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Overclocked made Amane ending seem like the best thing ever. True they shown some concern for death penalty for every single little fucking thing but then it conveniently gets forgotten that you are one person who can't be everywhere to save everyone with the Brand and stuff and makes it seem like this ending is the best thing ever while Naoya's 8th day still fucks everything up

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Tell me about your acts of hedonism.

>> No.49591361

What's the nicest thing you've ever done out of spite?

>> No.49591365

Your mother.

>> No.49591402

Genocided the elves.

>> No.49591487

Work on Transistor is still happening.

Because it's October I will try to throw in a skeleton of a WiP here. Maybe even today

>> No.49591510

Would you say it will be... A spine of a WiP?


>> No.49591514

Got a screenshot of that guy taking this super seriously despite it being an animatronic?

>> No.49591525

Still trying to determine price of the Transistor replica as item. Mental time stop to plan, acceleration to execute said plans, soul "storage" and gaining a function out of them ain't cheap

>> No.49591547

I made happy round orange things angry.

>> No.49591572

These fucking party hats are back


>> No.49591573

1. have several dedicated Molecular fabricators just for generating spice.
2. Eight meals a day, mostly Toriko food
3. Entire Centuries of lewd
4. Wifu and I have chosen origins specifically for enhancing lewd.
5. Am frequently a tentacle monster.

>> No.49591575

fuck off bancho

>> No.49591580

started curing vampirism and lycanthropy Respectively

>> No.49591590

Is Ditto a viable choice in PMD? It looks like it is, with a 300 CP price tag, but when I tried to find if it's ok all I found in the archives was QS saying to bring one to breed new Pokemon in other worlds and WildCard saying that in PMD transform is only visual: ditto doesn't get any stats or moves like in the anime or main games.

Just how game-like is PMD? I imagine you aren't stuck to a grid but the jump does limit you to four moves (5 at a cost) and specifically mentions PP. If I go Ditto would I be an actual ditto, or the sorry excuse for a shapeshifter in the PMD games?

>> No.49591601

So, what do I need to become something like Dormammu, the baddest demon of them all?

So far I've got:
>Being an Umbra Witch
>Becoming the Bel in DS
>Overlord's Demon Race + Lvl100 + RoH
>Being a Tyrant and Fiend in SMT
>Ally of Ghoma in Asura's Wrath
>Other's Clan in Viking Saga
>Beelzebub's Eight Deadly Sins demon
>Tsukihime's Demon Kin
>Acquiring Portamancy and Doormaker for dimensional invasions

>> No.49591610

>being an umbra witch

Those are people who make contracts with demons.

That is the opposite of what you're trying to be

>> No.49591612

I revived a guy that cut me off in traffic while trying to kill himself.


>> No.49591614

I like to become someone's close friend and ally during a jump and then betray them before leaving, ruining their lives and leaving them cursing me.

>> No.49591622

Well, they summon demons and that kind of stuff, it's not a bad start.

>> No.49591645

One time, I had an noire bag of cookies.
I ate them all and didn't share any! Mwahhahahaha

>> No.49591649

Would Khorne be against me teleporting, with my own abilities and not through warp, to a different planet once I slaughtered all I can on current one, but otherwise not using that ability?

>> No.49591653

I like to destroy things for no reason at all.

>> No.49591667

As long as you teleport with science and not magic, divine or psychic stuff I think so.

>> No.49591672

Why do you care about what the paraplegic angry god thinks? If he gets angry you just need to smash him when he complains.

That is the only correct form of prayer and respect that Khorne would accept.

>> No.49591676

>No I Hate Fairyland jump

>> No.49591692

Demon in Supernatural and Darksiders.

I think there's another one based on an anime, but it's real tech-data-ey so i dunno.

>> No.49591698

It's a fairly short comic and we have very little background information.

I mean, it could work, but I don't know man.

>> No.49591699

There was one Greater Daemon of Khorne who was tricked by Tzeentch into attaching Khorne while in rage.

He made a minute chink in Khorne's armor.

Khorne strangled the life and everything except for hate out of him, publicly, and threw him out. That Daemon now only feels hate but is trying to get back to being accepted by Khorne by causing shiploads of slaughter in his name.

Khorne still hasn't called him back

>> No.49591733

Such a tsundere.

He didn't kill the demon but left him with hate and a desire to come back to him. Only to pretend that he doesn't care.

>> No.49591758

What are the best jumps for making large quantities of powerful mindless bodies to add to my Speaker for the Dead hivemind?

>> No.49591771

Well, SMT is pretty great.

>> No.49591785

Cortex Command's pretty good. Apparently tech there can spit out a Culled Clone every 5 seconds (actually non-shitty clones take and undefined periods of time longer, but still).

>> No.49591786


I arranged an audience between a man and his role model where he couldn't normally meet him because of his health condition. Through this meeting and a couple of political favors, I gave him several promotions so that he could continue his work as a champion of the downtrodden with official sanctions.

Why? Because FUCK calender gods for mocking my coffee. Also someone's gotta keep a lid on things during Calibration, and Five Days Darkness legit has the best portfolio around.

>> No.49591834

Hypothetically, what would happen if a sufficiently powerful jumper went into the Warp and managed to kill Khorne

>> No.49591843

You would be making him stronger anon. . .

>> No.49591847

Half-Demon from Teen Titans
Devil everything from DMC
Satan Soul from Fairy Tail
Demon Lord codes from Digimon

>> No.49591864

What if I do that AND can eat souls and emotions? Hypothetically

Am I Khorne now?

>> No.49591866

The after effects will probably kill all the psychics in the galaxy and then some more.

You will ruin the balance in the Warp, bad things happens in real space.

Also, since you're murdering a creature made of murder, he probably just respawns and starts laughing at you.

>> No.49591872

Supreme Commander tech is perfectly happy to print out organic matter, there's no actual real difference between it and inorganic matter anyway.

>> No.49591874

You've made a new, better, stronger Khorne. Its you.

>> No.49591877

If you eat all the emotions you're whatever you want to be.

If you eat all Khorne related thoughts and emotions that populate the Warp, you can become Khorne or his avatar in the Warp.

>> No.49591884

What if I ask Khorne for honorable 1 v 1 combat with set stakes for if I win and lose as Khorne is also God of Honor?

What if beforehand I manage to tilt the actions of Khorne worshippers more towards honor instead of MUUUUUUURDER

>> No.49591894

Interesting. Another thought.

Let's say I kill all existing daemons, worshippers, etc of Khorne. Without trickery or magic or such. And I enjoyed the combat, losing myself in it

What does Khorne think of me?

>> No.49591904

Have you ever heard of 'mantling'? Because it seems appropriate.

>> No.49591913

Khorne's idea of honor is stabbing you in the face instead of stabbing you in the back. With a giant axe instead of a knife, if possible.

>> No.49591928

>And I enjoyed the combat, losing myself in it


>> No.49591931

To be fair that's technically pretty close to regular honor as a concept. He's just all about the killing, all the time.

>> No.49591943

This desu

Pleasing the chaos gods is a fallacy. They're all unpleasible, volatile tubs of testosterone and estrogen.

>> No.49591964

> Murder Khorne
> All the psions die from backlash
> Khorne just respawns
> "what"

>> No.49592101

>"Can we still fight tho? It was fun"

>> No.49592110

Not in that way.

I enjoyed the combat as in I like to fight. I want to murder and fight those on my level or above it. I am not getting a sexual high off it

>> No.49592141

saving Westoros, the Starks, and Tryion just to fuck over most of the Lannisters. Because fuck Tywin, the incest twins, and joffery.

>> No.49592158

Is it possible to skip the "Sacrifices" bit of summoning a daemon into a machine in 40k?

>> No.49592164

>Fuck Tywin
>The guy that was actually making the King and the Kingdom go straight
>The one that kept the Kingdom afloat with the Mad King
>The one that actually prevented more deaths (or even the victory of the Dragons) by not actively siding with the Mad King even when he had his son as a hostage.

Showfag spotted.

Khorne doesn't care. Pleasure is other's god realm.

>> No.49592167

Aren't you just empowering Khorne a lot during the process, then? Giving him lots of juice to create more worshipers/daemons even as you kill the old ones?

And then Jumper made a new friend, albeit at the cost of doing the complete opposite of what he set out to do.

For real tho-didn't Khorne get mega-butthurt the one time he sparred with someone who actually cut a chink in his armor?

>> No.49592176

Also this. If you're angry enough to enjoy the combat you're not angry enough. Just look at Asura.

>> No.49592201

It was this poor guy.

He hasn't gotten over it yet.

>> No.49592228

If you're not using it to kill indirectly, trick people or get out of a fight, it should be kosher. Khorne is really against magic when it spoils the glory of the fight, otherwise you can argue the technicalities.

>> No.49592244

Good point.

I can be less angry when I need to concentrate to go to another planet to kill more.

Each daemon is a collection of thoughts given form by being given a fraction of Chaos God's power. If you kill and absorb enough of them... Yh!

Also as far as I checked binding daemons of Slaneesh is actually a good way of dealing with them because they HATE being deprived of methods to act on their egoistical feels. Just saying since in past people said Slaneesh is into that

>> No.49592255

Suddenly, all those video games where the enemies teleport in, roar loudly, and charge at you from across the room make sense.

>> No.49592263

No, see-you're still trapped in the Khorne Paradox. By concentraing the net level of anger inside of yourself you're just becoming his champion.

>> No.49592291

Until I kill and eat Khorne.

By that point I should have absorbed 51% of Khorne's power at least, thus I am Khorne now due to holding majority of stocks in MURDER incorporated

>> No.49592293

The Chaos Gods aren't invincible, and 40k is far from having the most absurd powerlevels in jumpchain. But to kill them you'd probably be better off having a plan to change the nature of the Warp using magic/soul manipulation perks than trying to fight them directly.

>> No.49592305

>using magic/soul manipulation
>not fighting them directly
>not uniting the power of all the gods within yourself

>> No.49592355

>If I kill and eat Khorne

FTFY, or have you given up the pretense of hypotheticals?


The problem is that you're treating this like an actual tabletop RPG whiteroom battle. You're assuming Khorne is just going to sit there on his lazy ass doing nothing while you massacre his forces. You're assuming the other Chaos Gods won't do anything about someone suddenly expanding his portfolio. You're assuming the Imperium won't send exterminatus you from afar on general principle. You're assuming, for that matter, that you're even going to win those fights without even explaining how.

This is true, and the problem lies in people with some sort of absurd combined obsession for the approval and to devour them. It's like watching Abridged Cell, except at least Abridged Cell has style in his perfect form.

You know what would be a better idea? Just building a bazillion Cadian Pylons instead of doing this stupid fite-u-on-your-own-level shounen bullshit.

>> No.49592371

I am not assuming Khorne or other gods or even imperium won't do anything.

I am COUNTING on them doing something. Otherwise it gets boring

>> No.49592416

Oh great, and now you're pulling a Frieza without doing anything to justify it. Doing less than that even, given your priorities.

Great chain, have a nice death.

>> No.49592466

Does anyone know the answer to this? Is PMD Transform just the visuals like it is in the games, or does the jump not run on game balance?

>> No.49592480

As far as I know it's never been ruled either way. By default, I think it's up to you really as long as it's not unreasonable i.e. taking the Pokemon Codex at face value.

>> No.49592507

There is a method to my madness and a hidden goal.

By usurping/absorbing/killing off other worshippers, cultists or daemons of the Chaos Gods, while also exhibiting traits that would worship them, I aim to become the Last Avatar, the sole champion. Have the Chaos Gods focused and invested in me.

The plan aims to begin after I set Emperor on a healing diet and find a way to stop imperium citizens from being connected to warp, such as replicating the effects of Blank + Psyker combo from imperium jump. And giving them FTL tech.

Eldar, I still am considering what to do with them, similarly with TAU.

This is only Plan A, I got completely different plans too

>> No.49592508

Ok, thanks. I was thinking of taking the Pokédex entries for ditto as the downsides of the transformation abilities, actually, namely that doing it by memory /will/ have errors, and making me laugh will make it fail.

>> No.49592558

He would likely shit on you, because even though you're fighting and enjoying it, you're killing people whom are on your side, Which isn't exactly honorable. Besides, There are 3 other gods that are just as strong, and Khorne knows that. tl;dr he calls you a dipshit and punches you into a chainaxe of perpetual anger.

>> No.49592566

>you're killing people whom are on your side

>> No.49592573

I'm sorry, are you actually planning on killing off everything in the galaxy? Because those gods get their power from emotion, not from being worshipped directly, though that seems to help too. Also they've got untold ages of saved-up emotions.

>> No.49592598

That sounds fair enough, yeah.

Also I don't know why I typed Pokemon Codex instead of Pokedex

I may need more sleep

Oh god, that is the stupidist plan I have ever heard. You are literally trying to out-Archaon Archaon, in a branch of the franchise where Archaon isn't even a thing yet. You are, furthermore, assuming that concepts like "healing diet" and "giving a shit about the Imperium" will be relevant to you at that stage of your plan. You also appear to have overlooked the fact that even assuming you could feasibly propagate your "Blank + Psyke combo" its' success would result in your own demise because at that point you would be more psychic emanation than plan.

I have seen Darwin Awards better thought out than your plan.

Let me clarify: You have not convinced me you have the capability to do anything more than die horribly and ironically from your own stupidity. You must understand, I wholly believe in >>49592293 but every post you make just causes your incompetence to stand out more.

Let me rephrase: I have seen BANCHO think out better plans than you.

>> No.49592621

Social manipulation is a superior idea. The core problem with the warp is that everyone is miserable, so they're dumping their misery into the warp, turning it into a storm and either giving birth to daemons and other horrors, or twisting what was there before into daemons and other horrors.

You need to make the galaxy a better place.

>> No.49592629

As far as I can tell his plan appears to be to become Archaon, then reanimate the single entity in the galaxy most likely to attack him on sight for his insanity AND the single entity in the galaxy hyped to be the biggest danger possible to him at that point should he actually succeed.

He would then attempt to subsequently genetically engineer out of existence the psychic phenomenon he has now replaced most of himself with, and thus the last thing he will likely hear as he starts to black out from critical existence failure is Necoho's mocking laughter.

>> No.49592644

What's an Archaon?

>> No.49592647

So basically everyone is in complete agreement that the best possible thing he can expect is for this to fail and the most likely thing is that it's so terrible that his chain ends here, yeah?

>> No.49592651

Honestly the only god I've figured out how to actually /kill/ is Slaanesh. That's only because it's been attempted once, by a silver knight.
>Turn off all capability pleasure, only will
>March through the 7 (or 9, cant remember) circles of her realm
>Roll on up to her palace
>Slay or Eat Her
>Have Companion turn back on emotions, or find way to have them return
I don't know enough about the realms of other gods to form anything out.

Also, How would I go about turning off Emotion?

Google search, man

>> No.49592665


Except here is the thing you don't understand.

1. Giving shit about imperium is not what I would call it. I just have plans for every faction. The Psyker + Blank Combo just gives shielding/stealth from Warp, so the emotions or thoughts from person with those isn't adding to the Warp.

2. You THINK I am planning to succeed with this plan. Tzeentch intensifies

True. But ayyy as long as blood flows

Ayyy, what are alt forms for?

This would honestly be a good way to end my chain, though

>> No.49592679

That could work too, though redeeming an entire galaxy sounds like mor precise and hazardous work than trying to correct the metaphysics of the setting. The ultimate solution probably involves a bit of both.

Warhammer Fantasy character. He's the ultimate champion of Chaos, having been blessed by the four Gods and chosen to lead the Forces of Chaos during the End Times. Basically, he's Abaddon, only without the history of failed Dark Crusades.

>> No.49592710

I think the thing you don't understand is going "I have planz" isn't exactly the best evidence for anything working and yet it's essentially the only evidence you've given.

