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Last Thread: >>49108542
Resources: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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I'll take the shy glasses girl in the purple one piece.

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I pick the girl in the white and green school uniform with the massive hair as my live in maid.

As a part of her uniform she'll have to where the boxers I wore the night before on her head.

I will do nothing else lewd to her.

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How does breeding work in Pokemon Personified? Are the thrones even capable of having biological children? Are we even compatible since we come from another literal world/dimension?

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I claim Mugi in the name of fun.

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I have the same birthday as her.

Except, I'm a year younger.

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Let's start early this time.
Still waiting for that perfect B combination.

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I choose A

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Time to remind everyone what CYOAs are all about.

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I find it interesting to see how ¨ AA is shitposting ¨ shitosting has become some kind of meta shitposting joke expanded upon everyone who's mildly popular

Also good to see you sandra

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Who is mildly popular in /cyoag/?

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I am!

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2bh I have been here for three weeks and the only names I remember are SDA and Angelanon

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I'm not so maligned that I can't pretend my critics are being ironic.

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Angelanon is infamous not popular though.

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and who are you?

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The Scientist is basically the best cyoa author we've ever had.
He's our lord and savior.
All other authors especially Angelanon weep at his popularity.

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A happy person!

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Not every kind of popularity is good... wait wasn't that publicity?
Eitherway being popular to be talked bad about is being popular in a way. and those ho do not seem tolike it the other way

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needs more husbandos

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That sounds familiar... Still don't know though. I don't post much but I've been lurking for a long time, so forgive me.

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Italics is popular. Then they are forgotten.

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don't bother remembering names. Don't feed them.

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So this was from the time of troubles thing a couple threads back.


Black Season (+3 Will)

The Fool (spouse has no drawbacks, 3 free skills)

Vastnetsov Dysnasty (+3 glory, +1 honor, +1 will)

Vsevlodovich Branch (once a year, choose between strength, agility, or intelligence, it will permanently increase by a small margin)

Free Skills (Diplomacy, Intrigue, Leadership)

Sacramental Faith, Arthurian Confession (following concepts of nation and state, not very popular due to being from northern crusaders, +2 glory, +2 honor, +2 will, +2 provinces)

Noble Republic (+3 provinces, no crown holdings, all freeholds give military power again, set relations with all foreign powers to friendly for free, +5000 money, +1000 military power)


Helgi the Seeker no longer exists due to taking all his provinces
Declare War on Olga the Widow (+2 Glory)
Declare War on Ivan the Fearsome (+2 Glory)

Provinces (Prisno, Chud, Meja, White Pass, Severia)

Capital: Prisno
600 money (300x2), 400 military (200x2)

Rurik's Land: Chud
600 money (250+350), 350 military

Rurik's Land: Meja
700 money (300+400), 400 military

Freehold (normally no military, but noble republic brings it back, double money): White Pass
300 (150x2) money, 250 military

Frontier (no money, double military): Severia
0 (150x0) money, 900 (450x2) military

Vassal: Rurik Askoldyr, adds value of military to money in holdings he controls, 3/17 loyalty, 14/17 administration, 15/17 command

Spouse: Agnes (gain an alliance with the Kingdom of the Norseland, cost of all Varangian units is lowered by 50%, implemented laws no longer raise revolt risk, no penalties due to The Fool)


Tugarin Horde, Strained +2 Will
Theodesian Empire, Strained, +2 Will
Kingdom of Norseland, Exalted due to Agnes

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yeah fuck the namefags

kill em all

i'm glad i'm an anonymous person like you

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Yeah, don't encourage content creators. Let's just repost the same crap over and over forever.

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What's with this vandalism? I care about CYOAs, not cum-stained cartoon pictures!

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Buildings (cost money): Stone Wall (-500), Kremlin (-400), Port (-250), Watchtower (-150), Temple (-300), Citadel (-500), School (-350), total cost = 2450 money

Troops (2900 military power, can only hire from capital):

x2 Archers (-400)
x2 Northern Crusaders (-400)
x1 Huscarls (-200)
x2 Armored Mammoths (-750)
x1 Mortars (-350)
x1 Frontier Scouts (-200)
x1 Frontier Militia (-150)
x1 River Raiders (-200)
x1 Frontier Veterans (-250)

4,950 men total, all 2900 pts used

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You mean metal up their ass?

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You're a funny guy. Now go read the tread two OPs back.

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Content was fine before names were a prominent thing.
The only thing names are good for is hero worship and hateboners.

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Bogatyr, Svyatogor, bound and aided by fate so nothing short of reality warping can kill him until he finds his true death, a stone coffin, many supernatural traits, ancient magics, and enormous size, even for a bogatyr
+2 glory

Voivode, Grand Strategist,
Great at logistics, expert at politics & intrigue, cunning and master at the art of war, good at planning ahead, and easily suprreses revolts, but doesn't know how to fight in actual battles


Thrice Ninth Tasardom, -2500 money, all attributes must be above 0 to take this, breaks any alliances with other knyazes, allows you to push claim for all Svetlania

Revolt Risk = -2%: +10% for two provinces with different religion, +15% for 2 provinces with non-Svetlanina culture, -12% for twelve military units, -15% for 3 Honor


Nobility (+) (++Has a vassal with two holdings, +decent honor, -not many people on council, -Upstart upbringing, +Low revolt risk, -allied with foreign empire)

Clergy (-) (-no crown holdings, ++very high glory, -no knyaze allies, +little advancement of tech, -no consorting with the supernatural, -some provinces have other religions)

Burghers (+) (-little advancement of tech, +one province with freehold status, ++lots of buildings constructed, ++high glory attribute, --at war with multiple knyazes, -implemented one law/decision)

Peasantry (+++++++) (+low revolt risk, +implemented law/decision, +fool upbringing, ++very high glory, +decent honor, ++ very high will)

Wizards (+++) (-little consorting with supernatural, ++fighting with multiple knyazes, +has a bogatyr, but no magical items, ++ very high will, +little advancement of tech, --lots of buildings constructed)

Cossacks (--) (++ very high will, --not only not at war with foreign power, but allied with on, +has a frontier province, --has multiple non-svetlanian provinces, and no cossack provinces, +decent amount of troops, --has vassal with two provinces)

Glory: 9 Honor: 3 Will: 9

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Just ignore it. OP wants an argument or drama or something.

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Are you a retard or something? she made that herself check the threads

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The best part that the thread was barely waifuing at the time.
Pokeperson was dying down, and most of the hubbub was about Eventide.

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Torn between the cub [personality wise and same interests], and the fratbro [only one who's versatile in bed]

Wish the two where combined. Best of both worlds honestly.

I wonder if anon's working on a fantasy version.

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Poke was fun talking about the characters and lore time to time.

Psychic Warlord still did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve all the hate.

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I agree that was great but what was even better was when it got more posts and attention than her real one.

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Kind of went for a Northern Crusader theme with the Arthurian Confession and Northern Crusaders, along with the Noble Republic, to allow being like Novogorad or some shit.

