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Bitter Coast Edition

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
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>General Rules
This is NOT /tesg/ minus waifus, so behave properly.
No waifus or husbandos except for Tarhiel.
Keep the squabbling to a minimum.

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First for fishy sticks!

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Third for the true king of Morrowind

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>Surprisingly, Tarhiel is actually a merchant, and would also provide smithing services. Unfortunately, there is no way to take advantage of these services as you can't converse with him. And even if you got past that (for example by stripping all your equipment off, which would replace his dialogue with "Cover yourself! Are you mad? Have you no decency?") he has nothing to sell, and no gold with which to buy things.

--Save Tarhiel.
--Only repair service anywhere near Seyda Neen.
--Have to be naked to talk to him.

The lore just writes itself.

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Daily reminder that Tarhiel is Blue Dev's extra Fuck You to the Tarheels.

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Oh, like Eltonbrand!

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More like Comfy Coast amirite?

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Holy shit, it's the weekend already?! I hate my life

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Was Morrowind the last good Elder Scrolls game?

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And the first

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You can save that guy?

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Cast slowfall on him

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I don't want to talk about it

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Young Sotha Sil, while playing in the egg mines, saw a number of scribs in a deep shaft, and he began to cast stones upon them, snickering as they skittered and scattered, until one of the scribs, lifting its head up in agony, cried out to Sotha Sil: "Please, please, have mercy, little boy, for what is sport to you is suffering and death to us."
And Sotha Sil said "Oh shit a talking scrib."

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I'm re-reading the Homilies and Jesus Christ, Vivec is such an insufferable cunt.

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>They made ritual as if to summon Azura as Nerevar wanted but Almalexia used poisoned candles and Sotha Sil used poisoned robes and Vivec just hit him on the head with a fucking club. Nerevar was murdered.

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Remember that time he found a really big beetle, recited his emo poetry at it, and then killed it?
And then he makes a big deal out of it, puts a statue of himself doing it up.
Then he murders his best friend so he can fuck his girl and steal some divinity.
But wait! THERE'S MORE!
He ran into a kagouti and another beetle have a mutual roast session and murdered them. ASSHOLE.
He caught a killer rock and literally held it over his people's heads, threatening to drop it as soon as they stopped loving him.
Vehk is a sociopath.

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That's why no one mer should all that power.

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Isn't the big beetle thing just a meme?

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TES has a lot (though sadly not enough) of little cultural touches, that serve to flesh out the setting a lot. One of the reasons Morrowind is so great is the wealth of these touches.

What's some of your favourite little things?

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Some of the food the Bosmer makes sounds disgusting but interesting.
They ferment pig milk to make liquor and they need to feed animals a certain fruit their whole lives to flavour their meat.
I'm just imagining an apple orchard populated with pigs that eat the fallen fruit.

Also the fact that Khajiit families could consist of every form and that their society would need to accommodate every one of them.

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You can propagate make-belief into reality, it's what the Tribunal did. We call it 'meme magic'.

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Evolution of architecture.

Merethic Era Nords used big blocks of stone, connected without mortar or cement. The style of ancient Chimer fortresses and towers isn't replicated anymore, Cyrods would probably still have been living in Ayleid cities for a long time and so on

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Fuck, you're right

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>ash yams and other regional cuisine
>different interpretations of the same gods
>currency named differently based on your culture (septims, drakes, etc.)
>nobody dies from diseases because free cures at any religious shrine (oh wait I hate this one)
>silt striders
>mines based on eggs for food production
>architecture influenced by neighboring cultures
>the unclear heritage of the Reachmen
>Alik'r, Ashlanders, Daggerfall orcs, Skaal, and all other smaller distinct cultures within provinces so that they aren't 1 province = 1 culture
>orc strongholds
>regional horse breeds
I could go on.

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There's tons of nice Khajiit tidbits; like how they dress in Budis, raise children communally, have arrhythmic music, love sweets, and generally don't like sailing. And then there's an enormous amount of Dunmer stuff, but I don't feel like I even have to mention that.

Orcs get married at midnight.
Argonians make sugarcane wine.
Bosmer make disgusting drinks.
And so on.

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No, it's a story in-game.

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>Lord Vivec and the Contentious Beasts

>A shalk and a kagouti were strutting back and forth in a foyada, casting aspersions of one another's looks. "You are the ugliest creature alive," the shalk told the kagouti. "No, YOU are the ugliest creature alive," the kagouti told the shalk. For each thought himself most handsome, and the other most ugly.

>Then Lord Vivec chanced by, and settled their dispute. "No, you BOTH are the ugliest creatures alive, and I will not have my pleasant sojourn spoiled by your unseemly squabbling." So he dealt them both mighty blows, shattering their skulls, and silencing their argument, and went merrily upon his way.

>And thus Lord Vivec proved that ugliness is as much in one's manner as in one's appearance.

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Also from The Homilies of Blessed Almalexia,
>...and a wizard slowly raises the temperature, measure by measure, to boiling...
I can finally RP as Uncle Iro.

At least that's my head canon explanation for why every character starts with a fire spell, for utility like heating or lighting a fire torch or lantern.

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I thought you meant ingame, like where the player would see it.

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You see?
Total. Dick.

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>Forgetting to mention ritually being mildly high
I imagine their dishes to be similar to sweet chinese meals.

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lol what a cunt

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>Apollodown's Civil War Overhaul nexus page has been replaced by this

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Not lore.
Fuck off.

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I know about that, but >>49785413 put it as a different event.

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How would one explain joining all the possible factions in Morrowind? I want to do that with my current character, but it feels cheap, what order should I follow? Has anyone done this while mantaining character?

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I always thought of it as making connections with people to garner information.
The deeper you go into the story, the more connections you need since the information isn't as prevalent, and that requires advancing in guilds so they don't pass you off as a crackpot.
Of course rising in ranks means more real responsibilities, which means more important people to talk to.

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How would one go from exposong the temple to joining the temple to joining the imperial cult?
I have some ideas regarding that, but their weak

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I remember a thread a few weeks back talking about water drumming as an Argonian music style

What other musical styles are there in TES?
>>49788828 This anon mentions arrhythmic music for khajiit

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Well once you "expose" them, you probably are helping them clean themselves of corruption.
The imperial cult can be seen as trying to bridge together different faiths, and you can't do that without properly understanding both sides. You'd also need connections to vouch for you in Solstheim.

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I was looking for a more sincere approach, not just out of interest, but it's hard

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Duh, you're a spy. Wear different outfits, use different gear, never be seen changing and hold of on certain quests until after you've met Vivec, like the last Temple quests. You're gathering information, feeling out the political situation. Wear closed helms. After you become Nerevarine, you can justify being the leader of all these factions and the new Patriarch of the Temple.

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I really liked how human naming conventions changed noticeably over the course of 200 years, while elven ones didn't.

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this is surreal

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That's a couple of generations for humans while maybe one or two for elves.

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rewrite that

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While I get his point (and I understood it in the first place, hence my respect for the portrayal of linguistic evolution), "one or two" and "a couple" mean essentially the same thing. He probably meant "a few".

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That's not exactly what you asked for, but for some reason I just love that paper lanterns are the main light source in Morrowind. Not really sure why, they just give this great exotic touch to the province

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The mod is shit, only fitting.

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Temple: "I got tired of being treated like dirt every time I tried to buy a fetching Heal potion."

Imperial Cult: "Come on, bro, these are Imperials: you can basically *buy* an ordination. And you pretty much have to, for the Duke and his entourage to take you seriously."

Mages Guild: "Ten gold for instantaneous travel to any of the island's major cities? Too good to pass up."

Fighters Guild: "Honestly? I need the money."

Etc. You get in on the ground floor, for the services. You do a few quests, when nothing else is going on. Three weeks later, you're Guildmaster, and you're not entirely sure how it happened.

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Oh yeah, I'm also a big fan of paper lanterns.

