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When's the last time everything went perfectly for you, Jumpers?

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Sheba was the one directly confirmed to be her equal and opposite; the reason why she was so much huger in the final battle was because Jubi was only at 50% power. Though it seems demons can increase in size when summoned with masses of which hair making them huger; Labolas (the one who oneshots the dragon Gommorah) is only elephant-sized when fought in Inferno via the multiplayer arena.

But yeah, it's implied Aesir at full power is above her. While Bayo beat half of Jubi barely after recovering all her memories, and still had enough energy to smash apart her statue while surviving reentry into Earth's atmosphere with barely any help, when fighting both the modern day Loptr (Aesir's evil half) who'd empowered himself with evil human intent and the past version of Loptr who apparently hadn't fully yet, she lost both times in a straight fight. Yes, it is a cutscene power thing but it's also notable a) Bayonetta must have had a while to fully master all her powers by then, and he still beat her WITHOUT having the Eyes, and b) those Eyes were the very thing Balder was trying to use to ressurect Jubi in the first place.

Anyway, the current top contender for Absolute Uberdeity of the Bayoverse is Omne-who despite LOOKING like a Jubi-Sheba fusion is apparently a separate being of which nothing is known except a) Balder and Bayo’s summoning of her was unprecedented in the witches’/sages’ history, b) her title is “Controller of Creation” and c) her description says she’s omniscient.

That one time I did nothing and had no responsibilities to anything.

It was...wow, so many years ago. Huh.

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Not exactly. Aesir is the creator Deity. Jubileus is a ruler of realm but so is Queen Sheba and she can be summoned. Jubileus can be bound and overcome through use of boosted through summons regular demons. At least, the Jubileus with only one eye of the world in the body her spirit got bound to.

Without either of eyes in the bound body? She would be way weaker

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Red, when you next get on, please go back and answer the post you ignored. Don't descend to the level of the shitposters.

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Just updating the jump list. These are the jumps I'm adding, if I've missed anything let me know.
The Fifth Element JumpChain
Age of Wonders JumpChain Looks beautiful, but seems to be missing age and gender options.
Hive Queen Quest JumpChain
Anima Beyond Fantasy JumpChain Has a blank second page in the version I found on the drive.

Also added Imperium, Mage, and Etrian Odyssey so the >10 column and SBURB to the End Jumps column.

Please let me know if you know of any jumps missing from the list, or that should have something in a particular column.

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Shut up shitposter

what was the post]

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Huh my name got caught on there... Ah well.

Shit I don't have a too much laughing gif to use. Can someone make me one, preferably with the Weasels of Who Framed Rodger Rabit?
Seriously have you seen my chain currently. I get my shit kicked in often and firmly the closest thing to this was when in Mortal NWoD I managed to use Plan B the entire time instead of needing tons of extra stuff.

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Sorry, that should be blank third page in Anima.

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Was about the fear stuff last thread. She posted to someone else that it was just people complaining about certain things and then lots of people asked her why she said that when the post in question said nothing of the sort.

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When Dungeon Meshi jump?

Smooth hair best conduit for magic

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I don't think anything has ever gone perfectly. There were times when it went 'according to keikaku, but that was like...Plan B MkIII, version 2. Plan A never works (except that perk "Plan A", that works).
Unless you count that time in CATastrphe where the plan was "party hard, unwind and go explore some sunken ruins when you get bored". I guess that counts.

Progress on Predator is going excellently. Maybe done by the end of the week?

Is there stuff that people especially want to see in it?

I'm particularly interested in suggestions for 400cp or 600cp perks for Blooded Predators and Super Predators.
I really don't want to make the 600cp Blooded perk "you can make Predator tech", because that's boring.

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Young Justice Anon, if your here. The Super Strength/Durability package seems kind of woefully under powered in EMH, all the Super Bricks seem more in the 100+ ton range.
Hell, the gravity power you can buy will let you make a decent go of fighting Thor while the brick power would just see you backhanded into unconsciousness without even putting up a fight.

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Someone's been checking out White Veil, I see.

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Clean hair, not smooth hair. Senshi's fluffy as all hell, now that he's been washed, and magic works on him fine.

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We want Jerry the Predator.

And predator college drawback


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What jumps allow you to import outfits/armors? I already know about Incredibles, Earth's mightiest heroes, and Marvel.

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First post- >>48840553

Someone mocking them for not getting a response from Red after 20 minutes- >>48840695

Red's response to the guy mocking the first one- >>48840732

And you can find all the responses asking what she's talking about connected to that last post.

I have no idea how connecting to previous threads works so please god links work

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Except Marcille smeared blood through her hair for the spell

New chapter is out

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Sorry if this was asked before, but I slept through last thread and just skimmed it upon waking: Is The Most Secret and Sorrowful from the Exalted: Mortals gauntlet meant to be based on Secret from Keychain of Creation?

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Yeah, but that was forbidden black magic. It's going to work by different rules from regular magic. Regular magic likes fluffy, black magic likes sleek and doesn't care about the consequences.

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Shit is evil and I love it!

Also I need a better, more Exalted, name for my 200 pt Social Combat Branch (Currently Join Debate) which allows for bog standard Exalted Social Combat basically. in addition I've made it so Silver Dragon Coiled Amongst Ivory Teeth's penultimate ability is the skill to carry a conversation in mid-combat, but this allow the opponent to do so as well. That along with Breaking Dragon Feather should allow you to think out your arguments faster than most and really get the upperhand.

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Star Trek. Everything went absolutely perfectly, as far as I'm concerned, up to and including saving James Kirk from certain death in TNG and subsequently getting my nose broken by him. He earned that.

Also redeeming Khan. That is my favorite moment in the chain, even if he declined my offers to pod him.

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Jumpers, do you wet your toothbrush before or after you put toothpaste on it

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Sweet-Voiced Beggar's Petition. For a mortal is little more than a beggar compared to the Princes of Creation, but at times even their voices can charm the mighty.

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>lots of people
You're only one person with a phone, champ.

>> No.48842008

THA, if you're still here, there's also a small FEAR update that allows one to take Alma as a companion.

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I like it!


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Here's hoping Red doesn't turn into a coward and owns up to her mistake.

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Due to Dungeon Meshi update:

Friendly reminder that In Claymore the Claymores, Yoma and Abyssal ones are caused by dragons in the setting

>> No.48842052

You call them dragons, but appearance wise they relate to dragons about as much as Pilgrim Butterflies in Dark Souls 3 do.

>> No.48842063

Well, THEY call them dragons in setting

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Never! Perfection is actually pretty boring. I use the self duplication power from teen titans to have a single duplicate of me running around independently. When things get boring we mess around and sabotage each other. Even when we're going solo our actions tend to butterfly and mess with each others plans. Like during our time in Overlord when I took the peer to the sorcerous kingdom scenario/quest we spent most of the jump warring with golems vs. undead trying to prove whose kingdom was best. It's nice having a rival that matches my skills and powerlevel - even if they're me.

Akame Ga Kill as an Armour-Class Teigu. Their is a storage space option where you can have your stuff stored within a "key" until you unleash it like how the incursio and blue chariot armour sets are contained within a sword and dagger respectively though you'd also have to pay for a built in weapon as the "key" must be part of the set. Still once you give it a weapon form you could run it through the weapon import jumps to make a weaponized power armour abomination.

Also Kingdom Hearts as a drive outfit. It's pretty expensive for all the modes, but it is worth it.

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The Asarakam aren't actually referred to as dragons, they are referred to as kin of dragons, and with almost everything else about them, there isn't a further word explaining a damned bit of it.

>> No.48842076

Is Claymore over already or it's still going?

>> No.48842083

It's over, has been for years, the author's official stance on the things in the mainland is that they are separate and don't actually matter for the story.

>> No.48842095

So... Would it be a bad idea to try to communicate with one and study them? Their DNA must be useful for stuff

Double the human's height, anon. The quest for huge waifus continues

>> No.48842112

One of the few things we know is that they're fighting an eternal war on the mainland with the competing faction in charge of the island the manga takes place on. The faction is PROBABLY lead by humans, at least something nominally human, so the Asarakam are your enemies on that front.

>> No.48842124

Unrelated thing. Would eating Asarakam guys be better for Yoma than eating human guts? They are technically half human half Asarakam.

I wish they explored that part of plot more

>> No.48842135

Ah, so it would be romance between two opposing factions if I waifu Asarakam. How beautiful!

>> No.48842143

It should be fine to communicate with one, the battle on the mainland is between two factions, on one side you have the organization that we see in the story, on the other side you have the Asarakam, and there are very much humans on the side of the Asarakam not that we know much else. That said the Organization are the ones that are actively studying the Asarakam, the Yoma, the warriors, awakened beings, all of it is from their research into the Asarakam. Mind you their tech, while not quite medieval, isn't incredibly advanced you may have a more advanced understanding of technology if it's your first jump.
Nah the Yoma are wearing down their human host and need to replace the human bit, the parasite formed from the combination of Asarakam bits is their true nature.

>> No.48842153

Here's the next WIP!
Any suggestions for Fae stuff?
I've got a resistance perk, a perk that allows you understand alien mindsets, and an Island of stability in worlds of ephemeral chaos.

>> No.48842170

>waifuing asarakam
This is one in the pre awakened form, and actually barely being kept alive for parts. I'm not saying you can't waifu them, but they aren't very human from what we do know, and we really know next to nothing about the things.

>> No.48842186

Interesting in the last paragraph. So why do abyssal ones need the guts?

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I read, the one that was a male Claymore, the bishie one who trained the kid, didn't seem to eat guts as far as we seen

>> No.48842188

That's kind of a dick move

>> No.48842194

Eh, give her a human alt form if you are such vanilla.

I'd still hit it

>> No.48842195

>island of stability

Hmm. Conversely, or perhaps as a boost to that perk depending on how it's fluffed, how about a perk that makes you more able to exploit/predict narratives in a way to come out intact and ahead of the game? Kind of like bargain bin Talecrafting?

Some sort of riddle/pact/flyting proficiency would also be in order.

And perhaps as a mirror to the resistance perk-something that makes it easier for you to get good use out of any Wyld mutations you experience

>> No.48842207

>"Shit, people actually liked the dragon kin bit!"
>"What do I do I didn't prepare for this!"
>"I know!"

>> No.48842215

Due to this 48841233 complete raping of the concept of balance I need to ask. Which is stronger Bleeding Edge (mark 37) or Endo-Sym (mark 50)

>> No.48842223

Due to this >>48841233 complete raping of the concept of balance I need to ask. Which is stronger Bleeding Edge (mark 37) or Endo-Sym (mark 50)

>> No.48842228



>> No.48842231

How is that raping the concept of balance?

>> No.48842233

Because they were overwhelmed by the parasite's nature and like the parasite does inside humans, they breakdown their body and have to replace the human bits.
On the upside the story is properly character driven with everyone acting in character for things rather than acting how the plot needs them to.

>> No.48842240

Looks good, for Fae stuff maybe some perk based on method acting or minor plot armour as long as you stick to a generic character archetype

>> No.48842241


First off, would you mind explaininy WHY this constitutes "complete raping of the concept of balance"?

Secondly, you seems to have misspelled Kinesis

Thirdly, the Incredibles is much lower powered than most iterations of Marvel Comics. I'm not an expert but I don't see why or how importing something from there to Marvel Comics would give you anything balance-raping.

>> No.48842249

Oh a note here, the japanese version does not directly translate to "intestines" it translates to guts and refers to pretty much all internal organs of the belly and torso. I just want to say that because that translation has always annoyed me, and this is the context where it makes the least sense to translate it the way they did.

>> No.48842257

But as I said, for some reason Abyssal ones can last years without the guts?

>> No.48842260

Delicious kidneys.

>> No.48842264

If you import a super suit with Wardrobe and/or Team Suits all the other suits get any upgrades you made. This combo gives you and all your companions one of the strongest Iron man suits in the comics.

>> No.48842268

>Be huge with regeneration
>Waifu Claymores
>Have them awaken
>Keep your waifus full and happy with no negative repercussions

>> No.48842275

you're HUGE! That means you have HUGE GUTS

>> No.48842285

> Bargain Bin Talecrafting?
Don't know what Talecrafting is, but how about a prek that allows you to have greater control over your own personal narrative when others would otherwise have it?

>Riddle/Pact/etc. proficiency?
I can work that into the 100s.

>Mutation/Inverse Resistance
I've just had an idea!

>Method Acting
I think this will fold into the 100 perk nicely.

>Minor Plot Armor as long as you stick to a GCA.
Funnily enough this is a freaking branch of Charms for Fae-Blooded and Fair Folk. It does everything from make you harder to hit to making you flat out invincible to all but attacks enhanced by Magic or (No and) Charms if I remember right.

Fair Folk Charms are crazy yo!

>> No.48842291

...and? You could just figure out how Tony made it and spend some time doing it on your own. It's still nowhere near 'raping balance' since Iron Man isn't exactly that impressive.

>> No.48842295

Yea Priscilla was noted to not eat anyone for 7 years, though she shrank in size. Isley the guy you are referring to noted that he ate the minimum amount though, whatever the hell that means.
If you take them out of the jump with you they won't need to eat guts anymore, as per the notes on the jump.

>> No.48842302

That suit was enough to beat both Thor and Red Hulk.

>> No.48842304

... so if anyone wants a super-omg-so-bright-and-fluffy-your-pancreas-will-crystallise continuity for their DC jump where many of the DC heroes and "villains" are teens attending a highschool for superheroes there's now www.dcsuperherogirls.com

How bright and fluffy, you ask? Hint: Amanda Waller is the stern but kindhearted principal, Hawkgirl is the hall monitor and Harley Quinn is a quasi-heroic prankster - who is Wonder Woman's roomie.

>> No.48842310

Other than their lost humanity.

>> No.48842312

Whose power levels are inconsistent as any comics characters are. Is this Thor at the height of his power, when he's equal or greater then his father, or just Thor at some time. Same with Red Hulk.

>> No.48842316

Which is why you should learn to make it, and not the knock off you put together in Marvel. As cool as it is combining all those things, the stats aren't as good as the actual Bleeding Edge.

>> No.48842317

I imported Cultist Chan into Claymore as half Yoma.

I was thinking her years serving chaos will lead to interesting awakening and control over it

How badly did I fuck up

>> No.48842326

>greater control over your own personal narrative

That's pretty much what I was thinking!

Does it have to be live guts, or theoretically if you had a perpetual cloning factory could you just feed the cast on cloned organs?

Meh. DCAU is best U.

>> No.48842328

Just take them to dark souls, that way you can farm them some more humanity to replace what they lost!

>> No.48842330

>Fate/Grand Order
>Mysterious Heroine X
>barrier-transcending ahoge

>> No.48842334

She's an eternal fuckup, so nothing too bad, though she's definitely eating people now.

>> No.48842342

It seems to just need to be living human flesh, I figure if it's alive enough you could transplant it into another person it's good to go.

>> No.48842344

They use the tissue to replace their own, so it's probably best to go with tissue that's living. Doesn't mean it has to come from sapients, just means your cloned organs need to have active and not dead cells.

>> No.48842346

Who needs that anyway anon?

>> No.48842347

The marvel jump lets you pick out an Iron Man suit of your choice with the right combo, the ones listed are the ones you would need for Bleeding Edge.

>Armor+Strength+Toughness+Energy+Flight: Your suit is no longer a knock-off, it’s basically your choice of Stark’s suits. Add Brains to get the helper AI, and special suits may need additions (Such as Body for Extremis suits)

>> No.48842349

Ah, but remember, if she survives Light of Terra she stops being an eternal fuckup. She becomes hyper-competent, instead. So yeah, she's going to be terrifying.

>> No.48842368

And if you learnt how to make it yourself, you'd be able to supply more then just your companions with it, you could make thousands or something.

>> No.48842370

Didn't Thor come back and smash Tony's face in like a toy when he got serious?

>> No.48842377

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Saber-face.

>> No.48842381

Hard mode, anon

Also, it's not... Exactly the reward Cultist chan. But rather one i crafted after LoT when I went to Warhammer properly. To give chaos gods a middle finger for her creation being locked behind destroying dead light. I also, to increase said middle finger, replicated the things she would get from hard mode as best as I could

>> No.48842387

>Ctrl+F memor
You didn't put in the optional memory thing?

>Taco Cart
>At six purchases s/he’s Essence 3
Wow. What do they start with, Essence 1? And if you don't buy more than one rank so they don't have contacts, will the tacos be good?