>> No.49592723

See, this is what happens when people take ASA as an example to be emulated.

>> No.49592724

It's an idea and plan I have, how I accomplish it depends on when I start posting builds and reach that point.

And again, I know I will most likely end my chain. But I will at least make it spectacular

>> No.49592740

1. Having a plan means you give a shit about the faction on some level. It doesn't mean you sympathise with it, but you acknowledge on some level it's of consequence to you in some way. I never questioned whether you had plans or not. I am asserting that your plans are universally worse than Bancho's.

2. Tzeentch gets away with it because there is currently nothing in his setting that can meaningfully harm him. You will never convince me the same applies to you.

>alt forms

Torturing you further, apparently.

On the other hand if this is a deliberate suicide mission-knock yourself out man, might as well go out with a bang and Khorne's daemons are hotter than Slaanesh's anyway

>> No.49592751

How about just fucking off to another galaxy and create his own worshippers there, while Emperor is just set on a timer or something so he recovers over time so it finishes when the fucking off to another galaxy happens, so there can be incredible galactical war?

>> No.49592781

Assuming you leave in the opposite direction the 'nids came from.

I forgot whether the Warp is a galactic, universal or multiversal phenomena though, and I get the impression GW has as well.

Also. Doesn't this plan culminate in Khorne becoming more powerful than ever?

>> No.49592813 [SPOILER] 


Yes this is meant to be a suicide mission, kinda. The plan is to do all this and, through my own absorption and engineering of humanity but also creating new races to Reset this Twisted game. That's what Jumpchain is for.

And if I lose? Then this suicide mission was glorious and I want to see how far I managed to get with the "plan". Otherwise, I might just delay my loss long enough so my time in imperium jump ends.

This is a terrible plan because it is meant to be terrible. It is meant to be idiotic, thoughtless, cocky, etc. because I don't care what the result will be, I want to see what I can at least make happen with this plan as my guidelines. I want to see how much awesome, either from me or others in universe, it can cause.

And yes, Khorne daemonettes are fine indeed

>> No.49592839 [SPOILER] 

What? Nooo, I totally don't mean to empower Khorne or whatever becomes him


>> No.49592909

So you're doing this for Nurgle.


>> No.49593126

I can see the appeal in Ressurecting Emps.

Otherwise it gets boring

>> No.49593151

Where's the Warhammer fantasy jump?

>> No.49593169

Non-imaged folder, N-Z

>> No.49593262

If Mardukth is here, may I ask if you can purchase companions past 8 for 100cp apiece to have a full 12 Player session? It would be fine if you can't, but I'm just curious.

>> No.49593292

Oh god.

Who the fuck made it

>> No.49593306

Here we go again.

>> No.49593329

Well, no. You can't.

I originally had it so that you could buy up to a full 12 player session, but was told messing with the 8-companions limit might not be best.

>> No.49593371

(Indiana Jones) #41
-Background: Cultist (Free) -FEAR NOT.
-Actually Does Their Job (900CP) -...why not?
-Symbol of God (Free) -Okay, this is gonna be awkward but fun.
-Sight of God (Free) -Now this will DEFINITELY be fun.
-Feng Shui (800CP) (Discount) -Oooohohohoho, DOUBLE YES.
-Foolish Thule (700CP) -I like inducing mysticism.
-Putting On The Reich (500CP) -OH LOOK, FANCY CLOTHES.
-Historically Pleasant (400CP) -And a bit more beauty.
-Shovel (Free) -...awwwww MAN.
-Nice Hat (Free) -Whatever it is, it's gonna be nice.
-Sankara Stones (Free) -Huh, this will look nice somewhere.
-Authentic Marking Kit (Free) -For those of the tribal persuasion.
-Orichalcum Bead Producer (-200CP) -Oh what I'm gonna do to you.
-Bowling for Boulders (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Geheimhaven, 26 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

...why am I in the german secret base. Why am I here of all places. ...wait this is where the Ark is brought in the first mov-FUCK. Okay yeah I can't stay here. At least not for the entirety of my time here.

My plan? Try to hide out. If they do find me, attempt to bullshit my way into the German ranks by pretending to be an occultist who knows what they're doing and has access to actual magic, make them think I'm here to help teach them and show them how to work things. ...then when the Ark and by proxy, Indy arrives? Book it. Like fuck I'd be sticking around for that firestorm of madness.

...the other problem is just all the freaking boulders I have to avoid. WHY did I feel like the Orichalcum Machine would be a good long-term purchase. Why did I think boulder running was a viable trade-off.

Same guy who made Light of Terra jump, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Age of Ice. Also Valley of the Dinosaurs and Babylon 5.

>> No.49593376

Not that anon, but what? It's been done plenty of times, so long as it's just for the one jump, no one cares if you can import more then 8 companions. Hell, some jump let you import all your companions, no matter how many you have.

>> No.49593390

Sometimes people ask questions when that guy who has an aneurism about 'tradition' is on.

>> No.49593395

What are all the Jumps that have it, other than Nanoha, WOW, Forgotten Realms, and Worm having an option for 16 Companions?

>> No.49593404

Well there is Tower of God and Negima. Gods save you, though

>> No.49593422

Slice of Life iirc

>> No.49593425

Off the top of my head, Magical Girl Noir is one.

>> No.49593427

Naruto (more than 8 but not all of them) and Final Fantasy 14.

>> No.49593430

The perks oh god are not sorted by anything.
The races, are they again copy pasted descriptions from wikis?
It's 55 pages of race selection

Question on BC, which will piss off/make happier Khorne more? If I straight up fight his daemons without magic and kill them or if I leave them be, defeated and in shame, just so they get stronger to be a challenge because me defeating them easily shows this was not that honorable and against what immersing one's self in combat should be?

Malal option when

>> No.49593433

Some people dislike the loud reeeing noises that occur when anything not part of the normal format appears in a Jump.

Especially since there's at least two of them and they will continue reeeing so long as their "trigger" exists.

>> No.49593436

ff14, and simant off the top of my head

>> No.49593444

so, eternity then?

>> No.49593450

Also, mandatory death for turning into any alt form that's too strong.

>> No.49593466

None. There's enough backgrounds as is. It might be a drawback but I gotta get there first.

>Question on BC, which will piss off/make happier Khorne more?
His daemons are endless. Khorne cares not for where the blood flows from, only that it flows. But then the other thing is if you're capable of slaughtering daemons like that without magic, then why the fuck are you fighting HIS daemons and say, not the daemons or champions of the other gods/the Imperium instead? Get out of the fucking kiddy pool.

>> No.49593468

I didn't notice that part. What?

Also, spend 200 cp to roll for gifts of chaos. No option to choose at higher cost.


>> No.49593469

Howdy all!

Warning for the Implied Lewd....
I don't know if this counts, but... I'm probably going to regret bringing this up...when I figured out how I kept waking up cuddled next to Yuno throughout the Merlin Jump... When I had the Curse of Bastet... she got the genetic material I asked for... it likely as bad as you are thinking.I'm still getting used to how... flexible a person from Creation can be when it comes to these kinds of things.

After the Eldar Jump, but before I got married I used to create massively complex scenarios where I'd toss out a prophecy and then basically poke an event into snowballing so as to train protagonists it was funny at the time, it's a traditional Eldar thing. After the ungentle touch of a Mortal Hero of Cration's Fate I've found I just have my own plot-line off to the side with less interference, though I sometimes kool-aid man into the main plot just to siggles and ghits. I still spread Hamon around just because I'm very unsatisfied with how it went in the original Jojo timeline.

>> No.49593508

It's in bold at the bottom of the first page.

Also, some "Perks" give you CP for taking them and are Disadvantages in everything but name. Nothing is said about them disappearing after the jump like real disadvantages do. AND you're forced to select an enemy to aggro on yourself as a mandatory drawback. Yep, it's a Babylon jump alright.

>> No.49593510

Actually, daemons are collections of thoughts of humans and such given a bit of power of the chaos God.

There is SHITTON of thoughts accumulated but it is finite, especially if you get rid of thinking ones or make em blanks or something I dunno. And even then, if you start, through out of jump means, stealing the fractions of power given to daemons?

They are not endless. But in this case I am arguing semantics and planning various bullshits and I should shut the fuck up

Also, splendid answer. Time to fight EVEEEERYONE

>> No.49593546

Everyone is bi in Creation
Also, Appearance 5 doesn't care if you're some sort of mutant dragonfly

>> No.49593569

>Nothing is said about them disappearing after the jump like real disadvantages do
Any negative skills or abilities do not grant extra CP if you get them as part of a background, the bonus CP is only available if you take the perk voluntarily. THESE CAN BE DISCARDED AFTER THE JUMP IS COMPLETE.

Also, Babs is gone. So fuck off with your constant bitching.

>> No.49593586

The "Yourself" nemesis is incredibly hard and the rewards are pure shit.

I mean, does that version of us have out of jump stuff too?

And holy fuck why do I have to pay cp for more nemesis. This is like a mandatory drawback and all

>> No.49593600

>And holy fuck why do I have to pay cp for more nemesis.
Because you get rewards for beating them.

>> No.49593604

The material YOU asked for?

>> No.49593606

They are shit though

>> No.49593607

How the heck did you get Yuno Gasai? Can you tell me what jump you can get her in? I have... INTEREST, let's say, in such a thing.

>> No.49593630

The Exalted Mortal's gauntlet has a Half-Caste Sidereal. She is based on an NPC from one of Gaunlet's Exalted games. Said NPC in turn was based on Yuno.

>> No.49593636

What does the Concealed Mark of Chaos even do? It mentions a great reward but not what you get or when you get it

>> No.49593647

Ah, I see! Thanks.

>> No.49593652

Khorne is God of Honor. While he doesn't care where the blood comes from, he does favor martial pride over anything else. That being said, Khorne does like when two powerful champions face off against one another.

So long the end is death and beheading of the loser. While he doesn't give extra blessings persay, but killing a powerful opponent is its own reward.

>> No.49593653

Ignore salt posts, do not reply to salt posters.

>> No.49593681

I don't think I've heard anything about most of these Jumps this year, let alone reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing? Definitely not enough that it should effect Jumpmaking.

>> No.49593683

It doesn't say you can't use too strong alt forms.

It just says that huge actions will get attention of chaos gods, speaking of which, are their fantasy incarnations stronger than the 40k ones or weaker?

>> No.49593684

Bitching about problems with jumps is on topic. What, are you going to whine if people start complaining about how The Purge gauntlet got accepted on the drive even though the author blocks a survivable jump version purely out of spite?

>> No.49593685

>1st & 2nd Spoiler
Yeah, fairly true the outliers are monogamists and straight folks. Then you get into the fact that some of the folks are Omnisexual Creation is a strange place to grow up in.

>3rd Spoiler.
Wasn't there an Apperance 5 Mountain, not the spirit or god but the Mountain was so fine that some Solar invented the Many-Stalked Flower of Delights, or was that Solars just being nutso near the end of the First age

Yar yar.

See >>49593630. Also there is talk of a Future Dairies Guantlet being tossed around. So, yeah.

At least they're about Jumpchian and not just random cusswords and hate be tossed around like filth.

>> No.49593693

I mean, what is this material? Your own dna as a werecat?

>> No.49593698

Grudgeposting is all he has in his sad life.

>> No.49593705

What does the * near some race names even mean? Is there any special significance or something?

>> No.49593721

>It just says that huge actions will get attention of chaos gods, speaking of which, are their fantasy incarnations stronger than the 40k ones or weaker?
Pretty sure they're a whole lot weaker.

>> No.49593726

>are their fantasy incarnations stronger than the 40k ones or weaker?
Weaker these days. In the original lore, the WHFB planet was one planet in the 40k setting (which was made later to be a scifi version). So they'd be the same. But eventually they kinda got semi-divorced without saying it, and they've talked up the Chaos Gods in 40k too much.

For example. Slaanesh is currently dead/captured and replaced with the Horned God, which is the Skaven's chaos deity. That's Smegmar though, so you can be forgiven for hating it.

>> No.49593729

>but should you go forth as a cloud of razor edged thoughts... or some other equally devastating and inhuman form you will rouse them to take to the field themselves, and this is not a conflict you would survive.
Sounds to me like, if you ignore the part in the middle, it's banning any form that's too strong and inhuman and has what sounds like a fiat guarantee that you will die to them.

>> No.49593734

And then the volcano erupted, destroying the kingdom.

>> No.49593741

Wasn't someone making another Fantasy Warhammer jump nowadays?

>> No.49593750

Replacement jumps aren't allowed.

>> No.49593758

There was talk of an Age of Sigmar jump.

Which wouldn't be a replacement.

>> No.49593764

It's not a replacement jump. Current one is Dogs of War, there was meant to be a different one

Again, I don't think that's a thing actually and it just says that if you fuck with the setting at large, you will have consequences

>> No.49593772

Nah, pretty sure there's actually a whole lot more monogamists and straight folks. It's just a focus on the Realm with its concubines and shit, and even then that's not everyone.

>Wasn't there an Apperance 5 Mountain, not the spirit or god but the Mountain was so fine that some Solar invented the Many-Stalked Flower of Delights, or was that Solars just being nutso near the end of the First age
That was just the Solars being nuts in the first age.

>> No.49593777

Oh boy.

Time to be Archaon

>> No.49593787

Then why does it mention turning into "a cloud of razor edged thoughts" and say that the trigger for the Chaos Gods attacking you would be "some other devastating and inhuman form"? What is the purpose of those lines in the quote if he's talking solely about actions instead of what form you take?

>> No.49593802

From my reading, the only part of creation where marriage isn't typical is in the far East.

>> No.49593825

Because it's an earlier Jump of his and he's trying to be poetic and metaphorical, but he's botching by not expressing the actual restrictions he is trying to impose.

>> No.49593847

The trigger is either that cloud or something other as devastating and inhuman.

Basically if you have a form stronger than strongest players other than Chaos Gods in Warhammer, they will fight you directly.

You better hope you can take them on.

And the "it isn't a conflict you would survive" is again Babylon's retarded fluff wanking their power

>> No.49593863

Age of Stinkmar could be an interesting jump. The aesthetics are really great, the setting of you divorce it from Warhammer Fantasy Lore is actually pretty solid. However it takes WHF and tears it up, shits on its corpse, bake the shit covered corpse in a cake and pretends its a continuation of WHF.

I get why they had to do it. UK law says they had to basically retain their IP or it would go public domain. Or something like that.

>> No.49593873

When the only accepted super power source is genetic, of course there's going to be marriages. You have to do your duty and make more Dragonbloods, yes? Even if you're into men/women/demons/trees.

Something, something, actually update the jump to include errata or else no one will know that you meant something completely different than what you actually wrote.

>> No.49593890

Is there a hot wheels jump?

>> No.49593891

Bastet are beings that were cursed to, from midnight to dawn, frenzy and hunt driven by instinct. They are winged panthers with enormous strength and speed advantages. They are also the sacred animal of Bast Egyptian Goddess of Cats War and some other stuff. I just wanted to know if the damned things were holy or something so I asked Yuno to get some genetic material from the damned thing.
To be fair the monster has some serious Magic Resistance and can kill fully armored knights in seconds unless they're on Arthur's level.


Nachtrapp (How the hell do you spell that again) is making a Mordheim Jump but it's slow going apparently.

Missed an h in your name there Mardukth.
As for the whole monogamists... well the Realm is all about expanding the bloodlines, because that's just a good idea when you actually stop to think about it.
The East almost universally have laws for succession that include terms like 'first wife' and 'decent by blood before adoption' in them. The West is very liberal by modern standards, just watch out for the Lintha they're fucking strict on who gets a baby from them. The North has people pairing off, so there's one place its popular enough to have been mentioned. I have no idea about the practices in the South other than the fact that the leader of Gem is a known pedophile and no one fucking cares as long as it's not their kid in particular, he has a habit of adopting orphens... yeah.
All around the whole of creation has a very open mindset when it comes to sex, which as pointed out in multiple books is because the Essence Users can fuck anything.

