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What happened in October in 1929?

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Stock market crashed.

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Stock market crash and beginning of Great Depression.

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Highlander, what's something Bio would want to do but would be illegal by Traveller law?

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>The Grocer loves you
Does the Grocer actually love you if you take this power?

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Nova Scotia repealed Prohibition!

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The Labor Party took over from the Nationalist Party-Country Party coalition in the Australian Federal Elections

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The United Kingdom restored diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union

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Some poor people got mad in america

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I lost my virginity.

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Get off the internet great-great Grandpa. You're dead.

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>Someone chose me as their favorite secondary author

I'll try not to let you down anon

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>aura of automation
>no fucks given
>mmm, tasty
>NEET blessing
>Subspace House

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Two comfy powers, eh?
Let's go with Lovely Dreams and Likeable.

Whereas here I'd have to go with:

>Aura of Automation
>Mmm, Tasty
>NEET Blessing
>Who Needs The Gym?
>Subspace House

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Experiment on Odo from DS9 without his consent.

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Mohammed Nadir Shah took his place as king of Afghanistan after taking the capital.

From mainstream beliefs in bio to the fringe evangelicals?
> Repeal numerous bans from admin on what they can and cannot import from commercial barring emergencies
> Remove the Judicial cliques from the Department island (supported by technical and mech)
> Revoke the privileges that experimental has over certain issues the demented could classify as biological
> Revoke the bio's ruling council veto power over members
> Force the Archivists to open up the lower vaults and allow the department to take samples
> Remove the Home Guard Garrison from the Department island
> Revoke the Consent law for non-Travellers
> Revoke the Consent law for Travellers
> Force the Council of nine to be expanded for seats from the departments
> Destroy experimental and redistribute their resources to the other departments
Mind you there's a massive difference between the top of the list to the bottom. From beliefs that have always been entertained by a majority to the ravings of a handful of individuals.

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>tfw I hunger for multiplayer fantasy CYOA RP
>tfw I know it would go horribly wrong

If only I had less trivial concerns.

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never post that gif again thanks

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Same. Jolly cooperation with Anon is an excellent substitution from real-life friends
It's hard to balance and to avoid asshats

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>Revoke the Consent law for Travellers

>Force the Archivists to open up the lower vaults and allow the department to take samples

I can just hear them say

"If we want to reach the next level we gotta do it"

I imagine their are a fair amount of True Travelers and others who rush to sell samples from new universes to bio before they can be banned.

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>tfw no one mentions you
I need to go buy a shovel.

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>oh man, i guess i could make a multi-
>oh man, there goes that idea i guess.

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It's just a horseshoe crab trying to get back upright and continue breathing. It can't be that creepy.

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>> Force the Council of nine to be expanded for seats from the departments

Why is this at the bottom of the list? It may not be the right thing to do but it does not seem like a "fringe evangelical" standpoint. Maybe not one for each department but I could see many departmentals wanting to be represented on the council.

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It is really creepy. Please don't post it again.

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Can Organ Replacement be used to get extra organs, like a second heart, or a… backup brain of some kind?
Can you use it to internalize pieces of tech?

I'm kind of going for a Tanky McLargeHuge build right now.

Also, for the color changes caused by Test Subject, should I just go to randomcolour.com to determine what they'll be?

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Hey, don't worry. Nobody mentioned me either, so we can share the grave together.

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Since you're here, what are the main rules for travelers?

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I don't know, I think it's kind of cute.
Little dude's just sitting wiggling like
>Halp! Air and gravity are OP, pls nerf!
I want to pet him and save him.

Yet I'm terrified of anything that lives on land and looks even remotely like this little guy. I wonder why that is.

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I think so.

"Can also be used to add minor
organs that humans don't usually have, be warned as Bio is all too happy to carry out requests."

Humans don't usually have a second of certain organs, and the requests option gives a ton of leeway.

I have wondered what the exact difference is between organ replacement and the parasite are. Why is the parasite 5 times more expensive? It sounds like one is from bio and one mech but the replacement option mentions bio.

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>not wanting to kill all non-Humans

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You'd probably need to be a big guy or something, considering just how all crammed in all the organs in the Human body are.

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But I'm in the millitary I can't have beards they won't let me...

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>Horseshoes crabs save a ton of lives but everyone hates them cause they look weird
poor old ones spawn.

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I don't hate them, they're cute, though also dumb.

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Link to the /d/ thread because I am tired of having to click the link to the last thread all the time.

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Shhhh.... just make the choices now, and pay for them when I post the pay thing sometime after Sunday.

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Ooh, spooky.
The mystery behind the payment method is pretty scary so I think I'll limit myself to a cost of one.

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I will let you know that in the current version of the draft, you get 2 free points to spend.

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Oh boy, then I only need 22 points worth of drawbacks!

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posting something from reddit

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If anybody is thinking of taking NEET Blessing, please think about the 15% Discount carefully. You can be a billionaire in a day. Invest one dollar in stock at a 15% discount. Sell that stock at market price; you've made a profit of 17.6%. Reinvest the money, again at a discount. You can probably see where this is going.

Ten rounds gets you to five dollars.

A hundred, you're a millionaire.

You've made your first billion at cycle 128. And at 171 you're the world's first trillionaire.

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Oh yum

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I don't buy things without knowing the price, However I will list them in order of how I value them vs their cost.
Thought Processing
Divine The Secrets
Hot Blood
The Fountain of Youth
Empowered Eyes
Monster's Energy
Rebindable Flesh
Thunderburst Speed
Strength Beyond
Basic Beauty Package

Slay the Devourer I would rate above Refined Digestion, but in both cases I find them more neat than something I would intend to buy with what sort of costs are implied here. Likewise Silvered Tongue is neat but I'm not inclined to pay, and while Truly Perfect Hair strikes me right in the vanity, it would be more along the lines of something neat to get than have to pay for. Impenetrable Skin seems possibly problematic, and Structural Enhancement is less than interesting but something I may go for in a different setup.

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>entire cyoa is a massive mess of mystery boxes
I think I'll wait for the actual pricelist.

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Looking forward to the rape!
Please let me become an Eldritch waifu.

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Newest version, AFAIK.

That's actually from /tg/ AFAIK, originally split into two pages.

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Mmm, Tasty
Who Needs the Gym?
NEET Blessing
Just Plain O'Luck
Subspace House

Not quite as potent as 15% discount but the $500 a day is very nice and Subspace House + WNTG + Mmm Tasty will keep me very comfortable.

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Fuck consequences, blah blah blah yolo
>Basic Beauty Package
>Grace and Poise
>Hot Blood
>Empowered Eyes
>Strength Beyond
>Within Your Grasp
>Monster's Energy
>Thought Processing
>To the Skies
>Gender Swap
>Clawed Hands
>Refined Digestion
>Divine The Secrets
>The Fountain of Youth
>Structural Enhancement
>Rebindable Flesh
>Thunderburst Speed
>Stay the Devourer
>Silvered Tongue
>Truly Perfect Hair
>Impenetrable Skin

Total cost: 58

Going to laugh at all you cautious plebs when it turns out that each point only costs a dollar, Hohoho, harharhar

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My, my. What wisdom you anons show. Others should learn to keep their impulsive desires in check as you have.

>pic related

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Fuck consequences, blah blah blah yolo
>Basic Beauty Package
>Grace and Poise
>Hot Blood
>Empowered Eyes
>Strength Beyond
>Within Your Grasp
>Monster's Energy
>Thought Processing
>To the Skies
>Gender Swap
>Clawed Hands
>Refined Digestion
>Divine The Secrets
>The Fountain of Youth
>Structural Enhancement
>Rebindable Flesh
>Thunderburst Speed
>Stay the Devourer
>Silvered Tongue
>Truly Perfect Hair
>Impenetrable Skin

Total cost: 53

Going to laugh at all you cautious plebs when it turns out that each point only costs a dollar, Hohoho, harharhar

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did you know its considered good luck to kiss one of those on the mouth?

My gf did that. Creepy as fuck.

>> No.49780621


Where even the fuck is it's mouth?

>> No.49780623

wait. are you an horseshoe crab?

>> No.49780629

It sucks I have to wait until Monday…

>> No.49780631

Oh you temptress...

>> No.49780641

Knowing my working speed, the only reason it'll take that long is because I want a specific effect for the background.

>> No.49780662

>truly perfect hair
At long last

>> No.49780663

>> No.49780673

Option 1 motherfuckers

>> No.49780685

How much do i really have to lose anon? How much?! Let's do this, consequences be damned.

hot blood. 1
Monster energy (had to make it hard) 3
Fountain of youth (can i get a quote on that?) 5
To the skies 2
Thought processing 4

15. wanted divine secrets, but i like to imagine that i didn't fuck up too badly.

(does the BB package include correction of eyesight and removal of freckles?)

You've become a god anon but at what cost?

>> No.49780699

>You've become a god anon but at what cost?
I actually can't think of many costs that would make me balk. Even so, it's part of the FUN

>> No.49780701


1. Omega difficulty
2. Answer 5 questions per entry
3. Write a 500 word scene about Alice
4. Fox only, no items, final destination

>> No.49780720

Hah, wow. That actually made me chuckle.

Gotta get the Empowered Eyes for the eyesight. And fucking yes, love my clear skinned beauties for the freckles. Unless you insist otherwise.

