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The war camp of Melisende of Jerusalem. The Saracen fortress of Ascalon. Two forces locked in deadly combat as winter begins an early arrival, a constant chill creeping across the land, the sky threatening a light snow. Christian warriors shiver as they go on foot patrol, huddle around fires, complain bitterly to one another about the siege, about the Muslim defenders who are no doubt warm in their homes, in the Ascalon keep.

Eastern Romans now march through the camp, a disciplined troop with high airs that fray the nerves of the Western soldiery. All the Latins know the Greeks hold themselves to be a superior people, noses high as if they're sniffing god's arse, some joke. The peace is kept by the discipline of their lords, but animosity is shared between them.

Camps have been split, a body of troops sent south to relieve the troops in Gaza. The Romans barely make up their numbers. Through day and night men have been drafted into cutting long tunnels through the rocky soil, building a mine that would soon reach under the walls of Ascalon, dark, tough work that no man wants but many are volunteered for.

Soon the final assault will be at hand, with it the collapse of a section of wall, and through that gap would pour the savage might of Christendom.

You are

> Wilhelm
> Hugo
> Mathilde

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> Hugo
Dane axe combat time.

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> Mathilde

Lets get her confrontation with Elias over with so we can go chopping with Hugo

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Glad to see you running HF.

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> Mathilde

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> Wilhelm

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> Wilhelm

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> Wilhelm

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> Mathilde

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Rolled 1 (1d2)

Fuck it I'm just going to flip a coin

1 Mathilde
2 Wilhelm

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> Mathilde

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Give me ten minutes, something just came up.

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Had a look at those guys you linked to. Kinda wanted to comission something for CQ but i just dont have that kind of money.

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You are Mathilde, and last night you had done something rather foolish. You had kissed your brother, and you cannot say you regretted it, you'd had a mind to do more than just kiss him. Either you were wicked, mad, or both, but mostly you were tired. Tired of every corner of life telling you how to live, how to act, whom to love. Whether it was your elder brother, your queen, or the Church, every avenue of life had made demands, and all of them seemed obsessed with how you used your sex.

It had been a moment of mad spun rebellion that Hugo had declined, perhaps for the best. He had been gentle and chivalrous in his refusal, when was he anything but gentle and chivalrous? They said in battle he became like a wild animal, but you could not picture his mild, boyish face transfixed by rage. And to make matters worse he had slept beside your bed, a guardian in the night.

His good nature made you feel all the more wretched.

In the morning you bathed your bruised face as you bid him good day. You both had duties to return to, and you were both determined to forget your wicked lapse. What good could come from remembering it? It all seemed a laugh now, a funny joke. You considered the bruised flesh around your eye and wondered what Elias would think.

Would the man even care? Hugo had said he was only using you, another game piece in his rivalry with your brother, Wilhelm. Not that Wilhelm thought of you much better. Your brother was a horse trader, and in this you were the horse. It seemed he was determined to trade you to the Bures family, the scion of which had battered you in a jealous rage.

You dressed for the day, armoured yourself in perfume and a smile, then left your tent.

Bayard still dozed in his chair outside the tent. Since the incident with Elinard he slept no where else. Outside your brother Hugo, Bayard was the man you trusted most. His scarred face and missing eye a testament to his faithfulness, lost fighting by your side.

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You awoke him with a poke to his ribs and he sat up with a snort, reaching for his hilt.

"That could have been a Saracen dagger," you said with gentle jibing, your deadly finger raised before his eye. Dawn was cracking over the horizon.

"Well then I'm glad it was just a maid's finger," he said, smacking his lips through a yawn. He looked you up and down like he could see the numbness you felt in your soul. "Is all well with you?" he asked.

"Whatever do you mean?" you replied, absently stroking your hair. He didn't carry the conversation past a suspicious grunt. You looked to the queen's camp. Men were going to bed as others arose, the night watch retiring for the commotion of the day. Pots of night filth were being ported to the boundary your brother had marked, far from the camp, while food was starting to be prepared over fires. A wind cut through, cut through your cloth and bone raising a shiver. It was getting colder every day. Bayard raised a hard sniff.

"Go eat something," you said, "Something warm, you look on the edge of sickness."

"Yes mother," he grumbled, climbing from his chair.

What were you to do? You felt a little lost in the cold morning light.

> go attend the queen
> find your brother Wilhelm
> go see someone else (nominate)
> write-in

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That's cool. I love the guys and just want to see them get some work, some bills paid, but if they're outside your budget don't stress.

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Either go see Elias or the Queen.

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> go attend the queen

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I would say Elias but otherwise go see the queen

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> go attend the queen

So Mathildes going to crack the shits at Elias right?

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I would say Ice Queen mode on him.

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Considering her lack of control is say it makes more sense for her to be a little more passionate about how he's hurt her

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The Queen was in her tent, dressing for the day. First she brushed out her long, golden hair, from which you and another attendant weaved into a matching pair of braids that draped down her back. She picked out a dress of blue silk, sleeves of white, a collar of gold. Red moleskin slippers upon her feet, fine jewelry across her chest, upon her ears. Precious jewels set in silver, rubies and sapphires, but nothing extravagant. Enough just to impress with her station.

In many ways you admired the Queen. She was possessed with a quiet dignity, showed no sign of hardship, her face a cool mask that broke only to share a jest or a gentle chide, it broke only to share a quiet warmth. Melisende sent away the other girls, keeping only you by her side in the tent. Breakfast would be brought to you soon, no doubt.

"I heard you had a midnight caller," she said. The look she gave you offered no judgement.

"My brother," you said, hoping that would be enough to put away all suspicion.

"Yes, I know," she said, "Your brother, and he is just your brother, correct?"

It was a fearful element to her question. The shiver you felt had nothing to do with the cold. "Yes, my lady," you said.

"My sister has unusual taste," Melisende said, "A taste that might cause scandal and, at worst, censure. I protect her as best I can, I only demand she be subtle. Do you understand?"

"I think I do, my lady," you said, "But you needn't fear peculiarities from me."

"Truly, you've no plans for a secret tryst with some handsome soldier?" she said, and her look was disbelieving, "If so, you are one of the few such women in this camp."

"If you say so," you did not feel an honourable sort, not after last night. But you wondered if her words carried some kind of personal confession of her own. Was she having secret trysts as well? Was she asking you to ask her?

> ask her
> say nothing

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Why does my trip keep disappearing?

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> ask her

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>>Ask her

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> ask her

Didnt she have Wilhelm visitng at late hours as well ?

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> ask her

I could have sworn Mathilde knew about her tryst with Wilhelm, anyway keep it vague and in a code of sorts in case the walls have ears and eyes

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> ask her

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She actually doesnt. Only ones who knows were probably Theodore, Hugo and Wilhelm and Hod.

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> ask her

Subtly spies are a thing

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Huh I could have sworn the affair was post Zoe, guess I was wrong

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It was. But she was left in the dark. Hugo on the other hand was sleeping in the room right next door.

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"Do you plan a secret tryst my lady?" you asked, a girlish sense of gossip taking over your voice.

She smiled, a finger tracing her bottom lip. "Oh, how can I answer that without seeming wicked or make myself a liar?" she said, "Let us say I've seen a handsome man around, and my bed has been feeling awfully cold these last few nights."

"But you have a husband," you said, though you could not hide some delight.

"A husband who is very far away, and was never much fun for cold nights to begin with," you were shocked, and amused to see her speak so candidly. She looked you up and down with a scrutinizing eye. "You cannot say you have not looked at some of the men in the camp and entertained a thought. A girl your age, your body alone is yearning least of all your heart."

That spoke truer than you'd like to admit, and left a less than pleasant squeeze in your belly.

> you tell me and I'll tell you
> say nothing
> write-in

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> you tell me and I'll tell you


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> you tell me and I'll tell you

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Well she did have Elias. Could mention that, keyword being "did" things has changed and we should probably not mention Hugo.

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Sorry if my posting is a bit lacklustre today.

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> say nothing
Secrets are power

>> No.49048777

> say nothing

>> No.49048784

> you tell me and I'll tell you
Don't worry bout it, as long you're running I'm happy enough

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>Mathildes only friends are a heathen, an Irish whore and a queen of uncertain values

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Best friends.

>> No.49048916

terrible friends

I can't wait for Chiri to teach Mathilde how to make moon tea and poison

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I dont think she knows any of that kind of thing. She is not an assassin.

>> No.49048935

Don't forget the one eyed bodyguard

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"You first," you said, hand falling on her arm in a moment of sudden glee. She smiled for your enthusiasm.

"Where to start?" she said, "I must confess that big Scandinavian in Lord Sidon's employ has followed me into my dreams. I have a taste for tall, powerful men." What woman doesn't, you wondered. Maybe some Saracen types. "And there's a red haired soldier following Prince Manuel the other day, but you can never tell with Romans whether their taste is for women or for boys. Manuel himself is a fair if slender figure. But of course I could never."

"Of course, of course," you agreed.

"Your brothers are both handsome men," she gave you a sly eye and you blushed, "And I've never met such an entirely attractive company. I say, I understand my sister a little better after catching a glance of that slave your brother keeps. There's a young knight in that company too, a German lad. A little grim in manner, but handsome." Did she mean Daniel? You corrected your internal thought, they knew him as Hector. You must confess you had felt some tender feelings for him not long ago, feelings that still flushed up from time to time.

"Well, my brothers are handsome," you said, it was an objective fact irrespective of the night past and your bout of silliness.

"Too handsome, almost," Melisende said that last with a subtle bitterness. That surprised you enough you quirked your head to the side.

> tell her your own interest (be honest)
> tell her your own interest (lie)
> say nothing, pocket the information
> write-in

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She's a well read slave with an Idetic memory and passion for both stories and knowledge it would surprise me if she didn't at least have some knowledge of these things

>> No.49048999

> tell her your own interest (be honest)

Something for something. Also her name is Chihirizad.

>> No.49049001

> tell her your own interest (be honest)
Let's be nice to the queen

>> No.49049045

> tell her your own interest (be honest)

>> No.49049048

>btell her your own interest (be honest

I think she is just happy to have someone to gossip with

And also. Our brothers?

>> No.49049050

>> write-in

Mention Hector since he was basically our first crush of course leave out his Jewish ancestry, Elias as the more attractive of our marriage options

>> No.49049162

Ask in on that bitterness. Has our brothers displeased her somehowl

>> No.49049174

>Queen will never have Wilhelm for herself.

