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D&D 5th Edition General Discussion

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>Pastebin with resources and so on:

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Has anyone designed a god in 5e?

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What a shit question and image. Promoting your crap homebrew. Die in a fire OP!

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What's the point in giving stats to gods? Are your player characters level 20 and trying to kill him?

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You must live a truly joyless and pathetic existence. People probably don't even know you exist.

I found that image.

As a thought experiment and as a creative endeavor. I mean the god itself is left unstatted, what could potentially be statted however is the avatar.

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Goddamn you sound whiny and assblasted.

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How do I monster build /5eg/? New GM here.

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There are guidelines in the dmg for stats. Do yourself a favor and add abilities to the monsters that affect positioning of the players. This goes a long way towards shoring up 5es shitty combat.

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Shitty question and shitty homebrew. Your parents wish they had used birth control or aborted you.

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Excellent. Good to know, thanks.
What do you mean by the latter, could you give some examples?

This isn't /pfg/, kindly fuck off.

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Your parents couldn't make anything better so they were forced to have you. Let's see you post some "good" homebrew.

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From Last Thread :

Building a place of Power. What do you like doing?

Plant Growth + Poisonous Plants on the moat
Arcane Locks and Glyphs of Warding everywhere
Private Sanctum Trap Rooms
Animated Armor and Golem army

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For some reason I had assumed there was no shitposting and underage posting in the /5eg/s?

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Anybody got a copy of the new En5ider class, The Cardcaptor?


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Has anyone played a character whose primary weapon was their shield? Namely, that would rather have a shield than a weapon in any given situation, probably Tavern Brawler or Shield Master feats? I was musing about a paladin that fought with a shield and tavern brawler for grappling shenanigans.
We don't exactly have a bouncer at the door, most of the time they just fuck off fairly quickly because we ignore them.
Most of the time.

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Bag of rats fiend locks and long death monks are a perfectly valid character optimization and cool fluff feature.

Now watch as the underaged shitposters come crawling out of the woodwork triggered.

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I really like Tavern Brawler + Shield Master.

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The Cardcaster, rather, because proofreading is for dummies.

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Yeah, homebrewed gods. One's a tempest goddess based on Toutatis, another us a sort of entropy God or whatever, it's kinda weird.

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What's stopping Monk/Cleric from being good?

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Cleric is fine, monk is just kind of ok.

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Um. Well, you know, depending on what you were trying to do, they might work. However, you'll get a character that is weaker, in the end, than both classes are together. IMO, anyway.

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I remember our current 5e DM telling us of a friend of his' character in 3.5e that wore full plate and had shiels in each hand, could lunge them and magically call them back.

I don't remember the specifics but shit was mad funny.

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>playing shadow sorcerer
>my character is basically a man who tried to enter the shadowfell with the help of an inexperienced wizard so that he could save some of the lost souls who were trapped there, hoping to find redemption in the eyes of the gods for his petty crime filled youth
>it went wrong and left his body horribly scarred and withered
>looks like a very sickly man who hasn't eaten in months
>paladin in our group thinks i'm a crazy evil shadow monster who is going to hell and should be killed ''for the good of justice''

Holy fuck are all paladins this annoying? Everytime we introduce ourselves to an npc the paladin says ''don't mind the evil shadow wizard, I have him under control''

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No, your group's paladin Player is just retarded.

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He just sounds like a bad player. Just the fact that he's not

1. Recognizing your attempt at atonement and
2. Attempting to atone you himself

means he's a shit player and is an embarrassment to paladins the world over.

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copied because i didnt notice the last thread was dead

not him, i consider it good

basically though, monk cleric, is essentially trading one feat(polearm master), for 1 level(martial arts).
both severely limit what weapons you can use, but both are easy ways to get a (somewhat) necessary bonus action/extra attack off every round, that alot of clerics need

thats pretty much all it brings to the table, you wouldnt go much further, if even further at all, because each monk level, is a noncaster level you're stuck with

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copied because i didnt notice the last thread was dead, and then deleted and fucked it up because i didnt link the question from this thread. fuck me

not him, i consider it good

basically though, monk cleric, is essentially trading one feat(polearm master), for 1 level(martial arts).
both severely limit what weapons you can use, but both are easy ways to get a (somewhat) necessary bonus action/extra attack off every round, that alot of clerics need

thats pretty much all it brings to the table, you wouldnt go much further, if even further at all, because each monk level, is a noncaster level you're stuck with

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>save some of the lost souls who were trapped there
Have you considered that your character is in fact crazy?

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>6d8 lightning damage

who the fuck made this

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Are there any offical playable humanoid insect races yet?

If not, are there any balanced homebrews for a humanoid insect?

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There are trapped souls in the shadowfell, some of them don't want to leave but others are unable.

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>If not, are there any balanced homebrews for a humanoid insect?

Yes, it's called 'use a vanilla race and just say you're whatever'.

Half Orcs make great Lizardmen, for instance. Not everything needs homebrew.

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What are the 3 most useful Battle Master maneuvers to have for a commander-type protection fighter?

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as soon as wizards remembers darksun there will be...

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Do you refluff anything? Pic related.

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Ayyyy muh references lmao.

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Technically 12d8.

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I would probably keep the dex at 20 just because I don't particularly like the idea that he'd be better off changing his armor. Not that players would ever really know in any case
Not much. Monk's probably don't really dramatically improve damage wise after 5 aside from using ki, and you'd probably have higher AC than most clerics. The actions you take in combat traditionally as a cleric don't really compliment the ones you'd take as a monk though, so the only real "synergy" you get from it is your divine strike with your monk stuff in exchange for casting at a much lower level

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Goading Attack/Distracting Strike
Comander's Strike
Maneuvering Attack

Trip Attack
Pushing Attack
Distracting Strike

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Maneuvering Attack is great.

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So uhhh am I missing something?
>Playing SKT
>Group of four players all Level 5
>Chapter 2 start
> Bryn Shander fight
>CR8 giants with 128 health and attacks that do 25 dmg. Also multiattack so they can pretty much kill a player in one turn.

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Bryn Shander seems weirdly balanced.
Comparing it to Triboar where you only have to reduce one giant to 85hp and they all flee...
Sure am glad I'm coming in from LMoP.

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newfag here

I want to play as a thri-kreen homebrew without being super busted but also without gimping myself compared to playing as any other race

I have a fairly plain base race and then "metamorphases" that one can take instead of their class specializations at 3rd level. Is this a common thing to do, or should I just rework things to be unique feats I can take instead of the normal feats?

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How many giants do you face at once anon? I haven't read the module.

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13 my nigga. 9 of them are spread across the town while the leader is with two other ones and two winter wolves. All coming at you to eat that ass.
Shit we should've chose that route then.

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oops meant 12*. I can't math. Can't even math this fight. Everyone is about to get fucked by these multi hits.

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why wouldn't you work around their four arms and psionics and weird weapons?