>I actually can't think of many costs that would make me balk. Even so, it's part of the FUN
Oh, you're just not being creative enough, anon.

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i never have read this but skimming it, someone cared a lot. I mean a whole lot. That they created an entire full fledged game over it. I am actually concerned that it doesn't have multiplayer and rules at this point to just tabletop it.

>> No.49780740

well don't just lay it out like that, we've got piqued curiosity and nothing to do with it till sunday.

in the words of a certain soldier "cooooooooock teaseeee!"

>> No.49780750

>Empowered Eyes
>Within Your Grasp
>Silvered Tongue
I'm sorry mother, but I'm not strong enough to resist the temptation of
>Truly Perfect Hair

>no "run down the street randomly shooting people" option

You disappoint me.

>> No.49780757

Speaking as one of the fools who did read the whole thing there really aren't rules. That's what's so crazy about this. It's not a CYOA, and it's not even close to those "pseudo-RPG" ones. It's purely and simply a writer's asset, a gigantic waifu generator with thousands and thousands of words' worth of commentary, examples and suggestions for every aspect thereof. That's all there is to it. Why it continues to be posted here is beyond me.

>> No.49780766

The sheer madness of it is still mind boggling. I don't care how stupid it is, I just can't help imagining Alice Creator looking like Alexander from Fate: Zero, mounting his horse in front of an infinite army of waifus with a maniacal laughter and going "BEHOLD MY PEERLESS WAIFU GENERATOR!"

>> No.49780768

well, i mean, if someone wrote a thesis on any of my cyoa's, i'd probably (might) post it a lot.

Thats a lot of love there anon. Creepy and obsessive love, which makes it fit that much more for that cyoa.

Different note, in order to continue making my cyoa, i need a front facing shop picture that's more cartoony then it is art, like imagine what it looked like in zelda when you go and try and buy shit.

How do i find that?

>> No.49780772

>implying Alice Creator still has human emotions, hopes or dreams

More like Archer in the Unlimited Blade Works going "before you is an infinite number of waifus!"

>> No.49780778

My second conplaint is you'll be asleep Monday when I see the CYOA. Then you won't post smug anime gif's in response.…

>> No.49780779

>Missing the opportunity to go with Gilgamesh and make a "Gate of Alice" joke

>> No.49780784

But anon, that's *my* fetish.

But of course. You gotta have blue hair.

>> No.49780798

>you'll be asleep
Or silently masturbating to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. But I'll exult in my posting of smugness as soon as I awaken.

>> No.49780800 [SPOILER] 

>blue hair.
What are you going to do to that anon? turn him into Miku?

>> No.49780812

I get the feeling that I'll regret this immensely. This feels sketchy as hell and if I know my devilish deals chances are I'm signing myself up for some kind of horrible contract that'll probably end up in misery and despair.

Good thing I'm a ditzy optimist at heart.

My first selection (and indeed my only one if I was a wise man) is the empowered eyes. I've got my mother's genetics and my eyesight is has been going good at an increasingly rapid pace since I hit my puberty. I'm now 28 and without glasses I cannot discern details of objects that are more than a meter away from me and only the most basic of shapes beyond ten. Holding my phone at arms length is enough for any text to be completely occluded. Thus this is a priceless boon beyond compare.

My second choice is the fountain of youth, because like so many others I am deathly afraid of dying. Already I feel the winds of age whirl past me, getting me caught in a gale of regret and mistakes. With a chance to begin anew, perhaps I'll be able to accomplish something for myself. The more time I have available to me, the more likely it is that some technological marvel or panacea will turn up to free me from my mortality. Mind uploading perhaps?

I am wary of the enhanced thought processing because as I understand it, your personality is bound to some degree by your intellect and I am afraid that I'll be come someone else if that changes. But I've made so many stupid mistakes in my life that could've been avoided had I just taken a moment more to think things through, and certainly there'll be more down the line. Therefore I take this choice as well, and hold out for the chance that I'll still be the person that I know, only better.

Certainly there's some better combination of choices for accomplishing my vague goals, but I am not a wise man.

With this I am indebted to the fleshweaver for a grand total of eleven points. I hope that when it is time to collect, I won't be found wanting.

>> No.49780818

While I would normally make some kind of attempt at a challenge like that, there are just way too many ways for Alice to come out irredeemably unattractive to me (I admit it, I'm picky as fuck), and I wouldn't like to waste my time writing scenes for her.

>> No.49780846 [SPOILER] 

Be still, my beating heart. The Miku HachioijiP uses is the sexiest Miku.

I was actually thinking of pic related.

Mmmmm.... Delectable. I await your necessity of recompense with anticipation.

>> No.49780862

If one wanted to basically look like the opposite sex except where it counts (i.e. genitalia, which should retain their usual functionality), would one need Basic Beauty Package, Gender Swap, or both?

>> No.49780878

I just went for the Miku that has the most spectacular eyes I could remember due to that anon going for Empowered Eyes.

>> No.49780879

Hum. I didn't think of that. But I'd say both so I can force you to owe more.

>> No.49780892

Good point. Her eyes are very well done for that model. And the face. And the body.

>> No.49780893


Got to take the eye upgrade and the brain upgrade. Tempted by the internet thing but it's a lot of cost for a slightly more convenient smartphone. And I'll also take Fountain of Youth, for a total cost of 11.

... What? What are you looking at me like that for? That's all I want. Really.

OK, fine. Gender swap, beauty package, grace and poise. 17. Happy now?

>> No.49780901



>> No.49780906

Why not get nearly everything like me? Don't be scared. What's the worst that could happen?

>> No.49780918


I don't want nearly everything. I'm not out to become a monster with super powers. That's just greedy. I'm becoming a beautiful, graceful, keenly perceptive and intellectually brilliant young woman and that's more than enough for me.

>> No.49780934

Fuhuhu... Yesssss...

Gods damn it, anon. You get an extra point because I love Queen so much.

>> No.49780938

Assuming the costs don't turn me away from the CYOA completely, I'd be taking BBP anyway. Gender Swap requirement for it actually makes sense, in that it'd likely prevent nasty business like beard or other excess bodyhair, and it also sounds like a deeper reconfiguration, so you can actually have a proper feminine build.

>> No.49780941


>> No.49780978

It's so you don't have to worry about being a big guy when you want to be the little girl. With its expertise, the fleshweaver can shrink a ribcage, reposition shoulders, reshape the pelvis, mold the jaw, enlarge the eyesockets, etc. And that's just the bones.

>> No.49780983

My. God. I thought I destroyed it but no, my old cyoa, it still exists. Unfinished and horrific in its half state.

Moving on, I need help finding a cartoony background image of a shop. Sorta in the style of >>49780595 so that i can put in my own objects (which, i guess, I'll then need to find objects but thats besides the point)

>> No.49781039

I'll do a cursory look through my stuff when it's not 5:20 am. I might have something.

>> No.49781040

If you're OK with something more anime in style, here's something: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/4963963
Got it with the "shop" and "indoors" tags.

>> No.49781069

Will go easy on me if I said all I want in life is for Erika to call me the biggest fucking idiot she's ever meet?

>> No.49781080

i need more of a front facing image, like this.

>> No.49781098

Nah sorry, you'll post it about when I have breakfast, and the you'll go to bed.
You'll know when I post my build 'cause you'll wake up with a throbbing erection

>> No.49781099

This thread, and all autists posting in it, should be purged

>> No.49781124

anon, don't be salty you had a bad day. here, have a random genie gallery.

>> No.49781129

That includes you, I hope you realize.

>> No.49781185


>not always waking up with a throbbing erection

>> No.49781219

It's just good circulation. If you wake up without a boner that's when you should be getting worried.

>> No.49781236

saving the earth! build
>Heart Ring
>Galactic Warrior

>> No.49781237

yes, females ARE constantly worried. Makes sense.

>> No.49781241

>> No.49781262


I'll pay whatever is needed

Basic Beauty 1
Grace & Poise 1
Empowered Eyes 2
Within Your Grasp 1
Thought Processing 4
Clawed Hands 1
Structural Enhancement 2
Rebindable Flesh 4
Stay the Devourer 3
Silvered Tongue 2

Total Cost: 21

>> No.49781275


>> No.49781296

Don't need beauty.
Can clearly live with clumsiness as that train didn't kill me.
Extreme temperatures can be handled with a bit of wits and prep, and honestly I get too warm more than too cold.
>Empowered Eyes:
Alright you got me here. Let's open up the spectrum.
Strength is valuable to those that have it, but not so much that I'll take it like a gift horse with an evil grin.
Clumsiness is mortality and I already think too highly of myself. Won't kill me to pick things up here or there.
>Monster's Energy
Thank goodness. Those drinks taste awful. I'll take a permanent dose please.
>Thought Processing.
...it would be nice not to be as much of a fool.
>To the Skies
I downplay some niche utilities above, but this is one my paranoia and childish delight can't say no to.
No, I do not need 4chan in my goddamn brain. I want to be able to ditch the grid to a degree if I need to.
>Clawed Hands.
I am a sucker for sharp pointy bits.
Given how many other changes are at hand, I'll pass on digestion; a little humanity to make sure I don't go off the rails entirely, especially in light of...
>Divine the Secrets.
Let's look deeper.
>Fountain of Youth.
More seconds in my days. More days in my years. More years in my life, as if the excess would give me space enough to do anything. Vanity, but wanted.
Structural enhancement sounds nice, but seems like it would disrupt the gliding aspect. I'll be cautious rather than indestructible. Likewise with Rebindable Flesh.
Thunderburst Speed looks like a very good opportunity to turn myself into a paint smear. No thanks.
>Slay the devourer.
Nevermind that humanity stuff earlier, this is a better method in the first place. And while a lengthened tongue might be fun, I don't need surgery to learn how to be amicable and polite, thank you.
>I'll take the Truly Perfect Hair though.
A nice touch of utility. Perhaps in the longer run it will be more dexterous, but for now.
Keeping my skin.