>> No.49593907

Nope. I assume you're calling dibs?

>> No.49593914

That's Dragon-Blooded though. They really are mostly bisexual. Otherwise, it's more like Rome for the nobles, where they'll fuck anything, and normal Earth societies for the peasants. It's just that they put in a whole bunch of examples of the former, while there's no reason to point out that someone is straight instead of bi.

>> No.49593960

Right, no school today, fuck.

Jumpers, what jump did you feel the most at home in? If you where going to settle down, in what jump would you be the happiest?

>> No.49593983

No, are you making one?

>> No.49593991

Pretty much.

That's literally only in the Realm though. Everywhere else, there's not enough DBs for it to come in play.

Fucking damnit, added a H.
Fair enough, they're a bit more liberal on the whole.

But it gets exaggerated a whole fucking lot, mostly because the difference get pointed out a lot more than the norm.

>> No.49593997

I greatly enjoyed my time in Naruto and Star Wars, but after I left I didn't feel like returning any time soon. Really, I don't think I'll ever settle down at this point. I've been travelling for so long that it just seems normal to leave a world after a while.

>> No.49594019

> I'd love some criticism.
> herpaderp I'm responding to things from yesterday
I'm gonna be honest, I feel like this could be way better?

Personally, I'd rather there be perks based on the different nations. I feel like between the different personalities and even CO powers, there's a lot more fodder for perks. Most of these existing could be shoehorned into those or turned into a more generalized perks.
Some of these, while admittedly pretty good for the rest of jumpchain, also seem kindof expensive for what are effectively basic gameplay elements that every character has access to, CO Powers, Tag Powers, etc. Like, if you don't buy those, does that just mean you can't use any of those ever, even in the jump? That kinda puts you at a major disadvantage, wouldn't it?

I'm also kindof against the Black Hole/Alien origin's freebie, considering there's no indication in the game that any of them have redundant bio systems (Sturm gets taken out by one bullet from Hawke), or for that matter need special breathing devices to survive.
I mean, the Black Hole aliens are pretty weird looking, and Sturm wears that Darth Vader getup, but they don't really show any indication of having trouble adapting to the planet?

... also, do I have to be an Alien to join Black Hole? What about Lash or Hawke?
For that matter, this totally needs a canon companion option.
Maybe fill out the items a bit.
I dunno.

I'm sure no one cares.
Tentative build up next.

>> No.49594036

Advance Wars
> Age: 24 [Rolled4]
> Location: Yellow Comet [Rolled3]
> Background: CO
> Andy’s Anthem [Get a Freebie!]
> Sun Tzu [-100CP]
> Chameleon [-400CP]
> Gimmick: Mass Production [Get a Freebie!]
> Top Tier: Mass Production [-200CP]
> Every Last Drop [-200CP]
> Andy's Spanner [-100CP]
> Black Crystal [-600CP]
> Black Coffee [+100CP]
> Rebellious Troops [+200CP]
> Only War [+300CP]


So, what, everyone else gets to just "stop fighting" if they get beaten, while I can still lose? Screw that. There are no kid gloves here.
Watch as I hype myself up on [COFFEE. TOTALLY NORMAL COFFEE] and [JUST COFFEE] before churning out ridiculous numbers of automated tanks en mass in a manic haze.
I'm like Colin! Except horrible.

Working for Black Hole sounds like it could be fun in all instances, if mainly for the tech.
They know how to do cloning, mass stealing of resources, and later on Von Bolt has all kinds of weird immortality and lifestealing, but the truth is that I don't really want any of these bozos to win. Sturm's a dick and Von Bolt is a creepier, more destructive dick.
Still, their contributions would make for great fodder tech to build my own nation.

Behold and tremble at the rise of Purple Sky!

>> No.49594105

You gonna put the AcceleChargers up for point buy or have us earn them the hard way?

>> No.49594153

Shit man, I loved that movie and Acceleracers. I was thinking about making a jump of that series since I loved it a lot. Now I wonder what happened to Vert after meeting his dad.

>> No.49594181

Mordheim I think. But since the only Fantasy jump now is Dogs of War, other jumps could be made of specific factions at the very least.

>> No.49594194

(Fairy Tail) #42
-Drop-In (Free) -My mind is my own in this world, and I'll work with what I have.
-C-Class: Archive (Free) -Identifying any magic and storing plenty of information in a database at whim? I'll take it.
-B-Class: Re-equip (700CP) (Rolled) -HELL. TO. THE YES. Able to summon any item I want in time? Fucking godlike.
-Magazine Material (600CP) -ALWAYS BE PRETTY. ALWAYS.
-Wily Wizard (400CP) -Learning to use my magic more effectively is always a worthy purchase.
-ColorS Magic (350CP) -Changing the color of my stuff can be pretty cool!
-Magic Headphones (300CP) -Never have to worry about carrying an iPod ever again.
-Gale Force Reading Glasses (200CP) -READING AT INCREASED SPEEDS. I will be acing so many books.
-Electrum Sword (0CP) -Ooooooh. Gonna be grabbing this bad boy.
Dice Rolls: Free Choice (Magnolia), 15 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

In the Fairy Tail home city, huh? Well I know what I'm going to do here: Get a freaking job.

I don't quite feel comfortable doing much other than cataloguing all the magic I can find here with Archive, but the MCs could still be assisted in some way and home is where the heart is, so chances are high I would just try to get a job, support the group in some way, and do what I could to ensure the home front was stable and secure so they could rush off pissing off demigod mages or giant mega-dragons or whatever they want to do to the world and its bullshit escalation. You all can do that. I'm not going to do that. I am perfectly content with my shenanigans over here. Yes.

Besides, I've got different magics and enchantments, so imagine them actually seeing weapons being forged that have useful effects in battle. Or being able to make armor or weapons out of the creatures they bring back.

>> No.49594209

>Fair enough, they're a bit more liberal on the whole.
>mostly because the difference get pointed out a lot more than the norm.
Their society is different so the writers point out the differences. They are basically a Wu Xia novel with some Roman ideals thrown in. They are very promiscuous in comparison to modern UK or USA standards, but on the whole they're just normal folks living the peasant life and dying or nobles being awesome, they generally are good at ruling large chunks of land properly within certain politics, and dying. Life goes on.

>But it gets exaggerated a whole fucking lot
Not really. As I said a Wu Xia novel and Roman ideals. They are as liberal as they seem and it gets brought up a lot to emphasis that point. They are different from the average person and that's part of the mindset. If you don't play it that way that's okay, playing an RPG with that much Squick is difficult to do properly. One childish comment subverts the entire seriousness of the alien mindset and reduces it to debauchery. Most people don't really Roleplay on that level, it's too difficult and such, but it is something that is a part of the world.
Exploring it is something that the game actually has information about, granted only in an April Fools Joke but it has been stated by one of the game developers, that, while non-canon, the content of ExXxalted is the closest to actually taking that entire sex in Exalted seriously that they were willing to do. Really that says things right there alone.

That said I feel that a change of subject is in order.
Where to next /JC? Gaunlet needs a new Jump!

>> No.49594227

What's Mordheim?

>> No.49594263

I would love AoS jumps, although I think it would be best to divide it between Jumps, Order, Death, Destruction, and Chaos.

All I ask is that if someone decided to make a AoS jump, we have a perk or something that lets us make Eternals even if its nerfed a lot.

>> No.49594269

It's appropriate too since the Far East is where the Lunars have fucked with people's heads the most.

>> No.49594287

Skulduggery Pleasant

>> No.49594290

Devil Survivor.

>> No.49594293

The main issue is that Babylon put too much into one jump. Too much stuff not enough CP and again what is the Concealed Mark of Chaos Undivided even supposed to do

>> No.49594294

Has there been any updates on YJ anon and his creepy pasta jump?

>> No.49594298

Something something beastmen army something fucking all the bears too.

>> No.49594306

>Divel Survivor


>> No.49594348

South and West do have marriages which are the norm. I do think there's one culture in the West where sailors having a wife on every island is the norm, but I don't remember its name. But that's atypical. Parts of the south have harems though because Middle East and Africa expy.

>> No.49594370

Pokemon. A real injection of healthy relationships and positive emotions there.

I'd probably be happiest in like Planescape or something though. Immortal wizard who can pick any prime material he wants to have fun.

>> No.49594412


Gonna be honest, don't remember what those are. I own world race, but i think not ever saw the tv show on, well, tv. So I probably missed a couple. Or most of them.

Wanna collaborate?

>> No.49594415

>Alien mindset
Nigga, the books don't same DBs automatically think differently from normal people. They especially don't say the peasants do. They say Dynasts get weird attitudes because of the culture they grow up in, and make a joke that maybe the Dragons blessed DBs with a heightened libido.

>> No.49594456

What about the North?

>> No.49594463

Mordheim is the skirmish game based on Warhammer Fantasy. In it you have everyone in a city called Mordheim, and by everyone I mean freaking everyone there are a lot of supplements to the armies and even more homebrews. It's fun and still has the feel of the early Warhamemer Fantasy stuff, where lots of things taken very seriously now are played for laughs. Apparently the best thing you can do is either have all the ranged weapons or zerg rush people with dual club wielding thugs, stunlocking is apparently a thing and everyone hates it at my local gameing store (the stunlocking not the game).


Knowing nothing of this I can't judge what's it about?

Nope! I use the diminishing returns rule and I'd be fucked by eight different types of Devil (My real reason for holding back on this is waiting out the retcon storms right now)

Tyrant Lizards and Bears have retarded stats that make no sense, but if Tyrant Lizards could deal the damage that they really should there would be a greater Realm prescience in the directions as they leveraged the fact they had a lot of fucking Exalts able to take the crazy monster beasts down when everyone else has very few in comparison.

>I do think there's one culture in the West where sailors having a wife on every island is the norm, but I don't remember its name.
That's what I was thinking of.

>But that's atypical.
Ah, I can't remember and am not close to my Terrestrial Direction: West book right now. I still want to see Lintha Anon's build.

>Parts of the south have harems though because Middle East and Africa expy.

I'm talking about the fact that Creation is different from many modern cultures of the current world. Alien in the way they think in comparison to the way the modern person thinks.
Also I think its only the Wood aspect that has the heightened libido but again I'm too far from my books to confirm that fact.

>> No.49594477

Marriage is hardcore normal in the North. There aren't any weird divergences that I spotted when reading their book.

They do comment how in some tribes their petty god likes to marry young women for a year and knock them up, how in one city casual sex before marriage is normal (implying it is frowned on elsewhere), and how in another young, unmarried people like to fuck in the hotsprings. So they're not more libertine than we are, just more honest about it, I guess. But yeah, marriage is the norm in all these cultures too, they just don't mind teenagers being horndogs beforehand.

>> No.49594522

Tell me Jumpers, what kind of over-deities (aside from the Benefactor) do you think that are out there? Have you seen any hint of multi-setting intereaction in your travels not caused by your Benefactor? Do you think that could there be something out there angry at us for jumping?

>> No.49594550

It's Wavecrest, just looked it up. Men in Wavecrest are allowed multiple wives, not so elsewhere in the West.

>> No.49594607

Oh, yeah. How did Gem get destroyed while you were in Creation? Or was it destroyed beforehand somehow.

>> No.49594625

I need a comfy, low-stress Jump with waifus. What would y'all recommend?

>> No.49594634

Ragnarok Online.

>> No.49594640

Considering that everyone receives an oldwalker spark, the Blind Eternities and some of its inhabitants should be a part of the multiverse.

I wonder if you can cross-paths with non-jumper planeswalkers in settings available in the chain.

>> No.49594668

Combination of some of the writers and most of the players being immature.

>> No.49594671

Slice of Life
Animal Crossing (if you already have lods of emone)

>> No.49594695

>Have you seen any hint of multi-setting intereaction in your travels not caused by your Benefactor?
Sometimes I call characters by the names of their actors.
Muppet Treasure Island's Long John Silver was Tim Curry, for instance.
Kingdom Heart's Genie was Dan Castellaneta.
And rather than call them by their character names, I'd spend the whole jump calling them by their actor's.

And sometimes they'd even acknowledge it.

>> No.49594719

Huh, neat.

I don't know the exact details. I have been thinking about redoing my choices in that so as to do some other stuff, saving Gem is on the list but mostly it would be shifting some drawbacks that didn't net me companions around. After all I still have a bullet for that one.

>> No.49594731

IIRC Princess Leia canonically hugged Luke despite the fact he said her actor's name.

Although technically that was just an acting fail that they forgot to take out or didn't notice.

>> No.49594846

Breaking the fourth wall into a million small pieces is not out of character for the Muppets.

Upstage, lads, this is my ONLY number!

>> No.49594872


For me it really seems to depend on meta. As in, how meta is the series/character?
Genie acknowledged it straight out, first time. Said he was always glad to meet one of his fans, but asked if I could just call him Genie while he was here.
Then he did one of those stage whispers and said he had to stay in character.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Po always seemed really confused. You'd think he wouldn't be, since his voice is basically just, "Jack Black, speaking normally", but all he ever did was correct me.
> "Is this a panda thing? Is it because I'm a panda? Because there's a lot of white here, too. I don't know if you noticed."

>> No.49594877

>but was told messing with the 8-companions limit might not be best.
Maybe rethink that? Because playing a game that allows 12 players as part of its setting rules, the jump should allow for that,

The 8 player limit was so you did not bring out all your companions to curb stomp many jumps with waves of companions, as the general rule.

It was not meant to mean the import limit was fixed at that, which can vary from jump to jump, just that you should be able to assume you can always bring along 8 outside companions, even if there is no import option, unless that is explicitly changed.

If your jump can handle more without trivializing the setting, allow more.

>> No.49594895

>'Sssshhh! Stop calling me that! You're going to wake them up!'

>> No.49594896

I've been busy lately, so it's been going pretty slow. I've got the perks about 50% done, and have the rest outlined, so I just need to find some good ideas for items and companions, and to find a good name to call the "monster" origin.

The Fallout 4 update is coming along good, as well.

>> No.49594920

Is there a Berserk jump yet?

>> No.49594930

Yes, and it's has been out for years.

>> No.49594936

You should have followed Po around singing Tenacious D songs.
>Twas I who fucked the dragon, Fuckalize sing-fuckaloo

>> No.49594945

>Wanna collaborate?
Sure, just how do I do that? Like, where do we meet up and what not.

>> No.49594962

Any clue on which is coming first? Also, what are you adding in Fallout, specifically? Can we buy our very own Nuka World?

>> No.49594963

I once crossed paths with the Grim Reaper in two different settings, around 60 jumps apart.

He wasn't very happy about seeing me.

>> No.49594964

Not that anon, but could you post it? I can't find it in the drive.

>> No.49594967

In his defense, it's been on a boat for most of that time.

>> No.49594971


>> No.49594979

>Jumpchain, your number one /tg/ hook-up spot.

>> No.49594989

>a good name to call the "monster" origin.
Pasta? Cryptid? Donut Steel?

>> No.49595000

On the subject of the fallout 4 jump may I make a suggestion?

Is there any chance of removing the restriction on only Drop-Ins being able to take the replace the protagonist drawback? Some of the other origins could make an ineresting backstory for your pre war life.

Institute = Nora might have been a Prewar Scientist instead of a lawyer

BOS = would match be the canon soldier life of Nate

Railroad = perhaps his role in the military was a spy instead

Also perhaps a version worth CP that makes resolving the main plot in some way mandatory/fail condition enforced?

>> No.49595017

Speaking of sparks, if you're an oldwalker could you give neowalker sparks to others?

