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>Why is there a negro in Central Europe-esque Innistrad? Are there temperate climates on the plane? Is it still spooky?

>Is that horse a vampire too?

Is anyone else sick of Wizard's unnecessarily aggressive PC campaign recently? Hiring a "character consultant" for a black planeswalker makes no sense whatsoever, unless she came from the Americana Plane of the Multiverse.

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I wonder if every other person in kaladesh will be white?

I suppose chandra is from there.

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Ya know, I know you're trolling, but there were people of color in Europe from at least Roman times onward.

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I'm aware of it and I loathe it. I wish I could strike out against it, but I don't know how.

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there's no way you actually give a shit and are only just seeing this now. fuck off with your bait.

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Not that dark skinned. In Europe you'd find Moors, AKA Spanish muslims or north africans.

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No there werent.

Ill bite: Because they are americans.

Heres the truth about americans: Americans cannot picture Blacks beeign civilized, i mean it has never happened in history so i dont blame them.
Americans however are also driven by the idea to be politically correct and not trigger the negros.

So what do they do? Do they make a block on africa? something they have done previously when they were less interrested in not offending anyone?
No they wont, because that would have to show africans as what they are: primiitves.

So instead, they inject them into european cultures, thus allowing themselves to appear progressive without having to reveal the truth: Africa is a shit tier continent that has never ammounted to anything that isnt Egypt.

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There were a few Africans in Medieval Europe, so in the context of an exotic collection of travelling adventurers, it's certainly tolerable. What doesn't make sense is having cities with modern demographics outside of certain border areas (and even then, no where near say modern London).

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Well meme'd

Even if the Romans brought coloured people into Western Europe which doesn't make much sense to begin with (why hire mercenaries from the East and bring them north when you can hire Germans in the North to fight in the North).

Auxiliaries would be recruited close to where they were fighting.

Either way, even if some coloured folk existed in Western Europe during the Roman period they wouldn't stay there for long let alone settle there for generations in enough numbers to remain "coloured" for long.

They don't make sense in any period set before say 1800AD (maybe a bit earlier) when Europeans brought them there as exotic courtiers.

Also OP asked his question in regard to Central Europe, an area Rome could never exert significant direct influence and an area that never had significant colonial holdings until the late 1800s.

But hey fantasy, do whatcha want.

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2/10. You get the two points for tumblr terms and trying, but you should pick something that's not so easily disproved historically.

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I'm sick of your bullshit attitude.

It's fantasy, let it be inclusive. You're a fucking racist if someone having dark skin bothers you when there are actual lizard people and vampires in the same setting. Why are dark-skinned people a bigger stretch?

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I mean, who is that girl and is she relevant?

I can't find any cards or characters in Innistrad that are dark skinned. So I mean, am I just ignorant and she has a background and a reason for being there, maybe she is from another plane or something?

Alternatively, they just put a black person in some flavour art to jazz it up since they're working with a very bleak palate. Intentionally.

Having someone with black skin & features allows them to pull the colour scheme reversal with the white armour without breaking the tone of the piece, and it's appears designed to draw attention to the centre where Sorin is without taking the focus away from him. What's the term, contrast yeah. You can see they've balanced it out with the white smoke/clouds in the background on the right, It's a clever way to have it framing Sorin without overexposing the background, instead by having it on separate layers it provides the illusion of depth.

Additionally, Sorin is a planeswalker. Not sure at what point in time this picture is, but regardless having a servant or subordinate who has a unique appearance and speaks an unknown tongue and claims origin in an unknown land, just adds to his mystique and general air of "Spoopy Vampire Lord" that has seen strange sights, fought stranger beasts, and done this in lands that are beyond strange altogether and would never be believed to exist if there wasn't proof of it walking around and talking.

Or it could have been some pandering, maybe they saw the article about Huffpo's staff diversity and said "Shit Jim, tossing some ladies in there isn't enough, make one of them black. Not like scary or alien black, like pick an famous Black American black."

Seems like a really small detail to care about though, and kind of discredits a lot of arguments you use against it being there that are more appropriate to apply to, say, the Jaycetice Team.

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Oh, much better. You're addressing someone personally on an anonymous image board, claiming the moral high ground, still the tumblr terms - and you're working in more, repeating the message without repeating yourself, as well as prodding the classic /tg/ reaction spots. 5/10.

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Why is there a bunch of fa/tg/uys pretending to be muscular men and sexy ladies saving the world? It's so unrealistic!

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ITT, people bitch about realism in a fantasy cape setting.

The point of M:tG's setting is to be immersive and nothing drags me out when I have to ask where the colored women at?

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That doesn't sound like MtG you're describing

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>why are there niggers in my US American game? My ancestors worked hard to genocide the Americans and had a civil war about excluding the Africans from our expanding Union, why has their noble sacrifice been betrayed?

tl;dr: It's an US game.

>unless she came from the Americana Plane of the Multiverse.
She did. Every single character in the game does.

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She's from the elemental plane of watermelon and chickunz

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Dude, come on. Read about the Axum Empire which covered areas that had both Negroids and Caucasians in it, including the Red Sea.

The Ghana Empire (which while isolationist, was well known as the Empire of Gold among northern Africans and there was one dude who did a Hajj and gave away so much money he destabilized the economy of the Caliphate.

More contemporary empires? The Mali Empire in Western Africa peaked in 1350. Lasted until the mid 1600s. One of its most important cities was known as Timbuktu, maybe you've heard of it in older literature?

Oh, but you want to focus on Central Europe, well I guess you have the argument there.

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A planeswalker did it.

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... Why does he want to focus on central Europe anyway?

Sure, Vlad was central European, but the general Germanic feel of Innistrad gives you a reference that is close to the Medditerrian sea.

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Are you dense?

The point you're responding to is about Central Europe, what Innstrad is based off. Not the Kingdom of Aksum (ME trading ties), or the slaving empires.

How is listing a bunch of African nations and empires relevant to the thread?

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Wait, no disregard that I suck cocks. Had one in my mouth right then while pausing for dramatic effect and I'm still not as big a faggot as you.

Exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa began in the 15th century. They actually called it the Age of Exploration. Ironically not because they didn't know about Africa or black people, but because the interior of sub-saharan Africa had yet to be thoroughly explored and only the Muslim conquest of Sudan that opened it up. You ever see a Sudanese person? Getting pretty dark.

There had been Arab slaving going on since pretty much forever, but it really kicked into gear with Islam. The kingdom of Nubia, named for the Noba people who migrated there in 4th century BC and are the current ethnic majority, was actually a Christian Kingdom. It survived all that time to the present even, although it's now called Ethiopia.

So the Muslim Caliphates were interacting and enslaving Africans for centuries. But would they sell to central Europe?

Let's talk about Wallachia. You know, part of Romania now with Transylvania and Moldovia. Wallachia came under the control of the Pechenegs, a swarthy people known for worshiping Islam and being Turkish.

So yeah, it's concievable that during the location and time in real life that Innistrad is based on, not just Africans but Negroids from African kingdoms could have been present there.

All of this is ignoring explorers, envoys, adventurers of circumstance or wealth, preachers and religious pilgrims seeking truths in distant places that have always popped up randomly.

No, there never were any significant or established Negroid communities or colonies that I know of. But there were individuals present, and the place you would see them would be at courts as a novelty, or because of their exceptional or unique skills, or in mercenary bands, or with goods to trade, or being entertained by the Church as pilgrims, or argue with as heathens, or to get them to accept missionaries etc.

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>what Innstrad is based off

Is it actually based on it, or does it just draw some aesthetics from the area/time period, like 99% of fantasy "based" on something?

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What's with all these mtg threads about race lately? It's always the same too, "No nigggers here,no niggers allowed anywhere but africa", or "WEWUZKANGS" shite. For fuck sake even that black, jungle elf in conspiracy got the same reaction. Then they go complaining about different races being shoved into settings that apparently should be all white (cause humans and snake people are believable but humans and humans with different features just isn't plausible) but not the other way around when Kaladesh is an indian set with a bunch of white people in it.
I've never seen people get so triggered over something so fucking stupid.

Remember to sage all stormfag threads

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>Christian Eastern Europe having open borders not lynching anyone foreign looking near the Turkish occupied areas.


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Edit, apparently Germany is part of Central Europe.

Germanic people did interact with plenty of Western and Meddit... Fuck it people, so trying to be pure about such a setting just seems weird.

I mean, it's not like having black people in a fantasy version of something makes people assume anything about the real life counterpart.

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she is a vampire. She can be what any color she fucking wants.

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>das racis

Where do you think you are?

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See that is a better argument, than a convoluted explanation of African civilizations (the only ones who'd make frequent contact would've been the Aksum, despite their trade relations I really doubt the Jewish and Christian population would've been welcomed with open arms through the Islamic world.

It's fantasy, who really cares provided a reasonable enough explanation can be bullshitted. But saying that having black people and Arabs walking around as anything less than highly suspicious foreign emissaries in Christian Europe at the heights of the middle ages is just retarded.

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I posted >>49110136 so that I could post >49110252.

Dude was babbling about Rome, like there weren't frequent contact with Negroid Africans and even occasional colonization from Greeks and Phoenicians and the Goths around like 6th or 7th century.

The worst thing about this, is that they are technically correct. There were many African Empires that were at times much more wealthy and powerful and educated than European nations. Hell, the Mali empire had the worlds first constitution, and memory and rumors of it's peak made it into a semi-mythical place. Seriously, you know you've heard of Timbuktu. Do you remember where? It was a pretty fucking big deal back in the Victorian ages to the point that people tried to argue that "Aliens did it".

So many actual Empires and successes to use as role models and as a substitute for personal pride and achievement. All wrecked by Muslim conquests and slavers.

Ethiopia for crying out loud was never even colonized. I mean, Italy tried to colonize them so it's not like they fought they big boys like Britain or France or Spain or Russia, but still.

They were wealthy, stable, low corruption and educated. And also happily conquering and genociding their neighbours with just as much gusto if not more than European colonizers. Got fucked up in WWII though, and decided to try going back to ethnic cleansing afterwards instead of continuing to modernize. But I digress.

