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looking forward to new releases edition

>Previously on /5eg/:
September Unearthed Arcana - The Ranger, Revised:

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>Pastebin with resources and so on:

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>Previous murderhobo session

What bomb is WotC gonna drop on us after Volo's?

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First for female PCs

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I'm pretty sure the next book was hinted as being a huge new book of character options.

They all but confirmed it at the end of last month's survey. However, we know nothing about a timeline. I'm honestly not sure what's taking them so long to do this.

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Is there something similar to Grimtooth's Traps but specifically for encounter building? I've been collecting (ie: stealing) really creative encounter ideas, and plan on collating all of them into a collection to hopefully throw up on Dms Guild. Anyone have some they want to contribute?

Quality Control:
> More than one line
> 5e focused
> Does not have to be CR specific
> Can be boss fights, or interesting mook setups, or focus on terrain / external factors.

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Maybe they actually tried playtesting some of it.

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>What bomb is WotC gonna drop on us after Volo's?
The big "mechanical expansion" probably won't drop til next Fall going off WotC's current release schedule. The only one on the docket right now has the codename "Labyrinth" but any speculation on Wizards' codenames is pointless (CoS was "Cloak," SKT was "Dagger").

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probably they're working on more than one thing, especially with companies like this it's not always easy to just pump out content. I imagine also they want feedback on volo before they finalize it. I am impatient for their other settings tho

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A quick question about illusions please?

With malleable illusion, a wizard can turn one illusion into another. Will this mean that it 'resets' people who have seen though the illusions?

For example, let's say there's the illusion of a fire.
Target sees through it, knows it's a fake fire.
He steps towards it, Wizard uses malleable illusion to turn it into a pit.
Will the target know it's still an illusion, or have to check again for the new form of the illusion?

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Maybe it could, if it were done cleverly. But usually I'd say having just experienced an illusion you'd have advantage on detecting one immediately afterwards. Or if it's not done well they don't have to save at all. Ultimately it's up to the dm.

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If I were DM, I'd say unless you used some type of misdirection or there was some type of external distraction to get them to look away for just a moment, they would get an immediate save at advantage to see through it the second time around.

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>Join new group
>One guy is playing a female half-elf
>Oh shit here we fucking go...
>He's actually hilarious, gets drunk and hits on every NPC in sight
>Our female gnome ranger (and IRL girl) is always trying to pull him away from hitting on creepy dudes, and she's terrible at it
>DM is rolling with it, making progressively sketchier NPCs show up in taverns

He's gonna get abducted one day, I just know it.

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>He's gonna get abducted one day, I just know it.

Implying it's his fault. It's current year shitlord.

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yeah forgotten realms is boring as fuck
at least we have rules for thule and midgard / southlands but something more official would be nice

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>Oh shit here we fucking go...
Whats wrong with playing females? I just alternate when I make a new character because why not

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that's a fair assessment of my person actually. give me fucking warforged

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There's the Eberron UA yknow.

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also potentially Scarred Lands and Karthun within the next few months, which both look cool

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Playing female characters is one of those things that isn't bad in itself but is made bad by the company you're sharing it with, like Minecraft or Homestuck. Doing it is a shibboleth, a signal that you belong to a certain class of people and need to be treated with more scrutiny than normal. In a perfect world where everyone behaved themselves, it would be no problem, but we don't live in that world.

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After nearly year I'm finally getting to run out of the abyss. Does anyone have any great stories from playing this module, or specific advice I can't find on some blog?

I'm so excited for this I even drew a bunch of art for the random encounters.

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Labyrinth is slated to be released in April 2017

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If you play a race that only has females as an option I feel like it's much harder for other people to complain though.

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And this kind of shit is why it's best to avoid playing a female character even if you're not a weeb - do you really want to be associated with weebs?

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The release schedule is pretty much set through 2018. Two campaign books and one, maybe two supplements a year through 2018. You probably won't see anything official for other settings till 2019.

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I like weebs better than anti-weebs, at least if they aren't cringy about it and don't make characters like pic related.

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I can find plenty of things to complain about here

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yeah but 1. my players are babies and the only UA they'll play is the new ranger 2. it's too barebones and needs a lot of fleshing out 3. one of my players loves warforged but won't play one until it's official because she's a big baby but she also whines about it.

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We're here to hear your grievances senpai.

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>No catboys
Too bad, I'm going to play pic related and nobody will stop me.

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But catgirls are already what that pdf is about - what's the problem?

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Catgirl (Male) has the same stats.

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Volo's guide to monsters is coming out in two months. We also have developers drop info that they're working on a major rules expansion splatbook - kinda like PHB II, maybe?
What do you expect from those books, /tg/? What do you want?

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That's a guy.

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I'm DMing SKT for my players. Does anybody know if the navigation orb from the Tower of Zephyros in chapter 1 gets destroyed with one attack? I can't find any info on this, so I assume it's only one attack considering the Dwarfes need 5 turns of dashing to even get from the first to the second floor

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What are you implying?

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Various !multiclass classes. Multiclassing is bad so the alternative is classes/archetypes that takes the flavor of two classes and mushes them together.

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I'd like to see some evil campaigns. Not murder hobo shit but good stuff for evil alignment characters to play.

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I had an encounter and map prepared which is basically a goblin outpost built on top of a hill. It's a shed and a tower, and then there's a bit of excavation into the hill for living area.

Then, there were archery goblins a story above ground level where there's a firing platform.

It was low level, but it was designed so that players would hopefully learn to be a bit more cautious about trying to attack everything they see.

The party never actually went the way that had this encounter, though.

1. The archery goblins are hard to reach without going in, and they have cover, not to mention they're firing downhill.
2. There're a few goblins who'll try to keep the party from getting through the gates with spears and shields. Not awfully strong, but they can sit there and dodge or throw spears down to add to the PC's frustration of being fired at from above.
3. Once they get inside, they're in prime ambush territory, and more importantly there's a rock trap above the entryway. Not incredibly powerful, but it adds up.
4. The underground bit is mostly living quarters, though there's a little hideaway bit for the weaker goblins to hide in and for some extra storage.

Thing is, there aren't really any obvious rules for hills. I suppose people might end up rolling down it, or there might be a +1 to hit boost or -1 to hit boost for fighting downhill/uphill, but I'm not sure how often people do situations like this.

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The mystic is the big thing I'm hoping for. Hopefully we'll get it in UA soonish.

Not much else I really want, though I think some more barbarian paths could be neat. More Druid circles would be nice too.

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Has anyone tried the pugilist class from DM guild? I'm hoping to try one in an upcoming campaign.


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>starts at 1:25

I basically did this scene with my players, but instead of a flaming car it was flaming boulders, like a dozen or so, of debris and goblins flying down the hills. Of course, the party slaughtered all of them.

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I like the new ranger, but i think Natural Explorer is stupid. Why is it always on?

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What kind of Dex and Wis score is she rocking to be able to move and improvise and be so perceptive to and in tune with the music?


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I'm feeling, due to what was available in previous editions, the Sorcerer deserves more meta magics? I'm gonna check the unearthed but is there any supplements or anything that add some meta magics?
Only having 4 throughout the entire 1-20 progression seems lacking.

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Because you're a natural explorer.

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Yeah, makes total sense to get all this bonus in fucking cities.

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You're a natural at exploring anything - cities included.

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The Eberron UA Warforged is probably the closest she'll get for a while. And seriously, it's a player having problems with it not being 100% official? I can see problems from a DM but a player?

You're right about it being barebones, I simply meant it serves the purposes of allowing Warforged players. Why any of your players are being babies over UA though baffles me.

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Feels like if they were something smarter than goblins, they might've done well to stay up the hills and fire arrows and such down.

Oh, well, you don't want to murder the players on an ambush. The outpost is a more optional thing and it doesn't come chasing after the players.

Ambushes are more dire emergencies.
Still, just once I'd like to see the party retreat from an ambush and try to set the fight on their terms.

I can't remember fully, but I think I saw it and it seemed pretty underwhelming, as other anon said. I can't gaurantee for sure though, I've seen a lot of stuff.

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Cities can be explored.

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How is your Storm Giant campaign going 5eg?

