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What are some cute pictures of living in the 41st millennium.

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Kriegs SoBs are a cute.

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Is Lorgar the cutest primarch?

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Nah, it's obviously Konrad.

Just look at that face!

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I made a goof

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Kreig made a cute Catachan he barely drew.

He suffers from same face alot but I like his designs especially how he made her hair have a feather and made her bandana a headband

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So I was just about to post the exact same picture and say something along the same lines of what you said. Weird...

Yea he definitely sameface really hard. I don't mind it personally cuz the face is pretty plain and I don't like overly detailed faces. But that's just me.

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Catachan-chan is cute!

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Love can bloom.

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This has you beat.

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In case your wondering, their brining you a banana, which is a healthy treat.

Inspired by choose a 40k friend CYOA.

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Catgirl are canon in 40k.

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>Whatcha doin' monkeigh?
>You seen any chaos marines around here recently miss? Look kinda like me, more spikes...

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>Nature eldar

Yes please

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I'm surprised no one has posted the picture of the terminator helping the girl find her mom

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This is Immolator-chan!

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I was getting there

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>This little mon'keigh is scream Farseer
>is it some sort of war cry they usually chant?

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the first four didn't get me, but fuck man this one did me in

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>usually its only the bigger ones crying war chants, and firing guns
>ohh he's so cute farseer can we keep him?
>are you gonna feed him? and walk him?
>I promise i will!

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>Oh lord
>It's on my head get it off get it off!
>The abhuman is on my head!
>Got to get rid of it- wait..
>Remember what the warden said, Tertius. >Remember what he said.
>"Lives that belong to the Imperium are the Emperor's, even abhuman and mutant, and must be spent with care."
>Remember Tertius.
>Do not kill the small abhuman.
>I must not purge needlessly.
>It is just ignorant of the Angels of Death
>And if I wait it will leave.
>You can do this Tertius.
>You can wait it out without purging the disgusting creature.

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>He still has the tankard on his dreadnought
That's just cheating now.

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do they have fluffy tails yet?

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The fluffiest.

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I could have sworn I had this on in a larger size.

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This is adorable

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>Mmmm, you ladies see any heresy around here

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>Schola progemium final test
>Perform Lord Creeds scout maneuver

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I think the best part of this is tge fact that they're playing around the head of an Imperetor Titan that's been completely overgrown with grass and dirt on most of it. This implies that it's been sitting there, unused, forgotton, for years. Tens, but almost certainly hundreds, of years. This implies that there's no need for it, and judging how the children are dressed as marines, orkz, guard, etc, it means that there's peace. And that just makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

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This makes me happy

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This got me

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Dude looks like handsome squid ward

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*perspiration on forehead grows*

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I really like the follow-up one.

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Obviously the inspiration point for handsom squid.

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Is.. is that a blackship? Oh god no I hope not.

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For now, the titan is resting, standing vigil, it will be needed again and it will be ready.

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Timid and frail psyker girls are my weakness.

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Follow up? I demand the follow up. Unless it's the usual grimdark depressing stuff, in which case, keep it to yourself, as I don't want the positive vibes I get from the image to be tainted by the totally not so positive, negative vibes

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This one's been a personal favorite for a while.

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I don't have any, sorry.

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Honestly in this comic he is pretty fucking cute. In a funny way.

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Am I the only one that wanted to make the Steel Legion more British than German?

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>People jack off over cute things getting thrown into grimdark settings

>People Jackoff to Grimdark settings getting turn into cutesy

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That was a good thread.

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And fin.

This series was originally drawn for /tg/ by IronShrineMaiden AKA Miko. There's some writefaggotry that went along with it I think, maybe poke around 1d4chan or suptg?

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Thus, the Great Machine Spirit didst rise, it's great engine heart once again sending divine power don it's cable and wire veins to spark life into the holy machine. Cogitators once again bathed in current and nutrients thought in wondrous divine logical patterns, analysing and understanding layers of reality that organics can not even comprehend. It's vox unit, long since unused blared into life once more. The inefficiency of vocal communication a necessary pain it would have to undertake to inform the citizens nearby of what it would Speak. And yea, thus it Spoke:

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comfiest pic itt.

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>People jack off to things

Basically what my time on 4chan's taught me

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Thank you!