Instead of actually learning history and using the many appropriate examples, American Blacks instead try to insist that they were somehow significant or responsible for development in Europe. In an especially ironic twist, this is a very popular viewpoint among black Muslims, members of the very same faith of Islam that was responsible for destroying so many of the Kingdoms and establishing the slave trade as a norm in Africa.

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Where da white mana at?

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Same reason we get annoyed if you want to play a non standard race that doesn't mesh with the settings so well.

Would get pissed if it's Viking appearing from nowhere in a fantasy Asia setting.

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That's not how vampirism works.

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we wuz bludsucka's n' shieet.

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Yeah and I still have an issue with what you lead to.

It's like saying you'd find a significant number of Greeks in ancient China, because they their got through India. It reeks of improbability/snow flakism.

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It could happen, if they were Christian. Dark skin was more likely to get you in trouble, but it wasn't a freaking death sentence.

In fantasy, it can be much easier for that to pass. Skin color among humans matters a whole lot less when the guy across is a freaking orc or a tiefling.

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We're talking about one black person standing side by side with the top one percenters of their setting there, not about "significant numbers". That lady's the minorest of the minorities.

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>Even if the Romans brought coloured people into Western Europe which doesn't make much sense to begin with (why hire mercenaries from the East and bring them north when you can hire Germans in the North to fight in the North).
Because you can't trust auxilia to do things in their native land, send them to the other side of the world where they don't speak the language and have nothing but the logistical support system you're providing and you get obedient soldiers who don't give a shit who you oppress because all they want is their pay and citizenship at the end.

>Auxiliaries would be recruited close to where they were fighting.
Depends when exactly you're talking about, but for the majority of the time you're wrong.

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Hey man, my first argument about why the character would be there was this post >>49110061.

It's not even a card or has an identity beyond being the black chick in this art piece (that I know of).

I just want people to actually know what they're talking about, because there are defensible arguments to be made for having a black person present in the lore, both in relation to the actual possibilities in the lore and for meta-reasons about maintaining the "flavour" of the settings.

Like, you could argue that it wasn't unusual for there to be people from really fucking far away present in medieval courts, or mercenary armies, occasionally as slaves or servants captured or gifted to travelers and traders. Maybe not a whole lot, but enough that the existence of black people was known among the classes that had access to education, and would be involved in trade and politics. So it would be stranger for there to be no travellers at all, much less a Noble Court not having a couple exotic travellers. Don't like admiting it matches the meta-flavour? Lore states the entire plane is Vampires and white people because no sun or whatever? Good thing there's fucking PLANESWALKERS, look there's one right there. Non-planeswalkers can even sometimes travel planes, there's magic and technomagic and lost forgotten devices and strange horrifying devices and wizards everywhere with no sense of right or wrong.

Turns out History is a science, and it's changing as we get more data. Egypt used to be considered a major empire, incredibly powerful as a military, cultural, and economic force. Because they wrote a lot of records and those are what we found. Now that we've found more of their contemporaries writings, we see that they are more consistent with each other than with Egyptian records. Yeah, ancient Egyptians pretty much lied their faces off and were much less . . . everything, than we believed. That's some "We Wuz Kangs" shit that went on for 2000 years.

Arabs worst.

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And like I said it reeks of bullshit in terms of the analogy of Europe. It's Fantasy, dimension travel or some bullshit is fine for Innstrad. But saying because it could've happened in real life setting it's based off is just a cuntish way to do it.

I'm not talking about them in Europe I'm talking about them getting there, through that large, racist, slave mongering fundamentally Islamist territories in between. Plus getting across into Christian lands where racial tensions and xenophobia are high.

Again, it reeks of bullshit. Just because there were trade routes between Asia and Europe doesn't mean I'll let someone play a pissed of Irishman in a game set in Feudal Japan, sure one could've possibly got there but it still feels more like someone who just doesn't care for the setting.

In short use the 'it's fantasy, magic' explanation. Not the stretch of the imagination that has black people appearing in Europe commonly enough to be a feature before modern transportation systems.

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/pol/ GET OUT.


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We'd get pissed if it was a Dwarf originating from an Elven city with no decent explanation.

Less to do with racism, more to do with it fucking with the setting.

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Welcome to the smut free /tg/ you never asked for.

They got rid of smut so they could be /pol/.

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No you wouldn't.

You would wonder what the fuck he was doing there and come up with an actual explanation instead of complaining.

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Why always to do with mtg though? Why can't it be a game I don't give a shit about?

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literally one black person in a card art everyone triggered allow
>but muh realism
the one black person shown is an immortal vampire, which means at any point in the plane's history one black person had to get to story area
>but muh privilege
I know it's scary seeing a picture of a black person but she dies literally four sentences after being introduced
>but muh superior Aryan genetics
go back to community college with your "superior" Aryan blood

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>I've never seen people get so triggered over something so fucking stupid.

I, on the other hand, just witnessed it in your post.

>> No.49110621

>Settings are based off famous European myths.
>Annoyed that modern racial demographics are applied.

Do a fantasy Bantu setting and throw in random white people into the tribes people, it'll have the same effect. An unexplained break to the settings narrative just annoys people.

>> No.49110640

No it won't. Because it won't be posted by a /pol/tard.

>> No.49110647

Kaladsh is full of white people and nobody's complaining, they're just making the same shit joke repeatedly

>> No.49110650

>be medieval
>not murder moors on site
The fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.49110658

I make the setting and arbitrate. If a character doesn't suspend disbelief enough without a rational explanation to it I will reject it.

I'm not saying it isn't possible, only it's such an anomaly and will be treated as such. By not giving a decent explanation and expecting me to pick up the slack it only proves their lack of interest in the setting.

>> No.49110662

>he disagreed with me, that means he's triggered

>> No.49110665

Culture, language and religion was different from one tribe to another, the Romans hired Germans for centuries to fight other tribes of Germans.

I was going to address that topic but I thought it was obvious you wouldn't swap people from one side of the world to the other.

From Britain to Gaul would be sufficient.

>> No.49110682

>And like I said it reeks of bullshit in terms of the analogy of Europe.

Nig, Africans were present at all European courts in such small numbers. Even Mozart's Freemason's lodge had an African member. Its perfectly in line with the period it's quoting in that image.

>We'd get pissed if it was a Dwarf originating from an Elven city with no decent explanation.
Yes, go on and shitpost about Carrot Ironfoundersson.

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That is actually not true, I very much dislike Kaladesh for that reason.

Loved the old Arabian Nights set though.

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>instead of ignoring the thread like any sane person would do you were so triggered you had to come into the thread and bitch about its existence
>then when someone calls you out on it you deny that you're assmad

It never gets old

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You might dislike it but I have seen literally no complaints about it. I've seen more people complaining it'll just be brown people than I've seen complaints that there's white people

>> No.49110708

>It's like saying you'd find a significant number of Greeks in ancient China

Ironically there was a significant number of Jews there thanks to Alexander, who retain a separate continuous identity to this day.

I never argued significant. But the ones that did go would be dis-proportionally represented due to both rarity as well as the different views of identity regarding ethnicity and culture. Nationalism wasn't really a thing for most of history, and even when it was there were important and significant differences in how it was expressed and defined.

Like when people say Greece was a democracy just like America. No, Greek democracy was direct democracy instead of representational at one point, then representational, than Roman. Ignoring the fact that only Citizens could vote, and citizenship was only available to Men, who weren't slaves, and lived in the Polis, with other qualifiers such as a minimum amount of individual wealth, or taxes paid instead, or political affiliation and participation.

Hell, American Democracy has changed drastically and several times alone but most people don't know that.

So you can't assume that Medieval Gentry and cultures would react the same way as we would to foreigners from other nations or ethnicities. Definitely not race, because that didn't exist as a recognizable concept back then for people.

It would be far more important about the wealth and social status of the person regardless of their culture or appearance. It was assumed that men who ruled did so by divine right and inherent superiority. Sure that got messy at times like with the Crusades and Islamic expansion, but even then it was more about religious affiliation than and intrinsic quality. Better to break bread with a Persian that had converted, than a Frank who had lapsed in his devotion, or embraced a heretical creed.

Added complications are that the term Moor was used inconsistently for only northern non-Negroids, but also for just any African.

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Oh that's not me, I ignored your faggotry. that's some other anon calling you a faggot

>> No.49110717

So take it up with them, I'm agreeing it's stupid.

>> No.49110722

>Obvious high medieval plate armour
>Brings up Mozart born 300 years later

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File: 2.64 MB, 320x240, 1469309954940.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: People complain about a single individual being in an improbable location

>> No.49110727


Like the way Russians use 'blacks' to describe anyone even remotely swarthy. Probably because they have basically no social contact with proper sub-Saharans.

>> No.49110744

Oh I've no problem with you, your opinion is apperently consistent at the very least and doesn't reek of stormfaggotry. Unlike the whole trend of bitching over literally anything that isn't white in magic

>> No.49110751

>Carrot Ironfoundersson
Notice how I said no decent explanation, his presence is explained well enough in the setting.

As for the first point how does Mozart's company affect something based on the high middle ages? I'm not denying a few Africans existed in Europe in the middle ages but again it's anomalous enough that it warrants an explanation beyond head canon.

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>of colour

Nigger there werent even blacks in northern africa back then, you even being north of the sahara is a modern occurence, that will be rectified

>> No.49110774

Why blue is way more OP?

I will agree people seem fairly hypocritical about it, while when their ethno-cultural (not necessarily theirs) get shoe horned in other places they're fine with it, but when their's is getting reskinned they're up in arms.

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>high middle ages
>plenty of folks with 15th-16th century fashion elements
>one albion who's wearing scifi armour
>two Dark Souls ripoffs
>a woman dressed in a fantasy 17th century piece

Reminder that the High Middle Ages were the age of mail, mail everywhere and that image looks like it's trying to quote 19th century paintings of revolutionaries.

Holy shit, guys there's even an Albion there. They're like 1:20.000 rare.

