also the unstability problem comes not from Exa Pico handling outsiders poorly, but from the fact the wave conversion Nero and Ion's souls underwent ruined the wave balance the universe had, and that only got worse with Nero being forced to stick around as a ghost after her first body died 5000 years prior to Ciel nosurge.

>> No.49801355

The author needs to post more and stretch out the pacing.
We're all gonna die of old age before Sydney goes on her first official mission at this rate.

>> No.49801365

Anon, I was trying to be subtle.

>> No.49801395

>Also the unstability problem comes not from Exa Pico handling outsiders poorly, but from the fact the wave conversion Nero and Ion's souls underwent ruined the wave balance the universe had
Isn't this ultimately the same thing? Unless there's presumed to be some method of wave conversion that wouldn't render everything else unstable.

>> No.49801448

Yet the underlying explanation makes the difference between "everything will get unstable but only after a lot of time has passed or if some other extradimendional being is summoned to speed up the distortion" and "everything is distorted ever since you showed up, we're done for".

>> No.49801735


>> No.49801765

what the fuck

>> No.49801773

I'm considering adding a perk that would allow you to make anything that you could already make instantly, with a cooldown of approximately how long it would take you to make it. Anything with non-mundane materials would require a sample of the material or one of equal power.

Too OP?

>> No.49801802

To what Jump?

>> No.49801806

What jump?

>> No.49801809

That souds fine, if it fits the jump.

>> No.49801845

Shhh. Just let it happen.

>> No.49802008

Murdered: Soul Suspect. I've finally sorted out some issues IRL AND just got some free time, so I'm hoping it'll be done before the end of the month.

It's intended as part of a boosted capstone that'll recreate the properties and history of an item such that you always have evidence even if its long-gone. It'll scale with what you're able to create, so as to fit your needs. Like in Wizard court, if you need the magic dagger to prove innocence/guilt, you can recreate the same dagger if you could make the original.

It's based on the the collectible/story mechanic, in which you "reform" pieces of evidence. It'll be limited to images at first; but as a damn-old ghost, you should be able to reform it using recharging "essence" -- history and all.



>> No.49802048

Seems like it fits. Good luck!

>> No.49802054

Seems good for a boosted capstone.

>> No.49802102

Thanks, I'll get straight to work.

I suspect items will be a chore, though.

>> No.49802142

Oh god why.

>> No.49802174

it's like russian roulette, but more drawn out and less lethal

>> No.49802220

Which means when one of the idiots loses, they don't simultaneously remove themselves from the gene pool. So this is worse than Russian roulette.

>> No.49802242

Terraria can net you worlds with magical creatures in it.

>> No.49802274

Cleaning out the gene pool was a lost cause long before the idea came about

>> No.49802299

Literally the digitiser ray from generic virtual world.

>> No.49802304

>Cleaning out the gene pool was a lost cause
That's not true at all. Lots of people are still hard at work eliminating other members of their species.

>> No.49802306

Sounds like fun. Another addition to the pool of perks that make item creation in combat a valid technique. And this one would allow for supermoves, creating a single powerful item to decide a fight and then being unable to do it again for weeks/months.

>> No.49802323

Probably a crazy time lord with an army of time-glitched monsters.

>> No.49802343

A) That has VERY little to do with genetics
B) Particularly successful or intelligent families typically don't have large numbers of children.
C) The better we get at biotech, the less this matters.

>> No.49802388

Reiyoku... Not sure. Amidamaru's went up to about five times the original amount over the series, but I'm not sure how.

>> No.49802394

>inb4 pol and/or regressive left

>> No.49802584

What are you?

>> No.49802654

I'm merely* a human, of course!

*for varying values of "merely"

>> No.49802655

We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.

We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world.

We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything.

We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.

>> No.49802691

Nyarlathotep pls go and stay go.

>> No.49802710

I dunno, potentially seems way more powerful then what it was in game as you're describing it.

>> No.49802715

Rudimentary creature of blood and flesh. You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding.

>> No.49802727

Blade, about GHJ:

Remember to include the fact that originally Hueco Mundo was rehabilitation/place for damaged souls until King Spoiky turned it into Mad Max wasteland but with soul magic

>> No.49802745

I'm just this guy, y'know.

>> No.49802765

I might tone it down a little. Though the events of the game do take place in the span of a single night, so there may be some potential for growth.

When I crank out a WIP this week, y'all can iron out the kinks, okay?

>> No.49802779

I am a sword, made by aliens, for the defense of humanity.

I am a robot who cast away my humanity in order to better defend it.

I am a Builder of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth.

>> No.49802791

I'm you, Jeremy. How'd you forget?

>> No.49802793

A very lazy, magic energy/soul being, possessing a sort "human" body?

>> No.49802794

The terror that flaps in the night!

>> No.49802840

I'm your friend, you silly!

And you would do anything for a friend, wouldn't you?

>> No.49802851

pic related. All hail the Slime King!

>> No.49802856

And here I thought you were a dog with identity issues.

>> No.49802914


>> No.49802915

A Magi-scientist looking for more data, going on adventures, and trying to find new things to keep myself interested.

>> No.49802936


>> No.49802948

A Supermarket bagger in way over his head.

>> No.49802975

Begun of Tigtone jump when?


>> No.49803136


>> No.49803153

A miserable pile of secrets and lies.