>decide to side with the mercenaries
>cut down the guards
>rogue decides he wants to go loot the rest of the town
>paladin goes with him
>me and wizard who are low on health, decide to loot castle
>come across chest
>open it
>get attacked by animated fucking sword
>we were level 1
>party has to spend our loot trying to raise us back from the dead
>by the time we return to the castle we missed out on the orc v elf fight
>underleveled for cave because of it
>skip cave all together
>get onto the ship
>dm decides to be nice and skip us to level 4
>he ran this game for another group
>ask how they did
>dm ''they were systematic in their looting and didn't split the party, none of them died''
>our faces when

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>Monster coloring book


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>Maybe they actually tried playtesting some of it.
What do you think Unearthed Arcana is?
The Mystic, new feats, and new Ranger are probably all going to be in it. Just like Swashbuckler and Storm Sorcerer went from the Waterborne Adventures UA to SCAG.

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A full-fledged Eberron campaign- and player's book is something that really should've been out six months after 5e dropped.

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>I wouldn't allow fighter to multiclass in barbarian in the first place.
Why not?

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SKT says the orb is 7ft in diameter making it large, and made out of thin mithril, making it fragile. Per the dmg object rules it has an AC of 21 and has 7 hit points.

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I agree. I would think the UA would do "for now" though if somebody just wanted to play a Warforged though. That's all I'm saying.

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Because it's a playtest and they don't HAVE to be as rigorous with language yet. So they aren't.

Try to play a few sessions with the new ranger, and make sure to take the next survey to give feedback.

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Release Date: 22 September, 2016

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Yeah but they kinda shat the bed hard with the attempt at the Artificer (Gee, lets make the iconic magic item maker from the setting full of minor magic items not be able to make any magic items until 18th level. Also lets make it a wizard variant rather than an actual class for some reason.) and people didn't take it well.

That and 5e doesn't really line up well with Ebberon. Ebberon is all about 'Minor magic items are damnwell everywhere and people who can make magic items are common enough for it to be a mundane job' while 5e doesn't like that at all. Ebberon worked much better in 3.5/4e.

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Complete fucking newbie here, if i'm a level 1 druid with a +2 wis modifier i get to choose 3 level one spells?

>> No.49362813

Best feats to go with animal companions?

Let's get the meme out of the way:

Sir bearington.
Disguise kit proficiency
Deception proficiency
Rest into int.

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Your party is p. retarded senpai

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>3.5 has too many splatbooks!

>5e isn't making splatbooks fast enough!

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I feel sorry for you both.

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someone please help

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Can someone give me scoop on what this Volos book is? Seems like a peculiar name.

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Well, we explored the keep at Nightstone, helped the guards bury the lady, sent them sternly to Waterdeep to report matters and have the matter of succession for this village decided.

Found team Z lady, fought a fuck load of the goblins we hadn't already encountered.

Finished them, rest of Z group arrives and we talk peacably as our party has no standing ties to local government. Take long rest, about to set out to caves to rescue the villagers for reward and glory after decidedly not thoroughly sacking the towns remains, fucking Orcs attack.

So its our party and the Zentarim guys vs a group of 20 or so orcs with Elf ear necklaces.

Good session, I think.

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Sorc's big problem is upkeep; they have no way to regen spell slots or sorc points save for a long rest.

Couple that with them not having rituals and the laughable number of spells known and sorcs just kinda suck.

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I prefer Keith Baker's take on the Warforged

He created Eberron, so that gives him the chops, I'd say

>> No.49362984


Sounds right.

>> No.49362994

Sentinel for when something attacks your animal you can attack it. Inspiring Leader for constant temporary hit points for you and your companion. Mounted Combatant for a Halfling on a Wolf.

>> No.49363010

Pull a human variant or +WIS race to rock 16 wisdom. It's your main stat after all.

>> No.49363015

I think Inspiring Leader says they have to be able to understand you, so unless you speak bear you might be out of luck on that one.>>49362799

Yes, you get to prepare WisMod + DruidLevel number of spells. So in your case 2 + 1 = 3

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Thank god for the new primeval awareness then, where you can communicate simple ideas like good job.

>> No.49363040

monster manual 2 but with extra lore

>> No.49363049

Sure, I meant purely from a "Is it official?" standpoint. Baker definitely has seniority in the matter and a kind of "official" status being the progenitor though. Usually though it's often the DM having problems with whether or not WotC officially released it or not, which is why I said the UA best fulfills the ability for Warforged PCs being a thing as it's the closest to being an official release.

Really it's all DM fiat at this time.

>> No.49363066

I'd say if they included more meta magics, they'd make sorc points at least a short rest. That way, you can practically amp your low slot count so each spell is way worth it's cost.
It follows flavor still and with more meta magics can make every cast pretty unique.
I think I'll house rule short rest on sorc points and then offer some stolen meta magics.

>> No.49363071


why would being in a city make you not alert to danger or un-agile enough to get through difficult terrain?

>> No.49363108

Thank you all my DM is not awake and i'm trying to build this character with little prior knowledge it's rough.

>> No.49363110

>they have no way to regen spell slots or sorc points save for a long rest.
Spell slots and Sorc points are interchangeable though, and I think a lot of people forget that.
Honestly it might just be better to say that Sorcs start with a fuckton of Sorc points and 0 spell slots, and casting any spell uses spell points instead of slots, plus points for whatever metamagic you throw in. Tracking two different but exchangeable resources simultaneously seems like too much for most people.

>> No.49363130

Oh god why a PHB II?
5e doesn't need the rules bloat from 3e, please not again.
If you want another option just homebrew it or look it up in the Guild, there's really no need for WotC to come up with a lot of sub-par options. This can't be a new 5e.

>> No.49363134


Is there a particular reason for the name? Seems pretty inexplicit.

>> No.49363152

I actually like that. Bloat the points and then do with as you please.

>> No.49363162


Maybe its a physical Unearthed Arcana with variant rules, additional options (like the narrative combat option that vanished and wasn't in the DMG) and the like?

>> No.49363184

Well murdering townsfolk and looting peasant houses is evil so fuck you

>> No.49363231

I'm not a fan of milestone advancement. How much EXP do the players get by following the book? The more gaps I get to fill in, the better.

>> No.49363242

There is such thing as middle ground, you know.

>> No.49363276


I think they will release setting PHBs and guides when they wrung FR out.

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>paladin being pretty much as bad as a rogue

>> No.49363293

volo's guides were a fantastic line of high quality, high density regional guidebooks of the Forgotten Realms for 2E. they are using the name to summon the prestige.

>> No.49363295

It's because they want to introduce a book more about different options for existing monsters and thinking of ways they might be able to fit little used monsters into campaigns, rather than just another list of monsters. It also introduces monstrous races like goblins, kobolds, catfolk, firbolg, etc, so to call it another monster manual would be misleading

>> No.49363316

narrative combat is the default and was in the PHB. the DMG gave the 5E version of group imitative which improves narrative combat. give it a try.

>> No.49363337

That character is not necessarily weeb at all though, it kinda reminds me of Jarlaxle but vampire instead of drow.

>> No.49363338

Because a feature that is situational based on location is stupid and limits what kind of campaigns the ranger can fully participate in

>> No.49363341

>waah don't do evil things
LG fag detected

>> No.49363376

>the new splatbook is just a UA collection

pls no

>> No.49363393

he's talking about edgelords bruh
like fantasy can only come in two flavors, anime, and grittier than 40k

>> No.49363405

>making yourself small gives you +5ft speed and a stat that is generally much, much better.
>you get free 'studded leather' armouring, as if that's ever going to be useful
>you get dwarf's poison resistance, elf's trance,
>death save advantage, which is actually a pretty nice ability, along with not eating/drinking/breathing

It does say 'this is in no way official' and probably has no playtesting for it.

Still, it's kind of silly. There's little incentive to go for a non-scout and while the extra abilities are mostly okay the +5ft speed should probably be ditched and something more like +1 AC should be considered again.
And then, perhaps, there should be a weakness. The only race that actually really has a notable weakness is Drow, and I think it'd flavour it up quite nicely while keeping balance.

>> No.49363407

SCAG also had a battlerager, a bladesinger, a mastermind, an arcane cleric and a paladin of the crown, so there's that.
Though perhaps bladesinger and arcane cleric SHOULD have went through UA first.