>> No.49110878

Dwarf in an Elven city? Clearly he was on a quest to help his cousin reclaim his ancestral treasure and home from a foe that had driven them out in his fathers day. Partially for greed, partially for glory, partially to avenge his father who disappeared with some others who had been broken by the tragedy, leaving behind only a note that promised they would redeem themselves and scattered writings about secret doors, ancient oaths and possible allies who abandoned them and were not to be trusted again.

At some point, they journeyed unknown through Elven territory and offended the King first by disrupting his court, next by refusing to explain their presence, third by claiming debt for they were one of the allies that did failed them first when they were attacked, second when they needed and were refused refuge, and a third time when they offered no aid or hand towards the Dwarves vengeance and return to their ancestral home.

This cousin of the King uncrowned, a true friend and companion in this dangerous task that held no surety of success or even survival, much less reward, was nonetheless there for love of his cousin and fellow dwarves. for love of his King Uncrowned but still of noble bearing and demeanor, for love of his people and the wonders they had built and left behinid, and of their future. This dwarf who had not just lust but love blinded an elf maiden who saw it shine.

While he had to leave behind the city and the maiden, she managed to talk to him about what she saw, and when he answered they found themselves sharing love between them as well.

Now his quest is done, there was loss but also success, and while riches and status there were his to claim he could only do what he had always done and followed his love back to the city.

And there he stayed. Rough, crude by their standards, a dull stone among fair and shining folk, none could send him off because beside him for love the Maiden blazed fairest of all, of any ever seen.

>> No.49110886


And the belief of a relationship between Albinos and vampires is a common one in various cultures around the world.

>> No.49110893

>Notice how I said no decent explanation
"The kingdom completely forgot that they had a queen and a king and a heir right after the vehicle had toppled over, so the future king was raised by dwarfs."

>> No.49110897

I would accept that if the player gave me that. But the complaint I laid was expecting it to fly with no decent explanation.

>> No.49110903

Because Americans need to shove black Americans into everything for (((some))) reason.

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>> No.49110910

The Kingdom didn't know it had anyone left of the royal lineage and it's a satirical take on fantasy tropes. Which on the Discworld only makes it a more viable explanation.

>> No.49110950

Let's put it another way: what would be the benefits of having no black people whatsoever in Innistrad? It's not a historical setting so it doesn't need to stay true to any source material. What we lose by having a black girl among the adventurers here? Really?

>> No.49110982

If I remember correctly, this is the same setting with the 2.5-storey tall hypno-toad, various Frankenstyle monsters and, lately, variety-store tentacle monsters?

To be honest, can't say I mind. Oh, but if you really need a reason, say a Planeswalker from Amonkhet shagged someone a bit back.

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File: 62 KB, 600x327, american-psycho-bateman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hell, if she wasn't there we wouldn't have the excellent entertainment of watching neanderthals try to articulate why her presence upsets them.

>> No.49111022

Sage, report, hide, forget

>> No.49111026

It's funny how the racist's history of the USA can basically be summed up as: "White people dinuf and aren't dunuf."

>> No.49111037

> Implying Arabs and Muselmen and Moors in Northern Africa didn't enslave blacks in the sub-saharan and sell them off back in the cities to work as if they were beasts.

> Trying to obfuscate the fact that these Muslim cultures and states were the ones who established that people who weren't from Abrahamic religions weren't people but beasts and that slavery of sub-saharan Africans was their natural state, and that they weren't just different from them culturally or ethnically, but intrinsically as a matter of spirit and body.

The reason they were present then and are present now is because Islam is a crap fanfiction of the Torah made by a SJW with all the hypocrisy and fear of criticism as well as the kind of murder modern SJWs wish they could use to convert or silence others.

And since it was used by and on Arabs, they pretty much used it to justify being cunts. They view relationships as being tiers of opponents that only ally against greater foes.

"Me against my brother. Me and my brother against our father. My family against the tribe. The tribe against the other tribes, and all of us tribal groups against the cities, the nation against the other Muslim nations, and all of Islam against the world. We were all of us alone at all times, and without an enemy to stand together against we were unable to turn our back to each other."

Ever wonder why North Africa and the ME is shit? Arabs can't help but backstab each other if they see weakness. Israel won because nobody was willing to pull troops from their allies borders for fear of invasion, within the nations the rulers steal with one hand and point at Israel, America, and other Arabs with the other and say "They are why".

At least when a Persian calls you brother he doesn't mean that you'll be the last one he betrays.

>> No.49111042

Giant European Hypno-toads are an important part of US history, Anon. When they had finally made the crossing around 1500 AD, they convinced all the Americans to leave so that the English could dot an empty continent with free farmers.

>> No.49111048

And in that sense WotC is doing God's work, providing us with countless hours of entertainment at the behest of our...less fortunate brethren.

>> No.49111073

Statistically speaking, lower rates of rape, murder, and theft.

>> No.49111099

Assamites don't become "people black" as they got older, they become "black black".

>> No.49111100

It's from the movie The Hobbit. Remember, the one dwarf, I want to say Gimli, has a romantic subplot with an elf chick they inserted for that purpose? I didn't actually see the movie, but I remember the bitching about it.

Oh, was there ever bitching.

But yeah, he's the youngest and surprises her that he can be charming and witty with words, she's never before met a dwarf and was prejudiced but like in an ignorant way not a malicious or "I went to school in a dwarf majority district and got beat up every day for having pointy ears' or "I'm a meth-head redneck elf that's on the bottom of the totem pole, and has no actual skills, assets, or achievements of value. But at least I'm better than a dwarf, and I'll justify that by intrinsic elf qualities that I pick, because if I compare myself to other elves, or dwarves on anything except how elvish they aren't, then I'll lose."

I believe they ended up together at the end of the movie, when the elves come to extort, er, claim a share of treasure for the dwarves trespassing and shit.

>> No.49111111
File: 93 KB, 600x578, Finn pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying there is anything wrong with racism.
>mfw "refugees" are leaving in droves from my homeland willingly because of Finns being racist as fuck, whereas the "so open and tolerant" countries like Sweden and Germany will become mudslime shitholes in the next century due to sheer demographic shifts that they have allowed to happen in their lands.

Racism wins again!

>> No.49111121

Nah, he died.

>> No.49111136

Well, vampires do often come in black, I don't see why you're complaining

>> No.49111144

nice digits desu

>> No.49111147


Honestly, I like arguing this stuff. It's subjective to the extent of making any argument for or against pointless and irrelevant. Which gives a lot of latitude for picking what you want to argue and how to argue it.

Anyways, who is the dark chocolate in the pic?

>> No.49111148

/pol/ is preferable to smut tho.
Smut fags need to die in fire.

>> No.49111161

You're all forgetting that Innistrad is not Earth, and shares neither its geography nor history.

Traders from Nephalia could easily be swarthy foreigners from a far-off land, and settle in on the coast, or migrate further inland after a generation or two.

This is a continent where "christianity" was founded and widely instituted about a thousand years ago, and the primary tenants of the religion involve the eradication of non-human monsters. Literally any normal human is met with far less suspicion once you can confirm they're not a vampire or werewolf.

>> No.49111169

But see, the functional thing here is that you're guarding against a dangerous ideology. And if you're doing it because "brown people", that might work now, but what happens once the "mudslime shitholes" you're near start resulting on European converts, and then those European converts come to Finland, and they don't look like Arabs? Guarding against one dangerous, flawed belief system with another dangerous, flawed belief system is always going to leave gaps to be exploited.

>> No.49111171


>> No.49111174
File: 108 KB, 500x500, 1455138584655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If hitler had won the war none of this would happen. Can you imagine a world without filthy niggers, kikes, or zipperheads?

>> No.49111177

His will made flesh

>> No.49111215


Nothing exists on her that we know of.

>> No.49111219
File: 123 KB, 353x357, puukko pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate all non Finns who enter my homeland with a burning passion.
They are not my kin, and thus they do not belong here. Finland is for Finns.
Each step they take on this soil, is a transgression against my ancestors.

Swedes, Ruskies, Englishmen, Germans, etc, are all at best, fuckers trying to cheat us, and at worst, occupiers, ancestral enemies, who burned our towns, oppressed and murdered our people. The only kin people we have are Estonians, and even they have fallen under the sway of the damned anglos, who care nothing of us, with them being part of Nato.

>> No.49111224


No, but I CAN imagine a collapsed Nazi "empire" leaving Europe even more vulnerable to economic bullying from Asia than they already are.

>> No.49111227
File: 13 KB, 339x149, it's full of stars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Can you imagine a world without filthy niggers, kikes, or zipperheads?

I can, and it is beautiful.

>> No.49111230

This anon speaks truth. A world with only whites would truly be paradise

>> No.49111237

Huh, checked and Gimli is from Lord of the Rings trilogy, not Hobbit.. Also checked the whole movie thing and honestly probably the best way to end it. Kili still dies, and her character doesn't stick around.

Seems more like they made her character to add depth to the Elves since they were really kind of bit players in the Hobbit, but make up so much of the settings lore and backstory. And slapped a romantic subplot in for efficiency because there wasn't one, but it would take away from any of the actual main characters, and Fili and Kili and Bombadur were the only dwarves given individual treatment. Bombadur was a fat fuck for comic relief, and I guess they just flipped a coin for Fili or Kili.

Given Gimli's stalker level worship of Galadriel and his request for her hair as a reward, I guess there's some precedent for Dwarves and Elves usually being incompatible but having "the exception that proves the rule, opposites attract:" thing happen.

>> No.49111238
File: 13 KB, 95x96, 1470298135619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, of course, underage nazis calling every pebble in their shoes "degeneracy" are way more better than smut threads. Naturally.
Dude, understand that I hate lefties too, but /pol/ is just plain obnoxious. You're basically Internet's Jehowah's Witnesses. You interrupt people discussing or working to annoy them with your boring propaganda.

>> No.49111248

Are those the statistics for Innistrad, hmm?

>> No.49111249

No Jews only more likely. Didn't seem to have too large a problem with Blacks or Asians.
Possibly, but Japan wasn't exactly great at building economies in their territories.