>> No.49685806

Don't replace your class archetype like that, it's nonsensical

>> No.49685863

If I'm understanding you correctly it's pretty unusual to turn into a mantis person at level three, yes.
Why not just make up stats for them in line with other races anyway? I mean aside from stats what do thri-kreen really need? Off the top of my head they jump very high (which could either be just some flat number you add whenever they jump or advantage on acrobatics and athletics tests to jump) and have extra arms (but that would be better represented with extra item interactions or something rather than extra attacks with this system). I'm not terribly familiar with thri-kreen, but aside from ability scores I don't know what else you'd really need to represent them

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I should read the thread before posting.
I'm >>49685747
Wanted to be a bugman myself and my DM had the Kreen as a race in his world. I'm working on a document that you could draw inspiration from once im done

The four arms, darkvision, and torpor are all im keeping in the base class.
Every other ability (wings, venomous stuff, weird weapons, psionics, etc) would just be picked up instead of a class archetype (you can choose from types I call Warrior, Infiltrator, and Protector)
Just trying of figuring out a way to make it powerful so you can feel like an awesome bug without being OP

So, you start as a Thri-Kreen with 4 arms, darkvision, torpor, and your chitin functions identically to scale armor until you get some custom fitted armor/become a monk

Then at level 3, you spend a day going through a metamorphasis and either get
Leap Attack for the Warrior evolution (jump 30m and attack in one action),
Tremor sense (toph from atla style) for Protector
or Venom bite (once per day save vs poison attack, numbers to be worked out) for Infiltrator

At levels 7, 12, and 18, you continue down whatever path you started on and evolve as a better Kreen Warrior/Protector/Infiltrator, but in exchange you couldn't choose a class archetype to keep things balanced.

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Why not simply take a class archetype that fits the sort of thri-kreen you're going for?

Or have subraces?

>> No.49686258

sub races is what you want my dog... you're making them Too different from the baseline, a common mistake.

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I think this is an encounter that leaves a lot open to DM interpretation and would be better served in the 4e/late 3.5e two page spread encounter style. It is part combat and part roleplay without giving a clear delineation between the two, plus the information for the encounter is spread between multiple areas.

The party has the option to deal with the leader or to deal with the giants spread around the wall. If they choose the wall then they should only deal with one giant at a time. If they choose the leader then they have a deadly encounter. The party does have backup though. Four guards are at each gate and eight guards patrol between the watchtowers, whether that is eight guards per watchtower or eight guards for the entire wall system is debatable with english language nuance.

I see it more as:
The Frost Giant leader's main goal is to parley. If the party does not answer promptly then she signals for the other giants to harass the town by launching rocks. If the party continues to refuse, she and her posse attack the gate.
Bryn is a major walled city and the giants will need to spend a few turns attempting to break open the gates. Yetis, frost giants, and dragons are no stranger to Bryn. This gives a few turns of free damage on the giants while they attempt to breach the gate.

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So I'm wondering, I've got a plan to do something stupid/awesome and was wondering if anybody else had tried something similar. My party has been encountering a lot of fiends lately and I'm too low level to use Magic Circle, which would be great for containing them, so I'm thinking of using Silent Image instead (along with my +5 to Deception) to mimic the appearance and try to convince a fiend that he's trapped. Thoughts? Would you allow it?

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You madman
I love it

>> No.49686525

Yeah, I'm a little proud of it, the only thing I'm worried about is that my DM might make me roll Arcana to know whether Magic Circle exists at all, and that's a -1 for me.

>> No.49686530

Honestly I would lose my shit if a player tried to pull this on me, in the best possible way. be a legend mate.

>> No.49686533

If your DM is hardcore rules lawyer, expect it to fail.
If he's cool, it could work.

>> No.49686545

How's this as a one-off game concept?

An adventuring party is hired by a law firm to escort an auditor through the tower of missing (presumed dead) archmage, who owes considerable money to a variety of organisations. The party is being paid a flat rate, but get docked if they lower the value of the estate (by destroying traps, breaking down doors).

>> No.49686578

Well, I can't try it just yet, I took Repelling Blast for my invocation instead of Misty Visions and I won't be able to swap them for a while, but I'll post the story when I try it.

>> No.49686596

Do you have a good place to look up how magic circle works? See if you can findthe glyph sequence for it.
Otherwise being overly cocky about it could work

>> No.49686597

I would allow it as the self defense style circle to ward off lesser fiends (quasit/imps) and some intermediate fiends (succubus). You essentially trick them into thinking they would be wasting their time and effort with further confrontation while the spell is in effect.

I would not allow it as the binding style circle to trap a fiend. I should say that the fiend would auto succeed on the illusion save due to interaction rules. They are going to know that they are bound/trapped or not bound/trapped. The circle does not deal damage in any way, it only wards or binds. A fiend does not want to be trapped by anyone so it will try its hardest to escape a bind.

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Anyway technically a Wizard's tower would be worth ridiculous amounts of dosh, a wand of MM is worth a villa.

>> No.49686734

How do you DMs handle traveling across mountain ranges? Do you force your players to search for passes to go through, or do endless checks to climb stuff, or what?

>> No.49686753

As a thought, how much would you expect a fiend to know about the kinds of magic that affect them? Could you frame it as, "If you cross that circle you'll be banished!" Rather than a bond they could risk testing?

>> No.49686793

Im running a campaign that involves a large region, not exactly sparsely populated, but the places that the party want to travel are huge distances apart, and I've already established that teleportation is either incredibly expensive or just not available in most places. How can I easily facilitate them going places without skipping time by weeks on end?
I thought about having them run into villages and points of interest as they travel for extra adventures, but I dont really know if they want to wait 3 sessions after they say "I wanna go climb that mountain" to actually reach the mountain.

>> No.49686805

Usually there is a road. Survival, athletic, acrobatics checks if the pcs go off road to try and speed things up.

>> No.49686851

I've got the passes worked out, but these mountains are analogous to the Himalayas. I fully expect my players to go, "We want to just climb over them. Screw walking 300 more miles to find an easier pass."

I'm tempted to make a sort of "Random Challenge Encounter Table" thing, based off the d20srd Mountain tables.

>> No.49686889

What does running a pub have to do with this?

Oh wait, you're using the Latin meaning here, aren't you?

>> No.49686915

Personally I would set up specific challenges to climbing the mountain. Maybe one 'step' is a sheer cliff, and needs a climb check to get up, or while walking along one path, a rockslide happens and they have to deal with that

>> No.49686932

Yea we did something similar to take care of this. Just rushed to parlay with the Frost Giant Leader and explain that we didn't have the ring or know where it was but that didn't work so we had to fight and kill her. Was a long ass battle and everyone was downed at least once.

Some of the guards would distract the giants which helped a ton.

>> No.49686940

Avail yourself of the serious environmental hazards they'll be going into: cold, oxygen deprivation, avalanches, and more. There's a reason you don't just get up one day and climb Mt Everest. Then add the possibility of previous foolhardy or unfortunate travelers being reanimated by their regrets or whatever. A mountain range is more like a dungeon than a road you travel and forget about.

>> No.49686950

Traveling montage. Plot out a few short traveling scenes that happen, roll for a few random encounters (with a small chance of nothing happening).

For example. You set of to the mountain, passing the first few days easily enough before stopping at the village Point Interest.

*Pause to give the players a chance to do something*

After resupplying through coin and kindness, you continue your journey North, staying near the refreshing waters of ExampleRiver. On the fourth day of your journey, when the sun is highest, you see a cloud of dust across the prairie.

Random encounter.