>> No.49595021

I'm gonna second Cryptid. It sounds both vaguely more official and pompous about it. Perfect for creepypasta.

>> No.49595032

...I really have low Intellect don't I? What I meant was like do we chat about it on the IRC or some forum to discuss it was what I meant.

God I'm embarrassed.

>> No.49595045

The Pasta Donut Cryptid. How horrifying.

>> No.49595083

>Voodoo Doughnut intensifies

>> No.49595085

>Are you trying to start shit so you can post more things on 4chan, [whatever your real name is]?

>> No.49595109

Kek, I'm not Hotwheelsanon. I just thought the way you put it was funny, and somewhat unfortunate.

>> No.49595130

(Cardcaptor Sakura) #43
-Background: Drop-In (Free) TIME TO BE A MAGE.
-Safety First (900CP) (Discount) -FUCK THIS IS AMAZING.
-Spell Sensitivity (800CP) (Discount) -Oh ho ho hooooo. Yes. Yes this is good.
-Magician (600CP) (Discount) -So I get more magical power? I love this!
-Conjoined Conjures (300CP) (Discount) -Oh... oh holy shit. This is beyond... I... wow.
-Moon Battery (-300CP) -You know. There's something about this that I enjoy. Just... something to encourage me going into moonlight.
-Addiction (-200CP) (Sweets)
-Lure of Magic (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 9 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

On one hand, MAAAAGIIIIIC. I loved this show, I loved the silly cutesy stuff that was involved, I loved the outfit designs, so the whole thing is a fun trip down nostalgia lane. Even better, I've got magic of my own and I've got the means to thrive under the moonlight, which is when the cast tends to run around and capturing Clow Cards anyway. So this is really nice for me and a good way to get involved!

...on the bad side, I'm probably going to get involved anyway because holy shit why am I feeling these feelings, THIS DOESN'T COMPUTE. How the fuck should I know how to respond to this stuff?! I've never felt them before, I've never had the mental wiring for it. What do you DO when you suddenly feel things you're not meant to feel? Ugh. Spaghetti is going to be spilled like a fucking dump truck on a regular basis and this is going to be frustrating as shit. Probably why I have the sweet addiction, to try and distract myself from those things. Thank fuck I took Metavore or I was probably going to blow up with all the sugar I was intaking. But there's going to be a lot of candy I have. I mean like, a lot. This is bullshit, I tell you.


>> No.49595171

Sadly the only one I know is "Tribute".

However, given what Po is like? He'd probably think it was totally awesome.
And then we'd play imaginary air guitars.

I kinda just think it's funny.
If that actually happened it would only encourage me.

> tfw Shrek doesn't react.
> however Donkey remarks that while he doesn't know who this Eddie Murphy guy is, "He sounds handsome."

>> No.49595173

Probably Creepypasta, since it's October. As for the additions to Fallout 4:

-A new raider origin
-New companion options
-Scenarios (based off of the DLCs/Main Quest so far, I might come up with more ideas later)
-An updated items section
-Other misc. tweaks, additions, and balances

I like Cryptid as well; I think I'll go with that unless something more fitting gets suggested.

Eh, maybe? I'm not so sure about that, especially the changed history part, but I'll think about it. As for the giving CP part, one of the scenarios is basically doing the main quest, or at least ensuring that one of the factions comes out on top.

>> No.49595176

Dammit man! I'm already an insecure little shit. I don't want to be an embarrassed insecure little shit.

>> No.49595207

>Someone bought a fucking fruit loop muffin

>> No.49595248

I'll throw a google doc at the thread when I have a wip.

>> No.49595251

>but I'll think about it.

>one of the scenarios
That sounds cool.

>> No.49595260

You're cute when your embarrassed. Why don't we meet up somewhere, and talk about it.

>> No.49595325

Coolio. Also found some pics about designs that may or may not have been planned to be used for the 5th movie. One of the designs seems to depict a motorcycle turning into a flying machine and a car turning into a power armor of sorts.

pic very much related.

What am I doing to myself!

>> No.49595400

Hey guys what did I m... >>49593890 >>49594412 >>49595248

>> No.49595461

Now that you mention it, wasn’t there a perk or item somewhere that gave you infinite candy?

>> No.49595473

There was, but I haven't picked it up yet. Which means I'm pretty much going to have to either find a way to get money, or alchemize it somehow.

Along with lots and lots of teeth brushing.

>> No.49595495

Ed Edd n Eddy also gives you Unlimited Sweets of three different types. plus jawbreakers if you do the gauntlet version

>> No.49595544

Well Dogs of War is too big for it's own good, there's really no point in harping on about it. Babylon isn't here anymore, and it would be up to him to either fix it or put it up for adoption.

I agree, with stuff like Warhammer where there's multiple armies you really need multiple jumps. Otherwise you lose the flavor of things having to go more generic and trying to encompass everything.

>> No.49595572

How many different books or editions or whatever do we have after what Babs did so we can split stuff into separate jumps

>> No.49595609

As soon as I finish 'ROBOTS R SRSS BZNSS', I'll start working on 'RACING IZ SRSS BZNSS'.

>> No.49595643

Initial D?

>> No.49595644

Well he did pretty much End Times via Drawback, and Dogs of War seems to encompass almost everything that's outside of stuff like Mordheim & Bloodbowl. However there is two videogames that came out that one probably could make a jump out of.

Total Warhammer & Vemintide.

>> No.49595679

Hot wheels.

>> No.49595694

Total War Warhammer is weird because it actually has a sort of plot? In that everything is all according to a certain Greater Daemon of Tzeentch's keikaku.

>> No.49595698

Dogs of War is the name for the mercenaries that can join any army, so all of the factions are still open for jumps to be made of them.

>> No.49595732

You just come across like you're pushing for this out of spite for Babylon.

>> No.49595804

The first half of the thread didn't already clue you in?

>> No.49595818

Not him but I need to know something.

What is the Concealed Mark of Chaos Undivided meant to even give you

>> No.49595835

Just calling attention to it.

>> No.49595879

He isn't wrong though, why not have jumps for the individual factions?

>> No.49595904

Meh, best to just not take the bait. Spiteful shitposters never actually make any of the jumps they're threatening with.

>> No.49595914

I'm just saying, if he wanted it to claim the entire generic Warhammer Fantasy setting, he'd have just named it Warhammer Fantasy, not Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War. The fact that he went out of his way to specify that it's the mercenary jump means that all the other factions are still open for their own jumps.

>> No.49595919

Simply doesn't force you to do anything for a particular God? I dunno

>> No.49595933

He even calls you a mercenary in it

Drawbacks that put you in different era or such usually don't stop specific jumps, because it's a drawback

>> No.49595939

Rolled 2 (1d8)

Jump: Exalted Mortal Heroes Gauntlet (No. 6)
Location: Chiaroscuro
Destinies: A Book That Should Never Be Opened (100)
A Pair of Moonsilver Pantaloons (200)
A Lout, A Layabout, A Lice Riddled Beggar (300)
But A Stepping Stone (450)
Fuck me, Sidereal! (600)
Race: Children of Earth
Origin: Broker
Perks: Guild Smile
The Flow of Essence (400)
Sweet-Voiced Beggar's Petition
Dreaming Pearlescent Courtesan (0)
Storied Treasures: A Layman's Gear
Lesser Wonders: A Time Capsule

So, Viktor's basically a mere mortal in a world where we have demigods running about punching concepts and twisting fate around like they're making pretzels? And two of them, and a demi-demigod and an actual god-god are now wanting Viktor to, in order, solve their love triangle, notice them (but not notice them too hard), and basically be the roommate from hell (or heaven, to be accurate)? It's a good thing Victor is good at diplomancing, or else I'd be worried. As it is, this is pretty much a Slice of Life type of deal, albeit a pretty high stakes one if Viktor screws up. He'll take the Half-Caste Sidereal as a companion, as well. (Does she have a name, or should I just call her Y-Something?)

1. Actraiser
2. Bionicle
3. Mega Man X
4. Star Wars- The Original Trilogy
5. Exalted- The Dragonblooded
6. 1984
7. Victoria 2
8. The Order of the Stick

Going to need a new Jump to replace what I roll.

>> No.49595952

Chill out man, not everything needs to be about shitting on jumpmakers. The fact that the jump is specifically based around a single facet of the setting means that other jumps focusing on different parts of the setting can be made.

>> No.49596020

The Imperium jump let's import all your companions.

So does the Generic Hentai jump.

>> No.49596067

The Room.

>> No.49596074

You are obsessed with forcing your banned jump.

>> No.49596096

Not mine. i'm a different eldritch horror all together.

>> No.49596147


>> No.49596150

Maybe. ...maybe.

(High School of the Dead) #44
-Background: Fighter (Free) -The FUCKING zombies. Why am I fighting zombies? I HATE zombies.
-Finesse (Free) -More coordination is fun.
-Fashion (900CP) (Discount) -Oooooh yes. We're classy and defensive as FUCK.
-Function (700CP) (Discount) -More perks to keep skills from degrading. Very nice.
-Form (400CP) (Discount) -Awareness! Always need more of this.
-Maturity (200CP) -The secondary perk. Decide how I look when I grow up? USEFUL.
-Hard Target (100CP) -Armor feels comfy, but I can repair it much easier? YES.
-The Gunshow (0CP) -I look good NO MATTER WHAT.
-Health Plan (-100CP) -Just in case.
-Combat Outfit (Free) -Um, cool?
-Damned Sexy (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 17 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

...okay yeah I'm not going to lie. I hate zombies. Well, 'hate' probably isn't the right word. I'm more terrified of zombies and what they potentially represent. The shambling, rotting corpses that seem to only want to turn others like them, the way their faces are... their eyes that can stare back. Every time I see them, I can't help but think the original occupants are still inside, trapped inside a layer of rotting flesh and screaming constantly as they try to vainly get out, their bodies trying to turn others like them to spread their grisly fate.

The idea of tens of thousands being like this is flat fucking horrifying to me. Almost like the related video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDSsl-oQzkg

So the idea of being in a zombie apocalypse? Chances are high I would be finding myself a base of operations, building up that fucker as much as I could, doing back-up routes among back-up routes, then hunkering down and trying to snipe any zombie within visibility with anything that can carry fire. E-tech sniper rifles, arrows, whatever. Burn those fuckers and let them get their final rest. Gonna do a damned bonfire every night for ten years. Then pray I never have to see anything like that again.

>> No.49596311

Maybe he stole some blood from Nyarko and went full Terraformars on it.

>> No.49596335

From what I understand every form of economy or government you can imagine can be found on one Imperium planet or another, are there any notable ones that are democratic/capitalist? MuricaIntensifies.gif

>> No.49596351

Or Hastur.

You are now imagining trap Bancho.

>> No.49596352

>Chill out man, not everything needs to be about shitting on jumpmakers.
I wouldn't accuse you of it if I wasn't certain that this is actually what you're doing right now. Fuck off, multiple jumps in the same setting aren't allowed, especially without permission from the original jumpmaker. If you want to piss on babs grave so badly, try not to be so horribly cancerous in the process.

>> No.49596353

>> No.49596363


>> No.49596369

Late game jumpers mostly get challenged by things caused from their own experiments, Y/N?

>> No.49596373

Not likely, traps can't have pompadours.

>> No.49596398

It's just a waste of CP.

>> No.49596399

It's like a penis for your hair.
If anything, a pompadour would make a woman look like a reverse trap.

>> No.49596403

What's this now?

>> No.49596419

None of the known ones.

>> No.49596420

Depends on the jumper. Not all late chain jumpers are science-magi-tech types.

Speaking of, jumpers, what 'type' of jumper are you? Magic? Charisma? Itchy Tasty?

>> No.49596421

A Jump. Seems a nice one.

>Creating something stronger than yourself
>Not using hiveminded bodies to experiment with higher-powers

>> No.49596424

Screw off, mate. You're not me. He's quoting my post, not yours. You're not hijacking my post to shitpost.

>> No.49596428

What did you say about my hair!?

>> No.49596430

Where did you come from?

>> No.49596431

Just a protip. Trying to get the last word in about things doesn't help the situation at all, and with the author gone, it's a pointless issue to push further. Just let it die already and move on. There are plenty of settings that can be made into jumps, and you people don't work fast already as it is.

>> No.49596440


>> No.49596444

Magical enough to the point where magic becomes as simple to understand as science, and a good enough scientist to the point science is indistinguible from magic.

>> No.49596447

Don't let him bait you. School's out.

>> No.49596461

See >>49596424

Hey, if I didn't take it to inform everyone he's hijacking, more people would've responded and actually take him seriously.

>> No.49596467

He's been here for awhile. He also made In Nomine and Jade Cocoon.

>> No.49596468

I said you look like a man.

A man I'd fuck.

>> No.49596476

Your nightmares.

>> No.49596482

The "Has a plan for everything, and knows everything about everyone kind."
What's your Classpect anyways? Something of Light?

>> No.49596499

>I own my point of view and side of the argument
This is almost more obnoxious than transparent shitposting, because I can honestly believe you actually think like this, and it's disgusting.

>> No.49596510

Think I mostly fall under the Magic and Lazy types? Though I'm pretty much as bad as Red with the vanity perks for appearance.

Also, stack all the Sensory perks. I'm pretty sure I can see infinity now. And also hear/smell/taste/feel it.

>> No.49596521

Oh, I needed this jump.
>Weight of Ages
And my companions really needed this perk.

>> No.49596543

Heir of Time. I went to the SP session and wanted to have the classic Felt. Also, SP sessions are canonically made to be more easily beaten by Time players.

Seer of Light might have been a great alternative if not for the SP session.

>> No.49596545

Multiverse troll, I intend for my ascension in the BC jump to be the result of my god thinking it would be a funny way to screw with the warlord I'll be following around and messing with.

>> No.49596554

You're fucked man

>> No.49596559

Rolled 8 (1d8)

Jump: Bionicle (No. 7)
Origin: Turaga
Elemental Affiliation: Magnetism
Location: Mahri Nui
Perks: Leadership
Wisdom (900)
Member of the Order of Mata Nui (600)
Blessing of Mata Nui (400)
Nuva (0)
Items: Great Kanohi

Not really sure what Viktor will do, here, since I know literally nothing about Bionicle. I guess he'll just try and gather some of the unique resources of this world, and try and upgrade Baltico's robot army with some of the tech here. He might disappear a few of the locals to see how they "tick" as well, to see if he can recreate them or at least document their biology/structure for later.

1. Actraiser
2. The Room
3. Mega Man X
4. Star Wars- The Original Trilogy
5. Exalted- The Dragonblooded
6. 1984
7. Victoria 2
8. The Order of the Stick

Need a new Jump to replace what I roll.

>> No.49596568

Magic and harem jumper here.

>> No.49596570 [DELETED] 

The Room.

>> No.49596576

Oh wait, you added it. Girl-Chan.

>> No.49596585

Science-magi-tech and also lazy.

I don't get challenged by my own experiments a lot, because mostly I just research shit and don't create much of anything.
I am kindof boring, in all honesty.

If anything I am mostly challenged by people trying to STOP me from researching shit.
Because sometimes learning requires dramatic action to secure the means, which people take exception to. And sometimes people get all up in arms about "forbidden knowledge" or "that's just wrong", or some such malarkey.
Pff. Idiots!

>> No.49596689

I really want a Bastard!! jump...

>> No.49596748

Then make it. It's not like it's that hard to make a jump anon.

>> No.49596765

I feel your pain, my brother.

>> No.49596783

Hot damn, this has some really cool stuff. Especially the undead and scientist stuff.

Is there a drawback limit? And is there supposed to be an age roll?

>> No.49596802

Fuck. Yes, +600 drawback limit.