>> No.49111255
File: 50 KB, 395x419, Dark Eldar absolutely disgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/pol/ is entertaining as fuck m8.
I'll take full on /pol/ invasion over the annoying as fuck smutfags who can't keep their perversions out of the TT.
Too many eldar threads have been ruined by those cunts for me to ever tolerate their existence. They need to be all gassed.

>> No.49111256
File: 35 KB, 285x400, FinlandsSakärvår1940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You ungrateful sonofabitch.

>> No.49111258

Buy a gun and do your part in protecting the white race anon today

>> No.49111264

>famous European myths
Nigger, Innistrad's pop culture Gothic horror tropes.
You've got Count Dracula vampires
You've got badass werewolves
You've got zombies
You've got Frankenstein's Monsters
You have cultists corrupting the church
You have angels being cute girls
The part of innistrad we see is vaguely german, but there are other lands in the plane.
Also we have a giant moon made of silver. Which myth is that from?

>> No.49111279

>his request for her hair

Was from Tolkien himself. Way it was written didn't make it sound like lust or love but instead as an appreciation of her beauty and his desire to preserve the lock in an amber piece.

Sounds weird now but apparently it was a more common thing in the past.

>> No.49111287



You mean Bombur, and he was the only dwarf without a single spoken line in the entire trilogy.

Oh, and Galadriel is practically a minor god. Gimli may have been smitten with her, but I don't think she reciprocated that.

>> No.49111296

Anon, why you feel it is important to you that there is not even a single black person on Innistrad? Is this a rational thing you think?

>> No.49111312
File: 176 KB, 900x1125, dwalin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My nigga Dwalin best dwarf

>> No.49111313
File: 111 KB, 495x738, the swede.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off Swede. You cowardly shits didn't lift a finger to defend us. The volunteers that came from Sweden for the most part, had Finnish ancestry, and you fucks blocked Britain's attempts at sending us food aid etc during the war.

And even if you actually committed to our aid, it still would hardly make up for the CENTURIES of shit you did to my people. You fucks nearly erased our ancestral culture completely (it is a small miracle Kalevala was even collected because for the most part, people who remembered our ancestral folklore and poems were all dead by that point), oppressed us, used us as cannon fodder, taxed us to near starvation, burned our houses down for not learning your language, took our few natural resources (tar for example) for your own use and in general, treated us little better than how Europeans treated the people of their colonies in africa.

Why should I be grateful for anything you fucks did? Had you not lost us to Ruskies, Finns no longer would probably exist as their own distinct group of people, because you fucks were doing your best to prevent us from having any identity of our own, as anything other than vassals of Swedes.
Ruskies were shit too, but at least they gave us the window to develop a national consciousness before they started to Russify us.

Sweden being overrun by jamals and achmeds is karmic justice and your coming extinction as a people amuses me greatly.

>> No.49111318

>Moors, AKA Spanish muslims or north africans.

Can this meme die already?

Moors are the people from Morocco, and the people that populated Morocco and al-andalus at the time weren't niggers but rather slavs(slaves from eastern europe) and caucasian people that lived in the middle east since the times of Egypt.

The only niggers you can find in these times where in the zone beyond Morocco.

>> No.49111320

I don't see how repeatedly spamming "no fun allowed" and "niggers" is fun, but meh, they're your tastes.
I never had issues with smut, except when it was exceptionally cringy or ruined threads like you said.

>> No.49111327

Nah, because smutfags are self-containing and it doesn't draw in people like /pol/ shit does. Everybody has an opinion on politics to some degree and feels the need to defend or attack.

Smut only interests smutfags, and only some of those if it's specific fetishes, increasing in direct relation to how niche it is.

People not into it just ignore it, except for the occasional "Muh Board!" purists. But they shit on any and every thing, and are pretty much either just wanting to whip out their nerd dick online and argue about rules like they don't have them already in their books, or . . . I'm not sure what else really. Could honestly be replaced by just posting the pdfs. Any sort of creativity or socializing is fucking anathema to them,.

>> No.49111329

>Not knowing about Blacula.
For shame.

>> No.49111346

Smutfags constantly posted their shit outside of the smut thread. I lost count of how many Eldar, or Tau threads were ruined by those cunts posting cropped smut or shifting the discussion to retarded fanwank crap about how those races fuck and how they lust after humans etc.

Them being expelled from /tg/ was the best thing that happened to this board in a long while.

>> No.49111350

The amount of tryhard in these threads is always my favorite part of the day

>> No.49111351

If you want to keep roleplaying as a PTSD-ridden cringe machine, there's the quest board, maybe you'll find something.
For now, just stop being OT. Focus on the thread, not on your annoying bullshit noone cares about.

>> No.49111360

>Live on Innistrad
>Murdering a non-werewolf human when there are literal werewolves, Vampires, ghosts, zombies, zombie-makers, and demonic cultists of every color ready to rip you to shreds.
>Especially with literal church angels ready to punish you for murdering another human in cold blood.
We're talking about a people that consider a dragon "friendly" because it's not undead and doesn't transform.

>> No.49111372

No, fuck you.
And fuck Swedes. They deserve the death of their race that is coming to them.

>> No.49111385

And finns deserve to be conquered by russia

>> No.49111400

Why would we want them?

>> No.49111405
File: 183 KB, 1280x1003, proud fin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are free to try another go.
Last time they didn't do so well.

>> No.49111411

As a land route to Sweden maybe but all we'd get is the Swedes problems, we'll stick to buggering non EU former soviet states.

>> No.49111415
File: 212 KB, 1024x682, Happy-face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just don't come begging to the rest of Europe when the Russians come along again to take you back to the greater Slavic communion where you belong.

>> No.49111428

>we'll stick to buggering non EU former soviet states
It's not like even they have anything useful, other than Ukraine. And even they only really had Crimea

>> No.49111429

Britain left, all you've got for yourself are France and Poland.

>> No.49111439

Our defense strategy works on the assumption that nobody will help us anyways.
And seeing the track record of you fucks, that assumption is the safe one. None of you would do anything more than express grave concern, or put up some pathetic sanctions anyways, like the spinless fags you are.

>> No.49111441

Ah, yes, a psychotic finn. A true representation of his hation

>> No.49111445

Aren't the Russians currently trolling them by giving Africans and Muslims free tickets to the Finnish border?

>> No.49111452

Well, was thinking of us in the Stans.

Fair amount of raw resources and old shit we left, but they seem more happy to cooperate.

With perhaps some exceptions.

>> No.49111457

take a DNA test of your ancestry and post pics of the results and your face when you realise your ancestry is made up of Swedes, Ruskies, Englishmen, Germans and all kins of not Finnish crap.

It'll be funny

>> No.49111459

Cuck btfo

>> No.49111471

We've been doing that for years, it's only increased.

>> No.49111481
File: 10 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw it's 105% with a 5% margin of error Finnish.

>> No.49111494

Witnessed, and only for general demographics. Like, individually you should be able to judge more discretely.

Profiling works consistently because stereotypes are based on observable facts and trends, but that is a ways off from it working always. Like, it's accurate but not precise.

>> No.49111508
File: 117 KB, 1024x749, Spurdo elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The less likely it is for non Finns to want to visit my homeland, the better.

That shit was sorted out over a half a year ago m8.
In the end, we are pretty chummy with the Russians, given the circumstances.
It was pretty amusing how annoyed Germans etc got when our president met Putin few months ago and had a press conference together.

All in all, these days, I trust the Russians more than the EU. At least Russians are straightforward with their intentions, whereas EU is subversive globalist organisation that doesn't benefit us in any way.
I hope we get rid of the retarded sanctions against Russia, so we can trade with them again. The sanctions have only hurt our economy, and we have gained nothing from them.

My bloodline runs deep into the lake territory of Finland, multiple generations of farmers, foresters and fishermen that have lived on the land where me and my family still spend our summers.

Also, you should know that according to recent genetic studies across Europe, Europeans can be divided into two main groups.
Finnish, and non Finnish europeans.
We Finns are genetically extremely distinct group and clearly different from the rest of Europe.
>mfw we are an Elven race.

>> No.49111514
File: 293 KB, 640x480, 1457940221685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well played, troll-sensei.

>> No.49111515
File: 56 KB, 342x342, 1470297388317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"/pol/ isn't annoying or cringey, I swear guys, I, like, totally swear."

>> No.49111516
File: 21 KB, 200x267, Nanban.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was apparently a black african Samurai who served Oda Nobunaga.
History is pretty weird like that

Nanban unrelated

>> No.49111519

That would be the Sweden. Russia has blocked most of the refugees coming through their borders

>> No.49111522

I don't really see it hurting anything. I think you are overblowing it, and I am usually against PC kind of shit. Yeah it looks out of place, but you whining isn't really going to change anything.

>> No.49111531

No, for the longest time our army just drove them to the Finnish border if we caught them. Happens more than you'd think.

>> No.49111535

So how about you take your bloodline back to the lake instead of being a drain on your parents.

>> No.49111541

>We Finns are genetically extremely distinct group and clearly different from the rest of Europe.
But not from Mongolia

>> No.49111548

How about you go back to your cuckshed Swen.

Ebin menes.
Though, how is being mongolian even supposed to be an insult anyways?
Mongols were great warriors that sacked europe multiple times. If anything, being called a mongol is a compliment.

>> No.49111549

To be fair, he was treated as an curiosity, which he was. I believe he was sold by a missionary who owned him or something of the sort.

>> No.49111551
File: 65 KB, 564x751, justdosomereserach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49111554

>Though, how is being mongolian even supposed to be an insult anyways?
Spoiler: it's not

>> No.49111559

Then why do people use it like an insult?

>> No.49111566

Take your bullshit to /pol/ where it belings.

>> No.49111576
File: 214 KB, 500x666, ST.-MAURICE-UNDER-THE-GERMANY-IMPERIAL-EAGLE.-PHOTO-BY-RUNOKO-RASHIDI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49111581

Cities are big, and in employees that trade, frequently open to members of other civilizations. With that in mind are you so narrow minded you can't imagine a dwarf ambassador or trader having a kid outside of a dwarf city?

