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Is there a way to do an NPC love interstate without it being weird?

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> interstate
Now that's a weird way of spelling this word. Also, it's perfectly possible, but I'm just gonna bet that you won't be able to pull it off, OP.

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You don't introduce the NPC as a love interest.

If the players show interest in an NPC you take it from there. React to them, but don't force them into action.

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>love interstate

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Don't fuck kangaroos.

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>love interstate

This is possibly the most awkward turn of phrase I have ever encountered. Well done OP.

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Do you want to sit and extensively roleplay as your buddy's girlfriend/love interest?

If so, then no it might not be weird, because you might be gay for your buddy. Go for it, maybe you'll discover something about yourself

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Interstate? Dude relationships are hard enough when they're not long distance. Of course, any adventurer marriage is going to be like this if it's with a stay-at-home spouse.

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This. It's why if my characters have any kind of love interest they're probably dead, called off the relationship, or an enemy before the story begins.

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Make it cute, don't fuss about it too much.

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>love interstate

This sounds like some kind of weird romance novel.

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>love interstate

Car Lesbians general?

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I'm imagining Redline with equal amounts of car and regular porn.

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>I'm imagining Redline with equal amounts of car and regular porn.
So, Redline?

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This, but if you want to get the gears spinning make sure to introduce NPCs that might strike a chord with a character, or have unique or desirable physical/mental characteristics.

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>love interstate
That sounds like a Bon Jovi album.

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Source? Image search revealed nothing...

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Search exhentai for "oyakodon" and "kangaroo" tags.

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That's from a porn set isn't it.

Tifa best girl.

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>another megical realm bread
listen here you wizzards in a making
you are married to god.
you are bound to your code of conduct.
you live to serve
deus fucken vult
if you robe wearing trap loving weebs cant get your hormone erections under controll let some expert cut it of for you.
you can go on a quest for a queen or a fair maiden but that will get you her handkerchief AT BEST. its about helping the helpless not getting your shitty 3 inch dick wet.
for fuck sake this bread is so full of angst ima call the pope

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Yeah, you just raped the peasant girls.

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Hey, that's theft (or would it be defacement?) of the father's legal property.

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>Saracen detected
hand me my sword page

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>Love interstate

A male and female trucker meet at a rest stop and fall in love, They can only ever meet when their companies routes cross.

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>A male and female trucker meet

oh, you sweet naive child

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>A male and female trucker meet at a rest stop and fall in love, They can only ever meet when their companies routes cross.

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Prepare for ebin derail where everyone obsesses over your typo and nobody answers you question.

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Nice job slowpoke.

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Epic dude haha

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Classic blunder in action - the OP's question is so banal and boring that the typo is the only thing worth discussion about it.

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That's food, isn't it? Or is it like bukkake, which is actually also a kind of noodles?

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>Not posting best girl.

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Wonder how they'll pull that off in the HD remake.

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I'm sure they'll find a way.

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Cloud looked decent enough when they gave his model pink hair and tits for FF XIII.

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So fucking cool.

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That part of the plot where Cloud and company are straight-up terrorists is going to be a lot more interesting to read about when the mainstream media gets a hold of it.

I wonder if they'll even have the balls to make you do the part where Cloud crossdresses, or if playing along will just be a suggestion.

Keep it brief, which is a good idea anyway because the only thing more awkward than an extended romance roleplay between a GM and a player is the silence from the other unlucky bastards at the table trapped at the table with them.

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Featuring Kavinsky

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>I wonder if they'll even have the balls to make you do the part where Cloud crossdresses, or if playing along will just be a suggestion.

Wasn't there a scene in the Honeybee Inn where you get in a Jacuzzi with a load of burly men? How do you think they'll handle that?

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So pic related with /ss/ undertones

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Make up too, or did Cloud already wear some in FFVII?

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There is a lot of material that people would call highly-questionable in FFVII. I doubt that half of it will make it in, and suspect that anything which does make it in will be watered down as hell.

Square Enix knows they're going worldwide with the game. They know the West has very different views, culturally, from Japan. I expect them to cater specifically to those differing cultural views, despite the fact the game is being made because of Nostalgia.