My guy can use his intrigue and intelligence to keep Rurik in line. My master military advisor can advise on tactics, while Rurik executes them. Meanwhile, I'll be negotiating with the Nords (and/or sucking their dicks) for help, perhaps by promising a part in my conquest.

My army is kind of lackluster, but thanks to all my buildings and excellent military aides, we should be able to pull off a quick victory against Olga, considering my province choice cut her off from part of her lands.

Ivan is going to be a much bigger threat. His superior ranged units are going to rip me apart if I'm not careful, not to mention the threat posed by his Tunguskian friends.

And we can't forget the zombie asshole who lives just a coastline away. Hopefully he'll be too busy with his other two neighbours to come knock on my door. . . or he'll see my current predicament as an opportunity.

Thankfully my stats are good enough to guarantee that I'll at least go down a legend, and put up a good fight on the way.

My realm is a bit weird. The nobles think I'm alright, the clergy wishes I would be more pious, the Burghers I'm supposed to be lavishing to my government style are lukewarm to me, the peasants fucking love me, despite having no magical stuff whatsoever, the wizards love me, and of course there are little to no cossacks in my land, so who gives a fuck if they hate me?

The slightly negative revolt risk probably means my realm is nice and stable, which is good.

The road to unification will be perilous. Relying on brutal cunning will be essential to survival.

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Speaking of which...

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Why haven't you added >>49116272 to the pastebin yet SDA? You're slacking.

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Here's the original, it was posted two threads ago.

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Uniied Physicsis so overpowered if you know how to use it.
With enough magical computation power Laplaces Demon becomes a very real threat

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I pick C)


And I use it to transport all these faggot degenerates into a world where all gays are killed on sight. Also everyone is telepathic and has perfect gaydar.

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Only you get transported, anon.

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This is some really gay shit. Ignoring the fact that if people can create pocket dimensions and de-age themselves in this world, life itself would cease to have meaning, why the fuck would get trained in how to use martial arts if there are energy weapons? Fun is one thing, but we're apparently being taught skills to be applied here.

And for that matter, why the fuck are we allowed to learn anything other than what would be relevant to our duties? Why learn any sort of weapon or combat shit when we have magic? Fucking magic! Bending reality to your will is infinitely more powerful than hitting something with your flesh-covered bones.

And we're de-aged to 15. Why? Why the fuck would I want to be a dumbass teenager again, even if I only look like one? Fuck that Chinese cartoon bullshit.

-1/10, wouldn't look in it's direction

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Okay, doesn't have to be perfect. I'd settle for tolerable.

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>Anon has his period over a CYOA he doesn't like but others do.

>> No.49117221

>Harry Potter
>Chinese cartoon bullshit

>> No.49117229

I can try to give you some images of toys if you want them.
Beri. RIP.

>> No.49117239

Eh, he can not like it that cool. He's obviously not my target audience.

>> No.49117241

No worse than what you could do with Divination. Most magic classes seem to have an equivalent science class that seems just as capable of the same bullshit from what I can tell.

>> No.49117255


Good work, Anon. I'm sure you'll pull it off. After all, you chose the decision which puts the power of fate on your side.

Though you mixed up the old version and the updated one a bit. The Fool option gives different things in the latest version.

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I ended up just putting an image of the figurine that I have of my waifu.

Basically a good rule of thumb is that, if it looks easily recognizable as a 4chan thumbnail, it'll work, since it has to be so small. Something with more than one figurine is going to look too hard to discern at smaller sizes.

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I think I'll go for that one.

House Obcultis
Arcane Study 4
Metamagic 4
Advanced Engineering 4
Quantum Physics 4
Unified Field Theory 4

And here's where I'm stuck. I can take two of three potentially useful disciplines - Enchantment, Technomancy, and Transmutation. Any thoughts on which one I should go for? I could go 3-3-2, I suppose.

Anyway, for my club I think I'll pick the occult clib. They seem like fun.

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You could always have a toys playing with toys picture.

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What is it about making cyoa's that attracts the depressed?
Or do they develop depression along the way?

>> No.49117710

Transmutation is a no-brainer, specially with all your science classes. You can make whatever sci-fi tool or gadget necessary whenever and wherever, so no need to lug a lab around. Technomancy also goes very well if you plan on making a lot of high-tech doohickeys.

>> No.49117732

>Or do they develop depression along the way.
The more cyoa an author makes the more cynical/depressed they/the cyoas become.

>> No.49117746

The problem is not whether that anon is not your target audience, it's that the concept is flawed.

>> No.49117752

It's just 4chan.

>> No.49117762

Necromancer and Paladin
Archers, Halberdiers, Berzerkers.
Rest Tents.

>> No.49117772

Please stop posting from your phone.

>> No.49117784

People are more attractive to the negative things than the positive.

>> No.49117833

Mm, you make a good point about Transmutation. After some thought, think I'm going to go for Enchanting instead. Technomancy looks like it's more about control, while Enchanting lets me make things that use both, including self-transmuting machines. Final Build:

Transmutation 4
Enchanting 4
Arcane Study 4
Metamagic 4
Advanced Engineering 4
Quantum Physics 4
Unified Field Theory 4

Still going with the Occult club, though. Repair club seems like too much of the same; Occult club is a chance to have fun with the mega stuff.

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Yeah it is whether they are my target, my target audience didn't complain about the premise.

>> No.49117864

The Bottle Party


>Year One
Basic Small Arms
Basic Psionics
Basic Utilimancy
Basic Metamagic
Basic Genetics
Basic Unified Field Physics
Basic Cooking

>Year Two
Basic Alchemy
Intermediate Psionics
Intermediate Utilimancy
Intermediate Metamagic
Basic Quantum Physics
Intermediate Unified Field Physics
Intermediate Cooking

>Year Three
Basic Hemomancy
Intermediate Alchemy
Basic Necromancy
Adept Metamagic
Intermediate Quantum Physics
Basic Strategy
Basic Brewing/Distilling

>Year Four
Adept Alchemy
Intermediate Necromancy
Adept Psionics
Basic Worldwalking
Master Metamagic
Adept Quantum Physics
Intermediate Brewing/Distilling

Festival Committee

So I was about half way through my first year, when a professor asked what my goals were.
When I told him that I wished to form a clone army under my psychic control, he said that there was a shortcut through Alchemy.

Being from a non-magic world, I hadn't thought of that.
The administration kindly let me change my course plan for the next three years, and my introduction to Genetics still proved useful in the field of Bio-Alchemy.

My first breakthrough came around the end of year three. Blood was the key, but it wasn't the only ingredient, and the laboratory time was an issue. I could only requisition enough resources to repeat the experiment three times that year.
Still, five is a good number.

I spend most Festivals selling interesting foods, prepared from alchemically modified ingredients by a well coordinated kitchen.
This year, I made an apple pie that changes to blueberry as you swallow, and cider that does the opposite.
Would anyone like a sample?

>> No.49117872

this might be the best thing angelanon ever made in recent memory.

