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ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Dungeon%20Life%20Quest
PREVIOUS THREAD: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/48991167/
CHARACTERS AND PLACES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNVgtevar647l4ZumUaVH6GlJzvxLlDNKaH8DrQMWE/edit?usp=sharing

You are Brianna la Croix, necromancer, and after a heart-to-heart with your lovers it's time to interrogate this harpy.

Thankfully, she's being remarkably non-hostile thus far.

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"You're being remarkably friendly, considering that we just shot you and all," you point out.

"I sort of expected to die painfully and at length," Piercing Cry says with a shrug. "So in a sense my day is already looking up." She shifts her position, scowling at the lizard zombie she's chained to. "You're not resistance."

"I'm wounded," you protest, theatrically. "Why would I not be resistance?"

"Well, for one thing you're not on the brink of madness from the Lush's curse," Piercing Cry points out. "And for another, I know damn well there's only one necromancer on this level, and he's had us on the lookout for /you/ for /months/. He's pretty fucking pissed, to be honest."

"Oh?" you raise an eyebrow.

"Something about how you murdered his student in the Mine, and he's going to skullfuck your dead friends in front of you before he finally lets you die," Piercing Cry says flatly.

> What
> He can /fucking try/
> Ask about something else (what?)

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And now I have to go to bed because I need to be up in the morning to get my damn car fixed so I can do things like drive places and have real-world friendships. Votes remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

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Well fuck us.

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>Tell her about the roost, ask where the necro is and his defences and abilities

>> No.49072780

Seconding this along with
>The fucker can die trying.

>> No.49072788

> I assure you, the feeling is . . . One sided. I don't much care about him at all beyond stopping him.

> Ask about something else (what?)
> What do they and their flock know about current events in the Roost?

> What is the Lush paying them?

> What would it take to get them to walk, er, flap?

> General Intel on troop location, as well as how to contact the resistance.

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What is it with all my new enemies being some flavour of crazy?

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>his student in the Mine
Don't remember a necromancer in the Mine, 'sides us and River. That might be due to sleep deprivation though.

> He can /fucking try/

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I remember the guy just not what part he had in the fight, but we did make Vim and Vigor out of his hands.

>> No.49073188

He set up the Baron's death transfers. We made Vim and Vigor from his hands.

>> No.49073221

> He can /fucking try/
Well, we can give that guy the finger from his student's hands and enjoy the shadenfreude.

>> No.49073276

Nah. It'll be better to tell him he was a shitty teacher who only taught him how to use Necromancy and not the much more important lesson of how not to use it FOR FUCKING EVIL at least, but ideally not unless necessary.

And that we treated his death with more respect than he treated his students life, judging by what he taught him.

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>Ask about something else?

>What can you tell me about the resistance? I know it won't be terribly much, but whatever you can tell us will be helpful, and you won't be sorry you did.

We already have a number of threats against our life and lovers that one more isn't really that big a deal anymore. Everyone hates all of us if they work for Richard, and this necromancer is no different and just as culpable as the rest.

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Wow, that's Gawthik as fuuuuuck.. Such edge, such clever fucking wit.

I bet the artist had someone ask them this question a couple days before drawing this and wish they thought of that answer then.

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Actually, you have it wrong - the goth girl is a side character, the main character is the fellow on the left.

>> No.49074117

I mean, I own actual fishnet shirts and bondage pants and was alive for the 80's and 90s. I fucking larped V:TM for gods sake.

So this is mostly me just being all "Oh god, people really were like that or tried to be."

And now in my drunken state I'm remembering that people actually did use to ask that stupid fucking question all the time.

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> Main character is an actual self-insert

You may have proven me technically wrong, but you're making the comic seem far worse than what I said about it.

>> No.49074138

>"Cute. I'll be sure he knows that it was by his apprentice's hands he was undone."
Have Vim and Vigor jump out for added effect.

>> No.49074154

Gonna murder him, then cut off his hands and have the whole set!

>> No.49074391

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell.
If he's a self insert he's fucked.

>> No.49074808

>>"Cute. I'll be sure he knows that it was by his apprentice's hands he was undone."
>Have Vim and Vigor jump out for added effect.


>> No.49075075

So. One the one hand the comic is pretentious hipster trash. Second of all, apparently he didn't go to hell and was vindicated and shit in the end, so fuuuuuuuuuck you. Third, he ended it after just under 400 updates, and apparently had an actual story arc plotted out and while it's fucking trash artistically and with ham-handed with it's character development when it isn't outright cliche or clumsy "subversions" - Mechanically it's actually pretty well written.

I can see why he didn't get paid for it, but fuck me it's more than most people do and he can always get better. That and actually ending it to move on gives me hope for his future work. That it won't be some vague nu-holistic personal journey bullshit where he realizes that between being just another countless human and being and unique snowflake in existence, the arbitrary value of yourself isn't worth any less because it's subjective.

Dude literally tries to pull a fucking Buddha acceptance of death. I hope to fucking god it was to cope with someone close to him dying of a terminal illness because it definitely gave me cancer.

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Dude stop pretending that webcomics and their writers aren't 120% trash

>> No.49075422

>Ask about something else (what?)
>Tell me about him and what he has flying/crawling around here.

We did kill him but we were respectful AS FUCK about it.

>> No.49075524

>> Ask about something else (what?)
Not worth our time to engage on that subject, enemy necro will get dealt with as needed.
Also, posturing; if we move on like it's no thang, the harpy will be kinda WTF.

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Hey. Even just making trash is still at least making something, and I try to be positive.

God knows it can't be worse than quests on 4chan.

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And a bump.

>> No.49077163

And one from me.

>> No.49077372

Sweet, maybe make them do a tap dance routine!

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So guys, how big a family do you think Bri wants?

>> No.49078248

2-3 kids with Nate; Amys and Nates flock of undetermined size of above 3 and all those who get adopted by Bri.

>> No.49078327

Bri technically already has too kids adopted as they may be, my bet is how much the two of them can wring out of Nate on any given day.

>> No.49078400

Nate might need to get his pelvis enchanted for endurance.

>> No.49078462

Up, called, tallying, writing. Thank you for your patience. I gotta work today pretty soon so there may be another extended delay. You have my apologies in advance.

>> No.49078479

>Saying Bri isn't getting that installed already from the Succubus.
The dude lived with Harry for a reason, ironic though it may be.

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You shrug. "That's nice," you tell her. "Got an idea of what he's got serving him?"

"Um. There's those bats," Cry says, pointing upwards as best she can. "He's also got some kind of shadow thing with a serious attitude problem, and pretty much unilateral permission to stick his shovel wherever he likes."

"You've got a really well-read vocabulary," River notes, curiously.

"Yeah, you can blame Dad for that one," Piercing Cry says with a shrug. "You name a guy Crashes Often and he spends more time with books than in the air."

"...Huh," you say slowly.

"Met him?" Cry asks.

"Mmhm. Didn't mention a daughter."

"Almost like I'm a grown-ass woman who can take care of herself," the harpy snaps. Then she looks down at her bandaged wound. "...Usually. Point is, he doesn't need to babysit me."

Note to self, daughter is touchy about being a grown-up.

"Let's talk about you and the other harpies working for the Lush," you suggest. "How much do you know about current events in the Roost?"

"Fucking nothing, and I'm not inclined to believe your say-so either," Piercing Cry says flatly.

You shrug. "What's the Lush paying you?"

"Food for our families. That whole 'not dying' thing is pretty compelling."

"Someone got less friendly all of a sudden," you note.

"You're about to ask me to turn traitor, and I've got hatchlings to feed," Piercing Cry says frankly. "Not happening."

> Try to persuade her
> Damn. Aren't you awful young?
> Try to move back to a less sensitive subject (what?)
> Leave it for now. You can talk her around later

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I gotta hit work y'all. I'll give you an ETA once I remember my damn schedule; in the meantime, votes remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

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>> Try to persuade her
>> Damn. Aren't you awful young?
I get that, what I don't get is you passing up the chance for them to live and grow free from the Lush or even the dungeon if they wanted. A LOT has changed since you sold your loyalty to a monster, let's talk.

>> No.49079661

>> Try to persuade her

>> No.49079695

>> Try to persuade her
"How about we let you go take a look at how Roost is doing and then think about worthiness of your allegiance again?"

>> No.49079741

> Try to persuade her

>> No.49079804

>"Food for our families. That whole 'not dying' thing is pretty compelling."
... so harpies aren't affected by the Curse? Or her+family is on the Lushes nice list.
If it's the 2nd, well...

>> No.49080413

>> Leave it for now. You can talk her around later
If she's not going to believe anything we say, better to save our breath.

>> No.49080748

We're in New Hell, right? Can we just show her the Roost?

>> No.49080933

>> Leave it for now. You can talk her around later
It's really not worth our time to take her to the roost just so we can get one harpy on our side. Especially since it's a little more complicated than showing her that the whole place isn't on fire or something.

>> No.49081191

Nope. We're in the Cornucopia, near the lizard camp we just smashed up.

>> No.49081821

Didn't we bring the prisoners back, though?

>> No.49082128

Looked over last thread; Harpy attacked while we were at the lizard camp, we took her with the rest of the prisoners to the entrance, which, best as I can tell, is where we still are. So we were both kinda wrong and right.

