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Continuing from the last one >>49380913. Last request was:

Don't suppose anyone has any rough looking fighters, not wearing armour or very little, think mugen from Samurai Champloo but a little smoother.

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I need reasonably dressed fantasy catboys and catgirls, /tg/.

Armor, robes, whatever.
for reasons.

I'll post whatever rough fighters I can find in my collection, but that's probably very few.

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I don't know if this helps, but here.

In the meantime I am looking for minotaurs of both sexes.

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That artist drew my first ever drawthread request (pic related). I love his style too.

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Got a favor to ask, can you guys post some Judaeo-Christian character art? Darker the better, like Lich Jesus

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I think that's all I have for you, OP. Sorry.

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Requesting thugs, bandits, bouncers, ect. Its easy to find pictures of slim rogues but the more thuggish types are hard to come by.

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Here is a pretty good Henchman

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I did ask for girls and boys, anon.
I'm just gonna post character art I have, since I don't see any requests that I have a lot of, at the mo'.

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The best choice

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I got to use this art, once. Not-angel cleric. Was fun.

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So I'm looking for a specific image of a harlequin/jester type character in a red hood wearing a white, frowning mask with a bunch of other expression masks on his belt. If anyone has it, I would greatly appreciate if you posted it. Posting random stuff in the meantime.

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It's funny; Jerome Flynn is a main character in Ripper Street, where he plays a very sincere, prudish and polite policeman. but he's still a brutal badass

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Closest thing I have to anything like that. Making a Master of Masks, anon?

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He also sang this


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was referring to the filename, that is clearly not a girl.

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Catpeople are like elves, they're girls until confirmed otherwise

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Nah, just a very enthusiastic assassin. Believes murder is an art form and has to make a show of his victims, the flashier the better.

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Are you assuming xer gender?

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Still cool. I never really got to use that prestige class, wanted to, though.

Oh. I didn't read the filename because I'm not very smart.

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I played this in a game once. Cleric of some god against undead. Convenient that we were heading into a dwarven city that had been overrun by undead, eh?

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That Guy brought something similar to pic related, the only female character in the group because he 'didn't want it to be a sausagefest'. Dex-based fighter in PF. Dude ended up almost dying to mimics, and I think our local Drow Summoner offed her in her sleep two sessions after he brought her to the table.

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I'm looking for a young and spunky star pilot. Rebellious but still a nice person.
Sorry I don't have anything to contribute, posting from mobile.

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Something like this is excellent anon,thanks a bunch. Though if you wouldn't mind me asking, got any males?

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I think I have this one.

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That is actually completely perfect seeing how he flies a salvaged empire ship. Thanks a lot anon. You da best. Are you looking for anything? I might have something you'd like when I get home.

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I'm this guy: >>49398769
It's kinda hard to find that stuff tho.
Here's a mechanic-esque guy, because starship pilots sometimes work on their ships.

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Another excellent choice.

I'll search through what I have. I may not have much but I think I've got something for you.

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Godspeed, anon.

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>Eyeliner, foundation, penciled in eyebrows
Mah immurhshun ez shaturd

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Sounds like Jack of Blades, from Fable, to me.

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>Undead Romans
This is so awesome. I want a senate full of vampires in togas.

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This is from a drawthread

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To the anon from last thread looking for western fantasy western character art, try charro-art on deviant art.

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I'm actually pretty sure it was a redesign of him someone did, but I cannot find it no matter where I search. It's infuriating.

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why is his arm so long

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I'm looking for:

gangsters, heisters, hitmen, "loot crews", mafiosi, and any other organized criminal types

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Thanks, lad.

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Vampire Rome vs Demon China

Who wins the war of the undead?

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The skeleton guerrillas

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Does anyone know of a drawing taken from the perspective of someone looking down into a little storeroom or something with a pissed off looking demon/gnome-thing inside? Thing had like a fu-manchu mustache goin on

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well now i'm just curious

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Who would win in a fight, David or Samson?

David killed Goliath and all of his sons while Samson killed a lion with his bare hands and a thousand soldiers with a jawbone

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speaking of which, there was a page from a comic i saw a while ago that had samson kill a thousand soldiers with a jawbone. anyone know what that comic is called?

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why does he have the hands of a child?

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Hands are hard to draw

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Reposting request from last thread

I need art of fantasy gunslingers who are doing either Matrix type stuff or time manipulation magical shenanigans. Its so hard to find art of it that isn't cropped or micro-sized

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Dang, did I kill the thread?

