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>if you want to find local players for a tabletop RPG, anon, why not just look at your local/university clubs?

Why is it that every board gaming club in existence, whether it be at a university or elsewhere, ends up being populated solely by the kinds of people who dye their hair neon and wear "cloaks" and shit to meetings? All I want to do is find a group of semi-decent people to try and join in on that doesn't involve driving over an hour to the nearest major city, I didn't think that was too much to ask for.

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>whether it be at a university
Is it really okay to crash those? I think I'd come off as a creep if I'm not even a student.

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I'm saying this as someone who has been a student at multiple universities now, and in another instance it was visiting a friend for the weekend who attended a different university and wanted to check out what their club was like. I don't know if it's just really shitty luck, but it seems to be a universal constant here.

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>not liking neon hair or cloaks

Two words: Bo Ring

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>dye their hair neon
>wear cloaks
Nothing wrong with that

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>I love girls with their hair dyed crazy colors
>I hate SJWs
My dick walks a dangerous tightrope.

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Grown ass men to uni all the time.

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Grown ass men go to uni all the time.

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> the kinds of people who dye their hair neon and wear "cloaks" and shit to meetings
Be honest, who do you think posts here anon?

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I really got into RPG's with a university club, however I bailed after only a year due to how much the people annoyed me.
It was about the point that I witnessed a land-whale screaming at the club president about feminism, while a man in a dress was acting out his transgender character's dance routine that I thought "I've had enough".
So, I poached the two guys at the club who I got along with quite well, got the three guys I played RPG's with in High School, and we formed out own group.

Playing with University groups is a dangerous mixed bag. One wrong word and you'll be staring down a screaming ham-planet while all the normal people are staring at their character sheets and pretending that it's not happening.

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Hey, I started an rpg club at my university. None of the club members were the 'dyed-hair' kind, not even the women as few as there were. Only one guy wore a fedora.

I call that an excellent thing.

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Clubs a shit

Local store a best, doubly if they have open weekly events.

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You can. And you will.

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What you want is possible, but it takes a lot of effort. Or, I guess, an incredible amount of luck. I put together a group of decent people to play with. Required playing in a lot of groups and siphoning off people one at a time who I met and liked and got to be friends with, slowly stocking up my own group.

To put together around 5-6 players who were tolerable, worth a damn, and able to dependably show up at least twice a month took me about 3 years. Lasted around a year at its zenith. Slowly fell apart, and now I'm down to 2-3, and some chaffa. This is just how it is. You're not likely to stumble onto a pre-made group that suits your desires. Either you make it yourself, or you take the bullshit you find.

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Where do you find these people? The worst we had were the sort of people who thought lootcrates weren't cancer and filled their houses with worthless 'geek' shit.

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>>49706028 c >>49704858
Deviate from that and things rapidly go to shit.

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It probably helped that one of our PhD students was writing what could be described as "How to piss off lefty feminist males; a guide." by talking about women as anything other than perfect delicate flowers.

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>girl who dyes her hair bright colours with god-awful bargain hair dye and thinks she looks like a Suicide Girl
>bone-skinny guy with long scraggly beard who wears an ankle-length coat and tophat every fucking day
>skinny guy and fat girl couple who talk way too much about their rope-tying classes
>guy who carries his arsenal of NERF guns literally everywhere, literally all the time
>fat guy who wears fingerless leather gloves
>guy who seems pretty normal until he adds you on Facebook and his profile pic is a furry bara
>girl who claims she's pagan, with a long-ass list of deities from random cultures she claims to worship
>massive lardplanet who's genuinely a really nice and funny guy but just smells like week-old shit

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Have you ever had sex with crazy hair only to find out you actually raped a SJW?

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You can't win, can you? I got really lucky with my group but I have heard some fucking horror stories in my time.

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Fuck you for giving me such a profoundly uncomfortable mental image.

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>dicks out for Hómēros.png

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Speaks the truth.

My university group was half full of sperglords and obnoxious minmaxers. But I stuck it out for a while, played some campaigns (picking groups with the minimum of annoyances) and slowly built up my own groups.

Now I only play private games hosted at people's houses. Feels good man.

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>every board gaming club in existence ends up being populated solely by the kinds of people who dye their hair neon and wear "cloaks" and shit to meetings

Well, it appears we may have ourselves some storytime. Grab a drink, 'cuz this'll be a long one.

>In the beginning of the year, the Queer Club decided to cause a coup against their committee.
>Headed by a Swedish lesbian.
>Fuckin' surprise.

>Meanwhile, I had a coup at a similar time, with a newly-formed Tabletop Games Club.
>The last Tabletop Club President decided fucking their boyfriend (T-Girl with T-Boyfriend) and being friendly with the Queer Club was more important than managing a 7-man team for board games.
>Said something about helping the Queer Club or something before the ousting.

>When I took power, my first job was running the Student Rep Club's first Board Games Night.
>On International Board Games Day.
>With a week to prepare.
>How I got out of that shit ALIVE, who the fuck knows.
>It was such a hit, Student Rep Club decided that there should be more.
>Bonus: They let us loan their board game stash, EVERY WEEK, FOR FREE.