I love this so much I'm going to save it now.

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I always saw it as "At last...back to war."

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And here I am wondering what occasion would warrant a Sister getting purity seals on her tits. Did she banish a daemon of slaanesh with them? That would warrant it.
Also I guess we know she likes a little hot wax play from that smile.

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"At last... my ban from the Titan Manufactorum is over, time to chat up some hot new generation titan ladies!"

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That's fine too

Not what I see but to each their own

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Are Ye gonna try an' take a Space Wolf's Tankard?


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I am actively trying to deflate the drama from that image.
It amuses me.

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I hear yah. It's a fun thing to do. I just don't associate it with that image.

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I was not prepared for all these feels! But I thank you for making me feel them!

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Quick, somebody dump Bolter to Kokoro

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Catachan-chan a cute!

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Catachan psyker for ya'll

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Scottish SoB

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I actually like it

she looks nice looking for a psyker though

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And the Sisters that went with that one Aztec chapter /tg/ made

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Exodites, son.

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I want to see the rest of that comic.

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it fucking is, and the worst part is that those the Black ships find are the lucky ones

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>Sleep well little pup
>I'm sorry I lied

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>I'll take litfagging for 400 Alex.
This literary term, synonymous with contrast, is used to stimulate emotion in the reader.
>What is Juxtaposition?

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Has there ever been a canon marine who cared about his serfs as much?
...Disregarding the cute dog girl he's probably banging part.

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isn't that the Navigator symbol on the tall one's shoulder?

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Why are SOBs so perfect?

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Because /tg/ can't help but waifu them

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>Tall one
I thought it was a person on their knees holding their child while crying as they prepare to leave them to the blackships.

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I think the short one is a tiny Admech junior adept. With pet servo skill.

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Has anything ever been written about marines having to interact with children?

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>that drawing of LIIVI and Taldeer on the side of the Titan's head.

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>Putting money on her eyes
>Holding a heretical belief for a mutant
Purge this marine, he has lost his way.

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that's not normal

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Actually, thinking about it it makes a certain amount of sense. Abhumans are tolaperated by the Imperium but aren't true humans. So the Emperor isn't there to protect her soul after death. Imperial Cult rites are ineffective here, the Emperor does not protect.
So he's defaulting to ancient traditions in the hope they'll preserve her soul from being torn asunder by the whirling chaos of the Warp.

It won't work.

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Now now, she might just be an abhuman. Which... wouldn't be admitted into the Adepta Sororitas. So, she might be an abhuman stripper? Maybe? Possibly?

...okay, yeah it's chaos again. Damn you Slaanesh! Leave our bolter bitches alone!

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but... the emperor protects all imperials, right?

>> No.49215599

The Imperiul Cult has exactly two tenants. They are...
>Revere the God Emperor as the one true god of mankind
>Know the holiness of the human form, and mankind's destiny to rule the galaxy over all others
As long as you do these two things, you are fucking fine. You can celebrate all sorts of weird rituals or practices, but as long as you do these two things, you're worshiping the Emperor correctly.

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Posting Sisters

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Does the Imperium have annoying internet arguments about which way to worship the Emperor is best?

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It's called the 'Noosphere' and it's local to each planet for obvious reasons.

and yes

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We call them "schisms".

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where did I get /this/ pic?

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this is the end of my SFW Sisters collection

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he's not even doing the right rites. The coins over the eyes (and a third coin in the mouth) is to pay the ferryman for passage over the river styx in the GREEK underworld. Norse funerals had them place the corpse in a small wooden boat and then said boat is lit on fire to facilitate its voyage to the underworld, whichever afterlife it was headed towards (Either Valhalla, which I'm sure you all know about or Hel, indeed spelled with 1 L, which is where all the non-coms went regardless of how good they were. Though their treatment in Hel would actually be better the better they were in life)

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Sisters are pure and chaste anon

>> No.49215808

have another, venerable battle-brother

I made it myself!

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Sure they are

thanks m8

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the very example of chastity.

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Can I have the nsfw link?

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>It won't work.
Sure it will, you just have to believe.

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have anymore qt guardsmen?

>> No.49215918

It's nothing impressive. Only a couple of picture that you could find just by googling "sisters of battle rule 34" or something

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>stat me

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Of course.

