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Memenarch edition

Old thread: >>49396177


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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Post em

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Most fun bant commander for a <$100 deck.


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thanks anon

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It's pointless.

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Rubinia Mind Control

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My friend has a new Memnarch deck. I'm not excited.

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My group is fun

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Wow thanks for making a new thread and not adding anything in the title to search for it in the catalog.

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reposing story as a personal account of how balls to the wall nutty aetherflux reservoir is

>Me: RU spellslinger with jori en at the helm
>Friend: karlov goes full jew
>Other two players: zada and hannah
>Friend windmill slams reservoir with 53 life and proceeds to take the entire game hostage
>We all know that he cant take anyone out without putting himself in mortal danger, but also that if any of us do something that endangers either him or the reservoir, someone is going down.
>Game totally stalls out with crazy boardstates that we are all itching to use, but cant without ruining everything
>MAD in full effect.
>meanwhile karlov is amassing more and more life, and will eventually be able to kill with impunity
>I manage to sneak in an arcanis, niv mizzet, and a djin illuminatus before he has enough to kill me just for playing stuff
>Start slowly pinging him down with niv, not enough to cause any real damage, but enough that he wont be able to nuke everyone off the table
>Game starts to fall into a rythem, and then zada tries to stop everything by overloading a vandalblast.
>Karlov player informs me that if I do not stop it, he is killing me on the spot
>Did I mention that fucking nobody is green, so no krosan grips, and nobody is running stifle or the like
>screw it, throw out a counterspell, I've figured that If I get enough mana I can cast fireminds foresight, let him try to kill me, then copy the foresight and combo off in response.
>But that's going to be a ton of mana
>A turn later karlov throws out a essence harvest, with the fat jew himself nearing double digits, Hannah player overloads a rift in response, and I barely manage to avert total nuclear apocalypse by overloading counterflux. Goodby rift, goodby harvest, lets just forget that happened.
>Next turn hanah player starts shit again, nothin I can do to stop it, gets himself blasted off the face of the planet

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I play with a casual group, so it's not pointless.

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Need some help trimming this list and also some general suggestions. I play in a tuned meta so I'm looking for less casual suggestions in general though any thing helps. Already uses a few Kaladesh cards (Key to the City, Smuggler's Copter, and Angel of Invention).

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Knew I was forgetting something

Just ctrl+h faggot

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Rubinia was my first commander, until she quickly devolved into UGx goodstuff. I think I dismantled her after one game in which I drew my entire deck and cast 30-ish spells in a turn. I wish I could rebuild her without making a generic UGx value-based deck, but I don't know what her win con would be.

Actually, I had an alternate win con which involved turning every land into a creature and then mind-controlling every creature, but I forget how that worked.

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Is this the power of the fae...!?

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The dubs are with us today boys

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An EDH take on the Aura Hexproof deck from Modern. Do you guys think it would work? Im not intending it to be a competitive or degenerate deck. Also, it's in Bant colors.

Im working on the manabase. Tell me what you think.


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Just drafted Adriana a few hours ago
The fuck do I make with her at a 50 buck budget?

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Tear her up cause it's trash

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B-but muh "go wide"

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Who the fuck calls Bogles "Aura Hexproof" outside of mtgtop8's naming scheme developed by a literal retard?

Really you should be calling it Modern Selesnya Enchanment Zoo.

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>took apart shitty ayli control, reanimator and tutors
>Brago transformed from artifact stax to indestructible boardwipes and stax with elesh norn
>Memnarch went from durdle artifacts to ramp into tutored fatties featuring blightsteel and jin-gitaxias
>Meren went from generic b/g goodstuff to sac fodder beatdown and soft control
>built low power tutor mogis reanimator and steal shit with the parts from ayli and some goodstuff I had laying around
>Maelstrom's rocks are now in memnarch, but it doesn't seem to have suffered at all
That actually worked out better than expected. Now I need to play test this shit.

On a side note, how does storm work? I have a few storm cards, and it seems... finicky. Do I just go infinite and hope I hit one mid-stack or is there some gameplan behind it? I really REALLY don't want to tutor the same linear list every time.

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She works best when playing with all the other Melee creatures since the triggers stack. Other than that there's not really any point to her because she's kind of shit. Play some ramp to get her out earlier I guess.

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Ok. What do you think about the deck itself?

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what is this, a commander for ants?

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Just play Aurelia or Argus Kos or better yet don't bother because you will be forever crippled compared to any deck with any of the other three colors because RW can't have card advantage or that'd break the color pie.

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Why wouldn't you build Uril?

Also, your deck is a complete mess. Until you're done with it, there is nothing I can possibly say to help.You have 49 non-creature cards, and 53 non-lands. It's like you've never played edh before.

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Agrus kos and adriana are practically sidegrades so if adriana is shit so agrus kos. I think it'd literally have to be down to one on one for agrus kos to be better and with melee the idea would be that you kill everyone at once versus picking them off one by one.

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I feel like this would be much better with Bruna

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Did I stutter?

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Every fucking thread, what the hell

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How does my Marchesa deck look?

>> No.49411617

Oh yeah, he's shit too. But at least he doesn't depend on attacking at least 2 players (thus getting double the hate) to be any decent anthem.

Being Boros is suffering, desu.

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The idea of melee as a mechanic is that it spreads the hate so no one feels like they're being picked on, whereas you're more likely to garner hate focusing people down like you would do normally. That was the logic behind the development of Myriad as well.

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Kaladesh made me dust out my old a Daretti. It almost looks like it could be viable in French.

>> No.49411698

Daretti already was viable in french. He's generally worse than Keranos ofc but that doesn't make him not viable.

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>he actually plays French
Literally why. It's just no sol ring mode with stupid commanders being banned for arbitrary reasons.

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Storm in EDH, much like storm in ALL FORMATS, involves jacking off on the table for 10-15 minutes until you win or fuck up.

You are also VERY MUCH correct in the notion that it will involve roughly the same process of solitaire every game that you win.

If you're considering storm, you're better off playing spellslinger combo, at least it's usually quick.

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A noble idea but the bonus of melee is so minuscule that it might as well not exist. Myriad was a much better thing, solely because that can abuse ETB effects. In fact, when I saw that, I was hoping the RW Legend was gonna be a "creatures you control have Myriad" and it made me rock hard.

Boy was I disappointed.

>> No.49411749

Consider Gahiji.

He can be built of $50, and Adriana can go into his 99. Then you just roll the token/group slug life.

Here's a list I throw around for budget Gahiji. It's ok, and only a little over your target price range. The cuts are obvious and easy.


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You only have to attack 2 people to match Agrus Kos's +2 (which is only for red creatures even). And it will commonly be +3 at least the majority of the time.

>> No.49411786

No, it really wasn't. I mean, yes, you can play it and win small tournaments full of untuned lists, but...

Because playing multi-player EDH 1v1 and competitively is fucking stupid. Hence the 'arbitrary' bans.

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The thing with bruna is that she's six mana and heavily telegraphed. I plan on using Jenara as a last resort if I dont have any other creatures in hand.

>> No.49411796


Dropped some of the token stuff.

re: Tutors part of it is just the cost, and that Recruiter/House Guard/Phalanx already let me grab stuff. I've added Diabolic Tutor though, and will keep the others in mind in the future.

What would you suggest cutting to get another 2 lands in?

repost for convenience: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/current-alesha-1/

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Daretti was perfectly good. Just because it isn't the best doesn't mean it isn't viable. If you are being the "well if it's not constantly winning tournaments it isn't good" what the fuck is in Kaladesh do you think is going to make a significant enough difference that doesn't help the other wildfire decks as well?

>> No.49411867

I'm thinking about making a Wort, the Raidmother deck - give me the spiciest stuff ya got

>> No.49411891

Why did you repost your story, attention-whore?

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Great Aurora

>> No.49411917

thats a spicy meatball

>> No.49411923

Inventor's Fair is a beast of a card. Combustible Gearhulk as well. Indomitable beater. Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Keranos won't play any of those.

And, yeah, being tier 2 in DC isn't the same as being tier 2 in other formats. It just means most match-ups in a competitive venue are going to be shit.

