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Previous Thread >>49490696
Lets leave that bitching in the last thread.

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>Lets leave that bitching in the last thread.
Anon, all /cyoag/ threads devolve into bitching eventually. It is the nature of autism.

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Magiktek Primer
Mysterious Key
City Bank

Do some low level stealing, get money, make magitek, test it out on ghouls. Rinse, repeat, until the ghouls are thin enough that it's safe to move around in the tunnels. Use them to work for the City Bank, earning money to make more magitek.

When the time is right, spring for the core, and crush the bank. The nobility sends it regards!

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>Yearning for union with the other pieces of my soul, with a heart completely without malice I will set out to kill every other Incarnate from my universe.
>To the one that kills me I will say joyously, "Now we will be together."

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Then lets make this thread a happy one, shall we?

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And your mystery box.

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Voting for comfy.

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Gambler, Treehouse, Small Fortune, Magitek Primer, Freelance.

If I'm so lucky, this small fortune isn't staying so small, and then I could just end up owning everything. EVERYTHING.

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Voting for adventure!

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I seem to recall some sort of dire warning about how fucked we'd be if we picked Lewd again.
So I'm going for Comfort.

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>Sci fi term. If I recall correctly it's a civilization that can harvest and put to use most if not all of the energy outputted in a galaxy.

I know what it is, hes just pulling it out of nowhere. The CYOA is not about type 1 civilizations.

>In theory, sufficiently advanced technology could achieve the effects

Some effects, not all.

>Shattering continents is literally less than nothing on a universal scale

Typo, I meant to say "a single one could shatter continents" with prep master wizards could potentially do much worse.

>magic is considerably easier to use and is tied to personal power

Not easier but it is tied to personal power

> technology requires a great deal of buildup and resources and is more akin to military might.

Pretty much

>it's that you seem to lack scope.

I believe I use the phrase "infinite infinity" several times. This CYOA is about scope.

>Omnipotence isn't really omnipotence if there are things you can't do.

A Demiurge is omnipotent in their universe. They can do anything and everything with no limitation.

>Like, what's the upper limit to what you can do?

Destroying galaxies is effortless childs play. They can alter the properties of the universe and rewrite the continuity of the universe, erasing and creating past and future events.

>It being able to lift 125 tonnes is pitiful.
Just threw out a figure. How much would you have it lift? I looked up regular Kaiju weight limits and they all seemed to fall around the 100 ton limit.

>That said, nothing ruins suspension of disbelief like inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

I dont really see anything thats inaccurate or inconsistent.

Yes, a master level mage could teleport on your ship and blow up half of the dam thing before you knew he was on there.

>Now tell me that any number of millions is significant.

Millions of wizards are signifigant. Especially an entire army of them working together.

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I vote comfort as well.

The Road Less Traveled, Influence, Talent, Home, Credentials, Compendium.

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Time for Adventure!

>Super Intelligence

Also, I vote for an Adventure Mystery Box.

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Very quick! It's time for comfort.
Box will be here... soon.

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Of course, I came prepared this time.
And that's all for now. Don't forget your raven feather if you're taking nothing; the shop will be here... Next time!

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>The CYOA is not about type 1 civilizations.
Doesn't matter what it's about. They should be possible in any universe at least partially based on ours.

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>Be the girl (male)
And I'll use this page's feather for the Raven Black Sharpie to remove the word (male)
Thanks a whole bunch, Raven of Happiness.
Your Succubi are cute, for sure, but I don't want to cheat on anyone, not even in my dreams.
I really want to protect her smile, but I have to be greedy with this.
No, it said we would "attract attention". Who says that's bad?

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Is this to become my playground, or am I to become its plaything?

The latter. Of course.
If I find myself joining them, I'll know for sure - this place is seeking to assimilate me.

I can already feel them pulling me closer.
And the deeper I go, the stronger it gets.
But the likes of me don't belong here.

Please, choose someone else. Someone who deserves it. Send me back to rot. You... you know? You forgive me?

No. No, I won't let you trick me. I'm not one of you. I could never be. This place - it's all too good.

Please. Stop hugging me. Stop telling me it'll be okay. It shouldn't be okay. I don't deserve it being okay.

You can't save me from myself. Why are you trying?

You really mean it? I remind you of your younger self? That can't be right. Right?

A beautiful day like this, people - no, things like me should be burning in. In. ...where? What was I going to say?

Cute? Me? I'm flattered, I. You. You mean it? Aah, but my looks are so boring. Black hair, brown eyes - what? What do you mean, my eyes are green?

What do you mean, when did I start dyeing it? My hair's always been... blonde? But I remember it being black.

When did I get these freckles? They're adorable!

You guys are the best, you know that?

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>Yes, a master level mage could teleport on your ship and blow up half of the dam thing before you knew he was on there
Okay? I meant I didn't understand what you said.

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>Cleans mental ailments
Welp, this is the one I'm taking.

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I feel the setting does a pretty good job of showing the full power of tech and magic (with magic being the ultimate winner). Type one civilization? Psshh we can buy a ringworld for 100 credits. The AI could possibly rule a type III civilization for all we know. And guess what it is scared to death of magic.

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>Millions of wizards are signifigant. Especially an entire army of them working together.
Dropped this in the reply.

So you're telling me that you're going to ignore the numbers quoted, 352 septillion octillion people, and claim that a million of anything matters to that number. At this point you're just being willful and stubborn for its own sake.

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That's called poor writing.

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Who is this cute succubus?

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Have there been any cool new CYOAs in the past 20 or so threads? Missed about that many threads and want to know if I should go back to look for anything.

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>Let me repost this here since I entered so late in the last thread.

I'm working on it, don't worry.

Pic related is a pure Si Fa. Neither they nor the Lathydor mixes have fur or anything, but buying them a razor would be a good idea.

Ooh, I like this build. Enjoy, anon!

You can only do one favor in V.1 actually, but I like that story way too much to stop you. Besides, I'll probably up the number you can take in the next build to balance all the new choices.

Thanks for all the feedback, folks!

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Happiness raven is pretty cool. If a bit simplistic

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>Some effects, not all.

>Not easier but it is tied to personal power
I assume it's a w40k type dealio except different. More specifically, the "Aether" or w/e mirrors the universe, ebbs and flows as you said, cyclical but unpredictable, tied to reality but distinct from it, yadda yadda. While learning its intricacies is a long and arduous process, tapping into it is considerably easier than positioning a fleet of planet busters where you need them.
Am I close?

>A Demiurge is omnipotent in their universe. They can do anything and everything with no limitation.
If that were true, there would be no universal war. If you are omnipotent in your universe, you can effortlessly wipe out any invading army, erase any invading entity out of existence, permanently imprison visiting Demiurges, etc.
If you cannot, it's not omnipotence.
Look it up.

>Destroying galaxies is effortless childs play. They can alter the properties of the universe and rewrite the continuity of the universe, erasing and creating past and future events.

That makes a great deal more sense.

>Just threw out a figure. How much would you have it lift? I looked up regular Kaiju weight limits and they all seemed to fall around the 100 ton limit.
Honestly, I have no idea. A humanoid chassis for a weapons platform is a horrible idea to begin with, I haven't a clue why so many works of fiction insist on it.
That said, peak human lifting strength is about 3*bodyweight, so, maybe 75000 tonnes?
If you want it to be somewhat effective.
Square cube law makes this physically impossible but, hey, maybe your universe has tech that can act like a 3d muscle or someshit, I dunno.

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>tfw I already chose the Adventure, but already know what I'd use the seven Bath Bombs on

>Myself (soaking long enough to cure everything)
>My apartment building (wonder if this removes the need for vacuuming or if I'd need to bathe the floor separately)
>My computer (so it'll always be running well)
>My mattress (it's older than me, so putting it back in order would be great)
>My acoustic guitar (so it'll always be tuned, I hope)
>My printer (no more paper jams)

And the last on either goes to the floor, to experiment on my wallet and see if that does anything money-wise, or to experiment on my phone.

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I made >>49502692 in the very last thread.

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She doesn't have a name, but she's the cute-cubus from the Succubus episode (8 I think) of Kono Suba
>There are some things in this world you absolutely must protect

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You know I'm right.

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Third point I think the term universal war is a misnomer. The original war was a multiversal war between demiurges, while the current setting is focusing on a universal war between incarnates (still multiversal in nature due to beings from outside the universe having a part).

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What a happy goblin.

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>I haven't a clue why so many works of fiction insist on it.
Yes you do. It looks cool. A lot cooler than the alternatives.

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I can't decide between Theosophist and Seer. It almost seems as if they make each other redundant.

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Space Opera

Basically TiTS.

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>I dont really see anything thats inaccurate or inconsistent.
>A Demiurge is omnipotent in their universe. They can do anything and everything with no limitation.
>I believe I use the phrase "infinite infinity" several times. This CYOA is about scope.

Things have a tendency not to scale up terribly well when dealing with a universal scope. A power that seems cool in a one on one fight becomes utterly useless when faced with something broader in its application.
People that are supposed to have 1/100 the power of a Demiurge, a nigh-omnipotent being, somehow still bother recruiting and combating lowly humans.
Said Incarnates are somehow held at bay by a dude in a metal suit,
Angels are alleged to be comparable to nigh-omnipotent beings and yet tend to be treated off-handedly. Little is made of the fact that one patron enables you to call in dozens of these nigh-omnipotent godlings .

I will concede it's exceedingly difficult to have things be cool and make sense at the same time. Often one has to be sacrificed in favor of the other.
I would argue for a tiny bit fewer sacrifices in favor of coolness.
Also, I realize you've been asked before, but could you please give us a rough outline of what the Old Law is all about?

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I guess I didn't play up the Theosophist's weird tricksterness as well as I could have. The Seer is more of sitting next to God's throne and hearing His words, while the Theosophist is more trolling the shit out of Satan.

That goblin is still rather... enticing.

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What does that make our new happiness raven?

>> No.49502880

In that case, I'll pick Seer. The only interaction I'd want with demons is kicking their shit in.