>True Grit
a) how does this interact with the six and ten year things from Simple Soul?
b) it never actually specifies, is the basic length for the jump 10 years? Gauntlets often change that, after all.

How does that interact with the race buy option?
Speaking of race buy, as it stands, there's nothing stopping you from buying animal and human and swapping between them. Intended?
(As a side note, the fact that we can semi-feasibly re-enact Sir Bearington is awesome.)
>Of the Lintha Family isn’t normally seen as a good phrase, you’re
>who have dillanced with the Fair Folk
Just a couple of errors that stand out.

>> No.48842389

That is the final trap of the broken deadlight path, if you take the hard mode and she dies your chain ends, if you don't take the hard mode you are stuck with Uber Fail Cultist Chan post jump.

>> No.48842392

Thor Buster armor

>> No.48842404

I can buy the schematics for all his armors in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes jump.

>> No.48842421

Why not get best waifu from it?

EMH Wasp is best Wasp. Her costume is finally interesting. It's not just a bodysuit anymore

>> No.48842423

Which Thor also smashed.

Every time Tony fights Thor and Thor is serious Tony gets his ass beat easily.

>> No.48842424

I think that's referring to how the Armor by itself is... not very good. If you want to assume that adding 5 tons of strength to some armor that explicitly started with less lets you have an /actual/ suit of Iron Man armor, or the full on Bleeding Edge be my guest.

And yes I know you add other stuff, but it's all less than actual Iron Man armor too. 200MPH? The durability from the 100CP Toughness perk?

Iron Man's stats are way higher than that.

But as I said, be my guest.

>> No.48842432

In that series yeah. Which is different from the comics.

>> No.48842433

Isn't she still with Hank?

>> No.48842448

Your chain doesn't end if she dies in the secret ending, anon. It doesn't say anything about that. Not sure where you got that idea.

>> No.48842455

It isn't just adding together the sum of it's parts anon, it's a combo that explicitly gives you one of Stark's suits. The Extremis Suit would be the Extremis suit and the Bleeding Edge Suit would be the Bleeding Edge suit.

>> No.48842467

>Obviously, if she dies, you fail everything forever and cry yourself to sleep a lot.
Presumably this means that your chain ends.

>> No.48842468


I find it hard to believe given... well, the rest of the jumps power level, but if it explicitly does then I will be redoing my Marvel build post-haste.

>> No.48842475

EMH Pym doesn't suffer from the many, MANY mental disorders he does in the comics, so their relationship is in a much better place. Though I'd like to point out that canon Janet total deserved to be hit by Hank, and anyone trying to characterize it as spousal abuse is trying too hard to make a point about some social issue. If you take advantage of a mentally ill man's schizophrenia, paranoia, and multiple personality disorder to trick him into marrying you, you don't then get to claim abuse when in the middle of a psychotic breakdown he hits you. You knew what you were getting into!

>> No.48842477

Threadly Reminder that Hero Up is catchy as all hell


>> No.48842478

Tell me Jumpers, you who have archived mastery over time, space, even death and live themselves.

How do you cope with losing people/stuff? How are you capable of letting go?

>> No.48842481

I don't know, the mocking tone of that makes me think it's not serious.

>> No.48842496

That's my point though, picking up that Wasp is no good since she's with Hank.

Also I have no idea what original Janet did to get original Hank to hit her. I never read that story.

>> No.48842500

You can check it out, it's in the Marvel Combo Notes that's on the drive in a folder with the marvel jump.

>> No.48842506

>Memory thing?
Refresh mine, I just did quite a bit and may have left out things that I was intending to put in
>Will the Taco's be good?
Sidereals start with Essence 2 but the only way they can raise their Essence is by getting permission which is like the bureaucratic version of asking for a raise in a slave-wage job. Essence 3 means loads more contacts on Yu-Shan side, Heaven, and they have barely any contacts at the lowest level of purchase.

>True Grit
A) A simple Soul only grants you objective to do within a timeframe. The second reward of a Simple Soul should be until end of Gauntlet, I'll change that. Thanks for finding that.
B) 10 years in Creation. I'll lock that in somewhere.

>How does that interact with the race buy option?
It doesn't yet but when/if I decide to do up the Created it will discount those.

Only one race per person, thought that was obvious, I'll note it.

>Sir Bearington
With the Social Perkline you might even pull it off, except for convincing other that you're not a bear.


>> No.48842507

Yep. This is a direct quote anon, not just an explanation I made up.
>Armor+Strength+Toughness+Energy+Flight: Your suit is no longer a knock-off, it’s basically your choice of Stark’s suits. Add Brains to get the helper AI, and special suits may need additions (Such as Body for Extremis suits)

Keep in mind that this same jump can give you proto adamantium armor or bones if you want. Read the combo notes, there is some bullshit open to you.

>> No.48842510

>If you take advantage of a mentally ill man's schizophrenia, paranoia, and multiple personality disorder to trick him into marrying you, you don't then get to claim abuse when in the middle of a psychotic breakdown he hits you

Honestly it sounds like they were both dysfunctional fucks to get involved knowingly. Was this arc in the edgy 90s era of comics?

>> No.48842511


Isn't she just a college student that works for him in EMH and they don't have such relationship yet beside close friendship and maybe a crush?

>> No.48842513

Which jump can I obtain the spear of longinus?

>> No.48842526

Well I'll be.

I'd almost think the rest of the jump should be updated to reflect the sort of stuff in the combos, but I don't want to get into that sort of discussion, so I'll just accept my defeat and go change my build.

>> No.48842540

According to the author who wrote that story, Hank hitting Janet was meant to be a much more accidental thing. Like he was just sort of flailing around because, again, he is mentally ill and was having a psychotic breakdown. But the artist took that direction and made it into a more recognizable punch, and that lead to his reputation as a wife-beater.

Nope, 80s. Hank Pym was a dysfunctional broken person before it was cool. Pretty much from his first appearance he's been like that. I once heard someone characterize him as "one of those mad scientists from the Marvel horror comics that somehow wound up in the superhero genre instead", and that's a pretty good description of him.

>> No.48842545

Oh yeah. He only times Hank tried to tell her he loves her he was interrupted or she was unconscious. They aren't straight up dating yet and she wishes Hank was a less of pacifist

>> No.48842547

After some googling I found part of the page. Basically though Hank is upset that he's a shit(and that she's a better hero than he is) and he builds a robot to attack the avengers, which he will be able to handily beat to prove how heroic he is.

>> No.48842553

Unfortunately for >>48842223 the whole combo is irreverent, you can't import out of jump items for combos in Marvel.

>> No.48842557

EVA and DxD have good Longinuses.

>> No.48842558

DC. There are a bunch of objects referred to by that name throughout Jumpchain, but DC is the only one I know of that has the genuine thing and not some weird ancient clarketech that's just called that.

>> No.48842562

They're importing the armor into the Incredibles, not the other way around.

>> No.48842565

And that's how Ultron was born.

>> No.48842566

Now I'm thinking of taking Taco Cart six times over and being reincarnated as a squirrel just because thinking about why an essence 3 sidereal has been assigned to keep an eye on a squirrel seems hilarious.

>> No.48842571

Ultron was born into a loveless marriage and look how he turned out... Dumbledore was right!

>> No.48842573

Merchant-Watcher of the Auspicious Squirrel Cracking Hard Nuts.

>> No.48842574

Unfortunately he is right, importing the armor into Incredibles wouldn't work. Fuck Fuck FUCK!

>> No.48842579

I'm pretty sure that Ultron was before this, part of why he was afraid of them kicking him out of the Avengers was that people were making fun of him creating Ultron.

>> No.48842590

You're right, I'm getting this confused. Ultron was the FIRST time Hank made a robot to kill the Avengers. This one is like the third or fourth.

>> No.48842600

Really? I thought you could import power armor... The jump just says 'outfit', which does sound like it wouldn't work...

Maybe look at EMH, I think it had some similar stuff for its suits.

>> No.48842601

It was ruled that only future upgrades would be shared, the combo doesn't work.

>> No.48842608

Eh, s/he'd likely understand. Some things are important that don't look it. A squirrel whose Fate interacts with half a dozen kingdoms and can crush a normal Mortal in unarmed or, even more startlingly, social combat is something that an Essence 3 Sidereal would do for shit duty, basically all the other better jobs are handed out and you get to watch the squirrel of doom.

And that name stuck with him/her for decades afterwards.

>> No.48842616

>Refresh mine

>A) A simple Soul only grants you objective to do within a timeframe.
It does also say if you succeed at it for 6 years, you can leave early.

>It doesn't yet
Ah, so the "you're a human" thing doesn't lock you out of beast/being a godblood doesn't lock you into the 300cp version?

>thought that was obvious
Well, it was how I expected it to work, but you never know; alt forms are a thing, after all. Probably worth clarifying.

>except for convincing other that you're not a bear.
I'm sure I can do something with the armour import... Some kind of human suit, maybe, or a large enough set of power armour/small mech, with opposable thumbs....

No worries, but it wasn't by any means a thorough scan.

>> No.48842619

>++Extreme Temperature Resistance- Your suit of power armor is incredibly resistant to extreme temperatures, capable of withstanding temperatures (Fahrenheit) around 2,400 (enough to avoid being cooked by lava) or -2,400 (more than enough for space travel).
Just a note on science because it hurts my brain: There is no such temperature as -2,400 degrees F. 0 Kelvin (-459.67F or -273.15C) is the coldest it is possible to get.
Just say "down to absolute zero".

>> No.48842628

No you see you can import a suit of power armor but only future upgrades would be shared across your companions suits. This means that your other suits and your companion's suits wouldn't be Bleeding Edge Suits or even power armor at all.

>> No.48842638

Ah. I suppose that's fair, it's not meant to be used to duplicate your armor after all, just giving your companions team suits.

>> No.48842642

Because of Wasp being younger in EMH and the show being cancelled, we never seen if they would get married or how that would end up in disaster.

Find Hank a better girl for him if you want Wasp. That way everyone stays happy

>> No.48842663

I suggest Tigra. They're together in the comics right now (due to some admittedly super contrived reasons), and they seem to be pretty happy.

>> No.48842676

Fuck that rule? *nods* Yep fuck that rule.

>> No.48842694

It's less a 'rule' and more that there is no import option in Marvel. If you want to fanwank that you can go right ahead.

>> No.48842709

Any jump where you can become a valkyrie?

>> No.48842712

Yup. Wasp doesn't need Hank. She needs someone in camo pants who will watch Predator 3D on Blu-Ray with her. Her also wearing camo pants during the movie

>> No.48842714

>even more startlingly, social combat
>"Squeak squeak squeak, squeak, squeak squeak, squeak. Squeak squeak, squeak! SQUEAK!"
>"I can't help feeling you're correct there, mr fluffy. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you actually said. Snack?"

>for shit duty,
Sounds pretty great to me. Think how fluffy that tail must be. And it might not even forget them, like a normal pet!

>> No.48842726

Valkyrie Chronicles?

>> No.48842733

Actually it is, originally people assumed that combos could be used on existing items because nothing stated otherwise. Before Marvel ruled otherwise that is.

>> No.48842735

Making your own is probably better anyway, if you use Amazo's Backup Memory for instance you can make suits with insane capabilities that would be able to grow stronger over time if you had the right powers.

>> No.48842754

>Why does it seem like these arguments only ever happen when neither exalted jumpmaker is here to see it?
Don't know. These seem to happen either when I'm asleep or busy with other stuff.

>So can Dragon-blooded learn any Dragon-blooded Charm? From what I'm seeing, most Charms can be aspect-attuned, and there's no "Caste restriction" or "Mote tax".
Bit late, but Dragon-Blooded can learn any Dragon-Blooded Charm, as long as they meet the skill requirements. But out-of-Aspect Charm cost more motes to activate.

This is absolutely hilarious. I love it.

>> No.48842763

Actually there is such a thing as negative Kelvin, though it's more of a stupid physics trick and semantics. I mean things actually functioning at negative kelvin in normal situations is one of those things that technically requires infinite energy. However in certain controlled situations you can cause particles to act in reverse of how they do in relation to their temperature, namely moving from an area with low energy to an area with high energy rather than from an area of high energy to an area of low energy.

>> No.48842781

Y'know what comic book science would say after reading your post?

>Things can get so cold they GO BACK IN TIME!

Makes more sense than Superman's method.

>> No.48842790

Is there anything stopping creation of "Iron Man Armored Adventures" jump?


>> No.48842796

Thank you! that's been annoying me every time I looked at Destinies.

>Leave early.
Ah, yes I'll note it can't interfere with other drawbacks and Destinies.

>Lock you into 300 cp version?
Nope, you're just an exotic person with Cosmetic mutations that fits a niche. Grey skinned violettes are hard to find cause only one Solar made his entire manor's maids out of them. Their decedents fetch a hefty price on the market nowadays. Stuff like that. When I drop the created you'll be able to discount those races with the 300 cp version of Slave.

>Probably worth claifying.
Will do.

>Some kind of human suit.
I'd shudder but that would mean I hadn't thought of that before, back when I nabbed the Orc artifact in Forgotten Realms that lets you skin a human and polymorph into them by wearing their tanned hides during one of my personal chains, scrapped that plan though.

>large enough set of power armour/small mech, with opposable thumbs....
I laughed and then I thought to myself how odd it would be to have this guy who never comes out his Warstrider, ever full stop. That would be one weird dude.

>Translation: We need to get the fuck out of here. The other squirrels said that Secrets in nearby and I can't fucking find her. THAT'S BAD!
>"I can't help feeling you're correct there, mr fluffy. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you actually said. Snack?"
>... fuck.
Various interactions of Perks, Races, Destinies, and such are going to be a blast.
Can't help but think of the Sidereal in question as Pic Related, hyper competent minion is hyper competent.

Why thank you good sir.

>> No.48842817

Cleanup Anon, when you see this. . .
Could we import an armor as our Super Suit and then use the Team Suit option to give a copy of it to each of our companions?

>> No.48842820


Wasn't there a Mickey Mouse comic where such s thing was happening due to crazy scientist but Mickey had some amazing sweater that I forgot where it came from that let him move within the FROZEN time, and even move when time started moving in reverse?

Letting him form a time loop to give his past self the Sweater he himself found because it was one and the same?

>> No.48842834

Nope, it's free for anyone who wants it

>> No.48842884

I love this squirrel idea. Maybe I should do something similar...

So, why does TheFlowofEssencegive you what seems to be Lunar-style physical Attribute Excellencies?

>Could we import an armor as our Super Suit and then use the Team Suit option to give a copy of it to each of our companions?
Nope, sorry. Imports with Wardrobe and Team Suits don't spread the properties around, only upgrades afterwards. You could import a bunch of armors for them though.

>> No.48842899

What Perks and Jumps do you think one would need before they can even try to modify the Doom Praetor Suit?

>> No.48842909

They totally would, but technically you get negative kelvin by giving the particle in question an absurd amount of energy. Negative kelvin is technically greater than infinite kelvin(where a given particle would have no inclination towards high or low energy areas), which is really a stupid semantics thing. As for the stupid physics trick that lets you make something negative kelvin, you have to apply a limit of energy in a system and give the given particles more energy than that limit. Basically if you make it so that nothing in a given area can be hotter than 5 degrees, and make something in that area 6 degrees it acts as though it has a negative temperature.

>> No.48842910

It's a throwback to the Players Guide which had a merit of the same name. It basically was a watered down Attribute Excellency from a Lunar, I felt just giving Enlightened Essence was too little so I spiced it up a little.

>> No.48842911

Damn it! So fucking close to a full roster of Bleeding Edge suits! Why can't you import in the Marvel Comics jump!

>> No.48842945

Dude just get the scanner from Iji or something like it, and either use the tech from there or supreme commander to make more of the suits.

>> No.48842996

From the looks of things the suit is bonded to the user, even if I made more of them I would be stuck as the only one able to use it.

>> No.48842999

I like the idea of doing a native jumper squirrel
> Go to Worm and social fu scion into suicide
> Go to Fate as a servant and utterly destroy berserker with your superior physical abilities
The reactions would be hilarious.

>> No.48843010

Is Suisei no Gargantia / On the Verdurous Planet already spoken for?

>> No.48843012

For those that jumped NGE, who did Shinji end up with? Asuka, Kaworu or Rei?

>> No.48843019

>cheating at solitare
Mommy must be so proud of you.

>> No.48843030

No, it's all yours.