>> No.49781318

Eyes 2
Monster's Energy 3
Thoughts 4
Skies 2
Swap 4
Claws 1
Divine 6
Fountain 5
Slay 3
Hair 1

31 points fleshwarper. We'll see what it's worth to you shortly.

>> No.49781453

Before I read that, I spent two points.

>> No.49781616

Which name sounds best

Lord of Worms

Lord of Woes

King of Tears

>> No.49781733

Since the anon from last thread hasn't reposted his question, >>49777774

>> No.49781754

Lord of Hoes

Somebody's gotta keep 'em in line.

>> No.49781857

>tfw you have to worry

>> No.49781919

Lord of Woes

>> No.49781957


>> No.49781969

Lord of Woes

>> No.49781990

I like it, it reminds me of Beri's genie wish cyoa when he gives you a preview before adding the text.

I choose:
1.fountain of youth
2.Rebindable Flesh

I will pay any price to live forever. 9 points it is.

>> No.49782035

Well you won't live forever with Fountain of Youth. It just extends your life by an order of magnitude. I imagine it is as follows:
Assume lifespan of 80^1
New lifespan is 80^2
So 6400 years give or take.

>> No.49782192


I'd go with more like 800. If your lifespan is currently 8x10^1, extending it by an order of magnitude brings it to 8x10^2.

>> No.49782226

>Shadow Planetoid
It's a tiny planet!
>Ace Pilot
Now to hope I don't crash this thing.
The absolute madman!

I'd have picked Asylum instead of Maniac, but I don't wanna just leave a bunch of people permanently saddled with all of my deficiencies.

>> No.49782302

Can I get the CYOA where you get a machine to traverse space and even the multiverse?

>> No.49782339

Likeable and fridge.
Dreams is scary, I'd spend 20 hours a day sleeping.

>> No.49782501

services basic beauty package, grace and poise, hot blood, empowered eyes, strength beyond, within your grasp, thought processing, to the skies, intergrated internet, clawed hands, refined digestion, divine the secrets, the fountain of youth, structual enhancement, thunderburst speed, stay the devourer and impentrable skin

>> No.49782511

Basic Beauty 1
Grace and poise 1
Eyes 2
Strength Beyond 2
Thought Processing 4
Structural Enhancement 2
Thunderburst speed 2
Impenetrable skin 3


>> No.49782636

8 peak
5 manly
8 artistic mastery
8 social skills
15 omniglot
5 reflexes

>> No.49782808

>Basic Beauty Package (1)
>Hot Blood (1)
>Truly Perfect Hair (1)
>Structural Enhancement (2)
>Impenetrable Skin (3)
>Strength Beyond (2)

10 points total. (2 free, then 8... whatever)

Super strength, super resistance to injury, and vanity boosters. Should outweigh the drawbacks... right?

>> No.49782826



Basic Beauty Package
Strength Beyond
Thunderburst Speed

I want more... yes but for some reason all of this make me feel... scary

>> No.49782839


Hey, thread died.

I Love the idea so fucking much, have good details on what all the characters will do to you and it will be great.

And please add an option of a girl who wants to make you into a cute little girl.

>> No.49783005

Seconding this. /ss/ is great, but /ll/ is better.

>> No.49783075

Basic Beauty Package- 1
Grace and Poise- 1
Hot Blood- 1
Empowered Eyes- 2
Strength Beyond- 2
Within Your Grasp- 1
Monster's Energy- 3
Thought Processing- 4
Integrated Internet- 5
Clawed Hands- 1
Refined Digestion- 3
The Fountain of Youth- 5
Structural Enhancement- 2
Rebindable Flesh- 4
Thunderburst Speed- 2
Stay the Beyond- 3
Silvered Tongue- 2
Impenetrable Skin-3

Total: 44.

The fact that i'm even considering taking even one item fills me with a sense of unease not knowing what is owed, but I can't let the unknown future hold me back. I have no illusions about the amount of debt i'll be in in one way or another, but I won't throw away this opportunity to become more than I already am. Time to take the first step to a new beginning. Fortune favors the Bold.

>> No.49783080


>> No.49783099

No thanks

>> No.49783134

Woops. Forgot to update the point counter.

Total Points: 45

>> No.49783177

I would assume /lesbianloli/

>> No.49783212

give me nine images, no less than 300x300 px.

>> No.49783233

It's weird seeing you off of Jumpchain, Cap'n.

>> No.49783239


>> No.49783268

I'm pretty sure this has been used in a gallery before, but I'll take it.

>> No.49783286


>> No.49783291


>> No.49783318


>> No.49783337

Always been bouncing around the CYOA General and a few Quest threads though I don't post much in the general. But what can I say! It looked interesting and I am a glutton for punishment.

>> No.49783340

It'll lose something because it's so tall and I need to make it square, but I'll take it anyway.

>> No.49783345


>> No.49783441


>> No.49783445


>> No.49783449


>> No.49783490

probably safe for this board.

probably too borderline for this board. Also I didn't specify, but I'm looking for drawings/etc, not pictures. Can't include it, sorry.

>> No.49783518


>> No.49783552

I need one more, then.

>> No.49783558


>> No.49783578

>tfw a connection error causes you to miss your post by a second before someone ninja's you

>> No.49783590

[01]Grace and Poise
[03]Empowered Eyes
[05]Strength Beyond
[06]Within Your Grasp
[09]Monster's Energy
[13]Thought Processing
[18]Integrated Internet
[19]Clawed Hands
[25]Divine the Secrets
[30]The Fountain of Youth
[32]Structural Enhancement
[36]Rebindable Flesh
[38]Thunderburst Speed
[41]Stay the Devourer
[44]Impenetrable Skin

44 fucking points, inb4 I get stuck up shit's creek without a paddle.

>> No.49783597

I'll take it, but I'm cutting it to make it kosher.

So gallery's closed. Thanks folks.

Out of curiosity, was it just the same dude giving all the images? Boards slow today.

>> No.49783606

Basic Beauty Package 1
Monster's Energy 3
Gender Swap 4
The Fountain of Youth 5
Stay the Devourer 3
Silvered Tongue 2
Impenetrable Skin 3
Grace and Poise 1
Thought Processing 4
Refined Digestion 3
Integrated Internet 5
Refined Digestion 3

Total: 36

Fuck my shit up, bro

>> No.49783666

>Out of curiosity, was it just the same dude giving all the images?
Nein. I only got one in before all the slots were taken.

>> No.49783674

blind pick. Choose two

>> No.49783683


Sunday seems a bit too far to be honest. Will this thread even still be up then? Hopefully I remember to check back.

Lets play a little cautiously and aim for <10 points.

1 - Basic Beauty (Beauty more doors than it closes in my mind. Though I suppose it may be tricky to maintain)
1 - Grace and Poise (Something I have a personal preference for.)
6 - Divine the Secrets (The big one, learning beyond imagine and maybe it can even be use to help myself)
1 - Truly Perfect hair (Its one point, why not enhance my looks a little further and offer myself some on the fly customization.)

Tempting to take hot blood but I'll leave it at 9. Don't want to put myself in too deep.

>> No.49783698

1 and 6

>> No.49783721

Descartes and... what is that, a gerbil?

>> No.49783784

I threw one in

>> No.49783815

The huge tree in the town and the fairy.

>> No.49783914

Eh, I'm feeling lewd today.

Descartes and the Fairy.

>> No.49783925

I'm lucky the author died, otherwise I'd be fucked.

>> No.49783938

Angry guy on the bear, and space dude.

>what is that, a gerbil?
Guinea Pig. They're a cute.

>> No.49783955

Fuck it, I'll take all of them. I believe that comes out to 58. Excited to see how fucked I am.

>> No.49783959

>They're a cute.
see the original image...

>> No.49783986

Is that a Kabuto IRL?

>> No.49783990

It only tells me that guy thought so, too.

>> No.49784006

Look at the poor guys face he isn't enjoying it

>> No.49784010

I'll pick the Fairy and the Genie.
Yeah, you lazy asshole, I'm picking YOU.
Don't you wish you'd put in the effort to mention you weren't pickable? Well too late.

>> No.49784038

the whole CYOA is a single image

>> No.49784043

>basic beauty 1
>Grace and poise 1
>empowered eyes 2
>strength beyond 2
>within your grasp 1
>thought process 4
>clawed hands 1
divine the secrets 6
>structural enhancement 2
>rebind-able flesh 4
>thunderburst speed 2
>truly perfect hair 1
>impenetrable skin 3

29 in total. happy to pay with soul.

