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Quick /tg/!

I need all of your cutest 40Kute images!

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>Cadia didnt prepare me for this

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Best girl coming through, everyone else can go home now

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Wrong Ultramarine buddy

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I want somebody to write a goddamn story about that image.
Hard mode: Only the front chicks want the guardsman
Nightmare: The guardsman wants niether of them because he firmly believes in not sticking his dick in crazy
Ultra-violence: Same as above, but all the women want him

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>Ultra-violence: Same as above, but all the women want him
That's just your average harem anime plot

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Cute enough?

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Who are the girls even supposed to be?

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Shipsluts I think.

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To be precise, it's a Chinese ripoff of Kancolle.

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I'm really fucking confused here. What the hell is going on? Boatsluts are having a miniatures war except with politicians and Trump is Gilgamesh?

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All Orks in 40k are now replaced by cute green little girls.

Is this awesome Y/N?

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They're witnessing Trump's rise to presidency.

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No. I do not endorse killing cute little girls.

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I think we best rename this thread: "Post cutes and heresy."

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Here's your heresy

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Hope the novelty won't wear so soon.

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tbf anon, im sure that tsukune would have with her.

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Is this pic even 40K? If so, who're these two and their half xeno kids?

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Yeah but the MC is actively trying to advoid entering a relationship of any kind with them because he don't stick his dick in crazy. He's not thick-as-a-brick unaware of their interest, but he's painfully aware and terrified because of it

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This one just speaks to me

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Well I say that guardsman is fortunate to have such pretty and loving ladies who'd love to be with him. Maybe at first he's in denial and doesn't want any of it. But eventually he slowly grows to like all four of them?

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A very kind draw-anon drew this for my Rogue Trader character art a while ago.

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Man, I just want a romantic comedy starring a terrified MC in the grim darkness of the far future that ends on a positive note

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>Hospitaler is the awkward shy one he always ends up around because the other three get a bit wild around him
>Farseer is the super smug one because she knows (her version of) the future, always knows when he's alone
>Howling Banshee is the exotic tsundere type, constantly trying for attention but never openly
>SoB is the obsessive type, always trying to know where he is and openly in love with him

>Ends with him mqrrying a perfectly normal Guardswoman and settling down, having a family, and getting an administratum job

I can't write romance but the ideas are there.

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Bolter to Kokoro might fit.

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has there been any updates on the guardsman and the battle sister?

last i checked, he went into a coma or something and the hospitaller was freaking out about it.

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ok, how did you do that?

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I literally have no idea. Didn't think that was mine at first.

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Known bug, happens every now and then.

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There's a follow-up pic.


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Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Whenever I saw it previously I always assumed it was the poster doing magic or some shit.

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Nope, still on hiatus. He updates oyher stuff, though.

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>Mizore best girl.

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Is that text in the corner talking about desserts?

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Zog it, here are some magpies.

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cause he's a traitor

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At last, fucking jap moot.

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Why does he look so much like Martin Freeman?

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Avitus was the traitor.

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That's why he's being mean to thaddeus.

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Of course Culexus did a 40k Rocky horror crossover. I'd expect nothing less.

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Huh, been a while since I've seen her around. Any idea if Culexus will ever continue her story?

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Probably, but not for a while I reckon. Looks like he's working on stuff with the Boonequest crew at the moment.

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Was being split in half part of your plan?

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Well congratulations! You got yourself cut!
Now what's the next step of your master plan?

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Annihilating this planet
With no survivor

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>40k not /tg/ related
Are you okay? Do you have brain damage?

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Becaush nobody cared who they were before they put on the mask

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I'm glad I found this thread. I'm looking for that post about the Dark Heresy game where the DM's little sister played a Sister of Battle. Does anyone have it?

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Why did you crop >>49282859
and then repost it?

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If I take them off would they die?

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shes more of a saint

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It will be..extremely heretical

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You're a big guy.

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4 U

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I gotchu

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So was getting caught part of your plan?

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>needing to say who is best girl

Are you implying there is a contest?

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>Mister Angel Definitely survived this thanks to his superhuman endurance and special organs
This definitely ended well, assuming there was no surprise bad guy that killed him. Isn't it good to know this has a happy ending?