>> No.49117901

You could also take Arcane Study 3 instead since you already have an understanding of magic with Quantum Physics, so they should both stack and not leave you too far behind a master. That way you can have Enchantment, Technomancy and Transmutation all at 3

>> No.49117913

Anyone got the Sandman CYOA saved?

>> No.49117952

Yes, I would like a sample. Cool use of alchemy.

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>> No.49118042

>> No.49118068


>> No.49118071

I am very excited for the upcoming update/add on.

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>> No.49118151

Well, only that one is one hundred percent right all the time on all possibillities.

Also Quantummanipulation essentially makes you GOD. Use the principles behind the quantum eraser and REWRITE THE PAST.

>> No.49118212

That Metallica reference

>> No.49118317

Anyone got the Sandman CYOA saved?

>> No.49118362

Exit light

>> No.49118390

Here ya go.

Power is all well and good, but you gotta know how to have fun with it.
Heck I took the Small Arms and Strategy class so I could get to know people in Tourney Club. It would be great to set up paintball matches for anyone who wants in.

Hmmm... Now that I think of it, that might make for a fun festival event in fourth year.

>> No.49118439

Yeah, that could be awesome.

>> No.49118539

What kind of sue would you choose to be, CYOA?

>> No.49118544

Enter night

>> No.49118563

That is a good point.

Out of curiosity, what do you think? How much would someone who already knows how to use and create technology get from Technomancy, and how much would a mix of Quantum Physics, Unified Field Theory, and Arcane Study overlap?

>> No.49118644

Thirty Sue Pileup.

>> No.49118697

So I'm going to class again after I get some dinner (fuck night classes).

I've put in some more work. Finished the physical items section. Tell me if you think I've really missed anything important.

When I get back, if I'm not overly tired, I'll start working on the Companions section (which again will mostly be for flavor so that'll be over quickly), then the abilities/extras.

Please, if you have feedback, post it.

>> No.49118785

I have question about pokemon personified.
Why can't we buy or use moves outside our typing? I remember in the older version it was perfectly ok if you payed 50 points for it. Now it's gone? What was the reasoning behind that?
I kinda wish we could make our own moves and ability. But I guess that's just to easily gamed without some stupid amounts of tedious rulings.

>> No.49118804

Take my hand

>> No.49118805


If anything, Beri is at a god status at this point.

A lot of CYOAs that keep getting reposted are made by him, even if the posters don't know it's one of his works.

>> No.49118851

Are these characters actually Mary Sues?

>> No.49118889

>tfw no pocket dimension to hide away from life and regain some strength and will, make up for lost time and improve myself without sacrificing anything anymore but tiny bit of effort.
Right in the feels, anon, with no mercy.

>> No.49118891

Don't ask me bro, most pokemon have really diverse move pools.

>> No.49118902

>Why can't we buy or use moves outside our typing? I remember in the older version it was perfectly ok if you payed 50 points for it. Now it's gone? What was the reasoning behind that?

I think Italics was going for some kind of balance within Pokemon Personified, and eliminated that any move from another typing rule.

>> No.49118906

It's funny, 'cause quite a few characters, like Lima and Perish, etc., that have non-STAB moves in their roster.

>> No.49118912

Yes, you are.

>> No.49118918

No. I recognize a couple from One Piece and also Misaka Mikoto, none of whom are Sues.

>> No.49118950

The one for Mary Tzu is actually a decent character in the manga, and she isn't even a Mary Sue in the anime, just obnoxious sometimes.

>> No.49118953

>>49116182 >>49118148
Curse: Hunger
Form: Lust
>>49118071 >>49118088
Virtue: Diligence

The virtues will win with the super army I create. By winning I of course mean everyone is getting the dick(s).

>> No.49118958

>tfw I was the Sue all along

>> No.49119003

Digging the /out/ option, that's really neat.

Is there anything we can bring back with up? Like, food or the clothes?

>> No.49119064

Just give me a big tittied mini giantess I can cuddle with

>> No.49119112

Alright, who else is autistic enough to have checked if the 10M times time dilation really does result in 3 seconds per year

>> No.49119145

Technically it's 3.1526 seconds per...
oh man, I'm way too far gone. I think I need to go outside or something.

>> No.49119185


Damn, what changed? Chnages to The Fool bonuses kind of creates a domino effect.

>> No.49119288

I'm intending to have that be an extra option, though you won't be able to, for example, monetize the things you bring out of it.

I don't know if I'll restrict one's fake companions from leaving, though. That might be OP if you could.

>> No.49119382

Oh hell yeah.
>Room type
Log Cabin.
>Entrance Method
Touch me. I'd lose jewelry or Instant holes.
>Physical items.
That entire first row. /tg/, /lit/, Aesthetics.

If there were options like the other CYOA, I'd have a perpetually midnight, forested, and snowy with a toasty warm cabin on the inside. Bedroom would be 3/4ths glass windows to view the outside with.

Turn off the slow-time, get rid of everything I own asides from sentimental stuff, and then live comfy. Figure out a way to make money online, then travel the world, knowing that home is only a step away.
This level of comfiness makes me want to make my own cyoa

>> No.49119438

Alright, ill bite. Strife ya got me with those stealth descriptions.

House: Radiant (+1 combat class)

I think i wanna make a knight-detective character.

>28 classes
>Combat: 4
Small Arms (3)
Energy Weapons (1)
>Stealth 11
Investigation (3)
Observation (2)
Distraction (2)
Concealment (3)
Penetration (2)
>Magic 5
Enchangment (2)
Technomancy (1)
>Science 2
Genetics (2)
>Leadership: 5
Negotiation (3)
Strategy (2)

My character is a knight but is most skilled in detective work. Hes kind-of house radiants answer to house Vespertine. If hes ever caught off guard he can not only distract the enemy but also create an illusion around them. He can also do this while tailing a suspect, as they duck down alleyways his illusion begins and they end up confused and trapped. He also has the knowledge to enchant the small arms hes accustomed to using. Also to make the character well rounded he has the ability to negotiate and form strategies to penetrate enemy positions. He also has a hobby of technomancy and genetics. Using his knowledge of genetics and gene theropy he experiments with improving his body with small samples of DNA applied directly to the tissue. He has experimented with improving healing speed and muscle strength and endurance. This sort of experimentation is not so uncommon in some of the multiverses.

>> No.49119452

Touch Me, Touch Me

Sweets+ Yum, Comfy, Normie + Piisii + The Rest, /Lit/, L-Lewd, /Fa/.

>> No.49119525

>tfw you want to waifu Amew.
>tfw she is raped goods with a child who she abandoned.

>> No.49119568

God Mode.

>> No.49119607

I enjoy this.

>> No.49119626

>dat /out/

>> No.49119653

>tfw she is raped goods with a child who she abandoned.
To be fair, Meliorate was about to purge babby Amew2 from existence, only Amew begged him to spare her child. Big M probably wouldn't have tolerated Amew2 being anywhere near any of the thrones, so Amew sealing him away was kind of the only thing she could do to keep him alive.

>> No.49119935

So in other words, the virtues can literally do nothing fun and honestly make the world a seriously boring place where everyone toes the line.