>> No.49049187

Mention Wilhelm seem to like her very much.

>> No.49049265

At least she'll always have Ramla

Maybe Mathilde should mention that she doesn't know what he sees in Iovetta?

>> No.49049285

True. Well atleast compared to the queen.

>> No.49049293

>every character is obsessed with sex
getting kinda annoying desu

>> No.49049306

Compared to anything EVER!

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>a bunch of empowered teenagers, kids and young adults in a dangerous situation are gonna be prude

>> No.49049328

The Koblenz are litreally all teenagers it would make less sense if they weren't

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"That handsome knight is called Hector of Saxony," you said, "And he is a handsome man, very brave, very faithful. I must confess I may have peeked once watching him bathe in a river." She wore a delighted smile. "And there's the big soldier, Tancred, older as he is. Does that count as peculiar? He's tall, strong, red hair."

"Fatherly?" Melisende suggested, and you rolled your eyes.

"Do you like red hair?" you asked. It only drew a shrug from Melisende, she could take or leave it. You felt you were developing an attraction to red hair. First Tancred, then Elias. Elias had red hair. "Would you be shocked if I confessed some feeling for your son-in-law?"

Melisende raised a brow. "Elias is a handsome man," she said, "And charming too, when he wants to be. I would not say I'm surprised."

"You don't like him," you said, with maybe a little accusation. For all your troubled feelings toward him, still you felt defensive in your thoughts.

"I like him well enough when he behaves himself," she said, "The problem is he rarely behaves."

"Maybe the right woman could rein him in," you said.

Melisende gave you an indulgent grin, "Mayhap," she said.

"You know Wilhelm likes you a great deal," you said.

"Oh, I know how well he likes me," she said, and her fingers crossed her belly when she did. Had she...? You'd heard a whisper once that they had become 'too close', but you did not think it had become improper. "Oh we did," she read your face well, "And I can't say I regretted it. Your brother has a skill for more than just oratory." You couldn't contain your blush, and squeezed your hands over your face.

"I did not need to know that," you said, but with a devilish glee.

Melisende rose from her chair, drawing on the mantle the Italians had gifted her. "I've enjoyed this," she said, drawing a braid over her shoulder, "But now duty returns, perhaps later in the evening we can keep talking, over wine." She drew open the tent flap, stepping out into the chilly air.

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You followed a step behind. The camp had fully awoken, the smell of cooking bacon reached your nostrils, stirring your hunger. The sound of men arising reached you, the constant buzz and activity of the war camp coming to life. Soldiers saluted their queen as she strode past.

"I am to meet Prince Manuel and confer on a matter of state, and on unruly family," she said, "You may accompany me if you wish, or have the day for yourself. The choice is yours."

You guessed the issue was Antioch, or the dire news out of Edessa.

> accompany the queen
> see to your own business

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Deal with Elias or gain political knowledge. I'd rather get it over with so we can scale the walls in this thread. So i am fine with either or.

>> No.49049392

> accompany the queen
Fuck Elias it's time to learn politics

>> No.49049406

> accompany the queen

Haha! To civilise ourselves!

>> No.49049410

>> accompany the queen
I don't see any reason why Mathilde wouldn't come along.

>> No.49049431

Go with the queen

>> No.49049440

> accompany the queen

>> No.49049441

Considering the enormity of how our fortunes could shift on those walls I'd say we'd have to play Wil to see that happen and that will happen Regardless of If Elias is resolved or not

>> No.49049542

Chiri is best

>> No.49049561

I'm happy to see that Eliasfags are finally gone

>> No.49049631

>Idetic memory
>Photographic memory
>dem curves
>litreally okay with everything save being forced to convert

Truly a best

Last thread was truly cancerous I look forward to no longer having to put up with the blind hatred

>> No.49049697

>makes the queen question her sexuality

>> No.49049791

Makes you wonder what Hod could have accomplished as she not related by blood

>> No.49049793

You accompany the queen to the Roman camp.

Where your own people were a cacophony of competing livery, self-brought arms and disparate personal retinue, the Roman camp was far different. Every man marched with matching uniform and weapon, even the pages and squires were armed for war, the servants walked with long knives. You couldn't easily tell rank except perhaps in the finer wrought armour of one man compared to another. Most of the Romans sported neat little beads or were clean shaven altogether, despite their uniformity in dress you saw men that looked like Northern Germans talk with men that looked as dark as Turks. Few deigned to turn attention to you, though some had hungry eyes for the queen.

A handsome red haired soldier stood guard outside an ornate purple tent. He wore a short sword at his hip, a harness of metal across his chest, sleeves of maille. His red hair fell in curls around his strong face. You think this was the handsome Roman your queen had mentioned earlier.

"Your highness," he said with a clap to his heart, "My prince awaits you."

"My thanks, Miles," she said. He held the tent flap open for both of you.

Two soldiers kept the prince company, and the prince himself was dressed as a soldier. He was a slender man, about the age of Wilhelm. He wore a neat little dark beard and wore a plain soldier's harness, soldier's boots, but wore a purple scarf around his throat.

"Your majesty," he said, taking Melisende's hand and kissing it.

"Your highness," she replied with a polite curtsy.

He turned his eyes to you and his smile was rich and warm. "You bring a friend," he said, "This must be the famous Mathilde. I've had the good pleasure to meet your brothers."

"Famous, sir?" you said as he kissed your hand.

"Famously beautiful," he said, "But more famously fierce. Is it true you took up arms in defense of your queen, and earlier still to defend your brother's home?"

"It is," you said.

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"Frankish women," he said over his shoulder, "This is why I love them." He offered you both a seat. "Alexius, the wine," he said to a soldier with a facial scar. He set cups, filled them, then stepped back. "We have much to talk about," Manuel said, "Zengi has struck at Edessa. My guess is he knew your forces would be south, and took the opportunity. Last reports say your Joscelin is holding firm, but he is outmatched. My father says he can help..."

"For a price," Melisende said, "My realm is not a rich one, you know this."

"That I do, though it is growing," Manuel took a sip, "You've a problem in Antioch as well. A rebellious priest, and a scheming pair in power. They say they are refusing to recognise your authority until their daughter is returned. They've asked my brother to intervene on their behalf."

"Constance stays with me," she said, firmly.

"This is not a good situation to be so stubborn. Edessa falls without my father, and Antioch could be the next place you march your army."

"What does your father want?" Melisende asked, "Please, have it be something I can give."

Manuel shrugged. "My brother wants you to submit to Imperial authority, swear yourself as a vassal to his majesty. Harsh terms."

"Impossible terms," Melisende said, and Manuel seemed to agree.

"There's other options," Manuel said, "Cede Edessa to my father and we will help you rein in Antioch. You know Edessa cannot be protected by Jerusalem alone. And perhaps a marriage can be arranged in turn, you have a son and a daughter. My father does not lack for children, or grandchildren."

"And a niece," she said, "I am not stupid Manuel. You mean to take Edessa by arms and Antioch by marriage. You say my realm is growing, yet you'd cut it in half." Melisende looked angry, but for all her harsh words her voice did not rise.

>> No.49049841

"That is one way to see it," Manuel said, "But ask yourself, do you really have a choice? My plan is better than my brother's. It spares you humiliation, and closer ties between our people cannot be a bad thing." Manuel's face was warm with sympathy, his companions however had expressions like rock.

"I have fought hard to keep my throne, I'll not give it away the second things look dire. Fortunes change." Your queen seemed confident, but you'd come to know her well, and saw uncertainty in her gaze.

"Not always for the better," Manuel said, and then his dark eyes turned to you, "What do you think, my lady?"

The faces of the tent turned to you, your queen, the prince, his soldierly companions. You did not know where to look.

> support the queen
> support Manuel
> write-in

>> No.49049872

Ah fuck.

HF. I think we'll need a minute to confer on this.

Didn't Solomon lead a force in support to hold off against Zengi? is the situation that dire that the reinforcements won't be of any use?

>> No.49049889

Solomon went to Egypt, not north.

>> No.49049904

> support the queen

>> No.49049906

Solomon went south to hold off an Egyptian relief force.

>> No.49049929


Ah, my bad.

HF, can we get any information on how the garrison at Edessa is doing and how large a force is being brought to bear?

>> No.49049932

Manuel has met us hasn't he? Why does he act like he just saw us

>> No.49049934

Send Fulk to the Edessa with what men that can be spared that isnt on campaign.

Damascus is a enemy of Zengi and a friend of Jerusalem. Send a message with a small gift to ask him to march his army north, he does not need to attack just make it look like he does. It would give Zengi second thoughts heck, he may just rightout cancel it.

However do agree with marriage between Prince Baldwin and the imperial Princess (like in history). Try to squeeze out some support from Manuel that doesnt make her sell out her kingdom.

Have a scribe write to Antioch to provide assistance to Edessa and have it signed by Constance. It may be a long shot but it move Alice to see her daughters signature on such an order.

>> No.49049957

Manuel ignores the impact the fall of a crusader state would have on Christianity, if the pope saw fit to call a crusade it could hardly be called said to be without reason

>> No.49049999

A dead patriarch would be a fine gift, I'm fairly certain he is the power that be at Antioch not poiters

>> No.49050011

Support Manuel, I don't like the Romans but Jerusalem is doomed without their support. Try to make it not as humiliating as possible, marry Baldwin but keep Constance with us

>> No.49050025

I like this guy's ideas.

This would also be good to through in.

>> No.49050088

>> support Manuel
He has the upper hand there's no getting out of this

>> No.49050110

Go with this

>> No.49050166


these two combine well, if we could frame it so that Edessa fell in the defense of Jerusalem it would sway even the most cynical christian to arms and having Damascus aid in countering any gains Zengi could make is a start, however Antioch is unlikely to act considering Alice is little more than a trophy wife now that she is married to Poiters so unless the Patriarch is deposed through death or other means and Poiters poistion is weakened I can't see much help coming from them

tldr: tentative support for Manuel but source other ideas before actual agreeing

Fucking Manuel acting like he never met us before nigger we talked to you when you suggested helping Wil

>> No.49050229

>Fucking Manuel acting like he never met us before nigger we talked to you when you suggested helping Wil
That's my bad. I'm thinking about building a relationship tree or something to keep track of everything

>> No.49050235

Pretty much, if Edessa falls so will Jerusalem and with us the empire. Unless Belisarius returns from the dead.

