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god is dead

>Rules databases

>FAQ’s and Errata (outdated but official)

>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

> The Black Library

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first for even if Chaos Space Marines get a new book they won't be good.

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Second for I wish I was painting right now

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third for smoke meth hail satan

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Every time a unit of 20+ units is destroyed or retreats off the table, a unit half as large should appear in ongoing reserves.


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I think that the Tau should be pushed in a different direction than they are now. We need less Mechs, since they're supposed to be rare and hard to produce, and we need to focus more on the other races in the Tau empire. Isn't that their whole deal? That they're an empire comprised of a number of different races? Why not push that instead? There's a shit ton of races that don't have models that are in the Tau Empire. The Tarellian, The Nicassar, The Demiurg, The Galgs, etc. I think the Tau would be much more interesting on the table if it weren't just "MECH/DRONE/FIRE WARRIOR BLOBS"

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Nah I like the way the game doesn't go on forever.

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I would love facing diverse tau armies.

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>Playing against friend at LGS
>Went to roll to steal initiative
>Dice is in the air
>I YELL "Smoke meth, hail Satan!"
>Silently thank the dark lord and text my dealer that I'm gonna need double tonight

Absolutely agree, and I play the blue fuckers.

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>Orks are a melee race

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Also agree. I usually run fire warrior + pathfinders and a few (2-4) crisis, with maybe brodasides and tank support. I only bring my riptide for high point games. Well, except when I run a fluffy "Da 8s" detachment, but that is only whem I play my SM frined and only then.

I like the design on the suits, but I find the spam obnoxius. I just want my Tau to be space commies, goddamit, not space japan.

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Hey, just throwing this out there. Does anyone have Dark Eldar jetbikes they want to sell/trade? I want to use them for necron tomb blades. [email protected]

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Pretty much. The formations/detachments would have to be the most powerful that we've seen yet in order to make Chaos Space Marines competitive.

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Just say the Riptide factory ordered a recall and had to tone down the Rapetide's power from overpowered to respectfully decent and will only be that way forever. That would see less of those god awful things. Or do that to all suits. Nerf the suits, and see more Kroot.

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Ha! No.

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Anyone got the link to the deathwatch rules?

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So, I will be playing a Kill team game this week, and my only army is Tau, inb4 tau fag. I was thinking of using a single shas'vre suit as my elite, along with maybe 2 small units of fire warriors and pathfinders to fill the fast attack slot.
Do you guys think that will work as a kill team force?

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I don't think the riptide needs a nerf, just a points increase. Fuck the riptide wing though.

You could easily do what you suggested though, the riptide is meant to be some dodgy tech that overheats, the tau could easily decide to cut that out while in the process reducing its offensive capabilities.

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Elite: Crisis Suit
Troop: Breacher/Striker Fire Warrior
Fast Attack: Piranhas

But that's just me.

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hey, could you guys tell me some quality fanfics of 40k?

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Basically everything here.

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nah he said quality

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Why is there so poor representation of women, minorities and trans/lgbt-people in Warhammer 40k?

I wanted to take up playing for a while, but this has been putting me off.

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Day of the rope is canon.

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Your bait actually makes me want the landraider shitposter back.
At least he was actually talking about the game

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there's the eldar and pretty much slaanesh

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>Why is there so poor representation of women, minorities and trans/lgbt-people in Warhammer 40k?

This is almost certainly bait but considering the state of the internet I might as well take it seriously:

Sisters of Battle are an all-female faction that have existed since forever, there's quite a few female models scattered about across Eldar and Tau. Fluffwise there's more than a handful of extremely important women.

Firstly; minorities are no longer minorities if they gain the same representation. Secondly; what the fuck are Mutants, Abhumans and Xenos auxillaries.

Slaanesh is literally a Chaos God that slowly turns his followers into omnisexual hermaphrodites. Nobody else but a lone few have time to indulge themselves in transexual acts and nobody in-fluff gives a flying fuck about what you're attracted to so long as you do your job (which may include siring an heir and not flirting with Xenos/mutants/heretics, apply restrictions as necessary.)

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>Trans and lgbt people are debauched demons.
Yeah, good representation.

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>Humans are racist space fascists

>Men are war-bred murdermachines with no sex drive and slight autism

>Egalitarians are universally arrogant as fuck and puppets to evil overlords

Nobody in 40k gets good representation you shit.

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its gonna be so much fun

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Why isn't there a monster that shits Hormagaunts?

Termagaunts a shit.

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>Sisters of Battle
Fetishized chaste battle-nuns, who worship the big daddy. That's worse than no representation, actually.
How about normal female space marines?

>Fluffwise there's more than a handful of extremely important women.
Outweighed 1:1000 by important men.

>Firstly; minorities are no longer minorities if they gain the same representation.
That's the stupidest argument I ever heard.

>Secondly; what the fuck are Mutants, Abhumans and Xenos auxillaries.
Always viewed with suspicion if not disdain. And generally made out to be inferior in various ways to Space Marines and elite guard regiments.

See >>48988987

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This. In the grim dark future gender politics are at the bottom of a mile long list called "things that fucks are given for"

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well its true

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Alright, this is still probably bait, but I'd rather not shit up the thread and I'll just direct you to >>48989030 and leave it with this:

40k has no interest in real world morality, politics or anything else beyond inspiration for its own reality. It's not going to change, nor should it.

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Must you guys respond to an obvious bait?

>Why isn't there a monster that shits Hormagaunts?
Because fuck you.
Love, Games Workshop

Termagants > Hormagaunts

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hey faggits the bigger ciaphas cain novels aren't working

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What is the most badass and brutal thing the Imperium has done?

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Because Hormagaunts lay eggs that hatch into more Hormagaunts that lay eggs...

It's like you didn't even READ your codex!


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Termagaunts don't get in range until a Hormagaunt would already be able to charge, and Horms both hit a bit harder and can tarpit shit like no tomorrow if they're near a synapse.

Terms can't do anything right.

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Be the imperium

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Why isn't there a biotitan that shits Tervigons?

Why isn't there a warlord scale biotitan that shits the biotitans that shit Tervigons?

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Survive against no less than two factions with objective superiority in terms of individual and general technology, two massive races that have objective biological superiority in terms of war and literally hundreds of other races/factions, at the same time. For 10,000 years.

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Nothing is stopping you from putting girl heads on your Space Marines and creating fluff about them self identifying as men.

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What is the Day of the rope?

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probably the scouring
>the enemy is retreating! quick lets fucking chase them down and kill them and kill everybody whos even thought about supporting them

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play age of sigmar instead

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Setting fire to space was pretty brutal, even if it did instantly get circumvented because loltau.

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>Instantly got circumvented

It hasn't quite, yet, it apparently will be soon though. Still, it did its job and completely halted the Expansion.

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OMG, you people are literally using terminology from that racist pile of crap in 2016.
What's next, a quote from Mein Kampf?

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>and Horms both hit a bit harder and can tarpit shit like no tomorrow if they're near a synapse.
Lets see...
>A Termagant in charging range can do a single S4 AP5 attack and 2 S3 attacks if it makes into CC
>A Hormagaunt does 3 S3 AP6 attacks if it makes into CC.
Only thing Hormagaunt has over it's brethren is Fleet, +3" run and the benefit of having 2 attacks even if they get assaulted for 1 extra point. While Hormagaunts aren't terrible, Termagants do more damage for cheaper and the latter is a pretty big factor when it comes to gaunts

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>How about normal female space marines?
Define normal. If the space marine creation process worked for women, do you know what they would look like?
They would be indistinguishable from male space marines. Only Slaanesh puts tits on a 1 ton murder machine.
The sisters of battle are about as close to female marines you can get before you have cuntboy marines.

I would like to see plastic sisters and female guardsmen.

>Fluffwise there's more than a handful of extremely important women.
>Outweighed 1:1000 by important men.
fair enough I have no argument here and I wouldn't some waifu material.

>Firstly; minorities are no longer minorities if they gain the same representation.
>That's the stupidest argument I ever heard.

First paint your models any skin tone you want.
Second what does it matter if you are a black human or white human so long as you burn xenos?

>Secondly; what the fuck are Mutants, >Abhumans and Xenos auxillaries.
Always viewed with suspicion if not disdain. And generally made out to be inferior in various ways to Space Marines and elite guard regiments.

They are literally Mutants, Abhumans and Xenos. They are either genetically deficient mutated abominations, weird offshoots of humanity (example Ogryns that are near retarded giants that are stronger than space marines) and Xenos auxillaries literally xenos the things which the entire imperium of man including the GOD EMPEROR says to hate and fear.

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You're issue is that you appling you're cultural values and beliefs to a significantly different situation. So check your privilege, not every universe has the luxury of being egalitarian. The fact that you can't set aside your cultural paradigm to understand the needs and beleifs of these ancient and honored people only shows how much of a privileged Western capatilst pig you are, with no understanding of having to fight to survive.

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The game represents a future utopia.

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if the moon was a space marine what space marine would he be?

[warning : contents contain pure fire]

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>What's next, a quote from Mein Kampf?

Sure, if you want one

“Reading is not an end to itself, but a means to an end.”
― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

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Well this thread is off to a horrible start. Instead of responding to old bait/ a very delusional SJW, lets talk 40k.

So what are you working on /tg/? Play any games recently? Plan on playing amy soon?

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Im working on my Assault Marines, Vanguard Veterans, and a squad of Dark Furies. I was going to ply a game tomorrow, but had to cancel because of work.

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when are mega links please to give deathwatch codex?

