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Are you satisfied with your gaming groups? Most of mine are college games with influxes of new players every time, so I never feel like I'm getting anywhere.

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No because they're fucking, magical realm perverts.

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Not really, for varying reasons, but they're all I've got.

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For the most part, until they start shitting up our general skype chat with slurs and shit. I pretty much ignore it, but it gets tedious. I came here to play and talk about games. Not to get inundated in your rage.

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Nope. My group texts during every round of combat, puts 0 effort into their characters and repeatedly dont come to session. No idea how to find a new group though, so Im kind of stuck

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There's really only one guy I can complain about, the rest of them are okay, even if they can't wrap their heads around how to end encounters before beat to pulp for twenty turns.

The one guy insists on being the leader, but will show up late and can't think in character even if somebody put a gun to his head and threatened to shoot if he didn't.

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Stop playing with randoms and curate a group of good players.

The difference between shitty rpg groups and good ones is one person putting in the effort to choose good people to play with.

I'm satisfied with all of mine, for what it's worth.

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minor nuisances considered I'm quite content.

Its my first D&D experience so I have nothing else to compare it, but seems pretty good considering all the horror stories you guys share about roll20. Hell maybe I'm their That Guy and they constantly post of my poor form but if they can stand me all the better.

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My d&d/shadowrun/vampire groups are all friends from eng school, scattered all around the country due to work. We meet up 2 times a week to play on roll20 and it's a blast. We also try to meet up IRL at least every month.

I also DM shadowrun fro three colleagues, it's good but they are sometimes a bit too random.

My wargaming group is a bunch of blue collar workers and service staff and they are pretty awesome, but I always end up drinking way too much around them.

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Pretty satisfied, the GM is a veteran for over a decade and the group is great with no drama queens.

Only one guy who tend to cheat a bit with dice and XP gained but the GM got him under his thumb and depending on how lenient those dice rolls are he tend to get into worse situations than the rest of us.

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Local friend group will never be simultaneously together again
Online group A can't regroup due to scheduling
Online group B was too small and has an uncomfortably critical autist
Online group C doesn't talk often


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First Iron kingdoms game I'm apart of is great very chessy and fun because the DM doesn't real care about tip toeing too much in the setting so we'll do stuff like
>Have a Gatorman walk the streets of corvis makes a cover story about how he's a troll kin trapped inside of a Gatorman costume for some lalelese Nobel man's birthday party.
The other Iron kingdoms game is much more setting focused with an emphasis on roleplaying and following the strict mercenary code. While it's a bummer sometimes it's also real fun and we don't lack for players since we have a nice little roster that helps to decide which characters will go on what session day. There are some fantastic players in the game and the funniest moments are when we thing about what to add onto the compound.
>Be a bog trog and discuss with the lalelese gun mage about how if we had a brothel we could be getting more money. Tell him we should also find the rarest whore otherwise known as a fell caller/Prostitute female troll - kin.

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I have two groups, same GM in both, and two of the players are in both groups.

Group 1 is a FFG Star Wars game. It's fun, but we spend ages figuring out what to do in combat, and advantage and disadvantage are resolved as though they must have the absolute best effect possible, so combat takes for ever. One of the players is playing the same character he always plays, another barely talks and is typically on the verge of falling asleep, and the other I like, but he's also pretty tired when we play. For once I made a character that isn't particularly sociable, she's friendly enough, but doesn't talk for the sake of talking, and the plot is moving along at the pace of a Hutt doing the 100m sprint. Player 1 spends most of his time describing mundane actions of trying to dance around on stage, player 2 doesn't talk to NPCs, and Player 3 is falling asleep by the end of the game.

Now, group 2 is a fair bit better. It's Vampire The Masquerade. We were going to play with the same group (We're made up out of a Guild Wars 2 guild and the merging of several other gaming groups I was a part of into that, which has since been put to rest, but we still play together) but one of the players didn't like the idea of vampires (But Werewolves are apparently fine, and despite playing a god damn Dhampir in Pathfinder), so he dropped out, and me and the GM never consider silent player actually part of the player count.

Instead of playing with basically two players the GM went to an LFG, and found two new players. Cool guys, both experienced with the system, which is more than I can say for myself or the GM (We crammed it five hours before the game), both of whom knew the lore pretty damn well. It was going great, first session was a blast and this friday was the second session. On the day the GM told me Player 3, who was the only one of the old group joining this session properly, was at a funeral, fair enough, real life comes first, but the game will go on.

> Cont.

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Silent player was joining this game, so the GM relied on me to stop us doing anything nefarious to the player character in his NPC-like introduction. The first LFG guy shows up on time, and we're all ready to go, the GM is just running some pre-game with Silent Player while we wait. We're just waiting for the second LFG guy now, any time now.

An hour later we start anyway, he's not showing up and hasn't replied to any attempts to raise him from whatever grave he's stumbled into, so we'll play. IC we treat this as him not answering his phone. About ten minutes after we start playing he shows up, and mentions he had a family emergency, and he joins play. For about half an hour we're goofing around in a coronors office, looking for clues as to who has been feeding on a stuck up Ventrue's territory (OOC I knew this was Silent Player's character from out of town, unknowingly breaking a few rules), and we find his bite is full of all sorts of STD's and it doesn't close up properly. We get a few leads, and in a moment's silence I say who I'd like to speak to first. LFG Guy 2 leaves abruptly, saying nothing. I'm not sure if I offended him by wanting to see the American tourist first, or if he didn't like the GM's 'AIDS infested bite', or if his emergency needed his attention again. I hope it's the latter, because this guy as frankly a great roleplayer, but me and the GM spent the entire time passing messages back and forth worrying over whether or not we'd upset the guy.

Rolling forward we continue our investigation after a ten minute break, and after about an hour or so we meet up with Silent's character. Did I mention this group was online? If you haven't guessed already it's over Roll20. It's getting late, and we're close to wrapping up. The GM is really just presenting us with one last scene and a good cliffhanger to continue on when I say hello. And again. And again.

The fucker has fallen asleep at the table. And not for the first time.

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My Cthulhu group consists of late fourties RPG Vets, i'm the youngest with 38.
There is even a woman in the group.
One potential that guy but he is cool most of the time.
Dedicated GM is a great guy and good at his job.

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>after years of campaigns falling apart we've finally got a steady one going
>everyone is roleplaying better than ever and it's awesome
>in the middle of a great arc full of intrigue and excitement
>one guy doesn't show up
>postpone to later in the week
>another guy forgets during the 3 intervening days and makes other plans
It begins.

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Online gaming.

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>play with randoms
>pick good ones from the lot
>play with them

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VERY satisfied.
As a matter of fact; whenever I spend time here on /tg/, it renews my appreciate for them.

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I hate when you can just tell things are going downhill.

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Poor effort, getting distracted, social tension, groups never live up to the game.

That's the hobby: permanently aspiring to impossible ideals and handling all the stuff that gets in the way while still trying to have fun.

It's just like life.

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And just like real life, it gets better if you're lucky enough to have decent people to be around.

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Have you tried talking to them?

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They are good people and we've been playing together a long time. There is one who I really wish would just quit, since she clearly has no interest whatsoever, and is only there because of the weird codependent relationship she has with her boyfriend, but for the most part they are good players. At the least they are not horrible people or huge munchkin factors or anything. I do wish they would pay more attention to the story. I often feel like I put a lot of work into making interesting settings and npcs, and they don't even notice.

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