I was going to put in an age roll, but then the bestial, malformed, and undead backgrounds needed to be broken down into so many cases for different rolls I just said fuck it and left them off.

>> No.49596865

It is a perk that nullifies the inherent drawback of being any of Champions of Chaos what with risk of becoming a Chaos Spawn. It also forcibly spends your cp on Infiltrator and only gives you discounts on Warsteeds of all kinds. So yes, being Champ of Chaos Undivided in Warhammer Fantasy jump sucks, get the mark separately if you need to

>> No.49596923

Chocolate Elves are best elves.

>> No.49596925

Aw damn, that's gonna hurt. Here I was planning an insane clusterfuck of drawbacks to get the stuff I want. Guess it's time to figure out what to cut...

Fair enough on the ages.

Wonder if I should be a vampire, mummy, or maybe a skeleton or something. Maybe grab Bestial stuff and be an undead were-mammoth.

>> No.49596939

Generic Universal Monsters
>Drawbacks: Pentagram Warning, Hated, Lycanthropy [1600]
>Starting Location: Bistritz, Romania
>Origin: Undead (Aztec ghoul of fitness)
>Perks:Weight of Ages [Freebie]
Countess Nona Repmuj [1500]
False Life [1300]
Back from the Grave [1000]
The Beast Among Us [600]
Mouth Watering [0]
Coffin [Freebie]

Seeing that this seems to be a 'lighter' version of WoD, I shouldn't have trouble navigating this world. I guess I will just build contacts, play strip-poker with some old legends and maybe play the crazy scientist role just for shit and giggles.

Also, I better build a sturdy cage to keep myself while in my werewolf form from damaging anyone or anything unintended. I hope that my companions won't mind having me barking at them from a dimensional cage for hours... Who I'm kidding. They probably I'm going to remind me this for centuries.

The Undead line really adds some pretty interesting stuff, specially post-chain. And more alt-form combination perks are nice.

>> No.49596958

So I was thinking.

Khorne hates Wizards. So would he hate Chakra, Ki or Hamon? It's not exactly magic but it is something supernatural, yet product of ones skills.

I mean, would Broly be a champion of Khorne?

>> No.49596993


>> No.49597025

I went high-end on the manipulation of biology, technology and magic. grabbing perks that allowed me to make effects interchangeable between the three was my main objective.

I could create magical beings who could do things that technology did, I created machines that went through biological evolutions and organism's with crazy magical potential. Soon everything blended together, I created super beings with the help of my companions, things that obeyed my every command due to the perks I grabbed that helped maintain direct control.

Now when I go to settings, I watch as the natives see technology and magic as two mutually exclusive things and see biology as something difficult to change, ruled by nature. I show them that I have made these all one of the same.

>> No.49597027

Muscle wizard Healer.

So I can punch death out of people.

>> No.49597056

Probably. Hating Wizards but not scientists is pretty arbitrary anyways, since they're both nerds who use their knowledge of the world around them to achieve results instead of punching people in the face. He probably dislikes most supernatural energy manipulations.

>> No.49597077

Well, Khorne's fine with magic that builds weapons instead of directly blasting people, so he should be fine with scientists and engineers, too.

>> No.49597087

It's because technology is product of Mortal sweat and brow. It's not relying or borrowing power of gods or such, that is why Khorne approves of technology.

Ki and Chakra don't borrow power from anything else so they are a-okay, Hamon I dunno probly

>> No.49597124

I read that as muscle wizard Hitler. Which somehow didn't shock me like it should.

>> No.49597169

Most excellent. Spookio, my good swamp man.

>> No.49597199

Broly would be best champion of Khorne. Maybe. Kinda?

No he wouldn't. Blasting planets like that will earn Khorne ire

>> No.49597219

Spookio, my good-

>> No.49597247

What jumps do we have that have companion imports and have beauty perks? Trying to boost the waifu's looks a bit, I can't be to much prettier.

>> No.49597256

I guess my problem with the distinction is that most magic/ki/whatever (at least in the chain) rarely deals with borrowing power. It's either ambient magic, or internally generated, or some combination of both.

>> No.49597259

I feel like he wouldn't mind chi or Hamon as much because they come from training and from yourself, and in the latter's case all it is is enhancing your body and physical attacks. He'd probably grumble about it, but I think he would accept it.

No. Broly takes way too much enjoyment out of what he does, and relies too much on energy attacks.

>> No.49597288

Well there's the waifus for one thing.
Then there is the rampant use of magic/technology/magitech all to make it more enjoyable to lay on my ass and do nothing, or sit in my lab and tinker on whatever crosses my mind.

Spiteful Utopia Creation, I made someone their own personal utopia, so I never ever have to hear their annoying fucking voice ever again.

Where do you think "Use Blink's ability to affect my Momentum to slam into people at terminal velocity" stands?

Part of the problem is that it's really hard, in-universe, to "kill" a Daemon. You can disperse one, but they will reform in the Warp after a time. They can be killed, permanently, but it's difficult.

Honestly? Any world. I'm the type who would fuck off into deep-space, in any given setting, and settle down with my family.
With teleporters so we can return to Earth, or wherever the people are, at will.

I imagine you could in Innistrad at least, and any future MtG planes that are turned into jumps.

I do this some times as well.
I refereed to Director Fury as Samuel more than once

>> No.49597300

Use perks to permamently kill a thing or kill em in Warp?

>> No.49597327

Blanks can also permanently kill Daemons, in the right situation.
Also I THINK, but am not sure, that a strong enough Psyker can rip a demon into pure 'thought stuff'.

>> No.49597352

Semi-retired battle cleric.

>> No.49597371

Holy shit, there is very little of this that I don't want. Good job, anon.

>> No.49597383

Do Blanks have a scale like Psykers? Or do they all have roughly similar levels of 'fuck yo bullshit'?

>> No.49597391

There's a negative scale yes.

>> No.49597403

Is meat murder?

>> No.49597404

I have no fucking idea.
I'd like to think so, with Omega Minus being the equivalent of Alpha Plus, but I have no idea.

>> No.49597431

Only if its sapient. Unfortunately that means mutton and lamb chops are definitely murder. Oh well, its delicious.

>> No.49597450

>Only if its sapient. Unfortunately that means mutton and lamb chops are definitely murder.
>Unfortunately that means mutton and lamb chops are definitely murder.

>> No.49597456

What would the Pentagram Warning drawback as a non-criminal person? As a moral Jumper, its free points and that isnt fair.

Maybe your antagonists are always aware of your location?

>> No.49597459

Wake up, sheeple.

>> No.49597478

Spotted the Welshmen.

>> No.49597481

Long pig is not sheep, anon. No.

>> No.49597489

Are there examples of what people at the 'bottom' of the scale can do? The only examples I can find are of the Black Pariah, and that's only on 1d4chan so I don't even know if it's accurate.

>> No.49597492

I recognize that Elf.

>> No.49597495

Any way to grant Weight of Ages to all of my companions?

>> No.49597513

No, but murder is meat.
Infernals jump when?

>> No.49597516

A hentai clip with soft serve photoshopped in?

>> No.49597519

Sheep are sapient; capable of generational teaching, forming complex social groups, maintaining separate personas of behavior around different cliques and individually, have significant long-term memory, capable of long-distance navigation, spatial problem solving (good at mazes), excellent spatial awareness, a significant understanding of cause and effect, solid long term memories, facial memories comparable with humans, and perform better on adapted human-style psychology tests than primates do.

>> No.49597528

She deserved better.

>> No.49597530

>Why are the hobbits called half-tails in this setting?
>Real hobbits aren't made of rubber like this species apparently is.

>> No.49597534

It's a soft serve with a hentai clip photoshopped in.

>> No.49597536

Any monsters you fight. or merely interfere with, will get it. If you go completely neutral and never try to harm or impede anyone, it's free points yes.

Sacrificial Bestowment? There's an import option, but if you have more than 8 that's the only way.

>> No.49597541

>Sacrificial Bestowment
I forgot I had that for a moment. . .

>> No.49597554

Dirty, dirty, Alice. I approve.

>> No.49597567

Sheep are sentient, not sapient.

>> No.49597589

What? No. Clearly its just a young woman who is an ice cream enthusiast. Take your impure thoughts back to general, good sir. We enlightened jumpers do no endorse such lewdery here.

>> No.49597599


>> No.49597665

A wip that i would like some reviews on.

I claimed this soooo very long ago. It's been fun designing it so far.

>> No.49597666

Define how sheep do not meet the criteria of sapience. They clearly demonstrate self awareness and display the wisdom to make sound judgements and choices for themselves and others based on learned knowledge.

>> No.49597674

I kik'd

>> No.49597678

As soon as Mardukth is done with it.
I hope it's soon. Infernals are the most fun of all Exalt types, in my personal opinion.

>> No.49597687

Whatever you say, Satan.

>> No.49597702


>> No.49597718

What did you vanquish?

>> No.49597735


So it would be possible to put a person into Providence and have them follow us through the jumps as long as they don't leave it?

Awwww Yis

>> No.49597758

Can they pass the mirror test?

>> No.49597763

Traditionally, the criteria for sapience most people use is "is it a human? no? then it's not sapient shut up"

Also, "Because that would make me feel bad"

Also, "God didn't create sheep to be people, or else it would be in the Bible you baby eating atheist satanist."

Russians in SPAAAAAAACEEEE or a false flag group to the same effect.

>> No.49597765

Looks cool. I like that you included the scrapped plan for the ARS to have a dog-shaped robot buddy sidekick. You know, thinking about it, that's probably where Bladewolf came from, isn't it? Kamiya wanted the dog-shaped robot buddy in Vanquish, didn't get it, so he put it in MGR.

>> No.49597808

You need to look at the grammar and spacing on this, it can get pretty bad in some places

>Marine Company
Needs a note on perks being divided among members.

No. Too much. Fuck, most of the high priced items are too much. It's insane to offer this for 800cp. Same for the large mountain sized fortress for 400cp.

>> No.49597809

>Define how sheep do not meet the criteria of sapience.
That's the wrong use of the word define, but okay.

>They clearly demonstrate self awareness
This is a facet of sentience, not sapience. There are plenty of sentient animals that are self aware, they know they are a thing. That sheep are self aware is not proof of sapience.

>display the wisdom to make sound judgements and choices for themselves and others based on learned knowledge.
Calling something wisdom doesn't make it so. They learn, yes. They react to their environment, yes. They are social and react to other animals, including humans, yes. However, wisdom, as it relates to sapience, does not mean those things. It requires those things, making them necessary, but it means more than that, which is to say that those attributes and actives are not sufficient for sapience.

Showing loyalty to another animal that benefits you isn't wise, that's simple animal-level learned behavior. Similarly plenty of animals "teach," older animals and family members will work with younger ones as they grow and hone their instinctual behaviors: ie. "learning" how to hunt.

Wisdom as it relates to sapience is about more abstract thinking and reasoning. It's choosing to alter learned and or instinctual behavior based off of some ideal or other abstraction: ie, people who adhere to ideological diets that have fuck all to do with how human nutrition needs evolved.

Animals aren't things and they can think, and as such they shouldn't be treated as pure objects, but we haven't seen a sapient non-human animal yet. There've been some interesting observations with dolphins, most recently with decoded and understood dolphin language, but not sheep.

>> No.49597830

That 800 item...seems really out of place with everything else offered in jump, which seems quite low powered in comparison to the giant space city that retains modifications. Personally, I think you should move the 400cper up to replace the 800cp, that feels more in line with the power level this jump seems to be on.

>> No.49597853

>It's choosing to alter learned and or instinctual behavior based off of some ideal or other abstraction

Which in practical terms means anything that can't try to convert you to whatever passes for its religion can't be sapient. The only way to tell if it's an ideal they're doing it for is for them to communicate an ideal. So Dolphins possibly count, I guess, if we've gotten to the point where it's a language we can speak.

>> No.49597874

So dolphins will be legalized persons soon.

>> No.49597905

>So Dolphins possibly count, I guess, if we've gotten to the point where it's a language we can speak.
That's pretty much where we're at right now.

Here's a recent article if you're interested: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/13/europe/dolphin-language-conversation-research/

Legal personhood is its own animal and rarely has fuck all to do with science or philosophy. It's politics and economics.

>> No.49597906

Does that mean we have to send them all to S̶e̶a̶W̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ jail for all the rape they've committed?

>> No.49597920

eh, probably not. We've barely made non-whites and women people legally. I give it 50 years at the earliest. Though I suppose that is rather soon for certain definitions of the word soon.

>> No.49597924

I can't hear you over the sound of underwater dolphin society being built.

>> No.49597927

You have a really twisted view of the world, eh?

>> No.49597933

What's a good way to merge different power armors without just assimilating them?

>> No.49597939

>We've barely made non-whites and women people legally.
So, did you pay money for that in your 'X' Studies courses or is that pure Tumblr?

>> No.49597941

not sure how my view is twisted rather than the world that I am viewing, but if that's how you want to look at it.

>> No.49597950

I'm gonna guess he's both.

>> No.49597959

Import Power Armor A into a jump that lets you do so, repeat. Otherwise, it's time for science perks, bitches!

>> No.49597967

wasn't all that long ago that they were all either legally or effectively possessions rather than people. Still not equitable, but at least they have rights(to be trampled on) now.

>> No.49597968

I'm pretty sure it's legal to be Japanese in Japan, anon. You should check your Euro-American privilege. Assuming white-centricisms and whiteness is not okay.

>> No.49597970

yeah, I have never seen a power armor import that lets you merge them.

>> No.49597974

Go to Full Metal Alchemist and start applauding, and hope the tech doesn't break.

>> No.49597976

Why do you think SeaWorld and other aquariums mainly host the marine animals most likely to commit rape? Dolphins, orcas, belugas...it all fits, man. The sea tribes send us their criminals to be isolated away from the sea and forced to play tricks for us as their penance.

>> No.49597978

so, he is a nonwhite woman?

>> No.49597987

>to be trampled on
The fact that you think there is systemic racism and sexism in the modern west just further proves you are insane, senpai. You could've quit while you had an argument.

>> No.49597995

Its the main plot/setting of the game it has an energy array used to take out san Francisco. The thing is canon o.O. it's also the central setting and moral quandary the characters face to stop.

Basically it's the wmd of the game.

>> No.49597999

He's a white-guilt ridden Nu-male.

>> No.49598000

Well, he's got some new material at least. Let's just ignore him, eh?

>> No.49598004

Too much Big science involved in the armors in question, FMA alchemy is better at stuff that doesn't have Lots of little finicky science parts,So stuff breaking is a likelihood.

>> No.49598007

eh, I'm posting from the good ol' U S of A, so my posts are in the proper context, whether you read them that way or not.(I am aware that the USA is neither particularly good, nor particularly old)

>> No.49598008

Everyone has the right to that fetish

>> No.49598010

I doubt he'd ever sink so low as to pretend to be tumblr. Even our shitposter has some standards.

>> No.49598012

>We've barely made non-whites and women people legally.

You'd have a point if you replaced "barely" with "only recently".

>> No.49598015

Font issue fixed, changelog updated to reduce item prices.

Discounts to items added.

>> No.49598031

>Even our shitposter has some standards.

>> No.49598036

is it systemic? debatable, is it existing? definitely. Is Trump taking advantage of them both? absolutely, with all that his tiny hands and tiny brain can get a hold of.

>> No.49598039

>Marine Company
>Needs a note on perks being divided among members.
I like this idea, is there any specific wording you would like added?

>> No.49598040

And the rest of your jump offers basically nothing else near those levels, which is what I mean by it being too powerful. Most jumps do not give you an entire city with millions that keeps modifications, despite most jumps having some form of city in them.

>> No.49598042

Anon, grammar and language are inherently racist. You're showing your privilege and you have no right to correct him like that.

>> No.49598053

The 800 cp item, so we can throw into it someone from a later jump and carry them into other jumps but they can't leave the station?