>Meanwhile, the new Queer Club committee took over and scrapped their old President's projects.
>Apparently, the plans weren't "compatible with the current president's vision".
>So, they took to more "political measures".
>AKA sign up with the Alt-Left and start protesting cops for no reason.
>The Queer Club had one member for every represented minority, and each rank/position was placed as such (with a spot of nepotism, the VP was her girlfriend).
>It was a Capital C Clusterfuck.

>In comparison, I ran my group like a tight ship. I only had 5 people: Me, the Treasurer (Fellow GM and Board Games KING), the Secretary (4/10, fat, but good at her job), the Games Dealer (Source for new games for Student Reps to buy), and the Vice President (Does fuck all).
>Two others did just fuck-all, so I fired them. Had to stick to five because arbitrary numbers.

[CONT 1/?]

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>The Queer Club wanted the Wizard's Tower (The Common Room, AKA The M:tG Group Room) as their new Safe Space/Queer Club Gathering.

Before you say anything, EDH Only. Nobody plays Legacy/Modern (And even then, it was played only with Planechase and Custom Game Mode: Thrones) because some dickwad before my time decided to only play Mono Red Land Burn for all eternity. Ruined the meta forever.

>They sent a mutual friend over to go ask if they can trade rooms with us. Their offer was their own Queer Space.
>Which sat at the FAR AS FUCK END OF THE CAMPUS, next to the Law and Business buildings.
>Law and Science sat on the opposite sides of the campus. Mostly because FUCK THOSE UPPITY RETARDS.
>No-one used it, since no-one had events planned for it.
>my response when

>We were fine with our space, since it was claimed by the Grognards of Olde, for use of our Ancient Rituals of Spell-Slinging and Dice-Rolling.
>It was ours, and as an added bonus, Clubs was being nice to us and brought in tea and biscuits for breakfast EVERY MORNING.
>Also, they refurbished the chairs, and they were of sleep-able standards. I spent many a hungover night on those seats. And they were comfy.

>You see, this is why they wanted the Tower. We wouldn't let them. Our Aura of Shitlordery kept them away from coming close to it, and staying in it for too long.

We were unabashed Australians, who shit-talked each other, call each other 'cunts', and had politics, race, and sex as normal discussion topics. Funnily enough, none of us wanted to strangle each other.

>They kept sending their emissary, pleading to hand over the space. I wrote back to them, with "Go on. Come and take it."
>They did not do so. The strength of our Shitlordery was too much for them.

Fast forwards some time later...
>They were getting desperate for ideas. Each time they tried, it fell through due to one mishap or another.
>And so they pleaded for my help.

Who wants to hear that story?
[CUNT 2/3?]

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>Of some degree acceptable, otherwise Disgusting

>mfw reading this
My condolences.

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You forgot
>guy who seems normal until he gets drunk and starts telling you about his porn-collection
>the three closet gays who still haven't come out at 20

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I have played whit every person detalied there. And im not even from murrica

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What kind of mirror universe did you people study in? Our university wargame/RPG club was all stereotypical neckbeards who scared off every woman who went anywhere near it.

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>Tabletop Games Club
>They let us loan their board game stash
You're a joke of a tabletop games club if the boardgame stash of any other club isn't something you laugh at.

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Keep going.

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Go on, cunt.

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>Board Games Club
>Not having any board games of your own
In truth, a lot of the club's top members have their own respective board game collections, that they occasionally bring a taster of, to club meets.
It's easier to just take the games from the Reps Office (by the trolley-load, mind you), than take an hour by bus to haul... at most 4 games.

Besides, we (the tabletop club) have complete impunity when it comes to borrowing from the stash. Everyone else has to go through book-keeping for every game they're borrowing, and have a limited time to return them (Between 10am-4pm). Albeit small, fines apply for late games.

Meanwhile, if the club borrows it, they only need to see that shit back at the office by morning, and everyone's happy.

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Half of those were from when I lived in the US, the other half in the UK.

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weirdly convoluted. My boardgame club had the only stash worth mentionning and managed the lendings; just like the library/comics/musics/bar/dance/snooker/theater clubs were given a budget to buy stuff then let free to have fun with it. It was expected they'd try and make sure to keep the stuff in inventory and enjoyable.

The students rep were acquiring moneys and making sure the clubs building doesn't fall to pieces.

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>Soon enough the Queer Club pleaded for my help.
>They wanted to get an event off the ground. A Murder Mystery Night.
>Technically Clue/Cluedo LARP in the Library.
>They asked for my ideas, since I was a GM. Not AS experienced as other GMs, but no-one else was willing/wanted to help.
>I complied, on the condition that I ran the event, and that I was the Butler. because that's my fetish/favourite murder mystery archetype
>All they had to do was get their shit together, and I would MC/Direct the whole thing.