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awww shit son

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A one shot character of no importance in Konosuba, which is fucking great.

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I really like the raven. He's pretty neat.

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The Raven transcends these pity attempts at causing drama.

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Literally who?

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Once again, I choose Theosophist for maximum backtrolling.
Just seems like the most fun. I still get to be a dick. And for a good cause, too.

Seems like Seers dole out the the truth of God, while Theosophists work from the other end unraveling the lies of the Adversary.

>> No.49502913

Doubt that you'll get a ton of action as a Seer, but it's certainly a cushy position.

Agreed. The Raven is better than us mortals.

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Not that guy, but I'm starting to think he's not wrong. Especially his comment about scope and scale. You can claim your CYOA is about scope, but I'm not sure you actually took it into account as you wrote this, and I definitely think you didn't consider what you wanted the upper bounds of incarnate power to be in various areas. Moreover I think you underestimate what tech can actually do, what tech will do in the future, and just how little we understand about how the universe actually works - and what we've done with what little we understand.

I'm reminded of a Game of Thrones anecdote, from I think something from the production of the first season. George RR Martin was being shown the set for The Wall and marveled at how huge it was, and was flabbergasted when he was told the set was less than half the height of the book series' Wall. I get the same impression from some of the things you say.

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Gotta love outtrolling the biggest trolls in existence.

>> No.49502968

I think a demiurge is greater than the sum of its parts, basically.

>> No.49502993

Well, I went Guide last time, and that was fun, but this time I want to try going the Herald route. I want to go to the people and spread the good news of God to them, telling them about all the wonderful things waiting for them, teaching them valuable lessons, and kicking the shit out of any demons that try to harm them. You want to hurt these innocent people? Tell that poor child she doesn't matter? Whisper sweet lies into that man's ears, like poisoned honey? Over my dead body.

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What do you guys think is the best pocket dimension CYOA out there?

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For the record, I, the person that made the comment about scope and scale, would like to distance myself from the anon that was throwing a tantrum about there being drawbacks to magic in the last thread.
He is not me, his opinion in no way reflects my own.
I'm just trying to offer my two cents in a constructive manner.

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You can distance yourself, but arguments of scope were part of my argument as well. In that, we're aligned.

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That one by Ferrean.

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That's the nature of fiction and even the best writers fall victim to it. Another good example is the Harry Potter series. J.K Rowling obviously did not consider all the implications of what she wrote for her world. The most flagrant being the time turner of course but there where way more such as liquid luck. The UW setting feels more galactic in scale DESU with the characters at different WH40K power levels. Saying he underestimates tech is a hard thing to call since we are nowhere near the level described in the setting and any number of explanations could prevent the really high end uses that he may not be considering.

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Not that anon but...your sense of scale is very very very far off. Several million mages is a drop of piss on a universal scale. Doing a quick search gives us some numbers for comparison so you can see just how tiny that is.

>According to the best estimates of astronomers there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. They've counted the galaxies in a particular region, and multiplied this up to estimate the number for the whole universe.

>In November 2013, astronomers reported, based on Kepler space mission data, that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars and red dwarfs in the Milky Way, 11 billion of which may be orbiting Sun-like stars.

>Astronomers using NASA data have calculated for the first time that in our galaxy alone, there are at least 8.8 billion stars with Earth-size planets in the habitable temperature zone.

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File: 2.62 MB, 1200x5500, 1467261651877.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you mean this one, right?

>> No.49503113

8+ BILLION planets with earth like conditions for life in just the milky way. Now multiply that by the 100 billion other galaxies. That comes out to a lot of potential life, even if only 1% of those planets had sapient life. A few million mages is a drop of piss in an ocean. These are our best current guesses of course.

I'd suggest you should do some research to get a proper sense of scale if you're going to make a cyoa on a universal scale. A universe is massive.

>> No.49503128

Why can't you continue arguing in the still-alive thread?

>> No.49503139

I actually did the calculations up above here >>49502594

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The font, and the white-on-bright-gray hurts my eyes too much to do this.

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Huh. Man, all this stuff is getting confusing. My apologies for any misattribution. But yeah, some of the discussion confuses me. We're talking about universal scope and being able to bully galaxies and yet...the companions are supposed to be as powerful as a starting incarnate and they're not impressive. Like at all. (Except for the one with the CHIM reference, that made me laugh.) A lot of them are street-level in terms of comic book powers. In that sort of scope, individuals don't even matter until they're as awesome as Lord Castellan Creed.

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>Affinities: Glacial, Necrotic
>Size: Large
>Races: Undead, Celestial

>Empowerment (Necrotic)
>Hybrid (Celestial)
>Magical Prowess
>Charisma Prowess
>Vitality Prowess
>Enchanted Armour (Glacial)
>Enchanted Weapon (Necrotic)
>Sizes: Average, Large
>Races: Undead/Celestial, Construct

>100 Guards (Large Construct) (13)
>100 Soldiers (Average Undead/Celestial) (11)
>50 Recruiters (Average Undead/Celestial) (10)
>10 Warriors (Large Construct) (9)
>10 Sorcerers (Large Undead/Celestial) (8)
>1 Witch (Large Undead/Celestial) (7)
>1 Chosen (Large Construct) (6)

>Devotion (5)
>Native (4)
>Appearance (3)
>Sustenance (2)
>Upgrade (1)
>Specialty (Magic) (0)

>Hero (adversary) (+5 minions)
>Usurper (+5 minions)

>100 MORE Large Construct Guards (8)
>100 Average Undead/Celestial Guards (6)
>20 Average Undead/Celestial Harem (4)
>40 Average Undead/Celstial Summoners (0)

Lore in next post.

>> No.49503253

Grand Celestial Fleet
-30 Leadership 3
-35 Engineering 3
-20 Programming 3
-30 Science 3
-50 Projection Stability 3
-20 Localised Tangibility
-25 Dynamic Inertials
-30 Improved Volumetrics
-50 Residual Photon Binding
-25 Core Durability 2
-100 Nanoform Core
-30 Improved Batteries
-30 Proofed Circuitry
-40 EM Harvester
-5 Terminal
-15 Mechanic's Tools
-15 Hovercase
-25 Handscanner
-350 Yacht

-40 Cyclic Chamber
-30 FTL Capability
-25 Enhanced Arrays
-50 Sensor Platforms
-35 AI
-30 Luxury Fittings
-30 Entertainment Room
-45 VR Bay
-30 Galley
-30 Bar
-0 Saferoom
-120 Cargo Bay x25 (1 free)
-30 Fuel Harvester
-35 Infirmiry
-65 Factory Module
-20 Drone Bay
-10 Self-Repair
-10 Mining Arm
-15 Superior AI

Basically a supply/support/intelligence/engineering/SCIENCE role in the GCF.
We work behind the scenes to keep things going in the right direction.
About as far from front-line fighters as you can get.

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File: 315 KB, 1100x871, Val'kyr_Shadowguard_TCG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So, mortal. You have arrived at the mistress' stronghold at last. As it was her grave, so too shall it be yours. Your king will learn his folly when his own men march against him, risen from the dead as Her personal army.
>Please, listen to me. Run. Run away now, or you WILL die!
>Know that no man has heard a word from my tongue and not gone astray! If you wish to stand so much as a chance, believe nothing I say between breaths!
>That's how she throws them off! She's speaking through me! Don't listen to her!
>You stand before Naudigr, Chooser of the Slain and Mouth of the Frost Queen! Here, at the crown of the world, you will meet your end!
>Even my NAME means "unwilling!" I'll tell you everything, just please listen to me! Before she came, there was no magic here. It was a brighter, warmer world. When she destroyed my home in a blizzard, only my soul lingered on, too weak to pass beyond this life!
>By this spear I shall slay you, and by Her power you will rise as a champion of death!
>She found me. Twisted me. Strengthened me just so I wouldn't break. Then I found out why. It is bliss to obey, and agony to resist her. She controls my body, all I can do is hold back - but she forces me spirit to resist. She knows it will hurt more that way.
>You should have taken heed of this, before you dared to disturb Her tomb! Now you will pay the ultimate price!
>I can't break. I want to break. I can't give in. I NEED to give in. I fantasize about becoming nothing more than a blissful, mindless avatar! I CRAVE DEATH!
>Now face the judgement of ice, interloper!
>You are the hero sent to destroy me! You are the prince sent to force my hand in marriage! Do what you must. For your father, for your kingdom, for your world! Kill me! KILL ME! And when you are done, destroy the woman buried here, or you will only replace me!

>> No.49503282

Because 4chan won't let me post in that thread anymore for some reason. Why do you have to whine?

Yep. Didn't see that as I was posting here from not being able to post in the other thread. Either way we're in agreement the scale of the cyoa is way off.

>> No.49503349


>I will concede it's exceedingly difficult to have things be cool and make sense at the same time.

> I'd suggest you should do some research to get a proper sense of scale if you're going to make a cyoa on a universal scale. A universe is massive.

I don't want the cyoa to be at a true universal scale for the above reason. At the "proper" level it would not be very fun for us (humans) to imagine, it is just too far removed from our reality. Sorry even if I am a "god" of the universe, I would prefer to imagine it as a cool adventure with godly melee weapons with my best pals Odin, Ra, and Vishnu, as opposed to say changing the laws of physics to some end. The setting still works at a multiverse level, and the only reason the fantasy got broken was one anon complained about magic over and over and over and over until the author said in frustration "THE DEMIURGES ARE OMNIPOTENT AND MAGIC CAN DO ANYTHING INCLUDING DESTROY GALAXY'S". This should not be true to make sense to the setting shown. BUT the demiurges and incarnates are the most powerful beings in the multiverse and their struggles affect everyone.Being the "ruler of the universe" is possible goal if the right things exists (communication, travel capability, etc) although the bureaucracy would be in of itself close to infinite. Magic doesn't have to destroy galaxy's in an instant to be superior to tech. And the assertion that tech is so much better (which prompted the whole thing) is based on what a bunch of futurists THINK tech could maybe do. We have no idea what it can do and more importantly what can be done in the SETTING.

