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Which edition is the best?
I only tried this one for now and I liked it but I'm not sure if one of the other ones wouldn't be better.
Could someone provide a quick rundown of differences and strong/weak points of different RQ variants?

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Well I can't go to a point by point comparison with other editions since I've also been introduced to Runequest through Runequest 6/Mythras. As far as i know RQ6 derives from Mongoose's Runequest I and II as Loz and Pete worked there and tried to refine it into a crunchy, modern and non world specific version of MRQ and succeeded immensely. The differences lie between these RQ to the other Runequest 2 and 3 (RQ1 being only an early draft of 2). The next Runequest (dubbed simply Runequest) will be squarely in the RQ2/3 camp as a modernisation of those old rules. It will also be even more integrated into the Glorantha setting through precise rule changes (mostly as it pertains to magic).

There are alot of differences between both styles of RQ. RQ6 has action points usable to parry or attack, initiative (1d10+initiative bonus) instead of RQ2 strike rank that was based on DEX SIZ and Weapon length, Special Effects during combat with each effect described for a very crunchy feel) compared to the simple impale possibility of RQ2. The list goes on.

Right now i believe RQ2 is simply too old school for me, we'll have to wait for the new Runequest to judge if it's leapt into the 21st century (it just might). RQ6/Mythras is a great modern take on RQ but it sometimes fumbles in its crunchiness while still being much more intuitive than RQ2. For now i'd suggest you keep looking towards RQ6 under the new name Mythras if you want to play in Mythic Britain or Mythic Rome or the Thennla setting. I would advise also to tweak it to your liking for the level of crunchiness you and your players will enjoy. If you want to play in Glorantha (great setting) i would wait for the next edition of Runequest that is sure to fix the mistakes of the past and cook us up something tasty in a very old pot indeed. The only worry, for me, with the new RQ is that it might be too grognard centric and cling to stupidly old rules that have no place in RPGs now. Time will tell.

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And the differences between Mythras and original RQ?
I kind of discarded Mythras when I realized it's translating D&D themes like dungeoneering and faux-tolkienesque races (which I don't really like, even if I adore Tolkien, but D&D's interpretations of his creations are really far from giving them justice) into RQ6 mechanics, or is there more to it?
I really prefer the "ancient fantasy" themes of standard RQ in this matter.

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The Design Mechanism (TDM) licensed the Runequest brand to try to bring back that set of rules after the decline of the Mongoose years. I believe that they've achieved that brilliantly, bringing more people, like myself, to RQ. They've managed to make a rules system that could be used for different styles of play from antiquity to sci-fi. All you need to do is combine the RQ corebook with a setting supplement like Mythic Britain for example and you're set. Now TDM knew that their licence was going to end soon (last july) so they worked with Chaosium and Moon Design publishing so they could bring RQ and Glorantha back together with their new rules. Chaosium wanted to go with a different set of rules, the RQ2 rules, so they went their separate ways. Chaosium with Runequest and the gloranthan setting and TDM with Mythras. Why Mythras ? Simply because they couldn't use the name Runequest anymore. That's Mythras: RQ6 under a new name. And while I haven't had the time to look up everything, Mythras seems to be exactly like RQ6 with differences, if any, being minor ones.

So when you say that you don't like the theme of Mythras, I'm just puzzled because it's basically the same book under a new name. Those faux tolkienesque races are there in RQ6. And it makes sense that they're there since it's a settings free rules system. Here's from TDM's facebook:

>The game engine is unchanged; aside from a few tweaks here and there, and the inclusion of a range of new Special Effects (including effects for Spirit Combat), the main changes are to layout, organization and page count. Mythras is 304 pages compared with 456 for RQ6, but as an edition of the game, you can quite happily continue using your old set of rules with all our new Mythras supplements, without worrying too much about missing out on anything that’s fundamentally changed.


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Oh, I notice my failing now.
I thought THIS book is the core Mythras

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I thought you did. This is Classic Fantasy, just another supplement usable with Mythras/RQ6 that is indeed vanilla fantasy.

Here's my trove for Runequest btw

If you have any other question i'll be glad to answer them if i can or start a discussion.
For example: what was that game you played?

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You mean with RQ 6? I only played few sessions before scheduling issues killed it dead. It was about tribal survival in fantasy post-apocalyptic world, where apocalypse was global cooling and ice age, and group of chosen young people travelling and solving various tribe's problems. Not very detailed setting, just bare minimum with more details improvised on spot.

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Still sounds nice.

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Anyone played Mythic Britain yet?

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There's three versions that are current:

RQ2 - The one typically everyone means, was recently redone as RuneQuest classic. Pretty good, but pretty dated.

RQ6 - Now known as Mythras. Pretty damn good, I really like the fighting style mechanics. They're worth porting to other systems as well.

The new one - I forget what it'll be called. Not out yet.

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From another anon; thanks for the trove, it helps a lot.

How do you think the game handles people being competent adventurers out of their "role," in comparison to other games like D&D?

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I noticed this doesn't have Mythic Rome. Not to complain, but I've been really curious about that one. Do you have it? Is there a "Mythic Greece?"

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The new one will be called simply Runequest.