They're probably going to cut out the most questionable shit, make Barret a less blatant black man stereotype, and water down the content they can't straight-out cut.

Hell, they've already retconned some stuff. In FFVII, Zack gets shot in the back (which wounds him) and then point-blank executed by two regular Shinra soldiers and one Shinra officer who then leave Cloud's retarded ass for dead, and then Crisis Core upgraded that to a heroic last-stand against an army and a pretty "you'll be my legacy" speech to Cloud as he was dying.

Pic very related.

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Pic related was literally the only good character in the game.

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That's some good taste you have there, my friend.

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I didn't make it, just googled it.

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One of the strengths of the original game was what it did with character archetypes. Barret started off as a stereotypical angry black man will to resort to domestic terrorism to change the world, but you see very quickly that he cares for his daughter and his team mates. As the game progresses he sees how much his actions have harmed instead of helped and goes from being a self assured leader type to being able to see his own flaws and conceding leadership to Cloud because of it. His new outfit is a lot better as well.

Worried about Genesis being shoehorned into the story somehow. Never liked him.

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What about Snow?

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Definitely one of the characters I disliked the least.

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That almost makes it sound like he's the protagonist of a good game. Almost.

Wasted potential desu senpai.

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I agree

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it's the name for a dish made with both egg and chicken

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I decided I liked Snow when I found out that you could overpower his physical attack so that his launch attack is also a one-hit KO.

So if he's set up right, he'll just walk up to enemies, uppercut them into the fucking sky, and then move on to uppercut another motherfucker into the sky. The best part of this is that while the enemy animations acknowledge that he's launching them, the camera does not, and thus doesn't move.

You don't see the enemies fly up and then disintegrate, you just see them fly up and not come down. Ever.

Between that and the fact he rides a motorcycle where he's literally sitting on two women scissoring when he summons his Eidolon, and the fact the staff nicknamed him "Mr. 33CM" (for his "shoe" size) and he convinced a girl who barely tops 5'4" to ride that every night, he's the most balling motherfucker to be stuck in that POS game.

Hell, Troy Baker made him sound badass instead of like a pussy, even though he gets bitchslapped left and right by Lightning.

Pic related. He made it look easy to look manly as a Square Enix character.

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yes, don't get specific about it and make it as big a joke as possible.

My friend Z's cleric has an elven noble as a girlfriend and he serenades her with the theme song of his mace Bonecrusher.


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>historical revisionism
Go back to China.

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>heterosexual truckers

That sounds unrealistic.

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I'm usually pretty good on drawing styles/questionable anatomy based on artist, but what the fuck.
This is actually kind of revolting to just look at.

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get /mu/ on this shit

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>assuming every RPG takes place in the Dark Ages
please go do several lines of rat poison

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>In FFVII, Zack gets shot in the back (which wounds him) and then point-blank executed by two regular Shinra soldiers and one Shinra officer who then leave Cloud's retarded ass for dead, and then Crisis Core upgraded that to a heroic last-stand against an army and a pretty "you'll be my legacy" speech to Cloud as he was dying.

To be fair even in CC, those are just made into last three surviving soldiers. The army as a whole gunned down Zack and the final dude put a bullet between his eyes point-blank.
It's just that being a SOLDIER, he's largely bulletproof, and this only served to give him a large degree of internal bleeding that he'd slowly succumb to, rather than any external wounds causing immediate death.

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Which is fine, but CC contradicts FFVII by, you know, having Zack die slowly. In the flashback (which I cannot believe is optional when Barret and Red XIII/Nanaki's bullshit is mandatory) Zack straight up gets shot, point-blank, in the face and his corpse left to rot while they leave Cloud's retarded ass to die in the wasteland.

FFVII's version of Zack's death and CC's version don't jive together at ALL.

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Again, he gets shot point blank in CC too. They just expand, rather than contradict; essentially, after laying motionless for a bit after the shot (some time clearly passes in the CC cutscene), he comes to for just a moment to pass on his legacy to Cloud, and then dies.

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Dude, CC vs FFVII Zack's Death doesn't square up remotely unless you're willing to call Zack being offscreen while some sound effects play for a few seconds a remotely acceptable substitute for the final battle of CC.

