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Is there footage of that?

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Yeah, but it's been cut.

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Okay, that's a good one.

And it's legitimately /tg/ related!

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>that delay between round hitting and explosion
Totally not fake, guys.

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Probably a timed explosive because they can't make their own impact detonators.

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I'm going to invoke Occam's razor and say they just went to place of impact and detonated some explosives there later.

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What is this from?

I really should buy it.

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Ork Weapon Builder Simulator aka Besieged

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Wasn't there a follow up to that pic?

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I think there are one or two more, actually.

>>The group finally decides to play something other than D&D.jpg

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fucking florida, man

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but there are no piggly wigglies in houston

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Houstonian here - there used to be, at least a decade ago. They pulled out shortly after Albertsons did, because HEB ran them into the ground. They captured the poorer demographic that Albertsons previously held, but got absorbed by HEB when they started revving up their generic brand stuff.

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Stay classy, Florida.

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I like the whale personally.

I don't know why the rejected it.

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Which one?

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Why do they keep fucking biting people?

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See, this makes me think it's all actually one guy, some kind of bizarre superhero called Florida Man.

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I mean I usually would think of a Guy Jero or something like that when it comes to Florida man.

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"I think he turned out rather well, don't you?"

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Shit, that was a good throw.

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He's the hero we need.

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For what raisin?

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>problem solved series over

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>qt glasses
>qt country gal
>no cellulite
>relatively lithe hands
good taste tbqh

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Context of picture?

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That was pimp as shit.

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Because fuck drones.

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As tribute, I offer this useful tool.

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Drones are loud and that one was ruining an otherwise immersive celebration of Slavic cultural heritage. Slavs don't like that

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>For what raisin?

I heard about this one on the radio. They weren't supposed to not have unnecessary modern technology at renfaire, and drones are a particularly egregious violation of that.

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>They weren't supposed to not have

I meant "they weren't supposed to have"

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Is that Harry Dresden?

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Dronefags are cunts that deserve to have their shit fucked.

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You meant to say, "they weren't not supposed to not have"

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>Slavs don't like that
Describes the reason for half the Eastern European conflicts of the past 1000 years.

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>unnecessary modern technology

They said this with a straight face while setting up their fair right next to the parking lot?

Who was even piloting it? Was it news, promotion or just some asshole?

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>some asshole?
It was a drone. Despite the reason this is a given.

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>can't stand a few minutes of buzzing so that a news outlet or the organizer can get some material to report on/promote the event

I bet you laugh at people getting triggered by not identifying their gender correctly.

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>oh no, someone doesn't tolerate my bullshit toy
>must be an SJW
found the dronefag

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I don't get it help

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0/10, at least you tried.

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I mean... was actually renaming a file too hard?

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goddamn i love this

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Jesus, I don't remember April's tits being that fat.

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this is so bad and so good at the same time
keked heartily

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It's a 'guide' to drawing fat people so that they look attractive. The checkmarked images are all not what fat people look like. Fat people all have hideous rolls where horrible things fester and rot and will look older than they really all due to gravity pulling down the fat in a mimicry of how people sag as they age. That's why the given filename was "First Step, Don't Draw Fat People" because what's described is no where near what fat people look like.

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It'd make sense for his luck to be that shit.

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I preferred this one.

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what is this pic from?

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I got the joke, anon, but my dick didn't.
3dpd a shit anyways, especially so for landwhales.

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>Dragon Slave Wat do?.webm

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I don't get this one

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It's the Fleece Johnson "The Booty Warrior"
He went viral on the internet and got referenced on an episode of the Boondocks

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Florida man has had a hard life.
Florida woman sounds like a bitch

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That's like the one natural weapon humans have

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is he ok

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How is the video being a fake and the explosion a hoax the "Occam's razor" choice compared to it just being a shitty bomb?

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People this dumb who know big concepts are too far gone to convince. Just move on and let him be

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Honest answer from the story: he legitimately did it on a whim. He saw it in the air and lobbed his spear at it.
He apologized profusely to the drone owner and offered to pay for all damages, but the drone owner was just amazed at his throwing arm, and they considered making an event where people toss javelins at drones dressed up like dragons. I don't know if it went anywhere.

