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I'm a bit of a new DM, did my first WoD VTM campaign... Not my best experience but I wanna get better and maybe kick a player. Advice? I'd love to hear some of your tips for creating/moving/playing the story :)

>New to DMing. Everyone knows this.
>Been a PC in a lot of DnD but WoD is completely new for me.
>tell everyone we will do basic characters to start. no crazy stuff or non-Camerilla clans in the start.
>Spend a ton of time reading core-book and making campaign.
>Players are mostly old friends. (playing online)
>One person is new to the group, we will call him Joe.
> Joe is friends with our autistic-douche friend.(douche friend is great to play games with though.)
>Joe has played many times before and knows a lot.
> think he'll be a good resource when lost; help me get into it.
>fucking douche canoe.
>hijacks the whole campaign.
>interrupts me before I can finish any sentences.
>takes way too much out-of-game time to talk about irrelevant shit.
>won't let me continue
>interrupts me
>interrupts players
>is being scrupulous as fuck.
>20 minutes pass to recite the setting through his bullshit.
>jesus he won't stop.
>RPs completely out of character too.
>gets pissy I won't let him be in the quadro-dyke fartkin broney clan because IDK what I'm doing yet.
>REMIND him that I'm new to this whole DM thing, let alone WoD, and we are starting with some basic dudes, and can advance later.
>game ends with everyone kind of pissed; story gets nowhere. idk when I'll get this opportunity again.

Jesus what do I do?? If I kick him, it's gonna cause some llama-drama but for fucksakes!
Maybe my plot wasn't super strong but I'm still so new to WoD and DMing. :(

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Honestly? Kick him. The drama will be over in some days, a month if you're unlucky, but being stuck in a game you can't even run is horrible.

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Talk it out with the rest of your players and then, if they feel the same way, talk to the problem player about these problems you have with him being a douchenozzle, then kick him out if he doesn't get better, with the rest of the group.

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Also, you can try directly talking with him outside of the game.

>>is being scrupulous as fuck.
>>20 minutes pass to recite the setting through his bullshit.
I did not parse this.

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Here have this too.

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Hard to describe. It started off as asking a lot of questions about things in his environment so he could gauge what he could/couldn't do. That was fine, I sort of expect as much. but then it got super tedious, and he would interrupt my descriptions halfway every time I opened my mouth. (the start is a little cliche, i know it but...)

My plan:
>"You wake up in an unfamiliar room in a bed of gold satin sheets; it seems as though you've been moved in your sleep. You are alone. It's dark save for a solitary light that hangs flickering from the low ceiling. There are no windows, only a door left slightly ajar.

Now imagine that every 3 or 4 words he interrupted to either ask a question.
>"You wake up in an unfa-*DM_ANON DO WE TAKE 1 BLOODPOINT?*
>uhh, no. you are well fed it seems. So you wake up in an unfami-*DM ANON EVERY TIME A VAMP RISES IT TAKES A POINT*
>yes, but this is a situation different from normal, for you have awoken in an unfa-*DM_ANON I CHECK IF IT'S NIGHT OR DAY!
>Well, vampires only wake at night, ri-*DM ANON BUT WHAT ABOUT [lore I don't know].
>Okay, but you are just a fledgling now, so ancient [lore] does*DM_ANON DOES THE ROOM HAVE ANY WINDOWS?"
>I haven't said where you are, but yet a room, there are no windows. It's a small room, and you lay on a bed of *DM_ANON, WHAT IS THE BED QUALITY? THREAD COUNT? MY TRUEDOR WILL ONLY SLEEP ON 5,000COUNT"
>It's a nice bed, but it's not your own, for you see, you ha"DM_ANON...!

took me like ten minutes to even say where the hell he was, and the other players kept getting butted out when they tried to do stuff. I expected them to maybe take a collective 10 minutes before walking out of this plain empty room, max. Took me almost 20 just to be able to describe the room. He kept trying to "1-up" me in vampire rules and lore and such. Not even trying to be helpful, but scoffing me for what I didn't know... despite how I told everyone It's my first time.

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