>Two weeks later, I still have no script.
>Most of the Queer Club committee fell sick on the day of the event.
>Meanwhile, I sat there, playing Magic, wearing my Butler's getup, waiting past six, in order to tell everyone that arrived that the event was cancelled.
>Can't run shit on my own, since I didn't have the overall script, and the committee had the complete version.

>They're stepping up their efforts, while their club burns from the inside.
>The Queer Club is currently making a sub-committee as to why they're losing so many members.
>Meanwhile, I'm getting record sign-up numbers from my club.

>And then I heard down the grapevine, that they fired their emissary (he's not exactly fired, since he still has to do his job as community manager, until they find a replacement).
>They also fired their Straight Ally.
>He broke down like a bitch and became full TEN FEET HIGHER soon after.

>Meanwhile, a break-away group of queer students want to run a D&D event.
>I called to their recently-fired emissary, telling him to bring them in to the club.
>Haven't seen hide nor hair of them, which is weird.

>The Queer Club tried to protest at the local College bar.
>At the same time when we run Student Reps' Board Games Night.
>They backed the fuck down at the last minute, because they remembered that they get funding from the Student Reps.
>They were going to force cake on people as a "lesson about consent"

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Nowadays the University would expel anyone who scared women off.

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Well, we as a tabletop club didn't actually start 'til half the year (since the old president FORGOT TO DO THE BANK STATEMENTS AND PAPERWORK, THE FUCKING ANARCHO-COMMUNIST RETARD), so, we got fuck all funding.

Besides, as a way of compensating for that, each time we do Student Rep Board Game Night, the Clubs Manager slips us a bit of cash for our troubles.

Would've done that shit for free, but hey. A week's worth of rent money and a free meal ain't half bad.

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>man in a dress acting out his transgender character's dance routine
Holy shit anon.

>> No.49707451

You described the corner table at my university cafeteria down to the tophat.

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>that doesn't involve driving over an hour to the nearest major city
have you tried not living in an undeveloped shit heap in the woods?

>> No.49707785

>I love beds with storage space underneath
>I hate the boogeyman that lives under my bed
gee what a fucking conundrum, if you're 7 years old and retarded

>> No.49707788

>not living in an undeveloped shit heap in the woods
Have fun dealing with indoor plumbing.

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>guy who seems pretty normal until he adds you on Facebook and his profile pic is a furry bara

There's always that guy, isn't there?

I was even fine with him and overlooked it until he came over to a friend's once and started playing with his dog.

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By a stroke of luck, my first time at my old college's gaming club I wound up in a group with another bunch of normal first-timers and the one regular member who wasn't some kind of sperg. I wound up being friends with these guys for the rest of my time there, and we eventually did most of our games on our own.

The rest of this club was an absolute nightmare though. Full of the kinds of anti-social speds who constantly creep on women (female members cycled out all the time because they were sick of getting harassed). Many of them didn't even go to the school.

I remember sitting in a class once and one of my friends started grumbling about some annoying guy two rows down who always "talked" with the professor while he lectured. I looked over, and realized it was one of the guys from the club. I told her that and she thought it was hilarious I knew who it was.

Later she wound up in an elevator with the guy. Apparently he kept trying to flirt with her.

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find some friends?

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I do this all the time because I live about a mile from a jc campus, I go there about twice a week to play edh and fuck fat bitches and no one even questions if I'm actually taking classes

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>implying normal people don't immediately write off tabletop RPG's as a joke for sperglords and neckbeards

>> No.49708740


>be me
>have friends
>come back from college, offer to start running games so I can hang out with them more
>players consistently fail to come up with imaginative characters
>think every bad thing happening to them is because I'm intentionally dicking them over
>they get really into the BDSM scene; make me watch 50 Shades of Grey
>have them help me move the stuff from my grandma's house, one of them takes an old dog leash to use for sex play(gma loved her dogs, would be horrified)
>break up with my girlfriend, first thing they do is ask if I slept with her
>one of them is actually on estrogen
>compared gendered bathrooms to 50s era racial segregation

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Worked with our friends but our friends were already a bit nerdy. I don't think the stereotypes about tabletop RPG games are as bad as they used to be. Unless your friends are total normie bro douches, they may be open to it. Start them out with board game nights (with good board games, not monopoly/parcheesi shit) if you're not sure and gradually float the idea. It's worth a try.

>> No.49708922

Even when I had a regular board gaming group, certainly nerdy enough and not averse to Catan or TI3 or whatever else, they were still reluctant to ever try an RPG. The stereotypes exist enough to the point where when your whole group has no experience with the genre, it's hard to push them far enough over the edge to try it for themselves.

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Fucking top Kek

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>defending autism

>> No.49711105

Nigga, don't mock a cloak until you've tried it.

>> No.49712244

Not gonna defend any other autism in this thread, but cloaks are super comfy.

>> No.49712559

The brightest the hair the darkest the soul.

>> No.49712606

You forgot.
>roaming autists who are too awkward to ask someone for a game, so they wander between tables listening in on other peoples conversations.
>Long haired ginger with a goatee who has been in school for 10 years now and somehow hasn't graduated.