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holy shit

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he didnt even do anything
the title is clickbait as fuck
some guy just pulled out his sword trying to scare the robber cause his sword is bigger

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>Step 1, don't draw them realistically

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Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water


A 90's anime directed by Hideaki Anno of (Evangelion fame) that starts out heavily borrowing from 20,000 League and mixes in some Atlantis stuff only for the final arc to reveal that the Atlantis stuff is alien shit, humans were genetically engineered to be slaves for the Atlanteans, and the Nautilus is actually an alien warship.

If you can skip 10 episodes of shit awful filler before the last arc it's a pretty rad story.

The final arc OP changes to reflect the sci-fi aspect.


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So THIS is the show Suisei no Gargantia was ripping off. Thanks for learning me a thing, Anon! You're alright.

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what the

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? Those two are very different in both plot and tone.

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Always captive, always quest-hooks

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Thanks brah.

Fun fact: The red outfitted gang in the openings posted appear in Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis. Red tank-thing and all.

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>assassination of archduke spreads fear at archduke convention

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Earth Defense Force

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I guess he means in the classical sense, not the common parlance.

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I watched this entire show on youtube years ago.
Good shit right there. Not my favorite but certainly one of the best.

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God bless the ghetto.

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this artstyle feels familiar...

>> No.49559767

Same author/artist, Dowman Sayman.

I think that page is from his collection of one-shots, Nickelodeon.

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>witch status - denied.gif

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Does it count if you are literally describing the picture?

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Do any of you know what the jam chance on ultra autocannons is on tabletop Battletech? I'm so used to megamek doing the work for me and I can't be assed to bootleg the pdfs.

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Some say, if you listen carefully on a quiet night, that you can still hear them yelling "EDF! EDF! EDF!" on the cool evening breeze.

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Poor GS. He's a literal psychopath with PTSD and an extremely racial negativity towards goblins.
Legitimate murderhobo.

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This Manga is edgy garbage. But everyone who talks about it says they know it is so whatever floats your rape boat.

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>implying there's anything wrong with rape

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Why does it beat the shit-tits out of itself after? Couldn't they spring for a more practical "fuk u and ur shit"?

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>> No.49560064

Careful now. Your neck beard is showing.

>> No.49560067

It was Dio anon.

>> No.49560075

The rape and edge only really lasts for the first two chapters. After that its just about a PC that joined the game to do one thing and one thing only and taken to its logical conclusion.

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Goblin Slayer

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What are you even talking about?

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Probably the mechanism beating wildly at nothing.

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Anyone who screenshots text that wide should be shot. Nonetheless that was worth it. I'm from Baltimore and if I was stupid enough to be outside in a parking lot at night, it would be like this every night.

Of course I know how to avoid rolling the random encounter table for the concrete jungle.

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I mean if you'd like to stay mad then be my guest, I guess.

Most women like rape, by the way.

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After it lands, the lil robo top goes into a rage and beats the ever loving fuck out of the lower half of itself. I mean, you could've made it do some crazy ass pose , or move the upper half forward or something

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It's not bait if it's too massive to attract

>> No.49560148

Real fat people are like 3d women.

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You can say that all you'd like, doesn't make rape great and most women not cocksluts :^)

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I cannot believe that you don't recognise Za Warudo.

>> No.49560217

you need to be 18 to use this site

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Not everyone watches JoJo, anon

>> No.49560278

As a fantasy, sure. But I doubt many women go out hoping someone will beat them and rape them at some point. But I'm a shut in nerd who won't get out much so, the fuck do I know.

I just find the rape used in GS is silly shock value. Also super predictable.
>chapter 4 starts with a group of female adventurers going after goblins.
>"They gonna be raped, killed or kill raped."
>few pages later. They are all raped killed or kill raped.

I'm less mad and more confused over who this manga is for. It seems the creator wanted to make a multi part fantasy rape doujin but also wanted to get paid more.
It goes from "serious themes about murder and morality and stuff" to "I'm gonna drink tea through my helmet". Which to be fair is pretty kek.

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It was such a deeply ingrained part of mid- to late-2000s internet culture that people could know the meme but have no idea what Jojo was.

>> No.49560307

True, but just the "ZA WORLDO" meme has been around since the fighting game.

They still shouldn't feel bad tho.
>"Oh, it was one meme out of millions that I didn't know. Ok."