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I tried to put some in Hlaalo Manor and tried to tidy up the place with rotate and move commands, but they glitched :(

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He's that fucking obnoxious asshole who fills his modpages with shitty memes instead of actual information, right?
Can't say I'm surprised.

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I've never liked the fact that the games tend to make you a guild leader, without actually giving you leadership.
Imagine a GM saying "Congratulations, you're now the leader of the Mage's Guild. You won't lead, decide, delegate or decide on anything, and you do essentially the same things you did before you became leader. Here's a nice staff."
Is that something that leads to good roleplaying?
I'd prefer if they actually added some meaningful dimension to being the leader, but since that's not going to happen, it would be better if it just worked like the faction ranks in Daggerfall, where you become a big deal, but never the boss of your faction.

Speaking of which, I recently found this:

>> No.49798344

>Elsweyr stops being shit and enters a new golden age

what happens

>> No.49798376

The thing is there is some factions I do want to be the leader in, just not all of them. It would be better if you could have a position to stop in and elect to make another member the leader or maintain old management.

This was actually done before in Morrowind, where in a few factions like House Telvanni and the Imperial legion say, "You can stop here, but if you REALLY want to lead, just duel this guy."

>> No.49798459

>TFW Fable can get away with sex and prostitution but TES can't.

>> No.49798495

To be fair, that guy in the Legion didn't deserve to lead since he couldn't be bothered to fetch his own damn legendary artifact gear himself.
Bolvyn Venim was a strong leader, but he wasn't the /right/ leader.

>> No.49798522

So you're saying you'd rather lead the Legion? Some might not, and want to just stay right there. The point is that for a few factions in Morrowind, there is a choice.

>> No.49798541

>Bolvyn Venim
I meant House Redoran.

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The Mane returns and proclaims the Dominon control and dissolution of Elsweyr to be severely haram.
Anaquina and Pelletine reunite, Aldmeri advisers and administrators are sacked. Dominion military units that are Khajiit-majority defect to the Mane, Altmeri and Bosmeri forces are destroyed or forced out.
The rebellion sparks a full-scale war between the reforged Elsweyr Confederacy and the Aldmeri Dominion. Since we're assuming the best here, the cats manage to fight very effectively in the western border region. They're no threat to the Altmeri naval supremacy, but they manage to fight the forces in Valenwood to a standstill, and eventually secures a very beneficial agreement that secures them both banks of the Xylo river. The Dominion is also bled enough that they're not an immediate threat.
Elsweyr is largely isolationist with no ambitions of further conquest, with the exception of the Leyawiin region, and perhaps the greater Trans-Niben. They start to pressure the Empire to reclaim the region, but war does not break out. The mane does perhaps seek to establish good relations with the resurgent Argonia.
From here on out, the important things are internal politics and trade. An independent Elsweyr seeks to bring in wealth by revitalising important ports like Torval and Senchal. Caravans to both the Dominion and the Empire are encouraged. The ja'Kha-jay political system is reestablished for greater internal stability.

This is, of course, extremely hypothetical.

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So someone explain the Redguards to me. It seems like little to nothing about their actual social structure is ever actually elaborated on.

Oh, it keeps talking about how they're warriors and love freedom and are just so good with swords like on a spiritual level, but it just plain makes no sense for a large-scale settled agricultural civilization for all its members to be fiercely independent swordfighters. I mean, we know the Redguards have monarchy. How does their social structure work? What's their class and/or caste system like? How are they actually organized? Who does the difficult, unglamorous, but absolutely necessary work that no one wants to do?

I roughly understand that the states of Hammerfell are probably feudal monarchies like the kingdoms of High Rock, but are they a house society? I've never heard mention of any noble houses or clans or lineages, just two big political parties - the Crowns and the Forebears - with which everyone identifies and associates, which seems really weird for a monarchical society. Are they actually exclusive noble houses, or noble clans? Do ordinary common Redguards actually consider themselves Crowns or Forebears or even care about that distinction?

I assume the "freedom-loving warrior" stuff only applies to the nobility (since if that also described the labor class then they would not possibly be able to manage a large-scale state-level society). Am I correct in assuming this?

Also, can someone explain their naming convention? Usually (particularly in older games) they have these vaguely Germanic or Middle-English names, sometimes they have these Arabic names, sometimes Japanese names, sometimes vaguely Swahili. Are there a number of radically different languages spoken in Hammerfell? Or did the devs just not think about it?

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I don't think having Elsweyr become independent would be a good idea if they do an Elsweyr game.
I think it would be interesting to see the differences between a dominion controlled province and an imperial one, and the conflicts that inevitably arise from it.

>> No.49798922

Right, but he was asking about a Elsweyri golden age. And the Dominion is dedicated to keeping the ats down.

>> No.49798944

>Elsweyr breaks away from Dominion
>Elsweyr doesn't defeat Aldmeri navy (certainly resulting in blockade)
>Elsweyr somehow takes the Trans-Niben (arguably the most important chokepoint in all of Tamriel) from the Empire without war
>all of this somehow results in a situation that doesn't leave Elsweyr in a state of complete embargo

>> No.49798999

>Elsweyr somehow takes the Trans-Niben
I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. I meant the opposite.

>> No.49799029

>Elsweyr is largely isolationist with no ambitions of further conquest, with the exception of the Leyawiin region, and perhaps the greater Trans-Niben.
>They start to pressure the Empire to reclaim the region, but war does not break out
>The mane does perhaps seek to establish good relations with the resurgent Argonia
Why even mention this if your intention wasn't to say 'Elsweyr takes the Trans-Niben'?

>> No.49799435

First of all:
Nowhere in that does it say that they take the Trans-Niben. Or that the Trans-Niben would even be more than a potential target.

Now, to answer your question:
It's because you can't talk about an independent Elsweyr and not mention the inescapable Leyawiin conflict. Even if it wouldn't spark a war, it would be a point of contention, and put a dampener on the relationship between Elsweyr and the Empire. And it might be a reason for actual conflict down the line. There's no reason not to mention it.

The comment about Argonia is largely unrelated, and again hypothetical, but it's not unreasonable for the Khajiit to try to establish good relations with the Argonians. Elsweyr would have dreadful relations with the Dominion, and if relations with the Empire are not too good, pursuing a good relationship with Argonia seems reasonable.

>> No.49799981

I'm running a D&D based TES game with a few friends and they're currently visiting Black Marsh.
Any suggestions for Black Marsh specific things that could happen in their quest?
Murkwood is something I already have plans for.

>> No.49800087

Bloodfly swarm tryna eat the party alive

>> No.49800120

You could put some focus on the whole massive prison-system of Blackmarsh.

>> No.49800297

When is it?

Some suggestions:
>Dangerous cultists, revolutionaries or criminals have broken out of The Rose, and have fled to the interior of the province. It's your job to hunt them down.
>A remote Archeins governor has cut all contact with the outside world, and messengers do not return. As the group is sent to investigate, they find out that the local Hist tree has gone rogue, and the governor has declared himself the a Priest-King. Stop his insurrection in its infancy.
>Travel by Rootworm.
>Drink Theilul, which is a sugarcane wine
>Explore a lost, half-sunken step pyramid.
>Flee from Hackwings.
>See an entire village slowly float down a river.
>Get swamp rot.

>> No.49800415

They get sick and die.
They discover first-hand how Hist actually works when one of them becomes an Argonian.
They come across a rotting village of spooky inbred Imperials who've been cut off from Cyrodil for centuries.
They get sick and die.
They come across a rotting village of terrified Dremora who've been cut off from Oblivion for centuries.
They get captured, sold into slavery, and shipped north to Morrowind.
They get captured by an Imperial punitive expedition, and executed by mistake.
They get sick and die.
The Redguard gets beaten to death, because he hasn't gotten sick yet, and everyone's paranoid.
A Breton pig farmer asks for help to find his missing, retarded brother.