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Priming my Word Bearers. Playing's not something I tend to take time out of my day to do anymore, as disappointing as my marines are. Been thinking about selling them, but holding out hope for Whatever we're supposed to be getting soon.

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>I think that the Tau should be pushed in a different direction than they are now. We need less Mechs, since they're supposed to be rare and hard to produce, and we need to focus more on the other races in the Tau empire. Isn't that their whole deal? That they're an empire comprised of a number of different races? Why not push that instead
I've said this for years

Just say the planet where all the mechs are made was eaten by Tyranids, and let the next codex lean harder on the Xeno Allies. How about different kinds of Kroot? Some flying infantry (reflecting their bird ancestry), some Squiggoth-like motherfuckers, some shooty and stealthy, some beefy and choppy. Maybe even different kinds of Vespid. And reintroduce all those races we've only had 1/2 a paragraph about as "subject races of the Tau Empire"

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I actually have my shortest backlog I've had for a time:
2 harlequin halves of deathmasque to assemble
2 boxes of horrors to finish painting
and 2 mutalith vortex-beast + soulgrinders that a buddy was converting for me that I just got that I'm excited to start working on

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>Forgetting you arent on Tumblr

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Stop being so easy to bait, dumbass.

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>So what are you working on /tg/?
I'm currently shopping for more 2-3 chimeras

converting 8 guardsmen to be an inquisitorial warband

and contemplating weather to start a black templar ally army

>Play any games recently?

Last week I played against raven guard as IG and he got into assault on turn one which was surprising.

Plan on playing amy soon?
Next Wednesday on my FLGS warhammer night, IDK who I will play with though.

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I haven't heard about this, but I suppose it was to be expected, with one of the new story progression books apparently being about the Tau fighting Imperials and Dark Eldar, and somehow getting window of the final chaos invasion. Real shame, I just want the tau to suffer, and they never do. Maybe the Mechanicum v Tau Imperial Armour will be nice.

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>So what are you working on /tg/?
Lost most motivation to work on my still uncomplete fliers and a few of my other models in my main army need some TLC, especially the Deathwing.

>Play any games recently?
Been about two or three weeks now unfortunately.

>Plan on playing an amy soon?
First weekend of September I should be playing a 2v2, 2000pts a player with some friends. RW/DW and BA against KDK/CSM/Daemons and Orks with a Chaos Knight.

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sounds great and all; but i don't think it would sell better then mech suits

i have a emperor's children daemon prince that needs painting, but i'll probably be working on malifaux this year since i'll have more chances to play that then 40k

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>So what are you working on /tg/?
space marines
>Play any games recently?
>Plan on playing amy soon?
whos amy?

>> No.48989627

the beating that pask got from longsight finally convinces him to pilot something bigger than a lemon russ and get revenge on the blueberrys,
Forgeworlds newest vehicle the paskblade coming 2017 firing old unsold sly marbo shots able to insta gib a tau supremecy suit in a single imperiuk filled shot,
Fielding them in squads of 3 grants twin linked.

>> No.48989663

>the beating that pask got from longsight

Pask was kicking Hammerhead ass until Longstrike shot the Hand of Steel in the side, they were in a storm that apparently Imperial sensors couldn't see through but Blacksun Filters could no problem (another issue people had with the book, the Tau sensors should've at least been struggling if Imperial sensors were completely fried.)

>> No.48989701

>So what are you working on /tg/?
Nothing, I'm waiting for Forge World to restock the Eldar Corsair conversion kit

>Play any games recently
I did a game of Admech and Deathwatch vs Blood Angels and Orks

>Plan on playing amy soon?

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fought an IG player the other day

>asked for 1000 points
>made list and waited for him
>"oh i'm unbound by the way"
>only leman russes
>claims they are all BS5
>claimed firebarrels are multiuse and are D6 hits per model assaulting, not for the entire unit
>said the battle cannons are S10 AP2 largeblast
>attempted to overwatch with blastweapons
>he loses anyway

I really should read on other races stuff so shit like this doesnt happen again

>> No.48989787

I don't get what's going through the heads of people who blatantly cheat like this, every time they say it to somebody new they know it's a gamble. What do they plan on doing when 50% of the people they go up against correct them, "oh, sorry, I misremembered?"

>> No.48989798

This is great stuff.

>> No.48989828

your first redflag was unbound, i find it more of a hindrance and not helpful compared to all the benefits of CAD or detachments

>> No.48989862

>nid player
>1850 point game
>total up his points, 2660
>hormagaunts with flesh hooks
>"move through cover means I strike at initiative"
>multiple copies of the same relic
>norn crowns on carnifexes
>s5 zoanthropes, s6 neurothropes
>d3+1 HoW on fexes (i know its d3 normally, but still)
>2 warp charges per zoanthrope in a brood
>multiple different main guns on tyranofex
>all of the "pick one" options on the same hive crone

>"I swear it all checked out in battlescribe lel"
fuck these people

>> No.48989915

they just want to win i guess and dont have the time/knowledge/patience to make a good bound army

this was just a kill the enemy match to keep the time down

>1850 point game
>total up his points, 2660

what the fuck

>> No.48989928

>Forgeworlds newest vehicle the paskblade
I want Pask in a Stormlord with the same benefits he gives now to the Punisher.

>bs5 tanks
I wish. Also that guy is a piece of shit. If he uses Armored Battle Group (FW) or Emperor's Fist Armored Company he can bring just tanks with the exception of the Enginseer in the tank company formation.

>> No.48989930

>nid player
>1850 point game
>total up his points, 2660
probably wouldve been fair 2bh

>> No.48989937


How did you even find the total points for that much bullshit?

>> No.48989940

i didnt question the BS5 tanks as my army has access to them via some rules

>> No.48989967

Meant to type any, like I do every time I post that same set of questions in hopes of making the thread more on topic and less shitpost filled.
Must have mistyped.

>> No.48989983

We knew ahead of time that this guy likes to play fast and loose with point values, so I did a quick total of what I saw on the board before pulling out my army and matched his rough point value.

I did a full list after the game to get the exact points for what he brought, still ended up being 300 points under because it seems like he pretty much took every upgrade possible without paying for it.

>why didn't you just call him on it
Because im super passive and would rather just up my own points than call him out on blatantly cheating.
All the rules shit he was pulling in-game I called him on

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Got two lists for a tourney (1500pts, CAD+Ally allowed, Cult+Skitarii allowed as a single CAD)

Which one is better?:
HQ1: Tech-priest dominus; raiment of technomartyr 135 WARLORD

Troop1: 3 kataphron destroyers; 3 heavy grav cannons 165
Troop2: 3 kataphron destroyers; 3 heavy grav cannons 165

Troop3: 5 Vanguard; 2 arc rifles 85
Troop4: 5 Rangers; 2 transuranic arquebuses 115

Elite1: 5 Ruststalkers; refractor field, prehensile dataspike 175
Elite2: 5 Infiltrators; taser goads, flechette blasters, infoslave skull, omniscient mask 215

Heavy1: Onager Dunecrawler; icarus array 125
Heavy2: Kastelan Robot Maniple; 2 tl heavy phosphor blasters, heavy phosphor blasters 320
HQ1: Tech-priest dominus; arcaduceus of arkhan land 135 WARLORD
HQ2: Tech-priest dominus; raiment of technomartyr 135

Troop1: 3 kataphron destroyers; 3 heavy grav cannons 165
Troop2: 3 kataphron destroyers; 3 heavy grav cannons 165

Elite1: 8 Infiltrators; taser goads, flechette blasters, omniscient mask 310

FA1: 6 Sydonian Dragoons 270

Heavy1: Kastelan Robot Maniple; 2 tl heavy phosphor blasters, heavy phosphor blasters 320

I will most likely face Dark Eldar monsters, theHarlequin and Necrons

>> No.48990016

playing a brutal WAAC 1850-2k SM list against like 3k of nids or orks would be fun 2bh

>> No.48990025

Ciaphas Cain is quality, everything else is shit tier marine fan wank

>> No.48990027

What are good buffs for Nids?

Standard wargear option of flesh hooks?
Beasts Pyrovores with torrent?
Drop pod assault for tyrannocytes?
FNP as standard on the big ones?

>> No.48990071

more access to flesh hooks / spine banks
slightly cheaper MCs almost across the board OR a stat boost to MCs almost across the board (like ws/bs/i for example)
Stat buffs on some guns (rupture cannon, venom cannons, others)
bring back a ton of the customizability of earlier editions.

>> No.48990091

Synapse gives eternal warrior and feel no pain
'Nids fixed

>> No.48990100

>your first redflag was unbound
Not really

>> No.48990109


I had a match about a month ago against demons and messed up my grenade launchers krak or flak (the high S, not blast one) was a blast and i haven't seen the player since it was just a walk in pick up game.

I still haven't forgotten I mean to apologize and have asked multiple people if they knew him.

(I kind of crushed him, but he insisted he wasn't new and I brought my more decent list)

Not him but it is an unspoken law at my shop to write out your list so that it is physically there and can be checked by you or your opponent (people used to cheat I guess).

You don't have to have all the points but the total of each unit and a listing of their wargear. It is much like the format /tg/ prefers for their list.

None of that Battle Scribe on your tiny phone that you don't want someone to hold while they read it.

It is a pretty great system and I am glad everyone does it since it has helped me learn my opponents army and wargear so much better.

A few months ago two of out Tau player called out the only other one about having too much wargear for the price next to units and crucified him then and their in the middle of the store. Dude was bringing like 400+pts extra against GK with SoB Allies.

He hasn't come back.

>> No.48990114

Glad he lost at least. Despite using Super Battle Tanks with regenerating one-shot overwatch guns commandeered by Lord Commissars. That's a moment someone should step in to tell him to sell his army and never play again.