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'cause i'm running, police on my back

working on a cyoa is bad, working on two at the same time is top autismo

going to post the waifu update soon, if anyone's interested

>> No.49503383

Speak for yourself if you're not the creator. The creator could have put it on a single galaxy scale. The whole multiverse things falls flat on its face if you can't even deal with just 1 universe.

Maybe others want the cyoa to be on a real universal scale. Their wants are just as valid as yours.

>> No.49503414

Dear Raven,
Is it possible to charge A LOT of luck over some time (3 months, for example) and make a miracle happen?

>> No.49503433

Retiree Knight

>> No.49503434

The only reason it is as big as it is to begin with is it is largely a copy of "Kill Six Billion Demons". The setting still works though but the main characters should be viewed as incredibly powerful planeswalkers not omnipotent gods. Just because the setting takes place in multiple realities does not mean it "falls flat on its face" for only reaching a certain scale at the individual character level. If you really want a CYOA at universal scale go play the John Paul Sartre cyoa. Ultimately it will be at the scale the author wants it and he is well within his rights to make it how he sees fit. Neither of our wants matter in that regard.

>> No.49503438

>the only reason the fantasy got broken was one anon complained about magic over and over and over and over until the author said in frustration "THE DEMIURGES ARE OMNIPOTENT AND MAGIC CAN DO ANYTHING INCLUDING DESTROY GALAXY'S"
Please stop being so ignorant.

The creator has said since the beginning that the Demiurges were nigh omnipotent and could shatter galaxies like Goku. For weeks now. This isn't something new that's come about from the argument.

>> No.49503447

Only the creator decides 'should', not you.

>> No.49503456

DBZ has all the same problems you are complaining about.

>> No.49503462

You didn't quote me at any point before now. I'm informing you that you made an incorrect assumption.

>> No.49503481
File: 207 KB, 920x813, raven.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now what would you be doing with that, hmm?

>> No.49503484

Shall we start debating if demiurges can make mountains they can't lift? I used should in reference to the beating the author has gotten at using the term omnipotent, but you are right I will let him define things.

>> No.49503513

You a very mechanical person aren't you?

>> No.49503517

Had a question for you in the previous thread: >>49491973

>> No.49503522
File: 234 KB, 1215x717, Lissandra_OriginalSkin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A more third-person view:

Once upon a time, there was a sorceress of great power, by the name of Svellvif. Born a mere runt among the Giants, only just above seven feet, she made up for her lack of stature in magical might.

The Giants were at war. They were the masters of Ice, but the Dragons were the masters of Fire, and the Raiju the masters of Lightning. The three sides had been evenly matched since the dawning of the world.

As she grew, she brought her magic to bear against the Dragons and the Raiju, finding only two equals to her control of the primal forces - Raijin, an old Raiju mage, and Kafsimon, a fledgling Dragon. As their escalation of the endless war tore whole continents apart, an unexpected power appeared.

They called her the Green Mother, and she brought true Life to the world. With her forces in tow, she cast the three armies down, sealing them beneath the earth. But the three great mages were pulled aside, for theirs was to be a worse fate.

First, Raijin was cast into a world without magic, his essence scattered upon the four winds that the clouds might forever shed his tears of suffering. Then, Svellvif was cast onto the north of the planet, to be trapped beneath the ice. At first, she chained Kafsimon beneath a volcano - but the connection she had opened to that world revealed that Svellvif had escaped her prison, and sought to make that world her own. The weapons of the people there could do nothing, and her ice pushed against the fires of their industry - so the Green Mother sent them a message.

They were to focus their greatest weapons on Svellvif's stronghold, and as they fired, Kafsimon's own fire was turned against him. Now a living bomb, he too was hurled into that world, and the explosion shook it to its core. Svallvif was dead... but the great cities were torn asunder. Countless billions died.


>> No.49503531

Yes. What makes you assume so?

>> No.49503543

Now why would I spoil the surprise?
No wars, of course. You never know how it's going to turn out with wars.

>> No.49503544

It affects all variations of the words, my dearest anon. A very smart marker.
For example, if you chose 'Adventure' in today's group, and changed Dr. Mitzowsky's male pronouns to 'She', then it'd also change any reference of 'his' to 'hers', 'he'll' to 'she'll' and 'him' to 'her', as what is relevant.

>> No.49503581

I do love surprises.
To give you an idea: A year's worth of luck could win you the powerball (A 1 in 175 million chance).
If you consider miracles one in a life time, those chances just got a lot smaller than the powerball.

But how did that quote go? "If we could observe it, we could interfere with it. And if we can interfere with it, we can control it."..?

Try not to make people unhappy. You don't wish to provoke me, do you?

>> No.49503587

Oh no reason. Look I can't defend the author's vision (and I will stop trying to), but the issues people are having with it are no where near as bad as it is being made out to be and ultimately I am fond of it and feel it does not deserve the flak it has gotten.

>> No.49503638 [SPOILER] 
File: 42 KB, 323x669, 1474801130124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the survivors, the Green Mother gave two gifts.

The first was healing - she closed the wounds of the land, and made the world whole and livable again. Creatures not seen for centuries and millennia once more walked and flew and swam.

The second was magic. She drew a portion of the power from her world into theirs, placing it in great wells. She hoped that with this power, the survivors would learn to live in harmony with the land, rather than taking from it.

When she left, she had not taken their short lives into account. Soon, there were tribes among them, who had forgotten where they came from. Soon, their history came to repeat itself, and empires grew on the backs of slaves. But the world was forever changed.

The ice grew outward from Svellvif's tomb, her spirit restless. She had already bound Naudgir to herself in life, and it was this half-broken slave who had built her mausoleum.

As the ice grew outward, so did the bones of those who had lived Before rise from their rest and marched on the cities of the living.

Now the ice encroaches on a kingdom on the once-rich north seas, and its king has sent his son with a mission - to seduce Naudgir, believing her to be the one in charge of the ice - Svellvif's name forgotten - and thus bring her under his control. But a wise prophet gave the prince another mission. The tomb in the North must be destroyed, and every body within it must be purged. So to the prince he gave the light of the Sun, a new power in this world. A power that could put the dead to rest once and for all.

Now he stands at the very crown of the world, torn between his father's command and his prophet's orders. The Chooser of the Slain stands before him - and she has begged him for death.

>> No.49503709
File: 74 KB, 823x800, MetaCYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49503720
File: 2.72 MB, 2000x2150, delusion_of_worlds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49503804

I will do my best to Defend the kingdom of the LORD! Spending centuries in relentless fighting to protect a tiny corner of Creation populated by savages.
Until the worship of those ignorant mortals go to my head and I think myself a God in my own right. And we all know that's how the Adversary gets you!

>> No.49504022 [DELETED] 

>Deus Vult
>Red Waters
>Antiquity, Myth Handling

I'm now a Greek Hero.

>> No.49504049

>Deus Vult
>Blue Storms
>Antiquity, Myth Handling
t. Perseus.

>> No.49504257
File: 1.44 MB, 324x196, 1472835259409.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry everyone, I wasnt ignoring you. Had to go to class.

A.I. is bordering being a type 3 civilization in terms of tech.

>and claim that a million

Millions. Maybe 8 or 10 million.

>Am I close?
Yeah pretty much.

Magic isnt in Spell form, like D&D. Its raw energy that you can form into whatever you want using your imagination. It has much more uses than just throwing a fireball or shit like that.

>there would be no universal war. If you are omnipotent in your universe,

Demiurges killed other Demiurges. There servants killed the followers of other Demiuges. Some of the Patrons that were alive back for the first Universal War might have killed Demiurges.

>I haven't a clue why so many works of fiction insist on it.

Its just fun anon. I try to keep things ordered and making as much sense as possible but in the end its still a space magic setting with satan, cthulhu, godzilla, and a bunch of gods and shit all fighting it out across the infinite spans of the multiverse.

>I dunno.

Neither do I so I just threw out a number. Ill remove it from his desc and add something about Titan Mechs being "very strong".

>. You can claim your CYOA is about scope, but I'm not sure you actually took it into account as you wrote this,

Explain? Give some examples.

> I definitely think you didn't consider what you wanted the upper bounds of incarnate power to be in various areas.

Incarnates start out at a "base" strength level. They grow in power as they kill more Incarnates. I really cant write about that though because its beyond the scope of the CYOA.

What do you think my problem with scale is? Care to give examples?

>Said Incarnates are somehow held at bay by a dude in a metal suit,
Your power multiplies exponentially as you kill more Incarnates from your own universe.

Just to give a very rough example, you will probably be capable of blowing up moons with a single punch at about 5 to 7 kills in.

>> No.49504316

>The whole multiverse things falls flat on its face if you can't even deal with just 1 universe.

What do you mean "deal with just 1 universe"? Not sure I even understand the compliant here.

> main characters should be viewed as incredibly powerful planeswalkers not omnipotent gods

You start off as a powerful planeswalker type and move up to becoming an omnipotent god. Its about a progression.

Fine ill update the shit but we arent having another arguement like this again. If you want an army of mages, do it. The universe wont start dying but im going to make some other form of drawback to limit that power.

If you dont like it, to bad.

Technology is Universal War is aready far crazier than type 1 civilizations in some Universes.

>> No.49504610
File: 808 KB, 2042x1000, power source.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49504639

>A.I. is bordering being a type 3 civilization in terms of tech.

I'm sorry but that's retarded. You don't need multiple solar systems to build an AI.

>> No.49504671

What the hell are you talking about? The A.I. controls the tech. The technology it controls is on par with type 2 bordering type 3 civilizations.

>> No.49504672

Nice build. I've always liked the ones that CYOA produces.

>> No.49504693

Rolled 8, 12, 3, 21, 21 = 65 (5d30)

Genetics, that's the life for me! To be reborn. To be reborn!


>> No.49504711

>double weakness to loud noises
>Heat Vision
>Peak Human Condition

Awwww, but I like music.