>> No.49363416

Agreed. My buddy plays a sorc and I'm a necromancer. Before we played last night he's rattling on and on about how he's the Dps of the group, not saying he's not but I killed off two out of 4 trolls we encountered, and a fire giant.
We are both lvl 6. Can't remember the last time I've seen him unleash some hurt.

>> No.49363444


Ah okay that makes sense, kind of more in-line with the Monster Codex from Pathfinder then.

Well that sounds awesome then.

>> No.49363499

How do I make a character that can split from the party and still survive? Anyone got any builds?

>> No.49363519

Don't. JFC don't do this.

>> No.49363524

Don't. It's not a survival problem.

>> No.49363531


>> No.49363544

Disguise master, with access to a high quality emergency oh shit spell like dimension door.

>> No.49363547

I'm serious, I really want to play a character who can split from the party and still be alright on his own

>> No.49363552

Does anyone know if the Roll20 version of Storm King's Thunder has been ripped?

I'm after the maps since Wizards are fucking retarded and don't have a way to buy them ALL in some sort of pack.

>> No.49363561

Higher level spellcaster can just teleport away if something goes wrong and they get at least one turn. Druids can turn into animals like rats or bats and get ignored by most enemies. Polimorph can do the same.

Otherwise probably only stealth characters should split from the party, but should be avoided as much as possible.

>> No.49363564

These books are actually hilarious.
It's basically the equivalent of a rich tourist going around the Realms talking about the best places to stay and eat and get whores and circulating interesting local culture and rumors, while in the margins Elminster calls him a total retard and tells him to stop poking beehives just to see what flies out.

Volo doesn't even have any class levels as far as I can remember either, he's just a regular dude with zero combat skills.

>> No.49363587

Have you asked your DM, and the other players if they're okay with half of the session being dedicated to you rolling to open locks and sneak past middle aged men in chainmail?

>> No.49363588

why are all belly dancers fat?

>> No.49363599

Gotta have belly to belly dance, doofus.

>> No.49363603

If you want to fight alone, really don't. Encounters in DnD are balanced for the whole party, so you could only take out small groups of weaker enemies or single enemies which, unless you are an assassin and kill them in one turn, alerts other enemies.

If you want to split form the party to scout/explore then look at

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New to 5th, my group needs a caster?

Whats fun this edition?

>> No.49363641

I just hate the idea of having to deal with conflicting personalities in my games. My characters sometimes have flaws that conflict with other characters and they try to stop mine from doing certain things like pickpocket or talk to evil creatures. When that stuff happens I want to be able to leave them behind and contiue on by myself

I'll look into these things, thanks.

>> No.49363645

I told myself I wouldn't fap today. What a liar I am.

>> No.49363667

Don't listen to my advice, you're totally veering into that guy behavior and I no longer wish to offer constructive advice.

First dnd hand I ever played had someone who did exactly what you're proposing to do. Bitch wasted everyone's time before the Dm was forced to kill his character and he stormed out.

>> No.49363670

All of 'em?
Wizards are pretty much like they used to be with more bells and whistles, Sorcerers are like they used to be except only they get Metamagics to dink around with spells, and Warlocks are "blaster" mages that don't have nearly as many spells but have lots of offensive utility and regain their spells faster as well as some RP utility if you take some specific special abilities.

>> No.49363698

Want to blast things with powerful spells? Go Sorc, or Wizard if you want more spells instead of stronger ones

Want to support your Party? Go for Bard, which can be played in the most ways of any Class imo, or Cleric if you want more healing and damaging spells instead of more flexibility.

Go for Warlock if you want a simpler class with great DPS but worse burst and utility compared to Sorc/Wizard.

Go Druid if you want to turn into a martial when you want to and still be an all around good caster.

>> No.49363699

Warlock 3 (pact of the chain) / conjuration wizard 2, arcane trickster X
Illusion wizard x

>> No.49363714

I'm not trying to ruin anyones fun, the people in my group are great guys and the DM is really great as well, I just want to play my character the way he was intended.

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Any clever way to use doppelgangers for Lost Mines? I know there are two in the module but the one in Cragmaw Castle escaped. I want to do something with this beyond what was written if the doppelganger escaped.

Thinking of doing something Hour of the Knife did. Any ideas?

>> No.49363733

What you are proposing ruins people's fun.

>> No.49363736

The way to play is what people at the table agree upon. Your character is fake and doesn't have a say.

>> No.49363738

I'm under the impression that in all but a few cases, multiclassing has always been bad. Wouldn't it be better to either completely remove it or come up with a better system for combining classes?

>> No.49363785

Your party doesn't need a caster.
Your party needs a hero. A hero who likes to party, and watch as you all fuck up against any physical-resistant monster.

>> No.49363808

Why do you think multiclassing is bad?

>> No.49363829

This is an elaborate ruse at this point.

If it's not, then intend him differently.

>> No.49363848

Why go Chain when you can go Tome and get a familiar that way as well as ritual spells?

>> No.49363855

Someone remembers the stats of Lizardfolk from the DMG? I'm not on my computer to check them out.

>> No.49363859

>Spell slots and Sorc points are interchangeable though, and I think a lot of people forget that.

The exchange rate is so inefficient to the point where it's just not worth it.

and if you're exchanging points for slots or vice versa, you're still suffering in some way.

I'm a 4th level sorc in a campaign that's been running for about 2 months now, and frankly I've just wished I was a wizard since pretty much day one.

Not having rituals means I have little out-of-combat usefulness unless I want to use some of my precious spell slots, and the crazy lack of spells known just fucking sucks.

I don't get anything back on a short rest, at all, unlike pretty much every other caster.

Sure it's fun to twin chromatic orb or something occasionally, but that's literally all I have over a wizard. I have like two more AC than a Wiz would have I guess.

>> No.49363861

Do all warlocks have to be evil or troublesome? I want to play a good aligned great old one warlock. What are some good GOO patrons?

>> No.49363873


When I refer to the aforementioned module, I am refering to how doppelgangers can switch with a PC.

With the death of the Redbrands and Cragmaw, the town are throwing a festival for the heroes. A reprieve before facing the Black Spider. I think this is a time to bring the escaped doppelganger into play and have a little fun with a twist.

>> No.49363895

Chain familiars are dank and can be invisible. They are way better than normal familiars.

>> No.49363902

Not at all. You can certainly be good and forge a packt with an evil being if your character uses his power for good. GOO patrons especially don't really care or even know of the warlock, so he can do whatever he pleases with his knowledge.

>> No.49363913

No, you can have a good aligned warlock. While certainly the stuff lends itself well to Faustian bad guys, the deals themselves aren't necessarily evil just like power itself isn't necessarily evil

>> No.49363930

Dang. I like sorc flavor so this hurts.

Imma homebrew up a sorcerer that gets a bunch of sorc points but no spell slots. It's gonna be a meta magic based tree, so the growth will mainly be around getting more meta magic and getting sorc points back. Probably the initial buff gets rid of spell slots, in exchange for a large quantity of sorc points and a few meta magics. Any suggestions for meta magics?

>> No.49363933

Some GOO beings are bad news though.
One of the listed ones is Tharizdun, The Chained God, and his first thing on his bucket list is "kill all reality". Thankfully you can use the power you obtained from him to FIGHT him, technically.

>> No.49363965

+2 Str, -2 Int, +3 natural armor, hold breath 15 min, speed 30 swim 30 Speak Draconic

>> No.49363977

>Gotta have belly to truffle shuffle, doofus.

>> No.49364023

The acquisition of the pact could be benign. One might inherit the pact from a parent or relative. One might gain the pact from reading an ancient scripture or hieroglyph. One might ask for the pact in a child's game of Bloody Mary Bloody Mary. One might earn the pact as part of a play for standing between the outer realm beings, a chess piece on the cosmic board.

A pact does not have to be: "I want power at any cost." It could be: "I want to protect my friends." It could be: "I want to be safe." It could be: "I want to stop this monstrosity from surfacing."
The condition could be as simple as: "No problem, just do this one favor for me at a later date" or "Stay away from this city" or "Reveal the corruption of the king's concubine".

Now the fallout from those simple conditions could be great without the warlock ever knowing or realizing.