>> No.48990119

Yeah definitely, army wide fearless is broken as fuck anyway.

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9 raveners being buffed by A swarmlord

will it work?

>> No.48990164

he didnt specify unbound when he asked for a match, he literally only said it after i made my list and we starting putting units on the table

everyone else was playing games and i have very little knowledge about IG

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File: 330 KB, 1008x292, pre-emptively answered in the eighties.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is there so poor representation of women, minorities and trans/lgbt-people in Warhammer 40k?
it's bait, but this has been answered since first edition

>> No.48990301

Won't happen. Suits and mech sell, weird aliens dont.

>> No.48990320

How do you know?

>> No.48990398

we would have seen more kroot and weird aliens, or at lease some of those forgeworld kroot that died off last year or so

>> No.48990430

How does that prove they won't sell?

>> No.48990460

>there were originally more options for kroot on forgeworld, but they were removed after they rarely sold

>how does that prove they wont sell


>> No.48990534

>Expensive monopose Resin didn't outsell customizable plastics.

Well shit.

>> No.48990616

>he literally only said it after i made my list and we starting putting units on the table
So he's inconsiderate as well as a cheater, his actions doesn't make unbound in itself a bad thing

>> No.48990635

i think you misunderstood that guy that said unbound was a redflag

playing unbound is fine if its agreed upon

playing unbound in a store that never plays unbound, after watching your opponent make a bound list before telling them, is a red flag

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File: 148 KB, 700x1690, 1472151357928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello, I want to start to collect and play Warhammer 40K. Any suggestions where to start and how to chose a faction?

>> No.48990731

>playing unbound in a store that never plays unbound, after watching your opponent make a bound list before telling them, is a red flag
Why? We play Battle-Forge VS. Unbound occasionally where I come from and we haven't ran into any problems. Do you have some sort of etiquette where you always play lists that are composed the same way? Do you have to play Unbound if your opponent wants to build his army that way?

>> No.48990749

Head on by Lexicanum and start reading.
Once you find a faction that exites you come back with specific questions.

>> No.48990758

Space Marines, why would you play anything else?

>> No.48990773

Read up on the fluff that you can find on the various factions and find one that appeals to you.
Make sure you have enough disposable income to actually get into the game.
If the faction you are interested in has a Start Collecting box, that may be good.

First off I would make sure 40k is played in your area though.

>> No.48990798

>Do you have some sort of etiquette where you always play lists that are composed the same way?

if by "the same way" you mean bound, then yes

>Do you have to play Unbound if your opponent wants to build his army that way?

no, however this is the only time ive known someone in the store play unbound, while also being a dick about it

are you seriously trying to say theres no problem with someone bringing, for example, 3 WKs in 1000 points and expecting people to be ok with it?

>> No.48990800

Choosing a faction is difficult. Go for which models you like*, not by what is good now.
Then watch a youtube video on brush-care(Important, brushes are fragile) how-to-paint and find a group to play with.
But pick only one for starting, as you want a playable army.

The Getting Started Sets are rather good deals, generally.

*If you do not choose Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum you are a coward and traitor. Report to your comissar for behaviour correction.
(For finding out, why, regimental-standard.com the goto-blog for the modern guardsman)

>> No.48990817

Neither of them are really taking advantage of what you need, but in casual games either would do alright.

People say it all the time, but Kastellans are really not worth it- they won't make their points back in killing and if your opponents smart he'll either kill them before they can do anything or just let them fuck around while he takes care of a real threat. Just keep in mind you can get 30 Vanguard for the price of those two robots- and honestly the Vanguard option is not that great, but bodies numbers, mobility, and sheer firepower make them far more desirable.

Ruststalkers are pretty fun against weaker stuff, but what sucks is that they aren't great at what it seems they were made for- taking out TEQs. If you play Tau, these guys will wipe the floor with all their shittty overcosted suits, so not entirely bad, just a choice you should be cautious about.

Overall not bad, the second seems more fun to me, but you're vastly misusing your resources. The Skitarii were made as unending swarms of radical technophiles armed with horrifying guns, but on the flip side most everything is easy to kill with serious firepower. Play to that and you'll do well.

>> No.48990824

>First off I would make sure 40k is played in your area though.

this step is important, I wanted to get DV for my brother but he's lazy and it's an hour+ drive to a GW for him so I'm probably not going to bother now.

>> No.48990832
File: 4.48 MB, 1536x2048, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything which can have a fair fight against an army which is just pic related repeated over a couple times?

>> No.48990845


super friends

>> No.48990852

>Do you have to play Unbound if your opponent wants to build his army that way?
No, just good manners to offer prior warning.
Like if you have AIDS.

>> No.48990853

probably tau assuming they have interceptor on everything

>> No.48990854

> equal representation of all living beings
> 40K

Pick one

>> No.48990867


>> No.48990902

>if by "the same way" you mean bound, then yes
You foreigners are weird.
>while also being a dick about it
Well that can hardly be blamed on the Unbound, can it?
>3 WKs in 1000 points and expecting people to be ok with it?
But did he bring 3 WKs into 1000 game? Like this guy here >>48989928 said, he could have spammed tanks like he did and have it all be Battle-Forged and you wouldn't be bitching about Unbound, just his cheating

>> No.48990910
File: 117 KB, 1000x859, Imperial_Fists_Dreadnought_Deathwatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright lads every 6 months our FLGS runs a competition where we homebrew up a unit and points cost for it. With the new Deathwatch stuff I'm thinking about a Dreadnought that is jammed full of archeotech stuff that it can Deepstrike and the ability to move and assault through impassable terrain which spooks the shit out of the unit it's assaulting

So thinking of points cost I'm thinking A Venerable Dread with an assault cannon plus 30 points for the deepstrike and then 20 for the fancy charge and fear at -2l on the first turn of assault

Basically I want to do this

>> No.48990915

2 Archons
1 Succubus
20 Warriors
10 Wyches
6 Reavers
5 Scourges
2 Raiders
1 Venom

What Deldar shit should I get next besides more Venoms (they're on the list)? I'm thinking either a Ravager or one of the fliers.

>> No.48990932

Yeah, Orks will beat that. While just spamming a powerful formation seems good, in reality you get what those Landraider retards were fighting about; a super Killy army for one turn that, when it's done shooting, is just a bunch of 3+ saves within charging range that're going to die really, really soon

>> No.48990970

>No, just good manners to offer prior warning.
Indeed, just like telling your opponent before hand that you're gonna bring mainly Vehicles or Super-Heavies that he might have trouble with. His inconsideration reflects only on him and not on Unbound or is it guilty by association?

>> No.48990988

In our area we have a set homebrew rules pack. We use it for casual play too. Some of the changes include:

-rerollable 2+ is 2+/4+
-invisibility/ solar staff means you use bs/ws 1
-max 3 Riptides/Flyrants
-max 1 SH/GMC (there's a point limit too but I don't remember it)
-max 3 units of warp spiders
-look out sir! Passes on 4+ if unit has more than one independent character
-3 detachments
-librarius conclave and some SW detachments take 2 slots
-Gladius and WarConvo take 3
-no multiples of same formations unless inside Decurion style detachments

It works pretty good. We also use ETC faq and GW draft, looking at ETC first if they cross.

I think I got most of it down.

>> No.48990994

ravagers are alright, if a little fragile

I don't like planehammer so I can't comment on the DE planes

>> No.48991017

Unbound has a fair degree of guilt by association.

>> No.48991027

>You foreigners are weird.

see the WK comment, why even bother with a well constructed list if people can just say "well ill just run unbound and bring as many GCs as i want"

>Well that can hardly be blamed on the Unbound, can it?

no, however it was a dick move that preceded more dick moves, he knew full well that everyone plays bound armies in here

>But did he bring 3 WKs into 1000 game? Like this guy here >>48989928 said, he could have spammed tanks like he did and have it all be Battle-Forged and you wouldn't be bitching about Unbound, just his cheating

the 3WKs was a criticism against unbound, not him

yes he could have spammed tanks in bound, however it demonstrates that he is taking zero effort in actually considering what to take in a list

>Indeed, just like telling your opponent before hand that you're gonna bring mainly Vehicles or Super-Heavies that he might have trouble with

"im going to ignore those restrictions that you are planning to abide to, so you should ignore the restrictions aswell in the sake of fairness"

is not the same as telling people what you are bringing

>> No.48991036

Demons, Orks, Horde Guard, Nids who haven't gone full nidzilla. Assuming he's not list tailored to you then those dev squads are going to be full of grav (if he has and they've heavy bolters you are fucked), the assault squads will each probably wipe out what they charge (Orks are a melee race, I2, after all) but each of those armies should still have enough left over to overwhelm what's left.

>> No.48991070

>the 3WKs was a criticism against unbound, not him

Well you as you bring the 350 points of token models you can field a battle forged army with up to 12 WK's.

>> No.48991071

>guilty by association?

The only times I have faced unbound armies is after the game has already started. This has happened at least three or four times this year.

>Opponent is talking about some formation he is using
>Why is there a Fire Prism/Predator/Random Unit?
Oh I brought that and this unbound.

>> No.48991122

and that is an issue with eldar specifically, same thing with tau's riptide wing

however, thats 350 points of tax thats not going to another WK, compared to unbound at least it has some restrictions

>> No.48991154

Scatterbikes hardly constiture tax, and unlike unbound, they gain command and formation benefits.

Unless you REALLY cheese it with Unbound or play an near-outdated codex you generally nerf yourself.