>> No.49800753

This Week in Tamriel:

10th - 16th of Frostfall
>This month's associated Birthsign is The Tower.

9th - 11th of Frostfall:
>3E 417
>The Warp in the West reduces the number of city-states in the Illiac Bay region from forty four to four, Mannimarco becomes a god, the Underking dies, the Agent possibly dies, in an incomprehensible event caused by multiple simultaneous uses of the Numidium.

13th of Frostfall:
Witches Festival
>"The 13th of Frostfall, known throughout Tamriel as the Witches' Festival when the forces of sorcery and religion clash. The Mages Guild gets most of the business since weapons and items are evaluated for their mystic potential free of charge and magic spells are one half their usual price. Demonologists, conjurors, lamias, warlocks, and thaumaturgists meet in the wilderness, and the creatures created or summoned there may plague Tamriel for eons. Most wise men choose not to wander this night".
Mephala Summoning Day
>This is the traditional day for summoning or communing with the Daedric Prince.

>> No.49800866

I like the holidays in Daggerfall, especially since they usually apply to very regional events and gives a sense of history to the place.

>> No.49800937

So there's been enough discussion that I feel like I understand why the Telvanni and the Hlaalu would allow outlanders among their ranks. But why would the Redoran? They're one of the most traditional houses, and my weird battlemage/sorcerer should be causing them to turn up their noses.

>> No.49801244

I want to lay down in my Silt Strider, wrap myself in Redoran cloth and inhale some moonsugar vapour as i listen to the ash storm raging outside.

>> No.49801384

modders are cunts, news at 10

>> No.49801566

I'm currently playing a character who will end the game in charge of House Hlaalu, the Fighters Guild and the Thieves Guild. I'm RPing it in that she's not the Nerevarine, but was instead sent to Vvardenfell to root out the Camonna Tong.

I once played an altmer dwemer archaeologist who thought that the Mages Guild was full of morons and joined House Telvanni because hey, they've got an actual Dwemer!

>> No.49801759

My head canon is that the Redguard only make up about half of the population of Hammerfell, most of the drudge work gets done by the "port rabble," a mix of foreigners and descendants of enslaved nedes, bretons, orcs, and elves.

Hammerfell may import a lot of food, in return for metals, exotic goods, and gold from retired adventurers and pirates. The population of Hammerfell is much more urban than other provinces.

The Crowns and Forebears follow different religions, so most commoners care at least a bit, even if they aren't involved politically.

Although most Redguard are at least moderately skilled with swords, most don't work in professions that require fighting, though Redguard are generally too proud to do subservient or menial work and probably rely on the above mentioned port rabble for such work.

Redguard seem to be divided into tribes, so perhaps the nobles are the senior members of the larger tribes.

>> No.49801792

This was supposed to be in response to this:

>> No.49801955

I'd rather be able to go on one more quest to find and appoint a competent leader. Like in GH Redoran, after defeating Venim I have the option to pull a Worf and make Sarethi the Grandmaster, in the Mages I should have a choice of Skink, Edwinna, a nobody from Caldera and the schemer from Balmora, with the Temple I should be able to select a new Patriarch from the Temple ranks, and so on.

>> No.49802301


I do wonder why the more ambitious faction people--Aryon, Sarethi, Percius, etc.--sponsor you for the top slots, rather than taking over themselves.

>> No.49802573

I always thought that based on the fact that the Telvanni and Redoran strongholds were so far away from their main base of operations that the faction was promoting you without really giving you full power and in the end the one who sponsored you (Aryon, Sarethi) are the ones that end of holding the true power. You're really just their puppet kinda. I haven't really gotten to the end of Hlaalu (going to do that on current playthough) but I'm guessing it's a little different since Orvas holds the real power.

I would have liked the idea of promoting another guild member as the new leader though as in most every guild there is always someone that fits the role a little better. Meanwhile you fill the role as their right hand man or whatever

>> No.49802754

Aryon makes you a puppet, but also extends the true power of the Telvanni into the Molag Amur, legitimizing the rogue homesteaders squatting in domes in nominally Temple territory.
Sarethi keeps you close, but useful in providing a much needed hostel between Ald-Ruhn and Maar Gan for pilgrims. You aren't directly involved in House politics, but you also have an honorable, important role.
That pervert in the Hlaalu is using you to make the Hlaalu purely pro imperial by destroying the influence of the Wrong Tong.

>> No.49802917

How does Argonian reincarnation work?

If all mortal souls are sent to the dreamsleeve for reincarnation, then why is it special for argonians?

Does the Hist manage their souls in the dreamsleeve? As to ensure argonian souls continue as argonians?

If so what about their memories? Are they retained somehow? If so, how? Is it the Hist Sap?

Non-Argonians who consume hist sap describe psychedelic effects, could this be them recalling parts of their past lives?

Would the retention of past memories explain their language's deficiency in past and future tense? Or why they have such a unique concept of time?

>> No.49803070

The Houses are all vying for power against one another and Redoran are no different in that they're not going to turn someone down if they're willing to do the jobs they need done.

Foreigners can then rise in the ranks due to merit and afforded more responsibility. In Morrowind Venim is such a cunt that they're willing to put a random dude in charge just to stop him from kidnapping their sons and shit.

>> No.49803425

As far as I know, it works something like this:
When an Argonian is born, he's granted his soul by the Hist.
He lives his life, filling up with memories and experiences. But in addition, in the deeper reaches of his mind, there's vague impressions and memories that are part of him, but not truly "his". These are not a part of everyday life, but more hidden in dreams and profound thought.
Eventually, the Argonian dies, and his soul is normally reclaimed by the Hist.
A new Argonian is born, and the soul is given to the newborn. The soul has mostly been stripped of memories, but not to the extent of a normal soul which has been cleansed in the Dreamsleeve. So some of the memories of the previous owner is still in there.

It is not known if the souls are never returned to the Dreamsleeve at all, or if they are, and the Hist have some domain over the Dreamsleeve allowing them to do this.

The most reasonable, to me, is that Argonian souls usually work the same as normal souls. They can get claimed by Princes, and when they sleep, they drift off to the Dreamsleeve.
However, the Hist intervene on two occasions, birth and death. First to give souls, and secondly to stop them from going to the Dreamsleeve, and instead send the souls to their own recycling process, which is "less clean", in that it leaves more memories behind than the normal process does. Therefore it's closer to reincarnation than the Dreamsleeve, which leaves basically nothing of the previous owner behind.

>> No.49803438


>all those hashtags

>> No.49803489

>oh noes someone supports hilary instead of putin backed racist bancrupt rapist

>> No.49803530


both candidates are bad on their own right

I would rather have Potema.

>> No.49803542

What's so wrong that Clinton suposedly did?

>> No.49803561

alright alright
let's not bring politics into this thread guys

>> No.49803647

And so it starts.

I do not think sap has anything to do with memories. That would require the contents of the soul to be transferred to the Hist and then for that to be distilled into an actual liquid. And even then, it would only leave very vague memories that are not easily or freely accessed. It also raises the question of how the Hist makes sure that the right Argonian ends up eating the right sap to get the right memories from the right soul.
Now, these problems are mostly practical, and the matter of souls is rather abstract, so I don't think it's impossible that sap is involved, I just think it's much more likely that it's a matter of "shoddy cleaning" leaving leftover memories. Maybe that's even intentional.

Their concept (or lack thereof) of time is deeply tied to their religious belief in reincarnation. The matter is somewhat confusing, but I believe it's something like this:
The general Argonian view of time is that we're constantly in "the eternal moment", meaning that's everything always taking place now. The meaning of this is somewhat vague. It could be that they believe time is cyclic to the extent that every moment is essentially literally the same moment, or that that they believe other points in time exist, but aren't really relevant as it's "always now". In essence, they either seem to think that everything is the same nonlinear now, or they think that other points exist but don't matter. If I had to choose, I'd go with the first.