Meanwhile the sins make the world a lawless wasteland where there's little to nothing stopping everyone and everything from being fucked to the Nth degree. Or if you're Pride, you can save the world and doom yourself to live a loveless and painful life.

Man fuck that. Isn't there a true mortal hero route?

>> No.49119972

It was the Great God who was really wanting to kill Amew2, not Meliorate.

Yeah, raped goods are no good.

>> No.49119990

There's always another way, you just have to take it from other people Anon.

>> No.49120054

I'll take top left.

>> No.49120172

Room Types: Ethnic (classically inspired)
Entrance Method: Touch Me, Touch Me
Physical Items: Yum, Gaymen Piisii, The Rest, Stronk Gear, FUCKING NERDS, /lit/ As Heck, Aesthetics
/out/ - Jiuzhaigou, forested mountains, and sunny beach. Weather will generally be temperate, a bit on the cool side, although warm in the beach. Days are on a weekly cycle, and the sky is pretty much Galactic Core levels of stars and nebula.

>> No.49120182


I think I'd go for the hunk. He's pretty hot and like, basically my perfect man and I feel like he's someone my father would be ok with me marrying.

>> No.49120398


>> No.49120425


>> No.49120494

I dont know about that, these boobs beg to differ.

>> No.49120498

Great God wanted to kill Amew2. Meliorate would've tolerated Amew2 for Amew's sake.

>> No.49120519

waifu god ikaros
waifu class the light browned haired one

waifu units rangiku and that fox girl
magical waifu beast the blue haired one

waifu support the bright browned haired one in the bikini

>> No.49120531

Meliorate would probably do anything to keep his little sister happy.

I gotta wonder how he feels about his other sisters (other than Decadence.) Like what does Meliorate think of Anastasia? Is he protective of her too and it doesn't come up much because she's capable of protecting herself?

>> No.49120532

go on a diet, gay.

>> No.49120584

Thirty Sue Pileup.

A literal hivemind abomination.

>> No.49120655

listen lady, its not gay to want to suck a dick. You've done it, I've done it, most of the people on this thread of done it.

>> No.49120874

like, a feminine dick?

>> No.49121001

Does a Bad Dragon brand silicone sculpture count?

>> No.49121191

I think Meliorate cares for all his sisters, including Decadence. It mentions his profile he cries like a little bitch to Loli and Anastacia. So he must talk about his issues to her.

>> No.49121317

I just realized that Dragon types are weak to Dragon.

You could theoretically fuck up Meliorate with Spatial Rend, combined with a ridiculously high special attack stat and psychological warfare.

>> No.49121375

This thing hasn't been updated in ages, so I believe the creator ditched it, but I still love this.

>> No.49121479


Oh! Fascist Betazed in the Mirror Universe.

Good plan.

>> No.49121497

>> No.49121524


Faggot, read the metaCYOA.

The CYOA is Transported. So I guess the boys are too.

>> No.49121585

Yes. And that's ok. embrace it.

>> No.49121640

anon, you aren't being subversive. We probably have a dozen dick-sucking cyoas.

>> No.49121677

Well I hope you guys are happy. I'm never making another CYOA again. Enjoy the Waifu shit.

>> No.49121703

Good fuck off kike.

>> No.49121718

this is pretty tough, so little credits that you really need to think about stuff too. post builds?

>> No.49121748

Im not even trying to be subversive. I'm honestly trying to say that its ok to be gay or to be sexualy active. this is like, anti slut shaming.

>> No.49121750


>> No.49121777

But this is literally all the choices you make in the actual game and the text its self is taken directly from the game as well, so why not just play destiny?

>> No.49121841

I didn't make it, I just like the aesthetics.

Also, nice trips.

>> No.49121848

>Playing Destiny

>> No.49121864


If you are that bothered by the thread, you likely weren't going to make another CYOA anyways.

The sad thing is, I'm not even shitposting. It's simply the truth.

Repeat cyoa authors make things for their own enjoyment, because making content for the thread is a pointless endeavor with little reward and lots of headaches.

>> No.49122012

I'd only take a bed, the old tv, wallpaper, shower and menu. Then I'd only order dumplings every day and live out my sentence as a tribute to"Oldboy".

Best movie ever.

>> No.49122055

I didn't know you were into that anon. Well, you do you I guess.

>> No.49122056

House Medeor
+free extra magic class

Year 1:
>1 Acrobatics
>2 Transmutation
>3 Martial Arts
>4 World Walking
>5 Ki Channeling
>6 Transfiguration
>7 Arcane Studies

Year 2:
>1 Technomancy
>2 Transmutation
>3 Abjuration
>4 Worldwalking
>5 Ki Channeling
>6 Transfiguration
>7 Arcane Studies

Year 3:
>1 Metamagic
>2 Assuagism
>3 Abjuration
>4 Technomancy
>5 Ki Channeling
>6 Transfiguration
>7 Arcane Studies

Year 4:
>1 Metamagic
>2 Assuagism
>3 Abjuration
>4 Worldwalking
>5 Ki Channeling
>6 Transfiguration
>7 Arcane Studies

>> No.49122146

If you wanted to fuck Meliorate up just stick your dick as deep as possible into Loli with hand holding for the sole purpose of procreation.

It will be Super Effective and be a Critical Hit! He'll lose his shit.

>> No.49122178


Nah, I get you.

It's just the fact that when I leave this pocket dimension, they are stuck there. Even with time stop, that could be days or weeks. There's a lot to do, and even a miniature outdoors to explore, but it feels cruel not to be able to bring them with you to the outside once in a while.

If we're requesting waifus, can I request an warrior/operator waifu? Would go nice with the range.

I got a whole folder of qt operators if anyones interested

>> No.49122191

> Using taunt without knowing the move.

>> No.49122218

Did the monster hunter cyoa ever get updated significantly? Felt like it could use more content.

>> No.49122271


If you made Rapture Acadamy, how much would you want to be paid for the Futa Virus page?

Also now we lost /two/ good CYOA's. MCCYOA and RA's bonus page.

I'm still pissed as heck.

>> No.49122311

Meh. It's just a means to an end to me.
Cheap lubrication.

>> No.49122357

I knew Taunt. Fighting, Loli I had to learn two moves you know. Pound and Hydro Pump.

>> No.49122372 [DELETED] 

Hi everyone, these are my fetishes/preferences: handholding, navels, light dom, oral, petite, sex switching.

Things I do not like: NTR/cuckoldry, vore or gore, humiliation, mindbreak, forced chastity.

Fair warning that CYOAs with things I do not like will be shitposted. kthxbai

>> No.49122385

I didn't make it, and I don't have any interest in it.
While I did not contribute to driving them off, I can't pretend to miss them.
I'm sorry you are down content, though. It's a damn shame.

>> No.49122447

But anon, those are going to get shitposted anyways. Reverse psychology won't help them.

>> No.49122491

I don't get it. What was she even mad about?

>> No.49122492

dude, what's wrong with humiliation? I don't think mindbreak really belongs on that list, but I can understand how it could alienate people. But putting humiliation next to NTR and vore?