>> No.48991161


Could go with Multi Meltas to keep the cost down. Those still hurt most things Grav hurts, are more than three times cheaper and slightly better against hordes. Only thing missing is the stupid rate of fire Grav has.

>> No.48991189


Well, everything in DE is fragile, so I guess it's par for the course. I was thinking a Ravager because that's what people irl have said, and being pretty new, I don't have much else to go off of. They seem fine, though. That's a lot of Lance/Dissintigrator fire.

As for planehammer, I can't say I have much experience with it, but the rules don't seem so bad. Most armies have a lot of small arms fire without dedicated AA, so shooting down a 10/10/10 flier shouldn't be too hard. Even Death from the Skies seems alright if you ignore dog fighting.

>> No.48991192


How bad is pure Canoptek unbound?

Wraiths, Spyders, Scarabs and the forge world Canopteks: charnel scarabs, Acanthrites, tomb stalkers and sentry pylons (count as "canoptek artillery" according to their fluff and rules)

>> No.48991213

again, thats an issue with eldar specifically

>> No.48991216

>That's a lot of Lance/Dissintigrator fire.
yeah, they're basically the predator annihilator for DE

>> No.48991291


I guess which to take depends on the rest of the army? Dissies are basically AP2 Heavy Bolters, so I guess they can glance AV11 to death. Meanwhile, the Lance can fight all armor and ID on anything T4.

>> No.48991315


>What are you working on?

Whole new SM army and Inquisitor warband. Just did a huge order for about $1100, arrived yesterday. Been working on my Jump Pack Librarians and a few Captains. Thrown a few of the Spellcrow hoods and robes in there, looks great. (I think?)

>Play any games recently?

Played against my friend's Necrons in a 1000pts match. Was pretty fun, right down to the wire. Barely won though, mainly on really unlucky RP rolls for him.

>Playing any soon?

Not until this army is done, got like 4000pts worth of drop pod/formation melee hell to get through.

>> No.48991319

more depends on what you have in your list

if you need long range AT, take lances
if you don't, take disintegration blastermajigs

>> No.48991329

>"well ill just run unbound and bring as many GCs as i want"
You wanna see the last list I played? Note the lack of GC.
>he knew full well that everyone plays bound armies in here
And what if he expected that people would be okay with that aspect of his army? Like I say, we over here don't even bat an eyelash at Unbound.
>however it demonstrates that he is taking zero effort in actually considering what to take in a list
So if he had brought 3 WKs to 1000 in Battle-Forge list I don't know if that's possible even for Eldar, but lets pretend they could, you would have felt a little bit of better about it since he put some thought into it? If you have 2 plates of shit and one is more neatly placed on the said plate, it would still taste like shit. Sure it will look nicer, but that won't make your tongue any happier.
>"im going to ignore those restrictions that you are planning to abide to, so you should ignore the restrictions aswell in the sake of fairness"
Nigga please, don't pretend that those restrictions don't come without benefits. Those benefits might have looked small when 7th ed dropped, but now some of those benefits eclipse Unbound by tenfold. Unbound is free of restrictions at the cost of benefits. I would say that's fair.
>Oh I brought that and this unbound.

>> No.48991331

I've been meaning to ask since I've only played against Eldar like twice a way long time ago- what's so good about scatbikes? None of their stuff looks all that great

>> No.48991346

In the future, all genetic impurities and mental disorders are scanned for at birth and purged.

>> No.48991367

T4, 3+, fast as fuck, can jink, shoots a 3-shot S6 gun at BS4, is a troops choice

they are a complete bargain, and being able to take heavy weapons on EVERY MODEL instead of one-in-three has made an already ubiquitous unit even more obnoxious

>> No.48991376
File: 66 KB, 1000x1000, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a friendly game this weekend with a bunch of SM players. We all agreed to a ' demi-company' only rule at 1000pts. Since i play Iron Hands how can i make an effective Captain without putting him on a bike?

>> No.48991421

Why not put him on a bike?

>> No.48991423

I fit my list into a Battle-Forged army.
If he had told me before I set up my models he was doing unbound I could drop a unit or two from my battleforge list and throw in something to cover my weaknesses.
Tossing an array of thunderfire cannons into my Ravenwing army would make a big difference.
Maybe a random Anhilation barge or three with my reclamation legion instead of a third large unit of warriors.

>> No.48991433

>GCs are spammable without tax in unbound, but wait i have this list that i chose not to put gcs in, that will show him!

>So if he had brought 3 WKs to 1000 in Battle-Forge list

its possible in apoc but not normally, however, once again this is a specific issue with eldar having brutally undercosted units that are extremely powerful, the tau also have this issue with riptides being undercosted and also available to spam in a riptide only formation

> don't pretend that those restrictions don't come without benefits

i never stated that whatsoever, however there is no point getting obsec from a cad or a few special rules from a formation when you can just spam the strongest units in your army when there is normally a restriction on them (be it in terms of tax or a number limit in bound) and table your opponent without needing to think about things

>> No.48991440

You're joking, right?

It's kind of blatantly assholeish to make a fully bound army then add in something they want just because they want to. Making a list should be a bit of a process, where you've gotta think through how/where you can incorporate stuff you'll need in battle. Just saying "oh, I want these and that thing too" ruins all that, and allows plentiful slam to boot

>> No.48991462

I don't feel like being 'ThatGuy' for taking Smashfucker in a friendly game.

>> No.48991500

Yes, yes you can.

A Chapter Master with Gorgon's Chain and Artificifer Armor accompanied by a Command Squad is a scary prospect. However, I'd argue it'd be balanced since it's taking up 300 points that just soak up wounds out of your 1000 point total

>> No.48991501


Cataprachtii armor, put him with grav devastators in a pod. Enjoy your slow&purposeful grav goodness and delete any unit you want turn one.

>> No.48991503

Can demi-company captains not ride bikes?

My Iron Hand friend always has his Captain and Command Squad on on bikes. *I am sure the Command Squad is fine.

>> No.48991531

Give him a regular storm shield instead of gorgon's chain then.

>> No.48991543


They can. They can even be upgraded to chapter masters according to GW faq draft.

>> No.48991553

What should the command squad be equipped with? Ranged weapons or Melee weapons?

>> No.48991559

Today I played a game that was actually fun /tg/, let me tell you about it.
I took my Dark Eldar/Harlequins/Eldar freakshow list against the Wolfstar, with a bunch of dogs, TWC and wulfen, backed up by a librarius conclave.

My list at 1850:

Cast of Players
Death Jester
Shadowseer [Mastery Level 2, The Mask of Secrets]
Troupe x4, 4x Caress
Troupe Master [Caress]

Corpsethief Claw
Talos [Ichor Injector, Twin-Linked Splinter Cannon] x5

Eldar CAD

Farseer [Skyrunner, Singing spear, The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan (Remnant of Glory)]
Farseer [Skyrunner, Singing spear]
Windriders [3x Windrider with Scatter laser]
Windriders [3x Windrider with Scatter laser]


Archon [Phantasm Grenade Launcher, The Armour of Misery, Webway portal]
Archon [Phantasm Grenade Launcher, The Archangel of Pain]
2x Kabalite Warriors [5x Kabalite Warrior]
2x Venom [Splinter Cannon]

So we set up objectives, and they're clumped in the middle, mostly towards his deployment zone. I wanted them clumped as it would keep his units together for my leadership bomb, and he wanted it together so his big unit controlled everything.

Turn 1, I deploy my Eldar CAD, the Venoms, and the corpsethief. I didn't manage to roll for invisibility so I placed everything in cover. His deployment is a massive clump, where everything is in one giant unit except the two wulfen squads.
He moves forward, and I didn't scout move my corpsethief in the hope I could get a charge off, rather than moving forward and him charging me. But this goes wrong when his Librarius casts Dominate, and I roll a leadership of 11 for movement, leaving me stranded and open for the charge.
My scatbikes remove 6 dogs, and one Iron Priest. My corpsethief does nothing. Psychic shriek removes 2 wulfen from one squad.


>> No.48991597
File: 5 KB, 569x510, 1470809713873.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw can't decide on corsairs or DKoK
help me /tg/

>> No.48991598


Well, with what I have, there's a bit of both. I like Blaster Scourges because they're more useful overall than Haywire.

Based on what I have, one raider is full of Wyches with the Succubus, the other is either Splinter racks with Splinter warriors, or Blasterborn with a Blaster Archon, and the other warrior bodies go into the venom. Then I usually do Blaster Reavers.

Not sure for the Ravager at that point. Probably disintegraters because there are a lot of blasters.

>> No.48991599

Thanks for the advice :) What would You run?

>> No.48991617


Corsairs just got nerfed pretty hard apparently. No more running away after overwatch.

>> No.48991618

Stormshields and Meltaguns with an apothecary.
Put in Drop Pod.

>> No.48991625

Either, it all depends on what you want them to do, but melee will be slightly better as the ranged/special don't provide any super duper good guns. If you're really dedicated to it, I'd suggest storm shields too, the 50(?) extra points is worth it for the only really, really threatening thing you're putting on the field. If melee, a mix of Power Swords and something AP2 (plus the obligatory banner) will work pretty good

>> No.48991643

Turn 2, he charges my corpsethief with his Wulfen, and his big unit charges two venoms and destroys them both, leaving the passengers running, but importantly his unit out of combat.
My leadership bomb comes in, -5 LD on his big unit. Crucially, he left his librarius at the back of the unit. I destroyed his entire librarius with my first psychic shriek, then 6 more TWC with the next. My third deletes one squad of wulfen. I shoot the death jester and make the TWC run towards the side board edge. A roll of 8 or more would have ran them off but he got 6.
His wulfen made every single save asked of them, making 3++/5+++ constantly, and decimated my entire corpsethief.