>> No.49803209


>> No.49803216


Also I'm not quite sure what I am biologically. And my kids are gonna be even weirder. Especially Hastur's kids, and Death's.

>> No.49803253

Azathoth damn it, Justice.

>> No.49803262

Do I need to get the list?

>> No.49803263


>> No.49803274

I have no idea.

>> No.49803281

Yes, please do.

>> No.49803293

Me. I think.

>> No.49803294

Yes please, I need to be reminded of the dangers of harems. It's like a drug, once you start you can't stop.

So what you're saying is that you're a wall? That's the only Red thing there.

>> No.49803313

Not going to lie it could use a bit more work.

Drop in
100CP perk: clarify that you approachability will help you draw others with problems and thta I you put work into it you could easily become the pillar of support for your group/ team. Also clarify limits such as that if you gain a bad reputation in jump then the perk stops working for those that know about it.

200CP perk: clarify that the perk allows you to more easily form bonds with enemies and helps turn people you repeatedly fight against into more willing to be friends/ them stop trying to fight you.

400CP perk: It seems to me that you are using drop in as the social perks/ good at empowering groups. This perk does not really fit into the category though. I reccomend replacing it with something that attracts powerful and skilled people to fight for you or with you.

600CP perk: remove the fighting against bitter enemy part, if it does not have any affect then its not necessary to include it. Clarify as reason for the power boost you and your group gains, is it because your a good tactician and can use your knowledge about how your close friends fight or that your presence fosters teamwork and cooperation in your allies. Remove the doubles strength and instead attribute a boost in all your groups capabillities.

As I see it the drop in is smiliar to the Hero Cooperation drop in in that your a the focal of your group that evryone relies on with the 100CP perk you can more easily attract enemies and befriend them to join your group with the 200CP perk, you attract powerful and skilled fighter to help you with the 400CP Perk, and finally you get everyone of your close friends, who you get close to with the 100CP perk, to fight better.

I can give some more advice about the other origins perks and the Beauty section latter right now I have to go have dinner.

>> No.49803314

That would explain her stubbornness...

>> No.49803321

Alice, Mera, Trisha, Luna Lovegood, Elsa, Rheastrasza(Kill Deathwing to save her), My Ship Girls(I have yet to name these OC, because I suck at naming), Mizore, Sarah Kerrigan, Akitsu, Yashima, Kocho, Juvia, Erza, Azula, Zhang Jiao, My Divinity bride, Nonon , My Qunari Ally, The Choir of Righteous Fury, Elizabeth, Yuriko, Death of the Endless, Lady Death, Neliel, Harribel, My Jaeger Partner, Female Form Hastur, Raven, Serana, Aela, Kara Zor'el and all Alternative versions of her, Neeshka, Laylamon, Argetvindr, Dis, Keristraza(Beat the shit out of Malygos BEFORE he gets his claws on her), Avacyn
Mordred, Elodie, Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime
Cody, Victor, Kevin, Terry, Bigby Wolf, Katerina Dupois, Friar Carl, Genie, My Nibblonian Friend, Sans, Viera Red Mage, Halo A.I, Dante, Fran Madaraki, My Mabari Hounds?, Encourage Angel, Shining Lady, Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo, Dumbbell Kangaroo, Sword Magician, Sarah, Costume Idol, Alk, Dragon Knight Morteza, Hooligan Tuesday, SCP-914?, Momonga, Fair-Eyes, Makoto

I think you linked to the wrong post on that second one.

>> No.49803327

Will we ever get an update for "that" jump?

>> No.49803331

Before I go I also would like to say thank you for making this jump and that you have done a pretty good job so far with the rest. Have a nice night/day

>> No.49803346

yep, mib's back as rebornanon so most of his jumps should get updates eventually.

>> No.49803353

No, I mean "that" jump.

>> No.49803370

So I did. Your pic seems to apply to me as well.

The second comment from this >>49803294 was for you.

Wait, you don't mean "that" jump, do you?

>> No.49803374

My Little Pony? Hellblazer? If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device? There are a lot of Jumps that shall not be named.

>> No.49803377

The only red thing I see in Justice's picture is stupidity and making bad decisions. I mean you're not wrong, but I think you still misquoted.

>> No.49803379

Song, Wisdom, Succor, Valor and maybe something a little extra... well, not that little

>> No.49803389

Good taste except for not having Madaraki Fran as a waifu.
You dissapoint me, Justice.

>> No.49803392

No, none of those.

Yes, exactly. THAT jump.

>> No.49803397

> remove the fighting against bitter enemy part, if it does not have any affect then its not necessary to include it.
Ignore this. If this advice were followed, jumps would be more like mibs. Fluff is an important part of any jump.

Anon also needs to start giving reasons for why he gives some of this critique. Why should it be clarified here and there? Why should bits be changed and boosts removed?

>> No.49803404

No one ever accused me of being intelligent.

>> No.49803426

I was too busy trying to teach her Ethics and Morality to try to waifu her.

>> No.49803454

Oh, right, since I just remembered shitpost-kun throwing a fit about this back when Kamen Rider was being talked about a lot

Have a reminder that this happened..

>> No.49803462

I'm saying I'm a piece of trash who tries to hide it by doing their best, but it doesn't change being trash.

>> No.49803488

Someone who didn't suddenly develop a lust for adventure just because of jumping, and mostly just keeps out of things until roped into the plot.

>> No.49803495

Excuses, i can't belive it, you weren't like this Justice

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