>> No.48843036

Pretty sure it is free, I haven't seen anyone saying they were going to do it.

>captcha a billboard isn't a street sign

>> No.48843041

I do not believe so. I expect now though that I shall need to download images for name pun reasons, that I previously deleted because I didn't think I needed them when /a/ stopped talking about the show.

>> No.48843046

Reverse engineer it then, and make custom suits for them.

>> No.48843049

Well then, don't mind if I do.
Cheers, /jc/.

>> No.48843072

Now that's just hideauze.

>> No.48843073

Ah, okay. I guess it's nice.



My time in Evangelion was weird, okay?

>> No.48843078

Do you have any nicknames for your Benefactor, /jc/?

>> No.48843090

I demand a dancing perk, if you don't give in I shall pun-ish you.

>> No.48843116

Way ahead of you, anon.

>> No.48843122

Valkyrie Profile.

>> No.48843131

What benefactor? Every ten years I just wake up in a new world, generally with a bunch of new memories, skills, and toys, as well as a whole host of problems.

>> No.48843138

I know I'm late, but I've got a nitpick about Hulk Out and a suggestion I want to toss at you. I dislike it when a perk is entirely dependent on out of setting stuff to function, and as it's written now this power is useless without strong alt-forms to support it. Therefore, I want to suggest that it instead, as a base, gives you a transformation that's extremely powerful on it's own, but also additionally possesses the strongest characteristics of your alt-forms. That way, it'll never be weaker than an unholy fusion of your strong alt-form traits, but an early jumper who's only ever been human can still potentially bust some heads.

>> No.48843139

Future Me.

>> No.48843164

He ended up with Usaka, Asuka was not amused. Most other people were horrified with the Asuka clones though.

>> No.48843185

I split him into two Shinjis and sent them on a date. They broke after a few days though.

>> No.48843194

Crazy Lady
Mom. In that sarcastic tone.
Super Weirdo

>> No.48843206

None of the above. I set him up with someone psychologically healthy and not even slightly affiliated with NERV or SEELE.

>> No.48843218

Too far, dudes.

>> No.48843232

>someone psychologically healthy and not even slightly affiliated with NERV or SEELE
You could have just said "someone psychologically healthy".

>> No.48843235

...Broke up, or actually broke?

>> No.48843261

Or "Boring" would work.

>> No.48843267

I know it probably goes without saying, but they might have been keeping someone on as a janitor or something.

>> No.48843284

Look, I know that sticking your cock in a beehive is technically exciting, but I don't think that's what most people are thinking of when they ask for excitement.

>> No.48843314

You might be right. Her face turned red with rage when I first called her that.
At least I think it was rage. I didn't have good facial/body reading abilities back then.

>> No.48843334

But those that know how to tame the beehive get sweet delicious honey as a reward!

>> No.48843364

Anyone know a good way to heal someone else's soul? Thanks to being an angel my own soul has regen, but I don't know how to heal my companions souls if they get damaged.

>> No.48843374

She might have caught a cold back then. That must be it.

I wanted to write "broke up", but you're right that the alternative would be plausible.

>NERV janitor
>probably faced an extensive screening process to make sure Shinji wouldn't have positive influences within eight miles of him at any time
>has to clean NERV facilities, each of them with the potential for literal skeletons in their closet

>> No.48843380

Could there be an option to get Gunzosha armor, instead of Ashigaru armor?

>> No.48843407

Eh, just stitch some new soul bits to 'em

>> No.48843427

Sylph of Heart from SBURB, Doctor of Miracle from Touhou, the soul perks from Tales of Symphonia maybe, or getting a lot of magic, science, and a good magic/scienbe combination perk should work.

>> No.48843430

Sure I'll make it an upgrade to the Peasant's Raiment that'll get a discount if you start in Lookshy.

Also have another WIP!

>> No.48843432

>Metal Gear Survive
>Survive sees the members of Militaires Sans Frontières not killed in that game’s finale transported through wormholes into an alternate universe, where they’re forced to battle a force of crystalline zombies
I'm sorry what?

>> No.48843471

Konami on drugs.

>> No.48843478

Well technically there isn't an option for it in the bleach jump but there are techniques there for healing souls.

Also we totally need a Black Jack jump, that would likely need a perk that would let you do that.

>> No.48843480

>First post Kojima MGS game
>It's a 4 player co op zombie survival game

>> No.48843492

Well, this is the first post-Kojima Metal Gear. I think the writers are overcompensating. "Oh, we'll never be as weird and bizarre as Kojima's stuff? Well fuck you, now MSF are fighting crystal monsters in the negaverse! How's that for weird? I'd like to see Norman Reedus's black oil mpreg baby compete with that!"

>> No.48843497

How is Ramiel getting together with Shinji weird?

>> No.48843508

If you stockpile a heap of the Minor P2W Items from Overlord could you use them all at once? Well, use as many as you can before the five minute timer starts running out, I mean.

>> No.48843515

>Which is stronger Bleeding Edge (mark 37) or Endo-Sym (mark 50)
Even if the combo doesn't work it would be good to get an answer to this, can still pick up and reverse engineer the best suit.

>> No.48843556 [SPOILER] 

Clearly because Ramiel would be slumming it to go for Shinji, she's way out of his league.

>> No.48843573

Any comments on the Fae stuff? Too much or enough? Suggestions whilst I beat out the Lintha stuff?

>> No.48843591

How would he and Franken Fran get along?

>> No.48843608

Like a house on fire, and a firetruck.

>> No.48843646

Cool. Ashigaru is kinda worse than perfect Articulated Plate, except for the Hardness it has, so getting something useful is nice.

Why's TheShogunofDirt so expensive? Does the soak it grants actually stack with worn armor?

The Fae stuff seems cool. But you're talking about Grace, singular, which should either be "Graces" or "a Grace", since they're physical objects.

Maybe make those a perk too, since Fae-Blooded don't automatically start with them.

Not sure why UnassailableToweroftheAdamantSoul gives you a mindscape thing?

Also, maybe a perk for some combination of beneficial Mutations?

>> No.48843653

A drawback where you have to spend a lot of time helping people who were "helped" by someone who is strongly implied, but not explicitly stated, to be Fran might be fun.

>> No.48843668

>The body used by the current Valkyrie while she's
active is the same they all use, including you, meaning that you will look mostly the same as your sisters physically.

So I replace the protagonist or do we switch control of the body?

>> No.48843673

...it's still not as weird as Norman Reedus's black oil mpreg baby. I didn't even fully grasp how weird that was till now. Dammit Kojima.

>> No.48843685

I've seen Endo-Sym in action, it's really damn good. I haven't seen Bleeding Edge, but it seems to have had higher strength tier feats. Comic book power levels being what they are, and Endo-Sym being 23 versions later means this may not be accurate.

Bleeding Edge is controlled through technological means, while Endo-Sym is controlled via the suits psionic bond with the user. The Endo-Sym by default also uses a propulsion system that doesn't work without oxygen, but I think it can filter oxygen out of most environments so it's only likely to come up if you try to fly into space. From memory he did so anyway, possibly using an add on of some kind.

Bleeding Edge is probably better at mimicking other tech from the get-go, but you could likely upgrade Endo-Sym to do the same, and it's somehow able to form the thrusters and other 'set pieces' anyway so it may just not have been programmed to do it.

Ultimately, if you can, I'd say get both and fuse them together (buy one in Marvel and study the other in jump) but if you can only get one then it comes down to personal preferences - nanites or psionically controlled liquid metal?

>> No.48843692

Hey, I don't think it's weirder. I just think that "we can be weirder than that" was what the writers' thoughts were, and they failed.

>> No.48843764

Oh, also, you're sure you're not going to include Gossamer items? You could do them as upgrades on top of Perfect equipment. Kinda want a raiment of woven light...

>> No.48843773

Well, at least you saw it. Although, I don't know if you're still around, I'm still going to ask you kindly to rethink the customs charms limitation, and present my case for it in the hopes that you're still here.

Please understand that it's something that simply isn't canonical and creates a situation where we're limited in a way that other's of the same exaltation aren't, and only because of a desire not to deal with arguments about them or people wanking it. The issue isn't because you think that the charms themselves are imbalanced relative to things allowed elsewhere in jumpchain, and the thing being banned isn't inordinate to the setting, and you admit to this. This isn't something that I feel is acceptable, because it not only prevents the use of imagination, but is being done to intentionally stifle it. What are you afraid of, people arguing over it, because someone came up with a custom charm other people thought was bad for some reason? That's not a good reason to do this and hardcapping custom charms isn't the solution to that.

There's several other routes you could take here.

You could maintain your position, and prevent people from coming up with their own charms, which won't stop people from arguing about it anyway.


You could make a supplement or something providing guidelines for making custom charms as a compromise on the issue.
You could take a hands off approach, and let people do whatever, so that we can wank it like we're able to for anything else.
You could insist that if people come up with custom charms that they have to post it in the thread, meaning that no one ever will, because it's too much effort to type it all out.

And several other options.

I don't speak for anyone but myself, but I'd prefer anything besides the status quo, that's the whole reason I made this post.

So then, could you please reconsider?

>> No.48843814

From what I know of the games, you switch control of the body. Only one of you is present at all at any one time, your sisters are all incarnated in human bodies while you serve as a valkyrie.

>> No.48843823

Mark 51 Model Prime; it has similar capabilities to Bleeding Edge, has a hulk buster like mode like Endo-Sym, and is contained in a watch so it can be easily duplicated with Cheat Mode for distribution among you companions.

>> No.48843835

The only way they could go weirder is if a betrayed triple agent betrayed by one of factions had a bomb placed in their penis and blew up the whole base

>> No.48843845

Fuck off. No one else gives a shit or wants to hear you complaining because you aren't being given more power.

>> No.48843849

Looks like autism never sleeps. Or have a life.

>> No.48843854

Alright, and slightly true but it has active camo and can be upgraded like all power armor in Exalted.

>Shogun of Dirt expensive?
It's soak stacks with any armor worn and it also is suposed to be a bit outside of the norms for Mortals, something God-Blooded would take for their God-Body but a normal human doing it would raise some serious brows.

>Grace vs a Grace
I'll edit it. You get to chose which Grace you get from the ADMiGF and Fae-Blooded get a Heart Grace automatically.

>Maybe make those a perk too, since Fae-Blooded don't automatically start with them.
Sure I'll do that in moment.

>Mindscape Thing?
UTotAS doesn't actually give you a Mindscape it's actually a form of Shaping Defense that gives you a place where you have homefield advantage in location that are defined as Ever-changing or Chaos. Basically it's an island of stability you carry with you that only manifests when in a very particular place, The Wyld or the Warp or Wherever the hell L-Sama is from, you'll be safe from the place, though anything that wants to can come up to your little island and duke it out with you, as in you won't die instantly.

>Beneficial Mutations?
The Heroic Tempering can allow you to suppress negative traits or do you mean like a set alt-form or Assumption?

Gossamer is a separate item from Weapon and Armor, both of which have the ability to bring in Imports which the Gossamer will not have. It took me a little while to word it correctly.

>> No.48843857

I prefer "like a house on fire. Screams, flames, people running for safety..."

>> No.48843859

Well Metal Gear already had that only it was a vagina.

>> No.48843871

You know that this is basically asking for the shitposters to attack you, you know that right?

Took you awhile this time.

>> No.48843877

Oh look, the shitposter is calling other people shitposters again.

>> No.48843882

He spent three whole threads whining about and last thread whining at Red over something else. I don't care what his opinions are, this guy is so fucking whiny and annoying I despise him.

>> No.48843885

I wonder if you could effectively create a combination? I like the Endo-Sym's fluidity, but 51's adaptive modularity is damn useful.

>> No.48843892

Can anyone remind me what the name of that Dragonblood Charm that lets them take on other aspects is?

>> No.48843894

Yes, I believe that's the joke.

>> No.48843901

The only one shitposting here is you. Scum like you are the cancer driving away jumpmakers with your constant complaining.

>> No.48843911

I see that people's shipping plans for Shinji are weirder than mine.

Because I wasn't sure if I should separate Lilith soul from Rei and have that mixed like a milkshake with Adam soul part of Kaworu to waifu GNR... Or If I should also have Rei in that combo for personality and memories. One lets me waifu things older than humanity, that I teach how to human while Rei would stay in Eva world with Shinji(and Kaworu)The other already kinda knows how to human and would enjoy good life with me.

>> No.48843920

But mine fits the characters better, in that Black Jack is very much the firetruck to Fran's fire. Though Fran is very clearly inspired by Black Jack, just taken in a different direction.

>> No.48843930

Uh huh. Tell me more about how jumpmakers don't need a reason or justification to do anything, and that the opinions of the thread are worthless, and that anything a jumpmaker does is automatically right.

>> No.48843933

Just ship Shinji with Asuka.

>> No.48843934

How can you not waifu this

>> No.48843947

Criticism becomes shitposting if you repeat it after people tell you that they don't care.

>> No.48843954

too big.

>> No.48843971

>Alright, and slightly true but it has active camo and can be upgraded like all power armor in Exalted.
Sure. The active camo only gives you small bonus to Stealth though, and it doesn't really weigh up against the maintenance, lower soak, and willpower commitment. That might just be my personal opinion though.

What do you mean upgraded? As far as I know, power armor can't be upgraded anymore than any other Artifact.

>It's soak stacks with any armor worn and it also is suposed to be a bit outside of the norms for Mortals, something God-Blooded would take for their God-Body but a normal human doing it would raise some serious brows.
Alright then. That's actually pretty then, even if it eats into your motepool.

>I'll edit it. You get to chose which Grace you get from the ADMiGF and Fae-Blooded get a Heart Grace automatically.
I said this last time you mentioned it. But Fae-Blooded DON'T have Heart Graces. Only actual Raksha can have Heart Graces forged for them. Creation-Born have souls, which stands in for their Heart.

>The Heroic Tempering can allow you to suppress negative traits or do you mean like a set alt-form or Assumption?
Sorta a set alt-form or Assumption, yeah. I meant that you could take a few beneficial mutations, as a perk without having to wander into the Wyld in-jump, and hope you get something nice and don't die.

Also, suppressing things like suddenly having wings would get weird. Does everyone just ignore them because you pretend they don't exist?

>Gossamer is a separate item from Weapon and Armor, both of which have the ability to bring in Imports which the Gossamer will not have. It took me a little while to word it correctly.
I don't mean raw Gossamer though, just the items forged by Raksha. They sell them to Lookshy and I think the Guild after all. But that sounds interesting too?

>> No.48843972

I want to give him good life too, it's impossible with worst girl

For you

>> No.48843976

Well, I like women who don't have weird vagina-eyes in the middle of their foreheads. You can't even begin to pretend that's not what it is, it clearly has a clitoris.

>> No.48843985

It's called Transcendent Gaian Harmony.

>> No.48843988

What are you doing responding to that troll? Report and ignore.

>> No.48843989

Because GNR doesn't have legs. Her pelvis just merges directly with the Earth.

>> No.48843992

I didn't put anywhere near enough points into endowed to have sex with that thing.

>> No.48843998


This>>48843971 was supposed to be for >>48843854

>> No.48843999

I wonder. . .
Say I buy both the Import option and the Team Suits option and get a new companion in a future jump, would that let me import an existing armor I have as their suit when they become my companion? I know this still wouldn't spread the properties but it would help out a lot.

>> No.48844002

Mainly because I never really liked NGE that much in the first place, and my reaction to most of the stuff later on is somewhere within the domain of, what? Why? and no.

>> No.48844004


>> No.48844020


>> No.48844023

How is this thread so terrible that this is actually the main opinion. How can people pretend like we're better than SB when their competition is this.

>> No.48844038

Because thanks to those posts we can keep autistic fucks like >>48843773 where they belong; anywhere but here.

>> No.48844053

I thought the main opinion was, "oh they're at it again" and then further scrolling. You know with there being 34 unique posters in thread and only a handful of posts on the subject.

>> No.48844063

Here's the hierarchy of critics:
>People who make Jumps
>People who post builds
>People who offer suggestions for new content the Jumpmaker missed
>People who offer useful criticism and feedback about various aspects of a jump
>People who offer useful criticism and feedback about one or two aspects of a jump
>A dry fart
>People who just complain about restrictions
>A wet fart
>People who offer the same feedback multiple times
>People who complain that their criticism has been ignored

>> No.48844073

This is trolling right? No one actually believes this here, right?