>Anime girl who is cute compared to most of the beasts on offer but wont shut up about sailor moon and smells like hotdog water.

>Middle aged student who joins every club because he doesn't want to go home to an empty house and College is all he has.

>Self declared alpha male, usually 4 foot tall, thinks he's the coolest guy there because he owns a compression shirt and went to the gym once.

>Group of Chinese students who don't speak English playing PSP in the corner.

>> No.49712769

>asians in the corner ignoring everyone
that's because in asian countries everyone is encouraged to be nerdy in at least something. they come over here to see what our nerds are like, meet characters like in the >meme arrow stories in this thread and quickly just keep to themselves.

>> No.49712833


>mfw i actually know two long haired gingers with goatees who are perpetual JC students

>> No.49712850



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So are sweat pants. Doesn't mean that wearing them everywhere doesn't make you autistic.

>> No.49712890


>Group of Chinese students who don't speak English playing PSP in the corner.

They're playing Monster Hunter. I'm 99% sure of this.

>> No.49713022

Jackets are comfy. Shorts are comfy. Cloaks are literally autistic.

>> No.49713258

Sorry about how your friends went to shit, Anon.

>> No.49713342

General rule: keep a cloak/duster on standby in case the apocalypse comes, but don't wear it NOW else you'll look like an idiot.

>> No.49713420

>Mfw I have no club, no store and too much spaghetti to create my own
Welp. Gonna have to try roll20 with friends then

>> No.49713448


It's been rough

>> No.49713525

>Mfw I recognise the burdened right before I clic on the image
Roll for San

>> No.49713563

I'd probably play with them if I wasn't playing something else
Monster Hunter is so much fun with friends

>> No.49713792

Our club is alright. A surprising amount of relative normies.

The founders(I count myself among them) mostly do the MtG component, but there's also a 5e game going down stairs, sometimes a rando one-shot, and some board games(Lords of Waterdeep is popular).

Worst person is this mega autistic fat girl with a lisp who seems largely devoid of coherent thought, who plays decks badly, makes bad decks, makes bad decisions, and starts frantically apologizing when she royally fucks up her turn. And hell, I've almost moved past tolerance into mild fondness with her. She doesn't tend to fuck up the games at large, she generally builds up an ineffective field and gets blown out incidentally, while occasionally using removal poorly. So all that it tends to cost is the minute or 5 it takes for her to take her turn.

She even successfully made a good fact or fiction split yesterday.

Our club is pretty tight.

>> No.49713987

>guy who always talked with the professor during lectures
oh god I know someone like that

He doesn't even think before he speaks and just says dumb shit that other people have usually said
you can see the professor getting sick of his shit, he's begun to purposefully ignore him

>> No.49714788

I game in a pub with some of the most normal-looking people you'll ever meet. Look away from universities, as that is where most of the specials congregate.

>> No.49714915

>Big Hat Logan

>> No.49714928

>They were going to force cake on people as a "lesson about consent"
You mean like, bring free cake and insist that people eat it?

That sounds like the best kind of protest.

>> No.49715051

Most pleasant to be crashed by, but least effective.

>> No.49715071

Sen's Funhouse was a nice place.

>> No.49715117

As a person who has been subject to forced feeding before let me tell you that it's not exactly pleasant. Not even with cake.

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>> No.49715196

Still better place than Blighttown.

>> No.49715543

...I wear gym shorts everywhere.

>> No.49715568

Dammit, what climatic zone do you live in?

>> No.49715868

I knew a guy in college in Indiana and he'd wear black gym shorts, a white wife beater, and Adidas sandals year round despite snow and black ice. He was awesome and total bro. He once raised money for the rugby team by letting students wax his legs and chest for donations and he was a hairy motherfucker. It was right before Halloween and he went as a French maid. Good times.

>> No.49715985

No shit. That guy sounds awesome.

>> No.49716103

This man's living the fucking life.

>> No.49716108


>> No.49717436

Is 'Danger Zone' Steve on the balcony somewhere??

>> No.49717576

Man, are you just the same guy trying to repeat this like a mantra till people start to believe you?

>> No.49717799

Our school club has existed for about 40 years or so. We have events all through the year that alumni can come to. It's a cool way to see the history of tje club in flesh and blood

>> No.49717846


No, he's the guy with the beard, sunglasses, and black trenchcoat. He's right next to Slim Rin.

I guess he's called "Danger Zone" because he kind of looks like Kenny Loggins.

>> No.49718265

Are store games really that good? My FLGS apparently does 5th Ed DnD Adventurer's League and I'm considering checking it out. Sounds kinda weak if they're just running modules, though. Can't really get away with the kind of crazy shit you can with a homebrew.

>> No.49718309


modules are a good and safe way to ensure clean fun for interested newer players. home games are more "groups of friends you already have" territory.

it's one of the better things the hobby's come up with to counteract the horror stories that've been around for decades about creepshow DMs who make their super special worlds/npcs and wind up subjecting their new players to awful shit on their possible first playing of the game.