Victorious, and pockets full of loot, you resume heading north, the mountain looming over you. On the seventh day it towers, higher than any mountain you've ever seen, and you enter the mining village of Plotlocation comfortably nestled in the foothills.

A good time of thumb is one encounter, and one point of interest on a journey. Obviously some journeys should have none, and since should be clusterfucks of bad decisions and weird locales, but on average, one encounter and one point of interest per journey.

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I hate fucking phone posting. Why can't there be a good smart phone with a physical keyboard?

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To balance the ridiculous amounts of dosh, I intended the mage to be in ridiculous amounts of debt. The reason I say mage and not wizard is I had the idea it should be a chaotic Wild Sorcerer, opposed by a lawful collection agency.

>> No.49687160

So I'm running an aboleth battle within the next few sessions.

Would it be a dick move to have the sorcerer dimension door themselves into the inky depths of the water if they get dominated?

>> No.49687196

Go into the water.
Live there.
Die there.

We reject our earthly fires
Gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water
Cloaked in scales we swim and swim on

Gone are days of land empires
Lungs transform to take in water
Cloaked in scales we swim and swim on

>> No.49687391

Would it be bad thread etiquette to work through an archetype homebrew in here? I've heard some people mention a homebrew general though I haven't seen one around - suppose I could make one myself.

>> No.49687425

Hmm, that makes sense. Not every village they come too has to be an adventure seed, just a place to rest before or after some random encounter .Thanks!

>> No.49687498

Depends on people's reaction to your concept and first draft. If your idea is shit, you'll be told so. In that event, let it die, or work on it elsewhere. If we like what we see, we'll let you know and almost assuredly give feedback.

>> No.49687530

> mountain range is more like a dungeon than a road you travel and forget about.

That is a brilliant piece of advice, possibly one of the best I've read from this website. Kudos. This is probably how I'm going to do it.

>> No.49687614

Since encounters assume no feats/magic items, what do you do to compensate?

>> No.49687633

Mind control should be used sparingly against the players, and never for instant death.

If the players are having to easy a time, reinforcements. Too hard a time, and sunshine might run away.

>> No.49687644

Well, personally, I don't build encounters on a budget anymore. I build what makes sense to be there, and if the party decides to go up against them, so be it.

Then again, I'm an old school 1e DM, so that's normal.

>> No.49687649

I give monsters feats or a little more utility for every 4CR they have.

>> No.49687669

The sorcerer was a ring of water breathing and aboleth mucus as options to survive, and it's not like the aboleth's domination is a very hard save anyways.

>> No.49687685

I give some lair/legendary actions

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Is this a gnome or halfling?

>> No.49687691

/tg/ I need the smallest bit of help with a homebrew setting.

There's a Not!china ruled over by a royal family of draconic sorcerers and a powerful God King, who is secretly a dragon in human form. secretly meaning only the dragon knows this. it's a fairly isolated, heavily caste driven lawful evil society built on feudalism and tribute to said God King. it's not cartoonishly evil but the average good PC would be horrified by the intense stratification and harsh punishments for things as simple as touching a minor noble.

my question is this: what color dragon does this best fit? I assume green but blue feels tempting too. any other feedback is appreciated, of course.

>> No.49687694

Harder encounters.

>> No.49687696

>Too hard a time, and sunshine might run away.
You monster.

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>> No.49687707

halfling. the nose and ears are too small for a gnome

>> No.49687718

Blue might the better fit actually.
If a red can be LE, they might be the best fit of all.
Otherwise, you could do something with a corrupted metallic dragon.

>> No.49687719

I have a new GM question using the 5ed encounter building system.
My party is level 1 and I want to build a small first encounter of a few skeletons as they enter an underground layer.
The system the GM manual has in place says that for 3 level 1 players a medium difficulty encounter consists of an experience pool of 150-225XP.
It also says that when you add more monsters to the encounter to multiply the monsters xp by the number of monsters in the encounter.
So for 3 basic Skeletons the encounter would have an experience rating of 300XP
It also says only add up the XP for monsters with a challenge rating equal or greater to the players. However the challenge rating for a skeleton is 1/4
Im just a bit confused at if the encounter will be fine for 3 new players if anyone could help me out that would be great

>> No.49687723

Halfling. Babyface, and the ears curve up, not out.

>> No.49687730

care to share some example lair or legendary actions? I'm a new GM trying to keep things interesting because my players really like combats

>> No.49687749

Sounds like a Gold Dragon, albeit one who has deviated from the general tendencies of his kind.

Which, given that this is the Imperial not!Chinese family we're talking about, fits.

>> No.49687750

Encounter rules are kinda shit.

Use http://kobold.club/fight/ for calculations, then adjust based on situation (if the PCs are likely to get a surprise round, make it a step easier, if they're likely to get ambushed or stuck in difficult terrain make it a step harder)

>> No.49687771
File: 494 KB, 479x816, 028 - HGCydQy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A skeleton is worth 50 XP, you have three, for 150 XP. When you have 3-6 monsters, multiply your total XP by 2, for 300 XP.

I don't know where you got that last bit from, but building encounters in 5e's system is really easy.

This site might help you more than I can, though. http://kobold.club/fight/#/encounter-builder

>> No.49687786

Thanks for the help

>> No.49687808

This was what I was referring to its on page 82

When making this calculation, don't count any
monsters whose challenge rating is significantly below
the average challenge rating of the other monsters in the
group unless you think the weak monsters significantly
contribute to the difficulty of the encounter.

>> No.49687817

Lair and legendary actions were a nice addition to ensuring the survivability of a single enemy, where in previous editions, due to the nature of the action economy, would've been completely rekted.

>> No.49687831

That refers to a case where the party is extremely high level and the CR of the encounter and the CL of the party no longer match up.
It's so that you can't kill a fuckton of rats so that you get your last 20 experience to hit level 17, for example, because you have nothing to learn from killing rats, whereas earlier in your career, you might have.

>> No.49687846

That bit just means that you shouldn't count any monster that wouldn't actually threaten the party in any significant capacity. If the villain has a nonmagical pet raven that might fly at the party to squawk at them, don't bother counting it towards the encounter.

>> No.49687850

Anon is right. If you still want examples, a lot of the mainstay D&D creatures have legendary actions.
Stated above, it's so that they have an opportunity to not get completely bodied by action economy.

>> No.49687871

I masturbate to the other player's characters. My dungeon master might be in here. I've fapped to his NPCs too.

>> No.49687945

I'm gonna kill you cody

>> No.49687973

Are there troves for previous editions? I'm particularly interested in 3 / 3.5e books

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Yo /5eg/, I have a question for you.

I'm doing some planning for an intrigue session. My players are going to a party member's hometown, and when they get there one of his old buddies is going to be on trial the murder of a wealthy merchant. The merchant was found with his face burned off by Alchemist's fire, and his friend happened to have the ingredients needed to produce alchemist's fire in his house, so he's the prime suspect. They have to prove who actually did it and clear his name.

The twist: the merchant wasn't murdered, his death was a boneheaded accident. Essentially he accidentally combined all the ingredients for alchemist's fire directly on his face and died. I have two components so far:

>Friend spilled a fair amount of Alchemist's catalyst in his hair after breaking his flask of it, causing it to go everywhere.
>Alchemist's catalyst is completely harmless on its own, but he still went to get his hair shaved, just in case.
>The barber did not bother to wash her scissors, as she never does.
>This caused the merchant to get catalyst in his hair.
>Later on, the merchant purchased a bottle of Frankie's Amazing Hair Cream, which is illegally tainted with trace elements of Reddust (another component), to try and more properly grow out his beard.