>> No.49411932

Why aren't any of the Praetors artifact creatures?

Story wise it would make sense right?
Mechanically in-game I guess that would make them a bit weak though.

>> No.49411971

Mechanically, probably because none of the phyrexians from past blocks were artifact creatures

Flavor-wise, probably because they're made of repurposed bone and sinew, not metal

>> No.49412036

>Keranos won't play Chandra
And Combustible Gearhulk and Inventor's Fair is only two cards. It's not going to pull Daretti out of tier 2 which is, by your own evaluation, quite a large gulf to overcome. It's not like red is an especially consistent color combination to make the addition of 2, 3, or maybe even 4 cards extremely relevant. This would be one of the reasons Daretti is not top tier to begin with. If you're hopeful enough to believe those cards will make a relevant difference, Daretti should be well within viability for you as is. He does get better with a card like Gearhulk but no matter how good it is it's only one card. There's lots of decks with one card that have major synergy with them and isn't bumping them from tier 2 which, again, according to you, is such a handicap that you aren't viable at all because of the amount of bad match ups.

>> No.49412190

Your close friendmakes me want to make arcum voltron. Hmm.

>> No.49412209

>arcum voltron
holy shit
>turn creatures into swords and suit up
i thought arcum dagsson was against violence

>> No.49412251

How do I make aggro work in this format?

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>> No.49412281


>> No.49412298

>tfw all four LGS's I have access to don't have Ezuri, Claw of Progress in stock
>tfw ordering it means paying shipping for a $1 card

God damn

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>> No.49412322

Sadly, >>49412273 is kind of right. That and stupidly efficient voltrons (Rafiq, Sigarda) are the only ways to win with combat in this format.

>> No.49412344

>5cmc 4/5
It's almost good enough for limited!

>> No.49412345

>lands as creatures
i always fucking hated this idea. giving up mana sources for combat?

>> No.49412346

I don't know. I wish it weren't. Would be fun build otherwise. I guess it could untap because it would go crazy with giant growth effects but it still makes me sad. It really feels like it should untap.

>> No.49412377

It's for limited!

>> No.49412390

>Rare for limited

>> No.49412407

It's good in a board stall or if you have more lands than you need, no one wants to trade a real creature for a forest

because it uses heroic as the trigger, if you could activate it whenever you want or as an ETB trigger it would at least decent

>CoCo was a rare that was made for limited and never expected to see real play

>> No.49412420

>Devs couldn't even make Delver work in limited but they left it in purposefully

>> No.49412426

>CoCo was a rare that was made for limited and never expected to see real play
I'm calling bullshit, there is no way that slipped through R&D and everyone thought it was bad

>> No.49412445

What if I cast Insidious Dreams with Gitgud on my field, then I discarded a bunch of land cards.

Do I tutor and put the cards on the top of my library first, or does Gitgud make me draw first then tutor?

>> No.49412448

See >>49412420
I think they have a really hard time judging things that need a particular deck composition.

>> No.49412454

back again to ask for suggestions on improved Mana Ramp and more red cards to toss in there. I feel like it's too white heavy.

and while im posting i may as well ask if anyone knows any decent UB mana ramp. I got a bunch of dual lands, a darksteel, and a dark ritual. I just still feel like I never have enough. Running control/mill. Yes I know it doesn't work.

>> No.49412465

I know your saying its bad for a legend, but look at how bad this card is. At least your bad card has a body.

>> No.49412468

the ability triggers when the card is discarded so the creature would resolve then the card.

>> No.49412490

oops forgot my link

>> No.49412505

I want to know what was going through their mind when they made this. THIS had to have been made for a purpose. Usually when they make Johnny cards there's something it specifically works with. This specifically works with nothing. The only thing I can think of is tribal decks where the opponent gets the best tribal creature of the two but is still not as good as the one you got getting boosts from stuff on your side. But that's the best I can think of and that's really tenuous.

>> No.49412522

I mean there's the infamous Skullclamp which used to give +1/+1 but was changed to +1/-1 to make it 'less broken'

Wizards RnD playtests at an absurdly casual level. How else could they miss literally every dominant deck in every standard season?

>> No.49412529

Flood the board and cast good old craterhoof

>> No.49412540

I guess it works with old slivers where no matter which one they pick it will still pump your guys

>> No.49412543

looks like im hoofin it

>> No.49412549

>Dubious Challenge

>we challenge someone to play this card
>at any point in time, ever

>> No.49412557

That makes some sense, but it's still terrible design at rare. The only thing I can think of is maybe theres gonna be a comlimenting card in aether revolt. I can't imagine this was an accident.

>> No.49412613

fuck you mek

>> No.49412620

Homeward Path

>> No.49412630

reprint confirmed using sylvan scrying from BFZ block? is id habbedig?

>> No.49412651

this ones been wracking my brain since it came out...I want it to be playable, even if it is jank. It just doesn't make sense, if someone can figure out how to make this good I'll buy you a pizza.

why would someone make this?

>> No.49412666

Nah, I've dusted my own list, and the additional wincons mean I can do away with shitty cards like Battlesphere, Hellkite, Wurmcoil, and focus on the stax elements. Which are now even easier to tutor thanks to the Fair (which can tutor Crucible). My previous list could establish a lock, but they were all much too soft. Tamiyo's Journal is also quite good. Tutors or helps fuel Smokestack, provides artifacts for Welder and Daretti.

>> No.49412668

>buff the shit out of Stuffy Doll
>drop this

>> No.49412675

Holy shit I need that card, my current artifact deck gives 10 life per turn after turn 5 usually.

>> No.49412684

Met a guy that runs "suicide" nin the pain artist as a general. The deck works without her, but uses her to , and i quote, "shoot herself in the head for, like, 6 and draw me lotsa cards"

I don't know why I found this as funny as I did, I think it's because I have always thought nin could only ping "another target creature"

>> No.49412696

I meant dubious challenge

>> No.49412697

>Cutting Battlesphere and Wurmcoil
Also it's literally one wincon unless we're just calling every planeswalker a wincon now which would make it 2.

Also I'm genuinely done if you're actually considering Tamiyo's Journal and I haven't a stax list actually use Smokestack in a very long time.

>> No.49412741

I...I love smokestack

>> No.49412790

I love Trash for Treasure but I shouldn't play it. I still do though.

>> No.49412806

You're genuinely done because you don't test shit. I do. Leovold, Wafo Tapa Wanderer, Selvala, GAAIV, Narset, Geist, Jenara have all been ran against this list, and Tamiyo's Journal and Smokestack are good. Titania, I kept losing against it, but that's not exactly surprising. Smokestack is good when you can run it at 3+ without killing all your stuff.

>> No.49412827

Also, Battlesphere and Wurmcoil literally run contrary to the plan. I only play the Gearhulk because it puts stuff in the graveyard and can kill PWs without actually attacking.

>> No.49412830

Trash for Treasure is a good

>> No.49412834

>no EDH subject name


>> No.49412865

What are cards you can't stop playing wrong?

I somehow got it in my head this was a sorcery, so I always forget to play it before my turn.

>> No.49412875

No, I've never tested Tamiyo's Journal in particular, I guess you got me on that one, but a 5 drop do nothing isnt good, and even reanimating in turn 4 (I don't -2 Daretti on turn 3 because the average turns is turn 1 do nothing turn 2 rock turn 3 daretti then plus at which point I'd have nothing in the yard to reanimate generally speaking). I have tested smokestack and it's just way too slow, and apparently it isn't doing shit for you no matter what you think because Daretti is still unplayable at tier 2. Ignoring that, mtgtop8 validates that smokestack is absurdly rare, and not just in Daretti but in any kind of stax variant. Why would it be especially usable here?

>> No.49412898

I can't play blue Braids anymore. My playgroup singles me out, no matter what commander I'm playing, and my group hug decks have just consistently translated to getting me killed * turns faster. So, I'm taking blue braids apart which means I need a new mono-blue commander.

Which is better for when my table will be staring me down: Lorthos tappening, or Jin-Gity hand size matters? I don't intend to run lab maniac, and it would never live long enough to proc if I did.