If you look at the post timers, it confirms that at least two of those are from different people.

>> No.48844088

Nope, it's true. If you criticize a Jump, and the Jumpmaker decides not to implement your criticism into the Jump, repeatedly trying to pressure them to change it is shitposting.

>> No.48844092

I'm awake now. I'm sorry for missing questions on Boktai, work has been kicking my ass and I'm still burnt out from last weekend.

A few things for version 0.2:
>Breaker of Bones' current example, lifting a house sized boulder, is indeed a bit too much for a 200 point power. Going to clarify it, and compensate with a stronger variant for another 200.

>The jump is such a huge point vampire, fittingly enough, that no one has any points to buy items after perks. I want to include an item only point bonus. Is 200 or 400 good?

>Arsenal Lenses start at the strongest level available in game. You can craft your own, of course, this is just a bonus since you can find or make these on your own but will normally start off weaker.

>Any cross interaction with Sol and Dark Matter via Lunar Blood is currently up to fanwanking.

Just a heads-up.

>> No.48844095

>it confirms that at least two of those are from different people.
Not counter to my statement, they could all be different people and still be outnumbered by the people who have posted in thread about other things.

>> No.48844106

Can we have a jumpmaker quit or something so that >>48843773 will learn his place and realize that all his complaining does is make everything worse and that entitled cunts should just be satisfied with what they're given?

>> No.48844111

You ARE a sad little man aren't you?

>> No.48844119

Then the puzzle is solved! I'll buy the mark 51 in the Marvel comics jump and Copy the armor with cheat mode, then I just import the multiple armors as each companion's suit and do the same each time I get a new companion.

One other question, since you said before that Wardrobe can generate new suits in the future could I also use that and Import to import a suit I get future in the same way?

>> No.48844121

It's just one or two guys shitposting as hard as they can. Ignore them and talk to the jump makers directly as well as people that reasonably respond to you.

>> No.48844123

And at the bottom

>> No.48844128

She didn't need them to do what she needed to do. If you waifu the mixed soul of Lilith and Adam, maybe Rei too if you take her, before you put them in body of Lilith, adding Adam embryo afterwards, she probably will listen if you ask her for her to have legs

1. It wasn't there at first and she can shape shift
2. This is what happens when a girl who normally has her forehead covered suddenly changes her hairstyle

I am still unsure about leaving Rei with Shinji and Kaworu, or just have Shinji be with the Kaworu and have Rei be GNR.

>> No.48844129

Can't Django just smash or shoot boulders to pieces anyway?

>> No.48844134

>>48843971 Meant to be responding to me. >>48843988

>Good points.
Yeah, but this is a suit of fiat gear than not many Moral even get to touch nowadays, one you can get no matter the Direction you land in. Not everyone is Lookshy, Ashigaru armor is freaking awesome.

>Pretty Good.

>Heart Grace Fail... TWICE!
Sorry bout that. Anyway moving on.

>Alt-Form Assumption thing
Ah, I'll pencil it in if I can.

Hopefully the edits are good at sticking in this one.

After this WIP I'm going to put in the Lintha expansions.

>> No.48844163

Yep. You are the absolute worst.

>> No.48844182

Sounds good. I think 400 is good for the free items if you decide to do that, it gives you a pretty good amount of flexibility in what you can buy.

Minor thing, I want to suggest that people who pay points for May The Sun Be With You!, as opposed to Solar Children who get it for free, can choose whether they get a sunflower or a cat, because I don't think it's too overpowered to let non-Immortal origins have a cat.

>> No.48844184

Wow you are ever so clever, don't you have a math class to get to?

>> No.48844189

Why are you so mean? I didn't say anything that deserves this.

Why do you think I'm the only one with things to say about this? And why do you think someone talking about something completely different is the same person? That wasn't me. I wasn't even awake for that argument.

>> No.48844191

Cats a shit.

>> No.48844193

Can you and Companions trade Arsenal parts you bought with AP?

Does Zazie effectively have the Staff from item section?

If you import an out of jump thing as your jump del sol, you keep it in Will of Galaxy?

Lastly, is Sol de Vice equivalent of a Frame? And why does it need a battery? It feels like in Boktai 2 it relied purely in his own internal energy reserve instead, because his Dark abilities used his Sol reserves

>> No.48844200

They're shitposting. Don't be fooled by them saying your a shit poster. They're only out to cause trouble and start fights. You're better off just waiting till the jump maker responds then communicating with them.

>> No.48844205


>> No.48844216

>Why are you so mean? I didn't say anything that deserves this.

Where do you think you are right now?

>> No.48844225

You honestly think that after a four thread argument on the subject that you have anything new to add?

>> No.48844237

......what? Are you really this stupid?

>> No.48844240

>One other question, since you said before that Wardrobe can generate new suits in the future could I also use that and Import to import a suit I get future in the same way?
Hm... I'm gonna say no, sorry. It works with Team Suit, since it's still an one-time thing, but just allowing you to keep importing stuff whenever you want seems a bit much.

>Yeah, but this is a suit of fiat gear than not many Mortals even get to touch nowadays, one you can get no matter the Direction you land in. Not everyone is Lookshy, Ashigaru armor is freaking awesome.
Fair enough. Is the Lookshy discount on the entire thing, getting Gunzosha for 200, or only on the upgrade, getting it for 350?

>Ah, I'll pencil it in if I can.

>Hopefully the edits are good at sticking in this one.
Seem to be, except that you're still missing the "a" with your Grace.

I like the Gossamer stuff though.

>> No.48844251

A four thread argument where the jump makers, the only ones whose responses to the posts like above, always manage to be absent? No one really cares if you don't like the suggestion man. Take your own advice and shut up till the jump maker responds.

>> No.48844252

Does each Human companion summon their own set of four Piledrivers?

>Immortal chuckles that we won't purify him before sun is down
>Me and companions summon 36 Piledrivers

>> No.48844298

You know they're capable of checking the old threads, right? And that fact that they haven't responded probably means they're not going to change it? Just give up. It's not changing, and everyone would like to talk about something else now.

>> No.48844303

>Hm... I'm gonna say no, sorry.
That's alright, just means that I have to get the order right and take the jumps that have my favorite suit/armor options before Incredibles. Huh, could be a while.

>> No.48844305

Not a part of this conversation, but why would there need to be anything added? Whether or not what's being said is something 'new' or 'old', doesn't make it any more or less valid, and having been seen but not heard doesn't mean you can just dismiss the argument completely. More over, since the topic of discussion is still recent, the jump not even being a finished yet, the criticism is still relevant.

>> No.48844306

Alright, don't see why not. Thanks, anon.

Probably. Maybe. Maybe not. Not sure.

Up to you. If it trvializes the drawback or removes the difficulty entirely, then no. If it just helps a little like a standard weapon would, then yes.

It technically is its own item, this just made it easier to categorize. Also, literally every Arsenal you get starts with a free battery, which is what it represents in this case. Still functions the same, you just have the option to buy larger energy reserves.

I was about to say "one at a time only" except that sounds hilarious. So yes.

>> No.48844323

>TacoCart[+50]:ASiderealhasbeenassignedtokeepyoufromdoinganythingtocomplicatehis/her superiorsplans.S/hewillhaveadrabhandatastrology
Should be 'superior's' or 'superiors' ', and 'a dab hand at astrology' not a drab hand.

should be 'will set this weapon ablaze'

What exactly counts as "capture" in ThrowndownaFlintCanyon? Is clamping some manacles on you all she needs to do, or does she have to bring you back to the Underworld for your recapture to be considered complete?

I like the Fae-blooded stuff; I can hardly remember the lore from the fair folk book but it's nice to see.

>Item only bonus
400cp because I'm a greedy asshole.

>> No.48844324

>Lookshy discount.
Getting the whole thing for 350. 150 if you Have Gunzosha's Choice.

Thank you.

>missing 'a'
Screw that A, I got it.

>> No.48844332

Capable does not mean they can catch every post. For fucks sake the last month has been so much shit in the thread that I wonder if anyone is willing to wade through it.

>> No.48844339

Ah, so found or crafted lenses DO level up.

Which version of breaker of bones will half vampire get?

>> No.48844342

>Whether or not what's being said is something 'new' or 'old', doesn't make it any more or less valid
>having been seen but not heard doesn't mean you can just dismiss the argument completely
It does. Jumpmakers don't need a reason, if they don't want to change something, they don't need to justify themselves. If they don't care about your argument, then your argument is invalid, and shitposting if you keep pushing it.

>> No.48844360

You know what? Let's turn this around. If you make an argument, and the person making the Jump isn't convinced by it, what does making the same argument again accomplish? Explain to me how it isn't shitposting.

>> No.48844361

So if I made a jump that permanently removed all past and future cp from other jumps and all gains you made from it, I could expect your support? Preferably you'd put a trip on so I can know when it's you.

>> No.48844365

>Taco Cart Beta Stuff

>A Storied Sword Beta Stuff
Thank You!

She needs to return you to a Shadowland, but after that you're considered captured.

>Like Fae-Blooded
Thank god.

>> No.48844372

>the person making the Jump isn't convinced by it
You might even have a point here if the people the arguments are directed towards had responded. Whether you reject them or not doesn't matter, your opinion matters fuck all here. Only the jump makers opinion does and they haven't responded yet.

So tell us how you're not shitposting now?

>> No.48844373

I know you're being sarcastic, but this is true. If someone is making a Jump, in the end, their opinion is the only one which matters. If they like their Jump, and you don't, then maybe you should have made it first.

>> No.48844392

>Responding to yourself

>> No.48844397

The initial 200 point version, albeit boosted by stacking with the Vampire part of the package.

>> No.48844398

Gosh, that's why we have that Corruption of Champions jump on the drive isn't it? Or the cripple girl one. Or the conduit one. Or the first Magic jump. Or SB's second Babylon jump. Yeah, we have all those since the jump makers thought they were just fine.

>> No.48844417

See >>48842754. He saw it, he doesn't care.

>> No.48844418

W-Well, can we at least show the parts to a Solar Smith to study them?

And is the Dark Gun parts basically what one can do with Immortals capstone?

>> No.48844433

I'd upload each and every one of those to the Drive if it'd make you leave.

>> No.48844449

It indeed sounds hilarious. Each pile driver occupying 10 degrees of circle.

Not even enough time for immortal to yell " FUUUCK"

>> No.48844460

If they refuse to listen to or implement reasonable arguments and valid criticism of their jump for no other reason than because 'they aren't convinced' and still expect people to defend them and their jump, that makes them assholes and their jumps should be kept off the drive like we do SB jumps.

>> No.48844479

>waaahhhhh jumpmakers won't listen to my pathetic and worthless opinion waahhhh
You're fucking powerless here fucktard. If a jumpmaker wants their jump on the drive and it's jumpchain compliant, then there's nothing that can be done to stop it.

>> No.48844486

Don't see why not.

And yes, basically.

I tip my nonexistent hat to you, anon. I really needed that laugh this morning.

>> No.48844502

Tis no problem, I am happy I cheered you up.

ParanoidAnon retreats coolly

>> No.48844503

>If a jumpmaker wants their jump on the drive and it's jumpchain compliant
That's why we have Mage the Ascension on the drive.

oh wait.

>> No.48844523

So I think last thread has proven that Red is not only inept at making jumps and horrible at taking criticism, but she's also a shitposting coward who leaves whenever it's proven she's wrong, and makes horrible decisions just to please one or two people while ignoring logical, actual reasoning because "lol fuck you". This is completely unacceptable for a jumpmaker, and she has completely lost the thread's trust.

I sure don't trust her with Black Crusade anymore. So I'm going to steal it from her and do the damn jump myself because we can't trust her not to fuck it up with arbitrary limits, useless overpriced garbage, and tell us to shut up and take it because it's somehow "good" for us. So no. Fuck that. Fuck you, Red. Black Crusade is no longer your jump. It's our jump. And we're going to make it.

You shit on the thread, you pay the price.

>> No.48844527

You know, if you just used CC with pretty much any magic system at all, then you can basically ignore the cap on custom charms above 6+ essence completely. You could want the result even harder for that matter because you're no longer limited by any of the systems weaknesses.

>> No.48844540

Top kek.

You aren't making shit, never have and never will.

>> No.48844552


Um heavensAnon I know you are still busy but I was wondering if you were planning to update the generic parenting jump drawback from only taking 3 children to more. If you decided to not do it I understand and will drop it.

>> No.48844557

That's the best joke I've heard all day. Good one.

>> No.48844559

>Gosh, that's why we have that Corruption of Champions jump on the drive isn't it

Technically it is on the drive.

Thanks google!

>> No.48844561

>people stopped biting my bait, I need something new to draw them in.
>I know, they always fall for this trick!

>> No.48844572

Yeah fuck off. She may play the easily wounded crybaby but she is good at making jumps.

>> No.48844582

People don't care, they just want to be given free power, they don't want to think or put in the effort to get it.

>> No.48844587

>inb4 hurr durr white knights

>> No.48844592


>> No.48844596

Charms aren't magic and essence isn't mana so it wouldn't work.

>> No.48844600

Snrk. Yeah, okay. Wow. Even I think that's hilarious.

You can have as many as you want, it just stopa giving you points at the cap and you get 3 kids max per companion slot, not only 3 period. Have as many as ypu want, anon.

>> No.48844613

Mage got dropped though. The jump maker gave up on it and was driven away because people here were complaining too much, if he'd just stuck to his guns and stuck around, and if the people here learned their place that their opinions are worthless, then the Ascension jump would be on the drive.

>> No.48844615

>you get 3 kids max per companion slot

I know that anon I was talking about raising the slot limit from 3 to something higher so that I can take more kids without playing favorites

>> No.48844623

It isn't just her, it's the entire IRC. The lot of them defend her and suck up to each other in their mutual masturbation club behind the secrecy of their little chat where nobody can tell them anything because you get banned if you say anything red doesn't like.

>> No.48844624

I almost hope he does it just so we can laugh at him for wasting that much time on it. Bet he never even writes a perk, though.

>> No.48844633


>> No.48844638

I'm tired, and lazy, so just imagined I posted some really incredible image that calls you a slut.

>> No.48844644

I care. I'm just really tired from this entire damn argument. I'll just say this, and then ignore it so I can focus on actually working on the jump.

The 'limited more than others of the same exaltation' argument could work... if there were actually any examples at all. As it stands, you're able to do everything any canon Infernal has ever been shown to do.

Making a supplement or something for it would basically just be either completely OC, or two lines of text saying you can make charms that give minor to decent upgrades to lower essence Charms and a Shintai giving you the effects of Worldshaper Assumption and Epic Panoply. Because that's the extend of what Essence 6+ charms seem to be capable of.

Speaking of. That one Charm posted a few threads ago, Tiger Devours Impotent Cubs? Nice example of an Essence 4 effect. Not sure why you'd put the higher essence label onto it.

I'll stand by my decision for now.

>> No.48844646

Yep, that's how it works. You ought to just leave now. Your voice will never matter, your opinions will never matter. It's all IRC Illuminati, all the time.

>> No.48844657

Is there any perks to make your bullets shoot faster?

>> No.48844660

You know what? This. I don't care enough to argue this anymore if the jump maker isn't going to change their mind about it, so I'll just circumvent the issue entirely and make as many 6+ essence charms as I want.

>> No.48844668

Is there an option in any of the DC jumps to get Supergirl as a companion? Other than pod, feather, or ring that is.

>> No.48844684

>inb4 "Powergirl is the better waifu"

>> No.48844685

See >>48843019

>> No.48844686

Ring? I know about feathers and pods, but not rings.

>> No.48844696

You might be able to get her with Canon Companion options in Arrowverse, but I'm not certain.
You'd half to ask manyfist.

>> No.48844707

He already ok'd that, someone asked before.

>> No.48844711

Because it's an essence 6 effect.

>> No.48844720

Not that I'm aware of, best bet is to wait until Spyro finishes DCAU, and then bug him about a canon companion option.

>> No.48844726

Here's the next bit of WIP I've done. My knowledge of Kimbery and her children is really showing so if the anon who started asking after the Lintha would please help me rephrase these I'd love to apply a little polish to them.

Anyone else wanna give some sweet review on it?

>> No.48844727

Do you consider some specific supernatural entities and the different versions of them that exist in other universes to be the same person? I know ASA has that thing going on with Nyarly but I wondered if anyone else did the same thing for their own chain.

>> No.48844741

I think DMC's Gunslinger Style does that. Also the EXP module in Borderlands could do it.