>> No.49364086

I have a 6th level Sorcerer in a long ass campaign, and I've milked twin spell for all I can. Twin Invisibility/Fly for super infiltration/getaway, and Haste for super combat. Swapped out Sleep for Hold Person so I could twin it and hit high HP things. Charm Person and the Metamagic where you don't need to do or say anything for plausible deniability on failure.

The party gets into a lot of mischief, so I'm always bailing them out.

>> No.49364140

Anyone have that concept for a bbeg that was a washed up super villain? The post included a picture of don Quixote. Thanks!

>> No.49364154

How much would you think a meta magic allowing for max damage output should cost? So on a 1d10 it would always hit 10. I'm thinking a flat amount plus spell level.

>> No.49364169

3 for level 5 or under. Spell level for levels 6+

>> No.49364175

Darkness + devil's sight is a brilliant edgy lone wolf combo.

It completely fucks over your teammates, and could result in a total party wipe if you fail to realize the enemy also has devil's sight, but hey.

You want to be an obnoxious lone wolf, you go do that.

If you want to leave your party behind, you leave the party and don't come back.
And then you make a new, better character that will actually stick with the party.
Conflicting personalities is a good part of DnD, but characters should really have a reason to party together. DnD is a group game, not a solo game, usually.
Conflicting personalities provide depth and character interaction, but shouldn't be to the point where your character just leaves the party all together, unless you're making a new character.

>> No.49364182

yea once I get 3rd level spells I feel like it'll be a bit better

honestly I think part of it is that the game I'm playing in isn't very interesting. Never once has there even been the opportunity for me to use charm person, or infiltrate somewhere, etc.

It's just been a pretty boring slog of shitty RP and combat.

eh I dunno, what would it work with?

could you use it on Fireball and deal a full 8d6 to anything in a 20ft radius?

by that I mean does it apply to all the die the spell can do?

>> No.49364201

Oh, and, it's okay to leave the party sometimes.
However, it's better if you take at least someone with you, and you keep your solo time to a minimum.

If you're with four other players, for every 30 minutes you waste soloing you've wasted 2 hours of other-player-time.

You'd have to do it without the other players there, with just you and the DM, if it doesn't bother the DM.

>> No.49364210

I sincerely hope I never have to play with you.

>I just hate the idea of having to deal with conflicting personalities

so you hate life? you hate everyday interactions with anyone?

why the fuck are you even playing a game with a group if you don't want to play with them? I can't even wrap my mind around what you're asking.

that's some turbo-autism, anon.

>> No.49364211

>It's just been a pretty boring slog of shitty RP and combat.
Yeah, that's a different kinda problem.
No matter how good the clay is, if a sculptor is shit then the art won't be worth looking at.

>> No.49364235

I'm thinking something steeper.

Probably everything.

I want it to be a steep cost, cause this could be a meta magic to just blow your load on. At early levels it'll just eat your sorc points and at higher levels it takes a good chunk. I'm thinking 8+spell level, or as how >>49364169 put it, 8 at lower levels then add spell level.
I should also mention I'm making the odd homebrew for a meta magic / sorc point spell buying sorcerer.

>> No.49364259

I should add, the dex save will still halve the damage.

>> No.49364264

another big issue is that the party is me, two fighters, and a paladin.

every session generally takes place in one in-game day, and we generally get about two short rests with a long rest at the end.

with 3-4 combat scenarios every session, I get left behind entirely. The fighters get their action surges, second winds, superiority die (they're both battlemasters) back on a short rest, and I get jack fucking shit.

still feel like the sorcerer is pretty weak/lacks in many areas. If I was a wizard I could at least do cool shit with rituals and get some spells back on a short rest + have more spells known

>> No.49364301

If you hit 5 all you need to cast to be useful is one twinned haste per combat. Bam, 50% more damage on each of the fighters leads to it being as if you have one extra fighter that doesn't have any abilities.

>> No.49364346

>Imma homebrew up a sorcerer that gets a bunch of sorc points but no spell slots
I started looking at this and then realized that it basically already exists. One of the Variant Rules in the DMG is using spell points instead of slots, which is mostly already listed in the PHB Sorc section:

Spell Level -> Points
1 -> 2
2 -> 3
3 -> 5
4 -> 6
5 -> 7
6 -> 9
7 -> 10
8 -> 11
9 -> 13

Ordinarily Sorcs can't trade slots for points past level 5, but the above table shows the complete conversion. Even better, there's another table that shows how many spell points a full caster should have at each level... and if you do the spell slots to points conversion, it matches exactly with the Sorc's spell slots. So then all you need to do is add your regular Sorc points per level, and bingo:
Sorc Level => Spell Points
1 => 4
2 => 8
3 => 17
4 => 21
5 => 32
6 => 38
7 => 45
8 => 52
9 => 66
10 => 74
11 => 84
12 => 85
13 => 96
14 => 97
15 => 109
16 => 110
17 => 124
18 => 132
19 => 142
20 => 153

The only other rule in the variant is that you can only cast one 6th, one 7th, one 8th, and one 9th level spell per long rest. Which is actually a slight nerf over the usual system since a level 19 Sorc has two level 6 spell slots, and a level 20 Sorc has two level 6 and two level 7 slots. Not sure what to do about that.

Anyways, that's a hell of a good starting point. I was also thinking it also might be neat to have a limitation like "Spending more than 1/2 Sorc level (rounded down) + proficiency + ChaMod spell points in a turn has consequences" and then making Wild Magic sorcs roll for wild magic and subtract the number of excess spell points they spent from the result, and Draconic sorcs take damage or something. Tempest Sorcs can suck the DM off or something I don't know.

>> No.49364401

This actually helps a lot, I'll put into the description that is uses this variant rules. I guess the buffs going through this class will then be to get rid of the one cast on higher spell slots and added meta magics.
This is actually going down as an alternate origin, I'm thinking something along the lines of Invoker since I haven't seen a good homebrew for that.

>> No.49364419

>Ebberon is all about 'Minor magic items are damnwell everywhere and people who can make magic items are common enough for it to be a mundane job' while 5e doesn't like that at all.
>5e doesn't like that at all.
Yeah. God forbid the fighter gets a +1 sword and a full set of walky talkies.

>> No.49364449

>added meta magics
One "buff" I was thinking for metamagic: Allow Sorcs to swap out a single metamagic feature after a long rest. Sort of like how other classes can reshuffle their prepared spells every long rest. Sorcs are already pretty limited by the number of spells they know, so why limit the metamagic too? Especially considering it's the heart of the class.

>> No.49364451

>People actually discussing Spell Points
Jesus H. Christ, that one Anon wasn't joking about about the game becoming WoD.

>> No.49364471


>a couple people online talking about an imperfect alternative ruleset

>> No.49364476

You will fucking die brutally. It isn't possible.

>> No.49364497


Even if it were, that player is a total dick and shouldn't be allowed in the game

>> No.49364522

Yeah, I was going to either increase the amount of meta magics or allow reshuffling them or both.

I think if I add seven more meta magics, it wouldn't be to hard to say you can get an extra 2 meta magics to have on you, increasing the amount gained at 10th and 17th, so a total of 8, and then the ability to reshuffle them.

>> No.49364546

It's literally a variant rule though?

>> No.49364569

There not all your just have to find the good ones and most of them are guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wzDntuye_k

>> No.49364624

volo's actually a CG wizard. in BG1 he was a 5th lvl wizard.

>> No.49364642

have you even read the 5E DMG?

>> No.49364672
File: 114 KB, 475x601, tg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49364721

Ebberon exists because 3e shit the bed and they needed a setting where the kiddos could justify all their damn toys.

5e is a return to how things used to be before magical batmans were running round with their +5 magic sword of bullshit.

Ebberon is shit for people who like eating super hero flavored shit

>> No.49364767

This would make 1000% more sent.

Possibly even as a "Hero of the Planes" book that covers several settings, is all optional, and gives older resources to check out.

>> No.49364775

Do we now if Volo's Guide is actually written from Volo's perspective and tells us how he met or learned of the monsters described, excluding the class options and stat blocks of course?

>> No.49364789

*Do we know

>> No.49364802

i know ur a nerd

>> No.49364812

That's mean but correct

>> No.49364821

i hope so.