However, taking through New Hell to the Roost would take at least several hours, if not the better part of a day; Remember how large each level is.

>> No.49082517

No but do we have the cellphone on us? It's not like persuading her RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT is super important but maybe we can get a hold of someone who can reach Crashes Often. If she hears her own father report on what's going on she'll come around. Meanwhile, we get busy and avoid the harpies.

>> No.49082821

>Try to persuade her
That's fine, I don't need you to turn traitor. the problem is, I can't help you with your family problems unless you help me to do so. The Lush is going to die, period, no question and for certain, and the Angel he's torturered is going to have her way with him. All his other minions are dead or safely in free territory, because the angel had mercy on those who deserved it.

So you can help me to help you, or you can wait and hope that your family doesn't die for no reason. And I'm not threatening you - that's just the way war is, I'm afraid. I don't have to try and make casualties in war. They happen without anyone's help at all. But I CAN try and mitigate the damage caused as best I can - which is more than anyone you're working for will do for you.

>> No.49083215

>No but do we have the cellphone on us?

Do you mean the bellphone?

>> No.49083687

Hey Vox! Blazed through the archives, love the quest overall. Favorite climatic scene so far has to be The Trial of the Dead with River, favorite single image is the poker game with the Poet, and the weakest part for me was probably the fight between Nathan and Natalia.

>> No.49084694

Would it be worthwhile to send for Crashes Often, I mean yeah she has daddy issues but she'd at least hear him out as an "unbiased" inhabit of the Roost

>> No.49085081


> Try to persuade her

"Yeah, well, luckily you don't have to believe what I say." Then use the bells to get someone from the roost to talk to her, or her dad if possible.

>> No.49085588

Home. Called, will write shortly, need to rest up from work. Looks like a fairly clear-cut vote with a strong bent towards getting her dad on the bell.

>> No.49087092

Aaaand writing now.

>> No.49087094


>> No.49088821

You quirk an eyebrow. "If I remember correctly, your hatchlings are in the Roost with the rest of your murder that isn't here, yes?"

Piercing Cry gives you a suspicious look. "And if they are?"

You take your silver bell from its little breast pocket and ring it three times - the code for the Roost.

"Razor Feathers," the ruler of the Perch answers, on the other side.

"Can you get me the Reverend?" you ask politely. "And work on being able to open the Cornucopia door from your side, while we're at it. We may need an emergency exit."

"On it, la Croix. The dwarves have already been on the door, in point of fact. They don't like doors they can't open."

"Sounds like dwarves to me," you agree pleasantly.

"Where in all the fiery forges of Hell did you get that?" Piercing Cry asks, incredulously.

"Stole one off of the Traitor, had my own smith make copies," you answer, with a shrug. "They're handy."

"How do I know that's actually my father on the other side?" the harpy accuses.

"How the fuck am I supposed to know?" you ask with a shrug. "Figure it out for yourself, I dunno what kind of relationship you two have."

"Adversarial," Piercing Cry mutters.

"No shit."

>> No.49088825

from the grave you shall rise.

>> No.49089004

So, should be interesting when we mention that our friends died protecting HER hatchlings once already.

Also that Diving Shadow might not give them back due to concerns about her qualities as a mother.

>> No.49089545

"This doesn't change anything," Piercing Cry insists.

"Mhm," you say, folding your arms. "We'll see."

"/About what/?" the harpy asks. "What is it you want?"

"I want to get through this having killed as few people as absolutely fucking necessary," you tell her, firmly. "That's what I want. So if I can get you to help me /not/ kill harpies, I'm going to do it. I want, more than anything else, to watch you and them fuck off back to the Roost and not come back until the Lush is dead in a hole."

"You needed me, Ms. la Croix?" the Reverend's voice says from the bell.

"Dad?" Piercing Cry asks.

"Broken Tooth!" the Reverend exclaims.

The harpy girl turns beet. Red.

"Piercing Cry, huh?" you ask.


"Why is my daughter yelling?" the Reverend asks.

"I shot her and now she doesn't trust me for some reason," you explain.

"Mm. Odd, I immediately befriend all who shoot me," the priest notes.


"Yes, Broken Tooth?"


> Interrupt
> Schadenfreude is the best freude

>> No.49089552

> Schadenfreude is the best freude
It's funny when it happens to other people.

>> No.49089582

Seriously when are you going to get a show like this again any time soon.
>Schadenfreude is the best freude

>> No.49089768


>> No.49089955

>> Schadenfreude is the best freude

>> No.49089957

> Schadenfreude is the best freude

>> No.49089968

>> Schadenfreude is the best freude

There's another choice here, but I really think that this is for the best.

>> No.49089994

I had some other things that I wanted to ask, but now I just want to hear embarrassing stories.

>> No.49090442

>Schadenfreude is the best freude.

On the one hand we are kind of on a time limit but the way Bri has been down on herself recently she could probably use a good non-maniacal laugh right about now. We should call over lovers and sister and ask the good reverend to share the story of her name until she agrees to help.

>> No.49090596

> "Won't do it. Nope. Not happening."
> "Help us, or we'll have your dad tell us embarrassing stories from your childhood."
> "You wouldn't dare."
> "Oh really. Reverend?"
> "Well, back when she was still a fluffy chick..."

>> No.49090612 [SPOILER] 

Maybe add in the worst torture of all. Dad humor.

>> No.49090684

Truly evil. It would be a mercy to just end her now.

>> No.49090777

> Schadenfreude is the best freude.
How can we NOT? I mean, you know us Vox. You know what we like.

Skeletons in lingerie.

>> No.49090855

> So, why exactly DID you pick Broken Tooth?

And when she's finally thoroughly mortified from that, kick her while she's down by asking

> So, why Piercing Cry? Did you pick it yourself?

Because the only thing worse than having an embarrassing name is getting called out on picking your own nickname.

>> No.49090884

>Piercing Cry
What's the bet she earned that name in bed rather than on the battlefield?

>> No.49090901

That's every harpy ever.

>> No.49092000

Well my night just kinda vanished away from me. Votes are gonna remain open, though it looks like 'discussion' might be more accurate.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

>> No.49092431

Trips earn you forgiveness, O' Slutty Lich of the Black Bean.

>> No.49092756


>> No.49092777 [SPOILER] 

Your cruelty knows no bounds. I like it.

>> No.49092838

>Schadenfreude is the best freude

>> No.49092849

>"Dad?" Piercing Cry asks.
>"Broken Tooth!" the Reverend exclaims.

Best worst proof ever.

>> No.49093353

>"Well what is you name then?"
>"I AM CRY!"
>"Don't be sad, Dad is here!"
>[Angry Harpy noises]

>> No.49093612

Man Briony wasn't kidding about Dungeon names huh.

>> No.49094685

>Schadenfreude is the best freude

>> No.49095336

Right so

I had to stop reading around the time of Silence's death (for unrelated reasons, mind, I'm not some pussy who drops a story because best character got shanked offscreen) and I've tried to read the threads between then and now and for some reason my brain just refuses to, I get distracted or tired or whatthefuckever and it's pissing me off.

So could someone do a quick summary of what's gone on between then and now? Preferably not Vox because I don't want to slow the updates?

No problem if it can't be done, I just don't want to return to the story with outdated knowledge.

>> No.49095458

That's an awful lot to sum up honestly. It's dense material.

>> No.49095600

Not even a little. There's a minotaur somewhere down here named Prime Cut.

>> No.49095674

dude just ctrl-f Vox's posts only, ignore the rest. Should be fine.

>> No.49096083


>> No.49097112

Where'd all the drawfags go?

>> No.49097744

I'm up. Will call and write after coffee, shower.

>> No.49098466

And here we go.

>> No.49098769

Shhh! Drawfags are rare and elusive creatures, very skittish. You want to approach them carefully, from downwind, and present your request gently lest they flee.

But seriously? My money's on Real Life. Bane of all things fun and interesting.

>> No.49098922


Domachevsky is Vox's drawfriend from their webcomic, so he hasn't gone anywhere.

I think Gentleman Kong caught patriotism and signed up for the military or something.

>> No.49098964 [SPOILER] 

Your normal urge to jump in and save people kicks in. You grab this urge, choke it firmly, and cram it in the bottom of your soul where it won't interrupt the show.

This is gonna be /good/.

Piercing Cry is trying so hard to fold her arms indignantly and she can't because she's still chained up. "I told you, I'm not using that name!"

"You used to love that name," the Reverend notes, in the suspiciously amused tones you've come to associate with both priests and your Grandfather. "You carried that tooth around with you everywhere."

"Not in front of the necromancer, dad!" Piercing Cry protests, helplessly.

"You even gave it to your daughter," Crashes Often continues, a note of hurt entering his voice.

"I - you - /not relevant/!" You could cook an egg on her indignant blush, you swear to the Raven. "Aren't you supposed to be on /my/ side?"

"She raises a decent point," the Reverend muses. "Ms. la Croix, how did she come to be shot?"

"She was scouting for the Lush and I didn't need my activities reported," you admit. "She'll fly again, especially once we actually heal her. We've sort of just stitched her up for the moment in the interests of her not flying back."

"That sounds like a fairly reasonable justification for getting shot," Crashes Often points out. "I keep hearing chains. Broken Tooth, are you in chains?"