I need one more component, but I can't figure out what it should be. Do you guys have any ideas?

>> No.49688053

I feel like this poor sap of a merchant would have been fond of greasing his hair.

>> No.49688066


What are the ingredients?

>> No.49688067

TSR: https://mega.nz/#F!AwhlTLKD!J45Rhcm1Hbrm1YdbBwEuVA

WotC: https://mega.nz/#F!VkgGlSzK!11kU_hPmZpCqYBx8uRaHhA

>> No.49688069

What do you guys think about a wealthy man in town hiring my players long term to help the town with various issues?
With the guards wrapped up in keeping the peace in the town, they players would be a private auxiliary force, to go out and take care of threats outside the town, for instance.

>> No.49688091

The third ingredient can be anything you can imagine. I'm making this shit up as I go along.

>> No.49688100


Outstanding. Thank you Anon!

>> No.49688112


If they're peasants, and the ingrediants are everywhere have the party rogue break into every house in town and list the herbs and cleaning products they keep, then show how everyone is a suspect.

>> No.49688115

Are you a Wizard?

>> No.49688134

Bear Fat. It was commonly used as hair grease. Sounds like the sort of thing a merchant concerned about his looks would use.

>> No.49688176
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Thanks so much, dude!

>> No.49688210


Shhhh, no tears now. Also I'm not your pervert.

>> No.49688216

Oh, then tell me about one of these NPCs if they're so great.

>> No.49688230


No, that would for sure give it away.

>> No.49688244

In the most general terms, then.

And why PCs/NPCs when there's a million and one doujinns on sadpanda that are probably better?

>> No.49688275


I like their personalities, and I get to interact with them. I can enjoy a theme in a porn, but I I can enjoy being in the presence of the character in my game. Sort of. It's just more real.

The one is a neet wizard who has no idea how to interact with the world.

>> No.49688288

So, I've allowed one of my PCs to make up his own background feature, which involves his uncanny ability to attract "honorable" (his half-orc barbarian's own definition) followers. My twist (which I havent informed him of) is to have his followers die horrible because of his adventure, unless the party goes out of their way to save them. now I have two problems with this. First, how should I base a followers power level? I dont want to level the characters alongside them if I just plan to kill then, so I was thinking hed always be half the barbarians level, but Im not sure if thats a good way to do things
Second, and the one I'm having more problems with, is the horrible fate their dwarf is going to fall into. I intend for him to get eaten by a giant python. The problem is, if I JUST throw a giant python at them and have it eat the dwarf, theyll kill it before he dies, so how can I distract the party in a way that makes them be forced to go out of their way saving him, instead of just a damage check

>> No.49688311

ERP might be a thing for you. It'd also keep it off of your main group's table.

That seems overpowered. Check the equivalent feature of the Noble background.

>> No.49688342


I don't let it out. A character relationship was actually somebody else's idea so I played along with that, it's been pretty good really. I try not to let my magical realm out.

>> No.49688348

Jesus christ you're fucking creepy.

>> No.49688354

Oh, I know its horrible overpowered, and that's why I intend to keep killing them, and we agreed that I would have control of his follower. It opens up interesting roleplay of him trying to convince NPCs to come with the party, I just wans't able to find any rules for NPC followers like they've had in previous editions, so now that I already allowed it, Im at a loss

>> No.49688361

I'm just making a suggestion, not suggesting you're That Guy or anything.

>> No.49688369

Aren't there follower rules in the DMG? I know OOTA also has a section with a lot of followers, might want to check that.

>> No.49688376


I've been called worse.

>> No.49688383

How terrible of an idea is it to have a cleric NPC with the team in the beginning arc of the campaign?

Just to ensure they don't get themselves killed.

My intention is of course to kill off the cleric NPC once they're level 4.

>> No.49688396

The only thing that it mentions in the DMG is to share the exp with an NPC that joins as an adventurer. Everything else isnt for low powered followers. Ill check out OOTA though, thanks

>> No.49688398


Just have them find a cache of potions or a wand of cure light wounds. NPC babysitters always suck.

>> No.49688410

Kill them off when the party's level 2 to drive in how scary a monster is. Level 2 is many times stronger than 1.

>> No.49688417

So what are spells/features of Permanent / really long term duration?

Glyph of Warding
Arcane Lock
Private Sanctum
Teleportation Circle
Plant Growth
Find Familiar
Find Steed
Magic Mouth
Animate Dead
True Polimorph
Modify Memory
Transmute Rock
Wall of Stone
Instant Summon
Flesh to Stone
Magic Jar
Programmed Illusion

I'm trying to build something

>> No.49688428
File: 398 KB, 255x174, 1465850097464.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not something to be proud of.

>> No.49688592

So, more importantly, I need a distraction from the python. Would a random encounter work out fine, or is there something more interesting I could do in the middle of a jungle?

>> No.49688617

Is there anyway to get my hands on an elemental evil DM screen? I know it's supposed to be a piece of junk but I still want it. I can't find it no matter how hard I look

>> No.49688857

Can you do fourth edition too?

>> No.49688870

It's in the WotC trove.

>> No.49688880

Thanks bud.

>> No.49688912

Is there any way to double the casting of a spell? I can think of ways to make programmed illusion computers, but to make a learning, expanding so, I think you'd need some way to get glyphs of warding to recast themselves while casting another.

>> No.49688996


>> No.49689036

(re)postan before bed, some possible buffs for Sorcerer though probably not both at once.

>> No.49689057

And the other.

>> No.49689072

Is it possible to cast Glyph of Warding on the surface of a small table in a wagon, or will moving the wagon destroy the table glyph?

>> No.49689134

Ask your DM.

>> No.49689143

According to RAW, moving the table more than ten feet away from where it was before will end the spell.

>> No.49689187

Can I make a good dual weapon Fighter? I really liked how in 4e this guy was actually a very viable enemy lockdown kind of character.

>> No.49689201

Why are there two 5eg threads?

>> No.49689218

>in a new campaign, everyone seems cool, no shitty characters
>new guy joins
>CN half drow assassin who carves the names of his victims into his arms

Sweet jesus. How come so many GMs can't filter players? I've had like four campaigns ruined by the GM letting some obvious sperg in

>> No.49689244


Have you told the GM you don't want to deal with this gargantuan faggot?

>> No.49689247

Sure? Just using a greatsword will straight up outdamage it later on but early game it's solid

>> No.49689266


>> No.49689276

If I combine it with Sentinel, can I do the lockdown thing? Will it work with my offhand attack?

>> No.49689281


More like Lord of Rime Jobs.

>> No.49689289

>DM tells players they're on the tracks of a local crime lord
>through an extended, lengthy adventure, they beat down several mooks before finally discovering this crime lord's hideout
>fight through hordes of bandits, thieves, assassins, rogue wizards, etc.
>finally reach him
>his weapons and armor have visible frost on them
>the rumors were wrong, he isn't just a crime lord
>he's a rime lord

>> No.49689290

got 'em

>> No.49689299


>> No.49689307


>> No.49689349

I can't stand people that play Drow in non under dark campaigns.