>> No.49122514

>> No.49122520

anon was only really politely making a handful of builds, because her OC wasn't really that great. She could tell we weren't excited about it, and started REEing about how her mediocrity was our fault for having shit taste.

>> No.49122539

Ha ha! You can't trick me into getting you off!

>> No.49122548


>> No.49122555


>> No.49122561

Literally nothing.

>> No.49122566

>Moist Nougat
>M1 Garand
>Colts and Lugers and MERICUHguns and AKs...
>No Lee-Enflied, greatest bolt-action battle rifle ever made by any country ever
What preposterous nonsense is this?! Well if that's the case, I'll take the Garand. Productivity and ingenuity is ALWAYS useful, regardless of any of the pansy-ass and circumstantial shit the rest promises!

Aw geeze...
>Rain, a light spattering to dash against the windows
>Couch, hammock aaand... I think bookshelf
>Bedding, soft carpets, blinds and fruits and pastries
>I'll take my waifu please. Thank you very much.

>> No.49122588


>> No.49122594

I feel as though I've already seen this post...

>> No.49122614


>> No.49122638


>> No.49122646


>> No.49122664


>> No.49122699


>> No.49122706

What is that that I hear?
Could it be a bitch in heat?
Or an idiot who thinks
That this way he can get the atention he needs?

>> No.49122715


why isnt there text for the High As Fuck and Quiet Asian blocks?

>> No.49122720


>> No.49122739


>> No.49122760


>> No.49122778


>> No.49122913


> wanting to be humiliated

Well I guess you are a little bitch at heart, anon

>> No.49122977

Cute girls doing /k/ things in post-apocalyptic land.

>> No.49123008

Didn't Angel call your waifu shit a couple threads ago?

>> No.49123018

Don't do it!
That filthy pig is just going to start masturbating his tiny cock like the pathetic waste of flesh that he is!

>> No.49123062

I believe she just called Slice of Life 'waifu shit'.
She's not wrong...

>> No.49123086

anon, this is a completely spontaneous erection. It happens sometimes and doesn't mean anything.

>> No.49123180

Yes. Yes it is.
I'd make a build for it, but that's a full fledged War Game, and my brain's too scrambled from lack of sleep to process it.
Maybe tomorrow, if the ceiling will shut up long enough for a nap.

>> No.49123219

Damn it!

>> No.49123267

You realise God himself just made you gay so you'd be killed on the spot too?

>> No.49123327


>> No.49123356

>Also now we lost /two/ good CYOA's. MCCYOA and RA's bonus page.

What's MCCYOA?

And I don't remember a Futa Virus as part of Rapture.

>> No.49123373

It stands for Brain Rape.

>> No.49123391

Oh Mind Control.

Wait which mind control CYOA?

>> No.49123403


Look up the source material, it's some online RPG made by some forum. /cyoag/ was angry (some of us) when no bonus page showed up.

MindControlCYOA (MCCYOA Author) got bitched out by his girlfriend for posting on the pot in /co/. Damned shame. I have all his stuff. Pic related is the latest version of his CYOA.

>> No.49123441


But Anon, I'm not gay. Only the presented faggots would be executed.

>> No.49123456


>> No.49123457

No Idea. Cyoa is old as hell. Checked the archives, couldn't find any mention of another part.

>> No.49123458

Probably the one that the author tried to make into an RPG.

That was just delicious.
Schadenfreude at it's finest.

>> No.49123466



>Sharpshooters (2)
>Cabalry-Knights (4)
>Spearmen (5)



I like this cyoa but it needs a bit more substance.

>> No.49123475

>Angel talking shit on anime and waifus
But why?

>> No.49123476


>> No.49123488

You should've read the cyoa: an emissary of the Lord has canonically made you gay :)

>> No.49123500

>Look up the source material, it's some online RPG made by some forum. /cyoag/ was angry (some of us) when no bonus page showed up.

Oh I was pissed when people bullied away Rapture Academy's author since I loved it and wanted to see the bonus page.

So you were talking the original Rapture Academy?

>> No.49123526

That's what happens when you trigger yourself into a frenzy.
Nothing is safe.

>> No.49123536

>tfw the Rapture academy anon stayed just long enough to legalize boy on boy rape

I don't even mind the bonus page.

>> No.49123555

The fuck are you babbling about?

>> No.49123566

A preview of the CYOA's final form. Actually, metaCYOA makes this useful.

The Hacker
The Alleycat
The Shrink
The Reporter
The Researcher

>> No.49123569

What cyoas is /cyoag/ hyped for?

>> No.49123573


Assault: 27
Defense: 17
Information: 8
Research: 15
Recruiting: 10
Processing: 12
Training: 8

Of Two Kinds: Parasites / Chem
Research Facilities
Training Gym
Processing Hold
The Classroom

The One You've Always Wanted
The Researcher
The Dragonfly
The Reporter
The Head of Security
The Manager

The Researcher and I will brew up a superplague that wipes out most of the world so I can rule the ashes, while the others will be my harem and security staff.

>> No.49123592


In that case I'd want to be dead anyways. Don't see a problem there.

>> No.49123594

When did they do that?

>> No.49123620

>MC fetishist
>metaCYOA for more power
Yeah, they seem like they would go together.

>> No.49123643

Tomorrow is a brand new day, filled with possibilities!

>> No.49123651

Virtues add on.

>> No.49123670

(Forgot the image. Damn.)

>> No.49123696

I specifically asked him about it because it seemed to be a minor plot hole: boys get special protection from teachers and such, but what happens when one boy, gay or bi, decides to rape another boy? The gist of it was that you would get in trouble if and only if the other boy makes a formal complaint to the school administration, so you'd have to prevent that by breaking him before he gets a chance to look for help.

It adds a really interesting dynamic to the cyoa imo, a special timed challenge in a way.

>> No.49123698

dream prince expansion. Updated necromancer. Finished scholomance.

>> No.49123720


You mean the faggot who nerfs the Sins and 'makes' his 'Spchual Snowflake' Virtues more powerful?

It's as bad as a fucking fanfic author with a selfinsert. I hope he stops posting. (Seriously, the Sins CYOA had a great plothook on page two of the original with a superpowerful being sent by 'God' and a potential plot where the Angelic Hierarchy was left to fend fo rhtemselves or whatnot.

>> No.49123723

>Please, if you have feedback, post it.
Read it, love it.
Is the pocket dimension strictly indoors or can I have a bit of outdoor space or at least the illusion of it?
Reference: https://imgur.com/a/8iRuk

>I'll start working on the Companions section
Beautiful elven maiden pls mister

>> No.49123725

>one boy, gay or bi, decides to rape another boy
It's only gay if you're on the bottom, faggot.

>> No.49123737

Yep, Here's the original.

And a more legible version some one copied when the original fell off the web.

>> No.49123768

if you have monstergirls and glasses girls and shit all over the place waiting to be raped, and you rape a boy instead, then you're gay. We're not talking about prison, here.

>> No.49123781

You seem upset. Why is that?