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So I take it in 40K, old tubby priests don't molest young boys... It's the white haired space nuns with military firepower and hardware that molest and /ss/ with young clergyboys?

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Very fitting for the second nicest (after the Salamanders) chapter group.

>> No.49216467

Anon, it's obviously /ll/ with the older canonesses and the much younger trainee Sisters.

/ss/ is fine too.

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Is there one where the girl has grown up and become a sister of battle and the terminator is now a dreadnought? That one always makes me smile.

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>So I take it in 40K, old tubby priests don't molest young boys
The guard won't let them.

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official WH40K Slice of life comics when? When GW, WHEN?

>> No.49216512

There's a pretty comfy and lovely story accompanying that image:


>> No.49216538

Inquisitorial Soldier and a Sororita right?

Why's that stormtrooper wielding a Kriss Vector SMG?

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Based IG.

>> No.49216591

>Why's that stormtrooper wielding a Kriss Vector SMG?
Also, because an autogun has to be something.

>> No.49216638

Good to know atleast Le Grim-Dank future has some standards... Then again.

>Ministorium Priest attempts to molest young boys


>Sisters of Battle molest- I mean, does /ss/ with the young boys they so happen to like and take a fancy with

"Sister, what are you doin-"
"Why I'm educating and purifying this young innocent boy with my light ofcourse! Do you have a problem!?"
"Uhhh, no ofcourse not... Sorry for bothering you."

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>> No.49216697

Anyone have the cute pics where a little kid is hugging a Space Marine cosplayer?

>> No.49216707

Plus I'm fairly confident .45 ACP would still be useful as it's great against flesh and non-armored personnel.

Or maybe the kriss vector SMG the temp. scion's wielding is a familial heirloom or some neat classical weapon he got for himself?

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This might interest you.

>> No.49216740

Not the pic I was thinking of but pretty cute nonetheless

>> No.49216758

I got ya, anon

>> No.49216765

Well what would be the outcome of something like that in 40K?

An little child bumps to an actual Necron. Necron does not immediately nor does plan to eviscerate little girl, just looks down upon her? What happen?

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>> No.49216787

thanks mang

>> No.49216788

Most likely she starts crying because it's a giant metal skeleton man with spikes and shit. Or she knows it's a necron and cries because it's a necron.

Unless she's a blank. Then she just found her new daddy (until newcrons happened).

>> No.49216794

>It's even a Salamander

>> No.49216817

Hey since someone mentioned LCB...

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>> No.49216836

this thread is melting my heart

>> No.49216899

I like to think some chapters have battle brothers staying at their home world maybe do some community service shit that only a space marine could really do.

Not really cute I guess, but eh.

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>> No.49216972

>> No.49217000

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>> No.49217087

Does anyone have that image of a series of pictures of the guard and marines together? The one with them taking pictures together and the sleeping marine with a post-it note on his forehead.

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>> No.49217162

Cata-chan, Rata-chan, Chem-chan, Heavy-chan. .... there have been so many chans.

>> No.49217187

I'm implying she's not cute
or a girl anon

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>> No.49217241

>For those we cherish, we die in glory...

>> No.49217276

Astartes blood clots like nothing else. He'll be fine.

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>> No.49217404

>> No.49217457

>I might not know what love looks like, but I can see heresy a sector away.

>> No.49217472

There's at least one case of an Ultramarine back in the Horus Heresy saving a baby and telling the kid that he is very small, unironically.

>> No.49217546

Reminds me of when the Crimson fists save that mother and child. Don't remember exactly how it went but I remember she ends up collapsing and one of them ends up carrying her instead of leaving them behind.

>> No.49217553

What if the /ss/ scenario is reversed?

>> No.49217561

>sisters of battle getting molested while young by schola priests

That just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Leave the poor girls alone!

>> No.49217573

Double standards much?

>> No.49217595 [DELETED] 

That's actually suppose to be a teenaged ministorium choirboy. So no need to worry.

>> No.49217597

>applying standards to the sexual preferences of people on the Internet

>> No.49217625

Kinda looks like a young Emperor having some fun

>> No.49217633

That's actually suppose to be a teenaged ministorium choirboy being the "aggressive and straightforward one" in the /ss/ relationship. So no need to worry.

>> No.49217639

Anyone have the image?