>> No.49689356

That makes a good amount of sense to me. I view it as a sliding scale between offense and defense. Sword & Shield = Highest Defense, Lowest Offense. Two Weapon = Medium Defense, Medium Offense. Two-Handed = Lowest Defense, Highest Offense.

>> No.49689399

Because Other Thread's OP is a dickweed who doesn't use ctrl+f in the catalog.

>> No.49689415
File: 30 KB, 279x113, somehow not florida man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Linking to my question in other thread


>> No.49689423

I'll ask him how he thinks the character will fit in with our LG paladin, my NG wizard, and the NG warforged fighter.

I dunno man it's not like he didn't have other options for players.

>> No.49689453

Anything like Attack of opportunity would use your main hand, always

I really am unsure what you mean by lockdown. Polearm master + sentinel would be close?

>> No.49689475

In 4e, the two weapon fighter could tag two enemies with his mark on his turn, since he had an attack to hit two targets. Meant it was really easy for them to keep multiple targets from attacking his homeboys without punishment.

>> No.49689493

Druid retain their feat while they're in Wildshape right? What happen to feat that also give you + ability score then??

Since + ability score is a result of a feat, should you also retain the bonus from them.

>> No.49689494

>Anything like Attack of opportunity would use your main hand, always
There is no "main hand," you can make an opportunity attack with a weapon in either or both hands or even WITH your hand, or foot, or headbutt, as an unarmed strike.

You only have one reaction per turn, so you're only ever getting one. Even with the Marking variant in the DMG you'll only ever get one.

>> No.49689506

>You only have one reaction per turn, so you're only ever getting one. Even with the Marking variant in the DMG you'll only ever get one.

That was the same for the 4e fighter too, but the attack penalty still stuck even if you couldn't use your Combat Challenge punish.

>> No.49689507

>RP session
>group starts off directly arguing for minutes over what to do with the dead guards and how to get rid of the guys asking what's taking them so long
>keep arguing
>try to suggest someone should shout that there was some complication and that they'll need a bit longer
>be ignored
>DM starts countdown till they get in range of sight
>everyone still argues
>play 7 charisma wizard
>need to take it in my own hands and convince the other guard that eveythibg's fine
>barely manage to
>geoup hides in forest next to entrance
>guard group goes looking for the first group
>"that guy" suggest to follow and kill them too
>argue that we can't get out of this and should just confront them, admitting that we were forced to kill the guards
>"Nah they'll kill us on sight."
>minutes pass
>DM starts countdown again until search party finds us
>nobody does anything
>need to polymorph into one of the guards and act like I caught them and convince the chief to only take then prisoner instead of hanging them
>get in contact with local rebels, jailbreak rest of party, reunioned by the end of the session
>get 1500 XP more than the rest at the end of the session
>DM even gave hint to get my personal quest moving again

Being one of only two people actually doing proper RP and the only one not going into lengthy arguments in incredibly urgent situations that need us to do anything sure can be nice.

>> No.49689536

No, for the same reason that you don't get the benefit of Tough in wildshape. Your statistics are *replaced* when you enter wild shape, which includes the bonus to your base ability scores and HP that those feats give you. Same reason you don't get to retroactively apply your ASIs to your wildshape form.

>> No.49689541

20 Str. It will be important.

>> No.49689570


>> No.49689573

>>need to polymorph into one of the guards

Don't mean to burst your bubble there mate, but you got a DM pass

>> No.49689596
File: 97 KB, 520x600, it was like she was looking at walking garbage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good job reading the first word of my post and then responding immediately with a link to a *Mearls* tweet of all things.

>> No.49689611

>You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or ANY OTHER SOURCE and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so.


>> No.49689614


I'm middle aged. I tried forming a local game via /r/lfg . I was looking for players similar to myself so I stated I was looking for players over 30 who were straight. No feminazi/femininsts. No nu-males. No furries., no hipsters and so on. I got downvoted to hell and received threats in private. People lost their fucking minds.

>> No.49689621

I love it when characters a.) reveal information that isn't true, but they might think is true, because it always bothers me how characters in fiction never get facts wrong or anything, and b.) characters who have nicknames or are gossiped about some specific detail that turns out to be a misunderstanding or is in reference to a definition of a word that isn't the most commonly used one. But I do realize people playing a game won't be as amused by these things.

A part of me wants to play a drow just because it looks like it'd suck to be one and I imagine not a lot of people play them because of it. Matriarchal society, sunlight sensitivity, next to no testosterone, manlet, NPCs would probably avoid helping me.

But they're elves and I have some hard-to-explain aversion for Tolkien races. I remember seeing a drawing of an old elven monk (with a beard), and thinking, "Is this the first and last time I'll ever find an elf cool?" And it was.

>> No.49689626
File: 2.12 MB, 1083x1156, Read the fucking gospel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49689640
File: 11 KB, 354x126, tough.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tough increases YOUR hit points, but does not increase your wildshape's since it replaces your hit points
>ASIs and feats increase YOUR ability scores, which are replaced by your wildshape's ability scores

>> No.49689659

Was somewhat unclear. We 'stumbled' into a duergar city and I morphed into a generic townsman duergar, since I obviously couldn't change my clothes. Went with "guard" since they were all duergars anyway.

Nonetheless, yeah, our DM probably lets some of my ideas in situations like that slide only because I often am the only one doing anything at all and the party would have been killed or ruined the plot otherwise.

>> No.49689669
File: 320 KB, 500x572, read the fucking book.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying we're talking about tough

>"No, for the same reason that you don't get the benefit of Tough in wildshape. Your statistics are *replaced* when you enter wild shape, which includes the bonus to your base ability scores and HP that those feats give you. Same reason you don't get to retroactively apply your ASIs to your wildshape form."
>in response to
>"Druid retain their feat while they're in Wildshape right?"
>isn't you being fucking retarded

>trying this hard to avoid admitting to your obvious dire extreme massive fatal fuckup that you are being mocked for

>> No.49689709

Both Mearls and the PHB say "use your features," which sounds like they're talking about features that actually require "using." You don't "use" +10 movement speed, it's a statistic, and your statistics are replaced upon Wild Shaping.

>> No.49689710

The only one who mentioned Tough was you. Other feats provide other benefits that are not directly part of your statistics.

>> No.49689742
File: 697 KB, 1920x1080, read the book you fucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never said druids can't benefit from abilities that feats give in wildshape, just that they can't retroactively apply their stat bonuses to their wild shape, for the same reason they can't retroactively apply tough's extra HP: it's a statistic of the druid that was increased, and they are replaced while in wildshape wholesale.

>> No.49689747

>drow would be cool if their society wasn't impossibly pants-on-head retarded and they weren't all evil

>> No.49689755
File: 3 KB, 125x111, 1472794029528s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Druid retain their feat while they're in Wildshape right?

>> No.49689771
File: 91 KB, 554x439, shrugging anime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess I made a bit of a typo, I meant "no, you don't get your ability score increases in wildshape."

Moon druid with sentinel is cool.

>> No.49689773


I see. Well, in that case, it was just a matter of polymorphing yourself into a Duregar with more charisma than you.