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Nigga hes a Blood Angel he totally survived

>Fucking lictor out of no where
>kill girl
>marine succumbs to the black rage
>kill the lictor by beating him with his arm
>Marine cant control it but ends up in a dreadnought
>everytime he is woken up he goes full rage mode since he still sees the girl

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Ssh! This is a thread for cutefluff, not grimdark

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Is there more to this, because this sounds entertaining!

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What heresy is this?!

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It's not heresy to cry, anon.

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imo I would feel even sadder if it was a Salamander

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You're both wrong.

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I meant more the difference between thumbnail and picture.

I know it just means that two people posted their images at the same time in different threads, but still, it is heresy.

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Because black lives matter

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For some reason I think if Natalya Poklonskaya where in a fictional setting; fantasy or sci-fi. She'd be the type of esteemed woman who'd only fate, reserve herself and be in a relationship with any significantly notable and important good looking and charming non-human male who's better at everything than any human male.

In other words, I think she'd reserve herself for a high and might and superior high elf male. Yes I said it, fight me.

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>We will never get Space marine 2 and find out if Titus was a heretic or were the inquisitors corrupted by chaos.

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I'm glad to hear this. He didn't seem to be updating his stuff that often so I got worried that he'd be forever never-finish-a-project

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>hey monkeigh, wanna ss

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Sexiest Ultramarine right here

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>implying best girl isn't Fang Fang

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Summer's almost over

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man I was hopeing someone would have posted some images of that tau girl that was rased as a blue grot and fixed ork shit!

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I love this so much.

>Orks iz made for splashin

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Found it.

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>You ladies wanna know scout rules?

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Wait a minute...

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Move along, nothing to see here

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You're right, I should get back to my squad.

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Hail Hy- I mean praise the Emperor

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Is he a heretic?

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Considering that they planned for him to join Deathwatch and hen found his own chapter, we can safely go with "not heretic".

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Her sexualization angers me.

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well deserved (you)

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I don't know. Maybe if you squint your eyes, you can see something like heresy, or something ...

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Oh, her sexualization triggers something alright. MUH RAGE

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On the contrary now I fucking hate them after they replaced these guys.

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the qtest

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What would a DS9-like 40k show look like?

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I know it's not specifically cute related, but does anyone else have anything else by this person. I love this style.

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Thankfully I bought a squad shortly before they were replaced. The cadian storm troopers of old will always be best.

>> No.49316481


but Kariskin are since cannon.

Regimental Stormtroopers IE Death Korps Grenadiers.Catachan Devils, and Kariskin are Storm Troopers on a regimental level.

Also according to lexcanuim atleast original storm troopers are still around aswell think of the Scions as different scholas

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if only he had a better father

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>> No.49316529


This artist?

He goes by the handle Markerslinger if you want to know.

>> No.49316558


He also did artwork for the original Star Krakens threads.

>> No.49316583 [SPOILER] 

Artist name is syberfab. He also drew this.

>> No.49316588


Also, may I be damned if I don't post the followup. I should note that the artwork isn't the original, but the post in the followup is.

>> No.49316598

Sorry, my english-as-a-second-language is showing I guess. I was asking about the artist of what I posted here >>49316325

But now I have to go check out Markerslinger too, thx!

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>DEldar meets vanilla porn.

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lmao learn perspective

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I'm regretting not being into the hobby earlier, all the stuff I love in the fluff is out of production.

Pic related. Recently got Macharius and I'm very happy with him.

>> No.49317133

Ran exactly this, except on Fleet Base Metis right after its installation.

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looks shit

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the only correct answer here is to choose the twins.

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I can never remember the context for this.

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If it weren't for that horse, she wouldn't have spent that year in college.

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>> No.49318684

dats gay yo

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Kek'd hard at SoH and Alpha Legion

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>> No.49319047

Super hot. Like, literally putting three hot things together.

>> No.49319094

a heavy flamer, a mult melta, and cannoness pucci

>> No.49319117

The Emperor's fury, the wrath of Khorne, and Isha in one. Like, whoever had that idea was a genius.

>> No.49319141

......like a Isha sandwich with nurgle holding her hand off in the background

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>> No.49319479

And everything is on fire.

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>> No.49320055

Imperial Thop Idol?

>> No.49320292

My sides have just been hit with an Exterminatus.

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>> No.49320593

>Tzeentchs face

I know that feel far too well

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>> No.49322550

Reminder that love can indeed bloom.