>> No.49217704

>"Excuse me Sister, shall we begin the '/ss/'? My body is ready, and I'm willing to propagate for our species."

Yes I agree, there should be more clergyboys being the more straightforward and confident ones in the ss.

>> No.49217722

Do you not know what the term "double standard" means?

>> No.49217835

why is she so smug?

>> No.49217866

>> No.49217877

>> No.49217885


That is the closest thing to sense i coud make of these Runes and some of them are written so wrong that i am just going to assume they are made up, until proven otherwise.

>> No.49217898

These Kriegers know what's to do.

Other Guard regiments are much nastier, I bet.

>Feudal worlders would probably draw-and-quarter the guy
>Feral worlders throw him into a fucking pit with a wild animal
>Hive worlders rob 'em blind and then spray him with toxic acidic sludge
>Fortress World regiments would've hung him according to Guard protocol

And so on.

>> No.49217915

Valhallans would have just locked him out for the night.

Or returned the favor with a drill-tank.

>> No.49217931

>Back on Krieg we use people like you for battle practice.

>> No.49217951

Death Worlders take them back to their homeplanet, and send him out naked into the wilderness.

>> No.49217961

And then >>49217931 ensues.

>> No.49218017

Yeah I'm not sure what the second rune is supposed to be. Some variations have something similar to that as a CH, but that first one looks pretty dead-set on being being an M or maybe a D, neither of which would be followed by a CH. And then in the middle of the second line they have an upside-down algiz. I think they were probably going from memory or had some of those little rocks with runes on them saying they symbolize companionship or whatever else and he wasn't sure which end was up or what any of the letters actually meant. And then for >>49211380 he probably just did google translate from english to norse.

An attempt was made, and it's still a touching story, but they could've done a better job on a couple of parts, like the runes and somebody else pointed out using another culture's burial practices: >>49215766

>> No.49218067

>somebody else pointed out using another culture's burial practices
Eh, after the DAoT I'm surprised they have anything close to an ancient practice, who knows, it may be fenrisian.

>> No.49218109

>> No.49218123

What Dreadnought pattern is this? I don't recognize this. The marine is far too exposed.

>> No.49218143

What is this Melissa referencing?

>> No.49218180


Front plate on the Venerable kit. You can then choose to cover it up.

>> No.49218182

Yup, the story is good, i was just a little sad that there was no more Feels for those who go the extra mile

>> No.49218198

Found the image.

>> No.49218203

I hate school anime.
But I want this school anime.

>> No.49218228

>Is there some appropriate way to tell the Farseer she needs to eat less fruits?

>> No.49218232

Glad that the Sisters are back on the dating scene. I was worried for them after the tragic death of their knight paramour.

>> No.49218257

Many thanks.

>> No.49218272

Speaking of there is a serious lake of crusader art.

>> No.49218356

Reminds me of this

>> No.49218384

the additional feels for those who go the extra mile was in translating the actual dialogue

>> No.49218564

post more SM protecting children

>> No.49218600

I think that's all I got, actually. Here's something in the ballpark though.

>> No.49218637

>> No.49218647


>> No.49218653

>> No.49218774


>> No.49218838

Just a little xenos representation don't mind me

>> No.49219013

I don't get it. Why is pov wielding a sponge?

>> No.49219046

>human boy is adopted by hot space elves and is now a official member of the eldar world he's living in
>he's in a loving relationship with his two adoptive-foster "big sisters"

Damn thats heaetwarming. I wonder id adopted and or accepted humans wear them soulstones as a symbol that they are accepted as an official member of an eldar world. And i wonder what would be the rea tion of an Imperium representative if he/she sees that type of human like Danny in that story.

>> No.49219153

not sure if heretical

>> No.49219219


But worth it.

>> No.49219220

Freindly reminder that love can indeed bloom.

>> No.49219235

>yfw hes thinking about the power armor, not the fleshbag inside of it.

>> No.49219237


>> No.49219252

Yes it is.


>> No.49219284

oi Slaanesh

Emprah protects

you fukkin cunt

>> No.49219578

this reminds me of that HH short story where a squad of ultras stumble upon a woman and her baby during the attack on Calth, a marine takes the baby into his arm, looks at it and just says "You are very small"

>not posting the follow up comic

>> No.49219646

>"You are very small"
I don't know how I feel about that, on one hand it feels very powerful, a demigod among men, a peerless warrior that saw hundreds of battles, and all he can say to the infant in his arms is "You are very small". On the other hand it's the HH series, I want to believe it's good writing.