>> No.49689775
File: 73 KB, 878x842, 1473655390435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People in the Discord chat talking shit about people in the General thread
>one group of retards making fun of another group of retards

>> No.49689779

>short, scrawny, deer-faced hippies who monologue to other races about how much better they are than them and live for-fucking-ever

Sorry, elves are pretty gay. Maybe they're cooler than dwarves and halflings, but that's not saying much.

>> No.49689783
File: 965 KB, 500x438, yeah yui.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>look at me, ma, I'm superior to two whole groups of people on 4chan

>> No.49689793

What is this, a smug for ants?


>> No.49689795

Is the monster hunter fighter any good?

>> No.49689801

It's alright. It's basically a more specialized Battle Master.

>> No.49689802

Yes very.

>> No.49689813
File: 54 KB, 658x557, 1473990640013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's a piece of shit.

>> No.49689823

I make it so that they live in the desert, effectively living as bedouin traders that are covered head to toe and invented primitive sunglasses. It's a lot easier to work drow players into the game when their culture is less "I shall kill you in the name of the Queen of the Demonweb Pits" and more "Khajeet has wares if you have coin."

>> No.49689847

I was mostly considering it for the save boosting feature so I am now very confused.

>> No.49689856
File: 1.18 MB, 300x188, 1474057676619.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


When everything else fails you.

>> No.49689869

It's good dude.
You get max damage double SDs on many bad guys, can add SDs to the saves you care about, get some profs, etc.

It's a good fighter archetype. I think in most games it ends up better than battlemaster.

>> No.49689871

Oh, no, I was still ass-ugly and had my -2 on the rolls. I was just lucky enough to get a 20 and 18 on the checks I had to make. DM even said that I'm still that ugly 'cause I more or less panic-morphed and couldn't aim for a better face. Tho I'd be surprised if those DCs were over 12.

>> No.49689877
File: 824 KB, 785x757, 1475615119292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>insulting the Discord server

How's it like being retarded?

>> No.49689879

It's a fine archetype. Might be better than battlemaster if the campaign works with it.

Oh, and that one feat to gain more maneuvers is actually decent on all the UA archetypes with sup dice.

>> No.49689882
File: 318 KB, 2535x1935, 1446334091034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Druid retain their feat while they're in Wildshape right?
Yeah that's not going to give someone the wrong idea at all.

>> No.49689896

I wouldn't know. Why don't you ask the Discord, they've got experience in that department.

>> No.49689901
File: 2.39 MB, 1201x884, IMG_1619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The confirmed lack of Gnolls as a playable race in Volo's because of "Lore" has gotten me beyond livid.

What the fuck, did Wizards hire a retard on to do that thing?

>> No.49689907
File: 132 KB, 272x415, i am the picture of good health.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the content /5eg/ wants. This is the content /5eg/ deserves.

>> No.49689915

you tell me, frogposter

>> No.49689925

I was going to make a point about them being fiends, but all but the most powerful in the MM are humanoid (gnoll)s instead of fiend (gnoll).

Fuck if I know, I think they should have just added them regardless. Not like they're much more evil than goblins.

>> No.49689931

They're chaotic evil bloodthirsty spawns of a demon who take extreme racially embedded pleasure in carnage and death bro.

>> No.49689948

But they're statting full-blood orcs, the chaotic evil worshipers/creations of a god that destroyed people because they were settled in lands that he wanted.

>> No.49689962

>any of those things

They can keep their underdark survival thing, that's neat. A race of dark-skinned elves struggling to survive in a cruel underworld is a good concept, but they fucking ruined it.

Random spider / demon worship is stupid- there are more sane explanations for drow being exiled than 'oh they worshiped a super special snowflake demon goddess'. Civil war? Maybe a massive disagreement on the way things should be run? Maybe they were a particular clan / etc of elves that were betrayed and ended up getting trapped underground and adapted to it.

Constant powerstruggling / wiping out entire houses / whatever is retarded; the underdark is difficult to survive in and these maniacs are only making it harder.

Matriarchy is fine, but their reasons for having it are S T U P I D. If anything, it should be that they tend to survive longer and stay in the city so they can reproduce, so they tend to be smarter / etc because they have more time for such things.

IDK, it just seems like WOTC don't want drow to be playable when they could be something cool.

See, that's way better than default. You'd probably have to edit a few of their racial features, though, because they don't make much sense on the surface.

>> No.49689963

I made a male drow shadow monk. He was fun cause him and his temple were cut off from typical drow culture. And he was a little bit comedy relief cause he was on pilgrimage of the older world and was learning about what their cultures are like and didn't know what horses and typical animals were.

The stigma is against their culture not them. If you don't like it just play something different.

>> No.49689977

Yeah I think that's dumb too

>> No.49689983

>5e discord
It's a terrible place. I watched them discuss halo's elites genitalia the other day.

>> No.49689999

I just change the darkvision and drow magic. My players really enjoyed the idea of large cities with the occasional guy dressed completely in robes and sunglasses, so I kept the sunlight sensitivity in at their request.

>> No.49690021

Gnoll are literal retards, and are so bloodthristy and stupid *by nature* that they resort to cannibalistic infighting when they don't have non-gnoll things to murder. Gnoll do not adventurers make.

>> No.49690081

>so bloodthristy and stupid *by nature* that they resort to cannibalistic infighting when they don't have non-gnoll things to murder
That sounds pretty adventurery to me.

>> No.49690115

I meant by platonic ideal, not in practice, especially when the example at hand is an exaggeration propagated by /tg/.

>> No.49690135

Yeah, I have to be honest, there's pretty much no reason to stat gnolls in a forgotten realms setting book. Hopefully there will be a future book that gives a detailed look at how to build a race in 5e so that it can be appropriately homebrewed for whatever setting in which gnolls could reasonably be adventurers.

>> No.49690149

Don't listen to this entitled prick. People will knock you regardless. Post away in hopes you get some constructive critiques. But do keep an open mind and don't hold any of your ideas as sacred.

>> No.49690151

Those are all things that have been true since the inception of the drow. I guess you could go Eberron drow for exotic waifus but

>> No.49690206
File: 4.89 MB, 4000x3507, Christ in the Wilderness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you hope that WoTC will eventually release a Large-sized race?

>> No.49690225


>> No.49690228

Orcs are already confirmed for Volo's Guide.

>> No.49690233

Not really, the can be a pain in the ass to work with. Good luck hiding or dungeon delving with one of them. Plus any balancing of being able to wield Large-sized weapons would feel really lame, but without them they'd be too damn strong.

>> No.49690236


>> No.49690294
File: 2.50 MB, 1600x2960, dungeon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello /5eg/, just a passerby here, I was looking to get some advice.

Are 2D battle maps (for online play such as Roll 20) still used? Does everyone roll their own or do they actually use the constructed ones?

If the constructed ones are used, do you guys prefer pre-made (like picture related) or the blank rooms with assets that you fill the rooms with yourself?

Are there any good markets for things like this?

Also rate my (very much WIP) dungeon guess.

>> No.49690311

How is moon druid after level 5? I heard their damage is gimp compare to other class, who get extra attack.

Can I still contribute decrnt damage via blasting spell (Moonbeam,Spiked growth with constrict shape etc.)