>> No.49803812

Last post, I promise:
Of the two theories I mentioned, I do believe the first is the most likely, and that there's some sort of "cyclic now" that the Argonians understand as "the eternal moment". In any case, they certainly do believe things change (reincarnation is change), but that this isn't the same as time progressing linearly. Rather, the "cyclic now" is something they believe can't really be understood by insisting that everything has to take place in a strictly determined order.

I think this means something like this:
The Argonians believe it's not the case that you have a cause, followed by an effect, in a strict temporal order. But this doesn't mean that they think it's the other way around, that you can have an effect followed by the effect's cause. Rather, both of these sort of happen, and insisting on linear time is just one (insufficient) way to categorise it. Linear time is a system of understanding to the Argonians, not the actual truth.

It might not even be correct to think that cause and effect happen simultaneously, as that implies the existences of a point in time. Rather, they just happen, not "at once", because there isn't really such a thing as time.
The truth is rather found in "holistic apprehension", which must be some sort of investigation that doesn't concern itself with the order of things, but rather the things themselves. No "when", just "what" and "how". Or something akin to this.

But I don't know for sure. Argonian time is hard.

>> No.49803872

Redoran seem plenty likely to hire outlanders, provided those outlanders prove they understand honor.

>> No.49803984

>"Porcelain armor has exactly the exoticness that seems appropriate to the stone-worshipping people of the Hammerfell. Like glass armor, its name confounds expectations, which inherently pushes it into the fantastic (and look how glass armor is accepted nowadays). Of course raga porcelain is enchanted and blessed by the Gods through the hands of its craftsman, and thus a viable (and beneficial because of its lightness) form of protection.
>"And they mixed its powder with the milk of Morwha, the mother of all sands, and it stood firm, and sounded of small music as its porcelain scales shook with the wearer, and so did they sing along their ranks as they did in Old Yokuda among the saints."
>I would see these same scales painted each by hand as if in a mosaic, with ocean patterns that moved like the waves of the Eltheric, confusing the enemies of the sons and daughters of the Orichalc isles. Warrior wave, indeed."

>> No.49804248

Tree hugger lizards and tree hugger cannibals unite and spread their forests into Elswyr planting magic cat nip at specific dangerous locations to control the Khajit population.

Meanwhile Puss elves are invaded by Maromer again and the dominion falls apart.

>> No.49804481

I don't want to come across as crass here, but it's pretty clear that you haven't done a lot of research here. Most of these questions are answered by just reading the pocket guides alone. It's very basic stuff.

>Oh, it keeps talking about how they're warriors and love freedom and are just so good with swords like on a spiritual level, but it just plain makes no sense for a large-scale settled agricultural civilization for all its members to be fiercely independent swordfighters.
This is completely faulty thinking. "Redguards are seen (or identify as) an freedom loving warrior culture" does not equal "all Redguards are freedom loving warriors". This right here is a topic of culture.
It comes down to Redguard culture valuing freedom more than certain other cultures (like Imperial or Altmer), and them having a cultural bias towards martial training and the sword. None of these contradict a settled society, or even remotely imply that that they're all independent warriors.
The Redguards don't have a tradition for strict military discipline like you'll find in the Legion, but rather tend to have a individualistic view of martial matters. Less soldiers, more warriors.
Furthermore, the Shehai doesn't have anything to do with this.

>I mean, we know the Redguards have monarchy.
It depends, they've also had republics, and been a fractured society. Are you thinking about a certain point in time, or more general terms?

>> No.49804502

>How does their social structure work? What's their class and/or caste system like? How are they actually organized?
It depends on when, where and who.

>Who does the difficult, unglamorous, but absolutely necessary work that no one wants to do?
The ones that have to do it or are willing to do it, just like any other society.

>I roughly understand that the states of Hammerfell are probably feudal monarchies like the kingdoms of High Rock, but are they a house society?
Again, it depends. There's absolutely several important noble houses, especially among the Crowns, who hail from the Na-Totambu. Other areas, mainly Forebear, are tribal. But those lines were clear around the establishment of the parties than they are today.

>with which everyone identifies and associates, which seems really weird for a monarchical society.
That's because they were established when Hammerfell was a republic.

>Are they actually exclusive noble houses, or noble clans?
No, they're just parties. But "membership" is usually hereditary, as in you grow up in a Forebear city, have Forebear parents, and when you become adult, you support the Forebears politically.

>> No.49804559

>Do ordinary common Redguards actually consider themselves Crowns or Forebears or even care about that distinction?
Yes. Normally, not everyone will be involved in politics, or care much about it, but just about everyone belongs to either party. It's identity at this point.

>I assume the "freedom-loving warrior" stuff only applies to the nobility
I'd argue you're actually wrong, and that it's more of a Forebear ideal than a Crown ideal, but that there's no clear lines.
You seem to be taking this idea of Redguards as warriors to be some absolute, for some reason that I cannot understand.
Are all Nords berserkers? Are all Khajiit professional tieves? Are all Altmer mages? Are all Bosmer stealth archers?
The common man, regardless of race, is a farmer or a labourer.

>Also, can someone explain their naming convention?
It's all over the place, but it likely has to do with languages and culture. Some have names that come from old Yoku (Frandar), some have "Imperialized" names, some have more Breton names (typically Forebears), and some have names from Tsaesci (like Gaiden Shinji).

>> No.49804978

Remember to revere the Divine Furball.

>> No.49805658

>> No.49805952

>> No.49806279

Redoran has a few Redguard retainers but of all the great houses Telvanni has the most non-Dunmer races iirc. However, Hlaalu has the most outlanders in positions of power. I could see Redoran welcoming any folks with a sense of honor or duty however. Not so sure about them climbing in the ranks though

>> No.49807131

Showboats that randomly show up and perform at various parts of the shifting swamp

>> No.49807195

How populous do you think the provinces are compared to each other? I broke Tamriel's population down as follows in an rpg I briefly ran:

Cyrodiil: 50% - 2-4 times larger than most other provinces, high percentage of arable land, history of being dominant province.

Summerset Isles: 10% - Not much is known about the Summerset Isles' geography, but given how powerful they are compared to the other provinces, they probably have one of the larger populations.

Morrowind: 10% - Second largest province, large parts of it are desolate, but others are extremely fertile, generally powerful until the fourth era.

High Rock: 10% - Small, but densely populated in the south. Seems to be one of the more powerful provinces in ESO, suggesting a large population, but if you ignore ESO, it could be one of the weakest provinces.

Elsweyr: 10% - Small, but densely populated in the south.

Black Marsh: 5% - Probably the hardest to pin down in terms of population, it seems that most of the population are sedentary hunter-gatherers, so population density would depend a lot on how efficiently they are able to exploit the land.

Skyrim: 2% - Large, but often inhospitable province, probably has a large ex-pat population.

Hammerfall: 2% - Large, but mostly desert. According to ESO, the Redguard are the least numerous race, but even if you assume a large population of non-Redguard in Hammerfell, it doesn't change how inhospitable a large portion of the province is.

Valenwood - 1% - Probably the least populated province, the Green Pact prevents wide spread agriculture, meaning much of the population relies on hunting or imported food. ESO says that Bosmer are the most numerous of the mer, though this can be explained if one assumes that there is a large ex-pat population.

>> No.49807784

The way I see it
Cyrodiil: about 47%
(Nibenay: about 35%)
(Colovia: about 12%)
Morrowind: about 14%
Elsweyr: about 13%
High Rock: about 11%
Sumurset: about 5%
Skyrim: about 4%
Hammerfell: about 3%
Valenwood: about 2%
Blackmarsh: a bit less than 1% documented

With a grand total population of about 430 million people (by the Late 3rd Era)

>> No.49807794

High Rock has a great deal of very arable land which is why the Direnni settled there. I recall a census in the third era placed the population of the city of Daggerfall at 110k and most of the province is workable for farming. The Bretons have a lot of power but they're incredibly fractured and divided into city states and small kingdoms. I figure it to be like medieval Europe, lots of people in a somewhat small but very fertile place.