>> No.49718414

Fair nuff. I wonder if I could find anyone playing any nWoD stuff. I've always wanted to learn more about the system but I've only played in maybe one game.

>> No.49718741

Is it published yet? Could you link it?

>> No.49719405

>implying you have to advertise being a faggot

>> No.49719692

Nah, it's still years away. The guy is also having to fight literal SJWs (all of them dudes) in his department who can't admit that women do any wrong.

>> No.49721473

>Sen's funhouse
>not Takeshi's Castle

>> No.49721891

Not him, but there's a difference between "advertising" it and actively trying to keep up a front and act like you're attracted to women.

Trust me, I had a roommate years ago who was blatantly gay and had a boyfriend, and none of us had a problem with it, yet he continually tried to hide it to the point where he'd make sure his boyfriend only came over when we weren't home, and kept him locked away in his room if any of us came home while he was there.

>> No.49721960

Heavy Metal Jason and Average Joe look alright.

>> No.49721990

Tell that guy he's based and has all my support.

>> No.49722049


They strike me as the guys who have fairly normal lives and are there because it's the only way they can find games

>> No.49722077

Those are my thoughts on them, just going off appearance. But I wouldn't judge table top players by appearance (aside from the obviously autistic ones), as I've met overweight neckbeards who were really nice guys and relatively normal people who were cunts.

>> No.49722143


A good chunk of the people in the back and even some in the front seems pretty normal and I'd at least try to strike up a conversation with them.

I'd stay the fuck away from anyone who's in a costume though.

>> No.49722164

I'm inclined to agree, except for Fizzlebang the Wise. He looks somewhat like a guy who's just goofing around.

>> No.49722204

Everyone sucks at this hobby to start with. This is exacerbated by the vastly troubling methods and traditions of the "old guard" of roleplaying, who are still responsible for recruiting many young people into it. If you're looking to build a tabletop group, you're looking at years of hard work to reach the pinnacle -- and don't imagine that you, yourself, don't also need work.

>> No.49722224


The thing to remember though is this is almost certainly some kind of Halloween party. Look in the back left; there's a bunch of fake cob-webs in the back. So you may have a point about Fizzlebang.

But even for a costume party the Burdened are a fucking nightmare.

>> No.49722312

>But even for a costume party the Burdened are a fucking nightmare
For real though. I'm all for having a more 'out there' costume rather than the standard cliche spooky stuff/sexy version of said spooky stuff, but there is a line.

>> No.49722496

I would GM a game with Crazy Dave, 'Danger Zone' Steve, Heavy Metal Jason, 3DPD Akira, and The Splicer.

>> No.49723103


>Leaving out Rob Bryden
>The Splicer

Shit taste overall. But good call with HMJ

>> No.49723847

>the vastly troubling methods and traditions of the "old guard" of roleplaying

>> No.49724078


I think me means how some fa/tg/uys bitch about geek chic and actively avoid playing with "normies". There's a lot if paranoia about poseurs who only want to play D&D because they saw it on the Big Bang Theory.

This is if course a load of horseshit and if a reasonable, normal, and friendly person expressed interest in your game you should by all means invite them.

>> No.49724327

it's a brony convention

>> No.49724503

>>guy who seems pretty normal until he adds you on Facebook and his profile pic is a furry bara
Every time

>> No.49727727

Don't be such a bitch

>> No.49730424

>Fizzlebang the Wise

But is he a self-proclaimed master summoner?

>> No.49730874

Because people group together based on shared interests.

>> No.49731724


I'm not sure why the hobby attracts those particular individuals. In my experience most are decent at the table.

That being said in my area there is a large group of graybearded grognards who meet at a local Denny's who I've thought of joining...

>> No.49731857

My uni tabletop club is a bunch of painfully stereotypical set of losers that ruin the fun for anyone who isn't a fedora wearing, mlp cloppin, furfag.

Lots of normal people play but the clubs are awful.

>> No.49732752

So how do you find normal people to play with if they all avoid the clubs too?

>> No.49733229

Bingo. There's a foolish sort of confrontational tribalism that comes from the hobby being so socially frowned upon for so long. It's time for that to die.

>> No.49734530

Hey meg its harry, you know, the straight ally who broke down.
Chronic depression man, its a hell o a thing
i use tg too, good post 10/10, not even mad

>> No.49735311


>"This normie bitch is only playing D&D because she wants attention!"
>table is full of fat neckbeards who don't wash or skinnybones weirdos who creep on girls
>grognards think girls want attention from them

>> No.49735903

I think it has less to do with that and more to do with normies ruining nerdy hobbies. It's already happened with videogames and fantasy/scifi movies and television.
>niche medium of entertainment, not very profitable so only the truly passionate make a business out of it
>a unit of said media is such a major success that even the normies take notice
>these newcomers are so vast that they quickly outnumber the original fans
>existing franchises alter their properties to apeal to this new demographic and the newly profitable market attracts those only interested in making a profit.
That said, there's no reason to be rude. It's not as though they are doing it on purpose.