>> No.49050243


>> No.49050261

oh hey Wil didn't see you there

I figured as much

>> No.49050335

Not really, it's fucking Baldwin's fault for attacking Damascus instead of Edessa in the second crusade. The crusader states lost a great ally and Edessa was never recovered, so yes blame it all on Baldwin

>> No.49050339

so basically

>send Fulk north to aid Edessa
>Deus vult aid from the pope
>Gift to Damascus in return for aid
>Frame Edessa as the brave and noble protector of Jerusalem while it falls
>Baldwin marriage y/n?
>Constance stays unmarried so far
>Petition aid from antioch
>try and figure an angle that will remove the Patriarch from power

>> No.49050361

Edessa doesn't need to be recovered what we need is a crusader state in AlexandriaWith Will as its king

>> No.49050384

Blame it on the King of France who tempted him.

>> No.49050387

I'm tempted to let Edessa fall so we can call for another crusade led by the kings of France and Germany

>> No.49050396

couldn't the Byzantines basically use Edessa as a staging ground to gain Antioch and Jerusalem as vassals? I mean they'd have to repel Zengi but they could do it

>> No.49050439

It would likely fall with or without aid from Jerusalem and we can't really rush Ascalon

>> No.49050498

>Edessa falls
>Crusade called
>Will convinces them to attack Alexandria
>Will becomes king of Egypt
Yes please

>> No.49050502

"Damascus is no friend of Zengi, we might ask them for help," you said, more to the queen then to Manuel, "They gave sanctuary to my own brother in his flight from Antioch. And there is the pope. Send word that Christendom in the East may fall and all of Europe will rise up in arms."

"Your pope is busy with your emperor," Manuel said, his eyes glittering, you were not sure if it was pleasure or irritation.

"A crisis like this may settle the matter," you countered, "None the less, I believe France would come, and my own countrymen in numbers that would make you gag."

"This is all 'might be's', while my brother and father are certainties," he replied.

"This is true, and I think we would be foolish to deny your people entirely. Why not a marriage between little Baldwin and an Imperial princess? It would be a good match."

"It would, and my father is for it no matter what else," Manuel conceded.

"And my queen could always compel Antioch to aid Edessa. A letter from Constance and Melisende both would be hard to ignore without engaging in open rebellion."

"You draw a very long bow there," Manuel murmurred.

"Mayhap, but if Fulk were to march through Antioch with the rest of Jerusalem's fighting men, perhaps that would be a more pointed spur," you said. You were happy to see Melisende smiling.

"You have a dangerous young adviser here," Manuel waggled his finger at you, "She reminds me of my old Aunt Anna, a brain with little to do is a dangerous thing. Leave her unchecked and she may steal half your kingdom herself."

"I trust Mathilde," Melisende replied, touching your arm lightly, "And I do not plan for her skills to be left to languish."

Manuel looked glum. "Ever have women been my undoing," he said, "I'll tell father all this, but my brother I know will be unhappy. He wants nothing less than Jerusalem kneeling at his feet."

>> No.49050519

"There's the matter of the Patriarch," Melisende said, "Ralph is a troublesome man for everyone. He wishes to be neither Latin nor Greek, but a cat of his own stripe."

"We all agree he has to go," Manuel said, "The issue is his replacement. Either a Latin or a Greek. Antioch is a prize, the first church. I fear this issue may split our people further, and its the issue that protects the clever worm called Domfront."

"A fight for another time," Melisende agreed.

Manuel rose from his chair and offered Melisende his hand, shook it as a man's. He then offered the same to you.

"Do visit Constantinople some time," he said with a wink.

That seemed the dismissal of a prince, and his grim Turkish soldier Alexios showed you out. Melisende was at once marching back to her tent.

"Mathilde, I need you to draft a letter or two," she said as you hurried to keep up, skirts raised to briskly walk after her.
> switch to Hugo
> switch to Wilhelm

>> No.49050538

> switch to Wilhelm

>> No.49050547

> switch to Hugo

>> No.49050551

> switch to Wilhelm

d-did Mathilde just outwit the last great Greek emperor?

>> No.49050552

> switch to Wilhelm
Come on let's take this city already

>> No.49050576
File: 22 KB, 213x325, office_space_kit_mat-213x325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49050593

Nah, more like gave more than was expected of her

>> No.49050599

>> switch to Wilhelm

Matty a best.

>> No.49050603

>> switch to Hugo

>> No.49050607


>> No.49050628

considering we want to win over France for a second crusade, I'd say that we need Elias's CHA regardless of if he marries Matty or not

>> No.49050667

Not to railroad but a slight reminder off this point: Melisende's treatment of Fulk, the former count of Anjou, has alienated Jerusalem some what from the French nobility.

>> No.49050678

exactly why, so as to recouncile those who were alienated or are you saying that is impossible?

>> No.49050789

What about the English ? Henry is fulk's son so is he pissed too?

>> No.49050797

> switch to Wilhelm

>> No.49050800


You are Wilhelm, Lord of Ramla

And you just wanted this fucking city to fall. You wanted to watch the wall collapse and your men fill the breach, take the walls and capture the citadel, you wanted a triumph, you wanted the treasury. Mostly you wanted your betrothed, a wedding and a larger lordship. All these things awaited you, beyond that tall ancient wall. The building cold, winter approaching, was making your men yearn for softer comforts. Time was pressing on you to bring this conflict to a conclusion.

And if that wasn't enough, your family felt in disarray. Your brother had yet to speak with you, and had been absent from the camp. Some had seen him in the camp of Elias, your rival. You wondered just how badly you had hurt him, that it would have him turn to such a person. It put a dull ache in your heart, to think that Hugo had decided to leave you. Perhaps you had been too harsh on him, too harsh with others in the pursuit of your ambition.

You stood in armour under a thick bear fur mantle, the cold dying against the thick animal pelt. It was not so cold for you, used to Geman winters, but others were grumbling. The Levantines and the Southern French were not so happy to be out in brisk weather. You wondered how well Solomon was dealing with the chill in his army, you heard south of Egypt was a land of perpetual summer, with a heat that had charred the men there black.

A runner came from Achilles.

"The mine is almost finished," the boy said, panting, "Fire will be set soon, and then trebuchets should shatter the wall." A breach so soon, and no one else the wiser.

The army was not ready to act on this as a whole, but you could gather your own men in time.

> order Achilles to wait until the army is ready, be careful
> raise your own forces, take the risk for the glory

>> No.49050837

> order Achilles to wait until the army is ready, be careful

>> No.49050845

>> order Achilles to wait until the army is ready, be careful

>> No.49050850

>Mathilde marries Elias
>Suddenly German become the third faction in the hundred years war

>> No.49050852

> order Achilles to wait until the army is ready, be careful

>> No.49050859

> order Achilles to wait until the army is ready, be careful
Not worth it desu

>> No.49050865

Henry the First was William the Conqueror's son, and his death will trigger the Anarchy in England. His daughter Matilda married Fulk's son Geoffrey.

I'll save this stuff for the QnA.

>> No.49050869

> raise your own forces, take the risk for the glory


>> No.49050870

> order Achilles to wait until the army is ready, be careful
We're a leader not a glory hound.

>> No.49050886

Has Henry "tired of turbulent priests" Plantagenet been born yet?

>> No.49050903

Right, my Medieval English history is kinda bad, blame my American "education"

>> No.49050924

He's two years old.

You were getting him mixed up with Henry 2nd is all, who is Fulk's grandson.

>> No.49050931

Could marry Matty to Elias to mitigate the schims between France and Jerusalem. But it would require the Queen to broker the agreement between Wilhelm and William.

While William would probably not be happy about it he would probably agree considering what is at stake.

>> No.49050977

there is the Issue that will basically agreed to an ACTUAL betrothal with William and a beating might not really do that much damage to it

>> No.49050994

we would need to send Matty and Elias to France for a year or two to gain support.

>> No.49051008

hence having the queen being in charge of disolving it. Not due to the beating but rather politics.

>> No.49051027

>Mathilde goes full Iron maiden on Elias
>goddammit Mathilde I hate you so much but the pussy game is ridiculous

>> No.49051090

Have the queen recommend a marriage back in Europe for the heir of Galilee as well.

>> No.49051133

You decide it best not to rush into things, and instead put out a call for the forces of Jerusalem to be ready. Your own camp was quick to assemble, with the knights giving lusty grins as they shivered in horse blankets. Many were ready to be finished with this affair.

Of course Melisende had to be informed. With your squire Alexius you went to the royal camp, where other men were waiting for her time. The tent was manned by One-Eye Bayard and a man in the queen's colours. Mathilde was within.

"I need to speak with her majesty," you said, ignoring the other callers.

"Everyone does," Bayard said, "Christ, Tripoli says if he is not seen now he'll march his forces home." So the trouble in the North had leaked out. No doubt the Tripolian forces would be anxious from the news.

"It's about the siege, Bayard," you said, grabbing the man by the shoulder.

Bayard looked discomforted, but he nodded and ducked inside. He was back out quick. "She'll see you," he said, and you did not wait but pushed in.

Both Melisende and Mathilde were at a writing desk scribbling away. Mathilde past a script for Melisende's examination, and Melisende drew a line across a word before handing it back. Ink stained their hands and the sleeves of their dresses. You had not since such frentic clerical activity in your entire life.

"Make it quick, Ramla," she said, head craned over the desk, not looking up for you.

"The wall will be down soon," you said, "A breach is about to be made." Melisende's golden head shot up. She crossed the ground over to you, her arms flung around your shoulders.

"Excellent news, at last, excellent news," she kissed your scarred cheek, and then planted a firmer kiss on your mouth. Mathilde didn't look up from her work. "Take the army at once," she said, "And bring me that fucking city." She had a flushed look on her face, a grin with rosy cheeks.

>> No.49051150

"You're giving me overall command?" you asked. She sighed, went and fetched quill and parchment. She scrawled the note quickly, fetched red wax and her seal. Pressing it in deep, she handed the note to you.

"Here it is, official," she said, then waved you away, "Now go, I have urgent letters to write."

"Aye my lady," you said with a click of your heels.

When you left the other noblemen were still waiting, glaring at you suspiciously. You held aloft Melisende's note, showing her seal.

"I've been named commander," you said, "And the final assault begins now. Prepare your men, await my order. By the grace of God, the city falls today!"

A cheer erupted from the younger nobles, while the cooler, older heads exchanged dark looks. You paid them no mind, striding on with your squire. With both your squires, Hugo now joined you, a grim look on his face. He held your glance for a second, but did not speak.