>> No.49560310

Can't say I've ever seen it. Kinda like the rick pawnshop meme. Heard about it, never actually encountered it until recently

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>> No.49560318

t.guy who didnt know za wardu

>> No.49560324

There was/is a fighting game about it? This is as bad as me not knowing TWEWY characters when I got KH:DDD

>> No.49560329

She was always a tity monster. Well, before angry PC feminists made her a 16yo skinny fuggly cringefest.

>> No.49560332

Russians are evil motherfuckers with no respect for the private property of other people.

>> No.49560348

It's an oldfag meme. You didn't need to have watched jojo, you just had to be here in the past decade or so to remember the WRYYYYYYYYY may mays

>> No.49560378

>there are people on this board who are too young to know about ZA WARUDO

>> No.49560390

We've been getting a pretty hefty load of Summer Children this year, it seems.

>> No.49560393

>MUH feminists are attacking cartoons
Jesus H Fuck...
Just because you don't like it, that doesn't make it part of some political agenda.

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>> No.49560443

I do.

Given the age group the cartoon was aimed at I'm guessing she was responsible for more first boners than Playboy and Disney combined.

>> No.49560456

Ugly Americans

Was good, a bit weak at end, and got canceled after seasson 2... or 3. I forgot.

>> No.49560465

>muh property

>> No.49560517

>Being so oblivious

God I would love to let my brain roam on the pastures like a sheep - as you do. I would be so restfull every day.

>> No.49560531

Nigga the cunts are throwing LPG tanks.

>> No.49560557

>Kingdom Hearts:DDD
I couldnt help but imagine spurdo after seeing that.
>Da gee-blade :DDDD
>Door to dargness :DDD

>> No.49560607

I blame /pol/ and the US election.

>> No.49560613

A good place to start is to make it a habit of not talking down to people on the internet.

>> No.49560618

/pol/ has all the blame here. They're the ones who decided to start memeing in highly visible areas.

>> No.49560726

I would play a campaign set in the hellish landscape that is Florida.

>> No.49560754

To be new again

>> No.49560837

It's all because pepe made national American news and the nefarious hate machine owner 4chan has reared its head in the spotlight once more.
Real life is the cancer now

>> No.49560904

more about women than most shut-in nerds, evidently.

>> No.49561036

>> No.49561045


But how do you pull that off in-game?

>> No.49561072

>Florida Man fights off Thanos while mastrubating furiously.

>> No.49561078

It's a perfectly serviceable crop for cattlefeed and oil.

>> No.49561085


>> No.49561102

Love the looted tank. Durka durkas of ISIS are Orks of Warhammer 2k

>> No.49561104

air raider calls in a helo, then slaps autoturrets on the rotors

>> No.49561121


I really should get a console.

>> No.49561157

>Adepts in Shadowrun.gif

>> No.49561192

It's on Steam now. You can finally play it in good FPS.

>> No.49561302

Also, the EDL has placed Pepe right next to swastikas, peckerwood, the double Siegrune and other nefarious antisemitic hate symbols.

>> No.49561313

Dude, get it on PC. This game runs like absolute dogshit on console.

>> No.49561418

And this is why I don't go to Housten
Or Austin
Or anywhere west of the Hills
Or the Border
Really, your best bet is to stay either in the Hill Country, the High Plains, the East Pinywoods, and some parts of San Antonio

>> No.49561419


Funny you should post berserk considering the amount of rape there is in it including a main character getting raped into toddler mentality. I guess people forgot about that. That and the penis monsters but that's for another discussion most likely on /a/.

>> No.49561495

It's called Stop Hit, you dingus.

>> No.49561520

All I got is a fuck old Laptop, but if they ported it, I'll naturally get the port.

>> No.49561648

Pretty sure that part got retconned or was just forgotten, now she's just autistic instead.

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>> No.49561696

This is how I wizard

>> No.49561705

>> No.49561711

>play female rogue
>guards have +30 perception always
>Immediately captured
>bound and gagged
>dm says i can't escape artist since i fucked up and this is punishment


>> No.49561712

Doesn't matter, the meme itself is fucking ancient.

>> No.49561798

I love how utterly deranged he sounds in the first one

>> No.49561815

>dakka durkas

>> No.49562073


That movie didn't have any right to be so good

>> No.49562097

>I'm red XIII, and I'm hungry

>> No.49562251

Well, he did use his sword to knock the robber's sword out of his hand.