Turn 3; he was battered but not beaten. I had casted dominate on his big unit, and their leadership was a paltry 4 now that my leadership bomb was around. His big unit did fuck all this turn. He got very good objective cards however, and scored 5 points without doing anything. His wulfen began their move towards my leadership bomb.

Turn 4; I was so close, but I forgot one crucial thing: dominate. I didn't cast it, and it allowed his wulfen to charge my bomb, destroying most of them straight away. By this time his Wolfstar was 100% destroyed and he only had this one squad of wulfen left.

Turn 5; he finished off my leadership bomb, and was ahead on points. I needed to kill this one squad and the game was mine. I'm notorious for rolling shit on my game continuing rolls and knew it would end. I poured everything into the squad of wulfen.

One wound. Thats all he had left, I rolled to see if the game would continue; and I rolled a 1.
He won on points.

fun game.

>> No.48991667

Well i plan on running the captain with a lightning claw and a thunderhammer so he can be my Ap2.
So powerswords and stormshields?

>> No.48991720

>nerfed pretty hard apparently. No more running away after overwatch.
When did this happen?

>> No.48991723

I dunno, it all depends on what seems like fun. Usually I end up with the baseline:
>Tech Priest Dominus
>Kataphron Destroyers
>Kataphron Destroyers

That's about 800 points that will provide great ranged support and very good melee support, though I prefer keeping the Infiltrators a little farther back to discourage charge (since no one else can stand up to any actual melee units). After that, I usually throw in either a trio of Dunecrawlers (the 4++ is just too fun) and use the rest on Vanguard with Arc and the occasional Plasma Caliver mixed in. It's not that great, but it's one of the most entertaining armies I've played.

Oh also Rangers aren't great generally but to be honest 1-2 units for objective holding will do pretty well

>> No.48991734

its the ITC faq, not official.

>> No.48991775

I'd recommend maybe one more guy with some Ap2, it seems to better work against heavier stuff that might come my way. However, if you're playing other Space Marines they probably won't bring that much 2+ that you won't otherwise just shoot at. Either way you're pretty solid.

>> No.48991789

>I could drop a unit or two from my battleforge list and throw in something to cover my weaknesses.
And you couldn't do that before? Only thing stopping you is this strange idea that there's something negative about Unbound. It makes an army like formations and detachment.
>but wait i have this list that i chose not to put gcs in, that will show him!
It actually shows you something. It is an army, little different from Battle-Forge in the way it has no benefits or restrictions. Would you have had a problem or considered my list a warning sing if I would have been playing with you? Now what if my list was Battle-Forged, but consisted of same units and formations?
>when you can just spam the strongest units in your army when there is normally a restriction on them
And here we are again. The responsibility of spamming cheese is on the player, the Unbound is guilt free for it bears no blame. It is a tool like the hammer, some people use it for hitting nails and others hit people with them, yet there's nothing wrong with hammers.
This is a game that is supposed to be fun. I can understand if you enjoy the way you make lists, but I can understand if someone might want to take something because they like the look, fluff, they just finished painting the unit which is the reason for the 5 man terminator unit in my list etc...

>> No.48991814

So take another ThunderHammer? Ok thanks for the help battle brother.

>> No.48991818

>its the ITC faq
Yeah well in my fan codex they're all strength 10 but I don't shitpost on /tg/ is if that was fact.

>> No.48991832

I'm not the same anon. Just saying where he may have got the idea, buddy :^)

>> No.48991856

>supposed to be fun

No one disagrees, most people that take the unbound stuff are getting the 'fun' from tabling their opponent. If the other guy brings a Terminator Squad unbound no big deal, but if he's filled out his bound stuff with everything he can cram into it and just adds a blatantly OP unit in, I'm gonna say that if he wants to bring it, he needs to rework his list and have to make actual decisions about what goes onto the table. This is a strategy game after all, let's leave some level of strategy in it

>> No.48991867

>in the way it has no benefits or restrictions
Sleepy mind...
It actually does have benefits and it meets the set restrictions for them, there's just a handful of units without neither

>> No.48991882

That's what works best I've always found.

Good luck battle-brother, make the heretics pay
Just don't lose your head in the process

>> No.48991883

>No more running away after overwatch.
Nothing official saying they can't do that anymore

>> No.48991985

Yeah, Infiltrators are the most fun unit in AdMech, especially when you explain their rules to the enemy and "really? really? and they cost 35pts a model?"

I came up with this now:
HQ1: Tech-priest dominus; autocaduceus of arkhan land 135 WARLORD
HQ2: Tech-priest dominus; raiment of technomartyr 135

Troop1: 5 kataphron destroyers; 3 heavy grav cannons 275
Troop2: 3 kataphron destroyers; 3 heavy grav cannons 165

Elite1: 5 Infiltrators; taser goads, flechette blasters, omniscient mask 205

Heavy1: Kastelan Robot Maniple; 2 tl heavy phosphor blasters, heavy phosphor blasters 320

Ally: White Scars
Librarian; force axe, bike, lvl2, hunter's eye 135

3 bikers 63
3 bikers 63

Libby and the Dominuses are going to run in the 5-servitor unit and blow anything that comes their way plus with luck I'm gonna get the 4+ inv or rerolls to hit, not to mention the free ignores cover.

>> No.48991994

do tell about the landraider feud

>> No.48992018

>It actually shows you something. It is an army

its a retarded argument

"unbound can be used to spam the best units and just table the enemy"

"yeah but look i used unbound to make an army that almost looks like its bound"

so fucking what? that doesnt address the issue

>> No.48992056

So unbound is just another tool players can use to make fun armies?

>> No.48992085

and is almost entirely used to make an army that just tables the opponent because they dont want to think about making a list, they just want to spam the best units

>> No.48992086

Someone said a few days ago that one of the deathwatch units wasn't broken because it costs the same as landraider for 5 men with 3+ and also that a rending fragstorm cannon couldn't pen AV14, naturally that guy thought they were saying Landraiders were the best unit in the game and their rules mistake over rending proved that they were such an idiot that he's had to post about it in every thread since.

>> No.48992093
File: 293 KB, 1706x702, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take the unbound stuff are getting the 'fun' from tabling their opponent.
Which is on their heads and we most likely agree on this.
>but if he's filled out his bound stuff with everything he can cram into it and just adds a blatantly OP unit in, I'm gonna say that if he wants to bring it, he needs to rework his list and have to make actual decisions about what goes onto the table.
And that is reasonable, but it's not the discussion subject. Cheesy WAAC playstyle is a different matter. The subject at hand is simply that Unbound is an exceptable way to build an army and it shouldn't bear any stigma, just like Battle-Forge shouldn't for the exact same reasons.
>let's leave some level of strategy in it
Yeah, but even if someone were to bring like 5 broods of Tyranid Warriors with a Pyrovore, they would still need to make tactical choices when playing the game.
>"unbound can be used to spam the best units and just table the enemy"
Yes and guess what else can be used to do that?

I'm starting to grow weary of this nonsense. If you want to go on and blame the gun instead of the shooter then more power to you...

>> No.48992108

no, that's what formations are used for

>> No.48992117

>Yes and guess what else can be used to do that?

oh look, an argument ive already addressed 4 times previously but you seem to ignore it every single time

eldar and tau having bullshit undercosted units and formations that allow spam of said undercosted units is an eldar and tau problem, that doesnt magically make the issue of unbound disappear

>> No.48992265
File: 18 KB, 236x377, mentor legion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Deathwatch Codex is perfect to represent Mentor Legion.


>> No.48992292

They're supposed to be secretive and reclusive so No.

>> No.48992296


Mentors are still space marines, not extra special ordo-xenos taskforce motherfuckers.

>> No.48992320

Since GW has no interest of releasing anything but SM factions what will they release next?

>> No.48992400

>mentor legion
>the chapter known for spreading their troops among other Imperial factions to learn and teach
>secretive and reclusive


>mentor legion
>testing newest tech
>vanilla chapter


>> No.48992416


Hawk Lords so we get a hot pink army book with brightly colored pink Marines.

>> No.48992423
File: 64 KB, 284x297, 1471246131098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you implying they can't just use formations for that?
Are you implying said formations are not twice as good and provide more bonuses than unbound?
Are you implying that, if such a hypothetical person was forced to play bound, he would suddenly be fun to play and not just try to bend the games mechanics to win?

>> No.48992438

horus heresy space marines
chaos space marines, if rumors are to be believed

>mentor legion
>testing newest tech
>deathwatch codex
technically speaking they should be vanilla marines with a shitload of grav and centurions, since those are the newest tech available to non-inquisition elite badasses

>> No.48992449

Crimson Fists pl0x hombre

>> No.48992455

The Mentors are a specialist Chapter and their modus operandi is quite different from that of the bulk of the Adeptus Astartes. The Mentors have an extraordinary capacity for learning, particularly of military matters. Because of this, the chapter's main pursuit is perfecting the fusion between science, the art of war and military technology. The Mentors do not engage in campaigns or wars as other chapters do, but instead "loan" squads of Marines to other Imperial forces for the duration of a battle or sometimes a whole campaign. Squads of Mentors may be found fighting alongside the Imperial Guard or even other Chapters throughout the galaxy.

>> No.48992457
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1451080421268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that doesnt magically make the issue of unbound disappear
Yes, yes it does

>> No.48992470

>take [space marine formation] alongside regular imperial army
presto you have mentors

>> No.48992480
File: 35 KB, 600x620, DarkAngelsInterrogatorChaplain01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As I said in last thread, starting an Inquistional SS army with allied DW. Going to pick up this guy, should I...
>remove all DA insignia and shit, give him a human head and other modifications to turn him into my Inquisitor
>just replace shoulderpad and have him serve the DW

What are some good models/kits to use for a power armoured Inquisitor?