> arrange the forces for the assault

>> No.49051195

European and roman on the left.

Holy orders in the middle

Locals on the right.

Like was agreed on last thread.

We got any good shock troops for the breach and who will be the folorn hope ?

>> No.49051197

Holy orders and Jerusalem at center, us and tripoli and Sidon at left, Romans and foix at right, no reserves, this is all or nothing

>> No.49051219

agreed however we need each side to have a reserves so we dont cluster the walls

>> No.49051242

Don't trust Hugh

>> No.49051256

Well each side must have reserves but there will be no general reserve, everyone will be committed to the attack eventually

>> No.49051264

Holy Orders down the main lane for all to see.
Outsiders on left, Locals on right.

Hug and kiss Hugo tell him we love him no matter what. Play up the wall collapse as the intercession of God to get the men revved up and ready.

>> No.49051269

Hugh murder boner guy is still alive!

>> No.49051282

>Play up the wall collapse as the intercession of God to get the men revved up and ready.



>> No.49051289


>play it like the intercession of god


hey. Why dont we spread the word.

Everyone stomps for a while.

And then we blow the war trumpets to bring down the walls.

>> No.49051291

Motherfucking Jericho.

>> No.49051304


>> No.49051314

"I am but a plain and simple servant of all mighty god" said Lord of Ramla, currently employed as God's hype man.

>> No.49051324

Does that mean we have an excellent reason to jam out while we assault the walls?

>> No.49051345

if he dies and his Waifu is pregnant we stand unopposed to become duke of lower Palestine and groom the future lord of Jaffa for rulership and as his regent

if he dies and his Waifu isn't pregnant we stand opposed by people who inherited Jaffa by dubious circumstances to become duke of lower Palestine

if he lives we stand opposed by a loyal lord of close standing to the queen with a city rivaling our own to become lord of lower Palestine

we need to build our own Influence not rely on the queens word for everything, Im not saying we have to kill him but we do stand to gain from his death

>> No.49051359

I can think of no better way to flex our amazing charisma score.

>> No.49051361

>vid related, the entire christian army when the walls comes down


>> No.49051402

Hell yeah motherfucker


>> No.49051508
File: 65 KB, 1000x862, spiralsanddrills.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>March up to the walls
>Begin making Hype
>Walls fall
>''Deus vult bitches''

>> No.49051538

>the next couple of rolls are going to be 1, 10, 34.

>> No.49051553

dont fucking Jinx it

>> No.49051568

Rolled 30 (1d100)


>> No.49051580

Oh god.

>> No.49051583

No can't be true, God wills it.

>> No.49051590

Rolled 90 (1d100)


Getting this out of the fucking way.

>> No.49051596

You wasted it!!

>> No.49051607

Rolled 29 (1d100)



>> No.49051609


>> No.49051611

You dont get to roll anymore.

>> No.49051620
File: 696 KB, 801x808, Vilfs5D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 49 (1d100)

dammit anon

>> No.49051628

You decide to make no major change to the battle plans already agreed upon. You gather the noblemen and knights to tell them of what is to come, and of your plan. You stand upon a slope, overlooking them. Many of the knights, hungry faced, take a knee while the lords stand. Hugh looks anxious, Pons looks frustrated, William annoyed that his authority had been circumvented. Only Gerard stood with a mild expression, owl eyed and inscrutable. The Romans cluster in their own group, waiting, watching. Manuel ate an apple.

"The walls of Ascalon are about to fall, by the will of God!" you said. A general cheer rose up. "It is not by mortal hand alone that we are given this hour. Christ is with us."

It was a reverential hush that took the Christians. You held a hand to your ear. "Can you not hear him?" you asked, then touched your chest, "Can you not feel him moving in your breast? Christ is with us this day. He sings for us, 'go forth and throw the Saracen into the sea'. This is not the time of men triumphant, but God." You held up a finger to the sky above. "We are but instrumetnts of his will. God wills it."

"God wills it!" Raymond du Poy roared, and the hospitallers roared it back. "God wills it!"

The Templars took up the cry with tears shining in their eyes. Their tabards flapped in the cold wind. "God wills it!" the cry of their ancestors, their fathers and grandfathers, taken up again by the secular knights. "God wills it." They were on their feet brandishing their swords. You wondered if the Saracens saw, and if they feared.

>> No.49051646
File: 118 KB, 490x375, [Chivalry Intensifies].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49051647

The shouts settled down when you pointed to the walls. It was as if by some miracle, or act of magic. A stone was lobbed by Achilles' trebuchet. It sailed overhead, to crash against the wall. By work of stone below and fire beneath, the wall began to crumble. Like sand slipping into the sea the wall, once strong and thick, began to disappear before your very eyes, dust thrown out across the field toward your camp. It seemed to slip downward more than dramatically collapse against more stones, leaving a part in the wall large enough for six men abreast. It was as if god himself had intervened, and cleared a path for Christian men.

The Saracens were like wasps on the walls in sudden activity and alarm.

The Christian mass seemed ready to charge the walls in one heedless rush, but their lords kept them in hand.

"Who will take that breach?" you asked, "Who will lead the charge?"

Dozens of men threw out their hands, implring you to choose them.

Only one held aloft a great two-handed axe in one hand, turning eyes to him. Your brother, grim faced, eyes wide, axe overhead. A circle parted around him.

"I will!" Hugo said, "I will take the breach!"

"A squire?" a voice spoke in a hush. "The lord's brother," another said. "A fierce warrior," the camp turned to excited mutters, looked to you to see what you would say. The choice was yours.

> give the charge to Hugo
> nominate another

>> No.49051652



>> No.49051663

> give the charge to Hugo

Fine. But we forbid him to die.

>> No.49051667

>> give the charge to Hugo

>> No.49051668
File: 185 KB, 1100x950, You gotta smite all the evil Hugo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> give the charge to Hugo

make us (and Solomon) proud

>> No.49051671

>> give the charge to Hugo

Hug Hugo. "Let us talk once more after the battle. Don't die on me, little brother."

>> No.49051673

> give the charge to Hugo

>> No.49051678

> give the charge to Hugo
Watch as we roll a 1 and Hugo dies

>> No.49051686
File: 59 KB, 455x661, IMG_1669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> give the charge to Hugo

I order you not to die you little shit

>> No.49051707

> nominate another
Is everyone here unfamiliar with the term 'Forlorn Hope'?

>> No.49051709

>> give the charge to Hugo

>> No.49051722

> give the charge to Hugo
"My brother most beloved. Take the breach with the fire God has put in your heart. Drive those who stand before us."

Could we do a quick knighting in front of the army before they fly into a frenzy just to hype them and Hugo up more? Kneel, oath to god and the queen, slap on the face, rise a knight. Then take the city.

Also forbid him to die.

>> No.49051746

that can work.

the newest of gods anointed servants to lead the charge. But wont he have a better standing if we let our queen knight him?

>> No.49051758

he earns the glory he gets knighted

>> No.49051768

> give the charge to Hugo


>> No.49051781

no axe.

sword and board, they're running into what will probably be arrow fire

>> No.49051787
File: 79 KB, 269x294, 1412655824710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like

>leads the charge into the breach
>Chivalrous as fuck during the sack, stopping rape, wholesale butcher etc.
>gets knighted pic related
>meanwhile Hugo is just mad as fuck about all the rape

>> No.49051798

You pull Hugo into your arms.

"Glory and honour, brother," you said, kissing his cheek, "I love you, don't die on me."

"I love you too, I've no plans for it," he said, then you parted and you held up his hand for all to see.

"What man is bold enough to follow him?" you demanded from the crowd.

The Templars and Hospitallers surged to their feet, and secular knights likewise held up their swords.

"To your places gentlemen," you said, "Christ is with us."

You saluted your brother as you strode away, the discipline of the army asserting itself. The foreigners marched to their positions, the Levantines to theirs. The holy warriors and those free knights mad enough to follow Hugo took up their places. Towers were pushed forth. You found Etienne on one side of you, Sabeen on the other, Tancred behind.

The other lords, Hugh and his men, Pons and his son and their northern soldiers, Gerard and his Sidonese soldiers. They gathered around your force, a solid three deep line of Jerusalem muscle. There would be no reserves in this fight, it would be all or nothing.

Spears appeared upon the battlements in front of you, bow men too, all in glinting helms. The breach was already being filled with spearmen, packed deep, wood battlements clumsily assembled across the opening.

> Roll 1d100, best of three for the forlorn hope

>> No.49051818

Rolled 35 (1d100)


>> No.49051822

>forlorn hope
>Implying Hugo isn't the bone of his sword


>> No.49051829

Rolled 44 (1d100)


>> No.49051830

She isn't here, and in the eyes of the troops God likes us so much he took down the wall.

You charge in with board, but then sling it onto your back. That's what the housecarls did.

>> No.49051841

Rolled 60 (1d100)


>> No.49051850

Phew. We wont die horribly.

>> No.49051851


>> No.49051852


Could be worse.

Thank you anon, for a better than 50 roll.

>> No.49051854
File: 58 KB, 709x402, Everyfailure on crusader quest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.49051856

> roll 1d100 best of three for the right flank

>> No.49051864

Rolled 30 (1d100)

What use is a long life on this earth, compared to death in the service of God?

>> No.49051866

Rolled 14 (1d100)


>> No.49051870

Rolled 8 (1d100)


>> No.49051875

Rolled 42 (1d100)


>> No.49051882

> roll 1d100 best of three for the left flank

>> No.49051883

Rolled 84 (1d100)


>> No.49051884

Rolled 68 (1d100)


>> No.49051886

Rolled 39 (1d100)


>> No.49051889

Bless you anon.


This is going to be one of those threads.


>> No.49051898

Hugh gonna die

>> No.49051908

Rolled 44 (1d100)

Pray to RNGesus

>> No.49051909

Rolled 84 (1d100)


>> No.49051911

Rolled 95 (1d100)

My god lord, bless this dice with your favour.

>> No.49051915

Rolled 85 (1d100)


>> No.49051920

Rolled 99 (1d100)


>> No.49051929

> roll 1d100, best of three for the centre

>> No.49051932

where were you two cunts during the other 2 rolls?

>> No.49051933
File: 343 KB, 656x516, DEUS VAULT!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49051938

Rolled 12 (1d100)


>> No.49051941

fucking shit, where were these rolls a minute ago?