He also had a gun at his disposal, but decided to use the sword instead because, hey, the robber had a sword, it'd be pretty shitty to use a gun rather than a sword against him.

>> No.49562580

I have that saved as, "Everyone is John"

>> No.49562654

>> No.49562684

This is the America you wanted.

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>> No.49562921


Well, the driver is probably going to be found culpable as fuck since he literally just started ignoring the basic rules of the road, and it doesn't look like he had any sort of police lights or sirens going because if he had then people would have been getting out of the way.

So the guy on the floor will be able to sue the shit out of him if needs be.
Plus he's probably fine, he'll get checked out at hospital and he went down pretty spectacularily but that probably means he was trying to step back at the time so there's gonna be a lot less impact that it looks, and he's falling onto damp mud and grass which is gonna absorb a lot the impact as well.
As accidents go, this could have been a whole lot worse.

>> No.49562927

Context of source?

>> No.49563205

So did Disney rip off the bespectacled faggot'a design when designing Milo Thatch in their Atlantis movie, or vice versa?

Because if Disney ripped off the animu, all can be forgiven because based Mike Mignola is the greatest artist of all time and his designs are utterly blameless.

But if it's the other way around, goddamnit I hate effeminate faggot little anime boys, it's such a shitty fucking design aesthetic, goddamn.

>> No.49563251

That's what the "secret" part was meant to imply.

>> No.49563260

I am not angry at all.

>> No.49563271

>> No.49563272


Nadia has been around since before Evangelion man. It's literally what Anno did before that.

>> No.49563381

I am interested in how the.. story.. unfolds. Sources would be appreciated.

>> No.49563392

Lina inverse had a nice ass

>> No.49563413


Fuck off, edgelord.

>> No.49563425


>> No.49563447

Nigga, at least have your fucking insults make SENSE.

>> No.49563495

Nigga calm down

You stopped making sense

>> No.49563537

>Anyone who screenshots text that wide should be shot.
get a real computer, pleb

>> No.49563603

>> No.49563684

Also works for OP's pick

>> No.49563685

>This Manga is edgy garbage
Eh, it's still more entertaining and interesting than majority of the japanese fantasy stuff out there this season. I like it. Some edge is good, too. So far the author didn't overstep any lines so I plan to keep on reading.

>> No.49563709

>durka dakka, Gork-Mork-a Ji-WAAAAAAAAAAAGH

>> No.49563716

>Explorator attempts contact with feudal world

>> No.49563791

I remember that, didn't he make that one where the kids heart burst out his chest into a giant dick?

>> No.49563794

NO SHIT read your fucking post again

>> No.49563824


>> No.49564073

Its an old anime so i used past tense

>> No.49564114

You'd only have to do this once, so I doubt you'd be able to make it a habit, but please kill yourself.

>> No.49564123

Fuck what show was this? It's been years

>> No.49564245

Well you see anon

that's because you're a newfag

>> No.49564247


>> No.49564250

I get the feeling you forgot a picture here. That, or I misread your post.

>> No.49564289

It's not a show, never was - it's a webcomic. Looking for Group or something like that. Stupid comedy in the beginning, then it started changing moods and - first getting more serious, yet still witty and thus better, then turning kinda boring and bothersome with characters being pale ghosts of themselves, so I dropped it. Dunno how it's now.

>> No.49564328

>they considered making an event where people toss javelins at drones dressed up like dragons
Good end.

>> No.49564358

You got magical realm'd. Gotta be firm next time, put your foot down when DM starts daring you to enter his magical realm.

>> No.49564418

>This! This! This!

>> No.49564446


>> No.49564550

Not everything is teh ebil feminists.

>> No.49564575 [DELETED] 

Thank you for correcting the record! .005 shekels have been deposited in your account!

>> No.49564614

Ehwot? They just aged her down for a "Younger" feeling show.

>> No.49564628

the whale, the pig, and jupiter are the most attractive things in this image

>> No.49564645

He's probably thinking of Assy McGee, which was a show with an ass as the main character.

>> No.49564702

This is what happens when idiots forget about Rule 1.

>> No.49564791

Man, I loved that show.

>> No.49565127

Did the creators just have a bondage fetish or some shit? Because she got bound and gagged or captured almost every episode.