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Nah, it's been kinda floating for a while.
I don't have anything to give you, and at the same time, I'm sad anon didn't deliver for me yet.

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>I'm sad anon didn't deliver for me yet.
What was your request?

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Sauce me dubsman

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Have two gun mages from Iron Kingdoms

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Could this be it?
i can dump all of my harlequin/jester/joker characters if you wish?

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Thanks you, its perfect

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this one

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Where on the animal scale do you want them? I'm afraid most of what I got is on the Khajiiti end of the spectrum

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I was looking for more human-esque cats. Like pic related. Thanks for trying, though, anon!

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Yeah, sorry. This is the only one I have.

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Not bad! Thx, anon.

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Is this cat fine too?
Probably my favourite catgirl picture ever...

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It's okay. Original request was for 'reasonably dressed', but that's understandably quite rare; most artists treat humanoid cat-people as sex objects.

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Yeah, now that I look at my galleries most of the reasonably dressed catpeople are dangerously furry. Funny that.

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Google "Miqo'te" and you'll get more like >>49404201

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Looking for sci-fi pilots and/or other folks in spacesuits.

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Only one I've got.

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Scroll up, friend.

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Looking for art for two anti paladins, a man and woman. They're both big, strong and have faces covered in scars.

In the mean time. Cat person

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Hate to break this to you Anon, but that's a wolf

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I found it but it wasn't quite what I've been looking for.

Anyone got any characters that have more Oriental features? I especially like the idea of

>> No.49407370

I got tons, any specific feature you're after?

Male? Female? Type of dress? Weapons?

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Requesting any and all art of guys that look like computer geeks/tech wizards/smartypants nerds. Either hackers or mechanics. Futuristic/cyberpunk is a plus. Tall and lanky is a plus as well.

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Not art, but...

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No art can beat life, it seems.

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Different anon but got any samurai characters?

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See, this the one time I can accept an insane amount of weapons on a person. He is clearly a wandering collector, probably takes the swords in duels wherever he goes.

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I need cavaliers, cavaliers on lions

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I actually have that

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So, lack of communication lead to a tiny problem here. Was planning an adorable construct psion/psychic, DM has basically told me that my shorty construct is a no go. I really need some kind of halfling QT that could fit the role of a psychic. Casters are okay, but hopefully nothing that just screams 'wizard.' If anyone has anything like that, I'd be super appreciative.

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Looking for images of synthetic people, whether magical or technology isn't hugely important, as long as they kind of hit an uncanny valley sort of feeling.

Pic related is a good example, but preferably one with more features or clothes.

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I got a couple.

>> No.49410903

Many thanks!

>> No.49410909

Not sure if sci fi is nogo but if you don't like it somebody might.

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This is the last one. A bit more human but whatever.

>> No.49410974

I need some images of female blackguard or antipaladins in reasonable armour.

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that sword is so impractical it hurts to look at it

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Alright I've seen this one a hundred times, but I'm finally gonna ask. What's with the comb tooth sword? This is just the artist's choice right? Is there even any functionality in such a thing?

>> No.49411839

I need Egyptian and desert-themed stuff!

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The swordbreaker was a dagger that had large, deep serrations along one side of the blade, resembling the barbed teeth of a comb and designed to entrap an opponent's blade, allowing a variety of follow-up techniques. Like the triple dagger, the swordbreaker was a rare form of parrying dagger compared to the main-gauche, partly due to the difficulty of crafting such a specialised weapon. One Italian example dated around 1600 can be found in the Wallace Collection in London and has a hilt consisting of a pair of straight quillons and a ring guard.[3][5][7]

It is uncertain whether "swordbreakers" could in fact break sword blades as suggested by some scholars,[5][8] as swords of this era were intended to stand up to substantial forces, well in excess of what could be generated by a fighter's off-hand. Swords are sometimes depicted in Fechtb├╝chern as withstanding a two-handed attempt to break them (or show off their resilience).[9] Late Renaissance rapiers and smallswords may not be as robust as the cutting swords of earlier times, however, and have indeed been known to break on occasion, so the claim may have more veracity in relation to the typical civilian weapons of this period.

The term is also applied in modern times to the various devices (such as hooks or spikes) found on some bucklers which served the same purpose as the parrying dagger to entrap an opponent's blade.

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It's a sword breaker. It's meant for parrying. They're pretty rare tho

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It's a thing Anon. It's a Swordbreaker. Thugh they were usually heavy bladed daggers that were used as an offhand weapon. http://medieval.stormthecastle.com/armorypages/sword-breaker.htm So chances are that sword breaker-sword would, due to its length, probably be unwieldy, heavy or break itself in the process of trying to break their opponents sword.