>> No.49412904

>but a 5 drop do nothing isnt good, and even reanimating in turn 4 (I don't -2 Daretti on turn 3 because the average turns is turn 1 do nothing turn 2 rock turn 3 daretti then plus at which point I'd have nothing in the yard to reanimate generally speaking)
I forgot "means you still have to wait 3 turns to be able to tutor, and also means that you can't be cracking the clues to get value out of it either. Staff is better card draw and I'd play Ring before Journal for a tutor but that card is also too mana intensive for 1v1."

>> No.49412905

Multiplayer EDH, combined with politics. "I'll pick you as the target opponent, if you promise to let me keep the stronger creature"

>> No.49412923

I vote for Empress Galina instead of any of your choices.

>> No.49412943

Why does your group single you out

>> No.49412945

Admittedly, she was good for making me realize I like land creatures, so I could swap my deck I built around her to Jolrael.

>> No.49412949

>Battlesphere and Wurmcoil literally run contrary to the plan
What fucking "plan" are you running? You reanimate or simply cast them after wiping the board and take over tempo of the game as opponents recover if they don't simply scoop. They don't "contrary" to anything. The only thing I can think you meant is that they get blown up by Devastation effects, and ignoring that that's almost all upside for Wurmcoil that isn't the point of red stax. You float mana, nuke, then put a threat on board.

>> No.49413061

3 main reasons.
•I tend to run low creature decks. I typically have some survival mechanism, regardless, but a massive wellspring of chump blockers isn't one. And while my defenses will often be okay in a neutral game, most of my deck's (braids included) won't hold to 4 people taking "free swings" of my defenses falter.
•I tend to be kinda tricky. I'm my LGS's only guaranteed non-infinite combo guy, but I pack more tricks, trifles, and answers. I do dumb, oft unpredictable stuff, so some people try to get me out before I make stuff weird.
•Social arrangements. A sub-group of EDH playing regulars at my LGS are a super tight clique, who are all pretty like-minded, and view me as a grade-A candidate for pariah.

>> No.49413111

>Get interested in Adriana
>Look up Melee creatures since she turns them into monsters
>Only 6
>Literally only 6 melee creatures, 2 of which are green and thusly unplayable for her

>> No.49413126

Your group sounds like a bunch of dicks

>> No.49413138

>playgroup singling out the dude playing blue braids
delete them from life

>> No.49413161

a-at least theres grenzo's ruffians r-right...

>> No.49413334

Abzan reanimator shenanigans?

>> No.49413451

They're finishers that aren't useful until you've already won. The very definition of winmore. Like Staff of Domination in Selvala. Sure, it feels good, but is it actually good when they just sit in your hand or your graveyard while you could draw into finishers that are also interactive? Like Sarkhan, Ugin, Chandra, Gearhulk, etc. I don't see how you can justify running Engine or Battlesphere over the Journal. I mean Battlesphere, maybe since it kills really fast. But Wurmcoil? But again, I suppose you'd blanch at the fact I run Blinkmoth Well or Icy Manipulator, even though they're the equivalent of Selvala's Dreadnought or Leovold's Timetwister.

>> No.49413477

It was the way she was played in French. Still played, I guess, even though she's not as popular as she once was. People run lots of removal these days.

>> No.49413562

So I was just looking through possible commanders to make, and fell across Zada.

Holy shit, I must be new to the party because this is probably the best mono-red general I have ever built around. After a bit of playtesting, I found myself doing 40+ damage on turn 4/5 consistently. I've finally found a use for those cheap buff spells I've had for so long.

Just need better card draw and board effects.

>> No.49413630

>Just need better card draw
Zada can provide a disgusting amount of draw with the right spells

>> No.49413648

Give them a choice between Xathrid Demon and Lord of the Pit.

At least that's the rough idea I've got. Giving them something your deck can deal with but not there's.

I suppose you could also use it with Death's Shadow and Phyrexian Dreadnought for Varolz, but he has better ways to get shit into the yard.

>> No.49413663

This logic makes absolutely no sense. Ignoring that Wurmcoil and battlesphere are absolutely playable when you can't do your thing and are stuck playing "fair" magic, they aren't "only good when youve already won". They're good as part of the way you win. You haven't "already won" when you nuke the board. You need something that actually wins. And the reason this logic is bogus is because that's exactly the same as all the other cards you just listed. How can you even compare Staff of Domination to Wurmcoil. Staff isn't good at all by itself. It's usable but way below the power level of Wurmcoil and Battlesphere on its own. That's why staff is bad. I dont even know where the fuck you're getting "win more". Noy to mention being "win more" is not the same criticism as "totally running contrary" to your game plan. That's one of those buzzwords people use to sound like they know what their doing but can't actually explain why something is bad. I'd sooner call Journal win more since you had have to already be in control if you can wait to tutor with it and if you're already in control what the fuck do you need to spend three turns to tutor for or casually paying mana to draw a card for. And if you're not winning you don't have the time or mana to be spending on it ESPECIALLY in high level play.

>> No.49413667

Also this guy with a flash enabler

>> No.49413694

Animate Land + Forbidden Orchard + Pemmin's Aura + The Great Aurora

You're welcome fucker.

>> No.49413710

there are tons of cards like expedite and >>49413630 that allow you to draw fucktons of cards

>> No.49413769

That's how this gig works.

>> No.49413783

Also I genuinely want to know why the heck you think this totally out there sounding Daretti build is the correct build. It doesn't sound st all like the many lists on mtgtop8. Do you think those lists are wrong? What makes yours better? You mentioned how Daretti could only be playable at small tournaments with untuned decks which implies your having the opposite environment to determine that Daretti was not usable. So you're saying your build is more relevant than the many other lists? It's not like there's a lot of deviation on those so it's not like it's an untested field where there's been all kinds of builds and no one figured out the best.

>> No.49413786

That's kind of the point

>> No.49413850

The best part about Zada is that the deck consistently gets more tools with each Block.

Wizards just needs to print more ETB Red token producers and the deck will get out of control fast.

>> No.49413956

This, flesh tainted with Contagion oil

>> No.49414206

The only possible thing I can think of is just bounce or one of those cards that lets you gain control of permanents you own.

>> No.49414303

How do you guys fix your clumps after building a deck?

>> No.49414453

Got a list?

>> No.49414546

Shuffle shuffle shuffle.

Shuffle while you watch TV/YouTube/movies, etcetera. Just keep shuffling between sessions while you do something else, it's time consuming.

>> No.49414558

I really have trouble shuffling cards in real life. In part because I am a lazy shit so I might skim a bit on it, in part because I don't wanna riffle shuffle my cards and risk bending them, but most of all because of the deck size. 99 cards is just too many, fuck.

I've been trying to get better shuffles because I find myself way too many times "drawing the same hands"

>> No.49414677

Mana weave.

There is a time and a place for it. Having every land in a single pile is one of them.

>> No.49414718

This. Really, it's the only time it's okay. Mash it, pile shuffle it after manaweaving, then mash a couple more times and you're good to go.

>> No.49414748

Chandler's art is so fucking great. I'd love to build him just for that but
>mon red

>> No.49414780


>> No.49414794


>> No.49414805

Includes the jew as one of his players

>> No.49414807

Pile-shuffling is always good, along with manaweave.

>> No.49414836

I guess, but he really is extremely concerned about the prices of his cards. We were having a debate whether cards like Gaea's Cradle should be reprinted and he was the only one who felt that they shouldn't reprint expensive cards that he had purchased.

>> No.49414961

I will have it up in the next few days. Here's my tapped out. I'm waiting for a few more expensive cards to come in the mail before I put it up.


>> No.49415097

I adore this card on another level.
I almost want to build a deck around him.

I know right? I love the idea of old men gearing up for combat

>> No.49415192

His flavor text refers to how he was in charge of excavation of Phyrexian ruins. The machines he built using their tech turned on his civilization and destroyed it.

>> No.49415291

>tfw wizards will never revisit the old phyrexians and ruin them

>> No.49415332


>> No.49415367

>Me the tryhard spike that really enjoys 100%

>> No.49415466

He looks like a fun grouphate commander

>> No.49415476

Tell me the secret. I need that kind of lifegain.