>> No.48844742

The ring from Kancolle lets you companion one of your non companion shipgirls, you can also save it for a future jump to companion whoever you want. This is a dick move, that shipgirl worked hard for your approval and would be heartbroken if you didn't take her along because you wanted to save the ring for meta gaming.

>> No.48844750

As it stands, see >>48844711 no one can use that charm. You dismiss it by saying 'just lower the essence label' but that's basically the same as saying, 'why even bother with making my own epic spells, I can make level 5 spells that do the same thing just as well! What do you mean I can't make Level 5 spells with the same power as epic magic?'

>> No.48844756


None of the three.

I concentrated on helping Shinji become a better person and built up his confidence when I wasn't carrying out various shenanigans to muck with Gendo's plans.

To my surprise, Shinji ended up asking me for advice about dating and romancing Hikari.

There was some Asuka drama along the way that got Misato upset with me for awhile, but I didn't mind since Shinji and Hikari made for a really cute couple.


Well, I initially called her "Boss Lady" or "Boss", but she was thrilled when I nicknamed her "J.C." or "Jessie".

Now, I generally refer to her as "Lady Jessie", and she rather likes signing her messages as such when she sends me anything written.

>> No.48844767

So copy it.

>> No.48844778

It's not. Perma-killing spirits is an Essence 3 effect for Infernals. The only reason it goes up to 4 is because of the mote recharge it gets you.

The repurchase, allowing you to get memories and disguise, is also a Essence 4 effect at best. And only because it's two Essence 3 effects.

Point is that Infernal charms get better with higher Essence. Their level 5 spells ARE pretty much their epic spells.

>> No.48844786

He's not listening anymore,he said as much in his post. He's not changing anything regardless of your argument. If you're going to discuss anything, discuss whether you're going to allow a jump maker that isn't listening to criticism for his jump at all put his jump on the drive.

>> No.48844806

Except they aren't.

Its like saying humans are basically chimps. Except they aren't.

>> No.48844811


Its not my fault for Tenchi muyo and besides I didn't spend all those jumps getting the care taking perks for nothing .

>> No.48844813

Really? You're really going for the "if I can't have my way then I'm kicking over the sandcastle" approach?

Fuck, I'm responding to our per troll, aren't I?

>> No.48844820

What does it matter, just use CC with D&D magic, make 11 essence charms all day every day, no one can actually argue you can't if you use CC.

>> No.48844835

Charms aren't magic, your argument is invalid. Or are you going to start arguing that you can use CC with psionics and Ki next?

>> No.48844872

Anon, I'm serious. If someone posts their jump here, asks for criticism, and his response to it is 'I'm not convinced, so I'm standing firm on the issue and no changing anything' would you just accept it and allow it on the drive? Would you just say 'well, he heard it and didn't listen so my argument is invalid'?

>> No.48844876

>not magic

I see your point about not abusing the system, but this is just bizarre.

>> No.48844887

He really doesn't have a point. Charms are not special, they're just magic.

>> No.48844896

Not him, but just because someone has a criticism doesn't mean that their criticism is correct.

>> No.48844915

So what makes a criticism correct, you or the jumpmaker agreeing with it?

>> No.48844928

In general? Yes. Strawmen about Bible Black Jumps and Omnipotence perks aside, the fact that you don't like something doesn't obligate the author to change it. They are well within their rights to say "thanks, but the decision stands." Approval is to ensure basic standards of quality and compliance with the rules, not to ensure that every random Anon gets their way.

>> No.48844941

Charms aren't magic, though. They're closer to Ki techniques than anything. Except Sorcery, of course.

>> No.48844943

Look, charms and essence are different from magic, so CC shouldn't work with it.

>> No.48844947

All depends on the situation, and likely on the opinions of several others. If the whole thread says the jumpmaker is wrong and they still don't care then the jumpmaker is either wrong or has inadequately explained the situation.

>> No.48844956

So consensus decides? That's fucking stupid. If everyone says the sky is fucking yellow, that doesn't make it fucking true.

>> No.48844961

Let's say I went to Minecraft and didn't take the Cheat Mode perk because I was fulfilling dreams of industrial revolution.

What other consensus-accepted means of duplicating otherwise unique items in the Chain are there? I can think of the Sword Plant from King Arthur, temporary duplication spells, Plum Juggler's triplication, any others?

>> No.48844962

Then what about dark wisdom?

>> No.48844974

Again, not magic.

>> No.48844995

There's no differentiation to speak of that can actually validate your position. It's as much magic as mage magic is fucking magic and no amount of wanking exalted off can change that.

>> No.48845000

I'm not a Trek fan but wouldn't the matter replicator work to some degree?

>> No.48845003

Nope, that's how the thread works. Whoever shouts loudest wins. If you can samefag hard enough then you get to decide what the Jump is, and everyone has to go along with it.

>> No.48845006

Consensus isn't the only thing that decides. Also, I would like to point out that referring to the sky as blue, or rather calling that specific form of light blue, is technically consensus.

I would also like to point out that I made the mistake of replying without checking the greater context of the argument, and as such would like to retract my involvement.

>> No.48845007

That brings fourth a tough question, Supergirl or Galatea?

>> No.48845009

Do you actually have an argument besides saying magic is not magic?

>> No.48845036

Should work. Anon is just being stupid and insisting that magic isn't magic again because it's in his special setting.

>> No.48845037

Looks like magic to me. What makes it not magic?

>> No.48845040

Charms are explicitly not magic. They're extensions of a character's mundane traits exercised through the application of Essence, the fundamental life-force of creation. That's Ki any way you slice it. That's why you need some basis with the mundane skill to use it, rather than just magical knowledge.

>> No.48845044 [DELETED] 

What the hell is even the issue? Looking at essence 1-5 Infernal and Solar charms, Infernals don't seem to get better shit than their less edgy counterpart. Couldn't this be fixed by allowing custom charms over e5, pointing to Elder Solar charms, and saying 'your charms cannot be more powerful/versatile than this'?

>> No.48845054

>Galatea's giant size
Are you sure you aren't mixing Galatea up with Gigantia? Galatea is a clone of Supergirl and is essentially DCAU's version of Powergirl.

>> No.48845077

Yeah, I did.

>> No.48845086

Yeah, and inheritance cycle magic is life energy too.
Drafters literally use light to create matter, that's still magic.
Mage mana is supernal truth that people use to impose their will into reality.
In Mushoku Tensei, Ki is Mana.

What's your fucking point? Charms are magic.

>> No.48845110

Make a Comics/Cartoon Kryptonian/Superman jump. Then say that the solar absorption doesn't work out of the jump if your worried about balance. Or a Metropolis jump. Or a jump of a team that Supergirl has been on.

>> No.48845118


>> No.48845119

So it sounds like what you're saying is that magic is arbitrarily defined in each setting. In that case, why does your arbitrary definition (everything is magic!!!) trump the setting's (sorcery, necromancy, and mortal thaumaturgy are magic)?

>> No.48845124

>Then say that the solar absorption doesn't work out of the jump

That is a terrible idea.

>> No.48845127

Or a Superman 64 jump.

>> No.48845128

They're not explicitly not magic. They are referred to as magic at several points in the text. Exalted doesn't really make a distinction between mana and ki like some settings do. Essence is Essence, no matter how you shape it. However, I agree with the rest of your point. Charms are a very personal magic, one that can't be easily abstracted into the knowledge-based systems that many other forms of magic use. Even Occult and Lore charms are more an extension of your approach to acquiring and using knowledge than the knowledge itself.

>> No.48845135

That sounds like something that would be a drawback in a DC jump.

>> No.48845138

That was more a solution in regards to comic book Superman. Besides just not offering Kryptonians at all.

>> No.48845155

Or a Jump about retro DC tv shows.

>> No.48845156

Jumpers have been turning themselves into comic level Kryptonians for hundreds of threads now anon, that kind of limit would be irreverent.

>> No.48845160

Because it's fucking magic? Because your only argument is to say this thing which is clearly magic simply isn't because it's so different and special compared to the magic of other settings?

>> No.48845199

People keep bringing up an Adam West Batman jump, but no one has actually done it yet.

>> No.48845208

I feel like you should be able to merge Charms with other forms of magic, but only ones that are of a similar type. Magics that are an expression of your own inherent nature, rather than something you learned. Like, in D&D terms you could combine it with spells learned from Sorcerer class levels, but not Wizard ones. And you might be able to take it further from there, using the link between how Sorcerers and Wizards have similar magics to eventually merge your Charms with Wizard spells, but it would be much harder.

>> No.48845215

How do charms that Infernals get even stack up to shit like Solars?

In the previous thread, it was mentioned that Solars and Abyssals have very similarly powered charms per level of essence due to being a very similar kind of Exaltation.

Since Infernals are also Solaroids, are they stronger/weaker in some way that you can't just point to E6+ Solars and say, "Your charms cannot be anymore effective than what these guys get"? And then leave it that?

>> No.48845216

Did the Sonic jump not have enough rings for you?

>> No.48845226

My argument is that Exalted has things explicitly defined as magic (sorcery, necromancy, and thaumaturgy) and things which aren't. Your only argument is to say "it's obviously magic." You can't justify it, you can't back it up, you can't respond to my argument. All you can do is block your ears and go "lalalalalala magic!" But hey, if that's what gets you going, then go for it. Tell me how Pokemon psionics and aura, inFamous conduit powers, and Wuxia Ki powers are magic too.

>> No.48845245

Those things are literally not differentiated from charms in any fucking capacity though, they both use fucking essence, they are both magic.

>> No.48845259

They don't line up directly, but power is more or less even. Solar charms are easy mode, you just go and use them. Infernals tend to have to get creative in order to use their powers, since "incarnation of the copied power of a Lovecraftian elder god" is a more complicated theme than "sunlight and perfection". You've got to put some thought into how you apply endless spite and darkness to negotiation instead of just being the best negotiator ever. The way I've often heard it said is that Infernals offer very powerful toolsto solve your problems, but Solars just offer direct solutions.

>> No.48845260

>they both use fucking essence

>> No.48845269

I really feel like you should just be able to completely get rid of the personal aspect and use it with D&D wizard magic freely since both are magic and once you use conjoined conjures they're the same magic system.

>> No.48845270

Anything you guys can think to enrich the content?

Infernals can do have Mirrors of Solars, if I remember right they can develop a Mirrior to any Solar charm they would have been able to learn but that may be wrong, and also have the things that the Yozi added on during their creation. However they're not Solars+ because they often work in completely different ways to the average Solar.

>> No.48845281

Charms explicitly are magic. It's right there in the Core rulebook.

>All Exalted and most supernatural creatures use Charms. On the surface, these magics resemble one another, yet similar does not mean the same.
>these magics

>> No.48845296

That's abyssals. Infernals are basically worse in every way compared to Solars.

>> No.48845311

Except that mortal thaumaturgy doesn't necessarily use essence, and even when it does it does so in a completely different way than Exalted Sorcery.

Or to put it another way, Essence isn't magic, Sorcery is magic powered up with Essence the same way a Charm is a mundane technique powered up with essence.

>> No.48845312

Well she would be a valid choice too, /jc/ loves giantesses after all.

>> No.48845317

You're taking that quote out of context. Just because the charms are called magic at some point or another in official material doesn't mean they are magic. They still wouldn't work for combining with Conjoined Conjures.

>> No.48845328

Essence is mana dude. Charms are just a kind of magic which use mana by another name.

>> No.48845336

Then explain why various mortal forms of Thaumaturgy can be used without Essence.

>> No.48845362

Everything in Exalted uses Essence. Thaumaturgy just passively absorbs it from the environment instead of requiring the practitioner to fuel it. That's why thaumaturgy is usually so much weaker.

I'm not saying it should work with Conjoined Conjures. I agree that Charms are a very exotic form of magic that would be difficult to hybridize with other systems. But it's still magic. Everything in Exalted is magic. Even things that in our universe aren't. Like, basic chemical principles, even.

>> No.48845367

He really should head over to Dresden if he wants magic that runs off fucking essence.

>> No.48845397

Charms aren't magic though. If they were magic then CC should work on them, I'd concede to that, but Charms aren't magic.

>> No.48845398

What makes you think they aren't magic? What would you even classify them as?

>> No.48845399

Do you know if that Charm that gives you another Aspect would eliminate the extra Mote cost?

>> No.48845412

Ah the Mirror Keyword is indeed Abyssal true, could an infernal using the Infernal Hero Style develop Mirror Charms of the Solar Hero Style or is the Keyword somehow restricted to Abyssals only somewhere?

>> No.48845426

So this is just you stating tautologies to annoy us, and we're all idiots for not recognizing you as a troll sooner? Great, glad we cleared that up.

>> No.48845433

By that logic, entirely mundane skills like making bread or fighting with a sword are magic. At that point, the term "magic" is meaningless.

>> No.48845444

If it's magic it should work with conjoined conjures though. Like, what are you even saying, that it's magic but it just doesn't work as magic in line with jumpchain fiat, just because? That despite being magic, it isn't boosted by magic boosting perks and what not? Why wouldn't it?

>> No.48845447

>needing to brush

Someone didn't buy the dental perk in Highschool of the Dead.

>> No.48845487

So the Yozi just fucked them up by trying to be creative and customizing infernals to their liking? That's hilarious.

>> No.48845505

Qi. Essence is basically Qi with the serial numbers filed off.

>> No.48845525

Well, sword fighting isn't. As far as can be told, kinematics still works non-magically in Creation. But forging that sword was a magical operation, yeah. You think iron just melts on its own? No, it melts because the least gods of ore are intimidated by fire and can be convinced to move into a new shape using it as a threat. That from a casual perspective this looks exactly like it would to forge a sword in our physics-based universe doesn't change the underlying truth.

No, I'm saying that Conjoined Conjures would be difficult to make work with it. That you could conjoin it with anything, sure, but in a lot of cases you'd get nonsensical results due to the systems being so different. A magic that works by invoking spirits isn't going to blend well with a magic that works by channeling your own inner energy, for example. But you could work your way up to conjoining it with anything by going in steps. Start with a system that's roughly similar to Charms, then conjoin it with a system that's similar to that one, and so on until you've reached the end goal.

>> No.48845540

Do you think Evercleansed would also cover it?

>> No.48845550

I think at this point it should be left up to each Jumper on how this should be dealt with. As in this is a vague enough area that you can interpret things in a way I personally don't agree with, as I'd see Charms as a Supernatural or Extraordinary ability to use D&D terms and thus not innately magic however there are Charms with the keyword that makes them magic Sorcerious, but this is something either a Jumpmaker of the Jumps should get into or it should be left to the Jumper. Either way please stop this argument it's been running in circles for about two hours now.

>> No.48845552

I mean, why though? I can conjoin conjure shit like heylin magic with D&D wizard spell perfectly fine though. That's just how this kind of thing works.

>> No.48845559

I'd assume so. Evercleansed is meant to be your one-stop hygiene solution, covering your teeth fits with that.

>> No.48845578

That's not really a good example, because we don't know how Heylin magic works. Wuya more or less just wills things into happening, we don't know what the actual mechanisms behind it are. That vagueness means you can say it's exactly like D&D magic, if you wanted to, and Wuya just has some really awesome metamagic feats.

>> No.48845608

...Do you not understand how Conjoined Conjures works or something?

>> No.48845619

Once upon a time I called her Dr. J.

Not sure what to do now.

>> No.48845623

That doesn't make it magic, though. That just means Exalted works on a completely different form of physics than our universe does. If we lived in a universe with spirits then that would be science, and there was some fictional universe where there were no spirits, you just used fire to shake loose the lightning which chained the metal then beat it into shape, that wouldn't suddenly be magic either. Your definition of magic is basically "anything which doesn't use conventional physics," ignoring the fact that most Jumps don't use conventional physics and only a subset of those have magic in them.

>> No.48845637

Do you not understand that Conjoined Conjures still has to obey logic and that making your magic full of contradictions is probably not a good idea?

>> No.48845689

Best places to get perks that allow you to turn magic into a machine and vice versa?

>> No.48845694

Hey guys, just have a question about the Covenant jump.

I was hoping to give the jumper command of a fleet for the command capstone. Now, a fleet of 60 covenant vessels is something that could wreck a lot of settings, which is why I thought I'd ask here- should I let the whole fleet transfer between settings ala Light of Terra, or should I make it so that you get authority over a similar fleet in every new setting you go to? Or is there some other solution I'm missing?