Runequest really pionneered the idea of classless characters at the time. You're not just a berserker or a mage, you're first and foremost a guy with certain skills and traits. It handles progression in a way that was revolutionary at the time by making it easier to progress in skills (including combat) that you actually use in play. Each time you fail at something, like finding tracks or haggling, you would put a mark next to the skill. Comes experience points you could improve those areas and get better at them. So the more you use a skill, the more likely you are to fail at it and therefore the more likely you will be able to progress. So anyone could try their hands at pick pocketing and get better and better at it even if you're a "barbarian" type. Furthermore there are possibilities to find trainers in the world and pay them with your hard earned cash so you could improve in the skill that was chosen.
In D&D the class structure will constrain you into your role and there are few things if any that will allow you to branch out of the mold. If you're a half-orc barbarian and the game shifts to an urban political game, you're shit out of luck (and should have a strong talk with your DM holy shit). In Runequest, you could take etiquette classes.
I hope that answers your question.

No Mythic Rome indeed. It has yet to surface on my radar.
No Mythic Greece either but that's because it hasn't been released yet, probably next year.
I do have "Rome - Life and Death of the Republic" for BRP if you're interested. (Basic Roleplaying System is a universal take on Runequest rules by Chaosium)

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>I do have "Rome - Life and Death of the Republic,"
No harm, if you're willing.

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I assume that since you're the RuneQuest version of Touhoufag, that means you've probably played some games in the system, yeah? Why not regale the people with an oration regarding some of your best?

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It's being uploaded right here.

Actually all my attempts to launch one have failed, so i'm not one to regale anyone i'm sorry. When i first started getting interested in RQ6 i was really passionate and wanted to find a setting for it. That setting for me was Glorantha. I had played King of Dragon Pass, read Let's Plays of the game and on a whim backed the kickstarter of the Guide to Glorantha. So i started to read about Glorantha (specifically the Guide) and was impressed by own deep and fun it all sounded. Yet, adapting RQ6 rules to Glorantha I thought was too much of a daunting task for me. Also the guys at TDM had said that they would be doing a supplement à la Mythic Britain for RQ6, so awesome, all I had to do was wait the rules for glorantha so i could start my campaign. Eventually it came clearer that the so called "Adventures in Glorantha" sourcebook will never be unveiled as Chaosium took everything back under its wings (a fact I don't blame them for, both glorantha and runequest are fantastic IPs to have in your company). So yeah, I'm back to waiting for the new Runequest. In fact I've worked on a possible RQ campaign this very week (hence my presence here i guess) by looking at the old Snake Pipe Hollow adventure of Runequest 2.
I have tried to play some RQ6 in all that waiting but everything fell flat with people being uninterested and eventually i was as well (i had tried a japanese Sengoku period adaptation of RQ6 rules). Then came other distractions in my gaming world, namely a Trail of Cthulhu campaign and a coming D&D 5e campaign (Curse of Strahd).

tl;dr: didn't play because i'm waiting for RQ + Glorantha.

So yeah, sorry about that

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I'm not familiar with Glorantha. What's about it?

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It's extremely hard to summarize and i fear i'm going to do a poor job of it.
So here's the best first look you could read of it (specificaly the "World Structure" chapter):
An other way to put it is that Middle Earth was made by a linguist (Tolkien) while Glorantha was made by an anthropologist and mythologist. Therefore Glorantha wasn't so much made as it was discovered by its own creator as the intial logics of the world came to their conclusions. It makes for a stupidly rich and dense universe where gods and myth are not afterthoughts but built into the world and important to the people living in it.
I really urge you to try out King of Dragon Pass (pic related) (available on itunes and android devices and PCs at GOG) or read about it, after all it is a /tg/ favourite.
Here's a take on it by 1d4chan:

Oh yeah, and there are Ducks (pic related)

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King of Dragon Pass was what got me into the setting in the first place. What would I need to do to use Mythras in Mythras? Would it be just grabbing a setting book like using 3.5 settings in Pathinder?

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>Mythras in Mythras
what ?

If you want to play a specific setting using Mythras there are 2 options.

1. Using one of the released settings from TDM's line (all of them except for Mythic Rome is in my trove). In all those books they explain what changes from the core Mythras book in terms of rules. Whether it's character creations or magic rules for example. You will need both a settings book and the Mythras corebook to run it.

2. You could take a setting from an established series of book or a setting you've made up yourself and adapt the very modular rules of Mythras to the setting. The guys at TDM have shown by converting Mythras to Star Wars that's it's very adaptable and easily so with little know how. Although it might be easier said than done. For Glorantha, when i wanted to play it using Mythras (RQ6 at the time) i just didn't know where to start with the magic rules, everything else was fine but i just didn't know how to make the magic fit Glorantha. But that was mostly because i didn't know how it worked in previous editions of Runequest or if it was any good in those editions (i doesn't seem to be, the guys at Chaosium have completly redone the magic system for the upcoming new Runequest).
So yeah good luck.

I've read Mythic Britain personally and i've been tempted to run it to tell the truth, it seems like a lot of fun. I'm waiting patiently for Mythic Rome as i've always loved roman civilisation.

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Shit, I meant Glorantha. I will have to look into that then, thanks anon.

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Chaosium has released on the blog part of their website a series of designer notes that explains the new way they're going to go with "Runequest".
It's going to be completely integrated into Glorantha, it's going to be in 3 books à la D&D with a Player's handbook, Bestiary and Gamemaster's handbook., they've redone the magic system, they've kept what they liked from RQ2/3, they tossed what they didn't, they're trying to keep the rules 90% tried and true/10% new and exciting.

I have to say i'm cautiously excited about it. I really don't like RQ2 that much and i don't know if i'm going to like that new Runequest since it's based off it. Having said that it seems they're moving in the right direction and they know that there's a new generation of players who don't want to wallow in decades old nostalgia with bullshit 70s style rules.
I'll just hope for the best.

I'd also like to point out a really great webcomic (pic related) that will introduce someone easily into Glorantha:

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