>> No.49415683

>playing kami of the crescent moon stasis
>4 man game
>after various shenanigans, only me and mardu guy left
>his general costs about 6 additional mana, and his shit isn't untapping
>we're talking frozen aether, stasis, winter orb, mana Web, meekstone
>I cast pic related
>I smile, and tell mardu-guy to grit his teeth, because this loss is going to hurt.
> he scoffs


>mardu player is broken
>was at 25 life before the thumbscrews
>he is unable to do anything
>each of his turns is a draw, a sigh, and a "pass"
>each of my turns is a untap, pay a blue for stasis, thumbscrew him for 1, draw a few cards, drop an island, pass
>only lasts another 4 or t turns until he mentally snaps and , without speaking , scoops

I Have found my niche

>> No.49415716

***I did not untap, but due to drawing multiple cards a turn and my lands NOT entering tapped, I could continously pay for stasis

>> No.49415717

>buildt a Brago stacks deck
>everyone hates me for it
>people ask to borrow it a anyway
>mfw infinite blink combo can that can wipe away boards

>> No.49415722

Stacks? Or stax?

>> No.49415736


>> No.49415740

I run Brimaz; everything in my deck is a cat or a soldier.

>Two Ajani
>Infinite token creation

It gets big quick; last game I played I had 300+ 2/2 & 3/3 tokens by turn 7 or 8. Odric is super helpful too. Pic related is what I keep my Kitty Deck in.

>> No.49415773

>I Have found my niche
Pretty sure being a faggot is not a niche. You're born that way.

Reminds me of conquest and kittens. I have always wanted to do cat tribal deck with lots of equipment for a certified kitten mittens deck, but I don't want to build mono white.

>> No.49415808

It's actually not that bad (mono white); I'd recommend it because 1) cats and 2) tokens everywhere.

Besides, having this +Odric+Lifelink creature (very easy to find in white) is amazing.

>> No.49415866

The bonus is until the end of turn, so multiple combat phases will grow your bonuses. She's nice with Aurelia.

>> No.49415883


>Pretty sure being a faggot is not a niche. >You're born that way.

What's wrong anon? Don't like stasis? Did a static orb rustle you a little too hard once?

I've lost enough times to infinite combos that end games immediately, while the other 3 players at the table were just getting into the groove of their decks and now shrugging to shuffle and start again.

Winning through stasis is the best feeling, I think. I just love seeing looks of pure disgust after winter orb gets shot down, only to have rising waters take its place.

>> No.49416033

I have always had fun with Kami of the Blue Moon. You draw cards. And they draw cards. And you mill them. And you laugh.


>> No.49416057

Can I get your list? I want to change my kami to stax/stasis but lack prior knowledge as to how to build either.

>> No.49416115

>>Did a static orb rustle you a little too hard once?

Thankfully not. My playgroup really don't play too many shutting down decks. One of my friends built Hokori, Dust Drinker once, but it was still not opressive as it could have been.

I really just don't think its fun to sit back and do nothing until everyone else gets upset by not actually playing the game they are playing and scoops. Maybe I just can't understand it because it seems so alien to me to not play the game.

>> No.49416132

Daily reminder that these used to be banned in EDH

>> No.49416137


Fuck winning through stasis.

Getting the perfect curve, and establishing a board that you can maintain with tricks is the best feeling.

This is why I don't EDH, btw.

>> No.49416162

>This is why I don't EDH, btw.
Why are you here if you don't enjoy the game, Anon?

>> No.49416173

Keep in mind that these don't work against Dubious Challenge, since you can't do anything while spell is resolving, not even take mana from your lands.

>> No.49416195

Question to those who play with close friends. Have you guys gone through games where a verbal fight breaks out to the degree that it becomes hateful and words are said that can't be taken back?

We had a game tonight where two of my buddies were going at it. The situation was essentially boiled down to thus...
Player 1: "You got a flying blocker?"
Player 2: "No, just a shitty 1/1 flyer (didn't matter)."
Player 1: "I attack with my big dick flyer."
Player 2: "I block with my reach creature."

and this caused a shit storm of verbal abuse citing treachery and dishonesty.

I guess a second question would be, have you guys ever stopped a game due to raging tempers?

>> No.49416331

Ok, so who's got a good list for this kami turbostasis I've heard about?

>> No.49416350

Shit you're right. How about this?

>> No.49416423

Of course. This card triggers after the spell has already resolved. You can always use Containment Priest if you are afraid of what's gonna come out, but they can just choose not to exile anything. It also works against T&N and it only tutors at that point which is the third best option, whereas first two are countering it and copying it. Preferably getting Venser or Peacekeeper or any other out for the spell.

>> No.49416511

wall creation should be on sorcery speed only. Otherwise you can tap their lands during their upkeep and they have a max of 2 mana per turn.

>> No.49416522

We've had the "got a reacher, didn't say" thing happen a few time in our playgroup. every single time the attacker went "ah shit, I didn't think of that". and left it at that.

>> No.49416628

In my group we just ask:
"Hey you got anything that can block this?"

>> No.49416738

Ah I just stumbled across the "combo" card.
Homeward Path will give it back to you with just a tap.

>> No.49416771

well noticed.

>> No.49416811

Yeah someone said that already. Sure it's how you could do it in edh in any color, but it's not in standard. Wizards ususally designs for standard, and even if they made this for edh it still is super weak. It's just bad design.

>> No.49417048

We usually know what the cards are, and if not, usually people around here check before making decisions. Of course there's few retards who backpedal after every decision, miss every trigger, undeclare attacks, undeclare blockers, undeclare targets, rewind, sometimes as far as last turn and rewinds attacks/blocks after they've checked all the attackers and blockers and attack or block unfavorably and they want to take it back.
tl;dr quantum retards who can't read, think or interact and have worse memory than with my dead granpa currently. Thankfully, most people are okay and there are only few of these trash-men where every fault seems to concentrate.
Bad for me though, since for some reason these people orbit around me constantly wanting to play with me, even though I complain about them and shit-talk about them to them. It's usually because I always arrive at bad time at my LGS, either there's no one there yet or there's some people but they're in the middle of a long game.

Thanks for reading my blog, please subscribe, share and check out my patreon. Donates are appreciated (minimum of $5 donations thanks)

>> No.49417090

No. We shit-talk each other but never truly fight. Besides, that guy probably should have taken responsibility and looked at boardstates

>> No.49417136

how do I build pic related?

>> No.49417148


>> No.49417170

Recursion, duh.

>> No.49417235

Build cleric tribal. Ayli is decent value, but she's not nearly good enough to be competitive by any stretch.
I like her, but she's piss weak.

>> No.49417236

After borrowing decks off friends for ages, I made my first commander deck mono-white cats.
>>Literally only cats
>>can use Kemba, Brimaz, Jazal or Raksha as Commander
its always Voltron

>> No.49417300

Is it worth it to make a budget Gitrog Monster deck?

>> No.49417392

>"ooh a foil time stop has no reminder text, that looks nice"
>tcgplayer : $72.62
>SCG : $69.99
What in the flying fuck , this is why i can't have nice things. SEVENTY FUCKING BUX for a bulk rare

>> No.49417450

It's because of people like you who want it.

>> No.49417601

orzhov goodstuff

she is very low impact so don't build around her. just use her as a decent early blocker and sac outlet.

karlov is better for lifegain shenanigans

teysa, orzhov sion is better for sac shenanigans

>> No.49417672

I want it just because it is nicer, i wouldn't spend over 25x what the non foil of the card is worth to get it

>> No.49417697

Aesthetics, mane

>> No.49417703


After carefully considering each of your suggestions and options, I'm going with Stax. The build I currently use is remarkably well-suited to that plan already.

>> No.49417705

So my Lorthos tap down deck ended up gaining a spirit tribal twist, since a lot of spirits are suprisingly good at tapping and detaining. I'm about to finalise my scg order, but before I do, can I get some secret tech for tap-down decks?

>> No.49417716


Literally why?

>> No.49417720

Tromokratis is a really good finisher

>> No.49417728

make sure you stock up on token makers and possiblyhelm of possession if you want to sacrifice some spikeyness for funtimes

>> No.49417731

Whats /tg/'s thoughts on spellslinger?