>> No.49504730
File: 1.91 MB, 1280x1710, tumblr_mxavawDRbs1rm0wy2o1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Taloneth Amaret


>Magical Prowess
>Perception Prowess
>Charisma Prowess
>Domain Control
>Empowerment x2

>Scouts (Faeries)
>Soldiers (Faeries) x2
>Servants (Faeries)
>Recruiters (Faeries)
>Sorcerers (Fallen Angels)
>Agents (Faeries) x2
>Harem (Fallen Angels) x2
>Chosen (Fallen Angel)
>Hunter (Faerie)
>Witch (Faerie)

Minion Perks
>Talented (Corruption)
>Specialty (Charisma)

Realm Perks


>once a angelic harp player from heaven
>seduced by the wild freedom of the fairy folk
>now live in remote corner of magical forest
>adventurers seek out my realm to drink from the Fountain of Youth
>the path to the fountain is illuminated by enchanting music
>it is a long journey full of detours, distractions, and corrupting influences
>the weak are led astray into the forest and never heard from again
>the strong are offered eternal life and youth in exchange for something supremely important to them

Idk if having my own realm is even all that necessary. I'd probably be happy just being one of the more powerful "boss" types living in another magical-forest-of-the-fey type realm.


That's a really interesting build! I like all the lore. It's a cool creation story and very dark! What will the young hero do with you!?

And I always did like undead-celestial combo. It's just kinda neat.

>> No.49504735

Rolled 28, 7, 5, 14, 25 = 79 (5d30)

Genetics takes the least effort. Gonna try that.

>> No.49504744

Immortality, flight, communication with animals, invisibility... and weakness to sunshine?

Yay! I'm a vampire!

>> No.49504783
File: 3.77 MB, 1000x8200, Queen Tephra of Pyrok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This image is now very convenient for me.

>> No.49504812

>tfw writing a cyoa
>tfw it's 4 pages of dense text
>and like 6 tables
This is an abstract feeling

>> No.49504885

>Magic isnt in Spell form, like D&D. Its raw energy that you can form into whatever you want using your imagination. It has much more uses than just throwing a fireball or shit like that.
That's what I figured.

>Demiurges killed other Demiurges. There servants killed the followers of other Demiuges. Some of the Patrons that were alive back for the first Universal War might have killed Demiurges.
So the killing of things was more underhanded than invasion-style and most of the subsequent fighting was over universes that lacked Demiurges, yes?
I am satisfied with the explanation if that is the case.

>Its just fun anon. I try to keep things ordered and making as much sense as possible but in the end its still a space magic setting with satan, cthulhu, godzilla, and a bunch of gods and shit all fighting it out across the infinite spans of the multiverse.

Fair enough.

>Explain? Give some examples
>Incarnates start out at a "base" strength level. They grow in power as they kill more Incarnates. I really cant write about that though because its beyond the scope of the CYOA.

Not me.

>Your power multiplies exponentially as you kill more Incarnates from your own universe.
Makes sense. Happy with that answer. You might want to make that a bit clearer in the actual cyoa.
Any word on the Old Law? Just a rough idea of what it's about would be good.

>> No.49504904
File: 304 KB, 450x253, confused saitama.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>the weak are led astray into the forest and never heard from again

So do they just get eaten or ganked, or?

>> No.49504909

Every time you update this you outdo yourself. It can't be a coincidence. Your taste really is that shit.

>> No.49504963
File: 75 KB, 396x714, 7d5ae0e544e9dc9603ae53995e4dd4a5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So the killing of things was more underhanded than invasion-style and most of the subsequent fighting was over universes that lacked Demiurges, yes?

Yeah, pretty much.

>Any word on the Old Law? Just a rough idea of what it's about would be good.

Here, it was going to be in the next update.

>Tablets of the OLD LAW – Large white stone tablets inscribed by the Angels themselves. Serves as a source of guidance for those that submit to the rule of the Angels and a warning to those that don’t. The OLD LAW is a convoluted recording of all the lessons of GOD taught to the Blind Idiot, his first creation. GOD spoke in riddle, metaphor, and allegory with his true lessons always obscured to those not clever enough to see behind the words. The lessons were not meant for the Angels to hear as they lack creativity but they listened anyways and misunderstood the words of their beloved GOD. In his absence the Angels turned to the archaic recordings of his first lessons and narrowly applied them as strict rules for all things to live by. The OLD LAW is a large and complex system of many authoritarian and sometimes contradicting commandments that, at one point or another, dictate every facet of life from the correct way of sitting to the correct way of smiling. The higher laws are universally recognized, commandments like no theft, murder, rape, or deceit. Others laws explicitly forbid the Angels from identifying with a particular gender or being corrupted by the influence of the material world. Demiurges are recognized as the rightful rules of the physical multiverse and that the order of reality must be maintained from the abuses and misuse of excessive evil magic. There is one commandment the Angels do not enforce, the first commandment given by GOD, he commanded for all things to “DO AS THOU WILL.” COST: 2

>> No.49505092

>Dock Gang
>Crossbow, Prod, Contraband
This set up should allow for full dickass theivery, albeit non-lethal. The prod could come in handy if they have clockwork guards or some shit in the citadel.

>> No.49505161


>> No.49505297

So if I'm going full-on JUSTICE mode, do I have to follow/enforce every single niggling thing or just the higher laws?

Cause I gotta tell ya, the former would scour the universe of sentients in a big fucking hurry.

>> No.49505358


I need that good luck only once or twice a month for myself, rest of the time I help others.

As a Kindergarden teacher, I'd boost lil sprouts self by having them accomplish little things.

Not too much, just enough to have them smile and trust in themselves.

>> No.49505371

Oh hey Beri!
I'm getting close to finishing my cyoa but since it's so big, I'd like outside help with balance testing. Would you be interested? All you need to do is make build(s) and tell me what needs to be explained more.
4 pages in Word?
That's nothing.

>> No.49505377
File: 193 KB, 429x714, Cosmic_-_XVI_-_Der_Turm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You do have to follow most of these laws but not all.

Punishment is up to you, some angels break peoples bones and others give long winded lectures. In the end, YOU have to follow the old law, which really means the core important ideas of the old law.

It will be restrictive and annoying at times but hey, the life of a paladin is never easy.

>> No.49505386

Sure, I can do that.

>> No.49505426


>> No.49505584

yeah post it!
and where I can fina all the other KnightBros CYOAs?

>> No.49505586

Cool! Is there some way to get a hold of you?
It's big so I want it to be balanced before I post it. I don't want to post it, then release a second version where the prices are fair and I get attacked.

>> No.49505624

Post the update

>> No.49505628

Super Science, hands down. Holy shit that's busted. I'd probably work on the AI bit first to help out all the anons that want to be with their waifu. Branch off to the really cool shit after that. Fixing the world would be possible. Damn near limitless power there, though. Shit that's a good one.

>> No.49505630

They get thrown into Angels cavernous vagina.

>> No.49505658

The IRC.

>> No.49505678

The pills sound pretty good, guaranteed dreams. Hopefully that excludes nightmares.

>> No.49505697
File: 50 KB, 1024x768, jade_harley_atom_by_gundam04-d6ee987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normally I like supernatural options and magical powers and even mutant or psionics can hold its value.

Still, there's something to be said for the idea of unlocking the secrets of the universe and potentially using that know-how to survive the heat death and beyond, ending up an eldritch horror of some future reality.

Super Science.

>> No.49505749

Rolled 16, 18, 28, 1, 5 = 68 (5d30)

Eh, let's see if Lady Luck is on my side.

>> No.49505833

Nice, I heal, live forever, control my own density, magnetism and I can turn invisible. Not too shabby if I do say so.

>> No.49506077

Guide. Interact with the greatest mortals in the making.

>> No.49506147

/r/ some good and recent Civilization/Fantasy races CYOA, the ones i've got are from like 2011 and just got the fire again to starting writing fantasy.

>> No.49506153


Work with >>49505628 and >>49505697 to create magitech.

>> No.49506200

Personally I like the idea of mages being incredibly rare. Don't let an anon's whining make an idea less cool. It's literally magic, you don't have to explain shit.

>> No.49506329

And speaking of universal war, can someone post it?

>> No.49506384

>If you dont like it, to bad.

Don't update it for just one person (me). I'm just pointing out what was going on in the argument and just how BIG a single galaxy and universe is when you use the term Multiverse, eg more then 1 universe.

Update it because YOU want to update it to clarify stuff or smooth out things.

>> No.49506385


here's an imgur album with all of them

>> No.49506420

THanks! :D

>> No.49506440

>Blessing: 20 Tribute points
Str: 2
Def: 7
Agi: 5
Int: 6
Ski: 3
>Magical Skills
Catalysts, Fire, Water
Blink, Detect Magic
Gravity Warp, Barriers, Time Warp
= 15
>Spiritual Skills
One with Nature
Monster Within
= 2
>Ethereal Skills
= 3
Physiology: Just to put me in peak condition quickly, unless you actually get some monster traits, in which case, I'd probably go for wolf, for slightly improved tracking skills (Not nearly as good as monster soul version, but better than vanilla human).
= 5
Library, Alchemy, Market
Training, Scavenging
Diner, Bar, Hot Springs
Middle class house
= 85
Overall = 90/120
I assume the minimum amount of stuff hunted would be equal to 1 of each type chosen? So since I have 100 points of monsters chosen I would need at least 5 foxes killed, or 2 foxes & 2 basilisks, etc.

My plan would be to start out killing foxes & maybe a few basilisks, take the fox power to stockpile energy, then hunt a strange. Indomnitable + stored magic power should be enough for me to beat it, then I take it's power.
Once I have the strange's power it should be easy for me to hit my quota, and then some. When it comes to the culling, I only have to watch out for other indomnitable hunters, but I have good enough stats & skills that I should be able to either win, run, or hide.
For regular hunts, I'll try to get a small team together, so I don't have to risk being hit (even though I'm tanky af, I don't want to risk dying to a lucky shot)

>> No.49506455

Sorry, didn't mean to sound pissy.

