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Feeling down today guys. Could we get one of these going?

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Sure, why not!

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I got you, anon

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We all got you

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>not a grey knight

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Ah the legendary helicopter STC

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actually kys

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>200 pts
I thought this was supposed to be a melee unit! WTF GW?!

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yeah, most supposedly melee units are I2

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Why, you don't like pepe Mammon?

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its a symbol of international hate anon are you that insensitive that you dont know?

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>tfw Aaron Dembski-Bowden posted this on twitter

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not gonna lie i thought the sword's hilt/handle/that bit was a daemonic dicc for a moment

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Who even is that?

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This actually happened


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T O O B A D Y O U ' L L N E V E R B E

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Someone actually paid to buy this model and painted it like this.

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everyone in this thread

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You don't enjoy 40 keks threads?

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inb4 xzibit meme

oh wait, centurions are a thing

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Chaos-centric BL author

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40,000 fucking keks

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are you kidding i love them

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Sauce, Please?
Google ain't doin' it for me.

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Xzibits is really just a Salamander master of the forge who specializes in twinlinking everything

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I have no idea, I don't think there's more though.

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Thats literally the only 2 pieces of artwork for the Imperial Orks

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As in Black Library or Boys Love?

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what about multilasers on everything?

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This makes me smile

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Prepare for some heresy

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delet this

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That still blows my mind every time I see it.

It's like a chip of some bizarre parallel universe fell into ours and altered the most minute chip of reality in the least expected way.

If Tzeentch ever manifests himself in our reality, I can only assume this is the divergent seed from which his darkly majestic terror sprouted.

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Oh... noice

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I thought I saved the whole album but I didn't and I can't be added to scour my entire tumblr for the page that has this. Anyone have source?

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Cogs weak, mechadendrites like fleshy.
There's oil on his robe already,
Omnissiah's blessing.

It's not heresy if it's for the Emper- >>49586513

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Hey, want to hear a joke?
The Imperium

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Hey, wanna hear a joke?
Too bad, go fuck yourself cunt.

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Wait I found the rest of the set

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You guys should contribute more.

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I played that game of Deathwatch.

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>tfw Aaron Dembski-Bowden wrote his GF an unbelievably violent novel about the siege of Helsreach as a marriage proposal and she accepted
I like this guy.

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>i wanna fug the Empress

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This is the most vapid, cherrypicked shit I've ever seen.

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Except Marines don't need candams.

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>Radicool Coolist Extreme

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Toppest kek

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Bloody Magpies,man.

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brety sure that's a Mancubus from doom

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this is a fokken obliterator, a twisted creation of chaos and madness, he's supposed to be non-pretty

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Do you want crotch-rot?

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>getting sick, ever

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Plague marines are not a thing

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>Chaos-fueled decay is the same as some paltry STD

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Sexy time with daemoness
Its for the greater good, farseer

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I think you'd have more worries than just some space herpes then, anon.

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You want to hear another joke?
Chaos getting a good codex.

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I've got another one.
Sisters of battle getting a codex.

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Don't you mean new minis?

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i'm sure that chaos std's, the most deviant collaboration of slaanesh and nurgle, would probably cause crotch-rot.

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But again if you're fucking someone Chaos-tainted you've got more worries, and a simple cendem ain't going to help.

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most std's take a while to show effects. one purpose built to target masses of civilisation with an intelligence behind it would probably wait till the entire planet was infected to begin to kill them.

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What are you even trying to argue here?

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everyone should probably carry a condom.

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I would watch that.

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>Children of the Khorne

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hey i made that post

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sure ya did anon

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wheres a good place to get 40k memes besides lurking?

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What's the difference?

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a teenager's 40k campaign

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khornates aren't as fucking pretentious

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Ok, yeah.

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As if anyone couldn't oh so easily stumble upon comparable examples on any form of social media

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Well yeah, it's a funny and relatable part of families.

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So fucking surreal.

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M8 I dunno about you but I was pretty much like that.

"No mum, I'm not going to be a ghost, I'm gonna be a steampunk captain, now give me your thigh high boots" (not my proudest moment).

And my friends, and presumably lots of other people too. Plus, 40k was and is very popular with kids.

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Why are the SoB so cute?

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I can't believe how many 40k memes I encountered before I even had the slightest fucking clue what 40k was.

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I need Salamander size :^)

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*a moment to talk about our spiritual liege

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The Emperor would wear sexier panties than that

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Who's up for infinite warp fuckery?

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It's like the Imperial equivalent of a daemon world. It's guardsmen all the way down.

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you may get a giggle out of this
I used the bathroom at my local GW store for the first time today, as usually i use it next door while getting burritos at lunch
On the mirror, next to a can of Axe Body spray was a small, simple note
"For your convenience, and ours, no matter how distasteful you may feel about it. If you believe you may be in need of deodorant, please feel free to use this"

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Plants grown with it's soil sprout from the dirt screaming about dying for the Emperor.