>> No.49417739

Then don't get it? What's the problem again?

>> No.49417745

Generic as fuck and done to death.

>> No.49417775

No suggestions, but will you order me $20 worth of cards m8?

>> No.49417781

Any suggestions on a twist?

>> No.49417785

The problem is there shouldn't be bulk rares that are $70+ in foil, wizards clearly didn't think it through when they changed the foiled card's text on a reprint but not the non-foil text

>> No.49417786

Is new Tamiyo worth running in any bant deck with creatures? She doesn't synergize with anything I have, but I do have a copy.

>> No.49417808

She's pretty damn good in general, don't see why not if you have a slot open.

>> No.49417809

Mizzix Goblin Tribal or Targeted LD

>> No.49417818

its pretty good with doubling season if you run that, without that the card just seems to be trying to do so much at once that it really doesnt have much of an impact unless you're already winning

>> No.49417824

That seems pretty far fetched and shitty anon.

>> No.49417862

Eh. I could run Doubling Season, but 4 mana omniscience + concentrate is not the kind of thing I like.

Honestly, I'm pretty full right now, but I could cut a lot of jank.

>> No.49417889

>Not playing Goblin Offensive for 30

>> No.49417918

Because it doesn't affect gameplay, it's exclusively personal preference

>> No.49417949


Hey guy, my Aurelia deck is the most feared of my decks in my meta. Granted we're fairly casual (I'm the only one that really buys cards, although the one guy has access to a lot of stuff his dad had back in ABU, so that evens us out), but considering I can keep up with green in the ramp category (draw is still shit), I don't really worry about lagging behind.

Gotta love Sunforger. Damn that cards pulls it's fucking weight and then some. If I manage to get that on the field and Mistveil Plains I've generally got an answer for everything.

>> No.49417965

Even a fireball would be better than that

>> No.49417978


I would have came.

>> No.49418187

Here's my list

>> No.49418247

I love Adriana. If I wasn't building Queen Bitch, I'd build her. I love them making a mechanic that encourages doing what I already do anyway.

Not whole lot of interesting synergizes, but it'll be fun with True Conviction and whatnot.

>> No.49418271


This OP pic reminded me that I forgot to order a Homeward Path

>> No.49418309

Has that card been climbing in price? I could have sworn I bought one for like 4 or 5 bucks just a year ago, now it's 7

>> No.49418327

Only been reprinted once.

>> No.49418516

Just get a foil days undoing, a foil leyline, and a foil vedalken orrey

>> No.49418521

A little bit. There are only two printings of it

>> No.49418635

My gamestore is planning on running a "comp" EDH night on one of their slower nights, 3 man pods. Packs for round 1 winners, store credit for round 2

Should I build Azami Lab Maniac/Back to Basics or Momir toolbox/combo. I've got most relevant pieces for either.

>> No.49418728

but that IS a lifelink creature

>> No.49418742

would she make a descent Voltron commander?

>> No.49418752

>this is why i can't have nice things

Because you're not willing to commit.

>> No.49418778

>Friend is a judge
>Many years ago he receives the Judge Promo Elesh Norn
>Gives it to me as a birthday gift
>mfw it's now a $600 card

>> No.49418784

No? She's not traditionally a voltron commander

>> No.49418785

I know right? Why are there 15$ basic lands? All I want is my mono red deck to be full mount Fuji.

>> No.49418789

If you have the cards you need for wizard tribal then I suggest Azami. She can be degerate in a way that Momir just can't

>> No.49418806

Prove it. I want a picture.

>> No.49418826

>testing out new decks in xmage
>find something i really like mechanically
>but it revolves around constant triggers, drawing, miniscule life costs and gains so playing it in paper would be one huge headache and would turn my turns into solitaire


maybe i should get the deck anyway and use an excel spreadsheet as i play or something

>> No.49418867

What IS it you're playing?

>> No.49418920



>> No.49418937


>> No.49419031

Junk Diver and Myr Retriever come to mind, along with >>49418937

But honestly I think that's it

>> No.49419075

How do you prioritize your mtg related purchases?

I have so many things I want to buy, but only a couple things I can afford, and that isn't including my crippling gambling addiction.

The smart play is to buy some copies of various blue cantrips, pick up three more sol rings, and if I have enough money maybe a Rakdos, but I know as soon as I walk in something shiny is going to catch my eye, or I'll blow my wad on packs with nothing in return.

>> No.49419084

I actually think Ayli is better for lifegain (needs less since she reaches a threshold where you no longer need to gain life and also because she can gain life herself so you don't need to play a lot of cards that gain life, just the best), but the kinds of lifegain and how they play is totally different

>> No.49419148

>Crystal Chime
>Skull of Orm
>Sword of Light and Shadow
>Trading Post
>Artisan of Kozilek
>Grimoire of the Dead
>Salvaging Station
>Soul Separator

>> No.49419151

Don't. Seriously anon. I ran a very optimized Ayli deck and it was extremely underwhelming. You can survive anything, you can drop bombs quickly and easily, you can even remove a lot of threats, but in general it's extremely underwhelming. I ran 4 or 5 different wincons with a full suit of expensive tutors/beaters and I STILL found myself sitting in durdle hell roughly half the games.

The major problem with ayli is mid-game. Either you pump your life by sacing various things for value then wind up blowing all your creatures trying to cycle for something that you can never seem to get, or it goes off and Ayli literally doesn't make a difference.

I can honestly say I've only used her second ability a handful of times.

>> No.49419188

Only spend 50 bucks a month, try to buy precons because they easily tune into fun budget edh decks while getting you staples that can be worked into new decks you want to play. People around here say precons suck but every precon ive purchased has always ended up giving me good deck ideas and was also tons of fun to play out of the box. Also you shouldnt buy second hand sol rings or command towers.

>> No.49419237

So he's a dick.

>> No.49419265

Oh anon, I have like... four or five precons at home? The darietti one, the teferi one, the Meren one, the Ob Nixilis one, and some other one I can't quite remember. Maybe Mimeoplasm? It's difficult because I have more commanders from than precons than precons at this point.

I spend, on average, about $100 to $200 bucks on magic each month on magic split between drafts, singles, and my booster pack addiction. I need three more sol rings for the decks I have built, a couple more copies of the ol' ponder/preordain/brainstorm nonsense, at least two more tops, and more stuff I'm sure, I just don't really know how to plan out what I should buy. I always walk in with a game plan, see something in the case that I'd like, and go complete spaghetti. It's how I got a diabolic tutor. It's also how I got all the eldrazi titans and praetors. I'm not even using OG Ulamog, or either of the Kozileks...

>> No.49419288

>diabolic tutor
I meant a demonic tutor. I even have an inkmoth nexus that's just sitting in my binder. Blightsteel and wurmcoil only recently went into a deck too. You see what I mean?

>> No.49419316

Thats why you look at the precons decklist, find cards you want and start out with them before getting the boosters. Getting those cards with other cards will prevent the problem of more commanders than decks to play them in. The only alternative is getting the singles you want online

>> No.49419353

It's possible our metas are different enough that I can run a highly optimized Ayli deck and win. This is my list: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/come-on-ayli/

How's it compare to yours?

>> No.49419364

>at least two more tops
Don't your friends let you proxy cards you own in other decks?

>> No.49419424

I love this artifact, just for the flavor text alone. Being a mono-black player, it hits home just how it plays at times.

>> No.49419466

I don't get people who play stax like this. Must you really break the spirit of those you play against? All that usually happens is that either everyone gangs up on you or refuse to play against you anymore.

>> No.49419479

With EDH decks, it's easier in my opinion to split the deck into halves, thoroughly shuffle each one, and then mash shuffle them together.

>> No.49419513

>archfiend of depravity
Oh, that's my favorite card. Good call. I have the foil one from the intro pack, and it's sexy as hell.

>Pawn of ulamog
I need one of those too. Nice.