"My name is /Piercing Cry/!"

The Reverend gives a theatrical sniff. "Abandoned, by my own daughter..."


"Whom I loved and raised from her egg with my own hands..."


"I hope you never experience such betrayal, Ms. la Croix. The sting is un-"


You're trying to confirm that the harpy is in chains but you're too busy laughing yourself to death. You can feel it coming on, the warm embrace of the Veil, because you can't fuckin' breathe and it just is not getting less funny. River actually pats you on the back between her own chuckles, amusement dancing in her eyes.

>> No.49099093

>You can feel it coming on, the warm embrace of the Veil, because you can't fuckin' breathe and it just is not getting less funny.
Loras face would be epic in the pre-rez peptalk.

>> No.49099103

"How are the hatchlings?" Broken Tooth asks, still red in the face but with a note of worried sobriety.

"They are...unhurt," Crashes Often admits. "The same cannot be said of your mate. Your hatchlings are currently in the care of Diving Shadow, at his request."

"What happened to Sings?" Broken Tooth asks, her voice all worry now.

"There's no easy way to -"

"WHAT HAPPENED TO SINGS-TO-DWARVES?" the harpy girl screams, a note of panicked screech putting an edge to her voice.

The Reverend sighs. "There was an attack, by the allies of the Lush. He was among those that fought back, Broken Tooth. He lost both of his wings in the fighting, as many of us did."

"...You too?" Broken Tooth whispers.

"No," Crashes Often reassures her. "And the hatchlings are safe. They keep asking for you. Their father is not...not equal to their care, at the moment."

Now you let the urge to save people kick in. You go over to Broken Tooth and sit down next to her, putting an arm around her shoulders. The shock and devastation on her face could not be more complete.

"...I need to talk to these people now," Broken Tooth whispers, before she reaches out and stills the clapper of the bell.

She stares, mutely, out into the grasses.

> I'm sorry
> Can you see why I don't want to hurt anyone if I don't have to?
> Just let her find herself
> Write-in?

>> No.49099149

>> Just let her find herself

>> No.49099195

>> I'm sorry
Well, that was a lot more successful than I would have predicted. If we don't make total asses of ourselves, I suspect we'll have a convert shortly.

>> No.49099223

> I'm sorry

I have a feeling that 'Sings-to-Dwarves' is a bit more sinister of a name than it sounds.

>> No.49099336

>> Just let her find herself
Give her a moment to process this properly.

>> No.49099417

>Just let her find herself.
If she still thinks we're pulling her leg after this, I'll be really surprised.

>> No.49099668

>Just let her find herself.
There's nothing TO say. She just heard that her husband/mate is now permanently crippled (in a culture that treats the wingless like Untouchables). Though, with what's happened, that's definitely going to change.

All Brianna can do is be there, and when Broken Tooth/Piercing Cry is ready, help however she can.

So, I guess we've learned that Harpy names are either hilarious or terrifying. Good to know.

>> No.49099942

Pretty much this, good work almost Satan.

>> No.49099959

...permanently crippeld by allies of the man she works for.

That's going to make her an angry, angry harpy.

>> No.49099988

Fuuuuuuuuuck, off by one.

>> No.49099998

>Write In:

>I'm sorry, and I had no idea they were part of your clutch. I'm glad we could save them.

>The people you serve are trying to end the world, though their good intentions. I have to stop them because no one else is here to do it. And traitors to their cause help me save lives.

>Please help me.

>> No.49100012

Maybe at the end of the journey we can make a prosthetic station to help people. Nate can run it, so long as he doesn't go hunt for more Wraith Steel himself.
Seconding this

>> No.49100068

> "Dad why are all of your arms and legs made of metal?"
> "Well, you see son, I -"
> Amy: "Your father has a bad case of the Stupid."
> "Thanks mom!"

>> No.49100106


>> No.49100111

Good intentions? Only two, maybe three of the Chain-Holders have had good intentions, and they lost sight of who they were when Richard dragged them into this.

That doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Huh. Sounds like my parents, only dad still has use of all his bits save the kidneys.

>> No.49100300

Sorry for the disjointed runs lately. I have no excuse for last night other than to say that someone gifted me a Steam game and after 'one more run' it was 9 in the fucking morning. Now I need to head to work; votes remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

>> No.49100790

Before you go, a gift. Because this >>49098964 had me fucking dying.

I'm alive (mostly), but the digital pad I was using died and I've no free moneyz to replace it. Then as Anon said, REAL LIFE rears its ugly head. So no tours in the Middle East for me.

>> No.49101862

Can I ask what the game is?

>> No.49102379

Renowned Explorers.

>> No.49102417

Good game. Anna is best cap'n

>> No.49102736

> So, revenge. Not really good for things like bringing your mates wings back. Better for keeping it from happening to anyone else though.

> Also, if you can find some wraithsteel turns out we know a guy who can make prosthetic wings

>> No.49103485


>> No.49103786

Glorious. Saved. And it's nice to see you again, my friend.

>> No.49104791

Three hours or so to call.

>> No.49106063

Im going to raise the threeeeead

>> No.49106066

So, curiosity question - if you had to pick part of the Dungeon in which to live and work, which part would it be and why?

>> No.49106203

The Atheneum, definitely. I am a giant nerd and like books, and am not so big on mining or fishing or getting my innards eaten by harpies or really anything in that general vein, so it's not much contest really.

>> No.49106204

Probably the Warehouse, more because I like making things (that aren't involved with the forges) than anything else.

I actually could build a lens-making studio with minimal effort. The hard part is making the turntable move fast enough.

>> No.49106301

New Hell, always wanted to learn blacksmithing, and who knows maybe one day my scrub ass will get a bit of paradise like what Henry gets with a sweet succubus of my own to love.

>> No.49106522

The Warehouse, because I love wandering around marketplaces, and there's just so much cool yet scary shit to find down there.

Then there's the Sunless Sea, simply because I love the water. Ironically, I cannot swim worth a damn.

I imagine that the Cornucopia was beautiful before the Lush got his big, fat, sadistic mitts on it. I really wanna see Quickling Grove and meet those faeries Flitter talked about.

>> No.49107208


Eeeenteresting. Should be a solvable problem.

Blacksmithing is an underappreciated art, even in the real world.

Many sailors and pirates could not swim either.

>> No.49107261

>That feeling when the guy you started working for in order to feed and protect your children attacked and tried to kill your children, crippling your husband.

>Just let her find herself.

There's not really a good answer here.

>> No.49107362

Grinding doesn't require much speed. Polishing requires micron filtered grit and high speed, or slow, steady constant speed and pitch (yes, pine pitch) with even smaller particulate and constant liquidation.

>> No.49108128

Blarg. Home, feel like hell. Gonna try to call and write soon, I need food and, like. The sweet release of death. Something.

>> No.49108203

>The sweet release of death.

So, everclear?

>> No.49108210

> Implying I can afford that shit

>> No.49108505

I'd offer some bourbon, but /apparently/ it's an acquired taste. Plus, y'know, I don't think the bottle would fit in the USB port.

>> No.49108920

You never know before you try..

>> No.49109168

But I haven't seen it all yet!

Probably Glen. Trade hub so good opportunity to start a business or find work. Fairly safe environment, the community seems pretty diverse and individualistic without a strict hierarchy or cultural or religious restrictions. Also has foliage and flora.

Also easy to go out and see the sky. I come from the foothills, so between the Prairie and the Rockies I need to be out in nature sometimes.

The Roost is too violent and chaotic, the Warehouse is too random and segregated, the Mine is too authoritarian, as is New Hell. Broken Jaw is actually my second pick. I spent a lot of time in Northern Central Canada and I enjoy that kind of environment. Well, once it recovers.

Fuck the underground sea. I don't do water, or docks. Lakehallow gets an honourable mention here as not repellent but not attractive. I could live there if given reason and be happy, but not because of anything there.

The Athenaeum would be more enjoyable to visit then reside in.

>> No.49109316

> Write in

> First we hug. Hug and murmur that it's okay, her hatchling are safe and her mate is alive. It's not her fault, she can fix this, it's going to get better, she couldn't have known, nobody blames her, she was already doing what she could to protect them.

Honestly it was the Gear Grinders not the Lush. And although Richard has his reasons for not being pleased with the Gears, it's equally possible the Lush was partially planning on getting revenge for the Harpies.

I wonder, though. He's hurt people in the Cornucopia a lot through his curse. Lora specifically. But I mean, has he really broken his word? Or been a child killer?

I'm going try to remember to throw that at him when we see him. Put the blame on his feet for not being able or willing to keep his word, for being part of the deliberate killing of kids. After all, shouldn't he of all people have known the value of children? He might want to be remembered at any cost, but is this really him that will be remembered or just a sad and broken beast.

Knockout punch when we ask Commander Decency if he recognizes the person as the leader he once followed.

>> No.49110470

Yeah, I'm sorry guys but writing is not gonna happen tonight/this morning. I'll call and write when I get up. Votes remain open. Unfortunately.

I appreciate your patience thus far.

>> No.49111518

No worries, gonna keep the thread alive till then.

>> No.49112594


>> No.49113190

's appreciated. I'll try to call and check write soon; questions and discussion still welcome.

>> No.49113843

Called, writing.