>> No.49051947

Rolled 2 (1d100)


>> No.49051951

Rolled 69 (1d100)



>> No.49051952
File: 108 KB, 558x742, 1376544212940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 98 (1d100)


>> No.49051959

Rolled 77 (1d100)


>> No.49051961


Anon. You fucking saved u-



>> No.49051971
File: 191 KB, 677x782, ET TU FEELUS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49051981

>these rolls didnt make it

Fortunes change, and not always for the better

>> No.49051985

Forlorn Hope:
Left Flank:
Right Flank:

Gods dammit.

It isn't CQ without fucking suffering.

>> No.49051994

So the strength of men has failed.......


>> No.49051996

Sounds like accurate success for a regular castle assault, innit?

>> No.49051997

It stands like this:

The breach: 60
The right flank: 42
The left flank: 95
The centre: 69

Writing up the action. This might take a while. I'm going to go third person for this, eagle view.

None of the rolls were crit-fails, so don't freak out too much.

>> No.49052013


Right flank and centre should have it.

Oh yes, HF, do we need to assign someone as Hugh's guard.

>> No.49052014
File: 216 KB, 836x955, Wherever I go I must purge -Krieger solider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.49052026

>Implying Hugh shouldn't die as >>49051345
points out

>> No.49052041

We promised to look out for him. That comes first.

>> No.49052058

you can't afford friends of power in the game of thrones anon

>> No.49052076

He's one of the main leader of the queen's loyalists. He dies = Melisende loses some support

>> No.49052098

and another supporter soldifies himself in a MUCH more powerful position so that the faction is less inclined to internal strife

>> No.49052151

Bet Wilhelm will be getting another wound.

>> No.49052163

it not that bad besides GOD FUCKING WILLS IT BITCH!

>> No.49052239

Hugo of Ramla
It started at a walk. Shields raised as they made their way across the field toward the breach, towards the glinting helms and spear tips that manned the gap, the improvised wall of men and wooden battlements. Upturned carts, planks of wood, whatever could be thrown at a moments notice, pulled from the wreckage of the city beyond.

Hugo walked with feet planted firm, axe in one hand, shield high in the other. It blotted out the sun, giving shade to his armoured form. There was a deadly familiar hiss, like a great serpent, and a shadow fell across the sun. Arrows hissed down around him, striking the dirt with dull thuds, hitting his shield with a blunt 'thock'. The man beside Hugo dropped with a scream, an arrow punching through his unarmoured foot. He bent to clutch at it, dropping his shield. More arrows found his back, and he dropped to the dirt as if some invisible hand had pushed him flat. The men behind him stepped over the arrow strewn corpse.

More men along the line were dropping, but you could see the details of Egyptian faces, an uneven ramp leading up to them. The collapse in the wall had left you a difficult, awkward climb. Archers stepped forth from the line of spearmen, launching arrows straight into the ranks. Hugo's shield took the volley, his helm another. One punched into his shoulder but the armour ate the arrowhead. The archers were drawing more arrows from the quivers at their hips, but the climb up the ramp didn't stop. They launched a last volley and stepped back, the spears coming forward.

>> No.49052251

"Christ," Hugo barked, dropping his shield, taking his axe up in two hands. He smashed aside a thicket of spears, stepping through the gap, axe weaving an arc back around. His arms shook as the blade of his axe split a Saracen helm. He waded through 'til the barricade stopped him, his axe looping around, knocking aside spear, crushing maille'd hands, splitting open faces.

A spear tip skated off his helm, caught in the sleeve of his maille cote. Hugo howled in rage, his axe splitting the neck of a Saracen with a sword, blood spritzing from the terrible wound, splashing across Hugo's face. The copper taste dripped onto his lips, the smell filled his nostrils. Saracen blood, he spat it out.

A knight beside him took a spear through the eye and another knight took his place. Either side a line had formed of men with sword and spear, shields raised, pushing forth. Lances crossed, finding purchase, pused one aside to gouge its opponent.

Sweat poured down Hugo's back. There was no chill winter air here. It was heat in front and behind, beside him, pressed around. The blunt end of his axe drove a Saracen to his knees.

A spear came over his shoulder, from behind. He had time to look back, to catch a sight of Jacques' grinning face.

"Hugo," his friend said, pushing up beside him. Spear and axe together. Together you pushed back that battlement, a shoulder push, low and shielded from above by your comrades. The makeshift pallisade collapsed as more knights threw their force into it. Now it was just men against men.

A rock dropped from above and a knight fell howling, shoulder shattered. He was dragged back behind the line, chased by arrows from above, shepherded by a comrade. Hugo had no time to watch, his axe was in demand, the Saracen in front of him demanded attention, demanded death.

Hugo gave a wordless howl as he threw himself into the rank and file, axe arcing overhead as he brought it down.

A name came to his lips he screamed - 'Sabeen!'

> meanwhile on the left

>> No.49052294
File: 73 KB, 524x468, barks internally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> meanwhile on the left

>worst roll

We're on the left, right?

>> No.49052314
File: 69 KB, 226x223, 1425303364414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meanwhile on the left
>Hugh is kill
>everyone fights for their life

>> No.49052318

The right is the worst roll and also the one we are in. The left got a 95

>> No.49052335

oh yea. got mixed up.

my bad anon.

>> No.49052344

The smugness of the greeks is going to be insufferable.

>> No.49052367

The left is Manuel, Foix and our fellow Germans, bet they're in the city now getting those delicious loot

>> No.49052372


At least they won't be able to say we didn't dare to get our hands dirty.

Besides, the mark of a good plan is overall success even if the strongpoint we're at fails.

>> No.49052377

well at least the Templars aren't going to butcher it

>> No.49052390

Manuel's gonna be gloating all over the place how he captured Ascalon on his own

>> No.49052435

let him it will be ours now

>> No.49052516

Elias of Maine
He eyed the approaching battlement from the top of the siege tower, spear in hand, head unhelmed. He let his hair hang free, the cold wind causing it flutter, twin to the banner beside him. He wished he could be seen right now by the foxy young Mathilde, no doubt he seemed the picture of a knight, a Lancelot quick to battle. The spear in his hand was good oak, the tip solid steel. At his belt was a sword, the knight's weapon, but he had always favoured a spear.

He drew on his helm as the walls loomed larger, the sight of the Saracens came closer. He could almost smell them, he could see faded red turbans wound around steel helms, nervous dark eyes. Archers thumbing their bowstrings and spearmen clutching their weapons.

Elias looked back. Behind him marched the Romans, with ladders in hand, marching in disciplined formation. With such a force even that small he could take what he wished in France, and damn his greedy brother. Maine had been left to him by right, and it was through these adventures he would earn the fame to take it in full. He looked back to the Saracen wall, a growl starting in his throat.

He hated this land, its court, its eastern ways. He would return to France triumphant, but first he would introduce himself to these bastard Egyptians, show them a little of French hospitality. He looked to his men behind him, solid French warriors, mercenaries and sworn men of his house.

"Who here knows a song?" he asked, "A good song, an Angevine song?" No one answered. "Fuck, I'll sing it then." He held up his spear and began to sing. His mother had always praised his singing voice, even as his father had viewed it with suspicion. 'Soft, Southern nonsense' he had called it. Well, he would show the Moslem how soft he was.

>> No.49052533

The gangplank dropped and with a song on his lips Elias sprung forward, spear lancing out, graceful and first into the fray. He had promised Mathilde he would take these walls, and he kept his promises. The first Saracen died with barely a scream, spear head punching through his face. Elias drew it back and blood and teeth poured from the mess he'd made. His spear flicked around, cutting another across the face. Frenchmen came in behind him with shields raised. Elias laughed, a wild laugh. A shield would just slow him.

He darted into the Saracen ranks, spear tip scouring helms, haft shattering knees and shins. The wall opened up around him. More room for more Frenchmen. In this moment he was Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Roland, a warrior of France slaying his foe. He turned and grabbed a soldier he did not know.

"Sing," he said, "Sing! Now is our hour!" He laughed in the man's bewildered face as ladders set the wall. Romans surged up to join the French, shields and swords making a mess. The Saracen had no strength for this assault, the warriors of France the soldiers of the East fighting together.

Elias dropped the length of his spear down on a Saracen charging the prince. Manuel finished the dazed man with a thrust of his sword, and the two stood together.

"You've blood on you," Manuel said, clapping his friend's shoulder.

"Good to see a prince in the muck with the rest of us," Elias replied. The Saracens rolled back from them under the slaughter of the advancing Christians. Manuel pointed to a round tower as the Iberian Rodrigo mounted the wall, hauling up fat old Foix behind him.

"It's almost taken," Manuel said, "we just have to take the tower and we will have the street."

"After you sir," Elias offered Manuel the path with a bow.

"After Basil, I think," Manuel laughed, pointing to his copper bearded murderer, a soldier advancing upon that tower as they spoke.

>> No.49052546


dammit, the lot of them will be insufferable.

>> No.49052561

Elias looked to the walls, to the other fighting going on, to the breach. None faired as well as he had. He would count that in his favour, when the time came to split the spoils. And he had a prize in mind. A prize kept close to the queen's side, a black haired, cold eyed beauty.

"I'll win you yet!" he called to the heavens, "By Christ, I'll have you!"

The others looked at him as if he were made, howling into the cold winter wind. Perhaps he was mad, but damned if he cared. This was a world built for the mad. In this world the humble inherited nothing.

> meanwhile, in the centre

>> No.49052566
File: 95 KB, 1920x1080, x01-Lancer-laughs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally Lancer

I knew their was a reason he was a lady killer

>> No.49052587

> And he had a prize in mind. A prize kept close to the queen's side, a black haired, cold eyed beauty.

Pretty much doing this just for Mathilde.

>> No.49052607

gotta give the dog credit for running towards his goal singlemindedly like that.

somewhat laudable. that focus.

>> No.49052618

He reminds me of someone.

>> No.49052619

If only he were a good man, then it wouldn't even be a contest.

>> No.49052632

gee it almost like he'd fit right in with a certain family of adventurers

>> No.49052731

If he wasn't such a massive asshole to Hugo I'll consent the marriage long ago

>> No.49052746

Raymond du Puy

He watched his brother-knight fall beneath a thrown stone, head crushed into an unnatural shape. He heard the scream as boiling oil was poured through murderholes, the sticky burning oil seeping through cloth and armour. A man scratched at his seared face, armoured fingers gouging red and blistering skin, twisting and turning against the fire that burned beneath his armour, howling for Christ, for death, that was slow to come.