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It should be noted, though, that the example here, >>49407795 is bupkiss, since the teeth are as deep as the blade is wide. That robs the blade of basically all of its structural strength, which would make it very difficult to entrap and parry an opponent's blade. In short, the artist dun goofed.

>> No.49412080

Thanks based anons.

I think what really got me fucked up was in fact how deep the teeth went and how it makes the blade seem super fragile/breakable. Thank you for learning on me today.

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Does anyone have images of wizards that aren't edgy dark lords or boring blue-robed old men. Just some wizards with a little extra flavor. These people have /magic/ they should be happy or crazy or something.

>> No.49412172

How about fancy Mushroom gangster wizard?

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Blue robed, but not very old or edgy looking

>> No.49412699

I don't know why, but this picture absolutely made my day. Thank you.

>> No.49412743

Girls allowed?

>> No.49412870

Anyone got any skeleton (or other obviously dead, no vampires and the like) warriors in shiny, well cared for armor and with good weapons. Something like a royal guard for a necromancer king or the like.

You always see skeletons in tattered and broken armor/clothes with some rusty broken sword or axe, like they just rose from a swamp.

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Whoops I didn't look close enough, I just hit the thumbnail.

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A cool way to get nice fancy character art that looks more setting-related is using the Prisma app.

>> No.49413584

An example

>> No.49413617

is there a way to get this without buying into the mobile jew

>> No.49413620

This one?

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Luther Strode

>> No.49413746

Requesting a young adventurer, very eager, with a big ol' sword

>> No.49413761

This may sound generic as fuck, but I need some art for a gloriously golden/gold and white paladin, preferably not wearing a helmet. Bonus points for sun motifs or lots of glowing effects. He's going to literally be all about glowing with holy light to bolster allies and smiting enemies with golden sunfire.

Can you post the original version of this? I like the look, but a little more detail would be great.

>> No.49413855


probably not what you're looking for

>> No.49413901

Here it is, but it probably isn't what you're looking for.

>> No.49414361

Specific request I've had for a while, probably won't get anything but fuck it
>girl ~18 years old
>no armor
>fantasy clothing
>single 2 handed sword
ideally the sword would basically be just a really large sabre, but anything that relatively realistic is ok
Anime is acceptable

>> No.49414446

I need more characters in several layers of cloth like middle eastern or poncho designs/patterns

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>> No.49414595


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>> No.49414688


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>> No.49414772

Alright, lads, maybe I can sneak something in before we max out the image limit.

I'm looking for girls with red eyes, and brown or black or red hair.

Swordswomen, sorceresses, huntresses, queens, doesn't matter, any class, role, or profession will do.

>> No.49414795

Kek I've been playing around with that app too.

>> No.49414878

Do you have any futuristic versions of this type of character? For some reason I imagine someone with a Daft Punk type helmet that displays a corresponding face on his visor/helmet whenever his mood changes.

>> No.49415009

yes! do you know what this is called?

>> No.49415057


>> No.49415116

I need pirate captains, preferably orc

>> No.49415128

ah, thanks!

>> No.49415160

If it hasn't been long enough before bumping this, please let me know.

>> No.49415161 [DELETED] 

>Luther Strode

>> No.49415479

Does anyone have pictures of male build/well built characters holding a spear/spears, preferably with minimal armor, bonus points for cloaks. I have a character that looks similar to the red guard from Starwars, but without the neon fabric, and not really full helmet.

Pic sorta related, I had a cavalier that rode a roc, and my friend was playing a dwarven archer.

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>> No.49418070

I'm not into cat people...

But this is fucking awesome.

>> No.49418092

"A Computer geek who likes Ministry"

I died

>> No.49418158

For the cheap cost of 3 life, not anymore.

>> No.49418192

Does anyone have any collections like this? I find sketches / character thumbnails an AMAZING resource for helping generate and characterize random NPC's that pop up.

>> No.49418330

I'll see what I've got.

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>> No.49418375


>> No.49418395

Also, I may have made some safe assumptions this character's a dude? If not, please inform me otherwise.

>> No.49418487

Sorry these are so far between, my folders are a mess. I think I'm almost out, at least for white/gold armor.

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>> No.49418569


>> No.49418641


>> No.49418680


>> No.49418695

And that's all, folks. Sorry it's so short, but hey, here's a picture of Amelia, best Pali around.

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>> No.49419109

Damn that's really cool

>> No.49420833

Welp, that's that image limit

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