>> No.49364850

Always felt like the sorc should be able to like, change what spells they know or something

maybe after a long rest they can change CHA mod # of spells?

for me sorcs are all about spontaneous casting and shit and in 5e I just feel like they don't accomplish that.

What I'd really like to see aswell would be something like what the wizard has; choose a spell and CHA mod times per day you can cast it without using a spell slot.

>> No.49364866


>> No.49364877

So my group cant figure out prices for magic items since the dmg is all over the place (Yes we are used to buying and selling our magic items). So I was wondering what you guys used?

>> No.49364882

You left out what should have been 1.
The Eberron UA is shit.
Poorly conceived races, an Artificer that has little to do with the established artificers of the setting, and laughable dragon mark content. Couple this with Eberron being the anti-5e (what with it being magic is both common and integrated into the setting, so much so that it is mundane) and it's easy to see why anyone would reject that trash.

>> No.49364887

why not

>> No.49364889

Spontaneously cast a few spells like an extension of your own body. Metamagic is a better representation of that.

>> No.49364895

Read the flavor for Sorcerers a little more. They're supposed to know less but alter what they know. The spontaneous bit is that they don't have to prep spells. They have access to all of them at all times.

>> No.49364921

Not the previous anon, but I have.
It's a poorly organized pile of charts and "unique" magic items that would be better presented as modular features.
The amount of setting building is pathetic. The amount of actual insight into nuts and bolts is a tiny number of pages that mostly boil down to "roll on this random shit chart" or wing it.
But by all means, discard the valid complaint about the shitty Artificer with a non sequitur about a poorly organized book that doesn't solve jack nor shit.

>> No.49364933

That's Pathfinder tier broken garbage.

>> No.49364946

Would you happen to have a a Mega link with all of Volo's guides?

>> No.49364989

>DnD's current main setting is Forgotten realms
I'll take mega dungeons under Waterdeep for $800

>> No.49365035

The big problem with sorcerers is that meta magic is so fucking watered down.

Add meta magic tiers, with some epic level meta magic, some medium level, and keep the current meta as low level.

>> No.49365040

What does /tg/ want in the next splatbook?
Personally, I would love to see an expansion to minor magic item system, and to see a couple new martial classes.

>> No.49365047

no, i'm sorry :(

it shouldn't be hard to find a torrent, though.

>> No.49365066

Your ideas are garbage, anon.

Sorcery points are literally the only weakness in the class. Maybe *maybe* give them bonus ritual spells known since Warlock 3/Sorceror X is better than Sorceror X for the most part.

>> No.49365119

But splitting up could be really fun, I really don't see why so many people are against party splitting.

>> No.49365130

>Sword Coast
>The North

That's all of them.
The recipes in these books look fucking delicious BTW.

>> No.49365139

Because it's shit. You're more likely to die and it requires the DM to constantly split his attention.

>> No.49365166

it is very hard to pull of as a DM and not completely fuck your campaign at the social contract level. players will get bored and not want to participate/show-up/play. it also greatly complicates EVERYTHING and requires a GM with a lot of practice, skill, and prep time. it tends to mark the end of games or splitting of groups.

>> No.49365174

>Sorcery points are literally the only weakness in the class
Aside only knowing slightly more spells than a Ranger. And not really having any class features other than metamagic. And having a kind of shit capstone.

>> No.49365175

Honestly I feel like I'm playing a different game than half the thread, 5e lacks literally everything but Bards and Druids in particular are getting literally diddly shit.

>> No.49365184

What would you recommend they get? Asking for a friend.

>> No.49365192

what's missing?

>> No.49365203

Did they ever enumerate on Jarlaxle at all? Last book I read that had him in it, it revealed that [SPOILER]he was a fourth son of House Baenre[/SPOILER].

>> No.49365207

Maybe you should focus on playing a different system entirely then, such as a prior edition? There's nothing wrong with that you know. People have been doing it for decades.

You shouldn't keep doing something for fun if you don't enjoy it, I say.

>> No.49365212

Not to mention a small list of meta magics.

The sorcerers strength come in it's features. Wild Mage requires a fun DM and Draconic just makes you harder to kill. Where it should be in it's ability to alter spells.
I feel like they wanted it to do one thing and then gave it another. So instead of building off meta magics based off what origin you want, it's goes into something else.

>> No.49365218

Not him but I tend to do it in my game because the DM said all of the groups he has had before never do it. I kinda feel obligated

>> No.49365221

> bladesinger and arcane cleric
Love both of them, personally. Haven't managed to break one until you get to level 18+ on a bladesinger, but that's just because it's a wizard.

>> No.49365227

Ignore these guys, split parties are welcome in my CoS game. In fact, I'm splitting my party right now!

>> No.49365234

Yes they did, over time.
It was one of the reasons he helped Drizzt; they basically both were set up in the same boat in life and both didn't do half-bad anyway.

>> No.49365237


Fun for who? it would literally only be fun for you, and even then it'd only be fun if your desires are not in line what the entire point of playing a tabletop RPG

>> No.49365252

i'm not saying its impossible, i'm just saying it is hard. chris perkins split the party in his CoS twitch game.

>> No.49365259

What book? I have pretty much all of them...Jarlaxle has always intrigued me.

>> No.49365270


If a scenario pops up where player are supposed to split up, the DM should make it within difficulty for each group.
It's ultimately a bad idea when the party makes the decision itself, since most encounters would have been made with the whole party in mind.
Talk to your DM, if he allows it then do it. My best bet would be to go Rogue. Stealth around and infiltrate but avoid combat. Since even with it known you're splitting from a group, a DM can't very well nerf the intended security of a place so that one guy can play a solo game.

>> No.49365286

All the ones where he's dicking around with that assassin guy, Entrarei.
I can't remember the names, Salvatore's books tend to blend together for me over time.

>> No.49365288

How is this working in your head? Like genuinely curious, what do you think you are doing IRL when he dms and narrates for the other members of your party? What about the other players when he dms and narrates for you? You have no idea how long the split is going to last when you wander off. You might not get roll dice or roleplay for over a month IRL after you say " I sneak off and follow that guy" or whatever.

Literally go ahead and take about 5 minutes to think about how this would actually work, because I am interested in why you think this is good.

>> No.49365309

They released a couple of new Bard colleges in Unearthed Arcana a while back, they were beyond terrible.

>> No.49365312

That shit was ingenious too.

>> No.49365330


>> No.49365343

oh man, absolutely. real good and inspiring use of the two dusk elves and how to make strahd really fuck with the players.

>> No.49365345

Aww. To be fair, the team pressed for time and it was more of a port than original stuff.

>> No.49365353

>What bomb is WotC gonna drop on us after Volo's?

Dragonlance - Everything so far has been FR, and its been 2 years since 5e was released. It's time to expand to another realm.

And there have been hints dropped in several of the books already published, with DL stats. Cam Banks has been dropping hints as well.

>> No.49365357

>If a scenario pops up where player are supposed to split up, the DM should make it within difficulty for each group.
Man, my current DM has made us fucking paranoid to get more than 30 feet from one another, never mind splitting the group. We had a character fucking DIE early on because he was across a room (~40 feet) from everyone else. Next time someone nearly died we had "split" the group in the same building (3 upstairs, 2 down) to search it, and nearly lost all 3 people upstairs. Later on some NPC started tailing our group in the streets so we sent our stealthy monk to follow him following us and the monk got jumped in an alley (despite having the fucking Urchin background, but whatever) and he barely fucking got away (burning Ki points like a motherfucker). Now the whole party is basically attached at the hip. Someone made a joke about their character having to go take a piss and we all went "I'm coming too."

>> No.49365360

I'm wondering about prep. I've got a huge sandbox world that's all detailed, and each plothook is embedded in their locations.

I like, as a DM, to write out my campaigns in detail, and I'm agonizing over whether I should do so by trying to figure out what's the most likely path to take, a-la a Pathfinder Adventure Path, or have each plot hook embedded as they would be detailed by area, and then have a sort-of flowchart to follow where each plot hook leads?

I'm leaning towards the latter, but I tend to agonize over the decision until I make it. Plus, this is my first ever homebrew campaign and world, so I'm kind of at a loss, and worried I bit off a lot more than I can chew, since the map I made works out to 1.2 million square miles, and the campaign involves fighting more than one CR30 creature, several balors at once, and lots of crazy stuff.