>> No.49219655

>> No.49219922

Does anyone have the story that goes with this one?

>> No.49219936

kek, took me a while to realize it's not just one parent

>> No.49220127

Do you have the one where the Space Marine is giving some children a ride on his shoulders in the rain?

>> No.49220174

Brothers! Help, I am pinned here!

>> No.49220200

Different Regiments working together seamlessly is always good for fuzzies.

>> No.49220231

At last, we live again!

*Gargoyles Theme plays*

>> No.49220257


>> No.49220265

Oh Lord Atartes it is an honor to have you in our honored abbey would you care for a drink?

Certainly Sister Megara I would enjoy one, it has been close to 3 years since I last had a drink other than water.

*Dense Harem protag shenangians henceforth*

>> No.49220274

Its the circle, the circle of life!

>> No.49220299

Man that only makes it worse.

>> No.49220300

I actually have the thread where this was first posted saved...On my laptop that's currently dead.

>> No.49220341

Small dom, big sub.

>> No.49220357

>As the 41th century draws to a close, the believe of his myriad subjects finally enpowers the Emperor to create an astral body for himself and answer all those lonely Sororitas' prayers

>The Astronomican promptly stabilizes and Astropaths throughout the Imperium suddenly feel relieved, as if a humoungous load had been taken off their minds.

>> No.49220378

Lofn is the cutest.

>> No.49220589

This, actually. He'll survive that, get cybernetic replacements. Good ones probably, based on the fact it looks like he killed a hive guard in melee. Not sure if that's a combat knife or a power sword.

>> No.49220720

Martellus, that servitor from Kronus is malfunctioning again. Fix it before Tarkus goes nuts for its ramblings.

>> No.49220769

He's a sanguinary guard, so he's already a lauded veteran and as tough as they come. He'll be fine.

>> No.49221125

You know the one.

>> No.49221126


It started cute and lovely then it got corrupted and heretical.

>> No.49221207

>image limited reached
>last image was a filthy cute human eldar hybrid


>> No.49221296

Aw image limit reached!

>> No.49221347

>Living proof that both Davian Thule and Lukas Alexander had fehled the Emprah with their bickering.

>> No.49221377


Hey man Macha and Gabe are going to reunite once more.

More macha art soon stalkers

>> No.49221606

What is with the Blood Ravens and the human/eldar pairings forming around them?

>> No.49221633

This filename really touched me for a moment, then I remembered that a Space Marine wouldn't have a child, and that ruined it for me...

>> No.49221660


The DoW novel had the blood ravens capture Taldeer while Angelos has a 1 on 1 Interrogation with her

>> No.49221792

So about the Vindicare...

>> No.49221810

She's a cat. Obviously she's gonna be smug.

>> No.49222140

Do Titans get emotional? I know that some larger machines like Baneblades and Land Raiders have some form of sentience. I imagine that Titans are the same.

>> No.49222257

At least according to the novels, the Titan's machine spirit is an actual thing, connecting with the Princeps and constantly threatening to subsume them under its influence.

Though Titan machine spirits are pretty much perpetually angry/battle hungry. They don't think much about anything other than blowing shit up.

>> No.49222371


When FW did that "Win a titan" thing I wrote a short story about a Titan's POV(since like >>49222257 says titans are actually quite sentient). I thought of them as detached but weirdly attached to their crew. Like dreadnoughts but a few steps more removed.

>> No.49222580

If anyone deserves a hug, it's the Salamanders.

And the Lamenters.

>> No.49223269

If it was a Marine malevolent.

Arterius, ready the Whirlwind.

>> No.49223785

What about the vindicare?

>> No.49224414

That´s 3meta5me...

>> No.49224661

>humongous load has been taken off their minds

>> No.49225088

Ever since little Amanda survived the Tyranid attack, she's been going on and on about her imaginary friend Squiddly. I was sure it was all in her head, but then those hive gangers broke into the orphanage... now all the kids say they can see him.

She's playing on the swingset, and I swear I can see the wall moving.

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