>> No.49809107 [DELETED] 

A few months back a person made a flag for the Alessian Empire, did anyone save that? I think I remember it having a mysticism eye on it

>> No.49809190 [SPOILER] 

Your loyalty to the Mane is second only to your loyalty to the Dominion

Remember who made the moons come back, Khajiit

>> No.49809522

best daedra, I wish we could enter her realm, both literally and figuratively

though, the one Daedra I'd like more to get more focus is Vaermina

>> No.49809545

She's the most fascinating from a lore perspective too, she was going to be an Aedra then became a Magne Ge but got cast out of Aetherius for consorting with Daedra so joined them.

>> No.49809627

#OccupyWallStreet is the only one I agree with. Fucking identity politics I swear.

>> No.49809737

Blades: I went without this one once. Game is do-able iirc.

Ashlanders: required

Fighters/Mages/Thieves Guild: join one/all these in the early ranks when Caius suggests I should. eager outlander throwing self into the world.

Temple: almost always join this on Day 1. i like the aesthetic.

Great House: join one of these because I am growing deeper in the mysteries of vvardenfell. i no longer feel like an outlander.

Imperial Cult/Legion: join after maxing out Temple and Great House rank, near end-game. a cultural and political synthesis between Morrowind and Empire is inevitable. who better to usher it in than the Hortator and Nerevarine?

Morag Tong: secret guild. don't need to join this really, but more than likely if I do its because i'm a powerful dude who is running around talking to the daedra directly.

>> No.49810851


>> No.49812268

Don't be sorry for bringing interesting theories

>> No.49812345

So Highrock is the TES equivalent to Oregon? Makes sense.

>> No.49812534

Thanks for your input

>> No.49812629

In the in-game book, Homilies of Blessed Almalexia.

>> No.49812683

One might say it's a...
>puts on sunglasses
Hypothetical Treachery

>> No.49812692

Is there any proof that tiber septim ascended to godhood when he died?

>> No.49812882

When he died?

>> No.49812926

3E 38

>> No.49812980

I mean, did he ascend godhood when he died, or before that?

>> No.49813025

I guess it depends if you count chim as godhood. Let me rephrase the question. Is there any non hearsay evidence that Tiber managed to mantle Lorkhan?

>> No.49813520

Hey guys in what regions of Tamriel is Orsinium?
It has always interested me that Orsinium is only a de facto state

>> No.49813584

highrock mostly, but it gets burned down by bretons and redguards and then moved fairly regularly.

>> No.49813720

But what regions/holds of high Rock is it in?

>> No.49813988

Wrothgarian and Dragontail mountains

>> No.49814270

Let's jut go ahead make an official ban on politics in next thread's OP. Have it run until February, at least.

>> No.49814341


>Geico HQ.

>> No.49814594

As the usual OP maker, I agree with this. However, I won't be able to make the OP next weekend. Be a sweet and do it for me?

At the time of Skyrim it's in the Dragontail mountains, between Hammerfell and Skyrim. Most Orsiniums have been in the Wrothgarian mountains.

>> No.49814698

>make next week's OP

I'm on Pacific time: by the time I get home from work Friday night, it'll be Saturday afternoon in Yrop.

Ask the Russian guy?

>> No.49814844

It's definitely not necessary, I'm the other OP maker but I've been busy with work for the last fridays...

>> No.49815340

Eternal struggle. Someone else volunteer?

Also, will we let this thread die again by saging/not posting or try to hit the bump limit? It doesn't have to be killed off yet but I don't want it to still be there by wednesday.

>> No.49815532

Time will tell

>> No.49816366

What's the source of the idea of the Hist being trans-kalpic?
Their realm, as far as we know, is in Oblivion. Would they not still be affected by kalpas?

>> No.49816607

American East coast here. Willing to make thread this Friday morning if there is none.

>> No.49816817

the same one molag bal bringing the dreug is from, coda iirc

>> No.49816973

Sometimes the Wrothgarians, sometimes the Dragontail Mountains, sometimes it's actually a big kingdom.
Generally speaking it's in the mountains, in the High Rock-Hammerfell-Skyrim region.

Yurop here, I'll do it.

>> No.49817729

>> No.49818229

> Oy vey goyim that there reaction image is very antisemi *cough cough* I mean AntiAltmari... it would be a shame if a bank or two were to stop funding ya stormcloaks wouldnt it?

>> No.49819009

>> No.49819626

You're incorrect on both statements.
Have you even read C0DA?

>> No.49820168

Some people have read this
as the Hist simply being there means it's trans-kalpic.

>> No.49820671

No, I have not. What is the source of molag bal bringing the dreugh to this kalpa then?

>> No.49821540

Sermon 28 mentions Molag Bal having taken a different form (the Ruddy Man) back when the "dreugh's ruled the world."

The Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes elaborates on this a bit further.

>> No.49823051

What's that and what is it doing? I'm not familiar with the early concept art.

>> No.49823073

Probably something esoteric and retarded

>> No.49823116

A monster

>> No.49823691

What if the stuff about Aetherius, 12 worlds collapsing into one and the creation myths are just bullshit and Nirn is just a normal planet in the universe and the gods are actually just normal planets given form by the worship of Mer and Men?

>> No.49823705

It seems to be an elephant with a trunk very reminiscent of the weird noses that some of Dagoth's minions have. He's coming out of a portal (oblivion portal) and holding a fire-breathing daedric rune engraved guar head. He's also wearing some unusual gauntlet.

>> No.49823826

What do the runes say?

>> No.49823828

then it'd be realistic but lose some of the charm of being a completely fiction setting

>> No.49823855

>what if magick wasn't real

>> No.49823879

>inb4 nanomachines guy

>> No.49823890

They'd just get their magick from another source, rather Magick would exist aside from the gods and give them the means by which they exist. For all we know they're from Krypton and the White Sun of Nirn is that gives them their magic.

>> No.49824014

>the White Sun of Nirn is that gives them their magic.
I'm pretty sure the sun actually does radiate magic.

>> No.49824143

Well there you have it, magic is just radiation or some shit and the gods are radiation spirits.

>> No.49824147

Upon closer inspection, they're not daedric runes at all. My mistake.

Then how does one cast spells at night or in caves?

>> No.49824158

Radiation poisoning.
Absorb enough sun and you literally start emitting magic.

>> No.49824239

Do we know anything about that island in eastern Black Marsh? If not, what headcanon/conjecture can you come up with about it?

Also, I just remembered I still have to do a Valenwood Arena map, and redo my maps of Skyrim, High Rock and Morrowind.

>> No.49824245

Hi there

>> No.49824273

They stole Dwemer secrets

>> No.49824411

How did he get there?

>> No.49824433

He lives there it's his home

>> No.49824469

He used one of those elevators that go straight to the wilderness.

>> No.49824565

It's not just radiation, it's magic particles, like aedrons and daedrons.

>> No.49824613

All things that were once exposed to starlight or sunlight have it. The food they eat, the snow they live in, etc.

>> No.49824856

It's Clavicus Vile, I think.

>> No.49824886

That's a MK drawing of Clavicus Vile.

>> No.49824904

its retarded is what it is

>> No.49824950

>I don't like thing

>> No.49824956

Ok thanks. It did seem to be daedra of some sort but I didn't imagine it was a god.

>> No.49824961

what so if mk took a dump on a plate and called it meridia that makes it law?

it looks fucking retarded

>> No.49824992

But Anon, I've already said that it's okay that you do not like it.

>> No.49825105


>> No.49825150

Is Stellaris good yet?

>> No.49825157

its not bad. and there is still new content coming up.

i admit i haven't played in a while

>> No.49825315

Just be glad they posted the Vile one and not Mephala. At least Clavicus only VAGUELY resembles a cosmic horror. And won't get you banned if someone is feeling particularly stern.