>> No.49365380

Do we have any sources for related 5e novels?
The one quoted in the PHB in the Dragonborn entry is supposed to be great material for insight on Dragonborn society, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

>> No.49365381

Why would they do Dragonlance, when they're in the lower tier of popularity from last year's survey?

The ones at the top were Eberron, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Planescape, and FR. Any of those are more likely.

>> No.49365394

That's really immersion breaking, how the fuck did your characters survive on their own beforehand if you get mugged or jumped everytime you are alone? Christ

>> No.49365402

>No catboys

You people are fucking hypocrites.

>> No.49365420

Beats me. He's new at DMing so I think he's trying to play a "tough love = realistic world" approach but it's just turned us into paranoid idiots.

>> No.49365430

The biggest issue I see about Dragonlance is that, as good as the story is, it's a huge railroad nightmare, from what I remember.

I've got the War of the Lance from 3.5, and I love the story, but...I could never run it, at least not with my current group. They tend to freak out if they're not in a huge sandbox and I just go, "Okay, what do you do?"

>> No.49365446

Top of my list, personally, is Eberron; however, I don't want them to do it until its a 1-16+ sandbox adventure. Otherwise, it just won't be something I'll get to use, other than to steal from occasionally.

>> No.49365449

Because WotC actually have market researchers and don't listen exclusively to Reddit, literally nobody plays or buys Dark Sun or Planescape splats despite commenting about how much they love the setting.

>> No.49365452

I am DMing CoS, and watching the Dice, Camera, Action! His game is why my sorceror's careful spell causes no damage when used, and has been great inspiration in general. Better than Critical Role in my mind.

The use of a simulacrum to save a Vistani PC from his trap, and the trap being sealing them inside the Amber Temple when he can still access it easily was amazing! I'm dying for next episode...

>> No.49365474

Yeah, the main issue with basically every era of Krynn is that the PC's you make are quite definitively NOT the main characters as the world quite literally turns around the actions of characters written by Weis and Hickman, who tend to solve all the problems of the world at once in epic confrontations with mighty deities and thus any small contribution your hero maker in other parts of the world are somewhat marginalized when someone you've never met doing something a world away ends the war in your part of the world by doing something you never saw or took part in.

>> No.49365489

Or you force the players to play those main characters. Which presents its own problems.

>> No.49365497


In the 2e trove accessories folder


>> No.49365498

and people play and buy dragonlance? it might have been relevant about 30 years ago. are they trying to corner the nostalgic 40-something market?

>> No.49365500
File: 67 KB, 371x540, Great Old One Familiar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.49365510

Why do you think this is logical? You shouldn't, you are not your character. You should think about what you would actually want to do, and do that.

You have to realize that this is a game, and it's something people do to have fun. If you aren't having fun roleplaying your character you can always change his personality.

>> No.49365517

Dragonlance was still best sellers in the early 00's m8

>> No.49365520


There are some old adventures that had Labyrinths

Tsocanth comes to mind

>> No.49365531
File: 163 KB, 500x498, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The NOVELS were relevant.
Not sure how well the setting went over as a D&D setting.
I'd still bang Goldmoon tho.

>> No.49365534

I'd not mess with that at all. Is your aim to make things more lethal, or less lethal?

>> No.49365543

>he was across a room (~40 feet)
This is the dumbest. Certainly, oust a single person out for wandering off, but across the room? Was the monster stealthing? Was there some reason you all couldn't react in the first turn and potentially get him to safety?

This is all the extreme of splitting up. I don't know if it was pre-planned splitting up on the second example and the last example just makes me mad.

>> No.49365555

Know your Main NPCs, what they want and how they want to get it.
Start with one small village and the immediate surroundings for your first (few) session(s).

Go from there.

If you set everything in stone beforehand it will be one lonely ass world if the characters don't get what you want them to do or don't find it.
Start small and let it evolve naturally.

>> No.49365557
File: 71 KB, 540x382, Archfey Familiar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49365558

When did they last support Planescape? I have never seen a Planescape product in person because I started in 3.0.

Dark Sun at least had some 4e support and I got the books to have some frame of reference, but it hasn't been massively supported either.

>> No.49365577

Throw more deadly shit at them.
Petrification and Domination things.

There's more than just HP.

>> No.49365578

Yeah, I love the novels, and I have a few players that would die of ecstasy if I ran the 2e version; but the other players, not as much.

>> No.49365588


>> No.49365597

It takes 2 hits to make a dying PC a dead PC...

>> No.49365608


At some point you have to act for the good of the game because it's a fucking game

>> No.49365621

It's hard to say Planescape won't get support if they haven't thrown a product out there to test the current waters then.

>> No.49365622

Isn't that what I said?

>> No.49365639

I.E. that they die too often, or don't die enough?

Everything is already filled out in a huge map (since I work at a print shop, I just printed out a 36"x82" hex grid), and I've got literally everything already written in about four notebooks. It's organized by location right now, with a rough guide as to how the various locations fit together, but I like to have all my notes typed out, because there are times that I can't read my own handwriting.

Yes, I am an overpreparer DM, why do you ask?

>> No.49365643

Planescape was an INTERESTING setting, but I'm not sure it was a great setting to actually play D&D for several reasons.

>> No.49365649


My bad anon, I meant to quote the asshat >>49365330, not you.

>> No.49365659

Technically the last time Planescape was mentioned was in a 3e issue of Dragon where they resurrected the inn from OP1.

The last proper product to bear the Planescape logo was Planescape MC Appendix 3, but Die Vecna Die! mentions Planescape on the back.

>> No.49365662

Well you could always just kill them

>> No.49365702

Anyone ever done a level 0 session before? A session where you either have no class features, or watered down level 1 class features where you fight drunks, or ex-guards with bad backs or something?

I was thinking of having this kind of session then have a time skip to where they're all level 1 years later.

>> No.49365742

I've done something like that, but it started at 1rst lvl and ended at 3rd.

>> No.49365754


Schrodinger's Kobolds confirmed

>> No.49365759

so what playing their background?

>> No.49365762
File: 255 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Classic D&D Art is the best.

>> No.49365800

Yep. Basically skipping the background and equipment section except for maybe a main skill, or a family sword. Then figuring out what they'd have in 5-10 years.

>> No.49365801


I have not but I would enjoy that as a player about to enter a serious campaign.

>> No.49365803

I've been looking for a pic like this for ages :D

Thank you.

>> No.49365826

I ran Fiasco as a level 0 campaign once.

>> No.49365831
File: 76 KB, 540x367, HERE IS ANOTHER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49365851

This could've been a genuine homebrew to shut up people who cry weaboo at the first sight of cat ears and tail, but no, it had to be obnoxiously fake-ironic and useless to boot.
Fucking weaboos.

>> No.49365856
File: 64 KB, 540x358, ALSO HERE IS ANOTHER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.49366005

>being proficient in an attribute
>buffing early game survivability (mostly level 1)
>nerfing early game survivability
>making wizards less squishy in comparison toa barbarian in terms of death, as they both die at similar-ish negatives

If you want to do it like that, do this:

You die at (Half your max HP rounded down) or (Your con score), whichever is higher.

>> No.49366033

she's just afraid of... anything unofficial. I dunno. her favorite class is psionics too and won't use their UA. I mean I'm running 1-5 session games even, I just don't get it!

>> No.49366055

>Was the monster stealthing?
Shambling Mound, so yeah it was playing dead.
>Was there some reason you all couldn't react in the first turn and potentially get him to safety?
The mound rolled highest initiative. Double slam attack = 4d8+8 damage and instantly engulfed. Was more HP than anyone can possibly have at level 2.

I'm sure some of you can probably guess exactly what campaign this was and where it happened. I'm not bitter but it really set the tone for the campaign.

>> No.49366056

would it be too powerful to give advantage on death ST as a feat to choose?

>> No.49366065

I wouldn't stress about it. But I would tell them not to bring it up to complain that they can't do it when they full well know they can.

>> No.49366072

O-oh, ok anon... I'll just keep quiet.