>> No.49736133

>being so autistic as to point out when other people are defending autism

>> No.49736143

You mean 'Bazinga' right friend? :^)

>> No.49736187

>being so autistic as to point out when other people are pointing out when other people are defending autism

>> No.49736240

Open store games a shit, people don't roleplay at all, don't give a shit about engaging characters, because anyone can just drop in or enter at the drop of a hat.

>> No.49736395

>Just graduated from High School, no friends, bored.
>Ends up getting invited to a University club by... Let's call them Scooter and Fish, two people I never want to deal with again. Two hideous, egotistical arseholes who wear literal fucking fedoras.
>Explain to them I'm just a CC fag (if even that) but they CLAIMED they don't care.
>Shows up with character sheets and shit, first thing I see is the definition of a Tumblr feminist screaming in someone's face for using the wrong pronoun.
>Cringe, look around. The tables were just ignoring the whole debacle. Man, you wouldn't believe the freaks I saw. One fat guy was walking with a Horsefucker shirt that barely fit, there was a little midget screaming like a firebrand priest over a WH game, a literal NEET type tipping his fucking fedora.
>Only a handful of normies including me. I heard one landwhale ranting about the hobby losing people and blaming sexism or something, and the most decent person there just stared off into space. Finally I found my two "friends" at the Shadowrun table, trying to pick up two girls wearing fox ears and fake tails.
>Both duos look hideously awkward, ignoring the voice in the back of my head telling me to get the hell out of there, I approach.
>I greet them, and they look at me in disgust. "Ignore him. He's too awkward and isn't a student." They shut me out of the table. I came all this way for nothing.
>Growl "oh fuck off horsefucker" and left. Never looked back. Apparently there was a "brony" orgy later that night.

>> No.49736428

>Why is it that every board gaming club in existence, whether it be at a university or elsewhere, ends up being populated solely by the kinds of people who dye their hair neon and wear "cloaks" and shit to meetings?
None of those in my club
Are you an Amerifat ?

>> No.49736576

I had a lot of guys and gals in my classes who were a bit older, they actually put in the most effort.

>> No.49737156

Which university?

I go to UniSA and the board game club wasnt that great. Most were guys in their 40's and not students, probably have not bathed in a week. One guy had that light furry get up with tail and ears too.

They mostly spent their time playing vidya instead of actual games. The one group running campaigns were not interested in new people or players, it was GM or get out.

Bonus points as I live on the wrong side of Adelaide so the uni with a good club is about three hours away from me and there are no local stores.

The one local store closed down years ago and I am still mad.

>> No.49738179

"Ruining" is dependent on your definition, though.

Do you think that your hobby changing and adapting to become more friendly to new or inexperienced players is ruining it? Do you think that the streamlining of what have for a long time been considered overly-bulky or unwieldy systems to be ruining them?

Believe it or not, these things can be done in conjunction with good design- they're not mutually independent. The problem is that people take bad attempts to accomplish this as the inevitable byproduct rather than understanding that those same bad game designers would be making systems that are flawed in other ways, just that in this case the failure is in making a welcoming yet rich/rewarding system.

Also, it's not like tabletop RPG's are the next comic books or something, don't get ahead of yourself.

>> No.49738273

>they're not
Meant they are, fuck me, you know what I mean.

>> No.49738474

I don't understand the whiny little bitches in this thread. You pitiful cunts act like someone else's clothing is a personal affront, whining about completely harmless shit like fedoras and fox ears. Who gives a fuck? Correction, how many sensible people give a fuck? Is Islamaphobia and hating bhurkas too fucking mainstream and you have to play "stop liking what I don't like" with anyone who doesn't grind your dick in the first five minutes of meeting you? How does it impact on your life, your freedoms or your choices in anyway? People with bad body odour is a legitimate complaint, so are loud obnoxious hyperpolitic assholes, but not one of you - not ONE - sacked up and asked someone else to make an effort, you just cry and complain that everyone else stared off into space, just like you did, then ran away to bitterness and spite. Good riddance. In the real world people of all cultures and backgrounds co-operate to function as collectives, they don't pretend they're such "speshal speshal snooflaykes" that they're above complete strangers just because they have different fucking tastes. You've spent so long in the echo chamber of this chan that you've lost touch with your basic humanity, and become no better than the people you mock. Actually, you're worse - at least the average ..."tumblr SJW", was it?... is upfront with her snide bullshit.

You deserve to never play.

>> No.49739543

>q-quit refusing your mandatory cultural enrichment goy!

>> No.49739614


>> No.49739880

>VP for small nerd club on campus
>Basically the Magic Guy, also in charge of bringing in something to watch Anime
>Want to bring in tabletop players
>The monumental fucking effort it would be to try and bring players in and retain them long enough to play an RPG

What do you do /tg/? How do you get people to hangout.

>> No.49740152

>Believe it or not, these things can be done in conjunction with good design- they're not mutually independent.
It is physically possible, yes, but can you name a single franchise that has improved with pandering to the lowest common denominator?

>> No.49740276

Have friends IRL and run a game for them.

It's what I'm doing.