>> No.49690331

They're utili-tanks that have access to full caster spells.
They're good.

>> No.49690370

But..but what about muh damage....

>> No.49690391

Orcs and Firbolgs are already confirmed.

>> No.49690399

Okay, then how about a set of rules on how to properly balance a Large race, followed by an addendum to use them only with extreme caution by the DM?

I just want to run Dark Sun like in 2e :(

>> No.49690418

They deal less damage than martials. They deal more damage than other casters.

If you want a large characters you can put them in your games.

>> No.49690467

Open up the Monster Manual and see for yourself. You deal less damage than an optimised martial, but you still deal respectable damage, plus depending on the beast you take the form of, you can just get to knock enemies prone in addition to damage.

>> No.49690544

> make enemy prone
> archer complain
> doesn't make enemy prone
> melee complain

What to do with my life

>> No.49690589


You're a caster, don't bother with the meager complaints of a martial.

>> No.49690596

Hooves attack the fucker you just knocked prone for 4d8+4 bludgeoning and [elk noise] at the archer.

>> No.49690663

Become a giant octopus instead and just grapple them.

>> No.49690736

The archer should be riding on your back, fool.

>> No.49690790
File: 25 KB, 1112x485, Roc vs Person.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By the Monster Manual's description, this is how big a Roc is compared to a person. Is this too big?

>> No.49690803

That seems about right. Rocs are fucking huge, like >150-foot-wingspan huge.

>> No.49690839

>Take a troll
>Shove an illithid tadpole in its skull
>Sew armor into its flesh
>Graft on some element absorption coils


>> No.49690903

Power Word: Kill.

>> No.49690974

Alternatively, Heightened Disintegrate, although that's less summary.

>> No.49691034

>Yeah that's not going to give someone the wrong idea at all.

>Since + ability score is a result of a feat, should you also retain the bonus from them.
Unless you are illiterate it isn't hard to understand what he meant.

>> No.49691076

Would the regeneration work against the tadpole?

>> No.49691107

I'm looking for some tables or suggestions for mutations. I've been playing Binding of Isaac a lot and am thinking about tying in various transformations and mutations into a game I'd like to run.

>> No.49691177

It would never be hungry.

>> No.49691257

Think about what site you're on. If anything, it's been proven time and time again that trolls don't need a functioning brain in order to survive.

>> No.49691258

Mutate them into Guppy

>> No.49691285

Who let /pfg/ into /5eg/.

>> No.49691446

What are half of the saving throws used for? Like, constitution would cover anything that would previously be an endurance save, so what could you use a str save for? Same with int and cha

>> No.49691467

Strength saves are usually to avoid getting knocked down or pulled around, similar to combat maneuver defenses in PF.

Dex saves = Reflex saves, getting out of the fucking way

Con saves = fort saves, just taking it like a man

Int saves are I don't know, nothing uses them

Wis save = Will save, resisting fear and mind control

Cha saves are for battles of will(???) to resist effects like life drain or banishment?

>> No.49691470

Str saves are generally to avoid being shoved or knocked prone, Int saves are against psychic phenomena or mental stat drain, Cha saves are against banishment or soul-affecting magic.

>> No.49691483

hmm, interesting.
I feel like they split up will save between three and reflex between nothing, is there really an even number of things that use all of those?

>> No.49691505

Well that's terrible, and not terribly applicable.

>> No.49691509

Oh no, Dex, Wis, and Con are by far the most commonly required saves, in that order. Str saves are common against beasts, as they'll often have a save-vs-prone rider on their attacks, but Cha saves and especially Int saves are few and far between.

>> No.49691515

Wierd. Seems kinda pointless to split them up like that, then.

>> No.49691546

Eh, it makes sense to me. Doesn't exactly matter how tolerant to poison you are when a lion is trying to pin you.

>> No.49691550

Well, every class gives one "major" save (Dex, Con, Wis) and one "minor" (Str, Int, Cha)

>> No.49691777

Are the mutations meant to be 100% beneficial? If not then make them con saves to resist them.

Go to page 280 from the DMG to see monster traits. These are probably a great start but you can just load these into a player cause some are extremely powerful if they get it.

Blood Frenzy, what Sahuagin get, gives advantage on attacks against enemies that don't have all of their hit points. A fighter with this is unstoppable.

>> No.49691818

The DMG does that, and I have made up some homebrew Gnolls (I could share if you'd like to critique me), it's just that official stuff tends to be more enjoyable for other players because there's a little less merit to their bitching.

>> No.49691855

No, I'd like there to be an even mix of beneficial, harmful, and mixed ones. Someone linked me this:
And it's pretty neat.

>> No.49691860

Maybe we'll get gnolls with Eberron, since they're less bestial there. They actually make fair adventurers, since there's that whole pact a bunch in Droaam made to stop being demonic and work together to get shit done.

>> No.49691872


>When sufficiently damaged, its head detaches via magic rocket and flies 300 feet off, then crawls away using its tentacles
>Its element coils then self destruct
>Also it uses its psychic powers to extinguish itself if it's on fire

>> No.49691908

Power Word: Kill, Part 2: HP<100 Boogaloo

>> No.49692005


I posted a couple threads ago about a player's request to player a drunken-fist monk, and the one HB they gave me wasn't received all that well and in retrospect felt pretty weak. It also had very little thematically to do the 'drunk' side of drunken fist. I did however like the core idea from that one that it would key off and improve monk reactions.

I would aim for it to be weaker in direct damage than the open-fist monk, but with situational bonuses that could edge out occasionally. The campaign it would be used in is fairly RP heavy, and I'm reasonably confident the player could handle this archetype without making a mess of it. One thing I would prefer to avoid it having is healing, which has been an element of almost all of the other homebrews I have read for this.

Here are some various powers I've considered for the drunken fist, in no particular order. Of course only four of them can come through for a monastic tradition. The first one is the only power I would consider baseline to this version of drunken-fist, as all subsequent powers have a rider that affects it.

1) You have a number of ki-empowered drinks equal in number to your proficiency bonus. As a bonus action, you can consume one of these ki-drinks to gain one drunken master effect. You regain all ki-drinks following a long rest.
- +1 DEX / -1 INT for 30 seconds / 5 rounds. This effect may allow you to temporarily exceed 20 Dexterity.
- You gain one additional reaction until the start of your next turn
- You can use dodge as a reaction for 3 turns

2) Stagger: You can move through your enemies' space as though they were open terrain. Your movement no longer triggers opportunity attacks against you. Additionally, you can choose the following drunken master effect when consuming a ki-drink:
- You gain resistance to bludgeoning / piercing / slashing damage until the start of your next turn.

>> No.49692015


3) Swaying Stance: You suffer fewer penalties while Prone; you do not have disadvantage on attack rolls while prone and attack rolls made by an attacker that is within 5ft of you will not have advantage. Standing up while prone does not cost any movement. Additionally, you can choose the following drunken master effect when consuming a ki-drink:
- Until the end of your next turn, you may use your dexterity instead of constitution or strength when making saving throws

4) Improvise: You gain proficiency with improvised weapons. Treat these weapons as monk weapons. Additionally, you can choose the following drunken master effect when consuming a ki-drink:
- Until the end of your next turn, as a reaction you can force an enemy within 5ft to make a dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, you and that enemy swap currently held weapons. If you cannot hold the enemy's weapon, it falls to the ground at their feat.