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I'm loving the new pics joking that the genestealers are radical as fuck. Any more of them?

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I got a radical inquisitor if that'll do.

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It's better if they know the story:

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whoever you are, you just inspired me to produce this piece of heresy. hope you are happy with oyurself young man.

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>Compensator Class.jpeg

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The Brickster confirmed for the downfall of man.

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from the latest white dwarf

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milo is scrub tier next to slaanesh

bitch cant even handle a decent fisting

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holy fucking fuck please tell me this is from a fanfic...

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>still no sticky in /tv/

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this hurts me on a spiritual level

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Fucking Leafs hat, and here I thought it was just Montreal that was infested with Genestealers.

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I actually fought this thing before.

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I see nothing wrong with it, not even the part where he swats the bolt round:
Since they explode, catching it would be pointless.

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Not enough dakka per square meter

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Did you have to remind me

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Pic related.

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holy shit am I glad I gave up after Dark Crusade

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Sorry, Anon.

But there is a solution to your pain, and its name is: Phentanyle.

The more you inject, the quicker the pain will vanish...

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eh dawn of war 2 was ok to play once some of the interactions and story are good. The item fluff was probably just them trying to add bullshit lore in. Its just so tedious after awhile. While soulstorm after dark crusade is fucking hilarious just for boreale but like dow2 it has shit replayability.

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>Implying those heretics are ACTUAL marines

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I think this is an appropriate thread for this

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To be fair the whole lone space marine fighting orks for years, it was feral roks, and he was using raven guard, hit and run, melt into the night tactics. Its not like he was standing on a hill fighting a horde of orks for 15 years. Its more like lone Japanese soldier on an island style fighting.

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I love this

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My sides. Thanks /tg/, this thread really helped

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This is the most realistic 40k image ever created.

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Huh. So that's where they got the inspiration for Sylvaneth in AoS.

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what the fuck is going on here

>> No.49617044

i'm not sure how to feel about this

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True Line of Sight rules are handy.

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The Salamander trilogy has a Black Dragon who has been surviving for fucking years in a Dark Eldar deathtrap/arena same thing for Dark Eldar anyhow

Space marines are seen as monsters by the Cabal Horus Heresy: Legion, the ultimate destructive force created by the Emperor, anyother reason why they didn't let him join them.

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I ain't got many, but i sure have 1

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I clipped that out of my local paper and framed it

>> No.49617430

That's because it's based on several real life pictures of soldiers.

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>doesn't have rending

>> No.49617506

Is that a Prachett reference?

>> No.49617512

What the absolute fuck is on your name?

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You got since4pass on.

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Hover your mouse over it, all will be made clear.

>> No.49617648

Oh that thing. For some reason it doesn't show up unless you reload the page.

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I think the base game does, but the modding community for soulstorm definitely seems to be the strongest of the lot and has the most diversity brought through with mods.

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this whole thread is so fucking unfunny.

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>Table of contents

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That's because the plants, and the soil they grow in, are made of guardsmen.

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The Dark Angels one always gets me.

>> No.49619920

that shit is from Doom

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Maybe you should check the image you're fucking looking at for artist names or sites you cockmongling kender humper.

What, you couldn't read past the second panel? Jack off before posting, you might stop using your dick to type.

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>that noise marine joke
holy fuck my sides

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What, gender bender marines? Please tell me more, i wish to hear of this heresy

>> No.49621439

>marine armor can withstand multiple bolter rounds
>heavy bolter destroying an APC
>marine survives fall of several kilometers
Terminal velocity is a thing. It doesn't matter if it's 1 or 100 thousand kilometers.
>regular bolter rounds blowing humans apart

Some of these are ridiculous, but those are kinda silly.

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looks like TD-Vice's artwork. Look him up on DeviantArt. Does a lot of Blood Pact art.

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H-He's a nazi

>> No.49622222

dunno but the artist is Green Marine

>> No.49622309

Fucking what?

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>> No.49622686


That fish is a bitch and a half to paint and even after you get it done it's totally silly.

fuck that fish.

>> No.49623020

What is the fish? What's the story here?

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Never thought I'd see 40cunk.

>> No.49624866

That's cute....In a disturbing kind of way.

>> No.49625315

I might remember something like that actually.

In his standard writing style, he basically said will you marry me in the thanks part of Helsreach or something.

>> No.49625369

Naaah that's civilisation when you don't upgrade your units.

>> No.49625509

The Sergeanr carrying 2 other marines is when they're all in Carapace scout armor, so FAR from being 800+ kilos, but more like 200 max.
Can a marine carry 400 kilos, not dense, on his shoulders without armor? That's very likely honestly.

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