>> No.49825331

Post the Mephala one

>> No.49825347 [SPOILER] 


>> No.49825361

Yeah. Now you're getting it!

Now, fuck off.

>> No.49825371

this is equally retarded but at least you can make out what it's supposed to be

like to see you make me

>> No.49825630

So /tgesg/, what makes Sotha Sil and gears so funny?

>> No.49825771

Forced memes, same as with Shiggydiggy.

>> No.49825856


You're being unnecessarily pissy; nobody else here likes Mondays either.

Have some more coffee.

>> No.49825869

What ever happened to Skoomanon? How did the mushroom trip go?

>> No.49826352

Well, I did take them, and I learned a lot about myself and what I want to do with my life, but sadly I didn't get to play Morrowind. Perhaps next time.

>> No.49826385

>> No.49826413

>> No.49826439

>> No.49826681

Is this concept art? Also, why is Mara a pelvis?

>> No.49826748

It's just some fanart that I like.
As for Mara, well... Let's just say that it's no coincidence that fertility goddesses tend to have wide hips.

>> No.49826756

No. Probably in reference to her being the mother goddess.

>> No.49827319

I love that art as well, who made it?

>> No.49827758

I get that this type of art, like these and the Mephala one, is meant to look strange and otherworldly, but my gripe with them is that some seem to be corruptions of the human body. They take the human anatomy and twist it into various shapes.
Humans appeared long after these gods. Why would they look like deformed humans or human parts? A pelvis had no meaning before humans were created.
Unless the gods took these forms for some purpose.

I think these gods should have forms as removed from the human as possible, like the Clavicus vile >>49819009 one that looks like a creature with it's own distinct anatomy.

>> No.49827800

>is meant to look strange and otherworldly
Not at all. It's supposed to be a symbolic representation. "Strangeness" is part of the fun, certainly, but it's not the goal. If the point was to create strangeness for strangeness's sake, he could just draw random shapes and colours.

They look human because they're interpreted through human symbols.

>> No.49827812

I feel you man. Planning activities for psychedelics rarely works out for me too. That said last time I did LSD I got to be Lorkhan for the day. The group all pictured us as these sort of gods sitting in council, but eventually the trip made us believe we were caught in a loop. Apparently everyone saw me as some sort of strange trickster god because what seemed like acting goofy a joking to me looked chaotic and crazy to everyone else. Anyways, fuck the loop, I escaped it.

Drugs lmao

>> No.49827928

Et'Ada are humanoid to begin with. Those who degenerated more assumed animal shapes, races of mer and men kept more of their original form. The evolution is reversed in ES universe.

>> No.49828109

They are spirits. They don't have an actual form, only representations. The images you are looking at are religious icons.

>> No.49828211

>They look human because they're interpreted through human symbols

True, but I think most mortals would imagine them with a more mundane look.
Still it's probably an interesting idea that the gods can be seen in many forms, including stranger ones.
>religious icons
I can imagine some Dunmer outcasts worshiping representations like these, but not the Nords or Imperials.

Also, I'm not entirely sure if they never had an original form.

>> No.49828605

>I can imagine some Dunmer outcasts worshiping representations like these, but not the Nords or Imperials.
And they probably have different icons.
>Also, I'm not entirely sure if they never had an original form.
Form is a concept that implies a physical reality.

>> No.49829548

Which game's depiction of each race is most accurate in your opinion?

>> No.49829572


>> No.49829620

The book 'antecedents of dwemer law' refers to 'march cats' when referencing Black Marsh law and customs.

What is a Marsh Cat? They sound rather important.
Or, considering their beliefs on loyalty and honesty, Argonians treat all life as equal?

>> No.49829689

A khajiit probably, the ones who live in the marsh.
Guess Tenmar forests are marshy.

>> No.49829789

Specially regarding orcs

>> No.49829884

Altmer: Morrowind
Argonian: Morrowind/Oblivion (Morrowind for armor restriction, Oblivion for Racials.)
Bosmer: Morrowind
Breton: Oblivion
Dunmer: Morrowind
Imperial: Morrowind
Khajiit: Morrowind
Nord: Oblivion (Except the bonus to Restoration)
Orc: Oblivion
Redguard: Morrowind.

>> No.49829904

Scratch that.
Orcs: Arena.

>> No.49830244

>Orcs are a larger version of goblins. Indeed, scholars have often speculated that these two creatures are somehow related. Nevertheless, they are stronger than their cousins, and very dangerous, often equipping themselves with weapons found on their opponents. They are not overly intelligent, but are cunning enough to stalk their prey and set up ambushes.
Sounds accurate

>> No.49830999

Why the orcphobia, /tgesg/?

>> No.49831039

They're monsters

>> No.49831129

I don't think that >>49829548 was referring to game mechanics.

Breton: Daggerfall
Redguard: Redguard
Altmer: Morrowind
Bosmer: still has to be done well, but ESO (I haven't played it) supposedly has the green pact, silvenar, hoarvors and horned bosmer
Khajiit: Morrowind and Skyrim
Argonian: Oblivion
Dunmer: Morrowind (I wouldn't meme you like that
Nord: Morrowind (Bloodmoon specifically)
Orc: Skyrim (cause strongholds)
Imperials: Morrowind

>> No.49831215

Well, I was and wasn't referring to the mechanics. More of the race as a whole.

>> No.49831237

I like the idea of twisted/disturbing imagery of the divines but I think it could've been done better. It should embody the possible negative aspects of their spheres. Natural disasters for Kynareth, slavery for Zenithar, suffering to be beautiful for Dibella etc.

>> No.49831277

I agree.

At least with real world politics.

>> No.49831297

They're literal poop elves that rape and pillage mindlessly, have an I.Q. somewhere around room temperature, smell, and are not only hideous but also incapable of basic social skills, much like the average person on 4chan.

Their only saving graces are they make great smiths and can make great expendable soldiers. But in the end they are just a Retard Strength race.

>> No.49831411

They are the best blacksmiths though

>> No.49831419

They're under a savage meme assault.

>> No.49831472

Until Skyrim I just didn't like them on an aesthetic level. Orc women of Oblivion in particular were the fucking worse with that irritating voice and nigger hair.

>> No.49831678

I'm curious why you chose Oblivion in some cases, when most of the rest of your list is Morrowind.

I'd mostly agree with >>49831129 's list, though I wouldn't even let the Bosmer suffer the indignity of ESO, and I'd mix a little of Daggerfall in for Orcs, just for chief whatshisname.

>> No.49831817

So it's like Bretons on leddit, or Bosmer by everyone, then?

>> No.49831941

Argonians, not even once.

>> No.49831981

>chief whatshisname
King Gortwog gro-Nagorm.

>> No.49832096

Altmer in Morrowind are more of a glass canon, have fitting voices, and aren't ebil Thalmors.

Argonians in Morrowind are crippled by their racial which should be actual water breathing.

Bretons in Oblivion have a far less grating voice, although I do wish they did have more elven shaped faces like in Morrowind. Pretty much a tie.

As for Nords, The Shock Resistance in Morrowind makes no sense, and the 50% in Oblivion makes them a little less OP.

>> No.49832830

What exactly are Welkynd stones?

>> No.49832875

From time to time, fragments of Aetherius fall from the heavens. The people know these fragments as 'shooting stars', and from time to time, such Aetherial fragments are found on Nirn. The most common varieties are known as 'meteoric iron'; this metal is prized by armorers and enchanters for its properties in the forging of enchanted weapons and armors. This meteoric iron is also the primary component in 'Ayleid Wells', ancient enchanted artifacts found throughout Cyrodiil.

Another, rarer form of Aetherial fragment is called 'meteroic [sic] glass'. It is from such fragments that other rare Ayleid enchanted artifacts are crafted -- Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones.

>> No.49832902

Cool, so The Ayleids used condensed Magicka in shooting stars to light their homes?