>> No.49114038

You keep your arm around Broken Tooth and let her come to grips with this on her own terms. She shakes, making the chains rattle quietly; River just watches, looking guilty for having laughed earlier.

You need to talk to her about /that/ later too. If the girl doesn't take her laughs when she can get them, she'll drive herself insane.

"I will help you," Broken Tooth whispers. "Then I'm going to take my mate and my hatchlings someplace far away. I'm going to raise them, and when they are grown, I will find a way to replace Sings' wings. And when that is done, I am going to hunt the naked sky until every last giant is dead, dead in /agony/, and each one will know it was their last son who brought my vengeance down upon them. Unchain me."

"What are you going to do?" you ask, softly.

"I'm going to go to the Quickling Grove and take my people out to the Roost," Broken Tooth promises.

> Ask her to stay
> Let her go
> Give her the bell to take with her; it will help her prove her point

>> No.49114048

Wee short update. I'ma go leave the house for a little while and hopefully some time spent, like, actually socializing and/or seeing this movie I wanna see (it's Kubo and the Two Strings, before you ask) will help me find an even keel again.

I'll be back when I can be.

>> No.49114058

>> Give her the bell to take with her; it will help her prove her point

>> No.49114118

>> Give her the bell to take with her; it will help her prove her point
also, wasn't Lushy the last Giant? And mention that Roost is getting renovated with its roof removed.

>> No.49114131

The last son of the giants, yes. There's supposedly only about a hundred left at all, most of them too old to have kids.

>> No.49114137

> Give her the bell to take with her; it will help her prove her point

If you need another long break, go ahead and take it, man.

>> No.49114155

Ah, too bad for them.

>> No.49114174

> Give her the bell to take with her; it will help her prove her point
Also, might I suggest a target. There's this one giant, half-giant related to the Lush...

>> No.49114254

can giants breed with other races?

>> No.49114300

>> Let her go
bell's a generous idea, but we /need/ to keep it with us while we're in hostile territory. If someone needs to get ahold of us and can't, or we need to radio for help, we'll be up a creek without a paddle, because we gave the paddle away.

>> No.49114329

>And when that is done, I am going to hunt the naked sky until every last giant is dead, dead in /agony/, and each one will know it was their last son who brought my vengeance down upon them. Unchain me.

> Ask her to stay

Not like right here, but have her people help us against the Lush.

Also, point out regarding this little bit

> Hey, vengeance doesn't undo a thing. And as bad as the Lush is, others aren't responsible for what he did. FYI, I negotiated the harpies being able to leave the dungeon. My friends also fought for your children and your mate. One of them gave her life, you'll hear about her when you return I'm certain, because she was noble and did it for nothing, although she saved many children.

> So don't become someone that I have to stop to save other innocents. Because if I let you go, if you can leave the dungeon and hunt them down because of me, then it WILL be me who stops you.

Like, hey, no. We don't let homie play that way.

>> No.49114407

> Ask her to stay
She's grieving, but she'll need an eye kept on her 'til she cools down. If she's still serious afterwords about the "killing all the giants" thing, we'll have to have another talk at least. They aren't responsible for the sins of another.

>> No.49114556

>Ask her to stay

Killing all the giants for one rotten apple is a bit excessive.

>> No.49114916

>> Ask her to stay
We're not letting her out like that; that'll just be an /extension of what the Lush wants/. To die in infamy.
Thats not a true revenge, her spreading his infamy, even though it feels like it to her right now.

>> No.49114991

Okay I am not sure if "Ask her to stay" means "pls don't go on a murderfest" as >>49114556 >>49114916 see or if it's her staying with the gang /right now/ in cornucopia.

I'd give her a lecture about not taking a revenge too far and let her get her people into the Roost to calm the fuck down there.

>> No.49115283

I think the lecture is reserved for after she's had some time to deal with her grief. She's not terrible rational at the moment.

>> No.49115505

> Let her go.
See, I'd give her the bell, but we don't know what's going to happen as we proceed, and having contact with our allies is important.

>> No.49116262

Seconding this. We don't want to make monsters, and I have a feeling there's going to be a few lynch mobs of people trying to get revenge on each other at the end of this.

>> No.49116791

Movie's starting, will call and write when I get home. Should be close to eight PM.

>> No.49116880

Have fun Vox!

>> No.49117495

>Give her the bell to take with her; it will help her prove her point
The giants allowed this to happen as well.

>> No.49118133

I'm undecided on the options presented, but I'm definitely with the other anons who want to discourage her from taking out her rage on unrelated people. Point out, perhaps, that Richard, not the giants, is the mastermind behind this whole situation.

>> No.49119045

I want to go for a more "It's not that vengeance doesn't undo whats done, or that you aren't entitled to it, but what you're saying isn't vengeance just being selfish. At best you regret what you've done and feel guilty, at worst you'll just give another person cause for revenge on you for no reason, putting your family and friends at risk. Most likely I'll stop you before that happens and hope your surviving family and flock don't try to come after me then."

Or maybe focus more on how our friend saved her family and her death should be payment enough. Yeah we're killing the Lush, but that's because we have to. He's not interested in redemption, and we're not going to allow him to Lora, or innocent children, like he has ever again.

Honestly, if we faced the Lush and he truly was sorry and repentant and wanted to atone, I would still have to accept his surrender. Give him to Lora for judgement, but remind her that what he did doesn't have to be a different type of chain. That she can choose to be a person who isn't controlled by what he did, that hurts can heal and scars can fade but only if you let them alone to do so and don't pick them open to feel their pain again.

Then we make him go to the other Giants and tell them of his crimes, and apologize, and try to atone by serving other and not ruling again, accepting that he might not be remembered forever, but that what he did will still have meaning.

Except actually Amy shanks him as he's leaving without us knowing, because while we're righteous and Lora is Just, and Nate is Pure, she's the shankbird who just is and she's here to shank him. She's just skipping the years of atonement before his death.

>> No.49119113

I would like to casually drop what we've done fro the Roost,, and why - namely that the sort of attitude she has was making it a horrible place and the harpies into horrible people.

Maybe tell her that if her own kids aren't going to give her enough to keep her busy, she can help take care of the other orphans. Or the harpies from the "weak" flock that are becoming medics. Experience what it could be like instead of murder and more murder, and then decide if it's something to turn away from.

>> No.49119777

>Point out that a lot of innocent people were probably forced to serve the Lush in his army.
>Also that forcing people to do terrible things is something he gets off on.
These seem like relevant information.

>> No.49120426

how did they "allow this to happen"? There aren't that many in the first place, and it's not like he went around telling them what he was doing. Who know how long he's been down here.

>> No.49120738

Movie was /fucking amazing/. Like. I don't even know where to start or finish on describing it. Heartfelt, attentive to detail, wonderfully written, presented, and animated. Just. Holy hell that was worth the twelve bucks for two tickets.

Called, writing.

>> No.49120838

Happy gator is happy, happy Vox is happy, everyone being happy up in here.

>> No.49121124

I'm taking the recommendation to heart.

Happygator is absolutely certain he is going to be Godzilla one day.

>> No.49121861

Humans, like just about everyone else can, though in this case the logistics are so complicated that it hasn't happened in living memory and academics severely doubt the legitimacy of recorded instances.

>> No.49121936

Okay, so having counted this >>49119777 under 'stay' we have a tie between having her stay and giving her the bell. This would normally be where I throw a die on the matter; however, not this time. Between the tactical musings posed in the thread re: absence of bell and the discussion during the vote, I'ma come down on the side of 'ask her to stay' for this one.


>> No.49121937

well artificial insemination isn't that hard, especially not with magic

it'd be pretty easy to keep the giants from dieing out. it'll be just like rebreeding the bobcats

>> No.49122193

Dude, you don't even need magic. Just a young teen male human, a female giant, some enthusiasm, some lube, and a turkey baster.

Remember - Always use the female of the larger species.

Still, maybe we'll get the chance to ask the Lush if he ever tried.

>> No.49122270

So, do the Gods just not particularly like Giants or vice versa or something?

Dude brings up a good point. Magic is a thing. I mean, a dying race couldn't petition the Gods to give them a hand with this thing? Maybe immaculate conception, maybe magic size changing during pregnancy that gets reversed after etc?

I mean, clearly they act upon the world both through champions, Angels and Choirs, and we've interacted directly with at least the Lady of Ravens.

And like, the gods spoke existence into being, pretty sure they can't quibble that speaking isn't acting on the world or doesn't change it.

>> No.49122825

You sigh, and stand so that you can face Broken Tooth. After a moment you squat down onto your heels so you can be at eye level with the young mother.

"I would like you to stay, for now," you tell her.

"You were in such an awful rush before," she snaps.

"For you to believe me, yes. For you to run off and potentially alert the Lush and his necromancer that something is wrong before I'm ready to make my move? Not so much. You read a lot of books, got any on tactics?"

You get a sullen glare, but Broken Tooth deflates, then nods. "Yeah, actually. Including some landwalker's book on militarized harpies."

"People have militarized harpies?" River asks.

"They have not. Makes the book really interesting and really frustrating."

"...Yeah, I can imagine," River agrees. "I'm gonna unchain you now. Please don't stab me."

"I won't stab you," Broken Tooth promises, sullenly.