>> No.49598056

No, it just plain doesn't exist.
>Is it existing?
Of course. It'll never be wiped out completely. But it isn't significant anymore.
Why are you dragging Trump into this shit? The only things he's even sad that can be construed in the way you want are that illegals need to be shipped back (which they do) and that refugees from terrorist-ridden areas need to be checked out before they're accepted (which is only reasonable).

You need to take your politics out of this thread. You're the one that dragged that shit up first.

>> No.49598058

Just look at what jumps like Skullgirls have done, since they did the same thing.

And please change the 400 and 800 items, they're broken beyond belief for this jump.

>> No.49598061

So you want the modifications taken out?

Okay thats reasonable.

The oneil cylinder should stay.

>> No.49598063

I'm pretty sure I remember someone seriously suggesting a Tumblr jump around when Youtube was initially being considered.

Broaden it to "Generic Blog Jump" and it's even almost as reasonable as Youtube.

>> No.49598067

Jesus fuck no don't do this. Don't make this into the millions of pods machine. It's already broken.

>> No.49598083

>Should stay
Why. Justify why you think you should put a massive space city that lets you bring millions of people between jumps and retains all modifications. And use something other then 'it exists in setting'. Mars exists in 40k jumps yet they don't let you buy it.

>> No.49598084

Pretty much was going for a space idea that traveled with you.

But essentially yes. The keeping modifications to it is starting to seem too much though.


>> No.49598100

>Literally is the millions of pods machines like anon was yelling about
Hah. Can't believe the guy was right. Can't expect much less from SB can we?

>> No.49598102


what it it was specified that any people who board the cylinder must be vaguely defined NPC's and not proper companions or specific persons? I for one need space for people

>> No.49598104

I disagree with you regarding the level of significance. However, you are right about politics not being kosher here. So much as I like making fun of Trump and could point out statements that he later claimed not to have made I shall both retract my statements regarding Trump(other than the fact that his hands are tiny) and refrain from further comment.

>> No.49598112

>Light of Terra

>> No.49598117

Well no, not millions of pods, i presumed the civilization would have to be imported, just an empty robots, i misread the earlier comments on population imports. Hmm this requires some thought.

>> No.49598122

Can you please not?

What part of giving people unlimited pods seems like a good idea to you? If you want to make broken shit, please go back to SB and leave it on there.

>> No.49598126

Which takes an entire 3 part scenario jump to get, not just 800cp, and still can't be used to pod anyone you want, it only keeps it's own original crew.

>> No.49598133

This was kinda what I was going for... Just ordinary people.

I just thought "space city is cool" might be good.

>> No.49598139

Doesn't act as a pod. You can't just throw someone inside and poof, they follow you around now.

>> No.49598140

>Requires some thought
It....really doesn't. If you remove the whole 'keeps modifications and you can use this as infinite pods' you might have a chance of getting it through but with those you're just going to have a wall of arguments that you will not get through. Don't bother trying, at best you'll accomplish nothing and at worst permanently ruin your reputation here and almost guarantee bias against any future jump you make.

>> No.49598145

I already answered i misread that question.

Ordinary joes was the intent.

>> No.49598146


>> No.49598153

>I just thought "space city is cool" might be good.
Maybe you should think things through before putting them in or ruling on them. Just doing shit "because it sounds cool," generally doesn't work and stops being an excuse right around the time your balls drop.

>> No.49598156

It's not infinite pods. It's the Ship from Uncharted Waters as space station. People won't be able to leave it without being imported

>> No.49598157

No, you get it for free.

But it does house millions of people in crew.

>> No.49598161

Just because something is cool doesn't mean it is a balanced option to offer in a jump. You still haven't addressed any of the multiple people also posting about the 400cp 'instant large mountain fortress' either.

>> No.49598164

For the love of god, i misread a question. It should be ordinary joes, no canon companions and a bunch of npcs, got it?

>> No.49598168

You get something larger than that for free as an Origin in Ar Tonelico.

>> No.49598177

It does act that way if you import LoT as ship in uncharted waters.

But you can use any giant ship for that

>> No.49598178

Sorry mang, our shitposter has targeted you, his autism will continue.

>> No.49598181

Misunderstanding a question is not misruling. Please read.

>> No.49598182

It's not a threat. I'm explaining what has happened in the past to jump makers that try to force something in that's heavily disliked. If he wants to go ahead with the knowledge of what might happen, that's his choice. I'm just saying it has happened many times in the past. Hell, Space Battles as a whole is effected by this.

>> No.49598192

Did you just miss the hefty price on the origin itself or the extra scenario you had to complete? I mean, you're probably ignoring it so you have something to argue but it's still a thing.

>> No.49598200

False equivalence.

Origin costs your entire budget. This does not.

>> No.49598208

What's the difference? So you can only restock with normal people? So why don't I use this to make some army of mega soldiers, all sapient but still nameless, and effectively start every jump with a pre made ultra strong army that would usually take me years to make?

Look, just say the population resets each jump. That way you get a populated city and you also shut down any abuses or twisting of wordings.

>> No.49598209

>The hefty price of the origin
1000 bucks for tons of free shit and discounts. Certainly works out better than 400 for a smaller fortress. You have to consider that for double that they're getting far more than just a tower.

>> No.49598217

>usually take me years to make?
Fucking scrub

>> No.49598222

that creates The ethical dilemma of what happens to these People every jump,

>> No.49598232

Don't frame this as an SB thing. You and your crew screamed the same thing at the guy who made the Sword of Mana jump.

>> No.49598233

A copy is made each jump? Like Traveler's Gate territories?

>> No.49598237

Obvious answer: each jump keeps it's instance of the space station, leaving you with approximately a lot of them at the end of your chain.

>> No.49598241

we don't know that that's what happens.

>> No.49598243

Then why reset at all? Still doesn't stop the issue of army in it which I don't see how it is an issue, as people can have robot armies in warehouse just ready to March out

>> No.49598255

>If you remove the whole 'keeps modifications
We have plenty of things that do this. I don't see why this is such problem. More likely, you're just the shitposter trying to stir shit.

>> No.49598256

Yeah, not like they also need to complete that scenario or anything. Or that people literally just pointed it out to you when you last ignored it.

>> No.49598258

Take a step back, and figure out what else there is from the setting that you can offer. Figure out the weight of each item, and rescale your prices accordingly. Balance based on the notion that if you present an item, people will look to abuse it, and determine how it can be abused.

Even if you only add things based on the premise that it's "cool", you still need to consider the implications of the item as far as how it skews the internal balance of the jump.

Massive space ships already exist. But that's not what the argument is about. Before looking at other jumps to compare against yours, we need to look exclusively at your jump, and right now that item is too substantial to ignore, for a lack of better terms.

>> No.49598259

Would being a Percy Jackson Demigod help you perform magic related to your parent? Like for an example a child of Hades being better at necromancy (and geomancy maybe)? Nothing really flashy, just having it feel more 'natural'

>> No.49598265

So if we put a person from a jump in it, and the jump ends we and the station disappears while the person is stranded in space?

I am okay with the "can carry people between jumps, CAN'T LEAVE THE SPACE STATION unless they are made into a companion, because they don't count as companions"

>> No.49598269

It's not a particularly challenging scenario, and your issue can easily be solved here by placing a small challenge again if you insist on the false idea that scenarios are worth infinitely more than points.

>> No.49598274


This twisted game has to be reset

>> No.49598278

It's a stronghold level item im thinking of busting up to 600 cp discounted to one origin. Currently, I'm trying to consider all sides why the hell ppl wouldnt want a space city, as technically ppl build deathstars for fun and carry them around.

Originally the space station item had an attached scenario that the earliest reviewers didnt like, so i scrapped it and not the item

When i say it requires some thought it means i am considering putting the scenario back in. Ppl didn't like it because it was, "too much like a gauntlet."

>> No.49598284

>CAN'T LEAVE THE SPACE STATION unless they are made into a companion
So just go around and grab all the high end characters from jumps where they aren't offered and jump one setting with a mass import option.

Yeah, your idea is shit too anon.

>> No.49598300

Just get rid bit where it acts like a pod. That's literally all you have to do. This isn't hard.

>> No.49598301

Then let's bring up some more stuff. You claim the tower is as good and bigger, which it is, but it also takes a full year to grow instead of instantly forming. And look now, he's even discounting the fortress so it'll only cost 300cp, even less.

>Wouldn't want
You're missing the point. It's not that it's unwanted, it's that it's totally unbalanced. It's the best and biggest thing in the jump by far more then the price it has listed. And please use actual words man, you're not writing on a timer, you have the time to write out 'people'.

>> No.49598303


And why do you think you could import them if you can't import a pod companion to delink them from pod, they still need to be in it?

Similarly you can't import a person from the ship on uncharted waters.

This station would just let you have more companiond than 8 active at once within its confines. There could be a clause to have their powers limited in it unless they are one of 8 proper active companions

>> No.49598307

>It's a stronghold level item im thinking of busting up to 600 cp discounted to one origin. Currently, I'm trying to consider all sides why the hell ppl wouldnt want a space city, as technically ppl build deathstars for fun and carry them around.

Then consider this. If you're thinking "why the hell wouldn't people want a space city" then why would they not want to take that one origin just to get the item discounted?

>Originally the space station item had an attached scenario that the earliest reviewers didnt like, so i scrapped it and not the item

Coming from someone pretty well versed in scenario scripting, I'll tell you this. Do not make a scenario strictly for an item. It turns the scenario from a premises into an item grab with hoops to jump through.

>When i say it requires some thought it means i am considering putting the scenario back in. Ppl didn't like it because it was, "too much like a gauntlet."

This is a matter of writing style, a matter of how you script the scenario, where the events are, how the choices are presented, and the matter of "option" placed through the scenario. Change your writing approach if you get that sort of advice, and try again.

>> No.49598308

The UW ship people were already traveling with you. You couldn't just use to to grab people from wherever and carry them around with you forever after that.

>> No.49598310

>technically ppl build deathstars for fun and carry them around.

Okay, first off? This is something large portions of your community has never understood, but jumps are ALWAYS supposed to be weighted as self-contained pieces and NEVER justified by things actual jumpers have done i.e. interjump balance, because that line of thought ends with offering perks that make you God in GTA.

It is evident that a lot of people don't like the concept of the space station. And frankly, I'm one of them given the rest of the jump's tone. There's a reason why Mass Effect jump doesn't give you your very own Cruicible. Or why Blame! jump doesn't give you a working copy of the City. For some reason, you seem intent on refusing to acknowledge that "X is cool" is a terrible justification for including something in and of itself.

>> No.49598316

Just balance things according to the notion that this is someones first jump, and make sure that options with the same price are at least roughly as valuable as each other. The 800 cp item is hard to comment on balance wise because it's the most expensive thing in the jump, but it seems okay.

>> No.49598324

>It takes a full year to grow
You also get one inside your warehouse senpai.

>> No.49598328

might I recommend something along the lines of "cannot aid or serve the jumper or their companions directly"?

>> No.49598329

The thread consensus is that whoever you throw into your ship stays with you, in the ship. Can't be imported, can't leave the ship or they disappear, are limited in power

>> No.49598337

>citation needed

>> No.49598338

Which can't interact with the jump you're in at all, so how is that relevant to the problem of the instant large mountain sized armed fortress that IS in jump being too much for a 400cp option in this jump?

>> No.49598348

Oh, now you're whining about the weapons.

You can get shit like the tenchi tree ship for 400 points and that thing slices planets in half.

>> No.49598349


You realise you're trying to justify things in this jump with things from another jump?

Aren't we, you know, 'not' meant to be doing inter jump balance?

>> No.49598361

Anon is arguing that it's too good because of what it lets you to do other settings. So I can argue it's not.

>> No.49598373

>thread consensus
Ah yes, "Thread Consensus." The immortal meme of anons allegedly shitposting in dark threads. We have dismissed that claim.

>> No.49598375

Wow anon, you so skillfully managed to avoid answering my post in favour of focusing on one word. Masterful debating skills there. Maybe next time you won't even answer one word of my post. But hey, keep looking at other, vastly more powerful jumps to justify this one. Totally makes sense amigo.

And putting words in my mouth now too. God damn you're going for the full set huh? You brought up the Origin thing first. Unless you can somehow point out where I brought up other jumps first before your posts?

>> No.49598406

>You brought up the Origin thing
Sure, but here you are, complaining about being able to take this fortress with you to other jumps because of what it can do there.

And the rest of your post is just a series of cute lil' insults.

>> No.49598423

>being able to take this fortress with you to other jumps because of what it can do there.
Anon, look back at my post for a moment. I want you to keep looking until you see this line "Unless you can somehow point out where I brought up other jumps first before your posts?". Now, once you've seen this line, I want you to either go and do it, or shut the fuck up about other jumps.

>> No.49598425

Basically his goal is to make the thread so hostile towards new jumps that the jumpmaker just drops them and disappears, depriving us of content. You can see it here in his campaign over a space station.

>> No.49598433

I would, if you could construct an argument against it that doesn't involve other jumps at all.

>> No.49598440

Then why ask thread anything if asking and getting an answer from several people is dismissed anyway?

>> No.49598454

You mean like my (And several other anons) posts before you brought up the Origin were? Ha. Whatever man. You're pretty obviously just looking to cause an argument now and I just feel silly for not realising it sooner. Have fun with that.

>> No.49598456

At this point is the pod and companion rules even viable anymore? At this point a jumper can produce any number of soldiers or creatures or whatever in a number of weeks. It also cramps the theme of perks that allow you to get things like businesses or ships.

What reason did this rule serve and does it still serve it?

>> No.49598469

Here. Let me show you an example of a scenario where the ship is a crucial aspect, but while the scenario is written with the ship as a centerpiece, the flesh of the scenario isn't about getting a ship, but rather about survival.

This is the only spaceship scenario that I have on hand, but it's there to show you that you don't need to always make it so that the item is the only thing that matters. Make people think, make people choose, give people the sense that if they go one path, they might have to give something up in favor of something else.

Most importantly, you make the scenario optional, something they don't need to have. As the author, it gives you the room to say "well if you don't like it, you can ignore it". If your total CP costs are higher than the maximum allotted CP, this should never be an issue.

As a disclaimer I'll say that this scenario is still a piece of shit with the narrative scripting being a bit too fucking convoluted, along with the internal crew mechanics.

>> No.49598480

>If you remove the whole 'keeps modifications and you can use this as infinite pods' you might have a chance of getting it through
Because this anon (possibly you) is acting as though something "keeping modifications" is completely unheard of and of equal weight to "infinite pods". I'm just saying that there's precedent for items and structures that retain modifications between jumps, and that it's by no means a feature that lends you "[no chance] of getting it through".

It's not exactly inter-jump balance because I'm not advocating "balancing" or offering things at a "certain tier" based on other jumps, it's merely pointing out various kinds of jump-fiat and meta-features that seem to be tolerated here (such as CP item respawning and renewal) also apply to this situation.

>> No.49598482

Quote them.

>> No.49598483

can't go against the wishes of Almighty Quicksilver, anon.

>> No.49598495

That's a WIP.

>> No.49598504

What the fuck is this? It looks like a Dirge jump, but...

>> No.49598519

Got done arguing actual inter jump balance bullshit with the other guy and finally took the time to make a coherent response huh? You might even be right if they were talking about the space station instead of the fortress item. Fucking funny watching you two run around arguing though, so please keep it up.

>> No.49598520

Please tell me that isn't it, please tell me your not wasting time on a rule simply because someone who is gone made it? Surely you have a better logic than that?

>> No.49598526

>Finally tried to make a build for Undertale
>So much I want
>Drawback cp is only 600


Does Tem and Jerry CP count for the 600 additional cp limit?