>> No.49740278

There was this app I used to use to find games, I forget what it's called. Basically you'd select hobbies or interests and it would show you things happening in the area for that. You could add in DnD or something similar and it would show groups in the area looking for people, I found a few good games with that.

>> No.49741134

I'd argue Marvel managed it for a while with their films, honestly. In games, the early Halo franchise is a perfect example for a simplification and transition for first person shooters from the arena style to one more compatible with controllers/consoles. If you're forcing me to stick inside a singular series instead of a genre, Call of Duty pulled it off when they transitioned into the first Modern Warfare, but that's ignoring later titles where they just wanted to rake in cash yearly. In other media, Doctor Who might be a decent example for something that was reworked on a foundational level to be more accessible, but quality is obviously a point of argument there- I'm just comparing the original series or first episodes of the reboot to the Tennant/early Matt Smith days, ones that were both popular and pretty well received across the board.

If you want more 1:1 examples in terms of game design, we can talk sports- with baseball, you had changes to the game that brought about higher hitting numbers, quicker innings, higher frequency of home runs and also brought higher attendance from people who otherwise wouldn't have gotten into the sport. Similar argument for things like the addition of the three-point line and shot clock in basketball, etc.

Do those work, or do I need to give you something else?

>> No.49741288


We're talking about today's world grandpa, not 1990.

>> No.49741314

>university clubs

Yeah, like I want to play with nu-male cucks, SJWs, and niggers.

>> No.49741419

Because the hobby attracts mentally stunted people by default. Just look at /tg/

>> No.49741433

>>49741419 prime example here >>49741314

>> No.49741495

>my university's club actually seems half-decent
>want to join up

>they specifically only hold their meetings on football gamedays in the middle of the day to be an "alternative location" for people who think they're too good for sports at a potential National Championship school, including on Homecoming week

Fuck that, I didn't realize the privilege of playing a board game with you is more important than the biggest weekly event on the entire campus.

>> No.49741513

I suppose it was silly to say that it always ends badly, but you can see why somebody might worry about mainstream attention changing their favorite hobby into something unrecognizable.

>> No.49741523

normies get out

>> No.49741606

fuckin hero

>> No.49741610

Put a bullet in your head, millennial.

>> No.49741640

>if you're in the band, fuck you, you're a normie
>if your family comes to visit on gamedays, fuck you, you're a normie
>if you have any job on campus that involves working for gameday, fuck you, you're a normie

>> No.49741658

>Apparently there was a "brony" orgy later that night.

>> No.49741675

Hehe, I've been taking gap year between finishing Bachelor's and starting Master's, kept attending campus evens like usual. Knew the grounds well enough to bypass majority of the doors that need active student's card. Safety my ass.

>> No.49741793

>unironically uses the word "Islamaphobia"

>> No.49741824

I found out about a Pathfinder club at my local university by meeting some of the members doing a bakesale to buy some more books and dice and shit. Other people were butthurt that it wasn't for charity but I thought it was funny and clever since it wasn't breaking any rules.

I made contact with their facebook group, but before I ever joined any sessions, the group leader, a short redhaired girl, tried to convince me of the conspiracy theory of how all queer characters on TV are killed off for straight male amusement.

>> No.49741833

Good argument, millennial.

>> No.49741860

really cause back when i was in college the first question people would ask is "hey anon nice to meet you whats your major"

>> No.49741862

University is a funny place. It's the intersection of teenage passion over reason, kids away from their parents for the first time and the common onset age for schizophrenia.

>> No.49741926


>implying your generation is relevant anymore

>> No.49742035

no. stating that a matter of opinion/taste is 100% awful in every situation is literally autistic. cloaks are literally clothing

>> No.49742039

Unfortunately it's true, it's why I stopped Rping along time ago

>> No.49742079

Breakign news, anon.
Fedoras are just hats. Nothing more, nothing less. They have, and have been, used by people of all shapes and kinds. Including Humphrey Bogart and the Blues Brothers, anyway.

>> No.49742096

>unironically uses the word "fruit"

>> No.49742198


>Fedoras are just hats.

And a hijab is just headwear. Clothes don't represent anything or have cultural attitudes or stereotypes attached to them, do they anon? No siree.

>> No.49742357

"I'm undeclared for now. Still deciding on what I want to do while getting the gen ed courses outta the way. What degree are you shooting for, bro?"

>> No.49742599

My school's problem is that it let its nerdy clubs get way too fragmented, to the point where every singular thing has its own club. For fuck's sake, there's a club specifically for the solving of Rubik's cubes, called the Cubing Club.

>> No.49742998

>they actually put in the most effort.
Not the least bit surprising, they're responsible adults who really, really don't want to keep being minimum wage nobodies.

>> No.49743021


>> No.49743285

I was invited to the gaming club at a local college. I even invited one of the guys there to my home game. HUGE mistake. I have one rule, if whatever you want to play would require to act like a dick to the other players assume I don't allow you to play that. He stole from the party so I asked him not to come back.