"We're going to rest up and then make a plan," you say softly. "But two things, and they're important, so I need you to listen to them."

Broken Tooth nods while River starts to unlock her.

"One, the rest of the giants have nothing to do with the Lush. If you want your revenge, your enemy is down there." You point, downward. "But to be frank, I don't think you do want your revenge, because point two is that this kind of shit is why the Roost was a hell from which there was no waking, in which your children were likely to die without names."

"The fuck do /you/ know," Broken Tooth snarls. "You think you're some kind of priest?"

"Yes," you answer, simply.

"Of /what/?"


The last chain falls away. For a moment it looks like Broken Tooth is going to lunge for you, but all she does is nestle down more comfortably and glare at you.

"I'm going to send Amy your way so you two can talk about the current conditions in the Roost," you say quietly. "And then I'm going to get some sleep. River, you ought to as well."

"You got it, sis."

>> No.49122878

Lora is waiting for you, after you settle down against your boar and tip your hat over your eyes. The angel looks haggard. Exhausted. You don't know if she needs sleep in this form or not but if you saw a human like this you'd tuck them in and make them sleep, with a punch if you had to. She looks up, blearily, and tries a smile. It doesn't work.

"Overtime, down below," she mutters. "The Master will have to give me a rest soon. Or let me die. One of those."

> What do you say?

>> No.49122903

> We're a priest of Life.

I can dig it.

Hey, should we also casually toss out that we're also apparently the Heritor, as in heir to the Dungeon, so she should know that we aren't changing things just because we can, or trying to force an ideal.

But we're responsible for this entire mess now, so yeah, we ARE going to make it better.

>> No.49122949

> Overtime, down below.

Looks like Richard fucked up on his OpSec.

> "What could make an angel like you so exhausted?"

I guess he didn't do a blanket order against telling us what's going on if the information that she's working down below slipped out.

>> No.49122963

Have you considered the scenario wherein the giants as a people decided against help?

>> No.49123121

Which one would you prefer?

>> No.49123814

As one in which they deserve to die out and be forgotten.

>> No.49123934


> It's not going to last much longer. We're coming for you lora

>> No.49124006

Facing the choice to change or die, the giants chose not to change, with all that entails. So in a sense you're right, for a given value of "deserve".

>> No.49124798

Will call and write shortly, currently dishes.

>> No.49126147

>We're coming for you, Lora.

>Hugs gently.

>> No.49126985

Called, writing.

>> No.49127475

We need to get this woman a big ol' thermos of coffee. Also a hug, because Dick is a Dick and can go fuck himself.

Doesn't sound unreasonable, at least to me. They're an old race, yes? With many proud customs and traditions?

It's kinda like telling a tribesman from the Amazon, whose ancestors have lived, loved, fought and died there for literally millenia, that he is wrong for believing in his people's customs and way of life.

The Giants were probably proud of their independence and strength, and would rather die out than become vassals under anyone, even the Gods.

>> No.49127613

>We're working as fast as we can Lora.
>....but I have to ask....what happens to the Dungeon if you die? What happens to the people in it?
>And I'm not asking what happens to you, because I don't think anyone mortal should know....not because I don't care.

I actually have an idea, and it isn't a happy one.

Because if she dies, at least Dick is fucked.

>> No.49127907

I think Lora already explained this one.

The Angels are basically supervisors of reality, following laws and general guidelines laid down by the Gods during creation and afterward. The various domains they oversee are not dependent upon their existence, or vice versa.

So, if an Angel wishes to die and basically retire to the Sunless Lands, that's always an option open to them. Their death doesn't spell doom and disaster, it just means that they might need a successor, or another Angel takes over their workload.

So, in Lora's case, she is bound to the rules of life and death as any mortal. As for her successor, the Dungeon will go to Brianna and her allies. The Death Choir would likely move a few things around to compensate for her absence, but they seem to operate rather independently of Lora's oversight.

>There's no need to panic, the world is still spinning, and the Sun is still in the sky.

>> No.49128325

You go and sit next to Lora and give her a quiet hug. "We're coming," you promise softly. "We're coming as fast as we can without leaving what you made to get ruined by these people."

"You know," Lora says, a little distantly. "There was a time that wouldn't have bothered me."

"I think we had this talk already, Lora," you murmur.

"...Did we?" The angel shakes her head and rests her forehead in her hand. "...Speaking the Tongue is exhausting. Teaching it requires quite a bit of speaking it, and now with two students -"

The leash manifests at Lora's neck, choking her words out. From the look of surprise on her face, the angel hadn't realized she was crossing a line. Her wing folds protectively over you, drawing you close to her body.

"You can't touch her," Lora whispers, harshly.

After a long, silent moment, the leash vanishes. You let out a breath you hadn't quite realized you were holding.

"We can talk about something else," you offer.

"The surviving Chain-Bearers talk about you quite a bit," Lora admits. "You're something of a full-time hobby of theirs, these days."

"I can't imagine why," you point out, wryly.

"Actually...the Wyrm asked me to pose a question to you, if the subject came up," Lora admits, a curiosity in her voice. "I have to admit, it interests me as well. He's not a bad sort, for a dragon."

"Meaning he's fucking awful by most standards?" you ask.

Lora flicks your forehead. "I have no grudge with him beyond the obvious one, and in any event he's gotten more talkative as his peers have winnowed away. Do you want to hear his question or not?"

"Fine, fine."

The angel gestures, with a hand. "The Wyrm lays dead at your feet, slain essentially intact. From his corpse you take his hide, his bones, and his fangs. What do you do with them?"

> Bury them; he deserves to rest
> Give them to my companions; they could use the tools
> Study them; the world could do to learn more about dragons
> Raise him into undeath

>> No.49128404

>Give them to my companions; they could use the tools
If there weren't Richard and the Librarian to deal with, I would say bury them. But River, Nate and Amy can use those tools.

Undeath isn't something to wish on anything, especially a dragon. If he wished us to bury him intact, he would have said so or asked a different question, instead of posing the question that he did.

And the secrets of dragons aren't for Brianna to tell. Let someone else have that glory.

>> No.49128405

> Give them to my companions; they could use the tools
This is the honest answer.

>> No.49128432

>> Give them to my companions; they could use the tools
The knowledge will be a side product, also we do need some special shears to castrate a special Dick.

>> No.49128523

>> Give them to my companions; they could use the tools

We can't afford to turn down the help given our goal of freeing Death herself.

After that? Those tools are going to be pretty powerful. We could bury them here in the Dungeon to be watched over by Lora, much like the god-slaying spear. Which is sorta the first prompt, and the best we'll probably manage given the circumstances.

I'm now wondering how things would go terribly wrong if we used necromancy and the innocent soul to reanimate the Wyrm's body...

>> No.49128725

If I had a ruler I'd slap your knuckles. And not in the happy fun-time way.

>> No.49128848

I know, I know. The zombie army argument holds even if there is only one zombie if that zombie is a dragon.

>> No.49128957

Depending on how big of a douche the Wyrm is. Bury if it's somewhat like the Poet or Natalia, Turn into tools if it's more towards the Lush side of the scale.

>> No.49129060

>Make them into tools, but again my preferred situation is one in which no one has to die. I'd much prefer to deal with a live dragon peacefully then make an incredibly awesome sword

>> No.49129480

>Give them to my companions; they could use the tools

>Old hunters used to pick apart their kill, /everything/ got made use of, it is an old way of saying thanks and showing respect to the animal that lost it's life so other may continue living.

Dick is learning divine tongue, Somewhere I knew it was going to happen but SHIT MAN, I'M PISSED OFF.

>> No.49129665

>>Give them to my companions; they could use the tools
>>Old hunters used to pick apart their kill, /everything/ got made use of, it is an old way of saying thanks and showing respect to the animal that lost it's life so other may continue living.
This. If a dragon has to die, let's not waste its death.

>> No.49129717

Well, it's kind of a necessity if you want to create a new world, anon.

That's his goal. To create a new world. He doesn't believe this will destroy the current world, because he thinks Lora lied to him.

And we're all that stands in his way.

>> No.49130172

>Give a few parts to my companions, the other remains will receive a proper send-off.
We could treat him in a similar manner to that necromancer we killed; A few parts, like his eyes or some of his scales, we can use for Kat. Some of his knuckle bones or teeth might go into making some talismans, and a few other prime bones and chunks of his hide can go towards armor or whatever the hell Amy or Nathan want.

This way, his remains will be put towards good use, but he will still be respected as a /person/ and not a /monster/. Very important.

Y'know, that spawns an interesting question. You said before that Dragons are more akin to Elementals than animals. So, do they possess a true soul? As in, are there ghostly dragons flying around in the Sunless Lands? Or are the like the Fae?

>> No.49130585

>>Give them to my companions; they could use the tools
>>Old hunters used to pick apart their kill, /everything/ got made use of, it is an old way of saying thanks and showing respect to the animal that lost it's life so other may continue living.
This. If a dragon has to die, let's not waste its death.

We did the same thing for Silence. Used what we could and respectfully buried the rest.

>> No.49131070

>> Give them to my companions; they could use the tools

>> No.49131172

Whew. Had to you know sleep.

But remember, what don't change, don't live.

Either compete or die out. It's how the world goes.

Jesus bro, nobody said they would have to be vassals. But the sheer arrogance to think youi're too perfect to change, even when it kills you.