>> No.48992485

didnt know there was a formation for 3 taunar suits and then fill the rest of the points with stormsurges, knights or WKs :^)

>> No.48992489

Packing tons of the same stuff every other chapter already gets isn't "testing" it. Somebody had to test those Deathwatch weapons, they wouldn't use unproven equipment.

>> No.48992502

Why don't formations cost points?

>> No.48992504

If you're going for an all-bugs army, do you really care about its effectiveness?

That was one goal I had in starting my Necron army; it'd be hilarious.

>> No.48992518

>mfw someone fills thier army with LoWs out the ass

>"dont worry anon, did you know there are some unbalanced formations? that makes this ok"

fuck off

>> No.48992533

Because the model price is right

on a more serious note, I think they will get point costs when 8ed hits next year, just like AoS formations

>> No.48992535

Because their price is the restrictions they impose?

>> No.48992539

Have Chaos ever been good in 40K? Why not?

>> No.48992543

>Somebody had to test those Deathwatch weapons
yeah, Deathwatch did

>they wouldn't use unproven equipment.
They're the very literal cutting edge of technology, and trained in acquiring and using new shit. That's WHY they all have to be proven veterans before joining.

Mentors would test the hand-me-downs.

>> No.48992545


Hmm, I care about it maybe being too effective.

Of it being an asshole unbound list rather than just a theme list.

>> No.48992558

guy claims that DW with frag cannon is best thing ever
guy points out that it cost as much as land raider, and for that price you could get far better things
original guy gets upset at being proved wrong (he's the al'kaps frogposter by the way) claims other guy was saying land raiders are the best thing ever, and that the other guy can't ever talk about rules because he made a few mistakes and forgot how some rules worked.
responding guy calls first guy out on his bullshit twisting of words, yet in this is still falling for the bait.
frogposter continues to spew bullshit about land raiders, at a certain point just outright making shit up and claiming the other guy said it.
this cycle continues for a while
eventually other guy says he's no longer responding to the frogposters bait.

this lack of you's upsets the frogposter, so he continues to bring it up for absolutely no reason almost half a week later much to the annoyance of most everyone.

and that's about it.

>> No.48992559

Yes. Several times.

>> No.48992568

Cyclopia cabal?

>> No.48992574

>just replace shoulderpad and have him serve the DW

Don't ruin that sexy model with sub-par modification to look like a normal huma inquisitor.

>> No.48992583

chaos daemons have always been great, marines were great in 3.5 and mono build in 5th

>> No.48992584

yes. most definitely yes.
chaos daemons are one of the best right now, and CSM had stuff like 3.5

>> No.48992593

Old ones did, but were all Apocalypse. Things like Shokk Attack Battery were 50-100 points + models.

>> No.48992595

>yeah, Deathwatch did

[citation needed]

>That's WHY they all have to be proven veterans before joining.

You mean like how Mentors are highly trained and way more experienced than most chapters because they engage in a ton of different engagements with different groups and absorb all the info.

>Mentors would test the hand-me-downs.

And what would those be, seeing that as a vanilla codex they'd have all the stuff everyone else has. Where's the testing for common technology?

>> No.48992607

>sub-par modification

Although I kind of feel the same way, it is a gorgeous model. Still, I can't find any decent ways to do a power armoured Inquisitor, preferably with a power fist.

>> No.48992610
File: 50 KB, 512x384, 1470300380940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone fills thier army with LoWs out the ass
>Imperial knights? never heard of them.

>> No.48992614

>Mentors are highly trained and way more experienced than most chapters
except they aren't

>[citation needed]
all of their fluff ever

you do know they were the ones who made the c'tan phase blade before it got to the assassinorum, right

>> No.48992622

Huh, that hadn't occurred to me.

You could adjust costs by blowing points on upgrades. I think tons of Canoptek stuff would lack range and shooting generally, which is itself highly favored this edition.

>> No.48992651



So space Marines getting 400+ points of free shit is a restriction?

DA getting the same thing with OS and BS4 overwatch is a restriction?

Eldar with wraith formations a restriction?

Tau with 4 Riptides is a restriction?

If they were limited in anyway in how many of what you could take, make I'd believe they were restricted.


They just seem stupid in what they allow you to take by also ignoring FOC. Making them cost SOMETHING besides "You have to use these really good models only :^)" would be a lot better than whatever the hell this mess is.

>> No.48992664

>knights are the only LoWs

once again using an argument i already addressed, wew lad

im beginning to think you are the guy that i fought the other day

>> No.48992680

>What are some good models/kits to use for a power armoured Inquisitor?
None really
Marines are too bulky
Sisters are metal only so hard to remove all the SoB insignia

only a few old and shit looking ones exist

>> No.48992687
File: 410 KB, 500x372, 1401300248201.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And leave you be? Come now, you might get molested by that pesky Unbound if I leave now

>> No.48992707

>So space Marines getting 400+ points of free shit is a restriction?
you do know that most forms of demicompany is getting about 350 points worth of free stuff, if that. if you're taking 400+ free points of transport, you fucked up.
>DA getting the same thing with OS and BS4 overwatch is a restriction?
don't need to mention OS, both demicompanies grant it.

>> No.48992713


Well, everything's fearless.

Besides Scarabs, everything is T5+.

Scarabs themselves will be respawning pretty well given the abnormal numbers of Spyders present.

And of course, wraiths are good.

It lacks anti-air unless you blow a lot of points on making a sentry pylon the anti air variant, and if you do do that you got yourself an expensive two shot lascannon what can't hit ground targets.

Personal experience, Charnel Scarabs are crazy good. Tons of attacks with both shred and rending demolishes most things it touches.

You could dismantle it with a tough list. Batter down or tarpit the wraiths, destroy scarabs before they become too numerous to stop, avoid letting the monstrous creatures catch up to you. But it'd definitely be a challenge.

>> No.48992715

About to face a Chaos undivided in 1000pts maelstrom. I play codex space marines.

Anyone know anything about this matchup? Any no-brainers in terms of what units to involve?

>> No.48992719

>admitting you have no argument

heres your (you), piss off faggot

>> No.48992723


Oh, I didn't realize that makes it far more acceptable?

>> No.48992733

Would recommend DKoK, because you can always play them as standard IG and not use the FW rules. Also if regiment rules ever come to the IG codex, you're set.

>> No.48992734

Yeah, that's why I liked the amount of robes on the Chaplain there, with a human head it could give the impression that there isn't so much actual armour there, it's just all bloated with robes and shit (as Inquisitors are wont to do). Hrm, dunno what to do.

>> No.48992736

>formations would have to be stupidly overpowered
>quotes Cyclopia Cabal
Cyclopia is a nice formation, but it doesn't give anything with near as much game-breaking capacity as say a skyhammer, or that Riptide/Broadsides/crisis deepstrike formation. Or even as much personnality as chapter tactics. It's a way yo finally have a way to play more sorcery inside of THE sorcerers faction. Shroud of deceit is really nice, but also really situational and peril-risky to get off.
Sure you can use this formation to get your invisible/endurance deathstar, but in a friendly environment it's really just a way to get more sorcerers with a very slight benefit over just going double CAD or allied detachment and bringing them anyways

>> No.48992739

never said that.
but you should really know what you're talking about before you talk about it.

>> No.48992760

>Tau have OP units and formations
>Eldar have OP units and formations
>Space Marines have OP units and formations
>water is also wet

Yeah no shit there's bullshit formations, but that's notmthe same thing as all formations are bullshit. The Admech, Stormtroopers, or Harlequins are a perfect example of good formation stuff; you take units that may not be fully optimal in a function and gain a boost that makes them- for a specific task- very useful. Space Marines and the like come out as OP because the formations grant large, in barred boosts that work great everywhere.

>> No.48992790
File: 199 KB, 620x347, smug-chitoge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you seriously egotistical enough to think people are going to remember your infantile arguments from days ago?

>> No.48992806

>posted in this thread about a match that happened a few days ago

>it spawned this entire unbound argument

>you think it started days ago

>> No.48992821

Can anyone reccomend a new army to collect re starting havnt played since 5th edition....whats fun

>> No.48992822

You asked why they don't cost in points and I told you why. Never did I claim that the costs and benefits were well balanced

>> No.48992859

I do have one, it is up along the thread. Can't be helped if you can't grasp it...


>> No.48992901

your argument was literally "well i know its bad but there are other bad things and i personally dont use it for bad things"

which is admirable that you use it for that, however you doing that doesnt mean its a shitty way to make an army, if people didnt use it for that then it wouldnt be almost unanimously loathed, but it is

>> No.48992911


In my defense, I'm more familiar with DA, than Codex Marines.


Shame there's no middle ground anywhere.



I guess I'm just flustered is all.

>> No.48992917

Anyone know when the new csm codex comes out? I honestly feel like killing myself after GW released ANOTHER space marine codex.

>> No.48992945

What about that one Admech/Skittari Formation with the Imperial Knight in it?

Also, my counterargument is the Imperial Fist Armor Company. Its not really made for any one purpose other than "TANKS!". It gives 1/6th better chance to hit things and reroll-take-lowest vehicle damage. Awesome to be sure, has no one clear purpose, but not exactly "Raining Grav-Cannons"

>> No.48992947

Honestly, I just want 7th edition so we can move on from: loltauriptides, lolnecrondecurions, loledlarwraithknights, ect.