I don't think this narrow mindedness makes you racist, but it certainly makes you stupid.

>> No.49111584

Because assholes try to use anything as an insult, whether it's actually insulting or not

>> No.49111587
File: 14 KB, 236x258, 58d013d4092e77bc50a31dfd89c89a6a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49111589

Cuck btfo

>> No.49111600
File: 23 KB, 225x300, ST.-MAURICE-AS-A-KNIGHT-IN-SHINING-ARMOR.-PHOTO-BY-RUNOKO-RASHIDI-225x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49111606

Are you? It says no decent explanation, something which he later responds to.

Probably along the lines of anything more than he's a Dwarf from Elven city.

>> No.49111609

We wuz Romanz
We wuz kaaaaaaangs
We wuz pharoz

>> No.49111610
File: 11 KB, 236x328, bl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49111624

Every board is /pol/ now. Destino manifesto motherfucker.

>> No.49111630
File: 671 KB, 679x516, ralph-pls-go.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49111633

Huh. Leaf here, spent a fair amount of time in Helsinki.

Ever met a Canadian?

>> No.49111637

Read, I said it needs the player to write in why a Dwarf would originate from an Elven city, not that it can't.

Only that it's uncommon enough that it warrants an explanation and not explaining it would piss us off.

>> No.49111647

Aye, didn't Nobunaga order him scrubbed down because the Japanese all thought he was covered in black ink?

Point I'm making is that international trade can lead folk to weird places, not that they'd necessarily be welcomed when they get there

>> No.49111649

Funny, that's what we call Finland.

>> No.49111652

I love these very specific hate relationships.

>> No.49111655

Nah, I haven't.
Also, Helsinki would be an ok place, if not for the people. Too many shitskins and foreingers (virtually all of Finland's foreigners live in Helsinki) and the Finns there tend to be leftists fucks that vote the green party and support open borders, aka traitors that need to be executed for betraying their homeland and people.

>> No.49111669

Can anyone, in this thread, provide me a video of a black unironically saying "We wuz kangs?" Nor "we were kings," but "we wuz kangs," and actually meaning it. If you can, I guarantee I'll become an unabashed racist and never look back.

>> No.49111670

what is the highest good that a moral action has to conform to?

>> No.49111673

Hatred of Swedes is the result of our shared history, and of the fact that they treated us horribly throughout that history.
Fuck the Swedes. They deserve their coming extinction at the hands of the Muslims they have invited into their lands.

>> No.49111684

Support and effort to better the future of your family, kin, people and nation.

>> No.49111685

sure, and I bet you also think American whites need need to repay American blacks for slavery? Crime of the ancestors is truly the most rational possible attitude.

how many children do you have btw?

>> No.49111711

that's a qualifying statement, that's not the highest good.

I guess I can infere from it though that the highest good is the humane and successful survival of your family/ethnic group. Sounds arbitrary.

>> No.49111725

While the phrase is nonsense no one ever actually said, there are some crazies like Nation of Islam who claim that black people (which is a definition that only has any meaning in America and modern Europe) used to be a nation of superpeople until an evil black scientist Yakub created white people and everything went to shit.
Also, claims that all native Egyptians and Greeks were black as opposed to copper and olive skinned as they described themselves.

>> No.49111733

> Bombur

> Doesn't have any spoken lines in the trilogy

Pretty sure he's the fat fuck in The Hobbit, not the Trilogy.

Wait. Just checked to be sure and I guess the made The Hobbit a trilogy as well? Fuck me, so used to that referring to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Anyways, still haven't seen the movie, in the book The Hobbit he's the main sympathetic dwarf to Bilbo, probably because Bilbo is a soft and lazy fuck at the start and Bombur is a fat and lazy fuck. Falls into the daterape river in Mirkwood and sleeps through most of that part.

Kind of shitty they removed that, even just a couple of lines would have made for nice character development.

I can't contest that statement.. Dwalin is your one cousin who you grew up with like you were brothers, not just a family member but a friend too. A real Ride or Die motherfucker.

Took Thorins family in, showed up with the squad when Lakehallow and the Elves were trying to roll his boy and didn't ask for shit (although realistically knew he would get it( even though he already let Thorins people crash with him for years and years.

Sorry, there's just something that feels wrong about calling "Spanish Muslims" White. Just a touch too swarthy. So they get lumped in with black Africans.

>> No.49111735

It's called pattern observation. You're probably just trying to be nice to trick them into taking some """""refugees."""""

>> No.49111738
File: 34 KB, 500x325, 1436928564215.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bearded men in snuggies shooting fire from their hands and summoning otherworldly creatures to fight mimmics and goblins
>Dark-skinned character in a fantasy-setting analogous with central-yurop

Your priorities are kind of skewed OP.

>> No.49111740

>sure, and I bet you also think American whites need need to repay American blacks for slavery?
No, I do not, because most whites in America never owned slaves, and not all slaves were black either. I also don't really give a shit, because murrican issues are not issues that largely affect my homeland and people.

I don't believe that Swedes should repay us Finns anything. I don't believe in children having to pay for the crimes of their ancestors. However, neither do I believe in the idea that we should just forget history, and how our own ancestors were treated by others. Remembering our history is the first step in safeguarding our future. We need to remember from where we came, and the events and peoples that changed our history.

I am only 23, so I have no children of my own yet.

>the humane and successful survival of your family/ethnic group. Sounds arbitrary.
And what in this life, is not arbitrary?
I desire for my people and culture to continue to endure and prosper into the future, so that some day, the songs of my people may be sung under alien suns. Survival of my kin is the greatest of priorities, because in the end, the most important possession you have, is your family, and by extension, your people and nation (at least in the case of nations like mine, which, thank god, are still not multicultural shitholes like Murrica).

>> No.49111749
File: 624 KB, 1000x767, go back to pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49111760
File: 34 KB, 500x377, tumblr_nok6j1TWZ51qm1mdgo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.49111761

Whoa calm the fuck down there man, you're bringing too many facts into this place.

>> No.49111763

Wanting to adhere to the setting means one is a /pol/itard?

>> No.49111766

>Nation of Islam

Always good for a few laughs. I'm just tired of seeing this shitty "we wuz kangs " meme all over the fuckin place. No one says that. No one, outside of fringe groups, gives enough of a shit about that to even make it an issue. I've never even seen mainstream racists use it. It's just a shitty 4chan meme used by teenagers that's spiralled.

If you want to be racist, focus on things that are actually race issues. Like the fact that blacks thing they're poor because of the white man keeping them down and not because the 1% is fucking us all in the ass. Most of them being white is because most of America is white, which also means they're fucking more whites than blacks anyway. Fuckers.

>> No.49111772

>pattern recognition
>coming from this guy


>> No.49111783

Your anger is misguided. Whatever Finns think of Swedes, the truth is that they are both white and thus should be allies in the upcoming war against the sub-primates. White infighting is a boon to the globalist kike scum.

>> No.49111789

>And what in this life, is not arbitrary?
I guess it makes sense then.

>> No.49111805

>Most of them being white is because most of America is white, which also means they're fucking more whites than blacks anyway. Fuckers.
They're also generally old money in a rich get richer situation

Agree with the rest of the post, mostly

>> No.49111807

Fun fact, Swedes didn't think that Finns were white not even hundred years ago, and spread that belief to murrica.
Finns were treated as nonwhites in america for a time due to Swedes.
Fuck the Swedes. They are already a lost people. The demographic changes alone in Sweden means that ethnic Swedes will become a minority in their own homeland within this century.

>> No.49111853

That was the kikes' fault. Everything wrong in the world is the fault of the Zionist Empire and their sub-primate slaves.

You are fighting the wrong enemy.

>> No.49111860

> Ruining Tau or Eldar threads

You act like those threads aren't going to be shit regardless. Hell, "smut" arguments about them are probably the most tolerable than bitching about their balance and "U mad Imperialfags" bullshit.

I would rather try to argue about if a rogue trader could manage to get a job providing the equivalent of Eldar septic tank servicing on Maiden Worlds and getting paid to take their shit, and selling them human shit for fertilizer because crystals ain't good at that, and trying to determine what he could use them for or sell them as and if he would get caught given average Imperial knowledge of Eldar Anatomy.

I'd rather discuss what the Tau castes actually look like as opposed to the anime drawings smutfags make, then deal with "Tau campaign is stupid, the Imperium lost by fiat/didn't lose/Is just getting started/The Tau are going to implode" against "Tau are going to conquer, unbeatable technology is only getting better, they're the actual GOOD guys LOL GREATER GOOD"

At least with smut I know people post despite their shame, and not without it because they're retards.

>> No.49111867

>That was the kikes' fault. Everything wrong in the world is the fault of the Zionist Empire and their sub-primate slaves.
That's an awfully convenient worldview

>> No.49111868

So much for "world would be better if only whites existed!!!!11!"

Even if everyone in the world looked the same some faglord would make up some arbitrary reason not related to actual talent or achievements on why he is inherently superior to everyone around him.

>> No.49111870

>Like the fact that blacks thing they're poor because of the white man keeping them down and not because the 1% is fucking us all in the ass.

Would be more believable if the crackers didn't have that civil war over the correct way to exclude slaves from the nation.

>> No.49111889

The difference being that the Swedes can just genocide them while the Finn will be no more if they even as much as dare to ask the Russian hordes colonizing their lands to kindly pack up and leave.

>> No.49111904

>Americans cannot picture Blacks beeign civilized

And here we have a bitch who doesn't know what he's talking about. Everyone give him a hand, folks!

>i mean it has never happened in history

Mali, Songhai, Sokoto, Ethiopia, Great Zimbabwe, that's just off the top of my head.

>Do they make a block on africa?

Yes. It was called Mirage, set in a continent called Jamuraa. Admittedly the last set in the block, Weatherlight, did not take place there; however the last block of the "Mercadian Masques" set, Prophecy, did.

