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Stat her, /tg/

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level 5 Ranger

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Could you just fucking tell us who your waifu is from so we don't have to play the guessing game or google search.

Is it the filename? At least say so. That could just be her character name. Would that give the source? Let me see.


Oh boy it's the character.


At least link the fucking source next time bastard if you ever want your interests to grow. Goddamn.

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Pure rage at autism that translates into more autism.
I should know, I'm autistic.

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that's some tacky ass earrings

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We must ASSUME it is the girl in the picture but we do not KNOW

What the proper text in the Opening Post should have been is thus:

"Stat Asripa from Golden Kamuy, /tg/".

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Anon, have you ever looked into professional help about your autism.

I mean, lets face it, took you longer to write that post than finding the series the character belongs to. Your autism legit disturbs me and I have seen a lot of autism in my time.

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Naw. You're a cool guy, anon. Autistic, but cool.

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Why is she bleeding while eating chocolate?

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I concur, lvl 5 ranger. A loli ranger. But no spells, it seems.

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Old Japanese belief that consuming large quantities of chocolate gives one nosebleeds. Might itself be correlated to chocolate containing 'love' chemicals, which might have stirred such erotic thoughts into otherwise 'pure' Yamato Nadeshikos.

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You might notice that my so called 'autism' is the only keeping this thread bumped.

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