The cyoa is suppose to be fun. I don't like telling people "no, you can't do that" because it kills the the fun. The point of universal war is that you can ultimately do anything you want.

Asking for an army of mages is just a bit on the absurd side. Magic in the setting is pretty potent.

I'll just change it to "evil or destructive" use of magic is a bad thing and mages will still take a long time to train.

>> No.49506476

Why not write a fantasy CYOA instead?

>> No.49506629

I tend to agree with your sentiment on cyoas. The change sounds good to me. Keep up the good work.

I think the problem with being too freeform in a cyoa is that anons want more structure and just don't really cut loose with their imaginations as much as they could.

>> No.49506713
File: 1.66 MB, 1368x3708, Knightbros Waifus Pls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was hoping I could more stuff, but RL got in the way

i feel extremely dirty writing this after the relative seriousness of Peace Sentinels

>> No.49506727

So comfy it's painful.

>> No.49506738

>lizard with tits
Does this break the "no furries" rule or not?

>> No.49506750

Im still surprised most people haven't unlocked the hidden lore of universal war

>> No.49506754

it has a snout.

>> No.49506757


Pretty sure that lizards have scales

>> No.49506758

I think you forgot the pastebin
Resources: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

>> No.49506764

is there even a no furries rule? besides iirc i lifted that pic from a char art thread right here on /tg/

>> No.49506821

Ki is for me.
Time to become a vigilante.

>> No.49506847

>is there even a no furries rule?
Global rule 3.

>> No.49506890

I think dragonborn get a free pass or something because they are a core race in 4e.

>> No.49506918

It has limits, everything does.

I believe the Drawback section summed it up best. It said something like "you can overcome anything with considerable time and effort". Victory isn't assured, but nothing is impossible.

>> No.49506945

I think that rule is more contextual. I don't see the problem here.

>> No.49507003



>> No.49507014

Generally the context is "which mod saw it". And I'm fairly sure most of /tg/ doesn't mind anthro art much as it's par for the course with most fantasy settings. The issue is the more "vocal" members of the furry community.

>> No.49507246

Small Fortune
Alchemy Kit
City Bank

I will use the fortune to clean up the tavern and advertise special alchemy brews not available anywhere else in the city. However, all of this is a front as I begin stealing and cataloging identities that I will use to help my real employer at the City Bank.

>> No.49507252

Thief, tree house, small fortune, magitek primer, freelancer

>> No.49507280

space opera, adventure and melancholy

boons: home, compendium and fellowship

>> No.49507281

So is this the part when the MC of the anime comes to save his child hood best friend from her own fears?

>Feral World
The Last holdouts and enclaves of advance human civilizations are found on the outskirts of this world. To go inland is to find a world totally renew to the humans and it's my job to get in there and find all the old stuff we humans left behind.

>Melancholy, Remembrance
Humanoid tribes living in the shadow of the old world. Old Factories, Military bases, and Laboratories lie in wait. Sleeping dangers needing to be deal with.

>transport, home, village
The Village I started in was just another coastal village, it's not a hub or anything but it does have charm. The home I had built was paid for by my first discovery. It's a Unusually large tiny house with a new size garage.

>> No.49507361

While I am drawn to lewd, not being able to directly interact with my succubus and incubus friends is off putting. Comfort it is!

>> No.49507442

Typical Fantasy
Dragalong - My wife

This should be interesting.

>> No.49507528

That's a very nice build. If you don't mind, I'm going to comment on it.

>Undead Celestial
I like that combination. Like your image I imagine Valkyries from WoW.
If you get some constructs then I suggest a few engineers with that.
I liked the lore, but damn if that's not dark.

Maybe make an image like Beri did!

I love that you made an image for your build for my cyoa. I might make an image for myself too!

>> No.49507620

>Another life
>Love interest
It's sad I can't decide how I'll look. There's only a 50% chance I get what I want, and then there's the high risk of not being white.

>> No.49507675

Noble documents
Alchemy set

Not only am I not sure that I want to steal the core without knowing what the consequences would be (what the "benefactor" gets out of it), I'm not sure I could even get it first, as her warning at the end claims. My luck will be used to make me a large sum of legitimate money, while sabotaging those who block my promotion opportunities. I'll live a moderately hedonistic lifestyle, which will be both fun and a good way of hiding criminal expenses and the cost of research on the core and my benefactor.

Then, before any of my research bears fruit, one of you jerk anons will steal the core before me. But I'll be in a pretty solid place as long as that doesn't cause Armageddon. Perhaps I will manage to rule this doomed world.

>> No.49507779


>Custom world
Right before I die I'll change the world so it's more like what I want (in this reincarnation). That should provide lots of fun, and make it so I get the exact life I want.
Don't really need any boons since I can make everything
>Home (a pocket dimension)

>> No.49507878

Absolutely comfort.

>> No.49507939

Bubbles and Smoke
Red Waters
Glass and Iron Spires, Lights of Man

I have no idea what I'm doing, and now I am a robot dragon-dog. In a while I'll be a marble sculpture of a skeleton.

>> No.49507955

Class: hunter
Blessing: +1 skill point

All physical skills tier 1- 3 (9)
All ethereal skills tier 1-3 (18)
Blunt arms, marksmanship and poisons (21)

Terrains: ruins and caves (+60 tribute)
Dangers: ancient (+20 tribute)

Persona: beauty (75)

Market (65)
Training (60)
Middle class accommodations (30)
Bar (25)
Diner (20)
Festival (15)
Forge (5)
Scavenging (0)

>> No.49507992

what's that?

>> No.49508014

Trials in Tainted Space. It's the sequel to CoC.

>> No.49508021

Trials in Tainted Space, by Fenoxo
It's a text based porn game. Sci-Fi

>> No.49508035
File: 147 KB, 1852x242, d on corruption of champions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The sci fi version of corruption of champions, except the logical conclusion of the decline of it. Imagine if all that was interesting about corruption of champions was taken out and replaced by pure furry futa waifu bullshit.

>> No.49508078

>Millions. Maybe 8 or 10 million.
At the scale we're talking about, that isn't a significant difference.

Of course you slip the problem into another line of text.

>The point of universal war is that you can ultimately do anything you want.
Except have a magic fantasy universe, apparently. Because then the whole thing falls apart and dies. That is the core issue, that kills my fun and is on contrast to your claims of 'you can do anything you want', because I specifically can't.

>> No.49508121

Yes, it's furry as hell.

>> No.49508135

Most fantasy settings don't make them a core race, thankfully. Not even DnD until 4e added them with all its other horrible garbage.

>> No.49508137

What are some CYOAs where there's an option of having cute female companions stronger than me protecting me?

>> No.49508161

Furries and futas in space, written poorly and repetitively with no character or anything interesting, squandering all of its potential and being written by a monster of a man who wanks to his own kids and treats other people like shit.

>> No.49508174

They aren't even good waifus. They're all huge sluts that'll fuck anyone and anything that moves, even if they're with you. Fuck, one of them was written as a pure cuck character who flirts with and fucks other people right in front of you while refusing to sleep with you.

>> No.49508184

In Royal Revival, your sister definitely qualifies. Plus, you can build yourself for non-combat purposes and select combat-ready female companions.

>> No.49508188

The rule would reasonably be interpreted to make a furry pic in a character art thread against the rules, but not as part of a larger pic like that. Besides that, the issue here is that you can't draw a solid line between many types of staple fantasy and myth creatures like minotaurs and lizardmen, but the good news there is that that rule was mean for shitty furry porn in the first place, so it's very unlikely to ever be applied to something like this, or on this board at all really, because it's a blue board and the really problematic furry pictures being illegal here are superseded by other rules, like "don't post porn on blue boards".

>> No.49508201

Royal Revival had the best onee-chan in all of CYOA.

>> No.49508215

Somewhere that one salty guy is getting fucking furious right now and he doesn't know why.

>> No.49508219

Look, the way it works is basically that if it isn't sexual, then it's fine, but if it is sexualized, it's furry and against the rules.

With an image like that it's ambiguous, she's not dressed THAT revealingly but the shot centers on her tits and she's being written as a waifu.

>> No.49508236

Which salty guy? You're going to have to tell me, because there's an endless parade of them.

>> No.49508240

I never like CoC for the characters in the first place. The reason why I liked the thing was taking my male self insert and slowly turning it into a succubus or a slimegirl or something. And it was delicious with the tons and tons of details you had there. But all of that was later dropped in favor of furry characters that nobody would fucking care about except for the person who commissioned them even if they WEREN'T furry.

>> No.49508262

You're vastly oversimplifying it, and I'm sure you're perfectly aware that someone making a personal judgement on this could go in two very distant extremes.

>> No.49508278

Believe me, I know. It became an endless parade of fursonas yiffing and murring all over the place.

>> No.49508292

There's one dude who was fucking pissed at all the money Fenfugger gets (around 25000 now) from patreon because he remembers CoC's origins and how the whole thing got warped out of place and then abandoned for TiTs. It was kind of depressing.

>> No.49508300

You mean he's getting furry-ous

>> No.49508303

Not really, anything running around with an animal head and tits is gonna get you banned even on a porn board if someone bothers to report you. But, yes, the term 'basically' is meant to indicate that you're being given a simplified answer, because I wasn't going to address everything you said, but as I said, that image is probably not going to get it deleted.

>> No.49508319

I too empathize with him, someone like that shouldn't be making so much money for something that low quality. Yet I've moved on with my life, there's no point in dwelling forever on shitty people you don't need to associate with.

>> No.49508342

>even on a porn board
Especially on a porn board, following from the entire point of the rule. Nobody is as jarred by a furry character as someone who sees it while trying to get off.

Well, from half of the point of the rule anyway. The other half is the willfully obnoxious furry fandom.

>> No.49508345

You had your chance. And you fucking took it.

>> No.49508374

They wouldn't even be banned if they weren't annoying and whiny assholes desu.

>> No.49508392

Yeah, it's the same phenomenon as ponyfags and homestuck and undertale and so many others. Except furries were extra vocal about it.