>> No.49123787

This is what I don't get. Did anyone even say anything offensive to her? It's like she just sperged out on her own over imagined slights.

She was talking about making a second page. Then she flipped out and made the version in the OP while throwing a tantrum. So I don't know if she'll continue work on it.

>> No.49123804

I thought Rapture Academy was that cyoa with rapefest, like most boy (except a single oblivious group) trying and often succeeding on raping the girls. Which one was that?

>> No.49123813

>nerfs the Sins
If you mean the anon who revised the sins cyoa, that was a different person. And I don't think he nerfed it.

>> No.49123850

Holy shit, I thought I was the only one who was buttblasted about that.

I think he means the Virtues cyoa nerfs the Sins by making itself the objectively better and stronger option, that also happens to be risk-free.

>> No.49123851

Would you mind if I made the Painted World?
That land is peaceful, it's inhabitants kind.
And I want to touch fluffy tail.

>> No.49123921

>I thought Rapture Academy was that cyoa with rapefest, like most boy (except a single oblivious group) trying and often succeeding on raping the girls. Which one was that?

The CYOA was based on that.

>> No.49123922

Ah, okay. My bad.

>objectively better and stronger option
I have to disagree with you, but I respect your right to your opinion.

>> No.49123938

Look at the post I was responding too, that is the CYOA, I was posting the source material it was based on.

>> No.49123983

Less hate than usual, at least until after she flipped her lid. Then it picked up again.

>> No.49124005

Now hold on a minute
This isn't a CYOA
This isn't a CYOA at all

>> No.49124038

Oh I see. At first glance the original seems much better, the rape-y aspect of the cyoa sucked.

>> No.49124043

>not posting slowpoke

>> No.49124057

Choose Your Own Animewaifu

Acronym checks out.

>> No.49124253

The original has even more rape than the CYOA.

>> No.49124254

Says the faggot.

>> No.49124366


>> No.49124588

No /d/ option?

>> No.49124633

Didn't want to ruin it for you, but this is the image from the very end of the page.

>> No.49124721


>> No.49124723

Was this setting made by twelve year olds?

>> No.49124762

Some anon a few threads ago did a list of all the nerfs.

It's *bad*.

And it feels like making the author's 'Sphuchel' Virtues.

So bad fanfic.

>> No.49124782

They are children on the inside.

>> No.49124841

Who in this thread be sober, Yae of Nae?

>> No.49124868

Reminder that including rape or sexual violence fantasies into your CYOA just publicly displays how impotent you are.

>> No.49124871

I don't care about the Devil's brew. The only thing I care about are cyoas and finding out what the difference between Equity Law and Common Law is and what the fuck Equity even is in the first place AND FUCK YOU PROFESSOR FOR NOT EXPLAINING THAT SHIT BETTER!

>> No.49124974

CYOAS are a kind of Art and Art is bold like movies, books or music.
If you want to exprese something you must do it, it doesn't matter what it is.

>> No.49124981

That reminds me, anyone got that Orc raid cyoa? Shit's funny as hell.

>> No.49125038

You're not going to get a rise out of Angel by posting that OP. After big tantrums she usually disappears for several days, or even weeks.

>> No.49125061

"Choose Option A and you get to do depraved things!" is shitty art.

>> No.49125078

>Calling Kit, SDA, and etc impotent
You choose the wrong neighborhood for an adventure, mother fucker.

>> No.49125130

House Acritas

Year 1: Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Ki Channeling, Transfiguration, Genetics, Pain Control, Intuition

Year 2: Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Ki Channeling, Transfiguration, Genetics, Strategy, Intuition

Year 3: Martial Arts, Ki Channeling, Transfiguration, Genetics, Sustenance, Strategy, Intuition

Year 4: Martial Arts, Ki Channeling, Transfiguration, Genetics, Extreme Temperatures, Strategy, Acrobatics.

Final Stats: Master Martial Artist, Master Ki Channeling, Master Transmutation, Master Genetics, Expert Intuition, Expert Strategy, Expert Acrobatics, Pain Resistance, Sustenance, Extreme Temperatures.

Club: Tournament Club.

There's a lot of things you can do with transfiguration and genetics. Shapeshifter Kung Fu may not be the most unusual, but it's certainly up there.

>> No.49125133

This one?

>> No.49125148

But still art and is fine if you don't like it.
Not everyone likes the same things.

>> No.49125163

There we are! My thanks.

>> No.49125166

She threw another tantrum? Dang, I missed it. What set her off this time?

>> No.49125204

She made shitty oc and didn't get any responses, so she remade it to OP. Of course, people liked that one more. There was some white knighting, and our true hero SDA fought against the hordes of shitposting and prevailed to clear /cyoag/ from angel's self obsession for the next generation. Truly, a battle worthy of song and legend.

>> No.49125221

You keep lying and exaggerating more and more you post.

>> No.49125236

Oh look, a straggler!

>> No.49125295


Ayy lmao AIDF is already here

>> No.49125308

Two threads back.

>She made shitty oc and didn't get any responses
Not what happened at all. The crazy thing is that lots of builds were posted and she got lots of positive responses. Then she went ballistic about not getting enough attention or something. It was really bizarre.

>> No.49125309

Sad man.

>> No.49125331

That makes even less sense.

>> No.49125341

>Mikasa Mikoto
>not a mary sue

>> No.49125342

Angelanon made a decent but pretty short (single page, no lore, simple options) that got the attention for half a thread, Strife comes in with a much bigger cyoa (3 pages, some lore and lot of options) that took her spotlight.
She starts whining, anons attacks her, she scratches her cyoa and fills with waifu stuff while throwing a tantrum, gets more attack.
By the way the new Pokemon Personified was posted a few threads before her and the discussion about it had not ended yet by the time she posted.

>> No.49125357

and then made a weepy dramatic apology to the people who made builds, for minimizing them and taking them for granted.

>> No.49125390


Let me set the record straight, niggers. This is what actually happened.

1. She made her original CYOA. She got at least 6 builds.
2. Then she posted a revised version and got quite a few more.
3. Then she got pissed that Pokemon Personified was getting more builds and attention, putting it down to "waifu shit", as if it wasn't a lore-heavy, 36-page-long, mechanically-complicated CYOA.
4. Then she made this thread's OP.
5. Then she kept on bitching and complaining for a while about "how she never does anything right," and how she knows all the people who made builds for her CYOA did not like it at all in actuality, and just did it to make her think they liked it (?). The community was split about 50/50 between people trying to calm her down and people egging her on about how much she was a dumb whiny whore.

DESU I don't remember if step 2 or 3 came first. Anyways, Strife's CYOA wasn't that big a factor at all, it was the PP lore discussion that took up the second half of the thread and robbed her of her (You)s.

>> No.49125409

I think she mostly mentioned Kit's cyoas (the pedophile teacher one) and it annoyed her how that got so many builds when her cyoa didn't.

>> No.49125412


>Then she made this thread's OP.

No I made the OP

>> No.49125422

The image. She made the image.