Arguably Caliman, the setting of Portal: Second Age, as well. While the Alaborn people were white, the Talas ranged from olive-skinned to outright black.

>because that would have to show africans as what they are

Except that Mirage didn't do that. Suq'ata, Zhalfir, and Femeref were large, basically stable empires that were technologically *ahead of* other places on Dominaria: the Prophecy novelization shows that they make use of airships (as in, hot-air balloons and dirigibles, not magical ones) and primitive gunpowder-based rocket weapons, whereas Benalia in Invasion is shown to still make use of crossbows, spears, and swords. Coupled with the Talas mentioned above being prolific gunpowder users, and the suggestion seems to be that dark-skinned peoples invented gunpowder on Dominaria (if Dominaria has a China-equivalent, we don't know anything about it to determine if they invented it first)

Good thing that Innistrad isn't set in Medieval Europe, then. For one thing, the clothing and technology is broadly more in line with 17th century Europe, save the lack of gunpowder. For another, it's not fucking Europe. It's a different world with different development. It happens to in some places mirror Europe because that is part of the "feel" they were going for, but it's still a fantasy creation where they can do whatever they like.

>> No.49111919

Oh fuck off, that was ages ago. The only struggle in this world is the rich vs the poor, and it'll never end, because when one side wins they become what they were fighting.

>> No.49111933

*I would like to add Kush, Nubia, and Axum to my list of civilized black African nations that I can think of without needing to go to Wikipedia or some other source.

>> No.49111942

This whole thread is appalling and quite frankly horrifying. Somehow I doubt it was your intention, OP. One, that horse is a vampire. Two, MTG is set in many multiple planes. It is not unlikely that there are planes with extreme exposure to sunlight, and that their denizens could find their way to Innistrad, and eventually one of them be vampirized.

The reaction you managed to elicit disgusts me to the core.

>> No.49111949

Huh. Oddly enough, there were very few noticeable foreigners when I was there. I mean, it WAS December/January. But for 3 weeks, that's a decent amount of time. And I didn't do any tourist shit, just hung out and met people.

Some drinking at the bars, a lot of drinking in apartments. Christmas and New Years drinks were pretty fun, Gloggi and a hard liquer that tasted like mint chocolate and was warmed up. And possibly mixed with chocolate milk. Best night for sure, met dude and his wife at a smoke cart? Covenient shack that sold cigarettes and Kebab and was kind of portable but had walls, but no engine? Anyways, went back to their apartment that was in the adjacent building. Lots of nice courtyards there. They showed off their home bar full of different booze. Then despite them moving the next day we did a bunch of speed, which kind of shocked me since pretty much nobody was interested in drugs there, and then his wife got all touchy and kissed me and maybe it was supposed to be a thing? I mean, her husband was right there. Good looking, no kids, young, but I don't know what the scene was like there and if this was a kind of "in private it happens" or "Drunk and stoned affection comes out but doesn't mean anything" or what. So I just kind of was like "Hey, have a hug, you and your husband are fucking cool people and I like you too," Then she was all "I'm tired, bedtime." so I figure either I missed a fun thing, or I avoided a bad thing.

But yeah. Drugs and Drinking and at least a nice ego boost. Tried to contact them to help move because I offered, and if I offer I follow through. But they never replied again so I guess shit was sketchy after all.

Man, thinking about the stories from that trip. I got more!

>> No.49111959

Actually Innistrad is a full world with four entire continents on it, we just only have spent time in part of one. That black vampire is most likely from one of Innistrad's other continents.

>> No.49112035

Nah man. A rich black man will have a better quality of life, but still face more discrimination due to his skin colour than a poor white dude.

>> No.49112049

>Oh fuck off, that was ages ago.
The War on Drugs then?

Some dude admitted that it was just dog-whistling for: "bust up niggers" just recently.

Or the legalization of dope? Somebody pointed out that it's niggers who got busted for supplying, but it's not the niggers who're currently getting rich.

>> No.49112091

>facing discrimination

Uh huh. If anything, the fact that he's both rich and black puts him in a unique position to capitalize on these things, by marketing himself towards others of his race with books and TV spots, promising them that they can become rich just like him.

>the war on drugs

A system designed to keep poor people down. The fact that most minorities are poor is just another thing that's being exploited by the rich to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, instead of cutting the fat ones down to size.

I can't see why legalizing dope would be against black people or poor people as a whole, since it makes the market more fair and takes people out from under the yoke of the cartels and local pot tyrants.

>> No.49112145

So, which part of Finland are you from roughly?

If you're 23, then you should be well past mandatory service. Did you end up doing military or civil if I could ask?

I just find it interesting. A lot of Finns seem to not be resentful about Swedens history with them, like you, but still are very hostile to working too closely with them. For instance despite Swedish being the second official language, more menus were in Finnish and English without any Swedish at all. Almost everyone under 50 spoke excellent English as well, yet few people seemed to speak Swedish. And there was definitely the opinion that the Swedish couldn't much less were willing to learn Finnish.

Actually pretty much everybody had to mention how cumbersome Finnish was, and that it was to a ridiculous degree. But they were so proud of it after Sweden trying to wipe it out that they spoke it almost out of spite.

Any ways, you seem to have some very common positions. Do you feel like it's a mainstream position in Finland?

Are you optimistic about economic growth? Almost everyone I talked to seemed to think that there was just no available opportunity to be had, but when I looked at the numbers for not just Finlands economic growth, but small business success rate and numbers, real purchasing power, employment after finishing education etc. it seemed that while for instance unemployment was kind of high and stable, it was because people were staying in school longer or going back to school as adult students to re-train after getting laid off, and that the rate of people finding employment afterwards was significantly higher than what was reflected by the current unemployment rate.

So, it seemed that although there was high unemployment people weren't staying unemployed, just cycling through.

This was 3 years ago, have things continued or stagnated? The government was really pushing small businesses with loans and courses and financial advising to organize it, that still a thing?

>> No.49112312
File: 9 KB, 275x183, Targeting the Urban Population for marketing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh, he's already rich. There are easier ways to make money once you have it you know.

And better demographics to market that kind of self-improvement to as well.

I mean, for the Urban (wink) market you want to sell shit that makes you LOOK successful. Rims on everything, high maintenance limited editions, shit like that.

But the point is, people will still find the poor white dude to have less confrontational body language in the same pose. Look more friendly or trustworthy. Be more likely to initiate conversation, approach them for help, remember personal details like names or places and people mentioned in conversation.

It was pretty overhwelming for concluding that White Americans are more comfortable talking to someone in poverty than they are a Black man from a top socio-economic demographic. They even assign different values to indicators of class, a poor white guy wearing cheap clothing that doesn't match or is poorly fitted gets responses like "Working, just got off work" or "Maybe he looks like he might be sick" or weirdly "On vacation/day off"

Black men get responses like "He's drunk/high" or "He's homeless"

In addition to rating black men with lower class appearance.

Black mean with wealthy appearance, good teeth and skin, tailored suits, nice watches etc get "He seems to be selling something" or that he's "Going out on a date, dressed up" or "Has an interview" stuff like that, where the clothing is assumed to have a purpose in the picture.

White guys get "He seems to be in business, Wall Street or something". "Looks like he's going to work." or "He seems very successful."

Less focus on why he looks that way, more focus on who or what he does and more positive assumptions, greater trust response etc.

Which was expected, but the same kind of results for the poorly dressed white guy was a surprise.

>> No.49112324

Why is there a port city like Nephilia in central Europe-esque Innistrad...

I think part of Innistrad is based on Whitecastle, London or something, in which case, makes sense for Africans to be there...

You know British Empire and all that.

>> No.49112349

I'm from Ostrobothnia.
And of course I did military service, like any able bodied man should. I don't think much of civil service.

The reason for why most Fins are not as resentful towards Sweden due to our mutual history, is probably largely because our history teaching does not really focus on the fact how horridly the Swedes treated us and in a way, almost white washes that part away, only praising how Swedes brought laws, Christianity, and built cities etc, but fails to mention how abysmally they treated us.
Mandatory Swedish is also one of the reasons for that resentment. Swedish speaking Finns are a tiny minority, yet because of them, every Finn has to learn swedish, even if the place they are living has zero Swedish speaking people.
It is fucking bullshit.

>But they were so proud of it after Sweden trying to wipe it out that they spoke it almost out of spite.
And why wouldn't we? It is OUR language. It is an instinctive part of our culture, and has been shaped by the land we have been living on for countless generations. Why wouldn't we be proud of it, and cherish it? It was one of the inspirations for Tolkien's elvish too.

>Do you feel like it's a mainstream position in Finland?
Sorta. Most Finns do not like foreigners, especially ones who come here and disrespect us (which is virtually all of the current refugees), all that much. However, most seem to be more apathetic towards our history, and the relative fragility our continued existence as a people is founded on. The idea that shit could hit the fan, and we might be under a mortal threat as a people at some point due to either internal, or external threats, seems to be something most people don't even consider.

>Are you optimistic about economic growth?
Not really. Our current economic situation is a quagmire that our politicians have failed to get us out of. I dunno what it would take for shit to get better.

>> No.49112366

I'm sure that if half the character art from Kaladesh has white people in it we'll see so many "white tokenism!" threads like this one

>> No.49112427

It's to the point where I'll tolerate the 80's film degree of gratuitous pandering, in that a race receives representation, however fantastical in the setting, to its actual population in the market country. So you see about 1 negro to every 10 whites, 1 token asian to every 30, and one Hispanic every time you see a medieval food truck or pull up to a horse and buggy stoplight.

>> No.49112436

>Why is there a negro in Central Europe-esque Innistrad?

Because it's not Europe, it's a fantasy world? And in the nebulous timeframe Innistrad represents (which is really a gothic mishmash of several eras), there would be blacks around anyway. Innistrad isn't medieval Europe. As far as I can tell it isn't medieval anything.

>Are there temperate climates on the plane?

Yes, actually. Confirmed by WotC, the continent we often visit on Innistrad isn't the only one.

>Is it still spooky?

Yes. Again, confirmed by WotC. They even said that the subgenre of horror just shifts a little as you head away from the continent we know.