>> No.49508417
File: 354 KB, 600x849, 1474664582616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i knew i was in for a ruse cruise when i started working on this

>> No.49508550

You're not getting rused m8. Someone asked if it was furry. It was mentioned it was. Discussion about what the rules cover was made. People ended up thinking you were in the clear.

I'm not seeing where a ruse entered into it.

>> No.49508570

Play another CYOA is you are that butt blasted over this

>> No.49508612

Or I can explain the issue with one line in 80 pages of text.

>> No.49508977

How many cyoas does the average author create? I ask because I need to know if I have a problem.

>> No.49509011


>> No.49509022

About 65, I think.

>> No.49509075


Don't know what you mean by "average", really. SDA doesn't make a lot of CYOAs, for example. Italics has moved towards making large ones so he's hovering around 15 currently, with more in the works. Quiet is at, what, two with one more in the works supposedly? Highlander has made one gigantic CYOA (that she's known for anyway) and is supposedly making one shorter one.

Basically it depends on if you're going to churn out one page stuff or not.

>> No.49509101

Well I'll be, looks like I don't have a problem.

Whelp, back to work on my current three or four cyoas.

>> No.49509221
File: 758 KB, 540x764, tumblr_o3vgg9J1dv1ulxhhlo3_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're gonna get along great. You a mass-distribution type or influence the world economy with selective patents and inventions perspective?

>> No.49509254

I ain't got statistics to back it up, but I'm guessing a lot of them make a single one, don't get the attention they wanted from the work they put in, and stop making them.

>> No.49509262

Can you really call yourself an author until you have created unlimited cyoa works? Until your body is made of cyoas?

>> No.49509266

>Affinity: Gaia
>Size: Large
>Race: Beast (Stag)
>Boss Perks: Vitality Prowess, Physical Prowess, Agility Prowess, Perception Prowess, Corruption, Domain Control, Hybrid (Construct), Empowerment (Technology)
>Minion Sizes: Tiny, Large
>Minion Races: Beast, Bestial

>100 Engineers (Tiny Beast)
>300 Peasants (Large Beast)
>100 Scouts (Tiny Beast)
>20 Riders (Large Bestial)
>10 Craftsmen (Large Bestial)
>10 Overseers (Large Beast)
>1 Oracle (Tiny Beast)
>Realm Perks: Large, Expansion, Restoration

This realm was once a a land of pure nature, before an extraversal probe crashed into it. The probe fused with one of the native animals, and through it spread a payload of microscopic constructs for inscrutable reasons. Now, after ages of transformation, the realm has become a bizarre hybrid of primeval nature and futuristic technology, with every plant and animal inside it seemingly working as one.
The stag that the probe fused with has long since had it's skin rot away, exposing the dull metallic automaton that remained. It sometimes acts like a stag, other times like a drone; but most times, it simply watches and records what every construct connected to it does.

>> No.49509269
File: 33 KB, 1680x1050, A demons gaze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm currently working on the DBZ lovechild after a friend sent the abridged series my way. Should be done tomorrow and I'll be back on Traveller.

>> No.49509308

Seer. Sitting on my ass and thinking about some shit I heard once sounds comfy as fuck.

>> No.49509343

That's contemplator.

>> No.49509385

Thief CYOA:
>Small Fortune
>Noble Documents

I'm going to become a white collar criminal.

>> No.49509392

This build seems VERY strange. I love it!

>> No.49509450

>Reincarnation: You will be eternally reborn here, but without your memories.
What's the point of this option?

>> No.49509456

>tries to prevent you from going Yuri-mode

Shit-tier onee-chan, tbqh senpai.

>> No.49509486


>> No.49509503

Please. Please, please do not do it. It never goes anywhere.

>> No.49509578
File: 2.71 MB, 1840x8004, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49509583
File: 112 KB, 296x476, RHGinRc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it was better bait, I might take it.

>> No.49509600
File: 3.98 MB, 1914x8222, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49509620
File: 4.14 MB, 1911x8185, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49509628


>tries to prevent you from going Yuri-mode

How so?

>> No.49509642
File: 4.31 MB, 1872x8001, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49509668
File: 3.97 MB, 1968x5454, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49509678

Think the marriage options are gender locked. Actually a logical excuse considering muh arranged royal marriage, but yurifags seem butthurt.

>> No.49509687


>mix and match

So can you mix and match something like the hypersuit and the environmental suit? How does the price work anyway? Do you buy both and add 100 to mix and match? What about the turrets? What makes them different from each other aside form the prices?

>> No.49509696

I'm pretty sure she just tells you that all the suitors are straight, while most other CYOA's would leave it ambiguous, and that romancing girls as a girl would be awkward because of that. There are ways around that though.

>> No.49509720

She says no homosex allowed. As written the closest you can get is marrying the trap Prince.

>> No.49509723

I think Beri and Kit are the only really really prolific cyoa creators with over 50 or 60 each? Strife has a dozen or so to his name and that's up there as far as authors go.

>> No.49509730 [SPOILER] 
File: 9 KB, 503x124, 1474836669988.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That pastebin isn't updated.
It doesn't mention
>Animate (03-07-2016)
>Act of Kindness (24-07-2016)

>Divine Ascension (05-08-2016)
>Quick change (15-08-2016)
>New game plus (26-08-2016)

>> No.49509766
File: 7.50 MB, 1200x9300, 1470546049286.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You're damn right I'm butthurt.

>> No.49509771

I don't think it's going to go anywhere since it's an old and inactive cyoa, but anon is objectively right. The reincarnation theme has no practical effect. If it was not in effect, it would make no difference.

>> No.49509790

You got off the bull. If you want to get back on the wild CYOA ride, update it. Or you can do it to better inform others.

>> No.49509808

It's also implied that you're to continue the bloodline by producing an heir, which is considerably more difficult with someone of your own gender. Nothing says you can't still fool around, though!

>> No.49509831

Ignore it like I ignore higlander's rules about who I can romance I mean is just imaginary.

>> No.49509839
File: 20 KB, 245x262, Rabbit_Shock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>somebody took the time and effort to screencrap your post


>> No.49509845

I would rather have it down on the actual CYOA itself personally, so that's why I always make my CYOAs have explicit allowance for the desire to lez out with any girl you please.

>> No.49509859

I never said it wasn't an option. I just said it wasn't socially allowed in the setting. How progressive are your fantasy settings, normally? Just be glad you aren't in Hadew. You can try to court anyone you want, but they'd be fighting against the same social stigmas as you.

>> No.49509870

Should universal war have limits on romance? Should some characters ers be strictly straight or gay?

>> No.49509894

Oh hey Angel. So you're the one shitposting when you can't change girls into being pure lesbians?

>> No.49509903

I don't remember anything about that, you don't even need to pick a suitor to begin with. Yuri is possible, just realistically difficult to attain within the setting.

>> No.49509909


>> No.49509921

No thanks I think that is better if you let the player choose who they want to romance.
yeah is better that way.

>> No.49509933
File: 321 KB, 1248x798, So this is the power of yuri... Not bad, not bad at all.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No actually I realize I sound like that rugmunching turbodyke but I am just a man who loves his yuri.

>> No.49509948

The men should like women, and the women should like men.

>> No.49509958

My current build doesn't romance anyone, so it wouldn't do anything for me. Still need to write a bit of lore before I post it, though.

>> No.49509979

Since sexuality is a part of your personality, of course. If not, you may as well rewrite any other part of them. Don't like his appearance?
Just change it.

>> No.49510001
File: 32 KB, 225x192, 4097316047529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510002
File: 344 KB, 783x1479, My thoughts on the matter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't say I'm butthurt, but I did skim over (not read) the suitor section because of it. I just wanted to post pick related.

>> No.49510007 [SPOILER] 
File: 285 KB, 306x1103, 1474837773800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks you can get off this train
There is no escape.

>> No.49510016
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1470245786212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Peony is close enough for most folks with /tg+d/ dual board citizenship, but there Is an option for going full yurimode if you're paying attention.

You can go for the cybertech armor edgelord for a husband in absentia or go for the ladies' man suitor that I think is on the page after >>49509766 .

Then you take the ally/contact that can get you all the company you like of various sorts and you either have an absent husband forever at war with your enemies (and isn't that bad of a catch if he wins anyway, can always have him Removed by going espionage training or shift him around as you like via magical training if you take the time and effort for it). Alternatively yeah you've got a fella who's going to be interested in you but can also probably be the best wingman for picking up chicks on the sly; let's face it, he's not going to complain if you tell him your ideal honeymoon involves as many other women as the two of you can seduce.

>> No.49510017
File: 20 KB, 640x480, Yuri (not forbidden love).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's going on?

>> No.49510026

Thats it, Universal War is officially conservative and fully supports marriage sacrament. Fuck off lefties, Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve okay.

>> No.49510031

They're always butthurt cunts, what's new?

Yeah, I remember when the CYOA came out, you gave people all kinds of ways for how they could eat carpet if they wanted.

>> No.49510057
File: 60 KB, 188x436, 2704819382006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>that picture

>> No.49510065

Realization doesn't mean much until you correct your behavior.

>> No.49510075
File: 495 KB, 194x172, y.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What am I looking at?
Where can I find more?

>> No.49510094
File: 4.36 MB, 3631x8021, Seven Virtues Cyoa 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, Virtues anon, are you here? I have a couple of questions about your cyoa.

>> No.49510118

Tell that to the people who have quit, as they were long before your time. I'm still waiting on you to make a CYOA I genuinely enjoy either way.

>> No.49510120

Not the author, but I think I can answer your questions...
>What am I looking at?
An option in a WIP CYOA.
>Where can I find more?
In the finished CYOA, plus some previous threads where other options have been posted.

>> No.49510124
File: 4.74 MB, 3617x8021, Seven Virtues Cyoa 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510143

Urahara survived, right?

>> No.49510162

Fuck if I know, I just stole that from a Bleach quest I'm participating in.

>> No.49510168

You know, if you just asked them now, you wouldn't have to wait for him to respond, then you ask, then he answers. What if he's in a different time zone?