Anyways, looking at your list, mine was a lot more optimized, but we went two completely different directions with our decks. I went the whole boardwipes and reanimator route with fancy walls that I can sac for value. In general, before I took apart my deck my game plan was as follows:
>cast ayli turn 2 every game
>get a wall and some value out by turn 3
>durdle until I hit a tutor, sacing walls for value trying to build up my life
>if I hit 50 life, immediately start exiling important things my opponent controls
>if not try to tutor buried alive with some reanimator, preferably victimize
>pull Elesh Norn and whatever other fatty I need to win the game
>if that doesn't work, wipe the board, nim death mantel + ashnods my stuff back, maybe whip of erobos to give everything lifelink and try to get ayli back on line
>try hit an alternate wincondition like felidar sovereign
>if everything seems to be failing, tree of perdition. I also ran triskadekaphobia, which is surprisingly underrated, but still a dead draw more often than not

I like the way you went with the various swords, I wish I had them, but I went with more of a focus on tutors and board wipes.

You said your deck consistently wins in your meta, what other decks are people playing? I spent far too long building mine and it lost in dumb ways. It could grind out a win like no other, but in general, it was a lot slower than I would like, even running 5 or 6 tutors with the ol' sign in blood/night's whisper/phyrexian altar/ambitions cost/read the bones.

>> No.49419560

Stax is the preferred style of all the cynical assholes on /tg/

>> No.49419580


Well that's some cool tech.

>> No.49419590

I already have two tops. I don't like to proxy things because I've had a bad experience with people calling me out on my proxy and my binder being at home. I play at my flgs since my group disbanded, and some people are giant assholes, particularly when I'm using expensive cards that I know they wouldn't let me proxy without the physical card being with me.

>> No.49419753

>I don't get people who play stax like this.
I wrote the story, I'll help explain
>Must you really break the spirit of those you play against?
I think that's the primary goal for stax in general, or more specifically, stasis. Sometimes, it will make weaker-willed players scoop well before they actually would have lost. It is the best part of the archetype.
>All that usually happens is that either everyone gangs up on you or refuse to play against you anymore.
I don't know what kinda playgroup you have, when I play against my friends, my stasis deck doesn't stop them from playing with me. They understand that the deck has a very different playstyle, and enjoy the challenge of combating a completely different type of deck.
I also don't get ganged up on, considering the deck draws everyone cards early on, fueling me and the rest of the table. They think they'll deal with me in a few turns, but before I give them the chance, I fuck the table with bounce-wipes and hard stasis effects. Only THEN does the game turn into arch-enemy.

>Stax is the preferred style of all the cynical assholes on /tg/

I'm not a cynical asshole, but I do have crippling anxiety

>> No.49419839

I've thought about it and I really like that Arcum voltron idea. Would it end up being less tedious than Zur, though? That's kind of what I'm afraid of, since Zur is lame. Then again, with cranial plating, it wouldn't be so slow in its kills?

>> No.49419858

Stax is fine, and in this example, I think there were two major issues:
>The mardu player should have scooped. What kind of an idiot won't scoop in a situation like that? I run winter orb + tangle wire in brago, and the second I hit it with brago out, I explain that they're going to be fucked while brago pings everyone for 2 damage as soon as he deals combat damage, every turn until everyone's dead, while I generally have things on the field that allow me to play to full capacity. This is the same as someone expecting you to manually go through an infinite combo until everyone is dead. Why? There was nothing he could possibly do, he should know what's available in his deck, and how likely it is to get.

>The Kami player should have explained what was going on better. That kind of hard lock is serious, he could have just shorthanded to the end of the game and not crushed the guy's spirit. Also, while thumbscrews is a wincon in that set up, it really isn't. When I run stax I like to bust out something indestructible that will survive wiping the board, so it's not like I just nuked everything to sit on a locked down field. That's just mean. If you don't hit a better wincon and are just pinging them out over the course of 20+ turns, you gotta retool things.

>> No.49419914

I figured as much.
While there are Stax decks in my playgroup, the second any of them get pulled out, that person becomes target number , no matter how much of a threat they really are. And helping people draw cards in my playgroup is even worse, because then everyone figures you're trying to do some slick shit or make friends and while we are all indeed friends, when we are playing Magic, we recognize that there's isn't really any. They will murder you and just you with the cards you help them draw, until you stop letting them draw cards or until you die. Full stop.

>> No.49419928

>Stax is the preferred style of all the cynical assholes on /tg/
Yup. That's why I run stax-style effects in every deck I make, assuming they aren't just outright stax.

>I'm not a cynical asshole, but I do have crippling anxiety
Coincidentally, I'm also part of that club. I guess it makes sense, with stax you win with absolute certainty, there's no real indecision about it, and it's the counter to the most viable strategies in EDH at the moment.

>> No.49419968

Oh, sorry, I phrased that poorly. No, I meant it like "If our metas are different enough, your list might fare well in mine."

Mine wins... an okay amount. Usually when it loses I can spot the misplay that led to it losing. Other decks in my meta include Jaya control, Freyalise "but her second ability costs loyalty" badstuff, and a child.

The Jaya and I are the only real threats, so in a more even meta we might focus each other less.

>> No.49420025

>While there are Stax decks in my playgroup, the second any of them get pulled out, that person becomes target number , no matter how much of a threat they really are.
I generally agree with that. If someone is playing stax, I expect that they expect to be the arch enemy, and immediately throw my extremely aggressive non-frech 1v1 decks at them. If your stax is good enough to withstand that, AND whatever everyone else is doing, you've earned that win, or had miraculous luck.

>And helping people draw cards in my playgroup is even worse, because then everyone figures you're trying to do some slick shit or make friends
Wut. If someone was drawing me cards, unless they're running Nekusar, they're going to have a bad time. The only thing stopping most of my decks from running wild are how many cards I can draw in addition to what I'm going to play, because I love ramp. My the people I play with have realized that giving me extra card draw is a terrible idea, and most of those group-hug decks don't come out when I'm around.

>> No.49420113

Memnarch ruined my LGS

>> No.49420178

I'm thinking of turning my zurgo edh into the new marchesa but I want to mix it up a bit, make it taxes and restrictions on what players can do and only attack whenever someone threatens my monarchy.

Anyone have any good suggestions for the deck? I'll post a list of what I have so far when I get home.

>> No.49420185

Stax/Stasis effects are banned in my playgroup after my friend made Brago stax.

It was so oppressive that none of us would play against it. He turned Brago into u/w value instead.

>> No.49420209

I know it's prolly been discussed to death, but sydiri giving this thing lifelink is just bonkers.

>> No.49420360

Where did he touch you?

>> No.49420398

Right on the Blightsteel

>> No.49420418

Since we're doing memnarch edition. bought the FTV lore for DD jitte and memnarch

>> No.49420437

I don't have a tappedout list and I've already disassembled it, but I can let you know what I would do. You're actually running a lot of very slick things, so I'm just going to give general advice that you can use however you'd like.

Cards I like:
>Buried Alive
While I also like entomb, buried alive is one of my favorite cards. It's so versatile, you can yard a Filth and with Urborg you have a field of unblockable creatures and it sets up any reanimator combo.
>tree of perdition
Seriously awesome in Ayli. With Whip of Erobos, off a Buried Alive you can ditch two other cards in addition to the tree, play those cards first with some reanimator, then pull the tree with the whip, with haste. It happens at instant speed and your opponent can't respond to it if they don't have open mana or an answer. You can also stack Ayli's trigger on top of it to steal your opponent's full life total, which is really neat when someone thinks they've won the game with "infinite" life.
>Ashnod's Altar
This should go in every deck in my opinion.
>Nim Deathmantel
Hilariously good with ashnod's and ayli. For 4 colourless per creature you can regenerate any number of creatures whenever you want.
>Elesh Norn
My favorite white card ever printed. The second it comes out your opponent's cry. Some decks can't come back as soon as it hits the field, and if you can reanimate it early, you'll probably win.
>Endrek Sahr
This is one of my magical christmasland cards. While he doesn't win you the game on his own, he does a lot of good things in an ayli deck.