>> No.49125444


Yes, I got confused

>> No.49125448

I am uncomfortable with the description of the cub because I resonate with it to much.

>> No.49125471


Didn't Kit leave, like, right after making that one? That was in the thread that the newest PP version was released.

>> No.49125492

Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that a certain smug anime girl poster was the true mvp of that thread.

>> No.49125510

Pokemon Personified was mistake.

>> No.49125517

Her latest arc is literally about how useless and pathetic she is and how she's holding back Touma

>> No.49125625

Y-you were a mistake!

She'll get over it.

>> No.49125634

Is this /cyoag/ or /gossipy8thgraders/?

>> No.49125671


Is there really any difference?

>> No.49125694


>> No.49125695

CYOA based on bitchy high school girls, you say? Let me just fish for images!

>> No.49125747

When are we technically allowed to make a new thread without it getting deleted? Right as this one starts autosaging or what?

>> No.49125756

When this one is about to fall off page 10.

>> No.49125955

Well, they're going to have children made inside them.

>> No.49125987

Post your plan, in detail.

>> No.49126011


Drawbacks from spouse are not removed and you gain 2 free skills instead of 3. But that's not a big deal.

>> No.49126032


I've seen them created on page 9 before as well, but I think generally the later the better.

>> No.49126150


>> No.49126292

Anon is mad I insulted his pedofile degenerate cyoas. Doesn't matter I'm leaving the bored anyway.

>> No.49126294

House: Medeor
Worldwalking 4
Advanced Engineering 4
Quantum Physics 4
Alien Chemistry 4
Cybernetics 4
Programming & AI 4
Unified Field Physics 4

Club: Occult Club

Guess I'll find a team to work with. I'm obviously the NEEEEEERD of the group, but whatever.

They won't be mocking me after I've upgraded their circulatory systems to prevent bleed out, reinforced their bones with Adamantium, implanted subdermal non-Newtonian armour, implanted a synthetic extra heart and lung, and give them a shut off/dimmer switch for pain.
I've got other ideas for enhancements, but they're a little more obtrusive. People may not be keen to becoming obvious cyborgs.

I, on the other hand will be going full robot as soon as possible.
We Uploaded now. I guess eventually my continuous upgrades and updates will loop me back around to being organic again, but I don't see that happening for a long time.

>> No.49126440


> avoiding death forever

what a pussy

>> No.49126453


You're leaving me bored anyways ayyyy

>> No.49126576

>anon insults me sexually
this just makes me more erect

>> No.49126996

>leaving the bored
>the bored

>> No.49127295

>mfw my name comes up first in the pastebin because alphabetization

I'm working on an easier to use framework that doesn't make sameface CYOAs but I'm having trouble making images fit into it. So I'm working on one that's aesthetically laid out text to test some features and then I'm gonna migrate frameworks so that you'll be able to run an executable rather than install python, then Django, then the app, then set everything up, etc. But if I can hook up warp to a database properly you should just be able to run an executable and go to a localhost url and start editing.

I got this guys.

>> No.49127299


Horse Archers

Eventually merge all troops and see if I can combine training.
Have each griffin be manned by a sharpshooter / cavalry and a wizard, raining bullshit from space because spells. Shielded because spells, Buff them all with awesome paladin auras / resurrection, use spears as additional training or keep pure spearmen in the camp as guards.

Basically I'm going to have high morale buffed arcanists flying higher than possible from maximum range, protected from death, banding to slay dragons and shit, and always protected by a nigger that is more shooty than a norse saga elf combined with the white death himself.

Few builds should be able to match this.

>> No.49127466

>Why would depressed people gravitate toward creating things based on escapism

>> No.49127555

Let's get to the bump limit!

>> No.49127568


>> No.49127571

So am I to take it that everything under the Survival tab can only be taken once?

>> No.49127579


>> No.49127619

First row is masterable skills (up to four purchases per), the rest are one time purchases.

>> No.49127648


It specifically says trials and surgical procedures. That means anything that mentions study is treated like normal.

If you want a list of the one shot options, they are:
Extreme temperature
suspended animation

You will notice that none of these mention study learning or skills in there descriptions.

>> No.49127678

Extra: Extended Sentence
Total Credits: 140

5 Credits: Bed, Carpet, Couch, Books, Hygiene Products
10 Credits: Outdoor Visit
15 Credits: Window, Fridge, Luxury Shower
30 Credits: Desktop Computer, Internet Access

Easiest time ever.

>> No.49127741

How long have you been here now?

>> No.49127757

>House Conclamatus (Free Survival Class)

Year 1
> Basic Disguise
> Basic Penetration
> Basic Observation
> Basic Investigation
> Basic Abjuration
> Immunity
> Basic Intuition (Free Class)

Year 2
> Intermediate Disguise
> Intermediate Penetration
> Intermediate Observation
> Intermediate Investigation
> Intermediate Abjuration
> Extreme Temperatures
> Intermediate Intuition (Free Class)

Year 3
> Adept Disguise
> Adept Penetration
> Adept Observation
> Adept Investigation
> Adept Abjuration
> Pain Control
> Adept Intuition (Free Class)

Year 4
> Master Disguise
> Master Penetration
> Master Observation
> Master Investigation
> Master Abjuration
> Sustenance
> Master Intuition (Free Class)

> News Media Club

I'm basically that one really pesky reporter who just won't leave you alone, no matter what you do. Not because I exactly harbor an insatiable need for the truth, but rather because it's kind of fun to fluster people like Hata does, and if it happens to expose wrongdoings then all the better for me.

These conflict a bit, so I just went with the former for my build.

>> No.49127828


Can I leave the computer running while I leave? At a 10M time ratio that would allow me to complete some really serious computations. I'm thinking crypto. Crack Bitcoin private keys for the lulz!

>> No.49127840


Relationship Sue. I'll get a cute boyfriend and everything will be just nauseatingly, unrealistically perfect. We'll annoy the hell out of everyone with just how perfect a couple we are.

>> No.49127930

>These conflict a bit, so I just went with the former for my build.
The former is what the author said when I asked about it.

>> No.49128181

Another WIP for /cyoag/
More feedback please. I think I might be getting lazy in these later sections, but they're getting done, so say if something you feel is missing or should be expanded.

For those who wonder, I intend to make "bringing shit back with you" an extra you can get.

Honestly I don't even know what you mean but you can do /d/ shit if you want.
I do include some fetishy stuff because it's hot, but it's usually just my fetishes (because fuck the gay fetishes other people have)

I guess you could, but please try not to do such things.

>> No.49128230


> Custom-design a superintelligent mad scientist waifu who is utterly devoted to me
> Task her with carrying out research
> Come back in a week to have her tutor me in world-ending techniques of destruction
> Come back to Earth and become an iron-fisted tyrant

10/10 CYOA

but it's unironically good. One question though, the abilities/extras section doesn't say how many you can pick. Also the first three abilities are essentially the same thing - I'd recommend merging Be the Girl and Good Girl.

>> No.49128242


So, Rosanon, are you a girl, an autogynophiliac or a tranny? This constant theme of "Be the Girl" is making me wonder, it seems like it's beyond just memes.