>> No.49322562

Between two characters with little to no relation to each other in the canon? Not on my watch.

>> No.49322697


Last I checked one of them is made up so yeah they have plenty of relation.

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>> No.49323877

He's dead.

>> No.49324770

>I learned of the original fanfic after that answer.

>> No.49325369

They're both characters from DoW II: Retribution. Minor characters, but canon ones nonetheless.

>> No.49325753

When every fetish has been fufilled and every kink realized, the kinkiest and most depraved fetish is vanilla hand-holding.

>> No.49326369

I'm pretty sure there must be entire Slaaneshi cults devoted to physical and emotional intimacy.

>> No.49326869

This the third time ya gits post the same image in the same thread!

>> No.49327947

Is that a Navigator? Where's her third eye at?

>> No.49327985


>> No.49328015


>Bern taking in a xeno whore

>> No.49328228


>> No.49328244

not all navigators are born with their third eye open

>> No.49328303

not only is it consorting with the enemy, it's consorting with a different enemies god, who is the enemy of the enemy you're banging. is this the fabled triple heresy?

>> No.49328318

so it's a cooch eye.

>> No.49328331

When 2 images with the same name gets posted at the same time, the thumbnail sometimes get swapped.

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>> No.49328644

>lost human child is lost and alone
>two eldar woman take pity on him and decide to comfort him
>turns out they really like this human boy to the point they'd treat him as a little brother
>they decide to adopt him and lil' is happy to be with his new big sisters
>he's raised, educated, fed, groomed and cared for by the two eldar women for years and finally gets accepted into eldar society in the place they're living in
>human boy is now adult and is also in a relationship with the very two women who adopted and care for him

Aw how heartwarming and lovely, I'm okay with this story. That Danny guy must be living a good life I bet.

>also mrw a human wearing eldar stuff such as mesh armor and eldar clothes

Wonder what'd be like for Danny when he and his big sisters have to meet up with Imperial humans?

>"The fuck!? that less taller eldar guy is actually a human? Adopted and raised by them? Da fuck?"

>> No.49328694

Funny, is it wrong if Bruva's If the Emperor had a text-to-speech device pretty much helped me get into reading 40K's lore and motivating me into posting in 4chan more often?

>> No.49328697

>A+, would hold hands with...right before railing her

>> No.49328817 [DELETED] 


I think the only actual DoW 2: Retri character in that pic is the eldar woman, Idranel.

I know that pic was a request in the drawthread a while back. An anon requested that saying its based of a fic he wrote where Idranel got stuck in some bumfuck planet with a human dude and decided to live together to stay alive, and pork together. And when rescue arrived she decided to let her human lover dude tag along with him, atleast that's what I remembered as the context for that image.

Also didn't people joked that Bern wanted or yearned for a cutie alien waifu before?

>> No.49328853


I think the only actual DoW 2: Retri character in that pic is the eldar woman, Idranel.

I know that pic was a request in the drawthread a while back. An anon requested that saying its based of a fic he wrote where Idranel got stuck in some bumfuck planet with a human dude and decided to live together to stay alive, and pork together. And when rescue arrived she decided to let her human lover dude tag along with him, atleast that's what I remembered as the context for that image. >>49322550

Also didn't people joked, or there was a joke that Bern wanted or yearned for a cutie alien waifu before?

>> No.49329530


>> No.49329657

>Also didn't people joked, or there was a joke that Bern wanted or yearned for a cutie alien waifu before?

Yes, because I remember posting as Gaunt blowing his brains off for failing the Emprah. Also lately I saw people shipping Gabriel Angelos with Macha.

>> No.49329847

Nope, same here. Would you find wrong I discovered Dawn of War for LCB?

>> No.49330238

>> No.49330417

I occasionally wonder how some things come to be.
Why does an artist suddently wake up and decide "I'm gonna do a Monster Musume - SIster of Battle crossover"?

>> No.49330493

In the drawthread the resquest was specifically for Idranel with a 'generic human husbando.' I think sometime after the fact someone assumed it was Commissar Lord Bern because of the scars. And then other people got mad, because Bern is a character that never talks in Retri and that stinks of self-insertion.

>> No.49330633

Kind of, it's a Lamenter. So good news is that the write-up is totally in character for the chapter. Bad news is it definitely ends poorly.