>> No.49784085

But you have to pick two and meta CYOAs are cancer.

>> No.49784104

She has teal hair, not blue.

>> No.49784106

Pick it twice.

>> No.49784130


Anonymous had better deliver. This thread will be long gone but there are a LOT of builds here. We're not just going to forget. I definitely want to see how they all turn out. Haven't seen /CYOA/ this excited in ages.

>> No.49784139

Teal is blue.

>> No.49784141

There is always a /cyoag/, anon.

>> No.49784147

It's one part blue one part green IIRC.

>> No.49784181

What exactly does Divine The Secrets do?

>> No.49784182

Still looks blue, so it's blue.

>> No.49784212

Basic Beauty package (1)
Grace and Poise (1)
Empowered Eyes (2)
Within Your Grasp (1)
Thought Processing (4)
Gender Swap (4)
Divine the Secrets (6)
The Fountain of Youth (5)
Impenetrable Skin (3)

>> No.49784216

>weird graph about the end of the world
>big-ass tree

>> No.49784241 [SPOILER] 

Are there any other specifically girl-themed but minor powers that one could possibly have?

I can think of somewhat creative ones if I sit here thinking for a while but I'm not the most creative person so maybe I'm totally leaving out a great idea or two or twenty.

Anyway, progress, but I have to split.

>> No.49784258

text is hard to read at the edges

also this is coming along nicely, good job anon
also girls can get men to do things for them by looking helpless and dumb
maybe that could be an ability?

>> No.49784268


See through the planes or something awful like that, no doubt. Go gibbering mad from the constant perception of the infinite crawling cosmic horrors only the thickness of a shadow away.

I took the eye upgrade, and even that's risky. Do I really want to be able to see the creatures that are crawling on my belongings, on my bed, on my food, on my face?

>> No.49784289

Are you people daft? The text outlining will be done at the end because I need to do it after I am done writing the text. It's a layering thing.

>> No.49784367

Not sure about powers, but you should consider adding punishments to get more points? It's cool if you'd rather not. Maybe stuff like
'Keep your penis, but it's tiny and girly'
'Extra sensitive skin'
'Slowly become dumber until you're a 'dumb blonde' kind of girl, while your horniness increases'

That sort of stuff. Cool if you don't wanna put it in.
Please add some sort of option where you get to be a cute french maid

>> No.49784386

>Are you people daft?
that, and unfamiliar with whatever software you're using.

>> No.49784466

Allows you to take off your mask

>> No.49784483

It's from /tg/, newfriend.

>> No.49784497

Wouldn't you rather be an actual girl?

>> No.49784507

But wouldn't that kill you?

>> No.49784519

this anon has posted a bunch of stuff lately. He'll probably deliver on this one. I'm just waiting to see if the transhuman/cyberpunk things gets completed.

>> No.49784520

The tree and the viking dude.

>> No.49784612

>still no overnight transformation
I guess I'll fill in the order just before I sleep. That might work.

>> No.49784624

>Grace and Poise (1)
I need better balance
>Hot Blood (2)
Great for those cold winters
>Empowered Eyes (4)
To prevent the deterioration of eyesight over time.
>Strength beyond (6)
I shall lift like a champ.
>Within your Grasp (7)
As well as grab anything.
>Monster's Energy (10)
For obvious reasons.
>Thought Processing (14)
I think far to slowly.
>Clawed Hands (15)
>The Fountain of Youth (20)
Who actually wants to die?
>Rebindable Flesh (24)
Don't want to be a cripple for life.
>Thunderburst Speed (26)
I need to go faster.

Well, that deals with everything I want. Sure hope the price doesn't make me regret these decisions.

>> No.49784641

Hey everyone! i was gonna make a trap cyoa kind of like the genderbend one in these threads

This'll be my first cyoa, are there any good gimp tutorials you recommend?

Anyways, the general idea is you become a trap, you pick your sexuality, your cup and dick size and butt size, and your sexuality (I hope you don't see this as copying, Rosanon, I really like your Cyoa and that's all I'd like to use)

Anyways, I was also gonna add your new life, kind of like a challenge, and some punishments.

What Challenges (i.e Attend an all girl's school without being caught) and punishments (i.e. chastity) Would you like to see? Nothing overly lewd, please. I want to be able to post it in /tg/

>> No.49784705

Any immortality option?

>> No.49784733

>you pick your sexuality, your cup and dick size and butt size, and your sexuality
Any particular reason for picking your sexuality twice?
>Nothing overly lewd, please. I want to be able to post it in /tg/
Lewd is usually not a problem in /tg/ when it's not directly depicted in images.

Looking forward to seeing what you'll make.

>> No.49784740


None that I have, but I'm making one right now.

>> No.49784766

Brain fart there.

>lewd isn't a problem on /tg/
O just don't want to get carried away and make it a total fap cyoa, i want it to be more of a 'life as a girl' style thing.

>> No.49784791


>> No.49784832

Where's the futa and immortality option?

>> No.49784895


>> No.49784931

So I can now turn into a tree and be seen as alpha when I wear fur.


>> No.49784992

this ain't a gerbil ffs ! It's a guinea pig !

>> No.49784998

spelling, clarifications, and stuff. Skype Editing now includes fashion sense (it was always meant to, but I forgot to include it).

>> No.49785022

Well being a monster girl is girl-themed. There's also the opposite of the Double Up that can turn people into lolis and shotas. Aphrodisiac laced body fluids is another one. There's not many girl themed powers in the first place since almost all powers are gender neutral.

>> No.49785047

I didn't want to use up a bunch of space writing "guinea pig" repeatedly.

Truth is subjective anyway.

>> No.49785079

I'll meet you back in rodent hell ;)

>> No.49785103

the mystery box of beardsmith is definately for you then

>> No.49785216

The hat is easily the most useful item there. Also one extra line in the Con Artisan fluff could invalidate the need to have a Reverse Conner class, but that's just me nitpicking.

>Reverse Conner
Seems to me that the skills necessary to pull this off well makes it a straight upgrade from just a Con Artisan. Gets you a lot of enemies though so maybe it balances out in the end.

>The Malady
Like I said, best item there.
>Skullbone Mask
Charisma being my main stat and all makes this a must have.
>The Marked Tome
My favorite form of magic in any media if I'm honest, and very thematic for rogue-like characters.

Escaping is child's play with the hat and I'll immediately go back to my criminal ways. Some might try to spin my conning of conners as some robin hood-esk mission, but I just like the thrill of it. I'm more than happy to talk anyone out of anything, and now my deals are backed by magic. If we ever meet, always remember to show some courtesy, and some taste.

Hats off to the Author. Great work and hope to see more from you.

>> No.49785230

Basic Beauty (1)
Grace & Poise (2)
Hot Blood (3)
Within Your Grasp (4)
Thought Processing (8)
Clawed Hands (9)
Fountain Of Youth (14)
Divine The Secrets (20)
Structural Enhancement (22)
Rebindable Flesh (26)
Impenetrable Skin (29)

>> No.49785314

Its my birthday today
Magical fridge and home teleport

>> No.49785320

Anon could you please tell me the name of the doujin that featured the "Built to last" pic?
I know it's from Kancolle and that the character in it is called takao since I saw it before but I simply can't find it again

>> No.49785387

>small c

>> No.49785598

Well, the Skype one got me. Shame on me.

>> No.49785684


Wünderschön, leibchen!

Holy fuck this was much more popular than I expected. This has filled me with determination.

I'll finish that one after the current one for you, kind anon. Especially now that I have the image manipulation skills I need to do it.

Dankeschön, my good gentlesir. I'll do my best to keep them coming.

>> No.49785686

in hindsight, I should have zoomed in more to make her tag more visible.

>> No.49785761

The space magic strap-on is the closest you'll get. It can basically be a dick if you like, since you can make it get hard when you're turned on. The only difference is that it is so much more modular and utilitarian than a regular dick. It being soul-bound also makes it as individual to specifically you as a dick would be.

The only people I am fucking over are impregnation fetishists, but really in a be the girl CYOA the only one who should be getting pregnant if anybody is you. (Note also that I will be including a fertility control ability).

Immortality, though, I'm more pensive about. I do not want this to be generic wish fulfillment. I'm thinking right now that you'll be offered agelessness in exchange for writing a 600 word description of what your new life will be like. I haven't set that in stone in my head yet.

>> No.49785763

>Sunset with golden could
>A huge bed with bookshelf to read from and a huge window
>With my waifu laying down beside me with hot chocolate on the tableside and smooth music playing in the background

Damn, that sound comfy as fuck

>> No.49785848

What tag? The Israeli flag?

>> No.49785868

>Master of the Wilds
>Summon Woodland Spirit

I am a Druid now.

Gerbil is really fucking tempting and hilarious. But I'm convinced it ends with me ass raped by a rodent

>> No.49785929

>not wanting to be fully female

>> No.49785992

age a year younger than me
job general manager
background above middle class and rival

personality kind, helpful, wild, energetic, proud, haughty, naughty, childish, calm, collective, melancholy and pessimistic

intelligence and knowledge average
hobby soccer, cooking an she's famous for her geekry

skin light
eyes blue
hair black
height much taller than average
weight average
breasts D cup
butt slim
features extremely long hair and wears glasses

special features closet pervert and secret hobby

weird features $€#¥@£ overdrive and buxom is better

enchanted a robot demon maid
monster girl a lamia that spits paralytic poison


Her true form

>> No.49786009

Yes please.