All feedback appreciated.

>> No.48845720

For reference, what are the other Capstones?

>> No.48845724

No, that isn't how it works. Conjoined Conjures is literally just full stop merging the systems together, keeping every advantage and getting rid of every disadvantage inherent to both that is covered by the other.

If I merge one system with another system, I can use either or both systems to do everything the other or both is capable of using either magic's energy source and either or both magic's methods.

>> No.48845736


Let them follow you

>> No.48845746

The fact that it's an internally consistent system that can be analyzed with the scientific method doesn't make it non-magical. If that was the case, nothing anywhere would be magic. Or at least, it wouldn't be magic you could use. My definition of magic, for purposes of this argument, is a system where symbolism and consciousness has importance to the workings of the universe. Like, in our universe, iron doesn't care what you do with it. It's a purely physical substance, its behavior is entirely deterministic. In Creation, though, you can offend iron. You can also flatter iron. Iron has opinions, and depending on what you show to iron (the symbolism part), you can influence those opinions. That's what makes it magic.

>> No.48845754

Maybe some kind of combo with Amazo's Backup Memory from Young Justice?

>> No.48845756

Haven't decided yet. This was one of the things I was pretty enthusiastic about doing first, but I'll make the other ones balanced with it. I'm more concerned about interjump balance atm.

>> No.48845767

And that only goes so far. Cool Cats has stated that you need to put work into merging the two systems, it's not a fiat thing. If you can't figure out how to reconcile the differences, it's not going to work.

>> No.48845771

Hextech Genius in League of Legends is literally magitech
you could also steal all the canon research notes on the subject and make things like the Hextech gunblade that magically heals you for 15% of damage you do

>> No.48845789

Crimson Saint from Maoh Maou Yuusha is the classic for that. Turns magic into technology or technology into magic.

>> No.48845794

Maybe give them the skill and authority to command a fleet, and make it more likely they'll be put in a position of command in any military they find themselves in.

>> No.48845799

>interjump balance
You are a filthy Heretic!
But seriously just let them follow you.

>> No.48845807

If I companioned someone who was a ghost/undead in their home jump and then imported them into another jump, they automatically get a living/human form, right?

>> No.48845811

I'd be satisfied with just a single flagship. Are you talking about just the ships following you or would the crew and all your weapons and vehicles follow as well?

>> No.48845812

So what separates magic from psionics, chi, and other nonmagical systems like being a Conduit?

>> No.48845813

I'd already had that planned out for a perk (this may be a relatively quite long jump), actually giving them the fleet was going to be a piece of equipment.

>> No.48845817

That just makes it reality warping or something else supernatural that isn't magic, like ki.

>> No.48845832

If the source calls it magic then it is magic whether you like it or not.

>> No.48845836


>> No.48845838

That's a very interesting choice of words, considering that this is a jump about a group almost as theocratic as the imperium.

They wouldn't be able to be used for storage, and the crew would be NPCs.

>> No.48845839

This. Are the Q wizards?

>> No.48845843

>You can flatter iron
But can I make iron my waifu?

>> No.48845844

>Cool Cats

>> No.48845855

>interesting choice of words
I know, it was intentional.

>> No.48845869

Well, Conduits are science. Mad science, but science all the same. All their observed feats involve manipulating matter and energy, there's nothing to suggest any symbolic logic going on.

As for psionics and chi? Well, it varies from setting to setting. They can be magic, definitely. Not always, sometimes psionics is just a weird brain structure that can manipulate energy, sometimes chi is entirely structural in its energy manipulation and has nothing to do with elemental balance or whatever. It depends.

>> No.48845870

Ah. Well, if you came to watch me Powerwank, you will be disappointed.

>> No.48845886

Oh my, that was a rude mistake of mine to make, wasn't it. Forgive me, stupid_dog, I shouldn't get the two of you confused but I so often do. You're both animal-named jump authors who make a lot of imaged jumps, I get you confused sometimes.

>> No.48845891

No, but charms are. Why are you even trying anymore? You've been proven wrong.

>> No.48845896

Don't see why they wouldn't, or why you couldn't do the same with anything you manage to turn into a companion.

You can also go to the Sims to turn the undead into living people.

>> No.48845900

So you know how there's tons of dark/evil/unholy powers throughout the Chain?

Well, sometimes an evil Jumper has a redemption arc, or someone brings them back to their senses.

What I want to know is if there's any perks that let you use "purified" versions of your existing evil powers? Like summoning not-Heartless made out of Courage and Honor or something?

>> No.48845901

The more crowd-pleasing option would be to have them follow you. The more balanced option would be to have a new fleet. Personally, I would do a mix of both. Have the Capstone give you a specialized Capital Ship that inspires and naturally draws soldiers and warriors, especially sailors and the like, to follow you. This way, they would have a vessel that they could continually work on and improve, while at the same time preventing every Jump afterwards from being a complete stomp, as they would still have to spend time gathering together a Fleet.

>> No.48845916

Presumably not. The Q are some sort of way past the Singularity hyper-civilization. They might have magic in there somewhere, but it's more likely that the things they have that seem to make consciousness affect reality are only that way because they built them to do so.

>> No.48845922

I think there are perks that let you use evil powers without being corrupted, but I don't remember where.

>> No.48845937

Ok, great. So Charms aren't magic. Glad we're on the same page.

>> No.48845948

This is a good idea, and I might do it. You're right in that finding a middle ground is the best idea. I'll mull it over some more, I suppose.

>> No.48845960

I know, but that's not really what I mean. It's one thing to have a redemption arc, but to have to not use a bunch of your powers because even if they don't corrupt you they still defile the land or need souls for fuel or something can get you killed. Makes great story, but could get you killed.

So I'm wondering if since X turns Jumper Good, can something turn their powers Good?

>> No.48845964

The source literally fucking calls them magic at several points. You are wrong.

>> No.48845967

Already begun. There's the ability to become a Primarch for 400cp, you can create your own legion, and chaos doesn't autofuck your soul. The daemon prince option also doesn't take away your immortality, which is better than anything that double-talking bitch will ever do for any of us.

If she's a whiny crybaby bitch then she isn't a good jumpmaker. You can write all the bullshit you want, but if you're so thin-skinned that you bitch and shit on someone for the slightest reasonable criticism then you're a shit jumpmaker because you're ignoring the thread.

>> No.48845984

Just because something is called magic doesn't mean it actually is.

>> No.48845989

It would, yeah . Thats one of its main benefits

>> No.48845990

>They wouldn't be able to be used for storage, and the crew would be NPCs.
Eh, I don't know. On the one hand, Covenant ships are really strong and easily capable of destroying entire planets. On the other hand, it's only 60 ships so you'd be outnumbered in nearly every setting where you'd have a reason to use them and I think most people would realize that they can't go around glassing planets all the time.

I don't know, I still think it would be better if you just let a single ship follow you instead of the entire fleet. Or maybe make it so that your flagships follows you for free but any additional ships have to be purchased in order to follow you

>> No.48846002 [SPOILER] 

Crimson Saint Using Crimson Saint (Maoyuu Hero And Demon King ) to convert spells to tech, Cobra-La Biotechnology (G.I. Joe) to convert tech to biologic implants, and probably some science bio-genetics surgical skills in general (Gargoyles or Franken Fran), you could potentially create some kind of genetic alteration that does just that.
The perks would allow you to infinitely loop between the two types (Tech and Magic) allow you to do strange stuff like upgrading the tech using other tech, like Certified Tech (Fallout) and Reverse Engineering (Worm) allow, before turn the tech back to a new, stable and learned spell. This can also allow one to mimic some interesting effects in technological format, Triple-Maximized Anti-Magic in the form of a watch that creates a lattice work of shifting area via a technological version of Incantatrix's Spell Shape that avoid your magic and auto defend against hostile magic by shifting hundreds of thousands of layers microscopic anti-magic area in the way, forcing the spell through each will take a caster level check and most people fail at those odds, I you can't replicate the Class feature Metamagic then that's not so bad it's still an awesome non-magical anti-magic field that no one can counter magic.
Hope this helped a little. Tired now, but I'll keep an eye on the thread.

>> No.48846007

Interjump balance? You know that's the one thing you aren't supposed to take into account when making a jump right? And consider this another vote to let them follow you.

>> No.48846008

Are you honestly this dumb?

>> No.48846014

See >>48845317. Or to put it in D&D terms, they're supernatural, not spell-like. They don't qualify for CC any more than Monk powers do.

>> No.48846015


>> No.48846019

The recent Hive Queen Quest jump has a perk both for turning biology into tech and one for turning tech into biology. So that would be a much simpler way to do the cycling.

>> No.48846020

I've got this idea to do a Forgotten Realms native Adventuring Party Jumpchain.

It's be the classic party of four, Fighter, Rogue, Healer, Arcanist.

I'm pretty familiar with 3.5 and I know Fighters always get the short end of the stick, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a good Martial class for him/her to start as.

>> No.48846025

It's true. I'm thinking of adding more restrictions, such as that the owner of the space you're in would be able to monitor all your movements, and you wouldn't be able to modify the ships, stuff like that.

Looking for good arguments here, not votes.

>> No.48846027

Good thing many jumpers are super duper mega geniuses.

>> No.48846032


>> No.48846043

top kek.

>> No.48846047

I wonder if there's any build out there that purposefully ignore any intelligence perks for the sake of creating the multiverse's most powerful idiot.

>> No.48846061


>> No.48846064

You'd also have to keep a "you're dumb" Drawback the whole way through to make sure you don't learn anything from the sheer amount of time.

>> No.48846078

>quoting me as an argument
Do you not realize I'm only posting on your side ironically to make fun of you? Are you actually so stupid that you actually believe that?

>> No.48846087

For a brief period of time a year ago, I was considering making an Insane Clown Posse Gauntlet with a Perk that made you better at doing something the less you understand it's underlying mechanics

>> No.48846095

Genius is no guarantee of success when trying to resolve logical impossibilities. It's like saying that you're so smart that you can prove that 1=5.

>> No.48846102

Huh. I never knew this class existed. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to run with it.

A smart fighter class. I really like this.

>> No.48846108

Power Girl, always Power Girl.

>> No.48846109

>Insane Clown Posse Gauntlet
And here I already had "Miracles" in my head from this stupid "what is magic" discussion.

>> No.48846119


Not a perk but the pistol/chaingun/shotgun from Doom are hitscan so there's no travel time for the bullet between leaving the barrel and hitting the target.

Unless you meant rate of fire than I dunno.

>> No.48846128

I sure as shit aint making THAT jump

>> No.48846158

Yay Combos!

1) Shift Triplicate-Maximized [SPELL] into tech using Crimson Saint.
2) Upgrade using all tech perks you've got (Varies from Jumper to Jumper)
3) Shift this into Biology with Hive Queen stuff and improve with biology manipulation (Likely Geneforge among others but mostly I personally lean on Geneforge)
4) Shift back to Tech (Hive Queen agian) Improve where you can streamlining systems should be a must.
5) Shift back to Magic with Crimson Saint.
6) Cast new spell with Abyss of Magic (Overlord LN/A/M) or any other hold spell to charge.
7) Shift higher power spell into Tech with Crimson Saint.
8) Repeat steps 1-8 until you can no longer get any returns.

>> No.48846164

Pity, because you basically disproved your own side. Supernatural abilities are described as magic but they're not the kind that Conjoined Conjured work on. A Monk's Ki Strike, Wholeness of Body, and Abundant Step can't be used with Conjoined Conjures. Nor can a Dragon's breath weapon. Nor can any other sort of ability tagged Su.

>> No.48846170


>> No.48846171

For specific intergers 1 can indeed equal 5.

>> No.48846172

I'm a fan of Marshals.

>> No.48846198

>the owner of the space you're in would be able to monitor all your movements
That actually sounds kinda dumb and better left to in setting tech. It would make sense in Star Trek where most races have sensors that can scan targets dozens or hundreds of light years away but not so much in a place like Outlaw Star or Dead Space where they never really displayed the ability to do that.

>you wouldn't be able to modify the ships
Why? Modifying your vehicles is fun and it actually has built in restrictions in the form of your own creativity, current power level, and resources. It's true that people could transform those ships into giant mechs, upgrade them with better weapons and armor, or combine them all into a single mega vessel but it would take time and they'd need to use combos from other jumps in order to do it.

>> No.48846213

That perk is overpowered, it would basically enable jumpers to automatically succeed at anything they try.

You know, 'cause jumpers are monumental idiots who have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

>> No.48846219

>Supernatural abilities are described as magic
You can stop there because if you admit it is magic, any more and you just make yourself look dumber.

>> No.48846224

Not an implication if all you need to do is look at last thread to see what a massive, cowardly bitch she is. I'll even help you and link the post which shows it. >>48841939

Notice how she hasn't come on and posted anything. No apologies, no self-perspective, none of it. Just ignoring it because she thinks she's above it all and can wait for it to blow over before she comes back later and has everyone sucking her dick again because 4chan is totally the place you go to for attention and ego stroking, amirite? All while polluting this place with useless, arbitrary limits that fuck canon over because "it's for story!" while telling us to shut up and ignore the shit she's shoving down our throat.

She refuses to listen to criticism. She bitches and whines whenever she receives the slightest negativity. She puts in worthless "rules" and refuses to get rid of it even when all logic and reason point out that it's completely stupid, and she won't even confront her own mistakes. She's without a doubt the worst fuckup in this entire community, and I guarantee anything I make will be much better than any shitstain she could throw out of her asshole at us. Her FEAR bullshit should be proof enough that the best thing she can do for us is to fucking kill herself. But since she won't ever listen to the logical argument, the only thing to do is hijack every single one of her claims until she realizes she is completely unwanted here. Thread consensus makes itself known one way or another.

This all could have been avoided if she actually had half a brain and listened to the right people instead of her dicksucking white knights for once.

>> No.48846250

Well, you're wrong. Charms are magic, you're entire argument is founded on the idea that despite it being called magic, that it isn't. You have nothing to stand on.

>> No.48846251

True. I guess I'm just trying to find a way to make my idea, which I think of as really cool, not be stupidly OP. I plan to price it at 1200 CP, though, so that should add some measure of balance.

I should probably clarify that even for a fleet of this size, it'll take a few weeks of uninterrupted effort to glass a planet. And something about it taking a long time to fully restock.

And as for modifying the ships... I did feel there should be something of a cieling to the power this gives you. I dunno. I'll include it in the first draft that has this and them... I'll go based off the feedback from that point.

>> No.48846256

Well, then I guess Conjoined Conjures works on literally everything once you hit D&D. Psionics, ki, biological abilities, the works. There's no such thing as nonmagical powers.

>> No.48846277


Best thing I could probably recommend is intelligent use of Real Eater. Defile -> Cleanse, Evil -> Good, Corrupt -> Purify and so on. Considering one of the examples in the wording is changing fire powers into ice powers, I think opposites are on the table, just not changing things into something completely different and unrelated.

>> No.48846278

Supergirl is now part the Arrowverse so yeah, using canon companion works. The next crossover with Arrow, The Flash, & Supergirl is rumored to be a musical. Grant Gustin aka Barry Allen was on Glee, a show about singing, so it's gonna be interesting to see.

>> No.48846287

If Your setting calls it magic then it is magic in that setting regardless of what it is in other settings.

>> No.48846292

>All while polluting this place with useless, arbitrary limits that fuck canon over because "it's for story!" while telling us to shut up and ignore the shit she's shoving down our throat.

>> No.48846296

Thread consensus?

Only one way to test that...


>> No.48846298

Hatred is drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. Let go of your hate. Embrace your inner Buddha nature.

>> No.48846307

I never found Marshals all that interesting except for their buffing auras, which quickly get overwhelmed at even moderate levels. Maybe if the Major Auras ran off Charisma as well, that would be something.

>> No.48846320

So Conjoined Conjures can literally do anything. Thanks, Spacebattles.

>> No.48846321


You joke, but there is an old quote referencing fictional characters, in that they can only be as smart as the one writing about them, sooooo. . .

>> No.48846325

CC combines magic systems, and while everything in d&d is basically, they all work according to different systems and have different names, so it doesn't work like that.

You don't get to use the argument that magic systems are arbitrarily defined by every different setting and that magic is what the setting defines it, then turn around and say that it isn't magic even if the setting calls it magic.

>> No.48846340

If you learn one Aspected Charm as an Air Aspect like "Elemental Bolt" or something, do you have to buy it again if you use Transcendent Gaian Harmony to pick up an Earth Aspect?