>> No.49331234

Came up with the same idea once, only change the guardsman with a rogue trader...

>> No.49331270

>And still, Space Marine Senpai didn't noticed you...

>> No.49331321

now that's KAWAII motherfucker

>> No.49331401

>tfw no IG gf

>> No.49331431

Did they also mentioned, that the cute boy is in some kind of half-dead state?

>> No.49331454

But, aren't the Lamenters free of the curse of the Black Rage?

>> No.49331477


People always shipped Gabe with Macha.

Taldeers dead and Machas coming back meaning the Macha fan is art is gonna be as strong as ever

>> No.49331494

>not wanting a sexy daemonette gf instead

>> No.49331567 [SPOILER] 

I would stick my sword into her face and cut her brains out

>> No.49331568

Nah, it's sadder because it's Lamenters.

>> No.49331605


>> No.49331606 [SPOILER] 

I'd prefer a gf that is human
or at least resembles one

>> No.49331644

Humanoid is good enough for me :^)

>> No.49331666


The crabs you're getting probably have a better WS than you do.

>> No.49331739

nope, nope, nope,...

>> No.49331795

Great, now you reminded me that somewhere in sup/tg/, a image thread somehow ended as anons wondering how their would look like.
I wish I was zogging kidding.

>> No.49331813

*Their son would look like.

>> No.49331845

Joke's on you, I've basicly been immune to disease for the last 25+ years.
I never get sick, apart from very rare hangover level stuff (eating bad fish, etc.) that can be cured by a single day in bed.

My /tg/ folder is mostly screencaps so have a girl trooper instead.

>> No.49332025

Prolly not what this thread needs, but I doubt many will object.

>> No.49332095

Now it makes sense, Eldars can't use them in the Tabletop...

>> No.49332145

Nope, I am into vanilla sex...

>> No.49332344

>El Mano Rojo.
>Not La Mano Roja.
It is true some Guardsmen are trained to use drop pods.

>> No.49332449

Damn, that's a lot of milk she got there.

>> No.49332500

Worst part? I bet the IG ladies wish they could actually manage a stable relationship.

>> No.49333189

>> No.49333235



>> No.49333262


You sure? The assassin from Love Can Bloom was a bunch of symbols or something for a name.

>> No.49333302


I love the Blood Ravens

>> No.49333307

Why are the Japanese so autistic

>> No.49333317


>> No.49333350


>> No.49333666

There's a story behind this picture.

>> No.49333856

Why are you such a faggot?


>> No.49333890


>> No.49333913

Why the fuck would you draw art of anthropomorphized battleships following around a cutesy version of a politician? It's the kind of outlandish shit you'd expect to find on an autistic's deviantart except they can actually draw.

>> No.49334234

At least post the whole thing

>> No.49334296

That's a Berserk Rape-horse homage, isn't it?

>> No.49334315

The world has gotten really, really weird, dude.

>> No.49334336

"For those we cherish, we die in glory!"

>> No.49334634 [SPOILER] 

You should be in the scarecrow business.
you seem to like strawmen

>> No.49334873

I would post a carlos, but we're almost out of cute room, so have this

>> No.49335071

Is there a story behind this pic?

>> No.49335137

I hope so, because I want to hear it.

>> No.49335386

>Wonder what'd be like for Danny when he and his big sisters have to meet up with Imperial humans?

Complete astonishment, and then either immediate execution or capture, and then tortured to extract any and all information about life on a craftworld and the Eldar.

It probably doesn't help that his Gothic would be poor at best, having learned the Eldar tongue most of his life.

>> No.49335443

Newfag here, RIS isn't finding me anything. Source, and is there anything lewder?

>> No.49335481


I can totally see this happening in a game. Fuckin love it.

>> No.49335683

The Inqusition has declared cutesterminatus on this thread. No more images. The Emperor kawaii des.

>> No.49336596

If the Big 4 were girls, who would be the waifuest?
You can count the emperor in if you want.

>> No.49336732

the entire idea that to a point titans can think and Feel, but not only that, they get homesick, is adorable to me

>> No.49336772

Not grimdark enough. There's no room for love in the hopeless, war-torn future.