Include both. But if I take the feminization option, I'll imagine eventually I become an actual girl.

>> No.49786016

Hey, whatever he wants to pay for. Hehehehehehehe.....

>> No.49786084

Can the feminization from Panty Curse reach Genderbender levels?

>> No.49786088

This brings up a second question however. Does the IRS recognize the price you purchased at or the market price? Given the description, no one recognizes you got a discount, so then does that mean they think you paid full price or they simply can't question the price you bought in at. This is important because than either the IRS is taxing you on your 15% profit or not at all because they think you essentially made no profit because you bought and sold at market price, assuming the price is fairly stable.

>> No.49786095

Skype Editing and Withering Look. Hell, I'd take Skype Editing if that were the only choice; I'd love to be able to edit my gal's appearance. Pity I'm not a woman, otherwise I'd Skype myself on a second computer and get in shape the easy way.

Withering Look is mainly for the cash, and to shut down idiots.

>> No.49786118

Take ideas for punishments from >>>/d/7066540 and the Age Regression punishments. SPanking is a must. Please. It's so comfy.

>I hope you don't see this as copying, Rosanon, I really like your Cyoa and that's all I'd like to use
There have been so many similar CYOAs along themes lines, almost every idea will be something there's already been something close to. The creativity is in making it your own concept of a trap/girl CYOA.

>> No.49786203

I think they mean the text that is right up against the edge of the file. You need a little bit of a margin. :)

>> No.49786262

>I think they mean the text that is right up against the edge of the file.
I'm pretty sure they just find it hard to read because the background is so light around there.
This would be fixed with the text stroke thing, but from the sounds of it, he'd have to remove/undo it if/when he wants to edit text, or it's otherwise inconvenient to do for every single WIP, or something.

>> No.49786289

>RadFem Panty Curse

>> No.49786292

Addendum to >>49786084: If the Panty Curse is removed, does the person revert fully?

>> No.49786346

Yes. You can mix and match the location and the extend as well.

That's your choice. They can revert fully, remain as transformed as they are so far, or revert partially.

>> No.49786410

I was going to make a typical fantasy adventure after Hell Invasion 2.0, but I've been thinking of an oriental fantasy adventure in the lands of Not Korea, Not China, and Not Japan.

With races based off legendary creatures from each culture.

>> No.49786433

What CYOA is >>49779942 's image from?

>> No.49786479

One that's yet to be released AFAIK.

>> No.49786480

How much do I need to focus for lust buster?
Also, some power ideas:
1) summon phantom body parts- can only affect you or someone you've touched in the last 12 hours
2) milky- you start lactating. You can control how much, and you can replace any of your other bodily fluids with milk too. (Optional: anyone that consumes your milk starts lactating too)
3) clingy clothing- you can temporarily animate any article of clothing you can see. You decide it's personality.
4) hair care- control the growth, style, and color of your hair at will. This includes body hair.
5) Good vibrations- make yourself orgasm at will. You can share this with anyone you are currently touching.

>> No.49786501

>> No.49786529


>> No.49786551


>> No.49786579

Rank 1 Precision (free)
Rank 1 Strength
Rank 2 Magic (Fire)
Rank 1 Regeneration
Rank 1 Endurance
Rank 1 Beast Eye
Rank 1 Improved Lung
Mysterious Wolf
The Hook Rank 2
Weapon Rank 1
Ranged Weapon Rank 1 (Bow and arrow) (free)
Light Armor (Leathers) (free)
Heavy Armor (Plates)
Explosive Satchel (Golf bombs)
For The Hoard

>> No.49786876

Because it makes my dick super hard.

To answer the question of the other anon (my reader doesn't easily allow quoting multiple posts), yeah, it can reach full genderbending levels and I haven't decided if it should be permanent or not.

I do plan on rewriting Genderbender though. I think it would be nicer if you could give people mini-forms of their own to fill out or alternatively, just fill it out for them. Sort of a Death Note but with TG, which can be hot.

>> No.49786979

Anybody know of any other places where I can discuss cyoas? Reddit has been called crap by others, and another board on a different website is very, very slow. I would really like to share my hobby with others.

>> No.49787034 [SPOILER] 

Shit's a bit slow, so here's a potential Panic Button option I threw together.

Name: 'The Doom Slayer'
Gender: Male
Origin: The Now; Watcher
Skills, Perks, and Traits: High-Tech Understanding, Adaptability, Martial Training, Berserker, Natural Physique, Unarmed Combatant, Violence Mutability, Frontliner, Stone Soul, Reformed Man
Initial Armor: Traveller's leathers, Power Armor, Maori Okibar Tattoo, Physical Enhancement Suit
Initial Weapons: Yuta Brace, AD-83 Assault Rifle, MAD.11 Hunting Shotgun, BFG-9000, M911-Modded, Longinus Striker, RPG-71, Traveller Maxim Gun, Natural Weapons (Vampiric Fists), Handheld Culverin
Initial Knick-knacks: Pegs, Basic Survival Kit, Basic Bag, ID Card, Motorcycle, Unformed AI Companion, Cabuladi Ring, Standard Breather, Internal Sustenance Model, Whale Skin Marks, Glepnir Chain, Heads of Alzae, Jetpack
Little Things: Notorious, Brothers of the Bite, Harbinger, Knee-Breaker, Don't Need no Governa's Dolla!
Faction: Independent
Covenant: The Ubermensch Society
Allies: Agatha Niucrad, 492, Fighter, Highlander Behemoth
Home District: Ostergark - The Cold Does Rise
Hubworld: Tokai Jidai – Eternal Conflict
Mission: Hissing in the Dark
Panic Button: The Titan

"So you walk eternally through the shadow realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again."

>> No.49787043

>To answer the question of the other anon
Wait, >>49786346 wasn't you?

>> No.49787089

>Have 28 punishments detailed
>Total reward for taking them is only 52 points
>Even with the 2 free points it's still 4 points short
I need more torture ideas. I never thought I'd run out.

>> No.49787114

Nope. I would never write such confusing sentences. It's probably some anon that thinks they know what's going on in my head, which is a huge joke since not even I know what's going on in my head.

>> No.49787126

Perhaps you could put in tourture ideas specific to particular powers, such as forcing one with super strength to be constantly burdened, or one with Monster's Energy to have to constantly do something or suffer great discomfort, pain, or damage.

This is for that cyoa, correct?

>> No.49787184

Wherever you are you must also rape

>> No.49787201

Constant stuffed/runny nose.

>> No.49787231

Si señor. I could always re-balance a few. I mean the yeerk worm thing could probably be worth 6 points instead of 4...

Hrmmm... I've got a few more ideas from that, thanks.

>> No.49787277

You only feel comfortable in inclement conditions. Not as in these conditions are good for you, but that you can't relax unless the temperature or weather or whatever you find yourself in are actually bad for you in some way.

>> No.49787304

Hey, Highlander, do I recall you talking about adding "sub-factions?" If so, may I make a suggestion?

>The Troubleshooters
>Sub-Faction Of: True Travelers
>A group of people who most want to help others. As with all Travelers, they have their own reasons, but they're always there for anyone who needs a hand. When Bio wants a specimen, or the Militant needs a task force with some REALLY eclectic skills, or Mechanical wants a new gizmo field-tested, they call on the Troubleshooters.

>> No.49787325

Hmmm. I dunno, since raping is enjoyable for the doer of the rape.

Might be too close to the general constant illness one I've got. Good idea, though.

That's a good one. Very malicious, but not unless you think about it.

>> No.49787390

Ah great a cyoa that allows me to be a special limpy level 1 hero.

>Precision, Beast eye, Regeneration
>Single-shot rifle (rank 2), Leathers, Fiery sword (rank 2)
>Creepy Cult

Basically the patient no-nonsense gunslinger, even an old rifle is a pretty good equalizer against any sort of threat and a fiery sword is always cool I suppose.