>> No.48846355

In all my life I have never seen a modern projector actually be used.
Every time one was used a projector it was those shitty old ones that generate of fuck load of heat and noise.

>> No.48846357

I'll let go of my hate when Red actually owns up to her shit and stops being a coward who keeps fucking us over for a powerboner.

Shitpost all you want, but the last few threads have proven I am completely in the right.

Everyone knows that can't be trusted because her white knights will just game the system. Thread has spoken these last few threads, and we've spoken that she's a fucking cancer to this place.

>> No.48846358

No, it automatically expands it.

>> No.48846359

How do you get that from what I said? Seriously point it out.

>> No.48846366


He's a fucking troll. You can't expect someone to be capable of saying that despite being called magic by the setting itself, it still isn't magic.

>> No.48846374

>and we've spoken that she's a fucking cancer to this place.

Who the fuck is We?

>> No.48846376

You've never made anything but shitposts, but go ahead and keep cranking those out if you like.

>> No.48846396

They're pretty good. A lot of colleges use them now, pretty handy.

>> No.48846404

Him and his bucket of bait probably.

>> No.48846422

Naturally everyone in last thread, all you have to do is look back at everyone calling her out.

>> No.48846424

>implying hatred isn't his nature
The more you try to fight it, the more miserable you become.

Feed your hatred. Voice your doubts. Embrace your rage. Caress your fear. Fall into despair. Swell with pride.

Only then will you be true to your nature.

>> No.48846434

>Supernatural abilities are magical and go away in an antimagic field
Psionics is supernatural, therefore once you hit D&D all psionics is magic and a valid target for Conjoined Conjures.

Ki is supernatural, therefore once you hit D&D all Ki is magic and a valid target for Conjoined Conjures.

Breath weapons are supernatural, therefore once you hit D&D all breath attacks are supernatural and valid targets for conjoined conjures.

Shapechanging is supernatural, therefore once you hit D&D all shapechanging is supernatural and therefore a valid target for conjoined conjures. Better yet, since the lycanthrope curse is also supernatural, you can curse people with the ability to use any magic you can think of through clever applications of Conjoined Conjures.

Congratulations, Spacebattles. You win Jumpchain.

>> No.48846440


>> No.48846453

How about this thread? Thread opinion here, ever since you proposed to take the jump away, has been overwhelmingly against you.

>> No.48846459

You know, I hear about how Spacebattles is terrible but what is it exactly that they do?

>> No.48846475

Paranoidanon just fucking leave.

>> No.48846481

Her cowardice and inability to own up to her constant mistakes is all the approval I need. If she actually bothered to post and admit she was wrong, and change the jump to accurately reflect canon, we wouldn't be having this problem.

But no. She's a coward. And cowards aren't allowed to make jumps.

>> No.48846489

Neverending powerwanking and special snowflakism, as well as being too much of a hugbox to allow differing real criticism of their authors.

>> No.48846491

Basically the exact same shit we do. Read out any possible limits, ignore any rules they don't like, and wank until their cocks fall off. Oh, but they also make Jumps without any arbitrary limits, just like everyone's been asking for. I don't know why we have animosity to them.

>> No.48846506

Then put on your trip or leave.

>> No.48846507

So what you're saying is that while you're alone, and you're proposing something never done before -taking an in progress jump away from the author- you're okay with that, despite thread consensus being against you?

You've become everything you rail against, anti-red. Or should I call you Blue?

>> No.48846527

Don't hate on Blue. She's done nothing wrong. Well, OK, she's done a lot of things wrong. But it's funny when she does.

>> No.48846542

Seeing how he likes to talk about cocks, we should name him "Blueballs".

>> No.48846545

Oh wait, we have an actual jumpmaker named blue? My bad, sorry.

>> No.48846551

Spacebattles has a Jumpchain thread as well. It has a bunch of folks who don't rely on thread consensus and only work with the letter of the Jump. They like to craft infinitely powerful things and have little to do with us other than the few times a few of them have tried to sneak a Jump onto the drive without putting through the thread.

How long with the Poll be up? It's already 12 to 5 with the majority being; No. Thread Precedent.

>> No.48846563

What is even your fucking argument? That magic isn't magic and that conjoined conjures only works on magic that fits into you're arbitrary definition of magic rather than anyone else's or the setting's own standard for what is and is not magic?

What are you arguing, what are you lobbying for? Do you just want everybody to accept your nonsense without questioning it despite you never presenting any real arguments to support your reasoning in contrast with everyone telling you why you're wrong? Do you just want people to stop disagreeing with you at all?

>> No.48846567

Except it isn't impossible. Unless you can find a quote from Stupid_Dog saying that radically different magic systems can't be merged, it's just more difficult, not impossible.

>> No.48846577

Indefinitely. It prooved its point early on.

>> No.48846601

A poll stuffed by white knights is a worthless excuse of a poll. Only posts on the thread matters.

>> No.48846610


>> No.48846614

The majority of replies you've gotten have been against you.

>> No.48846633

Funny how it's easy to phonepost and samefag.

>> No.48846635

He only cares about the number of replies, not the substance in them.

>> No.48846641

>Only posts on the thread matters.
Very well.
You're an asshole, no one likes you. Cease, desist, and shut up.

Aaaaand posted.

>> No.48846651

My point is that Conjoined Conjures only works on spellcasting, not innate supernatural abilities. Charms are innate supernatural abilities, Sorcery is spellcasting. Therefore, Charms are not a valid target. Insisting they are is effectively making Conjoined Conjures limitless, since literally anything effectively falls under its purview. I'd like to think Stupid Dog is better than that.

>> No.48846672

Yes, that's right, the IRC is directing all its members to get on their phones, laptops, and desktops to send as many bilious replies to you as possible.

Jesus fuck. Seek medical attention.

>> No.48846678


They have their own Jumpchain thread. Last I heard one of the mods encouraged rules lawyering and most of their attempted Jumpmakers are really shit. They had someone attempt to make a "The Gamer" Jump and "The Gamer" as an ability wasn't only in the Jump at an affordable price, it was far from the most bullshit thing offered. There was a thing that allowed you to go back to past Jumps easy iirc.

>> No.48846689

For fuck's sake, he's not making anything! He's a troll, all he wants is a reaction, and you all are giving him exactly what he wants!

>> No.48846702

But charms are even called magic. And to put it bluntly, charms aren't any more of an innate supernatural ability than Dresden Files magic. Which is classified as magic as well.

>> No.48846703



>> No.48846706

Your setting calls it magic. Not spell like abilities not nonmagical super speshul pixie farts not anything else. Magic. If it is not magic but some innate thing? We can copy those too with other perks then make them magic.

>> No.48846707

How is that different than what we've wanked Conjoined Conjures into? We like that kind of overpowered, do anything, break the rules and laugh bullshit.

>> No.48846713

Well, you're fucking wrong, Conjoined Conjures works on any magic system. Don't make rulings on jumps you didn't fucking make.

>> No.48846725

>We like that kind of overpowered

Who the fuck is We?

>> No.48846729

Supernatural abilities in D&D are called magic. They include Ki, psionics, breath weapons, lycanthropes shapeshifting, and a fuckton of other things I could find for you. If you accept one you accept the other.

>> No.48846748

>don't make rulings on systems you didn't create!
>that's my job!
You serious there?

>> No.48846751

We've already had this discussion. The Gamer ability is good, but not so good that it can't be handled by making it expensive and maybe implementing a mandatory drawback.

What was the ability to go back into previous settings? Is that even a thing in Gamer?

>> No.48846754

Oh fuck off you fucking cunt you are wrong and a large part of the thread has already been devoted to telling you so. Piss off.

>> No.48846762


Probably using the royal we, in reference to themselves.

>> No.48846769

So I've noticed that Lintha blood path doesn't have an 800cp capstone. Are there plans for that, or...?

>> No.48846774

Ah. Yes, that would make much more sense.

>> No.48846789

He, himself, & Irene (his right hand/gf).

>> No.48846792

Why don't you evict me. Oh, wait, you can't.

>> No.48846793


No, iirc there were several things that never appeared in the setting or series that they were adding for. . .reasons I can't remember?

>> No.48846797

It honestly shouldn't work with Dresden Files magic either. Just because the setting calls it magic doesn't mean it's magic, since it's really soul stuff exerting will onto reality, and conjoined conjures shouldn't work on anything that isn't spellcasting.

>> No.48846825

I believe he is trying to say that CC is freakish in scope after going to D&D or something. Earlier it was about how Charms counted as Magic, and with the base he's built he might be right in his Chain. Not how I'd do it but I haven't gotten to CC Sakura.

>A Poll with an actual way to individualize the anons so that the vast majority can be seen doesn't matter. Only posts on the thread matter.

I was wrong. Got the two arguments confused, my apologies.

>Charms are called magic
True and we call slight of hand magic as well, just food for thought.

I haven't come up with it yet. The fact is I'm going to need some information on the family and their breeding programs before I can flesh out the two Destinies that you can take.

>> No.48846836

Won't matter, anon. Apparently CC works with anything now. All you have to do is claim it's magic.

>> No.48846852

Impose limits on people when you make a Jump and see what happens.

>> No.48846874

Well, I've already done that and I'm about to do it again. No one bitched the last time I did it, and they probably won't be able to stop me next time. So good luck with that.

>> No.48846881

The damn setting says it is magic. Yes all that sgit may be magic in d&d but not be magic in another setting. If the setting says it is magic then it is magic if it seperates magic and ki or if it says it is not magic then they are different.

>> No.48846889

Put your trip back on and learn to read, Red.

>> No.48846890

>Well, I've already done that and I'm about to do it again
...And which jump would that be?

>> No.48846899

Oh yeah what have you ever made for the thread again?

>> No.48846928

Well, I'll put my trip back on, but I'm not red. Sorry to dissapoint, paranoid.

I love this.

Just to clarify to those with legitimate complaints: I do make efforts to listen to everyone's feedback. But the stuff like that which the anti-red guy has thrown out has never swayed me before and it never will.

>> No.48846947

God I wish we could get some of these shitheads permabanned. Too bad 4chan mods never do their jobs or if they do the fags just proxy.

>> No.48846955

Well, now we know who the mysterious jumpmaker is >>48846928...AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENANON!

>> No.48846957

Wait, which other Jump(s) have you made? I don't monitor thread 24/7.

>> No.48846974

>the faggot who wants to make wwe wrestlers tackle elder gods while you kill them.

Oh fuck off.

>> No.48846975

What are some suggestions for good inventory perk, focused on weapons and cloth

>> No.48846983

>Magic is arbitrarily defined differently in different settings, to determine whether one setting or another's magic is actually magic, we're just going to go with the setting's own standards.
>Except if I don't like that one magic system or enough is considered magic, then we should consider them not magic, even if the setting itself calls it magic.
This thread is stupid.

>> No.48846999

Gotta admit, that was pretty fitting.

Not really. If we start down that road, it's not likely that we'll stop, and at the end of that road is Hugboxville. I'd prefer the shitflingers, in all honesty.

I'm working on one focusing on the Covenant from Halo.

It's funny that I explicitly wrote in a revision that you were pushed to the sidelines while the fight was on, and couldn't intervene- doing exactly what you want me to. Thus I limited the Jumper. You were earlier complaining about people limiting jumpers.

Ayy lmao, anti-red. Ayy lmao.

>> No.48847001

I dunno, making a sling out of cloth and carrying your weapons around in it?

>> No.48847020

Guess we know who Red's latest butt buddy is with the nerf bat.

>> No.48847029

The only magic that is actually magic is if I tell you it is, bitch.

>> No.48847038

>rules lawyering

Like every thread here?

>> No.48847040

>I put some limitations on a jumper's "I win button"
>this means I'm using a nerf bat excessively

Whatever you say.

>> No.48847053

>literally everything can and should be considered magic
>regardless of how well it lines up to the magic used in this Jump
>one perk should let me become a God
I agree. This thread is stupid.

>> No.48847084


I think SAO has a Game Inventory perk. Fairy Tail has requip that allows you to summon or store weapons from and to your warehouse iirc. Harry Potter has space expansion charms. That's all I can remember off the tip of my head.

>> No.48847097


>> No.48847111

>unless this settings magic is like the magic of this other jump, that means it isn't magic!
What a fucking retarded opinion. I'm so fucking glad that you're a shitposter and not a real person who has this opinion.

>> No.48847114


I don't know much about Spacebattles, was just telling the other anon what I knew of since they were asking.

>> No.48847122


>> No.48847150

>I should be able to use a spell for combining magic systems with psionics, ki, and biological abilities just because they're referred to as magic once
Same here.

>> No.48847152

I know you are either too stupid to understand or a troll but.

Why should it bot be magic when the setting itsself says that it is magic?

>> No.48847155

Oh you made the WWE jump. Yeah I lost interest with that jump with it having no diva section for the female and the stupid John Cena meme perk.

Now with Covenant jump, I haven't read it yet but I not sure what the objective your aiming with it. I mean if a jumper was serious and had the Covenant resource, it shouldn't take long to smash the UNSC.

>> No.48847182

See >>48847150. Do you honestly think Stupid Dog intended for you to be able to combine every single supernatural ability together by buying a single perk?

>> No.48847193

Because it's powerwanking to consider things that are called magic to be magic when you should only consider things that look like this specific, arbitrary magic system from a different setting to be magic.

>> No.48847198

>I mean if a jumper was serious and had the Covenant resource, it shouldn't take long to smash the UNSC.

Yeah, but you could say that about a lot of settings. With Avatar, nearly any mid-game jumper could fuck up the fire nation alone.

And honestly, with the diva thing- I don't like the idea of having routes locked off to a gender, famalam, or creating a route just for one gender.

>> No.48847219

Crusader is also Tome of Battle thing, but they use Manuevers and recover them in a style similar to Megaman Battle Network chip.

You got a manuever library and whenever you recover them, you get a random manuever from your library.

No, you can't do program advance.

>> No.48847226

Considering that you let women be wrestlers I don't see why you couldn't let men be divas as long as they acted like one.

>> No.48847233

It doesn't fucking matter, you're basically arguing in favor of inter jump balance on the basis of fucking nothing.

>> No.48847234


I'm not sure of the full context of this conversation or argument or whatever, what's the argument? Conjoined Conjuries basically allows you to figure out how to merge magic systems into something new like Clow Reed though. It seems really simple, so I'm more wondering how there's confusion.

>> No.48847239

You know the perk description refers to casting spells at one point, right?

>> No.48847251

Because divas don't typically get in the ring with the great wrestling personalities that made the WWE what it is. As such, I elected to put nearly no emphasis on Divas, because frankly, they're not as cool and interesting.

>> No.48847272


I haven't watched WWE in a while, hasn't the Diva division basically fallen to shit-tier? They were all kinda awful last time I checked, mostly there as just a pretty face or a gimmick.

>> No.48847281

You're arguing that spellcasting perks should be applied to every single form of supernatural power. It's not just Conjoined Conjures either. This logic could be applied to every single magic boosting perk.

Whether or not ki techniques should be considered a magic system because they're referred to as magic.

>> No.48847283

How much would an an empty Gate of Babylon cost?

>> No.48847285

I have been reading over that class as well. I find it is too tinged with the Divine for the character I have in mind. The mechanic itself is rather interesting though.

>> No.48847287

This other guy above says magic is not magic even though it the setting says it is. And because the setting says it is magic all other setting are magic even if not unless he gets his way and nothing is magic.

>> No.48847292

The argument is that certain setting's magic isn't magic for conjoined conjures, even if the setting you're getting the magic from calls it fucking magic, because his standards for what is and is not magic is 'things I decide are magic'.

>> No.48847304

Meanwhile, your standard for what is and isn't magic is "it's all magic, fuck you." Psionics is magic, ki is magic, biology is magic. It's all magic, all my perks apply, fuck you I win forever.

>> No.48847319

>magic boosting perks don't apply to magic because I'm telling you they aren't magic because I don't think their magic because I don't want them to be magic.

>> No.48847320

Yeah understandable, disappointing but I understand. And for the Covenant, you still have to deal with the religious zealous and the flood if they release them from the halo.
For me, I wanted to turn the divas division around and make it respectable as my goal.

>> No.48847336

>magic boosting perks apply to psionics because fuck you, everything is magic.

>> No.48847337

>And for the Covenant, you still have to deal with the religious zealous

Yeah, I have several drawbacks (WIP soon brothers) that make your own mind altered so that you're more zealous, and another that releases the flood.