>> No.49131201

> Depends on how he dies. If he goes down fighting, then fuck him. We'll take his bones to make tools and make our minions stronger for the coming battles.

We're fighting to save the world here.

But if it happens that he doesn't oppose us then I suppose we would bury him,. Doesn't do any good to save the world just to turn it into a shitty place.

>> No.49131221

Goddamn I hate these kinds of questions.

How about

> We would act like an adult that can use their words, and would ask him what he would like done with his corpse.

> If he's going to die when we're not around, he can leave a note.

>> No.49132064

I'm up, will call and write when I can.

>> No.49132186


Changing my vote from 49128325 to 49131221 .

>> No.49132738

Wee. Real life stuff (helping the roomie move out) is getting me here but on the plus side there will be caffeine

>> No.49132785

Eh, as long as we get situation updates to know about delays.

>> No.49133497

Called, writing.

>> No.49134637

You consider it for a long moment. "To be honest, I'd probably either make something out of them for my companions, or else give those parts to them to make something for themselves. I come back, but they don't."

Lora nods, an interested look still in her eyes. "I expected something like that," she admits. "Even told him as much, but he was curious."

"Why?" you ask, at last.

"You need to recall that he's a dragon," Lora begins. "For him, eating your enemies after you kill them is just a thing you do. He has noticed, during his lordship over the Mire, that mortals have a great concern over the fate of their bodies after their deaths, and he is intrigued by these traditions and the attitudes that motivate them."

"If he'd prefer a burial," you begin, only for Lora to shake his head.

"He does not want to be treated other than how he'd treat you. He has no grudge and will bear none. To be honest, I think he's pleased at the idea of living on as something useful."

"Please tell me the stuff made from him won't talk," you beg.

"It won't," Lora promises. She reaches into her robes and hands you a small scale. "For indulging him. I can keep it here if you suspect he'll use it to spy on you, but if you call upon him with it, he'll speak to you. I do believe he's gotten lonely, since you deprived him of his conversation partners."

"I'm not even a little sorry for that," you say flatly.

"Neither am I," Lora agrees. "...How are things in the Cornucopia?"

> Bad. I don't even know where to start
> The lizards are ours
> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?
> Change the topic (to what?)

>> No.49134693


> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?

>> No.49134832

> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?
It sucks but honestly telling her anything when she can be forced to tattle to the chain holders isn't the greatest move.

>> No.49134986

>Bad. I don't even know where to start.
>But there is one thing: The Lush's allies have screwed him over by forcing dissent in the ranks.
The Lush knows how bad it is - but he might not be aware the Librarian truly fucked him over by attacking the Roost and The Mine.. Sowing dissent through honesty is the best policy.

>> No.49135172

>...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?
>We do not want to talk to Lora about progress because the chain holders can order her to tell them!

>> No.49135298

> Bad. I don't even know where to start
> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?
tactical issues, you understand.

>> No.49135431

>> The lizards are ours
>> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually
Why not both

>> No.49135771

> Give them to my companions; they could use the tools.
We don't waste a corpse unless absolutely necessary, if we don't need to use the body for an emergency we give it a proper burial.

>> No.49135820

Fuck me I didn't think about that, SECONDING THIS!

>> No.49135999

>It's been rough, so far. But I have my zombie army! (followed by a bitter laugh)
Lora isn't the only one who needs a hug.

> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?
This is actually pretty important. The Lush gets into everyone else's head, lets get into his.

>> No.49136594

Gettin' dinner, I'll be back.

>> No.49137702

Called, writing. Looks like DELICIOUS WORLDBUILDING "tell me about the giants" is the winner.

>> No.49137978


Worldbuilding is like crack cocaine, me and a QM buddy of mine have been doing it for his new setting for weeks.

>> No.49138655


>> No.49138698


>> No.49138789

I guess we're using names now, that picture is accurate

>> No.49139480

>> ...Can you tell me about the giants, actually?
Intel for us; and the less she knows the less she can be compelled to share.

>> No.49140035

> Have we considered maybe giving her false information to screw with Richard?

>> No.49141446

You shake your head. "Actually, I was hoping we could talk about the giants," you prompt. "And why they're dying out."

Lora blinks. "I mean...I suppose? The mighty giants are the children of Red Troth, and were very early in the rise of the Firstborn. At that time, the Red God still valued war for its own sake, and wished for mighty soldiers to wage it for his glory. He got into an argument with the Forgemaster about the nature of strength, and each created something to represent them in the argument as their champion. Red Troth forged the giants, while the Forgemaster created a great serpent, imbued with the power of eternal youth, to fight and grow and await the resolution of their conflict."

"Huh. Did the giants know that's why they were created?" you ask.

"Yes. And they were not happy about it," Lora adds. "It's a bit of a shitty reason to exist, after all. But they felt they owed their creator for their lives, since they did enjoy living, so they learned his lessons. Giants were never a numerous people, but the sight of one wading into battle inspired fear in the hearts of the smaller races, and their contributions helped to decide quite a few wars. And then...then the bet was settled. By Kratos."

You blink. "I know that story," you tell Lora. "Kratos and the serpent had a pankration. Kratos proved himself the stronger of the pair before they started, but in the end raw strength couldn't save him from the serpent's coils, and it ate him."

Lora nods. "After the giants lost the bet for which they had been created, they swore off their father and the rest of the gods besides, and retreated away from the world to attend to their own affairs. They built a civilization, for awhile, but the damage had already been done. Their bitterness over their circumstances drove them to drift apart and, eventually, to start to die out. Red Troth came to his people to beg their forgiveness and to ask what he might do to save them."

>> No.49141498

"But - then why are they dying out?" you ask, confused.

"They accepted Red Troth's apology, but not his help," Lora says gently. "They said that their lives were their own, and had been for centuries, and they knew their path might end this way when they chose to walk it. Their leader at the time, Bran, said something to Red Troth that I didn't understand at the time. He said, 'To own something, you must be able to surrender it. If you cannot give it away, destroy it, sell it, forsake it, it is not yours; it belongs to whomever has forced it upon you. Our lives are our own, as are our deaths. You may not have them.'"

> That's a stupid reason to die
> I like that
> If that's what they want...

>> No.49141641

> That's a stupid reason to die
But we can't change that choice. They can't surrender their right to be stupid.

>> No.49141668

> That's a stupid reason to die.
I mean, it's disrespectful your forebearers to let your line die out spite the gods.

>> No.49141682

Rather, to spite the gods.

>> No.49141717

> That's a stupid reason to die

No serioiusly, that's a dumb reason to die. Are they so embittered with their own failures that they cannot even afford themselves to entertain the idea of hope, that one day their children or their childrens children might find a way to undo what was done, or find new purpose in life beyond Red Troth? It seems like they're cutting off their noses to spite their own faces

>> No.49141799

>> I like that
In a twisted way, that's not so far from what we do when we use our lifeforce to help others.

Also, the individuals have essentially decided that the race ends here. Having children simply to continue the species seems like it would foster unhealthy sentiments in those children. "I exist to have children."

>> No.49141848

>> If that's what they want...

They did not choose to be made. They did not choose to be forced into war. They are choosing to die because it is something they /are/ able to choose to do. They are expressing their free will that they were not really given before in a way of their own choosing.

It may be stupid but it's their choice to be stupid. It's the rough equivalent of some normal person in the tech age deciding to become amish and bear no children. You might deem it retarded but its their choice to do so.

>> No.49141940

They're choosing to die so that their legacy is one marked by their failure. They are defining themselves by it.

>> No.49141943

> That's a stupid reason to die

You can only own your life if you never give it to another. It's shitty that they weren't willing to do that for each other.

They aren't choosing to die, they're choosing to die out.

Kind of a dick move towards the Lush and the other final child. Like, thanks guys, glad you condemned me to die out with you because you're salty fucking bitches.

>> No.49141972

>> If that's what they want...

>> No.49142098

>> That's a stupid reason to die

Haha no. Individual choice is one thing, but when it means the end of your race it's a shitty reason.

Especially since they then had a couple more kids anyways.

>> No.49142290

>the end of your race
Why is that a bad thing? They were created for a dumb reason, and then failed the test. They aren't the only intelligent life, so the planet won't languish. They clearly have no desire to continue the species. Propagation for is own sake won't be healthy. The universe has done them no favors, why should they continue to exist in it?

>> No.49142343

It's shitty to decide you're going to die off right after you've just finished having a kid.

How do you look the lush in the face and tell him "Sorry, you're going to die alone without any hope of ever having a family. Because we're trying to prove a point."

>> No.49142383

the reasoning could also be explained as

"You don't deserve to have a future, because that's our decision for you."

>> No.49142425

>bitterness over their circumstances drove them to drift apart and, eventually, to start to die out.
He might have simply been one of the last born before they... disbanded(?) He might have come about after; It wasn't a clean break. They clearly don't keep in touch, but if the Lush had wanted, he could have sought the company of his race; I suspect giants don't hide well. Point is, if he'd had a different mindset than the rest of the giants, he could have done something about it.

>> No.49142453

that's the thing, he can't

the other giants decided that to reject Red Troths help and basically just let themselves die out. his race already turned down the one person who could effectively save it

>> No.49142502

Essentially, the Giants were good kids until they snapped, but instead of decided to go off and be better than their creator they became Anarcho-Capitalists.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzs6byUEgqY

>> No.49142552

Is Red Troth supposed to be a Magnus reference?