Du Puy shoved his blade through his brother's throat. "Peace," he held his dying brother against his black tabard, let him drop to the ground.

The ram slammed against a gate that would not fall. Men were fighting above him, climbing the tour, climbing ladders. Some were thrown off. bodily tipped back by Saracen hands. One fell with a crunched beside beside him, another martyr sacrificed on these walls. There were desperate cries from the defenders of 'Allahu Akbar' that were answered with Latin cries in return. 'Deus Vult!' most could not stop screaming it. One man, a serjeant, screamed it as he danced a bloody jig, his body maimed by arrows, making him a grotesque puppet. 'Deus Vult,' he laughed with a sword dangling from dying fingers, helm askew, face a rictus.

It was by the mercy of Christ the man at last collapsed dead.

Raymond took the ladder, launching himself up hand over hand. He was the master of his order, he would fight with his brothers-in-Christ.

>> No.49052751


the dice of /tg/ is fucking sentient. Creating drama just like that.

>> No.49052771

He mounted in time to see a boy get pushed back, dangling at the edge of the wall. Du Puy caught him by the tabard and pulled him back forward. Then his sword struck out, opening a Saracen, followed by his boot, which kicked the Saracen over the other edge. Hands grabbed at his back and he felt himself pulled downward. He turned in the grip, drove the edge of his shield into the Saracen's knee, buckling him. His helmed face slammed into the Saracen, crunching handsome features. A blow slid off the back of Raymond's head.

He turned and swung his blade. It hit with a wallop, staggering the Saracen over. The boy he had rescued rushed forward, pushing the man back with a spear point in his gut.

Raymond turned to the battlements above the gate, a gate house open. Within he could see Saracens lobbing stones down on the men below, loosed arrows, poured boiling pitch and sand.

"On me," he said, and Hospitallers flanked him. He had no intention of allowing the slaughter of his people to continue.

They charged the gatehouse, turning men away from the murder holes, forcing them to match du Puy and his men. They took up spears and shields, rushed to the doorway to block them. A spear glanced off his helm, another snapped upon the face of his shield. With black cloak billowing and white cross stained with blood, Raymond waded into the murder room above the gate.

> meanwhile on the right

>> No.49052799
File: 44 KB, 420x500, scared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> meanwhile on the right

Oh boy here we fucking go.

Hang on boys. Hold fast in the name of christ.

>> No.49052804

I just realised something. We are using the same battle tactic as before. That means the main Jerusalemite force is still in reserve.

>> No.49052826

we agreed to not have a main reserve each flank has their own and commits as necessary

>> No.49052846

We need to throw in ours already.

>> No.49052848

Is there anything we could've done better? We still had those trebuchets, maybe we could've bombarded the walls before the charge.

>> No.49052863

maybe but only god knows that


>> No.49052878


Greek fire but we know what would have happened.

>> No.49052890

woops first part was meant to refer to you

>> No.49052945

Wilhelm of Ramla
They had managed the wall, but the defenders had not given it easily. You were back to back with Etienne, sword and shield together, Saracens thick around you. You had no clear idea of where your men were positioned to you. You had seen Sabeen and Tancred get overwhelmed, past that, nothing. You had a sense Hugh and Gerard were down the far length from you, trying to get their ladders steady, trying to force a wedge in the defenders, but having little luck.

"Fuckery," Etienne snarled, "Saracen fuckery." His sword was bloody, as was yours. You heard a call out.

Hector cut his way toward you. The Jew was lightning fast, his sword slipping in and out of foes like a leopard through a calf. The two of you became a triangle of three. Hector was panting, someone else's blood was on his face.

"Any fallen?" you asked.

"Not that I know," Hector winced.

Your moments respite ended with a rush of Saracens. Your sword moved only at defense, but hot chips of steel threw up on the edge of your Damascus blade, sparks flying. You turned a cut into a thrust and killed another man.

Kicking your way forward, you came to the edge of the battlements, looking down into the city. The Saracen reserve had gathered. You saw Malik on a horse directing them, Aymal beside him.

You looked back to your men, Etienne and Hector, joined with common soldiers. Blood matted their tabards, stained their wrists, the surface of their shields scoured by axe and sword blows, dented from arrows. They were exhausted, but the fighting was far from done.

Hector stretched out his arms, brought his sword and shield together in front of him to show you - he could still fight.

You nodded, giving a tired grin.

> roll 1d100, best of three for the right flank

>> No.49052959

Rolled 69 (1d100)



>> No.49052970

Rolled 81 (1d100)


>> No.49052975

Rolled 9 (1d100)


>> No.49052984


>> No.49052987

thank you based anon

satan go fuck yourself

>> No.49052996

> roll 1d100, best of three for the breach

>> No.49052997



>> No.49053004

Rolled 85 (1d100)


>> No.49053005

Rolled 32 (1d100)


>> No.49053010

Rolled 85 (1d100)

oh fug, hugo dont die


>> No.49053013

Rolled 94 (1d100)


>> No.49053015

Rolled 11 (1d100)


>> No.49053019

> roll 1d100, best of three for the centre

>> No.49053024

like fucking clockwork.

>> No.49053034

Rolled 66 (1d100)


>> No.49053035

Rolled 37 (1d100)


>> No.49053038

Rolled 31 (1d100)

We're continuing the fight to the streets!

>> No.49053045

Jesus christ Hugo. Relax.

>> No.49053060


>> No.49053079

Rolled 87 (1d100)

Damn, I wanted to roll poorly for the left flank.

>> No.49053091

[Elias laughs smugly]

>> No.49053105

Right Flank: 81

Breach: 85

Center: 94

Well good.

>> No.49053117

That 94 was before HF posted I don't think it counts.

>> No.49053122

Centre is a 66

>> No.49053133

>you had seen Sabeen and Tancred get overwhelmed, past that, nothing.

Sabeen is either raped or Honour killed

>> No.49053136


Argh. I mislooked

>> No.49053155

Think that they were just pushed back.

>> No.49053170
File: 167 KB, 500x500, 1335937585675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If they're maimed or killed I'll string up the lot of these fuckers.

>> No.49053174

So many problems could be solved if we rolled badly.

>> No.49053191

the dice giveth and the dice taketh.

taking orlando and giving us shit to deal with.

>> No.49053245

Hugo of Ramla

His axe flew, a severed arm arced overhead.


A deadly arc that drew blood and screams. He stood alone upon the earthen ramp, he moved down the slope. Howl. His axe sent men staggering back as he forged onward. Blood ran across his face, a mask. Some where he had lost his helm, pulled off by desperate hands or struck off by a lucky blow, but it did not stop him. He strode through roaring his defiance. Blood coated his arms, his chest, flecked his calves. A river of it ran from the slope into the city. A river of Saracen blood and mangled corpses that he stepped through with heavy tread.

He howled at the men still in front of him, shaking spears in their hands and white eyes filling their faces.

One dropped his spear and ran, a headlong flight back down the street. Hugo surged forward, leapt forward, howling, a lung down onto the Saracen spears. His axe cleared most of them, others splintered off his maille'd body, and as he dropped amongst them his axe struck out. A head went high over head, a leg disappeared, a man clutched an open belly as he fell back screaming.

His blood pumped through his ears, no thoughts, just killing. He crushed a man's head with an overhand blow. He might have been speared to death if Jacques had not come beside him, shield catching it.

"Slow down!" he laughed, shaking Hugo's arm. Christendom surged around Hugo, a wall of men facing down the cleared market place of Ascalon. He had taken the breach. His axe dipped down, the blade dripped with gore. He panted. Someone offered him a water skin and he squirted it into his mouth. He could barely taste it, it dried fast and he threw it aside.

>> No.49053254

Men arrayed before the Christians in the street ahead, the Saracen reserve. They watched with nervousness until a shout went up from them and they surged forward.

Hugo brought his axe up high overhead, then pointed at those oncoming men. The Christian soldiers stormed forward around you with bloody cries. He started after them, a black glare in his eyes, each step heavy. Jacques walked with him, sword and shield in hand. The lines of men crashed together and Hugo waded in among them, axe falling heavy on spear and shield, crunching limbs.

On the walls above fighting continued, a man fell to be crushed on the street below. Christian or Muslim, it made no difference as the fighting raged into the street. Men poured into the street from a tower, Romans and French, charging the flank of the Saracen herd. Hugo paid them no mind either. His axe was his only concern, the men who faced him his only priority.

Hugo would drive these Saracens into the sea.

> meanwhile, in the centre

>> No.49053271


>> No.49053275


Hugo will be knighted for this.

Him and Jacques. They will have earned their spurs.

>> No.49053308

Raymond du Puy
He threw the last Saracen down the murder hole, saw him fall amongst his black clad brothers with an awful crunch of his neck. Blood marred du Puy's brow, a cut bled his lip, but he ignored the pain. Men lay dying in heaps around the room. Du Puy leaned back against the wall, a prayer on his lips, sword slack in his hand.

He heard the crunch of the gate beneath him, the splinter of wood, and then the great boom of it bursting open.

Thank Christ it was done, he thought. Thank Christ.

He looked through an arrow slit to see black and white clad men pour through the broken gate, into the open yard. Fighting was fierce, the breach had been taken and battle was at hand. He saw the Romans pressing the flank, the front taken by the Jerusalem knights. His own men and the other warrior orders poured in around them, pressing back the frantic pack of Saracen warriors.

The defenders were overwhelmed now, it was just a matter of time before the citadel was taken. All that was to be determined was the coat. Raymond closed his eyes and prayed the cost would not be too high.

> meanwhile on the right flank

>> No.49053345

I swear Hugo's descended from Varangrians

>> No.49053387

We need a wolf pelt for him.

>> No.49053422

He absorbed the spirit of that one he killed.

>> No.49053425


Hugo the Wulfen Knight

>> No.49053428
File: 481 KB, 1279x1569, But Muh Greek Rome!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wilhelm the lion of Jerusalem
>Hugo the Wolf of Ramla
>Solomon the Coptic Eagle

fucking fund it

>> No.49053433

Less sodomy though. Unless Sabeen is into that.

>> No.49053457

Solomon's more a black bear than an eagle

>> No.49053460

Fortune had changed for you, and changed fast. Hugh and Gerard had found the wall at last and come pouring up their ladders, their swords added to your own. Tripoli as well. The fighting on the wall was fierce, you drove the defenders back to the edge, some going so far as to jump over it and trust in Allah. Allah was not with them. Your grip was slick with blood. Alexius brought you a cloth to clean it. You licked your lips, tasting salt.