>> No.49598528

The pod and companion rules used to serve the purpose for introducing companion based limitations. If you had everybody at once, there is the sense that you end up with "all the solutions". In limiting your cast, there's a sense that the people you choose, and the dynamics you have between them (and yourself) matters.

Over time people worked away from that. For some people, character relationships and dynamics never mattered to begin with, so there isn't any sense to them for the limitation. But for others, the challenge is still there, in how you manage having a certain number of companions, who should get development, how should they develop, and so forth.

In this, the notion of a pod/companion rule still sees merit. One should keep in mind that chains aren't multiplayer, so if somebody wants to play without those rules, as long as they aren't disturbing the peace with their ruckus, let them be.

That's my opinion as a visiting oldfag anyways.

>> No.49598537

Drawbacks: Pentagram Warning, House of Dracula (1400)


Rolled Paris

Occult Research (Free)
Hypnotist (1300)
Essence Distillation (1100)
IT'S ALIVE! (800)
Library (Free)
Mariphrasa Blooms (400)
Plucky (200)
Countess Nona Repmuj (0)

And now to spend lots of time hiding in the bushes pantsing people, then stalking them so that I can learn any weaknesses I've missed from gypsey fortunetellers and devise appropriate countermeasures!

I've never actually watched a universal movie. I feel like if I tried to join in as a spook, I'd just do it very halfheartedly to avoid going full Raiders of the Lost Ark. You never go full Raiders of the Lost Ark unless you want to clean up melted faces.

Hey, maybe I can pull a Twilight Zone on my off hours!

>"Now that you have pressed this button, you'll get a thousand dollars BUT someone, somewhere else in the world will..."
>runs away under cover of bedsheet and crashes into wall because the eyeholes are too small

Well, that and science. Let's see what happens when you mash up samples from all the monsters. Let's also see what happens when you try to extract morality from something without a conventional version of it!

Hey Umor, come here for a sec. Drink this.

>> No.49598540

Does CP gift there give you that double of spent CP per EACH companion or you only get 2000 cp total for all you import?

>> No.49598546

Why do we still use CP? Why do we still not let you have unlimited returns and spend as long as you like in each jump? Why do people have drawback limits, why are there only8 companions per jump, why why why.

It's obvious why. These are the basic rules of the game. It's like asking why you get points in soccer for kicking the ball into the goals.

>> No.49598561

Forgot to add but anon up a few posts reminded me. The caveat to this, much like playing soccer with friends instead of in the world championships, is that you can change the rules to whatever you want with yourself/your friends. No one cares then. Just don't try to change it for the whole world.

>> No.49598562

Hey ASA, out of curiosity, did you do any of the Scenarios added to the Phantasia update?

>> No.49598567

Thank you, this is helpful critique.
I'm on my phone right now, but i must state my appreciation

Providence is out ppl.

Its too much for munchkinners to abuse.

I thought the limitations on its scope would be apparent. But... *shrugs*

400 cp item moved to higher cp amount.
And once again. I'm on all threads with jumpchain.

>> No.49598572

What's your point? My WIPs have always been more fleshed out than some of the jumps on the drive.

It is, I used it as an example so that jumpmaker-kun over there doesn't have to feel that he has no options left as far as jump design goes. I'm not going to put a trip up just because I came to have a look around.

>> No.49598583

>Its too much for munchkinners to abuse.
Nah, people who really want this sort of thing already have ways.

Also ensured the fortress as a dead buy.

>> No.49598593

Anon, if you're not going to put on a trip, don't make arguments that require you to do so or show evidence. Sure you might have a point, but it's a point that really only works with something to back it up. It's like going "Well my uncle who works at nintendo said this about pokemon...". Sure you might be right but everyone's going to call bullshit until you put up.

>> No.49598597

Partially because some people like to retain some semblance of rules, and partially because there's an inertia of 600+ jumps that were made on such assumptions.

>> No.49598614

But what you are talking about is a formula that hasn't really existed in jump chain for a long time. The idea of a jumper and his small team of companions is no longer the only type of jump-chain available. A older jumper already has options to make an army. And hell an older jumper pretty much is at the point of "all the solutions" anyway. It doesn't take too many jumps to become a Out of Context Problem.

And the idea of "its ok just talk about" is pretty underhanded imo. You are trying to pretend the rules don't matter while limiting discussion on them. Don't like a rule? Ignore it, BUT YOU BETTER NOT POST IT HERE FAGGOT!

It's clearly a rule used to keep Jump Chain as is and prevent discussion by the community.

>> No.49598616

Seems good now. Fortress issue is mostly solved with having it at 800cp discounted instead I guess. Not the best solution but I guess it's a good one.

>> No.49598623

I'm not familiar with the term, "dead buy." meaning people wont purchase it or that it is needing a time frame for it's growth?

Like 48 hours to a week?

>> No.49598625

>Providence is out ppl.
Thank you.

>> No.49598629

Who is this?

>> No.49598632

He's not trying to pretend the rules don't matter. He's just saying no ones going to hunt you down and kill you if you change it privately. That's how it's been since the start.

>> No.49598637

Huh, I thought I was the only one who saved that. Only haven't jumped it because y'know, WIP

Also fuck you, that scenario is dope

Nope! I was kinda occupied skipping town because of the bad press.

Also, been meaning to ask-if you summon a REALLY vast and powerful spirit with Oathmaker-something on the scale of an entire world-does that mean the diminished version you summon is of similar scale or do you get a tiny version of the summoned spiirt?

Because if the latter, it's funny imagining how that might apply to the Yozis.

>> No.49598649

It's likely Cena. That bullshit passive-aggressive shit talking and bragging is his style.

>> No.49598658

Perhaps because many like it as is and don't want to deal with the shit storms caused by people arguing for an unnecessary change that they could just do themselves while allowing the majority to keep going as they are?

>> No.49598664

To be honest, its something of a hazing.But it will make your time here easier if you follow what they say.

>> No.49598665

Thank you. If people had less vitriolic reactions they might realize I'm actually rather approachable on things if there's good critique.

The development process just gets slowed down sometimes.

But aside from the just fixed issues, how do people like the jump?

>> No.49598672

They're 'downsized' to something a bit more reasonable when you call up such entities. Summoning Malfeas won't give you the entire fucking realm of demons or even his 'body', but might call up Ligier to do some fancy swordplay or whatever you need him for before he fucks off back to wherever he came from. Summoning Khorne would call an Avatar of him that, while powerful and likely huge compared to a human, wouldn't destroy the entire planet with a swing of his chainaxe. He'd certainly fuck up quite a few enemies on the ground, though.

Naturally, the bigger the summon and the more you use them for, the more draining it is.

>> No.49598698

>Anon, if you're not going to put on a trip, don't make arguments that require you to do so or show evidence.

You know when I tripped as "dirge" I never used a secured hash right? It was just that nobody else made jumps in the same fashion as mine except for Babylon, and I only tripped whenever I had a jump to release.

I mean as far proof goes, I don't really have any other jump I kept hidden on my own drive that I've updated, since I've been doing other things more important. I had expected somebody would actually finish their own version of Sidonia by now to be honest.

Brutus and I had around 100 - 200 companions each when we ran chains. We also experimented with creating companions from scratch with summoning based practices. Loopholes have always existed, and they always will. Contrary to your belief, it doesn't actually limit discussion on them, but the tendency that these discussions lead to arguments between parties who refuse to see each other's sides was reason enough for it to stop.

Discussing the meta isn't the issue, the fact that the discussion ends with the same conclusion repeatedly is.

>> No.49598701

Needs a bit more formatting/grammar work as is, especially in the item section desu, but otherwise it seems to be going alright. The items are kinda dry since they're just multiple huge lists but I suppose that can't really be helped. Perks are nice at least, enjoy the cigarette one, that's neat looking and not something I've seen before.

>> No.49598710

Sadly I've noticed that as an Anon for years lurking here.

It's strange people want content created then jump over a single sentence's word and fanwank things out of proportion via "exploits" and fanwanking.

>> No.49598714

Because it's not enjoyable reading someone constantly wank themselves off. Look man, if you don't want to abide by any rules, you can just write "multi-versal travel" fan-fiction. Or you can just go to SB (if you're not from there). Their community would be perfectly receptive to people like you; in fact, they have fanwank packages that are just the flagrant rules-violations that you're campaigning for, referring to them as "challenges" to make them seem more legitimate.

>> No.49598724

I'm not really insulting you for it man. I didn't even mean tripcode as much as a name at all. All I was saying is that people aren't going to take anonymous claims of something seriously most of the time without something backing it up, which seems fairly reasonable.

In any case, good to see you, how have you been?

>> No.49598740

In terms of content it's fine, but the formatting is really grating. Bullet point here, dash indent there, oh here's a table and then here's yet another type of formatting still.

That's kind of irritating to read in something as small as a jump. At least one of this size. Also, I prefer my scenarios closer to the end of the jump. Keep some room for notes or whatever at the end, but the scenario placement felt weird to me.

>> No.49598748

I reckon you were the only person to have a copy, knowing how you and Spyro tend to save everything that floats across you, but Spyro was still organizing KH with THA when I was scripting Sidonia. It seems a fair number of us from way back when have also gone dark as well, besides the familiar folks like Many, Crux, Red, Agua and yourself.

>> No.49598770

Wait, you're Dirge? As in, actually Dirge? If so, I'm both shocked and slightly glad to meet you. I think. I'm not sure what to make of this, actually. I'm amazingly skeptical.

Can I still keep Disgaea?

>> No.49598780

I just want to say your Jumps are great, since I joined after you stopped posting.

>> No.49598784

Things have been nice and slow. Contract ended, I got funds to last me for a decade if I feel like lazing about like a slug and spending on bare minimums, so now I'm looking for another contract, hopefully not with the same deathly work conditions as before. Plenty of time to continue advancing my Japanese and French, so all in all, can't complain. Took a fair bit of time to adjust to the "technically retired" lifestyle though.

Though if it wasn't for some faggot linking me a picture of Flynn and getting me to check where on /tg/ some guy posted up a SATAN pic I wouldn't have found my way back.

>> No.49598807

Keep it. The handover from Muyo to myself of that thing was a disaster. I don't think I even fleshed out anything for it, given that I was still working on Makai Kingdom at the time. I reckon you've got a good handle on the thing, from what I've heard.

>> No.49598812

Glad to hear things are going pretty well. Wish you the best in the future.

>> No.49598813

Ah, so in the case of the Yozis you get a 3CD instead of a very tiny Jotun? Thanks, though I was more envisioning the Brass Dancer showing up. Or a sandbox. Or some tiny spheres. Or a puff of stabby wind.

Note to self: Be VERY careful about wording of pacts to make sure that, for example, Ipithymia doesn't get summoned instead.

Oh gosh. Welcome back, man.

I think one or two people talked about a KoS jump VERY briefly (mainly in the context of Smugi a cute) but nothing came of it there.

For what it's worth I do think the scenario adds a lot and, well, makes me feel like actually exploring the world of KoS. It's a great start, if nothing else. If I had any suggestions, it would be to maybe buff Ochiai's boss fight for a worthy challenge to the combined might of Sidonia and your vessel considering IIRC Tsumugi and Nagate trashed him, and the fight wasn't even as intense as Benisuzume's last stand

>> No.49598815

Both of those two are still around.

>> No.49598839

Glad you think so. I hope the end product does this justice. I'm still very happy to meet you, too. I absolutely love your jumps and they're fantastic. Welcome back to the show!

>> No.49598841

Wish you luck in the future, man. Good to hear from you again.

>> No.49598856

>a picture of Flynn and SATAN

Praise the Lord!

What do you think of SMT Apocalypse? From what I've seen of the translated walkthrough I'm watching so far it's one helluva mixed bag. I find it interesting the game seems to be actively DARING you to kill everyone. It's like if Toby Fox wrote Undertale such that Genocide Route was the sane, practical option

>> No.49598878

Yuricolle says hi from college.

>> No.49598894

>Though if it wasn't for some faggot linking me a picture of Flynn and getting me to check where on /tg/ some guy posted up a SATAN pic I wouldn't have found my way back.

I wonder who's fault that is

>> No.49598899

Oh god I finally meet Dirge aww yis.

Quick some jump need updates

>> No.49598947

Dirge, welcome back. Hope you will have even more luck in future and come back more too

>> No.49598962

The part that frustrated me with the scenario, ending aside, was that I had no way of organizing all of the different tables, crews, and mechanics in a succinct manner. I literally turned the damn thing into a Six Sigma project trying to figure out whether I needed to downsize, or shift the thing around. At the time it was worse than when I worked with XIV's triple scenario chain.

I might give it a look come time for Nano, what with other pet projects I have on hand right now.

It's interesting, there's a lot in the Japanese dialogue that can be mined out and taken in different lights, especially considering it from the "polytheist" perspective, and then in the more "traditional" Law and Order perspective. I personally wouldn't say that it really "promotes" a single path, but I do think that it pushes you in directions that says things about yourself in a way, which is neat. To some extent, that was really what I had looked forward to, in contrast to Persona 5. Persona 5 is neat too, but it doesn't approach the same notions for consideration.

Good to see there's new blood around.

>> No.49598970

Do you have any plans for Alexander in ff14? Even If only to say 'not canon' and spare red the rage induced heart attack they almost had?

>> No.49599028

I don't think I ever actually saw this one. This is great stuff, Dirge. Is it okay if I put this on the drive? If I remember right, you consider jumps labeled "F" to be jumpable even if they're not necessarily complete to your (very high, you do incredible work) standards.

>> No.49599044

Given the nature of how Primals work, and the implications of Alexander (especially in the latest instance), if you were asking for a ruling I'd have to say go with what works best for your story.

If you're asking for an update to the jump, I'm not planning on it until the next part of some storylines are resolved. Sohr Khai barely touched on Dravania expanded. The Warring Triads' end solo instance barely touched on the Garleans. The Antitower, Void Ark, and so forth all introduced a whole bunch of hanging plot ends. It might be great for scenario writing, but when there's this many of them, I'd rather wait before scripting up any plausible alternatives.

I think most people ask about Alexander just because of how much focus there was on the Midas instance series, and the implications of Alexander (but we knew this even with the first Midas instance, the lore kinda screamed it out). But from a jumpmaking perspective there's a lot of other lore bits that can't be neglected.

I'd agree that the jump is outdated, there's a lot of things that the recent patches have added in (Like Verminions oh good lord Verminions.), but I'm not particularly in the mindset to dust off the worktable just yet, apologies. Way back when before I took my leave, the plan had been to make the continuation jump a bit of a standalone anyways, because the XIV jump is simply "too large" as it is.

>> No.49599055

I arrived here about...late April, I think. Since then, I've made Heaven's Lost Property, Generic Parenting, Ed Edd N Eddy, Elfen Lied, Boktai, and Tales of Phantasia.

Disgaea 1/D2 and Captain N are forthcoming.

I have a very strange array of tastes and interests.

>> No.49599096

>Lord of Vermilion
>Order of the Lord

>> No.49599099

Eh. I don't care if you put it up, but go through the standard review procedures. I mean back then I had ASA and the Euzeth fag look at it, but it's been a while since I ran balance checks on that thing, scenario aside. Personally I had felt that the end bits were always a bit too convoluted, but given that I won't touch it for another month or so at the very least, you do whatever you see fit.

Somebody to take up the Tales of- flag, that's good. I had always wondered if somebody would after Lycoris left. Keep at it and don't get burnt out. I haven't seen too many of the new jumps, but I've heard you do good work.

>> No.49599108

Fuck you this legfes was totally not worth when I only rolled one SSR and one SSR summon. Thankfully CCCC consoled me by giving me the Princess after over a year of STRUGGLE.