>> No.49787418

Traveler's Tale CYOA:
Origin and Background:
>Tionishia, ???, 'Tio', M.O.N. Vanguard
>Race: Ogre, Gender: Female, Birthday: May 2, Height: 227cm, Bust: 169cm (P-Cup), Waist: 72cm, Hips: 119cm
>The Now; Watcher (+Low Tech Understanding, +5 Traits, +1 Companion)
Skills, Perks and Traits: (+3 Traits)
>Low Tech Understanding
>Common Ethereal Manipulation
>Natural Beauty
>Natural Physique
>Martial Training
>Super Human Body
>Friendly Face
>Shining Soul
Initial Equipment Requisition: (+2000)
>Travellers Leathers (Free)
>Segmented Armour (Free)
>Traveller Grade Tartaros Armor (-1500)
>Yuta Brace (Free)
>Stun Hammer: Weapon Enhancements: Electrification (Free)
>'Pegs' (Free)
>Basic Survival Kit (Free)
>Basic Bag (Free)
>ID Card (Free)
>Pop-wall Shield Mark-4: Wall Size x2 (-100)
>Seeder Kit (-50)
>Iron Halo (-500)
>Rail Line Pass (-15)
>24HR Multi-Reality News Feed (-20)
>Self Operating Cooking Gear (-10)
>Noble Beast Minor (-50)
>Operabia Module: Overclock Iron Hide (-1000)
Little Things:
>Fuck your Glowy Bullshit (+600)
>Goldfish Retention (+300)
>Child of Emblem (+100)
>Full Moon Touch (+250)
Factions, Departments and Others:
>The Home Guard: Faction Leader Kagua Orguz, The Third of the Order (+Frontliner Trait, +1 Segmented Armour, +1 Custom Stun Weapon)
The Covenants:
>The Church of Our Lady, Destroyer of Despair (+Shining Soul Trait, +Shining Light Turing the Tide, +Afterlife in the Light)
Allies: (+4 Companions)
>Saint Havel, ???, True Traveller, Juggernaut
>Hildegard of Bingen, 76, Archivist, Travelling Saint
>'Sam', 1196, Fighter, Second Gen Man Hunter
>'Oghuz', 1203, True Traveller, Second Gen Horse Archer
>Knight-Paladin Marath, 220, True Traveller, Walking Tank
Home District:
>Chitlitzakzi: For the Simple Farmers
>Home Lander: Some Prefer to Rest a Time
Panic Button:
>The God

>> No.49787430

flowing: superpowers, fire magic , immortality and trimming

>> No.49787453

Now that im scared im only taking two...

within your grasp (1)
thought processing (4)

With just these two I will be a pretty successful human, given nearly 100% of what we do as humans requires fine motor control and a quick and intelligent mind.

I hope the cost at this level isn't terrible ;_;

>> No.49787463

Maybe something having to do with pheromones? E.g., you smell really good, especially to people who you find attractive? Something regarding body temperature maintenance would be good too; if you want to show off when it's cold, or if you want to dress up when it's hot.

Also, given the current events, maybe an electric charge which tingles when people touch you in a way you want, and zaps them more and more intensely when they touch you in a way you don't?

>> No.49787477

NEET blessing
Who needs the gym?
Just plain O'l luck
subsapce house

>> No.49787507

I'm basically fucking stupid but everything else about my body works dandy, so I'll just taking the Thought Processing perk kthxbye

>> No.49787562

How large are the Iron Halos? Could you use more than one in a power armor system?
At what point would power armor need a constant, dedicated power supply?

>Height: 227cm
>Bust: 169cm (P-Cup)
>Waist: 72cm
>Hips: 119cm

Damn. That's a whole lotta woman.

>> No.49787603

Don't be so boring, anons.

>> No.49787616

Thought Processing, Structural Enhancement

Total Cost: 6

>> No.49787685

But Satan, maybe I just want to have to suffer through the occasional massive migraine or murder.

I feel sorry for those people with the builds that basically are going to force them into a situation of little joy out of their new gifts. If I didn't know you are completely evil, I would probably integrate internet as well. But you are evil, I know it.

>> No.49787687

Not Highlander, but Iron Halos look like this.

I've no idea if you could use more than on on Power Armor, but I don't think you'd need to.

And considering how something as stupidly big and clunky as Tartaros armor doesn't say anything about a dedicated power supply, I think you've got quite a bit of wiggle room there.

>> No.49787698

It was just how I would rule it for myself based on the wording.

>> No.49787712

Aura of Automation
Mmm, Tasty
Who Needs a Gym
NEET Blessing
Just Plain Ol' Luck

No chores, amazing food that I can gorge on without issue, all the money I'll ever need with no need to work instead of devote my time to what I want, and a blessedly lucky life. Who could ask for more?

Well, I mean, I could - that subspace house would be amazing - but I think I'll manage.

>> No.49787724

You attract rape, can't resist or can't say no.

>> No.49787734

>slut wants free points

>> No.49787745

The Grocer loves you (cool, I'll fuck the grocer)

>> No.49787749

n-no but really, why would I do more when I have a good set of legs and strong teef.

I just barely passed high school along with my literary exam.

but I guess I could reroll for pleasure.

>> No.49787750

>I feel sorry for those people with the builds that basically are going to force them into a situation of little joy out of their new gifts.

So basically real life? I can deal with that.

>> No.49787782

>not rewarding permanent sluttery with points

>> No.49787799

To be honest, at the point you get Tartaros Armor you could probably add on one of the Generators and not be excessively weighed down, compared to the rest of the suit.

>> No.49787800

>Aura of Automation
>Who needs the gym?
>NEET Blessing
>Subspace house
>15% off

>> No.49787818


>> No.49787822

>lewdfags still clutter up the thread instead of going to their /d/ containment thread

>> No.49787829

Basic Beauty Package (1)
Grace and Poise (2)
Hot Blood (3)
Strength Beyond (5)
Within Your Grasp (6)
Monster's Energy (9)
Divine the Secrets (15)
Structural Enhancements (17)
Rebindable Flesh (21)
Thunderbolt Speed (23)
Silver Tongue (25)

Basic Ubermensh package, with Divine the Secrets because fuck you, that sounds awesome. What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.49787845

>a containment thread for a containment thread

>> No.49787906

More like the real life of a total slave. People in the normal world at east get some semblance of joy. As a slave to your new flesh master, you likely will be murdering, kidnapping people, and maybe even eating flesh. You would be a monster. The only one truly deriving any benefit would be your master. No thank you.

>> No.49787929

Anon you vastly overestimate the amount of joy I receive in my life.

>> No.49787966

Made two "companion" builds. Just for shits, giggles, and shitty giggles. If Sans can get in, I don't see why these two wouldn't be able to.

The Now, Watcher
Note: Combat android, designed to look human for his commanders and for infiltration. Pretty much just a human in terms of appearance, but a bit stronger and more easily repaired (although he doesn’t self-heal and has no algorithm to correct for added functions like a wrist-mounted weapon.)

Mid-High Tech [2]
Martial Training

Traveler Leathers, Upgraded [-200]
Yuta Brace [0]
Custom Energy Weapon [-800] (It’s the Spur. Tri-modal laser pistol - simple blast, concentrated beam that can be twinned for trick shots, high-powered beam like a long-range plasma caster on steroids. Takes some charging for the 3rd mode.)
Joyeuse(Modified) [250] (It’s the Blade. Simple arming sword with a ethereal hint to it, the wielder is driven to protect the weak at all costs.)
RPG-71(Modified) [250] (It’s the Missile Launcher. Basically what you’d expect, but modified to be able to rapid fire and (if you’re willing to risk breaking it) launch multiple missiles at once. You WILL burn through ammo.)
Power Generator, Small [100] (Well he sure as hell isn’t going to be running out of power any more. This thing is going in...wherever he ends up.
Jetpack [200] (It’s the Booster, version 2.0.)
Internal Sustenance Model [200]

>> No.49787967

I'll wait for the price, what if you really Satan?

>> No.49787982

Curly Brace
The Now, Watcher
Note: ALSO a combat android. Stronger and less fragile, but needs to recharge much more often.

Mid-High Tech
Martial Training
Friendly Face

Traveler Leathers, Upgraded [200]
Traveller Maxim Gun, Modified [250] (The Machine Gun. Modified such that you don’t need to set it down to fire it, with a much-scaled-down PGG blocking recoil. The PGG can be reversed, in a maneuver that drains a stupendous amount of energy, allowing for the recoil-powered “flight” we all know and love.)
Custom Energy Weapon [800] (The Nemesis. What, she had it in Hell. Simple dual-barrelled gun that fires off energy pulses. Does NOT like being fed any more or less energy than it already is, will just stop working.)
Plasma Caster, Modified [400] (The Fireball. Produces a supercharged variant of ball lightning that floats around and explodes when it hits something or sits too long.)
Bottomless Bag [100]
Standard Breather [20] (Of COURSE she has the air tank!)
Entanglers [50]
Glepnir Chain [10] (She kept the Tow Rope.)

>> No.49787990

Oh shit on second thought this can really help me through college!

>Monster's Energy 3
(for the long study nights)
>Thought Processing 4
To the Skies 2
Flying is fucking cool
>Stay the Devourer 3
Food is expensive, and I'm already lactose intolerant, so if I could drop eating I wont be missing out

huuuuu... I sh-should slow down s-so maybe just a few more...

>silvered Tongue 2
It would help with the stutter, m-maybe even be cool to grab things as well

>Truly Perfect hair 1
ok I admit I have a receding hairline. I could never truly enjoy my emo hair style age. besides, it's just 1 right?

ok ok. 15 is enough. that's all I'll ever need in life, considering my life stays the same y-yeah?

>> No.49788024

Aw come now. Just because I enjoy your suffering and apprehension doesn't make me Satan himself.

Ehhh... Not really enough of a punishment.

It's okay, anon. I just get less pleasure out of those I can't torment.

Wünderbar, mein Schatz!

>> No.49788053

>getting raped all the time
>not enough of a punishment
Well now we know how bad the costs will be! Or rather, we have a baseline of how bad they won't be.

>> No.49788099

>>Aw come now. Just because I enjoy your suffering and apprehension doesn't make me Satan himself.

That is what Satan would say.

>> No.49788105

Thank you. i'll try and include light age regression. I don't want full sissy life stuff. More of a 'you're going to become a cute submissive girly trap, here's what it'll be like' sort of thing.