>> No.48847348

One important question:

Is it bad that I like Mandarin from Iron Man Armored Adventures more than any of his other incarnations?

>> No.48847358

>if you think that things refereed to magic are magic, then you are a powerwanker who thinks everything is magic, because I insist that your position is a strawman that I invented for you

>> No.48847359

Started out in Overlord (LN/M/A). Could tear the fire nation to shreds even back then with city-killing curses dropped like fucking propaganda.

Someone is wanking the system to instantly create a new system any time magic is introduced to it, leaving aside the fact that Clow Reed is FUCKING OLD, and then with D&D Magic defining some things oddly he's included Ki, Psoinics and some other stuff in there. The argument here stems from the fact that by the definition of the word granted by D&D and IRL is the following;

Magic; the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

This very strict reading has lead to everything remotely supernatural to be come magic, and thus fall under the umbrella of CC.

>> No.48847360

The only one saying that is you.

>> No.48847379

That is one badass design.

>> No.48847390

No my standard is If this setting calls its magic "magic" then the stuff from that setting is magic. Stuff from other settings is ruled by their own settings logic.please try to keep up.

>> No.48847403


That does seem trickier than I expected. Ki can definitely be used for magic (Jackie Chan being an example I think), but I don't know the techniques in question to have any input on whether they're actually part of a system of magic or not.


While the first part sounds like it could be up for debate, it sounds like the argument wasn't really handled well if that type of extremist mindset stuff wormed its way in.

>> No.48847405

Actually read the conversation maybe instead of posting something completely incorrect about what this argument is about. Spreading misinformation like this only stirs shit and makes you come off as someone who comes to conclusions about an argument without knowing anything about it.

>> No.48847421

Conjoined Conjures lets you combine any magic system. Psionics is magic in D&D. Therefore you can use Conjoined Conjures to combine psionics with magic. This is what you're arguing for, a 600 CP discounted perk being able to combine literally any form of superpower together.

>> No.48847438


You know what? That's a pretty admirable goal. They didn't used to be shit. Even if they've always pretty much been fanservice, I remember back when there were some that could kick ass too.

>> No.48847443


It is an armor you can summon once you active ONE of the rings.

Each Ring has different power and the more you have, the stronger each power is. Full set bonus is almost godhood, as far as was said and shown in series.

Mind you, issue with the rings is that to use them properly, you need specific DNA, called Dragonseed. So you got a clan that has it, with rings initally hidden around the world.

The DNA comes from an alien species that forged the rings in the first place

Extremis appears in the cartoon and it is said that in future, everyone was affected by it for betterment of human race.

>> No.48847445

So here's the second WIP of the Covenant jump. I've changed the way you choose species, I've added drawbacks and the fleet of particular justice as the capstone equipment for command.

My desire to die has been somewhat lessened.

>> No.48847481

I know, right?

>> No.48847483

So are you more "mad, idealistic tinker" or more "unscrupulous inventive capitalist," tech-Jumpers?

>> No.48847494

Where are his Ten Rings? Is that magic armor, at least be magic armor.

Yeah it is but I just want magical Mandarin back after seeing what they did to him in MCU.

Correct me if I'm wrong then, post the correct information. Allow us to all be enlightened, however this is what it looks like to me. I'm even a public face so I'll take my lumps properly.

Cool. Might even look into it now.

That throne though.

>> No.48847513

How did you guys not notice that the magic argument and the Red argument never occurred at the same time, but alternated? Hint hint.

>> No.48847520

Mad tinker.

Goblin tech is pretty much only good for explosions.

>> No.48847525

Ambitious planner using the release of new techs for social engineering purposes.

>> No.48847547

i took a perk for that

>> No.48847550

Right here, senpai.

Original Mandarin scattered them the fuck around the world because he didn't like how his children either misused their power or fought between each other. So he hid all except one, which he had be passed down the generations. The powers of these rings... Apparently are somewhat technology based but I call shenanigans on that due to some of the powers it grants.

Oh, also each Ring has a trial related to getting it. Which is looking so similar to magic that I can't believe it's not.

>> No.48847568


>> No.48847599

That's only 9 rings though.

>> No.48847603

Original Mandarin sounds like a pretty cool guy.

>> No.48847605

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, anon.

>> No.48847610 [SPOILER] 

>implying I let go


>> No.48847611

Mad, idealist tinkerer!!

The Cheerbots have revolted. The others are incapacitated with aphrodisiacs and I'm locked in with the /really/ dangerous weapons. Send help!

>> No.48847612

Here's a rough blow-by-blow. A poster wants to use Conjoined Conjures on Exalted Charms. A poster says that Charms aren't valid under Conjoined Conjures since they're Ki. A poster finds a passage saying Charms are a form of magic, and claims this means they're valid targets. A poster finds a passage in D&D saying supernatural abilities are magic, but include basically every type of power we think of as different from magic. Then there's a giant back and forth shitstorm.

>> No.48847619

Not as much as your mom.

>> No.48847635


I want to know what went wrong, when, and how.

>> No.48847653

This post is dumb and wrong for so many reasons. You are literally asserting something about your opponents argument that no one actually said or advocated. You are then taking that to illogical extremes just to support your argument. You are then using this as basis for an argument that the standard for what is and is not magic should be changed from a tautological statement of 'magic is magic' to an arbitrary one of your own, that 'not even magic is magic'. That's not even to speak of the implications of interjump balance in your post.

Basically, it's this. We've been going in circles for over an hour because this guy insists that even things called magic by the settings themselves aren't and shouldn't be considered magic, and his argument is that because some settings define all supernatural abilities as magic, that we should actually consider nothing to be magic even if the setting itself calls them magic.

>> No.48847654

There was a perk that stopped people from reverse engineering your tech, anyone remember the name of it? It's actually been annoying me trying to think of what it was/ where it was from.

>> No.48847660 [SPOILER] 

You're not worthy of seeing godhood granted by ten rings.

Also, apparently japan was super hyped over this version of Mandarin, and the Marvel Disk Wars version of Mandarin is inspired by this one.


>> No.48847689


From the young justice jump

>> No.48847698

Mad, idealistic tinker. For reference, the least of my mad science shenanigans involved solving the energy crisis in Youtube and Generic Game Developer with oricalcum, and the most mad science ended with me creating an Evangelion that was made from Devil Survivor Nyarlathotep's "DNA", for lack of a better term.

>> No.48847699

The argument is "if it says it's magic, then it's magic for the purpose of all perks." All supernatural abilities in D&D are magic. Therefore, all supernatural abilities are magic.

Psionics is supernatural, therefore it's magic. Ki is supernatural, therefore it's magic. Dragon breath is supernatural, therefore it's magic. Werewolves are supernatural, therefore they're magic. Which means all magic boosting perks affect all of those things.

>> No.48847746

So can you use CC on charms or not?

>> No.48847757

>A poster finds a passage in D&D saying supernatural abilities are magic

Yeah, and that poster is literally retarded. He's trying to take something specific to one setting (D&D) and claim that because a perk would serve to combine things there, it would also work on vastly different systems in which ki and psionics are not classified as magic.

I mean, I don't particularly care if Charms are considered magic or not, but this is either trolling or --

Actually, there's no damn way it's not either trolling or false-flagging.

>> No.48847759

Ah shit not got enough points for it then, anyone know about any other perks like that? Or should I just do what the tinkers in worm do and make it too complex to replicate, I'd rather not have ultron get his hands on some of my stuff.

>> No.48847766

Ask Stupid_Dog.

>> No.48847776

Why not just get both jumpmakers to talk to each other?

It'd be a lot easier to resolve these kinds of interaction problems if people talked to each other while working.

>> No.48847778

Not on regular Charms, no. You can use it on Sorcery, of course, if you can figure out how to learn that.

>> No.48847793

*and Necromancy, if you can figure out how to learn that.

>> No.48847795

Yes they are magic the setting they are from flat out states that they are magic so yes.

>> No.48847820

>Psionics is... magic.
In D&D.

>Ki is... magic.
In D&D.

>Dragon breath is... magic.
In D&D.

>Werewolves are... magic.
In D&D.

>Which means all magic boosting perks affect all of those things.
Yes, for D&D's version of those things, if they are explicitly magic. Not, for example, X-men's. Why is this concept so difficult for you to grasp?

>> No.48847826

And? What's your argument, that because in DnD being a werewolf is magic that all other forms of werewolfism is magic? Or that because one setting defines everything supernatural as magic, we should consider nothing even stated outright in other settings to be magic?

I don't understand, and I don't think even you understand anymore what your endgame is. What is it? What do you want?

>> No.48847827

>"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true, and horrifying to know."

>> No.48847834

CC works on magic. If this settings charms are magic (and the setting apparently says they are) then you should be able to use it on them.

>> No.48847849

Look, I told DC and Tak those things weren't ready to be turned back on again. The Cheerbots were initially designed to be Warehouse helpers. I gave them basic AI, nothing fancy, you know, just enough to clear dishes and sweep the floors and arrange the planetary destroyers in a ascetically pleasing fashion. But then one of the Companions got the bright idea that, hey, we should put them to better use.

Let's make them able to learn what would make us the happiest in our down time.

Simple, right? So some wild techomagery later, we did it. At first, it was great. Come home from a long day of stomping vampires or tramping through the magical wilderness to find a lovely meal cooked, the house spotless, and the hot tub already warmed up.

But then they started learning.

The Cheerbots realized we all really liked headpats. So, they started encouraging it with scented candles and colored lights and soulful music. We all laughed. It was funny.

Oh god, why did we laugh?

So then there was The Incident that caused the Cheerbots to be deactivated in the first place. I can't describe it here, because this is a blue board. I'll just say it involved five days and a lot of jell-o. So I turned them off. Sure, it was fun, but it was inconvenient to try and get all that green out of the couches. They had been acting wonky anyways. I figured the AI was due for a tune up. But then I forgot about them and they just sat in the corner gathering dust.

They /really/ didn't appreciate that.

So the other day DC, Tak, and I were bored and decided to take a crack at reworking the Cheerbot's code. We get halfway through it when all of our equipment crashes. Just, blue screen of death pretty much across the network. I figure, hey, we probably misplaced a 1 or 0 and something cascaded into the network. No big deal, right?

It was a big deal.

So that's why I'm locked in the Dangerous Weapons portion of my Warehouse while the others are.. incapacitated.

>> No.48847860

All abilities are extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like. So other Jumps' supernatural abilities are also supernatural, which means once you take them into D&D they become valid targets.

>> No.48847861

Stupid_Dog doesn't frequent these boards.

>> No.48847883

Does Conjoined Conjures work on stage magic? Can I now cast spells by asking someone to pick a card?

>> No.48847893

Can't imagine why.

>> No.48847895

Now THAT'S powerwanking to support your argument.

>> No.48847898

Can someone ask him on the IRC or something?

>> No.48847930

So, wait, you turned them off before, and they were still somehow aware and then hacked into your network apparently?

Wow. You have some really lax security.

>> No.48847935

Wait, exactly HOW are they incapacitated. You mentioned aphrodisiacs before. So what-
...that means exactly what I think it means, doesn't it.

>> No.48847936

And that's why you don't make the maidbots sapient.

This was the seventh item in the Handbook, how did you miss it?

>> No.48847948

Clarke's Law: Any Sufficiently Advanced Technolgoy looks like magic.
Inverse Clarke's Law: Any Sufficiently Advanced magic looks like technology.
Broker's Law: At the level where things become 'Suffiently Advanced' assume it's both and hit it with everything!

Thank you for that. I was incorrect in a few places and you are right to shout me down for that.
Now I would like to think we can move on since this isn't about Jump Balance at this point but how two different Jumper are Jumping in their completely unrelated jumps.

Where can I get me a set of actual Mandarin 10 Rings without getting my head ripped off by their owner.

Depends on the amount of Wank at this point.

See the above, I'd try to let it go. You have divergent logic from the other and thus can't agree, this is for either the Jumpmakers in question to decide or for you to leave in each of your respective jumps. Simply my opinion.

Here Guys I need some help WIP!

>> No.48847957

So what you're saying is that CC is pointless anyway, because all systems of magic/ki/psionics become the same when brought into a setting?

Yes, if it is referred to explicitly as magic by a narrator and not as merely "sleight of hand". So perks in Razzle Dazzle would probably work post-jump, but not during it,

>> No.48847981

You can find slight of hand in magic books. Therefore they're referred to as magic. By Exalted logic, they are now magic.

>> No.48847991

Pepper eventually gets her own ironman armor. Young Pepper, I mean. Best Girl

>> No.48848003

I want to steal her from Tony. He doesn't deserve her.

>> No.48848006

Does Conjoined Conjures work on technology if it is sufficiently advanced? After all, according to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, so this should apply to all jumps.

>> No.48848025 [SPOILER] 

I didn't realize at the time that throwing techomagery at AIs would allow them to stay conscious despite the lack of a power source. And they weren't connected to the network until we dove in to try and fix their code. I'll admit it, we were feeling lazy and didn't bother to walk downstairs into the lab itself. We just connected with our wireless tablets and started coding.

In my defense, I never bothered with great network security /inside/ the Warehouse. This is all a bit of a learning experience for me, okay?

Of course it means exactly what you think it mean. Just look at the live video feed!

What Handbook? I got no Handbook! I was just handed Super science and given a gentle push into the wilds of creation.

>> No.48848030

Why do you?

>> No.48848034

Is the Force from SW affected by CC?

>> No.48848036

>because slight of hand isn't magic, that means harry potter magic isn't magic

>> No.48848048

I like your logic, sir.

Oh, I'll do you one better. Goethe said "Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." So as long as you believe in yourself, Conjoined Conjures can let you make anything into magic.

>> No.48848057

Force is specifically not magic however it did become the basis for sith magic. I think this entire argument is stupid because it smacks of that faggot who says only his version of omnipotent or reality warping is the real one.

>> No.48848060

What do you mean when you say "Hero" in HeroicTaleEmbodiment?

...Why do you have VirtueExpressedThroughGrace at 800? Why are you letting non-Fae-Blooded get Raksha charms with it?

>> No.48848078

>Because slight of hand isn't magic, that means the standard for something being called magic isn't if the setting calls it as much. So nothing is magic, unless everything is.

>> No.48848083

Yep. Admiral Motti called Darth Vader a sorcerer, which means the force is sorcery. So it's magic. CC triumphs again!

>> No.48848107

>What Handbook? I got no Handbook! I was just handed Super science and given a gentle push into the wilds of creation.
You don't have a handbook? That's a serious health hazard, all mad/super science is required to follow the handbook's procedures.

I'm going to have to ask you to turn in you Tech Jumper badge.

>> No.48848119

It's like I'm really watching Adarx post here.

>> No.48848120

can I combine pic related with Sangromancy from Innistrad with CC?

>> No.48848128

If your opponent and you will not agree, then simply drop the argument and cease speaking to each other.

>> No.48848135

Except the sith did indeed have aomething called sith sorcery that used the force as a catalyst to do other weird stuff that is not normally done by the force. For instance sith sorcerers used sith magic to warp an entire race of creatures genetically then intervreed with them after conquering them. As well as creating anti force creatures and even creatures that ate the force. While the force is in and of its self is seperate from sith sorcery (which was banned for being evil sith magic)

>> No.48848138

Look. If things called magic in the settings themselves aren't magic, what the fuck do you think magic is? What is or is not magic depending on the setting? What is magic from your perspective?

>> No.48848153

The Force both is and is not magic. So I would say flip a coin/wank something.

>> No.48848164

Only spellbased magic is actual magic, and even then, it's only magic if I decide that it's magic.

>> No.48848170

from my point of view magic is evil

>> No.48848172

Rolled 301 (1d1000)

>I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your Tech Jumper badge.

Okay, sure, great! Tell you what. You fight your way past the Cheerbots and the dozens of other infected mechanical creations of mine and I'll gladly hand it over.


They're at the door. They heard me typing.

>> No.48848174

> Hero?
The Archetype of a Hero.
The Hero: He or she is a character who predominantly exhibits goodness and struggles against evil in order to restore harmony and justice to society e.g. Beowulf, Hercules, D’artagnan from “The Three Musketeers” etc.

>.Raksha Charms?
The orignal Forging Charms only allow select Exalted and Fae-Blooded to gain charms. I decided after a while of debate that it would fiat apply to all of them instead of just Fae-Blooded.

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