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Last one >>49365044 404'd, let's continue this. Post character artwork

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I'm looking for art that would work for an angel in a K6BD game.

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Have random crap in the mean time.

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These are from my baddies folder btw.

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this is at least vaugely on the road of what you are looking for.

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I swear I'm not intentionally alternating between male and female.

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Or maybe I am?

Thanks friend.

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Only got two that look fitting. Here's 1...

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..and 2.

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I love this one.

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Im looking for a rather specific picture, it was a lady in a white dress, wearing a mask, and her hair was also covered with a lot of masks.

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I don't have it but this one is what came to mind, might be of your interest

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this one (which gets posted in every thread) is the closest I have... angels have a very unique character design in K6BD, i think it's gonna be hard for you to find it matey

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>you are now mentally visualizing standing outside and looking up at the sky
>only to gaze upon a dick larger than your entire village

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Huh guess I remembered it wrong, that one is it! Thanks!

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Anyone got an image of a tiefling in a suit?

I lost it in an emergency wipe and cannot find it anywhere online.

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Now kiss

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This is all I got that fits that description.

What's an emergency wipe?

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Tried to pirate a copy of solidworks, got a nasty virus, had to nuke it.

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'ere ya go dudes

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I'm glad this is making the rounds. I had it for a while and didn't post it thinking it looked like something /tg/ would hate.

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Does anyone have the picture of the girl with a purple/pink sidecut in a boxing ring?

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Looking for blacksmiths, especially blacksmiths who are using tongs and not just smacking a finished sword on an anvil.

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/tg/ changed her hair color. I don't have the original anymore, I think.

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Thanks a ton. I've had this image in the back of my head all day and couldn't find it.
Druid for your troubles.

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That's not a druid, that's a Posthuman biomechanical war machine powered by extra dimensional magic and controlled by a scarred mutant preteen.

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That basically acts as a druid.

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I suppose, though Oberon was always supposed to be more like a Paladin wasn't he?

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well, he's modeled after whats known as the king of the fairies, and he does have a trait that makes animals temporarily ally with you, even ones summoned by other things.

I would call that a druid, or at least a warrior druid.

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thank ya kindly

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Anyone got anything that looks like its from the Late Bronze Age, preferably not warriors? I'm running a fantasy campaign inspired by that era, stuff like mycenean greek, minoan, hittites, new kingdom egypt, but art's really hard to find outside of drawings of warriors (Osprey, for instance) and the traditional egyptians.

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/r/ing female fighters

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this work?

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oops meant >>49385962

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It's a start, but it looks more modern, maybe Roman or iron age Greek. By all accounts I've read, the ancients (particularly the rich ones) loved their bright colors and patterns.

I'm trying to emphasize to my players that the Late Bronze Age was a bright and happy time (for the people who were better off, anyway) with lots of trade and a cosmopolitan society, I want to set my actual campaign during a fictional version of the sea people's invasion, more or less, for that delicious fall into the dark ages.

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alright, im looking for two things

1) fully enclosed armor or empty armor sets that i can use as living armor, similar to pic related

2) archer knights, ie, armored archers

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does anyone have a picture of a Halfling fighter? I know it's kind of unusual, but that's why I want to play one.

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Is that Tantra Online? Man I remember playing that game. Could work.

Anyway, I'll post a bit of what I have, but it's mostly illustrations from textbooks and the like, not necessarily well drawn. I was hoping someone would have something similar but well drawn and fantasy-like.

If all else fail I guess I'll try to commission something.

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I hope historical boobies don't upset anyone.

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I'll stop for now, that's the idea I'm going for. Bright colors, patterns, etc.

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Like this familia?

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get this filth out of here!

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lacking on true armored archers, best I got

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Anybody got some snipers? I'm playing one in a DTD campaign a friend of mine is running.

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/tg/, I need pictures of operators. Regular soldiers, terrorists, guerrillas, spec ops, spies, criminals, mercenaries, and so on. Of all kinds and from any nation. Real life photos are more than welcome too, as long as they look cool; also, some future tech or fantasy stuff (psychic powers etc) is good, but nothing too unrealistic.

Meanwhile I'll see what I have for >>49389298 , will also take other requests

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thanks! got any more?

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gonna dump mine as well, why not

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does anyone have people in breastplates?

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Anyone have any Minotaur stuff?

I'm running a Minotaur necromancer,
So just a simple black cloak is good nothing crazy.

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Requesting gunslingers/western/deadlands stuff, esp female

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>the average Dark Heresy character

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anyone got any unarmed fighters that aren't eastern monks?

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anyone have any unarmed fighters that are not eastern monks?