>> No.49788126

Is there any reason NOT to buy the Spiritual Fetish in Universal War? It makes you save stones on another purchase, lets you avoids guilds, and essentially has no downsides

>> No.49788164

I meant punishments from the AR CYOA, which gets posted on /d/ but isn't in the current thread. Not AR itself as a feature. But now that you mention it, yes!

The various versions of Sissy Life have some less explicit punishments, like wet dreams and collars. Those can be taken by a less lewd CYOA.

Please have details of her life to select from, like school/work, local town, etc. So the life I pick feels complete and detailed. AR CYOA has school options and many other CYOAs have similar "new life" features that can be inspiration. Maybe someone else can mention specific ones?

>> No.49788187

I think you underestimate how bad life can really get. I mean you do have internet and a computer. It can get worse.

>> No.49788214

Oh Leibchen, I knew you couldn't resist.

It's also how easy it is for me to emphasize the non-fetish bits. Like the constant dysphoria one was really easy, but the hunger for human flesh one was actually pretty difficult.

"I am no devil, for there is none"

>> No.49788216

Doing Super Hardcore.
Alice is 3 years older than me. She's a technician.
She was an orphan, but changing that to sibling, rolled, got identical twin (muh fetish). 1 point used.
Got melancholy, changed to cheerful. 2 points used.
Got average intelligence, fuck that. Changed to Very (9). 3 points used.
Deeply tanned (unf).
Brown eyes.
Brown hair.
She's tall, rolled 1D20+170, got her being 6'5" (she's a big girl - not that that's bad)
D cup changed to E. 3 points used.
Enormous ass.
Roll twice for distinctive features - got issues with eyesight (not blind) and weird sexual feature. She's a futa 4 cm bigger than me.
Roll twice for weird features - closet pervert and hidden pain.
Rolled again for sexual feature because fuck you - got sexual overdrive.
Rolled for enchanted, got robot.
So a tall humanoid robot who's tanned, has giant tits, giant ass, a pussy and a dick, has an identical twin (of sorts), is cheerful (and might let me fuck the twin), and wants sex constantly.
>pic very related

>> No.49788221

>the constant dysphoria one

>> No.49788236

I think you overestimate a computer's value.

There are literally hobbos on /out/ and /diy/ posting regularly on how to survive another day off rain water in tarp tents using library computers.

>> No.49788267

Just the fountain of youth please.

Hopefully it lets me live long enough for Ghost in the Shell or Matrix level technology to get made so I can just slot myself into a computer or android body to get most of the other stuff.

Though seriously, powergaminess of that aside, I'm really into computers and tech stuff and it kind of saddens me to realize how much awesome shit I'll miss out on just because it'll get invented after my natural lifespan is up.

So yeah, I might risk some of the inevitably terrifying drawbacks of this for that chance, and only taking one thing means there's probably SOMETHING in the drawbacks I can live with

>> No.49788287

Information is agency, they maybe between stable homes but they are not as bad as someone with no internet access, because they can find resources and ways of surviving. Having no internet is basically being outside the world, an exile.

>> No.49788304

Are you a girl by any chance?

>> No.49788330


>> No.49788344

Now why would you ask that by any chance?

>> No.49788350


Thought Processing (4)
Divine the Secrets (10)
The Fountain of Youth (15)

Kind of worried that Divine the Secrets is going to mess me up, but I just have to know.
Hopefully the cost is not to high.

>> No.49788355

Oh God yes.

Well, at least you chose an expensive one.

>> No.49788361

Anon wants to orbit you. He likes people who are vulnerable.

>> No.49788369

Something about the phrasing came across as feminine. Maybe it was just me.

>> No.49788389

Power level: Hunter

Specialization: fighter

Strength rank 1
Regeneration rank 1
Beast eye rank 1
Endurance rank 1
(Fire) magic rank 1
(Fire ) magic rank 2
Weapon 1; hammer
Weapon 2; Greatsword
Plate armor
Hook 1
Explosive satchel 1; golf bombs
Ranged weapon 1; longbow

Challenge: for the hoard

>> No.49788403


>> No.49788417

>I'm really into computers and tech stuff and it kind of saddens me to realize how much awesome shit I'll miss out on just because it'll get invented after my natural lifespan is up.
But if future medicine helps you live longer, then you'll live to see more future technology, including more that helps you live longer.

>> No.49788438

This CYOA and your replies to builds just feel like some kind of really shitty S&M ERP.

>> No.49788446

I concur.

>> No.49788452

Im sure it is given you even broke this Anon.

>> No.49788458

Grace and poise
Impenetrable Skin
Monster's Energy (8 total)

>> No.49788480

You're just saying that because you know it's the opposite of what anon wants to hear. Trust me, anon's replies aren't anywhere close to what I'd want for ERP premises.

>> No.49788514

Since I missed the timeline for blind picks, let's see here.

>Space Bro
>Perverted Gerbil or Something

We sitcom now.

>> No.49788569

>Wünderschön, leibchen!
It's "Wunderschön, Liebchen"

>> No.49788570

The anon's making builds are basically saying
>oh no, please don't fuck me too hard in the ass
to which the author replies with
>smug reply about how hard I'll fuck you in the ass
I'm honestly a bit surprised to see that the author isn't SadisticDebtAnon.

>> No.49788590

Technically true, but only as a metaphor. When it's literal fucking, then, and only then, is it ERP fuel.

>> No.49788615

>Doesn't know about FinDomERP

>> No.49788624

>only as a metaphor
Of course.

>When it's literal fucking, then, and only then, is it ERP fuel.
I don't know about that, anon; when people get off to tiles and the state of Ohio it doesn't feel like anything's sacred anymore.

>> No.49788646

But those things as ERP? Sure, somebody gets off to them somewhere, but I wouldn't call them ERP material.

>> No.49788648

I've been Integrated with Photoshop? Odd.

>Selection Bundle Suite [14 left]
>Transformation Bundle Suite [8 left]
>Paintbrush [3 left]
>Text [1 left]


>> No.49788651

>Yandere adding her blood to a batch of brownies

>> No.49788669

I try and have fun with the author for what he(she) is doing. He is a content provider, and we are his unpaying consumers. if he's doing it for fun than at least let him continue doing so.

>> No.49788703

Sure, there's just very little substance to
>unfinished build for unfinished CYOA
followed by
>smug non-reply

>> No.49788717

Just because you don't get off on it doesn't mean it isn't ERP.

>> No.49788730

He's releasing a part 2 to build suspense, holy shit you're so fucking stupid.

and he replies to show that he is lurking to build up more hype. Why are you so fucking boring as a person?

>> No.49788768

Alright, lemme have a look-see.

>Basic Beauty Package (+1)
>Hot Blood (+1)
>Refined Digestion (+3)

Just a few neat little things. I'm actually quite confident this won't be so bad as folks would have me believe.

>> No.49788805

Meh. I'm not a fan of changing how other people think.

>> No.49788807

>Why are you so fucking boring as a person?
Maybe you're right, maybe I'm to blame for wanting some standard of quality for posts on 4chan; but right now it seems little better than plain shitposting.

>He's releasing a part 2 to build suspense
Judging by his comments it wasn't finished when he posted part 1, ergo, unfinished.

>Why are you so fucking boring as a person?

>> No.49788853

Powerlevel: Hunter (x3)
Specialization: Outdoorsman

Powers (9 tokens):
Precision 1 (Free)
Precision 2 (5)
Endurance 1 (3)
Sentient Sympathy (0)

Companions (2 tokens):
Wolf (0)
Horse (free)

Equipment (6 tokens): I'd just like to say, guns are far too expensive, and are a bit confusing. Why do I need to get ranked 2 ranged to get a fucking musket? Is it too much to just get a bloody mosin without breaking the bank?

Ranged Weapons 1 (Free)
Ranged Weapons 2 (4)
Lever/Pump Action, Accurate Rifle It's a Mosin Nagant, which is bolt action, yes, but it doesn't have that anywhere else. (0)

Me, my wolf, and my horse will go innawoods and essentially spend the rest of our lives hunting and fucking about. It'll be right fun.

>> No.49788863

>replying to the same quote twice
What the fuck am I even doing.

>> No.49788904 [SPOILER] 


Anon, don't you see? There is no rest here.

There is no escape. Not in this life. Not in the next.

>> No.49788938

>no rest

>> No.49788942

Thanks for adding another picture to my eldritch abomination folder.

Have one of mine in return.

>> No.49788970

It pretty much is. Crazy /d/ rejects who are into that kind of weird shit.

>> No.49788996

Anon please. /d/ is /tg/ rejects, not the other way around.

>> No.49789014

Actually anon, /tg/ came directly from /b/.

>> No.49789031

What does that have to do with anything? Try to use logic, anon.

>> No.49789113

Stop it.

>> No.49789119

/tg/ was created because of Warhammer Wednesday threads on /b/ anon, early /tg/ was populated by touhou shitposters from /jp/ and /v/irgins interested in the dawn of war vidya and few dorf fort enthusiasts from '07-'08 with the reminder from /b/. The /d/ rejects came after with the first wave of questfags in late '08 to '09.

>> No.49789142

I know all that, I still don't see what historical board trivia has to do with actual board demographics.

>> No.49789167

/d/ rejects still make up a very small portion of the overall board's demographic, those posters post more frequently with fetish bait.