>> No.49366087


No, because that's so situational that nobody would ever take it as a lone feature to a feat anyway

If you tack it onto Toughness or something then yes OP

>> No.49366088

What's with the sudden surge of people complaining about not dying enough anyway? I feel like it's mostly DM mercy that keeps monster from just finishing you off whenever you go down. If you want a more lethal game having him stop that is probably the easiest fix. If that doesn't work that would probably be an okay fix, but I'm not sure what you mean by "proficient" in this case (also wouldn't you add proficiency, not con?)

>> No.49366119

Depends on the game. Advantage on death saving throws means nothing when everyone has a healer's kit/can force feed potions or goodberries and the GM doesn't kick them when they're down.

It also means nothing when the GM just kicks them when they're down.

It's important when people hit 0 in the middle of nowhere, but don't get gibbed on the floor. It's also important when people get put to 0, but the solo healer is also down, and no one else will come to save you.

Death is really a binary thing. Either the DM is going to fuck you, or someone is going to save you.

>> No.49366161
File: 74 KB, 381x540, Fiend Familiar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49366200

The Sellswords trilogy, where they dick around Vaasa,eventually get chased out by Gareth Dragonsbane himself, Entreri briefly falls in love, and they end up finding Entreri's childhood home in Calimshan.

>> No.49366319

I really looked forward to those when I heard the premise, and while Jarlaxle was cool in those, I really didn't like Emo-ntreri as the main pov.

>> No.49366332

how useful are goodberrys i want to take them as one of my 3 druid spells?

>> No.49366339

If everyone else in your party is a do-gooder, then you plain can't play a morally flawed character. It's as simple as that. If some of them are more morally grey and only one or two people are interrupting you, try talking to them about letting you do your own thing, to a certain degree, or split off /with/ the other people who don't mind what you do.
Ultimately, what you have to realise is that your character is not yours alone. It is essential that it's a character that meshes with everyone else's to some degree. Dirk the kleptomaniac thief can't function in a party with two Paladins and an LG Monk. Neither can Brabosaurus the evil Warlock. Going off on your own isn't going to fix anything, not only are you wasting everyone else's time but you'll also inevitably have to come back.

>> No.49366349

Healing is too good at stopping death. I adjust the rules so if you ever take enough damage in one shot/hit to give you negative hit points equal to the number of positive hitpoints you had before being hit, you die.

So if you were at 50 hitpoints before being hit, you need to get to negative 50 before being instagibbed. If you were at one hitpoints, you only need to go down to negative one.

>> No.49366403

Another way of phrasing it is if you ever take twice as much damage as you had current hitpoints, you suffer instant death.

>> No.49366409

Personally I would just take cure wounds

>> No.49366430

Anybody know where I can acquire a large sized d20? between 4 and 7 inches, I need one for a project. google results point me to 55m ones or 10 inch ones, call me goldilocks but that shit's not gonna work

>> No.49366448

i already have cure wounds, i'm trying to make this pacifistish druid only fighting when nescessary.

>> No.49366458

Eh. The second one (English title eludes me,sorry) was pretty fun, especially the bit where they explored Zhengyi's castle. It really illustrated how a party that covers tthe entire alignment spectrum can still be functional if its members share a common goal. Plus, some really great fights. Mariabron is the reason all my martials since then have wielded battleaxes.

>> No.49366462

Cure Wounds sucks. Healing Word is where it's at. Goodberry is the better out of combat heal and Healing Word is better in combat.

>> No.49366484

>Shambling Mound
>CR 5
>For a level 2 party
Found your problem.

>> No.49366486

at that size, you could conceivably build one out of paper? Won't have perfect odds, but neither will some novelty giant d20.

>> No.49366490
File: 164 KB, 500x797, avolakia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking to convert these nasty buggers over. Anyone got tips?

>> No.49366510

I would buy the shit out of a Planescape supplement. The cosmology was simply perfectly balanced, even if it lead to some weird stuff (CG afterlife, for example)

>> No.49366522

Sorry, I haven't run it yet. I'm running CoS at the moment but we are nearly finished. Will most likely run OotA next.

My advice would be to strongly recommend to one of your players to play a Ranger. Use the Revised Ranger because it's cool

>> No.49366533

It would work well with the Durable feat

>> No.49366536

Then you definitely don't need Goodberry. Entangle and Faerie Fire are both good non-damaging options.

Cure Wounds is a nice compromise between the two. If you're going to prep both Healing Word and Goodberry you should have rolled a Cleric.

>> No.49366546

Those racials are bretty gud m8.

>> No.49366558

Honestly, I can't figure out HOW the novels became so popular.
Maybe they get better later on, but reading Dragons of Autumn Twilight now reads like a bad Victorian knightly novel AND a trancreipt of someone's campaign at the ame time. I just couldn't slog through it.

>> No.49366589

It's a rough read, I'll admit. I still loved it, as a 10 year old.

>> No.49366610

>alignment is always good. ALWAYS.
>good at literally everything
And I'm pretty sure those racials are stronger than the base races too.

>> No.49366634

I clearly did not think Faerie Fire was what it is. This is bonkers good for my character thank you.

>> No.49366654

Whatever you say, Goldilocks. :^)

>> No.49366672
File: 17 KB, 300x300, best pet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would happen if a half-orc and a half-elf had a child?
Would it be a half-human quarter-elf/orc? Would one sides genes dominate and cause only a half-orc child? A half elven one?
Would it be human since the human genes outnumber the other two? Do we need to use a punnett square?

Inb4 infertile

>> No.49366689

>Cure Wounds is a nice compromise between the two.
Not really. In-combat you only need enough healing to get people off the ground, and healing word does that from range while also letting you use your action to hopefully end the fight sooner and prevent more damage from coming to your party.

Don't prepare both at low level, but at higher levels, wtf else are you going to do with level 1 slots?

>> No.49366708

Amazon has a 4inch foam d20.

Try searching Learning Advantage 7346

>> No.49366732
File: 107 KB, 332x181, e338989d51a8c9aed03c0d38af3c0631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably half orc based on this, but as far as I know there's no concrete answer, and since it would theoretically be somewhere in between you could probably just pick one and say it takes more after that parent

>> No.49366749

I would buy just about anything that's not Forgotten Realms or Tolkien-esque at this point.

>> No.49366767

In most settings orc genes are dominant enough that you always get a half orc if one parent is an orc or half orc.

>> No.49366781

>a transcript of someone's campaign
That's because it was. DoAT was written after DL1-4 were released, while Winter Night and Spring Dawning were written before the modules that cover the same time. It's why the later modules are really railroady: They were based on the novels.

>> No.49366787


Sounds like it was Death House to me, in which case it sounds about right.

>> No.49366817

I know it was, the problem is that it was blatant as fuck with it. (Along with the previously mentioned problem of being written like a victorian novel)

>> No.49366826

I'm waiting too. There's a Firefox addon called DownloadHelper that will let you download all the maps off Roll20. Just waiting for some kind soul to do it.

>> No.49366837

Thanks a lot!

>> No.49366875


Remember, Death Saving Throw =/= Constitution Saving Throw. The only class proficient in death saving throws are Monks with the Diamond Soul feature.

>> No.49366908

anon she's my gf I live with her

>> No.49366918

Just use massive damage/lingering injury death spirals. Shit's the tits.

>> No.49366954

>lingering injury

Yes please

Is there a good homebrew table somewhere?

>> No.49366999

The DMG's is functional. Sterling Vermin is doing one, too, but its only part 1/3 right now.


>> No.49367048

Im running Curse of Strahd tomorrow for my friends, anyone have a nice playlist of calm yet creepy background music fit for barovia?
ive got a couple for fight scenes but could use some for usual travel and wandering about

>> No.49367211


Are you really a pacifist if sit there and help your friends kill other people?

>> No.49367271

One thing I've been contemplating is splitting normal hitpoints into mild and serious halves. You lose the mild points first and they can be recovered by normal means, but serious ones need long rests to recover. I haven't really got the notion finalised, and i need better names than mild and serious. Another thing I was thinking was for crits to not get extra dice but go straight to serious damage. Thoughts?

>> No.49367397

Interferes with half orc brutal crits and means the higher hit die weapons lose out on their advantage

>> No.49367609

I personally find it incredibly underpowered if that's the only effect the feat does.