Which, you know, is not.

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Again, an expansion rather than a contradiction. We don't see the battle in FFVII because, ultimately, it's a meaningless battle between people we don't care about at the time. (And obviously in real-world terms it wasn't written.)
It does not contradict anything, however. Just because there was a huge battle beforehand does not change the result of Zack being put down by the last 3 infantry and then shot in the skull.

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Don't RP the romance in front of the other players, that's weird.

Just offhandedly mention what the PC and the love interest do in their downtime and be done with it.

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Why does Snow not have his own spin-off game?

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My sister plays a male fighter and fell in love with this lady knight in town which I have to roleplay. So me, the brother, roleplays the girl, while she, my sister, roleplays the guy and we act out romantic scenes.

It's weird.

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So when are you going to suck your sister's dick?

>> No.49561028


Nothing intimate yet but we had to roleplay your typical tsundere "will they won't they" scene with amount of sexual tension.

My god.

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Oyakodon is a dish made out of both chicken and the egg.
The tag is used to indicate sex with mother and daughter at the same time.

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and then you jerk yourself off with the handkerchief and return it to her. If she gets wet, THAT'S when you marry her

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Fuck yes, I'd watch the hell out of this.

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Sure, just do 1on1 sessions with your player where you suck his dick for the sake of immersion. Then a bit of flirtation at the table won't be that odd anymore.

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It really appeals to me, anon.

>> No.49563636

It's only as awkward as you make it yourself. If you're comfortable with the roleplay and are capable of properly distancing yourself from your characters it doesn't matter what your characters do.

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You make it "no homo" ultra gay super best friend manly workouts love. Worked for my players Barbarian and his Lizardfolk BF NPC counterpart.

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Why are Yuffie's pants undone? Wouldn't that increase the risk of them slipping and hindering her ninjaesque movements? Heck, from what I can see they only have a zipper and no button, even if she did up the zipper again it'd be undone within minutes of normal use. What the fuck is wrong this artist's problem? Looking more closelsy, do her pants even HAVE a zipper? It actually looks like there's only fabric there. He gave Aerith buttons and Tifa a belt, so is clearly aware of various means of keeping pants and other clothes on. So why the fuck does Yuffie get shafted here? Wardrobe malfunctions are arguably even worse for ninjas than they'd be for brawlers or healers. I bet the DM is some grognard who hates everything "weeaboo" and claims it's just for "balance reasons" that the ninja's player has to roll a save against losing their pants every time they attack or want to do anything actually.

Fuck I'm mad! This is why roleplaying is going down the drain. Back in my day we'd play our prerolled loli catgirls and enjoy it!

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It'll be removed like all the other raunchy shit they won't be able to get away with in this decade

>> No.49564372

Yeah, they'll probably change things to fit in with later media.
A lot of people would be surprised to see aerith making suggestive comments all the time, or Cloud being the snarky bastard (As opposed to whiny angster) he was for the first half of FF7.

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> That anon who play a standard RPG character during an ERP.

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Her shorts have never been buttoned
And that's hardly the silliest thing about her outfit

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What's even that arm thing?

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the one true waifu

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Love Interstate is way more interesting than the 100th "How do I waifu my players" thread this week.

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Her fapping arm

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>Tina's tits are the only part not censored

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I remember seeing a greentext one time about a Five Rings player who had an NPC wife pushed on him as a negative bonus. Ugly as sin and very macho, hence the arranged marriage.

If I remember correctly, he left her to take care of his estate while he did plot things, and ended up receiving a letter from another house that his wife had thrown some important fellow out on his arse for a minor disagreement. This repeated a few times so she ended up joining the party, which is when he found out she drinks like a sailor and snores like a drunken sailor, the latter getting so bad he has her sleep in a separate room to him. Cue an assassin attack during the night, wherein the player was saved by his wife because she'd been keeping watch over him, nearly dying in the process and endearing herself to the player. I wish I had it on me now, it was a pretty good story.

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You know what needs to be done!

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Holy shit, I didn't even notice that
>They even have sparkles around them

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Mother fucking Gackt.

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