>> No.49789190

These are always my favorite type of cyoas, i wish we got these more often, that being said:
Hypnotic blood and Skype Editing

>> No.49789192

You're saying that, but reality disagrees with you. Fetishes and sexuality are all over the place, the only thing that changed with nazimod is now we don't have nipples visible. And it's not like you can pull another historical factoid out to counter this, it's always been this way.

>> No.49789215

Anon, I don't think we can distinguish /d/ posters from /b/ posters.

>> No.49789234 [SPOILER] 

The main rules are at the bottom of the image version, and they'll be included in the image versions next update.

The departments can be considered the research and development arm of the Travellers, and have a number unique privileges. Most department members, particularly those within leadership consider it best that they distance themselves from most political affairs. And forcing the departments into a political position? Only favored by those interested in their departments as a means to an end.

Honestly I can see that being done as a weapon mod. Battleragers for lyfe.


Those dimensions.

>> No.49789236

Sure we can. One posts on /d/, the other on /b/. Now, I understand that those two letters look quite similar and that you might be dyslexic or whatever it might be called in this instance, but most people can tell them apart just fine.

>> No.49789244

Either you're an Athiest, or more likely, you're a not-quite-against-but-not-quite-for-either-Theist.

>> No.49789249

I wish you'd make them! :D

>> No.49789283

I mean both kinds of posters post fetishes all over the place, I just know that if the fetish in question isn't officially endorsed by /d/ its probably from /b/.

Judging by your catty posting style, you're probably having a shitty day, if it makes you feel a tiny bit better, I can surrender this argument to you.

>> No.49789325

No, if a fetish isn't overly endorsed by /d/ then it could be from anywhere other than /d/. /b/ isn't the end all of boards out there. A much better way to look at it is by two signs, the first is that the fetish is somehow connected to classic /tg/ things such as elf slaves, and the second that it's more mental than physical such as bdsm.

I only act "catty" because you act like a cunt. Really, I'm doing great in other discussions.

>> No.49789384

>I just know that if the fetish in question isn't officially endorsed by /d/ its probably from /b/.
Or, you know, it is from /d/ and the fact it isn't endorsed is why it got posted here.

>> No.49789410

What a complete trainwreck this thread was, let's hope the next one's better.

>> No.49789446

Really? I rather like the OC.

>> No.49789454

>A much better way to look at it is by two signs, the first is that the fetish is somehow connected to classic /tg/ things such as elf slaves, and the second that it's more mental than physical such as bdsm.

The people who spam "elf slave wat do?" threads are shitposting anon, and the type of bdsm threads we do get, boils down to "do you play X erp?" or are threads that make fun of FATAL. Occasionally we might get discussion about a drow's vaginal spider capacity and the rape factory threads. I personally think those rare elaborate discussions are carried by mostly /tg/ people who go into the technical details of the fetish while out of board /d/ posters from what I see, enjoy discussing about the overall deprived experience.

Most fetishes that aren't endorsed in /d/ either end up in /b/ or /trash/ eventually.

>> No.49789480

I'm sorry you feel that way. I just like screwing with people, I don't actually sexually get off from it.


I'm bad at the Deutsch, sorry anon.

Wonderful! I can't wait to see how you'll pay for it

Only when I run out of booze.

>> No.49789490

>fetish in question isn't officially endorsed by /d/
What in the world does that mean? What fetish isn't endorsed by the porn board?

>> No.49789494

When will more CYOAs have trolleys in them?

>> No.49789495

"Shitposting" isn't some magical invalidation word, anon. Sure, it's shitposting, but it's still shitposting fetish shit.

>> No.49789502

Loli, guro, furry, etc..

>> No.49789504

Alot actually, for example furry shit get automatically deleted, scat/shower play is frowned upon and guro is out of the question.

>> No.49789534

Shitposting is shitposting anon. Fancy decorative shit smells and smears the same as regular old shit.

>> No.49789543

Bestiality, unless it's by monsters then it's cool, basically if you want your porn to have something animal like, it better be supernaturalish. It is strange and often arbitrary as hell.

>> No.49789554

More mental ones that can't get perfectly represented by simple images get a CONSTANT stream of people whining about how people are talking instead of reposting the same images everyone's already seen.

I see you still happily ignore trivialities like logic.

>> No.49789557

I don't know, there're certainly enough good images to make a CYOA that's focused entirely on them.

>> No.49789569

Banning those is perfectly acceptable. I'm glad to know even /d/ has some standards, albeit low.

>> No.49789571

Than can you please enlighten this poor ignorant soul?

>> No.49789575

One day.

>> No.49789581

You're pretending that the fact that it's shitposting somehow means it doesn't exist or that it somehow stops being about a fetish. It doesn't.

>> No.49789596

How do you feel about the possibility that, when people see the "payment" page, they give up on the CYOA and never finish their builds (or never make one to begin with, if they hadn't made one based on the first page preview)?

>> No.49789605

>simple images get a CONSTANT stream of people whining about how people are talking instead of reposting the same images everyone's already seen.
So, like the guy who thinks /cyoag/ should be a picture dump? The one who doesn't think people need to respond to builds, hell, there shouldn't even be builds posted, only cyoas.

>> No.49789612

That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying shitposting in general is a bad behaviour regardless of being related to a fetish or not.

>> No.49789632

I see, your fault in logic lies in another place than I assumed. My apologies.

In that case you'll have to explain exactly how that's relevant to the discussion which you were apparently trying to sidetrack. I mean, I'm fine with another discussion, just don't segue an old one into it without any sign or warning.

>> No.49789644

withering look and master of the wilds

>> No.49789667

Can you tell me where that pic is from? Image searches didn't yield any useful results for me.

>> No.49789694

Pull the leaver anyway

>> No.49789698

I don't even know why you're so confrontational and so aggressive with trying to win this argument.

>> No.49789700

Looks like a young version of Mio from K-On!, but I could be wrong

>> No.49789726

Because you're acting like a passive aggressive cunt while also not yielding an inch despite being demonstrated as wrong and left without an argument, other than as another passive aggressive gambit where you smugly pretend to give up.

>> No.49789751

Okay I'll drop the argument.

>> No.49789754

>that spoiler

>> No.49789781

At least you admit you're a smug passive-aggressive cunt I guess :^)

>> No.49789845


>> No.49789880 [SPOILER] 

Just got back. I have no idea where it's from but I can give you the original uncropped image.

Fantastic ideas. I'll steal them! No one will ever know!

>> No.49789895

The visually similar images that I got after replacing the useless suggested search term with "mio" lead me to agree with you and confirm that it is most likely from K-On!

>> No.49789926

Fuck me, we need a new thread.

>> No.49789934

I'll be honest, that's probably what's going to happen. This got waaaay more hype than I was anticipating. I'm used to getting maybe five or six (you)s to all my CYOAs, where me making personal replies to builds isn't that difficult and isn't really noticed except by the people I reply to. I wasn't expecting that a single page would blow up. All I can say is that I'll probably disappoint a lot of people because I'm not as good as all the attention this one's gotten.

I do hope you'll enjoy it.

>> No.49789936

Someone make a new thread

>> No.49789974

>All I can say is that I'll probably disappoint a lot of people because I'm not as good as all the attention this one's gotten.

No pressure or anything but if you mess this up, this'll probably be the most attention your fleshweaver will ever get before it fades into obscurity.

>> No.49789979

Here ya go anon


>> No.49790097

>That moment where you just want to make cool stuff, but now there's expectations and you briefly consider failing on purpose so that you won't have to face the fact that your best efforts aren't good enough

>> No.49790288

>This got waaaay more hype than I was anticipating.

>but now there's expectations and you briefly consider failing on purpose so that you won't have to face the fact that your best efforts aren't good enough

This is why I fucking hate when people post WIPs. Finished product or bust. Posting unfinished shit just means it's going to get overhyped and you'll feel the pressure to finish, so it'll be less fun than before, then you'll work on it less often. Meaning it may never be finished, or it'll take so damn long interest wanes to nothing, or even gets to the point where people hate what they would otherwise see as a good thing because the hype train jumped the rails, hit their house, and ran over their dog.

>> No.49790368

age the same as mine
background mommie dearest
personality proud, haughty, naughty, childish, kind and helpful

intelligence and knowledge far from stupid

hobby judo
height she is roughly as tall as i am
skin deeply tanned
eyes brown
hair black
build average
breasts D cup
features extra weird feature
special features none
weird features buxom is better and squirter

enchanted a robot
Monster girl a siren harpy


>> No.49790425

Sometimes we gotta learn our lessons the hard way. Wish I had avoided learning this one in that fashion, but it's too late for wishing.

I'll finish it because I already had the groundwork laid. The only thing I need to do is get back home to my PC and put a bit of work into putting the parts together. I have the choices, the prices, the art assets, etc. all gathered and proofed. I just have to put it together.

>> No.49790701

Would probably work a lot better if you cut out all costs that weren't multiples of five and tweak all other costs/starting points accordingly; first two sections make it damn near impossible to actually spend all 50 points

>> No.49791088


That doesn't seem very safe.

>> No.49791261


Can I take something like Sauron's mace with rank 4 weapons?

>> No.49791306

I know, needy slut like that probably has HIV. What if whoever eats the cake has a cut in their mouth?

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