>> No.49367617
File: 90 KB, 607x470, Overcompensator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can champion chain attack off of a kill/crit based off of the riposte martial skill?

>> No.49367639

Really? And Ravenloft doesn't fit into that category? Module I6 cam out shortly before Dragonlance, And both were the brain child of Hickman.

>> No.49367668

>chain attack
Gonna have to explain what you mean.

>> No.49367672

Pillars of Eternity split them into Endurance and Health. Endurance was your "combat health" and when it ran out you went unconscious. Running out of actual Health was fatal. Damage affected both endurance and health somewhat equally, but characters usually had like 150 endurance and 600 health (for example).

>> No.49367739

I've been having people not become unconscious at 0, and instead had any further attacks fill one death saving throw, and give them an injury. Basically if you consent to 'stay down' you usually are overlooked unless it's an animal, or they're out to get you in particular.

>> No.49367792
File: 440 KB, 480x726, the GM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When your players talk about not "dying" enough, they are probably actually talking about not getting knocked unconscious enough. My experience with 5e has been very similar, where low level fights would be close wins that involved a lot of KO'd PCs who would either be left to make saves or picked back up with healing, and it felt fun.
But, then, after 5th level, that kinda stops happening and we just start steamrolling the enemies we encounter. It's boring. I started thinking that it was too hard to "die" in the system as well, but it's not true.

Don't adjust the conditions for PC death or start executing your downed players. Players don't actually want to die, they just want to feel some challenge. Instead, start throwing stronger monsters at them when it seems like they're winning too easily, and try to avoid actual PC death. If you ever find yourself about to throw some orcs at them, stop and throw some trolls or ogres at them instead. Maybe a hill giant.

Maybe a dragon.

>> No.49367930

For my groups, we've gotten that "sense of danger" out of not regaining HP during a long rest, and using lingering injuries.

Fights are terrifying for them.

>> No.49367931

Champion archetype, can attack again if he hits and crit, or if that attack kills something, then those attacks can crit, etc etc

>> No.49367949

Do they just spend hit dice and magical healing?

>> No.49368016

Yep, and regain half their hit dice after a long rest, as normal. Spending them is unchanged, save that they can spend them at the end of a long rest.

It's made for lots of interesting moments. On the one hand, my players know and trust that I won't ever pull a punch, which goes both ways. If they crit and confirm to lop off a limb on a monster, they lop off a limb on a monster.

If the cleric gets critted and has her lungs punctured, she doesn't get to use verbal components because she can't breath.

Not regaining HP during a long rest means they spend more time exploring, as well, which is what my game is about, right now.

>> No.49368056

There's no feature that gives him that ability, so no. Great Weapon Master can give a single bonus action attack on a turn when you crit, but that's it.

>> No.49368162

>Champion archetype, can attack again if he hits and crit

That's not an ability I can see in Fighter or the Champion archetype. You're better at critting, though.

>> No.49368187


>> No.49368197
File: 35 KB, 480x246, Martial Spellcasting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you weiners fluff Divine magic?

In my game, all magic is very flashy and obvious. Helps the mage-hunters pick out targets. Arcane is easy to fluff, loud words in Draconic, or sometimes things more ancient, and very pyrotechnic displays like energy streams and coloured clouds that emanate from the somatic gestures. Bonus points if you use the material components.

'Primal' magic I have more wild, less pyrotechnic and popping. Grumbled words in Elven or older, as needed. Lots of vines that appear and disappear at the end of the casting, light like the dappled, sparkling motes you find between the trees in the forest. Sounds like the rushing of wind and the roaring of the river. Somatics are very crude and brutal, cutting the palm, pounding the chest, eating something gross.

But I'm kind of drawing a blank on good Divine magic. Something that's not just "A bright light from above."

>> No.49368209
File: 762 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-09-15-23-40-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking
Of the feat.
My question still stands, if you use riposte can you chain crit/kill with it?

>> No.49368229

You can only take bonus actions on your turn, so no.

>> No.49368285


Great Weapon Master:
>on your turn, when you score a critical hit [etc]

Riposte Manuever:
>When a creature misses you with a melee attack [etc]

So no, because you would not be scoring that critical hit on your turn.
Also as a Champion you'd need the feat for getting Combat Maneuvers as otherwise they're exclusive to Battle Masters.

>> No.49368304


It seems pretty unfitting that a sneaky arcane trickster can't steathily cast a spell to me. That's why I dislike the 'arcane magic is loud draconic noises and pyrotechnics' nonsense.

>> No.49368329

Ed Greenwood please leave.

Eberron is Best Setting next to Greyhawk

>> No.49368352

Vibrations, deep thrumming, shaking beds, bassy organ notes, that sort of thing? I'd think it would be very big and have lots of presence, being that it stems from a very powerful singular source?
Remember that "Divine" doesn't necessarily mean "Good," so you could pull inspiration from horror movies. Just thinking out loud

>> No.49368360

Where could a guy find a map of the starting fortress from OoTA that can actually be used for combat?

>> No.49368397

I am both confused and aroused

Who is this semen demon?

>> No.49368405

He's right though.
Eberron was the only setting to make sense with 3e because 3e was so different that NONE of the previous settings fit with it.

When I GM friends who want 3e I exclusively use Eberron for this reason.

>> No.49368420
File: 112 KB, 800x1164, 1468280864527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you guys ever based a character off of a cool mini that you bought/unboxed/painted?

>> No.49368432


I don't have any sneaky arcane trickster types in my game at the moment, so it works out. If I did, they would certainly be able to be sneaky-beaky like about their casting. Would be silly not to.

I'm enjoying watching my regular wizard find new and exciting ways to break line of sight when he casts, or coming up with elaborate but believable excuses for why it wasn't a spell he just used and convincing the locals. The party's pretty good at it.

If he desperately needs to do a really subtle spell, it would honestly just be an arcana check or maybe sleight of hand. Maybe both! We'll see when it comes up.


Good point, I hadn't considered the 'awe' angle before. And horror movies is a cool idea too.

How would you handle the actual verbals/somatics while the terrifying shaking and reality bending is happening?

>> No.49368440


I have backed every Reaper kickstarter to some extent, so yes. Yes I have. So many minis. So little time.

>> No.49368445

What about planescape? I think that's the best for every edition.

>> No.49368472

New general

>> No.49368534

I broke a hand off a rogue mini, and made a warlock with a missing right hand that fluffed Eldritch Blast as ghostly punches, and used mage hand for everything. Additionally he had War Caster which was fluffed as him doing 'phantom somatic components' with his lost hand.

His story was that by sacrificing his hand to a demon, his patron, he got a phantom replacement.

I played him for one session, punched a hooker in the back of the head, and almost got killed by bouncers.

>> No.49368543

When I image how casters cast, I usually envision chanting arcanic or ancient "words of power" for lack of a better term. This chanting is usually about normal talking volume. Stomatic components are also visible and glowy/flashy but simple sleight of hand can hide it from public view.

>> No.49368614

Verbals... maybe chanting, repeating phrases, things like that? Could be like having to say beetlejuice three times, or a gregorian chant style?

As for somatics... I dunno, perhaps touching the body in various ways, like how christians cross themselves? I suppose that depends on how you do your other somatics

>> No.49368714
File: 113 KB, 1872x592, The REAL backstory of Asmodeus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know which one you mean, but it turns out I didn't save that particular one. Have this instead.

>> No.49368802

Weaker than variant human.

>> No.49369010

iv based a character off a song, but never a mini
in fact, much to my dismay, i always hate getting a mini, because its nearly never close enough to what i want.
you know, shit like a taller/beardless dwarf, or a skinny orc, good luck finding those minis

>> No.49369553

I'm pretty sure that plot was almost word-for-word suggested in one in the 4E DMG

>> No.49370246

No, but the issue is GM related not system related.

My GM refuses to let us die. He can knock us low, but his insistence on "lucky rolls" sounds dubious when he misses 6 attacks back to back, when that same creature just knocked out 3 of the 4 players without much effort.

It just smells like "I want then to feel challenged, but they should never actually die."

Once you realize this, as a player, all suspense goes out the window. You are no longer afraid of losing a fight, because the GM will just let us squeeze through anyway.

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