>> No.49420445

Part of my favorite early game combo, and one of the cards I prioritize whenever I tutor anything. You can sacrifice a thrull/token/whatever and pull back two creatures from your yard tapped. Part of my favorite magical christmasland hand is: Swamp, Plains, Sol ring, Buried Alive and Victimize. You put Elesh Norn/Ob Nixilis Unshackled/Massacre Wurm, Felidar Sovereign and tree of perdition in the yard, pull back felidar sovereign and whatever bomb you want, then laugh as you instantly win at the beginning of your next upkeep.

>Desecration Demon
Very underrated in my opinion, but a finicky card. It's basically an enchantment that causes your opponent to sacrifice a creature in order to prevent it from blocking or attacking. If you're running some dirty attrition, you can use him to maintain a large field advantage. Part of the mazerik holy trinity with archfiend of depravity and Reaper from the Abyss, it's one of my favorite cards.
>Ob Nixilis Unshackled
One of my favorite reanimation targets. He completely shits on a large variety of powerful decks.
>Phreysis/Grafted Exoskeleton
I like these cards because they can also be tutored to set up an easy win. Slap either on a reanimated demon and that's the game.
>Sengir Autocrat
4 dudes for 4 mana. If you reanimate/flicker him, tons of tokens everywhere. With Endrek Sahr, that's 8 guys for 4 mana.
>Sidisi, Undead Vizier
I see you have demonic tutor and vamperic tutor, but a 3/6 deathtouch and tutor that can sac itself to fulfill it's cost is pretty nice in my opinion.

>> No.49420470


>> No.49420498

i find it a bit relaxing to shuffle while im doing other shit, it lets me fiddle and get stuff done

>> No.49420506

I'm cutting Kaldra from my shitty (but fun and favorite) Reki deck. Any fun ideas for replacements? There are a few sub themes that could use some work, namely spirits and fight/lure.


>> No.49420532

>felidar sovereign
Either you like this card or you don't. It's just a cheap early game win if someone isn't packing removal
>Massacre Wurm
Completely hoses token decks, and sets up your various lifegain shenanigans. Another one of my favorite reanimator targets.
>Sensei's Divining Top
Goes in all decks, but it's particularly good here.
>Beacon of Unrest
Only notable because it pulls back artifacts.

>> No.49420588

Alright, I wanna run Slivers. Who's the most fun of the Silver legendaries?

>> No.49420607

Arcum can't run plating
>>BB: Attach to target creature you control
Try strata scythe instead

>> No.49420655


Let's you tutor for any other sliver you need.

>> No.49420718

Overlord is best goodstuff lord, Sliver Queen most combo-oriented, Legion leads to quick stomps, and Hivelord keeps people from ruining your fun.
Karona is best tho

>> No.49420792

Your commander basically says what strategy you're playing with Slivers.

Toolbox. The most common and standard of Sliver decks.

Combo. You're looking to do something degenerate.

"Safe" Aggro. "I want to play all my Slivers but I am pretty sure everyone here has Wrath or Damnation."

Fast Aggro. Hopefully everyone will die the turn you play him.

I built a Sliver deck for one of my friends, but he'd always empty his hand straight into boardwipes when his commander was Overlord and he got frustrated with it, so we switched it to Hivelord and he won plenty of games just from ramming indestructible Slivers into people.

>> No.49420809

>Buried Alive
Probably would do good work, though I'd probably just grab Viscera Seer, Karmic Guide, and Reveillark every time for stupid combos.
>Tree of Perdition
Alright, fine, I'll try it at least once. At least I can Reveillark it.
>Ashnod's Altar
Doesn't help me with what I'm trying to accomplish, and the low curve of my deck doesn't benefit much from the extra mana.
>Nim Deathmantle
I'll try it, but I've previously written it off as too mana-intensive.
>Elesh Norn
Don't know why I never attempted her.
>Endrek Sahr
Oooh, he's a 2/2. Yeah, that looks good.
Definitely a solid choice with all the tokens I can kill.
>Desecration Demon
Eh, if I wanted an enormous beatstick I'd get Baneslayer Angel. Jaya guy wouldn't ever feed him creatures.
>Bob Nixilis Unshackled
Sadly Jaya guy can't afford that many tutors.
>Phyresis/Grafted Exoskeleton
These definitely speed up the clock on my enemies, I'm just not sure if they're right for my build. A lot of the cards you're suggesting seem like they'd be stronger in a reanimator-focused version of the deck.
>Sengir Autocrat
My issue has never been not having enough dudes.
>Sidisi, Undead Vizier
YES. A thousand times yes, she is perfect and gorgeous. Could only be stronger if she were a 2/2.
>Felidar Sovereign
Not interested. I enjoy proving that I deserve the win.
>Massacre Wurm
Definitely a solid card. Will be testing.
>Sensei's Divining Top
Also a solid card. I might even have enough shuffle effects for it to be extremely good.
>Beacon of Unrest
Not enough artifacts or fatties in my meta for me to care.

Overall, I appreciate your suggestions, but they seem more oriented towards a version of the deck I'm not interested in building. Thank you, though.

>> No.49420823


How in the world is that supposed to be any better than Legion?

>> No.49420880


>> No.49420937

>Overall, I appreciate your suggestions, but they seem more oriented towards a version of the deck I'm not interested in building. Thank you, though.
No problem anon, I totally see what you mean. I was suggesting things that I ran in my deck, because I couldn't really figure out how to put the two together, so that's probably where the disconnect is. I'm a timmy at heart in whatever I do, so most of my decks tend to be big stupid things swinging for the win. It's just nice that I suggested a few things you were interested in.

>> No.49420988


What are the best targets for Blade of Selves?

>> No.49421020

Anything you'd put in a Roon deck.

>> No.49421023

what colors dummy

>> No.49421027


What colours are you running?

Obvious answers: Angry Omnath, Wurmcoil Engine, Blightsteel, hamletback goliath, thunderblust, puppeteer clique.

>> No.49421039

Commander 2016 news when. Kaladesh is hogging the spotlight for too long.

>> No.49421060

I'm really underwhelmed by kaladesh. A few things look nice, most things look meh. It's the same way I felt about EM.

>> No.49421064

Norin the Wary.

>> No.49421200


>> No.49421261


>> No.49421262

I have been greatly enjoying Kaladesh don't get me wrong, I have just been waiting more information on commander 2016 since they announced it would be 4 colors.

Given it comes out in less then two months I am desperate for more info.

>> No.49421282

>he plays jund

>> No.49421310

I'm also not looking forward to 4 colour commanders. I can't see a reason to build a 4 colour deck instead of a five colour deck, and unless something extremely broken gets past R&D like meren, I wouldn't even want to pick one up. I think the land base is going to be interesting, and maybe there will be some good staples, but most of it strikes me as unplayable jank that will only work in it's particular archetype.

>> No.49421333

quick question: what can i run the new emrakul in?

>> No.49421348

Quick answer: Any deck.

But seriously, either UG ramp, or U Memnarch or something really rampy where you wouldn't want to use mindslaver for whatever reason.

>> No.49421354


>> No.49421370

>I'm also not looking forward to 4 colour commanders. I can't see a reason to build a 4 colour deck instead of a five colour deck

That's been the longest running contention against making 4-color cards from WotC. They're only doing it for Commander 2016 because they know Commander players want them for largely arbitrary reasons.

>> No.49421382

i was thinking of putting him into muzzio... you think he would work in that?

>> No.49421406

Eh, if you don't have mindslaver, probably. If you do, it seems really underwhelming.

>> No.49421426

no mindslaver but mindslaver is like $5 right? why would i go with emrakul over that considering i can cheat out mindslaver and not emrakul without a lattice

>> No.49421435

>They're only doing it for Commander 2016 because they know Commander players want them for largely arbitrary reasons.
I'm okay with that. I buy things for largely arbitrary reasons. That being said, I'm not looking forward to the inevitable "play this card, oops into a win" that comes in every single deck. They would have to be really distinct, or generally powerful. Maybe some dedicated colour hate?

Come to think about it, I'm interested in them, I'm just not excited to play against the same 5 decks forever that are filled with janky nonsense.

>> No.49421448

Can't even cheat out Emrakul with Lattice. It only makes permanents into artifacts.

>> No.49421467

Yup, and exactly. Emrakul seems very underwhelming in my opinion because your opponent gets another turn after you do whatever.