Beneath you, within the walls fighting had started in earnest. Victory was at hand.

The fighting on your wall died and you sagged against the battlement.

"Who lives?" you asked Etienne, "Who has died?"

Alexius brought you water and you drank.

"Arnold of Nassau is dead. Pons of Tripoli is badly wounded," Etienne said, "His son has had him taken back to camp. A score of knights and soldiers have fallen. Tancred is not in good shape."

"What wounds?" you asked.

"An arrow through his cheek, his son is with him," Etienne did not sound optimistic.

You walked the length of the wall to where Tancred lay. His son Odo held him in his arms, trying to suppress tears, his cheeks huffing and eyes red. Sabeen watched from the side, sitting upon the battlement. Her cheeks were flecked with blood, but otherwise she seemed well. Her sabre was slick with blood, as was her arm up to the elbow.

Tancred looked up to you with a ed eye, the other swollen shut. The arrow had punched through his cheek. Deeper it may have killed him instantly.

>> No.49053476

"You ready to die old man?" you asked. He couldn't talk, but mustered something like a grin. You slapped Odo's shoulder. "Pick the giant up and drag him back to Mohmed. My squire will lead you." You nodded to Alexius. Odo helped his father up, but Tancred had little strength under his feet. Another soldier took him by the other side and they walked him together, lead by Alexius.

You went over to Sabeen.

"Fighting is done up here," she said, eyes turning to the courtyard. It was an uneven match, the Muslims had lost. Victory was a matter of time. She looked back to you, waiting for an order.

> watch the fight
> join the fight

>> No.49053481

> join the fight

>> No.49053489

Is this us or Sabeen ?

If its Sabeen

> watch the fight

I will not let her fight her own father. It is not right.

If it is us.

> join the fight

>> No.49053493

> join the fight

>> No.49053507

We need to get Malik and the others alive!

>> No.49053534

"Let's go," you said, drawing your men around you, heading down to the yard and the fighting beneath.

> roll 1d100, best of three
> don't worry, so long as you don't critfail you'll be fine

>> No.49053538

Have her go and be with Hugo

>> No.49053544

Rolled 46 (1d100)


>> No.49053558


>> No.49053565

Rolled 23 (1d100)


>> No.49053567

Rolled 84 (1d100)


>> No.49053574

Rolled 80 (1d100)


>> No.49053575


>> No.49053584


Let us offer quarter for malik and his men.

>> No.49053588

Rolled 57 (1d100)

Hope pons makes it. Dude's too real to die.

>> No.49053611

I like Raymond better, the absolute madman. He'll be in interested whatever crazy schemes we like

>> No.49053624

thats his father, he's killed by Zengi soon after this if timeline followsthe madman wins an insane victory afterwards though

>> No.49053665

Didnt he torture and kill most of his Christian Syrians cause he blamed them for it ?

>> No.49053669

as far as I know that was the captured forces afterwards but hey I could be wrong

>> No.49053683

we are killing Malik right? he has to die at this point

>> No.49053695

We have already lost too many friends. We will not lose another.

>> No.49053716

your're talking about excusing a Moslem mercenary who explicitly lead forces against us and is responsible for Orlandos death as well as many other good christian men's untimely death

>> No.49053717

Depends, if he refuses to surrender and gets more of our men killed than he's gonna die for sure

>> No.49053722



>> No.49053757

The battle ends in the yard below with the arrival of you and your men, your blades crash into their flank, choking the last of the fight out of them. Etienne on one side, Sabeen on the oher, you break through them to meeet the others in the middle. Archamboud, ancient as he is, stands firm in white vestments stained red. Hugo pants at his feet, sitting on a corpse, palming the shaft of his axe. He stood up on sight of Sabben, his face gone from war weary to boyish blush. She crossed over to him, grabbed him by the collar, pulled him to his feet.

"Thank God," she said, eyes shining.

"If anything had happened to you," Hugo's hands groped at her shoulders, her neck. She pulled him into an exhausted kiss, tears running down her face. His arms closed around her body, pulled her tight. Their kiss was long, and did not readily end.

The few survivors had fled back to the citadel or stood captured by the Romans and the French. A cheer goes up from the assembled Christians, swords raised, shouts to god given.

There are prisoners, but the man you hoped to see wasn't among them. Malik had escaped to the citadel. Still, you saw Aymal's handsome face, though not so handsome with the haggard expression he wore or the blood covering him.

"Lord Wilhelm," he said in his heavily accented Latin, bowing his head. His hands were bound behind his back.

His captor was Elias. "The second-in-command," Elias said, "I plan to make a gift of him to the queen." The man had a smug grin on his face, and he shook Aymal by the collar.

"Well you are in luck," Manuel clapped Elias' shoulder, "The Queen approaches."

She came through the shattered gateway, horse stepping carefully through the gore. She wore her white ornamental maille, her crowned helm, a white spear across her saddle. By her side rode Mathilde in blue silk. Behind them both came fresh soldiers, carrying the Cross.

>> No.49053770

A cheer went up that you joined, hoarse throat joining in the cries, swords drumming against shields as men parted for her, a corridor of warriors down to where you all stood. Melisende dismounted before you. She stood tall in her armour, the winter breeze did not seem to touch her. Her face was a cool mask, fine features empty of expression, soft lips slightly parted. Her eyes turned to you and the other blood soaked warriors.

"Who is responsible for this?" her voice carried over the crowd, causing a hush to fall. The attention was all upon her.

> You are
> Hugo is
> Elias and Manuel are
> say nothing

>> No.49053779

> You are

>> No.49053788

>God is

>> No.49053793

> Elias and Manuel are
We are already getting the city, let's give it to them who actually broke through first

>> No.49053805

Actually i agree. Hopefully we can convince him to hand Aymal over to us in return.

Changing to

> Elias and Manuel are

>> No.49053812

> who isn't?

we are all responsible for this as men of god and crusaders

>> No.49053814


> Elias and Manuel are

>> No.49053816

God is, and his instrument was Hugo

>> No.49053819

Do mention Hugo's work in the breach.

>> No.49053825

The moment he hears we want him, we're in shit. Better to wait for him to hand it over to the queen.

>> No.49053836


>> No.49053838

> Hugo is

>> No.49053850

>Hugo in the Breach
>Elias and Manuel in their part

we don't really even know Aymal though

>> No.49053852

> Hugo is a beast
and after him the Count of Maine and the Byzantine Prince took the walls like Godfrey of old. We all did with the help of God.

>> No.49053866

He helped us escorting Iovetta to Jerusalem, served under us with Sabeen and protected our person.

>> No.49053867

> Hugo is
> Elias and Manuel are

que Hugo being modest and Manuel and Elias getting the spotlight

>> No.49053881

without knowing who Iovetta is and besides that doesn't give us a character refrence

>> No.49053901

>> say nothing
Who knows? Elias and Manuel made the first breakthrough, but Hugo cut a tunnel out of a wall of moving flesh, and it was our mining that dropped the wall.

>> No.49053922


>> No.49054014

"Hugo took the breach," you said. Hugo stepped away from Sabeen, face gone bright red. It was strange to see such boyish awkwardness matched with his current blood stained image.

Melisende smiled. She took from her saddle a sword.

"Hugo of Ramla," she said, "Take a knee."

He nodded, dropping down to one knee, bowing his head. You looked on with pride. Her sword touched his shoulder. He rose, stood awkwardly in front of her, his face red, eyes flicking nervously from her to anywhere else. The palm of her hand struck his cheek.

"I dub you knight," she said.

A cheer went up as Sir Hugo turned from his liege, only to have Sabeen fill his arms. He spun, laughing with her as they twirled, before settling the dark swordswoman onto her feet. They kissed again and Jacques loudly booed.

"Who dares mock love?" Melisende asked, and the crowd parted away from Jacques, leaving the boy alone. He looked up at the queen in fear as she approached. "And who is this?" she asked the crowd.

"My squire, Jacques," Etienne said, "Who abandoned me in battle."

"My friend," Hugo added, "Without him I'd have not taken the breach."

"Your fried you say?" Melisende raised a brow at Hugo, "Then I shall not scourge him. No, I have a worse fate in mind. Jacques, take a knee."

He trembled as he dropped, uncertain of his fate, but you smiled inwardly. Her sword was drown and tapped his shoulder. "For the defense of my realm, I dub you knight, Sir Jacques." He rose unsteady, blinking as if he were drunk. Her palm across his face brought focus back into him. He stared at her dumbly. She turned from him to the crowd.

"Let it be known, that any Christian who fight for Christ, who fights for valour, is worthy of knighthood. Let all those who have love of God in their chest come to my kingdom, prove themselves, and become noble in that pursuit!"

It caused a cheer in the crowd. "Sing Te Deum and Non Nobis, for this was a victory for Christ!" she raised her sword.

>> No.49054021

and all the men of the army responded, her ordered cheer growing into a chorus of a dozen different people, all bellowed in throaty Latin beneath the sight of her and the Cross itself.

Melisende looked to you, to Elias of Maine, to the commanders of the army. She knew as you did it was not all ver yet, the citadel still needed to be taken, but victory was certain. The siege was won.
End of thread
Hugo +10 lead

>> No.49054031


>> No.49054036

That's a spicy meatball

>> No.49054042

>+10 lead
Damn son, thanks for running HF

>> No.49054043

Thanks for running HF.
How badly would it have gone if we'd tried to attack without the rest of the army?

>> No.49054047

Good my emotions are running high and i am half asleep. I cant even remember what i wanted to ask for the Q&A

>dat 10 lead

>> No.49054055

Pretty damn badly.

>> No.49054059


We're gonna need to drink with them tonight. Us two knights and our former squires.

>> No.49054069

How badly could screw up?
Any wrong choices?
What would happen if we honored Elias and Manuel instead?

>> No.49054078

>implying hugo will be leaving his bed tonight.

>> No.49054081

Thanks for running.

How did we do boss.

>> No.49054086

fuck yeah

Will gets Iovetta when?

so we're going to need to recruit the shit out of new knights and men talent aren't we?

btw since ypu're building up to the second crusade does that mean you're planning to continue after we marry Iovetta and shit?

>> No.49054092

>Sabeen is going ride him intill he breaks.

>Chiri is going to ride Wilhelm intill he breaks.