>> No.49510209


>> No.49510260

>still waiting on you to make a CYOA I genuinely enjoy
Me too, anon. Me too.
I don't know what I want anymore.

>> No.49510263

I'm still waiting for you to make a single cyoa. Time to stop being a whiny bitch and start giving back to the community by making cyoas.

>> No.49510282

>Thinking those pathetic grognards will ever do anything.

>> No.49510290

Good point. Man, I'm dumb.

The question: What are all of the effects of a fully powered Aura of Purity from Chastity? I ask because the word etc hinted at more powers than what was listed.

Also, if Patience uses Calm to rile up a crowd into a frenzy, then would that denature his/her power? Because if so, that seems like a useless feature.

>> No.49510358

>not going with Simon

He literally risked his life time and again to get you back. If that's not devotion, I don't know what is.

>> No.49510373

I'm thinking about making a CYOA about making a CYOA. What do you guys think? Too meta? Not enough fun?

>> No.49510380

It's super romantic, but Simon doesn't have any sort of political power he can offer you. For your kingdom, you'd be better off with someone more powerful.

There already was one.

>> No.49510401

Doesn't sound particularily interesting IMO, but do whatever you want, lad.

>> No.49510418


Why would you post a single page

Also, how good of an idea is it to pick Katelyn?

>> No.49510428

I have no problem with Kit's CYOAs. They appeal to people, they just aren't for me thus far.

But you'll be happy to know I am working on CYOAs, Anon. I hope you'll enjoy one of them.

Done before, but it was a little too in-depth for most I think.

>> No.49510448

It's actually a good idea, it'll make you look like a great person to your kingdom and Verend both, and she's an excellent propaganda piece to turn Verend's people against the evil nobles and king.

>> No.49510486


But what if I want to marry her, then hold her hands while kissing and having consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation?

>> No.49510496
File: 7.21 MB, 1200x9200, Royal Revival (v2) - P4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was my takeaway from the second page of suitors, near the bottom where it introduces the unusual suitors. Being able to have kids with them, despite being a plant(girl) and golem is explicitly mentioned, and since medieval-style arranged marriages are usually intended to combine families and forge alliances, I figured it was a good assumption.

>> No.49510516

If you don't like his cyoas, then why are you wasting energy whining that you don't like them? Kit's obviously not going to make something you like, seeing as he has turned out over 60 cyoas or so, and no one wants to hear your bitching and moaning. Just one more shitpost if you do that.

I look forward to whatever you end up making cyoa wise.

>> No.49510522

That's good too, everyone loves a sweet couple, and if she's happy that just ramps up the propaganda.

>> No.49510532


But what if she's an evil bitch or something?

>> No.49510554

That's nowhere in the CYOA, so the only way to make her an evil bitch is for you to intentionally imagine her that way.

>> No.49510559
File: 48 KB, 223x323, boobyfan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510577

Strife is middling tier but his work is getting better.

SDA and italics need to switch places. Only the most beta weebs like italics

>> No.49510583
File: 74 KB, 642x620, fairy_tail_symbol_by_skylight1989-d4riyth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Size Class

Boss Perks (9 Shards)
Vitality Prowess
Physical Prowess
Agility Prowess
Magical Prowess
Perception Prowess
Charisma Prowess
Personal Guards (Champion, Assassin, Archmage, and Hunter)
Guardian/Waifu (Medium Human) (Chosen/Warlord/Oracle)
Morphing (Behemoth Celestial)

Minions (28 tokens)
Medium Humans
Medium Bestial (all sorts)
Guards, 1 (27)
Scouts, 1 (26)
Servants, 1 (25)
Peasants, 1 (24)
Recruiters, 1 (23)

Priests, 1 (22)
Craftsmen, 1 (21)
Overseers, 1 (20)

Champion, 3 (17)
Assassin, 3 (14)
Archmage, 3 (11)
Warlord, 2 (9)
Oracle, 2 (7)
Chosen, 2 (5)
Hunter, 2 (3)

Minion Perks
Specialty (Regeneration), 1 (2)
Upgrade, 1 (1)
Training 1 (0)

Realm Perks (3 Seeds)


My realm is a traveling good aligned adventure’s guild. I’m much less a king and more like a guild master. Every lunar month, I can teleport the portal to my domain. Where we go is debated on where we can do the most good and voted on by the adventures (lieutenants). I can’t vote but I can veto a decision. When we teleport I stay with my personal group (guardian and personal guards) to protect the domain’s civilians and the adventurers do whatever needs to be done. We only accept good aligned people and anyone is free to leave whenever they wish (this also applies to the civilians). We don’t discriminate on race, only alignment and anyone wishing to join us is heavily scrutinized. The civilians live free of disease and poverty and work to support the Guild so we can in turn support good kingdoms and villages.

>> No.49510585


But what if she's lying? It says she doesn't get news in the dungeon.

>> No.49510587

Ain't no one gonna defeat the D, anon.
If she still a biiitch when you done D'ing her, you ain't good enugh son!

>> No.49510606

Dubs confirms.

Honestly, I have no idea who the authors are or what CYOAs they've produced.

>> No.49510618
File: 100 KB, 515x266, 1566350884095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510632

And she said we could court anyone, like retainers and the people we didn't call (the girls in this case). If anyone could post the rest of this, I'll repost my build and the story I thought about writing to go with it, and I'll explain how I would try to attain the delicious lesbian cuddling.

>> No.49510654

You're inside your own imagination zone now. How things work is entirely up to you.

>> No.49510665
File: 7.59 MB, 1200x9600, Royal Revival (v2) - P1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can deliver, unless there's a newer version.


>> No.49510667


But what if I'm wrong?

>> No.49510673

And people keep forgetting about how you can just seduce your sister.

>> No.49510681

I ended up choosing Belus. Avia's wind magic would be excellent for logistics, possibly even general travel, plus Belus' hobbies seem like they'd be helpful when it comes to looking after the two lamia sisters (twins? I forget) that I chose in quests.

Plus she has huge tits, which are nice.

>> No.49510686

Then you can't even trust yourself, Anon. Time to face your inner demons.

>> No.49510703

That's up to you.

>> No.49510707
File: 7.73 MB, 1200x9450, Royal Revival (v2) - P2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



3/9 at >>49509766
4/9 at >>49510496

>> No.49510715


But what if I'm Doomguy?

>> No.49510724

Rip and tear.

>> No.49510730
File: 7.71 MB, 1200x9400, Royal Revival (v2) - P5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510741


Rip and tear my inner demons?

>> No.49510762
File: 7.13 MB, 1200x9250, Royal Revival (v2) - P6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510764 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.85 MB, 2500x2349, 1474840142797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It always surprises me how weird the dialogue is. Not sure if it's the translation, or if it just never had a high priority in the first place.

For CYOAs, how important is the point system? Do you guys prefer more strict rules for allocating your points, or do you prefer more of a free for all with picking whatever you want?

>> No.49510768


Just because you read about some imaginary tech in a novel or science magazine dosent mean we will be actually be able to create it. Futurists are more often wrong than not, and that's without even adding the metaphysics in the cyoa.

The author is well within his writes to declare the upper limits of what science and technology can do.

>> No.49510788


That guy was asking all the right questions a man should in life.

>> No.49510805
File: 7.81 MB, 1200x9300, Royal Revival (v2) - P7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Important: The point system lends structure.

If you want more points you could always play Slut Life for the +30% points in another CYOA reward

>> No.49510823
File: 1.03 MB, 281x151, civil war nod.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Plus she has huge tits, which are nice.

>> No.49510835
File: 6.29 MB, 1200x9650, Royal Revival (v2) - P8 (JPEG).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49510836

The unusual suitors' text is "Last Suitor." meaning they're still restricted to their respective columns by the look of it.

>> No.49510856
File: 5.89 MB, 1200x9650, Royal Revival (v2) - P9 (JPEG).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And that's it. I love this one, but don't feel like doing a build atm. Have fun y'all!

>> No.49510872


So if you don't take the reaper witch everyone you kill can pretty much be resurrected, and dark magic is pretty much useless against anyone relatively important because they're all protected against it.

What the hell?

>> No.49510885

What do you mean by allocating them? Is it in the same sense that you allocate stat points into categories in some RPGs? I think having some rules to that would be fine, but "prerequisites" in that sense seem arbitrary.

If you mean the structure of how you spend your points across the CYOA itself, I prefer having points that you spend on particular sections ala Domain Master or Dark God, as having one point pool oftentimes doesn't make complete sense. Having separate point totals also makes it easier for me to make certain decisions.

>> No.49510901

Thanks anon, my build will be up in a few minutes. Unless anyone wants the story first?

>> No.49510915

I'm bad about labeling versions. Unless I've posted an update to something in the current / a very recent thread, the copy on my drive is the most up-to-date.

>> No.49510976

Being a guy has been pretty ok this time around, but this is a new life, and I think it would make the sister who went through so much to get me back that much happier. And bathing together sounds nice And I can spread the legend of "The immortal princess" if I play my cards right

>High Energy Room

Well, I've always wanted muscles but I'm a lazy fuck, so this fixes that right up. Though Dollhouse and My Room are both very tempting


Not even a choice. The others are great and I think I'll get a long with them like I supposedly used to, but I owe Teresa a great deal and she can teach me to fight. And she sounds far too happy for me to say no


I have no need to explain this

>Crystal Dagger

Anything that can turn from a knife to the Dragonslayer on the fly is as close to the perfect weapon as a guy could ask for

>Warp Crystal

Anyone who get's too close is getting ORA ORAed. With a sword.

>Midnight Sarcophagus

This'll come in handy for the job I have in mind. It sure as hell isn't replacing my actual bed though.


No suitors for now, because whoever I was before, I still have the mind of a mostly straight man. Though I will keep some contact info for future reference. And ask Teresa where the dungeons are.

I'll split it here, I feel like I'm running out of space. More on next page.

>> No.49511051


So would being a power seeker make you a muscle wizard or something, or just some guy who's good with his fists? Because I doubt fists will be very good against armor.