>> No.49112470


But you said yourself that one should not begrudge the living for the crimes of their ancestors. Finland is a sovereign nation now, it could abolish Swedish as a required language whenever it wants to.

>> No.49112492
File: 50 KB, 312x445, Cathedral Sanctifier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>adhere to the setting

>> No.49112541

Yeah, I noticed that people's Swedish in Finland is like French in Canada. Excluding Quebec, you still have to learn it in school. It becomes option in junior high though, and even when people learn all through to graduation even they still forget after a few years without using it.

I also would say that while people in Finland weren't very confrontational about Immigration, the general opinion was very negative, mostly for the reasons you mentioned. I don't know if it's apathy exactly since they seem to be proud of Finland in a large part because of how it was treated in the past like a colony and oppressed.

It felt more to me that people felt it was the governments job to handle that, and were more likely to complain about or to the government then directly confront the issue.

Actually from what people said it was being dealt much more proactively in smaller towns where people had closer relationships, The guy Jonni showed me an article about african Muslims having inappropriate contact with teen girls, like 13-14 and while some dumb bitch first was all "It's not inappropriate, they are just friendly" but in some town by Porvoo got together and pretty much had a watch organization harass them if they tried to do that or hang out with their kids.

Weird they didn't go after young boys, hey?

So there's hope. Maybe people will start to form groups to lobby or haahahahaha Finns in groups. Not while sober at least.

It's a shame the economy isn't improving. I am seriously considering living there longer term under a work visa. I don't know about citizenship, Canada is honestly a pretty good place. But my time in Finland was like . . . everything was of similar quality, a little bit older and worn architecture but public services were generally better. But I mean, living is different from visiting. I might find that I just met cool people because of where I was and what I was doing, or that I was actually being an ass and they just tolerated it.

>> No.49112563

>it could abolish Swedish as a required language whenever it wants to.

You'd think so, but no.
For one little reason; RKP, or the "Swedish' People's Party".
It is the party that virtually ALL Swedish speaking Finns vote for, and that party's singular agenda is to keep mandatory Swedish in school (and other politics that benefit the Fennoswedes), and virtually all governments par the current one have accepted that party into the government, because RKP goes along with whatever politics as long as their Fennoswede agenda is kept going.

They are the whore of our politics, and the spiritual founder of that party was a Fennoswede supremacist who thought that Finnish speaking Finns are lower tier humans, and that Fennoswedes should rule.
A lot of Fennoswedes still live in a self imposed apartheid, where they avoid dealing with the majority of Finnish speaking Finns unless absolutely necessary. They keep their kids separate from Finnish speaking ones straight from the Kindergarden, to University.

Fuck the Fennoswedes.

>> No.49112598

Unfortunately, Finns aren't very confrontational people. We tend to avoid drama if we can, and just grumble under our breath, and clench our fist, if something or someone angers us.
Unless we are drunk of course.

And yeah, small towns are dangerous places for nignogs and mudslimes if they step out of the line.
That's why so many of them move to the cities when they can.

If it was up to me, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM would be deported, and if they resisted, lynched.
They don't belong here.

>> No.49112607

I'm not gonna argue that tribe mentality isn't a thing. It's true that stereotypes about race will always come through, but that's not exclusive to whites, blacks, or anyone else - it's a fundamental human need to feel superior to your fellow man, and race is only one of the easier ways to do that. Check for race, because if they look totally different from you they're definitely not of your tribe and therefore inferior. Then check for class, because if they're less successful than you they're inferior. Then check for accents, nationality, ancestry - and so on, until superiority can be comfortably achieved, no matter how much cognitive dissonance you need to get there. Saying that this is a Black vs. White issue is misguided - it's a problem with the whole human race. Acknowledging the social, evolutionary, and cultural differences between our races is the first step in putting those things aside - to destroy the upper class.

My point isn't that racism isn't an issue, my point is that it's so build into who we are as people trying to be rid of it entirely is pointless. Casual racism, and how you percieve others, isn't going to bring down our civilization. Widening income disparity and an increasing disregard for the quality of life of the average American are what will be our downfall.

I'm also aware that there are better ways to make money, I was simply going for the easiest comparison I could thing of - Oprah.

>> No.49112616

Who gives a fuck?

That redheaded qt on the left has an absolutely baller set of armour. We need to know more about her.

>> No.49112658
File: 4 KB, 125x115, face 1467141367643s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/pol/ wins again

report and move on

>> No.49112662

Anyways, I would like to try it. I have a pretty diverse education and skillset, history of legal surveying and drafting in an engineering office, only 2nd year carpentry (4 here to be a journeyman) but honestly I switched to repairing and refinishing furniture and antiques because much better work, better money but less work so it evened out just I had more time off. Now i manage a sleep lab, and there's a lot of similar issues with Canada and Finlands light exposure and sleep issues and the relation to mood disorders etc.

There's only like 11 sleep labs in Finland, most of them in Helsinki, so it's definitely underserved, and from what I've read it's heavily split between research and dealing mainly with urgent sleep apnea or complicated sleep apnea because of the small numbers. There are more respiratory clinics but those are really not relevant to what I do.

So yeah, we looking at maybe opening Turku instead of Helsinki. Still good weather on the coast, bigger population, close enough to Helsinki to have patients there.

Deal with less urgent stuff, not research but patients who have fatigue and insomnia and NRS, mood disorders & chronic pain, absent clinical evidence of OSA.

Anyways, I'd move there for pleasure, but I would definitely make money.

>> No.49112720

Are Finns like a shitter version of the Irish/Welsh.

Yes Yes they are.

At least the Irish have culture exports, and the welsh .... don't expect anyone to speak their shitty language.

>> No.49112764

Why don't they belong here?

>> No.49112803
File: 123 KB, 1000x600, race relations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bluepills believe this

>> No.49112809

Sending people from the north fighting in the south and other way around was more or less what the roman legions did. The plan was to keep the legionaires isolated from natives and ensure loyalty to the legion and by extension the emperor.
Made funny stories like a Goth winning a duel against a persian royal.

>> No.49112831

I have to say, if you are looking at future careers, tertiary health care is a great place to go.

Like I said, I've been looking into it, Private health clinics are seeing lots of growth and support from the Government in Finland right now. It's single payer so you have to invoice set fees according to Kelas fee schedule for reimbursement. It seems like a raw deal at first, since you have to pay your own overhead and salary for yourself and staff, utilities, equipment leasing (often you can only lease medical equipment instead of actually purchasing it. Guarantees that a) You can't continue to use obsolete equipment that is no longer safe or effective enough to be part of common practices, and b) that said equipment is always being serviced and used in good condition. There's more about upgrades and obligation to service equipment that meets minimum standards while it still works even after it's no longer supported, so they only force upgrades occasionally.)

But the trick is you have more leeway with Triage, so you can see patients faster, see patients that are less complicated - usually you only see medically stable patients. You don't exactly see less severe patients in general, but that doesn't really affect you. Increased severity just means more appointments for chronic/treatment resistant problems. Anything severe enough to be less profitable will pretty much need the hospital anyways since it's unlikely they'll be medically stable still.

So yeah. Help people who aren't dying like the hospital patients, but are still suffering and at risk of losing jobs or developing complications etc. and helping them get better before that happens. Feels good, patients appreciate the option, you reduce stress on the public system, make better money and have a more intimate and flexible work environment. No bullshit with inter-department drama or unions protecting shitty workers, much quicker process to provide niche treatments or tests, or do research for fun.

>> No.49112862

Because they are not Finns.

>> No.49112866

It's innistrad, not earth, its a entire planet thats under invasion by lovecraft.

I mean the eldrazi are basically a alien invasion, they never had that hard commitment to complete direct translation of the source genre as you seem to think they should.

If they did a vampire wouldn't have made Avacyn in the first place .

>> No.49112893

Finboi I am with you on everything. Fuck the cucks in sweden and jewmerica! Fuck everyone who thinks you are wrong.

>> No.49112896

Mali and Ghana were mostly Muslim.
Why do you think Masa Musa went on his legendary pilgrimage with ALL THE GOLD.

What rekt them was isolationism phase followed by slave trade.

>> No.49112902

Why are Finns so autistic?

>> No.49112938

Frozen neurons don't fire properly

>> No.49112987

So can we talk about that horse some more? do horse vampires need more blood than people vampires? does it only eat horse blood? do they feed it out of a trough? is sorin really not okay with multiple bloodlines of vampires feeding on humans unchecked but the idea of raising livestock on their blood is fine? it really seems way more inconvenient to have a horse vampire than to just get a regular horse to stop freaking out around vampires.

>> No.49113024

I really feel it necessary to inform you that one of your pure Finnish women will soon give birth to my horrible Anglo child. I think we'll probably have another, too, maybe a year or two later.

Later, Joukahainen.

>> No.49113064

> Thinking black people are in the 1%

Not even Will Smith is in the 1%. You know who the 1% is? The motherfucker that signs his paychecks.

Comedy aside, I reiterate - Quality of Life wasn't what was being examined, it's pretty fucking obvious a rich black person will have better healthcare, stuff, time, security, education etc. than a poor white dude.

What was examined and tested for was to see if increased socio-economic ranking based on income, education, community, all that shit was enough to counter out negative (not hostile necessarily) responses such as discomfort or lower trust scores or uncertainty and all that would be expected in response to race.

Like, for Asians I'm pretty sure there would still be some racism, but since they're more often seen in successful positions and higher socio-economic brackets then a more positive response would be expected for a successful Asian the same age and build than for a poor whiter person, same age/build. Would higher socio-economic status in THAT case affect negative responses enough to make SE status more important than race?

Or would it be like that black dude who despite all that still has to buy and wear a pair of weak reading glasses to help put people at ease.

Heck, even /pol/ wouldn't try to say that isn't true. Just whether it was justified by the actions and culture of the black community instead of some sort of organized or deliberately perpetuated institutionalized discrimination.

Your meme is more about globalization and motivation for immigration, not really relevant to discussion about measuring discrimination against African-Americans as a factor of their SE position versus their ethnicity.