>> No.49054105

>How badly could screw up?
You could have all died.

>Any wrong choices?
Not really

>What would happen if we honored Elias and Manuel instead?

Elias would have used as an opportunity to show what a good and humble Christian he is. Manuel would have just shrugged it off as if it were no major thing.

>does that mean you're planning to continue after we marry Iovetta and shit?
Maybe. If I did it would have to be after another hiatus.

>> No.49054109

>Iovetta is going to ride her hand until it breaks.

>> No.49054111

>Not Iovetta

>> No.49054120

Any other notables dead?

Whos that guy who died?

>> No.49054125

Is Tancred going to be okay?

Was Chiri worried ?

What do did you think of our plan about Edessa and what did Manuel think ?

How you been holding up and next thread when ?

>> No.49054134

Another hiatus is fine, I just want to see Will and Iovetta have lots of children

>> No.49054138

What if we'd been biggest arsehole and said we were responsible?

>> No.49054139

I thought we agreed to honour Hugo and E & M

is Elias Salty?

>> No.49054148

Next thread is probably going to be the last one/denouement. I don't know when I'll run it, most likely next week.


Pons is going to die

Roll 1d100, average of three to see if Tancred dies.

Your response to the Edessa crisis was pretty sound, but if a crusade is called its not going to be easy to manage. They fell apart more often than not for a reason.

>> No.49054153

Rolled 59 (1d100)


>> No.49054157

Rolled 7 (1d100)

Dear god have mercy

>> No.49054158
File: 19 KB, 400x389, Both.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arguing over Chiri & Iovetta

>> No.49054159

>>is Elias Salty?
Not particularly.

It would have increased the jealousy of other lords, though Melisende would have confirmed you as Lord of Ascalon publicly.

>> No.49054160

Rolled 48 (1d100)


>> No.49054169


Fuck fuck fuck.

Dont die old man.

>> No.49054172

Rolled 74 (1d100)

oh shit not our future captain of the guard

she'll do that later during the distribution of the loot right?

>> No.49054173

Well Tancred is dead.

Wait. Dont we get bonus from our doctors skills ?

>> No.49054175


>> No.49054184

38 + 20 (Mohmed bonus) = 58

He's hanging on but in bad shape. We'll resolve that next thread.


>> No.49054192

Chiri teaching Iovetta how to please Wil when?

>> No.49054194

Hows Nubian Lu bu doing?

>> No.49054195

He need a lot of rest.

>> No.49054205

later end of the Honeymoon I'd Imagine

>> No.49054206

Roll 1d100, best of three

>> No.49054217

Rolled 91 (1d100)


>> No.49054218


>hanging on still

Well then...


>> No.49054225
File: 397 KB, 1206x1291, 1354758534440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's taken two IRL years but we finally took Ascalon
>now we have to wait 5 IRL years for HF to figure out the second crusade

goddamit this IS the Beserk of quests

>> No.49054239

Rolled 70 (1d100)


>> No.49054241


Jesus fucking christ.

They pursues Solomon didnt they.

>> No.49054251

Not only didnt he slaughter them, he also repopulated the entire area by sleeping with every woman that was left.


>> No.49054252


Hey at least we're not on a boat

>> No.49054256
File: 99 KB, 500x477, hugo and sabeen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just reminded me I did this one bored afternoon.

>> No.49054263

Rolled 42 (1d100)

And then he bitchslapped Barisan and Blaise.

>> No.49054265

Rolled 91 (1d100)


>> No.49054269

I'm a sad, sad man sometimes.

>> No.49054278


>> No.49054283

Bahahahahahahahahaha. Christ. If Hugo and Sabeen keep this up Malik will soon be a grandfather.

>> No.49054285



Even when it doesnt matter

Everyone needs a hobby

>> No.49054298
File: 1.99 MB, 332x215, KLyJGLZ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 30 (1d100)

I honestly don't know what I expected

they purused him didn't they?

so when does the eclipse happen?

>> No.49054300

>Slice of Life quest inbetween with Wilhelm rebuilding Ascalon and securing the south while balancing his marriage and Chiri.

>> No.49054301

We still love you.

>> No.49054302

Solomon crushed the Nubian Guard with the assistance of Blaise and Barisan.

I'll go into that next thread

>> No.49054309

I would give my left nipple for it.

>> No.49054337
File: 1.90 MB, 320x200, laughing cao cao.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck yeah


now all we have to do is ruse Zengi and we're golden

this would be nice between now and the crusades

>> No.49054342

Everything is going relativly well... I dont like it... Something is wrong.

>> No.49054358

What % of the Guard did Solomon kill himself?

>> No.49054367

Was that

> you

Us or the queen ?

>> No.49054372

We'll say 4%

>> No.49054383

Which you?

>> No.49054385

So how is Blaise and Solomon doing ?

Talking about the good ol' times ?

>> No.49054393

This one >>49054383

>> No.49054395
File: 42 KB, 349x420, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4% of an army
>by himself

Where are those plans for solomon baby factory

>> No.49054407

Well HF did mention when we returned to Ramla after our trip to Sidon that there were quite a few women with swollen babies done by him.

>> No.49054410

Oh, that you meant Wilhelm. Sorry if it was vague.

>> No.49054418

>with swollen babies done by him.
Yeah, Solomon sure hates babies. Beat the shit out of every last one of them.

>> No.49054420

Need more.

Loads more.

>> No.49054425

Goddamnit HF! You know what i meant!

How are things back in Ramla ?

>> No.49054426


>> No.49054438
File: 1.60 MB, 350x197, 221365487536.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A legend was born a glorious black legend

wat? WAT!?

>> No.49054439

Stable. Solomon's babies with Etain are doing well, and Etain herself is keeping busy.

>> No.49054444
File: 39 KB, 361x237, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You horrible horrible man HF .

>> No.49054446

so Wil is going to recruit the shit out of distinguished men of Talent right?

>> No.49054448

I almost cancelled today because I was so tired. Glad I didn't.

>> No.49054456

Likewise. Thank you very much for running. It was quite a ride and i will be off to bed.

>> No.49054457

Thanks for running. This made my day.

>> No.49054458

If we have time, I'll do that. I'll make a list of all the low born and lesser nobles that distinguished themselves later.

>> No.49054459

I think most of us are, probably not Eliasfags though but they can go fuck themselves

>> No.49054468

sweet I mean individual talent is great but in the end one man is one man no matter his influence we need retainers who GOOD if not GREAT at shit if we want to build a kingdom

>> No.49054470

I'm a bit disappointed you guys didn't call out my Henry V reference though.


>> No.49054481

>I think most of us are, probably not Eliasfags though but they can go fuck themselves

Yeah fuck'em I think Elias is the better choice of the two.

>> No.49054490

Elias is going to use his new won favour to influence the queen and William and Wilhelm, right ?

>> No.49054493

How did Sabeens troops react to her baptism?

>> No.49054505

I was all primed to kill off Jacques this thread, but the little bugger made it through. I figured that deserved a knighthood.

I also meant to kill off Alexius too, but forgot. That idiot has the devil's luck.

Elias' esteem has greatly risen in the eyes of the kingdom and Melisende.

They're mercenaries, outcasts by nature. Some of them were also Christian. They didn't give a shit, they were loyal to her, not any kind of god.

>> No.49054515

>I also meant to kill off Alexius too, but forgot. That idiot has the devil's luck.

Speaking of him. How does he feel about his father now and how does his father feel about him ?

Oi you better not fuck with Hugo's best friend!

>> No.49054527

He really doesn't know how to feel other than upset.

His father I won't say.

>> No.49054534


>> No.49054540

Yeah I'm not entirely sure how much damage was done by the coup but both marrying Elias to a Koblenz and letting Fulk lead in edessa will help improve things furthermore having Elias spread the good word about melisande and Will would be a massive boon

The loss of edessa is still huge but we can't do much about that yet

>> No.49054564

He's an idiot but so far a loyal idiot teach him the sin of loose lips and he'll be good if he doesn't follow his traitor father

Jacqueline is Hugo's bro I'm glad he survived

>> No.49054584

We should send a message to the Coptic states let them know the age of oppression is coming to an end by the lion and his Coptic eagle

>> No.49054619

Ascalon and a Nubian vs all of Egyot?
Yeah, Solomon could probably beat those odds.

>> No.49054729

What do when the queen tells us to let mattie wed elias.

>> No.49054733
File: 66 KB, 503x518, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>second crusade rolls around
>Wil and Solomon are nowhere to be found
>march on Alexandria
>Find Will lounging on the throne of Ascalon while the city burns

>> No.49054799

let her if Bures folds for the good of Jerusalem Will doesn't stand much chance of defying the queen

>> No.49054815

There's actually a very real possibility of it happening since Mattie has already spoken and raised that possibility with the Queen.

>> No.49054827

HF I don't know if you're still around but thanks for running and a question

How hard would it be for Bures to break the betrothal if it was hypothetically in order to secure the future of Jerusalem?

>> No.49054836

yes but Im certain it would require the intervention of the queen on the matter or a patriarch/bishop/pope etc

>> No.49054891


It wont be hard i think. Its more a matter of convincing both heads of the families to agree.

And that would be tricky for the queen to navigate.

As a player, this back and forth and plans repeatedly burning to the ground from such small stimuli by the koblenz is hilarious and a pleasure to watch.

>> No.49054907

So. I take it we are taking part of the sack of the city. Right ?ยจ

Time to reward our lieutenants and bath Chiri in jewelry.

>> No.49054924
File: 485 KB, 500x456, Veni at me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goddamn Koblenz all I wanted to do was rape a princess and present her to the Hashin
>Goddamn Koblenz all I wanted to do was rule Jerusalem
>Goddamn Koblenz all I wanted to do was rule Anitoch and be a pedo to Constance
>Goddamn Koblenz all I wanted to was kill you why won't you die

partially mostly the mosques and the Citadel

>not bathing the entire court in jewelry

>> No.49054941

"She reminds me of my old Aunt Anna, a brain with little to do is a dangerous thing. Leave her unchecked and she may steal half your kingdom herself."

so the Hundred years war will get a lot worse if Mathilde marries Elias I guess

>> No.49055102

The Hundred Years War is a good two hundred years away, anon.

>> No.49055241

Well if we are going to make it worse we may as well start now

>> No.49055999



Also Hugo won't have to knight Jacque himself! Old-ass call back to earlier threads, I fucking love you HF!

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