>> No.49511109

Lots of good retainers, but I'd have to pick


I'm not the most organised person, and I'm about to take on the responsibilities of a royal in a culture I'm not yet familiar with. Having someone to help me out with that sort of thing would be a godsend. Also she's cute as fuck and FOOOOD.


She can fight things I can't, get information from the dead, and probably knows a lot of weird esoteric crap from her order, all of which will come in handy. And that outfit tho.

I'm probably keep a few of these guys on call, like I said, there are a lot of useful people here.


Call me cliched (did I spell that right?) but I want to fight, more on that in the story to follow.

>Crystal Mastery

More crazy shit with my weapon and time dilation crystal sounds fun as hell.


If I'm going to be a knight and got to war on the front lines, people will need a reason to follow me.

>Force Magic

Good for combat utility and unexpected attacks. Also invisible Unlimited Blade Works.

>Crystal Knight

This'll mostly be covered in the story, but this is the job I'd take. Fight for my people, be a hero and all that. Also

>Crystal Ring

And with that, I've maxed out my item effectiveness, I think.

>Adopt the Orphaned Princesses

I have a weakness for cute girls and lamias. These two are cute as hell, and they deserve better than what they got. Also political clout in Salns I guess.

>Join the Fight

Pretty straightforward: I chose a martial build for a reason, time to ride to war. And this'll be a great political move/training mission. Time to spread the fear of the "immortal princess".

>Help test New Magic

I'll be honest here: this just sounded really fun. Other benefits aside, I can't help out in warfare only, and I might as well pick something useful to the people and less stressful to me.

Alright, there's my build. Questions and comments are appreciated, and I'll get to the story in a little while.

>> No.49511185
File: 43 KB, 774x389, Bluedragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making another build because why not.

>Affinities: Storm/Gaia/Mystic/Illusion
>Size: Giant
>Race: Draconic
>Boss Perks: Empowerment (Gaia), Empowerment (Mystic), Empowerment (Illusion), Agility Prowess, Vitality Prowess, Magical Prowess, Corruption, Physical Prowess
>Sizes: Average, Large
>Races: Bestial, Draconic

>100 Average/Bestial Guards (13)
>100 Average/Bestial Recruiters (11)
>50 Average/Bestial Clerics (10)
>10 Large/Draconic Sorcerers (9)
>20 Average/Bestial Summoners (7)
>20 Average/Bestial Priests (5)
>10 Average/Bestial Overseers (4)
>1 Large/Draconic Archmage (3)
>1 Average/Bestial Witch (2)
>Specialty: Magic (1)
>Training (0)
>Grand Lair

Lore in next post.

>> No.49511272

Skilled swordsmen can slash down hordes of foes in a single strike. Master fist-fighters are no exception to the high power limits. You'd be able to punch through tanks (if they had them).

>> No.49511292


What do you think will happen if you try to block a sword with your fist?

>> No.49511294

I'll go with Earth 52, and pick Speed and Super-Intelligence as my powers. The two together should let me gadgeteer even in the middle of combat, creating inventions that can hopefully face and challenge his - or at least give me the smarts to put my super speed to good use.

>> No.49511332

that depends on how huge you are,the quality of the butter knife that is trying harm you and the skill of the manlet trying to prove how manly they are.

>> No.49511357

>his fists aren't 1000x folded Japanese fists.

You appear well-prepared for combat. Also,
>No suitors for now
> >Suice
>that outfit tho
It looks like you already have your sights set.

>> No.49511376

Not that guy, but the answer is pretty clear..

it then becomes a test of wills.
What will break first? Their steel. or your flesh?

I mean c'mon man. So obvious.

>> No.49511397


Of course it is. Try slicing your hand with a knife right now and see what happens.

>> No.49511405

Just because it's a stupid recurring argument that never gets anywhere doesn't mean the comment and the resulting arguing aren't sincere.

>> No.49511417

I literally broke a knife, blade first, on my skin once without bleeding afterwards.

>> No.49511436


Was it a 1000 year old knife?

>> No.49511461

Fuck no. I'd be way more afraid of a knife that was still intact after that long.

>> No.49511477
File: 71 KB, 700x439, greenest-dragon-attack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Deep in the Green Maze, a winding, twisting forest of untold power, lies the lair of Susurstrun, the Azure Bolt. Only immediately about the lair does the misty haze that hues the whole maze in soothing tones of silver and emerald give way to howling wind, black clouds, and booming thunder. There, the dragon and his 11 drakes seclude themselves from the forest below, careful to smite any who approach with ferocious bolts of lightning.

>Yet, there are some who say that the dragon avoids the trees out of fear, rather than pride. Very few who enter the Green Maze ever see the dragon, and even those who survive encountering him do not always escape. The Maze and its denizens, supposedly antlered humanoid maidens down to the waist, and beneath that a deer's body from the neck back, entice those who enter to stay... forever.

>Supposedly, there were once more than eleven drakes under the proud storm dragon's wings. They say more than a thousand once flew at his side.

>Is he the lord of this realm, or its prisoner?

I am not exactly creative.

>> No.49511499

Sorry in advance if this is edgy and stupid, it's pretty much how I'd react if placed in the situation of the CYOA.

The life I had before this one wasn't special. I was no one, my ambition non-existent, my only thrill in life was the idea of leaving it for something better. I knew I would die unremembered, maybe not alone, but my name would die with me, another random bastard unwilling and unable to change the world for the better. But now my wish is granted. A world of magic, a family who cares for me more so than my last, and the opportunity to be what I'd always wanted to be: a hero. It would be hard, I would make mistakes, I would suffer. But I would survive, and remake my self into the person I've always wanted to be. I have lives to save, a people to protect, and an enemy to kill. All I'd asked for in my previous life had been given in this one. And yes, I could bring the technology of my past life into this world and shy rocket it into the future. But I have seen what that technology brought with it: complacency in our people, poison in our world, cowardice in our warriors. I will not inflict the curse of their progress upon my people, not yet at any rate. I have found a place where I feel I belong, and while I will look to the memories of my old life with fondness, I will not mourn it.

Sorry if that was weird and terrible. Once again, questions and comments are appreciated. If anyone's still interested in how I'd go for the Yuri end, please ask.

>> No.49511513

C'mon dude, you know how anime works. People can block swords and bullets with their hands if they want to.

>> No.49511527


What so anime about Royal Revival?

>> No.49511616

So how mad would /tg/ be if someone promised a CYOA but decided to cancel it?

>> No.49511650

/tg/? Won't care.

/cyoag/? Done before, most people didn't care.

>> No.49511663

That happens with about 4 out of 5 of all promises and sneak peaks.

>> No.49511682

>Sorry in advance is this is edgy.
I don't think chuuni counts as edgy. There's nothin' wrong with seeking adventure.

Musou combat is pretty anime.

Dunno. I don't announce things ahead of time on the off-chance that I can't finish it.

>> No.49511705


You telling me that musou combat exists only in anime?

>> No.49511759

Anon, are you going to argue that Japanese videogames aren't anime-inspired?

>> No.49511774

No, but musou is pretty anime.

>> No.49511793


Whatever, my original question still hasn't been answered.

>> No.49511863

We need something to circumvent the forbidden love restriction and to add one another retainer.

>Rooms and Items
Study Room
Rose Tinted Room (dungeon)
Goldberg Automaton
Insightful Spyglass
>Princess Katelyn (quite a number of rules were broken already, forbidden love is nothing to it)
>Mentor classes
Boost Magic
>Nightly Classes
Spatial Magic
Dark Magic
Reaper Witch
Search and Rescue
Help Test New Magic
Free a Friend

>> No.49511878

Well, thanks for the replies.

I'm sorry to say this, but the Superhero CYOA won't be completed to what I promised. I initially said I'd use all your guy's pictures that you posted, and you guys were really great with the suggestions. But I keep getting burnt out on making lots of companions (I should have learned that a long time ago) and I've been working on it long enough that I just lost most of my interest in it.

I'll post what I've completed in the next thread. The companions I said I'd make will, unfortunately, not be completed, but I have completed some of them, and again I'm really sorry to the excellent people who posted the pictures when I requested them.

>> No.49511909

I'm not mad. Mostly because I don't really like your stuff until now, but still, it could have been different this time.

>> No.49511913

New thread.

>> No.49511927

>I'm not mad. Mostly because I don't really like your stuff until now

Okay maybe I'm retarded, but this means you like my more recent stuff more, right?

>> No.49512015

Oh, I thought you were the anon asking about sword-fist combat, not a separate one just asking about anime. It has the ever-popular isekai theme. It has over-the-top combat which, while not exclusive to anime either, is often found in it. Look at some characters like Dynamo (the chuuni) or Peony (a trap).
The outfits of reaper witches are also needlessly ecchi.

>> No.49512037


I am the guy asking about how someone's fist is supposed to penetrate armor.

>> No.49512115

Ooh, you chose a few lesser-picked options. I don't see Sheila too often. You don't need the CYOA to circumvent forbidden love. That's your own challenge.

It's musou combat. Everyone trained enough to be important can fight against anything they want with their weapon of choice, even fists. Although just punching the armor directly would be most effective, they're the type that's strong enough to create damaging shockwaves from punches.

>> No.49512174


>It's musou combat

This hasn't been mentioned in the CYOA at all though. I suppose this is nothing new though.

>> No.49512199

It mentions how a single sword slash can knock back a horde of people... I mean, that's what I consider to be pretty much the defining trait of musou combat. If a sword can be so much more powerful than expected with skill alone, why are you so opposed to fists doing the same?

>> No.49512214

I don't even remember this, so I'm fine.

>> No.49512221


I don't think it's describing a shortsword or something though.

>> No.49512255

Even longswords aren't going to take down dozens of people in one swing.

>> No.49512283


Maybe Sauron exists in that world?

>> No.49512362

You're prolonging this on purpose.

>> No.49512369



>> No.49512944
File: 607 KB, 500x3866, God+of+comfort+cyoa_9abe7f_6020892mobile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one's pretty legit.

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