>> No.49336813

Anyone got that pic of children playing in the grass on top of a buried titan? Thanks

>> No.49337047

>Why does an artist suddently wake up and decide "I'm gonna do a Monster Musume - SIster of Battle crossover"?
What a /tg/ pleb not knowing that 'CAT GIRLS' are wh40k canon now. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN A WH40K THREAD AND NOT KNOWING THIS?! Leave and never return.

>> No.49337224

You're a faggot for linking to 1d4chan when talking about canon.

>> No.49337510

would cuddle with.

>> No.49337686

Ok here's the links to actual Wh40k wiki sites you shit eating cry baby.

>> No.49337711

Except it's Polt from Monster Musume, so a Kobold, aka DOG people.

>> No.49337718

Also SoBs don't recruit abhumans, but that's a minor point.

>> No.49338082

That's a funny way to spell Kurumu....

>> No.49338248

>World of Warcraft references
>40k References
You must be mistaken good sir. Japan has no idea what WoW is. They might have a remote knowledge about 40k but fucking WoW? Literally nobody knows about it.

>> No.49338505


What is this suppose to be? A "good-non-grimdark" or noblebright warhammer AU where humans and eldar are in good terms and Idranel is married to a human with half eldar kids?

>> No.49338676

Apparently. Was a drawthread request

>> No.49338803

What's somewhat interesting in that pic is what is up with the woman in bottom right? I'm aware she's the daughter of the human and elf officer, who does look like Idranel, judging from the context of that drawing.

But what is up with the daughter's eyes? Is that a trait for being half human and half elf? The guy in the bottom left is the son but has human facial features but pointed elven ears.

So I take it the daughter has some elven bodily features but an elven face, including elvish like eyes?

>> No.49338822

I think the requester meant the daughter to have some special powers or something. I think one would need to look a little deeper into 40k lore to understand what is going on in there

>> No.49338985

I can't believe the image limit's reached. Was hoping for someone to post that Love Can Bloom pic where LIVVI and Taldeer are Nate and Nora from Fallout 4.

And wanted to add in that pic which I'm sure some people are aware of, LIVVI looks just like Markiplier. Seriously, is it me or does LIVVI keep looking more and more like Markiplier?

>> No.49339149

stop watching markiplier.
go watch small youtubers instead.

>> No.49340421


>> No.49344324

Something tells me human kids who'd probably be adopted and raised by eldar will grow up to become one of the most cleanest, well groomed, good mannered, educated, fit and healthy humans anyone would ever meet.

Because knowing how eldar are the type of people who have such type of lifestyles, I can deduce that Danny in that story or any human who'd be raised by eldar would be really fit, healthy and very clean. Hell, I bet Danny and any human who'd be raised by eldar would have their bodily hair; arm, leg and armpit hairs, shaven off, even pubic hair to maintain such bodily cleanliness.

>some years later, Danny is now a young adult and a Guardian of the craftworld he lives in as he's clad in standard issue Mesh Armor

Also has there been any official record of a human utilizing eldar tech?

>> No.49345367

I think it might be possible to edit the thumbnail file?

>> No.49345794

god, this fucking picture
first time
>oh hey, that's slaanesh!
a year later
>oh hey, that's a dark eldar! no wonder she looks terrified!
>wait a minute....That's fucking Taldeer and LIIVI, isn't it?!

why the fuck is "Love Can Bloom" so popular it got made canon?

>> No.49346543

This is one of those posts where it's uncomfortably clear that the poster was getting off while writing it.

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Is... is there any more like this?

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As someone who liked the original Love Can Bloom so much that is writing a crossover with Quake of all things, what Dark Heresy did was just a reference. Grendel and Alice Boone are (FFG) canon, LCB just got refences there and there. If Relic where the ones who said "yeah, that kind of happened" in the DoW series (even if is just Avitus, Kyras or Gorgutz snarking about it) THEN it would had be a bigger shitstorm around here.

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>it got made canon
it didn't

the only character with a name is fucking dead, canonically

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>He doesn't know that LIIVI has been mentioned in the books.
>He doesn't realize how easy it would be for Taldeer to have had a body double

Rohnan got to Ulthwe only to find that he was the only one looking for Taldeer because she was there the whole time.

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In the words of a certain High Lord of Terra "THIS IS NOT FUCKING CANON" Relic said nothing about it.

>A mere kick.
>Not the Imperial Fisting

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IG won Soul Storm

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