>> No.49599134

I think I'll just save a copy for now and share it with anyone who asks about the jump. It's possible that convolution is a problem, I'm still reading through the thing. Still, what I've read so far looks absolutely amazing, so I'm glad you posted this.

>> No.49599146

I'm still jealous you even got any 5*s

>> No.49599163

Is No Data Possible Error a SEED Astray reference? Because he wears a mask and has "Carbon Manipulation" and "Junk Guild" as his abilities. That can't be a coincidence. Makes me wonder if I should investigate his potential as a Gardes pilot.

>> No.49599164

If she wasn't a pink haired bosomed princess I would not have rolled EVERYTHING on her. 15 rolls. Totally worth. My MC's "Harem Company" grows.

>> No.49599180

Every single crew member in there is a reference to some other anime/manga, science fiction novel, or a scientist/researcher, as per standard scenario things.

>> No.49599189

There's a lot of references in Dirge jumps if it wasnt obvious for anyone who's lurked /m/ and then some

>> No.49599201

Oh, I know. It's most obvious with the soldiers (I mean, "Nao 'Regret' Ing"? "Gorgio Cuvie"?). I was just wondering if that specific one was a SEED Astray thing.

>> No.49599215

Fuck that Za Warudo bullshit Alexander did.

>> No.49599240

>Nao 'Regret' Ing
Its more like Wish-Ing now isnt it
god i cant believe that was still a thing in Moon Dwellers

>> No.49599254

But he can moved in the stopped time. Just accept your fate already.

>> No.49599259

Apparently using a sith holocron and a jedi holocron at the same time answers any question you ask them. Any question.

I find that weird.

>> No.49599271

But we got Goddamn-Ing to finally meet with AYIN BARSHEM in Moon Dwellers. Also Moon Dwellers has that other boss who uses the crossgate for his attacks.

>> No.49599280

So is using Sacrificial Bestowment frowned upon nowadays due to how much stuff it can give?

>> No.49599288

Gotta balance that force.

>> No.49599289

Not so strange when you consider the reason. For a single player game someone here doesn't like the boat being rocked. New jumper makers rock the boat whether they like it or not. So its best to see what they do when demands are made.

>> No.49599300

>ask them about their sex lives.

>> No.49599301

So over/under ETA on the factors gathering? Betting 2018

>> No.49599304

Always following demands leads to more extreme demands.

>> No.49599310

What are the question and answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

>universe implodes


>> No.49599315

No, not at all. It wouldn't even be necessary if some jump-makers didn't prevent companions from becoming as powerful as jumpers.

>> No.49599323

It depends I guess if you can use SB on SB itself

>> No.49599334

What about having a companion have it to share abilities they got through importing?

>> No.49599336

Oh plain stupid ones, but it doesn't matter as long as the new guy is willing to follow the demand.

>> No.49599344

Maybe late 2018, or early 2019. I mean we've got V coming. If only V brought back friendship with Mr. Friendly here.

>> No.49599348

Brb making all text in my jumps bright pink because the lawn gnomes command it

>> No.49599350

He shouldn't be. Recognizing what's bait or unreasonable is essential.

>> No.49599362

>No Son/Daughter of Jumper companion option
Seriously though, this looks amazing.

>> No.49599369

Just get some anti-timestop perks, such as Narnian Time or something

>> No.49599372

I hope you got permission to talk to them from old man Henderson.

>> No.49599385

What jumps give you anything similar to Megalovania?

And what are the chances of copying that trick off Sans?

>> No.49599390

Where does it say this, and how does it work?
According to the Wiki, you need to use the force to use them in the first place.

>> No.49599391

Any "Pick your BGM" perk. Do you perhaps mean his attacks?

>> No.49599394

He sold them in a garage sale or something, I'm sure it's fine.

>> No.49599396

also you could probably butterfly the whole questline away by getting to Mide before she tries to summon him. Maybe. Either that or get the journal before Quickthinx does.

>> No.49599418

Karmic Retribution thing yes

>> No.49599429

Pretty sure there's a perk in undertale that does that.

>> No.49599440


the perk's name is Megalovania.

This is why I asked what jumps give you something similar and if you could just copy it off Sans

>> No.49599447

I think there are various perks scattered around jumpchain that make you attacks hurt more when used against the wicked or creatures of darkness. Kirby, for example, I believe. Not quite what you're looking for, but pretty close in practice.

>> No.49599449

Yes, but he's asking for alternatives to that perk.

>> No.49599461

>Japanese dialogue

I was told there was a MASSIVE divergence in the English localisation, about how it's the Goddess of Tokyo empowering messiahs and how you only murder/replace the SMT 4 iteration of universes' YHVH in the Anarchy route, not the entire multiverse's and the Great Will's.

In light of that Anarchy route feels a lot more futile. But then again, on a meta level it would anyway.

Also I'm not sure how to react to Persona 5's Igor being totally-not-YHVH, or at least totally-not-Demiurge in disguise. I guess ol' yellow head hit hard times after Apocalypse.

>Any question

What even is a holocron?

>holocron will I ever get a waifu
>holocron who is the Benefactor, for realsies
>holocron will I regret asking these questions
>holocron when will I get my Spark

>Is this statement true?
>Force ghosts surge out of the afterlife to personally slap your shit
>Sheev personally shot puts Yoda at you like a furious green honey badger

>> No.49599462

I'm not quite sure how magic works in Undertale, it could very well be possible to just learn how to do something like that while you're there. Sans strikes me as the type who wouldn't tell you just because you asked politely, however.

>> No.49599465

Use Data Drain (From the Generic Virtual World Jump) to steal it from him. I am sure that will have no negative effects.

>> No.49599471

You can become the god of Justice/Retribution/Karma/whatever in Darksiders and Lord of Light

>> No.49599478


It will work if you believe in matters of fact. And reason.

And magic marbles.


>> No.49599488

Herald from SMT. And a Sword of the Cross from Dresden Files has a similar effect, packaged with bringing foes down to the level where they can be slain with a sword if you're absolutely in alignment with the thing's purpose.

>> No.49599494

In there anyone in jumpchain who can beat Frisk once they're in full "but it refused" mode?

>> No.49599496

>What even is a holocron?

A Magical Force Device that allows Jedi and/or Sith to store their knowledge so that some rando might find it and learn how to force if the creator dies without an heir or something.

See also: any mentor in the machine plot items.

>> No.49599506

ASA, it actually is the Demiurge.
Yaldabaoth is the Demiurge's true name.

>> No.49599507

The show was just on and did it.

>> No.49599510

Uchiha Madara

>> No.49599523

Nope. You are already spared.

>> No.49599533

There don't seem to be any problems with this except the missing drawback limit, which I've corrected here, so the jump's ready for the drive.

Now that's done, has anybody claimed Sonichu?

>> No.49599535

just get Q This and get them in a chokehold

>> No.49599536

New Star Wars rebels episode.


>> No.49599553

Fun fact: Sans doesn't actually do damage. What he does is rapidly convert your HP to "Karma" at a rate of 1HP per frame, which is the purple poison effect. Karma ticks down by itself at a rate of about 1KR per second, and he only actively starts removing it once all your HP has been converted to KR.
This is why he can ignore invincibility frames. Because he's never "technically" damaging you.

In order to copy Sans' ability, you'd need to figure out some way to convert people's HP directly to another substance in a way that doesn't register as "damage", which is sadly an ability unique to Sans.
He is unlikely to teach this to you.
So, basically, the only way to copy it would be to stack a bunch of copycat perks and then force him into a situation where he has no other choice but to fight.

>> No.49599559

>Attempt to negate Frisk's powers
>But it refused

>> No.49599563

But Frisk isn't a reality warper, they're just so determined they refuse to die.

>> No.49599572

Umm so the perk would inflict more karma the more sins one has? The wording would imply that

>> No.49599578

Well, I would repeat this >>49599362 but yeah other then that-

>> No.49599588


sweet fucking christ what are you doing

>> No.49599601

wat is sonicu

>> No.49599604

>has anybody claimed Sonichu?
I do not believe so. I hope you're claiming it, because I've really wanted that jump.

>Option to get a -chu form of your PMD form
>+10000 CP drawback where you're Chris

>> No.49599617

now that you mention it Im a little surprised that there is no jump for it

>> No.49599618

there's a very sad case of extreme autism by the name of Chris-chan, and of course, he's a sonic fan. Sonichu is his donut steel OC fusion of Sonic and a Pikachu.

>> No.49599625

No. Go out and zap them to the extreme, InNomineAnon.

>> No.49599631

We've slowly crept into more and more continuity issues as far as the Persona universe goes. At first the mentioning of all the major players was relatively benign, but now we're starting to see bits and pieces of some action behind the scenes. I'm just glad that #FE was relatively on its own. Sooner or later we'll start to get more answers as to what the major players are after, like, really after.

>> No.49599640

I'd rather see a Tails Gets Trolled jump t/b/h

>> No.49599657

Fiat beats everything. Even meme magic.

>> No.49599660

>has anybody claimed Sonichu?

>> No.49599664

But fiat is a meme

Thefore memes trump fiat

>> No.49599665

>Apparently using a sith holocron and a jedi holocron at the same time answers any question you ask them.

>> No.49599666

Does Pentagram Warning do anything if you're a nice guy? Does the symbol appear on the hand of a monster you intend to fight instead?

>Pentagram appears on someone's hand
>They start freaking out
>Arm themselves to the teeth
>Turns out jumper was just planning to steal their newspaper

>> No.49599673

C'mon, you know you want it.

Heart Torch[600CP, discount Citizen]- This is a magical pixelblock torch sculpture, just like the one used to create Crystal. It seems Chris made another one and you've gotten your hands on it. By getting someone to hold the torch aloft and say "Heart Torch Glow!", it will expend its power to create their dream sibling. This dream sibling will be an opposite gendered clone of themselves with all their powers and will become your companion. After the Heart Torch creates a dream sibling, using it again will instead summon the sibling to your side. Dream siblings of characters who cannot be put in a stasis pod may not be brought along as companions and the Heart Torch can be used again once the banned dream sibling is dead or you leave that universe behind.

>> No.49599677

Anon, that fucking doesn't count when I'm playing the game. Not everything has to be jumpchain related.

(Mad Max) #45
-Road Warrior (900CP) -You know, it's about time I got some driving skills.
-Black Thumb (800CP) -Upgrade cars! I'm really gonna need this.
-Universal Donor (Free) -MY BLOOD SHALL NEVER HARM.
-Fast Reflexes (700CP) -Fast! It's nice.
-Rationing (600CP) -Everything is used. Everything is useful.
-Used To The Silence (500CP) -I... need this.
-Gardener (200CP) -Keeping up the Green Thumb~
-Jumper Run Bartertown! (0CP) -I AM OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
-More Than Humongous (-200CP) -I SHALL BE A GIANT ATTRACTIVE AMAZON. Also, officially 13'5" for a true height!
-Folk Legend (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Fury Road, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>out in the desert
>there's bits from all of the movies in this one
>I can wear badass leather, my blood can go to anyone, and I'm pretty well used to the silence now
>and I can probably steal a vehicle to drive around in


I think this more or less sums up my time in this world. Nothing more needs to be said.

>> No.49599683

>if you're a nice guy?
Sure, Satan.

>> No.49599687

Yeah, covered that here >>49597536

>> No.49599701

Then why are you freaking out about it?

>> No.49599708

Would the jump have mandatory autism?

>> No.49599709

>Attraction Sign item
>Purported to attract members of your preferred sex, it instead seems to actively repel them

>> No.49599719

Jumpchain has mandatory autism, anon.

>> No.49599720

Will it let you import companions as pika-hedgehogs?

>> No.49599721

>Not everything has to be jumpchain related.
>Someone can't freak out about something that's not jumpchain-related.
Anon, you missed the moral of the story.

>> No.49599722

>Jumpchain has mandatory autism, anon.

Oh snap.

>> No.49599725

Because FUCK Alexander's "I can move through time and deal damage to you but you can't stop me" bullshit, especially his closed timeloop shit.

>> No.49599733

Electric Hedgehog Pokemon is going to be one of the backgrounds, yeah.

>> No.49599739

A bit late for criticism, but the capstone for Undead seems pretty underwelming. It's basically just a limited one up, whereas the Mouth Watering perk seems to be far more useful at keeping yourself alive by comparison (for what jc considers to be alive for chain purposes).

>> No.49599780

That's wrong, there are a wide variety of mental disorders here.

>> No.49599789

Probably in general, but the Undead capstone has the advantage of working against people who have a Drawback enforced desire to kill you, which I think are probably the main dangers that Jumpers will face once they have enough jumps under their belt. So it depends on whether you're more afraid of people in general or specifically of things that can't decide to spare you, like your science experiments that accidentally the world or enemies who have fiat backed hatred for you.

>> No.49599792

At least he's probably enjoying it...


>> No.49599861

So, how does this work exactly?

>You may easily toss around mere mortals and you could survive being riddled with gunfire or even having a castle collapse atop you. Your powerful body is still weak to anything but pure physical force.

The fact that you're able to be "riddled with bullets" means that the bullets get into you somehow, but the castle collapsing seems more like raw durability. Or does it just mean that you'd be able to survive and function as a pancake?

>> No.49599899

Hot wheels origin musings.

>Drop In
>Clyp Agency
>World Racer


I hate to be the one to say this, but those are kind of a trap option. The accelerons literally tell gelorum to git gud scrub because she used them.

>> No.49599900

I just used the phrase "riddled with bullets" without stopping to think what it meant besides "getting shot a lot". Assume that's it's just a general durability perk and that the bullets aren't actually going through you.

>> No.49599920

Is Asgore's Trident thing also a magic construct like Undyne's spear?

>> No.49599939

Always wondered if it's possible to get as good as Shirou in Gradation Air if I used his seven steps. Not because I want to make Noble Phantasms but because I want to be a conman and sell stuff without going through the effort of making defective things.

Look I want to be able to sell high quality objects that disappear.

>> No.49599956

He creates it on the spot, at the beginning of the fight, so yeah, probably.
There's no way that thing could fit under his cloak. It's too huge.

>> No.49599957

Upon reading Undertale jump I had an idea for a theme for themed jump.

Which jumps give you power to fuck with gravity, your own or otherwise?

>> No.49599969

It was in his inventory

>> No.49599983

Yes but they both explode afterwords.

>> No.49599988

Gravity Rush

>> No.49599998

Gravity rush, SCP, and City of Heroes off the top of my head.
Most final fantasys, have spells for it and FFXIII-XIII3 have gravity stuff specifically.
There's also more versatile magic systems like D&D or Anima.
And Mage the Awakening too with forces.

>> No.49600004


>> No.49600032

No Drone origin?

>> No.49600039

At first I was discouraged because of the hundreds of hours but then I realized that was about noble phantasms.

Bad salesman (tm) is a go.

>> No.49600044

Wait, is the new Kamen Rider jump supposed to not have any companion options?

>> No.49600061

The only downside is that the Accelerons won't accept wins gotten through them if you try to get a shot at racing them, and that's something you could easily point out in the jump. Not like using the car superpowers will make it so you're imprisoned in the Realm you got it from, or anything ridiculous like that.

>> No.49600064

But thats what clyp is? Robots?

>> No.49600132

So help me out jumpers, how can I murk this sonovabitch and getting away with it?

>> No.49600147

Who what why where?

>> No.49600155

Replace all your blood with poison, then wait for him to bite you.

>> No.49600166

That's an evil act anon the dark powers would fuck him up.

>> No.49600181

Count Von Strahd
Fratricide, essentially dooms the soul of his brother's bethrothed to be reincarnated to torture him, and in general a vampire asshole.

>> No.49600190


Is that what they're called on the first movie? Because I can't recall them being called anything besides 'Racing Drones' during Acceleracers proper.

Also, are you going to do Battle Force 5 as well?

>> No.49600190,1 [INTERNAL] 


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