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So I was learning how to DM deathwatch for a group of my friends, we where about to finish high school and go to university and I thought the holidays in between would give us a chance to play, the group had always been interested in trying a table top RPG and a few of us where big into 40k, picked deathwatch just because space marines might be an easier jumping on point.

Anyways, no sooner do I inform the group that I've not only been nice enough to make sheets and characters for them but I've also got the rules downpat the group suddenly informed me while I had spent two months figuring this shit out they'd all got boyfriends or girlfriends

Long story short:
Now I'm just writing shitty 40k fanfic using the character sheets and trying to figure out how the campaigns would have gone. Does anyone else do this?

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>Does anyone else do this?
I've certainly thought about it, but I've never gone far enough to actually put pen to paper.

How good's your writing, btw?

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Well I like to think I'm okay but I'm still in training, actually in a scriptwriting course at Uni, the best feel when I can use DnD or Deathwatch stories as my "OC"

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That's fucked up man, especially if you informed them in advance that you were gonna prepare all that stuff. What does having gfs/bfs got to do with playing tho?

I did something similar, I started reading into D&D during august to play with a friend of mine (we always do that kind of shit together first and then see if we like it enough to get more people). I didn't inform him until September when we met up again: turns out the crazy sonofabitch had spent about 200$ on D&D boardgames/starter sets, because he had no time to read and he thought we could start from there and gradually get into the pen&paper. Mind you, all this happened because before we split up for the summer he asked me in a drunken stupor if I wanted us to get into p&p and I answered "I don't know dude, we'll see"
I fucking love that guy (no homo)

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