>> No.48992957

Haha yeah, Charnel Scarabs own. Seems the best counter would be heavy air presence & playing objectives.

Again, though, you could blow points on less efficient or slower units, like the Tomb Stalker & Canoptek Tomb Stalker. I had one recently sit out for 4 fucking turns since it mishap' back into reserves, then walked on via outflank to shoot 1 biker. Next turn he assaulted another, but in another two turns would still not have been able to earn back his points.

>> No.48992959

>I guess I'm just flustered is all.
It's understandable considering the problem(s) plaguing 40k table top at the moment

>> No.48992963

8th edition*

>> No.48992965

Skitmech is love, Skitmech is life.

Cool models, cool guns, cool rules. What more could a man want?

>> No.48992973

Okay, example all-Canoptek army, exactly 2000 points:

1 Tomb Stalker, IWND upgrade.

6 Wraiths, whip coils.

6 Acanthrites: Strictly inferior to more wraiths, but adds variety and defuses accusations of wraith spam.

20 Scarabs from the dark harvest list in two units, one with the charnel scarab upgrade.

6 Tomb Spyders with guns arranged in two units.

3 Sentry Pylons as seperate units, all with IWND upgrade, one of each of the gun options.

>> No.48992977

halp plz

>> No.48992988

>spend time writing out actual content to discuss
>argument over formations/unbound instead

>> No.48993004

Yes, War Convo was shitspam for a time, but it got fixed up pretty well. The point still stands- formations are able to be well balanced, but obviously some exceptions stand.

>> No.48993020

sorry anon thats how it goes sometimes, people generally only come in here to bash on eldar/tau anyway, so a non-WAAC eldar batrep will probably get ignored

>> No.48993033



Only 5 of the wraiths have whip coils actually. Nitpicky I guess, but it is what reduces it to 2000 on the nose.

>> No.48993041

Ugh, yeah. I ran Decurion against a friend's optimized Daemons list & it was "the grindiest game I've ever seen," according to my buddy who watched & is a 20-year veteran.

Some fresh blood at GW who knows what the fuck they're doing would also be nice. What if Matt award writes the next Ork codex? Might be able to keep up instead of being REALLY FIRED UP.

>> No.48993045

We're sorry that /tg/ isn't the eldar/tau hugbox that you want it to be.

>> No.48993059
File: 77 KB, 600x536, 1472104732215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your argument was literally
But how can you tell what it was if you can't wrap your mind around it?

>> No.48993069
File: 1.49 MB, 1942x2000, ass 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48993080

never said i wanted it to be a hugbox, im just calling it as i see every thread

>> No.48993085

Your army is overpowered and his army is jockeying for the worst in the entire game; you could throw darts at a dartboard with your units on it and still win.

>> No.48993100

Sadly no. It's rumored to come next year, but who can say for sure?

>> No.48993132


Yea. I used to sorta play ages ago, but long story short my LGS closed. Now I have a friend who dragged me back in with a moderately close shop, who's prices outweigh the distance (25% off and free shipping for GW).

Don't want to make a blog, so the TLDR is I'm now playing Deldar and just trying to enjoy everything without sperging irl. Like, I'm really trying, but some shit just makes me have to vent somewhere.

>> No.48993162

I want low initiative, high toughness, high strength, medium WS. Because orks are not very subtle or quick about their fights but they're so strong any attempt to block their swing will break your weapon and send you flying across the battlefield.

I want the typical fight between man and ork to be:
>Guardsman lunges forwards and stabs ork
>Ork grunts in surprise, laughs
>Ork swings, guardsman's head flys off in an ark.

>> No.48993239
File: 681 KB, 2016x1134, 20160825_182248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get comfy lads. It's raining right now and I poured myself a pint.

>> No.48993265

That is the most vague shit. What kind of tactics do you like? What kind of army compositions? Colours, aesthetics..?

>> No.48993321

What about i2, but Ork Boyz are S4 + Hammer of Wrath? Reflects the crashing tide of bodies but clumsy krumpin'. This replaces Furious Charge (except for Nobz, who keep it).

8 point Ork Boyz w/ Stikkbombs, 18 point Nobz w/ LD8.

>> No.48993324

>guardsman's head flys off in an ark

>> No.48993359

So Deathwatch piqued my interest after having not paid much attention to 40k for a long time.

Am I crazy or can these terminator squads be just 5 heavy weapon guys?

The wording on "any model may choose one of the following" to me seems like every model gets that choice once, but I'm not sure if that's how other people are seeing it?

>> No.48993365

They should just give every codex access to the D so that at least the knights and suits problem would go away.

>> No.48993393

you can, but they're better as hidden heavy weapons men in veteran squads via the killteam formations

relentless heavy 2 rocket launchers are no joke, especially when they have the 2+/5++ to sortof protect them from being singled out

>> No.48993402

Mantic's made dosh selling aliens in the kickstarter for whatever that game was.

>> No.48993424

You can have a squad of 5 vets with Frag cannons and 5 terminators with assault cannons if you want.

>> No.48993442

>Any suggestions

>> No.48993453
File: 1.18 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friend wants to try tournament list, he plays ork, so he asked for a rather brutal list. 1850 points. I decided to bring the old toys and bondage girl for a spin. Celestin with Seraphims. Priest and Canoness with Repentias.

DDR and Karaoke Rhinos are Immolators.

+++ Penitent Repentias and Friends (1838pts) +++

++ Adepta Sororitas: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (1838pts) ++

+ No Force Org Slot (56pts) +

Ministorum Priest (56pts) [Bolt Pistol, Power Maul, The Litanies of Faith]

+ HQ (255pts) +

Canoness (120pts) [Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, Rosarius, The Mantle of Ophelia]

Saint Celestine (135pts)

+ Elites (177pts) +

Repentia Squad (177pts) [Mistress of Repentance, 7x Sister Repentia]
··Sororitas Rhino [Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter]

+ Troops (320pts) +

Battle Sister Squad (160pts) [2x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer, Repressor [FW]]
··Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Flamer]

Battle Sister Squad (160pts) [2x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer, Repressor [FW]]
··Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Flamer]

+ Fast Attack (550pts) +

Dominion Squad (190pts) [4x Dominion with Meltagun]
··Dominion Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta]
··Immolator [Dozer Blade, Laud Hailer, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]

Dominion Squad (190pts) [4x Dominion with Meltagun]
··Dominion Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta]
··Immolator [Dozer Blade, Laud Hailer, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]

Seraphim Squad (170pts) [8x Seraphim, Seraphim with Two Hand Flamers, Seraphim with Two Hand Flamers]

+ Heavy Support (480pts) +

Penitent Engine Squadron (160pts) [Penitent Engine, Penitent Engine]

Penitent Engine Squadron (160pts) [Penitent Engine, Penitent Engine]

Penitent Engine Squadron (160pts) [Penitent Engine, Penitent Engine]

>> No.48993505


Cool, yeah I quickly realised that having Tac Marines that can walk around while spitting out their heavy weapons is a nice little bonus.

>> No.48993545

well ill play anything really, i liked orks just because fuck they are fun, i would probably prefer soemthing balacned good ranged defence with the ability to not instantly lose in close combat

in terms of colours i dont mind at all, plus whats good in meta

>> No.48993557

>brutal list
I don't think I'd call it brutal.
But it's not bad.

>> No.48993561

I'll admit that being able to pose my 10-man cadians differently than the 5 standard poses you see in the 5-man squads has effected my buying choices. Namely, more command squads than I would typically get. And each of my sargents is doing something different: waving troops forward, leading a charge, marching, giving commands, etc. Makes them feel more like characters.

Getting the same poses every time just turns sculpting into a slog. I already got to shave the flash off the wrinkles of these blasted guardsmen's pants; Taking out the ability to stop and ask "Will this guy throw a grenade, or aim his gun, or run forward, or keep a lookout?" just throws what little fun I have in the assembly phase out the window.

>> No.48993584

Nah mate, S/T5 but WS/BS2 and i2 is so much more fun. S4 just makes shittier marines. I like the furious charge, though. It's not a bad idea.

>> No.48993597

I do not have an inner waacfag. So I usually try to use rather bad units and make them work.

Do Orks still have Sv 2+ ?

>> No.48993611
File: 62 KB, 800x574, 107056_md-Civilian, Diarama, Dog, Drop Pod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a drop pod than I've been putting together. I could magnetize the doors but frankly that seems like a lot of effort. I don't really want to put together the inside or paint it, anyways.

The new FAQ says that drop pods would give full cover if you assemble them with the doors shut. Do you think anyone reasonable would get pissy if I glue them shut? I'm sure some people will think I'm modeling for an advantage but I mean how would the majority of people feel?

>> No.48993624

>S4 just makes shittier marines
for less than half the price of a marine, donglord

>> No.48993636

Meta seems to be low model count elite units, stuff like your Mechanicum robbits or Imperial Knights.

>> No.48993637

Aren't the doors supposed to open when the thing deepstrikes rulewise?

>> No.48993638


Although a Space Marine Armored Company is a viable alternative to IG now, given that all the major AT weapons seem designed to ignore armor. (Thanks Lance, Gravguns, and Optimized Stealth Cadres for making my Leman Russes look like overpriced Predators)

>> No.48993648

Oooooh, you get two of them! With T4 and 5+ save! Never mind, Orks are the best codex ever!

>> No.48993659

Fuck off WAAC fag, tau get s5 guns on their basic infantry and everyone thinks they're shit so there's no harm in giving Orks some actual ability.

>> No.48993686

Yeah, but thanks to GW's recent obsession with "True" LoS, the FAQ says that you figure out cover based on how the Pod is assembled. So if your pod has the doors glued shut (or you deploy them shut and only open one door or something), then it's probably going to be full cover for units that deploy out of it.