Seems like his fuck-ups contributed a lot to this whole situation.

>> No.49142574

not "save his race", but "find the company of his race". There aren't many left, but the giants are a collection of individuals, same as any other race. If he'd wanted to find a like-minded or at least tolerable giant, he could have. And it's not like he would have to be alone; There are plenty of other intelligent species still around. This isn't like the last of humans IRL dieing out.

>> No.49142596

> If that's what they want...

Vaguely related, do the Gods have an origin story? Or did they just POP into existence one day?

>> No.49142968

>> That's a stupid reason to die

>> No.49142976

> That's a stupid reason to die

>> No.49143080

> MFW we find out his change in personality came because the only other child of his generation was Female but wouldn't be with him because incest.

> Got pregnant by a human, but the Lush is male and the pregnancy would kill any human woman.

> Cucked by his race as well as his existence as a man.

> All he wants now is to be the little girl.

>> No.49143110

So, you're telling that rape and forced pregnancy is the answer?

Anon, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you bringing my fetishes into the game.

> Hard as diamond when Lora was coughing up cum,. Throatfucking best fucking.

>> No.49143223

> If that's what they want...

>> No.49143259

>That's a stupid reason to die

>> No.49143265

> That's a stupid reason to die

I mean, it's their reason yeah. But still a stupid one.

> o own something, you must be able to surrender it. If you cannot give it away, destroy it, sell it, forsake it, it is not yours; it belongs to whomever has forced it upon you.

Like, there's a difference between accepting help from your parent, and dying out of spite.

From what I can tell, they never even refused to worship him but did it out of duty and could have walked away at any time.

It's a race of teenagers being mad at their dad..

>> No.49143271

...Anon why. Why would you say this.

I mean, fuck, I realize this is 4chan but /why/.

>> No.49143307

>> If that's what they want...
I seem to be in the minority, but I don't much see the value in continuing a species just to continue it. A species isn't a person, it doesn't suffer or feel pain. Only individual giants do that, and none of them are being killed because of this decision.

>> No.49143349

> If that's what they want...

>> No.49143414

>>That's a stupid reason to die

>> No.49143471

Precisely because you react like that, Vox.

Somehow you're still a pure, virginal flower blushing in furious confusion at weird sexual things, and it just makes me want to grab some handcuffs and a sounding rod to see what kind of noises you'll make.

>> No.49143481

>> That's a stupid reason to die

>> No.49143620


What makes you think I'm not serious?

I realize there's a difference between reality and fantasy and react appropriately if a person told me about that happening.

But I fucking love getting my Girlfriend to lie on her back so I can throat fuck her. It's not her kink, and if she wasn't willing I wouldn't push for it, but I can't lie that I love to do it.

Knowing she doesn't like it does make it better, yes. Which is fucked up, and also probably the reason I don't push for it. But on occasion she'll ask me to do it.

>> No.49143643


>> No.49143834

Really? That's your kink threshold? A guy getting off on consensual rape-play with his girlfriend, while being careful about the boundaries of said consent and how they relate to his particular kinks? Fuck man, that's about as vanilla as rape fetishes get.

>> No.49143949

Dude, I know that. Hell I wouldn't even say it's really a fetish, I can have a fulfilling sex life without doing it. It's just something that I really love to do.

I grew up in the 90s fucking goth girls, so if you want to know how messed up the shit I have done is, then you're going to want to go to a hentai site and google "Ryona". Piercing play, bloodplay, I know how to properly fist for gods sake.

But yeah, for my own desires I'm actually pretty vanilla. But I know that.because I've pretty much lived "Preaching to the Perverted" and really identify with the investigative journalist actually.

MFW my GF is in to ATM and it almost makes me gag to do it. But I put my smelly dick in her face and force her to clean it. She just doesn't like me to push so hard she gags, which is where I start to really enjoy it. She's got some issues about suffocation from a previous actual rape, but it's just not throat fucking if they can breathe.

>> No.49143962

Whoops, sorry, thought you were replying to me.


So yeah we're kind of fucked up but at least we've had enough counseling to develop healthy ways to deal with it.

>> No.49144103

Confíteor Deus-imperator, fratres,
quia peccávi nimis
cogitatióne, verbo,
ópere et omissióne:
mea culpa, mea culpa,
mea máxima culpa.
Ideo precor beátam /tg/ semper irae,
omnes angelos et sanctos,
et vos, Anonymous,
oráre pro me ad Deus-imperator.

>> No.49144121

Called, writing.

I'm glad you've got a healthy approach to your sex life anon but hot damn that just came out of fucking nowhere man.

>> No.49144166

> If he'd wanted to find a like-minded or at least tolerable giant, he could have.

That part of the comment really. And kind of a shout out to the Lush not having a problem with rape, then again he probably doesn't want to put any child of his in the same situation he's in now.

So he should rape ALL the Giantesses to ensure genetic variability, and cumjack the other giant men.

Actually we should really ask why he didn't go that route if he was planning on embodying depravity and evil.

But you seemed kind of disturbed when I pointed out you included not just a general thing because I don't really have a rape fetish.

But damn would I love to throatfuck a bitch until drowned a little on my hate-seed. It was just a little detail I had never thought of that suddenly seemed so right.

>> No.49144198

Sorry, that you included my magical realm.

If I thought I could somehow get you to write a short story about it, you would receive some money.

And a disturbing vocaroo of me RPing it with my GF maybe.

I gotta crash though, it's late.

>> No.49144421

> This whole exchange

>> No.49144629

It could be worse.

I could go into my fantasies concerning the main characters.

>> No.49144645

I know that, objectively, I don't want to know, and yet some sick part of me wants to know.

>> No.49144654

I've written dragon rape.

As in the woman raping the dragon.

>> No.49144670

...See it's not as shocking since it didn't come out of fucking nowhere like before.

>> No.49144708

Better that way, really.

>> No.49144710

I swear there was context for that.

I mean, here we are arguing about moral choices and how the Lush could have continued the Giant race.

If you're going to rape anyways, you might as well rape in an ecologically responsible manner and save a dying species.

>> No.49144734

You need about 120 genetically distinct specimens to get a species back on track. The giants do not have that.

>> No.49144806

...You realize you are arguing /for/ rape, yes?

Sure, your logic is sound; the Lush could have decided to join up with the Master and his other assorted allies under the stipulation that he would be the progenitor of a new Giant race that would occupy Dick's new world.

But he's just a fucking huge asshole that enjoys hurting other people. I doubt the other giants would want their legacy to be one of cruelty.

Would magical cloning be possible? Or could the Lush force Lora to revert the other giants back to a much younger age, wherein the would now be able to sire/bear children again?

The Divine Tongue seems to laugh at most logic, except for the playing with fire bit.

>> No.49144818

>Add more mutagens.

>> No.49144826

"Conventional" magic isn't really good for that, no. The Divine Tongue could maybe make a cloned body or even just entirely new giants but after you do it and then get souls for them, then what? Where do you put them? How do you teach and guide them? What do you think you're preserving with these new people whom you call giants?

>> No.49144831

Woah, I wasn't arguing for rape. I was just saying it was present as an option, and criticizing the Lush for raping the wrong person because I wasn't aware of >>49144734

>> No.49144842

TL;DR Giants made a stupid choice and fucked up hard, we came in too late to fix anything and the Lush is shit out of luck.

Honestly, kind of glad the cunts are dying out now.

>> No.49145637

He is not. Those were earlier days, and there is, as Lora mentioned before, no instruction manual for being a god. And the thing about having great power is you make great mistakes.

>> No.49145639

Why do you even want to save the giants? We aren't a fucking discovery channel wildlife preservation crack team of oddly photogenic people.

>> No.49145744

You give Lora a Look, with a capital L. "That's a fucking idiotic reason to die."

Lora shrugs. "I'm not so sure about that, but, then, I've never died. Honestly, though, from where I'm sitting...a lot of people die for stupider reasons. And so few get to choose their own deaths."

"Oh, no, I'm with you up to that point," you agree. "It's their life. They can die for a stupid reason if they want to. But that doesn't make it less stupid."

"You've got me there," the angel admits. "I think...I don't know. I think maybe part of it is the same reason I don't try to bring people back from the dead, or really...save lives. Red Troth saves the giants with a miracle, he speaks the Divine Tongue and brings them back from the brink. But what then? Does he save an empire? A nation? One of his temples? The gods do not traditionally bring the might of their divnity down upon the affairs of mortals. Their words, yes, their teachings, their commands, but the age of miracles is...it's over."

"That's sad to think about," you murmur.

"Is it?" Lora asks. "You can't change something without destroying it. When I stopped reshaping the Dungeon, it started to grow into what it is today, complete with the Firstborn that made it their home, made it more than what I'd created it to be. Is it really such a grand thing, the idea that I could take that away from them at any moment?"

"Those aren't the same," you protest.

"They're exactly the same," Lora says softly.

> Agree
> Disagree (why?)