>> No.49832928

We don't know if all the glowing crystals in Ayyleid ruins are aetherial fragments. But maybe.

>> No.49833023

Not all High Elves in Skyrim are "evil Thalmor"

However, the Summerset Isles have been taken over by the SS. The Aldmeri Dominion forces are the Wermacht. High elves in general are Germans. They are treated with all the suspicion people treated Germans in WW2. However, plenty are well-adjusted, peaceful, and have nothing to do with their home governments (like the priest of Arkay in Falkreath).


>> No.49833111

>High elves in general are Germans
But yeah, I can see the historical parallels.

>> No.49833181

>tfw The Beautiful didn't manage to come out on top
That said, I'm pretty sure half the stuff attributed to The Beautiful was just Thalmor false-flags.

>> No.49833184

Except the SS is led by Himmler and his fetish for the occult has gone all the way and now he's trying to bring about the Twilight of the Gods.

I am rather disappointed there was never any DLC involving a Thalmor invasion.

>> No.49833468

They'll probably be the main focus of the next game. Here's hoping the setting is the Summerset Isles.

>> No.49833558

Nah. It leaked ages ago. It's Valenwood.

>> No.49833658

Is that so? Well, I guess cannibal elves are as good as nazi elves.

>> No.49833802

Technically, the Aldmeri Dominion has conquered Valenwood. Bosmer are Czech/Ukrainian auxiliaries.

>> No.49833907

Posted these over in Tes Lore, my interpretation of Lefthanded Elves, Ancient Yokudans and Second Era reachmen, resolution is icky due to terrible scanner.

>> No.49833951


>> No.49834372


>> No.49834465

oh fuck dude, I haven't see that in like a decade. Thats some old school forum shit.

>> No.49834751

I'd say they're more like the Japanese. They were overtaken by a radical group as well, and the Altmer had those Asianic themes.

>> No.49835081

The Japanese are a good one, but they don't have the stratification of SS, Wehrmacht, and Average German.

The cult-devotion of the Japanese and Japan was far deeper than your average Wehrmacht soldier -- Shintoism, veneration of the Emperor as God, the ability to create Kamikaze... The entire army of Imperial Japan was couched in mysticism and the general troop corps were responsible for heinous atrocities.

By comparison, the worst of the worst of Nazi Germany were clearly concentrated within the SS, and it was only among the SS that the occultism spread. Meanwhile, the Wehrmacht was only inculcated in a semi-nationalist, semi-racially superior ideology sans mysticism.

In this way, Nazi Germany maps on to the High Elves of the Fourth Era almost entirely. Just as the SS were involved in secretive, occult nonsense made up by high command, so are the Thalmor a religious, theocratic movement inculcated into a doomsday cult centered on the extermination of non-elves, while the rest of the Aldmeri Dominion is just taught a nationalistic and racially supremacist narrative of High Elves first. Humans suck.

>> No.49835508

Aren't the Thalmor ultimately seeking the total end of all life so that they can regain their divinity or whatever?

>> No.49835774

Yeah. But they need two steps to accomplish this:

1. The extermination of humanity.

2. The destruction of the towers.

The most convincing theory I've read is that since humanity represents Lorkhan/Shezzar and Talos who mantled Lorkhan/Shezzar, they anchor Talos/Lorkhan within the pantheon.

Or, they represent a Tower which binds the world like the other physical towers.

>> No.49835917

memesters made a mockup cover

>> No.49836102

It's the idea of super serious Sotha Sil sperging out over gears.

>> No.49836300


It leaked when Fallout 4 and Nuka World leaked, you dipshit.

Before Fallout 4 dropped, an e-mail from Bethesda to its employees regarding E3 was leaked. It gave them a list of terms that they must avoid using.

These included:

Fallout 4
Boston Project
Fallout: Nuka World
Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls 6
Project Greenheart

Greenheart's the Valenwood Tower.

Get fucked, nimrod.

>> No.49836354

God, Elder Scrolls has so many cool ideas and I'm constantly torn between wanting to steal the shit out of them and wanting to not be a thief and be inventive and make my own unique shit like a good boy. If only I could be as cripplingly insane as Kirkbride.

>> No.49836409

Greenheart's a town, Falinesti is the Tower, and is known as Green-sap.
And Fallout 4 was known as Institute, not Boston Project, on top of this Bethesda doesn't call things "Project ____".
Also TES 6 isn't really in development, there's two other big things before it starts up, it's not even really in development, and certainly wouldn't have been at that point.

>> No.49836559

>people actually fell for this

>> No.49836929


It included "Nuka World" before Fallout 4 was even announced, bruh.

It's gonna be Valenwood.

>> No.49837182

I actually built a campaign for this but never actually got to play it. Mine was set in the First Era, shortly after the death of Red Bramman.
One of the main plot points was dominion and imperial agents competing to get the eye of argonia

>> No.49837265

Nuka World isn't exactly a unique name. I think you're confusing coincidence for truth.

>> No.49839467

If there's glass and porcelain armor, try coming up with more armors that sound unpractical. Bark armor?

>> No.49839500

In my heart of hearts, though, I know I'll never be at that Muatra-level of madness.

That said, bark's nice. Could even be rainbow eucalyptus. I love that stuff, grows near my house.

>> No.49841094

>> No.49841927

If your trees look like that all the time, what do they look like when you're high?

>> No.49842231

I don't know much about eucalyptus, or Australia in general, but from watching Primitive Technology I can safely say that in the right hands you could probably make armor, a house, or even a spaceship from a few rocks and twigs.

So the thought of Reachmen using hardened Iron Wood bark for armor not only makes sense in terms of lore, but also sounds like a really cool concept.

>> No.49842232

>Bark armor?

>> No.49843535

man, bark armor would be a perfect fit in skyrim, using ironwood trees

standard issue for falkreath guards

>> No.49843775

I heard you were talking shit like I wouldn't find out

>> No.49843995

Nah, I feel like it should be the Skyrim equivalent to Chitin.

>> No.49844101

>Skyrim equivalent to Chitin
But that would be Chaurus Chitin, and that's what Falmer materials is made out of.

>> No.49844219

I meant in terms of where it is in the world. Mercenaries who can get a bit better than leather get a lighter weight, more protective armor. That or it should be for Reachmen.

>> No.49845025

So, do we know for certain what Morrowind creatures are extinct due to the Red Year? I'm mostly concerned about the guar and kwama myself.

>> No.49845149

Presumably only creatures that lived exclusively on Vvardenfell, which as far as I know, don't include Kwama and Guar, so don't worry about our little pack raptors. Silt Striders on the otherhand are pretty much wiped out.

>> No.49846180

People like to exaggerate how bad the Red Year was. I don't think any spieces went extinct.

>> No.49846959

How do the natural philosophical elements(Air, Earth, Water, Fire/Light) come into play within magicks and metaphysics?

>> No.49847078

All I know is that the Aylieds believed that Nirn was composed of four elements - water, earth, air, and light. I think it's implied that for most other races, light is replaced with fire.

As for in relation to magic or metaphysics, I believe the ocean is supposed to be Memory, Light is magic (because the sun is a hole where magic pours from), and the earth would be related to the Earthbones. Kynareth has the most association with the air.

>> No.49848154

Or maybe the Middle Air? Who knows. TES is mostly broken into 3s.

Maybe if you count Poison as an Earth and categorize the magical elements, and count Frost as Water and Lightning as Air, but that's a stretch.

>> No.49849232

I don't think there's a an intrinsic link between magic and the elements.
It probably just comes down to the fact that it's very easy to think in terms of the elements, and therefore lends itself very well to more practical magic.

The exception, of course, is Light. But that doesn't have anything to do with the elements.

>> No.49849260 [SPOILER] 

>I don't think any spieces went extinct.

>> No.49849270

Buildings collapsed all the way down in Tear. It was pretty massive.