And probably started quite a lot of kids' interest in kinky shit

>> No.49565137

>Optimal builds in Scion.gif

>> No.49565162


>> No.49565186

No, that's like, layover somewhere they don't want to be/hanging out on the troop transport and being bored out of their skulls.

Leave is going hunting somewhere the centipedes only get the size of your arm, and the toad analogues don't explode, they just have excruciating,almost 100 percent lethal neurotoxin on their skin. Oh, and the plants can't sometimes manage to eat your pack animals and transport vehicles, just you. But it doesn't stick if you are a real Catachan because you just cut your way out again with your big nife.

>> No.49565290

>> No.49565308


This is what I really hate Trump for. Not any of the stuff people usually whine about. I hate him for throwing open the doors to the Age of Memes.

There are but dark times ahead.

>> No.49565319


Wouldn't you if you had magic?

>> No.49565329

Depends on the magic, don't it?

>> No.49565338


>> No.49565339

>I hate him for throwing open the doors to the Age of Memes.
Rest assured that Trump didn't have anything to do with that, because it turned out that the Occulus-guy paid for the meme-operation.

>> No.49565375

>> No.49565411


>> No.49565445

Pretty sure it was the other way around. He thought they were real seamstresses, but instead got "seamstresses".

>> No.49565535

Stay triggered, faggot.

>> No.49565546

>text that wide
What are you talking about?

>> No.49565559

I remember somebody once claiming that this was actually what it said. Was he talking out of his bum?

>> No.49565560

>> No.49565562

It's almost like other people have interests that are different from yours.

>> No.49565612

Unless, of course, those people actually had interests outside of the internet.

>> No.49565623

t. guy who genuinely thinks internet things matter

>> No.49565635

what is twewy?

>> No.49565648

Even if he had been here since the beginning of time, there is still no guarantee he would've seen the same things you did.

>> No.49565654

Nope, it actually happened.

>> No.49565666

>anyone who doesn't experience the things I experience must be younger than me! th-that totally makes sense you guys!

>> No.49565677

Yes actually, it does.

>> No.49565687

Correct, that was his property, which was destroyed by that retard. It's good that you're keeping up with the class.

>> No.49565692

I'd have done it just for being a drone, loud motherfuckers that they are. Whole reason i shoot them when i'm hunting.

>> No.49565694

>> No.49565700

I will talk down to whoever I want.

>> No.49565701

That's pretty cool. Props to the drone owner for taking like a champ.

>> No.49565746


>Alternative name: Skullhouse Awesome

>> No.49565802

>> No.49565844

this is deeply unsettling

>> No.49565850


No. The creator is a fan. The joke went over the head of most of his readers.

>> No.49565950

I wish I could get paid to shitpost.

>> No.49565993

I saw someone suggest we drop "edgelord" for the more accurate term "marquess".

>> No.49566071


>> No.49566082

/tg/ always recycles the same ideas...

>> No.49566244


>> No.49566357

Aeris is a prostitute, isn't she?

>> No.49566550


>> No.49566589

Yeah. Doesn't translate but "flower girl"'s are prostitutes.

>> No.49566815

Look up 'World is Mine'.

>> No.49566961

Join a conservative think-tank, become Russian, Chinese or Israeli. They all pay for shitposting and/or concern-trolling.

>> No.49566969


Not /tg/ related, can't debug my smug.

>> No.49566990


Samefagging is rude!

>> No.49567008

>High Int, low Wis.

>> No.49567184

I have a player who is like this. We were playing Descent and the fucker says after finishing a 90 min game: I had no idea what the things in the dice meant when I rollled.

I love that son of a bitch but he sure is dumb with tg related shit.

>> No.49567262

Its a wonder she died then. You think she'd be used to being penetrated.

>> No.49567622

delet this

>> No.49567632


>> No.49567784

There was also this, which was probably more widely known that the comic itself.

Also did not remember that it was that overly edgy.

>> No.49568096

>> No.49568133


>> No.49568204

>> No.49568220

>> No.49568254

>/swg/s nerd dream
>Involves getting distracted from playing X-wing
Clearly not dedicated enough

>> No.49568298

>> No.49568417

>> No.49568889

Toppest of keks.
Took me a second though haha

>> No.49569041


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