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anon pls, my chivalry code can only get so upstanding

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/r/ing non-fragile looking elves/half-elves. Darker skin and blonde/white hair preferable but I'll take what I can get.

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i think this is an elf; hard to tell from the thumb nail

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I love how many individual nonlegendary eldrazi can toe-to-toe with any one of those immense motherfuckers despite being significantly smaller, especially those like Hand of Emrakul from the first run with annihilator.
I mean, could you imagine? Being so fucking huge that you have trouble physically seeing what the fuck is punching your shit in?

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>death of a God
This is a shitty name.
>The drawing is specifically meant to be rebirth of Lorkhan
>Lorkhan never even died
>Et'Ada can't even die, "death" is different for them

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Byzantine designs are underrated.

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Here's a character I played a while back in a Dragon Age game.

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/r/ing some dark-skinned deserty humans/elves, and african flavored character art in general.

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I actually have a few.

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>dual wield khopesh
oh god yes

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Might be my last one

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>Copied my filename for that picture
I'm really flattered

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IF you wanted more pictures of her, just search Vi League of Legends

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Nope still got a few more.

When I saved it from you, it saved the file name as well.

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Anyone got dudes with white hair that DON'T look like twinks?


Here's some pics for you btw got a few lemme get em

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Loving this art with blacks in western armor.
been needing some non sub-saharan stuff

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Going to need a little more info than non-twinky dudes with white hair.

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Sorry, sort of rushed that post out--Alright, I need white haired dudes who don't look twinky. Anywhere from in late 20's to 30's.

Fantasy setting, not sci-fi. Has armor--doesn't matter what kind really without nothing too outlandish.

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How's this?

>> No.49395378

This one is a little bit closer to the twink side but doesn't look too bad.

>> No.49395398

Less twinky but closer to the older side.

>> No.49395433

Right age and not twinky, but little armor.

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These are great so far, I appreciate it--if ya got more I'd hope it wouldn't be too much trouble to dump some more? Sorry I just been putting off making this and it's getting on some of my group's nerve.

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I can't promise much more but I'll look through my folder.

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Do you need any character images from me to pay ya back from the trouble?

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Don't worry about it m8. Just happy to help an anon out.

Post whatever you want and maybe you'll help somebody else.

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>that picture
>those digits

Satan confirmed

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Alrighty breh, Gonna post some non-lewd lady knights (cute, but non-lewd) since I barely see stuff like that on here.

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Given how many I have in my folder they actually get posted all the time

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I approve.

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Holy shit! I know the guy that drew this, fucking crazy to see his stuff get posted here.

>> No.49395850

Anyone got some Aged Druid Male?

>> No.49395852

Looking for art for my new bard character. An incredibly attractive, muscled, eastern looking man with thick, curly black hair.

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Not sure if this one is as relevant, but I just like the image.

>> No.49395906


Kiyo? She did official art for Exalted.

>> No.49395928

Gonna go for it a few more and then see if I could help--If anyone could scourge up anything for:
>White Haired Dudes / Age: 20's to 30's / Fantasy / Reasonably Armored

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This is so neat, do you have any more, or do you know the artist's name?

>> No.49396081

Holy shit it's that guy from Kingdom Under Fire, haven't seen that game in forever.

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>> No.49396550

This is probably the closest I've got.

To throw my own request out there, I'm looking for sci-fi some folks in sci-fi pilot suits. Bonus points if they look like they were explicitly designed for extra-vehicular activities, too--face masks, maneuvering thrusters, etc.

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People with greatswords please?

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>> No.49397070

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I need Chronomancers, particularly those wielding firearms

>> No.49397124

Anyone got some reasonably dressed Norse-looking ladies? Preferably with long red hair.

>> No.49397146

boom. Do you got any gun-toting chronomancers?

>> No.49397255

Requesting characters that mixes western fantasy with fantasy western, if you catch my drift.

>> No.49397265

Anyone have some Greek Archers, or hoplite type guys?

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>calling a pancho a serape
this meme needs to end

>> No.49397558

>exposed legs

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Hey thread, got any pictures of lady half-orcs? I don't think I've ever seen art of one outside of a "here's all the races" line-up.

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>> No.49398290

Don't suppose anyone has any rough looking fighters, not wearing armour or very little, think mugen from Samurai Champloo but a little smoother.

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Image limit reached. New thread: >>49398683

I put >>49398290 's request on the OP too, for him/her not to get ignored

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Is that the Neo Tokyo? Idr the name really.

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The gods of theros have no definite size because they are not physical entities. They can appear as great looming titans in the sky or they could walk through your door and break all your pots. They are all dicks and would definitely break your pots just because

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