Your meme is also wrong, you never want mass emigration from your nation. People end up taking wealth, and rarely are actual threats removed, far more likely it's the few people with half a brain that don't want to be left with the dregs.

>> No.49113085

At least you are not a nigger.
Race traitors who associate with those subhumans should be put to death.

>> No.49113116


>Desperate /pol/acks ignoring history.

Don't you have FATAL threads to fetishise over

>> No.49113132
File: 255 KB, 1095x975, 509sEx7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You do realise northern people with dark skin like the Inuits exist, right?

>> No.49113149


Ah, the 1% that is more like the .0001% because idiots can't into actual numbers.

Anyway, I don't know much about the European/African trade, so I assume it's something like Mexican/United States trade, where people still maintain some times to a separate nation and are in it for the money.

I'd like to make it easier for people to go back and forth, and making some percentage of immigrants illegal doesn't help with this.

>> No.49113207

You do realize world doesn't begin and end with USA, right?

>> No.49113258

You hurt me. I want to go there.

Of course, as a civilized man I know that means learning not just the language but also the cultural values and supporting and participating in traditions, and defending their beliefs and morals instead of trying to subvert them or destroy them.

I mean, it you aren't moving there because you share those values or admire them and plan on sharing, why would you move there?

To collect a check from the government? That's terrible. Like, you want the system to be there for people who need it so they can re-enter society and return to contributing. Failure is something that happens when you take risks, or sometimes just because fuck you.

But there are so much higher goals to set. Move somewhere you can be a success, make enough money to be secure but also to cause positive change in your community.

It's less "tribe" mentality I think, and more the fact that African-Americans perpetuate an identity based a culture that a) assumes to speak for all black people, even non-American ones lol. and b) Establishes itself not only as separate from White Culture, but goes on to define itself in large part by it's differences and establish authenticity by how unlike White culture it is. Stuff like "Once your white friend uses slang you know it's not cool anymore. Whitey got it, goddamn now I have to come up with something else to mean "Looks good" Jamal did it last time, he really hit it with "On point". How can I follow that up. I mean, last time it was my turn I panicked and went with "Stupid" because I tried to say "Warp Engaged" but said that too quiet from anxiety and then called myself Stupid! and that's what they heard!

Or bitching about drag queens supposedly appropriating black women culture. You say that it's cultural for black women to cartoonishly exaggerate feminine characteristics, and present a confrontational and overly dramatic personality? You know Drag Queens do that because they're actually men?

>> No.49113282
File: 47 KB, 400x400, christopherlee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you hate Anglos? We never burned your cities or conquered you. We even helped you out in the Winter War. Pic related personally went and helped you remove oroshka.

>> No.49113291

It's okroshka

>> No.49113323

I just googled 'Russian cuisine' and selected the first thing I found on the Wikipedia page.

>soup made from sour milk

No wonder these people embraced Communism.

>> No.49113336
File: 268 KB, 500x372, muh cultural marxism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truly, we suffer the tortures of the damned. This is just so hard for us. We're all oppressed by the jackboot of PC on our throats.

>> No.49113351

Where the fuck did you find that? I don't see that on okroshka Wikipedia page

>> No.49113384


>Okroshka is a cold soup based on kvass or sour milk. Okroshka is also a salad.

>> No.49113433

Okay, didn't see this page.
BTW, Okroshka made on kvass sucks in my opinion. Made on what they called "sour milk" it's much better

>> No.49113443
File: 990 KB, 500x200, fuck all yall.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you'll never fight off dirty cyka blyats alongside Dracula/Saruman

Fuck me, what is this torturous life?

>> No.49113473

Calm the fuck down Pekka and down one more beer

>> No.49113512

I'm sick of the lack of good counters.
I'm sick of removal constantly being watered down.
I'm sick of mana dorks getting shafted because WotC is scared of three-drops.
I'm sick of the secondary market constantly driving up prices on everything for no reason, especially cards that see no play anywhere.
I'm sick of WotC never reprinting powerful cards because they're scared of warping Standard.
I'm sick of good cards accidentally making it through and then being labelled as mistakes.

But I'm most sick of you faggots acting like the art and characters are Magic's biggest problem and that a fantasy world should conform to your beliefs instead of having whatever the creator of that fantasy world wants to have.

>> No.49113554

>Of course, as a civilized man I know that means learning not just the language but also the cultural values and supporting and participating in traditions, and defending their beliefs and morals instead of trying to subvert them or destroy them.

And such people are not welcome, in moderation.
Too bad most of the recent arrivals are anything but like that.
Selfish, arrogant, demanding fucks who disrespect our culture and people, and think that they deserve to live off on our welfare because they have "refugee" status. Not to mention the ones who are actually violent criminals in addition to all the above.

>> No.49113579

Yeah, I referenced Masa Musa earlier in fact. Crashed the economy of Arabic nations.

> What rekt them was isolationism followed by slave trade

I mean, yes that is part of it. Slave trade committed by the Arab nations who were also Muslim as part of their invasion of Mali from Morocco. Okay, technically it was the Songhai nation that got invaded, but it didn't exist until it gained independence - - - - from Mali! And was promptly invaded and wrecked.

This was what ended Mali's position as a trading crossroads, not a policy of "Isolationism" so much as "Isolation" due to aggression by Muslim dynasties claiming descent from Mohammed. I believe Morocco was a Caliphate independent of the Ottoman Empire at this time.

So yeah, Muslim nation under Islamic rule and law weakens internally, begins to break up and part of it secedes and gains independence, fellow Muslims (ARABS) immediately take advantage and wreck them, taking slaves and resulting in the remnant empire being a backwater not worth conquering or producing much of value after losing ownership and access to the main trading hub that had been the major source of their wealth.

Even then, you can't discount the worst famine in their history that happened right before the scramble for Africa (gee, what a coincidence of timing). It was so bad that people sold themselves as slaves. I mean, tons of people still died, half of Timbuktu.

So yeah. The main things that really fucked Africa weren't really related to colonialism and whatnot.

It was Islam, and the slave trade it institutionalized as an economic thing. Despite Islam only allowing enslavement as part of war and never other Muslims, or being born to a slave,

Arabs. Aside from Islam, Arabs are dicks. Note the guys ignoring the obligations and restrictions on slaving people were Arabs. Slaver in Islam comes from them, mostly because Arabs without slavery was an impossible dream, and pretty much any changes could only be improvement it was so bad

>> No.49113587

And such people ARE welcome, in moderation*

I don't hate anglos, but I mistrust them.
You may not have burned our cities, but you did declare war on us and most certainly did not help us against the soviets. Individual Brits did help, but as a country, you were on the side of the Soviets, and declared war on us when they did.
Not to mention that you also supported their demands during the peace talks.
As a nation, you anglos have done nothing good to my people.

>> No.49113616

This opinion doesn't conclude every Finn. Some would consider me a racist too but it's more of a caution not to fuck things up like Sweden did and trying to not get mugged.
If it's fantasy and you simply don't give a damn and add black characters and potatoes into your medieval game because why not, I see no problem. But going out of your way to include black people everywhere, avoiding publishing anything that """degrades women""", as it seems Wizards is doing, that shit's whack

>> No.49113687

And yeah, the third thing that fucked Africa hard was the massive famine that happened in the 1800s. Just like America was discovered and even colonization attempts were made, it was not successful until one occurred right after a massive depopulation event occurred, weakening if not collapsing empires and nations, causing trade to come to a halt and the breaking away of previously subjugated people, or opportunistic creation of "border kingdom" equivalent by groups identified more strongly as separate from the main or ruling group, whether by ethnicity or religion or culture or region.

Even colonizing savages is hard when there's so many of them.

Look at South America. No plague there, just a massive empire that was oppressive and brutal and whose ruling elite segregated themselves from the nations under their rule and treated them quite poorly.

The Conquistador's had to play that one smart, play different tribes off each other so they would revolt but not form a new single group to fight, and instead be divided and conquerable with help from other tribes that didn't realize or think they would be next.

>> No.49113701
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Didn't 'colored people' used to be considered a racist term?

What the fuck is even happening anymore

>> No.49113721

Somehow "colored people" and "people of color" aren't considered the same thing even if they obviously are.

>> No.49113779


SJWs succesfully making people think that there are two groups of people: whites and "people of color"

>> No.49113801
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The indisputable fact is that the greatest thing blacks as a people ever did was sell themselves into slavery. They're a people of failure who have only been able to keep up the facade of humanity by the good graces of everyone else. There would only be benefits if they all disappeared.

>> No.49113815

>people of color

C`mon, don`t be a faggot, sat nigger like everybody else. And, only during Roman times they have some slaves that were black. Nothing else.

>> No.49113825

Well, like I said.

You also go there with a plan to be productive, either bringing skills or significant assets to the table - ideally both - when asking to emigrate.

I mean, I'm not even thinking about citizenship right now. See how it actually goes, if just enjoy it or if I actually identify with and come to prefer Finland, but also if I can be successful not at integrating but with a career. I mean, I really feel there's both opportunity and a need for growth in my current career there. So right now I'm still doing my thing here in Canada, building success and saving up, preparing to be able to have a reasonable shot at success in building a business in Finland while the conditions for it are still good, initial start-up cost wise regarding getting a location and equipment but also being able to operate ideally for a year but a minimum of 6 months before showing a profit. From experience, it can take a while for you to get enough patient flow through a sleep lab, partially due to low awareness and education among not just patients and sufferers of sleep disorders, but also general practitioners such as family doctors about the existence, let alone when to recommend or how to utilize sleep specialist services.

As well, the testing is more involved than most, requiring at least 6 hours of sleep and as such is usually an overnight commitment, as well reimbursement can sometimes take a while to work out. Canada is easy, Finland seems easy as well thanks to single payer. But you never know until you talk to health board. They might only cover so many studies per year, or only allow referrals from specific doctors or health facilities, stuff like that.

I wish some of you were here to have a beer and talk about this, I get excited. Also currently I'm injured and healing, so this is like my socialization lately. Yaaaay.

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