What did you want the Emrakul to do?

>> No.49421478

isnt there one that makes all cards even not in play artifacts? sorry in class rn and just got confused

>> No.49421492

Yosei the morning star, Kokusho. Just immediately sac the copies.

>> No.49421496

nothing in particular was just wondering if he fits, i have one and nothing to do with him i could put him in my dax deck but i dont really get that much mana usually

>> No.49421510

Not necessarily. I have a Blade of Selves from an old Godo build I dismantled that I wanted to slot into something. Now I'm thinking a different color combo would fit better

>> No.49421526

Honestly? I would make a colourless eldrazi deck, use every eldrazi, and various ramp like doubling cube and whatever.

>> No.49421535

How would Shattergang Brothers do as a commander? Looks fun to build around.
Is the ability not as good as I think it is?

>> No.49421541

Stuffy doll + all creatures must block this creature

>> No.49421551

>Is the ability not as good as I think it is?
Yup, pretty much. I wouldn't build him unless you're doing something very specific.

>> No.49421565

I love Mindslaver.

>> No.49421567

>implying i have half a grand to throw away
i did mention i was in class right? i meant college.

>> No.49421568

No. Lattice is what you're thinking of, but the part that applies to cards that aren't on the battlefield is only making them colorless.

The problem with making everything into an artifact is that you could use Master Transmuter to put Swords to Plowshares on the battlefield and that'd be all sorts of awkward.

>> No.49421571

Markov Blademaster

Both with some form of unblockable.

>> No.49421593

anyways even more reason not to put him in

>> No.49421662

The major thing I can think to justify the 4-color identity is to very specifically go against the missing color. Rather than building a card as WUBR for example, you build the card as non-Green. Not necessarily anti-Green, but just very much going against the things Green likes.

>> No.49421672

>Blade of Selves on a legendary with no ETB trigger
Anon why

>> No.49421826


>> No.49421844 [SPOILER] 


>> No.49421864

>Just immediately sac the copies.

You mean before state-based actions kill them for you?

>> No.49422089

tiny image

>> No.49422154

I've been really considering Legion because I'm really lacking a good fast aggro deck, but I'm a little worried about getting hosed by board wipes. Are there any good ways to really get around that weakness easily besides just helming with Hivelord, or should I just do that?

>> No.49422304

Your best bets are the anti-boardwipe standbys like Ghostway, Eerie Interlude, Boros Charm, Dauntless Escort, Ready // Willing, Selfless Spirit, Golgari Charm, Wrap in Vigor, Loxodon Hierarch.

If you want more flexibility, you could always try counterspells.

>> No.49422321

Because I forgot how Myriad worked for a moment there. I thought it copied the attack or something like that for some reason.

>> No.49422351

Being able to sit through boardwipes and swing into any board is great.

Another fun thing is that playing Hivelord lets you play boardwipes yourself. You can turn any Wrath into a Plague Wind.

>> No.49422438

Anyone? I'm not gonna twist anyone's arm for this.

>> No.49422617

Fuck it, I'm just going to open my M14 box. No one will draft it with me anyway.

>> No.49422669

Post pics, I want to see the legendary creatures you pull

>> No.49422740

What are you particularly hoping to get out of it?

>> No.49422785

Obviously 30 Shadowborn Apostles.

>> No.49422791

I'm sorry you want to draft a shitty core set

>> No.49422832

Looking through legends when I noticed something

Look at this creature. Look at the ears. Guess the creature type

>> No.49422861

It is a mistake. They were bound to make one when they errata'd nearly every single creature ever printed.

>> No.49422864

I'll post any legendaries I open, but it might not be tonight.

A chill draft, but I guess not.

>> No.49422886

Apostles and Slivers, most likely

>> No.49422890


>> No.49422902

Its obviously the beast behind the black elf.

>> No.49422949

I run her in my Meren deck.

Play her
Control opponent
My turn sac her
Bring her back before the end of my turn

>> No.49422969

Who's a fun commander that's also cheap to build effectively? I like combos and enchantments, and generally prefer running blue and/or black.

>> No.49423031

GL stalling the game after you get 13 exp counters.

>> No.49423063

So far, pretty good. Only 9 packs left because I only had 24 saved to draft. Apostle count is at one.

>> No.49423079


>> No.49423125


>> No.49423142

That looks pretty fun, but I have a feeling that will turn every EDH game I play into "Who can kill Anon the quickest?"

>> No.49423161

Not gonna happen. But if you like blue-black, go Vela ninjutsu or Vela blink and sac/reanimate, I guess.

>> No.49423200

What do you mean? I run up well over 13 counters by turn 6-8. The deck doesn't even rely on emrakul because it wins by forcing opponents to sac while I do but I get to throw out fatties while I do so.

>> No.49423214

Vela looks fun. Is there a decent way to build around Shirei for cheap?

>> No.49423239

Well, that's it. At least I got Vault and Scooge, and with the Jace from the first 12 packs, that makes 5 mythics in the box, which is cool. Only 2 Apostles. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed.

>> No.49423298

>ring of three wishes was a mythic

What we're they thinking?

>> No.49423301

>Kalonian Hydra
>Scavenging Ooze
Forgot I needed to pick those up.

>> No.49423541

>Grim Return
>Vastwood and Kalonian Hydra
Good pulls I'm jelly

>> No.49423608

My list.


>> No.49423616

>grim return

>> No.49423636

Meant Haste, not lifelink; if you manage to get 100+ tokens with that thing + Odric + Haste, you win, essentially.

Oh fuck yes, and it's wonderful.

>> No.49423668

Human Archer

>> No.49423680

It's there

>> No.49423706

Yeah, I saw it. How is it a good pull?

>> No.49423750

It's not a money card but it's a good card anyway.

>> No.49423762


>> No.49423766

That's what I meant, yeah.

>> No.49423772

Alright. This looks pretty fun. I'll test it at some point. Thanks!

>> No.49423811

>It's not a money card but it's a good card anyway.

That's debatable.

>> No.49423814

How is it good?

>> No.49423827


>> No.49423842

Yes, cartoon images make an excellent point.

>> No.49423900

Instant speed 3 mana grave robbery looks pretty solid to me, man

The "this turn"clause is an obvious downside but it still seems good to me

>> No.49423902


Why don't they just fix it? It's not like they reprinted the card or anything

>> No.49423934

>>The "this turn"clause is an obvious downside but it still seems good to me

It's a crippling downside.

>> No.49423960


>> No.49423989

Because you have to hold open mana for it. It's closer to Debt of Loyalty than to Reanimate.

The only deck I'd consider playing it in is Toshiro Umezawa.

>> No.49423991

2B: Ignore Removal
2B: Gain control of target creature

>> No.49423995

most turns in any game of magic are not "this turn"

>> No.49424060

I'm not willing to save 3 mana a turn for the chance of using those effects.

Besides, a big chunk of removal in EDH is exile.

>> No.49424102

Well, we've got four options.

1) They don't even know about it. Seems unlikely.

2) They're waiting until they do another major creature type update. Seems most likely.

3) Legends is weird and she's actually supposed to be a human with giant ears.

4) It was printed once, 22 years ago, at the highest rarity, and it's really not playable at all so who cares.

>> No.49424139


>4) It was printed once, 22 years ago, at the highest rarity, and it's really not playable at all so who cares.

I do

>> No.49424168

Alright, one last try. Anyone have ideas for fun or interesting replacements for the Kaldra equipment in this deck?

Legends, spirits or fight/lure cards preferred, but open to ideas.

>> No.49424181

I hope this new egypt set has some purposeful hazezon tamar tech printed in it. If nothing else something needs to make sand warrior tokens so that wizards prints some finally.

>> No.49424239

I'm building an Eight-and-a-half-tails deck and didn't even realize how well these 2 work together

>> No.49424265

Or, you know, Avacyn.

>> No.49424308


Avacyn's interaction seems pretty obvious, and when testing these 2 with friends it seems like people tend to forget about persist

>> No.49424375


>> No.49424381

You are a random nameless poster on a transient internet image board. You are literally an example of who.

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