>> No.49849314

There's atronachs of flame, frost, storm and air. Air was created using nedic alchemy to fuse a flame, frost and storm together to make a sort of manticore atronach.

I can't think of much when it comes to earth. There were an offshoot of orcs in northen Craglorn worshipping stones, allowing their shamen to turn to and from stone at will.

>> No.49849607

>ESO lore

>> No.49849717


>> No.49849754

You should at the very least have the decency to tell people when you use ESO as a source.

>> No.49849821

afaik it doesn't conflict with any non-eso lore, so other than autism there's no reason to complain about it
I guess it's too be expected on a tuesday thread though.

>> No.49849839


>> No.49850719

Any major contradictions (e.g. Mannimarco being human) kind of taint the validity of the whole thing.

>> No.49851294

I like to think that the entire thing is one big Dragon Break magic-fart bubble that both did and didn't happen.

>> No.49851370

You don't even have to concern yourself with it.
The Loremeister has stated that ESO is basically doing it's own thing, and that it doesn't really have any say in what shows up in the main series. Kuhlmann and Nesmyth get to decide that, and they're essentially free to include or ignore whatever they like from ESO, or just do their own stuff.

>> No.49851508

>The Loremeister has stated that ESO is basically doing it's own thing, and that it doesn't really have any say in what shows up in the main series.

>> No.49851600

>Do you have any co-operation with the creators of the single-player TES games, with regards to lore from ESO showing up in a future TES, and such?

>I'm personally in regular communication with Kurt Kuhlmann and Bruce Nesmith at BGS. We talk about that sort of thing, but really, whatever those guys decided to use or not use from ESO in future single-player titles is entirely their prerogative.


>> No.49851897

I've been thinking about writing "guide" of sort to the plot of Daggerfall. Because there's a lot of people here who haven't played it, or haven't read the material. Most people know about the Numidium shenanigans, but that's mostly it.
And that's a shame, since the game has a good story.

I'd start with the situation in the Illiac Bay sometime before the War of Betony (around 3E 400), introduce the major players of the region, recount the war, explain the events happening around the Agent, and deal with the aftermath of his actions (up to around 3E 430).
I'd primarily be using Daggerfall itself, and it's material, but also supplement it with related lore from the later games.

Is this something people would be interested in reading?

As a bonus, I'd also give Arena the same treatment, though that would obviously be shorter and less interesting. But I'd make it a bit more in depth than just "You have to find the eight things to defeat the evil dude". Lore introduced later in the series has actually made the Simulacrum pretty interesting.

>> No.49851946

Yeah, I'd love to give that a read, anon. Go ahead.

>> No.49852296

Sorry, forgot this was a circle-jerk where everything before Morrowind may as well not have happen and everything afterwards is of no importance.

>> No.49852404

That's pretty lazy bait.

The "Morrowind Circlejeck Accusation" is a popular bait component, but you just can't quite land the execution here. You'd probably want to draw it further in the direction of accusing us of elitism, or express a more fervent hate towards the "circlejerk". And don't forget to explicitly mention how overrated you think Morrowind is. As it is tight now, it just doesn't cut it.
Incorporating additional components is also a good idea. If I were you, I'd include at least one of the following:
>MK/Lady N hate
>arguing over what counts as lore
>"ESO did nothing wrong"

Take some time to think about what you've done, and come back to me when you've learned to become a respectable baiter.

Best wishes in your continued baiting career.
Sincerely, Anon.

>> No.49852410


No, it's really is just ESO.

To be sure, 6 months after Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell comes out, we'll be trashing it, and singing ESO's praises to the moons. But we ain't there yet.

>> No.49852435

Nah, everything is varying degrees of acceptable except ESO and maybe Legends.

>> No.49852458

>Implying it's not Valenwood.
Trainwiz, stop with these Red Herrings.

>> No.49852465

Daggerfall-Battlespire-Redguard-Morrowind is the sweet spot. Arena is too outdated and everything from Oblivion onwards is only getting worse.

>> No.49852491

>stop with these Red Herrings
But it's delicious.

>> No.49852755 [DELETED] 

>>CHIM-The-Regard has deposited 5 Tel Var stones into your account

>> No.49852798

>>CHIM-The-Redguard has deposited 5 Tel Var stones into your account

>> No.49853311


They aren't extinct. They just fly *really* high now.

>> No.49853623

Yes, I would really like to play that. I did finish arena, but never could get into Daggerfall.

>> No.49853643


>> No.49853787

man why would you even want it to be Valenwood?
Like wood elves? Fucking really? Nobody likes wood elves. Bethesda doesn't like wood elves! Even in ESO the wood elf storyline is mostly taken up by Altmer stuff!

>> No.49854164

Hell yeah. I've tried getting into Daggerfall a few times, and even made a little progress, but it's just something I can't put the time into.

>> No.49854396

That'd be fucking great.

It usually is the other way around as Arena is pure garbage

>> No.49854608

I do realise that, it's just that Arena always seemed like a straightforward random dungeon crawler to me, nothing amazing, but great for killing time, while Daggerfall... I don't really know, I guess it just haven't "clicked" for me. I had this feeling that it's way too much quantity over quality and gameplay wasn't fun enough to keep me playing even though I made several attempts.

>> No.49854684

And sadly, Daggerfall Unity won't fix that, at least we'll get nice views!

>> No.49854938

>tfw too intelligent to play TES games post-morrowind

>> No.49855210


>> No.49855867

>> No.49856081

Hey now, Arena is pretty okay, if you're into dungeon crawling.

>> No.49856190

Daggerfall is a better dungeon crawler than Arena.

>> No.49856260

I actually prefer Arena's fuckhuge 2D duneons over Daggerfall's bullshit, on a general level. The main quest dungeons in Daggerfall aren't that bad, but the generic ones can be truly terrible.

>> No.49856297


Oblivion is good tho

>> No.49856315

>tfw too intelligent to meme

>> No.49856391

Lorewise the base game was lacking terribly compared to its predecessor. Game play was alright, but everything was a damage sponge. By end game, a single bandit could wipe the Imperial City bare handed. Oh, and the crashing.

>> No.49856426

Ending! Words! ALMSIVI!

>> No.49856573 [SPOILER] 


>> No.49856636


Who was CHIM?

>> No.49856654

Is there an in-universe reason why so many Alteration spells disappeared between Oblivion and Skyrim, like how levitation spells got outlawed between Morrowind and Oblivion?

>> No.49856898


No canon reason, but I've always assumed it had something to do with the Nerevarine destroying the Heart. Not that it broke magic, per se, but it did permanently alter it. As a trade-off, in Oblivion you got two free spells, regenerating mana, and, by the time of Skyrim, regenerating health.

>> No.49857364

Do Hist trees grow outside of Black Marsh? Is it possible for Argonians to plant some in the conquered parts of Morrowind? What effect would the trees have on the local ecosystems?

>> No.49857412

There is one in Oblivion (although grown in synthetic conditions) and in ESO they do grow a hist tree in Valenwood and Morrowind.

>> No.49857488

I do recall the tree from Oblivion, but it was wrong, and had an adverse effect on everything that ate the sap, including Argonians. Do any creatures or races other than Argonians live near those Hist trees in ESO? Do they use the sap? I'm mostly curious of what would happen to other lizard-like creatures such as guar and cliff racers, as if I recall correctly, men and mer get sick, like on a bad acid trip.

>> No.49857553

I don't recall anyone but Argonians living there, as these were basically Argonian villages outside Black Marsh.

>> No.49857582

Wasn't there a Hist tree in Skyrim that you could harvest sap from, not far from Whiterun?

>> No.49857658

>The [Eldergleam] is thought to be sentient, or at least responds to worship, but it bears no apparent relation with the Hist of Black Marsh.
>The sap of the Eldergleam is precious, as it can restore barren fields or bring life to rocks.
Its possible it could be something like this Kalpa's created Hist, but I think it could also be an avatar of Kyne or something.

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