>> No.49145782

And now I must go to bed. Votes remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

>> No.49145818

>Change and destruction aren't the same thing. Destroying something doesn't mean something new and growing is left in it's place; change does mean that there is still something growing there, even if it not what it was before.
>The wrapper of a cigarette is destoyed when you use it; there isn't anything useful or growing left of it, only ash. The pipe might become burned, might be flavored by what you smoke in it, but it isn't destroyed. It can change, for better or worse. The ashes of a cigarette, not so much.
>Change isn't necessarily the same as destruction.
>You don't destroy lives - you change them, because something goes on after death. Richard is trying to destroy them. If you can't see that difference, you really shouldn't have made someone like me your heritor!

>> No.49146392

>Disagree (why?)
> >>49145818
I'm leaning towards this, change does not equal destruction and destruction does not equal change.

>> No.49146506

> Disagree (why?)
Yes, Lora can take the Dungeon away, but why? It is different from the Giants. They screwed themselves over. This is you screwing the inhabitants of the Dungeon.
Also, You say that you can't change something without destroying it. And what happened to the dungeon after you stopped reshaping it? It changed. It grew. Is it the same? No. Is it destroyed. No.
Destroying-change make something less than what is was, but growth -change makes it more. But it is still change. And that 's what I think Lora is afraid of. Impending change. Either through us or Dick.

>> No.49147506

> Disagree (why?)
I think she's falling into a fallacy here. How is the change the Firstborn wrought to the Dungeon different from what she did, or how the works of the Firstborn reshape the world the gods made? She can argue that the gods have far more power to change the world, for good or ill, but I that gets away from what I think she's trying to argue - what right does anyone have to create or destroy?

If she wants to argue that point, then we'll have a real head-scratcher on our hands. If she thinks that power makes a difference in whether change or destruction is right or wrong, then she's implying some measure by which the morals of creation and destruction can be measured, and there's *no reason* a god couldn't work within the bounds of those morals.

The real reason the age of miracles ended, and why Lora is resistant to change? Fear. Fear that they could fuck things up. Which they can - just like everyone else. On a larger scale, of course, but what is scale to beings that will likely be around to recreate the world after it ends?

She's looking for a bridge between compassion and timelessness. A way to care for the now and what works are achieved when it'll all disappear eventually. Which we can't answer. It might have several answers, all of which change depending on the circumstances. That's a bitch to swallow, but her birth saw her thrust into an unenviable role, and the best we can offer, in our blink-of-an-eye timespan, is some inspiration and knowledge that will help her find the answers she'll need to stay happy far in the future. If we can help make her happy in the now too, that's a bonus we'd be willing to fight for.

Also, cap it by telling Lora we like her just fine, immortal angel of death and all, and we forgive her for thinking she's so much better than we are. It should be good for a laugh and a cry.

>> No.49148170

>> Agree
I'm honestly not sure what the point of making mortals is if you're gonna just come in and fix all their problems and micromanage everything. If you want to do that, just skip the middle man and make giant action figures to play with.

Also, see what Richard is trying to do and what it'll do to this world. Change /is/ destruction. That's not always bad, but it is always true.

>> No.49148229

There's a bit of a difference between "solve all their problems" and "solve the problems you caused."

>> No.49148903

I'm up. Will call and write in a bit.

>> No.49148919

Seconding this, pretty accurate for whats going on.

>> No.49149175

>> Agree
for these reasons. Took the words outta my mouth (or err, fingers(?)).
Is there though? The Gods created them whole cloth. Any problems they have stem from the Gods' creation of them.
I'm fairly sure this has come up before. You cannot change something without destroying the original. It is not possible. The closest you might be able to get would be to clone something and change it. Your cigarette example: The cigarette wrapper was /changed/ into ash, destroying it. The new pipe was /destroyed/ by the addition of burns, changing into an old pipe.

>> No.49149191

> Disagree

There's a difference between teaching a man to fish, and simply giving him a fish every day.

Red Troth helping them would just be giving them the chance to save themselves. They could and would still die as individuals but they would have the chance to leave something behind to carry on in the world.

Suicide is fucking bullshit.

>> No.49149234

But you miss the key point - the ash might be useful to somethign somewhere, but the pipe remains useful as a pipe, different though it may be. Shatterignthe pipe would make it useless as a pipe - you haven't merely changed it, you've destroyed it as a pipe, changing not merely it's nature as a pipe, but ruining it as a pipe.

Your argument conflates change and destroy - but ruining somethign is not the same as changing it. Destruction can lead to ruin, and that is the difference between change and destruction. Change might lead to ruining something, but that isn't a necessity. Destruction can lead to ruin often, and ruin cannot be recovered from like change can.

>> No.49149256

> You cannot change something without destroying the original.

Ship of Theseus. Might as well say the Giants should never sleep again because they won't be the same consciousness that existed before they slept.

Besides, they have souls right? And if what you change are bodies, then their souls don't change yes? Like with Jade.

> The new pipe was /destroyed/ by the addition of burns, changing into an old pipe.

I mean, does that mean the Nate we met and fell in love with died when he lost a leg, and the man that is there now is someone similar but different? Shit, we should hold a funeral.

>> No.49149366

If they have issues, blame Troth, he created them from nothing.
>They screwed themselves over. This is you screwing the inhabitants of the Dungeon.
As far as the giants are concerned, they wouldn't see a difference. Removing a significant part of who they are by something they have no power to fight against.
this isn't suicide. A race isn't an individual. This is a bunch of old men spending their final days out on the ranch they grew up on, reliving the past.
modifying something /in any way/ is changing it, and destroying it.
>the ash might be useful to something somewhere, but the pipe remains useful as a pipe
one is simply a more dramatic version of the other. their usability isn't relevant. the ash is not longer useful as a cigarette, but might find use as fertilizer.The shattered pipe is not longer useful as a pipe, but it might make good tinder, or something else entirely.

that is a whole different philosophical debate on the nature of sleep. I'm not going down that rabbit hole.
>man that is there now is someone similar but different
people are constantly changing, and thus destroying some part of themselves. The leg loss was simply a larger change. Death is the division between life and the sunless lands. destroyed doesn't have to mean dead.

>> No.49149537

>How is the change the Firstborn wrought to the Dungeon different from what she did,
not sure what you're getting at here. She changed the original ground into the dungeon, destroying it. The Firstborn destroyed her original setup while settling in, changing it from her Dungeon to a shared one, at least in spirit.

>The real reason the age of miracles ended
could be any number of things. The gods don't have the power anymore, they don't want to disturb the current goings-on for fear of jacking it up, or respect of what the firstborn have done on their own, or some weird variation of those bets they seem to enjoy making. The gods have been around for a long time, and, while failable, generally know what they are doing.

>> No.49149555

> Agree
autosage is 315, right? might want to make the next post a new thread.

>> No.49149904

It's a general argument that it's not about creation and destruction themselves. Lora changed the area into her Dungeon, we changed it into ours, life keeps on living etc. There's no real problem with her changing the Dungeon with all the people having made it their home. She could always make it better. Or worse, the same as every other person walking this planet.

I think her real problem is with her power and remaining connected to mortals. She's afraid of destroying what some people have worked their lifetime to create because she easily could.

She's holding herself to a higher standard. I think all the gods do as well. I'm fine with that. I'm not fine with someone tormenting themselves over all the mistakes they could make when they could at least try and succeed to the best of their ability.

Lora has her job by nature, but she can always choose to try and do more good. If she fucks up, she can take a break, learn what she can from it, and do better next time.

In short, I'm saying Lora shouldn't be so hard on herself. She has the rest of eternity to figure this out, and we'll help her see it through as best we can because someday has to yell at Death when she's stupid and be a general friend.

>> No.49150201

Ok, I think if get what you're after.
>There's no real problem with her changing the Dungeon
There's no difficulty, but depending on the change in question, plenty of people might take have a problem with her changing the dungeon.

She hasn't been connected to mortals before us, and maybe Dick, depending on how you look at it. Why shouldn't she be worried about the consequences of her changing things, when it could affect so many people?

Tormenting yourself over possibilities isn't good, unless you are using it constructively to help determine the consequences of your actions, and if the potential consequences are large enough; that's a thin line to walk though.

>she can take a break
unless I've missed something, Death can't just "take a break". When your actions have far reaching consequences, it's worth thinking them over properly before you act.

I've missed where she's being hard on herself here, but I'm dense like that sometimes.

Sorry if that comes off as harsh. I don't disagree with the general sentiment, just had some issues with certain points.

>> No.49150467

No worries here about tone. I know I'm not being as clear as I could be because I'm working this weekend and can only spend but so much time on this.

Thinking over the consequences of her mistakes is good, but I feel Lora is a lot like Bri in that she'll always end up playing down her contributions and take issue with her failures. I have no concern that Lora will ever swing the other direction and become unconcerned with her actions. However, as a friend I don't like to see others I like beat themselves up, so I'm arguing Bri should take a hard stance to drag Lora away from the potential paralysis she's setting herself up for.

The take a break part doesn't refer to her job - she's got a duty the same as Bri. I'm referring to taking a break from trying to connect with humanity and do good. There may be times where introspection and discovering what Lora herself wants is more important than trying to make things better for the Firstborn. And I argue that as a right for any person, in case Lora thinks we're trying to give her preferential treatment due to her status and power.

>> No.49150609

VERY QUICKLY writing new thread and then running to work.

>> No.49150727



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