I'm not sure how you'd handle the storm bolter/missile pod inside, though. Really I don't care. I usually forget about the storm bolter anyways.

Reminder that True Line of Sight is trash

>> No.48993693

How do you convert a bandolier of pistols for a corsair?

>> No.48993723

>Implying orks are better because you can get two of them for one marine
>tfw you forgot CSM are a way better codex because I can get 3 tzeentch cultists for the same price as these overpriced tomato soup cans.

>> No.48993731

By TLoS rules, if you glue it shut it's full cover but as the gun inside can't see anything it's not allowed to shoot.

>> No.48993770

Oh yes, my mistake! I was just thinking that IG basics were better since they've got the God weapon that is Lasguns.

>> No.48993771

By that logic if I can't open the doors in a transport I can't shoot? Or if I can't move the turret of a tank to a certain position due to me gluing it it can't shoot that way?

Geez GW and 40k players are full retards some times.

>> No.48993775
File: 124 KB, 688x800, Orks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ork players UNIRONICALLY think they deserve a two point strength boost
>av 6+
>melee race

>> No.48993789
File: 269 KB, 1210x801, latest[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Guard players who do this should be shot.

You win by the RULES or you DON'T WIN AT ALL, TROOPER!

>> No.48993793

Makes sense.

It would almost exclusively be transporting dreadnoughts, so I suppose I could run it as that forgeworld dreadnought pod that doesn't have a storm bolter and costs more.

Well the rules do explicitly address how you handle tank turrets that can't traverse do to the way the mini is assembled. You just assume how it would normally traverse and deal with it from there.

>> No.48993803

>observing "rules" when fighting filthy xenos

>> No.48993821

Can't normal drop-pods already carry dreads?

>> No.48993824

Lasgun=God Weapon?
Marine has 1 Wound
3+ Save: 1/3 of all wounds are unsaved
Toughness 4 vs Strength 3: 1/3 of all hits wound
BS3: 1/2 of all shots hit

So statistically it takes 3*3*2=18 Lasgun Shots to kill a Space marine, or an entire squad using FRFSRF. That Hardly feels "Godlike".

>> No.48993838

Oh lord, I love painting when it's raining.
I've got my self some sweet tea from On The Border. Playing a League of Legends match with some friends before I get back to painting.

>> No.48993859

>forgeworld dreadnought pod
ehhh you could, some stores don;t allow forge world so you have to be careful.

Even in my store you have to give your opponent advance warning so he can look up what you're bringing and adjust his list accordingly.

>> No.48993876

Yes, but the Lucius Pattern is larger and designed only for carrying dreadnoughts. The dread gets Shrouded from the time it arrives until its next turn.

Yeah I'd ask first. Besides it's 15 points I could spend on a power weapon or something.

>> No.48993900

>Implying you can't buy 18 lascannons shots for the price of a handful powerarmored soup cans
>Implying this doesn't make IG even more broken than CSM and Orks
Have you ever played 40k ?

>> No.48993928

> think they deserve a two point strength boost
> Ctrl + F
> "Phrase not found."
> Same for "I'm an Ork player"

"...is so much more fun..."

2/10, made me sad for your writing [dis-]ability.

>> No.48993945
File: 44 KB, 600x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this dense

Jesus man, lurk more

>> No.48993981

That's the joke, anon

>> No.48993989


It's the XENOS who cheat, you sniveling coward! You are an IMPERIAL GUARDSMAN! You are BETTER than them, and will HOLD YOURSELF TO A HIGHER STANDARD!

>> No.48994057

>Space 0din doesn't know 3+2=5
Typical Ork player, am I right?

>> No.48994103

How do we nerf orks?

>> No.48994137

Orks are now ld2 and mob rule does 3d6 hits at s5 because They're REALLY fired up!

>> No.48994138
File: 75 KB, 576x593, stormbolter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't all space marines have storm bolters? Okay maybe not the scouts, because they don't have the big power suits so maybe they'd have some problems. But are storm bolters really that complicated? Just glue two bolters together. Boom you've got a handheld bolter that fucks shit up from 24" away and lets you charge.

>> No.48994149

Eldar Corsairs
How should I kit everything out?
What should I give my Prince(cess)?

How much coke should I do before I play them?

>> No.48994154

Kek, what were you playing? Also, I always figured unbound was something that both parties would have to do if one person wanted to do it, didn't realise you could have unbound vs detachments.

>> No.48994160

They should really be BS1, WS1. Are you really telling me that a dumb mushroom man knows how to aim or sword fight as well as a trained guardsman? That's bullshit.

>> No.48994161
File: 50 KB, 570x297, daemonettes_lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is there so poor representation of women, minorities and trans/lgbt-people in Warhammer 40k?
What are you talking about? There are plenty of trans/lgbt.

>> No.48994181

my sides are currently orbiting the eye of terror.

>> No.48994192

>didn't realise you could have unbound vs detachments.

By current rules, "unbound" is a perfectly legal way to field a 40k army. "Battle-forged" is just a bonus method that gets you special rules.

Look, be happy we have this much. If AoS is any indication, next edition the rules will just be "take whatever you have and throw it on the table!"

>> No.48994195

>he doesn't post Diaz

>> No.48994204

Why don't normal Marines use Land Speeder Storms?

The answer is "reasons."

And if Inquisition acolytes can handle storm bolters, so could scouts.

>> No.48994206

If you want that play the RPGs.

>> No.48994210

>not posting diazmonettes

>> No.48994211

Jetbikes everywhere. Give the prince(cess) that sweet void sword or whatever. So they can fuck shit up in CC.

I dunno other than that

>> No.48994241

>Not him but it is an unspoken law at my shop to write out your list so that it is physically there
X-Wing/Armada does this shit, I mean they even have those cards so that you have all your upgrades and shit blatantly shown on the table whilst playing. I find it a good laugh that GW stores and for Warhams in general this is only a new/seldomly done thing.

>> No.48994270
File: 34 KB, 480x270, greatest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Play this game as Space Marines for 2 freakin' years
> All of my Captains/Chapter Masters have a power sword
> Spend 2 whole years assuming the power sword is a 10 point upgrade
> MFW someone points out I have been playing with exactly 3005 points worth of stuff in 3000 point games for years

>> No.48994286

>Implying trans look nice.

>> No.48994305
File: 702 KB, 813x646, 1360596041931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not reading the codex for your main army

Boy are you retarded.

>> No.48994316

i mean, some of them look like goblins, but theres enough of them that are pretty acceptably attractive that offsets the really nasty ones

>> No.48994341

I love you. Get your (you).

>> No.48994376

Only because being unbound triggers autists. It's fine to bring three riptide wings but god forbid you sacrifice your free bonuses to bring an extra HQ.

>> No.48994442

>tfw almost no female models anywhere
I just want my toy soldiers to be heroic women.

>> No.48994496

Darksword miniatures (more fantasy but that's okay for certain factions), Reaper, whoever. There's lots of companies that can do lady models, and better than GW too.

>> No.48994506

I know man. I know.
The effort I've gone through for my female Inquisitor and Acolytes.

And I'm gonna do it all again for my Corsair Princess.

>> No.48994527

Victoria miniatures does good female guard.

>> No.48994679


From what i've seen, Corn Dog Death stars with these guys as their threat have been doing really well.

>> No.48994742

> deserve
> nowhere found
> "I'm an Ork player"
> nowhere found

Really, illiteracy plagues this board in summer.

>> No.48994777

I2fag is just bait, consistent, pure, bait. He shows up in every thread like clockwork, so fucking often that I'm nearly convinced he has a bot to watch and let him know anytime a general is posted.

>> No.48994904

Let us forget the cancer of this thread

>> No.48994951

I don't think that guy was i2 dude. I2Guy likes Orks, but has a dark sense of humor about what shitgibbons GW are right now re: the army.

I know 48993775 is just some illiterate fag; it's adorable to see him thrash though.

>> No.48995210

>female Inquisitor


I use this for my Ordo Xenos inquisitor (inquisitrix?) with conversion beamer. I use some of their IE line to represent her acolytes/stormtroops, too.

I like Raging Heroes. They're supposed to have a Space Nun line eventually. I think it's going out to kickstarter backers right now, but eventually I presume it'll be available for regular purchase.
As for your Corsairs, I've thought about doing a Corsair army (or else Biel Tan, because I like the space elf fascists), and so I've done some research in alternatives to GW eldar.

Raging heroes also has a line of "void elves" that could work as Corsairs. They're kind of dark eldary, but they don't have quite the same evil vibe so they could work as your usual renegade-craftworld Corsairs.

If I were doing a Corsair Princess on a jetbike, I might take the heads from the RH void elves and put it on this:


It's what I'm using for an autarch/prince. I like it a lot more than the current GW bike autarch.

It is disappointing that GW doesn't at the very least have a (visibly) female farseer. What's that about?

>> No.48995711

This is probably bait, but just in case:
Space marines are the elite Knights Templar of the Feudal-Facist empire. The connotations of including women waters down the idea. They're literally a relic of the past.

>> No.48995829


>> No.48996374

Is Plague Zombie(With Necrosius)spam remotely viable in a mostly-friendly meta? Our only dick is a Tau player(Go fucking figure).

>> No.48996796
File: 162 KB, 500x602, 1415695518707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2660 in a 1850
>norn crowns on carnifexes
ok What the shit?!

>> No.48997052

Probably a stupid question but because Daemons don't take morale tests from shooting, would they still have to take the morale test from this formation's special rules?

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