5) [Unknown Name]: As an action, you can spend 10 ki points to instantly recover your maximum number of ki-drinks, but you gain one level of exhaustion at the end of combat. This ability can be used again following the completion of a long rest. Additionally, you can use 4 ki points to consume a ki-drink as a free action.

>> No.49692053

My DM's letting me roll a Theurge Wizard

what do yall think the best domain is for me to crib from? I was thinking Life so I could be a do-it-all even more

>> No.49692066

Consider Tempest for maximized lightning bolt/chain lightning.

>> No.49692085

Haven't played in a long while, but managed to find a (potential) group that's playing. DM said he's gonna have us in a pre-war Greyhawk setting.

Problem is- I have no experience with greyhawk, let alone what would distinguish pre-war. Cursory google searches tells me that Greyhawk just seems like a ye-olde fantasy setting... Am I missing something?

I figured I'd try and get to know the setting before meeting up with them at least.

>> No.49692166

Is 5e the edition where multiclassing into a wizard/sorcerer is actually viable?

>> No.49692192

they have different spellcasting abilities and Wizard is pretty much better in every way

>> No.49692311

It's better than in 3.5, but I wouldn't suggest an even split.

>> No.49692347

Might as well ask this >>49690987
and this >>49691414 in this thread,
New to spellcasting so I want to know my limits.

>> No.49692348

I wouldn't suggest more than 2 levels. Grab a few spells and a metamagic and keep going wizard.

>> No.49692364

Come where the cool and popular kids hang.

>> No.49692618

What about wizard/cleric?

>> No.49692712

I would have it scale like the new beastmaster's animal companion and just make them an NPC warrior. A scaling cr 1/8 or w/e it is guy is not that bad and is easy to kill.

>> No.49692721

why don't you spend like ten minutes reading the phb and find out for yourself?

>> No.49692867

>CN half drow assassin who carves the names of his victims into his arms
>Spares people whose names are too hard to carve

>> No.49692870

There is a Wizard Tradition in UA that get Cleric feature faster than Cleric

>> No.49692911

So what do you do when you just care too much?

>> No.49692915

Better choice. You get different spells, potentially heavy armor and martial weapon.

Tempest Cleric / Storm Sorcerer is another synergy.

>> No.49692957

Get therapy

>> No.49692991

So is the Storm King's Thunder pdf in the trove the complete one? Says (1-10) like the other ones have (1-15) but I can't compare to the book that's out to know.

>> No.49693100

Yes, it is the complete book.

>> No.49693139

Awesome thanks, I let my friend know.
>tfw the usual DnD day is now full with class.

>> No.49693273


>> No.49693341 [DELETED] 

What was the most fun you had with a class /pfg/?

>> No.49693354

What was the most fun you had with a class /5eh/?

>> No.49693373
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>> No.49693376

A woodelf dex oath of ancients pally. He was bro, went drinking and whoring and loved life.

>> No.49693383

wait I mean is currently level 13.

>> No.49693410

Why isn't 5e fun for you?

>> No.49693429

Slap-your-shit Paladin, going nova with smite is hilarious.

>> No.49693500

Can characters always tell if they've been hit with a spell?

>> No.49693509

Good, a pally that's not a stick in the mud.
Where's oath of the ancients from?

What does this entail?

>> No.49693517

My friend who's dming strahd said yes to me playing a Mystic, anyone play the Order of Immoral? The game will start after Take 3 is out.

>> No.49693522

From the PHB and the fifth edition version of the old 4ed Warden class.

>> No.49693528

>and is more or less the fifth edition

>> No.49693539

Any good 5e conversions for Spelljammer?

>> No.49693569

>What does this entail?
Cast searing smite turn 1, turn 2 you wobble your weapon at the enemy, searing smite is automagically unleashed, you then use divine smite for each and every attack eating your spell slots like candy.

>> No.49693589

Haven't actually read through the contents so I can't attest to how good/bad it is, but I believe this may be what you're looking for anon.

>> No.49693611

>not stacking a smite with your bonus action alongside an action surge thanks to your obligatory fighter dip for 5 smites in a single turn
step it up!

>> No.49693613

Oh cool, though the file seems corrupted on page 9?

>> No.49693615

what anime?

>> No.49693626

>Not shield bashing your target prone for advantage

>> No.49693647

>what is blinding smite
If you answered "This anons most used smite outside of divine ones" you'd be right!

>> No.49693704

Has anyone written a tier list for 5e?

>> No.49693709

Why would they want to?

>> No.49693711

Please dont

>> No.49693726

All other casters
Everything else except Champion, PDK and Frenzy Barb
Champion, PDK and Frenzy Barb

>> No.49693727

So 5e really is that balamced?

>> No.49693735

They believe it is.

It isn't.

>> No.49693746

Not really, but who cares? This isn't 3e where there are classes that are "this other one, but better".

>> No.49693757

Balanced enough that no one cares about tier lists.

>> No.49693766

oh shit yeah, just noticed that. can't even seem to reverse google-fu it. don't remember where i found it either.

>> No.49693831

Has anyone tried using 5e for a game set in the modern day?

>> No.49693852


i think it is possible with some tweaking but i think it's generally understood that DnD works best in a fantasy setting and that you'd be better off with a different system.

>> No.49693859

Useful resources? Useful resources
The DM Experience https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx6NdGyHon62Z25peDdTWndFOE0/view

>> No.49693878

However, what tweaks might that be?

>> No.49693976

This is fucking substantial.
What's the tl;dr?

>> No.49694004


off the top of my head, you'd need to introduce modern technology which involves things like firearms, vehicles, the internet, electricity, medicine. Some class features and spells might not make as much sense in a modern day context (think the Light spell when you have electricity).

DnD was always intended for a sword & sorcery type game and there are other systems which work much better (GURPS lite comes to mind) but I'm sure you could make it work.

>> No.49694073

What change had they done to onion druid?

>> No.49694074

Thanks brah, that's actually extremely helpful. Will chew those for food for though. A modern-day setting from the lens of D&D might've developed with magic in concert, kinda like what they were going for with Eberron.

>> No.49694088

Onion druid? Does he turn into a many-layered onion?

>> No.49694104

Level 20 Wildshape Druid has multiple layers like onion.

You kill his Mammoth form? He turn back to human with little to no damage, and he just transform back into another Mammoth with full health next round.

>> No.49694114

That is amazing. Fucking nice.
Meanwhile what do martials get?

>> No.49694265

+10 HP per round when on half HP or less? And that's considered the best feature of the archetype.

>> No.49694317

Disintegrate does in the druid.

>> No.49694372

Uh. Hmmm. I got nothing.

>> No.49694408

Oh, that's a shame.

>> No.49694475

I'm not going modern, but I'm building a setting that takes place in ww1.

>> No.49694483

>tfw no group

Fuck my shitty "city"

>> No.49694535

If you get lucky roll, yeah. Going by average, the mammoth will survive with around 20 hp even with 9th level slot.

But at that level, Druid can also cast change shape and become a marilith or something.

>> No.49694564

Needs free proficiency in performance (rap)

>> No.49694690

Migrate to the other thread, this one is past the limit.

>> No.49695304

dungeon meshi

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