>> No.49128254

WIP, anon. WIP. I'm falling over dead tired and don't know how many extras I'm going to put in eventually when I finish it soon-ish, so I can't decide how many you get yet.

AGP. Girls are the beeesst, but I try to leave that either best said in OC or on /d/.

>> No.49128262

The good kind or the shitty kind?
I'm guessing the shit kind based on [Lesbify]

>> No.49128289

No actually that was just because I had that image for it in my folder and could not pass up the opportunity, as it is so damn cute.

It's not like you have to pick it. Or does it bother you that much? It really shouldn't.

>> No.49128305

This isn't bad but some of the extras leave a bad taste in my mouth: LESBIFY! and Good Girl mostly. I can't explain it but it feels like you're trying to stick a feminine dildo in my mental pooper.

>> No.49128315

>Or does it bother you that much? It really shouldn't.
I'm not bothered at all, where are you getting that from?
I'm simply asking if you're the good kind or trash kind of AGP?

>> No.49128338

It is merely that I can't think of anything other than sexual shit when it's this late, so I just go them out of the way first. You'll see more counterbalance later when I'm awake again.

I don't know. Probably trash. Everyone on 4chan is literally subhuman trash anyway so it's not like it matters. Anyway, gonna hit the sack now.

>> No.49128351

I'd love to see more but I'm really wondering what you could still add to this cyoa that won't reduce its comfiness.

>> No.49128487


>> No.49128614

>Good Girl

Not really sure if "Good Girl" is a full-range shapeshifting option, or just breast/overall size type deal. Needs a proper shapeshifting option if it's not for those that don't want girl-only changes, or who would like to switch things up on a whim.

>> No.49128669


Yeah, if it's girl transformations only it makes sense, it's consistent with other powers there, but if it's _fully_ at will? Can I make catgirls? Or complete nonhuman TFs? Could I do some fucked up I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream shit to people with that? Seems overpowered.

>> No.49128753

I honestly preferred it before it had waifu and be the girl options. I know most of /cyoag/ will disagree with me, but I think it takes the theme from comfy pocket dimension to generic wish fulfillment.

>> No.49128844

I disagree with you, and that's ok.

>> No.49128926

Well, you don't have to pick any of them.
That's the point, isn't it?

Personally speaking, not being alone, not being around any men (including myself) and getting to change my deeply dissatisfying body all greatly increase the comfy factor.

>> No.49128931

>tfw you're reading a CYOA and you try to find a section using ctrl-F

>> No.49128949

I actually like the older version more. Conjuring sapient beings into and out of existence feels too great of a responsibility for me. I know I won't be able to resist the temptation for long. Plus, having to go to Earth to find friends gives me a reason to ever leave.

Maybe we can give up those abilities for an additional perk, bringing it to an even 10?

Also a bit wary of getting virtual reality, as that is effectively every option ever.

>> No.49128996


I'll have to agree with the others here, combine the first 3 perks into some general "shapeshifting" perk, probably nothing too powerful though. Makes the gym useless though. (And something about how you have to ask other humans/waifu with soul, or something for major transformations.)

For some /d/ stuff you could make a perk be like, people are more open to sex (could be where you fit in LESBIFY's effect of sexuality changes, or another perk could be, making more extreme/impossible fetishes can be done with no permanent harm.

For the "take shit out with you", don't forget the obvious "no one will care that you have this thing" and that it loses any magic powers it had (sweets are unhealthy again, the cars need gas again, guns have limited ammo). Maybe something like they depreciate fast or something. But make things made from scratch in the /diy/ room exclude these rules because hey, you made it.

One final bit of feedback is that you really didn't seem to put room combos up to their full capacity with only one. Gym+Fire arms gives you melee weapons or martial arts, gym+car track and field, ocean+cars boats, ocean+fabulous swimwear (I know you get swimwear with ocean already), lewd unlocking the porn games/movies/literature/clothing in their respective rooms. Probably a few others.

Oh and while it might be obvious does the fashion room have an infinite supply of make up? Or some kind of easy piercing thing? Seems like it would be to be fabulous but just to be sure. And the Normie Station a sound system with any cd you'd want?

>> No.49129001

>not being around any men (including myself) and getting to change my deeply dissatisfying body all greatly increase the comfy factor.
Are you seeing a therapist? If not, I'd greatly suggest you do.

>> No.49129033

Why would anybody destroy their own work like this?

>> No.49129044

Why would anon repeatedly bring up a corpse of a subject?
Either because they enjoy it, or because it angers them.
Joy & Anger OP NERF NOW!

>> No.49129052

No. Why should I entrust my mental well-being to someone who only benefits from me being mentally unwell?

>> No.49129057

The fact that they're there changes the tone of the CYOA. It's like adding in superpowers, or giving you the option to get extra points by having an army of monsters periodically besiege your pocket dimension.

>> No.49129064


And some easy to apply hair dye. And hair extensions but those and wigs seem more obvious.

>> No.49129075

Yeah, that's why I never go to the doctor. Fuckers are just going to infect me with diseases so they can treat me forever.

>> No.49129091

>he doesn't find sieges comfy
>he isn't lulled to sleep by bloody gurgles of the dying
>the possibility of death, and the option to fight it without social repercusion doesn't set his mind at ease

>> No.49129101

To be fair, the hospital that holds monopoly over half my state does shit like that.
That's not a rumor. I work there.

>> No.49129109

Nah, it's more a matter of forcing unnecessary or unnecessarily expensive and/or long treatments on patients, which is a well-documented practice in my country.

Mental treatment being even more of a murky gray zone does not inspire particular confidence in practitioners.

>> No.49129124

No shit, really? Can I ask what state so I can never, ever get sick there?

Seriously, though, the world is full of professions where they could theoretically get repeat businesses by sabotaging their own work. It happens sometimes, but most of the time that's counterproductive unless they have that kind of monopoly you're talking about.

>> No.49129159

That isn't surprising, is it?

>> No.49129333

Because it's better to continue having these life-destroying thoughts?
I share your paranoia with people who benefit from repeat business, but you're still fucked in the head

>> No.49129616

I am perfectly capable of functioning in regular social situations and day-to-day life.
I will never find another girlfriend, but I've mostly come to terms with that.

There are more important uses for my money than some shrink who may or may not want to and/or be capable of helping me.

>> No.49129631


But wouldn't shapeshifting make hair dye, extensions, color contacts, and the piercing gun all obsolete?

>> No.49129664

I second this. The "comfy zone" seems to be becoming a tiny magical realm where you wield absolute power which is not a very comfy kind of comfy.

>> No.49129688

>I am perfectly capable of functioning in regular social situations and day-to-day life.
I don't know, what you said earlier doesn't seem to imply this, but whatever. I don't know you, I can't talk about your situation.

>> No.49129783

New Thread: >>49129778

>> No.49129794

>starting with a pdf

>> No.49129812

Yes, I did. Why didn't you mention it in the new thread? Then we could have had a nice discussion about it.

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