>> No.49743853

Eh, for the RPG club at my uni it's pretty casual. One of the club's goals is so that people know where to find others.
There's the occasional person who's kind of weird/autistic but it's all good.
Although I think other people who play TTRPGs at my college actively avoid it.

>> No.49743964

fuck you harry you bald piece of shit

>> No.49744424


>> No.49744437

doesnt get the sarcasm in the original post

>> No.49744454


>> No.49745850

I realize you're just an entry-level troll, but considering that the cuckoo is the one doing the cucking if I remember my birbs correctly, you might want to rethink your choice of picture.

>> No.49747550

Underrated post

>> No.49749053

>smells like hotdog water

>> No.49749079

Hello, Ryan

>> No.49749110

>Apparently there was a "brony" orgy later that night.

>> No.49749430

>have this problem
>insufferable weirdos who do overly cutesy stuff like name their platypus familiars "Mr. Pickles" and generally care more about talking/drawing their character than play them
>weeaboos who make animu inspired snowflakes
>retards who dress up
>weird repressed sexual shit manifesting itself through nerds

>decide to play Pathfinder with normies
>nobody even remotely tries to learn the rules expecting me to be a compendium
>everyone talks OOC, zero role playing
>make the stupid ass fucking weed jokes
>stupid ass normie humour in general
>want to blast iPhone music while I'm running the game and act like I'm being unreasonable for it
>try to push my buttons because I'm the closest thing to an authority figure and it's fun to undermine me even though I'm supposedly a friend
>expect me to level them up and purchase gear for them

I honestly feel like killing myself. I just want a seriously normal DnD group. I just want a PnP game like Baldur's Gate or Planescape Torment where people have consistent and realistic motivations and act accordingly to tell a rich story. Instead I just get fucking cancer

>> No.49749857


>normies who talk way too much about weed

Almost as bad as ponyfags

>> No.49749896

I feel your pain, anon. And I wish you well.

>> No.49750251


I've never been to a FLGS with a TTrpg community, and by the gods I never will until my "pool of players" dries up.

But they know that without me, they will have no DM. For this is my curse and my blessing

>> No.49750339


Group one
>history teacher couple, always make characters that complement one another
>silent /tg/er who doesn't browse /tg/
>/tg/er's gf, a Tumblrite who always makes the same character

Group two
>Fatbro who does shit all and has alot of difficulty to make and level characters, makes simple one-note characters.
>Orc bro who always makes big warriors that smack things

As of now, I'm blessed That feel when forever DM though

>> No.49750388


Setup and Teardown times. Bring stuff that takes 10-20 minutes to put together and put back, spend that time shooting the shit. Go out for coffee or bubble tea or whatever afterwards to talk about the game or whatever was cool that game. If there's someone with a place nearby, see if it can be used as like a home base or something. Most importantly, let almost anyone in, hang out for drinks with anyone promising or friendly enough, but vet people thoroughly before inviting them to anyone's home.

>> No.49750399


The leaders are always the ones with HOT OPINIONS. Go anyway and check out the rank and file, poach away anyone you like. Nobody says you gotta stay there.

>> No.49750704

>"Huh, I actually don't really run into those stereoty-"
>mfw I'm skinny as fuck
>my gf is pretty chub and into rope stuff

Thankfully I'm not at all into ropes but that... hit a little too close for comfort. I think I need to change.

>> No.49750738

>SJW screamed
>Ham beast flailing and yelling
>Conspiracy theory against Queers
>Furry orgies

I always find these stories convincing until this shit comes out. I mean no doubt these people exist and did say/do something like that but these always come off as grossly exaggerated to the poster's bias.

Just because you were told feminism is a thing doesn't mean she was yelling, you fukken pansies.

>> No.49750746

Because for many of these people, this is the first time they've ever been let loose away from their parents and they go a bit crazy.

>> No.49750881

>>everyone talks OOC, zero role playing
I've barely played PnP RPG and this was my latest/first group. There was zero attempt to actually play a role other than themselves. I'm fine if they don't want to do voices and shit but jesus they didn't even have height and weight down on their character sheets. I honestly couldn't tell the difference when they were speaking in character or not.

>> No.49751743

>Mr. Pickles
those nerds have the worst taste in adult cartoons

>> No.49751827

I wish. Let me know when girl grab you hand, forces into her crotch, while her friend calls you a rapist.

>> No.49751845

Drop them.
You reserve better.

>> No.49751900

Holy hell are you dense anon, those two chicks were advertising their rape fetish while saying they wanted your dick. You were supposed to haul them to some dirty motel room and give them a rough fucking.

>> No.49752281


>check archives
>this is a legit comic

I am amused.

>> No.49752608

>being so autistic as to point out another pointing out your pointing out autism

>> No.49752926


Every time I see this comic I'm left thinking it just slipped through some hole in the universe and wound up here.

>> No.49753966

You are worthless. Leave this place and never come back.

>> No.49754101

Give me your girlfriend. I will put her to better use

>> No.49754250

Look at this changelingholded faggot.

>> No.49755009

>history teacher couple, always make characters that complement one another

That sounds nice, actually

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